The Tesseract Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Tesseract script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Jonathan Rhys-Meyers movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Tesseract. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Tesseract Script





The tesseract is

a hypercube unraveled.



When a square unravels

to a line...



two dimensions

become one...



When a cube unravels

to a cross...



three dimensions

become two.



When a hypercube unravels

to the tesseract...



four dimensions become three.



Hello, Mr. Sean.



Your girlfriend?



I'm Fon.

lt means Rain.



-hat's your name?




You English, yes?

Why you look so sad?



l've been waiting for

someone all day.







What do you do?



Let me ask you something.

What's your name? Rain?



What do you do?



-lt's a job. I make money.




Everybody's reason for doing

everything. Money. There you go.



-I'm a businessman.

-Everyone is a businessman here.



-I'm sure they are.

-You see?



Rain can always make

Englishman laugh.



I go to England very soon.

What's it like there?






lt's been such a long time.

I can hardly remember.



-Don't remember where you came from?




I mean, yes. But... it's just

been a long time, that's all.



-What do you want to go to England?

-l go with my boyfriend.



Let's drink?



My card.






I know who did it.

I'll take care it assap.



I don't give a damn aboutyour

fallout with Sia Toh.



You said you could handle it.

And look what happened.



-You'd better be careful.

-Trust me. I'll get it back.



He won't get away with it.



I don't want to hear

aboutyou two anymore.



Don't forget. The goods still

need to be processed.



You and lwill be in the shit

if we can't deliver on time.



You understand

what I'm saying?






This time you screwed up!



But I'll give you

another chance.



Get rid of him

and get our stuff back.



Remember, don't screw up!



-What's up?

-lt's me.



How did it go?



Notyet. lt's taking longer

than I expected.



This is your last chance. You'd

better have good news for me.



-You at the hotel?




Hello? Are you there?



-They're not gonna showtoday.

-They're not?



I'll call again.

Just hang in there.



-Bring me some hot water. -Room number, please.






Hello, Mr. Sean.



-Where the hell have you been?

-Cleaning up the room.




-Hello. Do you have any rooms?



-Single or double?




-Howmany nights?

-I'm not sure yet.



All right.



-Do you have a pen?

-A pen? Yeah.




-Bring me some hot water.



-Room number, please.

-   .



Okay. Right away.



Take her bag to     then bring

some hot water to    !



-For a week.







-You on holiday, lady?

-A project. I'm a psychologist.



-Do you know what that is?

-Like a doctor.



That's right, like a doctor.



-How old are you?

-  .



-  ?




-Where did you learn English?

-l learn from guests like you.



So if you teach me good English,

I'll teach you good Thai.



-What's your name?




-Wit. I'm Rosa.

-Nice to meetyou, Rosa.



And by the way, your dress

sure looks so good on you.



Who told you to say that?



-Who is it?

-Hot water, Miss.



Come in.






Could you buy me some cotton

wool and disinfectant?



Painkillers too,

the strongest they've got.






Hey! Wit.



-Anything for me today?




No need to check.

lt's top quality.



Let me see anyway!

Old man's nature.



No need to check again.

lt's really good quality.



lwant to make sure

it's not broken.



lt's a Leica. You don't often

get one of these.



You read English well.



Here you go!



That's all?



This type of cameras are

worthless these days.




that's what's popular now.



Get me one of those

and I'll pay you handsomely.







All right, DV.



-Yes. DV.

-DV it is!






Dad, I'll be back in a minute.



Don't go too far! Someone

must look after the shop.



Wit! You stole something again,




-What could I do? I needed the money.

-lt's dangerous. One of these days...



lf you get caught, what're you

gonna do? You should be careful.



I always am.



-Are you coming with me?

-No. I'm going back home.



Can I have some disinfectant?




-You going out, lady?



-Yes. Bye, then.




Don't be afraid.



She's making a film

about Thai kids like you.



All you have to do is to

answer her questions. Okay?



-Are you ready?

-I'm ready.



He's ready.



Subject    Anan,

  years old, Bangkok.



So, Anan, where do you sleep?



-Where do you sleep?

-Right here.



-Sleep here.

-On your own?



On your own?



Three of us.

With my dad and my brother.



Three persons with his brother.



So tell me, Anan,

aboutyour dreams.



Tell me about the best dream

you've ever had.



Tell us about some

of your dreams.



I dreamed about going to

the temple with my mom.



lwas walking around and

my mom fell into a hole.



I called for help. Someone dropped

a rope down and hauled her up.



But it wasn't my mom.

lt was a bag full of money...



And what did it look like?



Was it colorful?



-Was your dream in color?

-l don't remember if it had colors.



He don't remember any color.



-lt was black and white?

-ls it black and white?




-Hello. Do you have any rooms?



Single or double?



-Can I put it here?

-Yes, please.



-Where's the power?

-lt's off at the moment.



-How often does that happen?

-Not very often.



-Here, lady.

-Thank you.






Thank you.



lf I need something,

how can I get hold of you?




-How can lfind you?



You just call down and ask for Wit.

Everybody knows Wit in this hotel.








-Hello. You going out, lady?




-Bye then.






What the hell do you think

you're doing?



You're stealing from me!



I didn't steal anything. I'm not

stealing. Don't hit me, please!



-I'm not going to hityou.

-Please don't hit me.



I'm not going to hityou!

Just give me the camera!



Don't call the police.

Please don't call the police.



I'm not going to call the police

and I'm not going to hityou.



Stand up.

Come on. lt's okay.



I'm not going to call the police.



Butyou must do something

for me.



I said, you must do

something for me.



Subject    Wit,

   years old, Bangkok.



-What do you want me to do?

-Just talk. Aboutyou.



Tell me aboutyour work.



lwork here for not that long.

I delivered food on the street.



Boss said lwill make more money

if lwork for him.



-And do you make more money?

-l make more money from girls.



-From girls?

-Guests like girls.



I know good girls

so they give me extra money.



So tell me aboutyour dreams.




-Where do you sleep?



-ltell you already. I sleep here.

-But where? Which room?



Downstairs, in the storeroom.



So what do you dream

in the storeroom?



Tell me, what did you

dream last night?



I dream about a bad man.



-Bad man?




He come when I sleep

and he looks at me.



Do you know him?






And then, what did it...

what can you hear?



I hear him breathing

in and out...



All the time.



-And what do you see?




-Yes. Do you see colors?

-No colors. Only dark.



-And what's he doing?

-Just watching me.



-Thank you.

-Anything else?



That's all.






Take it.

Maybe we can do this again.



Go on, take it.



lwon't tell anybody about

the camera and the dream.



This is our secret.



But why did you come to

this hotel? Bad hotel.



Maybe it's fate.

Maybe I came to meetyou.



Don't look so worried.

I'm interviewing children.



-I'm going to Baan Kaw Dang next.

-l know Baan Kaw Dang.



You want me to take you there?



lf you want.



lt's done, sir.



Tell our date we'll reschedule

the meeting for tomorrowmorning.



Yes, sir.




They'll be there around eight.



The phone will ring   times.

lt's our signal.



Excuse me, sir.






Hello? They'll be there

around eight.



The phone will ring   times.

lt's our signal.



Howmuch are we getting

for this?



Once processed, it's more money

than you've ever dreamed of.



Say... twice as much.







I didn't expectyou so early.



First time in the city?



No. I've been here before.



-Business or pleasure?








-You like the hotel?

-lt's very nice. Thank you.



Typical Englishman.



Trying to be polite,

but a terrible liar.



What do you think...



What's he doing?



Your boat leaves tomorrow

again at midday.



Your passport will be there.



Until then, look after the gear.



You will be paid when they process

the product at the other end.



-Drive! -Yes, sir.






Miss, may I make up the room,

please? Miss!



Miss? Are you okay?



Last night, bad dream.

Very bad dream.



-Lots and lots of color.

-Go on.



lwalk into this room

and I see no one there.



But then, I see this lady

staring right at me.



I ask her,

''Miss, are you okay?''



She not answer.



And I see blood

on her hand.



I know she been shot.



So I look around again.



I see blood on the pillow,

the blanket. Blood everywhere.



Have you ever met this woman

in real life?



-You sure?

-Never met.



Were you scared?



I've never heard of a dream

like that before.



Children shouldn't have

dreams like that.



Children shouldn't see

things like that.



Nobody can control dream.



Like nobody can control life.



lf I open the door

I don't know what's behind.



lf I open the box

I don't know what's inside.



No choice, lady.



Just open and look.



That's it.



Thank you, Wit.

Are you okay?



You know, I interview

a lot of children...



butyou're easily

the most interesting.



So, is my dream worth money,




-Hey. Where are you going?

-What? No thanks, mate.



I said, where are you going?

Get backto the hotel.



-Who the fuck are you?

-l am watching you.



You're watching me?






-What are you doing?

-I'm looking for ashtray.






Hey, you.



Wait there.



-Where are you going?

-To the airport. I leave today.



-Are you from upstairs?




Have you seen anything




No. I'm sorry. Late night

last night. You know how it is?



I didn't ask about last night.

I asked about the last two days.



Two days?



I'm sorry.

I haven't seen anything.




-Wait, sir!



You can't leave justyet.



We have a dead woman

in Room    .



-l have to check your bag.




Officer, I'm going to miss my

flight. I'm going to be late.



And what is this?



lt's a present. You know,

a gift from a friend.



I haven't opened ityet.



What is this?



What kind of friends

do you have?



You may go.



Check every room

on the third floor.



Excuse me, Miss.



-Do you live here? -That's right. What's happened?



Well, in Room     we found

the body of a woman. Gunshot.



We'd like to ask you

a few questions.



Of course.



-How long have you lived here?

-Not long. A few days.



-What are you doing in Thailand?

-Research. I'm a psychologist.



Have you seen any suspicious

visitors coming to Room    ?



   ? No. I didn't realize

anyone was staying there.



So if you remember anything,

please be sure to let us know.



-Of course lwill.

-Thank you.



Let's hurry

to the third floor.






-Did you say she was shot?

-Yes. Why?



No reason, just curious,

that's all.



-The boy.

-What boy?



-Where's Wit?

-How should I know?



Causing trouble.



lf you see him tell him

I need him back.



A lot of workto do.



I need to see the kid!



He's really popular today.



I don't give a fuck how popular

he is, I need to see him!



I'm sorry.



Look, where's the girl?



-What girl?

-The girl I brought home last night!



How do I know what girl

you brought back?



-Can we go now?










-Why didn'tyou answer?




-And the English guy?

-lsn't he with you?



He didn't show up. That's why l

called you. You fucking find him.



Yes, sir. Okay!



-ls there anything wrong?

-Nothing. Just a routine check.



Routine check?



Something wrong in    ?



-The Englishman? He left a while ago.

-He left already? Okay. Thanks.



He didn't show up!



Peter said the hotel's

crawling with cops.



What? I don't give a shit!



You do whatever

and get my goods back.






Nowthatyour hired gun is dead,

I can't be included anymore.



Just pay me

whatyou still owe me.



You don't want to finish your work

butyou want the money?



I haven't got my stuff back.

You want the money? Listen.



Don't finish this job and I'll tell

Sia Toh thatyou're an informant...



and you'll be dead meat.






-Get me another gunman!

-Yes, sir.



I've got a job for you.






Hoi, Hoi!



Well, see you some other time.



What's up with you? My fight was

a load of fun. lwas well on top.



-Listen, I got some good stuff!

-What? What is it?



I got good stuff, the real deal.

I need a buyer.



What is it? Let me see.






Where did you get it?



Doesn't matter.

Do you know any buyer?



Sure! Let's go see this guy.



What are you two doing?




-Let's go!



Wait! Where are you going?

Wait for me.



I got some good stuff. lwas told

you'd know where to cash it.



What kind of good stuff?

I'm too busy!



You can take a look yourself.



Where the hell

did you get this from?



None of your business.

You know any buyers?



Hold on, okay?



Hey, look...

the dead pig's smiling.



I have your stuff now.

lt's with two kids.



And they're with me

right here.






-Good looking lady, what's your name?

-Let's haul ass!



Hey! You two! Stop!






Stop! I said stop!






You go first!



I have your stuff now.

lt's with two kids.



-My stuff's with two kids?




-Okay, listen...

-You two! Stop!



Hello? Hello?



Did you call me, sir?



My stuff's with two kids.



I don't fucking care about them.

ljust want my stuff back.






Where have you been? I've been

looking for you for ages.



Will you come with me?

lwant to talkto you.



-Wit, who's she?

-lt's okay. She's my friend.



-What's going on?

-Go back home! Go! Just go!



Where are they going?



How do I know? Go askthem

yourself! Maybe to that hotel.



Where have you been?



You can tell me.

lwas worried aboutyou.



Why you care, lady?



Was it because of the dead woman

at the hotel?



You saw her, didn'tyou?

And then you said it was a dream.



No, it was a dream. And the next

day I see her in room    .



-You don't have to lie to me.

-l didn't lie!



I am good boy, lady. When I see her,

lthink it was luck.




-Bad luck, I mean.



Oh, yes, you mean coincidence.



What do you want?






I mean, what do you want to do?

Maybe I can help.



lwant to get away. lwant to go

somewhere else.



lwant to go to school.



At night lwon't sleep because

every night the Boss...



Like your dream.



And for sure I don't want

to dream no more.



You and me are alike.



You knowthat? Seriously.



You can't tell the difference between

your dreams and your destiny.



And me...



my past and my fate

are like a ring road.



A jeweled carriageway with

no destination, you know?



You can't tell the difference between

an adult and a child anymore.



And I can't say what's a gift

and what's a curse.



You see? The same.



Neither of us see colors.

Just shades of gray.



We're the same.







We're not the same, lady.



Our lives collide, don't they?

lt's chaotic, but there's a plan.



Cause and effect.



A butterfly flaps its wings in Asia

and a boy dies in London.



Are you okay, lady?



What I'm trying to say is...



that's how it is

for you and me.



We see it unraveled

but not the thing itself.



You know something?



My son would have been

aboutyour age.



No arguments, just take it.



We'll call it pay for

the interviews.



You said you wanted to

get away, so get away.



I'm going to Baan Kaw Dang

tomorrow, but...



you should go somewhere else.

Anywhere else.



Find yourself a school.

Start again.



What's that?



lt's a gift.

I buy it for you.






Thank you.



What is it?



lt's some famous Thai food.

lt's called Durian pudding.



Durian pudding?



I'm good boy, right?



Yes. Yes, you are a good boy.



I'm leaving very early.

Make yourself at home.



Go downstairs, have some

breakfast, whatever you want.



Durian pudding.



Where the fuck is it? I'm going

to crack your fucking skull!



Where the fuck is it?









Me? Why steal from you?

You think I'm a thief?



What's going on, Sean? Why did

they beatyou up like this?



ltold you.

I'm a businessman.



How did you end up here?



How does anyone end up here?

You thinkthis is what lwanted?



You think I planned this?



lt has to be that kid.



What kid?



-The kid that works at the hotel.




You know him?



Sure. I know him.

All the girls know.



You know him? Shit!



I have to find that kid.

You have to help me find him.






Do it again.



-You're going to drop it!

-Here! lt's here.



-Fast hand you've got.

-Try it! Stop your blah-blah-blah!



Have you seen Wit

these last few days?



Who's he?



My friend. He believes Wit stole

something that belonged to him.



Something very important.

We need to find him.



-No, I haven't seen him.

-Haven't seen him.



-She said she hasn't seen him.

-Ask her again.



Even if I have,

why should ltell you?



He said, if he know,

he don't want to tell you.



You're going to tell me

something now, yeah?



You! You little shit!



You stole my friend's belonging.

Time to hand it back.



What are you talking about?

I have no idea.



You have no idea how important

it is. Hand it back!



Come on, how can I steal it?

I didn't steal anything. Honestly!



Liar! Hand it back now!



Mr Sean, you knowme. lwouldn't

steal from you. I'm a good boy.



What's this, you little pimp?

Who did you sell it to?



Sean! What are you doing?

We're in the street!



-Don't fuck me about!

-Where's my drugs?



-l don't know.

-Yes you do.



-lwill shootyou in your face.

-l don't know!



-This is not like you!

-You don't even knowme!



-Tell me! Tell me!

-l swear I don't know!



Where? Where?



Baan Kaw Dang.



Right, let's go.






Just wait a minute here.

She'll be down soon.



Where have you been?



I haven't seen you for days.

I got my UK visa.



-Any idea when we can leave?

-Our trip is delayed.



-What? How come?

-Some shit happened.



An English guy was supposed

to carry our stuff abroad.



But now he's vanished and

l've got to find him.



-An English guy?

-What? You know something?



-The one from the hotel?

-You know him? Where's he?



-l only met him once.

-Just tell me where he is!



-Where is he?

-Baan Kaw Dang.



Excuse me.

Do you know where Wit is?



-Hand it over.




Don't fuck about!



Just give me the gear

and nobody gets hurt!



-The gear? What's going on, Wit?

-Tell her!



The durian pudding I gave you.

Just give it to him!



Open it.



We all stay alive.

We all stay calm.



Kid, bring me the gear.



You know something? My son would

have been aboutyour age.



lwish I could be more encouraging,

but there is no hope.



So, I heard you knowmy

girlfriend, Fon.



A good girl, isn't she?



Lady! Lady!



Roy! No! Don't!






Howmany times I've told you not to

do it. And you still do it.



l've warned you over and over

again. You never listen to me.



You never listen to me.



Nobody can control dream...



like nobody can control life.



lf I open the door I don't

know what's behind.



lf I open the box,

I don't know what's inside.



No choice, lady.

Just open and look.



That's it.


Special help by SergeiK