Tequilla Sunrise Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Tequilla Sunrise script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Mel Gibson and Michelle Pfeiffer movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Tequilla Sunrise. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Tequilla Sunrise Script



            Whose idea was this?

            What idea?

            Meeting here.


            -Why? -It looks like we're dealing dope.

            You like static?

            It's tough getting FM, okay?

            Under a freeway and high tension wires.

            These guys are late. What time were they going to meet you?

            - :  . -Yeah, they're real late.

            Okay, what do I do about it now?

            Why don 't you just back up and see if you can get K-EARTH?

            Boy, this is not cool. He ought to lower his brights, at least.

            Lights, goddamn it!

            Jesus Christ! We're just meeting here...

            ... to make sure we weren 't followed.

            Christ, how did I get here?

            He's got the cash. Now we got to go weigh it and test it.

            Why notjust do it on the hood of the car?

            Stop here.

            What are you looking at?

            Peanut shells.

            Right! Jesus!

            Go in the room and leave the door unlocked. I'll be there soon.

            What were you doing?

            Who is it?

            It's Leland, Dan.

            -Andy, how you doing, baby? -Great.

            Say hello to Nick. Nick's my partner.

            Hold it.

            Who the fuck is that?

            It's a friend.

            He's not my friend. And I got all the friends I need.

            He's my ride. He drove me, that's all.

            Let him wait in the car. I don't like meeting strangers.

            Really, he's just a friend of mine.

            Hey, that's cool.

            Just let me take a quick leak and I'll be out of here.

            Deal's still good.

            How do you want to weigh and test it?

            We'll work it out, Andy.

            Maybe you shouldn't be looking for any new faces in your life, either.

            Fine with me. I'll wait outside.

            -I thought you retired. -I am retired.

            -Then what are you doing here? -A favor.

            You mean, a felony favor.

            A client paid him with coke.

            I'm holding his hand while he sells it.

            Man, that is one flimsy fucking excuse.

            He also says his customer asks more questions about me than the dope.

            My phones have funny little noises on them.

            You're setting me up, Nick.

            Not tonight, pal. I got here by accident.

            Talk about a flimsy fucking excuse!

            Later. This is going down right now.

            And do yourself a favor. Don't go back to the car.

            Don't you go back to the room. There's no evidence.

            I'm sorry. I couldn't afford to have him busted, as dumb as he is.

            He's my lawyer.

            Who authorized this shit?

            You did, lieutenant.

            Look, that's what we were told, okay?

            What a waste of time.

            Units     and   return to parking lot.

            Units   and  ...

            ...check all of the exits and the stairwell. Look at those vents....

            Got a runner going across the freeway!

            Fucking-A!    minutes.

              Must be the only fucking phone I've ever met that don't. . . .

              Get in there!

              -Vallenari's. Good evening. -Hi, this is Dale McKussic.

              Mr. McKussic, I'm sorry. It's a little noisy in here.

              Aren 't we seeing you this evening?

              I don't think I'll make my reservation.

              I'm going to be a little late.

              How late will you be?

              I don't know. How late is the kitchen open?

              Tell me something, Hal.

              When you asked me to help, did you know who you were asking me to bust?

              I knew who it was. Why didn't you bust him?

              You know that too.

              He's a friend of mine.

              I'll tell you what I heard when I came to L.A.

              Nick won't work South Bay because he won't bust McKussic.

              Tonight you proved that. You not only let him walk. . .

              . . .you kicked him out and gave him a personal escort. Why?

              Because you're predictable, Hal. You're very predictable.

              Mac saw you coming a mile away.

              How did you know he wasn't holding?

              Was Andy Leonard? You busted him.

              No coke. No sale. No conspiracy to sell.

              All you've got is a conversation. . .

              . . .with a chickenshit Century City lawyer.

              And an entrapment lawsuit.

              Mac's lawyers would make mincemeat of you.

              I let him walk to save you from a bad bust.

              I did you a favor.

              -Mr. McKussic, how are you? -Fine, thanks.

              What is it?

              It's McKussic.

              You're kidding.

              He's in and out of this place all the time.

              Andy Leonard's the lawyer for this restaurant.

              McKussic and the Vallenaris talk drugs and money?

              They're careful what they say.

              Let me hear.

              I told you they're real careful.

              I'm sure you're right. Could I hear?

              Yeah, sure!

              In that case, why don 't I give you a taste...

              ...of something different tonight?

              How about...



              Rigatoni quattro formaggi, a creamy blend of four Italian cheeses.

              Fontina, taleggio, gorgonzola, and parmigiano.

              Sounds good.

              Sounds good to me too.

              Look, before we spend another $     to hear what Mac eats. . .

              . . .take my guys off the clock and let me ask him.

              Unless you guarantee the Feds are picking up the tab tonight.

              What's good?

              Everything. Why, are you hungry?

              I missed dinner.

              -What are you having? -Pasta.

              Something like rigatoni quattro formaggi?

              Good guess.

              Dinner's over, Bart. Pay the tab at the bar.

              L.A. Narcotics and the D.E.A. . . .

              . . .are arguing about what you're doing here.


              You deal drugs and don't pay taxes.

              I'm not active these days.

              But you're a legend around here. Not only that, you're white.

              They figure they'll be able to see your picture in the paper.

              So what do you figure, Nick?

              I made lieutenant.

              It'll be announced next week.

              I'm the head of Narcotics for L.A. County.


              That's all you got to say?

              What about your law degree? Getting into the D.A.'s. . . .

              Forget about my career. The Feds swear you're doing business here.

              I'm not, here or anywhere. And you couldn't catch me if I was.

              Try the sand dabs.

              Try the sand dabs.

              Here, look. Watch!

              That's terrific.

              You know, I just. . .

              . . .think something's going on.

              I'm still a detective even when there's no crime.

              What do you think's going on?

              Something you don't want me to know.

              How are we treating you this evening, Mr. McKussic?

              Fine, thank you.

              -Can I offer you anything more? -More?

              There are two excellent fish you haven't tried.

              -Sure. -What are they?

              I thought I'd surprise you.

              This is my friend, Nick Frescia.

              A pleasure, Jo Ann Vallenari. A plate for you?

              I've got to be going.

              -Try us another night. -What I tried tonight was terrific.

              I'm pleased to hear it.

              She's attractive.

              So, how about it?

              How about what?

              Whatever you're doing. . .

              . . .do it somewhere else, and don't make me look bad.

              There is one last thing.

              There's no new business. It's an accounting problem.

              The Colombians. Another discrepancy about money.

              Sure. They don't know how to count.

              I got your word?


              One more thing.

              How about another bite of that fish? That's great!

              -I give him two drinks. -That's two too many.

              If my brother sees Nino like this. . . .

              What will he do, fire him?

              He won't fire the chef, Arturo.

              But one less bartender is not a problem.

              -He can't drive that car. -He can have mine.

              Your Cadillac? You want to kill him?

              I'll drive.

              I go dance.

              -No, you're going home. -Why?

              In the course of last night. . .

              . . .something came up which persuaded me. . .

              . . .that Mac dining in that place is a non-drug related activity.

              He won't get away with what he's done for    years and just retire.

              What do you suggest?

              I suggest you make sure we have a case.

              After all, what are friends for?

              We haven 't seen you in a while.

              I've been a little busy lately. And I took a break, you know?

              Did you go away for Thanksgiving?

              Yeah, I went up to Aspen and put the skids on.

              -Put skids on? -Yeah, I went skiing.

              -Are you good? -No.

              Well, passing.

              I'm not an expert. Are you?


              You should go sometime. It's fun.

              Maybe I will.

              What the fuck is the matter with you?

              I don't need you flying in from Washington. . .

              . . .taking over my office, telling me to manufacture evidence.

              This is my backyard, Hal! I don't grow weeds in it so I can pull them.

              I swear to God I wasn't using you. I was just trying to pay some bills.

              Now you got another one to pay.

              And if I don't come through, these guys'll kill me.

              They won't kill you. They'll probably just break your legs.

              Here comes the money junkie.

              I've been calling and calling. I just broke a fucking nail!

              I sent your lawyer the check, Shaleen.

              Tomorrow's the first. You might as well write another one.

              I'm at a critical point. This business requires cash.

              So do I. Sorry, I'm not starving so you can tell your little boy. . .

              . . .you're a rubber hose salesman, not a drug dealer.

              Cody gets old enough to ask what his father does for a living. . .

              . . .suddenly he has a conscience.

              Greg, I'll deal with that other stuff later.

              Leave my kid out of this.

              Our kid.

              Anyway, I need another      .

              -The Mercedes burned up. -The SLC?

              It's under warranty. Take it back, make them fix it.

              You know those assholes. They claim l didn't have any oil in the engine.

              I made an improper suggestion.

              I overreacted. It was uncalled for.

              No. It was my fault.

              Look, I'll lay my cards on the table.

              Any questions about our operation. . .

              . . .go ahead, ask me. Shoot.

              Who's your snitch?

              I can't tell you that.

              We got to start somewhere.

              How about. . .July        ?

              ''Frescia and McKussic were arrested. . .

              . . .for curfew violation on Hermosa Beach. ''

                years later you were with Mac. . .

              . . .when he was busted for drugs on Rosarito Beach.

              No, he was on the beach.

              I was in the water.

              Otherwise I'd have ended up in the same Mexican jail for   years.

              What can I say?

              You have really done your homework.

              This is not about you being a cop.

              I know you're one of the best.

              You're close to Mac.

              Mac is close to Carlos, who is coming to town.

              Who says?

              He's getting ready to move       kilos of coke. . .

              . . .personally.

              That's the word.

              For $     a week,

              a local snitch will tell you anything you want to hear.

              I'm hearing it from the Federal Mexican Police,

              and I'm not paying them.

              You say this is your back yard.

              Has CarIos ever made a move in it without Mac's heIp?

              If Carlos is back in town, Mac's back in business.

              What do you want?

              -Use Mac to get to Carlos. -How?

              Any way you can.

              If Mac's clean, it will do him a lot of damage.

              Say he is working with Carlos and we bust him.

              I will personally guarantee that Mac. . .

              . . .doesn't stand trial in federal court.

              You're liable to save him    years of his life.

              I cleared out of your office.

              -It's me, Mac. -Hey, my buddy. Qué pasa?

              No, you called me, buddy.

              Not now. They watch me everywhere I go.

              I'm telling you, there's renewed interest in me here.

              My cousin used my name as a guarantee of delivery.

              I'm not worried about my cousin. It's you.

              Don't come here now. Not now.

              Your chef's visa has expired.

              He has a work permit.

              My brother has an immigration lawyer working to get Nino his green card.

              Andy Leonard?

              Have you seen Andy Leonard in your restaurant with Dale McKussic?

              Yes, they're both very good customers.

              -What's that? -What's what?

              A ''good customer. ''

              Someone who is on time.

              Who doesn't make personal requests or demands for unusual dishes.

              In other words, you're telling us. . .

              . . .you've never had to satisfy any personal requests for Mr. McKussic.

              No, he usually orders off the menu. Who are you and what's this about?

              Agent Maguire.

              Federal Drug Enforcement.

              Has Andy Leonard been arrested on some sort of drug charge?

              We arrested him.

              You think my restaurant is involved?

              Leonard's in there all the time.

              So is the District Attorney. Does he sell drugs in my restaurant?

              Leonard doesn't have dinner with the D.A. He does with McKussic.

              You think Mr. McKussic sells drugs there?


              All I do is see him eat.

              Miss Vallenari, we know how important your chef is to you.

              We have our problems. We certainly. . .

              . . .don't have to help lmmigration with theirs.

              In other words, if I'll spy on my customers. . .

              . . .my chef won't be deported for drunk driving?

              I didn't say that.

              Don't bother to explain.

              At  :   I'll be seating my lawyer and his ex-partner, a federal judge.

              I'm sure they'll explain to me what you meant.

              Hello, I'm Lieutenant Frescia from the Sheriff's Department.

              We've met. . .with Mr. McKussic.

              Absolutely. And when you sue him. . .

              . . .I don't want to be anywhere in sight. Get me out of here.

              Arturo will come for it.

              -Take care of it. -Everything okay?

              Somebody dropped last night's evidence. . .

              . . .including Nino's urine specimen.

              What's that mean?

              It means we'll have to drop the case.

              No court?

              No court.

              Take it easy, for Chrissake! I work here.

              What's on your mind?

              The way I met you with Mr. McKussic. You seemed like friends.

              I'm sorry. It's really none of my business.

              You've been terrific.

              Don't worry about it.

              Just buy me dinner one of these days.

              Any goddamn day you want.

              Thank you so much.

              We got the word your friend has got a deal cooking.

              We're going to nail him.

              If anybody can do it, you can.

              Why'd you let her chef go?

              She's tough, isn't she?

              -She beat the shit out of you. -The hell she did.

              The hell she didn't. Ask anybody.

              What you got going on here?

              Where've you been? I've been looking for you.

              In Chula Vista, selling farm equipment.

              What are the Sin Sisters doing here?

              Just cranking on the coke.

              I'm just kidding. They're just leaving.

              What can I do for you? I'll do anything.

              Name it.

              Start by cleaning off that table, and get some new paddles and balls.

              Suddenly up for Ping-pong?

              And drop something off at Vallenari's for me.

              -Who for? -Jo Ann Vallenari.

              -Aren't you going there tonight? -I want to clean up first.

              Besides, she can look that over before we talk.

              -Could you give it a rest? -Whatever, man. I hear you.

              What is it?

              The cop. He's waiting for you.

              How nice.

              Not nice, he thinks he did you a favor.

              And cops are the worst barflies.

              It's not worth it, I tell you.

              You just don't like his looks, Arturo.

              It's quite an experience to watch you work.

              Like you're in a play, everything's on cue.

              You're kind of letter-perfect.

              Do you ever flub your lines?

              Are you politely suggesting I lack spontaneity?

              Have you seen Mac?

              He's going to ask you to cater a party.

              That is our business.

              We think it involves his business.

              Are you suggesting I refuse because it's a party for drug dealers?

              But if it's for this one particular guy, he's particularly unpleasant.

              -You mean violent? -No, I doubt that.

              Unless he doesn't like your lasagne.

              I'm sure Mr. McKussic's friend will be well-behaved.

              Why would you call him a friend?

              A figure of speech. Who else would you give a party for?

              A business associate.

              As it happens, Carlos and Mac are friends.

              And you and Mac are friends.

              That's right.

              Sounds like a friendly situation all around.

              Not exactly.

              Nobody knows Carlos. Nobody knows what he looks like but Mac.

              You want me to spy on a customer so you can find out what he looks like?

              Absolutely not!

              Let's not discuss my business or his business or your business.

              But that leaves nothing to talk about.

              Let's eat.

              She's having dinner with him.

              She can't be.

              The chef is with them right now checking out their Caesar salads.

              Do you want me to drop off the envelope anyway?

              Yeah, I'm beat. I'll never make it in there.


              You meet at Orville and Wilbur's every Christmas.

              He throws his Chevrolet keys on the bar.

              You throw your Porsche keys on the bar.

              You pick up your drink with a gold Rolex on your wrist.

              He wears a Timex.

              Even if he wasn't a cop he'd hate your guts.

              Deputies seized over     kilos of cocaine...

              ...a street value of $   million.

              Street value $   million.

              What street is that?

              You show me how to get there just once.

              Man, aren't you listening to me?

              Nick Frescia came in that restaurant looking for a way to bust your buns.

              He's going to have to drag me out of bed to do it.

              I'm under the weather. . .heavily.

              What I'm telling you is for your own good.

              -That swordfish was great. -Excellent piece.

              -And the Cristal. -You know it.

              We serve it at the Lomita station.

              What do cops drink?

              Depends. I tell my men to avoid vodka.

              -And stick to Scotch and bourbon. -Why?

              So the brass will know they're drunk, not stupid.

              -You have an answer for everything. -So do you.

              You answered Maguire's questions like you were reading off a menu.

              Your keys.

              And yours.

              Want me to lock up?

              I will. Make sure the kitchen is closed.

              Good night, Arturo.

              You were saying.

              You're still suspicious of me and Mr. McKussic.

              You think we're in business together.

              I don't date the customers, Nick.

              Especially when they drive $      cars and always pay in cash.

              Then you'd heard about Mac.

              You hear everything in a restaurant.

              He's never asked you out?

              You're still suspicious.

              lf I was, you'd talk me out of it.

              That's not it.

              No, you're suspicious of any woman who hasn't slept with you.

              Jo Ann. . .

              . . .that is a wildly off-the-wall assumption on your part.

              What is it? Do you need some Chap Stick or lip gloss?

              Your lips get stuck on your teeth, or is that your idea of a smile?

              That's my idea of a smile.

              You are, you're tough.

              You're a bad boy, Nick.

              You're a very bad boy.

              What's this mean?

              Redondo Union High.

              You smoked in high school?

              We were a bunch of rowdies, Jo Ann.

              How about an espresso?

              I've got to lock up and I'll never do it like this.

              Oh, no!

              What are you doing?

              I want this under there.

              You'll get dirty.

              The skylight's indented so rain. . .

              . . .fills it up into a puddle until it becomes a pond, and then. . . .

              And then what?

              And then you're all wet.

              I'm sorry. I should have just left it.

              I don 't know what it is...

              ...about going to high school with someone...

              ... that makes you feel you're automatically friends for life.

              Who says?

              Who says friendship lasts forever?

              We'd all like to, maybe...

              ...but maybe itjust wears out like everything else.

              Like tires.

              There's just so much mileage in them and then you're on nothing but air.

              Keep your shirt on.

              Any word on where McKussic's giving the party?

              How would I know? I'm waiting to hear it from your snitch.

              I keep coming back to this. What do you think?

              Excuse me. This is a personal call.

              How about a movie?

              I can 't tonight. We're booked solid.

              This afternoon.

              -Don 't you ever work? -Yeah, I'm working now.

              Don't say that or I'll believe you. I always believe the worst.

              I'm going to die if I don't see you.

              We can't have that.

              Check out the competition with me this week. . .

              . . .and we can both keep working.

              -Where's Jo Ann? -She's taking a few days off.

              Your table is ready. I'll have the drink sent over.

              Where the fuck have you been?

              Working my ass off.

              Mac's party is next week at his house at   :   P.M. for    guests.

              You like cappuccino?

              We got two coming out.

              Down front, two males.

              I got them.

              She won 't talk as long as the checks keep coming.


              -What's so funny? -That dogcatcher.

              -He's not catching the dog. -That's right.

              Wrong size handcuffs.

              I'm leaving right now.

              Thank you. Nice food.

              Thank you. Nice party.

              You're a real magician. I was surprised.

              Well, it was a surprise party.

              -Did it surprise your boy? -Oh, yes.

              Not as much as it surprised the    cops on the beach.

              You're going to tell me that's a surprise?


              Mr. Frescia said it was possible the police might be watching you.

              Did he say why?


              Do you want me to be specific?

              I'd appreciate that.

              He said that you were a serious drug dealer.

              You promised to quit, but you lied and are still doing it.

              He called me a drug dealer and a liar?

              Bummer! I guess I can't blame you.

              For what?

              Telling Nick about the party. Thanks again.

              I didn't tell Nick about the party.

              He told me.

              What was I supposed to do?

              I didn't know it was for your child's birthday.

              I didn't even know you had a child.

              I thought it was for a ''Carlos. ''

              Just pretend like none of this ever happened.

              The harbor patrol is involved?

              To do surveillance in the marina.

              Boats are in the marina.

              You see, this is a house.

              A house is not going to float away. It's not going to fucking move!

              Yeah, put him through.

              How you doing?

              In my office. And you?

              In my office.

              I was wondering if we can get together somewhere?

              Yes, any particular time?

              How about right now?

              Sure, why not?

              You say he's giving a party soon.

              Hang on.

              -And Carlos is coming to town soon. -Who's your snitch?

              He hasn't gotten a damn thing right.

              You look for Mac in L.A., he's in San Francisco.

              You go for Carlos, you get Mac's kid.

              Sin Sisters?

              Listen, I'm not authorizing any more county funds. . .

              . . .unless you get someone who can actually identify Carlos.

              What are you talking about? Is he right there?

              Just about.

              Everything all right?

              Why did you try to get me kicked out of my favorite restaurant?

              You told Jo Ann about me, didn't you?

              Yeah, I did.

              You got a reason?

              I didn't want her getting hurt.

              Is that why you told her about Carlos?

              So she could identify him?

              Is that your way of making sure she doesn't get hurt?

              Okay, I fucked up.

              I've been seeing a lot of Jo Ann and it affected my judgment here.

              If you want to go after Carlos, go after him.

              Just don't use me to do it, okay?

              I don't get it.

              He saves your life in a Mexican prison, so you owe him for    years?

              -None of my business. -Exactly.

              By the way, you told Jo Ann about the party, didn't you?

              No. You got it backwards.

              She told me.

              Then I guess she got it backwards, huh?

              That's understandable.

              You confronting her like that, she probably got flustered.

              After all. . .

              . . .she's not used to that.

              She's a very traditional girl.

              By the way, wish Cody a happy birthday for me, will you?


              Would you hold, please?

              What do I do with Mr. McCussky's tip?

              McKussic. Divide it among the waiters, like you normally do.

              -It was a pretty good tip. -What do you mean?

              His bill is $    . . .

              . . .and his tip is $    .

              There's $     in there?

              Must have been a pretty good party.

              Arturo, give me that envelope.

              If you want Mac. . .

              . . .he's down at the competition.

              Cody, get away from the pier!

              -Holy smoke, it's you! -Yes, it is.

              Look, I don't want your money. I don't want any of it.

              How come?

              What did you think you were paying for?

              What? If it's not enough. . . .

              No, it's not enough. Did you think you could buy me?

              -Buy you what? -There's $     in there!

              Lower your voice. Someone will think something's going down. $    ?

              -Right! -I must have grabbed the hundreds.

              You owe me.

              What? This was a mistake?

              Wrong envelope. Shaleen must have the fifties.

              She'll be pissed.

              What did you think I was trying to buy for $    ?

              -Man, you all right? -Yeah, I'm fine. He's hurt.

              Could you get everybody out of here?

              I'll get the gate.

              What do you see?

              A Kleenex.

              Blow your nose on that!

              Still hurt?

              I feel like shit. Mom's going to blame this on you.

              Cody, watch your language.

              How about I send over some angel hair pasta?

              Would you like that?

              Thank you.

              Be well, Cody.

              I don't know what I'd have done if you hadn't come along.

              Greg had my car.

              I'm sorry, I don't usually do things like that.

              They make you sign forms when your kid's neck. . . .

              Why don't you sit down?

              I'll just have some Herradura.

              Your boy lives with you?

              -That depends. -On what?

              Money and his mama's mood.

              Haven't you had enough?

              You want to hear if Cody wakes up and needs something, don't you?

              You won't answer me?

              I don't think you really want me to.

              Yes, I do.

              I'll answer any question you ask. How about that?

              Bet I know the first one.

              What's that?

              How can you feel about your boy the way you do and sell drugs?

              Cocaine. It is cocaine, isn't it?

              -It was. -But not anymore?

              You were with Andy Leonard when he was arrested.

              Nick tell you that?

              You weren't with him?

              I was with him.

              And you weren't selling cocaine?

              No, I wasn't.

              He was.

              Then what were you doing?

              Trying to teach him how to sell it.

              You're serious.

              That's what it came to. He's smart enough to be a lawyer. . .

              . . .but too dumb to be a crook.

              -You had to get something. -He's my lawyer.

              He's your lawyer, too.

              So he's your lawyer and he's my lawyer. What does that do for you?

              I pretty much knew that you knew. . .

              . . .what I had done for a living. I wanted him to let you know. . .

              . . .that I now had a legitimate business.

              Naturally, I didn't want him busted.

              So you thought Andy Leonard would give you respectability?

              Yes, ma'am.

              What do you need it for?


              So if I asked you out, maybe you'd accept.

              You don't need a lawyer for that.

              Dating is not a criminal activity. I think your. . .

              . . .profession has clouded your judgment here.

              I'm flattered and I. . .

              . . .I believe you.

              It was awful dumb.

              I'm late as hell.

              Pour me a glass of champagne.

              You'll never believe what happened.

              If it's bad news, I believe it.

              I returned McKussic's money.

              You gave back my tip. I don't believe it.

              Good evening, Lieutenant.

              -You're early. -You're late.

              -Disappointed? -Yeah. What kept you?

              You don't want to know. We're over here.

              No, we're not.

              -Where do you suggest? -The wine cellar, where else?

              Nick, come on. Stop kidding around. I mean it.

              I have customers all over the place.

              I'll scream.

              That won't be necessary, seòorita.

              May I present Commandante Xavier Escalante-Portero y Vega. . .

              . . .of the Mexican Federales.

              Lt. Frescia has alarmed you.

              I surprised her with a private party in the wine cellar.

              Because I phoned and made reservations.

              She arrived late and didn't realize we were here.

              You go to a good deal of trouble to explain an inconsequential event.

              Hal. You remember Jo Ann Vallenari.

              Yes, of course. How are you?

              Nice to see you.

              You were going to tell me about your day.

              Oh, with Mr. McKussic.

              You were with Mac? How come?

              -Is this a professional question? -Purely personal.

              Please, the judge is waiting for you.

              I'll be right back.

              -I hope we didn't keep you waiting. -Not at all.

              Here's a green card for Nino. I had to pull some strings.

              Come on, Escalante's waiting.

              He has a token of his friendship.

              A gun.

              He's Mexican. What can I tell you?

              You wanted someone to I.D. Carlos. I've got him for you.

              I've worked with him for   years.

              He doesn't get involved in an operation. . .

              . . .unless he can bring it off.

              Don't mess with him.

              You can mess with her anytime.

              Think it was an accident Nino was arrested for drunk driving?

              Frescia had the police waiting for him every night.


              He figured you knew more about Mac, and used Nino to find out.

              How's the judge involved?

              He's the Federal judge Frescia went to for the deportation order.

              I told the judge he was about to deport his fettucini verde...

              . . .his ossobuco and his rigatoni quattro formaggi.

              Informants assure us Carlos will contact McKussic. . .

              . . .before he does business elsewhere.

              Would he risk going to McKussic's house?

              He hardly expects me to be there to identify him, Mr. Maguire.

              After all, beaches are a crowded, friendly place, aren't they?

              People don't wear much in the way of clothing.

              Guns and surveillance equipment are that much more difficult to hide.

              Mr. McKussic thinks about such things.

              Which brings me to the point.

              A group of Mexicans patrolling the strand will look conspicuous.

              I suggest your people patrol the beach. . .

              . . .and keep a wide perimeter with some frozen surveillance for us.

              Where'll you be?

              There's a lot on the highlands above his home.

              But I'm told Mr. McKussic has a boat stored there.

              That could prove awkward.

              That can be handled.


              With a phone call.

              Don't you have to get back to your party?

              In a minute.

              Excuse me.

              Is there something wrong?

              What do you want to know about McKussic?

              I asked about you, why you saw him.

              -He owed me an explanation. -Did you get it?

              Yeah. Would you like to hear it?

              I'm not sure.

              It seems he has been engaged in his business. . .

              . . .for purely romantic reasons.

              While you have been engaged in romance for purely business reasons.

              I'm not sure I understand that.

              A little vague for you?

              A little.

              Let me spell it out. You want to fuck your friend? Fuck him, not me!

              How you doing? I have to go to work, okay?

              Is everything okay?

              Yeah, I'll be irrigating half the county by the end.

              Who's sitting me?

              Ann Marie downstairs. She's very good.

              You ever date her?

              I don't date the sitters.

              -Couldn't Jo Ann baby-sit me? -Who?

              Jo Ann Vallenari.

              How do you know her name?

              She promised to make me angel hair spaghetti.

              I wouldn't count on that now. She's a very busy girl.

              Doesn't she like you?

              We never really got around to that.

              Why doesn't she like you?

              I didn't say she didn't like me.

              I don't know what she likes or if she likes a damn thing.

              Some people don't like anything.

              They just have nice manners and live.

              Take your shoes off the bed.

              What are you doing?

              I got a ticket. Noise abatement ordinance.

              Not allowed to do any work on machinery.

              Haven't worked on it lately.

              Anyway, I better move it or they will.

              I ran into Rudi Samudio's customers.

              They're desperate for product.

              Not as desperate as Rudi. He's doing     years.

              They'll go up to half a million in advance.

              I couldn't help you if I wanted to, and I don't want to.

              You got to know where something is. . .

              . . .even if it's bad shit. I mean, half a million bucks!

              We agreed you weren't going to hit me with this kind of stuff anymore.

              Why do you keep talking?

              I had a feeling you'd change your mind.

              Enough of this shit!

              I got to stick this thing in the water. See if it floats.

              -What can I do for you? -I'm okay.

              You don't have to be here yet.

              No, I'm fine. Thanks.

              Go home and rest and come back tonight.

              No, I'm fine.

              It's okay.

              I didn't know you. . .

              . . .or your relationship with Mac. I only knew he was hiding something.

              It turned out to be his feelings.

              But you're so smooth. . .

              . . .I figured you were hiding something too.

              How could you tell?

              You lie to me about Mac. You lie to Mac about me.

              You lie to the judge about everybody.

              Eventually, you have to lose sight of the facts, don't you?


              You don't lose sight of the facts, not unless you're nuts.

              You lose sight of your feelings.

              Mac knows his feelings.

              He's crazy for you and doesn't want to get caught.

              For a crook, it's crystal clear. But for a cop, it's confusing.

              Mac's my friend. I like him.

              Maguire's my associate and I hate him.

              I probably have to bust my friend to do my job and I hate that.

              But I hate drug dealers and somebody's got to get rid of Carlos.

              How do I do that?

              With my powers of deduction, I walk into your restaurant. . .

              . . .look at you and realize. . .

              . . .regardless of the food, Mac's not here to eat. He's in love.

              And I wonder if you're not as good about concealing your feelings. . .

              . . .as you are at taking care of your customers.

              You're not in the drug business, but you may have helpful knowledge.

              So I checked you out.

              You've had, near as I can tell,   affairs in the last seven years.

              With a lifeguard who was more a high school buddy. . .

              . . .a painter who did frescoes for your restaurant. . .

              . . .and a married man with whom you broke off almost immediately.

              So you're not exactly wild and crazy in this area.

              I figured if you got involved with me, you're not involved with Mac.

              But his interest in you makes you likely to find out what's going on.

              What I didn't figure is that you're not like me.

              You're honest and kind and principled.

              And I trust you.

              Suddenly, I'm. . .

              . . .ashamed.

              You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and I'm nuts about you.

              I've only got one question.

              I don't want to know what you know about Mac.

              I just want to see you tonight.

              Will you?

              See me?

              So what else do you know about me?

              God, didn't somebody turn the machine on?

              No, somebody didn't, because I'm supposed to do it.

              No, I do know who it is. How did you get my number?

              I'm surprised you'd be left alone unsupervised.

              I don't believe you.

              I'll see what I can do.

              I'll be over as soon as I can.

              -So, do you think there's a chance? -Of what?

              Of seeing you tonight.

              Let's play it by ear.

              Call me later.

              We're continuing with the full spectrum rock and roll on KMPC-FM.

              Beautiful Southern California day.

              That song was made for girl-watching.

              The fantasies come just by hearing the lyrics.

              Female Caucasian, late twenties, fair hair, medium height.

              No makeup. No visible jewelry.

              What's she doing?

              She's taking some clothes out of the car.

              Obviously, she's going back to the house.

              Earlier she was cooking spaghetti.

              Fancy dish cooking spaghetti.

              How about that call, Hal?

              Our guy is set to drop off the half million at McKussic's.

              Carlos will pick it up there tonight.

              What about McKussic?

              Could you hold on a second?

              -Where you going? -Carlos is due at McKussic's.

              Not till   :  .

              Jo Ann Vallenari is not an informant.

              I dont want her mistaken for one.

              Forget it. She let herself in, she can let herself out.

              I just left $       at a church, and not for religious purposes.

              I'm telling you. . .

              . . .if you call her or go anywhere near Mac's, I'll have you shot.

              You hear me?!

              You mean arrested. Don't you?

              I'm sorry, Xavier, what were you saying?

              What about McKussic? Where will he be?

              We're not sure. He isn 't cooperative.

              But it's no problem. Our guy has made contact with Carlos directly.

              How long have you been here?

              How long have you been here?

              Let's discuss this somewhere else.

              After I dealt with the fact of your leaving him alone. . .

              . . .Cody admitted he dismissed the baby sitter to get me over here.

              I didn't know when you'd be back, so his mother picked him up.

              How did he reach you?

               Called the restaurant.

                Yes, he called there.

                Some wine? Not a bad Chardonnay.

                How'd he get the number?

                Your bed stand.

                I'm late for work.

                When did you last see Nick Frescia?

                This morning.

                I didn't know you're open for breakfast.

                -When will you see him again? -I can't answer that.

                Right, you don't talk about customers.

                Not after I've slept with them.

                If you want to know more about Nick, talk to him.

                And he'll tell me to talk to you. Thanks for the bullshit, Slick.

                -Did you call me ''Slick?'' -I'll say.

                Ask me anything.

                Whatever you want to know about me.

                -Anything, Mr. McKussic. -Please don't call me that.

                I'll call you what you want. Contrary to popular belief. . .

                . . .I'm not good at undercover. I don't know your first name.

                Dale. But don't call me that.

                Then don't call me ''Slick. ''

                Alpha, Beta, Charlie teams, we need      at Western and P.C.H.

                Equipment van is waiting.

                It's called leaky pipe irrigation.

                Trade name is Hydro-pore.

                Made from old tires.

                You put it   '' under the soil and it sweats out the water.

                I got an order for       feet from a lemon grower in Encinitas.

                I didn't think there were any growers left in California.

                You said she was leaving.

                She was.

                What's the delay?

                They're watering the lawn.

                Watering the lawn.

                What do you think?

                I think. . .

                . . .you're a legitimate businessman.

                I hope so. If it doesn't work, I'm a crook forever.

                Why haven't you gotten out of that before?

                It's tougher to quit than you think.

                Just say no.

                Nobody wants me to quit.

                Don't get caught. Stay on top till we knock you off.

                That's the motto: Nobody wants me to quit.

                Cops want to bust me.

                The Colombians want my connections.

                My wife wants my money.

                Her lawyer agrees. Mine likes getting paid to argue with them.

                Nobody wants me to quit.

                Not to mention my customers.

                They don't want me to quit.

                That is completely paranoid.

                I'm just talking here,

                I'm not trying to convince you of a damn thing.

                I may be paranoid, but then. . .

                . . .nobody wants me to quit.

                I'm sorry. I was just joking.

                I didn't mean to hurt you.

                It didn't hurt that bad.

                Just looking at you hurts more.

                You said she was leaving.

                Well, sir, it was a miscommunication.

                How much longer do you think she'll be?

                I can't leave just yet.

                My clothes are still in the dryer.

                Get out of there!

                I believe you that you're out of that other business.

                What's that?

                Nothing. It's just my service.

                I better call.

                Right now?

                I'll be right back.

                What the fuck are you doing?

                Are you nuts? They're covering me! Didn't I say to call first?

                Not only that, you scared the shit out of me!

                This is not funny. I'm wearing a fucking towel.

                You know who is in charge of all that surveillance?

                The U.S. Government and the Federal Republic of Mexico. . .

                . . .have me watching you waiting for me to show up.

                Which reminds me. I talk into the wrong one of these. . .

                . . .and it costs us fifty years apiece.

                I told you on the phone. I take care of everything.

                I've been instructed to tell you that Carlos has entered the house.

                Thank you, thank you.

                But you, I trust with my life. You keep me waiting all night. . .

                . . .never showing any sign of being worried about me.

                Forget it. Your hands were full. I could see.

                What's more, you fuck like a world champion. Four fucking hours!

                Those cops are terrified their wives will hear about this.

                I got starved just watching you. She can cook too.

                Believe me, if she's willing to take out the garbage, marry her.

                Is this the best idea right now?

                When's the next time we'll get a chance to play?

                In jail.

                What's going on with you and Lindroff?

                I don't want him involved in anything.

                I realize it must have. . . .

                I'll take care of it.

                -You've got company. -Company?

                It's for you.

                You've got to be out of here in less than twenty minutes.

                We'll never finish the game!

                Vittorio's wife called. He had to go home.

                I've got to go close up.

                -Why are you here? -Vittorio's wife is fine.

                I had Arturo call you. Listen to me.

                Mac's getting busted tonight.

                There's an informant making sure of that. Your behavior. . .

                . . .could be misconstrued.

                You were in the wrong place at the wrong time!

                That could get you hurt. Give me your purse.

                I want you to go inside and lock the door.

                Detective Torres will be here in a few minutes.

                He'll take care of you until this is over.

                Ready to fire.

                All you care about is arresting Mac.

                Get inside.

                Don't smoke. I got a leak in the fuel line.

                Everything's set.

                No, Carlos is still at your house.

                Wait a minute. Now I recognize you.

                From the restaurant with Lieutenant Frescia.

                Miss Vallenari. Where's Mr. McKussic?

                I recognize this, too.

                You've got to watch her.

                Is that right?

                She's friendly with a cop that knows Mac.

                Where is Mac, by the way?

                Do you think she could be dangerous?

                Be some sort of informant?

                I do.

                Mac's nuts about her. He wouldn't see it.

                That's terrible.

                Have you mentioned this to him?

                Oh, yeah! I do what I can for Mac.

                It's all here.

                Yes, it is.

                Speaking of information. . .

                . . .you were busted by the D.E.A. four months ago.

                You didn't happen to mention that to Mac, did you? I didn't think so.

                What a shame.

                People in trouble need to talk to somebody. If not to their friends. . .

                . . .it's usually your enemies.

                Federal narcotics number  - - - .

                Maguire claims only he has contact with Mac's cousin?

                At  :   P.M., we spotted a couple of Escalante's men with him.

                -Near the Wayfarer's chapel? -Right.

                He's got some interesting holes in him.

                He went down, what can I tell you?

                For only getting hit once or twice, he sure got him in the best spots.

                All right, who fired their gun?

                Everybody to the edge of the pier. Let's have a show of hands.

                Come on, people, hands in the air!

                How the fuck did this guy get dead?

                Escalante's men got here ahead of us. That's when there was gunfire.

                This stinks.

                Gas fumes. So what?

                I've been hearing for months how Carlos was real upset because. . .

                . . .he shipped cocaine that got soaked in gasoline on a tanker.

                What is this?

                      kilos exactly. I think you just paid half a million for it.

                You're full of shit. Carlos wouldn't go to that trouble for half. . . .

                Half a million? Probably not, but who knows what he's really up to?

                Your snitch isn't going to tell us.

                Where's Escalante?

                I don't know.

                He said something about going back to his boat.

                His boat?

                He sailed up here from Ensenada.

                Said he wanted to go fishing for albacore on the way home.

                Gone fishing?

                What is wrong with that?

                Escalante is Carlos, you miserable shit.

                She works hard in a restaurant, but never takes the time. . .

                . . .to enjoy a meal.

                She starts taking the time.

                She enjoys it.

                She goes from one customer to another. . .

                . . .from your friend Frescia to his friend McKussic to. . .

                . . .who knows?

                I'm sure the girl has friends of her own.

                The point is she's discarded her traditional values.

                She's lost.

                Then she uses cocaine, for Chrissake.

                Naturally, she dies.

                It's an American tragedy.

                Don't worry, buddy, I won't kill her unless you approve.

                And if I don't approve?

                Then we talk until you do.

                Come on, when was the last time we smoked some really good shit?

                Life is serious enough.

                Where is she?

                I should be the one calling you for help. It's been rowdy tonight.

                -What's up? -We've got to find a boat.

                Probably out of Ensenada. Put in for mooring in the last five days.

                You want me to call every harbor master between here and Mexico?

                This is Torres at Vallenari's. She's not here, Nick.

                Check McKussic's and get back to me right away.

                Why would I do something like that? What for? What would I gain?

                We've been sitting here. . .

                . . .doing nothing but asking ourselves that same question.

                I haven't seen any matador stand his ground like that since Abruza.

                He's a pussy.

                He's the finest matador in Mexico.

                He's a pussy, man.

                Why is that, buddy?

                I don't know why. Look at him.

                Look at the matador. What does he fucking do? He dresses up in his. . .

                . . .spangles and puts on his fucking sequined jacket. . .

                . . .and wraps that sash around his waist.

                Then puts on his little pink stockings. . .

                . . .and his hair up in a little pigtail. I mean, that's a pussy.

                That's what a bullfight is.

                It's saying he's a pussy.

                And we're the bull.

                They got that thing and they wave it like a red flag.

                What do we do? We charge that sucker!

                They always got the edge.

                They know what we'll do. We're predictable.

                They're just going to stick it in. . .

                . . .and break it off. There's not a fucking thing to say.

                Bravo, buddy!

                What do we do about it?

                What do we do? You die. You fucking die. That's what.

                Wait, I've seen him this way.

                He's very serious.

                Are you coming with me or are you staying?

                This is a tragic fucking mistake, buddy.

                She'll testify and she'll get us all. She's the only one who can.

                What will you do about that? What about your boy, family, friends?

                -What are you going to do? -Get in the boat.

                I urge you to reconsider.

                Meet me at Pier   . Stay up on channel   . I'll tell you when.

                Son of a bitch!

                Could you get me a flashlight? There's one near the companionway.

                Can you do that now, please?

                How about that light?

                Could you turn it on?

                Could you hold it, please?

                Right, just there.

                That's an awful lot of money.

                $    million.

                That's an awful lot of money.

                Money makes people predictable, at least. They'll never be reliable.

                Nick knows everything about me now.

                I didn't talk about you.

                -Forget it. -I don't want to.

                I don't care what you want. When I drop you off. . .

                . . .you better take a long vacation in Bora Bora. . .

                . . .because you'll never live to testify.

                -I was never going to testify. -You're telling me.

                Mac, I'd die before I'd hurt you.

                That was being arranged.

                If you believe what Carlos said, why didn't you let him kill me?

                Could you hold the light?

                I love you.

                You got to stop talking, you know?

                I got to fix this boat or someone will get killed.

                I'll put it like this. Shut up or I'll smack you. Now hold the light.

                I love you.

                I love you.

                Don't say that again.

                I tell you right now. . .

                . . .if we find McKussic anywhere near Escalante. . .

                . . .I'll put him away for    years.

                That's not what we agreed. You're reneging on a deal.

                You're a lying no-good cocksucker and a four-flushing son of a bitch.

                But, no matter.

                You didn't tell me Mac was involved.

                -What's the difference? -Mac's a friend.

                He's a drug smuggler. What do you mean, Frescia?

                Let's see.

                You've lost half a million dollars, confiscated a ton of useless coke. . .

                . . .caused the murder of a federal informant, and that's just tonight.

                That's all bullshit, and you know it.

                Think about this.

                Mac can identify Escalante as Carlos. . .

                . . .and prove you've been partners with the biggest drug dealer. . .

                . . .in Mexico for eight years, wether you knew it or not.

                And when you put Mac away, he puts you away.

                Any luck, Woody?

                Yeah, see you.

                I got to go post warning signs.

                Can you give me a hand?

                It will make messy headlines.

                At least the CIA does it on purpose.

                When will I see you?

                How about dinner?

                What time do you want your reservation?

                 :  ?

                I'll put it down.

                Anything else I can do?

                Marry me.

                Let's go.

                Let's do it now.

                Thanks for showing up.

                -How did you two get here? -Boat. Could you excuse us?

                Did Woody have any trouble getting ahold of you?

                None at all.

                I need you to look after her for a while.

                Tell me where Carlos is. . .

                . . .or you're an accessory to your cousin's murder.

                Mac, you're under arrest.

                I hate to pull a gun on you but that's how it is.

                At this point, that's nothing new. Here's another gun you pulled.

                I don't believe you'll use that.

                I know how you feel.

                I don't get it. I mean, you're not this stupid.

                I caught you. You can't pretend you're not caught.

                You can't spend the rest of your life hiding in Mexico, either.

                You got one chance. Turn yourself in.

                What for?

                -What for? -Yeah, what for?

                I told you I had an accounting problem in the restaurant.

                I've been keeping money for someone and he's here to pick it up.

                I want to get this. You'd kill me over drug money?

                It's a lot of money.

                What's it going to be?

                I can't believe this.

                I can't believe what you've done with your fucking life!

                I can't believe you either, thinking you can do anything, like Carlos.

                You try to fuck her, he tries to kill her.

                Woody's the only one of us worth anything. He's got a decent job.

                I'll be back in an hour and you can lock me up.

                You lied to me.

                You wouldn't shoot me over money.

                You've got to tell me where Mac's gone.

                Why should I?

                He'll try to kill Carlos. . .

                . . .because Carlos is trying to kill you.

                Ensenada, this is Little Red. I'm approaching Pier   .

                Ensenada, this is Little Red approaching Pier   . Over.

                You son of a bitch! How could you do this?!

                Friendship is the only choice in life you can make that's yours!

                You can't choose your family! Goddamn it, I've had to face that!

                No man should be judged for whatever direction his dick goes!

                That's like blaming a compass for pointing north, for Chrissake!

                Friendship is all we have.

                We chose each other.

                How could you fuck it up?

                How could you make us look so bad?

                Welcome aboard.

                Here. Careful, it's loaded.

                Keep it. You're going to spend the rest of your life in jail.

                I won't be there to take care of you. I'll be in a Mexican jail.

                -She's never going to testify. -How can you say that, damn you?

                She can't testify against her husband. . .

                . . .so she can't testify against you.

                She said she'd marry you?

                Under the circumstances, she would have said anything!

                She would have fucked a snake!

                Come on, be serious!

                I am serious.

                Don't you even want to. . . check below?

                When it comes to money I trust you.

                So, how are we going to do this?

                I don't feel like unloading $   million.

                Why don't we swap boats?

                That is not exactly fair. This is a real nice boat.

                The hell with it.

                So this is it?

                I hope she's worth it.

                And I hope she keeps her mouth shut. That's all I can say.


                No, don't. Hold it.

                I got that thing rigged to blow sky high.

                I'm sorry. I hated having to do that, but I didn't want her hurt.

                You mind undoing it?

                Look at it this way.

                If you had tried anything, we both would have gone.

                You love her that much?


                When I first heard that, I thought you rigged the butane stove.

                I thought of the butane stove.

                But that's a little too hard to control.

                The ignition system is best.

                You knew?

                I know you.

                Jesus Christ, look at that! You shot me.

                So what? You shot me.

                Look at my stomach!

                You went too far, damn it!

                And because you're my friend, that means you can kill anyone you want?

                Will you stop talking? It's making me sick.

                That looks bad, don't it?

                That's what I've been telling you.

                -Now I got to get you a doctor. -Don't move.

                Wait a minute.

                I feel seasick.

                I think it's time for both of us to quit.

                I know.

                I've seen it coming for some time. Cocaine is no damn good for anybody.

                The future. . . .

                The future is grass. Grass, buddy!

                I have    tons of Thai stick coming in.

                It's on the way.

                Don't do this, goddamn it!

                Freeze! I said freeze!

                I'm unarmed!

                Don't shoot! I'm unarmed.

                I'm turning myself in!

                Goddamn it! Stay still!

                What the fuck are you doing, Maguire?

                He's turning himself in!

                Let it go, Hal!

                Jo Ann, it's Nick.

                Before you open for dinner, can you meet me down by Tower   ?

                Attention. We have a strong riptide in this immediate area.

                And all lifeguards will be off duty soon.

                For your own safety, please stay out of the water.

                How's our friend?


                Aside from a concussion, powder burns. . .

                . . .and being generally pissed off.

                Did my name come up?


                They're probably talking about me right now.


Special help by SergeiK