The Station Agent Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Station Agent script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Peter Dinklage, Patricia Clarkson, and Bobby Cannavale movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Station Agent. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Station Agent Script



Morning, professor.



Good morning.



What do we have

on the board today?



Dr. Cross will be wanting

to pick up



those three 629 Pullmans.



And 630 Observation.



Shouldn't be a problem.



What number?



Um,    .



I'll have your train

in two weeks.



Uh, okay.









You forget something?












All right.

Nice throw.



Nice throw.






Hey, buddy, where's Snow White?



Grumpy or Sleepy

over there, huh?







Lorraine, look.



He's gonna hear you.










Paper or plastic?



- Paper.

- Sorry.



I didn't see you.



- Cash or charge?

- Cash.



Who's showing the movie tonight?






CARL: The billowing smoke

as it's coming forward.



My wife was inside the car,

staying warm,



but I was on the hood.



There's people standing by here

as it's going by.



The traffic, of course,



was stopped

to allow the train...






Now, here I was hanging out

shooting this



in Canada.



This is Canada.

It's cold.






The scenery was,

uh, really spectacular.



See, because the train

is moving forward,



the smoke is coming back.



It was not extremely windy,

but the smoke did billow.



And, oh, we're about to go

into a tunnel.



Yeah, we're in a tunnel.



For about a minute.



It got colder

when we were in the tunnel.



It was one of the darker tunnels

in Canada.









He was a nice man.

He was a nice man.



I don't think we've ever met.



No, but I've seen you around.



Well, like, you're one of

those memorable people.



I brought you down here

to discuss your inheritance.



In his will,

Henry bequeathed to you



some property

in Newfoundland, New Jersey.



It's about half an acre of land.



It's got an old train depot

on it.



I have an appraisal of

the property for your records.



- What's happening with the shop?

- The building's been sold.



Golden Spike will be closed,

and the inventory liquidated.



This is all, of course,



in accordance with the terms

I drew up in Henry's will.



How soon?



If everything goes as planned,

no hitches, anything,



a thing like this

takes about six weeks.



I have some preliminary

paperwork for you to sign.



Some other papers

being drawn up.



We have the keys to the depot.



You ever been out to New Jersey?






I drove through it once.

Let me tell you.



I mean, it's pretty,

but there's nothing out there.






[Thunder crashes]



[Switch clicking]







Then where'd you go?



I see.






So, what else, dude?






Andy, why don't you

come out here, bro?



I'm going out of my mind.



Holy shit.



Hey, let me call you back.









How you doing?






Do you sell coffee?



Cafe con leche.

It's the house special.



- You'll love it. Trust me.

- Okay.



I also got hot dogs and muffins.



You live around here?



- Yeah.

- I never seen you around.



Where you from?



- Hoboken.

- No shit?



I live in Manhattan, dude.



So, why you out here?





Just, like...



How much do I owe you

for the coffee?



Oh, shit.

Sorry, man.



It's a buck.



Is there a convenience store




Yeah. Down the road about

a mile and a half on the right.



This is my pop's truck,

by the way.



He's sick.

That's why I'm out here.



He can't get out of bed.



I'm taking care

of this shit for him.



I've been here for six weeks.



It's driving me crazy.






Hey, I'm here every day

from  :   to  :  .



I'm Joe Oramas.

What's your name?















Hey, your place around here?






Oh, shit.









Oh, my God.



Oh, my God.



Oh, my God.

Just stay there.



Don't move.



Don't try to get up.



Oh, I'm so sorry.






- Are you okay?

- I'm fine.



- Can you move everything?

- Yeah.



Are you sure?






I'm fine.



Oh, God.

Oh, God.



I'm okay.

I'm okay.



Can I give you a ride somewhere?






You're sure?






I'm sorry.



[Breathing heavily]









- Good afternoon, Olivia.

- Hi.



One cafe con leche,

two sugar, coming up.



- How you doing today?

- I'm fine.



Here you go.



Oh, hey, did you hear?



Someone moved into the depot.



Oh, that's great.




He's an interesting guy.



Actually, he's a little guy.






That it?



Uh, two packs of Drum

and some beef jerky.



Help yourself to the jerky.



Oh, shit.

There he is.



- [Coffee spills]

- Ow!



Oh! Oh!



God! Oh!



Oh, my God.



Oh. Oh. Oh.



Oh, my God.



Oh, my God.

I can't believe this.



I can't.

I am so sorry.



- Here.

- Stay.



I saw you.



I tried to put

my cafe con leche down,



and it spilled all over my ass.



It burned me very bad,

so I swerved.



Can I at least give you a ride

back to your train station?



The hot-dog guy

told me where you lived.



No, I'm fine.



You're sure?






You're fine?












Did she ask about me?



What'd you tell her?



Don't fucking tell her that.



I don't know.

Make some shit up.



I'll call you back.




Hey, Fin.

Bro, you live here?






Wow, we're neighbors.




Hey, what happened to you?






Listen, do you want to

go down to the Mill



and grab a beer later?



No, thanks.



- You don't drink?

- I do.



You don't want to drink with me?



- I don't like bars very much.

- Oh.



Hey, how about I go get a six?

We can have it right here.



No, thanks.



What are you gonna do?



I'm going for a walk.



Oh, cool.



You mind if I come along, man?



I need the exercise.



I'm turning into a fat shit.



I usually go alone.



I'm a good walker, bro.



I prefer to go alone.




All right.



Maybe next time, right?



You know where to find me!






[Knock on door]



[Dog barking in distance]



[Knock on door]






You're safe.

No car.



I never told you my name.



Olivia Harris.



This is for you.



A housewarming-slash-sorry-

I-ran-you-off-the-road gift.




Thank you.



[Clears throat]



It's dark.



Do you have any glasses?



Or we could just swig

from the bottle.



I have mugs.






When I was   

I actually slept with a guy



because he rolled

his own cigarettes.






You never told me your name.






Oh, that's a good name.



[Telephone ringing]



You can get that if you want.



My phone's disconnected.



Oh, shit.

It's mine.



I always forget

I have this thing.



My husband gave it to me

in case of an emergency.



Although he's not

my husband right now.



We're separated.



You don't have a phone?






I love that.

I hate phones.



I have two.

Never answer either of them.



How'd you find this place?



I inherited it.



It's very nice.




I love this.



What is this?



It's an old ticket box.



Oh, look at this little drawer.



- Careful. That doesn't...

- Oh!






Oh, God.



I'm so sorry.



Oh, my God.






Can I sit here for a moment?



Who left you this place?



My friend Henry.



When did he die?



Three weeks ago.



I'm sorry.



My son, Sam, died.



Two years ago.



Would you mind not looking

at me right now?






[Door opens, closes]






You miss your train last night?



[Knock on door]



[Knock on door]






Brought you a cafe con leche.









So, what happened?



What do you mean?



I been here for six weeks.

I don't get two words.



You're here    hours.

It's sleepover time?



She brought me

a bottle of bourbon.



- Are you serious?

- [Cellphone ringing]



You should get that.

It's probably her.



My phone's disconnected.



Something's ringing.



She left her phone.




[Ringing stops]



- So, what happened?

- [Horn beeps]



- Be right back.

- Yo!



Hold on!



Come on.

Tell me what happened.



You're not going anywhere

today, are you?



I'd like to return this.

Do you know where she lives?



I'd freeze her out.

But that's just me.



You're very lucky, bro.

She's a pretty woman.



She got that sexy, smart

older-woman thing going.



Do you know where she lives?



She's on Green Pond Road.

Three miles down the road.



Hey, listen.



If you guys do something later,

can I join you?



We're not gonna do something.



I know.

But if you do, can I join you?



We're not gonna

do something later.



Okay, but if you do?



- Okay.

- Cool.




You the man.



You the man.



[Telephone ringing]




Hi, leave a message.










Are you there?




Look, I really need to

talk to you now.



It's important,

so please call me back.



- And I hope you're well.

- [Horn beeps]






- [Vehicle door opens, closes]

- Bye.












- Hey.

- I had a client down here.



- I thought I'd drop by.

- Oh, how nice.



You know, I hate to do this,

but I've actually gotta run.



- Well, that's too bad.

- I know.



Our crazy lives.




How are you?



I'm good.

I'm good.



I gotta go.



Oh, that's okay.

We ought to set a date.



- Definitely.

- I would love that.



Oh, you forgot your phone.



Just leave it.







Oh, I'm so sorry.



Oh, God, I didn't know anybody

was in here.



Can I help you?



Check this book out?






Um, do you have a library card?






Okay, well, do you live in town?






Okay, well,

I need a proof of address.



If you could bring

in a piece of mail,



then I can give you a card.



You can put it on mine.



- Hi.

- Hi.



No, thanks.

I'll come back.



You sure?






Sorry about last night.

I overstayed my welcome.









Hey, Emily.



Oh, God.

I just screamed in his face.




It's all right.



Olivia left it.



You're my hero, dawg.



Hey, Fin.



You want a cold one?



So, what else?



Hey, Fin, I'm taking off!



Manana, baby!



[Horn beeps, truck departs]



Hey, what are you doing?



I'm searching the trucks

for the company name.



Well, these are trains,

not trucks.



The wheels on the trains

are called the trucks.



What grade are you in?



I'm finished with school.



Are you a midget?






Where do you live?



In the depot.



My name is Cleo.



My name's Fin.






[Knock on door]



Hey, Fin!



Wakey, wakey, baby!



[Vehicle approaches]



[Horn beeps]



Hey, I'll be at the truck.



Hey, Joe!



Big Joe!



What's up, fellas?



Oh, look at the stash.

Ron Jeremy.



Thank you.



I'll get your coffees.



You know how I like it.



- All right.

- Thanks, bro.



Hey, how's your old man?



He's doing better.



Hey, let me get one of those.



How long is he gonna be out?



Holy shit.

Look at that.






It's fucking Mini-Me.






"Da plane!

Da plane!"



- Fin!

- You know him?






"Hey, boss!

Hey, boss!"



Shut the fuck up.



- Hey!

- What?



Shut up.



- Why don't you ease up, Joey?

- Two bucks.



- I got it.

- I'm light, man.




Of course you're light.



Hey, Joe, we're still playing

softball every Friday night.



Why don't you come by, man?



You should bring

your little buddy.



How funny would that be?



Him walking up to the plate,

you know?



It's like, "Throw one in there!

Throw one in there!"



- All right, see ya, Joe.

- Take it easy, man.



Hello, Olivia.






One cafe con leche,

extra sugar, coming up.



- Thanks.

- All right.



Gonna pop in on Fin?



What? Oh, no.

I just drove past him.






The pond on Lake End Road.



Tell you what.



This one's on the house

if you do me one favor.






Do you like it out here, Olivia?






- What do you do for fun?

- I don't.



Me neither.

It sucks, right?



There's not enough cool people

around here, you know?



- Do you live alone?

- Yep.



Do you not like me or something?






You're not exactly pleasant

towards me.



Are you gonna say hi to Fin?



I gotta get going.



I know he wanted to thank you

for the book.



Bye, Joe.






What's going on?



Olivia says hi.



She just gave me a ride.



What are you doing?



Watching trains.



What's this?



A train guide.



Can I look at it?



What time did

the last train come?



Hour and    minutes ago.






Holy boring.



Mind if I hang out a while?






[Train approaching]



- Are you hungry?

- No.









You don't really say much,

do you?



Guess not.



Guess not.



Hey, hold on.









- Oh.

- Hey.



You missed a great day

of train watching.






Maybe next time.



Hey, Olivia!






Could you give us a ride home?

My feet are killing me.






Man, when you guys taste this,



you're gonna be so happy

we did this, trust me.






No, thanks.






Everyone's doing it.



It's there if you want it.



Hey, Fin.

Let me ask you a question.



What do you think of Amtrak?



I don't know.

I've never ridden on Amtrak.



- You've never ridden Amtrak?

- No.



That's weird, right?



I thought that's what

you train guys did.



How's your dad, Joe?



Well, he's driving me nuts,

but he's better.






Chuleta con cebolla,

con arroz con frijoles.



Cuban surprise, in other words.



Bring 'em in.









- Really?

- Yeah, we gotta give thanks.



Come on.

Bring them in.



Hands around.



- Who wants to say it?

- You.



God, thank you for letting us

sit here and enjoy this meal.



Please watch over everybody.



Please let my dad heal



'cause he's driving me

fucking crazy.



Anybody you guys

want to mention?









Let's dig in.



- Olivia, plate.

- Oh.






Let me ask you a question, Fin.



Do you people have clubs?



What do you mean?



You know, like

a "train of the month" club.



Yeah, there are clubs.



What do you guys do?



Well, they get together,



and they look at

old photographs,



and sometimes

they watch a movie.



Watch a movie?

That's cool.



[Cellphone ringing]



Oh, shit.




This looks good.



[Speaking Spanish]



Uh, what kind of movies?



Well, there are people

called train chasers.



They follow a train,

and they film it.



Are you a train chaser?






How come?



I don't know how to drive a car.



And I don't own a camera.



That'd do it.



I gotta split.



- You're leaving?

- Yeah.



That was my dad.



He can't find his medication.



Totally sucks.



This was fun, right?









All right, well,

we'll do it again, all right?



Bon appetit.



This is really good.






We don't have to talk.

We can just eat.



I'm cool with that.






Hey, Sancho Panza,

what's this called again?



Walking the right-of-way.



How am I doing?



You're doing okay.



I told you

I was a good walker, bro.






Give me another one.



That one?









- Hey.

- Hi.



Did you get any mail yet?









You're fucking

unbelievable, bro.



I don't suppose you

want to grab a beer.



No, thanks.



You gotta get over

the bar thing.






CLEO: [In distance]

All aboard! Tickets, please!



Next stop, Cleveland, Charity,



Newark, San Diego,



California, Winston.



And San Diego, California.



Next stop.

Thank you very much.



All aboard.












What are you doing?



I was looking for Fin.



What's your name?




What's your name?






Are you Fin's mother?






No, I'm just his friend.



Do you want to see

my spike collection?



I don't know.

What's a spike collection?



You know, like, train spikes?







that sounds kind of cool.



I'd like that.



Come on.



I don't need a ticket?






- You sure?

- Yeah.



Be careful.



JOE: Hey, how about from

L.A. to San Francisco?




The Starlight Express.



JOE: That's gotta be

fucking beautiful.



FIN: Yeah, but I think

the Zephyr would be better.



JOE: The Zephyr?

Where does that go?



FIN: Through the Rocky Mountains

outside of Denver.



Great mountain passes.




Hey, Fin!



Somebody left you something.



Ooh, what's that?



"Happy moviemaking.




What's it for?



Train chasing.



No, it's not.



Yeah, it is.



- Can I see?

- Nope.



[Train passing]




I know. I'm late.



My pop was up coughing

all night.



He kept me up.



Hey, grab those chairs,

would you?



Hey, man, question.



Why don't you ever sit

in the lounge?



The lounge?



The lounge.



I like to read when I eat.



You can't read in the lounge?



You'll talk to me.



Not if you don't want me to.



Fin, I promise.



I'll read, too.

I got a book in here.






I'll read, too.



This isn't so bad, right?






You reading about trains?






You know what?



You should get a job

on the railroad.



You said you weren't gonna talk

to me if I sat here, Joe.



I haven't said anything in,

like,    minutes.






- You timed me?

- Mm-hmm.



That's cold, bro.



Hey, you gonna walk

the right- of-way today?















The number for Olivia Harris

on Green Pond Road.



Thank you.




Go back to your book, man.



I don't think we should do this.






Come on.

You can do it.



This is a little scary.



This is really beautiful,




You sure there's no trains

on this track?



No, it stops right down there.



I'm starving.



You want some beef jerky?






You had it all this time?



Want some?



I'll pass.



Fuckin' delicious.



Let me have a piece.



Fuckin' good.



So beefy.



- [Snorts]

- [Chuckles]



This is good.



That was a good walk.



[Exhales deeply]



Why is it called

"walking the right- of-way"?



It's complicated.

You know, it's, uh...



[Children laughing]



I'll let Fin answer this one.




When the railroads

were being built,



the government took

a lot of private land,



saying the railroad needed

the right-of-way



through the property.



Hey, can we get some sodas?



We're closed!



I'll play soccer with ya,




- Ooh!

- [Laughs]



- He does enjoy life.

- JOE: You guys want to play?



Let me have it!



Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!









- Ooh.

- Jesus!



Are you okay?



Uh, I'm gonna... I'm gonna go.



I'll see you later.













- Olivia!

- [Vehicle departs]



Where's she going?



This is Joe Oramas

reporting live



from the inside of Gorgeous

Frank's Hot Dog Emporium.



Open every day from  :  

to  :  . Keep it on me.



Camerawork by...

turn it on you, turn it on you.



Finbar McBride!




We're train-chasing, baby!



Coming at you live

from the Susquehanna train!






This fuckin' train is huge!









[Telephone rings]



- OLIVIA: Hi, leave a message.

- [Beep]



JOE: Olivia, hey, what's up?

Scorsese and Coppola here.



Listen, we're done

with the movie.



We want to screen it.



We can either do it at Fin's

pathetic little hovel of a home



or we can do it

at your beautiful home



with your beautiful self.



Get back to us.



[Knock on door]









You're early.



Are we early?






We're not early.



Well, there's wine and beer

in the fridge



and liquor in that funny

little cabinet in the corner.



I'll be right back down.



Holy shit.



I heard that, Joe.



What? I was just talking

about the view.






It's just that

they're a little...



I don't want to hear it, Joe.



What do you think?






Hey, Olivia!



You got a garlic press?






How can you not have

a garlic press?



Still no.



All right.

You keep talkin'.



I'm gonna go cook

without the garlic press.



I'm not used to having people

in my house.



Especially loud people.



It's a nice house.






David bought it

as a getaway place, so...



I moved down here and got away.



Where did you used to live?






I know.

I didn't get very far.



I just couldn't stay there

another minute.



Everyone looking at me.

The poor woman whose son died.



How about you?



What made you pick Newfoundland?



I wanted to live near Joe.






Would you come up here and talk?

Seriously, this sucks.




Finbar McBride!



Whoo, we're train-chasing, baby!



Trains are really cool.



They are.



So are horses.



JOE: Whoo!






I was just thinking that.



Give me the joint, man.




This fuckin' train is huge!



Shh. Shh.



JOE: Yeah!



Have you ever been in love, Fin?






What happened?



I was young...



and, uh...



really angry.



About what?






Being a dwarf.



You know, it's, uh...



It's really funny how...



different people...



see me and treat me.



Because I'm actually just

a very simple, boring person.



What about you?



Are you still in love

with David?






I don't think he's moving.



I'll wake him.



No, you're not gonna have

any luck.



- Maybe I should go.

- No. No.



You're not leaving.

You're both staying here.



And don't argue

because I'm just too tired.



Would you like some water?



No. I'm all right.




- You can get under the covers.

- No.



I'm fine.



I brought you some water anyway.



And a towel.



That's Sam, huh?






He fell off the monkey bars.



I turned my head for a second.



Looks like a happy kid.



He was.






- Good night.

- Good night.






Who are you?



I'm Fin.



Where's Olivia?



I think she's upstairs sleeping.



Hey, you're Olivia's ex.



I just saw your picture

in the kitchen.






I'm Joe.



I think Olivia's sleeping, man.

Tore it up last night.












What are you doing here?



I wanted to talk to you.

And you won't call me back.



I didn't feel like talking.



Yeah, yeah, I got that much.



Can you guys leave us alone?






Are you gonna be okay?







You wanna explain that?



- No.

- No, what?



DAVID: I'd just like to know

what the hell's going on.



No, I came all the way down here



because you won't pick up

the phone.




I have nothing to say to you!



DAVID: Don't walk away from me.

Can you listen to me?







Here, Fin.



It's a permission slip

so you can speak at my school.



I can't speak

at your school, Cleo.



Yes, you can.



You can pick any Friday

that you want.



I'm sorry.

I can't.






It's just not something

I can do.



You have to!



I'm sorry.



But I already told everyone

you were coming!



I'm sorry, Cleo.



No, you're not.



If you were sorry,

then you would come.



What was that all about?



I guess no coffee

for Olivia today.






Guess not.



I didn't like that guy, man.






Olivia's ex.



Uptight white guy.



Can I ask you

a personal question?






You've had sex, right?






With a regular-sized chick?






With a regular-sized chick.



You ever had it

with someone your own size?






Do you wanna?



I don't want to talk

about this, Joe.



- Why?

- I just... I just don't.












I have my bill.



Oh. Cool.



I can make you out

a card right now.



I just need you

to fill that out.



There you go.

And I'll get your card.



Your first name is Finbar?






My name's Emily.









You have a nice chin.






JOE: A nice chin?




FIN: Yeah.



JOE: Seriously?



FIN: Yeah.



JOE: Fuckin' weird.



That's Olivia.



Hey! Olivia!



That was her, right?



I think so.



What was that?



She had to see us, right?



[Cellphone ringing]






[Speaking Spanish]



It's my pop.

We're going to the Mill tonight.



He wants to know

if you want to join us.












[Speaking Spanish]



[Telephone rings]



Yeah, Good to Go.



Yeah, okay.




   Green Pond Road.

Yeah. Name?




All right.



Right, okay.

Two of those.






All right.

Yeah. Is that it?



Okay, my delivery boy's

out of the store now,



so it's gonna be

a couple of hours.



Yeah, okay. Bye.



Excuse me.



That delivery for Olivia Harris.

I'll take it to her.






She's a friend of mine,

and I'm...



I'm gonna go that way.



You're gonna have to pay for it.



- Yeah. Sure.

- Before you leave the store.






- Hey.

- Hey.



I got your groceries.



I was in the store

when you called,



so I thought

I'd bring them over for you.



Thank you.

How much?



How are you?



I'm fine.



How much?



$  .



I got it.

I got it.



Thank you.




Can I get you something?




Just a beer.



Anything else?



Getting a jump on happy hour?




I'm waiting for a friend.



Oh. Me, too.



Do you mind if I sit here?



So, I saw you

at the hot dog stand.



I live in the depot.



- Oh, really?

- Mm-hmm.



Oh, cool.



You're like that old guy

in the movie



who does the telegraph thing.



Something like that.



[Cellphone ringing]






Hang on.



Hey, where are you?



So you couldn't call?



No, it's fine.



Don't come.

I... no.



Just do whatever

you're gonna do.



No, actually, I met a friend,

and we're having a drink, so...



I'm gonna go.



Oh, my God, he's such a prick.



You want your fries here,




Yeah, thanks.



I'm pregnant.



I haven't told anyone yet.



Even Chris.



I was gonna tell him today.

He's probably gonna freak out.



You don't have to say anything.



I just wanted to say it.



Thank you.




You can have some of my fries.



"You say

you're brokenhearted"



Where's your friend?



"You can't sleep at night"



I don't know.



Can I give you a ride home?



No, thanks.



Thanks for hanging out.




Of course.



[Loud rock music plays]



Hey, baby.



This your little friend, huh?



Fuck you, Chris.

I'm leaving.






Emily, wait.



- Get off of me!

- Hey.



Please, don't do that.



This is none of your business,

all right?



You want to get out of my way?



Oh, my God, stop it!

Stop it!



Fin, go! Go!

Just go!



What's that guy's problem?



Fucking freak.



You're such a fucking prick.










What's up?



- I brought you some coffee.

- Thanks.



Hey, man, I'm sorry

about last night.



My pop, you see,

he got a little pain,



and so I got nervous, you know.



And I called the doctor.

He's okay, though.



By the time I called the Mill,

you were gone already.



You gotta get a phone, bro.



So, was the Mill fun last night?






Any word from Olivia?



- No.

- You wanna do something tonight?






What the fuck, man?



I said I was sorry.

What more do you want from me?



I want to be left alone, Joe.






That's what I want.




Be alone.



[Telephone rings]




Hi, leave a message.







Pick up the phone.






You're starting to scare me.






Pick up the goddamn phone!



[Bell ringing]



I was just about to knock.

I'm sorry.



No. Come in.







This place is cool.



Can I...



Wow. So, are you

gonna fix this up?



I don't know.



- I suppose so.

- You should.



You could make it really nice.



It's really nice

right now, but...



Where do you sleep?









So, I just wanted to come by

and say I'm sorry.



Chris can be such an asshole

when he gets angry,



but he's really not a bad guy.



It's just...



God, it's so nice

and quiet in here.



Everybody's freaking out at my

house about me being pregnant.



I live at home.



I was gonna move in

with Chris, but...



So, did the conductor guy

used to live here?



No. The conductor

worked on the train.



The station agent

worked in here.



Doing what?



A lot of things.



The train brought in the mail.



And the agent delivered it.



They sold groceries.



They cut hair.









Are you gonna open a salon?



I'm retired, actually.



Aren't you a little young

to be retired?




Dwarfs retire early.



Common fact.



Yeah, lazy dwarfs.



Can I stay here tonight?



Just sleep?




Hey, Fin.



Is that your girlfriend?






Is that other woman

your girlfriend?



You mean Olivia?









I liked her.



Yeah. Me, too.



When is she coming back?



I don't know.



[Train passing]



[Olivia talking loudly

in distance]






There is nothing!

There is nothing!



You have no right to say that.



You just show up,

and you tell me this?



I've known you for    years!



You've known me

   fucking years,



and you don't...

you have no clue?



No, David.




What would be...



What could be

more important than this? What?



How could you do this?



Just go to hell!



[Telephone slams]






Go away.



Are you okay?



I don't want you here, Fin.

Go away.



- Please, Olivia, just...

- Look...



I'm not your fucking girlfriend

or your mother, all right?



I know that.



- Are you all right?

- You're not a child!



Get off the fucking porch,

and leave me alone!



[Door slams]



"Lay me down"






Down it slow.



[Music distorts]



[Distorted laughter]



[Speaking indistinctly]






Here I am!



Take a look.



Take a look!



"Lay me down..."



[Train whistle blowing

in distance]



[Train approaches,

whistle blowing]



[Train horn blares]



[Birds chirping]















- Did you take these?

- [Grunts]



He's having another baby.



Did you take all of these?



Oh, gosh.



I gotcha, I gotcha.



Come on.



Oh, God, Fin.



[Breathing heavily]



I want...



I want...



I want Sam back.



I want him back.



Oh, God.



I want him back.






[Door opens]



MRS. KAHN: You can come in now,

Mr. McBride.



[Scattered laughter]



Everyone, I want you

to give Mr. McBride



your full attention.



"I am here

to speak about trains.



The first real train

in this country



was built by Peter Cooper

in     .



Does anyone know

what it was called?"



"It was called the Tom Thumb."



[Students giggling]



"Since that time,



trains have helped make

this country what it is today.



A long time ago,



most people never left their

towns because travel was hard."



Uh, yes?



How tall are you?






I'm, uh... I'm four feet

and five inches tall.



I'm taller than you.



Jacob, come with me.



I'm so sorry.



Be back in a minute.



Such a jerk.



What about blimps?



I think blimps came later.






I'm not sure exactly.



Blimps are cool.



Well, so are trains.



Yeah, well, they're both cool.



Trains and blimps.



Anybody hungry for dessert?



I'm stuffed.



Yeah. Me, too.



There's plenty of food.



We can have it

for lunch tomorrow.



Hey, when were blimps invented?



I have no idea.



Yeah, me neither.



You can go down to the library

and ask that little hottie.



She is cute.



It's the librarian fantasy, man.



Glasses off, hair down.



Books flying.



She doesn't wear glasses.



Well, buy her some.

It's worth it.




Special help by SergeiK