Someone To Watch Over Me Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Someone To Watch Over Me script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Ridley Scott movie with Tom Berenger and Mimi Rogers.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Someone To Watch Over Me. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Someone To Watch Over Me Script





We got food back there, you know?



Thanks for coming. Good to see you.



T.J.? Set 'em up with a drink.

Get your coats off.



- We need some booze.

- I got lots of booze.



How have you been?



Mike! Stay still. Don't move.



What a cake! Look at this cake!



Get Ellie in here.



Now look at me!



One more time.



Do it already!



You're being transferred to the   st

on your very first assignment?



- Who loves your ass downtown?

- Where's the   st?



- You'll never know.

- Manhattan. Upper East Side.



Give me a kiss. I'm so proud of you!



- What the hell took you so long?

- Don't ask me.



Ask that stand-up guy over there.



If it wasn't for your old man, T.J.,

I never would have made it.



- Where is he?

- There.






...and keep your legs apart.

- I tell her that all the time.



He left Elaine for that?



- I'd like to tie her boobs together.

- That wouldn't be too difficult.



Listen up! That lady

happens to be a PhD in philosophy.



Yeah, and I've got a     IQ.



Scotty dates her for her mind,

not her... what are you doing, Ellie?



- Smoking.

- Give me that!



I love your husband,

but he's a real dork.



I know. But he's my dork.



- Listen... I'm tired. I can't stand up.

- Then we're going to go home.



- Listen, we're going.

- Leaving? Good!



Get some rest.

You're starting a new job tomorrow.



Listen, goodbye, Goomba...

Goomba, thank you.



You call me tomorrow.



Scotty, be good.

If you can't, think of me.



- Michael, my ass is falling.

- Your what?



- My ass is falling. It is!

- What are you talking about?



I just saw it in that mirror.

It doesn't look like my ass anymore.



Get in bed, will ya?



I don't know what to do.

I jog, I exercise, -



- I run after Tommy.

Gravity isn't helping me at all.






I love this ass.

Now get it into bed -



- before it hits the floor!



Win who?



- I know.

- I can't stand any more of this.



- Thank you for agreeing to host us.

- You're more than welcome.



I'm glad I could be of help. Excuse me.



- How are you, Claire?

- I'm fine. You know Neil Steinhart?



Claire always gets hooked up

with the richest men.



This place gives new meaning

to the word night-life...



Let's get out of this rag trade

and take a hike.



- You don't mind?

- I'll be back.



- What's with Steinhart? Is this serious?

- Why? Don't you like him?



- He seems a bit constipated to me.

- I prefer to call it solid, Win.



It's nice to have somebody

you can count on.



You're in good form.



I'm sorry, Mr Venza. I've been

instructed not to let you in tonight.



Are you still writing the occasional

magazine article? Then follow me.



The art's in the basement

and you are getting a privileged peek.



Claire, how are you?



The elevator is down there.

Just push the button when you're ready.



Where did Claire go?



I think she found someone

a lot more interesting.



I'm just kidding... you're great.



You're in overtime, Freddie.



You need money you come to me.



Who the fuck do you think you are?

Raising cash without coming to me?



Your ex-partner. I'm buying you out.

Read the contract. There's provision.



Fuck the contract!



- It's over, pal. Take a hike.

- Nothing's over, we ain't through yet.



You're making eighty per cent,

which is what you wanted.



How the fuck do you know what I want?






Goodbye, it's been fun.



Don't turn your back on me

when I'm talking to you, Winnie.



Grease and water still don't mix.

Do they, Joey?



Jesus Christ! What are you doing?



Hello? T. J...

What time is it?



Oh no, you gotta be kidding.

OK, I'll be in in twenty minutes.



- I gotta go to the city.

- Get off.



Hey, Mike. Out of the bag, into the bureau.

How do you like it so far?



God, have I got a hangover.



Youever hear the chatter? They're

worse than fucking four-year-olds.



Let's find out what we know.

Check them out.



Anybody knows more than gossip,

I want to talk to them personally.



Keegan, take the witness downtown

and babysit it.



Just sit there and look impressive.

I want her to feel protected.



If you can get her boyfriend off my back

I'll promote you to deputy commissioner.






- Well, is Garber here?

- No, sir.



- I want to see Lieutenant Garber now.

- He's still uptown but he's on his way.



That's what you said half an hour ago.



Don't you think

you've made her wait long enough?



- I want to take her home.

- Lieutenant Garber has to question her.



- I know that...

- It's okay, Neil.



Look, can I use one of these phones?



Why don't you use the one in the office,

that way you can have some privacy.



Right in there.



You all right?



I never saw anybody killed before.



I've never been a detective before.



I want her safe and secure on this one.



Both of you guys are off the charts

until she IDs Venza.



Venza's going to skip or get to her.

I want her ass covered    hours a day, -



- but I don't want her to know

there's any danger.



Tommy! Get down here and get these

god-damn skateboards off the floor!



- What are we having?

- Scrambled eggs surprise.



- Hi. So, how was it?

- Not great.



I caught a babysitting job

for a material witness on a homicide.



- How long?

- Till they pick up the perp.



Looks good.



Hey, El... Seniority gets the day tour.

You know what that means.



Lonely nights. I'll live with it...

'cause I've lived with it all my life.



When my dad was a cop he used to say,

"EI, never go out with a cop."



So what do I do? I get a job

with the cops, I marry a cop -



- and I've probably given birth to a cop.



Tommy, leave it and just come over here

and eat. It's getting cold.



Maybe you and Tommy

should stay with my ma.



- Your mother? No way!

- Don't start, all right?



The neighbourhood has turned into shi...



It's a cesspool, and I think it would be

good if you were not alone at night.



I can still use the gun.



Okay. Just keep it some place... but handy.



- Keep what safe and handy?

- Nothing!



The gun?

It's in the upstairs closet.



- How do you know where the gun is?

- I know where everything is.



- Except for the god-damn skateboards.

- Lay back, Mack.



Lay back, Mack?



- Where does he get this stuff?

- I don't know. Do me a favour.



Keep the weekends free. Get a

replacement so we can have the weekend.



- Pickles?

- Hey, lay back, Mack!



- Right there, on the right.

- Thanks.



I want to make one thing clear.



Everyone respects the privacy

of Miss Gregory's household.



You'll be limited to three areas.



The vestibules,

so you can watch the elevators.



The kitchen, so you can get

something to eat, and the washroom.



So you can take a shit.



If Miss Gregory doesn't feel free

to walk around her own apartment...



- Oh, Christ, not Koontz.

- Be happy. He's good at this.



The security in this building

is the best in the city.



I'd consider it a favour

if you'd let us have a look around.



- Be my guest.

- Thank you.



Did you get all that? Any questions?



- What about when she wants to go out?

- Discourage it.



But if she does, stay with her.



And call it in first,

so we can put a car on tail.



She's agreed to go out only with her own

chauffeur and limousine. Check it out.



Why am I reminded of

"The Three Stooges"



You a vegetarian?

Miss Gregory is a vegeterian, -



- so I'm putting food for you

in a separate fridge.



You know how to use a microwave?



You know how to use a toaster...

and don't touch the dishwasher.



Fuckin' A...



Excuse me. This is my dressing room

and those are my clothes.



I understand your responsibilities, -



- but I would appreciate it

if you stay out of here at all times.



Sorry, Miss Gregory. I was just...

checking around. Excuse me.



Other way.



Hard to find the doors in this place.









I... hope you understand

how upsetting this is.



Yes, Mam, I do.



- You should think twice about it.

- I don't want to talk about it.



You know and I know

that the only thing -



- standing between Venza getting

a life sentence and his freedom -



- is my testimony at his trial.



For God's sake!

He murdered Win. He enjoyed it!



- Win made his choices.

- And I'm making mine.



This Venza is not just a street killer.



He's a psychopath.



He's well-connected. He's going to

get out in ten years... in five years.



In ninety days. You're gonna be looking

over your shoulder the rest of your life.



What am I supposed to do?



I saw

one of my oldest friends get killed.



And I saw who did it.

I can't just let that go away.



I like 'em toasty.



Good night, Mr Keegan.



You're here till what time?



I'm relieved at   am.



Would you do me a favour?

I have to go out of town for a few days.



Let's do everything we can to make sure

that this is all less of a trial for her.






Try it again now.



All right!



Hey, Ellie!

What the hell are you doing with my car?



Adjusting the carburettor.

I saw it on... All right.



Tommy, get out of the car.

I saw it on TV. What do you think?



- Television can be a dangerous thing.

- Hey, twenty bucks in the bank.



Tommy, get the hell out of there!



I read this article...

You didn't tell me she was so beautiful.



- She's better looking than that.

- Oh, yeah?



I gotta go.



Tommy, come here.



- What do you think? Okay?

- Unbelievably handsome in a suit.



- You look great.

- Nice clothes, Dad.



I think so, too.



Boston one, New York one...

Rangers have the puck...



And the New York fans...






I'm not sure how this works. I have to

go to a reception a few blocks away.



I don't think

that'd be such a great idea.



Lieutenant Garber said

that there was no real danger.



- Is that true?

- Right... that's true.



Can we go then?



- I'd have to call it in...

- There's a phone in the car.



- Hi, Claire.

- Hi.



Do you have another tie?

Something a little more conservative?



I don't have it with me. It's at home.



She's ready. Go ahead, hop in.



What? Jesus Christ,

what a fucking lunatic! Shopping?!



I don't see that we have much choice.

Tell her, she's a fucking lunatic.



What did he say?



He thinks you're being a little careless.

He made the point several times.



- You live in Manhattan?

- Queens.



- You know Queens?

- My father founded a school there.



The Milton Gregory. I'm supposed

to speak at their   th anniversary.



Nice... Maybe you could

stop by my place, have an aperitif.



Maybe not...



- You cannot park here!

- We won't be here a minute.



- Miss Gregory.

- Hi there.



- Would you pick one out?

- Beg your pardon?



If you're going to be my escort,

you need a new tie.



- Perfect.

- I'll take it.



- I... I'll get it.

- No, no, my account.



If we had more time

I'd work on the suit, too.



- You look rather elegant.

- My wife likes this suit.



- Jesus Christ, Keegan!

- I'm on duty.



What kind? Gigolo?



Follow me.



- Claire.

- Oh, Toni.



I wouldn't have missed it.



This is Michael Keegan, the policeman

they've assigned to protect me.



- Antonia Bolt.

- How do you do?



- Marge Goodwin.

- Hello.



He has such nice eyes, very gentle.



Oh, look, he's blushing. I like that.



I hear that you're a policeman.



Yeah, I'm a policeman.



Ever shot anyone?



Doesn't it make you hard?



Erect? You know...



I heard that it gives you a boner

to shoot a man.



I think it's good

if a man's work gives him a boner...



Excuse me.



Everyone thinks

I'm stepping out on Neil.



We're causing quite a scandal.



These people

are a bunch of screaming squirrels.



Let's get a drink.



I'd like to,

but I don't think I should. I'm on duty.



I'd like a spritzer. Couldn't you

order something soft for yourself?



- I've got to go for a pee.

- I'll come with you.



I think I can do that by myself.



- How can I help you?

- A spritzer.



And a vodka martini. Make that a double.



You know what I think?



You're just some schmuck who uses

this policeman line as a come-on.



Yeah? You're probably right.



Don't move!



You're gonna see me in a police line-up

and say it wasn't me.



If you don't do that

someone will come after you.



They're gonna find you dead

with your face missing.












Christ, you are one beautiful woman.

Now you walk out of here.



If you ever see me again...

you never saw me before.



It's me.



That son of a bitch.



My name is Joey Venza.

I'm turning myself in.



- What's that?

- I'm Joey Venza, I'm turning myself in!



Hi... The real estate lady left.

She couldn't wait.



- What took you?

- Ah, some shit.



- What shit, honey?

- You don't want to hear about it.



Did you see the fireplace? It works.



Ninety-seven five. What do you think?



- Come on, be happy you got him.

- I don't know that. He might get out.



Garber is not being straight

with the witness.



She could be in deep shit

if she identifies him.



- She's got to identify him.

- Why?



That's how we stop crime.

We identify the criminal.



I can't believe that you're

talking like this, Mister Detective.



- It proves that this girl's got guts.

- I think she's crazy.



- I would identify him.

- Yeah?



- Well, I might stop you.

- I can see you're in a wonderful mood.



- We'll look at the house another time.

- No, no... I'm sorry.



- Ninety-seven five, right?

- Where did you get the tie?



What did you say

the down payment was here?



Look, she didn't like my tie.

So, she picked out another one.



- She took you shopping for a tie?

- I had to follow her to a store.



What's the matter with your paisley tie?



- It was a formal party. Come on!

- Oh, excuse me, Mikey!



- You went to a party together?

- Yeah!



Yeah! I'm her bodyguard, goddammit!



I know you're her bodyguard, goddammit!

Did she buy the tie or did you?



- She bought it.

- Why?



I don't know why!



Because she's a generous person -



- and I could be setting her up

to be killed. You want the fucking tie?



I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I'm sorry.



Looks good on you that tie.



Next time you two go shopping,

could you pick us up a washer-drier...



From Maytag... portable kind?



Come on, let's see the bedroom.



- Hi.

- Hi.



- Just checking to see if you were here.

- Yeah, I came on at eight.



- You all right?

- Yeah.



- I'm sorry about what happened.

- That was my fault.



I shouldn't have listened to you. I should

have followed you in the can, like Venza.



If I'd known

I was going to have company...



Garber says when I identify him, they're

gonna lock him up and throw away the key.



I'm supposed to do that in the morning.

Identify him.



The sooner the better.



- Mike, he said he would kill me.

- Big talk... Desperate guy, you know.



Right. How's he gonna do that if he's in

jail and they've thrown away the key?



It's the right thing to do...

Identifying him.






You wouldn't happen to know

what languages they speak in India?



- Hindi, Urdu...

- Urdu, yeah. Hey, what a woman.



Didn't do very well, did you?



Nope. Never finished one of these

things yet. I hate these things.



So... tonight's your last night.



You want to go for a drink?



I mean, we're just sitting here

and Venza is in jail.



Cocktails, huh?

Yeah, I'd like that.



- Listen, where you go, I follow.

- I'll be right back.



Some people set themselves up

as victims by body language.



A mugger would stay away from someone

because they walked a certain way?




No... watch this.



That is the stupidest walk

I have ever seen.



Maybe... But seriously,

there have been studies about this.



You walk like that, muggers

are not going to single you out.



But they're gonna die laughing

because you're walking so stupidly.



This is my business.

I don't tell you your business.




Let's see if the muggers get me.



Now, let's have those cocktails...



It was like...

first time I met her I knew.



She looked so damn adorable in that

cop's uniform, putting on a tough act.



- So, it was love at first sight.

- Yeah, it was.



- And is?

- Yeah.



That's nice.



And you live in Queens

with a child and a dog?



No, no dog.




I definitely see you with a dog.



- No dog.

- But nice?



Yeah, very nice.



Tell me...

What's with this Neil?



- You don't like him, do you?

- What's to like?



- Tell me what you really think!

- You asked...



In his own way

Neil is actually very caring.



- You haven't seen him at his best.

- I'll say.



You could do better.



I am going to miss you.



It's been nice having you watch over me.



It's been nice being around you, too.



Let's go home.



Good night, Mike.



Yeah... You sleep good.



It's three o'clock in the morning.

Where the hell have you been?



Hey, Mike. Tough night, huh?



It happens that way.

Chick gives you a ride in her limousine, -



- next thing you know she's wearing

your clothes, having a good time...



I heard

he had her underpants on his head.



Yo, Mike, ease up!

Ain't nobody gonna tell the old lady.



I think he's mad.



Is this the first time

the taxpayers pay for a blow job?



- Let's go.

- It's showtime...






- You had fun last night?

- Sir?



I heard about it. Watch your step.



You take her in

and I'll take care of him.



- Good morning, Miss Gregory.

- Lieutenant.



Thank you for coming. You all ready?



- How long is this going to take?

- It won't take long at all.



- Right this way, Miss Gregory.

- Mr Sternhart... Steinhart.



Can I buy you a cup of coffee?



Everybody straight ahead.

Straight line, please. Come on, guys.



You're wasting your time.

No lawyer, no line-up.



Your objection is noted.

Now you take a three.



Take a number, pick a card.

It's just like a game show. Have fun.



You've seen this on TV before.



It's a two-way mirror,

they can't see you.



Just pick the number

of the suspect, okay?






Give me that.

Save those for the game. Come here.



It's freezing outside.



- No!

- Please don't answer...



Hold on.



Hello? Yeah... It's the whip.



Lieutenant Garber, how are you? What?



Oh, no...

Yeah. Ellie...



Venza's out. No, wait a minute.



I didn't read him his rights

because he'd already turned himself in.



You kidding me?



- Yeah, I'll be right in.

- You'll what?



We're not going to the game...



Venza must have gotten to the patrolman.



Venza's attorney danced all over

the DA about an irregular arrest.



- Take it easy.

- Take it easy?



I set her up. I saw it coming, Ellie.



- It's not your fault. Get off this case.

- It is my fault, she's my responsibility.



- Did you hear what I just said?

- Did you hear what I said?



- Did you hear what I said?

- I'm going in.



Man, am I glad to see you!

She is really upset tonight.



I ain't going in there.

I had to piss in a bottle.



Sorry, I ain't got no extras.



Hey, Mikey... have a nice night.



Claire, it's just me.

I want to talk to you. Now, let me in!



- You've put my life in danger.

- No! We're going to pick him up again.



And then what? I'll never be safe.

I'll have to leave the country.



You can't protect me

and you can't keep him in jail.



You knew that all the god-damn time.



What are you do...?



You tell me I'm safe?

I'm going for a walk in the park.



- Calm down!

- I'm calm! I'm going for a walk!



- Stop it!

- Let go of me!



- Will you stop being so nuts!

- I trusted you!



- I thought you cared about me!

- I do care about you.



Bullshit! Will you let go!



I'm not going to

leave you alone through this.



I'm not going to

let anything happen to you, okay?



- There's somebody outside.

- I know somebody's outside.



Christ, you stupid kid...



Great dogs. They were used

as army dogs in World War One.



Great with kids.

Very loyal, very protective...



- Get a Rottweiler.

- Don't get a Rottweiler...



Can you imagine picking up the...



Hey, Mike. Everything's okay.



Really, just relax, calm down.

Ellie reported a prowler. That's all.



One of them peepers that makes

the neighbourhood such a pleasure.



We all look like hell.

Thanks for the coffee.



I'm gonna come round in a car

from time to time. So, get some sleep.



And keep the shades pulled.

So... thanks for the coffee.



You guys have been terrific.



I'm sorry.

I know I heard something.



Detective's wife...



- You are staying with my mother.

- Don't be ridiculous.



All I need is rubbing up against

your mother and grandmother.



I can take care of myself.



I need some sleep.

We all need some sleep.



God, I'm glad you're home!



- What's it to be?

- I don't know, Ellie.



Baby, don't make

an issue out of it, okay?



You want the fucking meatloaf or not?



Do you have to say "fucking"

every other word?



- What was that?

- You heard me!



- Somebody's feeding you a line of crap.

- What are you talking about?



I've been talking like this for    years

and all of a sudden you find it vulgar?



Jesus, what's happening?



- Is everything all right?

- Yeah.



I don't even know you.

What is this, a joke?



Let's make it easy, it was a mistake.



Don't make me feel guilty, now that

it's over. Let's just forget about it.



Don't you think I know

what this is doing?



I know you have a wife, you have a family.

I'm not asking for anything.



But I'm scared.



Just hold me.




Man, I don't believe you.



All messed up, T.J.



You gotta change tours, Michael.

We can't take this.



I'm sorry, Ellie.



I'm not saying it's your fault.



Hey, what did you do tonight?



I watched TV.



Oh, what did you watch?



You don't have to have

small conversation with me.



I'm gonna make a reservation

in that really nice restaurant.



- The one in Brooklyn?

- Yeah.



We can have an early dinner.

You don't have to get up until twelve.



One teacher said he's an angel

and another teacher says he's a monster.



I think he's an angelic monster, our son.



- Yeah, that about sums him up.

- He misses you.



Well, hey, this will be over soon.



That Venza's such a nut job

we're bound to pick him up in a few days.



I'd really like you to switch to days.

You know, be home for dinner...



Helen insists that T.J. Be home

for dinner. That's why he's on days.



Yeah, but T. J... Seniority, you know?



I'll talk to

Lieutenant Garber about it, okay?



I already did. Well, I spoke to his wife

and his wife spoke to him.



Wait a minute, what am I hearing here?

You talked to his wife?



My wife talks to his wife

about which tour I'm going to work?



What is this, Ellie?



What's the difference

what tour you work on?



Unless there's some reason that you

feel better to be around her at night?



Is there, Michael?



Well, what is this? Is it serious?



Quit looking at me like that.

What's with this ridiculous silence?



God damn you...



- You son of a bitch.

- You don't understand...



Are you gonna give me a confession?

I don't understand?



You get off this case

or you don't come home.



I want you to remember

that I behaved like a lady.



The kind of lady

you apparently prefer.



- Ellie!

- Get away from me, Michael.



- Let me drive you.

- No!



If she means so much to you

then you stay with her, Michael.



But you come back,

you come back for me.



Not for Tommy, not for your mother,

not for your god-damn job.



You come back for me, okay?



I'm sorry, EI. I love you.



I do.



And you are a lady

and I respect you very much.



Don't talk to me about respect!



T. J... Yeah.



Listen, I need to ask

a huge favour of you, Goomba.



I know, sweetheart,

but we got a lot of flowers here.



Three dollar. Cheap!



Two dollar!



Hey, hold it!



- How you doin'?

- Fine, thank you.



Take it easy.



- Hi.

- Hi, T.J.



Detective Keegan, Michael asked me

to tell you he's under the weather.



- He'll probably take the day tour.

- But he's okay?



Yeah, he's got a bad gut.

You know what I mean?



Thank you.



Tell me I'm dreamin'.



T.J. Knows about us... so does Ellie.



You told her?



Not exactly.



What do you want to do?



I don't know.



You're tired.



Let me watch over you tonight.



It's three o'clock in the morning,

all you night-owls and music-lovers, -



- I wish you sweet dreams.



The forecast for tonight...



Don't even think about it.






Come on, T.J., live! Please live!



Come on, T.J.!



- Anything you want to deny, Mike?

- No.



As of now you're on suspension,

pending disciplinary hearings.



You're not to go near that woman again

until the case is closed.



Is it love, Mike? I hope so.



I want it to be worth it for your sake.



- How is he? Will you take me to him?

- I will. It's gonna be a little while.



- You come back.

- I'll be right here.



I'm going to go

to my sister's for a while.



- I want you to get your things out.

- What about Tommy?



He'll live through it.

They all live through it.



What a world.



Was it Venza? Did you get him?



What a shame.



What's he gonna do? Move in here?



And then do shiftwork at the   st

if they'll have him back?



You'd better start thinking this through -



- because this is the rest

of your life we're talking about.



I have thought this through, Neil.



I'm really sorry.



If anything changes,

you'll let me know, okay?



This place used to be my splash pad

until I got divorced. Now it's home.



- That's the can. It's nice, huh?

- Yeah.



This... le boudoir.



Little Scotty stays on Wednesdays

and every other weekend.



You know something, Mike?

Our relationship's never been better.



That's good.



- Bunk-beds, huh?

- Yeah, you know kids...



This... the den of iniquity.



Mike, the world is yours.



Who wants to be a cop now anyway?

Tell me that.



And what the hell

is so great about being married?



Wait till you see the parties

that go on in this place...



You're gonna realize marriage is

an ideal whose time has come and gone.



Michael, in three weeks, -



- I'm gonna remind you how bad you felt

and you're not gonna believe me.



Here... make it home, Mike.



- Thanks, Scotty.

- Sure.



We're gonna have to work something out

about the bedroom.



Well, Yvonne... She's a screamer.



Yeah, I moved into Scotty's.



Listen, good news about T.J., though.



Looks like that tough son of a gun's

gonna pull through.



- Oh God, that's great.

- Yeah.



- You okay?

- Yeah, I'm fine.



When can I see you?



There's an event at my father's school.

An anniversary.



Maybe you could come?



- Oh, the thing in Queens.

- Yeah.



I'm going away after that. The next day.



- Can you come?

- That wouldn't be very smart, you know?




You're right, don't do it.



I'll just...



- I'll send you an address, okay?

- Ah, Claire...



I gotta go, I'm expecting some calls.



I'll be fine, really...



I'll think about Wednesday.









See ya.



- How's it goin', pal?

- Okay, I guess.






Listen... how about dinner tonight?



She's taking singing lessons.



She's what?



She met some friend of aunt Millie's

who works at a record company.



- Says she has a great voice.

- What?



That's the most pathetic line

I ever heard. Who is this guy?



- You coming in?

- No, I'm not coming in.



If you'd rather go to singing lessons

than have dinner with your old man...



We're not going to singing lessons.

She's gonna take singing lessons.



Oh, excuse me.

So, what are you doing tonight?



- Shooting.

- Shooting?



Mom says, we gotta get used to

being alone in this neighbourhood.






- She can't sing.

- I don't think she can sing, either!



I thought

you were supposed to aim at the heart.



- Would you like to dance?

- No, thank you.



Oh, man!

Do you believe this fucking idiot?



Get serious, man, don't do it.

You're out of line, man.



- What a memory.

- Yeah, cops, you know?



- Do you dance?

- Do you?



Pretty badly.



Let's do it.



The guys treating you all right?






I've been doing a lot of thinking.



I know.



It wouldn't work out, Claire.



I know.



You see, I'd miss my life too much.



Don't explain.



How long you going away for?



Long enough.






To forget about you.



Brooklyn's patching a call through

to you. He thought he'd find you here.



He says it sounds urgent.

It's your son.



The office,

down the hall, up the stairs.



He's crying.



Hello? Tommy?



- Who is this?

- Joey Venza. You alone?



I'm glad you're where I expected

you to be, Detective Keegan -



- 'cause you got two minutes to get home

or I take your family out.



Just don't touch them.

Let me talk to my son.



- Speak!

- Dad?






- He's got my family.

- Call a cruiser.



Venza wants you.

You for Ellie and Tommy.



All right, let's go.

We're taking her home.



Koontz, I need you guys!



I can't do it. You know that.

He's not gonna allow it.



He's not going to let

anyone walk out alive.



Give me the keys!



Go, get out of here!



They're assigned to me,

they'll have to come.



I'm not getting out, now go! Go!



Let's go.



We get there, you get down,

you stay out of sight. You understand?



Venza's not to know you're there.









- Michael!

- Shut up!



I'm unarmed, Venza.



I'm coming in alone like you asked me.



You gotta listen to me, Joey...



Or you're not going to

get out of this situation.



- Tommy, no!

- You should have brought the girl!



I brought the girl, she's outside.



I'll prove it to you, okay?



Just relax, Joey. Relax, okay?



- Far enough.

- Claire!



- Mike!

- That's it, not another word.



How do I know that's her?



She's not coming in

unless you let them go.



- You gotta let them go.

- Why should she come in?



Because she trusts me, Joey.

And she'll do what I say.






Claire, come on in.



All right, give me your coat and scarf.



We're down here at the end of the hall.



Stop! That's far enough.



Let them go or she ain't coming in.



I get my hostage first.

No one gets turned loose until I say so.



- You let my kid go.

- I'm letting no one go.



You take the gun off my kid

and put it on me or she ain't coming in.



Don't you fucking give me no orders!



Put the kid on the floor!



- Stay under there!

- Turn around. Get down.



Bring her in.



Claire, come on in.



- Lie down.

- You shut up.



What are you gonna do?

You gonna go to Canada? Mexico?



- What are you gonna do?

- Shut up!



Shut the fuck up!






Mom, I'm all right.



Hey, Tommy,

like Wild Bill Hickcock you were.







do you want to wait in the car for me?



I want to come home.



I do love you, Ellie.



I love you, too, Michael.


Special help by SergeiK