Story Of The Weeping Camel Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Story Of The Weeping Camel script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie about the weepy camel.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Story Of The Weeping Camel. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Story Of The Weeping Camel Script



The Story of the weeping Camel



So, my children, now I'll tell you

about the legend of the camel.



Many years ago, God gave antlers

to the camel...



as a reward for the goodness of its heart.



But one day a rogue deer came

and asked the camel...



to lend him his antlers.



He wanted to adorn himself with them

for a celebration in the west.



The camel trusted the deer

and gave him his antlers.



But the deer never brought them back.



Since then, the camels

keep gazing at the horizon...



and still await the deer's return.



Ugna, come here.



Take this.



Chase away the ones

that have already eaten.



I'll leave Guntee with you, Mother.



Be patient, Grandma is coming.



Look, Grandma will give you a sweet.



What do the others look like?



You take a look, Father.



Is she ready?



I think so.



But take a look, I'll hold them.



Will the colt be born today?



It looks like it will.

The nostrils have already widened.



It's already coming out. Come quick!



Yes, I'm coming.



Finish drying yourself on your own.



Are they sharp enough?



Yes, they're all right.



Enough, I'll start with these.



Father, hold him tight.

He's becoming impatient.



And now let's trim the beard.



There, we're done.



Give me the wool, Father.



Here, have some more wool.



That's enough.



Father, hold the colt tight.



Dude, come here to help us!



So, now we've dressed up

this year's first colt.



May your humps grow straight

and your hoofs grow strong.



In order for these wishes to come true,

I sacrifice this milk.



The last pregnant camel

has gone far away from the herd.



Try to bring it back.



The last colt won't be born today anymore.



Then maybe tomorrow.



The feet are already out.



But where is the head?



Grandpa, what do you think of this?



It's a white colt, isn't it?



Watch out!



She can't stand up on her own.



Hold her tight.



No, it's better to let her be.



Let's see if she can make it alone.



Come here!



You have to pay attention to the labor pains.



Yes, we'll be careful.



Watch out!



Now it's coming.



Let her have a short rest.



Is it breathing yet?






It's her first delivery. It's hard for her.



Is it breathing now?



It doesn't want to yet.



Poor thing.



Let's undo the rope.



But keep her still,

so that she doesn't run away.



Come, pull with me at the legs.



What a big colt!



The mother must see her little one.



Turn her towards the colt.



The last camel baby was born.



It's a white colt.



But the mother is moaning.

She may refuse her little one.



That could happen.

She had a very hard delivery.



It took almost two days, didn't it?



Yes, two days.



It doesn't look good.



Give the black-eyed sheep her lamb.



Ugna, look, fetch that one back there.



I often mix them up.



The mother is here.






Here she is, look, here!



This one?



Yes, you're right.



Ugna, come here. Hold this one steady.



When God created the horoscope...



the camel wanted to be one of the signs.



Unfortunately, God couldn't grant his wish.



Instead, he gave him some of the traits

of the    animals of the horoscope:



the tail of the snake, the ears of the pig,

the eyes of the ox...



Grandpa, we already know this one.

Tell us something new!



Let's leave them alone.



Put this on, quick. Let's go!



Do you have everything for the ritual?



Hurry up, the others are waiting for you.



Please come back soon.

There are only two of us left.



Come here, you have to offer the food.



The wind is strong.

It's almost blowing the food away



The lamas are asking

if everyone has already given their ofering.



We, the Mongolian people,

honor nature and its spirits.



Nowadays, mankind

plunders the earth more and more...



in search of her treasures.



This drives the spirits away...



that should protect us

from bad weather and from diseases.



We have to remember...



that we are not the last generation on earth.



Now we'll pray for forgiveness,

so that the spirits may come back.



Mom, if the colt doesn't get milk

from his mother, will he die?



No. Don't say such things, my son.



Was Odgoo able to bring the young colt

to peace with his mother?



She's still trying, but it isn't working.



Then we'll have to do a Hoos ritual.



For that we need a good violinist.



As far as I know, there is none in this area.



No, there aren't any.



We should get someone

from the Aimak Center.



Ugna, call Dude.



Dude, you'll have to go to theAimak Center.



Grandpa, I want to go as well.



- No, you can't.

- Yes, I can!



- Are you able to ride?

- Yes, I am.



Are you sure?



Yes, I want to go with Dude.



Bring me batteries like these for the radio.



Have a good journey and come back soon!



Be careful!



Are you tired, Ugna?



Yes, I am. Give me a piece of boorzog.



We have to hurry, before the storm comes.



How is your family?



Well, thank you.



Where are you heading to?



To the Aimak Center.



Is there a shortcut?



Yes, you have to ride southwards

along the power line.



Why don't you like your little one?



Such a beautiful colt.



When I get back home,

I'll ask our parents if they'll buy us aTV.



That will cost at least    or    sheep.



But we have so many sheep.



You also need electricity to run it,

which will probably cost a whole flock.



How was your journey?






How was the snow this winter?



Not too bad.



How is your family?



They are all well. Thanks.



And the animals?



They're also well.



I'll fetch my glasses.



How is the storm outside?



It's bearable.



"How are you?



"We send you best regards. We are all fi ne.



"The time of the camel births is over,

but we need your help."



Well, I understand.



Ugna, sit properly at the table

and don't stare at the TV!



Let's walk. It's not far.



Where is the music teacher?



On the second floor.



What a rare visit. How are you?



I'm fine, thank you.

People who need you called around.



Do you have any batteries like this?



No, I haven't got any.



I need six batteries, please.



Which ones?



The large ones.



Grandpa said four of these.



Four, Grandpa said.



No, six.



If you say so.






Ugna, come on.



Does it work?



Yes, if you plug it in.



How much does it cost?



Look at the price tag.



Does this one also work?



Odgoo, I can see two camels on the horizon.



Take a look and see if it's our boys.



Yes, it's them. But they are coming alone.



I'll make them some tea.



What else did you see?



We went to the marketplace.



I had an ice cream.

I saw TVs and computer games.



They do it like this.



Dude, what about the musician?



He's got lots to do, but he said he'll come.



Here are your batteries, Grandpa.



Is there a TV that runs on batteries?



What do you want now?



Dad, don't we want to buy aTV?



Would you like one?



Yes, Dad, please.



What do you want to do with this devil?



It's wonderful.



You don't need that.



You'd spend the whole day

watching the glass images.



That's no good.



Is the shop open yet?






I'd like to buy something.



What would you like?



I would like to buy a car.



Which one?



Both of them.



Both? That makes     .



What's that?






And the alarm clock?



That costs    .



How are you and your family?



Fine, thank you. And how are you?



Fine, thank you.



How has this spring been for you?



Up to now, everything has gone well.



And how has your spring been?



Fine as well.



Make yourselves at home.



This is the colt.



The sweet colt.



My son is bringing the mother



You have many newborns.



This is the youngest.



The mother is coming.



Now she's finally letting him suckle.



The mother sounds okay now



Now the colt will be full.



It's a beautiful colt, isn't it?



Now it's time for a cigarette.



You would be a good singer,

with your voice.



Mother, now it's your turn.



Nonsense! I can't sing.

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