Tale Of Two Sisters Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Tale Of Two Sisters script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Ji-woon Kim movie (Hongryeon, Janghwa).  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Tale Of Two Sisters. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Tale Of Two Sisters Script





How was your day today?

How was it?



Well then, shall we talk?



First, tell me about yourself



Who do you think you are?



Do you know who this is?



Don't know?



It's your family



Want to see it again?



Fine then



Can you tell me



about that day?



About what happened?



You should be able

to remember it clearly



It's okay



From now on



tell me what happened



Aren't you getting out?









It's so pretty



Give me your hand



The other one









Welcome home!



It's been such a long time



You've changed

so much, Su-yeon



You've gotten prettier...



But you two

really disappointed me



I waited all day for you two



cooking and cleaning the house



but why didn't

you say hi first?



What did you do?



Were you at the wharf?



You should've changed first

before you went outside






welcome back home



Is something wrong?



I see you've gotten better



I'm so glad

you feel better now



You're taking after your mom



You're feeling

a lot better too, right?




I bet you're both tired



Get some rest

and come down for dinner



I'm preparing a

special dinner



But, you should

give me some time



There's a lot to prepare



We just got back



Things don't look

so good right now



It wouldn't help much

if you came



Yeah, I know



Let's talk later

I should go



So you're doing okay, right?



Did I tell you?



Sun-kyu and his wife

are coming over



lt'll be alright

I'll take care of it



Okay, bye



Oh right!



I invited Sun-kyu and his wife over



for dinner this weekend






Lt'll be nice for them to

see the girls after so long



And to catch up on things



That was delicious



Sorry, I have things to tend to



You must be tired

so clean it up tomorrow



Did you prepare

your father's undergarments?



Thanks, but that's my job



Cleaning my room is my job, too

Why'd you touch my stuff?



That's how it was before



So all of the same clothes

were hanging there before?



I'm not having

dinner with him






I said I'm not having

dinner with that guy



He's not some guy

he's your uncle



It's the first day

so let's give it a rest



- And you?

- Yes?



Aren't you going to follow her?

You're supposed to follow your sister



What did that woman tell you?



If she ever gets on your case

then tell me



And don't ignore it like before




Good night



What's wrong?



Did you have a bad dream?



Was it the closet?



Then what's wrong?



I keep hearing

strange noises outside



It's because

you've been away too long



It's okay

Let's sleep



Somebody came into my room



He's asleep



- I know

- Then why are you trying to wake him?



Says who?



You were trying

to wake him just now



Have something to tell him?



It's none of your business



All I'm saying is

since his fast asleep



Don't wake him up

Don't you understand me?



I just came down for water



He's asleep so be quiet



Did you go to my room?






Who was it?



That woman









It's strange



What is?



That woman is strange



And so is this house



Are you scared?



Everything's alright

I'm here



Come here

Let's sleep



I'll always be with you



Su-yeon Go away



Are you awake?






- Can I come in?

- No



Come down and eat



What are you doing?



Are you having your period?



No, Su-yeon is...






That's so funny



How could we both get our periods

on the same date?






It's okay, come down



That's mom's favorite, huh?



Do it like this



Shall we kill them?



Let's set them free



She'll have a cow

if we mess with her precious



I'd hate to see that






What are you doing

out in the cold?



Are you alright?






You don't look so good

Are you feeling sick?



No, I'm okay



Tell me what's wrong?



I said I'm okay



Just get rid of

Su-yeon's closet






we agreed not to talk about

that closet



You promised, right?






I know you're

very angry with me



And I know I'm a bad father



You're not even a bad father



It's cold so let's go inside



I will



What are you doing?



You scared me



When did you come in?



- Did you go to the warehouse?

- Yeah



Su-yeon, look at this









- Cool

- Pretty, huh?



- Is it mom's?

- Yup, and...



There's more



It's mom!



Taritakoom, taritakoom



What does that mean?



It's a spell to call mom



Who told you that?



- Mom did

- What?



Can I take this?



Huh? Sure...



This... and this






What is this?



Who did this to you?



Tell me, who did this?



It's okay, tell me



She did this, huh?



She did this, didn't she?




what's wrong with you?



I told you to

tell me everything!



She did this, right?



She did this, huh?

Did she do this?



Tell me! Tell me!

Tell me! Tell me!






How can you be so cruel?



It's retribution



If you disobey

you need to be punished



Does dad know what you did?



Think your father

can solve everything?



Then go get him

Want me to do it?



Sit down!

Where are your manners?



Were you like this

to your mom, too?



Don't bring up my mom!



Listen carefully

I'm your mother, got it?



As much as you hate it



I'm the only one in this world



you can call mother, got it?



Crying over your mom's photos



won't change anything



Hard to handle, huh?

That's too bad



But that's how the world is



The world isn't as sweet

as you picture it



Sometimes you have to bear the worst

and live on



Like the way

I'm bearing you two!



Tough isn't it?



I have beared you two brats



from the moment I came to this house



I have never met such ill-mannered



menaces like you two






Why the hell did

you even come here?



I can't believe you

said that to me again



I see, you still must be sick



Don't touch me



- Let go!

- What's wrong with you?



Are you that clueless?



Don't touch me

with those filthy hands!



Su-mi, listen to me



I don't want to hear it

You're the same



That's not true

you've misunderstood



You're not even

accepting all this



Why is it always me?



Why are you asking only me

to understand?



Are you really clueless?






Maybe I don't know

I don't have all the answers



I don't know, so tell me

and let it off your chest



Tell me!



Will it change anything?

Will it?






Don't do this

Please don't



You'll get sick again









From now on

anything that happens here



all the filthy things

you brought here



be responsible for it all



I have nothing more to say

so answer the phone



Do you remember?



My memory's a bit blurry

but I think it did happen



When was it?



Hey, remember this?



You jumped into the rive



to catch some fish



Then you started to drown



and everyone had a fit



There was another funny story



What was it?

Oh yeah, I remember



Remember that crazy guy?



The funny thing is

is that he was always normal



but whenever it rained

he went nuts



While plowing the field



he'd strip off his clothes

when it rained



and run out into the highway



The funniest time was



when it rained off and on



So he'd put on and take off

his clothes, again and again



Then he got sick of it

and just went into his house



Everyone in the neighborhood

laughed so much back then



But when...



But when he was little

he saw him doing that once



He saw him doing that once

and then he ran together



with that crazy guy



Our mom saw that

and she almost passed out



Do you remember?



You remember, right?



Say something



Don't you remember?



You remember, right?






I don't remember






I said I don't remember



Why don't you remember?



Are you crazy?









Wait, hold on to her



- What's wrong?

- Wake up!



Bring some water



Are you alright, Mi-hee?



Water, water



I'm sorry, it's all my fault






It's okay



It's alright, Mi-hee



It's alright



I'm sorry



I didn't want to come

but your father begged me to



so I had no choice



- Honey

- Yes?



I saw something strange

in that house



What did you see?



There was a girl

under the sink



Just go in



- Can't you just stay here?

- Why?



It's strange



What's strange?



It's strange



After the girls came down



weird things have been

happening in this house



Don't say stupid things



Didn't you see it?



You're just having a hard time adjusting

You'll get better if you rest






There's something

in this house



I'll look around,

so lie down



Open the door!



Open it!



Open the god damn door!



I'll show you



Get up!



Get off the bed



Get off now!



I said now!



Come here, right now!



You pest...






A person can't get any rest

around this household



Tell me

Who did it?



Who did it?




Better tell me the truth



Who did it!



Was it Su-mi?



You two need

to learn a lesson!



Was it your sister?



So do you feel better looking

at your dead mom's things?



Feel happy

after seeing the photos?



Say that you're sorry



Until you do, don't even

think about coming out



There's no use in crying



Say that you're sorry

and beg for forgiveness!



I'm sorry






Say it right



I'm sorry



I'll ask you once more



You're admitting

that you're sorry, right?



Stop crying



I don't want to hear it,

so stop it now!



Are you...



Are you mad?



Is that why you're crying?



Fine, let's see

how long you hold up



This will put some sense

into you two






Su-yeon, I'm sorry



I didn't hear you



I'm sorry, Su-yeon

I'm sorry



This won't happen again



I promise



Don't cry, it's okay



- Tell me

- What?



Why the hell

are you doing this?



Tell me why you've acted



so weird since you got here



You really don't know?



Don't know what? What is it?



I'm talking about

what that woman is doing to us!



So tell me what has she done?



She keeps harassing Su-yeon






Didn't you hear me?



I said she keeps harassing Su-yeon!



She's vicious, evil



and always locks Su-yeon up

in the closet!



Su-mi, please stop it



Stop what?



You know that

Su-yeon is scared of her



Su-yeon, you tell dad



Stop crying

and tell him now



Tell him!



Please stop it!



Su-yeon... is dead









Su-yeon is dead



So pull yourself together



How long will you keep this up?



It's not true, Su-yeon






Su-yeon No... No...



Come down tomorrow,

I can't do it alone






She's getting worse



I'll pick you up

call me when you get here












- Su-mi!

- Su-yeon!












I am fed up with your family



How did we come to this?



Don't you get it yet?



Remember what

I told you before?



Remember when I said

you'll regret it some day?






Know what's really scary?



You want to forget something



Totally wipe it off of your mind



But you never can



It can't go away, you see






And it follows you around

like a ghost



Help me



Sure, I'll help you



Let's end it here












Where's Su-mi?






Please stop it



I'm sick of it now



Take this

you'll feel much better






Don't you get it yet?



You're just having

a hard time adjusting



You still must be sick



You promised not to

bring up that closet



How could we both get our periods

on the same date?



Su-yeon is dead!



No, I don't remember!



Su-mi, are you okay?



It's all over now



You'll feel better here



Get some rest



I'll come and visit often



Take care of yourself




Su-mi, what's wrong?

Let go



Let go, Su-mi



Please stop it and let go



- No, I'll get it

- Let me take one















Mom? Mom, mom!



Mom! Mom, mom, mom!






Didn't you hear something?



Why'd you come up here?



Dad's not here



What do you mean by that?



Now you're trying

to act like mom



Do me a favor



Stay out of our lives



Can you get out of the way?



I have to go






You might regret this moment



Keep that in mind!



What can be worse



than standing here with you?



When you're here



I wanna be as far away

from you as I can












Help me... Su-mi



Su-mi... Su-mi...





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