Texas Chainsaw Massacre Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Jessica Biel and Leatherface.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Script



The film which you are

about to see



is an account

of the tragedy



which befell a group

of   youths.



It is all the more tragic

in that they were young,



but had they lived

very, very long lives,



they could not

have expected,



nor would they

have wished to see



as much of the mad and macabre

as they were to see that day.



For them, an idyllic summer

afternoon became a nightmare.



For    years,

the files collected dust



in the cold-cases




of the travis county

police department.



Over      pieces

of evidence



were collected

from the crime scene



at the hewitt residence.



Yet none of the evidence

was more compelling



than the classified

police footage



of the crime-scene




Test, test, test.



Ok, uh... this

is august        .



The time is  :   p.m.



Our location is the hewitt

residence on route   .



That's where

victim one was found.



We're gonna do

a walk-through,



and we're now

descending the stairs



into the furnace room.






there's... over here.



There's scratch marks

along the wall.



There's some more over here,

right along here.



And... oh, there's something

over here. It seems like...



it looks like a clot of hair

and an embedded fingernail.



All right, we're gonna go move

into the actual furnace room.



The events of that day



were to lead to one

of the most bizarre crimes



in the annals

of american history...



the texas

chainsaw massacre.



Hold on! Hold on!



Don't let go!

Not yet! Not yet!



Yeah! Now! Now!

Let go!



Big wheels keep on turning



would somebody please

make her stop singing?



Carry me home to see my kin



i think you got

a beautiful voice, baby.



Thank you.






I miss alabamy once again



and i think

it's a sin, yes



can you believe...



we didn't even know

each other yesterday?



I know.

It's just amazing.






You know what's

even more amazing?









What are you, like at a pause

or half-time?



Ok, the fact that

      americans each day



are infected with

a sexually-transmitted disease,



and two-thirds of them

are just about your age.



Ha ha!



Hey, morgan.



How are you the expert

on the dumbest shit?



Sweet home alabama



lord, i'm coming home to you



what are the odds

of you guys



passing through

el paso



just as i started

to hitch?



I mean, it's like...




It's like i.s.d.



It's like this shit

does not just happen.



Oh, baby, they got to

play "free bird."



Oh, they have to.



We paid a fortune

for these tickets.



Yo, kemp, can you do something

about the a.c. Back here?



I'm melting.






But if you or pepper

get too hot,



you could always

take your clothes off.



You'd like that,

wouldn't you?



You are such a perv.



Don't listen

to him, pepper.



Why not?

I think he's funny.



She's only known you

for    hours.



I've lived with him

for   years,



and trust me,

he is not funny.



Morgan, hey,

let me see that.



Careful, man.



Thank you.

I think



i can manage,

college boy.






Oh, no, thank you.

I'm nauseous.



Montezuma's revenge.

I was like erin...



"don't drink the water

down there."



I didn't.



And she didn't

drink the tequila,



she didn't drink

the weed...



smoke the weed.



Well, maybe i

didn't go to mexico



to watch you get

shit-faced for   days.



That is what people do

when they go to mexico.



What did you expect?



I don't know.



A tear-cut diamond ring

that goes right here



on my beautiful

little finger?



You're gonna get

your ring someday.



I heard

that one before.



Peace offering.



Oops. Oh...



that was

so not cool.



Guys, relax.

It's not like



we don't have

  pounds of...



oh, right.




What did you say?



I don't remember.

I'm sorry.



I got bad brain cells.



Uh, "  pounds of pot."



Does that refresh

your memory?



Don't listen

to him.



He's baked,

and he's stupid.



Baby, will you

please tell me



that we did not go

to mexico to buy pot?



We did not go

to mexico to buy pot.



Hey, come on, baby.



Look at me. I am not

a dope smuggler, ok?



Tell me how much

you love me.



How much?

That much.



This much.

That much?



That's it.

That's it.




Give me a kiss.



Can you drive

possibly, please?



Look out!






Oh, shit!



You almost hit her.



What the fuck



was she doing walking

in the middle of the road?







Hey, are you ok?



Boys, that's

a bad acid trip




right there.




Can you hear us?



You're gonna

get killed doing that.



Kemp, stop the van.



Fuck that.

We got a concert to go to.



We're still   fucking

hours from dallas!



Where are you going?



We're getting there.



Get away.






just need to get away.






Got to get away.



From who?



I want to go home.



Ok, we can't

leave her



out here

like this.



Hey, let us

help you, ok?



Come on.



Come on.

It's ok.



It's ok.



It's ok, man.



We'll give you a ride,

wherever you want to go.



I want to go home.



Ok, we can

take you home.



Um... what's your name?



They're all dead.



Oh, my god. I am

way too stoned for this.



Baby, let's find

a hospital, ok?



You know what?

Give me the vaguest idea



where there is one,

and we'll go there.



Um... who's dead?



Kemper, didn't

your mother ever tell you



not to pick up







You're going

the wrong way.



Stop! You're

going the wrong way!



Hey, hey, hey!



Jesus christ.



You can't make me

go back there.



I won't go back there.



Back where?



He's a bad man.



He's a really bad man.



He's a bad man.



Oh, my god.

Oh, shit.



You're all gonna die.



Drop it.

Drop it.



Let me out!

Oh, my god!



Are you

all right?



It's too much.

I'm ok. I'm ok.



Aah! Aah!

Oh, my god!



Let me see.



It's all over me!



It's gone.

It's gone. Look.



I could have fucking

died out there!



We all could

have, morgan.



Did that

just happen?



I've never seen

anybody die before.



Yeah, most people

never do.



I really don't see



how that's helping

us right now, man.



I don't know

why we had to pick her up.



Why the fuck

did we have to stop?



She needed help!



A lot of fucking

help we did her!



Leave her alone.






I just don't understand.



Why did she do it?



And why did she

have to pick us?



Why did she

have to pick us?



What are we

gonna do?



I don't know.

We're gonna...



we're gonna have to

call the cops, i guess.



Yeah, on the list

of bad ideas,



that one goes

way up there.



Are you kidding me?



Oh, police officer,




as you inspect

the crime scene,



which is now

our van,



please ignore

the colorful pinata




with marijuana



you may just happen

to come across,



because it played

no part whatsoever



in the demise of this

unfortunate young woman.



Listen... keep

your goddamn voice down.



Easy, easy, easy.



Goddamn it.



Well, you're not gonna

listen to him.



What the fuck

are you doing?






It's over, man.



Kemp, you just can't

throw the shit out.



You ok?






i'm sorry, ok? I...



i did it for us.



I did it so we could

start a life, you know.



I'm sorry. Ok?



Well, i'll tell you this much...

there's no possible way



i'm ever getting back

in that van.



I guess that's what

brains look like, huh?



Sort of like,

uh... lasagna...



kind of.



All right,

i'll shut up now.



I'll tell you

this much...



the next hitchhiker

is shit out of luck.



I swear to god.



Dude, gas station.



Come on, erin.

Let's find the bathroom.



Well, i'll be damned.



Ma'am, we need

to report a suicide.



Something like this

comes along,



it makes folks realize



how crazy the world

is out there.






Would you mind calling

the sheriff, ma'am?



It's gonna cost you




You want some pig?



Big brothers.



I just feel

so disgusting.



Oh, there's about

  of them altogether,



counting the dead one.

Poor thing. It's awful.



Well, why don't you

ask them yourself?



Right. Where did you say

you found her again?



Ma'am, i already

told you.



About    minutes

west of here.



About   miles west.



Ma'am, excuse me.



When is the sheriff

gonna be here?



Sheriff said

he's headed over



to the old

crawford mill.



I'm sorry.

The what?



The old crawford mill.

He wants to know



if you wouldn't mind

driving over there



to make your report.






Yes, we

goddamn mind.



I'm sorry,

but how often



do girls just blow

their heads off



in this shit-hole town?



All right,

just calm down, ok?



Let me... i'm sorry.

I apologize.



But, ma'am,

i don't understand.



Why the hell

won't the sheriff



just come out here?



Didn't say.

He said it would be



about   hours

before he could get here.



We're not gonna drive

around this town



with a dead girl

in the back of our van!



Young man...



what you do

is your own business.



Come on.



Get in.



I just want

to go home, ok?



That's fine.



It's starting

to stink back here.



No worse than the inside

of that fucking store.



Did you smell

that nasty beef shit?



Oh, my god.












Ain't no

sheriff here.



I think we should

drop off the body



and get the hell

out of here.



Maybe we should

vote on it.



Kemper, no.



Why not, erin?

It is a democracy.



Well, how would

you like it



if we just dumped

your body out here?



I'm sorry.

Nobody asked her



to blow her head off

in our van.



My van.



I say we dump her.






Cool. All right. Fine.






Now we just need

one more. Kemper?



One more and we're

out of here.



Kemper, please?



Baby, she's dead.



I just...

i really don't think



it matters

where we leave her.



Well, it matters to me...

if that means anything.



Erin, look...



that girl has got parents

out there somewhere



who's gonna want her back,



not just dumped

on the side of the road



like a piece of trash.



You see our lone ranger




Maybe this

isn't the crawford mill.



It's unbelievable.



This is a joke.



There's nobody here.



There's no sheriff here.






I just saw something

move in there.



I just saw something.



I swear to god,



i just saw something

move in there.



You're just trying

to scare me into leaving.



Erin, come on.



Go to hell.



Erin, come on.

Quit screwing around.



Aah! Kemper!









Erin, where are you?



All right.






I got it.






Damn it!

Give me...



give me something

to hold this.



It's a possum,

indigenous to the...



i didn't do that.



All right.



All right, that's it!

If somebody's out there,



just stop fucking around,

all right?



I mean it!

Just come on out!



Who are you?



What did you do to her?






The girl out there,

in the van.



We didn't do

anything to her.



She did that

to herself.



Oh, my god.




you won't hurt me?



Hey, you make these?



Hey, bud. Hey.



This is the old

crawford mill, right?



My name is erin.






Hey, junior.



So, we're waiting here

for the sheriff.



Do you know

where he is?



Ok. Well... where?




getting drunk.



So, cool.

Um, let's split.



If the sheriff

doesn't give a shit,



then why should we?



Does he live

around here?



You know,

front-row tickets



to a big concert.



Can we drive

there from here?



Road don't go there.



Short walk, though.



I think

we should go,



like now,

like right now.



How do i get

to the sheriff's?



Whoa! Hey, you sick

little mutant.



Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Come on now. Let go.



Get out of here.




police evidence.



Is anybody home?






What do you want?



Um... are you

the sheriff?



Do i look

like a sheriff?



I don't know.

I can't see you.



Stand back

from the door.



Sheriff don't live here.



You can call him

if you want to.



Thanks. We'd really

appreciate it.



Wipe your feet.



I like to keep

a clean house.



I said

she could call him.



You wait outside.



Ok, chief.



I ain't looking

for trouble.



Don't shoot.






I'll dial him

for you.






Hi. Is... is this

the sheriff's office?



Can i speak

to him, please?



Oh, thank god.



Now, it's just

an educated guess,



but my money says

your dead body



is right there

in that van.



   minutes? Believe me,

we will be there.



Thanks. I'm all set.



Wait. Wait.



Can you help me out

back here?



Are you ok?



Could you just...






Excuse me.






Excuse me.






Excuse me.

You mind getting



the fuck out

of my way, son?



We picked her up



on the side

of the road, like...



wow. Look at that mess.



Who's this belong to?



She had that

on her, sir.



You don't say.



Had it on her?



Yes, sir.



Ok, if you could

just relax,



because you're

not helping.



Good girl,

good girl.



Pig sty.



Oh, jesus.



What the hell

was that?









Ha. Well, let's get her

wrapped up.



Oh, preffy

little thing.



How about giving me

a hand here, asshole?



You don't expect me

to do this by myself?



I need some help.



Why do i always get

yanked into this shit?



What am i doing?



Lift her up

and just kind of



pull her over

your way there.



She ain't

gonna bite you.



She's deader than

a goddamn doornail.



Get ahold of her

and pick her up.



Yes, sir.



Oh, yeah.

There you go.



I bet she's

real unhappy,



real sorry that you're

getting fuckin' her blood



all over

your goddamn arm.



You know, back when

i was a young patrolman,



i used to love wrapping up

these young honies.



Yeah, i bet you did.



Yeah, cop me

a little bit of a feel



every now and then,

you know.



Oh, look at that.

She's kind of wet down there.



What you boys been doing



with this dead body anyway?



Can we please

finish this?









Something wrong?



Where is he?



I don't know.



But he's not

in my house.












Goddamn him.



Ok, boys, there you go.

There she is.



Let's get her

out of there now.



You, four-eyes, get a hold

of her legs there.



Get after

that part of it.



I got her head.









Come on.



Ow! Shit.



Just stick her

in the back seat.



It just seems

so wrong.



Don't give me

any crap, young lady.



Goddamn it, i got

just as much respect



for a dead body

as anybody around here.



Hey! Get that nasty

goddamn thing



out of the back seat

of my goddamn car!



Put it in the trunk.



What the hell's

the matter with you?



Put the legs.



Don't break

my stuff.



Put the legs in.



Y'all gonna be able



to find your way

out of here ok?



Yeah. Yeah,

we'll be fine.



All right, then.



Protect and serve.

That's what we do.



That you did, sir.












Poor kemp. I mean,

he ain't ever



gonna get the stink

out of this van.



You think we should try

to clean it for him?



Be my guest.



You ok?



It's too much.

I'm gonna be sick.



Ok, good news.

Sheriff's on his way.



The sheriff already came.



He took the body.



Where's kemper?



Isn't he with you?






What the hell is that?









There's nobody

even here.






What was that

all about?






What is that?




it's somebody's

fucking teeth, isn't it?



Pepper, look, just

calm down, all right?



Erin, find your goddamn

boyfriend. It's time to go.









Morgan, what

are you doing?



Help him! Help him!



Oh, my god!



Pull him! Pull him!



I can't!



Oh, my god.



Ha ha ha!



You stupid...



that's not funny.



Oh, what the hell

is that?



Is that the girl

from our van?



That's her.



Is that her family?



What were

they all doing here?



They were probably

looking for the sheriff.



It's fucking weird.



All right, you know what?



Let's find




and get the hell

out of here.



Where you going?



To find him.



Well, where are

the keys for the van?



Well, who put you

in charge?



If you guys just want

to take off, that's fine,



but i am not

getting in that van



and leaving

without him.



Give me the keys.



Don't even

think about it.






i don't know about

you guys, but i happen



to like my teeth

right where they are.



I can't leave him.



Let's go.



We'll meet you

back at the van.



I know

kemp's in there.






All right,

keep him busy.



Hi. It's me again.



I'm really sorry

to bother you,



but i can't find

my boyfriend kemper anywhere,



and i thought

i would just...



ain't you supposed

to meet the sheriff?






Kemp, don't mess around.



Um... wow. What... what

a wonderful garden you have.



It's just so...

plentiful. Ha ha.






Damn it!






Hey, you can't

just go in my house!






Are you ok?






What the hell are you doing

in my house?



All right, look.

We're just looking



for our friend,

all right?



Then we'll be

out of here.



You ain't

running things, boy...



exceptin' your mouth.



This guy's crazy.



You little turd,



you're so dead,

you don't even know it.



Come on, boy.



Bring it!



Bring it.



Bring what?



Bring it.






Come on!






Get the fuck

out of here! Run!



Shit! God!






Please! Stop! No!



Please! Put me...






Erin! Erin!






Ugh! Kemper really

owes us for this.



What the fuck's

wrong, erin?



Erin, are you ok?



Where's the gun?

Come on!



Erin, what's

going on?



Where's the gun?



The sheriff

took it.






Erin, what the fuck's

going on? Calm down!










Oh, thank god.

Oh, thank god.



Take it easy.



Thank god. My friend...

my friend needs help!



My friend right now...

my friend's dying!



My friend's being hurt!



Take a couple

of deep breaths.



There's some guy...




just quiet down.






Now, what's wrong

with your car?



There's nothing

wrong with my car.






It's my friend.

Please help him.



I don't know

where he is anymore.



Somebody want to

explain this?



Lt... that's not mine.



You kids

taking drugs?







It's not our van.



I smell bullshit.



Get out of the van!






On your faces,

all   of you!



Get on the ground!









new york.



Please, you've

got to help us!



He's fucking

killing him!



Now we're getting




Who's killing who?




some fucking guy



with a fucking




Get your sweet little ass

back in the dirt



until i say otherwise.



You know what i think?



I think your boyfriend

shot that little girl



and then he ran off.



He did not!



Some fucking guy

with a...



stop! Stop!



We're all gonna die!



You girls better get yourselves

under control,



or i'm gonna have to

do it for you.



Why won't you

listen to her?



Get on your feet.



Get over

by the van.



Please stop.



We're gonna die.

We're gonna die.



I want to know exactly

what happened inside that van.



We already told you

what happened.



And now you're

gonna show me.



Is that where

she was sitting?



Because the angle

don't add up for me



with the blood

on that back window.



Maybe she was

a bit more in the middle.



Well, maybe

you ought to move



a little more

over to the middle.






what, are you afraid

of a little blood?



Get the fuck

over there!



I don't have much

of an imagination,



so i need to get

a distinct image



of what

went down here.



What did

she do next?






she shot herself.



Oh, she

shot herself.






What do you mean, how?



Take the gun.



Take the gun

and show me



how she did it.

Come on.



Take the gun.

Take the gun



and show me.



Take the goddamn gun!



Is that

how she did it?



Yes. Yes, sir.




a fucking liar.



There ain't no hole



in the bottom of

her chin. I looked.



She stuck

the goddamn weapon



into her mouth.



Didn't she?



Show me

how she did it.



Do it!




show me.



Please, please, please,

please, please...



that a boy.

There you go.



And then what

did she do?



She shot herself.



You ain't lying

to me again, are you?



Because i have never

seen a weapon go off



without somebody's finger

on the fucking trigger.



Morgan, what's going on?

You ok?



You girls

stay in the dirt



till i tell you




You mother fucker!

Get on the fucking floor!



I said get on the floor!



What the hell

are you doing?



What are you

gonna do, shoot me?



Morgan, please,




Just please put

the gun down, ok?



Please don't do it.



Oh, my god. Morgan.



You lyin' fuck!



You could kill me

right now,



get out of here

scot-free, couldn't you?



Morgan, please,

just put it down.



He shoots me,

you're accomplices to murder!






please. Please!

Come on!



Morgan! Damn!



Fucking shoot him!




put the gun down.



Shoot him!

Don't fucking do it!



You don't have

the fucking balls, do you?



Pull the fucking trigger!



Fuck you!



Well, well, well.

Looky here.



Oh, my god, morgan.



We got ourselves

a killer,



only this time,



you killed

a sheriff.



I ought to blow

your fucking brains



out right now,




Get out of the van.



Get out.



Get out of the van.






Where are you

taking him?



What are you doing?



Where are you taking him?

Jesus christ!



Get the fuck

away from me!



Man, this is bullshit.



I have rights.



Yeah, you got

rights, ok.



Where was

y'all headed?






for a skynyrd concert.



Skynyrd? Hell,

i like skynyrd.



By god,

how about that?



We got something

in common, don't we?



Ha ha ha.



Well, what

are you gonna do



with your tickets

now, hot shot?



You can have them.



Is that bribery?



Oh, that was really

rude, wasn't it?



Oh, look at you.



How about that?



Look at that shit.



We got something

else in common now.



Ha ha ha. See that?



Get on over to the damn

crawford mill.



Those   fillies

are good to go.






What do you think

he's doing to morgan?



I don't want to

think about it, ok?



Oh, shit!



Pepper, i need you



to hold that light

really steady.



Can you do that?



Where'd you learn

how to do that?



In juvie. They call

my youth misspent.



Oh, thank god.



Get out of the car.



Where are we?



That's none of your

goddamn business, faggot!



Just get out

of the goddamn car!



You kids shouldn't have

messed with that little girl.



You brought this all

on yourself.



Now get the hell

in the house!



Come on, please.



Come on.



Come on.



Come on, erin.

Come on!







Go, go, go!



Aah! Go! Go!



Help, pepper! No!









No! No, pepper!



Please! Please!

Please let me in!



Please! Help me, please!



Come on. Come on.



Why don't you

have a seat?



It's ok. Sit down.



Have a seat.



Turn that thing off!

He's gonna fucking hear us!



There's nothing a good old

cup of tea won't settle.



Nobody's gonna come

through that door.



I really need

to use your phone.



We don't have one.



Phones are a hassle.



No! Don't you get it?



He's gonna kill you.

He's gonna kill all of us.



Oh, no, he won't.



Yes, he will.



He knows better than

to be messing around here.



Everyone around here

knows that...



poor sweet boy.



Sweet boy.



He's no harm.



He always keeps

to himself.



Skin disease.



He was just a little boy

when it started.



Didn't you look

at his face?



I couldn't.

I couldn't look at him.



Oh, sweetie. Here.



Here. It's just...

just right.



Come drink some

before it gets cold.



You have no idea.



Hush now.



I don't want to drink

any more tea!



I just need a phone!



Now you see

what you've done?



Oh. Ha ha...



that wasn't

a good idea.



Now, drink up your tea.



It'll help you relax.



I'll be right back.




a little tense.



You should relax.



I got to go.



You ok, child?



You don't look

so good.



I thought you said

you didn't have a phone.



It's ok.

It's all right.



That's not your baby.



You stole her!



She's mine.



Oh, my. Oh, my,

my, my, my, my.



Everything's gonna be fine

real soon.



I promise.



Give her some room.



Maybe she'd like to

stay for supper.



Messed up

everything already.



Stop bothering her.




Let me in now!



You best stay out there

with them dogs



till you learn

how to play by the rules.



You're not going

nowhere, honey.



Please. Please

just let me go.



I know your kind...



nothing but cruelty

and ridicule for my boy,



all the time

he was growing up.



Does anybody care

about me and my boy?






Don't hurt her!

Please, grandma.



You shut up

out there!



Help me! Please!

Make them stop!



Looky, mama.

She likes me.



What's wrong with

you fucking people?




wrong with us.






Help me, please!



Thomas brown hewitt,



you get in here

right now!



No! No!



Get her out of my sight.



No! Please! No!






Will you cut out

that racket?




your pants.



Thank you.






Oh, my god.



Uh... erin...



i can't...



erin, help.






Lift your body.

Lift your body up.












Lift your...

lift your body.






Erin, i'm dead.



Please finish it.



You can do it.



I can't.



I can't. I can't.

I can't.



There's a knife.









do it.



Do it.



Do it!



I can't do it.



Do it!



Do it. Do it.



Please forgive me.



Please forgive me.



Morgan, it's me!



Help me!




it's erin.



Morgan, it's me.

It's erin.



It's erin.

Come on.



Come on.



Come on.



Come on, morgan.

Over here.



We got to go.



Go now!






Ok, morgan, come on.



Morgan, get up.



Over here.



Let's go. Walk.

We need you to lead us.



Run! Faster! Hurry!



Let's go!



Run! Fast!

Run for it!



Come on, morgan!

We got to go!



Keep going!

Keep going! Hurry!



Come on! Don't

let him get you!



Come on!



Get up there!



Come on!



Go! Go!



I'll be fine.



Come on, morgan!

Come on!



Morgan, the couch!



The couch!






Come on!



This way!









Come on.






Aah! No!



Stop! No! Please! No!















Stop! Uh!



Run! Run!












Get off him!

Get off him!















No! Stop! Stop!



Please! Stop!






Help me! Please!



Please! I need help!

I need help! Help!



Let me in!



Oh, my god.









Goddamn it!



Stop! Stop! Please!






Hey there.

You all right?



Huh? Are you ok?



Here. Come on.

Let's get



in my truck

over here.



You in a car wreck?



Where are we going?



I'm going to

get you some help.




what's your name?






I just want

to go home.



You live

around here?















I can't go back there!



Keep going!



Stop it!






Keep going!



Stop it!

Please don't stop!



I don't know what

your problem is,



but i can't

take this.



Don't get out.



Don't get out!



Hello in there!

Hello! Help! Ma'am.



Ma'am, please help.



I need some help

out here.



What do you want?



I picked up a girl.

She's bloody.



She's out here

in my truck.



Junior. Junior.

Come on out here.



Come on.



Henrietta, get me

my raincoat.



I need some help out here.



I'm glad to see you.






I give her a ride.



I found her running

down the highway.



I don't know her name.



She grabbed

the steering wheel



and dang near

run me off the road.



She nearly caused us

to crash.



Yes, she grabbed it

while i was driving.



She's hysterical.



She's out there

in the truck.



I've never seen

anything like it.



The baby's gone!



Come on. Come on.



Come on.



Come on, you bitch, start!



Fuck you!



You asshole!



This is august        .



Our location is

the hewitt residence.



We're gonna go and move

into the actual furnace room.



Watch yourself.

Look out.



Oh, man. Ugh...



iook out.

You got it?



All right. This is

the actual furnace room



we're going into where they are

suspected to have perpetrated...



got a bit

of a jump there.



Got it?



That's ok. Don't worry.



Come on back here.

Follow me.






the crime scene

was not properly secured



by travis county police.



  investigating officers

were fatally wounded that day.



This is the only known image

of thomas hewitt,



the man they call




The case today

still remains open.

Special help by SergeiK