Steamboy Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Steamboy script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Katsuhiro Ôtomo movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Steamboy. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Steamboy Script



How long do you think it will take

this mineral water to replenish, Eddy?



I don't know.



- Fifty years?

- No. A hundred.



Open valves one and two!



Open one and two!






Open valves three and four!



Three and four!



It's not enough!



It's not working.



Raise the values.

There's not enough pressure!



No, Father!



The centre valve won't hold.



It's not enough!

Open all the valves!






Close the valves!



From risk comes progress.



Close valves three and four!



A bit more...



Almost there...



What's wrong, Eddy?

Are you all right?



The second time this month!



- Have you called Scott Co.?

- Yes, sir.



"The latest in engines," my foot.



They were just here for maintenance!



They said everything was fine.



Shut this thing down!



Pete! Where is he?!



My engines.



Eleanor. Helen.






- Do something.

- I am.



Ray's down below, closing the valve.



What are you doing?!



Guess I'll have to smash the boiler.



Wait! Do you know how much

a boiler costs?



- The cylinders, then.

- No! Don't do that!



Should I just wait till they both blow?



If I don't do something,

Ray will be killed!









What the...?!






Are you all right?



Yeah. A bit scalded.



The boiler?



It's all right?



Yes, but the water-heater valve

and the pipe burst.






Have you any idea

how much that will cost?!



That's not Ray's fault, Mr. Kerrigan.



He just did a very dangerous thing.



Now, you listen to me!



Those parts are coming out

of your paycheck! Don't forget!



I want this running again

by tomorrow!



Ignore him. Well done, Ray.



Pack them in tighter or it won't all fit.



Ground-up bones found

in Market Street bakery bread!



Pastor of cemetery church

speaks out!



Read all about it!



Society must think anew

about its surroundings!



Latest on the canal murders!



Church of England minister charged!



"The Great Exhibition."



Hi, Ray.



Hi, Cliff.



David told me what happened.



You save the place,

and they cut your pay.



Yeah, but I got this.



A brass valve. I can still use it.



Manchester. Manchester.



Hey, Alex!



Look who's here!



Ray Steam, the inventor.



Builder of junk, like his father

and grandfather before him.



And now here he is

at my dad's railyard...



...stealing stuff.



An inventor who is a thief!



Or just a thief.



Get him, Alex!






Hey! It wasn't my idea!



My dad and my granddad

are working in America.



Because England

thinks they're crazy!



Shut up!



"'What is it that you seek...



...for which you would

abandon this world? '



'What I seek is up... Up... Up... '






'Uprightness, a joy ageless

and eternal.



That is in heaven,

granted to all who seek it.



Thus it is written in my book.'



The stubborn man..."



"The stubborn man said.

'Your book?



I know naught of your book.

Will you come with me or not?"'



I'll have to file it down.



They were making fun

of Father and Grandpa.



They started it.



That's no excuse.



But that Alex is a rotter, Mrs. Steam.



He whistled at me on the street.



We're staying here this week, Ray.






Thomas and Emma's mother

has gone to Blackpool...


            attend her employers

on holiday there.



You should have seen the luggage.

I thought we were moving.



Mother, I'm hungry.



That's too bad. That poor boy

almost needed stitches.



I didn't hit him that hard.



How hard is not important.



You don't bash people

over the head with metal bars.






Mother! Emma! It's done!



You can't fight blood, I guess.



I'm always afraid

he'll burn the place down.



Mrs. Steam, parcel!






What could that be?



Mother! It's a parcel from Grandpa.



Now, don't scatter

everything around.






This is Grandpa's writing.



Whatever could this be?



Is that the postman back again?






Is this the residence of Dr. Steam?



Yes, it is.



I am Alfred, and this is Jason...



...of the O'Hara Foundation

in the United States.



Thank you for all you've done

for my husband and father-in-law.



Not at all. They've done

a great deal for us.



A parcel's just this minute

come from the elder Dr. Steam.



Is that so? What excellent timing.



And would the doctor be home?



Grandpa? But he's...



You're Ray? The Doctors Steam

have told me about you.



They say he should have gone

to the exhibition in London.






There's been a mistake.



Are you really from the Foundation?



Yes, Ray.





            won't have this!



What's gotten into you?



Grandpa says not to give this

to anyone.



Yes. It's very, very important.



That's why he's sent us

to get it for him, Ray.



And especially not to anyone

from the Foundation.






What's going on here?



Well you may ask...



I'll tell you!









Ray! Don't let these villains

have that ball!



It's Foundation property!



That ball cost Eddy his...






Ray, your father is dead.



Father is...






Jason! The doctor's here!



Run, Ray!



Take the ball and the plans

to Mr. Stephenson!



- Who?

- Mrs. Steam!



Don't let that ball get to London!









Ray! Take to your heels!






Jason! Get down here!



Mother! Quick!



Ray! Get help!












Time to move.



Oh, no!



What are you doing? That won't help!



It's never worked.



Just push, will you?



Jason! He's out front!



Hold it up straight.



What's that?



That kid! He's got the steam ball!



Emma! Give me a push!



Stop fooling with this and get away!






- Run, gaffer!

- Where?!



Move aside!



What's that thing?



What's that?



Out of the way!






- Hey!

- That boy needs help!



What the...?!



- We've stopped.

- Why?



Careful! You could've

killed someone!






I had to stop that tractor.






- Well done, David.

- Mr. Stephenson.



Robert Stephenson?



These are yours?



What's your name?



Ray, sir.



James Ray Steam, Mr. Stephenson.



James Steam?



Edward Steam's son?



It's firing something!



Your grandfather sent us a letter...



...asking us to meet him

in Manchester.



But now, running into you this way...



There's more to this

than we thought, sir.






You mean those men from

the O'Hara Foundation?



I can't say much. It involves

secrets vital to our nation.



It concerns a new discovery...



...made by your father

and grandfather.



Your father and Mr. Stephenson

worked together in their   s.



We were more like rivals.



In '   when I was in America...



...your father and I...



Grandpa told me to give you this.



But this is...






Sir! Get down!



- The roof?

- What was that?



Take her up!









Hold onto him!



It's grappled us!



We'll crash into Victoria Station!



- Ray!

- Let go!



Get the ball! Forget the kid!









We're in the train yard.



Take it up!



Fool! Close the valve!



Give me that!



Let go!



- Hurry!

- Mr. Stephenson!






London train now arriving

at platform seven.



What's that?



Who else saw Dr. Steam?



Was he here?



They took Ray too!



How is Robert Stephenson involved?



I'll file a report, and we'll investigate.



Well? Find anything?



I think this is a pressure gauge...



...but I've never heard of one

that went this high.



He might have called us here...


            show us how much power

that ball was capable of.



With Dr. Steam kidnapped,

that's all I can guess.



How powerful do you think

that ball really is?



Mr. Stephenson, will Ray be all right?



I'm sure he will, ma'am.



The British Empire will ensure

his safe return.



How was your trip, Miss Scarlett?

Is the chairman well?



Simon. What a place!



The weather's foul, the river stinks...



...and the buildings are dingy.



It's awful!






Help me, please.

I've been kidnapped.



It's true.






Come back here!



You're a bad boy!



Now I've got you!



So you're Dr. Edward's son?



How do you know his name?!



Miss Scarlett.



So here you are. Good, good.



Sorry to have kept you,

Master James Ray Steam.



Where's Grandpa's steam ball?!

And who are you people?



My apologies. I am Archibald Simon.

I administer the O'Hara Foundation.



And this is the granddaughter...



...of Charles O'Hara-St. Johns,

the Foundation chairman...



...Miss Scarlett.



And you think that allows you

to smash our house?!



Why don't you find yourself

some lighter shoes...



...Dr. Edward?



How are you, Ray?






It's been a long time.



We can talk later.

Let's eat before the food gets cold.



Ray, sit down.



I heard the story.



Nothing would have happened

if Father hadn't been so stubborn.



We'll have your house

fixed up in no time.



There have been mistakes

and misunderstandings...



...but I'm pleased

you were good enough to come.



I didn't ask to!



Simon! This plate smells.



I wanted you

and your mother to come...



...and see the work I've done.






That river makes everything stink.



Come, Ray.



But, doctor, dinner's not...






How rude.



Just a darn minute!



Father, what's going on?



First Grandpa says you're dead...



...and not to give

the Foundation that ball.



And what happened to you?



We were looking for a stable liquid

of great purity...


            give very high pressure.



Three years ago we found it

in a cave in Iceland.



So, what did you do with it?



What are you doing?



What's wrong with you, girl?

Are you stupid?!



Mind how you talk to me.



I'm not the stupid one.



My name is Scarlett,

but everyone calls me Miss.



Hold onto the handrail, miss.



Here we go.



In      we succeeded in confining

super-high pressure...


            a highly concentrated space.



Super-high pressure,

highly concentrated?






This is nothing

compared to Niagara Falls.



That ball!



That is the steam ball.



We made three of them in Ireland.



They provide all the power

for this tower.



The steam ball...



All steam vessels until now

have derived power...



...from an enormous boiler.



They require numerous cylinders...



...whose own weight absorbs power.



But what we have here, Ray,

is a system...



...that will transmit pure power.



Built with our money.



You know what that means, Ray?



With power like this,

we can take to the air.



So what?



I have two balloons,

and Grandfather has an airship!



Just shut up, will you?



How dare you!



Oh, my.



What's this?



The Steam Tower control room.



"Steam Tower"?



Look, Ray! You can see

the Exhibition Palace!



- With this...

- The Exhibition?



This way!

There's a terrace outside.



Up here, Ray! Quick!



Look how small everyone is!



So this is London?



You really are stupid!

Where else would they have...



...the London Exhibition?



Golly! It really is the Exhibition!



This is the O'Hara...



It's a tremendous Exhibition...



...but beside Steam Tower,

it's rubbish.



What is this Steam Tower?



You don't know? Stupid!



Stop calling me that!



It's not stupid to ask

when you don't know!



Kinetic energy from this tower...



...will be converted

for every conceivable use.



Man will be freed from long,

hard labor...



...and will prevail over even

nature's greatest disasters.



We will deliver

this enormous power...


            the entire world!



Under the O'Hara trademark.



It all begins here.



One day you will inherit

Steam Tower.



- Me?

- Him?



The tower was first conceived

by your grandfather.



It's been    years since I started

helping with the plans.



Now the day of completion

draws near.



Help me, Ray.



Together we'll finish Steam Tower.



The Exhibition will be opening soon.



If not for that father of mine...



Why isn't Grandpa helping?



A difference of opinion.



Soon you'll understand this...



...but science isn't

an occult art like alchemy.



It's not secrets for the use

of the well-born...



...deep in their palaces

and churches.



Science exists as a power

to be used in reality.



What use is it, if not for everyone?



The entire world awaits its blessings.



The world awaits Steam Tower!



The O'Hara Foundation.



During the Civil War they sold

guns to both North and South...



...and now they deal arms

all over the world.



But we did not know that when

they were invited to this Exhibition.



It's very embarrassing.



Their technology is becoming

a threat to this nation.



Perhaps you say that...


            order that we will fund

more of your inventions?



Wars are not won by machines.



In truth...



...I must say

I have underestimated them.



"Them"? Those Mancunians?



The Steams.



Why would you fear those two?



They weren't even admitted

to our Technical Academy!



They're self-taught.



Well, self-taught or not...



...we can't have them selling arms

outside our Exhibition doors.



It's a matter of national dignity.



Ventilation complete.

Let's get back to work.



Yes, Father.



The water intake's fixed.



Commence flooding!



Yes, sir!



Columbus' indoor walker is broken.



Submersible retracted!



Did you hear me?



I said that Columbus' walker

is broken. Fix it!



Why should I?



Your grandpa made it.



He did?



Well, if we don't stop it,

the dog will die.



Columbus, you call him?









Tell me before you do that!



You'll need a new cam for this gear.



Then put one in.



No parts. Steam Tower

uses American standards...



...and this is English.



What do you mean?

This is London!



Those parts are everywhere!



I guess I could file one down...



Let's go find one.






What are you doing?



They'll see us.



They said not to go out.



Oh, they did, did they?



I was kidnapped and brought here,

don't forget.



You make it sound so awful.



Isn't this wonderful?



This is stealing, isn't it?



- A steam hammer.

- Ray! Come here!



Keep quiet!



Someone will hear us.






You see?



It's just our reflection in the glass.



No. Each one's just a little different.



- Yeah?

- They're all looking at us.



Yeah, well...



What are we doing?



Bowing. To our guests.






Which one of those me's

do you like?



That's a hard question...



Yeah, it is really something!



If only Mum could see this!



A real mama's boy, huh?



I am not!



Do most kids

so want to see their mothers?



Who said I did?



I've got five mothers.



The one who cooks for me.



The one who buys clothes with me.



The one who teaches me.



Those aren't mothers.



One for when I go riding,

and one for bedtime stories.



Big deal!



I'm not writing to my mothers

saying I want to go home.



How did you know that?



You threw the letter away.



I won't let you finish

Steam Tower, Eddy.






You remember that letter

I asked you to send to Mum?



Yes. I asked them

to send it along with mine.






Yes. I write her once a month.



Doctor! We have

a pressure leak in Area  .



We just checked that yesterday.



Your father broke out of

his cell last night.



What were the guards doing?



Don't close that centre valve.



I know. But the whole tower's

losing pressure!



A letter every month?



Then why did Grandpa...?



Reroute pressure from Area  !



Watch Areas   and  !






Close valve    will you.



- In Area  .

- Right.



Number   ...



Grandpa? Is that you?






Turn out that light, will you.



What are you doing here?



Me? What about you?



Weren't you in Manchester?



Why are you in London?



What's happened to

the steam ball?!



An airship came

and lifted me out of a train...



They stole it?



- Yes.

- Oh, no!



After all I went through

to send it to Manchester!



Blast you, Eddy!



There's no time to lose.






Stop that!



If you open this...



...all the pressure collects

at the main valve!



You young fool!



Your father's deceived you, Ray.



You knew he was alive!



He who has crossed to evil

is as good as dead!



The world is waiting?



For this work of the devil?



But Father says...



He's a fool who's sold

his scientist's soul to capitalists.



Don't listen to him.



But it'll help people...



Yes! Shareholders, with dividends.



An invention with no philosophy

behind it is a curse.



We must take back the ball.



No! You'll wreck

the whole Steam Tower!






Close the centre valve.

Release the pressure.



Find the break!



The opening ceremony's tomorrow.



Where are you going?



Just come along!






Here's his dream for you.



- What are these?

- Weapons of war.



The devil's handiwork,

made to kill men by the thousands.






This would slaughter an enemy!



You young fool!



Who's the enemy?



Prussians? French? English?



Well, that would depend on the war.



Listen to me.



Arrogance and self-interest

creates enemies in your own mind.



Our first forefathers knew

neither enemy nor ally.



They want to make commerce

out of human stupidity.



But Father said...



This is the thing

that smashed our house.



Giant Despair.



The latest version of

the self-propelled tractor.



To recoup the money,

they've invested in new weapons.



The Foundation must sell arms...


            the military leaders

at this Exhibition.



Even if it means

destroying the whole place.



Why did you stop?



Is Father really wrong?



He most certainly is!



I think the Steam Tower

is marvelous.



But somehow

Father's not like he was.



What if the Foundation's

deceived him?



Is he really wrong?



That's for you to see

and decide for yourself, Ray.



Come on!



Hurry, Ray!



Now's our chance.






...must serve progress

for all the world!



- Father!

- Eddy!



Are weapons not part of that, Father?



Fool! Science should reveal

universal principles...



...not assist humanity in its folly.



By universal principles...


            you mean that

children's funfair of yours?



What is science for?



To make all humanity equal!



Equal? Don't abuse that word.



All this is meant for profit!



Ray! It was my accident

that taught me.



As the steam swirled around me...



...I saw the overwhelming power

of science.



It's power! Science is power!






And this Steam Tower is science

in its ultimate form.



"Science is power"?

That kind of arrogance...



Who's there?






Step away from the steam ball!



You see, Ray?

This is what they're like.



That cur shot at Grandpa!






Just see what happens

if you put a hole in something!



I'd sooner be shot dead here

than see my invention...



...put to evil use.



Well, Alfred?



Shoot him.



- Grandpa!

- Stop that!



You're bleeding!



Forget that.

You must turn that wheel.



Ray! Take the ball and run!



But, Grandpa...!



It's all up to you now.



Run, Ray!



- Oaf! Don't shoot the boy!

- Yes, sir.



What in blazes?!



Ray. Give me the ball.






Hold it!



Now, give me the ball.



Ray! Open the valve all the way

and throw it!



Don't be a fool!

Do that and it'll explode!



It's no use.

You can't go anywhere.



What are you doing?!



After him!



Down there!



There he is!



Bring a gun!



What's all this racket?



I'm sorry, miss.



Dr. Steam's son has run away

with the steam ball.



He's done what?!






Come back here, boy!



Stop it! What if you hit him?



Oh, well. Deploy!












Well, doctor?



The buyers will be here very soon.



So much for that scheme.



Restart the pressure feed.



Watch this, Father.



Look, Ray.



There they are.



America, Prussia, France, Russia.



Military leaders from everywhere.



Over here, sir.



Ray. You're safe.



Mr. Stephenson.



Good! I was worried.



And this is the steam ball?



Grandpa's injured.

They've got him in the Tower.



He means the

O'Hara Foundation pavilion.



All the military leaders

just went in there.



Without the steam ball,

the Tower isn't complete...



...but inside, it's full

of incredible new weapons.



They plan to use them

to wreck the Exhibition.



If we don't hurry, it'll be too late.



Incredible new weapons?



Self-propelled machines, airships...



...and whatever else.



Well, Ray, we'll take that ball now.



Mr. Stephenson.



What is it?



Inventions and science,

what are they for?



Science exists to make

people happy, Ray.






Thank you.



Right. We're going in.



Order the police to arm themselves.



Now, Ray...



...while science exists

to make people happy...



...the basis of that happiness,

the nation, must be preserved.



Look, Ray.



There is no happiness

without the nation.



Now we attack.



Shall we go?






We have a few things prepared too.



Come, Ray.



We are honored...


            have such distinguished visitors

on the first day...



...of the London Exhibition.



I thank you on behalf

of the O'Hara Foundation.



Simon! Where are you?



Why were they shooting at Ray?



You! Where's Simon? Speak up!



I last saw him below,

in the main boiler room.



Simon, it's me. I demand to know

the meaning of this!



Step aside. Let us through.






What are you doing here?



Is that you, miss?



And you're hurt!



Emergency pressure vent!

Man your stations!



Does this have anything to do

with Ray running away?



He got away?



- Well done!

- Quiet!



Is there a problem with Ray?



The Foundation is using science

to make weapons of war!



Ray found out.



But that's...



Now the world will know

what the Foundation is doing!



What's wrong with that?



That's how we make money.

Why shouldn't we?



You've put ideas in his head.



That's why he stole that ball.



I'm not finished!



Open the door! Police!



We wish to inspect these premises!



What's that, then?



All right, we'll start

by searching this floor.



Now, gentleman, we will have

a little demonstration.



Where are we going?









Mr. Stephenson's workshop.



Your father and grandfather

aren't the only inventors around.



This is our work.



What's this?



Our Steam Tank, Model Two.



It runs fine on level ground,

but it can't climb hills.



But with this ball...



David, there's no time.

Connect the ball.



Right away!



When the right adjustment valve

starts to vent...



...put in the ball.



Hurry! Stop wasting time!



It is with the greatest pleasure...



...that we declare...



...this Exhibition of Science open.



We pray...



...that it may serve science

and the future of mankind.



Pull back!



For us, for Britain...



...this Exhibition pavilion

is a new cathedral.



The wisdom and science of the world

are here laid at the feet of God.



As Jesus said,

"The kingdom of God is at hand.



Therefore raise ye a church

and await his coming."



Our newest model,

the Steam Trooper.



While even a few

are a threat to any enemy...



...their full potential

is realized in platoon...



...or company strength.



There is, of course, a cost,

but victory will be sure!









Why were they shooting at Ray?



Yes, he took the ball...



...but don't you realize

old Dr. Steam put him up to it?!



Perhaps now is not the time for...



What's going on down there?






Something in the way of

a war with Britain...



...combined with

a product demonstration.






Yes, miss?



Don't lose.



Yes, miss.



- Where are you going?

- To reason with Ray.



I see. Well, it certainly is

an unusual idea.



And what do you plan to do now?



I think it is time to begin.

Where is Her Majesty?



She has left the Exhibition.



Splendid. Now we can fight.



What's that?!






Alfred. Have the air corps attack.



Well, gentlemen.

Things are getting interesting!



This is splendid, Ray. Look!



Push it all we want,

and it still doesn't blow!



How much power

does this ball have?!



Right! It's stabilized.



More! Raise it higher!






It's impossible!



Oaf! You can't turn back now!



All your training

has been for this moment.






What?! A flying corps?



Yes! Flying all over the Exhibition!



Don't be stupid!

You're sure it's not just birds?






What an idea.



Look up.



The most advanced of our science

is contained in our air corps.



Support for ground forces

and observation of...



It's getting a bit dangerous here.

Let's retire to the observation deck.






Now what?



Someone go get her!






Just a darn minute!



I'm going to the queen

and bring Ray back!



Stop it!



That's awful.






What's going on?



There's a man in there.






To generate

that much horsepower...



...takes not only high pressure,

but knowledge of aerodynamics.



At first, from those blueprints...



What are you doing?



Taking the ball back.



And why would you do that?



You just wanted Grandpa's plans.



Finding them was hard.



I got all muddy

walking the fields along that track.



I'll bet Grandpa never wrote you

a letter from Manchester.



We've been watching

the Foundation for a while.



And your family.



Stop it, Ray!



We can't give you that ball now!



Grandpa didn't invent it

to be used like this.



Give it back!



I apologize.



With the Exhibition a battlefield...



...Mr. Stephenson will be responsible

if we lose now.



And British scientific technology

will fall very far behind.



Remember that.



How'd he get here?



Ray, the ball...



Mr. David's hurt!



- Get him outside!

- Quick!



And next, our ultimate weapon,

the submarine corps.



With these, you can achieve control

of land, air and sea.



Purchasers of the entire set

receive a    percent discount...



...and a free   -day voyage

around the world!



Now what? I have to save Grandpa!



Think, Ray. Think!



A flying machine...



Sorry we've only dressed your leg.



Everyone's busy now.



You need three steam balls

to compensate for pressure loss.



Two won't be enough.



I very much wanted to show you

the completed Steam Tower.






While the Foundation people

certainly understand its value...



...none of them truly understand it...


            its science,

in its threat to the next century.



You forget someone.



Yes. I wanted Ray to be here too.



Pressure decreasing

in Areas    and   !



Close valves in both areas...



...and prepare for launch!



Launch, sir?



Crikey! Quick!



No, Eddy! Two aren't enough!



"From risk comes progress."



You said that, Father.



I'll be in the control room. Carry on.



No, Eddy! Listen to me!



What was that?






The pipes look like

they're the same diameter.



But how strong are they?



Well? That should end all resistance.



That would be nice.



Upside down.






I knew it! The Royal Navy!



Robert must be down there.



I've got to stop them.

Father and Grandpa.



Main boiler room.



We're launching.



You can't mean that!

We haven't built up pressure yet!



This is the only chance we'll get.



Merge pressure from Areas   

   and    then launch!



Now the world will see

my ultimate invention.






Don't worry! Everything is in order!



Go straight ahead, please.



This tunnel takes us

to the observation deck.



So it's started, has it? The fool!



Not much of a building, eh?

Two or three rounds and...



Not so fast, sir.



What's that?



It can't be!



Simon! Are you here?



Answer me!



Dr. Edward!

What's happened to you?!



Simon! It's Dr. Edward!



No need to worry, miss.



I must be like this

to pilot Steam Tower.



Pilot Steam Tower?

What do you mean?



Pressure:    percent.

Preparing to launch!



Watch. This is...



Steam Tower.



It won't work! lt'll explode, Father!






What a wonderful sight.



Mr. David.



Watch now, as the world

bows down to science.



What are you talking about?

That thing could explode!



- Warn everybody!

- Forget them.



We still have one steam ball.



Mr. Stephenson

isn't going to have it!



Fine. That Steam Tower means

the end of Robert Stephenson.



But I won't fall with him.



What do you say, Ray?

Shall we start a workshop?



A workshop?



Yes. The whole world

will hear of this.



Money will seek us out!



In France, in America...



...even the British royal family.

They will all want shares in our firm.



Why didn't I think of it before?



The steam ball's an invention

without parallel...



...and one Steam family genius

remains with us.



One who can understand

that flying machine at a glance...



...and repair and improve it.



That's splendid, Ray.



There are hundreds of people

in that Steam Tower.



Move! I'm going to warn them.



And if I don't?



I don't have time to argue.



I really hate to do this...



...but I'm not going to lose

you or that ball!



Stop it!



Serves you right!



I need a clamp.



Are you trying to kill us?

Get us out of here!



Have no fear.

Your safety is guaranteed.



There is an escape system.



This Steam Tower

comes equipped with every...



Then show us the escape system!



There's no time. I guess I'm stuck.



No time to block their fire.



Why are those horrible people

shooting at us?



We'll change course.



What's that? The river's frozen!



Steam compressed at low temperature

and very high pressure...



...draws heat from its surroundings

when released.






There! Now I just need

to manipulate the pressure.



You see that, Father?

That is Steam Tower!



It's coming this way.






Now I'll fly!



It's tremendous, Dr. Edward.

A huge thing like this, flying!



But it's heading for that bridge.



That's got it!






It must be. Who else

would ride a thing like that?



Miss! I'm so glad you're safe!



- I was worried!

- Simon!



This is...



...the control room,

the heart of Steam Tower.



The tower can maneuver

over a battlefield...



Look, just show us

how to get out of here!



Oh, we still have

some fine products to show you.



- Jason! The demonstration! Hurry!

- Simon!



This has gone far enough.

We'll make money later.



Are you trying to kill us all?!



And that lovely pavilion

will be ruined!



- There!

- Fire!






There it is!



This time you won't get away, boy!












What the...?



What now?



We're snagged on the bridge!



What in...?



Robert, do you want to

pull me down?



Well, try it...



...if you can!



Increase pressure!



No, doctor! It's dangerous!



Fool! We can't stop now!

Increase the pressure!






Robert Stephenson?



- Fire!

- Rifle.



Child's play!



What in...?!



That will keep you quiet.






You could hurt someone doing that!



The control room.



It's time to leave.



This way, everyone!






Hell has burst its bounds!



Our final demonstration.



"The wise know when to withdraw"

is our motto.



These airships can be used

in an emergency...



...but they're normally

for reconnaissance.



They use hydrogen...



Abandon ship!



What are you doing?



No! Stop!



Simon! What's going on here?



You're all fired!



Main boiler room! Answer me!



We've crashed, doctor.



Where are they?



Get out of there

and do something, will you.



Main boiler room!



They won't answer.

There's no one there.



How did you get here?






Abandon ship, Eddy.



The tower's about to explode.



Our dream is gone.






This is Foundation property.

You have no right to...



Father, you're wrong.






My dream came true

when this tower took to the air.



What do you mean?



This is not the time for that.



Get out here and do your job!



I mean that it's too late

to destroy Steam Tower.



Mankind has seen it.



And once seen, a marvel like this...



...even if it were then

to be destroyed...



...would soon be made again.



And why? Because, Father...






...this is a true thing of beauty!



In the next century,

and the century after that...


            will not halt

in its march.



Mankind will control

overwhelming power.



That may well be true.



But the soul of man is not ready

for science such as this.



War and confusion

will rule the world.



The soul of man will learn.

His surroundings will teach him.



- The soul comes first.

- Father!



That's a dream.

Just like your funfair.



- Silence!

- No, doctor! You mustn't!



Take your hands off me!



Shoot me and you set

science back    years.



Forgive me!



Grandpa, no!



- Father!

- Ray!



- What was that?

- Dr. Lloyd shot Dr. Edward!



Ray! Take the girl away!



Grandpa, why?






No, Ray!



Grandpa, you just shot Father!



I've set my son free

from his madness.









The end of Steam Tower.



I won't leave Father!



Let go! Get down!



Listen to me, Ray.



Both my fate and Eddy's

ride with Steam Tower.



We're the ones who built it.



But we weren't strong enough

to keep what we planned...



...from becoming a monster.



I must see its end.



Do you understand?






As heir to the name of Steam,

you must be strong and upright.



You must save science

from the wicked and preserve...



...the future.



Now, go, Ray.






Go, Steam Boy!



No, no, no, Grandpa.



If the tower blows up over the city,

it'll be a disaster!



The Thames will carry

everything away.



- We're not over the river!

- What?



We're smack in the centre

of London!



How did this happen?



Take us back to the river!






Where did Father go?



We're in emergency stations.



He's sealed the controls.



So, what do we do?



I'll crawl into the old machine room,

close the centre valve...



... and stop the pressure supply.



You go to the main boiler room

and set up the steam ball.



Open all the valves,

and I'll take us back to the Thames.






What am I supposed to do?






The main boiler room.



Here we are.



They've changed everything else,

but not this place.



In the end...



...this is the core of Steam Tower.



What's that noise?



What's that?



Ray! I'm in position!



Set the ball in place!



Ray! What's wrong?



- Are you there?

- Grandpa!



Grandpa! It's me, Ray!



Hurry with the ball!



I can't! There's a big

metal hand after me!



It's not in any of the plans!



What could that be?



Perhaps it's a leftover

construction crane.



But they're supposed to be unusable,

part of the walls!



Well, it's after me!



Calm down. That crane

isn't moving by itself.



Someone's running it.



Find the controls.



Ray! Are you there?



Ray! Answer me!



Dr. Edward?



Where did he go?



Did he hit the wall?









Ray, I hope you're all right.



You did it!






Ray! The pressure's

not coming through!



I think there's a closed valve

blocking the pressure out of Unit  .



We could open it...



... from the control room,

but I can't tell which one it is.



Which one do you mean, Ray?



The controls have come back up.



Dr. Edward's not here,

but I'll do what I can.



All right, Scarlett, listen.

You have to find...



... the main boiler room panel.



Open the valves starting from

the lowest number.



Ray! What's happening there?



Be careful of guns, Father.

Someone could get hurt.



Especially if you hit a vital spot.



Fortunately, I'm not the man I was.



Well, son, are you out

from under your delusion?






What do you mean?



We're right in the middle

of my delusion.



Sixteen,   ...



Where's   ?



There's no   !



This wheel is   !



The pressure's coming back up.

Well done!






That means you understand

   percent of this tower.




He understands    percent.



Now, hurry up and turn that wheel!



That wheel?



If we're going to destroy it anyway,

let's show people your part.



They might even smile.



Ray! Can you hear me?






Pressure's back up in Unit  .



But there's cracks everywhere.

It could go any time.



Five minutes, maybe   ...



Well done, Ray!



Now, get out of there,

get Scarlett from the control room...



...and get out of the Tower!



All right!






- Did you hear that?

- Ray.



I'm coming up!



That's right! I used the ball!



Don't fail me!



It won't work!



Up we go.



What is that?



lmpressive, is it not?



That will give us some time.






Now, timing is vital here.



When I vent with this lever

and the Tower drops...



...that's the time.



Go ahead.

I'm ready when you are, Father.









We have to get out!



The Tower's falling apart!

It could explode any second!



That won't work.

There's no more pressure.



Let's see...



So now what?



How do we get out?



The lift's broken

and the flying machine's dead!



What do I do, Grandpa?



- Ray! Can you hear me?

- Father!



Listen. There's a red lever

beside the control seat.



It opens a box with escape gear in it.



Use that!



You and Grandpa come with us!



Don't concern yourself with us!



I can't go and leave you!



- lf we don't hurry, we'll die with them!

- Wait, will you!



Well, Father...



What is it?



Take care of yourself.



What? Where are you going?



This connects through.



I'll close all the valves.



That Eddy's got something

up his sleeve again!






...he won't get away with it.



Hold it!






We've got to hurry.

Where's that lever?



Is this it?



- What's that?

- Don't know.



- You wear it.

- Who?



It's falling!



- Ray!

- Scarlett!



It's stopped.



- Hang on. We're landing.

- Where?






Here goes!



Hey! I can't see!



We did it! We're saved!






Dr. Edward and Dr. Lloyd...



What happened to them?






- They're fine.

- But...



The age of science has just begun.

They'll be back.




Special help by SergeiK