The Statement Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Statement script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Michael Caine movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Statement. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Statement Script



Pierre Brossard!






Seven Jews.



You, get up! Up!



Get him up!



And him. Get up! You!



You. Get up! Get up!



Get him up.



Line against the wall!



Drop your pants!

Get your pants down!



Come on, get your pricks out.



Put your hands down.



- Nice to see you again.

- Afternoon.



- A beer, please.

- Yes.



Thank you.



- Good morning.

- How are you?



Great. Thank you.



- Bye-bye.

- Bye.



- Excuse me, do you have a phone?

- Yes. It's over there.






- Yes?

- I'm in Castillon.



The letter's arrived...



...and so has he, I think.



Did you see who it's addressed to?



Pouliou. The name you said.



Has he collected it?



Not yet, but I'm almost sure

it's the man in the photo.



It's so like him.






Hang on.



This is for you.



It's him.



- Thank you.

- You're welcome.






I've broken down.



If you're going to the abbey,

could you give me a lift?



Dear Lord.



Forgive me.



Forgive me.



Forgive me.



Judge Livi.



- Colonel Roux.

- Oh, thank you, Silvi.



Do you always wear uniform?



Only when I want to impress.



I'm impressed. Sit down.



Know why I asked the army

to take over this investigation?



Just what I've been told.

You don't trust the police...



...because of their collaboration with

the Vichy regime in World War II.



Rounding up Jews...



...even before the Nazis

asked them to.



That sort of thing.



Yes. That sort of thing.






...l'll be responsible for the

direction of the investigation...



And I'm supposed

to do as I'm told.



Isn't that correct, judge?



That's correct, colonel.



Why don't we have lunch?



I want to know more about you.



Not much to know.



I'm a soldier.



You a Catholic?






- Married?

- No.



- You?

- Was.



My mother was Catholic,

my father Jewish.



- What's that make you?

- Agnostic.



Thank you. I'll do it.



In      Pierre Brossard

is arrested by the police in Paris...



...tried as a collaborator,

and sentenced to death.



A week later he escapes. How?



After all this time,

it's rather difficult to tell.



No, it isn't. He escapes

because they let him.



Then they covered their tracks.

That's what they've all been doing.



I'm the third examining

magistrate appointed.



That's only because of this new law.

Crimes against humanity.



You've heard about this Jewish

group that's looking for Brossard?






Oh, somebody's been using

police wavebands illegally.



You know we monitor them.



Seems there's this Jewish commando

plotting to assassinate Brossard.



- Why wasn't I told this earlier?

- I'm telling you now.



An abbey was mentioned.



The Abbey of St. Cros.

Near Castillon.



I instructed the local police

to make enquiries.



- But they reported nothing suspicious.

- Nothing suspicious.



Brossard is a murderer

who gets a presidential pardon.






Through the Church.



- Thank you.

- Thank you.



The Church may have helped.



But someone else

was behind the pardon.



Someone high up...









An old man now.






So the old man also has a past

that needs to be hidden.



Someone still alive...



...was responsible for sending

French Jews to their deaths.



After the war he slipped through the

net, straight back into government...



...and since has operated

at the highest level.



- So who is he?

- I don't know.



But we find Brossard,

we find the old man.



Who's that woman?



A friend.



She's been staring at you

throughout lunch.



It's the first time

she's seen me in uniform.



I've got to go. I've got a meeting

at  . You get the bill.



- Yes?

- Michael.



Third floor.



Give him the statement.



This must be found on the body.



You'll forget this address

and this meeting.



You'll never mention it, ever.



No problem.



It's in a just cause.



Monsieur Pierre.



I have an appointment.



Shut up!






- Did you receive your envelope?

- Yes, thank you.



- So why did you come here?

- I was followed today.



A man... Man tried to kill me.

I had to defend...



Defend myself.



I shot him.



You shot him?



Yes. I put him back in his car.



It's at the bottom of a ravine

near the Abbey de St. Cros.



I found these.



Looks genuine.

I'll keep it and make a proper check.



I spotted him yesterday

as I was leaving the bar.



They seem to know

every move I make.



Who are they?



I don't know.



Don't know.



They could be Jewish activists

or relatives.



I'll look into it.



How would they know there

was a letter for me at the bar?



Nobody knew that, not even

my friends in the Church.






You were...

You were staying at St. Cros?






Does the abbot...



...or anyone else know about this?

- No.



Good. Good.



Well, keep it that way.



- Yes, commissaire.

- Don't call me commissaire.



I'm retired.

I'm a winegrower now.






Where will you go?



Aix. The Priory at St. Christopher.



St. Christopher is my patron saint.



Are they expecting you?



No, but I'm always welcome.



The prior is a very good friend

of the Chevaliers.



Here, write down the address.



You and your Chevaliers.



Be careful.



You're losing friends.



I know.



Coffee, Henri?



In a moment.

My guest is just leaving.



It was self-defense.



I had no choice.

There was nothing else I could do.



I know.



I'll confess tomorrow.



Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.



I'll go to Caunes now

and see Father Le Moyne.



St. Christopher.



They saw me.



They knew.



Can they point me out?



Can anyone say,

"That's Brossard"?



Look at me!



Get him up!

Get him up!



"He sent us to our graves."



Oh, God.



I'm having a heart attack.



St. Christopher,

intercede for me.



Don't panic.



Don't panic.



All right! All right!



Fourth one down

on the left is Maurice Livi.



Is there any relation?



Livi's a common name.



Unless the whole truth

is brought out into the open...



...the dead will never rest easy.



And neither will you.



Do the Chevaliers de Sainte Marie

mean anything to you?



Because they keep

being mentioned.



- Yeah, I've come across them too.

- Show me. Where?



Here, Monsignor Maurice Le Moyne.

And apparently, he's a Chevalier.



He lives in a home

for retired clergy...





I can't believe the Cardinal of Lyon

has given us all this information.



The Church is implicated

on every page. Come.






There's been another intercept.



They're sending a second man

to kill Brossard.



That's good.



- Why good?

- It means the first one failed.



Have your people traced the source?



No. But the group

seem to know his movements.



- Someone must be tipping him off.

- Did they say where he is?



No, but they'll send him

where Brossard is hiding.



That means we haven't much time.



I'm gonna go and see an

old Jesuit friend of mine.



I'm going to visit a retired priest...





- Pierre?

- Yes, Father.



- Why are you here?

- I had to come.



- I have to confess.

- What's happened?



I've killed a man.



- Who?

- A Jew.



He was sent to kill me.



Absolve me, Father.

I didn't mean to do it.



It was self-defense, I swear,

I swear, I swear.



- How did you know it was a Jew?

- I have proof.



There's a statement that says...



...that for the events in Dombey...



...they mean to execute me,

for Dombey.



Shh, Pierre.



Lf, as you say, you have proof,

make it public.



No, no.



The people will see that the

Jews are persecuting you.



This may be the perfect moment

for you to give yourself up.



Never! I don't want to be locked up

in a cell for the rest of my life.



Just give me absolution, Father.

God's pardon is all that matters to me.



God will forgive you.



And I know

that you are truly penitent.



I will give you absolution.



Thank you, Father.

Thank you.



I got a message this morning from

a Colonel Roux. He wants to see me.



- This must be concerning you.

- Of course it's concerning me.



They're everywhere.



I'll leave now. Pray for me, Father.



Pierre, where will you go?



Pray that we meet again...


            this world.









My dear, it has been too long.



You haven't changed. You look

the same as when we were students.



You fool, that was    

years ago. Talk sense.



Well, for all I know...


            might have had a little

nip and tuck under the gills.



You haven't changed either.



- I'm so excited to see you again.

- You know why I'm here?



It's all over the papers.

You're a celebrity now.



Pierre Brossard.



- Why come to me?

- I need help.



I've none to give.



How can a man survive on the run

for    years?



See the Cardinal of Lyon.

Hasn't he a commission...


            investigate this man?

- Come on, Father.



I have no idea, my sweet.



Then who or what

are the Chevaliers de Sainte Marie?



The Church, contrary to popular

belief, is not a monolithic organization.



True, the pope is at the head

of it all...



...but the Dominicans, Cistercians...



...Benedictines, Jesuits, et cetera.



Each a law unto themselves.

And the abbots, priors...



...and mothers superior have much

autonomy in their own monasteries.



Could they protect someone

like Brossard?



I mean, could they help him

without asking permission?



Of course.



And the Chevaliers de Sainte Marie?

Where are they on your chart?



My dear, there are thousands of

Catholic groups, societies, and guilds.



- They're too small for any chart.

- Where can I find their member lists?



I have no idea.



But I will make a guess about them.



- They're rather right wing.

- No, really?



- They believe the pope isn't Catholic.

- What are you hiding?



I always thought you were interested

in justice and fought for what was right.



- "The truth," you were always saying.

- That is enough.



I'm a Jesuit priest,

a curator of a theological library.









A monk died last year. He bequeathed

all his papers to our library.



He left this in one of his files.



It seems clear

that he was a Chevalier.



Please, keep my name

out of all this.



God bless you, Annemarie.



And don't leave it another

hundred and fifty years.



- Colonel.

- Thank you.






Colonel Roux? Oh, dear,

in full-dress uniform.



This is obviously going

to be very serious.






I'm afraid it is.



I'm heading a new investigation

into the case of Pierre Brossard.



Yes, yes, of course,

and you've come to question me.



They all come to question me.



When did you last see Brossard?



Oh, about two hours ago.



You've just missed him.



Brossard, like many young men

of his generation...



...made a serious mistake.



But I also believe

he acted in good faith.



In good faith, you understand?



So even if I could help you,

I would refuse to do so.



Do you want to play?



Of course I want to play.



This man is accused of killing...


            Jews in Dombey.



Not proven.



And of stealing property.



Jewish property. That's proven.



Colonel, you know

that the requisitioning...



...of Jewish property was routine

under Vichy during the war.



Brossard was merely

carrying out orders.



And, monsignor, some of the money

and property he requisitioned...



...found its way into his own pocket.



That's not the work of a soldier.



- That's a good shot.

- That's the work of a thief.



Brossard was pardoned...


            the president of the republic.



And this new charge against him,

this crimes against humanity law...


            simply another way

to persecute him.



- You're too young to remember...

- Is he on the run?



Not now, Father. Thank you.



- We're having a private conversation.

- Is he confessing?



Don't worry, the monsignor

will give you absolution.



That's what he does, he gives

absolution to people on the run.



It's nearly dinnertime, Leo.



Better go then, before they eat

all the crème caramel.



Monsignor, when you have a moment,

give me absolution too.



I'm on the run...



...and I haven't much time.



Dear man.



Not well, but then we're all

a little senile in this house.



Not you, monsignor.



You said I was too young

to remember something.






During the occupation by the Nazis,

the Communists led the Resistance.



They wanted to deliver this country

into the hand of Joseph Stalin.



No wonder Brossard opposed them.



The Communists are antichrists,




...and Brossard is a devout

and practicing Christian.



He's led a blameless life

ever since.






Tell me about the

Chevaliers de Sainte Marie.



Dinner. We must stop now.



Are you a Chevalier?



Is Brossard?



Maurice le Moyne?



- Yes?

- I have to get in touch with our friend.



- Why?

- A Colonel Roux, he came to see me.



- He asked me about us.

- About us?



The Chevaliers.






...what do you want?



I thought you might be able

to help him get out of France.



I mean, if our friend is caught,

everything will come out.



He's been charged with crimes

against humanity.



We can't be involved.



- Yes?

- Colonel? Livi.



Turn on your television.



Police report the discovery

of a body in a car at...



Turn on your television now.

Channel Two.



- speaking to Inspector Cholet, who

leads the investigation of the incident.



We're treating this death

as suspicious.



The road leads to the Abbey,

the Abbey of St. Cros.



So he was either coming or going.



Who was he? Was he a tourist?



We haven't examined the body.

We'll lift the car tomorrow morning.



And in sports,      European Cup

championships, nothing less than...



He was shot three times.



Twice in the chest, and once

at the base of the skull...


            a coup de grâce.



- Talked to the abbey yet?

- My sergeant did.



They haven't had visitors recently.

And they weren't expecting anyone.



What was his nationality?



Hard to tell.



So far we've found no money, no

papers, no identification, nothing.



- Well, not quite nothing.

- Could he have just been a tourist...



...who was shot and robbed?

- Could be.



- But if so, the killer missed something.

- What?



This gun. A silencer. It's been

worked on, serial numbers removed.



Doesn't seem quite

like a tourist, does it?



How long has he been dead?



A week. Ten days.



Keep me informed.



Use the private number.

I want to keep this confidential.









Judge Livi, minister.



- Annemarie.

- Minister.



This is a private meeting,

so you can call me Armand.



Or, as your dear father

used to insist, Uncle Armand.



Which I prefer.



I don't want you to be obsequious, but

a little respect never comes amiss.



Especially to an old family friend.



Well, this is all very mysterious.



Summoned by a minister.



No officials, just the two of us.

What's it all about?



I'm very proud of you, Annemarie.



You've done it all on your own.

No help from anyone.



And you're looking wonderful.

You haven't changed.



Come on, Uncle Armand. You didn't

invite me here for small talk.



- I'm a very busy woman, you know.

- Yes, I know.



That's one reason why

I wanted to see you.



I wanted to congratulate you

on getting the Brossard case.



And the other reasons?



No, you haven't changed, have you?

Never any time for pleasantries.



When you were a little girl

and I came to visit...



...before you greeted me, you'd say,

"Where's my present?"



Well, I haven't changed.

Where's my present?



And are you still so obstinate?



Yes. Where's my present?



You may not like it.



It comes in the form of advice.



The Brossard case

is a great opportunity for you.



What one might call

a splendid career move.



High profile, media interest,

and a truly just cause.



I don't like the sound of this.



I'm talking to you

as an old family friend...



...not as a member of the government.

Please believe that.



But I think you may have been

handed a poisoned chalice.



I always say the best thing to do when

you're handed a poisoned chalice...


            to hand it back.



- And what's that mean?

- When the law and politics collide...



...the law will always

come off worst.



And what about when justice

and politics collide?



The same.



Only more so.



Listen to me, Annemarie.



You will be caught in a web.



And who's the spider?



You will be destroyed, Annemarie.






I'll risk it.



I've warned you.



- Warned me?

- Yes. Take it seriously, Annemarie.



There are people out there who don't

want you to find Brossard.



And who are they, Uncle?



I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.

I'm going to put that...



I'm gonna put that photo

on the front of every newspaper...



...and on television

every hour of the day.



- I don't think you should do that.

- Why not?



Because if he knows his cover's

blown, he'll go deeper underground.



We'd lose him forever.



I disagree. This'll flush him out

into the open.



What about his friends?



To hell with his friends.

I want him to lead us...



- To the old man, yes.

- Yes, to the old man.



The minister should never

have warned me.



That warning was proof that he exists.



And he's manipulating Brossard.

I know it.



Someone wants that Jewish

commando to silence him.



- I'm going public.

- It's your decision.



- Yes, it is.

- And it's the wrong one.



You're gonna lose him.



Give me the press office.



Good morning.



Is Father Abbot here?



Pierre. How are you?



I can't complain.



And you, Father Abbot?



- How have you been?

- I'm well. Thank you.



- You've been moving around, I hear.

- As usual, yes.



Yes, you've been in Castillon.



I heard from Dom Vladimir.



He wanted to know if I'd seen you.



Now why would he want to

know that, Father Abbot?



He wanted me to warn you.



He was worried. A body's

been discovered in the ravine...



...near the abbey there.

It's been on TV.



But why would that have anything

to do with me?



I don't know.

Dom Vladimir thought...



Well, he wondered if perhaps

there was any connection.



With me?



Dom Vladimir's been reading

too many detective stories.



Have you seen the newspapers?






This is our local paper.






...I have received a directive

from the Cardinal of Lyon.



He has instructed us

not to help you in any way.



And my monthly payments?



I'm sorry.

I cannot even offer you a bed.



Not tonight.



Not ever again. I'll see you out.



But my medicine.



I need medicine. For my heart.



We'll pass by the dispensary.

And then you must go.



- God be with you, Pierre.

- Thank you.



Beer, please.



Thank you.



Thank you.



Municipal car park.



- But it's only two minutes walk.

- Drive. Quickly.



I want it cleared up

by the end of the day.



- Yes?

- I've lost him.






- Where are you?

- I'm in a bar.



Go back to the hotel and stay there.

Use room service only.



I'll contact you.



- I'm getting too old for this.

- It's nothing to do with age.



I'm sick of it too. He thinks if he gets

us to do a room in    minutes...



...he can tell the Americans he only

needs    chambermaids, not   .



That's what Yvette thinks

and I agree with her.



Yvette's a Communist.



Even if it kills us, we better

do a room in    minutes...



...otherwise they'll bring in

the Algerians.



Here's my stop.

See you tomorrow.






- You dropped something.

- Oh, my God, Bobi's beefsteak.



He'd never forgive me. Thanks.



- Bye.

- Bye.



Bobi, I'm here.



Mama's home.



Hello, Nicole.



Where's Bobi?



I shut him in the kitchen.



You bastard.



Bobi, come here.

Come here. Mama's home.



I've got something nice for you. Yes.



And I have something nice for you.



Where'd you get that?



I don't want your money.



I want you to leave.



How the hell did you get in, anyway?



I had a key made

the last time I was here.



- Give it to me.

- No.



- I'll change the lock.

- No. You're my wife.



I have a right to be here,

in the eyes of God.



In the eyes of God. Bullshit.



I'm only your wife in the eyes of

God when you want something.



You haven't changed.



May God forgive you.



He may forgive me,

but he won't forgive you.



I know you inside out.



You betray everything.

You betray everybody.



- Shut up, shut up.

- No, I won't shut up.



You don't like to remember.



But I remember.



When he joined the Resistance,

Jacques was only   .



Do you pray for him?

Do you pray for his soul?



- You betrayed him to save yourself.

- They tortured me.



Lies. You couldn't wait to tell them

where he was hiding.



Do you remember your promise?



"I'll look after your little brother,"

you said.



You looked after him all right,

didn't you?



I'm warning you, Nicole.



I'm not afraid of you.

You and your priests and your faith.



How do you know

what my faith means to me?



Do you know how hard it is for me?



I can't go to Mass in case

someone recognizes me.



You don't go to Mass because you

can't bear blacks kneeling beside you.



You can't bear it when a priest

faces you and doesn't mumble Latin.



Left-wing priests have ruined

religion. You don't care.



- You've never had an ounce of faith.

- I confess, I confess.



You confess lies.



That's what you confess.



There, there, there.



Nicole, darling...



...let's not fight.

I mean, it's only a few days.



Nobody in the whole world

knows that I am here.



What about your picture?



It was in the paper.



Why don't you go out

and buy us a nice dinner...



...and a good bottle of wine.



Do as you're told...



...and you'll be happy.



I'll never be happy.



Not while you're alive.



That's a terrible thing to say.



Bobi's worn well, hasn't he?



What's Bobi got to do with it?



How old is he now?



How long ago did I give him to you?

When was it,       years?






It was the only kindness

you ever showed me.



A dog was the only thing

you wanted. Remember?



You were such a pretty little thing.



"A little dog to keep me company when

you're not here, so I won't be lonely."



I never said that.



You make it all up.



And after I gave you the dog...



...and we both decided

to call him Bobi...


            thanked me.



Do you remember how you

thanked me, Nicole?



My God, you were passionate.




Why do you go on about Bobi?



You're up to something. I always know

when you're up to something.



No, no, no, it's just that we...



...we both want Bobi to die

of old age, don't we?



You leave him alone, you hear me?

You leave him alone.



It's up to you

whether I leave him alone or not.



You do as you're told

and no harm will come to him.



Judge Livi.






Please be seated.



Allow me to introduce the chairman of

my commission, Professor Valentin.



Pleased to meet you, professor.

Thank you for the material you sent.



Very helpful.



Thank you.



I have given instructions that no priest,

abbot or prior is to shelter Brossard.



Not now.

Never again.



Do you believe your instructions

are being obeyed, Your Eminence?



I believe they are.



With all due respect, Your Eminence,

we very much doubt it.



- Why?

- Because he's nowhere to be found.



So he must be hiding somewhere,

or he's being hidden.



May I, Your Eminence?



We know about the dreadful business

near the Abbey of St. Cros.



The abbot, Dom Vladimir...



...while admitting Brossard was

staying there during that period...



...flatly denies that

either he or his monks...



...know anything about the murder

of the Jewish...






I asked His Eminence if he

would speak to Dom Vladimir...


            ask if he knew

where Brossard might be.



- He said he didn't know.

- And you believe him?



Yes, of course.



He said he called Dom Andre,

principal of a Jesuit school in Aix...


            warn him of what happened.



Dom Andre said Brossard had

turned up but had been sent away.



- Sent where?

- To another house, I assume.



- Brossard has stayed other places.

- I want to know where.



We need the names of everyone

who's ever sheltered Brossard.



All of them.

And the dates.



I have two duties in this matter.



To make sure the Church is not

perceived as an institution...



...which protects those charged

with abusing human rights.



My other duty is to find out who

has been sheltering him and stop it.



When I judge the time is right...


            will have all the information

you require.



Not good enough...



...Your Eminence.



It's all you're going to get.



Did you know withholding

information is a criminal offense?



- Obstruction of justice?

- Then arrest me.



Thank you for coming, Colonel.



And thank you too, professor,

for attending.



It's difficult for him.

He's one of the new breed.



- He needs to tread carefully.

- We don't.



He was angry I'd given you those files.



You said something

about other houses.



- Did I?

- Come on, you're not a priest.



You have nothing to lose.

Give us the list.



Take my advice.



Go speak to the abbot of St. Cros,

Dom Vladimir.



He knows more than he's letting on.



And the Chevaliers de Sainte Marie?

What about them?



Yes, they saw me.

They saw me.



They saw my face, yes.

They saw my face.



- Pierre, wake up.

- They saw me! They saw me!



They saw my face!

They saw my face!



- It's all right. It's all right.

- They saw...



Come here. Come here.

It's all right.



- Yes?

- Sir, Monsieur Pierre.



Where are you?



Look, I must know where to find you.



- You need money, don't you?

- I want a passport.



How can I get you a passport

if I don't know where you are?



I have some friends

in an abbey near Frejus.



The abbot is a Chevalier.



If anything goes wrong,

I will contact you.



Yeah, do that.



- Yes?

- Your honor. It's me, Vionnet.



- He's made contact.

- Good.



- Where is he now?

- I'm not absolutely sure.



- You're not sure?

- Well, I know where he's going.



- An abbey, Le Frejus.

- Send his payment to the usual place.



- Pochon will take care of the rest.

- Right.



To the best fish stew in France.



She only makes her bourride

one day a week. This is the day.



- You've struck lucky.

- Inspector, we haven't much time.



- One has to eat.

- We have to work.



Well, one can work and eat.



I'm told the Americans do it on the run.




So, Pierre Brossard.

One, who would want to kill him?



You mentioned a Jewish group.



- The relatives of the victims, perhaps?

- Perhaps.



So, two. If the body we found

was that of the would-be assassin...



...and if Brossard killed him,

let's say in self-defense...



...then why take his money

and his papers?



To make it look like a simple murder

or robbery.



- So no one would connect him.

- Possible.



But then why leave a revolver

fitted with a silencer?



My God, that smell

is driving me crazy!



Inspector, forgive me,

but what is this leading to?



The car.

Rented by one David Manenbaum.



Canadian driving license.



So one will be forgiven for thinking...



...he was a relative of one of

the Jewish victims of Dombey.









He wasn't a Jew.



- How do you know?

- Not circumcised.



You sure?



Judge, forgive me for being indelicate,

but I attended the autopsy...



...and I am able to tell

whether a man is circumcised.



We took a set of his prints.

Sent them to the prefecture in Paris.



There's no record of them on any files.



Not those of Canadian

Mounted Police, the FBI, or Interpol.



- No record at all?

- Look at that, the fish today is turbot.






You got a pen?



- Yes.

- Just outside Frejus.



A monastery on the Haute Corniche.



If you miss him,

he'll collect his envelope...



...from Bar Mathieu

in the rue Obscure.



- You got that?

- Yeah. Yeah.



The subject will arrive tomorrow

from Aix.



And change your car.

He'll recognize it.



- In the same name?

- Yes.



Remember the statement

must be found on the body.



- No problem.

- That's what you said...



...before you screwed up the last time.



How long do you think

the drive back's gonna take?



I don't know.

It depends whether we stop.



I work alone. Right?



- Who was that?

- I don't know.






I was wrong.



I want to apologize.

For publishing that photograph.



It's made life difficult.



I'm too impulsive.



- Probably.

- No, I am.



I mean, it's a problem I have.



I'm too quick.

I get so impatient.



Are you listening to me?



This guy Manenbaum,

what is he, about   ?



He doesn't seem to have a record.



What does that mean?



Well, it's not possible that there's

no trace anywhere in the world...



...of a   -year-old professional killer.



So, what are you saying?



I don't really know

at the moment, but...



Maybe there is no Jewish Commando.

I don't know.



Oh, God.



If only I could go far, far away.



If I had the money...



... I could rent one of those boats.



Just disappear.



I could go somewhere

I'd never been before.



No. The Church is my only refuge.



My only hiding place.



I must go on.



I have to go on.



I know now how much I miss you.



You are the only one

who cares for me.



For that I thank you.



We are one in the eyes of God.



Now and forever.



Love, Pierre.



Mother of God, protect me, save me.



I will go to Mass every day.



I must be in a state of grace

at all times.



I am old.



My time is short.



Get out of the way!

Get out.



Colonel Roux, Judge Livi.

What can I do for you?



We're investigating Pierre Brossard.

He was staying here last month.



May I ask how you obtained

this information?



That's confidential.



So are the affairs of this abbey.






Pierre Brossard, your friend,

is in great danger.



If we don't find him,

he'll be executed.



You understand that, Father Abbot?



Executed? By whom?



By the group who tried to get him

the first time.



One of them was lying dead

in your ravine.



You think that man was murdered

by Brossard?



Yes, we do.



Is Brossard a

Chevalier de Sainte-Marie?



- Yes.

- Are you?






What part do the Chevaliers

play in all this?



- They help him.

- Financially?



Each time he's visited us,

there's been a letter for him...



...containing a money order

for      francs.



That doesn't sound very much.

Is that all he lives on?



No. Other people

send him money too.



- Who?

- I don't know.



Which of the houses

is likely to shelter him?



There's only one I know of

where the abbot is a Chevalier.



Where's that?



St. Michel. Near Frejus.



- Colonel.

- How are you?



This is the best I could do

at short notice.



- The moment I received your call...

- It's fine, captain.



- Toilet's in the passage.

- No one knows we're here?



- Only me.

- Keep it that way.



There may be people asking

questions. Don't answer them.



I need a team of your best men.



But they should only be told

at the last moment.



What progress have you made?



The monks say morning prayers

at   a.m.



We need to be there before that.

First light.



Captain, I need a favor.



Brossard was held by the police

when he escaped...


            the end of the war.

Who was in charge of his case?



- Can you find out?

- I could try.



- But discreetly.

- I'll do my best.






So, colonel, we finally

get to sleep together.



I never thought you'd ask.



- Was there a letter for me, Father?

- No.



The cardinal has instructed

that no one is to shelter you.



Our enemies are closing in on me.



I need friends now,

more than ever before.



You may stay here tonight,

in the gardener's cottage.



But tomorrow you must go.



Thank you for your charity,

Father Joseph.



And God bless you, Pierre.



- Oh, shit!

- He ran around the back.



Gendarmerie Nationale.

Open up.



- Who's in charge here?

- I am the abbot.



We have a search warrant

for these premises.



- Looking for Pierre Brossard.

- Is he here?



Is he here, Father?



This is a religious house.



The laws of asylum

forbid me to answer.



That warrant is a legal document.



It has nothing whatever to do

with the right of asylum.



I must ask you not to enter

the monks' quarters.



Women are not allowed.



Don't use the phone, Father.

No one's to use the phone.



Check the grounds.



Hey, Mr. Pierre.



You don't have to worry,

Monsieur Pierre.



We saw your photo in the papers.



You're safe here with us.



- Is there a letter for me?

- No, not yet.



The mail hasn't arrived.



- So, what'll you have?

- A beer, please.






Max, I have to make a phone call.



- Could you let me have a jeton?

- Sure.



- There we go.

- Thank you.



- It's me, sire.

- Where are you?



I'm in Frejus,

waiting for the letter.



It's not here.



- We sent it. It'll be there.

- I've got to go.



Go? Go where?



They're searching for me.

The army.



Where will you go?

Look, I need to know.



- Where's my passport?

- I'm working on it.



Remember, we're protecting you.



We're paying you.

Stop worrying, relax.



- It'll be all right.

- Lf it's true.



Oh, it's true.

Of course it's true.



You'll be all right.



I haven't had breakfast, Max.



- Could I get a ham baguette, please?

- Certainly.



Clotilde, baguette with ham

for Monsieur Pierre.



Monsieur Pierre.

Nice to see you again.



It's been too long. Wouldn't you prefer

one of my pan bagnat?



- Oh, madame, is it possible?

- Of course it's possible.



- Max.

- Yes?



Can anybody get out

through the back way?



Certainly not.

I'd be robbed blind.



- Max.

- Yes?



Give me a jeton.



I have to make another call.



Thank you.



You're not doing anything.



Will you be long?



I was on the phone and the guy

in the toilet just shot himself!



- One pan bagnat.

- Call an ambulance!



This is obviously his stuff.



His name's all over it.

Tell us where he is.



- I don't know.

- What do you mean, you don't know?



Stop protecting him.



Colonel, there's a message

from Frejus. About Brossard.



- It's urgent.

- Bring everything.



Well, actually he was

a sort of regular, sir.



Old. Retired. Name of Pouliou.



- A cheapskate. We didn't like him.

- No, we didn't like him.



- Not at all.

- And each time he came...



...did he collect an envelope like this?



- Yes, he did.

- Was it always from Paris?



- Yes.

- What about the man he killed?



- Never seen him before.

- Never seen him before.



Just came in, ordered a beer,

and went straight to the toilet.



Colonel, we found this on the body.

You can handle it.



We've lifted the prints.



- You are welcome and God bless you.

- Thank you, Father.



Thank you for meeting me.

It's always like coming home.






God is good.



I want you to know, Pierre,

that we pray for you every night.



- I had no choice.

- Of course you didn't.



They're forcing me.



And I don't want to kill, Father Prior.



All I want is absolution.



I want to die in a state of grace.



I am truly repentant.



- I'm so frightened, so alone.

- You are not alone.



You are one of us.



I love France, Father Prior.

I love my country.



If you are forced into exile,

we will help.



We are all in God's hands.



Thank you.

Thank you.



We've lost him.



Christ almighty!

All we get is lies.




Shit! Shit!












He hasn't got money.



Where would he go?

What would he do?



    . The year of

the Dombey massacre.



Why's he kept this?



A Milice captain.



Who's he?



Where is he now?



Edith Cresson was appointed

to breathe new life...



... into the Socialist Party.



Now she has been sacrificed

to save its faltering fortunes.



President Mitterrand

was under intense pressure...



... to do something

to stop the hemorrhaging...



... after the Socialists' disastrous

showing in regional elections.



Inspector Pochon, sir.



- I am not pleased.

- I understand, sir.



- Let me explain.

- What? Explain what?



Sending two incompetents

to perform an action...



...which would seem to me

to be relatively simple.



Brossard, as we know,

is very cunning.



If this Colonel Roux finds him first,

they'll do a deal.



Brossard will talk.



He'll have no problem

about betraying me.



- Or you, Pochon.

- We're doing all we can, sir.



Do more.

You've lost control.



The commissaire hopes

to contact him by tomorrow morning.



If we don't know exactly where he is,

neither does Colonel Roux.



Have you ever dealt

directly with Brossard?



I first worked with him when you, sir,

were prefect of police.



Have you personally kept in touch

with him since then?



I last talked with him

about five years ago.



- Face to face?

- Yes.



- So he knows you.

- Yes, sir.



Then he'll trust you.






- It's me.

- I've got your passport.



- Where do you want to go?

- Bolivia.



- The Vatican might help.

- You'll get no help from Rome.



We'll do it all.

You remember Inspector Pochon?



Pochon? Yes. You sent him

to see me a couple of times.



I'm sending him again.

He'll call you to make arrangements.



You'll meet and he'll hand over the

passport and the travel documents.



- Tell no one. Now...

- Yes, sir.



Where can he reach you?






  -  -  -  .



He'll call the moment he arrives.






It's for her.



Wake her up.






The information you wanted.



The man in charge

of Brossard's case in     .



Name of Vionnet. Commissaire

Vionnet, a winegrower. Near Avignon.



- This is all I could get on him.

- Can you tap his phone?



Not without the minister.

Not even you, judge.



Pick him up.






Wait a minute.



Wait a minute. I haven't cracked this,

but I might have something.



These codes go with the

payments Brossard receives...


            certain months through the year.



I mean, we know, for example,

he visited St. Cros in April, right?



St. Christophe he tried,

but was turned away.



The others I think we can discount.

The journals say they're winter visits.



Which just leaves these three.



And only one's a Chevalier.



Next one's St. Donat.



St. Donat?






It's just up there.



- Hello? Monsieur Pierre here.

- Hello, Pierre.



- Do you know who's speaking?

- Yes.



- You remember me?

- Yes, very well.



- Are you all right?

- No, I'm...



...a little out of breath.

It's the stairs here.



Now, just relax.

Everything's going to be fine.



- Do you have much luggage?

- None. I left it all in Frejus.



Good. That simplifies things.

I'm going to give you an address.



- Have you got a pen?

- Yes, right here.



- Ready.

- Café de Canotier on rue Moustier.



Take a taxi, then I'll drive you

to a safe house.



You'll wait until

the arrangements are final.



- What arrangements?

- To get you out of France quickly.



- Go where? I mean, what country?

- I've got your passport.



Now, just tell your clerical friends

that you're leaving tonight.



- No more, understand?

- I understand.



Good. I expect you at the café

around   :  .



Don't worry. We'll take care of you.

You're safe.



Café Canotier...



...ten o'clock. Right?

- That's right.



Thank you, beloved St. Christopher,

for interceding on my behalf.






We're in position.






Come on. We're almost there.

Come with me.



Come on. That's it.






You'll have to crawl across.

Our janitor lives next door.



There's a back way

from his building.



People think it's blocked.

It's not. Come on.



- Okay. Give me a second.

- You'll be safe.



Bless you, Pierre.



That door.



Keep down.




Thank you. I have to stay here

for a while.



Where, Vionnet?



Where is he?



If I...



If I tell you...



...will you promise

to let the judge...



...and the colonel know that I helped?



That the information came from me?



Where is he?



- There we are. This way. Good luck.

- Pray for me.



What time is it?



Ten o'clock.



Café de Canotier.






You will tell them that I helped,

won't you?



Thank you.



I don't know how I got away.

It was God's intervention.



I saw them in the street.

I managed to escape.



Easy, easy.



- I'll take you to the safe house.

- Thank you.



Quebec. Canada. That's good.



- They speak French there, don't they?

- Some of them do. Yes.



See? Everything's taken care of.



You leave in the morning.

Change planes at Amsterdam.



Nothing to worry about.



Car's parked out the back.



Come on. Let's go.



Will I still get

my monthly payments?



Of course. That's the deal.



May God forgive me.



Go! Call an ambulance.



This man is Pierre Brossard.



He has been executed

as a Nazi collaborator...



... and for murdering seven Jews

in June,     .



He was condemned to death,

but for    years...



... the Catholic Church has been guilty

of hiding him from justice.



Now his victims are avenged.



The case is closed.



- Uncle Armand.

- Annemarie.



- This is for you.

- I have one, thank you.



This is the poisoned one.

I'm handing it back.



Clever how you invented

the Jewish group.



Think you're safe

now Brossard is dead?



I have no idea

what you're talking about.



Strange, since your close friend,

Inspector Pochon, downstairs...



...said you knew him.




Special help by SergeiK