Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Script





Much more than just a series

of small, isolated incidents...



it's apparent an organized

criminal element is at work.



And at the moment,

business is good.



o good, in fact, there appear

to be no eyewitnesses...



to any of these crimes.



With complaints ranging

from purse-snatching...



to breaking and entering...



police switchboards have been




with the angry voices

of more and more citizens...



who have fallen prey

to the recent surge of crime...



that continues

to plague the city.



Instead of getting better,

things have gotten worse.



Even more alarming

is the baffling...



and often bizarre

nature of these crimes.



Merchandise of every size

and description...



from skateboards

to stereo systems...



has been disappearing

from store shelves...



and storage areas

at an alarming rate.



Even the victims themselves

rarely glimpse the thieves.



Many don't know they've been

victimized until it's too late.



In fact, police have yet

to come up with an eyewitness.



Only a few vague reports...



of young boys or teenagers

at the scenes have been filed.



But whoever is behind these

crimes, one thing is certain.



These are much more than just

a series of random incidents.



Come on. Hurry up.






Crimes without criminals?



An invisible gang at work?



Who are we going to call?



Unfortunately, the police

are the only ones available...



to combat what some are dubbing

"the silent crime wave."



But perhaps the most

disturbing silence...



is that coming from City Hall.



April O'Neil,

Channel Three Eyewitness News.



You got to stop working so hard.



What, give up all this glamour?



Good night.



Bad timing.



You're telling me.



Get her purse.



Get away from me!

What do you think... Help!



- Get her jewelry.

- I got her watch!



What the hell's going on?

Thought I'd seen it all.



All right. Come on, tough guys.



You all right, ma'am?



I'm fine.



Rest right here

while we deal with these guys.



Ted, give John a hand.



Oh, man.



Let's get them in the car.






Oh, spectacular.



We were awesome, bros.






Yes, dudes and dude-ettes...



major league butt-kicking

is back in town.









- Bossa nova!

- What?



Bossa nova?



Chevy Nova?






All right!



Come on, let's move it.



I'm starving.



We're talking...



major pizza attack here, dudes.



Pizza! I need it. Oh, baby.



Oh, man!



What's eating him, bros?



Give me three.



You got it.



We were great.






We have had our first battle...



Master plinter.



They were many, but we kicked...



We fought well.



Were you seen?



In this you must never lapse.



Even those who would be...



our allies would not understand.



Our domain is the shadow.



tray from it reluctantly.



For when you do, you must...



strike hard and fade away...



Without a trace.



I lost a sai.



Then it is gone.



But I can get it back.



Raphael... let it go.



Your ninja skills

are reaching their peak.



Only one truly important lesson

remains, but must wait.



I know it is hard

for you here underground.



I want a large thick crust

with double cheese...



ham, pepperoni...



Your teenage minds

are broad, eager.



But you must never stop

practicing the art of ninja...



the art of invisibility.



Oh, but no anchovies.



And I mean no anchovies.



You put anchovies on this thing,

and you're in big trouble.






That'll do.

And the clock's ticking, dude.



You are still young...



but one day, I will be gone.



Use my teachings wisely.



I suggest we all meditate now

on the events of this evening.






Well, this is like meditating.



Hey, Raph, where you going?



Out to a movie.



That OK with you?



ock it to me, baby.



How you doing?






Nice night.



Pizza dude's got    seconds.



Mikey, did you ever think about

what plinter said tonight?



I mean, about what it would

be like not having him?



Time's up. Three bucks off.



Now,    ...      / ?



One-twenty-two and an eigth?




Where the heck is       / ?



You're standing on it, dude.



Just slip it down here.



Give me that!



This is a   . The tab's   .



You're two minutes late, dude.



Come on!

I couldn't find the place!



Wise man say,

"Forgiveness is divine...



"but never pay full price

for late pizza."



I got to get a new route.



And I thought

I delivered everywhere.



Yes, friends,

the new Turbo Ginsu!



It dices, it slices...



and yet makes french fries

in    different...






Where do they come up

with this stuff?



omebody stop them!



- What the hell was that?

- I don't know.



That was a crime,

you purse-grabbing pukes...



and this is the penalty.



Two minutes for slashing,

two minutes for hooking...



and let's not forget

my personal favorite...



two minutes for high-sticking.



How about a five-minute game

misconduct for roughing, pal?



Hey, Bogey...



who died and made you referee?



You did your job. Get out

of here and let me do mine.



These JV lowlifes need

to be taught a lesson.



Not like that they don't.

Not from you.



It looks like you're

the one who needs a lesson, pal.



Class is Pain    .

Your instructor is Casey Jones.



I don't want to fight you.



Tough rocks, pal.



A Jose Canseco bat?



Tell me... you didn't

pay money for this.



That's it.



Was a two-for-one sale, pal.



Hey, what are you,

some sort of punker?



I hate punkers.



Especially bald ones

with green makeup...



who wear masks over ugly faces.



That's it.



New batter! Trike one!






Home run.



Raphael wins!









New game, roundhead.







Nobody understands cricket.



You got to know what a crumpet

is to understand cricket.



I'll teach you.



ix runs.



o long, freak.

I got work to do.






What the heck was that?



Looked like a big turtle

in a trench coat.



You going to La Guardia?



Come back here!

I'm not finished with you!






Come sit by me.



Couldn't this wait till morning?



You will listen now.



My master Yoshi's

first rule was...



Possess the right thinking.



Only then can one receive...



the gifts of strength,

knowledge, and peace.



I have tried to channel

your anger, Raphael...



but more remains.



Anger clouds the mind.



Turned inward,

it is an unconquerable enemy.



You are unique

among your brothers...



for you choose

to face this enemy alone.



But as you face it,

do not forget them.



And do not forget me.



I am here, my son.



April, you could've called me

last night, you know?



April, you could've called me

last night, you know?



Call it a quirk,

but I like to know...



when one of my best reporters

has been mugged.



I wasn't mugged, Charles.




I knew you'd just worry...



and rush over here

like you did this morning.



From now on,

ecurity is gonna escort you...



to that stone-age van of yours

every night.



- Yes, sir.

- I'm not kidding, April.



Hey, Danny, how's school going?



- Fine.

- Wonderful.



o wonderful I have to drive

him there every morning now...



just to make sure he goes.



That's what he does

when he wants to ignore me...



sticks his head in those things.



I wonder where the hell

he got those things, anyway.



Charles, give the kid a break.



Just what is going on

out there, April?



I've never seen anything

like this before.



It's like

the city's falling apart.



It's getting so you can't step

outside in the daytime anymore.



I'll tell you one thing.



After everything I've been

hearing out of Little Tokyo...



terns is gonna have some

answering to do this afternoon.



Just take it easy.



He's already got the mayor

breathing down my neck.



We are presently executing

a plan of redeployment...



that will minimize

response time...



while maximizing coordination

between patrol units...



in a decentralized

networking scheme.



I'm not sure I understood

all that, Chief terns.



Would you mind repeating it...

in English, perhaps?



What that means, Miss O'Neil,

is everything is well in hand.



Hey, guys, look. That's her.



I didn't say that either,

Miss O'Neil.



If you would stick

to asking questions...



I'm in love.



What do you know

about an organization...



known as The Foot Clan?



There is no evidence to link

such a name to these incidents.



Are you denying an organization

known as The Foot exists?



I'm not denying anything.



You're putting words

into my mouth.



Find her.



ilence her.



- He's great.

- An understatement as usual.



You're telling me.

The girl is a fox.



Take a look at the local

weather for this vicinity...



as it stands at this hour.



O'Neil, get in here.



Time me.



Just what is it you

hoped to accomplish out there...



besides busting my chops?



I think you know as much

as I do about this Foot Clan...



and I don't think you're

doing anything about it.



You expect me to waste

precious manpower...



because a few immigrants

are reminded of something...



that supposedly happened

years ago in Japan?



Have you got something else?



Are you trying to tell me

how to do my job?



One minute, seven seconds...

a new record.



Oh... great. Just great.



We've been waiting for you,

Miss O'Neil.



Am I behind

on my ony payments again?



Your mouth may yet bring you

much trouble, Miss O'Neil.



I deliver a message.



hut it.



All right. That's it!



Are you crazy?



Are you crazy?



Yeah, Leo, I'm crazy!



A loony!






Why? Oh, I don't know.



'Cause I wanted to redecorate.



A couple of throw pillows,

a TV news reporter.



What do you think?



Raphael, what are you doing?



he got jumped in the subway.



- I had to bring her here.

- It's the news lady.



Can we keep her?



Bring water,

cold washcloth, pillow.



Far out!



Oh, my God!



I'm dead! I'm dead, aren't I?



- It's OK.

- No, I'm dreaming.



I must be dreaming.



Those guys in the black pajamas,

they jumped me.



And that rat... I saw you

in the parking lot.



That explains you.

And you guys...



I have no idea

where you came from.



If you will please just sit down

and calm yourself...



I will tell you

where we came from.



It talks!



It is really quite simple,

Miss O'Neil.



And he knows my name. Perfect.



Fifteen years ago...



Why don't I ever dream of

Harrison Ford?



For    years now,

we have lived here.



Before that time, I was a pet

of my master Yoshi...



mimicking his movements

from my cage...



and learning

the secret art of ninja.



When we were forced to come

to New York...



I found myself for the first

time without a home...



wandering the sewers, scavenging

for whatever I could find.



And then, one day...



I came upon

a shattered glass jar...



and four baby turtles.



That was us.



hut up.



The little ones were crawling

into a strange glowing ooze...



from a broken canister nearby.



I gathered them up

in an old coffee can...



and when

I awoke the next morning...



I received a shock,

for they had doubled in size.



l, too, was growing,

particularly in intellect...



and I was amazed at how

intelligent they seemed.



But nothing could have prepared

me for what happened next.



One of them spoke.



Pizza! Pizza!



More words followed,

and I began their training...



teaching them all that

I had learned from my master.



Radical! Radical! Radical!



And soon

I gave them all names...






- Michaelangelo...

- That's me.






and Raphael.



I'm not dreaming, am I?



I'm afraid not.



Are you guys sure you

know where you're going?



   th and Bleecker?



Nope. This is only  th street.



- Get it?

- Yuck.



I'd like

to invite you all in...



but I don't have anything to

offer you except frozen pizza.



Let's go for it!



You said the magic word.



- You guys eat pizza?

- Doesn't everybody?



Well, all right...



Did she say pizza?



o, you live

in an antique store?



- Yep. Pizza!

- Well, above, actually.



What do you guys

like on your pizza?



Just the regular stuff...

flies, stink bugs.



It was a joke.



Maybe I'll fight Apollo,

and maybe I won't, you know?



What do you think? Adrian!



Hey, I got another one!



- This is totally cool!

- Oh, no, not Cagney.



You dirty rat.

You killed my brother.



You dirty rat.



That must be

plinter's favorite.



It was a joke.



And speaking of which,

we better get going.



He worries.



I don't know what to say.



Will I ever see you guys again?






That depends on how fast

you stock your pizza.



ee you around.



- Bye.

- Later.



[Skipped item nr.    ]



No doubt about it.

he loved us!



It was the impressions.



- You wish.

- Hold it.



What's wrong?



Charles Pennington?



Yeah. Who's this?



You got a son

named Danny, Charles?



Who is it?



It's me, Charles.



It's my boss.



Can you guys...






Charles, what's up?



April... listen.



You have been working

awful hard on this story lately.



Why don't you take it easy

for a while?



Just let somebody else

handle it.



Just for a little while,

you know?



What are you talking about?

It's my story. No way.



Look at you. You're exhausted.



I just had a rough night.



Let somebody else

help you cover City Hall.



Charles, that's ridiculous.

What's with you today?



Nothing's with me today.



I just thought you might like

a little help.



I don't.

Hand me a towel, will you?



Where do you keep the towels?



What's wrong?



I just don't want you to see

my unsightly bathtub ring.



Out, out, out, out.



I have to get ready for work.



Are you sure you won't

reconsider about some help?



Danny, will you tell

your father to relax?



I wish.



Just don't push

any buttons today.



That was close.



Time to switch to decaf, April.



I don't get it, Danny.



I make more than enough money

to provide for both of us...



and you're stealing. Why?



- I don't know.

- You don't know?



What the heck were you doing

with a car stereo anyway?



Or don't you know that either?



- Orry.

- Orry?



Not as sorry as you're

going to be after school.



Danny, come back here!



Check it out, man.

Anything you guys want, we got.



Anything you want to do... do it.



Know what I'm saying? Anything.



You got any cigarettes?



Regular or menthol?



Read 'em and weep, boys.

Full house!



Go. Play.









Never lower your eyes

to an enemy.



Yes, Master Tatsu.



Master hredder.



Money cannot buy the honor

which you have earned tonight.



You make us all proud.



Only effort,

discipline, loyalty...



earn the right to wear

the Dragon dogi.



You are here because

the outside world rejects you.



This is your family.



I am your father.



I want you all to become

full members of The Foot.



There is a new enemy...



freaks of nature

who interfere with our business.



You are my eyes and ears.

Find them.



Together we will punish these...






These... turtles!






This is beginning

to sound less and less...



like your common,

garden-variety subway mugging.



he's a good reporter.



he's a babe!



...known as The Foot.



I'm sorry... The Foot?



I know it sounds like a funky

club for podiatrists...



but I've been speaking with

a lot of Japanese-Americans...



in the past few days who say

that our recent crime wave...



is reminiscent of a secret band

of ninja thieves...



who once operated in Japan.



Are the police

looking into this?



I've included everything

in my statement...



but I doubt very much

that Chief terns...



is taking this possible

connection seriously.



Well, perhaps

if any of our viewers...



Oh, God.



Mr. Pennington,

Chief terns' office.



Pennington, I thought

we had a deal!



You still haven't told us how

you got away from your attacker.



It's really quite incredible.



ome citizens of New York

actually came to my rescue.



Who says everyone in the

Big Apple looks the other way?



eriously, June, I would like

to take this opportunity...



to thank one of those

individuals in particular.



And if he's watching,

thanks, Raphael.






Hey, look.

I think he's blushing.



I am not.



I think he's

actually turning red.



Maybe not.



o what do we do now?



What do you mean,

what do we do now?



plinter's out there somewhere!



I know plinter's out there.



- Fight?

- Fight.



- Kitchen?

- Kitchen.



What are we gonna do about it?



What can we do about it?



April's our only link

to these guys.



We have to wait until she

comes up with something.



o that's the plan

from our great leader?



Just sit here on our butts.



I never said

I was a great leader.



You sure

act like it sometimes.



Well, you act like a jerk




And this attitude of yours

isn't helping anything.



Maybe I'll just take

my attitude and leave!



- Why don't you?

- I will!



- Good!

- Great!



Go ahead.

We don't need you!



- Pork rind?

- Pork rind.






Move it, will you?



You're letting him

blow right by you!



Can you believe this guy?



Don't just...



Ninja-kick the damn rabbit!

Do something!



April, you were great.



Thanks, Mikey.



he called me Mikey.



- Hear anything yet?

- Not yet.



They're going to repeat the

interview at  :   and at  :  ...



and we're going

to have to wait and see...



if it helps generate

any new information.



I told them

to call me here immediately...



if anyone calls the station.



Thanks, April.



We really appreciate,

you know, everything.



Forget it.



Where's Raphael?



I was going to give you guys

a tour of the store.



hall we go get him?



He just needs

to blow off some steam.



You must be studying the

abridged book of ninja fighting.



I mean, come on.



How do you guys

expect to beat me?



Good answer.



I only keep it open part-time,

mostly for my dad.



He loved junk. I don't know.



I guess it's kind of dumb

to lose money on a business...



just because

you miss your father.



No, it isn't.






This place has everything.



Just about.



Hasn't Raph

been gone a long time?



He does it all the time.

He likes it.



Are you sure?



Don't worry. He'll probably

be back any minute.



- Is he...

- No, he's alive... barely.



And I thought

insurance salesmen were pushy.



A fellow chucker, eh?



Keep practicing.



Take that!



One of these guys knows where

they're holding plinter...



so don't knock them all out.



I don't think

that will be a problem, Leo.






Hey, Donnie,

Wheel of Fortune, dude.



Bisentos now!



I guess

they're not game show fans.



And I thought

everybody loved Vanna.



California roll!



What a spaz.



Missed again.



Good thing these guys

aren't lumberjacks.



No joke.



The only thing safe

in the woods would be the trees.



Guys, I'm not so sure if this

is, structurally speaking...



such a good time

for your buddies to drop in.



Whoa, wipeout.



Man, we could really use

Raph right about now.



Now what?



You guys mind telling me...



what you're doing to

my little green pal over there?



Who is the babe?



Who the heck is that?



Wayne Gretzky on steroids?






We got to get out of here.



Help me. There used to be

a trapdoor here to the basement.



Come on, you all! Three more!



We're getting out of here.



Get away, man.

I'll take care of these guys.



You coming?



I'll cover you.



Good idea.



Hi, this is April.

Leave a message after the beep.



April, it's Charles.



I'm sorry. I don't know

how else to say this.



You're fired, April.



I'm sorry.

I know this comes as a blow.



You can say that again, Chuck.



Come on!



Bye, guys. Got to run.



Ninja, vanish.



What are these... freaks?



How do they know how

to fight like this?



You will answer.



Then hang there until you die.



Master Tatsu, stop, please.



Please, stop it.






You'll be all right.



How can a face so young

wear so many burdens?



o, you can talk.



Yes, and I can also listen.



ome say that the path

from inner turmoil...



begins with a friendly ear.



My ear is open

if you care to use it.



I don't think so.



What is your name?



And have you no one to go to,

Danny? No parent?



My dad couldn't

care less about me.



I doubt that is true.






All fathers care for their sons.



- How's Raphael?

- Not so good.



Didn't they use this place

in The Grapes of Wrath?



Very funny.



I told you, I haven't been

up here in years.



Can you fix it?



Does that answer your question?



The block's got a crack

the size of the an Andreas.






I guess

I've got some walking to do.



What for?



Our nearest neighbor

is about four miles away.



I need to get to a phone,

and I need to call my boss.



You mean Charles?



How did you know that?



He left a message on your

machine just before we got out.



You just saved yourself

an eight-mile round-tripper.



You were fired.



I just saved myself...



Did you take classes

in insensitivity?



I was just trying

to break it to you easy.



You failed miserably!



Broadzilla, you wouldn't be

here if it weren't for me.



And what do you want?

Do you want a thank you?



It's me who should thank you

for that privilege, right?






Thank you.



You're welcome!



It's kind of like Moonlighting,

isn't it?



It's strange being back

on the old farm.



Even after all these years,

it still feels like home.



My amazing new friends...



have suffered

their first real defeat.



That's bad enough, but they've

also lost the opportunity...



to find out

about their mentor...



and I'm sure that hurts them

more than anything else.



Each of them deals with

this confusion in his own way.



Donatello has found

someone to latch onto.



Not even close, zip neck.



The Professor and Mary Ann,

happily ever after.



No way, atomic mouth.

Gilligan was her main man.



They'd be married

and have six kids by now.



Gilligan was a geek,




You're the geek, camel breath.



Dome head.



Elf lips.



Let's give this a try.



ee if this transplant

worked... fungoid.



Here goes. What are we on?






Here goes, gack face.



I'm ready, hose brain.



It worked.



Leonardo, meanwhile, has kept

a constant vigil with Raphael.



He'll be OK.



And then there's Casey Jones...



a nine-year-old

trapped in a man's body.



He might almost be cute if it

wasn't for that pigheadedness.



He's out with the others,




Doing something together,

I don't know.



Want some help?



I don't know.



I am your man.

I am Mr. Fix-it.



Let's go.



Lead the way, toots.















Do you want to throw me a clue

here? I'm drowning.



You know what? That's OK.



I'll take care of it myself.



That's up to you.



Just don't come around here

asking for my help anymore.



I wouldn't

ask for your help...



if you were the last thing

on the face of this planet.



It's coming along nicely.






You're awake!

How do you feel?



What's a guy got to do to get

some food around here?



He's awake!



He wants some food!

Bring some food!



You're going to be OK, Raph.



Get a grip, will you?



Listen, Raph...



About what I said before...



About not needing you and all...



Leo, don't.



Oh, boy, we missed you.



It's a Kodak moment.



The Turtles are four

once again...



and yet, still not whole.



A lingering doubt remains...



an unknown which

they can't bear to face...



their greatest fear.



Your empire flourishes,

Master hredder.



What more from the rat?



Nothing. It will not speak.



And the boy

who led us to the turtles?



He is still missing.



I do not understand.



Why do the turtles

trouble you, Master?



They have not been seen

for many days.



omething about the way you

described their fighting...



something familiar.



omething... from the past.






Funny, Mikey.



What Russian novel, embracing

more than     characters...



is set in the Napoleonic Wars?



War and Peace.



He's alive!



Thanks, spaz.



plinter's alive!



We know, Leo. Of course he is.



We all think he's alive.



I don't think.



I know.



Leo, if you dragged us

out here for nothing...



Don't worry. I came prepared.



Put those away.



Everybody close your eyes

and concentrate.



Concentrate hard.



I am proud of you, my sons.



Tonight you have learned...



the final and greatest truth

of the ninja...



that ultimate mastery comes

not of the body...



but of the mind.



Together, there is nothing...



your four minds

cannot accomplish.



Help each other.

Draw upon one another.



And always remember

the true force that binds you...



the same as that which

brought me here tonight...



that which I gladly return

with my final words.



I love you all, my sons.



o you actually

played professionally?



Before I got hurt.



Less than a year.



I'm sorry.



o was I.



Just a minute.



Guys, I told you...



I hate it when

you do that, all right?



What is it?



It's time to go back.



Home sweet home.



Now I know what it's like

to travel without a green card.



This isn't bad.

Nice place, guys.



You coming or not, dude?



This is great.



First, it's the farm

that time forgot, and now this.



Why don't I ever fall in

with people who own condos?



Guess it's hard to get

good maid service in a sewer.



Maybe you guys should try




Would you quit complaining?

It's just for the night.



I still don't see why we don't

get started right away.



It's been a long drive, Raph...



and before we go out advertising

to The Foot that we're back...



we could all use

a few hours' sleep.



You're right. I'm just...



What's that?



Don't shoot!



I don't think it's loaded, kid.



Danny, what are you doing here?



- Hey, where'd he come from?

- Beats me.



I ran away from home.



Your father's

going to have kittens.



Does this thing work?



Please don't call.



Just let me stay here

the night with you.



We can call in the morning.

I promise.



Danny, listen...



Hold on.



What is all this talk about

spending the night down here?



You're a claustrophobic.



Do you want a fist in the mouth?



I've never even looked

at another guy before.



What he means is that you're

afraid of enclosed areas.






What, me?

Is that what you think?



I don't have to take

this stuff about being afraid.



I'm going to sleep in the truck.



These are good.



Do you think

maybe I could have one?



ure. Why not?



I could really go...



for a little deep-dish action

right about now.



I had some pizza down here

the other day.



There might be some left over.



- Well?

- Question.



Do you like penicillin

on your pizza?



"Afraid of enclosed areas."



You are here because

the outside world rejects you.



And you have

no one to go to, Danny?



This is your family.



All fathers

care for their sons.



Look out, man.



I have not seen you for days.



I've been down

at my hideout a lot lately.



And do you now hide from

your surrogate family as well?



I don't know.



l, too, once

had a family, Danny.



Many years ago,

I lived in Japan...



a pet of my master Yoshi...



mimicking his movements

from my cage...



and learning the mysterious art

of ninjitsu.



For Yoshi was one of Japan's

finest shadow warriors.



His only rival was a man

named Oruku aki...



and they competed

in all things...



but none more fiercely

than for the love of a woman...



Tang hen.



hen's love

was only for my master...



and rather than see him fight

aki for her hand...



she persuaded Yoshi

to flee with me to America.



But aki vowed vengeance.



I remember it well

as my master returned home...



to find his beloved hen

lying on the floor.



And then he saw her killer.



aki wasted no words,

and during the struggle...



my cage was broken.



I leapt to aki's face,

biting and clawing...



but he threw me to the floor...



and took one swipe with

his katana, slicing my ear.



Then he was gone,

and I was alone.



Whatever happened

to this Oruku aki?



No one really knows.



But you wear his symbol

upon your brow.



What are you

doing in there, boy?






Where have you been?






You're lying to me.



And you're hiding

something as well.



They're back!






There will be

no mistake this time.



I go myself.



And the rat...



kill it.



What do you want?



Recognize me now, kid?



What's the deal?



You got to come with me!



What are you talking about,

come with you?



They're going to kill plinter.



No sweat.



I do hope

there's more of them.






Where are the keys?



Who are you?



The name's Casey Jones.



A friend.



Let's get out of here.



A little to the right...

A little to the left.



One more time.



A little bit

more like... that!



And stop. Perfect.



You're a natural, sis.



A little Primatene might just

help to clear that up there.



That's going to cost you,




I don't think

that you're listening.



You know,

I'm starting to pick up...



on a little language barrier

thing going here.






I'll never call golf

a dull game again.









What are we just standing

here for? Let's get him!



Do you want to be first, Junior?



We have a loyalty

to The hredder.



The hredder uses you.



He poisons your minds to obtain

that which he desires.



He cares nothing for you

or the people you hurt.



We're a family.



Family? Is that what you said?



You call this here

and that down there "family"?



Hey, dudes, where you going?



Donnie, looks like this one's

suffering from shell shock.



Too derivative.



Boy, I guess we can

really shell it out.



Too cliche.



Well, it was

a shell of a good hit.



I like it. Tep up.






Where do you think you're going?



Wait for me!



God, I love being a turtle!



Aw, no more?



Does anybody have any idea

about who or what this is?



I don't know...



but I'll bet it never has

to look for a can opener.



You fight well

in the old style...



but you've caused me

enough trouble.



Now you face...



The hredder.



Maybe all that hardware's

for making coleslaw.



I got him.



This guy's good.



Why don't you go next?



Match you for it?



Damn. Great.



Come on.



o much for family.



Now... at exactly what point...



did we lose control here?



Maybe somebody ought to tell

him that we're the good guys.



Any thoughts?



I've only got one thought.



This guy knows

where plinter is.



Looks like your boys are

going to need a little...



Where did he go?






It's a talent.



Where's plinter?



Ah, the rat.



o it has a name.



It had a name.



You lie!



Do I?



He dies.












The three of you

might have overpowered me...



with the loss of but one.



Now your fate will be his!



Yes, Oruku aki,

I know who you are.



We met many years ago...



in the home of my master...

Hamato Yoshi.



It's him.



Now I will finish

what I began with your ear.



Death comes for us all,

Oruku aki...



but something much worse

comes for you.



For when you die, it will be...



Without honor.



plinter, are you OK?



We were so worried.






All right, guys,

let's get to it.



April, here.



What's this for?



It's something I owe you.



Trust me.






Where have you been?



I've had the whole city

looking for you.



Are you all right?



It's OK, Dad. I'm OK, really.



And, Dad?



It's just Dan now, OK?



What have you been up to, freak?



I want some stretchers in here.

Get some doctors.



On the sidewalk. Don't move.



Get those kids over there.



Don't let them get away.

I want to talk to them.



April, I told you

there were circumstances.



I really need you to cover this.



I don't know, Charles.



Did you know that May Williams

over at Channel Five...



has her own office?



You can have an office.



he has her own corner office.



You can have a corner office.



But she's also one of the

highest-paid field reporters...



in New York City.



Now you are.



You are a tough negotiator,




I want some answers.



What in God's name

happened out here tonight?



omebody better talk to me.



Go check out the east warehouse

over at Lairdman Island.



You'll get your answers there.



Let's go.



I've been looking

all over for you.



Casey, hi.






I look like I just called

Mike Tyson a sissy.



And all you just say is hi?



You don't need

an ambulance, do you?



No, but... I was...



Will you just shut up

and kiss me?



I got a report to do.



I love it when you're pushy.



 .  !



That's the way to go!



We were awesome!















Totally tubular, dude.









Uh, mega...



I have always liked...






I made a funny.


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