Song Of The South Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Song Of The South script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Disney movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Song Of The South. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Song Of The South Script





 Chorus: Song of the South your

music weaves a magic spell...



 Chorus: Song of the South,

I see the scenes I know so well...



 Chorus: Cottonwoods in blossom, over my 

cabin door. Pale moon light on a field of white...



 Chorus: You bring them back once more...



 Solo: I Seem to hear those gentle

voices calling low. Out of the long, long ago.



 Chorus: This heart of mine is in the heart of dixie.

That's where I belong. Singin' a song, a Song of the South



Remus: (Chuckling) Yes suh... dey's udder ways o' learnin'

'bout de behind feet of a mule den gettin' kicked by 'em.



Remus: Sure as I'm named Remus. An' Jes' cause dese

yer tales 'bout critters like Brer Rabbit, an' Brer Fox...



Remus: Dat don' mean dey ain't de

same like kin happen to folks...



Remus: So dem what can't learn from a tale 'bout critters,

jes' ain't got dey ears tuned fer lis'nin.



Remus: Like as not dey too busy goin' along

all mixt up wid dey own troubles, uh...



Remus: Like de time dat Miss Sally an' Mister John

was comin' down to de plantation.



Johnny: Mama?



Sally: Yes Johnny?



Johnny: Why are we going to Grandma's?



Sally: Well -- I told you dear, for a visit.



Johnny: Why don't she come to see us,

like she did last spring?



Sally: Well, Because it -- I thought

you'd enjoy seeing the plantation.



Johnny: Is Grandma mad at us?



Sally: But of course not, Johnny.

What ever gave you that idea?



Johnny: Well, Georgie says everybody's mad

at what Daddy writes in the newspaper.



Johnny: Don't Grandma read the newspaper?

Don't she?



John: She does. And she likes what's in it.



Sally: John, please.



Johnny: Are you mad at each other too?



Sally: Why no, dear. Of course not.



Tempy: Gracious goodness, Johnny... We's almost dar!




Tempy: You ain't never heer'd no

frogs like dem in Atlanta.



John: You know what they're saying?



John: Knee-deep! Knee-deep!



Johnny: Honest?



John: Honest.



Johnny: Knee-deep! Knee-deep!



John: You know, when I was your age,

I used to catch lots of 'em.



John: I remember one time I - ah - hid a whole box of

'em over in your grandma's milk house



John: And they got loose.



Tempy: Yes, an' I 'members what

you got for doin' it too.



John: Well, it was old Uncle Remus' fault, you know.

He told me that story about Brer Frog.



Tempy: De tale 'bout his havin' a tail an' losin' it?



John: That's it. Only...

How can there be a tale...



Tempy and John: When dey ain't no tail.



Johnny: Aunt Tempy?



Tempy: What is it, child?



Johnny: Is Uncle Remus real?



Tempy: Real? Co'se he's real. You jes' wait 'til you hears

him tell a tale 'bout Brer Rabbit.



Tempy: Den you'll know he's real.



Doshy: Welcome home, my daughter.



Doshy: And you too, sir. Oh, it's good to have a man in

the house again. Turn around here, young man.



Doshy: Let me have a look at you. You favor your

grandfather more every time I see you. Toby!



Toby: Yassum, Miss Doshy.



Doshy: This is my grandson Johnny..

And he's the apple of my eye.



Doshy: Now, you take good care

of him and show him our plantation.



Doshy: And if he gets into trouble,

you see that he gets out of it.



Toby: Yassum.



Doshy: I hope you're a noisy boy. I love noisy children.



Doshy: It makes it so much easier to tell where they are

and what they're up to.



Johnny: Aunt Tempy, is that Uncle Remus?



Tempy: Uncle Remus? Lawzy no, honey.

Dat's jes' Ned.



Toby: Come on, I'll show you the big grandpa clock.



Doshy: I've been hearing about the

clatter you've raised in Atlanta.



Doshy: Thumping for cotton mills, railways,

and... heaven knows what.



Ned: Miss Doshy?

Where do you want me to put dishyer trunk?



Doshy: Put it in the.. Oh well, never mind.

Perhaps I'd better show him myself. Come along.



Doshy: Now be careful you don't bump into things.



John: Sally...



John: Well? What are you going to tell her?

Have you changed your mind,



John: or are you still going to stay?



Sally: Oh, I have to stay John.

It wouldn't be fair to mama.



Sally: She has enough responsibility --

I'm not going to saddle her with ours.



John: But it's only for a short time.

She's be only too glad to take care of Johnny.



Toby: When dat big han' gits straight up,

watch out!



Toby: What I tell you!



John: Oh, Miss Doshy, Sally wants Johnny to stay

here for awhile... with you.



Doshy: What will you do?



John: Oh, I'm going back.

And I want Sally to go with me.



Sally: It's no use, John.

I'm not going back.



John: Then... I'll have to go without you.

And I'd better hurry, or I'll miss my train.



Doshy: Miss it! You won't regret it.



Johnny: Daddy? You're going back?



John: Yes, son.



Johnny: Why?



John: I have to.



Johnny: But -- You -- You've never left mama and me before.



John: No, I know. But I've got a job

to do, and you've got one too.



John: Taking care of mother and grandmother.

You'll do that now for me, won't you?



John: Goodbye, son.



John: Goodbye Miss Doshy.

Doshy: Goodbye John.



John: Goodbye Sally.

Sally: Goodbye.



Johnny: Daddy! Don't! Don't go! Please Daddy!

Please! I won't stay here!



Johnny: If you go, I'm going too!





 Chorus: That's what Uncle Remus said,



 Chorus: Listen now to what I say.

That's how the critters got that way.



 Solo: The leopard's pappy got the gout

from eatin' too much speckle trout.



 Solo: His mammy dreamed of polka dots.

Chorus: That's how the leopard got his spots.



 Chorus: That's what Uncle Remus said,

That's what Uncle Remus said.



 Chorus: Speckle trout and polka dots.

Solo: That's how the leopard got his spots



 Chorus: More, more, tell us more.

Solo: The camel crossed the desert sands,



 Solo: with all them mighty caravans.

His bed was full of sandy lumps,



 Solo: That's how the camel got those humps.



 Chorus: That's what Uncle Remus said,

that's what Uncle Remus said.



 Chorus: Sandy bed was full of lumps...

Solo: That's how the camel got those humps.



 Chorus: More, more, tell us more.

Solo: The pig he saw his monkey friend,



 Solo: A swinging by his other end.

He tried the same thing on a rail.



 Solo: That's how the pig got a curly tail.



Remus: Yes sir, dat's de way wid Brer Rabbit --

sho's I'm named Remus.



Remus: 'Bout de time he git it stuck in his mind

dat dey ain't nobody kin out-do 'im,



Remus: Up somebody'd jump an do him scan'lous.



Remus: What you laughin' 'bout?

sez Brer Fox, sez he.



Remus: An' Brer Rabbit, he couldn't say nothin'.

Well den, sez Brer Fox, sez he...



Remus: I'll settle yo' hash right now.

And wid dat he grab Brer Rabbit



Remus: by de tail and made fo' to dash 'im

agin' de groun'. But jes' den,



Remus: Brer Rabbit's tail snap off real short,

an' he tuck thru the cotton patch



Remus: like de dogs was after 'im.

An' from dat day to dis,



Remus: de only tail dat Brer Rabbit's got to his name

was a lil' ol' ball o' cotton.



Pearl: An' what happen to Brer Fox, Uncle Remus?



Remus: (Chuckles) T'won't do to put too

much cloth for to cut one pair of pants.



Toby: Uncle Remus, you tells the bes' tales in

de whole United States o' Georgia!



Remus: Lawzy child, you should o' heard me

tell 'em when I could tell 'em.



Remus: I boun' you'd a-busted de

buttons off'n yo' what-cher macollums.



Remus: When Miss Sally was yo' age, she useda

sit jes' as you's a settin' right now



Remus: an' laugh 'til she could laugh no mo'.



Chloe: Uncle Remus! Uncle Remus!

Lawzy mursy, have you seen Johnny?



Chloe: Po' Miss Sally -- She been lookin'

high and low for dat child!



Tempy: You sho' he ain't been down here

lis'nin to one 'o yo' tales?



Toby: Co'se he ain't! Wouldn't I a-seed 'im?



Chloe: How come you let dat boy git out o' yo sight?

Didn't Miss Doshy tell you to take care 'o him?



Tempe: Come on Chloe! Us got to find him befo'

Miss Sally go outer her min'.



Remus: Miss Tempy...

You tell Miss Sally de boy's wid me.



Tempy: What do you mean -- he wid you?

Remus: Nem-mine. You jes' tell her what I sez.



Tempy: Come on Toby, git yo'se'f on.



Remus: Well, bless my soul! Ah, dar now,

done gone and got sum'n in yo' eye.



Remus: An' I ain't surprised -- Things

blowin' 'round here de way de does.



Remus: Now -- Hmm -- Peers to me like

you's figgerin' on goin' some place.



Johnny: I am! And nobody's gonna stop me!



Remus: Well now. If dat don't bang my time!

You know, I was jes' figgerin' on doin' sump'n



Remus: like dat myse'f. How'd you like ol'

Uncle Remus to go long wid you?



Remus: Now, le'see now. Whar is we figgerin' on goin?

How kin we be goin' sum place if we dunno whar we's goin?



Johnny: I'm going to Atlanta.



Remus: Hmm, pow'ful long walk to Atlanta.

Is you brung some grub?



Johnny: No.



Remus: Well, now... if we ain't got no grub,

we sho can't get very fur.



Remus: S'pose we stops by my place an' picks up

some cawn-bread? An' mebbe some sweet tatters?



Remus: Tobby sho', honey. Gimme yo' hand.

I need young eyes in de dark.



Remus: Sort o' late in de day to be startin'

on sech a long trip, ain't it?



Johnny: Well, you don't have to go...

Just 'cause you said you would.



Remus: Well, now, I ain't heard nobody say

nuthin' 'bout not goin'. Co'se I'll go.



Johnny: And I'm not comin' back!



Johnny: You're laughing at me.



Remus: At you honey? No suh.



Remus: I'se laughin' 'cause dem's sackly

the words that ol' Brer Rabbit used



Remus: de time dat he lit out from his briar patch!

An' I ain't never comin' back, neither!



Remus: Yes suh, dem was his very words.



Remus: Well, I reckon I better be gettin' my

things together so's we can be leavin'.



Johnny: What did you say about Brer Rabbit?

Remus: Which Brer Rabbit was dat, hon?



Johnny: Why, you said something about Brer Rabbit.

Remus: Who? Me? I mighter said sump'n 'bout 'im



Remus: day befo' yestiddy,

but it done gone clean off my mind.



Johnny: Why, you said there was a tale about

Brer Rabbit not coming back to his briar patch.



Remus: Well, bless my soul, child. I sho' did.

And if I don't tell you about 'im, you're gonna



Remus: pester me 'til I does. So what's de odds?

'Tain't no great tale, no-how.



Johnny: Is that the same Brer Rabbit

that got away from the fox?



Remus: Why, don't you know? Dey ain't but one

Brer Rabbit. Now you jes' set yo'se'f down here



Remus: and lissen, wid bofe ears wide open...

'cause dishyer Brer Rabbit, he's de out-doin'est,



Remus: The mos' bodacious critter in de whole world.

Now dishyer tale didn't happen jes' yestiddy...



Remus: Nor de day befo'. 'Twas along time ago.

An' in dem days, eve'thing was mighty satisfactual.



Remus: De critters, dey was closer to de folks...

an' de folks, dey was closer to de critters...



Remus: An' if you'll 'scuse me for sayin' so...

t'was better all around.



Remus: Honey... It happened on one of them

Zip-a-dee-do-da days.



Remus: Now that's the kind of day when you can't

open your mouth without a song jump right out of it...



 Remus: Zip-a-dee-do-da, zip-a-dee-ay,

my oh my, what a wonderful day.



 Remus: Plenty of sunshine, headin'

my way. Zip-a-dee-do-da, zip-a-dee-ay.



 Remus: Mr. Bluebird's on my shoulder.

It's de truff, it's actual, everything is satisfactual.



 Remus: Zip-a-dee-do-da, zip-a-dee-ay,

wonderful feeling, wonderful day. Yass suh!



 Remus: Zip-a-dee-do-da, zip-a-dee-ay,

my oh my what a wonderful day.



 Moles: Oh, plenty of sunshine headin' my way

Zip-a-dee-do-da, zip-a-dee-ay.



 Remus: Mr. Bluebird's on my shoulder.

It's de truff, it's actual, everything is satisfactual.



 Remus: Zip-a-dee-do-da, zip-a-dee-ay,

wonderful feeling, feeling this way.



 Remus: Zum, zum, zum, zum, zum, zum, zum.

zum, zum, zum, zum, zum, zum zum.



 Remus: Boom, boom, boom, boom.

bum, bum, bum, boo boo Boo



 Remus: Mr. Bluebird's on my shoulder.

It's de truff, it's actual...



Remus: Where is that bluebird?




 Remus: Mmm, mmm... Everything is satisfactual.



 Remus: Zip-a-dee-do-da, zip-a-dee-ay,

wonderful feeling, wonderful da... 



Rabbit: Doggone ol' briar patch! Doggone

ol place like this! Doggone.. Keep on...



Remus: Ahem... Howdy Brer Rabbit.



Rabbit: Wa-wa-wa-who-who-dat callin' my name?

Oh-ah-uh-uh-ah-hello Uncle Remus.



Remus: Peers to me that you's in a powerful

bad mood to go to de party.



Rabbit: B'ah ain't goin' to be no party. Cause I ain't

goin' to be here. I'm goin' leave this 'ol place.



Remus: You mean you's leavin' yo' ol' briar patch?






Remus: The place where you was bawn and raised?






Remus: You mean, leavin' for good?



Rabbit: Dat...I... OWWWW! Now see dar?

Dat ol' briar patch ain't brought me nothin' but trouble.



Rabbit: OWWW! And mo' trouble.



Rabbit: Dis's where my trouble is,

an' dis de place i belongs away from.



Remus: Don't you know you can't run away from trouble?



Rabbit: Heh-heh. Where I'm goin',

there ain't gonna be no trouble.



Remus: Dey ain't no place dat fur.



Rabbit: Well, just the same, I done made

up my mind, an I ain't never comin' back.



Rabbit: Well, so long Uncle Remus.



Remus: Ah sho' hopes you knows what you's doin.



Rabbit: Heh-heh! Don't worry 'bout me,

ah can take care o' myself.





Remus: He left his old troubles behind, all right,

but, he was headin' straight for a whole



Remus: new mess o' bran' new troubles.



Rabbit: Zip-a-dee-do-da, zip-a-dee...



Remus: Fust news he knows... dar he dangled',

'twixt de heavens and de earth...



Remus: Fust he scared he goin' fall,

den he scared he ain't goin' fall...



Remus: He yanked and he pulled and he

heaved and he hauled. But warn't no use.



Remus: He knows somebody caught him

all right, an' he sorta specks he knows who



Remus: dat somebody is. An' sho' nuff,

up on chickapin hill, where he live...



Remus: Who whould hear de ruckus but

ol' Brer Fox, and when dat ol' scamp see



Remus: he done caught Brer Rabbit, he hollar out...

Fox: I got im'! I gots dat ol' Brer Rabbit!



Fox: I sho' is got 'im! Heh heh! I got dat' ol'

rabbit dis time fo' sho'. Heh heh heh!



Remus: And wid dat, he grab up his axe and

make ready for to settle Brer Rabbit's hash, right now.



Remus: Now, Brer Rabbit, bein' little and

without much strength, he's supposed to use his



Remus: head, 'stead o' his foots, and that

sackly what he starting to do, when he hear ole



Remus: Brer Bear come ambling down de road.



Bear: Zip-a-de-do-da, zip-a-de-ay,

Zip-da-da-da-da, wonderful day. Zip-a-da-de-da...



Rabbit: Er...ah, howdy, Brer Bear. How do you do!



Bear: Dah-dah-dah-dah. Who.. ah.. where... uh...



Rabbit: How you come on?

Bear: Wha.. ah.. oh.. ah.. What you doin up dar?



Rabbit: Oh, keepin' de crows outa de cornfield.

I'se makin' a dollar a minute.



Bear: Uh... a dollar a minute?

Rabbit: Deed ah is!



Rabbit: Would you like to make a dollar a minute, Brer Bear?

Bear: Da... yeah, but...



Rabbit: Ya know, you'd make a

mighty fine scarecrow, brother Bear.



Bear: Uh, thanks.

Rabbit: How'd you like to have this job?



Bear: Oh yeah.. ah.. no.. I..I couldn't take your job

Rabbit: Oh no, no, dat's all right.



Rabbit: Bu-bu-bu-bu..I have made

enough money! I gots all I wants.



Rabbit: You need money.. Here, you take my job.

Bear: Oh no, I couldn't do...



Bear: Thank you Brer Rabbit.

Rabbit: That's all right. So long Brer Bear.



Bear: I'll never forget this.

Rabbit: Goodbye.



Bear: Just don't know how to thank you enough.

Rabbit: Goodbye, goodbye. Don't mention it.



Bear: But I shore really mighty.

Rabbit: Your welcome...



Rabbit: Yah, I know, I know, yah. So long

Bear: I just don't know how to thank you.



Bear: But I shore really mighty...

Rabbit: You're welcome. Yeah, yeah, I know, I know.



Rabbit: Yah, I know, so long. So long Brer Bear.



Fox: I...i...i... Oh no!

Bear: Dollar a minute, zip-a-dee-ay



Fox: What you doin' there? How'd you..

Bear: Howdy Brer Fox.



Fox: Get out of my trap.

Bear: Zip-a-dee.. Hey! Huh! Bu-but...



Bear: Hey, I was making a dollar a minute.

Fox: You was not makin' a dollar a minute.



Fox: You rabbit theif. You was makin' a fool of you'sef.

Bear: I.. was too makin'.. a dollar a minute.



Rabbit: Hit 'im in the mouf' Brer Fox.

Clip 'im in the head, Brother Bear.



Fox: Lookit that rabbit. Look at 'im, standin' there.

See there?



Fox: See, he made a fool out of you. You fool.



Bear: He did?

Fox: Of co'se he did. He jes...



Bear: Well then.. I'm jes gonna knock his head.

Fox: You keep out of this Brer Bear. He's mine.



Bear: ..clean off.

Fox: He's mine, I caught 'im, I want 'im.




Fox: He's mine. I've gotcha Brer Rabbit. He's mine.



Fox: Let go.. I caught him.. He's mine.. Let go now..

He's mine look out dar



Fox: I gotcha Brer Rabbit. Heh. Heh!

Bear: I got 'im Brer Fox. I got him Brer Fox.



Remus: So Brer Rabbit took his foot in his

hand and put out for home.. where he b'long.



Remus: And just like I tol' 'im in the fus'

place, you can't run away from trouble.



Remus: Dey ain't no place dat fur.

Johnny: His foot in his hand Uncle Remus?



Remus: Sho honey. Dat's jes' a way o'

sayin' dat he run as fast as he kin.



Remus: Straight back to his briar patch.

Johnny: Where's Brer Rabbit's briar patch?



Remus: Whar? Well now, lemme see.. Dat I

can't zackly say, 'cause I ain't been keepin close



Remus: track as I uster, but..

Johnny: Do you think we could find it?



Remus: Find it? Co'se we could! But what's the

use o' speculatin' on dat.. when we's goin' away?



Johnny: Do you think we ought to go uncle remus?



Remus: Not go? After I done fixed all dis grub?



Johnny: But you said it was a mighty long walk.



Remus: But we'se goin' together, ain't we?

What's done come over you, honey?



Johnny: Well, Brer Rabbit..



Remus: Well, what's Brer Rabbit got to do wid dis?

Tch Tch..! An' jes when I had a hankerin' for to go.



Johnny: Well.. if you really want to go, Uncle Remus.



Remus: Oh nemmine, honey. Nemmine.

I kin give it up if you kin.



Toby: Unc' Remus. Unc' Remus, I can't find Johnny

no place. An' I'se s'posed to take keer o'him.



Remus: Well, whadda you know 'bout dat?

Toby: I reckon he done for, Unc' Remus.



Toby: He mighter got hisse'f los'.. He mighter

fell in de mill pon'.. He mighter got et up.



Toby: Why, it's him! It sho is! Tain't nobody

else! How you like dat, Unc' Remus! It's Him.



Remus: Mebbe it's jes his ghost.



Toby: Is you? Naw, suh! Dat's him! Dat's him awright! Oh, oh!



Remus: What's the matter, Toby?

Toby: I'se jes' thinkin..



Toby: He's sho' gonna ketch it when he gits home.



Johnny: I guess I better take my foot in

my hand, Uncle Remus, an' git a-goin.



Remus: Hol' on dar! I reckon you better

let ol' Unc' Remus go 'long wid you.



Sally: Tempy.

Tempy: Yessum.



Sally: Tempy, go and find Uncle Remus

and see if Johnny is with him.



Doshy: Never mind, Tempy!



Doshy: Now, maybe I can get some sleep.



Johnny: You think they're waiting for me?

Remus: Dey ain't passin' de time o' day.



Sally: Son! Where have you been?



Remus: Lawzy, Miss Sally, didn't sis

Tempy tell you he was wid me?



Sally: Yes, she told me..

but it's so long past Johnny's bedtime.



Remus: Tooby sho, Miss Sally.

I was tellin' him a tale 'bout Brer Rabbit.



Remus: An' I plum forgot de time.

Sally: Well, I don't mind your telling him stories, Uncle Remus.



Sally: But you know perfectly well,

it's too late for him to be up.



Remus: Yessum. 'Twon't happen again, Miss Sally.



Sally: I'm sure it won't. Well, son, let's

run along upstairs and get ready for bed.



Toby: Miss Doshy, Johnny forget de bundle.



Tempy: Didn't I tell you to run along

home befo' yo' maw takes a stick after you?



Doshy: You and your stories!



Remus: Miss Doshy..

What us gonna do 'bout dat child?



Doshy: I wish I knew. A grandmother

doesn't count for much these days.



Remus: Yassum, it's a pity, too.

What dat child needs is his paw.



Doshy: And that's what his mother needs..

But I'm afraid it's going to take



Doshy: a little while for her to find that out.



Remus: Might cut de time down a piece,

Miss Doshy, if you jes' draps a word.



Doshy: If I want your advice I'll ask for it.

I'm a stubborn old woman Uncle Remus



Remus: Yassum, Miss Doshy,

I knows dat. Well, goodnight.



Doshy: Goodnight.



Remus: You ain't mad wid

me, is you, Miss Doshy?



Doshy: You meddling old rascal!

Of course I'm not mad with you.





Toby: Looka here! I brung you sumpin!

Johnny: Oh, he's beautiful!



Johnny: Mawnin', Brer Frog! How do you do?

Say 'knee-deep', Brer Frog, 'knee-deep', 'knee-deep'.



Toby: He got to be in de water befo' he say dat.

Johnny: Where'd you get him? At the mill pond?



Toby: Yea! How come you know dat?

Johnny: My daddy, he told me. He's caught lots of 'em.





Johnny: Let's go down after

breakfast and get some more.



Toby: Yea, maybe Uncle

Remus'll let us use his frog box.



Johnny: Come on, Brer Frog! Say it.

Sally: Johnny! Are you awake? Good morning, dear.



Toby and Johnny: Mawnin!

Sally: Did you have a nice sleep?



Johnny: Yes'm.

 Come on! Take him!





Sally: Here we are now.

Let's hurry up and get dressed.



Johnny: Do I have to wear THAT suit?



Sally: Yes, dear. Daddy's

mother is coming to see us today.



Johnny: And the collar, too?

Sally: Yes, dear, of course. She made it for you herself.



Sally: She'll want to see how nice it looks on you.

Johnny: But Toby and I were goin frog huntin'.



Sally: Well that's all right, darling.

You can go another day.



Sally: Now get dressed

and come on down to breakfast.



Toby: Jes' lookin' at de

mill pon' won't hurt yo' clothes none.



Johnny: It's no fun just to look.



Toby: Sho 'tis! 'Sides, us

gotter take Brer Frog back, ain't we?



Toby: We leave him 'round here, he liable

to get stomped on.. or runned over.. or lost.



Toby: You look mighty sad.

Like yo' miss yo' fambly.



Toby: S'pose you never

saw yo' maw or paw ag'in.



Johnny: Well, I guess just

taking him back ain't frog huntin'!



Toby 'Cose 'tain't! Come on!



Toby: If you take dishyer horse,

we kin git dar a heap quicker. Here!



Johnny: How far is it?

Toby: Jes' a li'l piece. Over dar, 'roun' de bend.



Johnny: Come on! I'll beat you.

Toby: Whoa! Stay away from dar!



Toby: You can't cut 'cross dar!

Johnny: Why not?



Toby: Dat's why!



Toby: Sho is lucky I was wid you.

Johnny: What's that for?



Toby: Test whether de wind blowin' good or

bad. An' if it's blowin' towards de bull, dat ain't good.



Toby: 'Cause den he smell you

comin' an ketch you on his horns sho!



Toby: De best way is to don't cut 'cross dar 'tall.

Johnny: Giddy-ap! Gidday-ap!



Joe: We oughta drown him.

Jake: Sure, he's the runt.



Joe: Yeah.

Ginny: This here's my puppy! You leave 'im 'lone.



Jake: Aw, go on, Ginny. Ha ha ha.

Toby: Them de Faber boys. My maw don't low me to play wid dem.



Toby: Yo' maw don't neither.. If she ketch you.



Joe: You leggo o' him

befo' I knock yo' head clean off.



Jake: Where'd ya git them funny lookin' clothes?

Joe: Yeah.



Jake: Lookit that lace collar.

Look, Joe.



Joe: What's your name li'l girl?

Jake: Lookit the little girlie wearin' a lace collar!



Joe: Wearin' a lace collar!

Jake and Joe: Wearin' a lace collar!



Jake and Joe: Wearin' a lace collar!

Wearin' a lace collar!





Johnny: Can' I hold him?



Ginny: You kin have him.

Johnny: For keeps?



Ginny: If you'll be nice to 'im.

They was gonna drown 'im.



Ginny: His name's Teenchy.

Johnny: Teenchy? Gee, he's beautiful!



Johnny: You can have it if you want.



Johnny: Guess Teenchy wants a boat ride.

Ginny: What's your name?



Johnny: Johnny, what's yours?

Ginny: Ginny.



Johnny: That's a pretty name.



 Johnny: Mr Bluebird's on my shoulder.

It's the truth, it's actual. Everything is satisfactual.



 Johnny: Zip-a-dee-doo-da,

zip-a-dee-ay, wonderful feeling, wonderful day.



Tempy: You take dat puppy right back 

where he come from, jes' like yo' maw tol' you.



Tempy: An' don't you waste no time doin' it, neither.



Johnny: You're my puppy and that's all there is to it.

If I take you back, that Jack Favers'll drown you.



Remus: Ol' Brer Possum, got a trick

how come he get so fat,



Remus: When trouble come

along, he plays like dead,



Remus: Now who wants to live like dat.



Remus: Well I do, I shorly do.

I can't see nothin' wrong, while other folks is worryin'



Remus: I'm sleepin' all day long.



Remus: Well I do, I shorly do, It's funny but it's true,

That's what I abso-positive-i-lutely, wants to do.



Remus: Well, bless my soul. How you come by dat?

Ain't dat one o' dem Favers Dawgs?



Remus: You bin playin' wid dem boys?



Johnny: No, Uncle Remus.



Remus: Then I ax you, whar he come from? You better

turn 'roun' and tote dat dawg right back!



Johnny: But he's mine! Ginny gave him to me!



Remus: What yo' maw gonna say 

when you come home wid dat dog?



Remus: She ain't gonna 'low yo to have no mangy,

no 'count puppy like dat!



Johnny: Not in the house, maybe. 

But it might be all right if... you kept him.



Remus: Now hold on! You don't 'speck

ol' Unc' Remus to keep dat dawg!



Remus: What I gonna git stuff to feed 'im?



Johnny: But I...

Remus: An' fuddermo', he'd be hollerin' an' squallin'



Remus: all night. An' You got to be lettin' 'im out

an' lettin' im' in.



Remus: I sho ain't got de time to be foolin' wid no dawg. 

Co'se, don't 'speck a li'l dawg like dat 'ud



Remus: eat ve'y much. An' it ain't like you

can't git uster all dat hollerin' and squallin'.



Remus: But it's dishyer lettin' in an' lettin' out.

Co'se I got a li'l corner what ain't bein' used.



Remus: Lawzy! Ain't he a ugly li'l critter?



Johnny: He's not ugly!



Remus: He might grow up to be awright.

An' den ag'in he mightn't. Come here you li'l Rascal.



Remus: Look at dat! Daw-gone,

if he don't act like he think I'm gonna take 'im.



Remus: Got a nice li'l tail, too!



 Chorus: Trouble, trouble, trouble fly away,

wake up early in the morning, when the ding dong ring,



 Chorus: look up, gwan' down to de kitchen room,

It's the same ol' thing, want to get a bite of something',



 Chorus: for that hungry look,

look up, get yer' finger in the dumplin'



 Chorus: get in trouble wid the cook.

Let the rain pour down. Let the cold win' blow,



 Chorus: Gonna stay right here,

in the home I know.



 Chorus: Trouble, trouble, trouble fly away,

havin' trouble with de weevil, never did like that,



 Chorus: look up, got the cotton full of evil,

like a hypocrite's hat, when the weevil git the cotton,



 Chorus: everybody feel low, look out,

there'll be nothin' on de table,



 Chorus: when de dinner horn blow,

let the rain pour down.



Remus: Now you Favers boys go on home!

Ain't I done tol' you? Go on away!



Remus: Ain't no if's and and's about it.

Stop pesterin' me 'bout dis yere dawg.



Remus: I ain't gonna give him to you unles'

Johnny tells me. He's yo' dawg, ain't he?



Johnny: Course he is! Ginny gave him to me!

Jake: It wern't hern to give!



Johnny: It was too hers!

Joe: That dog's ourn.



Jake: An' we're gonna take 'im.

Johnny: You're not goint to take him! He's mine.



Remus: If I hears one more 

word bout dishyer puppy, I'll...



Remus: I'm goin' straight to Miss Sally.

I'll do it, sho's I'm name Remus!



Jake: We'll git 'im yet! You'll see!

Joe: Yeah!



Ginny: Johnny!

Don't you pay no 'tenshun to them.



Ginny: If they makes trouble, you jes' tell my maw.

'Cause maw says if I give 'im to you, he's yours.



Ginny: 'Member, you jes' tell my maw,

she'll whale the daylights out of 'um.





Remus: Well, honey, you show

got yo' se'f in a peck o' trouble.



Remus: You is wuss'n Brer Rabbit,

when it come to stickin' yo' foot in it.



Johnny: Stickin' my foot in it, Uncle Remus?



Remus: Tooby sho, jes' like Brer Rabbit when he took 

an' stuck his foot into sump'n he don't know nothin' bout,



Remus: and ain't had no business mixin' up wid in the

fust place. Ain't you never heard dat tale?



Johnny: Not yet, Uncle Remus!



Remus: Lawzy me, i 'clar to gracious..



Remus: I sho oughter tol' you 'bout dat.



Remus: Well, suh, once 'pon a time...

not yo' time, nor yit my time...



Remus: ...but one time, i was goin' fishin', an' i was just 

thinking how the flowers and critters was curious things...



Remus: they can look in your heart and tell when it sings,

if it's whistling a tune or singing a song, they all say...



Remus: ...'howdy' when you come along.



Butterflies: Howdy, Uncle Remus.



Remus: Good mawnin', good mawnin', girls.



Butterfly: Hello, Uncle Remus.



Remus: Oh, good mawnin', Miss Nellie.



 Chorus: how do you do, mighty pleasant greetin'...



 Chorus: do you do, say it when your 

meetin', how do you do, with everyone repeatin'...



 Chorus: ...pretty good sure as...



Rabbit: ...your bawn. What goes up, is sure to..



Rabbit: ...come down. A penny lost is a penny found, I'll

howdy you and you howdy back, this for that and tit for tat.



Rabbit: How do you do?



Remus: Fine, how are you? how you come on?



Rabbit: Pretty good, sho' as you're born!



Remus: Stop jumpin', Brer Rabbit, you'll run outta breath.



Remus: Why don't you sit down an' calm yo'se'f?



Rabbit: Well, the grasshopper jumps, 

an' so does the flea - i do what i like, an' i --



Rabbit: ...suits me! 



Remus: I don't know where you

gonna fetch up at, i sho'ly don't.



Remus: How do you do?



Possum: Fine, how are you?



Rabbit: How you come on?



Possum: Pretty good, sure as you're born.



Remus: The weather's good, the fishin's fine,

now what do you do with all yo' time?



Rabbit: Oh, i zips and i zags, i to's and fro's - 

dat's what you axe me an' dat's what you knows.



Rabbit: How do you do.



Frog: Fine, how are you?



Rabbit: How you come on?



Fish: Pretty good, sure as you're born





Frog: Mind out Brer Rabbit, better mend your ways.

you's headin' for trouble one o' these days.



Remus: Warnin' dat rabbit is wastin' yo' breath.



Rabbit: Don't worry 'bout me. I can take care o' myse'f.







Remus: Doggone, dat Brer Rabbit

is sho' a caution...he sho is.



Frog: You mark my words, 

that ... oh thanks...



Frog: That young scamp is gonna

put his foot in it one o' these days.



Remus: Co'se I didn't know it at de time,

but Brer Rabbit was a-headin'...



Remus: ...straight for trouble 'cause up

on chickapin hill at de edge of de big woods...



Remus: ...ol' brer fox was pow'ful curious 

'bout the where'bouts o' Brer Rabbit.



Fox: Here he come, here he come, here he

come right now. Lem'me see, where was I?



Fox: Oh, yes, yes, yes... the head. Gotta have a head.

Gotta get a head right quick. Need about this much tar.



Fox: Yes, yes, about this much. I 'speck it's just

'bout right for a head. That biggity ol' rabbit



Fox: Won't get away this time, no sir. 

We'll catch him sho'... i'll catch him sho'.



Bear: Dat's... dat's... dat's what you said the 

last time befo', and de time befo' dat and da...



Bear: look... les' jes' knock his head clean off.



Fox: Oh, no, indeed!

Dey ain't nothin' smart 'bout dat!



Fox: I'm gonna show him who de

smartest is, an' de tar baby do de rest.



Fox: It sho' gonna fool 'im! Yes sir!



Bear: Oh, no, it ... it ... hain't ... it ain't

gon' fool nobody ... it hain't got no eyes!



Fox: Eyes! Oh, yes, indeed. Eyes!

I'm glad i thought of that!



Fox: Lem-Me see now... hmm... 

let me see about this. Just 'bout this size.



Fox: Now... ah... uh... lem-me see.

Oh, yes. A nose too...



Fox: ... got to have a nose -- Needs one of 

those very very badly. Got to have a nose.



Fox: This is sho' gonna do the trick.

This is lookin' mo' natural all de time.



Bear: It hain't -- It hain't -- It hain't got no hair.



Fox: Oh! Hair!



Fox: Now -- Hee -- Hum -- Arite, come on,

hep' me 'long, hep' me long, come on.



Fox: Us ain't got all day. Come on. Dat rabbit's

coming down de road. Come on.



Fox: Dat rabbit gonna' be along any minute now,

any minute. Everythin' gotta' be just right.



Fox: Yes, indeed, just right. Lem-me see now,

lem-me see -- Maybe you oughtta have a hat.



Fox: Uh huh. Maybe he do need a hat.

Now maybe if he had one ...



Bear: He's got one.





Bear: Huh?

Fox: What's dat?



Fox: Here he come, here he come now.

Hurry, hurry. Gotta get a move on. Come on!



Fox: Look at dat rascal scamperin' down de road.



Fox: I'll fix 'im. I'll kill 'im.



Bear: Wha -- wha -- wha --



Remus: Yes, suh, ol' brer fox, he git de tar baby 

fixed up jes' in de nick o' time cuz right then Brer Rabbit



Remus: come dancing down de road, lickety clip,

just as fast as a jay bird. Till by and by he spotted



Remus: that tar baby an he sing out ...



Rabbit: How do you do!



Remus: Brer Rabbit wait for de

tar baby to say 'fine, how are you'...



Remus: ... but de tar baby he don't

say nothin', an' brer fox, he lay low ... so ...



Remus: ...Brer Babbit try it ag'in.



Rabbit: How do you do?



Remus: But de tar baby ain't say nothin' ...



Remus: Den Brer Rabbit scratch one

ear with his off behin' foot an' 'low ...



Remus: ...he goin' find out why

he cain't get no answer.



Remus: Den he say, sezee ...



Rabbit: what's de matter wid you? Ah said

howdy! Is you hard o' hearin'? Ah said howdy!



Remus: But de tar baby, he don't say nothin'...



Remus:' Brer Fox, he lay low.



Fox: I hope it works... I hope it works!

I sho' hope ... it does ... ha ha!



Remus: Brer Rabbit 'low it's up to him to teach

de stuck-up stranger some manners, an' he say ...



Rabbit: look, if you don't say 'howdy' time

I counts three, i's goin' bus' you wide open!



Remus: But de tar baby

he don't say nothin' an'...



Remus: ... Brer Fox, he lay low.



Fox: Be quiet! Be quiet! Shhh!



Remus: So Brer Rabbit, he start countin'...



Rabbit: One...



Remus: ...but de tar baby, he don't say nothin'...



Remus: ...Brer Fox lay low'

an' chuckle in his stomach.



Rabbit: Two ...



Remus: But still de tar baby don't say nothin'...

Brer Fox, he lay low wid de fidgets.



Rabbit: Two anna half.



Rabbit: Three!



Rabbit: Here! Bu-Bu-Bu-Bu...



Rabbit: ...bu-Bu-Bu- Turn me loose.



Fox: I got 'im, I got 'im, I got 'im.



Rabbit: Turn me loose or

I'll poke you ag'in ... lem-me go!



Remus: Brer Rabbit, he push and he pull, he heaved 

and he hauled, he kicked and he screamed, and he blubber



Remus: and he bawled, but the more he 

thrash aroun',  the wus off he gits, til he so stuck up,



Remus:  he can scarcely move his eye-balls.





Fox: Oh! How do you do.



Bear: Yeah, how you come on.



Fox: Bet he wishes he'd never been bawn.



Bear: Brer Fox, you an' me ...



Fox: Well, Brer Rabbit...



Fox: you sho' looks like a spo't,

all stuck up in yo' swaller tail coat!



Fox: Don't he look good in this coat?

I ain't never seen nobody look dat good befo'.



Bear: lem-mm say... bu - le - lem...



Fox: Other folks business you minds de bes'



Bear: Don' say no mo', we see de res'.



Fox: We sho' do -- We don' need nobody --



Bear: What i'se gonna say is a...



Fox: He's a pretty smart feller, the folks all say.



Bear: Yah, he knows a lot a tricks...



Fox: But he forgot 'em today.

He forgot everything, didn't he Brer Bear?



Remus: Well, suh, you ain't never see'd nobody

dat had humble come-tumbleness down as fine



Remus: as what brer rabbit had it den... 

poor li'l critter -- He learned a pow'ful lesson,



Remus: but he learned it too late -- But it jes' goes to 

show you what comes o' mixin' up wid somethin'



Remus: you got no business wid in de fust place... 

an' don't you never forget it!



Johnny: How did Brer Rabbit

get away, Uncle Remus?



Remus: Who say he git away?



Toby: Brer Rabbit always gits away.



Remus: Don't you be too sho' ... 

ain't i done tol' you that Brer Rabbit, bein'



Remus: li'l an' widout much strength, he's s'posed

to use his head 'stead o' his foots?



Johnny: Did he?



Toby: Sho he did!



Remus: Now, who tellin' dishyer tale?



Toby: You are!



Remus: Den you jes' set an' do de lis'nin.

Well, suh, dar he was, sittin' in de middle o' de road --



Remus: Jes' like you's sittin' in dat chair --

Only he's all mixt up wid dat tar baby ...



Remus:' it sho' look like de end o' de

finish fo' po' li'l Brer Rabbit, cuz ol' Brer Fox ...



Remus: ...was fixin' to barbeque

him fo' dinna, right den an' dar.



Fox: Yes, suh, yes suh, jes' any minute now ...

won't be long now ... dinner goin' be ready any



Fox: minute now ... all we have to do is put

a few more sticks on the fire. Yes ...



Fox: ... get the fire goin' good. Oh, skuze me, you

is gwine stay fo' dinner, ain'cha', Brer Rabbit?



Fox: We ain't gonna take no 'scuses. 

Now, we jes' love to have you fo' dinner!



Fox: Wouldn't we jes' love to have him fo'dinner,

Brer Bear? Ain't dat jes' what you been sayin'?



Bear: No, sir.



Bear: wuh-wuh-wuh-what I said was...

Bear: ...I'm gonna knock his head... clean off.



Fox: No indeed, not that.

Not that, no, no, not that.



Fox: No, no, stop! Wait no!

No wait! Let loose. You can't do that.



Bear: Bu...don't do that...look,

I'm gonna... now jes' look....



Fox: No, he's mine.

Fox: I caught 'im an' you keep yo' hans' off!



Bear: But look! I'm gonna knock his head...



Fox: No! No! No! That's too quick.

We're gonna make him suffer.



Fox:' I'm gonna do it the way I wanna do it.

Bear: But... er...



Fox: Oh, I know that - Right in the back o'

my little head I knowed what we gonna do....



Bear: Now look.

I'm gonna knock his head clean off



Rabbit: Go ahead, Brer Rear, ha ha...

go on, knock my head clean off.



Bear: see there.

Rabbit: But please don't fling me in dat briar patch.



Fox: Now look here, you keep outta this!

'Tain't none o' yo' business.



Fox: Maybe I'll hang him. Dat's it. I'll hang 'im.

Hang him by the neck til he's dead.



Rabbit: Hang me if you like Brer Fox.

Go ahead, but don't flong me dat briar patch.



Fox: well, i hav' no rope fer t'hang ya...

so i'spects. I 'spects I'll have to skin ya.



Rabbit: Yeah, sho'...dat's...what's dat?

Fox: I said I'm gonna skin ya.



Rabbit: Skin me? Smiles. Oh yeah, heh, heh...

 go ahead. Heh heh, yes me if ya likes, Brer Fox,



Rabbit: but bu-bu-bu-but there's

one thing I don't wantcha to do.



Fox: Huh? What's dat?



Rabbit: bu-bu-bu-bu-bu....



Rabbit: bu-bu-bu-Brer Fox.... bu-Bu-Bu...

I mean...wa-wa-wa- whatever you do, Brer Fox...



Rabbit: wa-wa-wa-whatever you do, please please

Brer Fox, please don't fling me in dat briar patch.



Fox: Ahhhhh.....briar patch?



Fox: Briar Patch.



Fox: I'm glad I thought of that! Yes, indeed! 

I sho' am glad i thought of that!



Rabbit: Butcha ain't gonna

fling me in dar, is ya?



Fox: Who me? Oh no.



Fox: We ain't gonna do dat!

No sir! We wouldn't do dat!



Fox: We wouldn't do dat...would we?

Brer Bear?



Bear: No...hee hee hee...nope!

We jes' gonna knock his head clean off.



Fox: Oh no indeed! Look out! Now wait a 

minute! Oh no, please don't! Look out, stop! There!



Rabbit: Owww! I'm done fo'. Moider.





Rabbit: Here I is Brer Fox. I was born

and bred in de briar patch. 



Rabbit: Yes sir. Born and bred in the briar patch.

Born and bred in the briar patch.



Remus: So now, it's Brer Fox's turn to feel humble-

come-tumble, but ol' Brer Bear, he don't say nuthin'.



Remus: An Brer Fox he lay low...

heh heh... mighty low... Sho nuf.



Toby: Tell us another one, Unc' Remus.



Johnny: The one you told daddy...

about Brer Frog havin' a tail...



Remus: losin' it?

Johnny: That's it.



Remus: Well den, how kin dey be a tale...



Remus and Johnny: ...when dey ain't no ta....



Remus:  ..I could tell ya,

but dat's annudder tale for annudder day.



Remus: Now you better run 'long an' git dat

pup somp'n to chew on sides my shoes.



Johnny: Come on, Toby.



Johnny: How do you do?



Toby: Fine, how are you?



Johnny: How you come on?

Toby: Pretty good, sho as yo're born.



Jake: Jis' kaze ol' Remus take yore side

don't mean we ain't gonna git Teenchy.



Jake: You wait an' see!

Joe: We're gonna tell on you.



Jake: Yeah! Gonna tell Tempy.



Jake: ...or maybe your grandmaw...

or maybe even your maw.



Johnny: Go ahead! I don't care! 

You can tell aunt Tempy....



Johnny: can tell grandmaw,

you can even tell my mama.



Johnny: ...but whatever you do...

don't tell your maw.



Jake: Why not?



Johnny: Just don't you tell her,

that's all! If you do, it'll be awful!



Toby: Ain't dat what Brer Rabbit did to Brer Fox?



Johnny: sh-sh! Bein'' without much strength, 

we s'posed to use our heads instead of our foots.



Maw Favers: Now i don't

wanta hear no more 'bout it.



Maw Favers: that's Ginny's if she 

wants to give it away, 'tain't none o' yo' business.



Jake: I'll get even with that Johnny!

He'll find out! Think's he so smart.



Joe: 'Twarn't his fault.

He told us not to tell our maw.



Jake: Yeah! 'Cause that's

jis' what he wanted us to do.



Tempy: Sooner or later, yer gonna be comin' aroun',

 I betcha, I betcha that I getcha, you wait and see...



Tempy: Sooner or later your gonna 

be hangin' aroun'... I betcha...



Tempy: I betcha if I catch ya' you'll hear from me.

Your gonna knock at my done it befo'...



Tempy: Matter of factly, I don't know exactly when,

but sooner or later you're gonna be hanging aroun',



Tempy: and want my cookin' again.

Your gonna knock on my door, you don' it befo'



Tempy: Matter of factly I 'spected you zackly then,

cuz sooner or later I know you'll be hangingn aroun',



Tempy: and want my cookin' again.

But you ain't gonna get it.



Tempy: Al'ays manage to come callin' on bakin' day,

and totin' in three or four measley



Tempy: little piece of fire wood. Humph! 

Some folks does de work, while others jest visits.



Tempy: Sit around whiddlin' and tellin' stories...

like Brer Fox and Brer Rabbit.



Tempy:  Stick his nose in dish here

kitchen and we have Brer Rabbit stew.



Remus: Sis Tempy, I said it befo', I says it now

and I says it again' there never was a better cook



Remus: in these here parts nor nowhere else.



Tempy: Humph! Ya ain't pullin' no

wool over my eyes. Here!



Chloe: What you all doin' 'roun' here, anyhow?



Jake: We wants to see Miss Sally.

Joe: Yeah.



Chloe: What you want to see her about.



Jake: 'Bout our dog.

Joe: Yeah.



Remus: Why, 'tain't dey dawg.

It's Johnny's.



Tempy: No 'tain't.

Remus: What's dat?



Tempy: When he brung it here, Miss Sally tol' him 

to take it right straight back what he got it.



Remus: Why dat li'l scamp.



Remus: Where you goin'?

Chloe: To git Miss Sally.



Remus: Uh...oh.



Remus: Ain't i done tol' you to stop pesterin'

folks 'bout dat mangy ol' puppy?



Remus: Now go on home. Go on,

befo' i gits fractious!



Jake: We ain't goin' 'til we sees Miss Sally.

Joe: Yeah.



Remus: Miss Sally ain't got no

time to be bothered wid you.



Remus: An' she don't wanter hear no

talk about dat dawg, neither.



Sally: What's this all about?



Jake: Johnny's got our dawg

-- An' we we wants it back!



Sally: Your dog? You don't

mean that little puppy?



Jake: Yassum. Johnny took it down to

ol' Remus's so's you wouldn't know.



Sally: Is that right, uncle remus?



Remus: Well, you see

miss sally, I had..



Sally: I see. Uncle remus'll get your

dog back to you. Now run along, please.



Joe: You gonna whup johnny?



Jake: Ya oughta!



Jake: Johnny said he didn't

care if we told you....



Jake: ...bute not to tell our maw.



Joe: and when we told her,

she giv'd us a whuppin'.



Remus:  Lawzy, Miss

Sally, Johnny didn't mean no harm.



Remus: He was jes' trying to be like

Brer Rabbit. I tol' him a tale 'bout de



Remus: tar baby an' he just got a li'l bit too

bodacious, and outreached hisse'f, dat's all.



Sally: Uncle Remus, i'm trying my best to bring up

Johnny to be obedient and truthful. But you and your



Sally: stories are making that very difficult. I think maybe

it would be better if he didn't hear any more for awhile.



Remus: Well, Miss Sally,

de stories ain't done no....



Sally: They only confuse him. Now I know you

mean well, Uncle Remus, but Johnny's too young.



Remus: Miss Sally.....



Sally: I'll have to ask you

not to tell him any more.



Remus: Yassum, Miss Sally......



Sally: But what else could I have done, mama? I

can't just overlook it, he has to learn to mind.



Doshy: That's very true, but without

Uncle Remus and his stories,



Doshy: the child will be utterly desolate.

He needs something to hold on to.



Sally: Well, he has his

mother....and his grandmother.



Doshy: We're not enough, sally. The boy must have

friends. And if it's not Uncle Remus, or the Favers



Doshy: children, then it must be someone else....

someone of his own age. That's just good common sense.



Tempy: What you trackin' through here for anyway?

Ain't I done tol' you 'bout messin' 'roun' my kitchen?



Sally: Johnny!



Johnny: Yes, mama.



Sally: Do you know what next tuesday is?



Johnny: Uh...of course. My birthday.



Sally: That's right, dear.

And what happens then?



Johnny: I get presents.



Sally: And a birthday

party. Would you like that?



Johnny: A party? Sure!



Sally: With lots of nice

little boys and girls.



Johnny: Can i ask Ginny?



Sally: Well, there'll be so

many other children, dear...



Doshy: ...That one more

won't make any difference.



Johnny: Gee! Thanks! Will daddy come?



Sally: Well, dear...uh...I'll

write and ask him.



Johnny: Oh boy.



Johnny: Teenchy! Here Teenchy!



Johnny: Teenchy! Here Teenchy!

Teenchy! Where are you?



Johnny: Uncle Remus? A present

for Teenchy! Where's Teenchy?



Remus: He's gone.



Johnny: Gone? Then we gotta find him. Sump'n

might happen to him... if he runs around loose.



Remus: He ain't runnin' 'roun' loose.



Johnny: Then, where is he?



Remus: He's back at de Favers. Dat's

what he b'longs an' you knows it.



Johnny: But teenchy's

my dog. He's mine.



Johnny: Ginny gave him

to me, and you said...



Remus: Nemmine what I said! Yo' maw

tol' you to take dat dawg back whar he



Remus: come from an' you ain't done it.

She don't like dat, an' I don't blame her.



Johnny: But he wasn't

botherin' anybody.



Remus: She yo' maw an' she

know what's bes' for you!



Johnny: But...but...I...I love him. He...he

loves me. You should'na done it, Uncle Remus.



Johnny: Jake'll drown

him! I know he will.



Remus: Ain't no use o' you carryin'

on. Puppy's gone an' dat's dat.



Johnny: You don't even care! Teenchy's

gone...and you don't care at all.



Remus: Don't make no difference

whether I does or whether I



Remus: don't. I'm jes a wo' out ol'

man what ain't no good to nobody.



Johnny: But uncle remus,

you're...the best friend i have.



Remus: Mebbe so, but i'm dat pestered I

don't know whether i'm end-upperds or



Remus: end-downerds. But I does know dis...

I ain't goin' ter be tellin' you no mo' stories.



Children: Chick-a-ma, chick-a-ma,

craney crow! I went to the well to wash



Childern: my toe! When I got there, the well

was bare! What time is it, old witch!



Ginny: Hurry, maw, hurry!



Maw Favers: I'm doin' the best I can.



Ginny: Please, maw!

The party'll be over.



Maw Favers: If you don't quit bobbin' up

and down I'll never get this collar on.



Ginny: I'm just doin' like you told me.



Maw Favers: Well, don't forgit

what you says when you does it.



Ginny:Pleased to meetcha!



Maw Favers: That's the girl. Now you

looks pretty enough to go anywheres.



Johnny: Ginny! Come on...we're late.



Maw Favers: Ginny! Don't

forgit your manners.



Ginny: Pleased to meetcha!



Joe: Pleased to meetcha!



Johnny: Gee, I thought

you were never comin'.



Ginny: Paw didn't get home with the thread, an'

maw had an awful time finishing my dress. Like it?



Johnny: It's real pretty.



Ginny: It's bran' new. It was maw's

weddin' dress. Are we gonna have cake?



Johnny: Course! They're eatin' it

right now. But there'll be plenty left.



Ginny: What do you do at a

party -- 'Sides have cake?



Johnny: Oh, lots of things.

Play games, an'...get presents.



Ginny: Do i get a present?



Johnny: Sure -- Everybody

does. Course, I get the most.



Jake: I get the most.



Ginny: Go on home.



Jake: Go on home.



Ginny: I'll tell maw.



Jake: I'll tell maw.



Johnny: Don't pay any

attention to them, Ginny.



Joe: Don't pay any

'tenshun to 'em, Ginny!



Ginny: Quit it!

Joe: Pretty strings.



Ginny: You stop it.



Ginny: Now look what you've done!



Ginny: You've spoiled everything!



Jake: Ouch! Don't! Stop!



Jake: Make him leggo! Make him leggo!



Jake: Make him leggo! Joe, get him off!



Johnny: I'll fix you.



Jake: Pull him off, Joe! Get him off!



Johnny: I'll fix you!



Jake: Ouch! Don't! Stop!



Jake: Make him leggo! Make him leggo!



Remus: Aw right, get off him!



Remus: Come on, son! Get off 'im!

Get off 'im! Now you git 'long -- An'



Remus: don't lemme ketch you pesterin'

'roun' dese chillun no mo'! An' ah means it.



Johnny: Ginny!



Johnny: Ginny...



Johnny: Gee, ginny! Please don't cry!



Johnny: We can still go to

the party... if you wanta.



Johnny: I'll clean off your dress.



Ginny: You're just makin' it worse.



Johnny: It wasn't much

of an ol' party anyway.



Johnny: I know what! I'll tell you a story 'bout brer

rabbit! Now let me see -- 'Bout this here brer rabbit...



Johnny: ...he was the most bodacious

critter in the whole world. Anyway...



Johnny: critters was

all havin' a big party...





Johnny: Please, don't ginny! Please.



Remus: Bless my soul! What's dis?



Johnny: Ginny can't go to the party.



Remus: Oh, dat's a shame! It sho' is.



Remus: But don't you cry honey.

Ol' Uncle Remus'll take care of you.



Remus: You better run along and

find Sis Tempy to clean you up



Remus: befo' yo' maw sees you.



Johnny: Uncle Remus, I don't wanta go.

Remus: Co'se you do.



Remus: Miss Sally's gone to a heap

o' trouble wid dis party.



Johnny: I know, but daddy didn't come,

and Ginny's all ldirty. Please, Uncle Remus.



Remus: Move over, honey.

I'se got troubles too.





Remus: Co'se I'se had troubles befo'.

But dey ain't none of us ever had



Remus: troubles like po' li'l Brer Rabbit.

I 'members one time he had mo' troubles



Remus: den all three of us

rolled into one.



Remus: Yas suh, dere he was...

way down in Brer Fox's cave.



Remus: An' it look like his time done

run out, fo' sho.



Remus: Cause Brer Rabbit, he done 

used up his whole bag o' tricks.



Fox: You done played your last

trick on me, Brer Rabbit.



Fox: You sho have, yes sir. You've

played your last trick on me.



Fox: Here, hold that knot, you sho look

mighty good in that bow-tie, Brer Rabbit.



Fox: Yes sir, you looks mighty

good in that bow-tie.



Fox: Don't he look good in that

bow-tie Brer Bear?



Fox: I ain't never seen nobody

dressed with a bow-tie befo'.



Fox: He's all dressed up for dinna.

Bear: Yea, for dinner.



Fox: Yes sir, he's really dressed

up for dinner. Fo my dinner.



Fox: Cause I'se gonna barbeque

you dis very minute, on dat fire.



Rabbit: Ain't dat terrible.



Fox: Now wait a minute.

Wait jes' a minute, Brer Rabbit.



Fox: Maybe I better

'splain something to you.



Fox: I said, I'se gonna roast

you... on dat fire! Now!



Fox: Is dat somethin' to

laugh about?



Rabbit: I can't help laughing, Brer Fox.

I'se just been to my lauging place.



Rabbit: An everytime I starts thinkin'

about my laughing place, I can't help.



Bear: What's a...

Rabbit: Yeah, Brer Bear?



Bear: Wa... what's a

laughing place?



Rabbit: Oh, dat just a secret

place I knows about.



Fox: You keep out of this Brer Bear.

It's another one o' his tricks.



Fox: Dat rabbit just trying...



Bear: Da... where is

this laughing place at?



Rabbit: How can I show you

where it is when I'se all



Rabbit: tied up like this?

Bear: Well, uh... I'll untie you.



Fox: You keep your big paws off.

Bear: But uh... But uh...



Fox: He's mine and

I'm gonna roast him.



Fox: Right now, right over this

fire. I'm gonna...



Bear: I wanna see dat laughing place.



Rabbit: Boy am I in luck.



Rabbit: I think about my laughing

place and yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk.



Fox: That rabbit's just trying to...



Rabbit: Take that frown, turn it upside down

And you'll find yours, I know, ho ho.



Rabbit: Boy am I in luck.



Bear: I think about my laughing place...

Bear: Yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk.



Rabbit: Everybody's got a laughing place,

Bear: A laughing place to go, ho ho.



Rabbit: Take that frown, turn it upside down

And you'll find yours, I know, ho ho.



Fox: Now look here Brer Bear,

this has gone far enough, I...



Fox: Now look here Brer Bear,

this has gone far enough.



Fox: I ain't goin' one more step.

Bear: But I wanna.



Fox: Not one mo' step.

Bear: But I wanna.



Fox: This is just one o' his tricks.



Fox: That rabbint's just making a

fool out of you, you fool.



Bear: He is?

Fox: Co'se he is.



Fox: There ain't no such thing

as a laughing place.



Bear: Dere ain't?

Fox: Co'se not.



Fox: Come on now, we'll

go and have some...



Rabbit: Wait a minute.

Wait a minute. There it is.



Bear: Huh?

Rabbit: There is the laughing place.



Bear: Where?

Rabbit: Right through there.



Fox: That rabbit's trying to fool...

Bear: Me first.





Bear: Dey ain't nothing' in

here 'cept bees.



Fox: You sho' done made a fool

out of yo'se'f this time.



Fox: Yes suh, you sho made

a fool outa yo'sef.



Fox: I ain't never see'd nobody

look dat silly befo'.



Fox: You know what Brer...



Bear: Now look, you said dis

was a laughin' place...



Bear: An I ain't laughing.



Rabbit: I didn't say it

was you laughin' place.



Rabbit: I said it was my laughin'

place Brer Bear.





Johnny: I wish I had a lughin' place.

Ginny: Me too.



Remus: What makes you think you

ain't? Co'se you got a laughin' place.



Johnny: Really, Uncle Remus?

Ginny: Really?



Remus: Ev'ybody's got one! The

trouble is, mos' folks won't



Remus: take the time to go look for it.

Johnny & Ginny: Where's mine?



Remus: Well now, dat I can't 'zakly

say. 'Cause where 'tis for one,



Remus: Mightn't be where

'tis for another.



Johnny: Come on Ginny!

Let's start lookin.



Sally: Johnny! Johnny!

Where have you been?



Johnny: Well, you...

Sally: Look at your clothes!



Sally: What in the world have you

been doing? The party's all over, dear.



Sally: And you weren't even there

to tell your guests goodbye.



Johnny: Well, you...

Ginny: Uncle Remus told us a story!



Ginny: 'Bout Brer Rabbit. You got

a laughin' place ma'am?



Ginny: Uncle Remus says eve'ybody's

got one. Pleased to meetcha.



Remus: I sho is sorry, Miss Sally.

Sally: No, it's my fault.



Sally: I should have known you

couldn't stop telling your stories.



Sally: I don't like to say this Uncle

Remus, but from now on



Sally: I want you to stay away

from Johnny, you understand?



Sally: Completely away.

Remus: Yassum.



 Chorus: Let the rain pour down,

let the cold win' blow



 Chrous: Gonna stay right here,

In the home I know.



 Chorus: When your achin' with

the misery, when your old and grey,



 Chorus: Let you stay to see de chillun,

playin' 'round yo door.



Remus: Oh, I knows... I knows...

I'm jes' a wo' out ol' man what



Remus: don't do nuthin' but tell

stories. But dey ain't never done



Remus: no harm to nobody. An'

if dey don't do no good,



Remus: how come dey las' so long?



Remus: Dishyer's de only home I knows.

Was goin' ter whitewash de walls, too,



Remus: but not now.

Time done run out.



Toby: Unc' Remus! Is Johnny...

Unc' Remus, what you doin'?



Remus: I'se goin' away, to Atlanta



Ginny: You shore I've got a

laughing place?



Johnny: Course! Didn't Uncle

Remus say so?



Ginny: Look!

Johnny: Aww, that's just your house.



Ginny: But paw's home! I'm gonna

tell 'im 'bout Brer Rabbit!



Ginny: He'll laugh like anything.



Johnny: Uncle Remus! Uncle Remus!

Uncle Remus, I've found it!



Johnny: My laughing place!

It's right here...



Johnny: Mama! He's gone!

Uncle Remus is gone.



Johnny: Where'd he go, mama?

Sally: I don't know, son.



Johnny: But why'd he leave? Why?

Sally: I'm afraid mother's to blame.



Toby: Miss Sally! Unc' Remus goin'

away! He's gettin' in de wagon!



Johnny: Uncle Remus! Wait!

Uncle Remus!



Sally: Johnny!

Johnny: Uncle Remus! Come Back.



Johnny: Wait, Uncle Remus!




Sally: Oh Johnny.



 Chorus: More and more

faith in him.



 Solo: He made all the stars

and the moon and the sun.



 Chorus: More and more

faith in him.



 Solo: He number the sparrows

and the birds everyone.



 Chorus: More and more

faith in him.



 Solo: My Savior!



 Chorus: All I want...

All I want... All I want...



 Chorus: is more and more

faith in him.



 Solo: My Savior!

 Chorus: All I want, all I want...



John: Toby, what is it?



Toby: It's Johnny, sir.

He got hurt by dat bull.



Tempy: Mister John!

John: How is he?



Tempy: Well, he's out o' his head,

suh, and' talkin' like his li'l heart's



Tempy: 'bout to break. You see,

Mister John, he was cuttin'



Tempy: through de bull pasture... trying

to stop Uncle Remus from goin' away.



 Chorus: More and more

faith in him.



 Solo: Angel have mercy

on this little chil'



 Chorus: More and more

faith in him.



 Solo: He's only been here

such a mighty li'l while.



 Chorus: More and more

faith in him.



Sally: Son, daddy's here.



Johnny: Uncle Remus! Come back,

Uncle Remus! Come back!



John: Johnny!




Johnny: Uncle Remus... Please.



Doshy: Uncle Remus!



Remus: De smoke was comin' outta

de chimney, an de light from



Remus: de lamps was ashinin' soft.

Inside de house, de kittle was singin'



Remus: over de fire. On the hearth

de cricket was a jiggin' to de tune.



Remus: Yes suh, things was mighty

satisfactual. 'Cause Brer Rabbit



Remus: done come back to his

laughing place wid de folks



Remus: all 'round him

what b'longs dar.



Johnny: Uncle Remus!



Remus: An' dat night, he was

de happiest Brer Rabbit.



Remus: An' dat was de laughin'est

place in de whole wide worl'.



Johnny: Daddy.

Mama! Daddy's here! Mama!



John: She's right here, sone

Sally: Yes, darling. It's all right.



Johnny: Mama!

Make him stay, please!



John: There now, sone.

I'm not going anywhere.



John: I'm going to stay right here,

where I belong.



Johnny: Honest?

John: Honest. And we'll have



John: more fun than...

than Brer Rabbit hisse'f.



Sally: And we'll have the laughin'est

place in the whole wide world.



John: An' dat's de trufe!



Remus: Miss Doshy, things are lookin'

mighty satisfactual. Mighty satisfactual.



Zip-a-dee-do-dah, zip-a-dee-ay,



My oh my, what a wonderful day.



Plenty of sunshine, headin' my way.



Zip-a-dee-do-dah, zip-a-dee-ay.



Johnny: Mr. Bluebird's on my

shoulder. It's the truth, It's actual.



Jonnny: Everything is satisfactual.



Zip-a-dee-do-dah, zip-a-dee-ay,



Wonderful feeling, wonderful day.



Zip-a-dee-do-dah, zip-a-dee-ay,



My oh my, what a wonderful day.



Plenty of sunshine headin' my way...



Rabbit: Howdy do, how do you do.



Three children: Oh, hello there Brer

Rabbit. Hi there, Brer Rabbit.



Rabbit: Yes sir, this here's one of

them zip-a-dee-do-dah days.



Rabbit: For sho'. Zip, zip, zip, zip,

zip-a-dee-do-dah, zip-a-dee-ay.



Children: My oh my, what a wonderful

day, plenty of sunshine headin' my way.



Children: Zip-a-dee-do-dah,




Johnny: Mr. Bluebird's on my




Remus: It's de truth. It's actual.

Everything is satisfactual.



Children: Zip-a-dee-do-dah




Children: My oh my, what a

wonderful day.



Children: Plenty of sunshine, headin'

my way, wonderful feeling, wondeful day.



Frog: Zip-a-dee-do-dah




Frog: zip, zip, zip, zip, zip.



Children: Zip-a-dee-do-dah, zip-a-dee-ay.

My oh my, what a wonderful day.



Children: Plenty of sunshine,

headin' my way.



Chorus: Zip-a-dee-do-dah, zip-a-dee-ay.

Mr. Bluebird's on my shoulder.



Chorus: It's really true, it's actual.

Everything is satisfactual.



Chorus: Zip-a-dee-do-dah, zip-a-dee-ay.

Oh what a wonderful feeling,



Chorus: What a wonderful day.

Singing a song, a Song Of The South.


Special help by SergeiK