25th Hour Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the 25th Hour script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie by Spikee Lee starring Edward Norton, Rosario Dawson, Barry Peppers, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, etc.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of 25th Hour. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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25th Hour Script



Look at this.
He's alive. This dog --
how you call it? Bull pit? No. Pit bull.
But that's not a pit bull. I don't know what he is. I bet he lost somebody
some money, though. Give me your gun. - Shooting him?
- Yeah. Are you sick in the head? They left him out here
to suffer and die like that. They -- they threw him
out the fuckin' window and just kept on driving. It's terrible. Come.
People wait for us. Come on.
They're used to waiting. Poor little guy.
Jesus, I think he broke his hip. Oh! Ho! Shit! The fucker. He's got a lot
of bite left in him, huh? I think bull pit
is not playing with you, Monty. Yeah. No shit. Come.
You want police coming? Oh, look, they used him like
a fucking ashtray, man. What a bunch of assholes.
Let's get him in the trunk. What?! There's a vet emergency room
over here. I like this guy. He tries to bite
your face off. He is meat. You want dog --
I buy you nice puppy tomorrow. No, no. What the fuck I want
with a puppy? Come on. Where you go, Monty?
Monty, wait. What the --
I not go near bull pit, Monty. This thing is disgusting. I told you --
it's not a pit bull. Look at him.
He's a good dog. I can see it in his eyes.
He's a tough little bastard. He wasn't lying down
for anybody. Sometimes I think
you very stupid man. If we wait much longer,
he's gonna be dead, all right? You want to shoot him
with my gun. That was a mercy thing.
He's not ready to go yet. He wants to live. Oh, he tell you this now? No, but it's like
a baby, okay? They don't bitch and scream
like that, you know? They see the doctor coming
with the needle. It's good for him
in the long run. You have no baby. I can't even talk to you,
Kostya. Come on. Come on, you little
son of a bitch. Hey. Will you quit
standing there? Will you fucking
help me out here? Just -- just distract him
for me or something. Come on! Get the -- I'm trying to help you,
you little prick! Huh? Come on. Come on.
Who's more macho? Monty is more macho! What goes on
in your little head? A little of the tricks,
a little of the quicks. Boom. Bam. He's nabbed. Yeah, little tricks,
little quicks. You are bleeding.
You get bite. Dog's blood. God, you got to learn
to relax a little bit. Live a little. You have hole in neck
and blood is coming out. Little love bite
for saving his raggedy ass. Rule number one -- you cannot
grab half-dead animals. We have people
waiting for us. People with money. Ow. You want to play this cowboy! No -- dogboy
in middle of highway. Dogboy?
That's funny, Kostya. - Yes, funny.
- You mastered the language. You're bad luck, Monty.
You bring bad luck on me. Always everything
that can go wrong, go wrong. It is not just you and me
anymore when we go out. It's you and me and Doyle. Who's Doyle? Doyle! Doyle's Law. - It's Murphy.
- What? Who is Murphy? Who's Murphy? Who's Doyle? It's Murphy's Law -- "Whatever can go wrong
will go wrong." - Him! Yes.
- Yes, him. What's up there, Monty?
Hey, Doyle. -
- Easy, Doyle. Easy. Easy. What do you want, Simon? I'm hungry. I woke up an hour ago.
I was hungry. Nothing I can do about that.
Go up to th Street. th Street? Come on, man.
I can't go up there. I mean -- whoa. I, um -- I'm not -- I'm not looking for a mercy pop
or anything, you know. I'm done, Simon. This morning, right,
I was shaving, and I cut myself --
look, look -- like four times. Come on, Monty!
Give me a break, man! I can't go up to Harlem.
Look at me. The -- the "Yos" -- they'll eat me alive
up there, man. I'm out of business, Simon. Okay? Take your Jones
somewhere else. Leave me alone. Are you afraid that I'm --
I'm gonna narc you out? You know who I am.
It's me. It's Simon. You're not listening to me.
I got touched. Okay? I'm over. Game over. Five years I've been coming
to you, man -- five years! Get out of here. Get the fuck out of here. Fine.
I'm -- I'm -- I'm leaving. There's no need for you to be
all nasty about it, all right? But I'll --
I'll remember this. All right?
I'll remember this. This is Dante. Aw, what's his name? Doyle. Hi, Doyle. I'm telling you, I don't think I'm gonna even
be eligible this year. Excuse me, sir?
Can I help you? Hello? Hello? Sorry, what? Did you have an appointment
with someone? Oh, no.
I used to go here. I'm gonna have to ask you
to leave and to take the dog
with you. Yeah. Okay.
Okay. We'll just be a minute. No dogs allowed
on the school grounds. Okay. Okay. I understand. Check this out.
Come here. He's all right. Look at what
a little punk I was. In the middle with the ball. I guess you weren't
the center. No. No. I started, though. Freshman year. I was
on the varsity. Point guard. Yeah? Still hold the all-time
assist record. Mmh, no. Marvin Ray
broke the record last year. He did not. He did too. Are you sure? I'm positive.
I coach the girls team. Well...we were
undefeated that year. Then I got kicked off
the team for fighting, and the whole thing
fell apart. That's too bad. Hey, you know
where Jacob Elinsky is? He's an old friend of mine. "Now let us sport us
while we may, "and now, like amorous birds
of prey, "rather at once
our time devour "than languish
in his slow-chapt power. "Let us roll all our strength
and all our sweetness "up into one ball, and tear
our pleasures with rough strife "thorough the iron gates
of life -- "thus, though we cannot make
our sun stand still, yet we will make him run." Good. That's good. That's an excellent reading. What do people think? What's going on here? - Luke.
- Can I go to the bathroom? No, you went minutes ago. Uh, I have a, um --
a bladder infection. The poem. "To His Coy Mistress." Andrew Marvell. Well, it's not real deep
or anything. The guy wants to get laid, and he's telling her
to give it up. Excuse me...for one minute. Hey... - What's going on?
- Hey, who's that? Look who's here.
It's your buddy. Sorry to --
sorry to drop in on you. I just wanted to
talk to you for a second. W-What's going on? Nothing. What is this
you got going on here? Teaching my class.
I guess. - In a circle like that?
- Yeah. Wow. That's cool. I like that. Hey, class. Hey. Sorry to interrupt. Just a little, slight
change of plans. I got to see
my father tonight, and there's these people --
they're throwing me kind of a... going-away party, right? Yeah. And, uh, so maybe you and Frank
could meet up somewhere. Maybe that place with the...
things that Frank goes to. And I'll find you later? Okay. - Yeah?
- Of course. All right. This one's cute
with the red shirt. I think she's giving me
the eye. How do you do it, man?
I don't know how you do it. -
- So I'll see you later. Yeah, maybe like midnight,
I think. Midnight. Midnight's... - Yeah? All right.
- Okay. Come on, buddy. Have a nice day. Sorry about that. Oh, Christ. You have a minute? Sure. Yeah, come -- come on in. I thought that no students
were allowed in the teachers' lounge. I won't squeal on you. Yeah. Take a seat? What can I do for you? I want to know why I got
a B-minus on my paper. You got what you earned. Nobody else in that class
can write, and you know it! Everyone knows it. Don't worry about
everyone else. You're not competing
with them. But I am.
I am competing with them. When I apply to colleges --
you might have heard of this -- they look at these things
called "grades." And if your grades aren't
good enough, then -- Your grade's gonna be fine. Vincent Piscella writes a story
about his grandmother dying, and you give him an A-plus. Meanwhile,
the night of the funeral, you know where Rhodes Scholar
Vince is? Getting smashed at a basketball
party and slapping girls' asses. I mean, what is that?
A charity A-plus? I mean,
everyone is always writing about their grandmothers dying,
and you know why? It's not because
it's so traumatic. It's because
it's a guaranteed A-plus! And you're
all sentimental like, "Oh, Vince, that was very
powerful, very moving." No, it wasn't. You didn't care.
I didn't care. Nobody cared. That's what grandmothers do.
They die! Sometimes...guys have a hard
time showing their emotions. So... Slapping my ass --
that's, uh -- Vince's way of mourning
his dead grandmother? What did your mother say
when you -- when you got that? When I got what? Yeah. "Where did you get
the money for that?" Oh. - And?
- And what did I say or... Where did I get the money? Well, what did you say? I said, "He likes me." Oh. Does he? No. Why do you care so much? Just curious. So, um... You're not gonna
change the grade? No. I'm not gonna change
the grade. Great! You know what?
This was a big waste of my time! Hold on. Oh, God. -
- Just -- just cover my... Don't freeze up on me,
you son of a... -
- Yeah, Slaughtery. No, I can't talk right now.
Employment number's coming out. - I just wanted to let --
- Call you later. I'm supposed to
meet you at Mont-- Hey, Frank, you coming out
with us tonight or what? No, I got to meet
some friends tonight. Big date, huh?
Who's the new bimbo? Can I bang her first? Yeah, you wish, brother. No, it's more of
a going-away party. Now, listen,
Frank, the other thing... you still holding onto
all those O.E.X. contracts? You better believe it.
Why? You nervous? Claims numbers have dropped
three weeks straight, and I don't feel comfortable
with this. Claim numbers drop so everybody
thinks employment's gonna be up? Look at me when I talk to you. Everybody's thinking this because it's pretty
much always true. When it rains outside,
people get wet. Right or wrong, Frank? Not this time, Sal.
I got a theory. Look at this. Oh, good!
You've got a theory. Look, Frank --
fuck you and your theory. You're in awfully deep here,
Frank. You've got $ million
of the bank's money -- $ million. Whoa ho!
$ -fucking-million?! What are you two doing? You want to be part of
the unemployment numbers? Get back to work! Sal, you knew they raised
my limit to $ million. They raised your limit a week
ago and you're maxing out? What am I gonna do?
Sit on it? First of all...you're not
gonna raise your voice to me. That's first off. You cannot put me, you,
or this firm in jeopardy by putting $ million
in one idea! Right or wrong? Come on! Right or wrong. Yeah. Listen... I think we're in for
a low number, all right? Like . I really don't give a shit
what you think, Frank. You come in here,
you're not even clean-shaven. Stop playing with this fucking
ball and pay attention to me. You come in here drinking your
red bullshit, stink like booze, you're out all night partying --
and that's okay. But when you become a cowboy,
that's when I draw the line. I am still your boss, and I am telling you now --
you sell half those contracts. Do I make myself clear? Do I make myself clear,
Frank? Do I make myself clear to you? Yeah. Yes? Good. Have a good day. And by the way, we're still on
for Friday night. Courtside, front row.
Don't be late. It's mayhem down here
on the floor of the exchange. Within moments, the unemployment
number's gonna be announced. Salomon Brothers,
along with most of the street, feel the number is
going to be high -- around . Solly's looking for
a high number. is their call. Fuck Salomon Brothers. Fuck, uh --
fuck Salomon Brothers? Yeah, fuck Salomon Brothers.
They're hedging their bets. Want everybody on their side
of the fence. Uh, what's the big deal with
the employment number anyway? - Phellan.
- It's, uh, Phelan. Whatever. Look... More jobs means fewer people
looking for work. Means it's harder to find good
people to fill those jobs. Means you got to raise wages
to get them. Means inflation goes up.
You got it? - Yeah.
- No, I didn't think so. That's why I'm doing
what I'm doing, and you're handing out
junk mail. Now, get off my desk. you're wearing a striped shirt
with a striped tie. You know that, right? Yeah,
I do it for that ladies. Do the ladies ever
tell you that you look like a fucking optical illusion? Yeah? Go away. Disappear.
Come on. I'm out of here. You better hop to, sonny boy. You know, it's funny -- I don't see you picking up the
phone to sell those contracts, and I'm pretty sure I just heard
your daddy come over here and cut off your allowance,
so I'm a little surprised. You're not gonna disobey
a direct order, are you? You know, Marcuse...
do I come into your bedroom and tell you how to blow
your boyfriend? No. Go away. - Hey, Schultz!
- Yo. What are we looking at
for that unemployment number? --
somewhere in there. Big number. Big.
Hey, Frank -- we all right? We're good. MAN ON TV:
...investors and the market in uncharted waters. So who really knows? The number is coming out. New applications -- Get me out! Now, now, now! Hold the phone!
That can't... We goin' for a ride now! Whoo! Hey, where have you been? I got up at : this morning.
You were already gone. Yeah. I just... I needed to walk around
a little, you know? Hey. How long you been sitting
on this stoop? All day. I've been waiting for you. It's a beautiful day. Yeah, I guess it is. Hey, Mr. Doyle. I missed you this morning. Come on. Montgomery, I want you
to talk to me. About what, Nat? About how you're feeling. Well, how do you think
I'm feeling? Well, I'm asking because
I don't like to assume. Well, good. Don't. What do you want? I want to be like
that girl in the X-Men -- that one that can walk
through walls. Go on. If I can't do that... I don't know -- boom --
one shot to the head. Problem solved. Don't joke about that. Who says I'm joking? So, what are we doing tonight? Before you kill yourself,
that is. Uncle Nikolai is throwing me
a party down at Bridge. I figure
we all head down there. Oh, come on. I have to go.
I got no choice, okay. We might as well
try to have some fun. I thought it was over
with those guys. Yeah, it's almost over. I mean, it's never really over
with these guys, but... That's a nasty habit you have,
you know that? Come take a bath with me. No, not right now. Go on. Go ahead. I can't see me
being a -- a father. No? Well, I could see
you fathering children. You think I want to
raise my own chalupas? I don't raise my own chalupas. Well, we're definitely
not having any kids together if you're gonna be
calling them "chalupas." Oh, I -- I think
we would have very... Very beautiful babies. - You don't think?
- I think. All right, show me that. What?
No. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. I can't believe you did that. I can't believe you --
Why? Why? You've lived in the
United States your entire life. You've been to Puerto Rico
twice on vacation. You know,
I'm very proud of my heritage. Yeah, but what does that mean? So I should get an lrish flag
tattooed on my ass just 'cause my grandparents
were from there? There's not enough room
on your skinny, white, flat ass for an lrish flag. Yeah, well,
between you and me the kids are gonna be
just about right then. Kids? At this rate,
we're not having any. It's probably your mother. Coming. Doyle, cut it out. Kostya, you have
the worst timing ever. Sorry to bother you,
ma'am. Is Montgomery Brogan in? Monty. Monty! Montgomery Brogan? Yeah, that's me. I'm Agent Flood with the Drug
Enforcement Administration. I can see that.
What is all this? We've got a warrant
to search your apartment. Are you serious? Go -- go ahead. Hey, easy, Doyle. I don't see any tags
on that dog. He's inside.
He doesn't need tags. He better stay calm or I'll have
the pound come get him. Seen too many men bit
by these mean bastards. Doyle. Come on. Sit. Oh... You, uh, mind if I have
a seat? No. Be my guest. Uh, Miss Riviera? Heh.
That's your name, right? I need you to stay
right here, ma'am. Can't have you
sneaking around. You know, this sofa's not
very comfortable. Ah, maybe it's your posture. Your posture
is very important. No, it's this, uh,
Castro convertible. It's very uncomfortable.
It's kind of -- kind of lumpy. You know,
I just don't understand it. It looks like
such a nice sofa. How much did you pay for
this sofa, Miss Riviera? Maybe it's the padding. Booyah! Could be the padding. Yeah. Probably the padding. Go on. Get it over with. Hmm. There's something lumpy
in here, Mr. Brogan. You know, it's a good thing
I found this. It's gonna make your sofa so
much more comfortable to sit on. Sh-e-e-e-it. Mr. Brogan,
I do believe you're fucked. Royally. Sh-e-e-e-it. Baby... Baby? Are you okay? Yeah. This will be the best night
of my life. Best night of my life. I just -- you know, I've been
waiting around all day long -- I just want to know if we're
gonna spend any time together. I know. I know. Could you just talk to me? Talk to me, okay? We haven't been talking.
This is our last night -- No. No, no, no.
It's not our last night. It's my last night. Not your last night.
You got all kinds of nights. You got nights
with your girlfriends... going out clubbing,
sitting at bars... "You and me" equals "our."
This is our last night. You can sit at home watching
movies with your mother. You got all kinds of nights. Look, I don't understand what
you're not understanding here. Hey, you know what?
I can't do this right now, okay? Babe, I need you
to just be quiet. Please just be quiet. But we haven't talked
about this at all. Lately you can't even
look at me in the eye. I have to go. Meet us
at the place in Chinatown. Where are you going? I've got to see my father
tonight, you know? Do -- do me a favor, and wear
that silver dress tonight, okay? You want me to? Yeah...yeah. That's how I want to
remember you. Mmm, very nice. Very nice. Hello, beautiful lady. Beautiful baby. You look like Halle Berry.
They tell you this? Come back. I make you half-black,
half-Russian baby. So many beautiful woman.
I love this neighborhood. How much is rent? You can't afford it.
Trust me. What are you doing here? Something is wrong? No, I'm having the time
of my life. What do you think,
you dumb shit? Uncle Nikolai wants me
talking with you. Wants to make sure
you come to club tonight. You're like the third person in
two days that's said that to me. What the fuck is going on?
What does he really want? I don't know. You come all the way up here
just to tell me you don't know? You do not answer my calls,
and Uncle wants to make sure that you're tonight
at the Bridge. I'll be there!
For Christ's sake. Tell him. Tell him I'm --
I'm bringing some friends. I'm bringing Naturelle. Monty.
Wait, Monty. Please. - Why you bring her?
- Why wouldn't l? We have this discussion
once before, no? You get very mad at me. Oh, you know what?
Will you stop with that already? I already told you --
it wasn't her. How you know this? Why would she? Maybe her aunt is illegal alien.
You know, these Mexicans... Hey, hey, she's Puerto Rican. That makes her a citizen
of the United States. That's more
than I can say for you. Maybe the feds,
they -- they bust -- The feds. You know,
you're fucking cracking up. Filling my head with this shit.
You're crazy. You ask her? No, I didn't ask her. Listen. Before you leave...
you should know. I'll see you down there. Those guys coming back
in here yet? Not much. Well, you know --
little by little. It was hard on those guys. I went to elementary school
with that guy Nick. You remember -- Nicky? Oh, Nick. Oh, yeah. Yeah.
Good kid. Place looks good, though. Hmm. Want to take your coat off? Um, no.
I was feeling a little cold. Hmm. Oh. That's a hell of a steak. Only the best for you, sweetie. I'll send you cookies
every month. - Peanut butter, right?
- That's it. I, uh...I talked to Sal. - Oh, Dad, come on.
- I'll see if he can help. Dad, the guy's been out
of the picture for years. He still knows people. Look, that's not the point. I-I don't want you
to get involved, okay? I mean it.
I'm -- I'm gonna be all right. You know, you'll still be
a young man when you get out. I know you don't think
about it, but don't start
any trouble in there. - Keep your head down.
- Don't worry about me, please. This should never
have happened. You could've been --
you wanted money, you could've done anything
you wanted -- doctor, lawyer. That's all I'm saying. Don't lay that on me. When Sal and his crew were
squeezing you for the payments, I didn't hear you wishing I was
a law school student then. Not one word from you
back then. Where'd you think that money was
coming from -- Donald Trump? - That was a mistake.
- Let's just forget it, then. There were lots of mistakes. I should've stopped drinking
when your mother passed. Please don't do this. -year-old boy with a
dead mother and a drunk father. I got no one to blame
but myself. Oh, stop. Stop. It wasn't you, Pop. I'm gonna take a leak. Yeah, fuck you, too. Fuck me? Fuck you. Fuck you and this whole city
and everyone in it. No, no, no, no, no. Fuck the panhandlers
grubbing for money, smiling at me behind my back. Fuck the squeegee men dirtying up the clean
windshield of my car. Get a fucking job. Fuck the Sikhs
and the Pakistanis bombing down the avenues
in decrepit cabs, curry steaming out their pores,
stinking up my day. Terrorists in fucking training.
Slow the fuck down! ...getting one
of those operations that elongate your penis. Fuck the Chelsea Boys with their waxed chests
and pumped-up biceps, going down on each other
in my parks and on my piers, jiggling their dicks
on my Channel ! Fuck the Korean grocers with their pyramids
of overpriced fruit and their tulips and roses
wrapped in plastic. Ten years in the country,
still no speakee English. Fuck the Russians
in Brighton Beach. Mobster thugs sitting in cafes,
sipping tea in little glasses, sugar cubes
between their teeth, wheelin' and dealin'
and schemin'. Go back
where you fucking came from. Fuck the black-hatted Hasidim strolling up and down
th Street in their dirty gabardine
with their dandruff, selling South African
apartheid diamonds. Come on.
Your wife deserves this. Fuck the Wall Street brokers. Self-styled masters
of the universe. Michael Douglas-Gordon Gekko
wannabe motherfuckers figuring out new ways
to rob hardworking people blind. Send those Enron assholes
to jail for fucking life. You think Bush and Cheney
didn't know about that shit? Give me a fucking break. Worldcom. Fuck the Puerto Ricans. Twenty to a car,
swelling up the welfare rolls. Worst fucking parade
in the city. And don't even get me started
on the Dominicans, 'cause they make
the Puerto Ricans look good. Who's this fuckin' guy?!
Get the fuck outta here! Fuck the Bensonhurst ltalians
with their pomaded hair, their nylon warm-up suits,
their St. Anthony medallions, swinging their Jason Giambi
Louisville Slugger baseball bats trying to audition
for "The Sopranos." Fuckin' crack
your fuckin' head open! Bensonhurst! Bensonhurst! Fuck the Upper East Side wives
with their Hermes scarves and their $
Balducci artichoke. Taxi! Overfed faces
getting pulled and lifted and stretched all taut
and shiny. You're not fooling anybody,
sweetheart. Taxi! Fuck the Uptown brothers. They never pass the ball, they don't want to
play defense, they take five steps
on every layup to the hoop, and then they want to
turn around and blame everything
on the white man. We not giving it up!
We not giving it up! Slavery ended years ago. Move the fuck on. Fuck the corrupt cops with
their anus-violating plungers and their shots, standing behind a blue wall
of silence. You betray our trust! Fuck the priests
who put their hands down some
innocent child's pants. Fuck the church that protects
them, delivering us into evil. And while you're at it,
fuck J.C. He got off easy -- a day on the cross,
a weekend in hell, and all the hallelujahs of the
legioned angels for eternity. Try seven years
in fucking Otisville, J. Fuck Osama bin Laden,
Al Qaeda, and backward-ass cave-dwelling fundamentalist assholes
everywhere. On the names of
innocent thousands murdered, I pray you spend the rest
of eternity with your whores roasting in a jet-fuel fire
in hell. You towel-headed camel jockeys
can kiss my royal lrish ass. "l notice how many
of what I once thought "were evidences of repression,
sexual or otherwise..." Fuck Jacob Elinsky. Whining malcontent. Fuck Francis Xavier Slaughtery,
my best friend, judging me while he stares
at my girlfriend's ass. Fuck Naturelle Riviera. I gave her my trust,
and she stabbed me in the back. Sold me up the river.
Fucking bitch. Fuck my father
with his endless grief, standing behind that bar,
sipping on club soda, selling whiskey to firemen
and cheering the Bronx Bombers. Let's go, Yankees! Fuck this whole city
and everyone in it, from the row houses of Astoria to the penthouses
on Park Avenue, from the projects in the Bronx
to the lofts in Soho, from the tenements
in Alphabet City to the brownstones
in Park Slope to the split-levels
in Staten lsland, Iet an earthquake crumble it,
let the fires rage, Iet it burn to fucking ash,
and then let the waters rise and submerge this whole
rat-infested place. No. No. Fuck you,
Montgomery Brogan. You had it all, and you threw it away,
you dumb fuck! What do you think
of Naturelle? She's a good girl.
Your mother would've liked her. - Yeah, but you trust her?
- Do I trust her? - Mm-hmm.
- Why do I have to trust her? - You think I can trust her?
- Where you going with this? Oh, I don't know. People are...
saying weird things. I'm hearing stuff around, Iike maybe she was the one
that made the phone call on me. Why would she do a thing
like that? Maybe they got to her,
you know? It happens. They find something,
put the screws on you. The girl loves you. I can't
believe she would betray you. I don't know.
I don't know. I mean, everything's gotten
so strange, Pop. I look at these people
around me, and I'm thinking,
"These are my friends? I don't even know
these people." You know, and --
and Naturelle, even. Do I --
do I really know her? I don't know. It's all... The only people I trust
are you, Jacob, and Frank -- the guys I grew up with. I miss those boys. Yeah, I know. I'm supposed to be
meeting them. They're waiting for me. I-I ought to get going. What about your food? I can't. Okay. I'll, uh, see you
in the morning. No. No. Why?
I'm gonna take the bus up there. Oh, forget about the bus. I'll drive you.
Take half as long. Take...this. They'll let you keep it. When you was a little kid, you used to sleep
in that fireman's helmet. You wanted to be
just like your daddy. I ever tell you about the fights
we had naming you? Yeah. You wanted to
name me James. James Brogan Jr. --
good, strong name. Nah. Your mother thought
it was too boring for you. - She liked Montgomery Clift.
- Loved him. "Place in the Sun" --
her favorite movie. I kept saying,
"Montgomery Clift -- "look what happened
to that poor fuck. Died way too young.
Bad luck." Bad luck. I'm gonna go, okay? I'll see you soon, Pop. Monty... He'll be working
for me. I'll have his job. Listen, I got to go.
Talk to you tomorrow. Cocksucker. - How you doing, bro?
- Hey. - Good to see you.
- How you doing? Good. Come on in. All right. Want a beer? - Yeah.
- Cool. - There you go.
- Thanks. Cheers. Jesus Christ. Yeah. Yeah, The New York Times says
the air's bad down here. Oh, yeah? Well, fuck The Times.
I read the Post. E.P.A. says it's fine. Somebody's lying. Yeah. You gonna move? Fuck that, man. As much good money as I pay
for this place? Hell, no. Tell you what. Bin Laden can drop another one
right next door. I ain't moving. What do we say to him? Don't say nothing. He's going to hell
for seven years. What am I gonna do,
wish him luck? Just get him drunk. Make sure he has
one last good night. That's it. So you're up for this? Yeah. I don't even know
why he invited me. What are you
talking about, man? You know, we hardly ever
see each other anymore. You know, you and I are
his friends from the past. Oh, yeah. Like his friends from the
present have done him much good. I just... I just can't believe
he's going away for seven years. Someone turns him in and... Oh, don't feed me that shit. What shit? Come on, Jake.
Don't feed me that bullshit. Yeah, he got caught. But hello --
Monty's a fucking drug dealer. Shit. What, are you -- you driving
a vintage Super "B"? - No.
- No. He is. Yeah, paid for by the misery
of other people. He got caught.
He's gonna get locked up. And I'll tell you
something else. You two are my best friends
in the whole world, and I love him like a brother,
but he fucking deserves it. He deserves it. What's he planning on doing
with Doyle? How the fuck should I know? I don't know. Maybe...Ieave him
with Naturelle or something. They should at least let him
take Doyle with him. What? Just let him take Doyle
with him. He wouldn't be so lonely. You can't take a fucking dog
to the hoosegow, Jake. I'm just saying it'd be
kind of nice if he could. All right. Yeah, it'd be nice. Monty's tough.
I think he'll be okay. If it were me,
l...I'd never last a day, but...Monty, he's different. Oh, yeah?
You believe that? Yeah. You don't fucking get it,
do you? What don't I get? You want the simple
version, Jake? Guys who look like Monty don't
do well in prison, all right? Man, he's got three choices,
and none of them are good. One, he can run.
Two, catch the bullet train. Bullet train? I'm not saying
what he's gonna do. I'm saying
what his choices are. His third choice is he goes
to prison, that's it. Yeah, and that's
what he's gonna do. He'll go and I'll see him
when he gets out. Maybe. I'll tell you what. After tonight,
it's bye-bye, Monty. What does that mean? Man, if he runs, he's gone.
He ain't coming home. If he pulls the trigger,
they close the casket. He's gone. They lock him away, he's gone.
You'll never see him again. I'll see him again. No, you won't. I'll visit him up there and
I'll see him when he gets out. This is such horseshit.
This is so much like you, Jake. - You're not gonna see him --
- Like me? Yeah, it's...exactly. - What's -- why --
- You'll never see him again. You think you're gonna
kick back with some beers, reminisce -- old times --
you're still gonna be friends? It's over after tonight, Jake.
Wake the fuck up. Let her go. That's a good-looking girl
you got there. Ooh.
That's a scary look. Yikes. You see the look he gave me? Naturelle Riviera --
what a name. You know what?
Take another angle, man. You can't fucking touch her. No. No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no. You're missing the point. She touched you. - You're lying.
- Am l? - Yeah.
- Oh, that's sweet. All I know is
she's walking away. Yeah.
We just signed her release. Probably having
a big party tonight over at Jimmy's Bronx Cafe. Sure. Why not? Big celebration. She got that whole fancy
apartment to herself now. What? You thought she was
with you for your looks? Sh-e-e-e-it. Girl saw a pot of honey,
and she licked it clean. Yeah. She's a real smart girl. Now,
you, on the other hand... You're supposed to be smart. Got yourself a scholarship
to a fancy private school, hmm? Not bad for a punk
from Bay Ridge. Yeah, but then you go
and get yourself thrown out for dealing weed
to some rich kids. What up with that? You know what happens to
pretty boys like you in prison? Ooh. They gonna love you. Yeah, maybe. But then again...maybe not. "Jeez, Your Honor, you know,
what can I say? "l messed up. "You know, my mother died. "l-I was so worried
about my father. "l needed to help him out. "My head was a little
turned around. "l got hooked in
with the wrong people, "and I made a big mistake. "l really did,
but...it was my first time. I'm sorry, and it will never,
ever happen again." Time served. Probation. You don't read the papers much,
do you, smart guy? In New York, we've got a wonderful thing
called the Rockefeller Laws. Let me educate you. You had a kilo in your sofa. That kind of weight
makes it an A- felony. years to life minimum
for first offense. Now, with that much spread
in the sentencing guidelines, the judges take their cues
from the prosecutors. So if Mr. Prosecutor's wife
busted his chops that morning, you're fucked. You're gone for good. If you get lucky --
really lucky -- now, let's say he got
some good trim the night before. Maybe he'll plead you off
to an A- . But that's still three to eight
for first time -- minimum. How much of that stretch
you pull is all up to the mood
of the prosecutor, and he's gonna ask us,
"Did he play ball?" So... why don't you tell us
about your friend Nikolai? Let us make it easy on you. Can I ask you one question? Sure. When you have your dick
in his mouth, does he just keep talking
like that? 'Cause it seems to me
he just never shuts up, and I'm --
I'm just curious -- does that --
does that get annoying? You know, you're fucking a guy
in the mouth, Look here,
you vanilla motherfucker. When you're upstate
taking it in the culo by a bunch of guys
calling you Shirley, you'll only have yourself
and Governor Rockefeller to thank for the privilege. Let's get the hell out of here. Tell the U.S. attorney
we got a hard-ass. You need a girlfriend. - I need a girlfriend?
- Yeah. Wait a minute. When was the last time
you had a girlfriend? All right? When was
the last time you got laid? I've got prospects. - Yeah, you got prospects.
- I do. You know what? You're in the nd percentile
is what you are. - What is that?
- nd percentile? - Yeah.
- That's where you rate. All the bachelors in New York,
we're all competing for the same women --
well, the straight bachelors. And I'm in
the nd percentile? - Yes, sir.
- So in other words, I'm better than %
of the New York bachelors. You're rated higher
than them, yeah. But worse than what, %? . No percentile. How'd you come up with ? There's a whole science
to figuring it out. There's a science
to figuring it out? That sounds very scientific. And if I may inquire,
what's your rating? - Funny you should ask.
- Hmm. Because I happen to fall
right in the percentile. Of course. Who came up with the ratings? I did. You came up with the ratings?
And you get a ? - That's very interesting.
- Yeah? What are these, uh, based on? It's just a system.
I mean, that's your rating. I'm not saying
you're a bad person, Jake. No, you're just saying
I'm a bad bachelor. you're a better-than-average
bachelor. What -- what are the criteria? First, money.
You have none. Trust funds don't count
for shit because it's a red flag
that says, "Mommy and Daddy could turn off
the cash flow one day." So that right there keeps you
out of the top %. % of the...gold diggers? % period. Two... you got chronic bad breath. No offense, but most women won't sleep
with a guy with stank breath, so... Fuck you. You don't have to get
so annoyed, all right? What puts you
in the th percentile? That's what I'm wondering. Okay. Well, first of all,
l, um... What? Besides your salary
and all the money you make. All right. I happen to be blessed
with a very big dick. Genetics, man. Doesn't dyeing your hair
drop you down a few places? Nope. Not at all. Only bothers women
if it bothers me. Going gray does bother you. - No, it doesn't.
- Of course it does. If it didn't bother you,
you wouldn't smear that goop all over your scalp
billion times a day. Hey, it's a non-issue, Jake. Well, are table manners
an issue? See that silver thing
to the left of your plate? - That's called a fork.
- Mm-hmm. And when people eat rice,
they use chopsticks or a fork. Yeah, and grown people
don't eat...fried rice with their bare hands. You don't know how to behave. You're busting my balls
on the way I eat? You spend the whole week figuring out how to defraud
foreign governments -- whatever you do --
and then you get out of there and you go out
to the strange world outside your office
called reality... and you don't know
how to behave. - Oh, yeah?
- I rest my case. You gonna tell me
about reality? Jacob, you're a rich Jewish kid
from the Upper East Side who's ashamed of his wealth. You walk around unhappy - trying to make up for the fact
that you were born privileged. Fuck that. You know what? That's just some knee-jerk
liberalism bullshit, man. You call that reality? So what's Monty? Let's see. Monty's going to prison. He's a doughnut --
big, fat zero. Yo. Let's not go to practice.
Just today. So don't go. Let's go to my house. Come on, Nat. Let's go. My mother won't be home
till late, either. And there's food. Good, 'cause I ain't got
no money. Vito's home. So? What's that? Nothing. I don't care. You don't care, Nat? What do you mean now? Yeah, right. You know
you likededed him forever. I never likededed him. You're always trying to
hook us up because you want me to be
your sister-in-law, but it ain't never happening. Don't front
like you don't likededed him. Nat, please, okay? Every day you come
to my house -- "Vito, walk me home" -- Every day?
What kind of bullshit is that? Anyway, he's always with
that girl. - What's up, Simon?
- Monty, how you doing? - Good to see you, man.
- Good to see you. Who's that? It's a new guy.
He's Golden. He's good. Now, you know what I told you. He's big.
It's like, "Beep, beep" -- back up your truck, man,
you know what I'm saying? All right, Simon. I'll handle
my business, all right? - Just trying to help.
- All right. Take it easy. When did he break up
with her? Like a month ago. But she don't stop. She calls the house,
she calls, she hangs up. Please. Please. Did he break up with her,
or she broke up with him? He needs somebody good. Excuse me. - Why doesn't he --
- Excuse me. - You got a light?
- What? Can I borrow your lighter
for a second? Thanks a lot. What's he doing? He's loco. Yo, I've met you before,
haven't l? You do look familiar to me.
How do I know you? Yeah. You were in
my brother's class. Pete. Mm-hmm.
Yeah, I know who you are. Yo, Nat, come on.
Let's go. We got practice. I'll catch up. Yeah, all right. Whatever. You stupid. - What do you got practice for?
- Basketball. Seriously? You play? Come on.
What are you, a guard? Three spot. You play small forward?
No shit? That means you're strong
and quick. I play the one -- point. You skip too many
of these things, they'll give you the boot --
for real. I just want to finish
my cigarette. Funny. You don't --
I don't know. I wouldn't have made you
for a ballplayer, you know? You look more like a... Iike a...runner,
like a track star. Where you from? No, I mean -- you from Uptown? U.F.A.?
You on a scholarship? What, I can't be
from Riverdale? You can be from wherever
you want. Just...curious. I didn't mean nothing.
I was just... You know, l-I was
on scholarship, too. It's a good thing.
You -- you're lucky. What -- what's your name? Nat? Natalie? - Naturelle.
- Naturelle? Are you serious? Naturelle.
Wow. I like that name. How old are you? . Are you ? - Why?
- 'Cause it's not every day I meet a girl as pretty as you
who plays the three spot. That's deadly. - How old are you?
- I'm old enough to have to ask. You're too old to be
hanging out on the playground.
I wasn't hanging out. I was...
I was passing by. What if I was ? It might shorten
the conversation a little. But you're not. You're
so we got no problem. What do you say I come
and see you play sometime? Seriously. I'd like to. Maybe. Maybe? Okay. I'll be the one behind the bench
yelling, "Get back on 'D'!" See ya. Hey. Come out here
and meet somebody. Who's that? She's just the girl for you. Hey, Jody. You back there? - Hey, baby.
- Hey, sweetie. How you doing? - Hi.
- Hi. Is this your little brother,
Frank? He's a cutie. Don't bother with me.
I'm in the nd percentile. Oh. That's probably because
you don't work on Wall Street. The scale is skewed
to the money thing. - Everybody knows about this.
- Everybody knows. Anybody at this bar. You see that ass? - She's beautiful.
- Mm-hmm. Man. One of the guys at school -- this, uh, biology teacher,
Terry -- - Mm-hmm.
- Did you ever meet Terry? No, I don't think so. Anyway, he, uh, he --
he really likes this girl. - Like a student?
- A student. -
- Yeah. - A junior.
- Oh, man. I mean, the girl's
maybe. I don't know. Uh, she's not really pretty, um...not in the, uh,
classical sense, but she... I don't know.
She's -- she's got something. - You know.
- Mm-hmm. I told Terry, you know, to just
forget about it, you know? He's kind of obsessing, and it's kind of scary
the way he talks about it. But he's like...
"Five years from now, "she'll almost be out
of college. One of the guys at school -- this, uh, biology teacher,
Terry -- - Mm-hmm.
- Did you ever meet Terry? No, I don't think so. Anyway, he, uh, he --
he really likes this girl. - Like a student?
- A student. -
- Yeah. - A junior.
- Oh, man. I mean, the girl's
maybe. I don't know. Uh, she's not really pretty, um...not in the, uh,
classical sense, but she... I don't know.
She's -- she's got something. - You know.
- Mm-hmm. I told Terry, you know, to just
forget about it, you know? He's kind of obsessing, and it's kind of scary
the way he talks about it. But he's like...
"Five years from now, "she'll almost be out
of college. "l mean, I'll be . "You know, and...you know? Nothing wrong with that,
you know?" You haven't fucked her yet,
huh? Have you? No, I'm sorry. Were you
listening to what I just said? No, I haven't fucked her. Of course... That's good, because, man,
big mistake. Well, l...
I mean, I'm not a pervert. You know what a man should never
ask in a Victoria's Secret? What? "Does this come
in children's sizes?" Think about that. - What's that supposed to mean?
- It's literal. - It's a joke.
- It's literal? Why do we
always have to do this? Why can't we just sit down
and just shut the fuck up, have a beer, have a drink? What's the matter with you? Francis Xavier Slaughtery. Hey, baby. - How are you, Naturelle?
- Hey. - Nice to see you.
- You too. - Hi.
- How you doing, Jake? Nat. - You look fantastic.
- There you go. Thank you. What are you boys up to? Frank's just flirting
with the bartender. Oh, yeah?
What's the verdict? Guilty of looking good. Oh, she's just tits, Francis. Oh, yeah?
Did you see her ass? The girl's got a fine ass.
She's oozing sex appeal. Oh, she's oozing something. -
- See, that right there --
that is so typical. That's what
I'm talking about, Jake. Why is it that a woman walks
in the room with great tits, every other woman in the joint
says that she's a slut? I have great tits.
I'm not a slut. Says you.
Another thing -- Hey! When I call a girl and I say,
"Hey, we're gonna meet for a dinner
at this particular place," why can't I get off the phone
for a half an hour? That's a sickness.
You guys have a sickness. And tell me this.
Please explain this to me. Why is it that women feel
the need to cry after having great sex? - Hmm?
- Oh. Yeah. Why is that? What is up with that,
all right? Oh, my God. - What?
- Are you serious? Yes. Well, it's a joy thing,
it's not -- Oh, please. You're just a sad fuck,
Francis. Looks like you've been,
uh, demoted from the th percentile
right there. Yeah. Thanks, Jake. You should've been here
earlier. You missed a great story
about Jake's imaginary friend. Okay. So, where's your man? Not like he's ever on time. Better be tomorrow. How's his dad doing? He looks like he's aged years
in the past couple months. That's too bad. Come on. Come on. We got to keep this upbeat, make sure he has
a good night tonight. All right. Why don't you give us
some more sex tips? That'll cheer things up. -
- Touché. Where's the
little girls' room? Thank you. I know she cries
after having sex with him. I'd bet good money
on that shit. You'd like to know,
wouldn't you? Set 'em up
for the dead-end kids. - Hey.
- Hey. Hey. Hey. You been waiting long? No. We got here early. Yeah. Naturelle? Bathroom. Hey. These are on me. - Cheers. Thank you, Jody.
- Thank you. You guys ought to come by Sunday
for my birthday party. Yeah. Thanks, Jody. You don't have to come. I was just --
I was just saying. - No, thanks.
- Thank you. Fuck Sunday. - Hey.
- Fuck Sunday. Whole city came out
to say goodbye. You got a lot of young fans. Yeah. I think we're
the oldest people here. "We"? This is my guy. How you doing, big man? Mr. Man -- the man's arrived! Coming and going
at the same time. Seven years, man --
that shit ain't no joke. Man, that's nervous, man. That's the word. Damn, you all right? I'm trying not to think
about it, you know? What -- what is this?
What -- what's going on here? That's the legendary
DJ Dusk, man. That's my man
from Fort Greene. He's nice.
years old, man. - ?
- Motherfucker's ! But he gets the girls
jumping, man. And don't worry
about the crowd. - V.I.P '. s set up for y'all.
- These are my people here. Do you want us
to come in here? No, you're going through the
back, and the door'll be open. - Don't worry about that.
- Thank you. Hey, listen up,
don't lose your temper until it's time
to lose your temper, you hear me? Take care of yourself. I'll catch you
on the other side. I'll see you when I see you. Hey, Elinsky! Mr. Elinsky!
Oh, my God! What are you doing here? I-I didn't know that you
ever left the school. I thought you had a bed
in the boiler room or something. Um... Mary D'Annunzio. Mary "B-minus" D'Annunzio,
that's me. I-I'm kidding.
It's not a big deal. No, it's okay. I'm here
with friends, so I have to go. That guy who came to class
today? He knows people, right? I mean, so, do you think
he could get us in? No, I don't --
I don't think -- You know, they're not
letting anyone in right now. They say it's already
too crowded, but I have to get in there --
I mean, I have to. You're a fan of Dusk? Yeah, s-sure. He's the absolute truth, right?
I mean, he is so truth. I can't believe
that you're into Dusk. No offense, but I thought
you'd be more into show tunes or Barry Manilow or something. No, I think -- I think Dusk
is very good. Actually, I -- I mean,
I prefer his earlier work. - Hey, Jake!
- His earlier work? Yeah? What are you doing? I'm... Come on. I got this guy,
he's holding the door. - We're together.
- Let's go. You're the guy
with the dog, right? You again. Yeah.
Isn't it past your bedtime? Oh, no. I'm with Jake.
We're -- we're lovers. - Lovers? Really?
- She's kidding. Well, come on in. There's
plenty of room for lovers. I'm here with three friends.
Can -- can they come, too? - Girls?
- Mary, please. Are you outta your mind? We can't take a bunch of guys
in. Let's go, let's go. She can't go in there. No, it's good, it's good. - Monty...
- What's up? These two. Yeah, all right. Truth. You know, I've seen pictures
of this room. Like, Daft Punk was in here. So, um, who are you?
Are you someone famous? Hey, D'Annunzio,
what do you say we give it a rest
with the questions? Have a little champagne. Okay. Who's that? One of Jake's students. What? Enjoy. Champagne
for my real friends... and real pain
for my sham friends. Cheers. Did you like that? Yep. Does anyone want to go dance? Come on, dance with me. Go ahead. No, go do it.
I'll catch up with you. - You sure?
- Yeah. Hey, Daphne,
you got any whiskey? What kind do you want? McCallen ' . I'll go see
if we have some upstairs. Hold up.
I'll come with you. Back in a flash. I can't believe you brought
my student in here. Oh, come on. Come on, she's cute.
She's cute, she is. She talks a little bit too much,
but she's -- she's cute. You're gonna get me fired. You realize that? She's gonna tell her friends, and they're gonna tell
their friends, - and they just keep talking.
- What are they gonna say? They're gonna say
you met her at a club, you ran into her,
you talked a little bit. Seriously, I mean, you haven't
done anything wrong yet. What do you mean "yet"? She's hot. She's all over you.
She'd hop on you in a second. She's all right? She's my student. I can't, you know,
just touch her -- Not now, but in, like,
seven months, she'll be grad-- She'll be the age
Naturelle was when I met her. - Like I said, not yet.
- Okay! Okay. Look, Jake, Jake,
I'm kidding. - Well, you know --
- I'm giving you a hard time. You're smart. You're
way too smart for that shit. Really, you've always
been smart about that stuff. I -- I respect that.
I-I really do, I do. Here, another sip. I tell ya, one more of these,
and I'm, uh... Yeah, I'm pissed. Hey, listen, make me a toast. You want me to make you
a toast? Yeah, come on. I'm not gonna
see you for a long time. I want to have a nice memory.
Say something nice. Okay. Um... Jesus. Jake, relax. Don't -- here, um,
here's to Doyle. - To Doyle.
- All right. Your dog now. - No.
- Yeah. - He loves you.
- Yeah? He loves you, and he needs
a home 'cause I'm going away. Yeah, I don't know.
I don't know. I mean, you've seen the size
of my apartment, right? So what? Doyle's a tough dog.
He's seen worse, you know. He'll learn to live
in a small space. He'll survive. Yeah, but what about Nat? No, no, she's -- she's
moving in with her mother. The woman fucking hates him, and Doyle detests Frank, and my father's allergic,
so... Saving him -- saving him -- I swear to God, the best thing
I ever did in my life was save that little
son of a bitch 'cause every day
that he's had since then, that's because of me. - You know what?
- Will you take him home? Will you give him a home
while I'm gone? I'd be honored. - Yeah?
- Yeah. Hoo! This joint is jumping, boy. There's a smorgasbord
of girlies here tonight. And you're
the talent scout, huh? You bet.
How you guys doing? - Good.
- Good. Hoo. So who's that little tart
with you, Jake? My student. Hot student. What? No! Not the student? "Terry's friend" --
the student? You know what? Remind me
never to tell you anything. Okay, listen.
Leave him alone. This is the only honest man
in the room. - He's doing noble work.
- All right. Party begins without me?! Yeah, it started without you,
you fat Russian fuck. Fat Ukrainian fuck. Yeah, is there --
there's a difference? Monty, my friend,
you here long? Not long. You open shampanskoe without me. Hey, the clock's ticking,
Kostya. I don't have all the time
in the world. - Hello, Frank.
- How you doing, Kostadin? Kostya, please -- Kostya. - How you doing, brother?
- I am good. I am better when our friend
comes back to us, no? Jason, yes? Jacob. My shampanskoe, you like? It's okay. Monty, I have beautiful woman,
very nice. Yeah, well, I'm not really
in the mood for that. I've got a nice girl. I know, I know.
Tonight is special night. Last night as free man. I pick her out special
just for you. The last girl you picked out
special for me had three teeth, all in the back. Funny you should say that. Why? Why is it funny
I should say that? What you say, it was funny. Kostya, you can't --
when you -- It's an expression.
If you say that -- It's a, uh, euphemism, right? Can you explain this?
You're the English teacher. Uh... I think what he means, Kostya,
is that when you say, "Funny you should say that," that means that it reminds you
of a funny story. Exactly. No, no. It was funny what you say -- "Funny you should say that." It still makes
no fucking sense. This is what I deal with. I'm with you. - See? Perfectly clear.
- Come. - You see her.
- I don't think so. Naturelle, she's dancing
right out here. We go quick.
You must see this bitch. Why don't you just find some
nice girls for my friends here? - Frank?
- Nah, I'm good, good. I'm fine. Let's just go down. - Come with me.
- I'm good. No, no, no. Forget that. I gotta talk to you for, like,
five minutes. All right. You want me to stay here? Yeah, someone's gotta
look out for Naturelle and, you know, your --
your field trip. Should I tell Nat that you're
having sex with prostitutes? No, don't say this. Tell her whatever you want.
Just don't go away, all right? Hang out a minute.
We'll go Uptown and get Doyle. So, what time
you wanna hook up? I get off at : . Are we going
in the private room? Of course, the private room. I'm sorry, Monty. I gotta talk to Frank
for five minutes. I'll meet you down there. After girl, Uncle Nikolai
wants talk with you. I know, I know, Kostya.
Give me five minutes. Remember, they're waiting. I know they're waiting!
Give me five fucking minutes! Okay. She looks good in silver, huh? Yeah. You know, Naturelle --
I've told you this, right? She's the only girl I've ever
kept fantasizing about after I slept with her. Is that normal? That's a pretty good kind
of normal. Hey, fellas. - Tomorrow, huh?
- That's right. Nothing but a catnap.
Stay cool, brother. Fuck. Fuck. How you doing, brother?
You all right? Six months, you know. Come on, now. Six months
before I got pinched, I was gonna come to you
with the loot -- put me in some stocks,
put me in some mutuals. Don't do this. I'm gonna kick back,
watch my coin multiply. We're gonna get rich together. You know, Monty,
you shouldn't talk like this. I just thought, "No, you know, I can take out a little more
to live on, a little more." I got greedy, greedy.
I just fucked myself. Man, you're gonna wrap
yourself around in a twist, you keep thinking
about this shit. That's all I can do
is think about it. - I'm not gonna make it, Frank.
- Yes, you will. There's a thousand guys up there
who are harder than me. I mean, in a room, some junkie
doesn't want to pay me, and Kostya behind me,
I'm pretty scary. Up there, I'm a skinny
white boy with no friends. Those guys are gonna use me up
and end me. No, they won't, man. You know why? Because you're
smarter than all of them. You're gonna get up there, you're gonna keep your eyes open
and your mouth shut. You're gonna know the names,
the whole scenario. You're gonna have the place
wired in a week. The place is overcrowded. They got bunk beds lined up
in the gymnasium to handle the overflow. I'm going in a room
with other guys, Frank. So picture this --
first night, lights out. Guards are moving out
of the space, Iooking back over their
shoulders, laughing at me, "You are miles from home." Door closes, boom --
I'm on the floor, I got some big guy's knee
in my back. I can give it a little go, but
there will be too many of them. Someone takes a pipe out
from under a mattress, starts beating me
in the face -- not to hurt me, just to knock
all my teeth out so I can give him head
all night, and they don't have to worry
about me biting. Let's say I make it through
years minus days
for good behavior. W-What then?
What kind of skills do I have? I can't get a job
in the straight world. I can't go back to doing this. It's years to life
for a second pinch. I mean, I -- I'm gonna be a -year-old
punked-out ex-con with government-issue
dentures. is still young. You're gonna get out,
and you and me, we're gonna start something
up -- you know, a fucking bar. We're two lrish kids
from Brooklyn. Where the fuck would we be
without a bar, right? How can we not have a bar? Come on, we have free hot dogs
on "Monday Night Football," you know? We got an old jukebox
in the corner. Green beer on St. Patty's day. Fuck green beer, Frank. You've been working years
to get away from green beer. God, I hate this shit, too.
I'm just saying we got options. I appreciate the thought. I don't see it, man. Seven years, you're gonna be
running your own show. I don't see you
working with me. We've known each other
since we were . Have I ever broken a promise
to you, huh? Have I ever once broken
a promise to you? Have I ever said I'm gonna be
somewhere and not shown up? No. I'm gonna be there when
you get out, you hear me? I'm gonna fucking be there. I know you will,
I know you will, but you're not gonna be there
tomorrow, and it's all about tomorrow. Listen, I got one idea, one way I might buy myself
a little room to breathe, but I need a big favor
from you. Cool. Might have been lost
for trying We have been left outside Looking at passersby Emotion blows strong... But it's all right If you still belong But it's all right If you still belong But it's all right If you still belong But it's all right If you still belong Jake the snake. Jake the snake. What are you doing? Don't panic.
Nobody here gives a shit. I give a shit. I give a shit! You know what happens
if someone sees me? Beg your pardon, Mr. Elinsky. Are you drunk? Yeah. And I had some "E" earlier. I didn't need to know that. You know,
Naturelle is cool as shit. She knows everyone
who works here, and I love that name, right? You know, % "Naturelle." All "Naturelle" flavors. And what's up with
her boyfriend, Monty? It's like he owns this place. Mary... Mary... Do you think
it would be possible to avoid talking about this
at school... I mean, t-this whole night? Do you think
it would be possible for you to give me an "A"
for this semester? Tell me you're joking. Tell me you're joking. I'm joking. That's what I love about you,
Elinsky. What? What? Huh? What's what you love about me? Never mind. Hey, do you think I'm weird? No, I don't think
you're weird. Are you allowed
to stay out this late... you know, on a school night? Do you think my mother
gives a shit? She's probably
at her boyfriend's, anyway. I need to sleep. Nope. Can't sleep yet. Dusk is turning it on. Hey... is there a bathroom in here? Is there? Yeah. Yeah? Where is it? It's, um... right up the stairs. Back there. - You need to pee?
- No. But it's all right If you still belong But it's all right If you still belong But it's all right If you still belong But it's all right If you still belong But it's all right Hey. Hey. - Can I ask you a favor?
- Mm-hmm. Keep an eye on Monty tonight,
would you? Try to stick with him. What's the matter? He's just acting...
really strange. He's going to prison
in a couple hours. How do you want him to act? I want him to act
like he's scared. Well, he is scared,
Naturelle. Believe me, he's scared. I just don't want him
to hurt himself. So will you watch him for me? I don't think
he wants me here. Why? Why wouldn't he
want you here? You see the way
he looks at me lately? It's like
he doesn't trust me. What reason does he have
not to trust you? I'm gonna go up top, Francis. So when you see him, just -- Cool. I got it. Hey. Are you all right? How could he do this, huh? Just throw it all away? I'm his oldest friend. What'd I do to stop it?
What'd I say to him? Nothing. Not a word. When he started selling weed
to the kids at Coventry, I didn't say shit. Everybody's talking about
buying from Monty, you know, the whole school, and I knew they were gonna
nail him, I knew it. I didn't say a word. Fucking last years,
I've been watching him get deeper and deeper in
with these friends of his, these fucks who you wouldn't
want petting Doyle. And did I say,
"Hey, careful, Monty, you better cool out, man"? I didn't say shit. I just sat there
and watched him ruin his life. And you did, too, all right?
We both did. - We all did.
- Monty never listens. Uh-huh. You know how stubborn
he is, okay? I told Monty he should quit
a hundred times. Did you? Was that before or after
you moved into his apartment? Of all nights, please
not tonight. Just don't start. Who paid for the apartment? I need a drink.
J.D., shot. Was that before or after he gave
you that platinum necklace? Do you want to watch
your mouth? Who paid for the Cartier
diamond earrings... this silver dress
you're wearing? Paid in full by the addictions
of other people. - Back up.
- That's what I'm saying. You two fly down to San Juan,
first class all the way. What do you think
paid for Puerto Rico? You've never been to P--
listen to me. You've never been to P R.
in your life before Monty. You told him to quit?
The hell you did, Naturelle. Back up. You knew the deal
the minute you met him. Come on. You never had a real job
in your whole life. You've been living
off the fat of the land. And you never said
a goddamn word. Who are you to get
all righteous with me? Huh? Did you disown him? You're his best friend,
and you never said a thing. But this is my fault?
I'm the evil one? I never took his money.
Never once, not a red -- How long have you been
saving this, huh? I came over here to talk
to my friend Francis. One minute ago, you were
my friend. Are you drunk? Tell me you've been drinking
too much. You're fucking drunk. I'm lrish. I can't get drunk,
all right? I know exactly
what I'm saying. Seven years from now,
I'll be at the prison gate. You'll be married to Monty.
Right or wrong? - Right or wrong?
- What is wrong with you? You want me to be the bad guy?
Fine, I'm the bad guy. Are you happy now? God, Francis. All I'm saying... is you knew
where he hid the money. You knew where he hid
the drugs, didn't you? What the hell are you saying? What the hell are you saying
right now, Francis? You know exactly
what I'm saying. I told Monty
when he first met you, but he wouldn't listen to me. I told him,
"Naturelle Riviera... she ain't nothin'
but a spic skank skeezer." Nat. I've been looking
all over for you. BARTENDER:
Another one? Here you go. Is she all right? Can we get out of here? Nope.
We gotta wait for Monty. I kissed her. You what? My student,
I -- I kissed her. Who you trying to be --
R. Kelly? I kissed my -year-old
high school student. Jake...have a drink. Shut the fuck up. Excuse me. Could I --
could I have a water? Fuck that. Hit him. - Hit him.
- Okay. I don't want to drink
anymore, Frank. Give him the whiskey. Shut up. Drink it. Montgomery, how's the party? Nice.
Thanks for setting it up. The first time
I went to prison... I was years old. Skinny little boy...
very afraid. By the time I came out,
I had a beard. I was grown man. I went back to my hometown. I found my mother.
I kissed her. And she screamed. She didn't recognize me. I have been in three
different prisons, Montgomery. Three different countries. And you know what I learned? I learned prison
is a bad place to be. Seven years is a long time. Some men would do anything to avoid seven years
in prison. Your father
is a hardworking man. Where's his bar? Staten lsland? Bay Street? He drives in from Bay Ridge --
a Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Should I tell you how many
miles he has on the car? Your father... I like your father... a hardworking man. He's had bad luck. Everyone in the neighborhood
loved your mother. Da? Yeah. Everyone said
she was a beautiful woman. I want to help your father. I could use a man like that,
a hardworking man, a man I could trust. I could take care
of your father. Do you understand
what I mean, Montgomery? You don't have to do this.
You don't -- I never said anything
to anybody, okay? Leave my father out of it. I asked you a question,
Montgomery. Yeah. I understand
exactly what you mean. I have a good job
for your father. We'll help him
with the money he owes. No, thank you. Good weapon. Accurate. And reliable. No jams. Have you ever fired a gun? At someone, I mean. No. It's a toy for you. Not toy, a prop.
A prop for you, like an actor. Am I wrong? With the gun,
you feel more...dangerous. I wouldn't know.
It's not mine. I didn't say anything. I never said anything, Nikolai.
I swear to God. They came after me
to get to you. I know that. You know that.
They tried. I never said anything. I believe you, Montgomery. This is my advice to you -- when you get there,
figure it out who's who. Find the man
nobody's protecting -- a man without friends -- and beat him
until his eyes bleed. Let them think
you are a little bit crazy, but respectful, too. Respectful of the right men. You are a good-looking boy.
It won't be easy for you. But remember, I was
when I first went. I tattooed "survive"
on my hand the night before
I went away to prison. And I did. We do what we have to do
to survive. Ugh! Uhh! Uhh! Uhhh! Monty, please! Monty! Now we have
this other problem. How many people knew you kept
the stuff inside the sofa, huh? Your girlfriend and Kostya.
Nobody else. - Get him up.
- Ugh! Kostya ratted you out,
little brother. He made the call and stole
seven years from your life. They put the clamps on him. And instead of being a man
about it, he sold you out! It's not true. You know how to use it? Yeah, I know how to use it. Good. This man does not
deserve to live. He betrayed you.
He betrayed me. He stole from you. He stole seven years from you.
End him. Please. No, no, no. No, no, no.
No, don't do this! - Shut up!
- No! Shut up! Don't talk! - You motherfucker.
- They're lying. Why'd you do it?!
Why did you do it?! You let me think it was her?!
Why'd you tell me it was her?! - Don't do this.
- Why'd you tell me it was her?! Kill this cockroach! Why?! No, no, no, no, Monty!
No! - Why?! Why?!
- Please! Why did you tell me
it was her?! - Do it!
- I had no choice! I had no choice, Monty! - Why?!
- Please. Why?! Why?! I had no choice. I had no choice. You told me to trust this man,
I trusted this man. Now I'm gone seven. Clean up
your own fucking mess. Be careful. You do whatever you want
with him. When I walk out this door,
I'm done. I'm out and my father's out. You are being foolish. You gonna let me go or not? Remember what I told you. A man...with no friends. No, Monty, please. - Monty, come on.
- Believe me. Please. You were my friend. Please, Monty, I'm sorry.
Don't leave me. Come on.
You are missing your party. No! You know what time it is? Eh? Do you know what time it is? Late at night.
No, it's early. You up for a little more
still? Yeah. Yeah. Definitely. Hey. Come here. Hey, there's Jake. Remember Jake? Yeah. Go see Jake. Hey, what time is it? I still got a couple
of hours. I'm sorry for everything I've been putting you
through, Naturelle. I've been confused. I've been...
thinking that you... It doesn't matter. Yeah. It matters to me. I don't want you to hate me
when I'm gone. I could never hate you,
Montgomery. I love you. Hey, stay with me. I got one last thing
I gotta do. - Don't go.
- I'll be back. Wouldn't that
be the life, huh? Yeah. Working a tugboat, be out
on the river every morning. Yeah. It'd be nice. It'd be nice. What time you got? Quarter past : . All right. All right. Come on. Ready for Mr. Doyle? Yeah. The leash is yours. I need you to make me ugly. I can't go in there
looking like this. I already told you.
It's all about the first day. If they get one look at me
looking like this, I'll be finished. Come on. you said anything.
You just said you'd do anything. This is what I need. What are you thinking? I'm gonna give you
a black eye, and nobody's gonna mess
with you? I need a lot more
than a black eye, pal. Would you fucking
help me out here? - I need you to fuck me up.
- I can't do it. - I think you can.
- I'm not gonna hit you, Monty. I think you want to
a little bit. What? You think I deserve it a little.
I think you have for years. You've been giving me
that look Iike you want to smack
some sense into me. This is your chance.
I need it, Frank. This is your favor --
"Make me ugly"?! Where the hell
is this coming from, man?! It's bullshit! Don't pussy out on me, Frank.
I need this from you. Now, I'm not gonna fight back. I'm not gonna be --
I'm not gonna kick you -- What the fuck
do you want from me, man?! - This is insane!
- Shut up! Shut up! Nobody's talking to you!
I mean it! Stay out of it! All right, enough!
This is bullshit! I'm gonna go get some breakfast.
I'm gonna forget this shit. No breakfast. Listen to me.
Don't do this, Monty. What is all this bullshit
you've been feeding me? "I'm gonna be there
for you, Monty"? "I'll be there
when you walk out." He doesn't know
what he's doing. I think this whole situation's
convenient for you. What do you mean
"convenient"? You're gonna send me away,
say, "Bye, Monty," so you can take care
of Naturelle for me. I would never fucking cross
the line with her, man! - Oh, bullshit!
- You're full of shit! Frank, he doesn't mean it. You think I don't see
the way you look at her, at her titties, at her ass? You've been wanting
to fuck her for years. Don't fucking do this, man! Hey! Hey! Hey! Stop it! Aah! Don't do this!
Don't do this! Do it! - No!
- Do it! - No!
- Do it! Do it! No! Do it! Do it, you fucking pussy!
Do it! Aah! Aah! No! You're gonna kill him! Frank. Stop! Frank! Aaahhhh! Frank...Frank... I'm sorry! Come on.
That's enough. Stop. Oh, fuck. Oh, my God. Monty! Oh, my God! It's all right.
Just get me inside. Get me inside. Of course I will. Oh. Oh, my God, baby. Oh, my God. Oh, God, Monty, let me
take you to the hospital. Why'd you stay with me
all this time? You should have left
a long time ago. Stop talking like that. I'll wait for you. As long as it takes. Don't cry, baby. I'm such an idiot. Oh. Naturelle, I blew it. I really blew it. Who's that? Who did this to you? I gotta go. Let him take you
to the hospital, baby. It's okay. It's okay. Oh, God. How did this happen? I don't know.
He just showed up like this. Monty... He's a mess. God, look at him. Oh, God.
These people are hooligans. I'll take him to the hospital. Say goodbye here, Pop. You don't trust my driving? I can't do it this way. You just gotta let me
walk away, Pop. Please. It's easier. Yeah. Easier? My God, you don't understand. Let me drive you there. I need to know where it is
for visits, you know? O-Okay, buddy? Help me out. Help me out? Okay. Give me the bag. No hospital, Pop. No hospital. Let's go. I gotta go. Wait one second.
Wait, wait, wait. No, no. I don't want you coming up
there to visit me. No. I want you to be happy, so I want you to forget
about me and live your life. Mnh... I figure we take
the Henry Hudson to the Sprainbrook Parkway, then to the Taconic. That should get us there. Easy drive to Otisville. Ow. Aw, Jesus,
look what they did to you. I tell you what, Monty,
it's gonna be okay. It looks bad, I know it. But when the swelling goes down,
it's gonna be okay. Yeah. Them hooligans sure give you
a licking, though, huh? How many were there? I don't know, Pop.
There was a bunch of 'em. You get some good shots in? Yeah, I got
some good shots in. Ah, give it a month. You'll be better-looking
than ever. Hey, Pop... You were right.
It wasn't her. It wasn't Naturelle. Of course it wasn't Naturelle. Cool dog. Cool dog. Give me the word,
and I'll take a left turn. Left turn to where? Take the GW Bridge
and go west. Get you stitched up
somewhere and keep going. Find a nice little town. On the way, stop in Chicago
for a Cubs game. You always told me you wanted
to see Wrigley Field. Dad... I'm saying
that if you want it... if that's what you want,
I'll do it. No, they'd take your bar. My bar.
Jesus. My bar. They can take my bar
to hell and back. You think my bar is more
important to me than you, my only child? Give me the word,
and we'll go. They'll find me. They'll find me
sooner or later. You know how they find people? They find them
when they come home. People run away,
but they usually come back. That's when they get caught. So you go...
and you never come back. You never come home. We'll drive. We'll keep driving. Head out to the middle
of nowhere. Take that road
as far as it takes us. You've never been west
of Philly, have you? This is a beautiful
country, Monty. It's beautiful out there. Looks like
a different world -- mountains, hills, cows, farms,
and white churches. I drove out west
with your mother one time before you was born. Brooklyn to the Pacific
in three days. Just enough money for gas,
sandwiches, and coffee, but we made it. Every man, woman,
and child alive should see the desert
one time before they die. Nothing at all
for miles around, nothing but sand and rocks
and cactus and blue sky. Not a soul in sight. No sirens, no car alarms,
nobody honking at you, no madman cursing
or pissing on the streets. You find the silence
out there. You find the peace. You can find God. Ye'll take the high road
and I'll take the low road And I'll be in Scotland
afore ye But me and my true love
will never meet again On the bonnie, bonnie banks
of Loch Lomond So, we drive west. Keep driving till we find
a nice little town. These towns
out in the desert -- you know why they got there? People wanted to get away
from somewhere else. The desert's
for starting over. Find a bar,
and I'll buy us drinks. Two. I haven't had a drink
in two years, but I'll have one with you. One last whiskey with my boy. Take our time with it -- taste the barley,
let it linger. And then I'll go. I want you to keep that. I'll hold it for you. I'll tell you,
"Don't ever write me. Don't ever come visit." I'll tell you,
"l believe in God's Kingdom, "and I believe I'll be with you
again and your mother, but not in this lifetime." You get a job somewhere... a job that pays cash, a boss who doesn't
ask questions. And you make a new life
and you never come back. Monty, people like you. It's a gift. You make friends
wherever you go. - How you fellas doin'?
- Two beers. You're gonna work hard. You're gonna keep your head
down and your mouth shut. You're gonna make yourself
a new home out there. Here you go, James. Thanks a lot. You're a New Yorker.
That will never change. You got New York
in your bones. Spend the rest of your life
out west, but you're still a New Yorker. You'll miss your friends,
you'll miss your dog, but you're strong. You got your mother's
backbone in you. You're strong like she was. Hey. You find the right people,
and you get yourself papers. Why don't you go ahead
and have a seat? A driver's license. - What's your name?
- Uh, James. James. Not from around here,
are you? No, I'm from out west. Well, let's go ahead
and get your picture. Be still.
Give me a smile. Okay. Why don't you give me
a bigger smile, James? Come on, big, bigger.
Okay. You forget your old life. You can't come back. You can't call.
You can't write. You never look back. You make a new life
for yourself, and you live it. You hear me? You live your life
the way it should have been. And maybe... This is dangerous, but maybe after
a couple of years, you send word to Naturelle. Mmm. Oh. ... ... ... . - Happy New Year.
- Happy New Year. Mmm. Feel that right there. Your mother's a lunatic. Hurry up. I need company. You get yourself a new family, and you raise them right,
you hear me? Give them a good life, Monty.
Give them what they need. You have a son. Maybe you name him James.
It's a good, strong name. And maybe one day,
years from now, Iong after I'm dead and gone,
reunited with your dear mother, you gather
your whole family together and tell them the truth, who you are
and where you come from. We were in New York together. You tell them the whole story. I was arrested. And then you ask them if they know how lucky
they are to be there. All of you... It all came so close
to never happening. ...came so close
to never happening. This life came so close
to never happening. Down at the courthouse,
they're ringin' the flag down Down Long black line of cars
snakin' slow through town Town Red sheets
snappin' on the line Line With this ring,
will you be mine? The fuse is burning Shut out the lights The fuse is burning Come on,
let me do you right Trees on fire
with the first fall's frost Long black line
in front of holy cross Blood moon risin'
in a sky of black dust Dust Tell me, baby,
who do you trust? The fuse is burning Shut out the lights The fuse is burning Come on,
let me do you right Tires on the highway hissin',
something's coming You can feel the wires
in the treetops hummin' Devil's on the horizon line Your kiss and I'm alive A quiet afternoon,
an empty house On the edge of bed,
you slip off your blouse The room is burning
with the noon sun Sun, sun Your bittersweet taste
on my tongue Tongue The fuse is burning Shut out the lights The fuse is burning Come on,
let me do you right The fuse is burning Shut out the lights The fuse is burning Come on,
let me do you right The fuse is burning The fuse is burning The fuse is burning The fuse is burning The fuse is burning The fuse is burning The fuse is burning
Special help by SergeiK