Lara Croft Cradle Of Life Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Lara Croft Cradle Of Life script is here for all you fans of the Tomb Raider sequel movie staring Angelina Jolie  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Lara Croft Cradle Of Life. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Lara Croft Cradle Of Life Script



























They've found another one.

There'll be no treasure left for her.



Mark the location.



That's the Frenchman.

And over there, Kristos.



They're all coming. All except one.



All right, follow Kristos.



When he dives, we dive.



Maybe we'll get lucky

and find whatever's down there.



Look at that, Jimmy. Look!

Why isn't she slowing down?



- Whoa!

- Whoa!



- You were asking?

- I knew it!



- Whoa!

- Whoa!



Hello, boys. You're all wet.



Many raiders are here,

and you make us wait!



But you know I can't resist a bit of fun.



Lara, what's all this fuss about?

What do they think is down there?



I don't know what they think,

but I think it's the Luna Temple.



The Luna Temple?



My sons! If it's not on television, forget it!



- It was built by Alexander the Great.

- A Greek, if you don't know!



Alexander collected treasures

and stored them in two places.



The majority went to his library in Egypt.



But his most prized possessions

went here... the Luna Temple.



By law, no one was allowed to record

its location, and in     BC it was...



...swallowed by the sea.

- Destroyed during a volcanic eruption.



Lost for ever.



Until yesterday.



If even half of it is intact, it will be

the greatest find since the Pyramids.



The others are heading along this shelf.



- That's based on the currents?

- Yes.



- This, Gus, is why I was late.

- Oh.



It's a geological,

taken two hours after the quake.



The epicentre was here,

five miles northeast of us, but...



...look at the currents

along the shelf now.



Wait! They've shifted.



So, while they're all diving there,

the ruins will actually be...





Let's go.



Something wrong?



First, Alexander doesn't record

the temple's location.



Then, God wipes it from the earth

with a volcano.



Now, even the currents change.



Lara, maybe this temple's

not meant to be found.



Everything lost is meant to be found.

Don't worry.






It's incredible!



It's unbelievable! Whoa!



- (LARA) Oh, my God.

- This is huge!



Thank you.









Jimmy, this is wonderful!



- Do you see what I see?

- Oh, my God!



It's incredible.



Nicky, look at this.

We're going to be rich!



Lara! What do you say

to two handsome Greek partners?



Well, when you find two, let me know!



- She's talking about you.

- No, you!



Pack the gold coins.



- Lara, what is that?

- It's mine.



What is she doing?






Lara! That column is collapsing!






- I think that's a sign to leave!

- Two minutes!



- Lara, we need to leave now!

- We've got to move!



Keep packing. This thing is going

to collapse. Take those two.



- We have to hurry up.

- Go, go! Come on!










































Lara? Lara, it's us, Hillary and Bryce!



She's disorientated.

That's normal after three days.



Nice day for a dip.



Gentlemen, there is an expression:



"It's not nice to fool Mother Nature."



Yet that is precisely what I've been

doing for some time now...



...whether it be sarin gas for Mr San,



improved typhoid for Mr Krev

to use in the Balkans,



enhanced cholera for Mr Duvalier.



While these weapons

serve their purpose,



there have always been limitations.



Stable diseases aren't lethal.



Deadly ones burn out too quickly.



Mother Nature can only

be fooled so much.



Deploy my weapon, and your enemies,

however great, will collapse from within.






Rather like Mr Monza's

collapsing right now.






- What the hell is going on?

- Monza told Ml  about this meeting.



That's why the change of location.



He was going to turn me over to them

and then seek asylum in the West.



A smart man would've known

I was on to him.



He would never have got on the plane.

But I knew you would.



You actually thought you could fool me.



That, gentlemen, is the sound

of a traitor dying.



That was an accelerated form of Ebola,

deadliest disease known to man.



Highly contagious.



However, as with all known diseases,



there exist stockpiles of antiserum

in the West.



There is no antiserum

for what I am offering you.



No treatment. No vaccine. No cure.



The world's never seen

anything like what I've uncovered.






Yes. I've branched out.






 - - - - - - - .



That is the account

at the Landesbank in Bern.



$    million each, if you please.



- Where's Chen Lo?

- He has the orb, but Ml  is on to him.



- How?

- He doesn't know.



Rather than risk bringing it, he's waiting.



I have just told a cabin full of men about

Pandora. The clock cannot be reset.



Tell him to bring the orb at once.










You'll find the killers.

Don't take it out on me!






- Bryce, what have we got?

- I haven't loaded your images yet.



- What about references to an orb?

- I checked.



Inventories of the Luna Temple

do not list any orb.



I want you both to list every orb

ever mentioned in Greek history.



Every one?







- (LARA) Ah!



(HILLARY) That's... liable...








Then we'll read thousands.



Start with that one.









Perhaps you'd like some tea

while you wait?



No, they wouldn't. Tea is for guests,

the door is for intruders!



They're from Ml .



I can tell from their soft hands

and pressed suits.



They make decisions

and leave the dirty work for others.



- I've no interest in...

- His name's Chen Lo.



Along with his brother Xien, he runs

a ring of bandits, the Shay Ling.



They deal in guns, diamonds, antiquities

to sell on the black market.



They followed you when you arrived

in Santorini, where they killed Gus.



- Why?

- For this.



Our listening post in Malta

intercepted that fax.



It was sent from Chen Lo

to a man named Jonathan Reiss.



The scientist? Won the Nobel Prize?



He's now the foremost designer

of biological weapons in the world.



His creations have been at the heart

of bio-terror in the past    years.



Reiss's disdain for life is legendary.

He doesn't care who his weapons kill.



A modern-day Doctor Mengele.



We know Chen Lo followed you

to obtain the orb, and thus deliver Reiss.



We don't know why.

Candidly, that terrifies us.



Reiss is not to be trifled with.



Pandora's box.



Reiss is going to use the orb

to find Pandora's box.



The Greek myth?



Pandora opens a forbidden box

and unleashes pain into the world?



That's the Sunday school version, yes.



How do you think life began?

Shooting star? Primordial ooze?



In      BC, an Egyptian pharaoh



found a place he named The Cradle

of Life, where we, life, began.



There he found a box,

which brought life to Earth.



The pharaoh opened it, but all that

was left was the Ramante, or anti-life.



The plague, the companion to life.



- Companion?

- Nature is about balance.



All the world comes in pairs.

Yin and Yang, right and wrong.



- What did this plague do?

- It levelled the pharaoh's army.



A soldier was dispatched to transport

the box to the end of the world.



     years later,

Alexander the Great reached India,



where his army was ravaged

by a plague after finding a box.




That's where the soldier brought it?



Alexander felt the box

was too powerful,



so he returned it to its home,

The Cradle of Life.



It has never been seen since.



- And this Cradle of Life is where?

- No one knows.



Alexander used a map with the box,

which he then hid from the world.



But the name he gave this map

was "Mati",



and the literal translation

for the word "Mati" is eye.



The orb is the map, hidden

in the Luna Temple by Alexander.



Reiss will use it to find Pandora's box,

and when he opens it,



he will unleash a weapon more

powerful than you could ever imagine.



The markings form a pattern,

but even if I figure what they mean,



we still can't read the whole map

because we've only a partial view.



- We have to figure out how to read it.

- Right. Thank you.



On behalf of Her Majesty,

recover this box before Doctor Reiss.



Oh...! Well, now that I have

Her Majesty's permission...



- Tell me where to find the orb.

- It's in China with Chen Lo.



We'll assign two of our best agents

to help.



I don't want them.



- Expertise in archaeology doesn't...

- I didn't say that I don't need help.



But you won't get me there in time.

I need someone inside the Shay Ling.



Their methods, their hideouts.



- I need Terry Sheridan.

- Not if he were the last man on Earth!



Terry Sheridan, ex-commander

with the Royal Marines,



turned mercenary and traitor.



Put that man on the trail of a weapon

he can sell to the highest bidder?






I am your host, Armin Kal.



Welcome to Fantasy Island.












Hello, Terry.






What do you think of my new place?



It's not quite Croft Manor.



What? A key to your heart?



To a flat in Zurich.

You can pick another city, if you want.



Your record expunged,

your citizenship restored.



- By?

- Ml .



Ml ...



Would that make me Faust,

or the Devil?



Pick one, because Ml  will also

arrange a new identity.



- Yeah? You think I need their help?

- Having two faces doesn't count.



What do I have to do?



- Take me to the Shay Ling.

- The Shay who?



Chen Lo took something from me

and I want it back.



Is that you or Ml ?



Also, I've arranged for £  million

when we succeed.



- Call it "second chance" money.

- Or life insurance for you.



I don't need any.



You and I, working alone?



It's easier to see through you that way.



So what if, afterwards,



Ml  decide that me back in the world

isn't such a great idea?



Then I feel sorry for whomever

they get to come after you.



- You've authorisation to kill me?

- Any time, for any reason.



Why don't you just do it, then?



What is it they say? "Hell hath no fury..."



You're not that good.



The Shay Ling are like ghosts, Croft.



They move constantly,



and their home is the most remote

mountain region in China.






You'll have to do better than that.



Get me into China,

and I'll get you to them in a day.



No guns, no money,

no weapons of any kind.



Talk about taking the fun out of life!



They've spies all over China.



We slip in to Beijing undetected,

then we go by truck.



Truck? I was thinking

about something a little faster.



A little faster?



This is a little faster,

but the Chinese will track the pod.



- There won't be any pod to find.

- Will there be any of us to find?






- (LARA) Ready? Now.

- Ready for what?



The ditching was good, Croft.

I'll give you that.



But we'll never find a vehicle

in a place like this.






Oh, it's so lovely to see you.



- Is everything ready?

- Yes.



Your clothes, guns and knives

are over there.



And I took the liberty of tuning your bike.



- May I?

- Yes.






- Lara.

- Ah!



- What is the happy couple up to?

- Accessorising.



- Where are we on reading the orb?

- All maps have a key, a legend.



The orb's key's not there,

it must've been lost.



Or somewhere in the temple.



Go through every image I took

near the orb.



The key must've been linked to it

in some way. Right, bye, then.



It's unlike Lara to take a partner.

Where are you two going?



We'll take a nice little trip,

breathe some fresh mountain air,



stop by my friends, the Shay Ling.



The Shay Ling watch all the roads,

we'll go round the back.



- We'll go straight.

- Maybe you didn't hear me.



The Shay Ling have men

on every road from here to Luoyang.



Not every road.






- A bit rusty?

- It's coming back.



I expected more from a Scot.



I don't expect anything

from an Englishwoman!



Good, 'cause you're

not gonna get anything.









The fun's over.

From now on, it's by foot.



- Best to reconsider that "no gun" rule.

- No.






And don't be looking at my ass.



- Where do I fit in?

- You're the guide.



I mean,



when you think back on the vast

scheme of your adventurous life,



where do I fit in?



Was I the love of your life

or just another bump on the road?



Was I time well spent?

Four months, more good than bad?



Come on, it had to be more

than that, am I right?



You're right.



It was five months.



- You're laughing at me.

- Because I used to find you charming.



I am charming.



You're late!



Tilt your head back. Do it!



You might see again in an hour. Maybe.



What's this? It's not there.

There's no orb.



Is there anything

you can tell me about this?












- Hello?

- You didn't like your messenger?



I didn't. But I liked the men

I lost in the temple.



You underestimated Lady Croft.



I underestimated

how much this orb is worth.



There's so many

horrible diseases in the world.



Things we are particularly

susceptible to as children.



You could be holding

little Shiho or Tai by the hand,



as a mysterious ailment

ravages their bodies.



You kill them, and I will give

your orb to Lady Croft.



She's a few miles away

from here as we speak.



I wonder how much she would pay.



I'll pay you an additional $   million.



It will be yours once you've delivered

the orb along with Lady Croft's body.



- (LARA) You don't know where they are.

- You're impossible.



You pretended to know

so I'd get you out.



This isn't a tomb, Croft,

and the Shay Ling aren't mummies.



They're killers.

But if you don't trust me...



I'm sorry to have to do this,

but you're wasting time.



You want to shoot me? Shoot me.



Personally, I'd rather you do it...



...than them.









Well, Terry,



what part of "never come back again"

didn't you understand?



You wanted to find the Shay Ling.



Come on!



The only way to get into their place

is as their prisoners.



- You might've told me that before.

- You would've believed me?



Make Chen Lo a better offer

than his buyer. He'll cross them.



Even if his buyer's Jonathan Reiss?



You might've told me that before!






- Were you really gonna kill me?

- I bet she would have.



I've seen her in action.

Didn't Terry tell you?



The last time any of us saw him,

he was riding away with a truck...



...full of my Ming vases.



And sitting next to him...



...was his sister.



How is she?



You... shouldn't have come here.



It got me out of prison.

Besides, the lady has a good offer.



- Better than Reiss.

- Really?



- Should I take it?

- Take it.



Or you and I ransom her and the thing

back to the British for triple.



Let's talk.



Not you, Terry.



Lady Croft and I.



You wait here. Catch up.



I'll be four minutes.






There is something

I think you will appreciate.






This is the largest group

of terracotta warriors I have found.



The King of Chin made them

for use in the afterlife.



To fend off enemies

he made in this one.



Sounds like we could both use a set.



I will be happy to sell some to you.



I hope you're as entrepreneurial

with the orb.



You lost men, I lost men. I see

no reason we should both lose again.



If I want double

what Reiss offered me...



- Is it here?

- It's worth a lot.



Then you know Reiss will kill you

the moment you give it to him.



- Your government assures my safety?

- No.



But I will.



That must hurt, saying that to me.



Take the offer.



- You presume to give me orders?

- Take the offer before it expires.






- Then I will have to force you.

- Then I will have to kill you!















Has it been four minutes yet?






- Ah!

- That was nice.



It's too bad you're on the wrong side.



Tell me where the orb is

and it spares your life.



The Flower Pagoda, in Shanghai.






This is mine.






Now, we're even.









Remember that "no gun" rule?

I reconsidered.



You know there was a staircase

we could've used?









- Lara, are you all right?

- Smashing.



I'm on my way to Shanghai,

and I need you to look at something.



It was in the Luna Temple.

I'm betting it's the key to the markings.



She's holding some sort

of musical instrument.



It's sound.



- That's brilliant.

- The key must be linked to it.



I'll start decoding the images.

Get the rest. Bye.



- Miss you.

- Bye!









Oh, well.



Just like old times.



I think that's the first time

you've actually smiled because of me.



Why did you do it?



I started thinking I was tired of doing

things somebody else's way.



It'd always be somebody else's way.



So you abandon your men

and betray your country?



Leaving my men and my country,

that didn't hurt as much as I thought.



- But leaving you did.

- Mm.



You're a hard act to follow, Croft.



You know why you and I

get along so well?






We are two of a kind, me and you.



- We are nothing alike.

- I don't think we're alike.



But I do think we're a pair.

Opposite sides of the same coin.









- My men have the roof covered.

- Set down in the square instead.



My men will also have things covered.



OK, fine.



OK, Sean, let's go!



(TERRY) They're landing in the square.



- We're in the wrong position. Stairs?

- No time.



- Rooftops?

- No.



I've got a plan.

Stay here. Wait for my signal.



Here's the money, come and get it!



Wait for my signal, huh (?)



- Give me that box!

- Money first!



- Give me that box now!

- No! You first!



Christ! Get us out of here!



Take us up!



Take it up!



Go! Run her over!



- Yeah?

- We tried it your way. Now we try mine.



- Bring it to the top of the pagoda now!

- OK.



Got you!



Come on! Hold it up!



- Come closer!

- Raise it higher! Higher!



- My regards to your brother!

- Too late.



Croft, what are you doing?



Take us up!



Move! Go!



Let's go! Move!



I'm tired of you pointing that at me.

You OK?



- Never better.

- Looks like we lost the orb.



I wouldn't go vaulting

into thin air for nothing.



I've put a tracer on the crate.



Got it. Look.






A weapons lab

in the middle of the city? No way.



He must've dumped that crate.



No, it's here.



One of the buildings?




It's exactly where we're standing.



Part of me allowed for the possibility

that Pandora's box was just a legend.



But now I know it's there.



- She escaped.

- She has no idea where we are.



We take no chances.



Have everything we need to make

an antidote transferred to the jet.



I need an out for two people.

Mid-city. Soon.



What? Are you crazy?



- Are we set?

- Piece of cake.



  Tears from the moon



  Fall down like rain



  I reach for you



  I reach in vain...  












  I would have done anything for you



  All the day I keep from falling apart...  















- So much for easy.

- What is that?



He's already decoding the orb.









(TERRY) You've gotta get everyone out.



What do you suggest, the fire alarm?




- Not bad. But that's just the alarm.



There's no danger.



Do you think anyone here is paid

enough to take that chance?






Don't even think about it.



It's her.




- Yes?












I'm glad, Lara!

That would've been too easy!



Give me your best!






How's that?



- I'm going off-line.

- No, don't!



- Thanks.

- You're welcome.



Hello, boys.

Did you understand the medallion?



Yeah. The markings are sound waves.



We've translated all the markings,

roughly half the orb.



Let's complete the set, then.

I'll send the rest of them to you.



Then finish the translation

and transmit the sounds back to me.



(WHISPERS) We need more back-up.



Smart girl.










Don't shoot her! Not until we're sure

the computer has done its job.



You honestly believe you'll be

able to control what's in that box?



Really, Lara, you disappoint me.



Have we received payment

from all the buyers?



No, you don't want to control it at all.

You're using the buyers.



They'll release it as just another

weapon, and the world blames them.



What's left of the world blames them.



Once I have the virus,

I'll make enough antidote



to protect the best and the brightest.



Heads of corporations,

heads of state. Life will go on.



You've never thought,



"The world would be better

without some of these people"?



I can certainly think of one person

I could do without.



There it is.



I'm sorry, Lara. You'd have been

welcome in my world.



Piss off.



Shoot her between the eyes.

No mistakes.






I'm gonna get you.



Follow me!



You're mine.






Bingo! Two one-way tickets

out of Hong Kong.






Something a little faster.



Come on!



Our rendezvous point is two

and a half, maybe three miles.



You're aware that no one's ever gone

further than one mile.



- I am now.

- This way!



- Right, you go first.

- No, you go first.



(BOTH) I'll go first!



Holy cow!



Follow her.



Hi, Terry. Good to see you.



I suppose you want paying, then?

We agreed on $   ?



No, $   ! Expenses.



So this...



...rock is the map?



Yes, it is.



I've never seen anything like it.

Have you?



And it's the only way to find that box?



Just think, you could take it

and walk out the door.



No. Window's better,

off the ship faster, harder to track.



Croft, do you really think

I would do that to you?









You can break my wrist,

but I'm still gonna kiss you.



Not exactly what I had in mind, but OK.



- Why didn't you shoot Reiss?

- What?



He must have walked

right past you in the lab.



Why didn't you shoot him?



No clear shot.

I didn't know where you were.



I'll inform Ml  of the completion

of your service.



You'll have your money and your life.



- Don't waste it.

- This is no time to split up.



Yes, it is, before you make

the wrong decision.



OK, you want to leave? Go ahead.



But don't pretend

it's to try and save me.



You're afraid

you might not pull the trigger.



Afraid of letting your guard down,

of letting anyone in.



I'm not leaving

because I couldn't kill you.



I'm leaving because I could.






Good morning.



Might I borrow your television?



It's important.






Cheers. Lovely.






- Hello, Bryce.

- Hello, Lara.



- Are you ready?

- Yes.



Right. Sending the last images

of the orb... now.



Got them.



Translating... Done.



Send the sounds.



Sending it now.



No, nothing.



Oh, well, back to the drawing board.



No, wait. The tones are being distorted.

Send me the file.



Look, Lara, I...

I really don't think that's gonna work.



Yes, it will. Ever heard your voice

on a tape recorder? Same thing.



Why are we having this discussion?

Send me the file.



- Sending it.

- Thank you.
























Africa. It's in Africa.



- Somewhere near Kilimanjaro.

- Great, Lara.



How long for Reiss

to fix his computers?



Twenty-four hours at the fastest.



Ask Kosa to meet me

north of his village.



     hours. Bye, then.



A bit faster than

twenty-four hours, I'd say. Out!



Africa it is.









- Kosa? How are you?

- Lara?



- You had the jeep cleaned.

- I know how you like your equipment!



- Where are you? I can't see you.

- Don't worry, I can see you.



Where are you coming from now?



Keep going straight,

keep your speed steady.



Lara! Welcome back!



Do you ever do anything the easy way?



And risk disappointing you?






(SPEAKS CHINESE) I've lost my friend

and I'm not sure where to go...



(TONY) Nice shirt.



She went to Kilimanjaro

to play with the elephants.



Kosa, we've never been here, have we?



We didn't come

to this area before. Why?



I've seen that mountain before.

The box is there somewhere.



The locals call it

"The Mountain of God".



There's a tribe that makes

a home on it that might help us.









(TRANSLATES) Leave this object and go.



Leave this object and go.

And never speak of it.



To trespass on The Cradle of Life is

to risk flooding the world with death.



Men are coming for the box.



Unlike me, they won't look at it

with fear or respect.



They will open it. They want to use it.



I'm sorry if I have to disturb your gods

to keep this from happening.



- But I will do whatever I must.




Do you truly understand

what you are doing?



Are you truly prepared

for what you are about to learn?



Some secrets must remain secrets.



These are very heavy burdens,

very lonely burdens.



If you find the box,

you will have to carry them.



I am prepared, sir.



He warns that no one who has looked

for the box has come back.



He says the land beyond the canyon

belongs to the Shadow Guardians.



Shadow Guardians?



They do not sleep.



They never rest.

They move like the wind.



And anything

that walks their land will die.



(LARA) And the Cradle itself?



Only with the orb can it be revealed.



Inside you will find a place of madness.

Sky and Earth are one.



Direction, meaningless.



(KOSA) He's going to give us twenty

men to take us as far as they can,



to The Cradle of Life

where the box is hidden.



We're getting closer.



He said you're right.

The Cradle of Life lies near the summit.



- He wants to know how you knew.

- The orb.



He says he will not turn back with

the others. He'll go as far as we go.



- He will fight the Shadow Guardians.

- (IN DIALECT) You're a very brave man.



What is he saying?



That your accent is funny.












Get down!



Get down!



Back! Back!



Back! Get back!



(REISS) Thank you, Lara, for leading us

here and for finding the orb.



However, you have seen

the exact position.



You could save me hours, days even.



Help me, I'll make it worth your while.






Think of what I'm offering you.

Let her go.



A chance to find out how it all began.



Life, Lara, the origin of what we are.



Don't tell me you're not tempted.



- That's what got Pandora into trouble.

- They told me you wouldn't do it.



And I told them you would, rather than

lose two of your closest friends.



- Take us to The Cradle of Life.

- I'm sorry, Lara.



It's your destiny to see what's inside.



He is right. It's just beyond

the canyon, remember?



Such a short walk

might save your friends.



Well, if it spares my friends...

I'm up for a walk.



(HILLARY) I'm sure she'd understand.



(BRYCE) You should've told her we

were hostage. He'd never have found her.



I don't suppose either of you

know how to fly a helicopter?



I can.



- What?

- What?



I've got over     hours between

flight simulation games, models...



And in the real thing?



- Two.

- Two?



You're only gonna fly it once I'm out,

so remember your two hours well!









- It's through here?

- Mm.



Move, baby.


















What was that?



You! Check it out!



Keep moving!







- Ah!



What are you doing?

Back in formation now!







- Ah...!







Holy shit!




They seem to react to movement.






They're gone.



We're close. I've seen it in your eyes.

Take me to Pandora's box.



- I don't know how.

- Do it now!



You were the one who wanted

to go for a walk. So start walking!



The next one will be higher.









Only with the orb

can it be revealed.



Only with the orb can it be revealed.



All right. I'll need the orb.



Do you want to see

The Cradle of Life or not?



You tell me what to do with it.






- A-ah...!




Don't think you can outwit me, Croft.



Oh, do shut up!



So, this is The Cradle of Life...



Here we are.



It's all yours. Time to be a hero.









There it is.



Perfect, isn't it? All that power

in such a banal container.



When Pandora saw inside the box,

she cried black acid for tears.



And, as it was a woman

who found the box,



I see no reason to break with tradition.



A woman should collect the box.



Go on!



It is impossible to reach.



Now take it!



Take it!


















I don't think so, Reiss!



- Ya!

- Argh...!









You OK?



- I'm fine. I'm fine.

- There you go.



- You come prepared.

- I know how clumsy you are.



Hillary and Bryce?



They're fine.



Thank you.



What was that?






Thank you.



Let's get out of here.



Terry? What are you doing?



You're joking, right?



We're taking this with us. This is ours.



You're not walking out of here

with that box.



So you're saying we just leave it,

when it's worth a fortune?



- Put it back.

- I don't think so.



It could kill millions

of innocent people.



- Now you're being dramatic.

- Put it back.






I've helped you keep this away

from Reiss. This is my reward.



I'm taking it with me.



So it's come to this, has it?



Well, you do have

authorisation to kill me.



Better do it, then.



'Cause if you think standing

in front of me is gonna be enough...



You don't have it in you to stop me.



See, all your beliefs...



...all your ideals, they're not real.



I am. And you've loved me.



You think you're strong,

but you'll not choose them over me.






- Now move.

- No.












The box is safe now.



Some things are not meant to be found.



Didn't you ever do anything

the easy way?



I wouldn't want to disappoint you.









- Lara, are you OK?

- All right?



This is... very touching.



You know us, always making friends,

having a laugh.



Getting married...






This is a wedding ceremony

and you are the grooms.



Good luck, boys!






(BOTH) Go!






  I know what you've been searching for



  I know what you've been looking for



  I know what you've been needing more



  For your life...



  I feel I could make your heart go faster



  I feel I could make it last for ever



  I feel I could make your heart go faster



  I feel I could make it last for ever



  I know what you've been going through



  I know what you've been

trying to prove



  I know how you've needed

something new



  All your life...



  I know where you've been running to



  I know who you've been turning to



  I know what you've been trying to do



  All your life...



  I feel I could make your heart go faster



  I feel I could make it last for ever



  I feel I could make your heart go faster



  I feel I could make it last for ever  









  So I picked one up the other day



  Does that mean I'm a bad girl?



  And if I take off all my clothes



  Well, it makes me a bad girl



  Yeah, it's not the way you hold me



  Hold me responsible



  I'm not who you think I am



  I've fooled the whole world



  Nobody knows



  That I'm a very, very bad girl



  I'm a bad girl, bad girl



  So I wrote this song to say



  And it tells me I'm naive



  But if he heard this melody...



  And it's not the way you hold me



  Hold me responsible



  I'm not who you think I am



  I've fooled the whole world



  There's no point in you believing

I must say when I'm deceiving



  Everybody thinks I'm someone else



  I'm a very, very bad girl



  Oh, bad girl



  I'm a bad girl



  I'm a very, very bad... girl  









  I wonder how clear it must look

from there to here



  No obstruction, this selfish corruption

All in this atmosphere



  No fear, less tears,

only time to catch my breath



  I fail to inhale

Your love constricts my chest



  As I look up to the sky today



  Well, I can see you looking down

on me



  It brings a smile to my face again












  Satellite... Satellite...



  A guiding light, guiding light



  Shining bright, shining bright

Guiding light












  It's truly one of a kind, like starshine



  Beyond the night time, are you there?

Are you there? Are you there...?  






  I am alone but adored



  By a hundred thousand more



  Then I sin when you were the last



  And I have known love like a whore



  From at least ten thousand more



  Then I swore when you were the last



  When you were the last



  High... Igh...



  Igh... Igh...



  But you were awake

and I should've stayed



  But wandered



  I was only out for a day

Out for a day



  But you were the last



  High... Igh...



  Igh... Igh...



  But you were the last



  High... Igh...



  Igh... Igh...  

Special help by SergeiK