21 Grams Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the 21 Grams script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Sean Penn, Naomi Watts, Benicio Del Toro, Danny Huston, yadda yadad..  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of 21 Grams. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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21 Grams Script



[ Chattering ]



- [ Rock ]

- Check, please.



Look, Daddy,

a volcano.



It's very pretty.

Now drink up your volcano.



All right. We're going.

Mommy's waiting.



Daddy, please.

Just one more minute.



No. We're going.




- Yes. Yes.

- No.






Until I ended up

flatlining at the hospital.



But I survived.

And instead of

letting that scare me,



I kept on going.






my first daughter

was born.



And now,

I look at my girls...



and my husband,



who has been standing

by me for so long.



Think which one

you're gonna pull out.



I always think, man.

No, you don't.



They didn't lock you up this time

'cause you're not    yet.



Next time, they're gonna

lock you up, brother.



Come on.



Well, you're not thinkin'.



Stealing might get you money,



you can tap

some cheerleader's ass,



you can show off riding

in some pickle-colored Thunderbird,



but tell me what's gonna happen

if you shoot a pregnant woman

or an old man, huh?



[ Liquid Pouring ]



You know what'll happen?



The guilt will suck you

down to the bone.



Stealing ain't worth it.



Going to church,

reading the Bible...



and believing in Jesus, brother,

that's your ticket.



[ Snickers ]




You think

it's a fantasy, right?






Come here, man.

Get up. Come here.



[ Traffic Noises ]

See that truck?

Beauty, isn't it?



[ Horn Honks ]

I won it

at a friend's raffle.



No shit.

No shit.

You know what?



It wasn't luck.

It was Jesus who wanted me

to have that truck.



That's bullshit.

I bet you stole it.



Jesus gave me that truck.



And as He who gives

and He who takes away.



Yeah, right.

He doesn't give a shit

about us.



Come back.

Come back.



Take off the hat.



Take off that hat.



God even knows

when a single hair

moves on your head.



You're wrong, Nick.



[ Machines Beeping ]



[ Man Thinking ]

So, this is death's waiting room.



These ridiculous tubes.



These needles swelling my arms.



What am I doing

in this pre-corpse club?



What do I have to

do with them?



I don't know when

anything began anymore...



or when it's gonna end.



Who will be the first

to lose his life?



He, in the coma?



Or me?



[ Buzzing ]



[ Sniffing ]



[ Sniffing ]



[ Sighs ]



[ Paper Crinkling ]



[ Clattering ]



All right.

You can get dressed now.



Your Fallopian tubes

are severely damaged.



It, uh, looks like you had

some kind of an infection...



that, uh, wasn't taken

care of properly.



We can try surgery,

but I have to tell you,

I think, uh,



the probabilities

are pretty slim.






Excuse me for asking this,

but it's important

that you tell me the truth.



Have you ever

had an abortion?




Any reason?



I had already separated

from my husband

when I got pregnant,



and l--

No. I meant

a medical reason.



My husband's dying.

I'm sorry?



Paul, my husband,

he's dying,



and I want to have his baby.



We can operate then

and hope you get pregnant

within three or four months.



[ Snickers ]



He's got one month left,

at most.



How'd it go?

Not good, Reverend.



In one ear,

out the other.



Be patient.

All it takes is one sheep

in a thousand,Jack. Come on.



Afternoon, Reverend.

Hey, Wolf, you still having

that birthday party Wednesday?



My place, brother.




I may be late,Jack.

I have Bible class on Wednesday.



What the fuck

is wrong with you, man?



[ Arguing Continues ]



- I will hurt you, boy.

- Paul. Paul!



Back off.

Back off.



I told you to think.

Fuck you!



- Hit me! Hit me!

Hit me! Hit me!




Hey, hey,Jack!

Come on! Come on!



Leave it,Jack.

He's a kid,Jack.



- He's a punk, Reverend.

- No, he's a kid.



You think,Jack.

You think.



[ Man On Radio ]

Those who are making decisions

that affect our life,



we must call out to God

to give them His wisdom.



Daddy's home.

I'll see you tomorrow, Tam.



I'll pick the boys up after school

if you want me to.



[ Door Opens,

Warning Signal Beeping ]

[ Girl ] Daddy!




Hey, babe.



How's my queen?

[ Wife Chuckles ]



And Hercules.

[ Girl ]

You don't have a queen.



Freddy, help me out.



I got the cooler

from the religious center.




- Dad, are we gonna

go buy a dog now?

- Help me out.



Freddy, we agreed no dogs.

Grab the other handle.

Lift it up.



You said if I got good grades,

you'd buy me one.



Your sister has allergies,

and dog hair is bad for her.



Bad for her, not me.

Get me a dog.



Freddy, leave it alone.

Well, at least

get me a hamster.



Well, we'll see.

We'll see.



You always say

you promise.



[ Chattering, Echoing ]



[ Man ]

Hey, Wolf.

You back, motherfucker?



Lock down six!



Six down!



Whoo! I win.



Age before beauty.



You're such

a sore loser.



[ Cell Phone Ringing ]



Do you wanna go

to theJacuzzi for a while?




No, I can't.

Michael and the girls

are waiting for me already.




Well, call me later.



I'll call ya.






[ Chuckles ]



[ Reverend ]

And you get away from leading

your family like a man of God...



ought to lead his family

in prayer...



and reading the word of God

and the things of God...



and bringing them

to the house of God,

[ Man ] Amen.



then you're opening the door

for the devil to come in

and slay your family.



[ Congregation ]


Jesus is our light.



[ Congregation ]

Jesus is our light.

Jesus is our hope.



[ Congregation ]

Jesus is our hope.

Jesus is our forgiveness.



Jesus is our forgiveness.



Jesus is the water

that quenches my thirst.



Jesus is the water

that quenches my thirst.



If you're saved

and you know it, say "Amen. "



[ Congregation ]


Everybody up on your feet.



- Jesus is our light.

-Jesus is our light.



[ Keyboard Clacking ]



[ Groans ]



[ Clattering ]



[ Oxygen Hissing ]



[ Hissing Stops ]



[ Wheezing ]



[ Coughing, Gasping ]



[ Wheezing ]



[ Door Opens ]

Hey, honey, I'm home.



[ Toilet Flushes ]



[ Coughs ]




Jesus, you scared me.



How are you feeling?

I feel great.



Have you been

smoking again?



Oh, for fuck's sake, Paul.



You know if they find out

you're smoking, they'll take you

off the transplant list.



If I don't smoke,

I'll go fuckin'nuts.



Better nuts than dead.



[ Coughs ]

Is that necessary?



I don't know

how the hell you get them.



[ Wheezing ]



[ Whimpering ]

Baby! Baby! Baby! Baby!




Oh, God!



Call an ambulance!



[ Sobbing ]




Call a fucking ambulance!

Goddamn it!



Please, do something.






Come on, please.



[ Doorbell Rings ]



[ Doorbell Rings ]



[ Chattering ]



[ Men Laughing ]

[ Man ]

Hey, Al,you want a Coke?



Jack, boss wants to talk to you.

He wants to see you now.



Come on. We both know

I'm not a caddie yet,



but I'm working at it.



And I'm learning, Brown.



Man, I swear to God,

I'm not going to let you down.




that's not the problem.

What's the problem?



The problem is some members

have started complaining

about your tattoos.



I got a long-sleeved shirt.

No, man--

No long-sleeved shirt...



You can't see it.

is gonna cover that one

on your neck right there.



You're gonna

start wearing a scarf.




This club is for people

different from me and you.



No. You know, I don't drink.

I don't steal.



I'm clean.

Tell me, why me?



Look, I know you're clean.

That's why I hired you.



But this decision

comes from the administration.



If I don't follow through,

they're gonna fuck me too.



[ Sighs ]

Look, I cut you

a hefty severance check,



and you can pick it up

on the way to the cashier's.



Try to understand.



[ Ice Cubes Rattling ]



Okay. Good.

So, is there any pain?



My head hurts a little bit.



That's normal.

That's because of

the blood pressure medicine.



We'll get you something else

to make you feel better.



Thank you.

I brought...



- what you asked for.

- Oh, my God.



Oh. Is that my heart?



The culprit.



Which one is he?



That's him

with the brown vest.



He's putting the bag

up on top right now.



You okay?



[ Breathing Heavily ]

Come here.



I wanna kill him.



We have to kill him.



Thank you, Lord,

for keeping us together,



for filling us with love

and for giving us this meal.




[ All ]




I got fired

from the club today.



'Cause of your

good pal Brown, right?



He had nothing

to do with it.

It's mine!



- Believe that,Jack?

- Yes, I do.

- [ Children Arguing ]



- Ow!

- Freddy, stop it.



Mommy, Freddy

hit me in the arm.

Which arm, baby?



This one.

Jack, don't start.



Hold out your other arm

and let your brother hit you.



- Give me it!

-Jack, no!



Hold it out.



Whoever slaps you

on the right cheek,

turn the other to him also.



Hit her.

Don't be afraid.



- Jack, no!

- [ Pounds Table ]

- Hit her!



Isn't that great. Wonderful.

Great parenting,Jack.



Good job.

It's okay. Shh.



He didn't hurt her.



[ Sighs ]



There's no hitting

in this house.






Get in the corner!



Do I put the chocolate chips

in now, Mommy?



That's right, honey,

and then stir.



[ Radio, Indistinct ]

Stir really quick.



Laura, put that back.

Come on.



When is Daddy coming?

Soon. Now let's

get this finished, honey.



- Mmm!

- None for you.




[ Chuckles ]



- No, Laura, stop it now.

- [ All Laughing ]



Next Friday, ask Lupe

to stay the night.



I can't stay, 'cause I invited

the company managers

over for dinner.



I fired her.



What, you fired her?




She made me feel

like a cripple.



Oh, goddamn it, Paul.



So, now who's going

to cook for you?



Who's going to clean up after you?

Who's going to take care of you?




I can do it for myself.



Oh,you can do it

by yourself.



I can't do it anymore, Paul.



Really, I can't.



[ Kissing ]

What are you doing?



I'm just-- What?

What does it feel like

I'm doing?



Don't. Don't.

You might hurt yourself.



I'm not gonna

hurt myself.

Besides, I need you to--




I went to

a fertility clinic.



Oh good, more doctors.

Mary, I can't have

this discussion again.



No, this is a--

this is a specialist.



He said that with surgery,

I might get pregnant.



You need to donate

sperm and then--

Mary, no.



I could take care ofhim.



But I can't.

So what's the point?



This is what I most want

in the world.



Do it for me, please.



[ Machinery Whirring ]



This'll be $  .  .



[ Cash Register Beeping, Dings ]



[ Cashier ]

Thank you.



[ Bottles Clang Together ]



Find everything you need, sir?



I'll have, uh--



Oh, you know what?

I left my wallet.



[ No Audible Dialogue ]



[ Chattering, Laughter ]



[ Stereo ]



Gonna be hot.






When does my brother

plan to show up?



He said he'll be back

by  :  .



One hundred percent

pure golden lager.



You outta your mind?



[ Chuckles ]

Pretty much.

Oh, it's warm.



Okay, well, hey, if you wanna

drink lemonade all night--

No, no, no, no.



Just give it here.

Give me--



Katie? Laura?



Where are you guys?



[ Keys Clatter]

[ Cell Phone Beeps ]



[ Answering Machine On Phone,

Indistinct ]



Hi, sweetheart, it's Dad.

I was hoping we could have lunch

one day next week.



Give me a call.

[ Phone Beeps ]



Hi, honey.

I'm on my way home.



If you need me to pick up

anything along the way--

[ Girl ] Look, Daddy, a pigeon!



Girls, no, don't touch.

Laura, stop it.

[ Cristina Chuckles ]



Gimme a call on my cell.

I'll see you in a bit. Bye.



[ Woman's Voice ]

To send a message, press--

[ Chuckles ]



[ Clattering ]



[ Phone Ringing ]



[ Ringing ]




[ Caller Inaudible ]












[ Siren Chirps ]



[ Police Radio Chatter ]



[ Siren Chirps ]



Stay here.

I'll be right back.



[ Siren Wailing ]

[ Door Slams Shut ]



Now, Mary,you understand

that even if the operation

is successful,



artificial insemination

doesn't always work.



It doesn't matter.

We want to try.









Now, Paul, um,



this is about

having a child.



And with your condition,



you know you probably

won't ever meet him.




Well, life goes on, right?



Yeah, right.



I'd like you to put on

one of these gloves to avoid

contaminating the sample.



And, uh, try to make it

all land in the receptacle.



When you're done,

just leave it in here.



In case you need

a little inspiration.



[ Woman On Video ]

Hey, big boy, what are you doing?



Oh,yeah,you ready to party?

[ Man On Video ]

Yeah, well, I'm here now.



[ Video Continues, Indistinct ]



[ Woman ]

Yeah! Yeah!



Oh, there you go!



[ Moaning ]

Good, come on. Come on!



[ Woman On P.A.]

Dr. Swann, call the operator.



Excuse me.

My husband and daughters

were in an accident,



and I was told

to come here.

What were their names?



Michael, Catherine

and Laura Peck.






[ Keyboard Clacking ]



Excuse me for a minute.




What happened, sweetheart?



I don't know.

They haven't told me

anything yet.



It's gonna be all right.

Yeah, everything

will be okay. Don't worry.



[ Rock ]



Okay, what is

the most important question

for safe sex?



What time does

your husband get home?



[ Man ]

That's good, huh? Yeah.



His Highness has arrived.



Let's see

what he comes up with.



Serve up that chili.






[ Squirts ]

[ Chuckles ]



It's  :  .

What are you gonna make up

this time-- traffic?



You preaching the word?

The entire congregation

has been waiting for you.



It's your party, remember?

What's wrong?



Have you been drinking?




You didn't drink again,

did you?



I just ran over

a man and two girls.



You're lying, right?



I was driving home.



Took a turn...



a little too quickly.



I didn't see them crossing.



[ Rock Continues ]



- [ Horn Honking ]

- Can't you go any faster?



[ Honking Horn ]



Baby, hold on.



[ Revs Engine, Honking Horn ]



I love you.



[ Inhales ]



[ Exhales ]



Deep breath.

[ Inhales ]



[ Exhales ]




- Your lungs are clear.

- I got a question for you.




Whose heart do I have?



Uh, I can't tell you.

It's hospital regulations.



Just like the donor's family

doesn't know your name either.



- But you know.

- [ Chuckles ]




This is your heart now.

That's all that should

matter to you.



- I wanna know who saved my life.

- If you want,you can write...



an anonymous letter to the family

through the donor's association.



Personally, I think it's better

that you don't know.



Mrs. Peck?

I'm Dr.Jones.



What happened

to my family?

Please, sit down.



No, l-I'm okay.

What happened?



Well, your husband

and your daughters

were hit by a car,



and we had to perform

emergency surgery on your husband.



[ Man ]

Your husband suffered

multiple skull fractures,



and we had to remove blood clots

from around the brain.



He's in critical condition,

and we're concerned that

he's showing low brain activity.




Is he gonna be all right?



We're doing the best we can.



And what about

my daughters?



Your youngest daughter

was brought in with severe bleeding.



She just wasn't able

to get here in time.



I'm very sorry.

They-- They both died

in the accident.



[ Shuddering ]



[ Cristina Sobbing ]




No. Oh, my--

Oh! Oh! Oh!



Oh, my God!



No! Oh, my God!



Do-- Oh!



Wh-- Where are they?



Where-- Where are they?



Mrs. Peck,your girls are here,

and you can see them

if you like, but--



I wanna see them.

Mrs. Peck,

I wouldn't recommend it.



[ Cristina Sobbing ]

Oh, God, Daddy.

Oh, Daddy!



[ Doctor ]

I'm very sorry.

If you'll excuse us,



we have to get back

to Mr. Peck.



[ Sobbing ]

Uh, I'm very sorry.



[ Sobbing Loudly ]



Oh, God! Oh!



[ Men Chanting ]

We want dinner!



Marianne, we'd like

some dinner in here!



[ Rock Continues ]



Tell Reverend John to stay.

Make sure no one notices

and get everyone to leave.



What happened?

Trish,just do

what I tell ya!



Okay, baby.

It's gonna be okay.



It's gonna be okay.




Come on.

Start the truck up.



Start the truck up.

Pull it in.

Come on, baby.



[ Vehicle Engine Starts ]



[ Horn Honks ]



[ Brown ]




What are you

doing here, man?



Just came to pick up

my things, Brown.



Why don't you let me

buy you a couple of beers?



I don't drink, Brown.



How about a Diet Coke?



You know, I've been talking

to a buddy of mine about

hooking you up with a job.



Been telling him

all about you.



So, what do you say, huh?

I've been feeling shitty

about what went down.



Come on.

I understand.



So, what do you say?



As you know, the doctors

did everything they could

to save your husband's life,



but he has shown

no brain activity.



We're here to help you

with some of the final decisions

that need to be made.



We have a patient...



who is gravely ill.



I'm here to give you

some information

on organ donation.



Are you willing

for your husband

to donate his heart?



- Can we discuss this another time?

- I'm afraid not.



I can give you time to discuss it,

but this is a decision

that needs to be made soon.



[ Beeping ]

[ Mary ]




Paul, the beeper.



[ Beeping Stops ]

It's the hospital.



I think they've

got a heart.



Hello? Yes,

I'm calling on behalf

of Mr. Paul Rivers.







Yes, I understand.



Where do I

have to take him?



[ Beeping ]



[ Clippers Humming ]



Good luck, my love.



[ Chair Scrapes On Floor ]









Does your shoulder

bother you?




Because I was watching you

swim before,



and you have a wide stroke.



If you bring it in tighter,

you get a better glide.



Thanks for the advice.



Do you mind

if I join you?



- Actually, I was just leaving.

- Here you go.



Maybe just until you finish?



No. Maybe next time.



Did you know that eating alone

can cause kidney damage?

And that's bad.



[ Chuckles ]




Okay, sorry.



[ Ice Cubes Rattling ]



[ Beeping ]



[ Line Ringing ]



[ On Phone: Rock ]

[ Man ] Hello?



Hello, is Ana there?






Is Ana there?

Hang on a sec.



Ana. Ana!







[ Continues ]






Who was that?



[ Whirring ]



Hi, honey, I'm on my way home.

If you need me to pick up anything

along the way, let me know.



Look, Daddy, a pigeon!

Girls, no, don't touch!



Laura, stop it.

Gimme a call on my cell.



I'll see you in a bit.




[ Door Opens ]



Did you go?



Are they dead?



I'm gonna turn myself in.



John says nobody saw you.




They don't know the license plate

or what kind of car. Some asshole

even swears it was a cab.



Marianne, what would you do

if these were our children?

Tell me.



But they're not.

It didn't happen to us.



No, it didn't happen to us.



It happened to me.



[ Opens Door ]



[ Licks Finger]



[ Wedding Ring Clatters ]



What the fuck do you gain

by turning yourself in?



It's my duty, Marianne.



No,Jack, your duty

is here with us.



With your family.



[ Clattering ]



My duty's to God.







get outta my way.






[ Chattering, Laughter]



Oh, buddy,

right there!




My turn.

[ Laughter]



I think I better

go back to the hospital.



Hey, he deserves it.

I thought your doctor said

you're not supposed to eat that.



I'm making up

for lost time.



Lost time, not lost pounds.



We're gonna have to

send you back for liposuction.



Well, here's to all those

who didn't think I was going to die.



[ Man ]

Hear! Hear! Hear! Hear!



To the first day

of my new life.





It's good

to have you home, man.



I knew you'd make it.

I told you.

[ Clanging ]



I also have

an announcement to make.



I wanted to tell you

that Paul and I

are going to be parents.



That's great.

There's a scary thought--

Paul being a parent.



- You kept this real quiet.

- Have you told your parents yet?



We're going to be parents.

We just don't know when yet.



I'm going to have an operation,

and then we're going to try

artificial insemination.



Terrific. Terrific.

Artificial insemination, huh?



Professor, do your female students know

you no longer have lead in your pencil?




Come on!



[ Raspberry ]



[ Woman ]

Play nice!



Let's have more cake.

Let's pass the cake around.



[ Overlapping Chattering ]



Mr. Donneaud?

Mr. Rivers?




Thanks for coming.



Sorry I couldn't cancel

this appointment, but the way

I'm bowling today, probably should have.



Have a seat here.

Park it right there.



[ Breathing Heavily ]



[ Sobbing ]



[ Murmuring ]



Can I bring you

something to eat?



I'm not hungry.

Honey, you need

to eat something.



I'm fine, Dad.



When your mother died,

I thought I wasn't going to make it.



I felt the world was falling

on me and that I was never

going to get up.



But, sweetie,

life goes on.



You know what I thought

when Mom died?



I couldn't understand

how you could talk to people again.



How you could laugh... again.



I couldn't understand

how you could play with us.



And no--

no, that's a lie.



Life does not just go on.



Louise is getting fat,

don't you think?



She's done nothing but eat

since Robert left her.




She looks okay to you?



Why did you tell everybody

we're having a baby?



I wanted to share

our plans with them.



Oh. That's what I mean,

they're our plans.



Why does everyone have to

know our private life?



Why the fuss?

They're our best friends.



Yeah, but we haven't

even talked about it.



Oh, we haven't?

I thought this was

more than settled.



Things change, Mary.



Something we have to

think about.



I don't have anything

to think about.



I've already

made my decision.



Would you help me

with the glasses?



[ Murmuring ]



[ Woman ]

So young.



You want me to stay

with you tonight?



I'm okay. Thanks.



I just wanna be alone.



[ Sniffles ]






the police called.



They said you need to

go and press charges.



I'll go with you

if you want.



I'm not going to do anything.



Y-- This guy was--

was some ex-con.



Are you really gonna let him

just walk the streets?



What do you want me to do?



Well, he ran over

Michael and your daughters.



Nothing I can do

is going to bring them back.



Do you get that?



Hey, how you doin'?



You found it okay?

Yeah, I did.



The donor's name

was Michael Peck.

He was    years old.



An architect

and married.



This is the authorization

for transplant signed by

his wife, Cristina Williams Peck.



I have a copy

of the medical report

if you care to see it.



And I also have the widow's

phone number and address

just in case you're interested.



How did Michael Peck die?



You might have seen it

in the newspaper.



This guy named JackJordan

ran over Mr. Peck

and his two little girls...




at  :   p.m.



This JackJordan's a piece of work.

He's been in and out of jail

since he was   .



Car thief,

small-time crook, drugs,



bad checks, alcoholism.



Last time he was in jail

has only been a few years ago.



[ Coughing ]



You feeling okay, Mr. Rivers?



This is what you wanted,

isn't it?



Okay, I just, um--

You want some water?



He was, uh, an architect.



What's the point

in getting involved?



Mary, I wanna know

who I am now.



I don't think

that's the way to do it.



What is then?



Look for it with me.



Let's look ahead together,

not behind.



Damn it,Jack, it's your birthday

and you didn't even have

one drink with me.



Why don't you come over to my place?

I'm having a party.



Yeah, I bet they're all

as boring as you are.

[ Laughs ]



You'd be surprised.

No, man, I'll pass.



Listen, I'll call you later

about that job, okay?



All right, man.

All right.



Thank you.



[ Horn Honks ]



Hey, Brown, you should.



I will.



[ Wheezing ]



Okay, now, we can schedule

the surgery, um,



I could get you in

as early as Monday.




 :   a.m.?



What's the percentage chance

that Mary will get pregnant?



Well, I can't offer you

a real number on that.



Um, you know,

there's the damage

from the abortion...



that wasn't handled properly--

the blockage--



[ Paul ]

What abortion?



What abortion, Mary?



I can explain.

Explain what?



There is an explanation.




All that drama

about artificial insemination.



Kids' names.



You got pictures

of our friends' babies

all over the place.






So you can flush it

down the fuckin' toilet?



We've been a fraud

for a long time, Mary.



Oh, yeah?

Why didn't you tell me that

when you were sick, huh?



Or did you expect

one of your girlfriends

to come and take care of you?



You came back

because you wanted to.

Don't blame me for that.



I came back to take care of you

because I love you.



Or because

you were feeling lonely.



I'm sorry. I'm sorry.



I can't keep going like this.



The insemination,

the child.



It's like we're trying to

put a Band-Aid on something

that's just been bled dry.



It's finished.



But it-- it isn't finished

if we give it a chance

and have this baby.



When we could have,

you didn't want to.



We were separated, goddamn it!

It's different now!



Yes, it's different.



We gonna go?

You only know how

to think about yourself.



[ Guard ]

Close six!



Well, thanks

for finally seeing me.



They tell me

you don't want to eat.



I'm not hungry.



Jack,Jesus didn't come

to free us from pain.



He came to give us

the strength to bear it.



Maybe He wanted

this pain for me.



No, He had nothing

to do with this.

It was an accident.



No, it wasn't an accident.



Jesus chose me for this.






ask for the mercy

ofJesus Christ.



If it was an accident,



why do I have to ask

for His mercy?



"I will have mercy

on whom I will have mercy.



"I will have compassion

on whom I will have compassion.



- Don't be so prideful. That's a sin.

- "And the fearful and unbelieving.



"And the abominable,

the murderers, the warmongers,

Jack, listen to me.



"the sorcerers and the idolaters

and all liars...



Jesus came to save us,

not to damn us.

"shall have their part...



in the lake which burneth

with fire and brimstone."



Revelation   : .

Jesus, loves you.



But He also knows how to punish

arrogant sinners like you.



"As many as I love,

I rebuke and chaste."

Revelation  :  .



-Jesus betrayed me.

- Stop this shit, or you're

going straight to hell!






This is hell.

Right here!



You're damning your soul!

You shut up now...



and ask Christ

to forgive you!

Hey! Forgive me?



I did everything

He asked me to do!

I changed!



I gave Him my life,

and He betrayed me.



He put that fucking truck in my hand

so I could carry out His will.



Made me kill that man

and those girls.



But hey, He didn't

give me the strength

to stay and save them.



Don't blaspheme, you bastard!

Christ had nothing to do with this!



God even knows

when a single hair

moves on your head.



And you taught me that.



We're gonna pray

for you,Jack.



[ Chattering ]



[ Car Engine Starts ]



Good evening, sir.



[ Rock ]



Excuse me.



[ Rock Continues, Indistinct ]



Using discrepancy, lyric weaponry

lessens your chances of testing me



Stop and freeze M.C. 's

I block atrocities



Philosophies from the lips

ofblack Socrates



The pocket-penciler

in your peninsula



Killing Dracula M.C. 's

who bit from my vernacular



I can back it

The ill scene we occupy



No lullaby, got you high

when I rock a fly



Verse, for my people

let me breathe slow



Give a heave-ho

and stimulate your cerebral



System, cut chemist grip the fader

Tuna the group debater



[ Continues, Indistinct ]



Hey,just like

old times, huh?



How the hell

have you been?



Did you end up marrying

that hunk you brought

around here last time?







Is he a good lay?

How they make us suffer, huh?



It's all right.

I got some great candy for you.



I got Special "K, "angel dust.

I got your all-time favorite.



And I got the newest

of the new-- R- .



This shit is all the rage.

You take two of these,



-you go straight to heaven.

- I'm not into chemicals.



Cristi, you're not

a cuddly little kitty now, are you?



Look, if you don't like 'em,

you don't pay for 'em.



That's my girl.

It's busy.

[ Knocking ]



Hey, go easy on the booze

tonight, right?



- [ Neck Bones Cracking ]

- [ Gasping ]



[ Yells ]

What the fuck?



[ Yelling ]



What the fuck

are you doing?



[Jack Sobbing ]



[ Chattering ]



Would you get

my car keys?




- What do you care, asshole?

- I can get you a cab.



- I don't need a fuckin' taxi.

-Just give me the glass, ma'am.



Here's your fuckin' glass.



- [ Crash ]

- [ Man ] You okay?



Stupid fucking asshole, move your car!

I'm fine. Get away from my car!



There's no damage.

I'm fine.

Get away from my car.



There's no damage.

Excuse me, I know her.

I can drive her home.



Is this any of your business?

I'm your friend Paul

from the sports club.



Yeah, well--




Yeah. Well, can you

tell these assholes

to get away from me?



I'll drive her home.

It's not a big deal, okay?



Okay. All right?

You can't drive like this.



What do you care?



You're gonna get arrested.

Let me drive you.






Damn it.



[ Parking Brake Clicks ]



[ Engine Off]



[ Keys Jangling ]



[ Seat Belt Clicks ]



[ Horn Blowing, Distant ]



[ Chattering ]



I sold the truck

to pay for the lawyer.



I didn't ask for a lawyer.




I didn't ask for a lawyer.



You want your children to spend

another two years without you?



Is that what you want?



This is God's will.

So be it.



Two years ago,

you didn't believe in anything.



Now everything

has to do with God.



I think I preferred you

the way you were before.



I was a fucking pig before.

Is that what you prefer?



At least it was you.



Now I don't have the slightest

fucking idea who you are.

[ Zips Jacket ]



Life has to go on,Jack,

with or without God.



Hey, how you doin'?

How are you?




Were you able

to find anything out?



JackJordan's living in

a cheap motel lost out

in the middle of nowhere.



Phone records.



One of his prison fishy pals

is from there.



- That was quick.

-Just a matter of checking the calls.



Phone number and address

for the motel he's living in.



[ Coughs, Sniffles ]



Here's a pretty recent photo




It was taken the last time

he was in jail.



Were you able to get that

other thing that I asked about?




This is a clean gun, no record.

They call this an "orphan."



It is loaded.



Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Careful there, Hoss.



You don't have to cock it.

Just pull the trigger to shoot it.

This releases the cylinder.



I think we're set to go.

That's all I want to know.



Thank you.

Good luck to you.



Ma'am, it's been an hour

since I called.



Forty-six St. Vincent Street.



Thank you.







Some rain.



Do you not have your car?

No, but my taxi

will be here in a minute.



I'm right over here.

I'll give you a lift if you like.



No. Thanks.



I'm the guy who drove

your car home last week.



I'm sorry.

I don't remember.



I left my jacket with you.



I'm sorry.

I'll bring it by tomorrow.



Sure I can't give you a ride?

I'm right here.



Or do you want to swim?

[ Chuckles ]










You're very welcome.



Let me just give you

my cell phone number

so you can have it.



Would you have

lunch with me tomorrow?



What for?



Uh, you're gonna have to eat

at some point, and I'm very worried

about those kidneys.



Come on. Lawrence's,  :  .

It's very nearby.





I'll see you tomorrow.






[ Woman On Radio ]

...report we have construction on the ramp

coming from southbound     at Summer.



That ramp is closed until  :   p.m.

Use Arlington Pike as an alternate.




Forty at the new bridge,

they have the center lane closed.



Use southbound l-   as an alternate.

Safe Driving believes so strongly

in minimum coverage.



They're easy, fast, affordable and reliable.

They're serious about minimum coverage.




Minimum coverage is the best option--



[ Both ]

Look, Daddy, a pigeon!

Daddy, look!



Girls, no, don't.

Don't touch it. Laura, stop it.

[ Machine Whirring ]



Gimme a call on my cell.

I'll see you in a bit. Bye.



[ Machine Stops Whirring ]

Good night, Mr. Peck.



Hey, Lucio, don't forget

to do my garden on Saturday.

No, sir, I won't forget.



[ Machine Revs, Whirring ]



[ Screeching Tires, Thud ]



[ Vehicle Speeding Away ]



Son of a bitch.



Leave it to me, Marianne.



Sometimes it happens,

sometimes it doesn't.

Everybody reacts differently.



That's why you've been

vomiting so much.



So, what are you saying,

I've got to change medication?



Okay, I'm gonna be

frank with you, Paul.



The heart that you're carrying

is gonna give out soon.



I need you to stay in the hospital

until I can find you another heart.



You want me to wait

for a new heart.

We don't have another choice.



I can't do that.

I can't wait for someone else to die,

locked up in a fucking room.



I can't-- I can't do it.

Y-You're dangerously close

to heart failure, Paul.



You might die a lot sooner

than you think.



Let me ask you something,

and I want you to be really honest

with me, okay?



[ Sighs ]

If I stay...



will I be saved?



I can't guarantee it.



But if you don't

come back to the hospital,



you're condemning yourself

to a terrible death.



Your heart won't work anymore.

You'll die, asphyxiated.



It's an awful death, Paul.

You can't imagine it.



At least here

we could help you to--

You can help me die better.



That's what you're saying.

You can help me die better.



Well, I'm not gonna do that, okay?

I'd rather die outside.



I'm not gonna do it again.



How much did the lawyer charge?



Marianne, how much did

the fucking lawyer charge?

[John ] Enough.



How much is enough,




Enough so your children can

remember your fucking face.



You keep asking stupid questions,

I'm getting out at the next corner.



[ TVPlaying ]

[ Growls Softly ]



[ Marianne ]

Hi, guys. We're home.



Daddy! Daddy!

What'd you bring us?



I brought you a kiss.



You didn't bring me

a present, huh?

No,just a kiss.



We made you a cake.

Thank you, sweetheart.



Freddy put the icing on it.



Freddy, are you gonna

say hello to your father?



[ Marianne ]

Freddy drew those for you.



I drew those ones.



Mommy made the cake.

Come here.



[ Girl ]

Come look at the cake, Daddy.

[Jack ] She did?



[ Girl ]

Come on, Daddy.



There is a number

hidden in every act of life,

in every aspect of the universe.



Fractals, matter--

that there's a number

screaming to tell us something.



Am I boring you?

No. No. l--



I'm sorry.



I guess I try to tell them

that numbers are a door...



to understanding a mystery

that's bigger than us.



How two people, strangers,

come to meet.



There's a poem by

a Venezuelan writer that begins--



"The earth turned

to bring us closer.



"It turned on itself and in us...



until it finally brought us

together in this dream."



That's beautiful.



There's so many things

that have to happen for

two people to meet and--



Anyway, that's--

that's what mathematics are.



[ Paul ]

How long have you been swimming?



[ Cristina ]

Oh, for years.



It doesn't bore you?

No. It's what makes me

feel normal.



If I didn't swim or walk

or do something,

I think I'd go crazy.



Thanks for lunch.



Yeah. Bye.



Do you want to come in?





Yes, I do want to come in.

[ Chuckles ]



[ Wheezes ]



[ Wheezes ]



[ Coughs, Wheezes ]



[ Whistle Blowing ]

[ Wheezing ]



[ Wheezing ]



[ Trash Can Clanging ]



[ Coughs ]



Hey, can I ask you--



- Huh?

- Okay, I have a gun. Okay?



Don't look at me.

Don't look at me.

Don't look at me. I'll shoot--



- I don't have any money.

- Turn around. Turn around.

I'll shoot you.Just turn around. Go.



- I don't have any--

- Walk. Walk. Walk!



P-Put 'em up!

P-Put your hands up!




- Wait.

-Just walk. Go!



We're gonna go down that

path right there. Do what I say

and then you won't get hurt.



- I don't have any--

- Go!



I'm not looking.

Come on. Keep walking.

Go right down here.



Just keep walking. Keep walk--

I said don't look at me.

I'll shoot you in the head.



Keep your hands up!

Walk! Over here.



Over here. Hey!

Come on, don't look at me.



Okay, keep going!

Stop! Stop!



Right-- Okay, uh--




T-Turn around.

But keep your hands on your head.

Keep your hands on your head!




Take your shoes off

and get down on your knees.



Uh, take off your shoes.



No, not that-- not that one.

J-Just get down on your knees!

Get down on your knees!



Sir, please.



You shouldn't have done it.



[ Wheezing ]

Done what?



You shouldn't have done it!



Close your goddamn eyes!



She looked me in the eyes.

What are you talking about?



One of the girls that I killed,



she looked me in the eye.



She wanted to tell me something.



[ Sobs ]



I just-- I left her there.



[ Sobbing ]



[ Sobs ]

I ran away.



I ran away.

I ran away.



I ran away.

I ran away.

Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh.



You sticking with red?




Are you okay?






I, um...



Sorry. I, uh-- Dizzy.



Can I get you a glass of water

or something?



I think I should go home.



I'm sorry. I just, uh--



I like you a lot, Cristina.



It's been a long time since

I liked someone so much.



Can I see you again?



I'm a married woman.



I figured.







I've got peace like a river



I've got peace like a river



-I've got peace like a river

in my soul

- Everybody!



I've got love like an ocean



I've got love like an ocean



I've got love like an ocean

in my soul



I've got joy like a fountain

I've got joy like a fountain



I've got joy like a fountain

in my soul



-Look, Daddy. These are the zebras,

these are the lions.

- Very pretty, Gina.



How could you draw a zoo

if you've never been to one?

I've seen them in--



Stop fighting.



The lawyer called to remind you

you have to go sign on Monday.



If you want, I'll go with you

to the church again.

Daddy, in school they said...



you killed two girls

and their daddy.



Is that true?




- No.

- Yes.



- He killed them.

- [ Marianne ]

It was an accident, sweetie.



You understand?



Oh,Jesus, every time

I look at my children...



[ Mumbling, Indistinct ]



[ Cell Phone Rings ]







[ Cristina ] Paul?



Wh-Who is this?






Did I wake you?



Hang on a second.






Did I wake you?

No, that's okay.



Um, c-could you come

to my house?



Is something wrong?

No, I just--



I just want you to come

if you can.



Or if you want to.




I'll be right there.







It's  :   in the morning.

Who are you talking to?



I won't be long.



Where are you going?



I said I won't be long.

Exactly where and with who

are you going?



I thought you'd change

after the transplants.



And I thought you'd change

if I did. Neither of us changed.



[ Horn Honking,

Tires Screeching ]



What's wrong?

He's been shot in the chest.



- [ Cristina ] Come on.

- Shot in the-- in the chest.



He's been shot in the chest.

[ Cristina ]

Come on.



- Okay, how long's he been like that?

- He's dying, okay? We need a--



Okay, I'll go get a stretcher.



- [ Man ] Ma'am, he'll--

he'll be right back.

- It's okay.



Hang in there, baby.

I shot him.



-[ Man ] You did what?

- I shot him.



Patrol, I need you

to call the police.



It's an emergency,yes.

I'm right out front.



[ Doorbell Chimes ]






Are you okay?






You kept me thinking all day.



You see, I haven't spoken

to anyone in months,



and, uh, I barely know you...



and I already

need to talk to you.






there's something

the more I think about,

the less I understand.



Why the hell did you tell me

that you liked me?



Answer me, because I didn't

like you saying that at all.



You can't just walk up

to a woman you barely know

and tell her you like her.



You-You can't.

You can't do that.



You don't know

what she's going through.



Or what she's feeling.



I'm not married.




Come here.



[ Sighs ]



It's okay.

[ Sniffles ]



I'm sorry.




[ Sobs ]



Cristina, wait.



I have to tell you something.




I have to tell you something.

Please, kiss me.



Wait. Cristina. l--






I have Michael's heart.




I have Michael's heart.



You understand what I'm saying?



It was transplanted into me

at St. Francis Hospital

on October   .



No. No.



I tried to tell you.

I just didn't know

how to tell you.



How dare you.

How dare you!




How fucking dare you!

I'm here for a reason.



Get out of my house!




Don't touch me!



Get out of my house now!

You make me sick!



I had a reason.

Can't you see that?



You get out of my fucking--

Get the fuck out of my house!




You make me sick!



Get out!

[ Slams Door]



[ Sobbing ]



[ Groans ]



Good morning.



Why did you look for me?



Because I needed to.



I don't want your fucking pity.



That wasn't it.



I was sick, Cristina.

I was very sick.



I was dying when Michael

gave me his heart.



He saved my life.



I tried in every way that

I knew how to find out...



who had given me this heart.



And that's how I found out how

he and your daughters had died.



And it's very painful for me

to know how I got this heart.



And I couldn't sleep.



I just-- I wanted to thank you.

I wanted to help in some way.



I just want to

thank you for--



[ Sighs ]



But I couldn't find you.



And then I saw you...



that day.



And now I can't

be away from you.



I can't.



You don't have to be afraid.



I've got a good heart.



I'm scared too.



[ Marianne ]

Why did you leave us,Jack? Why?

I am where I have to be.



Gina got really sick because

of the hamster.Jack, we need you--

The past is like the Atlantic Ocean.



Back when I was mean,

about the decisions I make,



that's my mirror.

Just come back, please.



That's my mirror.

Jack, it doesn't matter.



And I have to live with them

alone. Alone.

Just come back to us,Jack.



And I can't erase it.

No one can erase it.

Your family needs you.




[ Sobbing ]



We need to stabilize him before

we can get him to the hospital.



But right now what we really need

are units of B-positive blood.



l-I'm O-positive.

Will that work?



Okay, open and close your fist

several times.



[ Woman On Radio ]

Unit    go ahead.



Okay, pal,you're free to go

for lack of evidence.



Your story doesn't check out

and contradicts our investigation...



and the statements made by

Mrs. Peck and Mr. Rivers.



I just need you to sign here.



What if I really am guilty?



Yeah, well, it happens.



Won't be the first time,

won't be the last.



What are you doing?



You've been lost for too many days,

don't you think, you prick?



Mary, I don't want to fight.

I want this to end well.



Oh, you think ending well means

disappearing for a few days?



You just waited till you got better

to tell me to fuck off.



I'm going back to London.

We can't keep doing this.






I'll have surgery and I'll be

inseminated with your child,

with or without you.



Mary, what for? Why?

Because I want to.



Well, I won't authorize that.


Oh, no?



Well, you already have.



I have a signed copy

of your authorization

to use your semen.



Would you excuse me?

I get what I want.

What do you gain? What do you gain?



You decide if you come

looking for me or not.



[ No Audible Dialogue ]



[ No Audible Dialogue ]



[ Michael's Voice ]

Hi, honey.

I'm on my way home.



If you need me to pick up anything

along the way, let me--

Girls, no! Don't touch!



Laura, stop, it.

Gimme a call on my cell.

[ Sobbing ]



I'll see you in a bit.




[ Woman's Voice ]

To repeat the message, press one.

To delete, press two.



[ Beeps ]



[ Michael's Voice ]

Hi, honey.

I'm on my way home.



If you need me to pick up anything

along the way, let me--

Girls, no! Don't touch!



Laura, stop, it.



Gimme a call on my cell.

I'll see you in a bit. Bye.

[ Sobbing ]



[ Paul ]

I'm grilling some chicken.

You want anything to eat?



No. Thanks.



I can make you a sandwich if you--

No. No, no, no! No!



Cristina. Cristina.

Listen to me.



You don't need that shit.

You don't need it.



Don't tell me what I need.



Katie could have lived.






She'd be alive right now,

but that bastard left her there...



lying in the street.



He left the three of them

like animals. He didn't care.



[ Sniffles ]



At least she could

be here with me.



That son of a bitch is walking

the streets, and I can't even

go into their room.



What do you mean

he's walking the street?



[ Sighs ]



I want to kill him.



You want to kill him?



I'm gonna killJackJordan.

I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch.



Slow down. Wait.

Just-Just slow down.



Slow down? Slow down

while I what? Huh?

While I what?



Take it easy.

Take it easy?



My husband and my little girls

are dead and I'm supposed to

take it fucking easy?



I can't just go on

with my life!



I am paralyzed here!

I am a fucking amputee,

do you see that?



Who are you?



You owe it to Michael--

No,you've got his heart.



You're in his house

fucking his wife

and sitting in his chair!



We have to kill him!

No, we--

Not like this. Not like this.



Then how?

Tell me how!



Katie died

with red shoelaces on.



She hated red shoelaces.



[ Sobbing ]

And she kept asking me

to get her some blue ones,



and I never got her

the blue ones.



She was wearing those fucking

red shoelaces when she was killed.



[ Sobbing Continues ]



Oh, God.



You shouldn't have done it!

Close your-- Close your goddamn eyes!






You... murderer.



You just let them

lie there on the street.



Those two little girls,

you just let them die like dogs.



I should have killed you.



Now you disappear.

Don't even go back to the motel

and get your things.



Just disappear.



[ Wheezing ]



[ Coughing ]



[ Wheezing ]



Mrs. Peck.

How is he?



We weren't able to use

your blood for his transfusion.



We found very high levels

of illegal substances in your blood.

You're taking very high risks here.



Well, that's my problem.

In your state, I suggest

you stop using these substances.



What are you talking about?

You're pregnant, Mrs. Peck.



You sure?

You really need to start

taking care of yourself, Mrs. Peck.



We'll let you know when

Mr. Rivers is out of the O.R.



[ Sighs ]



Where were you?



Did you kill him?

Did you?



Why didn't you wake me up?



Where's the body?



Nobody will ever

find the body.

[ Coughs ]



I'm sorry.



We're gonna go home now.

[ Wheezes ]



Let's just get

out of here, okay? Yeah?



[ Coughs ]

You okay?



It's okay, baby.

Just lie down.



Need rest.

I need rest.

I know. I know.



I'm sorry.

[ Wheezes ]



I love you.



I love you.






[ Doorknob Rattles ]

[ Wheezing ]



Wake up.

[ Coughs ]



[ Footsteps ]

Hmm? Hmm?



There's somebody outside.



[ Cristina ]

Oh, my God!



- Oh, my God!

- You want to kill me?



[ Cristina ]

What's he doing here?

Here I am.



- [ Wheezing ]

-Shoot me.



[ Cristina ]

Go ahead. Kill him. Paul.



Oh, my God!



Do something!



[ No Audible Dialogue ]



[ No Audible Dialogue ]



[ Gunshot ]

[ Panting ]



[ Cristina ]




Oh, baby.

Oh, no.



No. No.

Oh, my God.



Baby. Baby. Baby.

Oh, my God. Oh.




Oh, my God.



Baby. Baby. Baby. Baby.



Baby. Oh!



Oh, God!

Call an ambulance.



Call a fucking ambulance!



[ Wind Blowing ]



- [ Paul Narrating ]

How many lives do we live?

- [ No Audible Dialogue ]



How many times do we die?



They say we all lose    grams...



at the exact moment of our death.






And how much fits

into    grams?



How much is lost?



When do we lose    grams?



How much goes with them?



How much is gained?



How much is gained?



Twenty-one grams.



The weight

of a stack of five nickels.



The weight of a hummingbird.



A chocolate bar.



How much did    grams weigh?



One last kiss



One only



Then I'll let you go



Hard for you



I've fallen



But you can't break my fall



I'm broken



Don't break me



When I hit the ground



Some devil



Some angel



Has got me to the bones



You said always and forever



Now I believe you, baby



You said always and forever



Is such a long

and lonely time



Too drunk and still drinking



It's just the way I feel



It's all right



Is what you told me



'Cause what we had

was so beautiful



But I feel heavy



Like floating



At the bottom of the sea



You said always and forever



Now I believe you, baby



You said always and forever



Is such a long

and lonely time



Some devil is

stuck inside of me



I cannot set it free



I wish, I wish I was dead



And you were grieving



Just so that you could know



Some angel is

stuck inside of me



But I cannot set you free



You said always and forever



Now I believe you, baby



You said always and forever



Such a long, lonely time



Stuck inside of me

Special help by SergeiK