The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Walter Matthau subway movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three Script





OK, kid, out loud now,

so as I can hear you.



I'm checkin' the passengers,

front and back.



Shuttin' the doors. Rear section first.

Then the front section.



And the doors are closed. I'm checkin'

indicators to make sure doors are locked.



I remove my key, go back out the window

to make sure no one's bein' dragged.



   st Street next stop.

Next stop,    st Street.



How'd I do?



Now you take my advice, kid.



You serve your six months, and

then you put in for the motorman.



Watch it now, we're comin' in.



-   th Street.

- No, it ain't.



  st Street.

Sorry, this station is   st Street.



Never say you're sorry.



Someone may come back here

and hit you in your damn nose!



Grand Central Station next stop.

Next stop, Grand Central.



If I was you I'd start studyin' for

that motorman exam right now.



Tell you the truth, Mr Mattson,

I have been.



Every car in the IRT is    feet long.



Costs $        weighs      Ibs.



This is where I get off. You're doin' fine.



Yeah, I'll see ya.



Hey, what's the rush, chief?

We ain't gonna leave without ya!



  rd Street next stop. Next stop is   rd.



What's wrong, dude?

Ain't you never seen a sunset before?



Hey! How am I supposed

to see with you...?



- Holy God! What do you want?

- I'm taking your train.



You're takin' my train?






Turn around.

I got s-s-somethin' to show ya.



- What's goin' on?

- Shut up!



I won't tell you again. Open the door

or I'll blow your head off.



May I get by, please?



No, you don't wanna go in there.



Suppose I do anyway?



Then I'll shoot your pee-pee off.



Now just go back out the window

and tell me what you see.



Someone leanin' against the head car.



The second he comes aboard,

you sh-sh-shut the doors.



Keep your hand off

the microphone, buddy.



- All right, Mr Green?

-     per cent, Mr Blue.



Get moving, will you?






Shelley, give that to the meathead

upstairs, will ya?



(secretary) Right this way. Just follow me.



Shelley, have you seen

Lieutenant Garber?



Oh! Lieutenant, it's so nice of you

to leave your duties long enough



to escort our distinguished

guests around the facilities.



May I present to you Mr Yashimura.



Mr Matsumoto.



Mr Tomashita.



And Mr Naka... Nakabashi?



These gentlemen are all directors of

the Tokyo Metropolitan Subway System.



Gentlemen, I'd like you to meet

Lieutenant Zachary Garber



of our own New York

Transit Authority Police.



A pleasure, gentlemen.



When you're finished, send them up to   .



The chairman would like to say

goodbye to them personally.






Follow me, gentlemen. New York City

Subway is the largest in the world,



with     miles of track,     ...



Gentlemen, please. New York City

Subway is the largest in the world.



     cars,     miles of track...



- Say "when", Mr Blue.

- You just keep going, will you?



You're still in switchin'. Why don't you

peg it up? You're green all the way.



We're in no hurry. Atchoo!



Your cold sounds pretty bad.



I woke up in the middle

of the night with it.



- What happened?

- Must've bucked.



You told me you could drive this thing.



It's the train. She bucks

all the time. She's a dog.



This is the headquarters

of the Transit Police,



which occupies the entire

second floor of this building.



We call it the nerve centre.



The status board pinpoints the disposition



of every Transit Authority patrolman

presently in the field.



That's it. Get a good shot of that.



Things are usually jumpin'

pretty good in here.



I suppose you gentlemen have your share

of crime in the Tokyo subways, right?



Right? Well, that's the way it goes.



These are the assignment desks. One

for each of the lines: the BMT, the IRT,



the IND.



There's our artist in residence.



And right through here is our operations

lieutenant, Mr Rico Patrone,



who, on weekends, works for the Mafia.



Rico, I'd like you to meet some

good friends of the chairman.



- Hiya.

- Very good friends, Rico.






Rico, these are the directors

of the Tokyo subway.



Tell us about some of the excitin' things



that have happened in the New York City

Subway System lately, Rico.



Well, we had a bomb scare

in the Bronx yesterday.



But it turned out to be a cantaloupe.



I'm busy, Zach, OK?



In the course of a normal week,



the average TA policeman deals with

such crimes as robbery, assault,



murder, drunkenness,



illness, vandalism,






abusiveness, sexual molestation,






- What's your name, motorman?

- Denny Doyle, sir.



- Ever been written up?

- Once.



- What for?

- Runnin' a red signal. How about you?



Twice. Once on the Canarsie...



That's right, Mr Green. Tell Mr Doyle

all about yourself, will you?



OK. Stop it about here.



I'm takin' your brake handle

and the reverse key, Denny.






I want your cuttin' key also.



That's it.



You'll hear from Command Centre

in a minute or two.



You will ignore the call.

Is that clear, Mr Doyle?



Yes, sir. They can call

all they want. I'm deaf.



- Thanks, Mr Grey.

- Don't mention it, uh... Mr Green, right?



Right. Let's have your cab key, conductor.



I can't do that. I ain't supposed to do that.



You got three seconds

to live, conductor. One, two...






It'll mean my job.

What's he gonna do?



You wouldn't want me to spoil

the s-s-surprise, would you?



Until then, stay where you are.

Go back to normal speed when...



Command Centre callin' Pelham

One Two Three. Come in, please.



Sorry, I couldn't help it. It was automatic.



Pelham One Two Three, do you read me?



Come in, Pelham One Two Three.



Where the fuck are you?



Hey! What's the goddamn hurry?



I told you, one of my men dropped

his weddin' ring down the john!



- What are you runnin' for?

- Who's runnin'?



- How come that gate ain't locked?

- Who's gonna steal a subway train?



Grand Central Tower

callin' Command Centre.



Have you picked up on

Pelham One Two Three yet?



We're tryin' to find out.



- What'd he say?

- They're backed up all along the line.



Jesus Christ, Caz, you picked

a hell of a day to be late!



You wanted a plumber

down here, didn't ya?



- Whose goddamn weddin' ring was it?

- Mrs Jenkins'. But, Caz...



Sorry, Mr Dolowicz. It just slipped off.



- Why was your hand in the john anyway?

- My hand wasn't...



Go fish it out, would ya?

The toilet's behind the board.



Caz, listen to me! There's a train down!



Classification's been open

to a woman for only a month



and already we're in a goddamn toilet!



- What the hell's that?

- Marino's been tryin' to tell ya.



He's layin' down between   th and   rd.



- What the hell for? How long?

- Three minutes.



Command Centre's been tryin' to raise

him, but he don't answer his phone.



Jeez, Caz, why don't he answer his radio?



Maybe his radio's busted



and the son of a bitch is too lazy

to climb down and use the phone.



I'm gonna write him up for this!

I'm gonna have his ass!



Hey, it's movin'.



For Jesus Christ's sake,

the dumb bastard is movin' backwards.



Look. He left the front car behind.



The goddamn board must be busted.



He stopped again.



Well, stopped is better

than backwards at least.



What was that? I didn't know

these things went backwards.



Now you know.



Would you mind tellin' me

what you gentlemen are doing?



Yeah, I would.



(children laughing)



Come in, Pelham One Two Three.

Come in.



- All right, Mr Green?

- Smooth as silk, Mr Blue.



- How do you feel?

- Great.



Get out, Doyle.



Here's your gun. Get going.

We're already two minutes late.



Pelham One Two Three.

Do you hear me, Pelham One Two Three?



Look. The front car's movin'.

And forward this time.



- I've got eyes, haven't I?

- What's goin' on down there?



Are you children with anybody?



You children... you with anybody?



Yeah. My mother.



Go back and join her.



- Why?

- Go back and join your mother.



Mom, we wanna play.



Your attention, please.



You'll all remain seated. Anybody

who tries to rise is going to get shot.



There's another one!



Shut up!



Move up a bit, Mr Doyle.



Ladies and gentlemen, you see this gun?



It fires     rounds of  -millimetre

ammunition per minute.



In other words, if all of you

simultaneously were to rush me,



not a single one of you would get

any closer than you are right now.



Mom, are those real guns?



I do hope I have made myself understood.






He stopped again. The crazy dumb-ass

son of a bitch stopped again.



He's halfway between stations!



I'm gonna nail his pecker

to the goddamn wall for this.



- Caz, take it easy, will ya?

- Come on!



If I gotta watch my language because

they let a few broads in, I'm gonna quit!



How can you run a goddamn railroad

without swearin'?!



Grand Central Terminal,

who's in charge down there?



It's for you, Mr Dolowicz.



It's me, Frank. Caz Dolowicz.

We're watchin' it on the board.



Watchin' it?!

I got trains pilin' up behind it!



- Get some supervision down there!

- It's on its way, Frank.



I'll be back.



I've turned off the power.



Everybody in this part of the car,

move to the back.



Come on. Everybody in the front part

of the car move to the back.



- What the hell is goin' on?

- Move back, please, and sit down.



(woman) May I say something, please?



- Please, listen to me...

- Be quiet and sit down!



Let's go, honey.



All right, Mr Doyle.



What are you gonna do?



- What about this one?

- Let her sleep.



What you're going to do, Mr Doyle,

is to go back,



collect all the passengers

from the cars we've cut loose,



and walk them to   th Street station.



- People hate to get off in a tunnel...

- Just do as you're told.



Excuse me.



Excuse me. Can I go with him? I got

this very important appointment to see.



Nobody else leaves.



Aw, shit.



I'm sure you wouldn't mind

if the children were to go.



Sit down, madam. Didn't you hear

what I said? I said nobody else leaves.



Excuse me, mister. Don't you think

we should be let in on what's happening?



You're being held by four very dangerous

men armed with machine guns.



Ask a foolish question...



(cries of dismay)



Be quiet.



Be quiet! Nothing will happen

as long as you obey my orders.



That's what they said in Vietnam,

and I still got my ass shot full of lead.



Shut your mouth, nigger!



- And keep it shut.

- Mr Grey!



(woman praying in Spanish)



It's terrible.



Who asked you to look?



All right, Mr Green?



The power's off at   th Street and   rd.



All four tracks. Local and express.



The north and the southbound.



Why am I still seeing lights?



That's emergency.

They run on AC like the signals.






- Stop that, will you?

- Sorry.



Command Centre calling Pelham.



Did you cut off the power down there?

Without callin' to explain? Listen to me.



You've screwed up the

whole subway system.



Gentlemen, this is

the TA Command Centre.



A lot of laughs in here. Terrific place.



Each train is identified by the name of

its terminus and the time of its departure.



Thus an express train leavin' Woodlawn

at  .  pm would be Woodlawn  - - .



While on its return trip its destination

might be... let's say Flatbush  - - .



- I hope you're memorisin' all this junk.

- Garber, what's the matter with you?



Don't worry.

They don't understand English.



This way, dummies.

Step this way, dummies.



Over here is Frank Correll, the Lord Byron

of the New York City Subway System.



Observe the way fire and smoke

shoot out of his ears.



Don't bug me, Garber. I got troubles here.



A train is down, its radio's dead,

the power's off, and it's dumped its load.



Aside from that, it's ginger-peachy.



What time is it, Mr Green?






 .  .



Right. Time to talk to them.



- Is something troubling you?

- I think I'm gonna die today.



That's entirely possible.



This is Pelham One Two Three

to Command Centre.



This is Pelham One Two Three to

Command Centre. Do you read me?



OK, we'll leave him alone to his problems.



What are you tryin' to do?

Screw up this entire railroad?



- I want an explanation! It better be good!

- Your train has been taken.



- What?

- Repeat, your train has been taken.



Hey, shut up in here! Shut up!



I said shut it, everybody!



Shut it up, everybody, goddamnit!



The train has been taken?



- Are you the motorman?

- Negative.



Nobody's authorised to be in that cab

except the motorman. Identify yourself.



Your locomotive has been hijacked

by a group of heavily armed men.



It what?



We are holding    passengers and

the conductor hostage in the first car.



I am quite prepared to kill any

or all of them



if you do not obey my commands

to the letter.



- Have I made myself quite clear?

- You're outta your skull!



Be that as it may, get out a pen,

take down our list of demands.



Hey, now wait a minute.

Hold on. Stand by.



Why would anybody hijack

a goddamn subway train?



Hit your six button, Frank.

I want the TA police in on this.



What are all these Chinamen

doin' in here?



Holy Christ, I forgot.



Charlie, take these monkeys up to   .



It is all right, Lieutenant Garber.

I am sure we can find it by ourselves.



Thank you for a most

instructive visit, Lieutenant.



A most exciting tour, Lieutenant.

Most exciting.



Most exciting.



Garber to Patrone. Garber to Patrone.



Come in, Patrone.



This is Patrone.



Rico, I want you to plug everythin' you got

into the IRTtrain master's circuit.



And all units stand by on the double.



Call in the City cops. Put it on a    

so their computer gets it.



What's up, Z?



- You won't believe it.

- I'll believe anythin'.



A train's been hijacked.



I don't believe it.



When did the power go?



- Conductor, when did the power go?

- Who wants to know?



Me! The supervisor of the Grand

Central Tower wants to know!



Oh, yes, sir! A couple of minutes ago!

Hey, what happened down there?



Who wants to know!



No, nobody's hurt!



- What's goin' on?

- I don't know what's goin' on!



- What happened?

- Nothin' happened, lady.



- Anybody killed?

- Nobody's killed.



On the left now, watch out for

the third rail. On the left now.



What the hell is this, for Christ's sake?



Your attention, please,

ladies and gentlemen.



I'm sure the more intelligent of you

have worked out you're all hostages.



Oh, my God!



Isn't that wonderful(!)



- Hostages.

- What did you think? Guests?



When we get what we want,

you'll be released unharmed.



Until then, you'll continue to do

precisely as you're told.






Excuse me, sir. What's going to happen

to us if you don't get what you want?



Excuse me, sir. We are going

to get what we want.



I don't give a damn

what they were armed with.



They were gonna kill me!



You're like the captain of the ship!

You're supposed to go down with it!



- Horseshit!

- Oh, lady, butt out!



Tell Command Centre

I'll be on my way to investigate!



(Denny) I wouldn't go

down there if I was you!



I know you wouldn't!



You work for the subway, mister? Tell 'em

I'm gonna sue! I'm gonna sue their ass off!






Pelham One Two Three

to Command Centre.



Are you ready to take down

our list of demands?



What do you want?



- Do you have your pen?

- Go on, for Pete's sake!



It's important you understand

three things.



 ) Pelham One Two Three is

completely within our control.



 ) We are all armed with

automatic weapons.



 ) We have no scruples about killing.



- Do you understand me so far?

- I understand you fine, you lunatic.



Inform the mayor that we demand

one million dollars cash



for the release of the car

and all the hostages.



- That'll be the day.

- The time is now  .  .



The money must be in our hands

not later than  .  .



One hour from now.



If the money is not in our hands, we'll kill

one hostage for every minute you're late.



Keep dreamin', maniac.



If anybody attempts to interfere

- anyone, in any way -



we will begin killing the hostages




Confirm, please.



Zach! Zach!



- Pelham One Two Three, come in, please.

- This is Pelham.



Identify yourself, please.



This is Lieutenant Zachary Garber of the

Transit Police. Identify yourself, please.



I'm the man who stole your train.



Sir, there is no way you can get away with

this. You are underground in a tunnel.



Why concern yourself with that?



At precisely  .   we are going

to begin executing the hostages.



You'd better contact the mayor

and get back to me



for my further instructions.

Over and out.



Son of a bitch has got me backed up

all the way to the Bronx!



What is this, a circus?

Let's get back to work!



Rico, did you get that?



I only got your end of it,

but I could piece it together. It's crazy.



The guy's got a heavy English accent.

He could be a fruitcake.



We got anybody at   th Street?



Just checkin' it out.

Yeah, he's around there somewhere.



Tell him to hold the fort. Could be

all day before the City cops show up.



They're never around when you need 'em.



Lex   . Lex   . Come in, please.



Patrolman James.



This is Lieutenant Patrone.

Where are you?



  th Street, southbound.



Look, Lieutenant, everything's cooled out.

Nothing's happenin'. What's goin' on?



Look, don't react to this,

but a train's been hijacked.



- Holy shit.

- For God's sake, don't say anythin'.



There's a supervisor from

Grand Central Tower.



Yeah, I saw him a few minutes ago.

He went down the track on foot.



Go after him.

See if you can turn him back.



Yes, sir.



All I know is I am the goddamn mayor

of the goddamn city of New York,



the second most important

elective office in the entire country,



and you tell me I gotta lay here and suffer

like every other schlub in the country?



I'm sorry you have the flu, Mr Mayor.

There's nothing more I can do.



There's one more thing. Get out!



You can't fight City Hall.



(game show on TV)



(phone rings)






Al, it's Warren. I'm comin' upstairs.

I got a real bitch on our hands.



Don't tell me. I don't wanna know.



- I'm comin' up.

- Can't you handle it, Warren?



You are the goddamn

deputy mayor of the city of...



Sure I can handle it. Like I handle

every other filthy, stinkin' job



in this whole miserable city,

but I'm not gonna do it.



What is it? Another strike?



All right, all right.

I can take another strike.



A gang of men has hijacked

a subway train.



A gang of men...?



Has hijacked a subway train.

They want a million dollars for it.



Come on up.



Couple number one are the winners

of today's newlywed gamel



Missed it!



What do you want, Mr Green?



Is everythin' OK?



Go and sit down. I do not want Mr Grey

and Mr Brown alone with the passengers.



- Don't you trust them?

- I trust Mr Brown.



I do not trust Mr Grey.



I think that Mr Grey is an enormous

arrogant pain in the arse



who could turn out to be trouble.



I also think that he is mad.



Why do you think

they threw him out of the Mafia?



Ohh, terrific.



- Hold it right there, cowboy!

- (Caz) Who are you?!



(Mr Grey) You'll find out

if you take another step!



I'm warnin' ya, mister! That's City

property you're foolin' around with!



That's just too fuckin' bad!



Why don't you go grab a goddamn

aeroplane like everybody else?



Cos we're afraid of flyin'!

Clear out or I'll shoot your ass off!



The hell with you! I'm comin' on board!



I warned you, stupid!



(hostages screaming)



Holy shit!



I warned the bastard,

but he kept on comin' anyway.



- Was he alone?

- I didn't see nobody else.



Mr Brown.



I guess I got us on the scoreboard, right?



Take over from Mr Grey.



- A little quick with that gun.

- The jerk was comin' on board!



Loved every minute of it.



- Keep those children quiet.

- I'm trying! I can't!



- Do you want me to try?

- Oh, my God! No!



You said nobody was gonna get hurt.



Patrolman James callin' Operations.



This is Patrone.

Did you find that supervisor?



- He's dead, Lieutenant.

- Speak up, will ya? I can't hear ya.



I can't. I'm only    yards away

from the hijacked train.



They just shot him with a machine gun.



Is he dead?



- Wouldn't you be, Lieutenant?

- Stay put and keep an eye on things.



Z! They just drew first blood.



That supervisor from Grand Central

Tower. They just killed him.



Oh, my God. Thanks, Rico.



Frank, do you know who went

to   th from Grand Central?



- Caz Dolowicz. Why?

- Jeez. I knew him.



Hey, whaddaya mean, you knew him?



They just shot him.






- Caz? Fat Caz?

- Yeah.



- Garber?

- Aw, shit!



Garber? Are you there, Zach?



- Yeah, who is this?

- Costello.



Yes, Captain.



I'm puttin' you in charge at this end.

I'm goin' to headquarters.



If I don't show up,

the City cops'll hog all the action.



There's one on board the train.

One of the hostages.



You're kiddin'. A cop on the train?

How do you know?



There were two, but one got off at   rd

and called in later when the news got out.



That means the other one's

still on the train.



- Plainclothes?

- Yeah, Tactical Force.



- Man or woman?

- I never even thought to ask.



Well, doesn't make any difference.

They can't do much single-handed.



Warren, I thought it over.

I know what we're gonna do.



Tell me.



We're gonna let 'em keep

the goddamn subway train.



We got plenty of them.

We'll never even miss it.



How about the    hostages?

We gonna miss them?



Warren, goddamnit!

This city hasn't got a million dollars!



Empty one of your Swiss bank accounts.

There's no other way out.



- Don't we get to think about it?

- There's no time.



I still want the full picture.

Get me the police commissioner,



the chairman of the Transit Authority,

and that putz we got for a comptroller.



They're on their way,

but it's no good runnin' to them, Al.



You're the mayor.

The buck stops with you.



- Oh, shit.

- God help us.



Shit! Piss! Fuck!



Call Charlie. Tell him

I'll get to him as soon as I can.



Where's that list on    ?



Command Centre callin'

Pelham One Two Three.



Frank, you're hoggin' my circuits.



I've got motormen callin' me from all over!



Tell 'em to get off the air.

I need some more lines open.



So talkin' to murderers takes priority

over runnin' a railroad?



My only priority is savin'

the lives of these passengers.



Screw the passengers! What do they

expect for    cents? To live for ever?



Oh, you're beautiful.



- Do you read me, Pelham?

- I'd go in with guns and blast 'em out!



Why don't you start doin' your work

and let the police do theirs, huh?



Like that cop on the train.

When's he gonna start shootin'?



We don't know if it is a "he".



- Do you read me, Pelham?

- Women cops! What good are they?



Probably can't find her gun

in her goddamn purse!



Pelham One Two Three.

Any news to report?



What's that about news?

Say again about news.



I said have you any news to report?



- No, nothin' yet.

- Atchoo!






- What are you calling about?

- Pelham, we need more time.



Shut the door, please.



It is  .   Lieutenant.

You've got    minutes left.



Be reasonable.

We're tryin' to cooperate,



but we can't do anything

if you don't give us enough time.






We're dealin' with City Hall. You know

what a mess of red tape that is?






Look, fella, we know how to tell the time,



but we aren't gonna get any place

if all you do is repeat    minutes!






Yeah, all right, all right.

We'll get back to you as soon as we can.



To hear you plead with that chickenshit

makes me ashamed to be an American!



Go play with your trains.






(radio) Stay tuned for an update

on the subway hijacking case.






Get me the borough commander.



- Turn off that goddamn music.

- Yes, sir.



Harry? I'm headin' up to see the mayor.

What's it look like down there?



It's murder, Phil, as usual.

They really smell blood on this one.



- Who's your number two?

- Deputy Chief Inspector Daniels.



He's a good man, Phil.

He handled that protest last month.



- Get those photographers outta here!

- How are you deployed?



   men inside the tunnel,

north and south of the train,



well concealed, all wearin' vests

and armed with machine guns,



shotguns, handguns, riot guns,

and a half-dozen snipers.



We could fight

the Third World War down there!



Make sure they stay outta sight. If the

hijackers see 'em, we'll have a massacre.



We have a sniper's report that

they're movin' around pretty freely.



The one in the motorman's cab

is an easy shot.



Absolutely no! Understand? We're takin'

the threat seriously! What's upstairs?



Trucks, cars, emergency and

medical units. The works, Phil.



Harry... tell me somethin', will ya?



They're in a tunnel, surrounded on all

sides. How do they expect to get away?



Beats the shit out of me, Phil.



(mayor blowing his nose)



(mayor's wife) Oh, Al, it's disgustin'.

Would you stop it with the tissue?



Warren, tell him that other mayors have

to live in this house after we're gone.



Go on in there, Al, and I'll send

everybody in. Just sit down.



Thanks for comin' up

on such short notice, fellas.



You all know Jessie, don't you?



Good, Phil, just in time.



A little coffee? Some cake?



Better skip it, Jessie. We're short on time.



We know what's goin' on underground.



The issue is whether or not

we pay the ransom.



Phil? Whaddaya think?



Well, we're fully mobilised. There's

enough firepower to wipe out an army.



But... I can't guarantee

the safety of the hostages.



In other words, you're for

payin' the ransom.



Well, we don't want

another Attica, do we?



- So your vote is?

- I abstain.



Shit! Barney?



The safety of the passengers is

the only concern of the Transit Authority.



- Your vote?

- Pay the two dollars.



If it was two dollars,

I'd pay the two dollars, Barney!



It's a million! A one with six zeros!

Is it comin' outta your pocket?



Come on, will ya save the poor mouth

for later? How do you vote?



- I'm not through discussin' it yet.

- Yes, you are. Now vote.



My concern is with the taxpayers.



I always say millions for defence

but not one cent for tribute.



- Isn't that what I always say?

- Uh-huh. So that's a "no".



All right, Al. You've heard from

the Three Wise Men.



- Now what do you say?

- What are they goin' to say, Warren?



- Who?

- Everybody!



- The press! The man on the street!

- He means the voters.



The Times will support you,

the News will knock you.



The Post will take both sides. The rich'll

support you. Likewise the blacks.



The Puerto Ricans won't give a shit.

So quit stallin'.



Stop bullyin' everybody, Warren!

This is supposed to be a democracy!



Wise up, for Christ sake! We're tryin' to

run a city, not a goddamn democracy!



Al, quit fartin' around! We've gotta pay!






Jessie, what do you say?



A million dollars sounds like

a lot of money.



But just think what

you're gonna get in return.



- What?

-    sure votes.



All right. All right. Warren?



- Warren, arrange for the payoff.

- Hallelujah.



Fellas, you heard him. Phil, pass the word

to the bad guys that we're coughin' up.



- What bank do we do business with?

- City National Trust. I'll call.



I'll call. You'll take an hour tryin'

to knock down the interest rate.






I think I handled it all right.



A regular Fiorello La Guardia.



- Patrolman James callin' Operations.

- This is Patrone. What's goin' on?



There's a lot of feet movin' around

out here in the dark.



I figure it's a couple of dozen

sharpshooters and snipers.



- Am I right?

- I wouldn't be surprised.



Make sure they know I'm standin' here

between them and the hijackers.



I'm not all that easy to see in the dark.



Nothin' yet?



Boy! They're sure takin'

their time, aren't they?



- Don't worry. They're gonna have to pay.

- Suppose they don't?



Well, then a lot of people are gonna die.



Includin' us.



Better than selling life insurance, isn't it?



Life insurance? You told me

you were in the army.



I was. That's where I developed

my expensive tastes.



British army. $     a month.

You gotta be kiddin'.



The Africans paid me     .



- A month?

- For leading a battalion.



Jesus! What the hell'd

you get outta that for?



Because the market dried up.









At least you weren't fired.

But I don't give a shit.



What guy wants to drive a subway train

for the rest of his life?



What did they catch you doing?






I mean, they framed me.

They needed a fall guy.



Transit cops. Undercover guys.

They got wind of a gang passin' dope.



Transportin' from downtown to uptown,

and givin' it to a motorman.



They tried to pin the evidence on me,

but they didn't find a thing.



You were innocent?



Of course I was innocent.

You think I'd do a thing like that?






I'm on my way to headquarters.

We got the green light.



That's great news.

The men are rarin' to go.



No! We're paying 'em the ransom money.

Pass the word along to the hijackers.






Borough Command to the   th Street

platform. Come in, Daniels.






The mayor's agreed to pay.

Let the hijackers know right away.






Command Centre, this is   th Street.



Do you read me, Command Centre?



- This is Command Centre. Who is this?

- Chief Inspector Daniels.



The mayor's agreed to pay.

Pass it on to the hijackers right away.



Will do, sir.



Pelham One Two Three.



Come in, Pelham One Two Three.



This is Pelham One Two Three.

I read you.



We agree to pay the ransom.

Repeat, we agree to pay...



What? They're gonna do what?



Do you read me, Pelham One Two Three?



- Zach, you're outta your skull.

- I read you, Garber.



Take down my next instructions,

to be followed to the letter.



The money's to be paid

in the following denominations. 



       dollars in fifties.



       dollars in hundreds. Right?



       in fifties.        in hundreds.



Which will be put

in stacks of     bills each,



bound with two thick elastic bands.



Two stacks of bills, bound in what?



Bound with thick elastic bands.



All of the bills will be old bills,

their serial numbers to be random.



Now that's all. When the delivery arrives

we'll contact you with further instructions.



- About what? Your getaway?

- Signing off now.



Son of a bitch!



Hey, Pelham. It might interest you to

know I figured out how you're gonna do it.



Yes, it would interest me very much.



You're gonna make everyone

in New York City



close their eyes and count

to a hundred, right?



It is now  .  . That means

you have got    minutes...



Hey, wait a minute, pal. We agreed

to pay the money. Turn your clock off!



-    minutes.

- Your instructions were complicated.



The money has to be counted,

stacked, transported.



It just isn't physically possible.



You'd be surprised

what's physically possible.



The clock's running.



   minutes. After that,

we scratch 'em off one per minute.



(Mr Blue) Your attention, please!



Ladies and gentlemen,

it might interest you to know



the city of New York has agreed

to pay for your release.



(cries of delight)



As soon as the money gets here,

will you let us go?



Soon after.



Excuse me, sir. Would you mind

telling us how much you're getting?



- Why is that of interest to you, sir?

- Well, a person likes to know his worth.



- One million dollars.

- That's not so terrific.







Pull your pants up, Al.

We're goin' downtown.



- Totally out of the question, Mr LaSalle.

- Nobody asked you.



Warren, for Pete's sake,

I'm sick as a goat. What's the point?



The point, for Pete's sake, is that

the mayor of the city of New York,



trailin' by    points in all the polls,



cares enough about

   citizens in jeopardy



to make a personal appearance

in their behalf.



You know what'll happen?

What always happens. I'll get booed.



- He's a very sick man.

- Will you let go of that!



All you have to do is say a few words

to the hijackers over a bullhorn.



You make a dignified plea for mercy.



Warren, suppose the hijackers

start shootin' at me?



Will you stop!

They have no reason to shoot at you.



Why? Do you think

they're from outta town?



(AI chuckles)



Get dressed, Al. I'll do the jokes.



Garber. Come in, Garber.

Come in, Garber.



- Who are we waitin' for, Z?

- Beats me.



How long's it take to get

all that money together?



We'll never make it.

The passengers are dead ducks.



- I wonder what that cop's thinkin'.

- What cop?



The one who's a hostage.

Shit, I'm glad it's not me.



- Where's that money?

- Make yourself useful.



Get Personnel to get a list of all motormen

discharged durin' the past ten years.



- What are you lookin' for?

- Somebody down there can drive a train.



Tell 'em you want it today.



Mr Grey, can I have a word

with you, please?



Will you stop messing around

with that girl, Mr Grey?



She's a   -buck-a-trick hooker.



- Who's a   -buck-a-trick hooker?

- Leave her alone.



Who are you to go around

callin' people "hooker"?!



I can do this job and hump

that broad at the same time.



Listen, you little prick!    bucks

wouldn't buy you a good-night kiss!



I'm giving you an order, Mr Grey.



Blow it outta your ass,






You're talkin' to the wrong man.

I'm not your Mr B-B-B-Brown.



I once had a man shot

for talking to me like that.



Well, that's the difference between us.

I've always done my own killin'.



Takin' a hell of a long time.



Think how many times you gotta wet

your thumb to count a million bucks.



Command Centre callin'   th Street.

Come in, Inspector.



This is Daniels.



- Has the money left yet, Inspector?

- Not yet.



What are they waitin' for?

Give 'em a goose, will ya?



We're runnin' outta time!

We're runnin' outta time!



(Mr Grey whistling)



Pelham One Two Three, this is Command

Centre. Come in, Pelham One Two Three.



- This is Pelham One Two Three.

- This is Garber.



We're movin' a little slowly at this end,

Pelham. We need some more time.



Sorry, no more time.



If you can just see your way...



- Will you hold it down, Frank?

- I want a local sent around the loop...



I said knock it off!

I'm tryin' to buy some time here!



And I'm tryin' to run a railroad!



While you're playin' grab-ass

with a bunch of pirates!



How about    more minutes, Pelham?

A lousy    minutes?






Ten minutes, then. What difference

can ten minutes make to you?






- Anythin' wrong?

- Wanted more time.



- How much more?

- Just ten minutes.



- That can't hurt anybody.

- I didn't give it to them.



- Suppose they can't make it?

- Then we do what we said we'd do.



- Maybe an hour isn't enough time.

- You give 'em an hour, they take an hour.



Give 'em two hours, they take two hours.

An hour is plenty of time, Mr Green.



Yeah, but supposin' it isn't?



This is the borough commander.

Come in, Headquarters Charlie!



Aren't you guys movin' yet?

Do you know what the damn time is?



We're still waitin' for the money, sir.



If I don't see your faces before the

deadline, I don't wanna see them at all!



- Everl

- Yes, sir.



I told you. It's gonna be our ass.



- This is a million dollars?

- It's what it buys. Not what it weighs.












Eight minutes. We're not gonna make it.



- Inspector, where are they now, please?

- Centre Street, just north of Chambers.



That gives us seven minutes.

Not enough time, sir.



Even if they get to   th Street on time,

we still gotta carry it down track on foot.



No way, sir.



(brakes screeching)



Look, we're scarin' the shit

outta everybody.



Yeah, includin' me.



Pelham One Two Three, this is Garber.

Come in, Pelham One Two Three.



Garber, this is Pelham One Two Three.



The money's en route, makin' pretty good

time too, but it won't get to you by  .  .



I'm very sorry to hear that.



Suppose we get it to the entrance by then.



Will you change your deadline from

delivery to you to arrival at   th Street?



Would you do that at least? Do you

read me, Pelham, for cryin' out loud?



All right, Garber.

But no more concessions.



- Is that quite clear?

- Quite clear. Quite clear.



They bought it. If we get the money

to the station by  .   we'll be OK.



Good work, Garber.



Headquarters Charlie,

headin' north on Centre Street...



You've got four minutes!



Yes, sir, we'll make it...

We'll never make it.



Sir, the mayor is on his way down.



We'll hold the crowd till he gets here.









Mr Green.






Coming up in one minute.



Have you decided which one

it's gonna be?



Does that make any difference?



I guess not.



OK.    seconds and then

I'm gonna eliminate one.



Headquarters Charlie,

approachin' Astor Place.



You've still got    blocks!

Floor the son of a bitch!



(brakes screech)



Whaddaya mean, it's been wrecked?

We're outta time!



I know we're outta time.

Couldn't make it, that's all.



That's all? They're about

to shoot an innocent person!



If they know the truck is wrecked,

how can they expect us to be on time?



They don't know anythin' down there.

How can they know anythin'...



Holy mackerel, that's it.



Pelham One Two Three, the money has

arrived. Repeat, the money has arrived.



Do you read me, Pelham One Two Three?

The money has arrived.



This is Pelham One Two Three.

You made it just in time, didn't you?



Get it up there! Move!



I hope it works.






Are you still there, Garber?



Still here. Tell me somethin', Pelham.



If we were a second late, you would've

knocked off an innocent party?



Affirmative. Now the instructions

for the delivery of the money.



As usual, you'll follow them

to the letter, OK?



I got it. Go ahead.



Two unarmed policemen...









Two unarmed policemen

will walk down the track.



One with the money,

the other with a torch,



which he will flash continuously

from side to side.



When they reach the car,

the rear door will be opened



and the one with the money

will throw it onto the train.



Then they will both turn and walk back

to   th Street station. Acknowledge.



- I got it. Is that all?

- That's all for now.



But keep in mind, won't you,

that the same ground rules apply.



Any wrong move by anyone

and I kill a hostage.



Coulda guessed that part.



You have got five minutes

to deliver this money.



You don't think

you're gonna get out, do ya?



It's now  .  .



You've got till  .  .






Over. Bastard.






About fuckin' time!



You two! Get the money outta there!



Which one has the flashlight?

Then you carry the money.



Gimme that paper.

You've got four minutes!



Never mind the goddamn salutes!

Just get goin'!



(crowd boos)



Jesus, it's the goddamn mayor.



- You get the feelin' we ain't alone?

- Whaddaya mean?



We got four sub-machine-guns in front

of us, and all these jokers behind us.



I feel like I'm walkin' into

the fuckin' OK Corral.












(man) Hold your fire, goddamnit!



- (whimpering)

- Quiet!



- Are you all right?

- Yeah. It's not too b-b-bad.



- I think it went right through.

- Move back, come on. Move back.



Give me that scarf. Give me that scarf!



Keep quiet!



- OK?

- Yeah. I don't feel p-pain too much.



- How many shots?

- Just one.



The rest was me and then they answered.

I didn't see anybody, I just got mad.






Mr Grey?



You don't think they're finished

out there, do ya?



Go back there and help Mr Green,

will you, please?



Some girl-scout

chickenshit outfit I'm in here.



I suppose somebody out there

got nervous or bored.



Been there a long time.



Can't afford to let it pass.



(Rico) Who started it?

Who fired first? Them or us?



I don't know, Lieutenant. It came from

somewhere behind me in the dark.



It had to be one of the snipers.



Somebody just took it in his head

to fire on his own? How could he?



Easy, Lieutenant.



Real easy.



Can you see what's goin' on

inside the train?



No, not too good.

I'd sure hate to be in there findin' out.






- You mean me?

- Yes. Stand up and come down here.



- Why, what are you gonna do?

- You can help me.



- Come on. Come down here.

- Look, if he doesn't wanna go...



All right, everybody. Just get back

on your seats. Very quietly.



Come on. Back on your seats.



All right, conductor. I want you to

walk up track about a hundred feet.



Just wait for the men delivering

the money, all right?



I'll open the door for you.



Why do I have to go?



Come on. Please go.

There's nothing to worry about.



Look! Somebody's climbin' down!



Christ, he's comin' this way!



(woman) Oh, no!



(children crying)






Why would they shoot a hostage?

We're still under the deadline.



- Somebody threw a shot at them.

- Who the hell was it?



Nobody knows. My bet is we never will.



Z, when are we gonna hear

from that cop who's on board?



What do you want, Rico? A suicide?

There's heavily armed men down there.



What chance has one lousy cop got,

especially if it's a dame?



Boy, what a mess!



Pelham One Two Three, come in.

This is Garber.



Here is Pelham One Two Three.

Come in, Garber.



For Christ's sake, fella,

did ya have to do it?



One of my men was fired at.

I warned you what the penalty would be.



- Yeah, you warned me.

- Where's the money?



I'm going to give you    seconds more.



(children crying)



Hey, you guys!



- Christ, who's that?

- Transit cop. I got orders for you.



Resume delivery on the double.



I don't suppose we could

have that in writin'?



Mr Blue, we got a light!



All right. Open the door,

would you, Mr Brown?



All right, gentlemen.

Hands in evidence, please.



Put up your hands!



All right. Throw the money up here.



Into the cab.



Push it up.



Thank you. Now turn around.



Go home to your wives and children.

Keep the hands up. Take it very easily.



Shut the door, Mr Brown, will you?



Mr Grey.



(woman) Jesus H Christ!



I've never seen a million dollars before.



You can load up first, Mr Grey.



I'll talk to Garber.



All that money! I can't believe it!



I'm gonna die today.



Well... either you live or you die.



- That's    packs each, right?

- Right.



This is Pelham One Two Three.

Do you read me, Garber?



- This is Garber. Go ahead.

- I'm gonna give you three instructions.



Each one is to be followed precisely.

Is that clear?



So far.



 ) At the end of this conversation, you

will restore power to the entire sector.



Right. Restore power.



 ) You will clear the local track all the

way from   th Street to South Ferry.



By clear I mean switches properly set,

all signals green.



I emphasise green, Garber.



If I so much as see a red light,

let alone get tripped by one,



I'll shoot another hostage.



You will also remove all police

from the tunnel.



If I see a policeman

between here and South Ferry,



I'll shoot another hostage.

Any deviation, I'll shoot another hostage.



Listen, fella, after this is over

you should seek out psychiatric help.



Let me know when all my points have

been complied with. Over and out.



- Rico, are you there?

- I'm here, Z. What's up?



Hold on while I cut in the City cops.



Frank, hook me up and get outta there.



What a way to run a railroad!



- Inspector Daniels. This is Garber.

- This is Daniels.



Inspector, I have Lieutenant Patrone

of the Transit Police on the line.



The hijackers want power restored,

all tracks cleared,



signals green to South Ferry,

and no cops anywhere in sight.



OK, sir, so we go along with that.

We have to. But then what?



- What do you think they got in mind?

- Beats me, Z.



I wouldn't have picked a tunnel

for a getaway.



But they did pick it.



And since everythin' they've done has

been worked out to the smallest detail,



it stands to reason

they got the rest worked out.



Power restored and track cleared.

But why South Ferry?



Well, do you think it's the water, Rico?

Maybe they got a boat in the harbour.



We'd better play it one step at a time.

Garber, you see about restorin' the power.



I'll start pullin' our units out of the tunnel.



We can follow them on the street.

Except how do we know where they'll be?



Grand Central Tower

has 'em on their board.



They stop any place before South Ferry,

we know about it.



I'll check in when I get to my car.



(Rico) I just figured out how

they're gonna get away.



- I'm listenin'.

- They're gonna fly the train to Cuba.



You're a sick man, Rico.



Whaddaya want me to do?

The power's still off! Move 'em by bus!



You haven't got any buses?

Go out and hijack some!



Hey, Garber, what's goin' on?

Do I get my trains back now or don't I?



You don't. Not yet.



Do you realise the goddamn

rush hour starts in an hour?



Will you shut up and listen?

I got a new set of instructions.



Your fuckin' instructions! I'm not liftin' a

finger to help the killers of Caz Dolowicz.






Now you listen to me,

you dumb son of a bitch.



If you don't do what I say, you'll be havin'

dinner tonight with Caz Dolowicz!



Jesus Christ, what are you...!



(cries of relief)






Better take the case out.



All right, ladies and gentlemen.

Pay attention, please.



In a while we hope to be moving again.



Then, with a bit of luck,

you'll be released unharmed.



Until then, of course,

you'll continue to obey my orders.



Thank you for your cooperation.



Hey, dude.



As you're goin' downtown anyway, you

mind droppin' me off at Fulton Street?



You're a wise mother, you know that?

Like some more?



This'll give 'em a jolt,

even before they expected it.



- Look at this.

- Holy Christ, she's movin'.



They promised to wait until

we cleared track all the way down.



Jenkins, get Command Centre.



Grand Central Tower,

callin' Command Centre.



- Command Centre.

- She's movin'.



- Who's movin'?

- Pelham One Two Three.



What? Since when?



Just started.



Hold on. I'll put ya on a tie-in.



Rico, she's movin'.



- Who's movin'?

- Who do ya think? Pelham.



- It's too soon. We're not set up yet.

- You heard from Daniels yet?



He's in a squad car

on Park Avenue South.



- Inspector? She's movin', sir.

- Who's movin'?



What's the matter with everybody?

How many hijacked trains we got?



They're not supposed to do that yet.

How far have they gone?



- Grand Central? How far have they gone?

- Comin' up on   rd Street.



- Better move those cops off the platform.

- Better follow along down Park Avenue.



Get me   rd Street.



Comin' in to   rd Street.



All right. Steady as she goes now.






Garber? Just had a terrible thought. What

if they set the throttle and jumped off?



While we're chasin' the train, they're

sneakin' out somewhere behind us.



Ingenious, sir, except it's impossible.



- Why?

- A gizmo known as a deadman's feature.



It's built into the control handle

in case the motorman drops dead.



The handle has to have a man's hand

pressin' down on it, hard, at all times.



Otherwise it don't work.

The train stops cold.



I see.



Nice try, though. I'll give 'em a call

in case you're still worried about it.



Pelham One Two Three,

what's goin' on down there?



The tracks aren't cleared yet.

How come you're movin'?



We're trying to put some

distance between us



and all those policemen

you've got hidden back there.



You're gonna run into a lot of red signals.



- I don't want you to blame us for it.

- I won't blame you for anything.



Just let us know when you've

cleared the track. OK, signing off.



Do you think he's able to figure anythin'

out? I mean, all those questions.



Not surprising under

the circumstances, is it?



They're thinking what

we want them to think.



Ah, there it is.



OK. Stop a few yards past it, will you?



All right.



Thank you, Mr Green.



He shut down again. Pass it along.



Grand Central Tower callin' Command

Centre. Come in, Command Centre.



Command Centre.



She stopped again, Lieutenant.

Below   th Street station.



Got ya. Thanks.



Inspector, they stopped again.

Where are you?



- Approachin'   th Street.

- Pull over. You're right above them.



And then what?



It's up to them. I'll get back to you, sir.



Pelham One Two Three. Callin' Pelham

One Two Three. Come in, please.



Pelham One Two Three, Pelham One Two

Three, this is Command Centre. Come in.



Quick as you can.



Pelham One Two Three.

This is Garber. Come in, please.



Come in, please.



What the hell's goin' on out there?



Who s-s-said you could talk?



(children laugh)



(children cry)



Pelham One Two Three, come in. Pelham

One Two Three, why don't you answer?



Frank, how long before

the track's cleared?



You mean before this railroad is so fucked

it'll take a computer to put it back?



Yes, Frank, that's what I meant.



About five or six minutes.

I got a snag at Brooklyn Bridge.



- There's somethin' goin' on down there.

- Whaddaya think?



I don't have the slightest idea.



Rico, I don't care what those clowns said,

I want men on every...



Wait a minute. Hold on a second.



Inspector Daniels?



I think we need officers on every platform

from   th Street to South Ferry.



Good idea, Lieutenant. Will do.



I'll come up to   th Street and join ya.



Rico, how about that list of motormen?



They're workin' on it. I told 'em to rush it.



Come up here and take over the radio for

me. But don't tell 'em the track's clear.



I don't want them startin' again

until I get there.



Will do, Z.



(truck horn)






- Inspector Daniels?

- Daniels.



Oh, l, uh... I thought you were a, uh...

like a shorter guy.



I don't know what I thought.



- Anythin' happenin'?

- They're still down there.



If this street collapsed,

we'd land right on top of 'em.



Command Centre to DCl, Manhattan.



Yeah, Rico, this is Garber.



Track's been cleared for two minutes.

Should I call the hijackers?



Yeah, let 'em know. And let us know

when they start movin', will ya?



What do we do? If they pick up speed

on us we'll have trouble keepin' up.



I think we oughta take off.

Get a jump on them for a change.



Move it. Tell the sergeant to hold

the men here until further word.



Yes, sir.



Fits like a glove.



- Is it gonna come away clean?

- It's gonna work all right.



Command Centre to

Pelham One Two Three.



- Who's that?

- Give me the mike.



- Here.

- This is Pelham.



- What happened to Garber?

- Even great men have to pee.



The track's cleared

all the way to South Ferry.



Thank you.

Give the lieutenant my regards.



- Do it yourself, at the arraignment.

- Over and out.



Best get going.



All right, Mr Brown.



You will all remain seated.

That means nobody is to get up.






- Now what?

- Me you're askin'?



OK. Come on.



Hey, where are you goin'?!



I'm a police officer!



- Mr Blue?

- Yeah, what do you want?



- I thought I saw somethin' f-f-fall off.

- What do you mean, something?



- Might've been a person. I ain't sure.

- All right, let's make sure.



We haven't got time.

Get back up here. Come on.



Command Centre,

Pelham One Two Three's in motion!



Where do you think

they're takin' us now?!



- Don't worry, they're gonna let us all go!

- How do you know that?!



They got the money!

They got what they want!






Wait a minute! Wait a minute!

Can't anybody count?



They all four got off!



There's nobody drivin' the fuckin' train!






Anybody in there?!



All right, all clear.



All right, then. You know the drill.



We do it by the numbers. Hats.



- Glasses.

- Drills and numbers...



This is all chickenshit.

Why don't we just do it?






(Mr Blue) All right, reverse coats.



Pelham One Two Three's between Astor

Place and Bleecker. Speed's increasin'.



Pelham One Two Three now between

Astor Place and Bleecker.



Doesn't make any sense. They know

we're monitorin' their position.



- So?

- So it's dumb.



Who said crooks were smart?



But these have been smart.

We're overlookin' somethin', Inspector.



OK. New hats.



(Mr Blue) OK. Magazines in pockets.



- I never knew these things went so fast!

- We're gonna be killed!



- Stop it! Nobody's gonna get killed!

- A hell of a lot you know, old man!



But I do know! I've been ridin' the

subways since before you were born!



I'm an expert. You see, they have

something called stoppers,



or stickers, or something like that.



And whenever a train goes by a red light,

these things stop them.



- There's just one thing, baby!

- What's that?



They're all green!



Inspector, that short move they made

between   th Street and   th Street.



- Why'd they do that?

- I don't know.



Suppose they wanted to do somethin'



they didn't want anybody else

to know about?



- Like what?

- Like jumpin' off the train.



Turn around.

We're goin' back to   th Street.



- Like hell we are!

- They are not on the train. I'm sure of it.



I suggested that in the first place.

You shot me down.



- A deadman's feature?

- They figured out how to beat that!



That's their plan!

That's what they started with!



Turn this thing around and burn rubber.



(brakes screech)



Guns to Mr Brown.



Mr Grey, would you be good enough

to give that gun to Mr Brown, please?



No. This ain't gonna go nowhere.

This is gonna stay with me.



Mr Grey, bring that gun back here, please.



What if they're waitin' for us up there?

I want some heavy artillery with me.



- Mr Grey, I won't ask you again.

- Blow it outta your ass, Mr Blue.



Oh, my God.



Let's get his money!



Mr Green, come on!












Mr Blue!



Did you get him?



You go on ahead. We'll meet

where we planned. Right?



- You better be right about this, Garber.

- Even if I am, it's probably too late.









Where are those goddamn red lights?!



(children crying)



We're not stopping!



There is going to be a red light!

There has to be!



- What if there isn't?!

- There has to be!






Check the emergency exits!



Inspector, you take   th Street.

Officer, you take   th Street.



Right, sir.



Are you a policeman?



Well done. The mayor

will go to your funeral.



(Garber) Excuse me, fella,

would you mind droppin' that gun?



Drop it!



(drops gun)



Officer, I suppose you couldn't use

a quarter of a million dollars, could you?



Quarter of a million? No, thanks.



My accountant says I've accepted

enough for this fiscal quarter.



You're the English guy on the radio.






- Lieutenant Garber?

- Right. Do you wanna move along?



Excuse me... Do you people

still execute in this state?



What? Oh, execute.

No. Not at the moment.









We'll have an ambulance here in no time,

miss. Everything's gonna be OK.



Where are those goddamn red lights?!



Oh, God!






(praying in Spanish)



There has to be.



It's headin' to the South Ferry loop!

It must be goin' about   mph!



My God! Look!



We'll never make it!



I told you it would stop. Didn't I?



  nd Street already?



Get that list out on the wire.

Tell 'em it's top priority.



Whaddaya got, Rico?



We got positive identification

on the three dead men. Here.



George Steever. Professional guy, huh?



- St Louis.

- Yeah, I know how to read, Rico.



Giuseppe Benvenuto,

alias - heh-heh - Joe Welcome.



- Where's the guy who fried himself?

- No card on him.



We got a confirm on his prints

from Immigration.



Name's Bernard Ryder. Mercenary

soldier. Between wars, I guess.



None of these guys know how to drive

a train. It's the motorman who's missin'.



Did you get that list of motormen

who were discharged?



Yeah.    names.






Yeah, but it's not that bad.



Eight are dead.    were rehired.



   are in jail.



   moved away.



One's in a mental institution. Another

is a member of the Police Department.



That's our man right there.



Sorry to disappoint you, Zachary,

but he was accounted for.



- So how many does that leave?

- Only nine.



Only nine. All right, let's get goin'.



What's the name of this guy?



Nathaniel Muscat.



- What'd he get busted for?

- Narcotics.



This way.



- (Muscat) Who's there?

- Transit Police.



Just a minute.



What do you want?



Uh, nothin', fella. Our mistake.



A spokesman for the Transit Authority



noted that the subway car

carrying the hostages



was stopped at the South Ferry loop

by the automatic safety features



which are activated by any car

travelling at excessive speed.



- Transit Authority.

- Still gotta pay.



- Your name is Latimer?

- What about it?



Just answer the question, would ya?



I don't work for you guys any more.

You don't get shit from me.



Can you account for your

whereabouts today, Mr Latimer?



Are you tryin' to connect me

to that hijackin'? Forget it!



I've been here since  .   this afternoon.



- Are you sure?

- Sure? Ask anybody!



- Don't worry, we will.

- Hold it!



It's still gonna be    cents.









- Who's that?

- Police Department.



- Who?

- Harold Longman, it's the Transit Police.



Oh, Jesus!



Wait a minute!



Just a minute!



- How many more we gotta see today?

- Six, seven. I don't know.



(Rico) Come on, Mr Longman,

we ain't got all night!



- (knocking)

- I'll be right out!



(toilet flushing)



I hope he washes his hands

before he opens the door.



- Yes, what is it?

- Harold Longman?



- We'd like to ask a couple of questions.

- What about?



- Will you let us in?

- We'll just take one minute of your time.



I'm Lieutenant Patrone.

This is Lieutenant Garber.



I'm sorry to bother you like this.



- Nice place you got here, Mr Longman.

- Thanks.



Can you give us an account of

your whereabouts this afternoon?






- Were you at work?

- No.



- Why not?

- I work nights.



- Where do you work?

- Kennedy Airport.



- What do you do over there?

- I'm a... fork-lift operator.



I got a brother-in-law does that

over in Jersey.



That's interestin' work.



Where were you this afternoon,

Mr Longman?



- Why?

- You tell me where, I'll tell you why.



I was, uh... right here.



Can anyone verify that fact?



You said you'd tell me why.



- You were here all afternoon?

- I sleep in the afternoon.



- All afternoon?

- Well... till about an hour ago.



- But you heard about the hijackin'?

- What hijackin'?



- The subway train.

- Subway...!



- You gotta be kiddin'!

- Do I look like I'm kiddin'?



I mean, would I be here

if I was kiddin', mister?



Subway...! Who'd wanna

do a thing like that?



- Hey, Z. You got a match?

- No.



- You got a warrant?

- No.



Supreme Court says you have to have

a warrant, unless I'm under arrest.



The way things are goin', they're gonna

be changin' that in about    minutes.



- Mr Longman, you got a match?

- No.



That's all right. I'll get it at the stove.



I'll get it.



It's a little tricky.



Has a tendency to explode.



Rico, let's go.



Thanks, Mr Longman.



Mr Longman, we'll be back later.



Yeah? Listen, I know I got a gripe

with the TA. I know I got a bum rap.



But I wouldn't do anythin' as stupid

as what you just told me.



What do think I am? A jerk? Do me a

favour, will ya? Get the hell outta here.



Come on, Mr Longman. We have

to follow our leads. It's our job!



Yeah, yeah. Big deal.



Look, I got my rights. This is my home.

I want a little peace!



Just do me a favour.

Get the hell outta here.



Sorry if we bothered ya, Mr Longman.



Come on, Rico.



- Atchoo!

- Gesundheit!


Special help by SergeiK