Stander Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Stander script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Thomas Jane movie about Andre Stander.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Stander. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Stander Script



Andre, you`re mad!! You`re mad!!



Oh, Je--



No, no, no!!



No!! No!! No!! Aah!!



Oh, shit.



Oh, sorry, Captain.

I didn`t recognize you.



- Anything serious?

- Oh, usual business.



Carry on.



Suppose I`m the force now.



Come on!!



Hey. Hey. Shh!



Come here, guys. Come, come, come.






Oh, no, no, no, no.



Hold it--

There you are.



All right, um, I would like

to toast my best friend, Andre...



- Yeah!

- Cheers.



who has had the good fortune to marry

the most beautiful woman in our country.



In all Africa!



Excuse me. Sorry. I stand corrected.

He`s had the good fortune--



- You`ve said that.

- `Cause it`s worth repeating, you lucky bastard.



You get to marry her twice.



Do not screw it up this time. Okay?



You`re getting a second chance at this.



So just enrich our numbers

with some new Stander blood!



- Hip-hip!

- Hooray!



- Hip-hip!

- Hooray!



Yes! Oh, yes!



You are bastards!

Bastards all of you!



Where are you, Andre?



With you on a beach.



But we`re   .



It`s America.

Fort Lauderdale.



Rock and roll is playing.

We`re running through the surf.



And have you lost our hotel keys yet?



I`m gonna take you back there.



- You`re crazy.

- I will. You`ll see.



You`re crazy.



All I need is you.



I want it to be different now, Bekk.



I need you to help me this time.



I need you to tell me I won`t

get sucked back into the muck.



You can do it, Andre.



Just promise me that whatever

undercover crime-infested hippie

drug den you find yourself in...



that I`ll be there.



In your thoughts, I mean.






- Hah!

- No!



Hey. Hey.



Bad business, Andre.



Single woman. She`s about   .

Dead maybe   or    hours.



It`s clearly murder,

but there`s no motive we can make out.



- Wounds are vicious.

- Looks like a serrated edge.



- Think she knew the guy?

- There`s no signs of forced entry.



Not much of a struggle either.



We`ll need shots of the bedroom as well.



- And check the bathroom door

and the taps for prints.

- Where`s the child?



She had a girl, maybe   years old.

Any sign of her?



That child was here last night.

We have a murder-kidnapping.



- And if we don`t move fast, that list will grow.

- I`ll get you the reports--



You`re in charge, Cor.

Get used to it.



I`ve got a date with my wife.



In the wake of rioting...



which broke out in Soweto two days ago...



violence continues

to erupt in townships...



with students organizing protests...



against Afrikaans

as the language of instruction.



In Tembisa, a number of schools and

administration buildings have been torched.



Municipal beer halls and liquor stores

have been burned down...



and police have erected

roadblocks at all township entrances.



While the anti-urban terrorism unit

continues to patrol the townships...



all members of the police force

have been placed on riot duty alert.



A number of arrests have been made.



What is going to happen, Andre?



The Department of Bantu Education...



has closed all schools

in Soweto and Alexandra.






What`s this?



Live rounds today, no extra charge.

Courtesy of the general.



Too many of you caught changing

the rubber for D-cells anyway.



I can feel it, Andre.



It`s a bad day.



Don`t, Cor.

It`ll be fine.



It`s Rita.

If anything happens to me--



Of course. And you`ll do the same

for me with Bekkie, huh?






- Away with Afrikaans! Away!

- Away!



- Away with Afrikaans! Away!

- Away!



- Away with Afrikaans!! Away!!

- Away!!



- More power!

- More power!



- More power!!

- More power!!



This is a illegal gathering!!



The time is now  :  !!



You have three minutes!!



At  :   you must...






Thank you very much!!






Requesting you that instead of...



making a mockery of this warning...



that you stop this action immediately!!






Coming back!



Stop this action immediately!!



Stop this action!!

Leave this place immediately!!



We need backup, quickly!



Hold your fire!!



Hold it!!



Stop this action immediately!!



Now we must take action against you!!



Notice!! You have been warned!!



Fire at will!



Get him out of here!



- You know the policy on this?

- Not at all.



- He will.

- Captain!



Think we`ll get overtime on this?



Jesus! Andre!

Andre, what`s wrong?






- Andre, it`s okay--



It`s okay!! It`s okay!!

Andre!! It`s all right!!



Come on! Come on!

It`s all right. It`s all right.



It`s all right.



Harold told me you was coming.



Why do the wrong ones

keep dying, Pa?



I shot a man today.



Speak English, Dad, please.



If you hadn`t shot him, what then?



- The riots would continue, sir.

- And then?



Maybe they would take power.



Eventually they will.



They would kill us, those of us who stayed.

Wouldn`t they?



Maybe they`re not like us.



This country would become

like the rest of Africa--




disease-ridden, corrupt.



Popular leaders who murder their own

people, steal millions from the treasury...



and then go off

to die of cancer in Swiss clinics.



Our blacks have the highest standard

of living on the continent.



Son, you helped the Africans today--



By murdering unarmed men?



unless you call this a weapon.



You can`t avoid riot duty,

Stander. No one likes it.



Some of them do.



Let them do it.



You`ve discussed this with your father?



He has nothing to do with this.



Yes. Riot squad is an important part

of your duty, like it or not.



And asking to be relieved from it--



You`re making a good name for yourself.



You`re the youngest captain in the force.



You know what this

will mean to your career.



I realize what this will mean to me, sir.



For God`s sake.



To you



Sorry. Didn`t mean to wake you.



Don`t you do this to me.

Don`t you dare shut me out. It`s me.



I wasn`t defending myself.

I wasn`t defending my family.



The only thing I maybe

might have been defending...



was my own--

What? Reputation.



And even then, it`s not mine.



Saving Stander face.

Holding up my end.



Which is a bullshit excuse...



for my shooting people, killing people.



You`ve got to stop this.



You know, the truly amazing thing is--






don`t even feel worse than I do.









Please don`t.



Oh, for Christ`s sake.



Where the hell is everyone?



They`ve all been called up.

That bomb in Soweto.



They have to enforce a curfew.



And meanwhile

we let everything go to shit here.



You know, a white man could

get away with anything today...



while the police

are too busy crushing the blacks!



Coming for lunch, sir?



Terrifically busy.

Thank you.



Newspaper. Newspaper.



Newspaper. Newspaper.

Newspaper. Newspaper.



Paper, paper, paper.



Hey!! Hey, excuse me!!



Did you see what he did?



He just comes barging in, pushing past.






I mean, we`re a queue here.



We are all waiting.

You`re not the only one in a hurry.



What if we all did that, eh?



It would be a bit of a mess,

wouldn`t it?



I don`t know.



After all, this is a bank.



You`re supposed to behave yourself.



Some gentleman!



No. No. No, no, no.

He was wearing-- wearing a blue suit...



and, um, big sunglasses on his face,

big sunglasses.



He had big sunglasses and--

and a blue suit. Yes, I think--



You can drop these at lunchtime tomorrow.

I`ll be in meetings all day.



And what are these?



What`s got into you?



I blew off some steam.

That`s all I needed.



It won`t happen again.



If these are to make up for a week of nothing

but trouble, you can keep your roses.



- But it might cost you the Bolton.

- Oh, no.



It`ll only take two men.

I didn`t believe him. Only two men.



He said, yeah, two men and a hundred blacks.



A hundred kaffirs.



That`s rich.



What about

one man and     kaffirs, huh?



Bring it in.

We`ll take care of it for you.



- Thanks very much.

- Thank you.



Going around the corner!



So, he showed the teller the gun...



and apparently threatened to blow his

head off if he didn`t hand over the money.



Anyone else hear that?



uh, no. Apparently

they were quite busy at the time.



And then he exited through the front

of the bank, went into the street.



The security guard pursued him,

but lost him immediately.



Any description?



Evidently the same good looker

that hit the first bank.



Put out an alert and stake out

the downtown banks.



All right.

Thanks, guys.



Late night, Andre..

you've been behaving yourself.



Any news on the kidnapper?



I spoke with the informants, but...



...nothing much is coming back.



Keep at it.



The `   Nederburg.



All right.



Go ahead.



Oh! Oh.



And two of them, Andre.

It`s beautiful. They`re beautiful.



We can`t--

We can`t afford these.



There were old assets in my family.



I decided it was time to cash in.



Well, you certainly did.



It`s time you had something

as lovely as you are.



Tell me everything`s all right.



Everything`s all right.



Nothing solid.



He keeps his head down,

seems to know where the cameras are.



Generic-- six foot, suit, red hair.






- Probably a disguise.

- Yeah. Right.



I know. It`s been a bad day.

You okay now?



I`m sure, miss, you`ve been

through this over and over...



but could you tell me

exactly what you saw?



- You.

- Me?



I mean--



I-I don`t know what I mean.



It`s just he was, you know...



like you.



Want to take me in, Captain?



I don`t know. Some kind of satisfaction.

Fame, maybe?



Well, he`s got our attention.

I`ll give him that.



He keeps pushing, raising the stakes,

upping the ante.



He`s probably contemplating

something daring next.



Something big.



The airport.



The foreign exchange windows.

Morning flight arrivals.



A thousand foreigners,

exchanging dollars, pounds, marks.



- The airport, really? That`s a stretch.

- Maybe.



But I got a feeling about this bugger.

A very strong feeling.



- Take a team, Cor. Stake it out.

- Okay.



Yes, that is a firearm, but I don`t intend

to use it. Give me all your money.



Captain Deventer?



What? Three? In an hour?



We just got these in.



He`s one smooth oak.



Something on your mind, Cor?



You know, Andre,

if you want to get away...



just you and Bekkie, just to let

things settle away from this madness...



I`ll cover for you,

as long as it takes.



I`ll keep that in mind.



As a friend, hey,

we all need a change of scenery.



Captain Stander.



Sir, you are under arrest.



I`ll have to have your gun, Andre.



We`ve had a   -man team on you, Andre.



What took you so long?



I`m not as good as you.



You`ve gotten better.



Could you please just turn around and

put your hands behind your back, please?



The state of bank robberies

plaguing the Johannesburg area...



could finally come to an end

with a surprising arrest.



The suspect in the so-called ""White Collar

Robber Case`"has been captured.



In a startling turn of events...



an arrest was made of none other than

Johannesburg police Captain Andre Stander.



The extent of the captain`s alleged

involvement in the robberies on the Reef...



is not determined at this time,

though    charges are pending.



Among them are several counts of

robbery, attempted murder, fraud...



illegal possession of firearms,

forgery and pottering.



More news after this.



I have three sons

who do motorcycle riding.



Their clothes are just caked in mud.



Does the defense have witnesses?



uh, none.



Then do you have a statement,

Captain Stander...



before I consider judgment?



I`m tried for robbing banks.



But I have killed unarmed people.



That is not the business

of this court.



Do you have anything more to say?






"The court only

attaches importance...



"to the accused`s reckless

endangerment of innocent people...



"that he had sworn

to his country to protect.



"No account is taken of his prior

record and commendations.



The court sentences former Captain

Andre Stander to    years imprisonment."



Dirty fucking Harry.



He won`t last long.



Really? Who`s got the balls?

You, Lee?



Hey!! That psycho kidnapper

will be out before you.



How does that make you feel, supercop?



Lee McCall.

I used to hit banks...



back home in Australia.



You`re not Australian, you bastard.



Sing the national anthem, then.



Wallaby and Kangaroo



Will ever runnin`

be free and... true--



- I`m fuckin`no Australian--

- Lee McCall.



You`ve been inside

   of the last    years.



Bad checks, stolen cars, credit cards.



Small-time habitual.



Hit the bank?

You`ve never even had an account.



Why, it sounds like you know me.



Your file crossed my desk... once.



"The car must stay full of petrol.



"Ask my father to please empty my treasure

chest and put the money in the boot.



"Shift the seat back please, Bekk,

I may be handcuffed.



"I feel like the lowest of the low

for asking you these things.



Or are you enjoying

the adventure?"



- How did he get it past them?

- Oh, he didn`t.



A friend of mine slipped it to me

before the press got hold of it.



He`s a flight risk now.

One letter a month, no visitation rights.



- Would you have helped him?

- Of course.



If he had been caught,

the appeal would have been denied.



Bekkie, I may be selfish, but that is the only

hope I have of seeing him out before I die.




Don`t encourage him.



His feelings for you are so strong.



You're strong, that he could rob

a dozen banks and keep it totally in the dark.



I--I should've seen it.



Oh, Bekkie.



There are parts of Andre

I`m afraid we`ll never know.



You didn`t marry him twice.



My friend, Cor.



After two years in here,

I am an honest man.



I no longer worry

that I`m living a lie.



I have more respect for the sorted

criminals I find myself amongst...



than I did for the cops

I used to know.



Thugs, bullies, cut-up buggers...



smoking stolen cigars

at my very own wedding.



Robbed goods paid out in the name

of so-called protection.



I`d rather rob a bank than accept

a gift that was given out of fear.



Oh, not for me.

I`ve got a half shoulder.



- Parachuting accident.

- Right.



How do you spell parachute? Eh?



I don`t know.



Hey, asslicker!!






I`m on to you.



- I want to take a trade test.

- Who gives a shit?



On the    st.

Outside these walls.



Outside. Really?



You`re soft.



I think you`ve lost your nerve.



I don`t need to prove myself to you.



I was robbing banks years before you.



I robbed my first bank with my finger.



- With your finger?

- Yeah.



- Really?

- Really.



You swine.



See, I was born to it.





           `s all I know.



Well, Allan, when I get out,

maybe I`ll come back and get you.



Thank you, but, uh,

that`s not how I see it, Andre.



When I get out,

I`ll come back and get you.



- You hear that, McCall?

- What?



- Heyl thinks he`ll beat us to it.

- Huh?



Scrum up!






Oh, God!



Your mother balls!



Fuckin`does cop

broke my fuckin`arm!!



Get off!!



Get off!!

Get up, boys!!



Break it up!!



Break it up!!

Come on, break it up!!



Let`s check your mobility.






I`m looking at    more years here.

Do you think I care if I live or die?



How about your friend?

Does he care?



Does his wife? His kids?



Come on, give me that!

Give it! You too! Come on!



You, fat boy! Give me the gun!

Lay on the ground!






Now why don`t you be a good ou

and take these off of me.






Tell me about your cars.



Lee, come on.



You did fine, son.

Just fine.



Is this yours, Granddad?

This yours, is it?



I`ll take this.



Nothing more up-to-date?



Get in here!

Thank you for coming.



Pull over! Pull over!



Please step out, Miss.



I didn`t know about it!



This way.



- Is there a problem?

- No problem.



I would have gone with them!



Thank you for your cooperation.



Guten tag.



It`s Andre.

He`s done it.



- Good afternoon, sir.

- Good afternoon.



Do you see that gentleman behind me?



He`s my second. He`s here to make sure that

after I leave, you don`t do anything stupid.



Fill it up.



You`re a lovely woman.



Look at that, Lee..

so much work waiting for us!



Well, I take whatever I want to



And, baby, I want you



...previously convicted in

a series of bank robberies...



escaped today from custody.



It is suspected that

the precisely executed escape...



was planned by Stander...



with the assistance

of Patrick Lee McCall.



Both men were wearing disguises.



If that is you, Andre, then I trust that

God will help me to do the right thing.



I`ll bet they`re

pulling out all the stops to find us.



I can tell you what

they`re doing right now.



They`re sitting in a meeting in Jo`Burg.

- Smoking fat cigars.



Trying to figure out how to handle this

without making themselves look...



even more witless

than they already are.




Oh, no, you can`t be serious.



- You`re next.

- Nah. There`s no need.



Cops have got nothing on me.

No photos, nothing.



You lying shit, man.



Lie down!



Lie down!!

Lie down!!



Allan!! Allan!!



Outside the walls, Allan.

Trade test is over.



Let`s go.






Nice to see you.






I`m Peter Grey.

I`m very pleased to meet you.



Kenny Roberts.



Brandon Clayton!




You swine!



Now, where to, my Chinas?

Now what do we do?



We fuck with the system,

we crumble its foundations,

and capitalize on the new disorder.



What the fuck is that

supposed to mean?



It means we rob every bank between

here and the other side of Jo`Burg.



Whoo! Whoo!






- It`s empty.

- Fill it.



Fill it. Quickly.



The bank`s money or yours?



Help!! Anybody help!!

We`ve just been robbed!!



Careful!! They got a gun, eh!!



I think it is, eh? Do you-- Do you mean

we`ve been robbed by Andre Stander?



- uh, yes, sir.

- Oh! Hey!



We`ve been robbed by Andre Stander, eh!!



- Andre Stander! Oh, that`s something, eh?

- Yeah. We`ll just need you to--



The rent will be collected

on the first of each month.



The water is included

but not the electricity.



- And we expect the house to be

kept in a clean condition.

- Of course.



Do you have any references,

Mr. Clayton?



How about      rand, cash?



The best for my friends.



Tell me, sir,

uh, which side do you dress?



uh, well, I usually just pull

them straight up like that.



Jesus! We look like bank

presidents, not bank robbers!



Then, we`ll need some wheels

to match, eh!



Wait! Stop!



Extremely high-powered, more than capable

of     not that I`ve tried it personally.



But the Targa is the classic Porsche.



There are only four in the country,

Mr. Marshall-- It is Mr. Marshall, isn`t it?



This is the only one in this particularly

bright, vibrant color of canary yellow--



- Where the fuck are you going, man?

- I`m just going!



Speed, man. That`s how they got you.

You pushed it too far.



If you go fast enough,

You can`t see where you`ve come from.



I just think treating him

like any other criminal won`t work.



Any other criminal wasn`t

Captain of Detectives.



If we act like we`re desperate

to apprehend Stander...



- it makes us only look like we`re scared of him.

- Aren`t we?



He`s one man.

We`re the damned government.



- Well, now he`s three--

- Well, whatever. Bring him in. Quietly.



We are in control here, goddamn it!



As you say, sir.



- Morning, cowboy.

- You`re good at collecting money.



Give us a hand, eh?






Come on. Come on.

Move it!



Hey, lady.

Sit down. Back off, huh?



Thank you. Excuse me.

Fill her up.



- Oh!

- That`s good. Zip it up.

Zip it up. Okay. Very good.



Do they pay you much?



Twenty seconds.

Took      in cash.



But I knew all about

their other robberies, so--



There`s       rand in there.



A downtown bank manager

has reported that due to his foresight...



- the gang missed a substantial sum

hidden in a secondary safe.

- Oh!



- Allan.

- It`s    degrees on the Reef.



In case you have a short memory,

this is a fucking robbery.



Three banks were robbed

in the Johannesburg area today.



One of them, twice.



Andre Stander, the mastermind,

brazenly returned to the bank...



and allegedly robbed

a second set of its contents.



Peace in Lebanon is up for debate

as the U.S. and France--



It must be hard on you, boss?



Yeah. It is.



Very kind of you to ask, Harold.



The latest on the Stander gang...



is that Andre Stander look-a-like,

Mr. Mark Jennings...



has been arrested for the third time.



Mr. Jennings spoke to our reporter today

upon his release.



I can`t walk in the streets,

I can`t do my business.



I`ve been arrested three times as a Stander

and not one apology. Not one!



Just this morning--



Oh, poor bugger.

His    minutes used up.



It`s enough to drive anybody crazy.



Do you fancy going out

and stealing a car?



Hey! Hey, Andre! Andre! She`s cool!

She`s my woman! I love her!



Every time you fuck

You fall in love!



You understand.

You`re one of us now.



You fuck up, you give us to the cops,

You`re dead!



Like that.



That was nice.



She`ll turn on us,

she`ll turn on him...



the first time she`s pushed.



Hey, don`t take any notice of him, huh?



He`s just jealous

`cause you`re my chickie, eh?



Come here, my little Talia.



Don`t worry. Come on.

Tarzan take you back to bed now.






I`ve been in twice. She`s seen me too much.

You do this one, you two.



She has a lot of firepower

at her fingertips, Andre.



It`ll be easy. Lee, you distract her.



Send her to the back for Beretta rifles. Allan,

hop over the counter, ready for her return.



Don`t worry, Allan. I`ll protect you.



- May I help you?

- Do you have any Beretta rifles?



uh, yes. Yes, we do.

Would you like the deluxe or standard?



Right. And so, what`s the difference?



Well, the deluxe is checkered,

the standard isn`t.



- Checkered meaning?

- It`s like an engraving.



- Oh, is it?

- Yeah.



Well, I think then, uh, probably

the deluxe is what I`m looking for.



- All right. Let me just check the back for you.

- Right. Great, thank you.



Fuck! It`s glass.



Hop over the counter. Fuck!



It`s in the fucking details, Andre.



What are you laughing at?



Your pants are too tight.



Oh, shit!



Easy. Easy. Easy.






She had a gun, man! Why has she--

Why has she got a gun, huh?



Just the heavy metal, Allan.






Let`s go!



"..says Captain

Cor Van Deventer.



He took an arsenal-- enough to blast

a hole through the middle of this country. "



I can`t believe the first time

I shoot somebody, I shoot a woman.



"Fear the Stander Gang."

Gang? That`s crass. cool.



""...are planning a new series of robberies,

this time with deadly force."



- What other kind is there?

- "Victim identified the shooter

as escaped convict Lee McCall."



- Oh, fuck!

- She`s well enough to I.D. you.



- I wish I`d killed the bitch.

- "Police have set up a special task force. "



Gentlemen, we have

graduated to task force.



"A nerve center in Yoeville-- "



I know this building.



And you know

what`s right next door?



That`s completely outrageous.



What`s so fucking funny?



They think scared,

so they think we`ll lie low.



Fuck predictable.

Let`s do it.






Leave it, Lee.



Isn`t that the-the--

the bank robbers?



Hey! What are you doing?



- Lee!

- Get out of the car now!



Lee! Lee! Lee!

He`s cool. He`s cool.



This is crazy. This is fuckin` crazy.

I mean, what the fuck are we doing, huh?



I mean, we`re riskin` our necks

when they know we are coming...



and you`re giving

the fuckin` money away.



- I mean, what`s the point, eh?

What`s the fuckin` point--

- Shut up.



Take it easy, relax. It`s cool.



Take your time. Smile.



Don`t turn around.

Don`t look at your coworkers.



Very good.



Just keep filling the bag.






What the fuck, Lee?

We said no fucking shooting, eh?



We said no shooting!



- Fuck!

-Just drive!



Shit for brains!!






What the fuck?

He`s out of his mind.



I can`t do it.

I`m not going to make it.



- Relax.

- Fuck him.



They`re so busy investigating

the last three, they`re stretched thin.



Fuck you. Fuck you!

I don`t need to set a bank robbing record.



Leave him in the van next time. Fuck him.



- Lee.

- Don`t need him.






This is supposed to be fun, huh?



You know it`s not often that

houses like this come on the market.



He can`t be serious!



In our top story,

police have deployed extra officers...



at bank branches in the wake

of five bank robberies, all last Friday...



attributed to the Stander Gang.



- Here`s what you had to say.

- You know, uh...



he`s just doing what a lot

of people wish they could do.



He`s got nerve.

I`ll give him that.



How about some

personal credit here?



-They even repeat the same bank.

-We`ll announce ourselves

as the Heyl Gang next time.



That would be very nice, Andre.



And they have courage.

And I think he`s really inventive.



You`re obviously not the only ones

who enjoy seeing the tables turn, eh?



The Premier of the Soviet union has died.



Right, Allan.



That`s why we`re bigger news

than the head of fucking Russia.



Jesus! You scared the shit out of me.



Sorry about that.

I had to make sure we were alone.



It`s different now.



- I`m different.

- So I`ve read. Always different, never the same.



- What`s changed, Andre?

- Money.



Money solves a lot of problems, Bekkie.



Got plenty of that.

We can go anywhere.



- Anywhere in the world.

- Anywhere but here, right?



- What about my life?

What about my freedom?

- Freedom?



There`s no freedom here.



There`s two choices--

either become them...



or you live at odds

with everything around you.



I don`t want that for you.

We`ll start over.



America. New I.D.



Your dreams can come true.



- I`ll make them happen.

- Well, that`s very glamorous, Andre.



But unlike you, I look terrible

in a black wig and glasses.



I`m quite fine, thank you very much,

in my quiet little life.



I want to take you with me.

I promised, remember?



- Don`t start.

- You`re everything to me. All I`ve ever wanted.



I had everything I wanted.




Bekk. The things they say about me--



I`m not stupid, Andre.

There`s not a thinking man among us...



that doesn`t want to blow this place

to smithereens from time to time.



But we don`t.

We find other ways.



I won`t make it without you.



- I need to be left alone.

- Oh, Jesus!



You love me.



We would be together.

I know how this will end.






the beach.






You come with me.



I`m tired, Andre.



Some things are done

that can`t be undone.



I hate you.



Are you coming to work today, Lee?



- Huh?

- I said, "Are you coming to work today?"



- Morning all.

- How is it?



- Morning.

- Would you like some eggs?






It`s been a long time since

I`ve had a home-cooked meal.



I`m glad you like it.



You wouldn`t have

any dust over there, would you, Shar?



- Andre.

- Lee.



I know Shar`s not your kind of woman,

but she`s the kind I dreamed of, right.



Dream come true.

I`m happy for you.



You have plans?



We should all have plans.



In fact, I`m thinking of making

a change myself. With my lady.



Maybe the States.






Try something different.



That`s great, man.



What about you, Allan?



Me? uh--



I`d like to go to Greece.



Well, we got plenty of money.

I mean, enough to last for a while.



Get all the airline schedules.

We`ll plan it.



Between  :   and  :   on Sunday...



two S.A.A.    s, B.A....



K.L.M., Air France...



Lufthansa-- all coming in.



We`re already in, Andre.

We want to go out.



El Al to Tel Aviv    minutes later.



You`ll be on it. A Hasidic Rabbi on the

way to a Talmud seminar with his niece.



Or a wrestling coach

on his way to a match in Melbourne.



Shar, make us some tea, will ya?






Enough to live good for a while.



Why not forever?



Rip off the fucking airport.



Aw, fuckin` hell.



You sly--

I might have known.



- We`ve written a pretty good story so far.

- Are you joking?



Why not a perfect ending?



-Jesus fuckin` Christ.

- Stander`s last stand, eh?



I think it`s fucking great.



That`s fuckin` great, yeah.



Pounds, marks, dollars.

You can go anywhere in the world.



- Anywhere in the world.

- Right.



Yeah. Okay. Right.



Vienna, my boy.



Spilled my champagne, huh?

To you and to me.



And to your lovely little breasts.



- Let`s swim. Come on.

- Swim?



Swim. Swim.



You`re warm. Look at you go,

and your pineapple chunks.



Trying to drown me, huh?




Give me my champagne.



And don`t drown me.



What do you want?



A few years ago--



His name--









I`m looking for his family.



Themba Mnguni.



Themba Mnguni?









Fuck him and fuck you too!

I was fuckin` ready, huh!



And he fuckin` blows it!

We were outta here!



- You didn`t want to do it anyway.

- Fuck!



On the crime front, a report just in...



advised that police have thwarted

an alleged Stander Gang plan...



to commit a robbery

at the international airport.



- Police under the command

of Cor Van Deventer--

- Amazing.



They would have had us.



Even when he`s wrong, he`s right.



Stander himself was spotted

outside the airport terminal.



Give me that gun.



Oh, fuck!!



Oh, my God!



- Face it. You were wrong!!

- He`ll try it again. I know him.



That bastard is still running you.



He`s running the goddamn force!



He has made us look

impotent in our own country.



What does this tell

our enemies within?



We want him stopped, Captain.



Shot if necessary.



Shot on sight.



I understand.






I`m sorry.

I`ve let you all down.



You`ll have to go without me.



Never give up, do you? Eh?



I`ll come soon.



I`m not going.



You`ll find a way.

You always do.



I think I have the way.



She`s a   -foot steel ketch.



Perkins diesels.

Solar panel.



Long range fuel tank.

She`s got a range, under power...



of about a thousand nautical miles.



All the best equipment.



I used to have a water bed,

but the rolling got a bit much.



I could recommend a good chef.



- Cheers.

- Cheers.



She`s valued at        .



Who was the Lily Rose?



A wife. Considered bad luck

to change the name of a boat...



even when you change your woman.



She`ll go with the boat, all right.



But that`s her negotiation.



Now then, what did you have in mind?



No waiting for the check

to clear then, is there?




Fucking genius, eh!



The high seas!



Madam, you better come with me.



Hold out on me...



and I swear I will charge you

as a member of the Stander Gang.



I can make your life hell.



He knew the money was bent.



Everyone`s dishonest.



Just a matter of degree.



He would have taken less.



Why hit the man when he`s down?



It would bring us bad karma

in our new life.



Had enough of that in my old one.



You know what got me

started on all of this?



Are you saying it wasn`t greed, Allan?



It was a girl.



A black girl.



She wasn`t mine, but...



I loved her.



I really loved her.



I was a student

at teacher-training college.



I was full of politics, full of hope.



She was pregnant, not by me.



I shouldn`t have been with her.



But the fucking cops--



They came into where we were.

They saw us together.



They beat us.

They beat the baby out of her.



So I robbed a store to get

her money to go to England.



And it was easy.

Too easy.



Taking down those banks...



fucking with those bastards.






The girl on the boat--



You think he was serious about her?



Lee`s got Shar.

You`ve got yours.



She is coming, isn`t she?



She`s always with me.



Always will be.



One place I fucked up, my bro.



Hey, give it another go.



You`ve got a way now. It`s different.



Thank you. Move along.



Thank you. Come on.









This is the South African police force!!



You are surrounded!!



Put your hands in the air,

and stay where you are!!



Don`t make any sudden move!!



Stay calm.

Stay calm. Move along.



You cannot escape.

You are surrounded!!



Go on. Go on.

Thank you. Keep moving.






Come out with your hands in the air!!



You are surrounded.

There is no chance to escape!!



Went out okay. Like Butch Cassidy.



- Like Bonnie and Clyde.

- Doesn`t matter much. Out is out.



 Move along!! Get all these cars out.

Move along!! Move along!!



What do we do now?



Head back to the boat?



They`ve got the mansion.

Then they get the phone record.



They`ll make us in Cape Town.



Hit it, Allan.



All vehicles in the Johannesburg area...



be on the lookout for

a yellow      Porsche Targa.



License number--






You think they`ll catch us?



- Speed of light, Andre.

- Try the speed of darkness.



- Are you out of your fuckin`--

- Your car.




Hell, take mine.



Better stop the car now.



Fucking bastards.



All those guns to take out Lee.



It was me who did this to him.

I should`ve left him in jail.



Ah, fuck that.

You gave him the best time of his life.



The last six months, he was somebody.






The wrong ones do keep dying.



I, uh--



I had a brother.



But, uh, you two--



probably as close

as anyone to knowing me.



You won`t make it with me.



We`ve got this far, all right?



We`ll get another boat.



Can`t fool me, Allan.



Can`t fool yourself.






I`ll see you in hell, bro.









- Is this Mrs. Mark Jennings?

- Yes. Can I help you?



I`m calling from

the office of the high court.



We`ve managed to accelerate the review

of your husband`s case.



So we`ll be sending an officer this very

afternoon to collect his documents...



- for the preparation of the trial.

- Okay.



In the case

of false arrest or mistaken identity...



- the court requires passport...

- Passport.



- book of life...

- Yes.



birth certificate

and a fourth photo I.D.



- All right.

- All of which will be returned

following the trial.



- These are mine.

- This is yours.



Thank you. And that`s

everything in there.



If you need an envelope--

Keep that someplace safe.



- Thanks very much.

- My pleasure.






- Good afternoon, sir.

- I was hoping for--



Andre Stander!



Not again.



I am reaching for my wallet!



I am already suing

the Johannesburg police...



and several of their officers

personally for false arrest.



And if you don`t remove

that weapon from my face, sir...



I`ll bring a charge of assault

against you as well.



It`s a sad state of affairs when a man has to

carry a library to keep from being arrested.



- Sir. He`s been sighted.

- Where?



- At the airport.

- Come on. Let`s go!



Look, either use force to arrest me...



or let me get on with my life.



Sorry, sir.



Sir, false alarm.



Wrong man.

No worries.



I`ll catch you later, huh?



Thank you.



Sorry, sir.



Police! Keep it clear!



No, no, no! Wait!

Wait! Wait! Police!



- It`s gone!

- Hold on! Hold on!



It`s gone.



And he was taken from Africa



All right, party people.



This is the spring break

You`ve been waiting for.



Lauderdale is going off!!



Said he was a buffalo soldier



Dreadlock Rasta



Buffalo soldier



In the heart of America



Are you him?






That guy.

You know.



I`m sorry.



You don`t sound like him.



That guy, you know.



On the TV show, the detective.



Oh, God. um--



Hutch. You know?



I`m afraid I don`t.



- So then, like, what are you, English?

- Sure.



Wow. He solves crimes, Hutch..



with Starsky.



And if he commits them?



Well, what kind of a TV show

would that make?



You`re cute when you laugh.



 Hey, Cheryl!!

Sigma Phi`s having a blowout at the motel!!



- Free beer!!

- Oh, my God! I am so there!



A call for you, boss.



Who is it?



- Ja?

- Jawel. Hello.

This is Skolly. Remember me?



I used to work for you,

General Stander, sir.



Ja, Skolly.

How are you?



- It-It`s good to hear from you.

- Oh, I`m fine, General, sir.



I just called to say...



You must not worry

about Master Andre.



You know he always

tried to do his best.



And I know he always loved you, sir,

and respected you.



And I know he always will.



And he will-- he will

always be my dear son.



I`m quite sure

he`ll do the right thing.



Just lost his way somewhere.



Yes, I`m quite sure

he`ll do the right thing now.



And I know, General, sir...



You always did your best for him.



God be with you... Skolly.



God be with you too, Dad.



Get out of the road, mister!!



Move it!



Hey! Hey! Hey!



You in the red Cougar!!

Please get out of your automobile.



Sir, please get out of your automobile.



Get out of the car

and stand against the door...



with your hands on the vehicle, sir.



Stand against the door with your hands

where we can see them, sir!!



Against the car, sir!






We got you clocked at over     sir.



Spread your legs.



Spread `em!



Little wet tonight for that kind

of driving, don`t you think?



You been drinking, sir?



Hey, hey, hey!!

Return to your position!!



Whoa! Hey, return to your position!

Back it up!



You heard him, asshole!

Assume the fucking position!



unit   !!   -   .



Shots fired!!

We need paramedics.



  -  unit   . All units respond.



Stand by,   .

They`re on their way. Over.



I got a letter from

the government the other day



I opened and read it

It said they were suckers



They wanted me

for their army or whatever



Picture me givin`a damn

I said never



Here is a land

that never gave a damn



About a brother like myself



 `Cause I ain`t never did

I wasn`t with it



But just that very minute

it occurred to me



 The suckers had authority



 Cold sweatin`

as I dwell in my cell



How long has it been

They got me sittin`in the state pen



I gotta get out

but that thought was thought before



I contemplated a plan

on the cell floor



I`m not a fugitive

on the run



But a brother like me

begun to be another one



Public enemy servin`time

They drew the line, y`all



They criticize me

for some crime



I got a letter



I got a letter



I got a letter



Picture me givin`a damn

I said never

Special help by SergeiK