The Spanish Apartment Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Spanish Apartment script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of L'Auberge espagnole (original movie title) starring Audrey Tautou.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Spanish Apartment. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Spanish Apartment Script



Everything started here



when my plane took off.



No, it's not about a take-off



The beginning is here.



I had an appointment

with Mr Jean-Charles Perrin.



It starts where it should ends.



Good morning, I have an appointment

with Mr Jean-Charles Perrin



You'll find him in the building F 



 /F door     



Good morning, I have an appointment

with Mr Jean-Charles Perrin



Somebody for Mr Perrin



Good morning



Good morning, I have an appointment

with Mr Jean-Charles Perrin



OK, please follow me



Ah Xavier



Good morning Mr Perrin



Call me Jean-Charles



You can't know how happy I am

to see you



Come in



See, that's where I work



view of Paris...the Eiffel tower



I've known your father since...



at that time we were together 

at the Administration School



I remember it was in...



My father is somebody 

who can understand that



Meet him, you've nothing to loose, 

he's very nice I've known him for...pfff...



This is my father 



It's just in your branch



You love the Double Malt



you know this one it's scotish, 

it's marvellous



In fact, everything started 

here when he said : 



The only thing I know is that 

with the new european directives



some jobs will be created in one year 



if you make a post-graduate 

about a subject 



that talks about the economic issues 

in Spain



I might be able to help you find a job. 



There are some openings.



but you must speak spanish 

and know the spanish market.



Hablas espaņol ?



Well...un poquito



Do you know Spain ?!



well...I know Ibiza...



Then I decided to leave 

one year for Spain



When I was a kid, I was blond 

and I wanted to be a writer.



And then I changed...

changes happen...



My mother, to make fast, is a hippy. 

 A real one.



And the problem with real hippies

 is that they always tell the truth 



You don't like bulghur, 

you don't like tofu. 



I cannot cook anymore for you.



If you prefer to go in the fast-food

and eat their shit



To wolf down GMO, pesticides,

prions and co...



Before I wasn't sure but 



now thinking about it, 

I told myself I needed to go. 






I had to gather information about 

european university exchanges.



It's called ERASMUS.



And it's a fucking mess...



Please wait !



You wonder who Erasmus is.



I looked on Internet because I didn't know too



and honestly I didn't get everything.



To be quick, I think he was a kind of

dutch traveller around     



To register for my post-graduate in Spain, 

it took me   months



It's in the office next door.



Have you seen my colleague next door ?



I've just been there.



Good morning it's for

an ERASMUS form



Do you have your registration card ?



I've just got it.



But, nothing is filled on this.



What do you want me to do with that ?



But I've just got it now, they had lost 

my file, I have to fill another one.



Of course, you're really all the same.



Always filling the forms at the last

moment when it needs a lot of papers...



I've done it but they've lost my file,

it's not my fault if they lose the files.



I just wanted to know what papers do 

I need...



for the file...



to be complete.



For a Erasmus file, 



for a post-graduate, 



it's easy, 



you should know it's written 

on the card inside the file.



You need agreement of 

your research director here.



You need agreement and signature 

of your research director there.



You need the agreement of 

the university there.



You need the agreement of 

this university.



Your student health insurance card,

you have to give it to me.



Are you SMEREP or MNEF ?






Ok then you have to go at the MNEF 

office, building D ground floor



to obtain the form E   .



Don't 'pfffff'. 



If you don't have this document, 



you won't be able 

to get your medical fee 



and medecine costs back 

when you'll be there.



OK, fill all these.



And after of course, like other files, 



a resume, a covering letter, name of your

post-graduate diploma and that's it.



I don't know why the world 

has become such a mess.



I don't know if it's compulsory 

that the world become like that.



Everything is complicated,

badly-made, untidy.



Before there were fields

with cows and chickens.



Everything was more simple I think.



Before we had a direct contact

with things.



In the world of Martine, we had animals.



We ate what we grew.



We built our clothes, our house.



In the farm, the life was

simple for Martine.



Sometimes I wonder why we have

left the world of Martine.



It's horrible, no ?



Why is it horrible ?



Look how sexist it is !



See the vision of the woman they give.



Bah no why ?



You say that because she gives seeds to chickens



and because she milk cows ?



No but of course,

anyway it's your fantasy.



The little nice girl with the

small skirt and the cheeks all red.



Bah no.



When I think that my parents

called me Martine because of her.



I'm freakin out.



My mum read that

when she was young.



It's rather cute I think.






It's not important.



It's because of Martine that you...



I'm sad that you're leaving.



I'm sad too.



Yes ?






Wait Martine.



OK then.



She's sad no ?



Of course.



I'm sad too you know.



You're sure it's good to go ?



Are you crazy mum,

what are you doing ?



It's not your father's ideas...



Mum ! No, it's not my father's ideas...



I've decided to go,

my plane's leaving in   minutes.



I don't want to talk about that now.



I'm sad too you know.



Everybody's sad.



It doesn't seem like.



Don't cry.



We'll see each other soon.



Don't cry Martine.



Don't worry everything will be fine.



Xavier, are you sure about

what you're doing ?



Shut up mum !



Do you want something to drink ?



Erasmus ?



What are you studying ?






Wow serious, market and all that stuff.



Yeah sort of.



Do you know Barcelona ?



No actually i've just arrived.



I can tell you, you're going to enjoy it.



- Really ?

- Really.



You'll see, excellent.






This guy had the face of the guys

I usually try to avoid.



And I don't know why,

he absolutely wanted to talk to me.



You'll see, it's a crazy city.



People start to go to the restaurant at   pm.



Before, there no one in the restaurants.



After, they started the party !



You have to know the Barcelonians love to party.



- Have you heard about the 'barres de copas' ?

- No.



I'm not telling you, you'll see.



When coming to make Erasmus you have to cling.



You won't sleep a lot, you'll see.



And you come to do what ?



I'm a doctor, I've got an important job

at the Hopital del Mar.



I'm a neurologist.



And you ?



We got married   weeks ago, she doesn't

know yet what she's going to do.



First, she's going to take

some courses to learn spanish.



You don't speak spanish at all?



And you, you speak spanish ?



Hablas espaņol ?



A little yes.



I'm here to make a post-graduate

diploma at the Barcelona university.



When arriving in a city,

we see streets in perspective.



Sequences of buildings with no meaning.



Everything is unknown, virgin.



Please, street...



'carrer des escudellers blancs'



Pardon ?



I think it's at the end on the left, straight.



- There ?



- Yes there



- OK thanks



Later we'll have lived in this city.



We'll have walked in its streets.



We'll have been to the end of the perspectives.



We'll have seen all the buildings.



We'll have lived stories with people.



When we'll have lived in this city,



we'll have taken this street

      a      of times.






After a moment, everything belongs

to you because you've lived there.



It was to happen but I didn't know it yet.






This thing that sounds weird was added

to the long list of old weird names



that we have somewhere in our brain.



Urquinaona, slightly slipped next to

Mouffetard, Bondoufle, Ponteaux-Combault



Marolles-en-Hurepoix, Mandelieu-La Napoule

 and Knok le Zout.



He becomes normal and familiar.



After, long after, when we are back in Paris



every hard time has become

an extraordinary adventure.



There is always this stupid stuff

or the worst days of a journey.



The most missed experiences are those

that we talk about most.



- The bell doesn't work



- What ?



- It doesn't work



Who are you searching for ?



 - A girl whose name is...Sonia Miralpeix.



I am Xavier



Is it possible...the door.



One moment, I open it.



The only plan I had to sleep

a few days in Barcelona



was from a friend of my mother,

whom, of course, I didn't know.



Some more coffee ?



Your plane was late ?



It's better.



This guy who was from chili, has a niece who lives in Barcelona.



and who told him I could stay while searching for an appartment.



But I could not stay long in this flat



because she lived at her grand-father's

and that it was complicated.



It was complicated for me to stay long.



It was already complicated before I came but,

now I was in a typical shitty plan of my mother.



Never listen to her again,

never follow her plans again.



Thanks mum, never listen to her again...



Never follow her lousy plans.



Hi, Jean-Michel.



Good morning it's Xavier.



We've seen each other at the airport.






You see who I am.



I'm embarassed.



I feel confused to call you like that.



No, no, just some guys who...



As you told me that you could...



It's very nice.



And I don't remember who's dead

but anyway now she's in Chili,



and she just forgot to tell me

that it won't be possible for me.



Listen, honestly, honestly no problem.



I told you.



For us it's the same we've just arrived

so anyway it will be without any fuss.



Make yourself at home.



I know what it is, it was the same

when I arrived here the first time.



Between French people,

we should help each other, right ?



You can sleep on the sofa.



Anne-So is going to cook you something.






Are you hungry ?






I don't have many things to offer.



I can cook....rice...or pasta.



And to go with...we don't even

have butter but oil.



Of course, very good, pasta with olive oil.



Come on.



Sorry, it was hard not to wake you up.



No, no, no ok, no problem.



Would you like some coffee ?



Why not.



At first, it seems like a complexe architecture

but in fact the functioning



of the brain is quite simple.



OK here is the cortex.



Like this with the   hemispheres.



And the memory area



takes place in the hippocampus 



and in the internal part of the temporal lobes.



Of course I summarize...



My speciality is to study everything about the relations

between this area of the brain



which is more or less related to the memory



and this area that manage the language.



We have discovered some extraordinary diseases.



For example, somebody who is bilingual

can have an amnesia which affects 



only one of the   languages he knows.



So suddenly because of some traumatism

he knows only his mother tongue.



Nothing more about the second language

he learnt.



Erased from the hard-drive.



Well done no?



I've seen your classified in the newspaper.



Yes for the flat.



I want to share.



'Compartir', tio.






To find a flat in Barcelona, it's a real story.



Is it OK for you ?

       every month, it's OK ?



More or less      euros.



       every month, is it OK or not ?



Yes, it's good.



-Sure ?        the first month.

-I'll see.



Because we thought about selling.



- The first month, otherwise...

- OK.



My job has started very quickly, I have to go



Can I ask you a favor Xav ?



Of course, no problem



Can I ask you to go out with Anne-So ?



She's afraid of going out alone.



As I know you speak a little bit of spanish...



Yes, yes, no problem



I saw you crying in the plane.



You looked so sad.



It made me sad too.



Yes, we say to ourselves

that we're happy to go



that we're strong.



But once in the air, well I wondered...



It's not easy to leave like that,



we leave so much behind.



We don't know exactly where we're going






It's a strange mix.



Same for me, I'm so happy with Jean-Michel



I really wanted to follow him,

live something great with him.



And at the same time, I'm scared.



Change your life.



Learn a new language.



I feel like at the bottom of a huge mountain



I needed to write to Martine regularly.



I started to write things

I would never have told her



if she had been in front of me.



I had always been shy but being

far away from her made me talk more.



And at the end, I was closer to her.



Sometimes for the share flats



you had to go through a real exam.



Moreover, I speak french.



I lived one year in Paris.



It's not always like this,you see...



Instantly, I loved this place.



I would have give anything to be accepted here.



The mess that lived here, looked like the one

that lived inside me since always.



It's as if theirs slanging matches were those

that take place in my head since I'm a child.



The courses had started, I still didn't have a flat.



Goodbye Anne-Sophie



Fuck, I really don't understand

the course in catalan.



And you, you understand ?



It's not possible, somebody has to ask him.



"Speak castilian"



 Who asks him ?



Are you student in french ?



Are you from the french course ?



Who ?






OK. Good morning everyone.



I'm going to talk about the future

of the world capitalism.



- Please sir.

- Yes.



Could you make the course in catilian ?



Sorry, it's impossible.



The majority of students are catalan.



They don't have to change their language.



We are    ERASMUS students

who don't speak catalan.



And you speak spanish.



I understand you perfectly miss



but understand me too.



We are in Catalonia and the catalan

is the official language.



For spanish, go to Madrid or

in South America.



Let's continue.



I'm going to talk about the future

of the world capitalism.



What can we say about world capitalism ?



What I liked with this girl

is that she didn't fit with economy.



I wondered what she was doing here.



Exactly like I always asked  myself,

what I was doing here.



In the beginning, there was

only one currency : gold.



I speak catalan because I am catalan

and because I live in Catalonia.



I find it contradictory to defend catalan

 while we are building Europe



I don't agree.



First because...we're talking about identities.



There's not just one valid identity,



but several compatible identities.



It's a matter of respect.



Me, for example, I have at least   identities.



The gambian identity, that I carry inside of me



and the catalan identity.



It's not contradictory to combine both.



You, you're french, not martian.



You are french



and you keep your french identity.



Do you understand me ?



I give you my 'pan tumaca'



I give you Dali.



Spain is not only 'Ole'



Not only flamenco. It's a lot of things



including catalan.



It must be vey destabilizing 

to be always between   languages



Isn't it the same problem in Belgium

with the flemish and walloon ?



Walloon, no it's not the same



For example, I am walloon,

I don't speak flemish



When I am in Flandres, I say I'm french



It's good, super good.



Brilliant !



Then if they understand I'm walloon...



Tomorrow ?



That's brilliant, I've found a flat






Yes, so...OK



I have shitty room in the house of the mother

of the woman that hires me.



What are you doing ?



Au pair girl - babysitter



Brilliant !



Yeah brilliant



It's brilliant for you



Yes, it's brilliant for me...



I'm sad that you're leaving.



I want to write books.



What is it ?



The Spanish Inn

L'auberge espagnole.



This house was literally a spanish inn.






"Reading is like spanish inns,



we find what we bring in it." Maurois



It's a little bit complicated

to explain how it works.



But if I summarize, it's more or less like that :



I start with the phone to explain.



No, no, the fridge.



You come soon to see me.



I can't really talk to you now.



But i'm not alone, that's why.



We went out yesterday already, I'm broken.



Not at all but...but it's not one person



there are   people behind me.



Listen we're not going to argue on the phone.



It's ridiculous.



You're coming soon to see me.



I want to see you.



Of course.



I love you too.






Xavier is not here, he's coming back tonight.



Xavier is not here, he's coming back tonight.



Isn't it beautiful ?



How was it this afternoon ?



Very good.



Where did you two meet ?



In Dinat.



In a pizzeria.



We used to go there every day.



There was a typic italian chef.



"Today I propose you melon,

very good ham, bonnissimo !"



He said that all the time ?



Everyday during   weeks.






Yeah I was working in the hopital

nearby and Anne-Sophie...



Go on, tell him.



No, go on, you tell.



Come on, tell him, Anne-So !



Why were you going to 

this restaurant everyday ?






Come one, don't be shy !



Go on, tell him !



No, I feel ashamed.



Don't make such a fuss

what bothers you ?



It's juste intimate, I don't want to tell.



Come on !



Wait it's not important.



She doesn't have to...if she doesn't want.



Fuck Anne-So tell him now !



He's right it's not important !



Get out of your shell baby !



The first time I saw Jean-Michel



at the first sight, I told myself I was in love.



Like that, instantly.



Completely mad about me !



I saw him and I told myself



"It's my husband."



'Love at first' sight, a real one.



You're impossible...



Shit ! Again !



Yes ?



Can I call you back ? At   ? OK.



They really piss me off !



Don't get angry Wendy.



- Hello.

- Hello Mr Cucurull



-I'm coming to show around the flat.

- Why ?



I don't speak to you.



Bicycles right in the middle...



We'll have to repaint.



Come in.



My God, the cupboard of my grand-mother !



The living rom.



And the Virgin ?



There was a Virgin here. Where is it ?






What a shambles !



You have to leave before the  st of March.



Sorry. I'll take you back to the door.



It was a pleasure.



Can you give a reason ?



I don't want anymore students here.



- Why ?

- Look at the state of the flat !



I didn't finish to wash up.



But Lars and Soledad hadn't finished to eat.



I went to watch the TV



and when I was back you'd done everything.



I was about to do it but you're fussy.



What ? I don't want to live in a pigsty.



I am not fussy !



We are young, OK, but responsible.



OK you seem serious.



Starting from the next month, i'll talk to you.



And the rent is now        pesetas.



       pesetas ?



We have to take somebody else.



I know a very nice person

from my economy course.



- Who is it ?

- A girl...



very serious.



Anyway, I speak french.

I spent one year in Paris last year.



I'll call you.



You don't like her ?



If we can find better...



Unbelievable, you have a lot of stuffs I have.



You've got that CD too.



You too ?



What are you doing tomorrow ?



My friend Sabine is coming from Belgium.


















I really miss you.



It's not because I'm at the beach

that I don't miss you.



Tomorrow it's Sunday we've decided

to go to Sitges.



It's an other beach nearby.



No. Now I am at the beach

but in Barcelona.



Sitges is another beach.



I don't know, it must be different,

another beach.



With the french couple,

you know I told you.



The ones I've met in the plane

and who hosted me.



Well, cool no, but they are very nice.



Is France this way ?



No, rather this way.



We wouldn't have seen each other a lot.



Bah no.






Hi everyone !



You want...



And you slept in the same bed ?



Bah yes.



In this one.






Why are you laughing ?



She's my friend.



Did you make some 'stuffs' ?



Xavier, yes, we made some 'stuffs',

she's my girlfriend.



A woman, I am lesbian.



And you ? When is yours coming ?



Mine...she's coming...soon.



She has some stuffs to finish and...



She's having a lot of problems.



Good luck then.



Women are crazy, trust me.



I hope it's good.

I changed my recipe.



What is it ?



A 'grattin dauphinois'.



- It's like a tortilla...

- I love tortilla !



It's not a tortilla.



There's no eggs.



It breaks my eggs, tortillas without eggs.



I am here honey.



Wendy, we're here.



We're coming.



Here we are.






How are you ?



This way.



Join them if you want.



No, no, no way.



She is not a little stupid the English ?



Not at all, she's very cool.



Wait, she's very uptight.



She has a guy ?



Yes, she has.And she not uptight

at all.



Anyway, they managed to give you

the most shitty room.



It's not shitty !



And anyway, I won't stay long

we change in   months.



You've decided to annoy me, that's it ?



No, but you described it

as the dream place.



And honestly...

your room is really shabby.



Look at the wallpaper.



Sorry, but I can't here like that.



It's OK.



I need us to get back together a little.



It's OK, I understand.



And with the others nearby.



Are you upset ?



No, I told you I understand.



It's OK.



But I know we don't have much time together.



The 'Everything should be great' stuff,

it's worrying me.



It's dumb...



Please stop. I'm telling you it's OK.



I had the feeling that we spent

more time saying goodbye



than seeing each others.



Love sucks.



I find it hard.






I love her though.



But here...



Same for me.



Sabine left in a bad mood.



It's right that...



What ?



I made a mistake by telling

somebody flirted with me.



Really ? Who ?



A guy ?



No !



My flamenco teacher.



It was during her course.



She made again a demo, you see.



She was...



so beautiful.



I had shivers.



She was staring at me.



Then she came near me.



More and more.






At the end, she was really hard with me.

She was slapping my butt.



Move your hips !



Make a curve.



She was squeezing me against her.



Then she turned me.



I could do nothing, I was...






She was totally dominating me.



And then ?



It was good.



She kissed me.



Fuck ! And you said that to...



to Sabine



Not like this.



Ah OK.






You work too much.



Do you want something to drink ?



Nothing thanks.



Come on, it's for me.



You spend the day here, with one half-pint...



Let me pay you a drink.



What ?



Where are you from ?









- When did you arrive ?

-   month ago.






Shit, yes,   months.



You spend too much time at the university.



You should come more often.



It's here that you'll learn

what's important in Barcelona.



Leave him alone. He doesn't want

to hear your stupidities.



I teach him spanish.



What's your name ?



Do you know what is a "French" ?



A "French" ?



Come more often,



I'll teach you the spanish

'de puta madre' in   months.



'Puta madre'.



He'll never come back.



After few months, thanks to Juan, I started

to speak a spanish 'de puta madre'.



So, I was always coming to Juan

and Neus's bar.



My friend Xavier ! How are you doing ?



- What's going on ?

- We're having a little party.



- Hi Xavier.

- How are you, Neus ?



Xavier didn't tell me you were so beautiful.



He hid you well, bastard !



What did he say ?



He said...



he welcomed you in his cafe.



- Exactly !

- Asshole !



Let's dance.



Hi, my love !



But you said you'll come back !



But wait...



I don't have enough money, I told that

but I don't have enough money.



Me too I didn't have any money,

when I came, I managed to do it.



Really you don't care actually.



I do care.



Yes, every time you promise something,

you can't keep it.



I don't trust you anymore.



For my birthday, it's really lousy.



Where are you ? At the beach again ?



No, I am in Barcelona, in the street.



The music...I am in front of a cafe,

there's music everywhere, stop it !



It stinks no ?



It's a pity that Barcelona is such a dirty city.



Not more than Paris I think.



Yes of course it is.



There are  a lot of places here

that look like the Third World.



I know a lot of places in Paris

that look like the Third World too.



But I'm not surprised

that you don't know them.



You think I am uptight, right ?






Yes, I can imagine what you think.



You think : "Poor girl, she's totaly uptight"



No, it's not true.



You think I am old-fashionned.



A little yes.



You are not really 'Juanita banana'



What is that ?



Let's say you're not really rock n' roll,

but you know it.



Yes I know it.



Does it bother you ?






It bothers me.



I am not dumb you know, Xavier.



You, you're so at ease.






All the time.



You pick up spanish in a few months.



You're intimate with everyone.



But I cannot.



I didn't have your education.



I am not as casual.



I know that here, you have to be cool.



But I'm not cool,



rock n' roll as you say.



Listen, it's not that important.



It's not a reason to say that Barcelona

and its inhabitants are dirty.



It's not being 'not rock n' roll',

it's just racism.



- It's racism ?

- Yes.



I'm sorry.



I didn't want to offend you.



It's not about offending me !



You're no more in France now,

it's been   months that you're here.



You should look around yourself.



I look around...You are so horrid to me...



Hi, Anne-Sophie.



It's Xavier.






Today ?



Of course.






See you.






It's beautiful no ?






Are you afraid ?



A little.



It's stupid but I always had a little vertigo.



Too bad that Jean-Michel cannot see that.






He works so much.



Actually Anne-Sophie,

it doesn't bother you his working so much ?



And that your being alone so often ?



While you're here to be with him.






But I scold him quite often for that.



Suzanna is gone ?



She went to buy some cigarettes.






No, no, no, no.



Go on. What ?



It's really stupid you know...



I've always wondered.



Are you using stuffs like

dildos between girls ?



It's funny because, often you guys,

you never understand women.



It's stupid I think, each sex is on his side,

without any interest for the other.



While I'm sure that if a guy would

like to be interested in women



he'd be the king of the oil king.



What do you mean ?



I don't know, you don't get that

women have a very different psychology.



Furthermore, you don't know

the women's body, what gives her pleasure.



Why do you say that ?



You think that only your dick

can give pleasure while



caresses are bloody important.



Oh yes that I know !



You know but you probably do it wrong.









What ?



When you caress the ass of a girl,



you caress here,



here, on the butt.






You spread her thighs.



- OK, but I feel ashamed you know.

- No, I show you.



You hold her very tight, like that.



You prevent her from moving.



She must feel that you hold her tight.



Despite all the bullshits women

will say about that,



most of them want this firmness,

to be trapped.



Wait, stop.



What are you doing ? Stop !



You want me to continue my explanation ?



OK go on.



You hold her tight.



After you caress her hair.



The back of the neck.



The breast.



Here, she'll be like you, she'll panic.



You calm her down.



You take your time.



I'll show you how to give pleasure.



Suzanna, come !



I want to show something to Xavier.



Practical work, I'll show you

what every men should learn.






I'm happy to see you.



Me too.



It's funny to meet here.



You remember, we had our first walk here.



Ah yes.



No, what are you doing ?



I can't stand it anymore, I want you.



- No Xavier, what's the point of it ?.

- There's no point.



But I am married.



No, I am married.



I cannot.



My God, I promise, it was so good.



It was like in the movies.



First she was like :



'No, no, no, no' 



Then after : 'Yes, yes, oh yes'. Unbelievable.



I didn't know it could work like that !



You see, I told you.



They are all bitches.



Yeah you're right.



Unbelievable really.



Next time, I take her hair like that



- And I say : 'Come on, suck bitch !'

- Stop it !



Don't speak like that !






After a while, the life in the flat

was more organized.



The houseworks were mainly

handled by Wendy.



And from time to time, we gave a hand.



The fridge got more organized too.



Alessendro is gone.



No problem.



You know what ?

I love your monologues.



We're going out tonight.



Can I talk to you ?



In spanish ?



As you like.



What do you want talk about ?



Your brother.



I think you're making me crazy.



We shouldn't do that, here at your place.



No, wait, I'd better go.



- Sure ?

- Yes.



Don't take it bad.






Oh Xavier !



I'm glad to see you.



- It's been a while.

- Yes right.



- In fact, I was about to leave.

- No, don't leave.



Come on, stay to take a drink.



I get ride of my stuffs, I come back.



Please stay, stay.



So Xavier, I've heard that you bring

my wife to the strange bars of Barcelona.



Yeah I debauch her...a little.



Hi sweetie.






How are you ?



How long ?



For how long ?



Who is he ?



What's his name ?



What do you want me to say ?



Yeah, right, bye.



But you don't love me too.



Of course I love you.



If I left, it had nothing to do

with the fact that I don't love you.



It's a chance to live what I live, it's just

too stupid that we're not there together.



It's not a reason to break up. 

I need you Martine.



But you've never loved me,

because you're not able to love anyone.



- No, it's not true.

- Your only interest is you, you, you. 



Your studies, your career, your job

at the fucking ministry.



Not at all. It's not true.



- Yes it is.

- It's not true.



Your parents will be so delighted

about the job at the ministry



Your father, the friend of your father.



Your mother.



You love your mother at least.



But no.



Don't worry it's fluid.



We'll be at the airport in    minutes.



I'm glad to have seen you a little.



Even if it was short.



So you still don't want to tell me

why you came back for just one day ?



We can talk, no ?



You're not happy to see me ?



Shut up ! Fuck mum !



Shut up !



I understood later what happened this day.



Sometimes life can be worse

than a bad sitcom.



This means 'He's yours ?'



And that means 'Yes and yours too.'



And after it's like :



'Why didn't you tell me before ?'



'I didn't know how to contact you and I thought

about keeping him without telling you'



'I thought I was stronger but

now it's been   months'



'It's so hard for me.'



'I'm alone and this child 

doesn't know his father.'



A baby, how nice !



We share the flat at  .



I'm tired of your relaxed style.



You are a father. You have a baby.



I don't know...



Shout, cry, break everything,



but do something, react !



I don't know why my life has

always been such a mess.



It has always been complicated,

badly-made, untidy



in a jumble.



I feel that life is easier for the others,

more coherent, more logical.



Before my life was already a non-sense.



But now, it turned to be totally non-sense !



Everything was going wrong.



On my way to Mare Magnum,

I saw Wendy with her American.



and I don't know how, I bumped into Erasmus.



- Erasmus ?

- Yes.



Sorry, I don't understand.



It's not important.



I was so happy to meet you.



It's not important.



At the beginning you've seen

I was really excited.



Doesn't matter I told you.



Yes, I know but...



But Xavier you know, it doesn't matter.



I'm happy to see you.



Erasmus ?









I think I'm not well.



I don't sleep anymore, I'm depressed.



I don't know if it's normal.



Maybe it's not that serious.



Maybe your limbic system is bothering you.



What is that ?



The primitive part of the brain.



Where the most animal emotions take place.



Contrary to the cortex

who manage more elaborated reactions.



- Does it give visions ?

- You have visions ?



What kind ?



I see Erasmus.



We're going to do some analysis.



Close your eyes and count up to   .



I'm searching for the hippocampus.



The hippocampus is in the internal

part of the temporal lob.






I don't understand french anymore.



Don't worry, we're going

to wash everything.



I've forgotten my mother tongue.



Clean that !



What are you doing here honey ?



Nothing, I'm having a walk.



Xavier, you drive me crazy.



Jean-Michel !






Inside you'll find all the exams.



That's what I thought,

you have absolutly nothing.



You're just overworked.



You haven't seen things...



Now you know, we can see everything

with the scanner.






On the other hand, I want you

to stop seeing Anne-Sophie.



She told me everything.



I don't want you to see her again.



I don't want to see you neither.






Shut up.



I stopped seeing Anne-sophie.



On the other hand,

Wendy continued to see her American.



Do you remember who is Alistair ?



Wendy's boyfriend.






Fuck !



You've seen him when he came to the flat.



Why ? 



He's just arrived in Barcelona.



He's coming ! In Barcelona ?



I can't be...fuck !



I've to arrive before him.



Fuck !



I'm taking the phone. Be careful.



Hi Alessandro. I listen.



Fuck it...OK...



- We're coming.

- What ?



Shit !



How are you Lars ?



- Sorry.

- What do we do ?



He's going to suspect something.



Do as if your key was not working.



The end of the year was near.



I started to list all the things

I wanted to do in Barcelona



and I didn't do at the end.



- Have you been there ?

- Yeah.



I surely missed a lot of things.



Too bad you're not a girl.



The world should be different.



I was to leave the day after.



We had decided to go in a bar

nearby to say goodbye.



But I wasn't ready.



My luggage were not ready.



It's bloody hot here.



- You're here ?

- I'm a friend of Soledad.



I lived with her.



I mean, in the same flat.



I knew.



We're leaving, I must wake up early tomorrow.



Thanks you, it's very nice.



I'm glad that the both of you came.






OK bye.



Goodbye Anne-Sophie.









- Practice your spanish.

- Yes, see you soon.



- Have a nice trip.

- Bye Lars



Come on, go away !



I'm going to France next year.



- You speak french ?

- Yes.



You didn't tell me !



I must go now.



We'll meet again.



Have a nice trip !



Bye, see you soon.



Speak catalan !



Last call for the passengers



of the flight Air France     



to Paris Charles de Gaulle.



Immediate boarding gate   .



It was strange to buy meat !



It seems to me I didn't buy any for years.



You're going to love it.



I bought it at the butcher's you like.



I'll do it.






You're happy to be back ?






You don't say a word ?



I don't know, it was good, that's all.



Tell me.



I had stayed there for one year, Mum.



Exactly, I haven't seen you for one year

and you've nothing to say.



Come on stop Mum.



I'm happy to see you again.



It doesn't seem like.



Why did you say that ?



I told you that because...



Because I knew it would hurt you.



I know you loved me.



But sometimes, we need to hit

where it's going to hurt.



I knew it was our last kiss.



I thought about the first one.



I remember it was on 'la rue d'Orchampt'.



I don't know why we had chosen the street

of Paris with the smallest pavement.



I thought that a lot hapened

between these   kisses.



All these streets I've been with her.



All this complicated path.



To arrive here, today.



Without her.



I found myself in the streets of Paris

where no Parisian go.



I was a stranger among the strangers.



Why I was here, I didn't know.



Generally, I've never known why I was here.



I must be typical.



Erasmus ?



Why ?



I passed the entry exanimation.



It's the first day of work.



I had the same stomach ache

I used to feel in high school.



First day of class, exams.



This fucking stomach ache.



I thought it was finished.



Here it is.



The     .



Here's your office.



I was told you've arrived.



Welcome aboard.



- Good morning Bernard.

- Good morning mister.



- Tell him everything.

- Don't worry.



The file we talked about.



I don't have much time, but I see you soon.



A little coffee ?



You'll see, the building is a little austere



but there's a good atmosphere.



Yes, it's true.



It's true, we laugh, don't we,

mister Bernard ?



- You'll see.

- Let's go.



How old are you ?






Wow, you'll be a young retired then.



For the heater, they use to heat a lot.



So, I put it on  .



  is good, it's really enough.



Regarding the files, make no mistake.



You have the yellow ones,

blue ones, and red ones.



Same for the computer file.



They are quite finicky about that

at the European Commission.



Ah yes, they don't laugh about that.



It must be orgaized.



Every thing has its place,

and there's a place for every thing.



Isn't it, mister Bernard ?!



I choose a futur without openings.



I'm going to do what

I've always wanted to do.



I'm going to write.



Everything seems simple and clear.



I am not that.



Nor that.



But I'm all that.



I am him, him, him...



"I'm going to write books"



And I don't want to deceive him.



I am her, her...



I am french, spanish, english, danish.



I am not one but several.



I am like Europe, I am all of that !



I am a real mess !



Now, I can start telling you everything.



Everything started here



when my plane took off.



No, it's not about a take-off.



Well actually, it's about a take-off.



Everything started here.




Special help by SergeiK