Tarzan II Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Tarzan II script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Disney movie sequel to Tarzan.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Tarzan II. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Tarzan II Script





jungle creatures chirping]



[tropical music]






[breathing heavily]















- [shrieks]

- Run!



lt's the Zugor!



The Monster? Ah!



- Ah!

- [grunts]






Hey, hey, hey!

No fair catching a ride.



[grunting] Oh! Ooh!



Uh, hello?



What do you think you're doing?



'Cause whatever it is,

you ain't doing it too good.



ls it still coming?



[both grunting]



[Tantor grunts]



[birds chirping]



Hey, wait a minute.



There's no such thing

as the Zugor.



He's nothing but

an imaginary figment.



Terk was just pretending so

l could practice running for my life.



l'm too slow.

lf l don't get faster



something terrible

is gonna get me.



You're the worst ape ever.



lf the Zugor ever did come down

from Dark Mountain,



you'd be digested by now.



l bet l could catch you.



- Could not.

- Roar!



- Missed me.

- Roar!



Missed again.



- [Tarzan straining]

- [sighs] lt's sad, really.






This is a prescription for disaster.



  Oh, the power to be strong



  And the wisdom to be wise



  All these things

will come to you in time



  On this journey

that you're making



  It's you who'll reach the peak



  Son of Man, look to the sky



  Lift your spirit

Set it free



  Someday you'll

walk tall with pride



  Son of Man

A man in time you'll be



Come on, you can make it.



You can make it.

You can make it.











  Yay-oh, yay-oh










  Son of Man, look to the sky



Watch out!






Tree! Tree! Tree!



  Son of Man's a man

for all to see  






- Are you all right?

- Are you hurt? Let me see.



What is the matter with you?

He's only a baby.



l don't want you

playing with that one.



He's going to get somebody hurt.



[mother ape   ] Poor Kala.

He's a menace.



[mother ape   ] To all of us.



Nice. Almost wiped out

half the family.



Oh, it's Elephant Falls

all over again.



Ooh, l can just hear Kerchak.



''You almost killed someone.''



''He's only a child. He'll learn.''



''He'll never survive in the jungle.



He can't run,

he can't climb.



He's a danger to us all.



Now, l think l'll grunt impressively.''









Hey, pal.

You know l'm kidding, right?






l wasn't making fun of you.

l was making fun of Kerchak.






[yawning, snoring]



Come on, time for bed.



Let's see now...



There. How's that? Comfy?



lt's great, Mom.



- l've got your nose.

- [chuckling]



- l've got your toes.

- [chuckling] Mom, stop.



l'm too big for ''nose and toes.''



Uh-oh. l think one is missing.



Maybe you're hiding it in...



- ...here.

- [giggling] Mom, stop.



Stop. No, really...



Mom, stop it.



Tarzan, what's wrong?



- Tarzan?

- l'm not a good ape.



l can't outrun the Zugor.



The Zugor?

You know there's no such thing.



That's just an old ghost story.



But if he was real, he'd get me.



- l'm too slow.

- [chuckles]



l'll tell you what.

lf the Zugor ever comes for you,



l'll save you.

You can count on it.



But, then you'd be in danger

because of me.



Everyone would be better off

if l just wasn't around.



Come with me.

l want to show you something.






This tree used to stand here

all by itself.



What happened to it?



One day there was a big storm,



and the wind pulled on the tree,

until finally it blew over.



But now, look over here.



This is the strongest tree

in the jungle,



because it has many trunks,

all working together,



lifting the leaves into the sky.



And look, the trunks

are all different.



Some are thin, some thick,



some twisted, some straight.



- That one looks fat.

- [laughing]



lt does, doesn't it?



[Kala] But they all help

make the tree strong,



strong enough

to weather any storm.



Like a family.



- Like our family?

- That's right.



You need your family, Tarzan,

and your family needs you.



- Nobody needs me.

- l do.



And l always will.



Now, where is that missing toe?



[giggling] Mom,

l got all my toes.



[Kala] No, l don't think so.

Maybe it's here. Or here...



Mom, stop.






[Tarzan and Tunka laughing]



- Whoa!

- Roar!



Ooh, teeth.



Look out for the big scary teeth.



[Mooky] Run! Run!

lt's the Zugor! Whoa!



- [grunting]

- [laughing]





















Quit playing around, Tarzan.



So, what're we waiting for?









- [grunts]

- [cracking]



- Run!

- [gasping]






- Tarzan!

- [Tarzan] Mom!















[panting, groaning]









[grunts] Mom?



[echoing] Mom?



[straining] Where is everybody?



Mom, where are you?



[Kerchak] l'm sorry, Kala.



[sobbing] He was there.

l almost had him.



And then he was... No.



There is nothing

you could have done.



l would have done anything.

l would have given my life for his.






[mother ape   ] Poor Kala.

lt was horrible.



He almost got her killed too.



[sighs] l hate to say it,



but she's probably

better off without him.



l think we all are.






[straining, grunting]



  Can someone tell me

where I belong



  Where I should go?



  Can someone show me

where I'm going wrong?



  I need to know



  Why do I hurt

the ones I love



  With everything I do?



  If I can't be

what they want of me



  Then what am I to do?






-   I can't go home

-   I can't go home



-   Oh, this much I know

-   This much I know



  It might be better

if I just disappear






-   I've got to find my way

-   Got to find my way



  And I will survive some way



  I will survive some way



  If only there was a place

where I could be



  Just me



  If only there was a place

where I could be



  Just me  





















[echoing] Zugor!






- [pounding]

- Eh?









- Huh?

- Look what l got. lt's a little bird.



- But l'm not a bird.

- Kago, look what l got.



- A little bird.

- Huh?









Can't you see l was

enjoying myself? l ought to...



- Wait a second.

- Hey!



- Uto, that's not a bird.

- So not.



lt hasn't got any feathers,

banana brain.



ls too, and l can prove it.



We'll throw it off a cliff

and when it flies,



then you'll be the banana brain.



Don't poke me.



[growls] Don't poke me!

Don't poke me! Don't poke me!



- [hiccups]

- [laughing]



[hiccupping] Stop! Stop!



Stop laughing!



l like it when my brother

gets hiccups.



lt's hilarious.



- [Kago] That's it.

- [grunts]



- [Kago] l'm taking you down.

- [Uto laughs]









- Hi, Ma.

- Hello, Mother.



My darling boys,

my little treasures,



what has Mama Gunda

told you about fighting?



- He was poking me.

- He called me banana brain.



[Kago and Uto overlapping]






Fighting each other makes Mama...



...very unhappy!



Do we understand Mama?



[both] Yes, ma'am.



What is all this silliness

about a baby bird, hmm?



l'm not a bird.

l'm an ape.



- An ape!

- Like you.



Can we still

throw it off a cliff?



lf you are an ape,

where's your family?



- How did you get here?

- Uh...



You must have come

through that rift.



lt's the only way in.



Besides falling in.



l tripped. l was trying

to get away from the monster.



- We all were, dear.

- Monster?



lt guards the rift, just waiting.



And if it catches you,

they say it'll eat you.



They call it...



- Don't say it, Ma.

- l'm not listening.



La, la, la, la, la.

l don't hear this.



...the Zugor.



But there's no such thing

as the Zu...



[echoing] Zugor!



[gasps] lt's coming.



[Uto] Ah! The Zugor!



























lt's the Zugor!

Run, it's the Zugor!



- Ah!

- Ah!






My tree. Stay out.



- But you've gotta let me...

- No. Go away.



- Please!

- No.



lf l stay out here

the Zugor might get me.



Boo-hoo for you.



You've got to help me.



You've got to.









[Tarzan weeping]






[Gunda] Okay, my babies.

There we go, climb in.



Oh, it's been another big day

for my two little boys, hasn't it?



The Zugor scared us, Ma.



Oh, l know, dear.



- Didn't scare me.

- Did too.



- [both yawning] Did not.

- Did too.



Did not.



- [Uto] Ma?

- Yes, dear?



- Tell us a story.

- [chuckles] All right.



lf l tell you a story,

will you go to sleep for Mama?



[both] Yes, ma'am.



Well, then, let's see.



All right. Once upon a time,

there was a family of three...



...oh, oh, l don't know,




- Silly little froggies?

- All right, dear.



Once upon a time, there was

a family of three little frogs.



One of them

was a tiny bit dim...



- Which one?

- And one was a teensy bit violent.



l like that one.



And some might say

the mama was just a tad controlling...



...but l disagree.



Do alligators eat the frogs?




Oh, no. Don't let

the froggies get eaten.



Have them fly away.



lt's all right, Uto.

They don't get eaten.



But the three little frogs

were all alone



in a great big world,



hopping from pond to pond.






Just trying to find somewhere

where they'd be wanted.



But every place they went,

they were kicked out!



Maybe the frogs need

to smash some heads, Ma.



- Yeah.

- The frogs ended up



in a horrible valley,

terrorized by a monster,



with next to nothing

to eat or drink



and only pointy rocks

to sleep on!



- So...

- [both] Huh?



...tomorrow she's gonna

find her froggies a new home.



And this time, anyone who

gets in her way is gonna feel



[echoing] the terrible wrath

of Mama Frog!



[Uto] Mom, l broke my pillow...












[gasping] Mom!












[stomach grumbles]



[stomach grumbles]



























[exhales loudly]






- [echoing] Zugor!

- [all gasping]






- [panting]

- [echoing] Zugor!






The Zugor?



l don't believe it.









[chuckling, sighs]



- Hi, Zugor.

- Hello.



[chuckling] You are the Zugor,

aren't you?



- No, l'm not.

- Sure you are. l saw you.



- No, you didn't.

- You scared off that rhino



so you could get this fruit.



Hey, that's mine!



[snorts, growls]






- Run!

- Ah!



[both] Whoa!















- Huh?

- [grunting]



Gee, thanks...



...for nothing!



Your fault we were being

chased in the first place.



- [mumbling]

- Hey, wait up.



[birds chirping]



Go away.






Leave me alone.



- Alone?

- Yes. Alone?



Zugor Rule Number One:

Don't need anyone but yourself.



Go home.



- l can't. l ran away.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.



And l can't go back,



not until l learn

how to be a good ape.




Go play with an alligator.



Hey, maybe you could teach me?

You're the Zugor.



Teach? Me? Nah.



Wait... Nah.



How about this: Nah!



So long, goodbye, toodle-oo.



Okay, l guess l'll be going.



Boy, l can't wait to tell

everyone who the Zugor really is.






Especially those three big apes.



Gosh, l bet we have a good laugh



when l tell them

you're the Zugor.



Whoa, whoa, whoa.



Hmm. You know,

you could change your mind.



That way, l'll never

tell anyone your secret.



l don't like you.



[groans] Oh, fine.

Deal. l'll help you.



And in return,

you don't tell anyone.



[echoing] Right!

Don't tell anyone.



[gasps] Tarzan?



[gasps, panting]









[Tunka] You can't catch me,




Not now, guys. Okay?



l'm not in the mood.



Hey! l said l'm not in the mood!

Okay? Now get lost!






Look, l'm sorry. Okay?



The game just wouldn't be the same

without Tarzan. You know?



l can't believe he's gone.






Terk! Tarzan's alive!



- That's impossible.

- But l heard him.



He was saying,

''Don't tell anyone.''



You've been in the sun too long. Take

two mangoes, call me in the morning.



l heard Tarzan's voice

coming from up on Dark Mountain.



Why didn't anyone else hear it?



l'm an elephant.

l've got   l   hearing.



Okay. Let's see

if we can find him.



Terk... Tarzan said

not to tell anyone.



Huh? Oh.



Whoa, whoa.



Uh, you guys

have to stay here.



- Nuh-uh.

- No, we don't.



Yeah, you do.

You, um...



You need to stay behind

and, uh... cover for us. Yeah.



lf anybody asks,



tell them we're out

picking monkey berries.



- Got it?

- Oh. Okay.



[all] Monkey berries.

Got it.



Yeah, you're very cute.

Okay? Run along, run along.



Terk was trying to teach me to be a good

ape by pretending to be a monster.



She was pretending to be you,

but you're not a monster.



You're just a Zugor who pretends...



Hey! Wait for me!



Wow. This is your home?

Where do you sleep?



This place is great.

You have your own stream.



Bah, bah, bah.



Now, in as few words as possible,



what do l gotta do

to get rid of you?



Teach me how

to be a good ape.



[scoffs] An ape?

Kid, you're not an ape.



l am too.



- [grunts]

- Nope. l'll prove it to you.



My arm: hair.



Your arm: no hair.



Not an ape.



But... but l gotta be.



My mom's an ape,

my friends are apes,



my whole family.



lf l'm not an ape, then...






...what am l?



Hmm... l don't know.



Maybe you're some form

of mutant hairless gibbon.



Or a variety of

annoying featherless bird.



A bird?



Or perhaps some rare species

of ugly fish.



- Ugly?

- Oh, yes.



Very, very, very ugly.



There. Figured out you're not

an ape. That wraps it up.



Can't teach you to be

something you're not. Bye.



Whoa, wait. You still gotta

help me find out what l am.



We have a deal... Zugor.









Ah, Zugor, thank you so...



Hold it.



No sappy ''thank you's''



will be encouraged, indulged

or even barely tolerated.



Come on. The sooner we figure out what

you are, the sooner l can be rid of you.



- Okay. Hey, Zugor.

- Huh?



- Thanks anyway.

- Bah.






  Sometimes everything

seems out of my reach



  No matter how hard I try



  Sometimes I feel like

nothing at all inside



  When everything

that I try to hold onto



  Just seems to slip away



  And though I'm falling

keeps calling me back again



  But I'll keep looking

I'll sink or swim



  I'll keep searching

to find the real me



  Who am I?

Tell me



  Where do I come from?



  Who am I?

Tell me



  Feels like

I don't fit in at all






  Sometimes I feel

like running away



  And leaving it all behind



  Try to find a place

where I belong



  I'll keep looking

I'll find myself



  I'll keep searching

to find the real me



  Who am I?

Tell me



  Can I ever be me?



  Who am I?

Tell me



  It's like I don't fit in



You know what, kid?

You got pluck.



l hate pluck.



  Oh, it's like I don't fit in



  No, no, no

No, I don't fit in at all  



[all laughing]



l am the Zugor. Roar!






[all laughing]



- Auntie Kala's sad.

- [Mooky] How come?



She misses Tarzan.



That's right, little one.



Oh, don't cry,

Tarzan's still...



- Monkey berries.

- Remember?



- l know. l wasn't gonna tell her.

- Tell me what?



- Tarzan's alive.

- Terk and Tantor went to look for him.



- [gasps]

- Oh!



On Dark Mountain.



Tarzan's alive?



l'm going to look for them.

You kids stay here.



[Tarzan] Well, today

didn't work out too good.



Oh! But we'll try again

tomorrow, right?



Oh, l'm eager, excited,



breathless with anticipation.



Enough yapping out of you.



[yawning] Less yapping,

more napping.






Me, here.



You, there.



Way over there.



Me Tarzan, you grouch.









Old bones.



[chuckles] You need a better nest.

My mom could make a really good nest.



Yeah. My mom made

a great nest too.






- Soft.

- Warm.



She made me this nest once,

swung between two branches.



Like sleeping on air.



[both sigh]



So, when'd you figure out

you were a Zugor?



Eh, that's past.



- All in the past.

- What happened?



Got old, got slow, got left behind.

Same old story. Boo-hoo. How sad for me.



A danger to the family.



l'm gonna go take a look around.

Got to keep an eye out. Keep them away.



- Rule Number One.

- Can l help?






[gulps] Uh, Terk,



isn't Dark Mountain

where the Zugor lives?



[scoffs] Don't worry about that.



Zugor's just an imaginary

figment. Remember?



He's not real.



Sure, you know that

and l know that,



but does he know that?



- [echoing] Zugor!

- [gasping, screaming]






- [echoing] Go on. Shoo!

- [both] Ah!



[Terk] l do believe in Zugors! l do

believe in Zugors! l do! l do! l do!



[both screaming]






- [grunts]

- [groans]



- Huh?

- [growls]



- [laughing]

- Gotcha.



- You got him all right, Kago.

- Hey, let me up.



Uh, Kago?

This isn't a baby bird.



- lt isn't?

- Uh, no. lt isn't.






Hey, you can't do that

to my brother.



- [growling]

- Ah!



Oh, no!

The Zugor has Terk!



[Tantor] Leave my friend alone!



Take me instead!



- [Uto] Whoa!

- You want a piece of me?



She's being eaten.

Oh, the horror!



Now, what are we

going to do with you?



Oh, oh! l know.



Let's throw her off a cliff

and see if she can fly.



Gorillas can't fly.



Oh, yeah? How do you know?



Because we are gorillas.



- So?

- And we can't fly.



Yeah, but if our bones were hollow,



and we had wings

and feathers,



we'd be the biggest birds in town.



[Gunda] Well,

what in the world...?



Look, Ma, we found a gorilla.



And just where did this cute

little sweetums come from?



Hey, hey.

Enough already, lady.



l need that cheek for eating.



[giggling] Oh, aren't you

just the precocious one.



Where are you from, dear?



Tell us about your family, huh?

ls there a silverback?



Forget it, lady. l'm not talking

and you can't make me.



[chuckles] Kago.






- [gasps]

- [snickering]



Let's try that again.

Shall we, dear?



Now, how did you

get past the Zugor?



And where exactly did you say

your family is from?



ls it nice?

Lots of food and water?



Perhaps you could

show us the way sometime.



[Tantor] Terk?

Are you out there



or are you all eaten?



...anybody marching

around my mountain,



soiling my soil,

messing with my stuff.



lt's my stuff.



Hey! Why are you

messing with my stuff?



l made you a nest.



You made this?



- For me?

- Sure. For your old bones.



Like your mom used to make.

Try it out.



This wasn't part of the deal.



l know.






Ah... lt's good.



Sleeping on air.



[chuckles] l don't know

what you are, Tarzan,



but you're pretty clever.



Like the other day when you did

that vine thing with the rhino.



Boing! [chuckles]



- Never seen anything like it.

- Huh. Yeah, well,



l'm not smart enough

to figure out what l am though.



l'm not strong like an elephant.

Not tall like a giraffe.



l can't fly like a bird.






Maybe l'm a nothing.






So, you're just gonna

sit here and hold on to me



until your mama comes back?






- All day long?

- Yep.



- [sighs]

- l'm gonna smash you.



[Kago grunting]



Say, Uto,



how come you gotta do all

the hard work around here, huh?



Huh? What? Hard work?



l mean, you gotta sit here with me

while lazy Kago there



gets to have fun

beating up his rock.



l mean, l don't know,

but that just don't seem fair.



Nope, not fair at all.



Not even a little bit fair.









Hmm... [mumbling]



Hmm... Eh?



Say, this isn't fair.



- What?

- l said this isn't fair.



Me doing all the hard work.



You gotta do some work too,

so here, Mr. Lazy.



[gasps] Are you gonna take that?



- Take what?

- Uto insulted you.



- He insulted me?

- Yes.



- You insulted me?

- Uh... yes?



Ooh! l'll... [hiccups]



- [grunting]

- [hiccupping]



[chuckling] No idea

who you're dealing with.



- [groaning]

- [straining]



- Stop.

- [grunts]



- Uto, stop!

- Huh?



- Where is she?

- Oops.



Just wait till

l catch her again.



l'll... l'll... [grunts]






[yawning, straining]






Hey, you got a banana.

Good job.



Not really.

lf l was a chimp or a baboon,



l'd just climb to the top

and get a whole bunch.



l can only get one at a time.



Still think

you're a nothing, huh?



Hmm. Maybe we can

do something about that.



- We can?

- Yeah. l figure,



since you're nothing,



and you're looking

to be something...



...you might as well

try being a Zugor.



Hmm. A Zugor?



lt's fine if you don't want to.

Feel free to say no.



After all,

it can get pretty lonely.



You mean, l'd be like you?



Wow! A Zugor!



Yes! l'm a Zugor. [chuckles]









Rule Number One:



We don't need anyone

but ourselves.



This is our mountain. Roar!



Our mountain.



[clears throat]



Zugor in training,



use that vine thing of yours

to round up some breakfast.



Yes, sir. [laughs]



- Zugor?

- Hmm?



You know,

this wasn't part of the deal.



l know.






Hello? ls anyone there?









Ah! Something's got me.

lt's the monster!



Goodbye, cruel jungle world.



l'm doomed! Doomed!




Doomed to be a coconut head.



- Terk?

- The one and only.



- Let's get out of here.

- Whoa!



[both panting]



[all grunting]



Terk? Tantor?



[both] Tarzan! You're alive!

You're alive!



We thought you were dead,

and then Tantor...



Heard you yell, but when we got

to Dark Mountain, the Zugor...



- [roars]

- And then those big apes...






And then l was stuck in a hole

and Terk got eaten.



Uh... sort of.



- Wait. Those big apes are after you?

- They're probably right behind us.



[Tarzan] Come on.

l know a great place to hide.



Oh, what a sweet reunion.



We're sorry we let her get away,

but she's an evil genius.



lt's all right, boys.

Now we can follow them.



- [Uto] Where, Ma?

- Past the Zugor, of course.



[Gunda laughs]






What are you doing here?

l told you to stay home.



We're bored of staying home.



And we like monkey berries.



We aren't looking

for monkey berries.



- But we might find some.

- All right, but stay close.




Would you move it already?



Those apes could've

thumped us by now.



[Tantor panting]



[all] Whoa!









Did we make it?



[chuckles] Yep,

we'll be safe here.



Boy, l sure missed you guys.




We missed you too, pal.



That's why we came

to bring you home.



- Not coming home.

- You're not?



Nope. l'm a Zugor now.



A Zugor?

What does that mean?



Means l don't need

anybody but myself.



- Anybody?

- Anybody.



Well, what about your mom?



She's better off without me.



And l can't go back.

l'm a Zugor now.



Well, who is this

Zugor monster anyways?



[chuckling] l told you,

he's not a monster.



- There is no monster.

- [Gunda] No monster?



What do you mean, no monster?






[stammering] Uh, well,

l mean there's no monster...



- Bigger or scarier...

- [Uto] Hey!



- Looky what l found.

- [straining]



Put me down.

Put me down!









Ah! What the...?

Why? Who?



- Hello.

- Ah!



[gasps, growls]



- Zugor...

- You said you wouldn't tell anybody.



- You promised.

- Zugor, l'm sorry.



- l didn't mean to...

- [Gunda] You're the Zugor?



All this time,

my poor boys and l



have been stuck in that

rotten valley because of you?



[hiccupping] l ought to...






- Leave him alone!

- Out of the way, twerp.



Mmm, you know what, boys?



l think this place could use

a little... remodeling.



Oh, yeah!



[chuckling] Oh, good. Oh, good.









- [growling]

- Hey, Kago, look at this.



lt's bouncy, bouncy,

bounce... [grunts]






You see? lt's not nice

to fool Mama Gunda.



- Zugor?

- This is your fault.



l'm sorry. l needed

to help my friends, and l...



[Gunda] Oh, so that's

where all of you are from.



Oh, how lovely.



Thanks to blabbermouth here,



we know where to find

our new home.



They squeezed it out of me.



Come on, boys. Let's go

take over the neighborhood.



And this time,

no one gets in our way.



There it is. Dark Mountain.



[birds crying]



[echoing] Zugor!

Zugor, where are you?






- [Zugor] First rule...

- [gasps]



Zugor, come on.

We need your help.



- Tarzan, we're gonna go warn Kerchak.

- Wait. We're coming with you.



Uh, no offense, Tarzan,

but you'll just slow us down.



- Let's go, Tant.

- Whoa.



- [panting]

- They won't make it in time.



You're the only one

who knows this mountain.



No. l never should have let you in.



l thought you were my friend,

and you betrayed me.






lt was the first rule,

and l broke it.



Zugor, please.



l know l messed everything up,

but you've got to help.






lt's my family.



Then go. Go!



You don't need me!

And l don't need you!












Boo-hoo for me.



- l think l know which way to go.

- Yeah, me too.



- [both] lt's that way.

- Come on. l know a shortcut.



- [Terk] Tarzan!

- [Tantor] Oh, no! Ah!



[Tantor] Whoa!









Let's never speak of this again.



[straining] Come on!



[straining] Oof!



Slow down.

Don't get too far ahead.



- l won't.

- [Tunka and Uto] Huh?



[Uto] Hey, look, Ma, a baby.




For goodness sakes.



Oh, can l play with it?



- Can l?

- [gasps] Put him down!



Says who?









- Back off.

- Yeah!



You can't do that to my brother.






- [baby apes] Ah!

- Mom!



- Mom, are you okay?

- Tarzan!



- [grunts]

- Oh, goody.



- Leave him alone!

- Let's see if he can fly.






[Kago snickers]



- [echoing] Zugor!

- Hmm?






[all grunting]



- Zugor?

- Tarzan!



But, what are you...?



Ha-ha! l did it!



l finally figured out

what you are!



- [chuckling] A Tarzan!

- A Tarzan?



Yes. Remember how

you saved us from that rhino?



And made that great hammock?

And got those bananas?



You do things no one else can.



Kid, you're a Tarzan.



Now, go get 'em.



- [Tarzan whistles]

- Hmm?



- [Tarzan] Hey!

- Huh?



- [Tarzan chuckles]

- Hey!



- [grunts]

- lt's him.












[Gunda] Get out of here,

you ratty old thing.



Ratty? [blows raspberry]



You hit every branch

when you fell out of the ugly tree.



Well, you're so bony, l bet

the vultures wouldn't even want you.



Ha! Hey, the hippo called.

He wants his body back.



[baby apes whimper]



- Hold on, little ones.

- [whimpering]



Auntie Kala.

Auntie Kala!



Ow, ow, ow, ow.



Come on. Climb up.



- Huh?

- [grunts]



[both groan]









- [roar]

- [both] Ah!



Put a cork in it,

you scraggly old sloth.



You big blob of swamp gas.



Lizard lips!



- Slug snot!

- Bat barf!



You have beautiful eyes!



- Hmm?

- Huh?



- Eh?

- Mmm?



Oh, this is creepy.

What is he?



- Where is he?

- [leopard growl]



What was that?






[Uto] Ah! Mama!















Ow! Ow! Oh!



Oh! Oh! Oh! Ow! Ooh!





















[Kago] Uto, wait for me!



[Terk] Ah!



Auntie Kala, hang on!



- Mom!

- Kala!



- Ah!

- [grunts]



[Tantor] Yes!

Way to go, Tarzan!



Oh, l thought l'd lost you.



l'm sorry l left, Mom.



But l didn't want to hurt you.



Hurt me?



Tarzan, you saved me.



- [giggling]

- [Kago] Mama!



- [Uto] Mama! Help!

- [Kago] He's after us.



Ah! He's everywhere!



[Gunda] Hello, boys.



[both] Mama?



He thinks l have beautiful eyes.






[birds singing]



[Gunda giggles] Ah...



Wait a second.

Aren't we gonna thump somebody?



- Yeah.

- Oh no, dears.



- That's all over now.

- [both] But, Ma!






How many times do l have

to tell you no fighting?



No more fighting with anyone.



[both] Yes, ma'am.







The timeless mystery of love.









[birds crying]



[baby apes laughing]



[chuckling] Okay, wait.

l think l've got it.



You thought you were a nothing,

but you're really a something,



which makes you an anything?



- [laughing] Oh, no, Mom.

- What was it again?



Oh, it doesn't matter.

You were right before.



What l am...

is part of this family.



Oh, Tarzan,

l am so proud of you.



[Zugor laughing]



- [Tarzan] Zugor!

- Tarzan.



- l came to say goodbye.

- Already?



Well, you know.



They need me.



- l'll be up to visit you soon.

- You better.



Oh, and Zugor...




Thanks for everything.



[chuckles] No. Thank you.



Now, boys, the two of you

are going to fix



that nice tree of Zugor's



that you broke all to pieces.



- [both] But, Ma...

- [Zugor] Boys.



Rule Number One:

Never talk back to your mother.



- We didn't...

- Boo-hoo.



- We just...

- Boo-hoo.



Boo-hoo for you.




Nothing escapes the monster!



[Terk laughs]






[all chuckling]



What in the world was that?



That, my friend, is a Tarzan.



  A bit of something

from everything



  Will make me

whatever I want to be



  Who am I?



  I know that I can do anything



  Who am I?

I know



  Yes, I can be anything

Anything at all  



[Tarzan yells]



[woman]   Sometimes everything

seems out of my reach



  No matter how hard I try



  Sometimes I feel like

nothing at all inside



  When everything

that I try to hold on to



  Just seems to slip away



  And though I'm falling

Keeps calling me back again



  But I'll keep looking

I'll sink or swim



  I'll keep searching

to find the real me



  Who am I?

Tell me



  And where do I come from?



  Who am I?

Tell me



  'Cause it's like

I don't fit in at all



  Sometimes I feel

like running away



  And leaving it all behind



  Try to find a place

where I belong



  If I keep looking

I'll find myself



  I'll keep searching

to find the real me



  Who am I?

Tell me



  And where do I come from?



  Who am I?

Tell me



  'Cause it's like

I don't fit in at all



  Who am I?



  Who am I?



  Who am I?



  I know that I can do anything



  Who am I?



  I know that I can be anything



  Who am I?



  I know that I can

do anything, anything



  Who am I?



  I know that I can be anything



  Who am I?



  I know

Yes, I can be anything



  Yes, I can be anything at all  


Special help by SergeiK