Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Chan-wook Park originally titled Boksuneun naui geot.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance Script



I'm a good person

I'm a hard worker



My older sister is

the only family I have



To put me through

art school



she gave up college

and got a job at a factory



But then she fell seriously

ill and had to quit



So I gave up art school

and got a job



But recently

I made a decision



I'm not sure whether

to tell my sister or not



I'm hesitating even

as I write this letter



If I decide to do it



I'll be listening to the

broadcast with my sister



I can't speak with my mouth



I'm deaf and dumb



Please read this letter to my

sister for me, since I can't



Sis, you're listening?



You told me if you die

you want to be buried by



the river where

we used to play



All right

I'll do that



But that'll be in

   or    years' time



I'm going to save you

Really, I swear



Actually, I registered to

donate my kidney today



I know you

said not to that you'd rather die



that you'd rather die

than be a burden



But you know I never

do what I'm told



Not A type



if the blood types

don't match



then we can't do

a transplant



You haven't had test

since school, have you?



If you can't pay

take her home for now



Until we find

a suitable donor



just keep coming

in for dialysis






It's type B, B



Our new house

is an old house



The estate thought

it'd be OK for I'm deaf



If sister can't sleep

then neither can I



Aw, fucking great!



I heard that



this happened

in Australia



A man...



thought he had

two heads



Two heads?



Yeah, two






he kept getting




With two heads



he had headaches

all the time



So you know

what he did?



He shot

one of his heads



The left

or the right?



Aren't you

going to lunch?



Come on



let's go

eat something



You've only

got    million won?



Well, first of all



give us your kidney

then we'll do it



You give us

yours and we'll



get you one

for your sister



For    million won

Got it?



Understand me?



Your blood type's B




   days later




Finding a donor

this fast is



simply a miracle



The surgery's in a week



so have her

admitted in   days



You said you had

   million won, right?



So all your

problems are solved



Isn't it great?



You idiot

you stupid fuck!



That money would've

saved your sister



Why not?



not the time to

be thinking that way



There's a saying



Is a boiled pig afraid

of boiling water?






What are you going to do?

You've only got a week



You know how long



it'll take to find

another donor?



Is that her?



She's cute



Must be a friend



That's the bastard

who fired you?



That car's worth

   years of your salary



That's why we

need a revolution



So sick people will

get free treatment



The time must come



when you can get any



damned organ you need!



The bad image



they get is cause

kids keep getting killed



But we're different



Give us money, we'll

return the kid pronto



I'm afraid

She won't want to go home



She'll be playing

with us all the time



Won't have

to go to school



What? What?



It's summer vacation



But think about it from

parents' point of view



They'll be so happy

to see her again



They'll love her more

and the family will be closer



we'll ask for

exactly    million won



How conscientious is

that right?



That money's nothing

to them



but for us it's a

matter of life and death



Movement of capital

maximizes the value of money



it's not a crime

don't you think?



There are



good kidnappings

and bad kidnappings



Good kidnapping enlists

the parents' cooperation



If they call the

police, the kid dies



The parents pay up



and the kid gets returned



Then nobody finds

out about it



People think all

kidnappings are bad









Can I go play

at Yoosun's house?






Then will you buy me a

cell phone like Yoosun's?



Why do you buy

her stuff like that?



Have consideration

for your neighbors






President Park!




please help me!



My wife ran off and

my kids are starving



In six years I never

missed a day of work



You know the percentage

of faulty goods was  .   %



 .   %




what are you doing?



I explained it

to you already



Your employee?



I gave away my youth

to Ilshin Electronics



-Are you OK?




It's not going to work






Look at him

I was fired by the kid's father



I'll be the first

person the police call in



Then what do we do?



Defeat the communists

the way for Korea is victory



Let's go for Freedom




Defeat the communists



the way for

Korea is victory



By the way



how come Daddy's

friend is so poor?






We spent a lot of

money because I'm sick



What hospital is

your mother in?



She doesn't know

about the car accident



Daddy was too busy

so they got divorced






That's why

he left me with you






Don't cry

Stop it!







He wants to trade

it for your doll



Daddy loves Yoosun



Yoosun loves Daddy, too






More than anything



I'm jealous of girls with

mommys to braid their hair



Then come see

me sometime






Call me anytime



I'm all alone

so I get bored



He never said why he

missed work so often?



Then he never went off

for special training?



Yes, last week from

Monday to Wednesday



She's washing



Give it!

I'm watching cartoons



Is anybody

out there?



Somebody help me



Go away!












Ryu Ryu Ryu






The water's deep there

it's far over my head



Later I realized why

I thought the water was deep



When I was a kid

it was up over my head



Have you ever done

anything to provoke anyone?



Please think again



I always thought



I lived

an honest life



But think



Excuse me, what is

your net worth?



I'm a high school




and I started as

an electrical engineer



My wife left me when



the economy crashed



But why



I don't understand



Why didn't you

call the police?



I thought lots of

kids returned safely



If I do what

they tell me



Sir, I checked



it looks like they

used this phone number



they didn't answer

so we can't locate them



It's this number




My wife gave it to

her before she left



Just a second






I'm working



So an operation will



take care of it?



Where would I get

   million won?



am I supposed to do?



At least kid wasn't

kidnapped and killed



We're lucky

you know



Cause we don't

have any money






Lift up



One, Two, Three






Lung was

Swollen badly



It looks like a

woman's handwriting



Do you recognize it?






Why didn't you give

me swimming lessons?



I put this house

for sale



and I sold

the company, too



That's all



the money I have



there's nothing

special about it



A brother and

sister lived here



They don't know

where they moved to



I'll look into it



Let's go



Nothing more

to see here



You asked if

I ever provoked anyone?



Are you the father?



-Well, actually

-I am



How is he?



If I were a very

optimistic doctor



I'd tell you

there was hope



this is my guess



When did you know

we'd become like this?



The moment

our eyes met



You're like an ant



An ant?



They say

ants are psychic



They predict

earthquakes and floods



Baek Hyun-jin's "Affection"



requested by a man who

signed Ryu of Doksan-dong



Any of you remember

this guy?



He was deaf



He sent a letter

saying his sister was sick



Oh, no

She passed away



He says, "I'm the

one who killed her"



"My life has no

meaning now."



You shouldn't

say that



Would she want to

see you like this?



Don't forget she's

watching you from above



I know

you can't hear me



but me and our

listening audience



are praying for you



Be strong



To help you out



I'll send you a new

Kimchi refrigerator



It hasn't an address

so if anyone listening to



broadcast knows him

please let him know



We're waiting for such

touching stories from you



If there's a story

you want to tell



send me a letter



Our address is Seoul

Yeongdungpo Yeouido...



I kept them cause the

pictures were pretty



I cried so much

while reading them






is he

really a kidnapper?



Don't send him a gift

You haven't sent it?



Two, three



He's mentally




not stupid



President Park

this is Choi



the results are out

and we checked the car




I know that place



I'll see you

there at  :  



Yes, I'm calling

about the sticker



Yeah the kidney







She wouldn't have

lived long anyway



I searched hospitals

and found her file



They managed to get a

kidney from someone



but apparently they

didn't have money



President Park



What I really

want to ask is



What are you going to do

to when you find them?



Kill them




the conglomerates!



Drive out

U.S. Army!




the new liberalism



that ruins the lives

of the people!




the new liberalism



I understand



I'll wire you the money

tomorrow and then call you back




the conglomerates!




the conglomerates!



Drive out

U.S. Army



Are you going far?



Hell, yeah



Shit, you said

I could go first!



It's in an artery




Don't take it out!






The noodles were all

soggy last time



Yeah, hurry






Where is the bastard?



Fuck you






Fuck you



Tell me

you bitch!






Next time, don't

order just one dish









We didn't kill

her on purpose



I'm sorry



we made a mistake



But I have something

to tell you



I'm not just any

ordinary person



If anything

happens to me



my organization

is a terrorist group



They'll kill you




For sure



I gave them

your picture



If you want to live

just leave me



This is

for your sake









I'm sorry






She sat next to

the deaf kid




she's deaf, too?






how come she went

to same school?




what I mean is



she got expelled



when was find out

she wasn't deaf



She went to college

and was a left wing activist



sneaked onto a boat once

trying to reach N-Korea






She got caught

by some fishermen



caught her in a net

while she was swimming



She's part of the RAA






I mean, she was



Go to Intelligence

and bring a few of them



The problem is



She was the only

member of RAA



Make way please

excuse me



Excuse me




coming through



I'm sorry

you can't ride here



Its C- 

They found some of



Cha Youngmi's flyers

at a crime scene



What scene?



Three people

were murdered






The organ dealers

are dead!




their sides



are cut open

You know



He took

the kidneys!



President Park



he seems like

a real psycho



Killed three people

He isn't human



Give this up now



I'll return

all your money



I know

you're a good guy



But you know



why I have to

kill you?







you know?




-yeh, Inchon Hospital



is there

boy's father?



He died

just now at   :  



The mortuary's

on floor B 



You've got

the wrong number









If anything

happens to me



my organization

is a terrorist group



They'll kill you




For sure



I gave them

your picture


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