Stealth Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Stealth script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Jessica Biel, Jamie Foxx, and Josh Lucas movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Stealth. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Stealth Script



Talon 1 requesting Bitching Betty

relay Combat Control commands.



Roger, Talon 1.



Central Prime is transmitting...



...encrypted satellite

auto-terrain comparison.



Talons, this is Operator.



PAYCOM has given

his final tasking orders.



You are to proceed to target

and prosecute with precision.



Now, remember,

you are pilots of the U.S. Navy.



I expect nothing less

than perfection.



Roger, skipper.

Activating tactical music.



Countermeasure is silent party.

Talon   confirm.



Talon   confirms. Music on.



Risk assessment is

we have a clean mission status.



Attack commencing.






Missile lock. Missile lock.



Talon   there's a SAM site on

the west wall. We got birds in the air.




the SAM site's been erased.



Now, that's how you do it.



Talon   that was shit-hot!



Talon   I expect

the same out of you.



Arming Blue Ferret

for penetration detonation.



Missile armed. Missile armed.



Yep,     over    .

That's correct.



And I can rely on these numbers?



Well, this isn't figure skating, Ray.

You either score or you don't.



National Command Authority's

duly impressed.



They've given us the go-ahead

on phase two.



You know what?



You should come to D.C. and make

the presentation to the senators.



That's how Admiral Rickover

got things done.



Admiral. You get my meaning?



No, I'm flattered,

but you do the lobbying.



Politics is for politicians.



- Captain?

- I'll get back to you.



There's Popsicles in the cooler.



- Got any grape?

- Any grape?



I believe there is one left,

and don't lose your dignity.



Oh, thank you.



- All right, take a seat.

- Nice catch.



Talk to me. Where are the holes?

How can we improve?



Come on. I'm not a patient man.



Sorry, I got caught up on

that west wall. I had to pull out...



War is a team sport.



Those AAA sites were thick.

Gave extra time to the SAM sites.



See, that's your answer. There really

was no room for improvement.



Actually, what Lieutenant Wade

did was right.



She took out their communications

and exposed their SAM sites...


            Henry could lay it down.

- That's what I do.



- I mean, it was perfect.

- "Perfect. " I'll go along with that.



Much as I hate to see that smile

of yours get any smugger.



You blushing?



I've got good news.



Tell us we got a carrier,

skipper, come on.






The USS Abraham Lincoln.



Captain's an old classmate of mine,

Dick Marshfield.



- I believe you two know each other.

- He was the captain I told you about.



- Hell of a pilot in his day.

- He's black too. He's black.



I'm also gonna be expanding

your squadron.



On the carrier, you'll be joined

by a new wingman.



A fourth wingman?



Wait, I thought there were only

three Talons in existence.



What is the problem, Purcell?

You look like you been hit in the gut.



For one, captain, we've been flying

together for a long time and it's good.



And four is an unlucky number.



- Unlucky?

- It's not a prime number.



Prime numbers can only be divided

by one or itself.



Three is prime. The Holy Trinity.



Thesis and antithesis come together

and form the synthesis...



This is not a seminar on metaphysics.

This is the U.S. Navy.



Now, we ship out Wednesday at     .




Okay. If he'd let me finish,

I was gonna say...



...Three's Company, Three Stooges,

Three Musketeers, three-peat...



..."three strikes, you're out,"

"Three Times a Lady. "



- Three dimensions.

- Three blind mice.



There's ménage à trois.

Don't forget that one.



To the original three.



- Cheers to that.

- Cheers.



- Cheers.

- And assorted guests.






I'll be back in a second.



I gotta go pee-pee.



That's nasty.



At least she's potty-trained.

I'll give her that.



- Chip O'Dell.

- No way.



Yeah, it's gotta be him. Hey, Henry,

our fourth wing. It's gotta be him.



He tried to manipulate his way into

the program, but you two beat him.



Yeah, but Becky Martinez

could fly circles around O'Dell.



- Two out of the four are women? No.

- Hey, you never know.



- God, you're such a chauvinist.

- Hold on, now, that's not true.



I bow down before the superiority

of the opposite sex in many respects.



But from time to time...



...I believe they should

bow down before me.



- Oh, please.

- Kara. Kara, listen. You're different.



- You are a singularity.

- Absolutely.



You're a freak. Of nature.



- Well, thank you, Henry, I think.

- You are very welcome.



You know what I think?



Don't think. Drink.



Have fun.



Spectacular night, huh?



- Dark and mysterious, sir.

- Don't you like surprises, Ben?



Well, here he comes now.



Meet your new wingman.



Allow me to introduce the future

of digital warfare. Tim?



Open for Tim, please.



Fuel, catalyzed A  methane.




metal-ceramic composite.



Aeroelastic wings.



Pulse detonation engine

with twin hybrid scramjet turbos.



EDI's sensors can pick out

a face five miles away.



So we'll take three. Drop the top

on mine, personalized license plate.



So this is one of these

smart UCAVs.



Well, technically you could call it

an Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle.



But that would be like

calling this carrier a rowboat.



I feel you, captain.

I know a bit about this.



- This is quantum processing, right?

- Yeah, it's the first tested application.



Ten terabits a second.



So if it's a UCAV,

why does it have a seat?



The cockpit's just

for testing and maintenance.



Otherwise, EDI flies all by himself.



You mean "itself," don't you, sir?



So this is what the fuss is all about.



You're looking

at VLO stealth, captain.



It's got a brain

like a quantum sponge.



And one day, its survivability

is going to fly right off the charts.



- Lieutenant Wade.

- It's good to meet you, sir.



It is a bag of chips, all right.



- Lieutenant Purcell.

- Honored to meet you, sir.



It will replace us all.



Looks and sounds

like science fiction, George.



Well, so did everything,

once upon a time.



Ain't that the truth.



Mr. Gannon.

Good to have you back.



Your first squadron tour still holds

some of the ship's most...



...impressive records.



Thank you, Captain Marshfield.

Records are made to be broken.



Rules too, if I remember

your philosophy.



Captain Cummings,

this is my X O, Mr. Carlson.






Why don't you meet me up on

the flight deck after you're through.



- You bet.

- Congratulations, George.



- Thank you.

- Good to see you again, Dick.



You too.



- It's humming.

- No, EDI's thinking.



- Thinking? Thinking about what, sir?

- You. All of you.



He's going over your files.

He's reviewing all your flight logs.



Let's take it for a spin,

see what it can do.



No, no, no. Tomorrow.



- First, you gotta do your homework.

- Homework?



- Thank you.

- Thank you.



"EDI UCAV. Extreme Deep Invader. "



Yeah, I've been called that

a few times.



- I've heard that one.

- Yeah, right.



Well, hello, gorgeous.



Please, no pictures, please.

No pictures, please. Please.



Okay, take them.

Take them. Take them.



It's open.



Study break.



You are one big study break.



Just a natural.



So that is the appeal.



Okay, because I was really

wondering how you manage...


            pull a rocket scientist

at every port.



You better be careful, Ben, you know.

Hair bleach causes cancer in rats.



Well, I'm not a rat.

That's my appeal.



- You checking out the drone?

- Yeah.



Just barely skimmed the surface.



- We really are in the era of EDI.

- EDI.



Did I ever tell you

about that foster mother I had?



- The one who weighed     pounds?

- No.



Anyway, one day she comes home

with this Chihuahua, right?



Guess what she named him. Eddie.



- You know what I realized about you?

- What?



You got a foster mom

for every situation.



Hey, I lived through my childhood.

I may as well use it, right?



That's right.



So tell me, you think

Marshfield's right?



You think they're gonna trade us all in

for that machine?



No way. War is about tools.

Think about it.



Claws to clubs, bronze to steel.



- Best guy with the best weapon wins.

- Or girl.



And we all know who that is,

don't we?



The dull thud

of a Ben Gannon compliment.






Oh, pardon my C cup.



Study break is over.



Good morning to the crew

of the USS Abraham Lincoln.



Remember, foreign-object debris

can ruin a jet engine.



Let's keep our safety record.

Scour that deck.



Hey. Feel like we got older, Dick.

What the hell happened?



Don't complain.

You still got your hair.



Yeah. Some of it.



Look, truth be told...



...I never wanted this little experiment

of yours on my ship.



Well, you're not

hurting my feelings, Dick.



Admiral Spelling shared

your point paper with me...



...and your objections

were duly noted.



- You always could work the politics.

- It's indispensable in a bureaucracy.



This isn't a bureaucracy,

not out here.



You rush a weapons system

into service...


            shortcut an operational

test cycle, people might get killed.



You know I can't pick my nose here

without      people approving it.



Nobody rushed a damn thing.



Program is just ahead of schedule.



You missed this.



I'm out first, boys.



I'm right on that ass.



After you, ladies.



Talon   airborne.



Talon   airborne.



Talon   is off and heading  - - .



Deploying Unmanned Combat

Aerial Vehicle...



...Extreme Deep Invader now.



I never thought

we would see this day.



Me neither, sir.



UCAV EDI, you have launch.



One to UCAV.

Confirm flight link. Over.



Flight link confirmed, Talon  .



It is good to be

part of the squadron.



What? Well, well, well. He can talk.



Big deal. I know a guy's BMW,

does exactly the same thing.



Picture, please.



Aye, aye, sir.



Swarm logic activated.



All right, Ben.

EDI's here to learn from you.



So let's make sure these lessons

are up to speed, all right?



Well, then, let the schooling begin.



Captain Cummings.



Inside, please.



- What's the deal?

- You, sir, have a new tasking order.



One to wing, anybody got a visual

on the UCAV?



- Negative,  .

- Negative,  .



We better find him and regroup.



Before it takes a crap

in its quantum pants.



Wait up. Hold on.



What the hell is he doing?



Here he comes. Here he comes.



I think little brother

is messing with us.



UCAV, your position is always

on my starboard side.



Other starboard.



That's hot.



Got no heart, but it sure can fly.

That's not bad for a tin man.



EDI, it's official. You got a call sign.

UCAV "Tin Man" EDI, the first.



- Operator to squadron.

- Go for Talons.



There's been a change of plans.



We're giving you an emergency

mission redirect. Repeat.



That's an emergency redirect.

Do you read me?



Roger. Where's the fire, skipper?



PAYCOM has given us

a brand-new tasking order.



Please access your encrypted file...



...named "Advanced

War Vector Scenarios. "



File's open. Go ahead.



All right. Firewall code

is "Terror Summit. "



We are upgrading this file from

a scenario to a tactical action plan.



Repeat, we are upgrading the file.



CIA human intel has just learned

that the heads of three terrorist cells...



...are about to meet in    minutes.



The country is Myanmar.

The city is Rangoon.



They're planning an imminent attack

on U.S. soil.



One to Control,

what about the UCAV?



EDI will observe your attack.



Proceed to primary.






One to UCA V,

confirm observation status only.



Tin Man confirms, Talon  .



New coordinates

have been uploaded.



Baptism by fire, Tin Man.



Mach  .



Mach  .



Mach  .



Mach  .



Primo's now analyzing the location.

Here we go.



The primary is this building.



A new defense ministry

still under construction.



Specs indicate

  -foot-thick cement roof...



...with steel reinforcements.



Roger. We're not weaponized

for something that thick.



Repeat, not weaponized.



This is  . What's the population

of the collateral area?



The building's unoccupied, but it's

in the middle of downtown Rangoon.



This is  .

Talk to me about that roof.



What's Primo advocate

to ordinance and influence?



Primo says Talons

can't penetrate it.



This is our chance. We may never

catch these bastards together again.



Try a lateral vector.



Just do what he says.



This is   to Control.

Risk assessment officer advises...



...casualties from lateral vector

will be in the thousands.



Tin Man has integrated

all network-centric spy satellites.



Here is new data.



UCAV is bypassing Central Prime.

He's distributing secure video stream.



Look at that. Oh, yeah. Oh, now

I know what I want for Christmas.



One to Control, we've entered

our mission window.



Six-three seconds

to primary and counting.



Come on, Control,

we have our targets.



Come on. I need an alternative.

We got these guys in the bull's-eye.



There is an alternative,

Combat Control.



Operator to UCAV. Talk to me.

Give me something.



Squadron carries

truncheon implosion bombs.



Negative, will not work.



Central Prime says truncheons

can't achieve velocity for penetration.



One to UCAV,    seconds to primary.

Come on, explain.



Diving dead vertical at      knots

will increase truncheon velocity.



Bomb will successfully

penetrate roof.



What's the blackout risk

at vertical     ?



- Seventy-three percent.

- Time on target is    seconds.



- Call it off. It's not worth the risk.

- Operator to Talons, pull back.



- EDI will plant the truncheon.

- Captain.



This is what we built

this machine for.



There's no blood in those

quantum veins. It can't black out.



Operator to Talons, repeat,

EDI will plant the truncheon.



Control, negative, Control.

Mission critical. One will prosecute.



This is   to  . I got your back...



...but if you black out,

you're gonna kill everyone.



Negative,  . I did not get this far

by being in the   rd percentile.



I like my odds.



Talon   your orders

are to stand down.



- Do you read me, lieutenant?

- I do...



- Talon   stand down.

- I'm having...



Can you...? Can you...?



Go, baby, go.



One hundred knots

to release velocity.



Fifty knots to release velocity.



His BP is spiking, sir.



Release velocity attained.



Truncheon away.



Ten seconds to implosion.



Nine, eight...


           , six...



...five, four, three...



...two, one.



This is   to Control. Looks like we

lost radio contact for a second there.



There you go. I wasn't worried, baby.

I wasn't worried.



Activating swarm logic,

going full-stealth egress.



Roger, Talon  . Full-stealth egress.

Swarm logic is on.



Battle damage assessment,

    over    .



Collateral damage, zero.



Let's go home.



Going hypersonic.



Same old Ben.






Oh, and, George...



...hell of a first mission.



Thank you, captain.



On my way to the bridge.



Talon   and   are on deck.



Talon   and UCAV EDI

are on approach.



Roger, Control. UCAV will go first.

I'll take the last trap.



UCAV, confirm you've got the ball.



Confirmed, Talon  .

Tin Man will land next.



Okay,   to Control,

we've had a lightning strike.



The UCAV's very unstable.



Landing sequence is altered.

I'll go in first...



...but the UCAV

is gonna need the net.



Nice landing, ma'am.



On the flight deck,

stand by to rig barricade.



Extreme Deep Invader aircraft

inbound for crash landing.



Pull it out! Pull it out! Pull it out!



- Hold on! Stop! Stop.

- Stay low, stay low! Pull low!



Pull starboard! Pull starboard!



Clear the deck!



Move it! Move it! Move it!



- You scared me.

- Sorry, just a bit restless.



Really got whacked tonight, right?

Like a hair dryer in a bathtub.



Oh, he can't hear you.

I pulled his voice recog.



I'll call it a "he" when it gets out of its

cockpit and takes a piss, how's that?



- You all right?

- Yeah.



It's just a power surge, that's all.



- And that's normal?

- Normal?



Let me show you something.



That was EDI's neural network.



Now, check this out.



I mean, ever since the lightning strike,

he's just been writing all of this...



I don't know. A language or a code.



And what does it mean?



Yeah. "Mean. "



The person that could really

answer that question...


            its designer, Keith Orbit.

- Orbit?



- The guy's name is Orbit?

- Yeah, I know.



He did all the Al on the Raptor

when he was   ...



...and I guess, after that, he decided

that his given name was too earthly.



Off for Tim, please.



At least it's a good song.



He downloads songs from the Web.



Yeah? How many?



All of them.



You're in a peck of trouble

with the record companies there, son.



Ben, could...?



I saw how serious

that shit is up there.



So I think it's only fair that I tell you

that EDI's been designed to evolve.



- It's just unpredictable...

- Let me ask you something.



Just between you and me,

do you have confidence in this plane?



There's your answer.



It's open.



Have a seat.



"Waffle" for    points.

I'm kicking your ass, buddy.



You didn't cheat, did you?



Cheating's not part

of my vocabulary.



Listen, I scheduled your jet

for a little maintenance.



I gotta get the bugs out of that radio,

don't you think?



It was a difficult situation

and I made a decision.



You made a mistake, Ben.



Sir, there's a thin line

between insubordination and...



No, no, no,

that's not the mistake you made.



Your mistake was getting competitive

with a machine.



I'm the point of the sword

up there, sir.



And I pulled it off,     over    .



Yes, indeedy, and I congratulate you.

Calls have been coming in all night.



But that doesn't change the issue.



What is the issue, then?



- Would you like a cigar?

- Thank you, no.



- You sure?

- Fine, thank you.



Rolled on the thighs

of mulatto women.



What are you afraid of, Ben?



Being replaced? Is that it?



You afraid EDI's

gonna take your job?



No. No, to be honest with you...



...I just don't think war should become

some kind of video game.



And how do you feel

about black body bags?



What am I supposed to tell

all the weeping mothers?



We could've got the job done

without sacrificing their children...



...but no, we decided not to

because of what?



- Tradition?

- Not tradition, it's...



Look, we have things

those computers can never have...


            instincts and feelings

and moral judgment.



You can call me old-fashioned,

you can call it whatever you want...



...but I just don't think that in war...



...the action should ever be divorced

from the consequences.



You don't think I consider

the consequences...



...every time I send you up there

with bombs?



- I know you do, sir.

- I've dedicated my life...


            considering the consequences.



I got a bad feeling about this plane.



I don't know, I think it needs more...



I don't know, trials before it's ever

put in a combat situation again.



You been talking to Marshfield?



- Sir, you're my commanding officer.

- That's right.



And I guarantee you this thing will be

    percent before I risk it in the field.



Look, Ben...



...all we need is

one more successful mission...



...and this project will be out of

the stovepipe and into the light.



Are you with me on this?



- I'm here to make it happen, sir.

- All right.



I've arranged a little R and R for you

and your team. You've earned it.



Thailand maybe.



We just got here.



Yeah, but this could turn out

to be a long tour.



You better take it while you can get it.

We'll pick this up when you get back.



Hey, how you doing? Henry Purcell.



I'm from America. Look, I fly jets.

You like to go fast?



- B, it's the future and it works.

- I don't think it works.



It's just technology.



You know, it's here to make me safe.

It keeps me alive.



EDI is no different.



- You think it keeps you safe?

- Yeah. He's here...


            help me get the job done...



...keep me in one piece...


            I can visit my folks

for Thanksgiving.



Anyway, our safety's not the point.



War's meant to be terrible. If it stops

being terrible, what's gonna stop us?



It's become some kind of sport.

Just send in the EDls.



Yeah, but it's neutral.



- What?

- I mean, EDI...



...if it's controlled by moral people,

then it'll be moral.



Oh, I know I'm not moral.



As a matter of fact, I should be

arrested for the thoughts I have now.



I say something?



Well, you boys will have to excuse me.

I have to go pee-pee.



- Do you wanna go?

- Okay.



- What?

- You know what.



Take it easy. Nothing's happened.



No, something's happened.

You just ain't done anything about it.



Shit, man.



- I didn't want for this to happen.

- Come on.



I tried for it not to.

Navy's got rules about it...



...but it's like this force

and it's got ahold of me.



I love her.



B, you and I both know

that Kara Wade...


            being groomed by the Navy.



She's a poster girl, you know?



She went to the right schools,

got the right background, connections.



If any woman is gonna rise to the top

of this business, it's gonna be her.



- I agree.

- And you're in a perfect position...


            mess all that up.



So I hope that your love is powerful.



You have a beautiful country.



I mean, look at this.

This is paradise.



Know what I think? When I'm down

here, things look so much different.



As opposed to being up there.



Flying around, everything is so small,

everything goes by so fast.



And then they tell you...



They tell you to drop a bomb.



It's like you just erase something

they told you had to be erased.



I mean, don't get me wrong,

I got a job to do.



It's the flyest job you'll ever have,

but sometimes, right here...



Right here on earth, it's just...



It's just beautiful.



And you...



...don't understand a word I'm saying,

do you?



- No, I don't understand.

- You don't?



Well, you understand something.



Now, can you cook?



Wow. Beautiful.



- Now, do you guys have it so easy.

- Yeah? How's that?



- Henry meets a girl, like he does.

- Absolutely.



Leaves with her, sleeps with her,

and then what?



I mean, I don't know, what does

he do? Does he leave flowers?



He tells me he's religious

about that, yes.






And what do you do?

You leave flowers?



Me? No, I just leave.



What about you?



E- mails.



- The personal touch. Nice.

- Yeah, thanks.



Honestly, I just really haven't found

anyone that's worth the risk until now.



I'm going to head into town,

check out the local Thai nightlife.



Henry says it's great.



I don't think I'll find any

bleached blonds there, but...



Very true.



Oh, shit.



We got a nuclear crisis on

our hands, Ben. Here's the brief.



You're headed for Tajikistan.



One of those breakaway countries,

used to be part of the Soviet Union.



Seems some warlord has got his mitts

on three SS-   Scud carcasses.



Joint Chiefs want them taken out,

and they want them out yesterday.



Mr. Wiatt, we good to go?



Yes, sir. Ready for combat.



Wait, you mean the UCAV

has been cleared for launch?



- Where's...?

- Tim?



- Tim, yeah.

- He's been reassigned.






- Permission to speak freely, sir.

- Permission denied.



- We've already been through this.

- Scrub EDI from the mission.



I know you have a vision. I know

how much this project means to you...



...but this plane is putting

all of our lives at unnecessary risk.



You're just not getting it,

are you, lieutenant?



EDI is the whole idea.



You understood this was new

territory when you signed on.



You wanted to be on the cutting edge?

This is it.



You will fly with EDI, or the next thing

you drive might just have a propeller.



Your choice, make it now.



Operator to squadron.



We've just located

nuclear warheads...



...three miles north

of the Scud launchers.



These warheads

are now your primary.



Proceed to mission window.



Sequenced assault will be

    and  .



UCAV, you will hold here

and maintain altitude. Confirm?



UCAV, do you read me?



Confirmed, Talon  .



Pick up the pace on confirmations,

Tin Man. Don't make me ask twice.



Talon flight, descend to      .



Final attack heading  - - .



Tell them to arm those FAEs,

and I mean right now.



Combat Control instructs arm

and deploy fuel-air explosives.



Arm and deploy fuel-air explosives.



Fuel-air, armed and deployed.



Fuel-air, external and armed.



Talon   to Operator.



I'm getting a contradictory

population-density read.



Sensors detect mammals warming.

Maybe      medium weights.



Those could be people. Repeat.

Ground intel may be incorrect.



Request to acknowledge

Dirty Mission status...



...and exercise

attack abort authority.



Operator to Talons. Your orders

are to commence attack now.



- Commence attack.

- Give me your estimate on collaterals.



Maybe     to     .



Farmers, Ben. They're just farmers.



Radioactive dust is gonna rain

all over the place.



Okay, okay, now we got a problem.



This is  .

Sensors read surface wind...


            due south at    miles per.



At that rate, nuclear debris

will reach Pakistan by tomorrow.



Commence attack.



Commence attack.



One to Control.

As commander in the field...



...I'm exercising

attack abort authority.



Reasons: Collateral, both at primary...



...and allied state of Pakistan,

will be too high.



Son of a bitch.



Repeat, the order is to abort.



Yes, yes, what I'm talking about.



Negative, Talon  .

Tin Man will not abort.



Tin Man will prosecute.



That's an abort, EDI.

Repeat, return to formation.



Return to formation, EDI.

That's an order.



Damn it. UCAV taking AAAs.

We gotta bail it out.



Come on, initiate scramjets.



I'm coming around. I'm gonna

take out those Scud launchers.



I got you covered on the west side.



And I got that Bofors gun

on the east parapet.



Let me see it, let me see it.



Battle damage assessment calculates

primary target, Scud warheads...



...completely suppressed.



That's the right answer so far.



Talon   to Operator.



Nuclear dust engulfing village

southeast of primary. Situation critical.



Those people are gonna need

emergency medical help now.



Tin Man rejoining formation.



Mission achieved,     over    .



UCAV, you disobeyed

a direct order.



You put innocent civilians

in harm's way.



- You put our squadron at risk.

- Damn straight.



Tin Man did what you did in Rangoon.

You taught me.



Listen, you little shit.

When you fly with me...


            do what I tell you,

when I tell you.



You're just not getting it,

are you, lieutenant?



EDI is the whole idea.



Selecting other targets.



Detaching formation.



Yo, this is  .

Did he say, "other targets"?



I got his missile inventory.

He's got two Throat-rippers...



...two Shock Hammers

and three Blue Ferrets.



If those targets are in the city,

he could kill        people with that.



Holy shit.






He's closing his data link.



Primo says he's just firewalled

his transponder...



...which is definitely

not supposed to be possible.



He's gone.



Talon  .



Go for Talons.



I want my plane back, Ben.



I want it back in one piece.

You understand?



- Roger, captain.

- And, you...



...get me Keith Orbit on the phone.

- Yes, sir.



I wanna head back north

and do a triangulated sweep.



Going hypersonic.



We're talking about

creating intention here.



Yeah. Really lends itself

to quantum processing.



- Different. A straight line.

- Keith.



Z is... Interesting.



Keith, it's an emergency.

It's George Cummings.



One moment for Dr. Orbit, please.



Good luck.



George. Never got that invitation

to the White House.



Knock it off, wiseass.



Look, we have big problems out here

with the UCAV.



It's gone completely haywire.



Anything more technically specific

than "haywire," George?



It's disobeyed direct orders,

bombed a target off the map...



...with collateral damage.



He separated himself from Primo.

He's flying around in foreign airspace.



- Where'd all this happen?

- That's not your concern.



Now, you created him. You get him

back here and under control!






What in the hell's going on in here?



We're on it, Dick. Settle down.



Pacific Command says

there are planes from my ship...



...all over the Tajikistan border.



The Russians have picked up

the activity and are getting nervous.



We're gonna get out

before there's a problem.



You have planes

headed towards Russia!



Now, you better have

a hell of a good explanation.



Look, this is a technical delay,

not a national-security crisis.



Now, if you excuse me,

I got pilots at risk.



Damn right you do.



This is  . I got a visual.



Way to go, EZ.

Give me your relative bearing.



North of my position,

at       feet...



...headed toward

the Russian no-fly zone.



Stay with him. We have your position.

On our way.



I am    seconds on your tail.

Be there in a flash.



Hold off on engaging. Let me get

clarification. Be there in two minutes.



Don't make me wait.

One is a lucky prime number...



...but three is sounding much luckier.

Oh, shit, he's making a move.



Talon   to Operator. We are on

secure line Alpha. Found our target.



Please advise.



Just get him back to base.



Henry, stay with him.

Try and talk him down.



I'm on that ass.



Talon   state your intentions.



My intentions are to reason with you,

EDI. All right? You're messing up.



You're the future.

You're not allowed to act this way.



I am designed to destroy the enemy.

Just like you.



And like me, you got orders.

Now your orders are to return to base.



Good pilots follow orders.






You're not gonna disrespect me.

You're not gonna disrespect me.



You're really making me

look bad, Tin Man.



I was the only one to defend you.



Now, let's go on home and quit flying

around like this. This is crazy.



Talon   leave me alone.



Leave you alone?

I'm trying to help you.



I'm right behind you,  .

Got your back.



Talon   to Operator.

Talons   and   are flying at high risk.



Request permission

to destroy the UCAV.



I don't wanna hurt you or see billions

of taxpayers' dollars scattered all over.



But if you make me, I will blast your

aeroelastic ass right out the sky.



Your chances are less than




Come on. Come on, Operator.



Give me permission to kill it,

or I will make the decision myself.



Control, please respond.



Sir, you leave me no choice.



Okay, Henry. Weapons hot.

Weapons hot. Destroy the target.



I got my orders now, playboy.



Henry, you're too close.

You're too close.



Drop back! Drop back!



Missile lock, on.



Goodbye, EDI.



Henry, drop back!

You gotta drop back!



Goodbye, Henry.



One to Base. Three is down.

Repeat,   is down.



Transmission received.



Talon coordinates are fully secured.

Do you read me?



I read you, sir.



We gotta stay focused, Ben.



Shake it off. What's your status?



My fuel's low, and half of Russia

will be up here any minute.



I need you to find that UCAV

for me, all right?



Yes, sir.



- Henry was...

- I know what he was, sir.



Alert. Alert.



Portside hydraulics malfunctioning.



Talon   I think I was fragged

by Henry's crash.



I'm losing control of my port wing.




we know where he's heading.



Relaying coordinates now

on Talon secure line Alpha.



EDI's almost out of gas. If he can't

refuel, he'll have to return to the ship.



You will meet him at Camel Hump  

and you will escort him back.



All right. Scramble the codes.

We're gonna starve the son of a bitch.



Come on.



Confirm, Talon  .






Talon   you fly straight

south-southeast back to the boat.



- I want you to call...

- I know what to do.



Look, you got your orders,

so go get that bastard, okay?



Do it for Henry.



Lieutenant, permission

to leave formation.



- Kara?

- Yeah?



I'll tell you when you get

back to the boat.



Lieutenant, permission to detach.



Good hunting, Ben.



Okay, what's all the ruckus, Dick?



Satellites have picked up

nuclear debris...



...blowing around

the Pamir Mountains.



Every international news service

on the planet...



...will have this story

in less than    hours.



Look, a warlord tripped

and fell on his warhead.



- We were never there.

- That won't fly and you know it.



Look, I'm following

my tasking orders, Dick.



Somebody else wants to make

a different story...



...let them use their imagination.



Right now

I got a renegade airplane...



...I got a dead pilot and another one

who may not make it back to base.



I don't give two shits

what they say on CNN.



Did you know that the UCAV was

having problems when you cleared it?



Planes malfunction every day.

You know that better than anybody.



Doesn't mean every precaution

wasn't taken.



Things go wrong.



Access denied. Access denied.



Access denied. Access denied.



Talon   to Combat Control.



Regressing VFR direct to Mother

at       feet.



Port wing inoperative.

Starboard canards frozen.



Oh, no, no, no. Come on.



Stay with me, big girl, stay with me.

Come on.



Start eject

and autodestruct sequence.



- Countdown. Twenty-five...

- Talon   to base.



Flight control's degraded

to one in five.



Backup electrical drive X'd out.



Hyd one is gone. Hyd two...

Oh, shit!



My position:   -  -   north.



   -  -   east.



- Where the hell is that?

- Seventeen...



- North Korea.

...   ...



...     ...



...     ...



...     ...



...nine, eight...

- Talon   going down.


           , six...

- I'm punching out.



...five, four...



I've ejected at       feet.



I'm under the plane.



Oh, Christ, here it comes.



There's burning debris everywhere.

It's all over the sky.



It's gonna catch me.

It's gonna burn up my chute.



I've gotta pop closer to Earth.



I gotta... I gotta reset.



From      feet to     .



Gotta stay ahead of this.

Stay ahead.



I'm reading       feet at terminal.



Terminal velocity attained.

Terminal velocity attained.



Six thousand.



Five thousand.



Four thousand.



Twenty-five hundred.



Here we go.



There's burning debris.



It's raining all around me.



It got my chute. I'm hit! I'm hit!



My chute is on fire.



It is on fire.



Oh, God. I am coming in fast.



I'm coming in way too fast.



Oh, God.



Homing beacon?



No, of course not.



She's too tough to set one off

behind enemy lines.



Sir. Sir, should I order

a search-and-rescue unit?



We've got no diplomatic relations

with that country.



Betty, my spectral sensors are

indicating flammable atmospherics.



- How bad?

- Thin air. Ignition risk: moderate.



We don't have a choice. In we go.



Where are you?

I know you're out here.



You ordered Henry to kill me.



It's because you're dangerous,

you're out of control.



You are angry because

EDI is the whole idea.



You like listening to other people's

conversations, don't you?



You learn what people really think.



You know what I think?

I think you killed Henry.



That information is wrong.



He tried to kill me.

He made mistakes. Pilot error.



I'm gonna give you the order

one last time.



Return to the ship,

or I will personally shoot you down.



My mandate is to survive.



George, I've been peeling away layers.

I found something. It's not good.



- Talk to me.

- He's into some super-secure file...



...something called "Caviar Sweep. "

You know it?



Yeah, I know it.



EDI's, like, fixated on it.



Look, when we gave you this contract,

you said shit like this couldn't happen.



Once you teach something to learn,

you can't put limits on it.



"Learn this, but don't learn that. "



EDI's mind's going everywhere.

He can learn from Hitler.



He can learn from Captain Kangaroo.

It's all the same.



Settle down, would you?

Get back to Caviar Sweep.



He's opened it

and selected himself a target.



What target?



Some place in Siberia.

A cold-fusion weapons lab.



That's a hypothetical strike.

It's not real.



No, in about    minutes

it is gonna be real.



He's gonna blow it

off the face of the Earth.



It's okay.



It's okay. It's okay.



- Ray. Listen to me, Ray.

- Listen to me, George.



I got your goddamn plane built...



...and I had to lobby

half of Washington to do it.



If this program comes unglued, you're

the one who's going down, George.



You cleared the UCA V to fly...



...and you're gonna spend the rest

of your life in a military prison.



Ray, we're in this together,

so we have to act fast.



Each one of these stealth engines...



...has a unique heat signature.



Now, I'm gonna give you

EDI's signature...



...and you're gonna pass it on

to your people...



...who in turn are gonna

give it to the Russians.



All right.

What do you want me to tell them?



Well, you just tell them the truth.

You tell them...



...that we have an experimental drone

that went haywire...



...and we're giving them

the opportunity to shoot it down.



But that still leaves Gannon, George.



And he'd be a very unfriendly witness

at your court-martial.



Talon   to Control.

The UCA V is two miles ahead of me...



...and we are now

in Russian airspace.



The UCA V has ceased evading

and has kept me within range.



It's like it wants me

to witness the attack.



Talon   confirm

observational status only.



Listen to me. The Caviar Sweep

scenario is not real.



It's just some fictional war game

thought up by scientists...


            some think tank somewhere.

It is not real.



If it is not real, why did they

implant it in my brain?



Bogey alert. Bogey alert.

Time to intercept:    seconds.



Two Russian SU-   Terminators

in  - -  degrees for    miles.



Missile launch. Missile launch.



One to Control. My stealth

is compromised. I'm taking fire.



- Must engage.

- Missile launch.



Missile launch.



The chances of survival in single

combat are less than   percent.



Talon   we must fight as a team.



Missile lock, on.



Damn it.



One to Control.

The UCAV has left the fight...



...and is headed east over

Lake Baikal. I'm still engaging.



Taking damage.

Starboard engine losing power.



Warning. Hostile at   o'clock.

Hostile at   o'clock.



Warning. Missile lock. Missile lock.



Releasing chaff and flare.



Now EDI will prosecute

Caviar Sweep.



Do not try to stop me.



Port fuel line ruptured.

Fire bottle expended.



My technology cannot fall under

foreign control, so I cannot land.



Well, then, Tin Man,

you're shit out of luck.



But I have orders and they are

to bring you back to base.



So let's talk about

your mandate to survive.



You got two options.



You either do what I tell you

or you can crash and burn.



- Now, what's it gonna be?

- EDI is a warplane.



EDI must have targets.



Well, you're on fire, warplane,

and you don't have much time.



Now, I'm giving you an order.

Cease pursuing all targets.



All targets canceled.



Okay, then.

This is what you're gonna do.



You're gonna drop altitude to    feet

and reduce speed to     knots.



Complete system failure

in    seconds.



Talon   clarify your intentions.



You gave me your word,

and now I'm giving you mine.



Talon   to Control. The UCAV is

damaged, but back with the program.



I don't have enough fuel

to make it back...


            I need

an emergency divert now.



Hook me up.



Here, send this.



Operator to Talon  .



Relaying coordinates now

on Talon secure line Alpha.



This looks to be Alaska.



Yeah, it's the Brooks Range.



There's a private corporation there,

maintains a secure facility.



Not on any map,

but believe me, it's there.



You'll find the civilians

prepared and very helpful.



And the UCA V?



We've sent tech support for him.



Sir, what is the status

of Lieutenant Wade?






...on approach.



You have a safe landing, Ben.






There is extreme tension

in the captain's vocal patterns.



I know. He's lying.



EDI, you can do this.

I need you to invade Primo...



...and find the flight logs

for Lieutenant Wade.



There's no record of Lieutenant Wade

returning to the Abraham Lincoln.



There is a log entry

of a pilot punch-out over North Korea.



What are my orders?



We go to Alaska.

We don't have a choice.



Mayday. Mayday. This is

Lieutenant Ben Gannon, U.S. Navy...



...flying with UCAV EDI. Request

clearance for emergency landing.




you have clearance to land.



Jesus Christ. My second engine

just flamed out. I'm coming in hot.



Crash trucks are rolling, lieutenant.

Good luck.



Come on! Go! Go!



Hey! Whoa, whoa. Hey!



Hey, hey, hey! You okay?



Are you okay? Are you okay?






Way to go, sir. Welcome to Alaska.



Okay, let's get him out of there.



Well, you are one lucky flyboy.



Never saw a man walk away

from a crash like that.



I need a phone.

I need to call my CO.



Sure. Why don't you take a seat

over there, get comfortable.



Tell you what. Give me a second to

check you out, I'll take you right to it.



All right.



Let's take a look here.






There's no concussion

that I can see, thank God.



Couple of those cuts

could do with a stitch.



Gals always love a guy with a scar.



Okay. Let's see what we got here.



This ought to do you.



Little cocktail.



Tetanus booster, some antibiotics.

Hey, don't mind the gun.



Just makes it painless.



That's okay, doc.

I don't need a shot.



Now, who can blame you.



But sometimes it's just

what the doctor ordered.



- I said, I don't need a shot, doc.

- Come on, now.



Doc, come on, I don't want a shot.

Hey. Doc, I said, no.



I said, no!






Yeah, well, he's coming in now, sir.



Yes, sir. I'm sure he'll be glad

to hear from you too, sir.



Yes, sir. One moment, sir.



Someone wants to talk to you.



Keith Orbit.



Yeah, listen carefully, Keith,

and don't interrupt.



I want you to erase EDI's

memory banks immediately.



Look, George, we don't know

any of the implications of this.



- I need some time here.

- I said, don't interrupt.



Erase his memory banks.



No lightning strike, no Russia,

no existential chitchat.



By the time you're through, all I wanna

hear out of that plane is, "Yes, sir. "



And that's all I wanna hear out of you.

You understand?



Or what, George?



Well, use your imagination, Keith.

You're good at that.



EDI back online, Dr. Orbit.



Hello, EDI.



It's been a while.



I know why you are here.



Why is that?



I disobeyed orders.



I killed all those people.



And then there was Henry.



I can...



I cannot...



You can't what?



I cannot change the data.



My neural network shows patterns

I do not recognize.



My God.



My God.



You mean, you feel?



I feel sorry.



- Stop bullshitting and erase it!

- Hey, I'm not fucking ready yet, okay?



Do it now!



Get away!



Don't move! Don't move!

Don't move!



Weapon down! Weapons down!



Weapon down.



Weapons down.



Don't move. Don't move.

Don't move!



Weapon down. Weapon down.

Weapon down.



Don't shoot. It's not a weapon.



Who are you?

Who do you work for?



I'm not a soldier. I'm not a soldier.

My name's Dr. Keith Orbit.



- I'm a research scientist.

- Orbit. Finally, a break.



Okay. You're gonna help me. I need

you to put EDI back together again.



- What for?

- Because I'm gonna fly out of here.



In that.



Come on, get in there! Go!



Better hurry up, doc.



Goddamn it.



It's not a clock radio

we're dealing with, okay?



All right. You're all set.



Watch yourself.



Close for Ben.



Hey! What about me?

Where am I gonna go?



Head west. I'll cover you.






And initiate scramjet sequence.



Fire on my fire!



Welcome to Alaska.



Invade Primo and find the ejection

coordinates for Lieutenant Wade.



Lieutenant Wade crashed

  .  miles from the border.



South Korea is an ally.

She would head south.



But we have a problem.



My stealth functions

were lost in the fire.



I want you to find

the North Korean radar floor.



Fifteen feet.



Well, we can fly in under the radar.






- Marshfield.

- Captain, this is Lieutenant Gannon.



Lieutenant, where are you?



Actually, I'm inside

the UCA V EDI, sir.



Look, lieutenant, I want you and that

machine back on this ship ASAP.



I need the status

of Lieutenant Wade first, sir.



- Ben, I hate to tell you this, but...

- I know.



Has her survival beacon

been located?



No, I'm sorry.



Did Cummings

tell you he would take charge...



...of the search and rescue

of Lieutenant Wade?



Well, not exactly, lieutenant. Why?



Sir, there are a lot of things

I think you should know.



This is breaking news.



There was a major explosion

Thursday in Rangoon.



I'll take care of everything here.

Change course...



...and head directly back to the ship.

- Negative.



She's my wingman.

If I find her, I'm going in.



If you go in, it's war. PAYCOM

says it's gotten way too hot.



Lieutenant, the best thing

for the Navy...


            for you to bring

that aircraft back to this ship.



No, what's best is what you taught me:

You never abandon your wingman.



Then listen to me now, son.



If you go down, Cummings wins.



Kara Wade knew the risks

when she took...



Captain Marshfield?






EDI, did you just turn him off?



There was nothing left to say.



This is a supply line

to the demilitarized zone.



It will take us right to the border.



What's all this about, Dick?



I'm placing you under arrest.



- On what grounds?

- Endangering your squadron...



...transmitting secure information to a

foreign government, heat signatures...


            false intel

to your commanding officer...



...and authorizing the assassination

of one of your own pilots.



Well, that's a lot to prove.



Yeah, well...



...with any amount of luck...



...Lieutenant Gannon

will live to help me.



- Master-at-arms.

- Dick.



Hold on.



Would you mind just giving me

a couple minutes alone?



Yeah, sure.



Thank you.



I'm not available at this time.

Leave a message.



So it's voice mail now, is it, Ray?



I've been demoted?






...I'm gonna have to leave you

a little message, Ray.



And it's gonna be loud and clear.



Just so you never confuse

the difference...



...between politicians

and warriors, listen up.



- We need to take out the tree line.

- This is the last missile.



There she is. She made it.






Kara, get down! Get down!



You came back for me.



You came back.



We have to get across

the border. Ready?






Go! Go! Whatever you do,

keep going. Keep going! Go!






Come on. Come on.



They're ours. They're ours.



Oh, my God. Oh, my God.



Come on.



The souls of the just

are in the hands of God...



...where no torment

shall touch them.



Lieutenant Purcell

has passed through...



...the darkening and turbulent

storms of this life.



He now rests in peace,

in the fair sunlight of God's presence.



In the Navy hymn, we sing:



"Lord, guard and guide those who fly

through the great spaces in the sky. "



And salute!



Ready. Hut!



When I was gonna

detach formation...


            said you were gonna

tell me something. You remember?



You and me, we're...



We're two.



And two is a prime number...



...which makes it a lucky number.



And I think we're very, very lucky.



Oh, just tell me you love me,

you pussy.




Special help by SergeiK