Stephen King's It Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Stephen King's It script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Stephen King movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Stephen King's It. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Stephen King's It Script



Come on, Laurie Ann! It's gonna storm!






Laurie Ann!






Don't scare Mama, now.



Excuse me. Move along.



Chief will have a cow

if he sees you, Mike.



- Don't tell him. What you got?

- Not much left, just like last time.



- Anybody see anything?

- The mother...



- I told you to stay out of this.

- I'm just concerned, chief.



Six kids missing or dead

is cause for alarm.



Maybe a rash of runaways.



What? A  -year-old goes to Acapulco

for a wild weekend?



The boy's father took him.



There's something wrong

here in Derry, and you know it.



Hey. I'm the cop. You're the librarian.









May   th. Another killing today.



But this time there was something

that makes my skin crawl...



... a picture that shouldn 't...

couldn 't have been there.



It's time to tell the others.

I can 't put it off any longer...



... but I hope I'm wrong.



Oh, I hope to God I'm wrong.



"Taggert steps onto the moors.

He shivers, and walks on...



... disappearing into the mist.

A figure appears...



... dripping with foul water

and dark, oozing mud. "






- Bill, for the last time...

- In a minute!



That's what you said an hour ago.






- It's cold.

- Sorry.



- The changes are wonderful, Bill.

- Tell that idiot, Greco.



I do. Every day.



You didn't have to take this job.

We don't need the money.



I took the job to be with you.



If they're gonna hire somebody

it should be me.



The idea of a vacation

didn't even occur...



To hang around with actors?

I don't do that. I write.



At least when you do a novel

you're in a good mood.



Could we...?



I'm asleep, unless it's Greco.






- Yeah?

- Bill, is that you?



- Sorry, fella, do I know you?

- This is Mike Hanlon, from Derry.



Swear to me.



Swear to me that if It isn't dead...



...we'll all come back.



- Sorry, Mike, for a minute there...

- You didn 't know who I was.



For a minute there, I didn't.






... It's back.



You're sure?



Yeah. I found a photograph...



... of George.






What is it? Who was on the phone?






Wrong number.






I have to go back to work.









Please, Bill, tell me a story.



- Maybe later.

- The Magic Stone story.



Please, Bill. Please?



Go bug somebody else,

I don't feel so hot.






For me?



You made it for me?



Can I go sail it?



Well, you have to seal it first...



...with paraffin.



- What's that? Where is it?

- It's in the cellar.



I wish you could come too.

She's your boat, really.



Thanks, Bill.



Yuck! You got cooties all over me.



Georgie. Don't stay out too long,

or Mom will have a bird.



I won't.






Be careful.



Sure. Sure I will.



SS Georgie!



Come on. Come on!



SS Georgie, on the way.



No, please!



Hi, Georgie!



Aren't you gonna say hello?



Come on, bucko.



Don't you want a balloon?



I'm not supposed to take stuff

from strangers. My dad said so.



Very wise of your dad, Georgie.

Very wise, indeed.



I, Georgie, am Pennywise,

the Dancing Clown.



You are Georgie.



So now we know each other. Correct?



- I guess so. I gotta go.

- Go?



Without this?



- My boat!

- Exactly!



Go on, kiddo...



...take it.



You want it, don't you, Georgie?

Of course you do.



There's cotton candy, rides

and all sorts of surprises down here.



And balloons, too, all colors.



- Do they float?

- Oh, yes.



They float, Georgie.



They float.



And when you're down here with me...


            float too!



- Fear no evil for thou art with me.

Thy rod and staff comfort me.



Preparest my table before my enemies.

Thou anointest my head with oil.



My cup runneth over. Surely goodness

and mercy shall follow me all my life.



I will dwell in the house

of the Lord forever.



Oh, Georgie.






Billy! Are you all right?



- What's wrong, son? What is it?

- The picture...



...Georgie's picture.



Mom, don't you see?



- What were you doing in Georgie's room?

- Nothing.



- Dad, listen...

- I don't want you coming in here.



Do you understand?



- Dad...

- I mean it, Bill.



I forgot.



How could I forget?



Leave? Have you lost your mind?



- We're making a movie.

- They can replace me.



This is something I have to do.



Who was that on the phone?



The call was from Mike Hanlon.



I haven't heard from him in    years.



Audra, my brother who died...?






He didn't just die.



He was...






- Why didn't you...?

- Tell you?



Because I forgot. Because I forgot.



Almost as if it never happened.

I have to go.



- For God's sake, why?

- Because we made a promise.



- Why are you stuttering?

- I don't know. I did as a kid.



What happened? Tell me.



Damn it, talk to me. Let me help.



- I'm going too.

- Don't even think that.



- You're scaring me.

- Promise me you'll stay!



- Promise me!

- You're crazy. This is crazy!



It's just crazy.



I love you.



- Oops.

- Oh, no, Ben!



Your architect award!

You just received it. It's a tragedy!



Yeah, we got a real tragedy here.

This is an American tragedy.



Look at this. Hang onto this.



I got this, and this, all right.



Here you are, my good man. Recycle.



Here, wait a minute.

I got my magic opener.



Come on, honey.



Limbo! How low can you go?



- You don't have to be quiet.

- Is all this yours?



Come in. Let me see

what I can do with this.



It's so nice.



Come here, beautiful. Come on.



God, look at you!



- I love your body.

- I like yours too.



- I used to be fat.

- I bet you were real cute.



Not just fat, but a butterball.

You bet your fern I was.



We used to say that as kids,

"You bet your fern." But I was F-A-T.



- No.

- Yeah.



I hear bells.



I'll be right back.



- Hello.

- Haystack, it's me, Mike.



You're dead, fat boy.



It's payback time, piggy.



Hey, fat boy!



Ben? Ben, are you there?



- Mike?

- Yeah, buddy. Listen.



It's come back.



How much do you remember?



How much do you remember?



Very little. Almost nothing.



Will you come?



I'll come.



Are you okay?



I don't think I am, sweetheart.

Not tonight. Not at all.



Are you gonna kill yourself?



I don't think so.

Though it might be better if I did.



My name is Ben Hanscom.



Until last week,

I lived with my mom in Houston.



- We moved here to live with my cousins.

- Look at that gut.



Go on, Ben. Have you any hobbies?



I like to read.

Especially about old civilizations...



...the Egyptians, the Indians.



We have a wonderful library here, Ben.

Welcome to Derry.



- Thank you, Miss Douglas.

- Oink, oink!



What a porker.



Henry, you will stay an hour

after school each day this week.



- My dad will tan my hide.

- You should have thought of that.



Now, report to the principal's office.



You're dead, fat boy.



It's gonna be some funeral, friend.



Now, class...


            you know, the sheriff

has instituted a   p.m. Curfew.



We live in dangerous times, boys

and girls. I want you to be careful.



You going to stand there all day?



- School's over.

- Excuse us. Can we get through?



Honestly, some people have no class.



Some people have janitors for parents.





            long, Ben Hanscom.

I'm Beverly Marsh.



See you tomorrow, Beverly.



Beverly Marsh. Beverly Marsh.



- Look, it's the fat boy.

- Top of the day, fat boy.



- What do you want?

- To teach you something, porky.



You like to learn, don't you?



- I want you to remember my name.

- I will, Henry.



How am I gonna make sure?



Hey, Henry.



- Don't really cut him.

- Cut him, huh?



Cut him?



- Let's see. First comes...

- Oh, God.



You're gonna die! I'll bury you!



You're gonna die!



I'm gonna bury you!



Nobody kicks me, porky!

Nobody kicks me!



Come on back.

You'd better run, boy.



You're gonna die!



Come on, let's get him!

You're dead, pig!



- Hey, what's this?

- Looks like a geek wading pool to me.



- What are you two girls doing?

- Look at the dam, a stupid baby dam.



- Why did you do that?

- Because I felt like it. Give me that.



- That's for my asthma.

- That a fact, sissy?



- Leave him alone.

- Shut up, you little creep.



I said, stop that...



...or I'll pull your ears

and tie them under your chin.



- You seen a fat kid here?

- No.



- Big fat kid, all messed up.

- No.



You sure, mushmouth?

You better be sure.



I'm sure.



Let's go.



Ta-ta, girls.



Oh, no.



It's empty.



I can't breathe.



Are they gone?



Yes. Can you stay with my friend

while I go get his medicine?






Take it easy, kid. You'll be okay.

You'll be okay.



Yeah? What are we gonna do...



...if they come back?



Want some?



- My dad, he died of the Big C.

- The Big C?



- Cancer. I was just a little kid.

- Yeah, my dad died too.



- He was shot down in Korea.

- Remember him much?



Sort of.



I think.



- So who's the other guy?

- Bill? Bill's my best friend.



He's a really great guy.












- Does he always stutter?

- Worse since his brother died.



Some guy killed George.

Pulled his arm right off.



That's awful.



If you want Bill as a friend,

don't talk about George.



- He's all messed up about it.

- I would be too.



- Would be too what?

- Nothing. Thanks.



- Thanks for staying.

- He's got it bad.



I was scared he was gonna

slip into a coma.



Me too. You're Ben.



And you're Bill.



Yeah, and this is...



Eddie. I hate when you

stutter my name.



- You sound like Elmer Fudd.

- Sorry.



Elmer Fudd has a lisp.

It's Porky Pig that stutters.



Okay. Why don't you

come back tomorrow?



Yeah. Me and Eddie,

we're trying to make a dam.



You gotta have boards. Put them

in a row, facing each other...


            the bread of a sandwich.

- But we...



- Huh?

- But we do it.



Oh, yeah. "We."



- What you doing?

- Something for school.



Let's see.



- A poem.

- It's private.



Your hair is winter fire

January embers



- Ma, listen to this. Benny's in love!

- Give this back!



- Mom!

- Stop that!



Benjamin Hanscom, stop that

immediately, you young ruffian!



I hate you! You're here because

Mom says it's our Christian duty.



No sister of mine will be on welfare.

You can stay here.



But I have to say you're spoiling

the boy, Arlene. He needs discipline.



We'll have our own home one day.



I know, Mom.



As long as we're guests here,

I need you to help me.



They'd be nice if Dad was still alive.



- Come in and apologize.

- But he...



- Benny, you must!

- No. I hate it here. I hate it here.



Benny, come on.






Ben? Benny! Up here, Ben.















Hi, Ben.






That's my home now, son.



Do you want a balloon, Ben?



They float.



They all float.



Come here, son.

You'll like it down there.



You'll never have to grow up.



They float. They all float.



When you're down here with me...



... fat boy...



... you'll float too.






Please, God.



Beverly By Hand. One moment, please.



Miss Marsh's office.



Hold a moment, please.



- Bev, someone calling from Maine.

- Maine?



- Pam, I said no calls until...

- I'll take it.



No. Get their number

and close the door.



Your hands are shaking.



I'm scared to death, Tom.



That stuff spreads like cancer.

I won't have it around.



There, that's perfect. Don't touch it.



Listen, Bevvie.



We've got some rich Japanese men

waiting for us downstairs.



We'll show them around.

You play the charming designer.



We'll make a deal and I'll play

hardball. Then we're rich.



If you get ahold of yourself

right now.



Do you understand?



Kiss me good luck?



Okay, let's go. Oh, Bevvie...



...don't ever contradict me

in front of Pam again, okay?



Good afternoon, I'm Beverly Marsh.

This is Tom Rogan.



- Hello.

- Beverly, it's Mike Hanlon.



- Who?

- Mike Hanlon. Remember me?



Mike Hanlon. Of course I remember.

How are you?



Fine. Are you sitting down?



There you are.



Who was on the phone?



I know you're going to think

this is crazy. I certainly do.



I've got to go to Maine.



It's hard to explain.



That was Mike Hanlon.

He's an old friend.



- I have to...

- Shut up.



Just shut up! The day I make

a great deal for you...


            want to run off with an old

boyfriend? What do you take me for?



I've seen this coming.



You've forgotten your manners,

little girl.



Contradicting me here, smarting off

there, and now this!



You've forgotten your lessons.



- It's been too long since last time.

- Put that thing down.



I have to get to O'Hare

as fast as I can.



There's some trouble,

some very bad trouble.



It's come back, Beverly.

It's come back. Remember your promise.



- Put these clothes back.

- No.



- You get into bed.

- No!



Then leave this house...


            two days instead of two weeks.



Not ever, ever again!



Listen. If you ever

come near me again...



...I will kill you. Do you understand?



I will kill you.



Bev, you need me!






- O'Hare, please.

- What airline, miss?



I need to go to Maine.



We'll find one that goes to Maine.

What's in Maine? Family?






The best I ever had.



Daddy, breakfast is ready!



I'll get it.



Your hair is winter fire



January embers

My heart burns there too



Who was that at the door, Bevvie?

What you got there?



- Nothing.

- Let me see that.



You been doing things you shouldn't?



You been fooling around with some boy?

Poetry from some boy?



- I worry about you a lot, Bevvie.

- Daddy, please!



- Not even    and already with some boy!

- Let me alone!



Come here! Don't make me

go over there and collect you.



- You come to me.

- No.



- What did you say?

- I said no!



You get back here, Bevvie!



And in front of God,

I'll whip the skin off of you!






- Sorry if I scared you. Are you okay?

- Yeah.



Haven't you got anything better

to do than go sneaking up on people?



- Sorry.

- You should be.



I was thinking, if you didn't have

anything better to do...


            could come down with me

to the barrens.



The barrens?



This is Eddie.



And this is Bill.









You guys know each other already?



Bev wants to help. I hope it's okay.

I mean, she's a girl.






What's this? By George, Martha,

it's the river Nile...



...and four, count them,

four sphinxes!



- Richie.

- You were expecting, maybe, Gunga Din?



Richie will drive you crazy,

but he's okay.



I heard that. Hi, Bill.

How you doing, Eddie Spaghetti?



Don't do that,

and don't call me Eddie Spaghetti.



You love it. It's what makes you

chuckalicious. Richie Tozier's my name.



Doing voices is my game.

This is Stan Uris.



Stan's a Jew,

that means he's very smart.



A high metabolism

makes Richie hyperactive.



So you, Haystack,

you building a dam or something?



- Built one before?

- No.



- How do you know it'll work?

- Why wouldn't it?



- How do you know?

- I know.



- Yeah, he just knows.

- Yeah.



Well, okay.



- You're a genius.

- It's not so much.



- Yes, it is! It's great!

- We stopped that sucker!



We could flood the whole barrens.



- We did it! We! Yes!

- Yeah!



Listen, I'll go this way.



- See you later, alligator.

- After a while, crocodile.



- See you, Ben.

- Yeah, see you, Bill.



Hi-Yo, Silver! Away!



- See you, Beverly.

- See you.



My heart burns there too.



   Sunset Strip will continue

following station identification.



Help me.



Help me, please!



Help me!



- Help me, Beverly!

- Hello? Is someone there?



A clown brought us down here!

We all float.



- Who are you?

- I'm Vicki Burroughs.



I'm Matthew O'Connor.

We're all the dead kids.



Come closer, Beverly.

We all want to meet you.



- We float.

- We float.



- Daddy!

- What in the name of heaven?!



- The bathroom, Daddy!

- Was someone peeking in at you?



The sink! In the sink!



Well, what is it you think you saw?

Speak up, girl!



I worry about you, Bevvie.

Sometimes I worry a lot.



- Now explain yourself!

- There was a big spider!



It crawled out of the drain!

I guess it crawled back down again.



These old buildings have drains

the size of a tunnel.



There's nothing there now.



Get to bed.



Say hello to your friends, Beverly!



You'll die if you try

to fight us, Beverly.



You'll die if you try! You'll die

if you try to fight us, Beverly!



You'll die if you try.

You'll die if you try.



You'll die if you try.

You'll die if you try...






Eddie, where are you?






- Eddie, where are you?

- I'm in here, Ma!






Where are you going?



- I have to go away for a while.

- Away? Where?



Eddie, this isn't like you. Tell me

where you're going. Eddie, stop!



You're in trouble, aren't you?



Eddie, tell me who was on the phone.

Answer me. Answer me!



- Mom, please. Don't cry.

- Eddie, you're scaring me so bad!



You've got to tell me! Eddie...



- Where are you going?

- Back to Derry!



Derry? Why would you want to go back

to that dirty little town?



There's nothing for you there.

There never was, Eddie!



Please, Ma. Please.






Let's get out of here!



- Eddie, what's going on?

- Nothing!



- You look like you've seen a ghost.

- Move it!






Joey, I'm sorry to leave you

holding the bag.



- Are there enough drivers?

- It's covered.



Do the Pacino job yourself.

He likes the Lincoln stretch.



- I know. The business is under control.

- Great.



- It's you I'm worried about.

- I'm fine.



- So where are we going?

- Penn Station. The   :   to Boston.



- They saw me!

- We better go.



- I'm dead.

- Lf I were you...



...I wouldn't pay to see a monster

movie, I'd look in the mirror!



- Let's get out of here!

- Yeah, let's go!



- Did you see those guys?

- You made it worse.



- Come on, it was just a joke.

- Sometimes you joke too much.



You gotta make jokes

or die of boredom.



- Are we men or are we mice?

- We're mice!



- Then let's act like mice.

- Look!



That place scares me green.

I think it's haunted.



- That's not empirically possible.

- In English: Ain't no such thing.



You're a pretty swift guy

for a girl, my chickadee.



Why, Richie, was that a compliment?

On our very first date?



How come he's so special?



The date wasn't just with him, dear.

I love you too.



Hey, don't trip!



You know, Eddie, it's been great,

but see you later.



- Okay, see you later.

- Bye, Eddie.



I wish this summer would never end.

It's the best summer of my life.



Eddie Kaspbrak! I was worried sick.

I almost called the police!



- Eddie was with us, Mrs. Kaspbrak.

- Go away. Go home!



- These are my friends!

- See you tomorrow.



Eddie has to rest tomorrow.



- Don't play with them anymore.

- But they're my friends.



You don't need any friends

except for me.



- You feel warm.

- I'm fine.



No gym and no showers

with the other boys.



I don't want you catching their germs.



All right, you guys, quit that running!

This is a hallway, not a track!



- Did you take a shower, Kaspbrak?

- No, sir.



I'll explain this to you

one more time.



You take Phys Ed, you sweat,

you take a shower. Got it?



It's okay, Eddie. Hi!

I just wanted to say hello!



Hot enough for you up there, is it?



This is a little inconvenient, Eddie.



Hold on while I make

a few adjustments.



Here I am, wheezy!



You're gonna like it down here.



Won't do any good to run, girly boy.



See you in your dreams. Come back

any time. Bring your friends.



- So I say, "Go ahead, make my day!"



Suddenly, I'm feeling my way

to the toilet.



I mean, how much power

does the electric company have?



Remember Godzilla? A plane

and an A-bomb couldn 't stop him.



Nancy Reagan couldn 't stop him!



But you get him in front

of one high power line:



"Look, look, the creature

is attacking the city!"



You guys are great! Good night!









- Good night! Thank you!

- Beautiful!



That political material

is getting old.



Who the hell knows Betty Ford?

We've got to work on this!



Hold on.



There she is! Hi!



How's my favorite niece?

I'm glad you made it!



- I want to see Miller on Monday!

- It's arranged.



If I'm hosting next week,

I need that new material.



- I've got somebody you got to meet...

- Hold on! Hold on!



- Buona sera! Who's this?

- Mike Hanlon.



- Who?

- Mike Hanlon.



- Who?!

- Mike Hanlon, from Derry! Remember?



Yeah. Sure, I remember you, pally.



What about subbing for Carson

on Monday night? Who's gonna do it?



Let Leno do it.



- What am I gonna tell them?

- Whatever! I need a few days, Nat!



For what? The reunion of your

Cub Scout pack at Grover's Corners?



What is it? A broad? The Mob?



- I don't know what it is.

- Now don't insult my intelligence.



- I made a promise.

- We've been through a lot together!



You're doing fine.

You can handle this.



No, this can 't be happening!



Help! God, help!






They felt its breath,

hot against their faces.



They released the stones

and ran out of the cave.



Now, they were home.

Nothing can change how they felt.



They'd learned to be strong together.

They'd beaten the dragon...



...and nothing would ever

be the same again.



Write that one down.

That's my favorite.



- Really excellent.

- Beautiful.



Yeah. Bill will leave this town

and meet Sandra Dee...



...and all the other babes

in Hollywood.



Dream on, Richie.

I'm not sure I want to grow up at all.



I'll be a train conductor

and see the world.



If your mom ever

lets you cross the street.



I want to be a rock 'n' roll singer

or an impressionist.



- Your voices all sound the same.

- Thanks a bunch.



- How about you?

- A painter. I've been learning to draw.



Fighter pilot.

I'll join the Air Force.



An ornithologist.

I like cataloguing things.



Can I tell you guys something?



- Lf you guys laugh...

- We won't laugh, will we?



- No.

- No.



The other night, in Georgie's room...



What on earth?

For the love of Mike!



Look at this mess!

The saints preserve us!



Officer Nell.



You're fixing to back-flood

all the drains in town!



- Whose idea was this?

- I showed them how. It's my fault.



- It was my idea.

- Me too.



- I was in on it.

- And me.



- I suppose it was your idea too, lass?

- Yes.



Listen to me. There's been

another murder. Little Velma Daniels.



- Velma Daniels?

- Her body was found by the canal.



So if you come here to play,

come together like you are now.



That means together, all the time.



Your hands on it?



So what was Bill going

to tell us?



I don't know.

He's been acting awful moody lately.



In fact, they all have. But with this

food, who can blame them?



Well, hey, Larry, Curly and Moe.



- Beep, beep, Richie.

- All right, twerp, who threw it?



Was it you? It was you, wasn't it?



Tell me and you might live

through this.



The Paramount Theater, who did it?



Way to go, banana-heels!









Go downstairs and get a mop

from Mr. Marsh and clean this up!



Go on!



Mr. Marsh!



Mr. Marsh!



Great. Just great.



Mr. Marsh? Are you down here?



Probably drunk as a skunk.



Mr. Marsh?



Mr. Marsh?



I had a little accident

in the cafeteria.



No, this isn't happening.






God, help!



Beep, beep, Richie!



Come back anytime!



I'll show you how to float down here.



They all float down here!






You gotta help me! Somebody, please!



In the basement! There's a werewolf!



Stop him.



Stop him.



Stop him!



I remember that day.

One of the best days of my life.



We were lucky we didn 't

get ourselves killed that summer.



Maybe there was something

more than luck at work. If so...



... I hope it returns when they do.



Lucky seven.



I brought a photo album. My dad

was in Derry during World War II.



He started collecting photos

that go way back.



- Who'd want a history of this toilet?

- How long will you be in here with me?



- Continue.

- This is the old ironworks.



One Sunday in     

there was an Easter egg hunt here.



But the ironworks exploded

and people got killed.



This is the Derry standpipe.

It supplied water...



...until a big disaster back in     .



Maybe the biggest mystery

is how     settlers...



...disappeared without a trace.



Thank you, Michael,

for that illuminating...



...if somewhat morbid history.

Now, who's next?



Howdy, partner!



Give it here!



Or what, boy? Or what?



The nigger here lives down the street

from me and my dad.



- Give it here!

- And giving me...



...and my daddy grief

for a long, long time!



You like fireworks, boy?



What do you say to a rocket

in your pocket?



Hey, you! Stop that right now!



Get him!



Glad I'm not the only one

who saw it.



- At first, it was a werewolf.

- I didn't see a werewolf. Just a clown.



Don't you see,

it was the werewolf for Richie...



...because he saw that dumb movie.

- But it was a clown underneath.



It's an evil being

that can read our minds...



...and take the shape we're afraid of.



- That's what happened to all the kids?

- Get serious.



Come on! Come on!



Why didn't you say anything?



I thought you guys

would think I was nuts.



- I thought it was just me.

- You're not alone.



- But it isn't empirically possible.

- Real. It was so real.



- It almost had my guts for garters.

- Just the influence of the movie.



Couldn't it be just a guy dressed up

in a clown suit?



It's some kind of monster.

And it's right here in Derry.



- I'm gonna bury you!

- Oh, God, Henry Bowers.



- We better get out of here.

- Dummy up, all of you. Rocks.



- Rocks!

- Rocks! Ammo!



Help me! Please, help me.



You're dead!



Well, what do you know? It's

the fat boy, the Jew and the sissy.



Four-eyes and the patch girl.

Nigger, you know how to pick them.



- The "Losers' Club."

- Yeah, the Losers' Club.



I got bones to pick with you,

but I'll let that go for today.



Today I want him! So buzz off.



Why don't you get out of here?



- Who's gonna make me?

- We are.



- What, chubs?

- Dig the wax out of your ears!



- You're through, Bowers! Get out!

- You stuttering freak.



You're gonna get such a surprise!



Come on, Bowers!



Run, Henry!



Come on!



- Get out.

- What if I won't?



I think the six of us could put you

in the hospital.






- I'll kill you all.

- Get some new material, champ.



I'll kill you all!

I'll kill you all!






Any time.



Who are you guys anyway?



We're sort of a club.



- Yeah, the Losers' Club.

- Yeah.



- You want in?

- Yeah. Yeah, I do.



We're seven now.



Lucky seven.



Hey, wait a second.






There's no way to date this one.



- It's probably the early or mid     s.

- Hold it.



- Pennywise the Clown?

- That's him. That's him!



-     years ago? He was here then?

- It's just a drawing!



Now look. Here he is again,

the same man.



- It's not a man.

- It...






That's what happened back

in Georgie's room!






I'll kill you all!



I'll drive you crazy

and I'll kill you all!



I'm every nightmare you've ever had!

I'm your worst dream come true!



I'm everything you ever

were afraid of!



- No!

- Yes, Stan!



- Yes!

- Yes!



- Don't.

- You saw it too.



- I didn't want to!

- But you did!



Yes. Okay.



That's what you want? Yes.



Yeah, that's what I wanted.



- What'll we do?

- Do? What do you mean "do"?



- I want to forget about it.

- It's not just us, but other kids too.



Like Velma Daniels,

she was in my class. Who's next?



- We gotta do something.

- We've got to tell somebody.



- They don't see what we see.

- Why?



- You grow up, you stop believing.

- They'll put us in a nuthatch.



- It kills kids, damn it!

- We've got to do something.



Help me.



You killed my brother George,

you bastard!



Let's see you now.



Let's see you now.

It's scared of us, you know.



I can feel that. I swear to God I can.



I want to kill it.



Help me.



Please, help me.



Help me.



- Balki, let go.

- No, you let go first.



All right, Balki. On the count

of three, we'll both let go.



One, two, three.



I got a letter from Mom.

She asked when...



...we're making her a grandma.

- She's uncanny.



I was just thinking

the same thing myself.



I was, really.



Does she know I'm a sex maniac,

and you prefer Perfect Strangers?



- Don't move.

- Okay.



- Uris residence. This better be good.

- Hello, Stan. It's Mike Hanlon.



- Who?

- Mike Hanlon.



- Mike Hanlon?

- Yeah.



- Well, I'll be damned.

- Stan, It's come back.



- Are you sure?

- I'm sure. You understand? I'm sure.



- No, I understand.

- It's hard to call you.



Can you make it, Stan? Please.



- No, I can't absolutely promise that.

- Don 't you remember, Stan?



- I'll consider it.

- Remember your promise?



- Yes.

- You promised.



- Yes, I remember.

- I hope you'll come.



- Goodbye.

- Bye, Stan.



I can 't even ski

in my own living room.



Who was it, honey?






No one.



No one, really.



I think I'll take a bath.






A scout is trustworthy, loyal,

helpful, friendly, courteous...



... kind, obedient,

cheerful, thrifty...



...brave, clean and reverent.



You okay?



I think this is crazy.



One out of ten.

You're worse than I am, kiddo.



Might as well let the clown

take us one by one.



Beep, beep, Richie.

Who's left? Ben? Bev?



One of them better be good

because you're in the lead...



...with a pathetic three out of ten.

- Richie, shut up!



- You don't stutter all the time.

- Ladies first.



Ten out of ten.



- I don't need to shoot.

- It's like it's supposed to be Bev.






This is still crazy.



- No, it's not.

- I'm with Stan.



So what if I can shoot good?



- You think stones will stop...

- Show them, Richie.



My mother's earrings. Solid silver.



That's stuff in movies.

What good's it...



They're silver. They can kill it.

Believe, Stannie. We have to.



On my honor, I will do my best

to do my duty to God and my country.



To help others at all times...



...keep myself physically strong...



...mentally awake and morally...



- This isn't a good idea.

- What are you mumbling about?



Now listen...


            guys don't have to do this.

- Dad says, know when to take a stand.



Lucky seven, Stannie.



I said I was in.



You think we're letting you

have all the fun?






I'm with my friends. Right?



Give me that.



Yuck. Tastes like battery acid.



- Where they going?

- In the sewer, stupid.



Yeah. And guess what?



They're not coming back out.



- We gotta go down there?

- Stan, if you don't wanna go...


           's the time to turn back.



Great choice. Let's go.



They're going in the pipes. We chased

a dog in there. You go how we went.



Chase them back towards us.

Me and Belch will catch up to them.



Hurry or there will be

nothing left for you.



- Go by myself, Henry?

- "Go by myself?" Yeah, go by yourself.



What are you afraid of?



The bogeyman?



- Hardy-har-har.

- At least we're on its trail.



- Maybe this is where It wants us to be.

- Eddie, which way is Derry?



Bev, get up front

where you can get a clear shot.



And you guys, stay together.

No stragglers.



Hi, kid.



I guess you're the first.



Who's missing?



- Stan.

- Oh, no!



Before you die, I want you to think

about every rock you threw...



...and everything you've said.

Think about that before you die.



Hey, Henry...



What's that?






He's not in there anymore.









- It's Stan!

- It's coming! It's coming!



Hands, quick!



Is that it? Did we do it?






Quick! Take hands,

before we get lost in this stuff.



Grab hold!



Is everybody here?



- I'm here. Stannie?

- Yeah. Richie?



Yeah. Mike?



Yeah. Whose hand is this?



Mine. That you, Ben?






Whatever happens, hang on.



It's not as strong

as it thought it was.



We have to resist!









No, Bill!



That's not George.

Don't break the circle!






What are you doing down here

with these boys?



Now get home.



Daddy? Daddy, I'm...



Wake up, hot stuff. That ain't Daddy.



There ain't nothing there.



I said...



I said there ain't nothing there.



On my honor I will do my best

to do my duty to God and my country...



Stan. Stanley, boy.






- Stannie, resist!

- That's it!



Let go!



Be afraid!



Bev, the stones.



You all taste so much better

when you're afraid.



- Hurry, Bev. Kill It!

- Kill?



Oh, you are priceless, brat.



I am eternal, child.



I am the eater of worlds...



...and of children.



And you are next.



This is battery acid, you slime!



Please, God.



- Kill It!

- Kill It, Bev!



- Kill It, Bev!

- Kill It!



Help me!



It's dead?



- I don't think so.

- We gotta go!



- Let's get It.

- It's dead!



Let's make sure!



- It sounded like It was dying.

- But what if It didn't?



Swear to me.



Swear to me that if It isn't dead...



...we'll all come back.



I swear.






I swear it.



Yeah, swear.



I swear too.












I'm coming upstairs

to scrub your back...



...and your chest...















Here you go.



- Sure you don't want me to wait?

- No, thanks. I'll walk back.






How could I have forgotten?



I'm so sorry.



Take your pick...



...Billy boy.



Except for the one on the end.



That's already taken. Sorry.



I remember you.



I remember we beat you.



I'm not afraid of you.



I'm not afraid of you.



- I know how old I look.

- It's just I remember you as a kid.



Welcome home, Bill.



I only wish it was under happier...



Come on, let's go out.



I didn't need to create

any more paranoia in there.



- I got a taste of it earlier.

- At least people seem to care.



- Maybe it's that I'm a grownup now.

- I feel so thick.



I don't remember much of it at all,

or why I came back.



Except for Georgie.



Better it doesn't all

come back at once.



- How come you remember it?

- I never left.



I look on a corner and there we were.



"Lucky seven."



Oh, man, that just came back.



Something else.

One of us lived around here.






- Bev!

- Right down the street.



She was poor. Her father

was the janitor. This was Poortown.



Yeah, still is.






Hey, I'm a bachelor, Bill.

It's all I need.



It's clean and better yet,

it's paid for.



- Getting hungry?

- I haven't been since you called.



I've arranged dinner for all of us.



- Have you seen any of the others?

- Nope.



I had a feeling all afternoon.

I could tell when we each hit town.



We aren't all here yet.






You too?



- Whatever it is, it's powerful.

- Here's to remembering.






This might stimulate

those memory banks.






I ran across it in the pawn shop.

Something made me buy it.



It's got a flat tire, but that's all

that's wrong. Here's the real kicker.



I bought this tube repair kit

on impulse...



...about three months before

I saw this bike.



There was some force

guiding us that summer.



It either came to help us

or we created it. But maybe...



...maybe it's still here.



I'm gonna change clothes.



Not the Paramount, you slime balls!



Where are people

supposed to get their culture?



- May I help you?

- Mike Hanlon.



He stepped out.

I'm sure he's coming back.






I'm gonna sit here

and I'm gonna wait here for him.



Come on, Tozier. Get a grip.



You looked like

you could use this water.



Thank you.



A little young for you,

isn't she, Richie?



Beep, beep, Richie.



I didn't hear that. I didn't!



I beg your pardon?



Come on up, Richie.



I got a balloon for you.



Don't you want a balloon?



What's the matter?

One balloon not enough?



Try a bunch!



Is everything all right?



Last chance, Tozier.

Get out before it gets dark tonight.



You're too old to stop me.



You're all too old!



- Tell Mike, if you see him...

- Excuse me, sir.



Do you have Prince Albert in a can?

You do?



Well, you better let the poor guy out.



Tell Mike Hanlon, say I had to go...



...I had to get cleaned up.



Tell him. Tell him!



Tell him I'll see him tonight.



Get out!



Last chance. Get out!



Get out while you can.



Excuse me, ma'am.



Is your refrigerator running? It is?



Well, you better catch it

before it runs away.



All right!



Toro! Toro!



Son of a gun.



Not just any cards.



- Bicycle.

- They always made the best noise.






I see it.



Follow up on this Miller thing.



What? What's that?



You're breaking up, Fran.



I'll call you from the hotel.



Pull over here.



Wait for me.



- You're dead, fat boy.

- You're gonna die!



Get him!



- Tubby!

- You're dead!



- You're it, porky!

- You're it!



- Have a nice trip?

- See you later, porky.



You okay, buddy?



My knee.



- Lucky for me you had that hanky thing.

- Be prepared.



Here, why don't you just keep it?



I think I'll be okay now.



Hang tough, champ.

You're gonna make it.



Ben! Ben Hanscom!



Nice to see you again.



What have you been up to

all these years?



We can't wait to get you down here

with us.



You're in my mind.

Only in my mind.



Any spare change, mister?



Hey, who walked all over your grave?



I wasn't gonna hurt you.

I don't even know you.



Let's go.



- Derry Inn, did you say?

- Yeah.



Reliving your childhood?



Something like that. Just saying hi

to some old ghosts, you know.



Oh, hell. Time does go by.



Here's that prescription.



- How old are you now, son?

- Eleven. Almost   .



Old enough. Come with me.



Come on.



Relax, Eddie.

I'm not gonna bite you.



Your troubles come from

always being tight and stiff.



You take your asthma, for instance.



- You know what a placebo is, Eddie?

- I gotta go.



- It's water, with a squirt of camphor.

- No.



Your mother is determined

that you're ill.



You're caught in the middle.



It's all a lie, a great big lie!

I do have asthma. I do!






Your prescription.



Nothing like a good pull

on the old lung-sucker, huh?



Thank you.



Junior, bring me a cigar.



You know you can't have one, Granddad.



Mr. Keene?



Mr. Keene.






- Cigar for the old man?

- I'm sorry, I don't have any.



I'm Eddie Kaspbrak.

Sonia Kaspbrak's son?



How about some licorice?



I was always partial to licorice.



I just wanted to thank you for trying

to tell me the truth a long time ago.



You look a little peaked, sonny.



- I better go.

- Hydrous.



- What?

- H O.






It's only water.



It's all in your head, sonny.



You do remember me.



Oh, Mr. Keene...!



Mr. Keene?



- Get out of Derry while you still can.

- Mr. Keene, please.



Beware, little Eddie.






Girly boy!



No cigar, sonny.



I was always partial to licorice.



- I'm sorry. I was looking for Marsh.

- Marsh?



- Yes.

- There's no Marsh here. Unless...



- You don't mean Alvin Marsh?

- Yes, my father.



I hate to be the one to have

to tell you this, a stranger...



...but your father's been dead

the last five years.



But the bell...



"Kersh." I thought it said Marsh.



I'm Mrs. Kersh.



I knew your father a little.



- Come in. Let me give you tea.

- I couldn't.



You could and you will. I insist.



Feel free to look around.



Perhaps you'd like to freshen up?



Did you fall asleep in there?

It's teatime.






Tea would be nice.



I love what you've done with

the place. It's different. So cozy.



How kind you are, miss.

I call all the pretty young girls miss.



- Don't take offense.

- No.



Well, go on, dear.

Drink it while it's nice and hot.



Well, don't trouble your

pretty little head, dear. I'll get it.



- It did say Marsh on the doorbell.

- Lf you're wise, you'll run, dear.



Because to stay will mean worse than

your death. They float down there.



They float.



I worry about you, Bevvie.

I worry a lot.



It won't do you

any good to run, Bevvie.



You're not real. You're not real!



I told you the first time you

introduced me to him, he was a twit.



- I didn't ask you over to insult Bill.

- How dare he do this!



You've been complaining

since we started this.



He'll never work in movies again.



If you could have seen his face.

It was frightening.



Nothing like a crisis to bring

the estranged couple together.



Or pull them apart...



...if the gods are smiling.

- Please.



I am simply pointing out that this

could be a blessing in disguise.



Would you consider giving me

a few days?



I shall pretend

I didn't hear that, Audra.



I can replace your imbecilic husband.

I cannot replace you.



Don't even think about leaving, Audra.



You've worked hard

to get where you are.



I know you'd do nothing to imperil that

or damage our business relationship.



Or to turn a friend into an enemy,

ready to crucify you at any cost.



But there's no need

to talk about that now.



See you tomorrow.



International reservations, please.



Yes, I'd like a seat on your next

flight to the United States.



Excuse me.

I'm looking for the Hanlon party.



- Eddie?

- Ben?



- Eddie Kaspbrak?

- Haystack?



- What happened to the rest of you?

- Gone but not forgotten. Hey, buddy!



Oh, my God.



Where's Tozier

when you need a good line?



- Ben?

- I'm afraid so.



- I can't believe it. Look at you.

- Hey, Bill.



- Hey.

- Michael, oh, God.



- Mike, is that you?

- Such as I am.



- Listen. Who wants a drink?

- I'll have one.



- What's this?

- That's my dog.



- I'll have club soda, okay?

- This is good.



Don't let them see you like this.



That was a hallucination. It was too

much fun in '  . Just get ahold.



You work too hard.



- You guys.

- I'll have one.



I propose a toast...



Who got bald, and how many

of God's children got wings?



Beep, beep, Richie!



- Richie, beep, beep.

- Mike, hey!



-     pal.

- Hey, buddy.



- How are you?

- Fine. You?






What a bunch of handsome old men.



Hi, good looking.






I'd rather catch you than anybody else

in the whole world, Beverly.



I just saw all of you and so much

came back. It was like a tidal wave.



Mike, what are we

getting ourselves into?



- Hi, Bev.

- Hi.



Oh, I'm so proud of you.






You all right, Bev?






No, I...



- I saw something today.

- Same here.



Oh, man.

What I saw at the library, whoa!



- Was it Pennywise?

- With both barrels it was Pennywise.



He's working on us already.



- Maybe that means he's afraid.

- It.



- It's afraid.

- Oh, man. It!



Help us remember. Fill in the gaps.



Yeah, please. Because I don't know

what you guys are talking about.



I can't remember much of anything.

When I try, it kind of clouds over.



I mean, didn't you feel it?



As I crossed the county line,

this veil dropped over my eyes.



- Maybe it's the water.

- The water?



Maybe it's the sewer.



This is battery acid.



- Eddie!

- Eddie, take a breath, man. Breathe.



I'm okay. I think I remember

who Pennywise was now:



Big white guy, red nose...



...about    feet tall,

mouth full of razor-sharp teeth...



Oh, Eddie.



What the hell is happening?



I mean, what is going on?



I'm sorry.



It was just a very vivid memory.



I stared that creep right in the face.



And you saved Stan's life.

You remember that part?






- Yeah, now I do.

- Speaking of Stan. Stan?



Where's his

royal straightness, anyway?



- You talked to him, right?

- Yeah, I think he'll be along.



We ought to go ahead.



We can fill him in. Talk to us.



I don't know about you...



...but this is the first time

since I got here that I feel good.



Come on.

Let's have drinks, huh?



Don't you want some food,

have a couple of chucks?



Spoken like a real loser.



- Hey, to the Losers' Club.

- All right.



To the Losers' Club!



"Wives"? How many times

have you been to the altar, Richie?



Four or five. Women all want

the same thing. No offense, Bev.



None taken, creep.

Welcome to the fourth century.



- How about you, Ben? You married?

- No. I've dodged the bullet.



- How about you, Eddie?

- Me? I'm seeing this wonderful woman.



- With the business, I don't have time.

- Take it from me, better dead than wed.



- Any crumb snatchers, Richie?

- None that I know of.



- How about you, Bev?

- What?



- How about you?

- I live with a... No, I'm not married.



Richie, what ever happened

to those glasses?



Contact lenses.



For all the times you broke them...


            should've had stock

in a tape company.



- Yeah, me and Henry Bowers.

- Henry Bowers.



Tell me he was hit by a train

and put out of his misery.



No such luck. You'll find him

at the Juniper Hills.



After he confessed

to killing all the kids.



He was in the sewer with us.



- That creep was gonna kill Stan.

- All of us!



When they pulled him out,

his hair was white.



- He was babbling.

- About a clown.



- No one believed.

- Except that he killed the kids.



- And we didn't say anything.

- Not a word.



But It was the killer.



And we stopped It.



We thought we did.






Henry Bowers.



Up here, sharp stuff.



Up here.



You helped me once. Remember?



You chased those brats.



Almost got them, little Henry. Almost.



Don't you want another chance?



You gotta go back and finish the job.



You gotta go back to Derry

and kill them all.



For me, Henry.



Kill them all, Henry.



Kill them all. Kill them all...



Well, sports fans...



...this has been a real hoot.



- But I got a plane out.

- Richie?



- You're not leaving?

- What do you want? An adventure?



You're gonna go relive

that old nightmare?



Count me out. I'm going to a hotel.



I'm gonna sleep. In the morning,

I'm out of here forever.



- Richie...

- I'll remember all of you fondly.



Hey, man, we're all scared.



Maybe he's right.



If you're talking about going back...



We don't know what

we're talking about.



Give Mike a chance to fill us in before

we scatter. Is that too much to ask?



All I'm saying is I'm gonna go

get sleep!



Why don't we show a little courtesy!



It's all right.

If he wants to go, he goes.



We all came here based on a promise.



Everybody made good on that promise.



Wherever we go from here...



...I have no expectations.



- Well said.

- It's all right. It's taken care of.



- No, hey.

- You can't do that.



Guys, that's just the way it is.



All right, then.

A toast to Mr. Michael Hanlon...



...without whom none of this would

be necessary. I see my fortune.



"You're gonna be eaten by a big,

greasy monster. Have a nice day."



Dummy up, everybody.



What is it? What's wrong?



Is something the matter?



He had an asthma attack.

He's better now.



No, much better.



Thank you.



Everything was okay?



- Everything was fine.

- Fine.



Thank you, Rose.



Guys, I'm not so sleepy anymore.



Let's get the hell out of here.



Is this the Uris residence?

Is Stan there?



This is Mike Hanlon, an old friend.



What are we supposed to do now?



No problem. A little soap and elbow

grease ought to clean it right up.



Why are we the only ones

that can see this?



Well now, there you've got me stumped.

Let's ask the answer man. Oh, Mike?



Oh, Michael!



- Garcon!

- Hold on just a sec. Hello, Stan?



Is this the Uris residence?

I'm trying to get ahold of Stan.



You tell that loser he's a dead man!

We all managed to show up.



That matches your real hair.

Anyone told you...



Is anyone from out of town?



I just flew in from L.A. And boy,

is my tail section tired.



We're hot tonight.



It's great to be in Derry

breathing in that Derry-air.



I've never felt so much love

in my entire life.



I want them on my Christmas mailer.



No. Denbrough over there,

let's put him on my Norman Mailer.



I love this man.

He's like the brother I never had.



He is the brother I never had!



Beep, beep, Richie. Stan?



Thank you.



Stan is dead.



He cut his wrists in the bathtub.

Right after I phoned him.



Stan was the last one to see It

that summer. Remember?



All summer long he kept saying,

"That just isn't empirically possible."



Seeing the clown didn't make it real

for him. Nothing did.



Until that afternoon in August.



I was coming down Chestnut Street...



... and I saw Stan running

like something was after him.






Hi-Yo, Silver! Away!



I can 't say I saw anything.

Stan 's the one who saw It.



I was pedaling too fast.



Hell, I didn 't want to see it,

whatever it was.



It took him hours

to tell me what happened.



He said he was down in Lampkin Park

by a bird feeder, watching birds.



Like a good Boy Scout.



Remember, he used to call it

collecting birds?









He said he didn 't mean to go

into that house...



... but this voice kept

whispering to him.



Naturally, being Stan, he figured

there was a rational explanation.












I'm right here.



He was trapped.



He held his bird book out

in front of him...



... and said the names

of birds he could remember.



Longneck Finch, Speckled Grouse,

Baltimore Oriole...



...Great Egret, Hammerhead Woodpecker,

Brown Thrush.



Brown Thrush.



The day that we went into the sewer,

Stan saw It.



Face to face.



Not the clown. But he saw

what was behind the clown.



He ran up to me in school.



And he said, "I saw It, Eddie.



I looked right into its..."



Some kind of lights.



"I looked right into its deadlights."



Then he said, and I hadn't thought

of it until just now, I swear, he said:



"I looked into its deadlights...



...and I wanted to be there."

- Deadlights.



I need a drink.



Yeah, me too.



- I've got something here. Anyone else?

- Yeah.



Sorry I'm late.

Well, let's see who's here.



Billy boy!



Richie, you still here?



Nice nose job. No one would suspect.



Haystack! Putting on weight?



Bevvie, your dad isn't worried.

He loves your choice in men.



How's your sex life?



What's your sex life?



Mikey, you got us all here.



It's the only way you'd see us,

since you'd never leave this town.



I made it, guys.

I'm in the deadlights now.



It's true what they say. We all float

down here. And you will too.



In fact, they all float!

They all float!



Oh, my God!



My God.



I don't know about you,

but I'm sick of this place!



I will listen to anything, but could

we do it someplace else? Please?



Okay. Just help me with this stuff.



Bill, what is it?



"He... thrusts his..."



"He thrusts his fists against the post

and still insists he sees the ghosts."



- That's all it says, over and over.

- My mom gave me that...




            help with my stutter.



No offense, pal. It ain't helping.



Let's get the hell out of here.

What do you say?






Down here, Henry.



Belch? What are you doing there?



You got a problem in there

you need some help with, Henry?



That's a good boy.



You don't have to talk.

I can hear you when you think it.



They can't hear me.



- What do you want, Miller?

- Same thing you want.



- I want to pay them back.

- Yeah.



- Pay them back.

- You're gonna have to get out.



You're gonna have to go back to Derry.



I need you, Henry.



- We all need you.

- They can 't hurt you.



We didn't think they could hurt us,

but they did.



- Bested you.

- Don 't talk about that.



I can take care of them

if they only half believe.



But you're alive, Henry.



You can get them if they believe,

half believe or don't believe.



- One by one, Henry.

- I can 't get out of here.



They got wires on the windows,

and Koontz is on the door tonight.



Man, Koontz is the worst.



- I hate him.

- I'll take care of Koontz, Henry.



Lead the way, Henry.



Lead the way.



All right, I've had it! Your head's

gonna be bouncing off the floor...



No, no, no, Mike.

No, no, no.



I will have no need of this stuff.

Thanks for thinking of me...



...and including it just in case,

but none for me! Thank you!



- Richie, you're shouting.

- I know.



Beep, beep, Richie. Beep, beep.



Talk to us, Mike. Tell us stories.



Tell us things so we don't have to

remember what we saw in the library.



Hey, Eddie. Come on, pal.



Don't let it get you. Fight it.



I saw myself. I saw myself back there.



I know it's just camphor water,

but I need it anyway.



Take it easy, pal.



If it works, it's good.

You've believed in it...



...and that's all that ever mattered.

- Thanks.



You all remember what was going on

in Derry    years ago.



There were killings, maimings,

disappearances. Mostly children.



Everybody was afraid

but nobody did anything.



Until we went after It.



We almost killed It.



Bowers confessed and the killings

stopped. Until now,    years later.



If you count backwards by   ...



...every date corresponds to a disaster

in Derry's history.



    : The fire at the Black Spot Club.



    : The explosion

at the old ironworks.



    : The massacre at Drake's Creek.

And on, and on.



The biggest mystery is how    

settlers disappeared without a trace.



Thank you for that illuminating,

if somewhat morbid history.



She didn 't want to know.



You knew all about this. Even then.



- Miss Douglas didn't want to know.

- It's a disease, Bev.



None of them wants to know.



- It's too horrible. They act...

- Like it didn't happen.



I remember a man, Mr. Ross.



He was on his front porch.

I was coming home from school.



Henry Bowers was waiting.

Right outside my house.



I saw Mr. Ross across the street.



He looked so concerned.



I thought he was

going to help me, but...



I couldn 't believe it.

He just turned around and went inside.



That was when it hit me.



There was something

terribly wrong in Derry.



How did you get out of that?



Daddy came home. One of the only times

I was really glad to see him.



It's    years later and the killings

start up again. At least six so far.



There've been many disappearances.



I wanted to be certain

before I called anyone.



And I became certain when I found

something at the latest crime site.



God, that was just yesterday.



Anyway, this is it.






For some reason, there's something

special about us being together.



That summer,

our togetherness made us strong.



Otherwise It would have

picked us off one by one.



Is it an accident

that none of us have kids?



Even Stan?

Although when we came together...



...we were, well, we were all losers.



Now look. Six of you left Derry

and became unusually successful.



- Real winners.

- Leaving you holding the bag.



You kept the light on for all of us.

I feel bad about that.



- Me too.

- It's nobody's fault.



Our parents decided

who stayed and who went.



- I stayed here because I wanted to.

- You stayed because you had to.



I don't know what'll

happen tomorrow.



But I do know that I appreciate what

you've done for everyone.



- Good evening.

- How much farther is Derry?



I guess about maybe

    yards to the city limits.



Thank God.

I nearly fell asleep a while ago.



I've been driving forever.



Just cross the old bridge

at the barrens and hang a left.



- The barrens?

- Where the kids used to play.



Thank you. I'll be going now.



Don't you want your balloon first,

Mrs. Denbrough?



Don't you want it?



Don't you want it?



They chased me up the hall

and started slapping me.



And the coach found me lying there.



I thought he'd help,

but he made fun of me.



And something snapped.

I said, "You coach track, right?"



He sneered. I said, "You listen to me,

you son of a bitch...



...I'll run down everything

you've got...



...and then I want a flipping

apology from you."



- All right!

- And so you did it.



Yeah, I ran everywhere.

Sometimes I thought I'd pass out.



The first time I ran a mile,

I puked, then fainted.



Finally, I was holding up my

pants as I ran.



I ate salads like crazy.

By March...



...I'd lost    pounds and grown two

inches. I felt like I could fly!



- And you went out?

- I went out for track.



The first day I won

the     and the    .



I blew everyone away.



After practice I asked for that

apology, and he hit me.



- After all that?

- It was perfect.



- You beat him.

- And everyone knew it.



I got a letter in track

from El Paso High...



...and the coach lost his job

over that little love tap.



- You should write that one down.

- Bill's our writer.



- I just write horror stories.

- So, what are we gonna do?



Oh, Mikey, Mikey, Mikey...

Listen, kids...


            doesn't matter how painstakingly

we go over these sewer plans.



Or how many flashlights

you've got in the box.



When the sun comes up, I'm dust and

I'd suggest we all get out of Dodge.



- I cleaned it up once.

- Cleaned what?



The blood. I cleaned the whole

thing up that very same night.



If I was ever gonna sleep in this house

again, I'd have to know the truth.



To see if anyone besides me

could see the blood.



What happened in here?

Did somebody get murdered?



You see it? You really see it?



Come on. Let's clean this up.



Until that moment,

I thought I was going crazy.



It was strange to be happy about

something so grim.



I fell in love with all you guys

that day.



And after we cleaned it up,

the blood never came back.



It'll be morning soon.



- I'm cold.

- Me too.



I'll get you something.



- There's a shawl in my room.

- Give me your key.



I'll get it.

Richie, do you have a key?



All right, now listen up.

Stay together, guys. No stragglers.



Just get the first thing you find.



- Ben, don't go alone.

- Uh, I need a refill anyway.



I'll join you.



- I'll take care of Richie.

- Be back in three minutes. No more.



Hello, nigger.



I'll pay you back. Pay you all back.



Oh, good. You found it.



I'm glad we're alone. I've been

wanting to say something to you.



Your hair is winter fire

January embers



- My heart burns there too

- It was you.



I've been waiting a long time

to thank the poet.



- Did you ask Bill first?

- No.



I knew it was you.

I've always known it was you.



I think I must have been waiting until

we were both ready.



I'm ready now. Are you?



Oh, oh, Beverly.



Kiss me, fat boy.






- You all right?

- I got it.



- Get him in there.

- Come here.



Watch it. Easy. Easy.



Hurry up!



Go, go, go, go.



If Mike dies there will be

five of us left.



Who comes next? Which one of us?



Why is It doing this?

Why does It hate?



Why is It so mean?



Oh, Ben.



I want to tell you something.



You remember what my father was like?



I fell in love with a man who...



...turned out to be everything

I always hated in my father.



Why would I do that?

How could I be so blind?



If you see it now,

you're not blind anymore, Bev.



Congratulations. That's a miracle.



Besides, at least you fell in love

with somebody.



At least you felt something.



That's a miracle too.



You have the heart of a poet, Ben.



Your hair is winter fire



- Why'd you say that?

- You wrote it, didn't you?



Your hair is winter fire

January embers... Something.



It was you, wasn't it?



Is that you or the clown?

What's going on?



- How am I supposed to know?

- It's me.



- What?

- It's me.



My heart burns there too



- He's gonna be okay.

- Can we see him?



He's not out of the woods yet.

One of you can go in for a minute.



Everyone else is right outside.



- Henry?

- He's dead.



- Police?

- Not yet.



We can't trust anyone.



If anybody asks, a party got out of

hand, dancing on the table, you fell.



Anyone who's seen me dance

will buy that.



What are you gonna do?



I don't know, man.

I honestly do not know.



My jacket. Outside pocket.



Hey, it's silver. It can kill It.



But we left these down in the se...



You went back?



I was pretty sure It was asleep.



Pretty sure?



You went alone?



Ten years ago my life was going

downhill, close to suicide.



I really wanted It to kill me.



I stumbled around in the dark all day.

I found one.



In the drain trap. The one that hit

Pennywise was lodged in the wall.



I figured we might need that kind

of help again one day.



When I came out

I kind of got my life together.



The only change was this.



Almost overnight.






Bill, if you decide

not to use those...



...if you leave, I'll understand.



That is a dead body.



Are you suggesting

we leave it lying there?



- That's right.

- We should call the police.



- Right!

- You don't get it.



This whole town is It in some way.

All of them.



If we call the police,

get the town involved...



...something bad's

gonna happen to one of us.



Have it your way. Stan is dead.

Mike came close. I've seen enough.



- I'm with you.

- You can put this behind you?



I'm a little old for monster hunting.

So was Mike.



- So was Stan.

- Is that how you feel, Ben?



All I know is I can't stay

in this room much longer...


            I suggest we turn on the TV,

go out and figure out what to do.



I second that.



Police Chief Rademacher

said the victim...



... Danielle Huxton,

had been playing near her home.



Police didn 't say if this was




... to the recent disappearances

of children.



They did reveal that the body

was severely mutilated.



In other news, a series of robberies

has officials baffled...



You can put that on my card.



- Certainly.

- Me too. Thank you.



- Ditto. Thanks.

- I had loads of fun. Gotta go. Bye.



- Need a ride?

- Where are you going?



- Airport.

- I guess we are too, Bill.



Come with us.



I just saw something.

And I have no idea if it was real...



...if any of you

would've seen it or not.



I can't go. Because if I do I'm gonna

live with this until I go insane.



Until I can't tell the difference

between my life and my bad dreams.



For years I've been getting paid

to scare people.



But I'm the one who's been scared.



All my life. I don't want

to be scared anymore.



I'm going back in.



This time I'm gonna kill It.



Help me. Help me.



Please help me.



Did anybody bring anything useful,

like a machine gun?



I brought this.

It's the only thing I saved.



- You were a dead shot.

- Couldn't miss.



It was like it was supposed to be.



You broke Pennywise's head open.



- Inside was light.

- Bright lights.



Deadlights. We saw them too.



- How on earth...?

- Mike went back down and got them.



These are for him, and for Stan.



- Lucky seven.

- We're all here now.



What the hell are you gonna do now?



Sing "Kumbaya"? Wake up.

Take a breath. You smell that?



That's death.

It's not for Mike, or Stan, or Henry.



It's for us. It's in the air.

Losers fight It, losers die.



You don't have to go down there.



I didn't have to get on a plane in L.A.



I sure as hell didn't have to come out

here. And now I don't have to go in.



I still say we should have

brought a gun.



I remember the first thing I saw down

here was one of those damn pom-poms.



- This purse, it looks new.

- Oh, dear God!



- It's not possible.

- What?



- Audra.

- What?



How in God's name...?

She's down here.



- His wife?

- It's got her.



It's probably a trick.



Bill, wait, damn it!



- Bill!

- Come back, Bill.



Do you want to get yourself killed?

God, Bill!



Are you all right?



It's my fault. She followed me.

My... My fault...



Bill! If she is down here there's

only one way you can help her.



Now you know what

we came down here for.



We need you to stand up

for us like before...



...or none of us is going

to get out of here!



Come on.



Stay close together.



- Looks like we're off the map.

- I think...



That way.



We're here.



My God.



- The roots all grow down.

- Yeah.



- The walls cracked.

- When It came.



- Don't let these things come to life.

- Don't think that, Spaghetti Man.



- I told you not to call me that.

- I think something's coming.



- My boat.

- Georgie.



- It's all your fault.

- Oh, Georgie.



All your fault, Bill.

You sent me out and It killed me.



No, no, Georgie, l...

I didn't know.



Bill, remember, that's not Georgie.

Remember. Fight it!



It was in the drain, Bill.

And you let It kill me.



- No, I loved you.

- Bill, that thing's not your brother.



- Come on, man.

- Fight it.



You are not George.



George is dead.



And it's not my fault.



You killed my brother George,

you bastard. Let's see you now.



Let's see you now.



Show yourself.



You killed my little brother...



...and now you're gonna pay.






While you still can.



This is your last chance!



Show yourself.



Silly boy.

You still think you can see me.



You'll never see me. You'll see only

what your little mind can allow.



Go! Now. For if you stay...



... you'll lose your little mind

in my deadlights.



Like all the others.



Like all the others.



Bill, we can't fight that thing.



It's like fighting smoke.



Don't you understand what Mike was

trying to tell us? It feeds, Richie.



It wakes up every   

years and it feeds.



And in order to feed it has to take on

some kind of physical form.



It's here.



Down here somewhere.



Fee, fi, fo, fum.



- Are we strong enough?

- We have to be.



I have to tell you guys something

before we go in there.



- I've been lying.

- About what?



When I said that I was seeing someone.

Well, I'm not.



In fact, I haven't ever. I mean,

I've never even been with anyone.



- Are you saying you're a virgin?

- Yeah.



Well, I can't help, pal,

but thanks for sharing.



Richie, let him talk.



You see, I could never sleep

with somebody that I didn't love...



...and I've never really

loved anyone...



...except you guys.



- For God's sake!

- Wait for us.



It's Audra. I'm going to get her.



Damn you to hell.



Please, dear God!



"He thrusts his fists

against the posts...



...and still insists

he sees the ghosts."



It's taking him. Bill!



Come on, guys! We gotta...



Bev! Bev, where are you going?



What am I gonna do?



This is battery acid, you slime!



I believe in Santa Claus.



I believe in the Easter Bunny.



I believe in the Tooth Fairy,

but I don't believe in you.



This is battery acid.

Now, you disappear.



Please, God, don't let me miss again.



Hey, nice shot, Bev.



Don't you talk.

You're gonna be fine, Spaghetti Man.



Richie, please, for the last time,

don't call me that.



You know how I...



This isn't over. If that thing

comes back when I'm   ...



- Let's finish It.

- Once and for all.






It's all coming down.



I guess that's how

I'd like to remember us...



... there by the lake,

the sun setting on our childhood.



This will be my last entry.

I got it in just in time.



Just before the fog in my brain

swept all my memories away entirely.



Now, I look back in time not from

memory but from the pages of this book.



The nightmare is over.

Police involvement was cursory...



... as is always the case

here in Derry.



Now that there's no need for

a lighthouse keeper, I may move on.



See whatever is down the road a piece.



Richie's still knocking them dead.

He's got a part in a movie.



He co-stars with a guy...



... the lucky seven could tell you

looks like Eddie Kaspbrak.



Okay, cut.



Ben and Bev left Derry together,

headed west.



They married, and later,

they were pregnant.



Another curse broken.



Bill and Audra are still here.

Sadly, Audra 's condition is unchanged.



They're leaving today.



Okay, Audra. It's time to go.



Bill thought the time here

might somehow help.



But I guess Audra 's gone for good,

one of It's many casualties.



Locked in that haunted place

where she saw It's deadlights.



Bill came every day. We laugh

at our failing memories...



... sometimes asking

each other's names.



His sadness is profound.

I wish there were...



... something I could have done.



Hi-Yo, Silver! Away!






Audra, this bike saved

little Stan's life once.



Mine too.



We were going so fast,

we beat the devil.



I don't know if I can go

that fast again. Hold on.



Beat It.



Beat It. Beat It. Beat It, Audra.



Beat It. Beat It.



Come on. Come on, beat It.



- Bill? Where are we? What are we doing?

- It's all right.



Just hang on, babe. It's okay.



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