They Live Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the They Live script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the John Carpenter movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of They Live. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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They Live Script











- Last place of employment?

- Denver, Colorado.



I worked there for ten years ...

but then things just dried up.



They lost    banks in one week.



There's nothing available for you,

right now.



They use their tongues to

deceive you. Venom is on their lips.



Their mouths are full

of bitterness and curses.



The fear of God

is not before their eyes.



They have taken

the hearts and minds of our leaders.



They have blinded us to the truth.



Our human spirit is corrupted.

Why do we worship greed?



Outside the limit of our sight

they're feeding off us.



Perched on top of us

from birth to death, are our owners.



They have us. They control us.

They are our masters.



Wake up.

They're all around you.



Sometimes when I watch TV

I stop being myself, I'm a star,



Ihave my own talk show, Or I'm

on the news getting out of a limo,



AIll everhave to do is be famous,

People watch me,



And they love me,



I nevergrow old, and never die,



Excuse me,

do you need anybody?



- Maybe.

- I've got my own tools.



This is a union job.



May I please speak

with the shop steward, sir?



There's no sleeping on this site.

Sleep somewhere else tonight.



Excuse me, when do I get paid?






Do you need a place to stay?



There's a place over on  th street.

They've got hot food and showers.



I don't like being followed

unless I know why.



I don't turn up with anybody

until I see where he's going.



They'll be serving food up soon.



This is Gilbert. Anything you need,

he knows where to find it.



- What's in the pack, tools?

- Yes, sir.



Ifyou can use them,

you can fix the shower over there.



Let's get something to eat.



- More?

- Yeah.



I've got a wife and two kids

back in Detroit.



I haven't seen them in six months.



The steel mills were laying people off.

They finally went under.



We gave the steel companies a break.

They gave themselves pay raises.



The golden rule: He who has the gold

makes the rules.



Ifthey close one more factory, we

should take a sledge to their foreign cars.



- You should have more patience.

- I'm all out.



The whole deal

is some kind of crazy game.



The name ofthe game is:

Make it through life.



Only everyone is out for themselves

and looking to do you in.



You do what you can, but I'm going

to do my best to blow your ass away.



- So how are you going to make it?

- My chance will come.



I believe in America.

I follow the rules.



Everybody has got

their own hard times, these days.



You thoughtpress-on nails would

impede all the active things you do,



We've gotbeautiful, natural-looking,




There's seven different colors ,,,



Ourimpulses are being redirected,



We live in an artificially-induced

state ofconsciousness,



Goddamn hacker. That's the second

time tonight that asshole has cut in.



The movementbegan eightmonths ago

bya group ofscientists,



Theyaccidentally discovered

these signals being sent,,,



That thing's giving me a headache.



It must have taken him months

to figure out how to do this.



The under-class is growing,

Human rights are non-existent,



In theirrepressive society, we

are their unwitting accomplices,



Their intention to rule rests with

the annihilation ofconsciousness,



We have been lulledinto a trance,

Theyhave made us indifferent,



We are focused

only on our own gain ,,,



Theyare safe

as long as theyare not discovered,



Thatis theirmethod ofsurvival,

Keep us asleep, Keep us selfiish,



- Keep us sedated,

- Blow it out ofyour ass.



- Choir practice was late last night.

- The church lets us use their kitchen.



- Till four in the morning?

- We care for a lot of people here.



The sleeping middle-class

is suddenlybecomingpoor,



We are their cattle,

We are being bredforslavery,



- Not again.

- We cannotbreak theirsignal,



The signalmustbe shut off

at the source,



- I have a headache.

- Me too, honey.



- What was that all about?

- That idiot's licking his nuts again.






There's nothing wrong with it.



Only a few seconds got on the air.



Forget about breaking their signal.

Theyjustjam us out again.



- Put the shipment out on the street.

- It won't work. We've discussed this.



We have no other choice.



Robbing banks. Making our own lenses.

We just can't reach enough people.



We've got to find strong people

who'll work with us.



I'm just leaving. Your door was open.

I just thought I'd close it.



- Neighborhood watch.

- Let me touch your face.



Now your hands.



You're a working man.

The revolution ...



- Let me show you.

- Maybe some other time.



This world may have blinded me,

but the Lord let me see.



You'll be back.



I've been hearing stuff on the street.

Weird stuff.



An epidemic of violence

is what they're saying.



I was talking

to one old boy from San Anselmo.



He says up there they're talking

end-of-the-world kind of stuff.



- What are they doing?

- Shooting people, robbing banks.



A whole lot of people going crazy

over some nutty dream theyjust had.



The truth is, this kind of shit

happens at the end of every century.



It's just people

afraid to face the future.



What's happening?



I was inside there. It's full of boxes

and some kind of lab setup.



- What do you mean?

- The singing is a tape recording.



Leave it alone, man.

It's none of our business.



Gilbert is in there helping them.



I've got ajob now.

I just keep walking the white line.



I don't bother nobody. Nobody bothers

me. You should do the same.



The line in the middle ofthe road.

That's the worst place to drive.



- I'll see you later.

- See you later.



Step down. Easy. This way.



Now we cross the road.

It's dirt here.



Go, go!






Leave us alone.

We know you.



"Though I walk through the valley of

the shadow of death, I fear no evil."



- Come and join the party.

- You go with them.



Did somebody start WW Ill?



Oman's collection

puts passion before fashion,



Outgoes glitter

andin comes divine excess,



The warm collection revels

in freedom ofexpression,



























What's your problem?



What's your problem?



How are you today, sir?



Thank you, sir.



Here you are, sir. Thank you.



Are you going to pay for that?






I don't want no hassle.

Pay for it or put it back.












She didn't even go to Lamas class.



I told her,

for yourself and the baby, go.



- Did you go to Mary Ellen's?

- She served tortillas! So dated!



- I'm so depressed. What do I do?

- Go for it, man.



That's easy for you to say,

you got the promotion.



The feeling is definitely there,

It's a newmorning in America,



The old cynicism is gone,

We have faith in ourleaders,



We're optimistic

as to whatbecomes ofitall,



Itreallyboils down

to ourability to accept,



- There are no limits,

- I figured on something like this.



Excuse me.



You look like your head

fell in the cheese dip back in     .



You're okay.

This one, real fucking ugly.



I take these glasses off,

she looks like a regular person.



- I put them on, formaldehyde face.

- That's enough, or I call the cops.



The cops?

You need a Brazilian plastic surgeon.



I've got one that can see.



He's a tall, Caucasian male.

Unarmed, wearing sunglasses.



I don't like this one bit.



Not one bit.



That's like pouring perfume on a pig.



Settle down.

Where did you get those glasses?



- The tooth fairy.

- I'll bet.



- We've got him.

- Cut yourself shaving?



You look as shitty to us

as we do to you.



- Impossible.

- Don't make us splatter your brains.



You stumbled onto something here,

but maybe we can all benefit from it.



Let's go someplace quiet

so we can talk this over.



You bastards die just like we do.



I have come here to chew bubblegum

and kick ass.



And I'm all out of bubblegum.



Near the entrance. Has a shotgun.

White male.   s. Long hair.



- Momma don't like tattletales.

- Wearing sunglasses.



And who are you?



Come to show them where I am.



Drop it.



Drop it.



Beat it.



Take it easy.

We're just going on a little ride.



Close the door.






Not too fast.



They're gone.



- Just keep driving.

- Where am I going?



- Are you married?

- Yes.



- Please, don't lie to me.

- No.



Live alone?



- Your place.

- I'd rather not.



I'm afraid I must insist.



Hi, Holly!



- I don't know what you want.

- Just quiet.



It's like a drug. Wearing

these glasses makes you high ...



... but you come down hard.



- Things didn't turn out well today.

- You're not the only one.



I'm sorry,

but I needed you to get away.



You have two guns.

You're not sorry, you're in charge.



We're in trouble. They're everywhere.

You can see them with these glasses.



We're being controlled by these things

and we've got to stop them.



I'll do whatever you want,

just don't hurt me, please.



Listen to what I'm saying to you.



You're fighting the forces of evil ...

that can only be seen with sunglasses.



- Take a look.

- I'll wear your glasses, ifyou want.



If I don't see what you see,

I'm going to see it anyway.



- You have it your way.

- It's not my way ... It's your way.



- Don't fuck with me.

- I'm thirsty.



Go ahead.



I'm sorry I have to be here.



- So your name's Holly?

- Holly Thompson.



That's a pretty name.

What do you do?



Assistant program director. Cable   .



A TV station? They're sending

signals out of TV sets.



No, I'm all right.



Holly Thompson.

     Circle View Drive.



Yes, I'll hold.






- Don't let anybody see you.

- I've had a rough couple of days.



I want nothing to do with you.

How many people did you kill?



- They're not people.

- You crazy son-of-a-bitch.



You ain't showing me nothing.



I've got a wife and kids.

Leave me alone.



Get out of here.






One week's pay.

It's the best I could do.






You'd better find someplace to hide.



- Try these on.

- You crazy mother!



- Put these on.

- Stay away from me.



I'm trying to save you

and your family's life.



You can't even save yourself.



I'm giving you a choice. Put these on

or start eating that trash can.



- Not this year.

- Okay.



Come on.



I don't want to fight you.

Stop it.



Put on the glasses.



I told you

I didn't want to be involved.



Dirty motherfucker.



Take a look. Put them on.






I'm sorry.



Put the glasses on. Put them on!



Fuck you!



Look! They're everywhere.



They can see us.

They're at  th and Spring.



Hold on. You aren't the first one

to wake up out of a dream.



What's that?



Brother, life's a bitch ...

and she's back in heat.



I want a room.



Ain't love grand?






Don't wear those glasses too long.

It's like a knife in your skull.



- How long have they been there?

- Who knows?



- Where do they come from?

- They ain't from Cleveland.



I don't need that shit!

What are we going to do?



- Wait.

- Wait for what?



When you get your master plan,

you let me know.



Ifwe can see, we've got to find

the people who made these.



Yeah, if any ofthem are still alive.



A long time ago,

things were different.



Daddy took me down to the river and

told me about the power and the glory.



I was saved.



He changed when I was little.

He turned mean.



I ran away when I was   .



He tried to cut me once

with a big old razor.



He held it up against my throat.

I said: "Daddy, please."



He kept moving back and forth,

like he was sawing down a tree.



Maybe they've always been with us,

those things out there.



Maybe they love it,

seeing us hate each other.



Watching us kill each other off.

Feeding on our own cold hearts.



I've got news for him.



There's going to be hell to pay.



I ain't Daddy's little boy no more.






There's a meeting tonight at   .

Watch out no one follows you.



The world needs a wake-up call.



We're going to phone it in.



Hey brothers ...



There's something new going down.



They're using candyfloss packaging

to cover up a toxic waste dump.



Frank, glad you made it. Take your

glasses off. We're all human in here.



They're brand new.

We got the first shipment today.



They won't hurt.

There's less interference.



Go ahead.



- Any trouble getting here?

- No.



The city is crawling with cops.

Most ofthem are human.



They've been told we're Commies.

Some ofthem have been recruited.



- People are joining up with them?

- They sell out.



Promotions, bank accounts,

new houses, cars.



Perfect, isn't it?

We'll do anything to be rich.



Fluorocarbons have increasedsince

     Earth is being acclimatised,



Theyare turning ouratmosphere

into theiratmosphere,



- What do these things want?

- They're free-enterprisers.



The earth is just another developing

planet. Their third world.



,,, deplete the planet,

move on to another,



They wantbenign indifference,

We couldbe pets orfood,



Butall we reallyare is livestock,



We need an assault unit.

Someone to hit them hard.



- You've got it.

- Ever seen their disappearing act?






- What's that?

- One oftheir watches.



Two-way radios.

You can listen to their broadcasts.



They've got secret code.

They push a button ...



All of a sudden they're gone.

I've been trying to figure it out.



Listen up. We're obviously

not getting to enough people.



There should be twice as many people

here. We're getting too sloppy.



Their detection

is becoming more effective.



Stay aware. Go to work.

Do what's expected ofyou.



We've become reckless.

The movement is suffering.



Stop talking about it. It's time

we started spilling some blood.



Wait a minute! We don't stand a chance

with a few guns and grenades.



- What are we supposed to do?

- We bide our time.



We locate their signal

and shut it off.



Dave works at KRDA.

He may have located the signal.



KRDA is clear.



The transmission is going out clean.

The signal is from somewhere else.



It's important to find out exactly

where this signal is coming from.



I've got to talk to someone.



- Are you okay?

- Yeah, I'm okay.



- I thought I'd killed you.

- I thought so, too.



I didn't know.

I'm so sorry.



I just want to ...



Can we ...?



Get out!



- They're killing everybody.

- I've got to find her.



There's nothing you can do out there.



If I can get this working,

I can listen in.



- Frank...

- What?



- Get set.

- Shit!



- What was that?

- I don't know.



Your wristwatch has malfunctioned.

This entryway will disappear ...



Move! Down there!



Seven seconds.

Six seconds.



Two seconds.

One second.



Ifyou need assistance

in finding your destination, -



- bilingual instructions

are posted in each corridor.



- What language is that?

- I don't know.



- Where are we?

- I think we're under the city.



Some kind of underground base.



- There's got to be a way out.

- I hope nobody saw us drop in.



Operation Steelfist is a success.

We have eliminated the terrorists.



We got 'em!

We wiped 'em out!



It's a win, man.

They got to meet the A-Team.



I'm hearing something.



By the year     

America and the entire planet -



- will be under the protection

ofthis power alliance.



The gains have been substantial for us

and for you, the human power-elite.



You have given us the resources

we need for our expansion.



In return, the per-capita income

of each ofyou has grown.



This year alone,

it's an average   %/%.



I've received word that our forces

have won a major victory.



The underground terrorist network

has been destroyed.



The situation is normal again.



Hi boys, I didn't know

you'd been recruited.



You should have dressed

for the party now you can afford it.



I'm proud to be here.

Have you seen the whole place?



- I haven't had a chance to.

- I'll show you around.



I knew we had a lot in common

the first time we met.



- Where the hell are we?

- Backstage ofthe show.



This place serves its purpose.

Did you get here using one ofthese?



I know it's only for emergency,

but they're so much fun.



You think that's something,

take a look at this.



- Take a closer look.

- Attention, commuters,



FlightAlpha   to Andromeda

is nowready,



That's where they come from.



I don't know how it works.

It's a gravitational lens.



It puts a bend in the light and

you move from place to place.



The whole thing

works like one big airport.



They've got their act together,

believe you me.



Evening, boys. Looking sharp.



Wait till you see

what I'm going to show you now.



Here's the brains ofthe operation.



The signal goes out through

the satellite all over the world.



Pretty fancy.

I'm not too familiar with it.



This is as far as we go.



Can you get us inside? I've never

seen the inside of a TV studio.



- You look like the one to ask.

- I guess it wouldn't be a problem.



Those boys over there

are friends of mine.



My buddies would like the grand tour.

Can we go inside?



Be serious.

Do you have authorization cards?



Right here.



Watch the door.



- Soundproof. Where's that signal?

- Up on the roof.



- If Holly made it, she could help us.

- You're making a big mistake.



- We made the mistake?

- No, listen.



I thought you understood.

It's business, that's all it is.



You still don't get it.

There ain't no countries anymore.



They're running the whole show.

They own the whole planet.



They can do whatever they want.

We can have it good for a change.



Ifwe help them, they'll leave us

alone to make some money.



You can have a taste ofthe good life.

It's what everybody wants.



- You'd do it to your own kind?

- What's the threat?



We all sell out every day,

might as well be on the winning team.



See you, boys.



Let's go.



Was that the two minute break?

We must be running long.



What the hell is going on?






- Now what?

- Find out where the hell we are.



Excuse me!

Do you know Holly Thompson?



Holly Thompson.

Assistant program ... something.



Security alert. Sections Delta

and X-ray report to the fourth floor.



Who's Holly?






I hate to interrupt. Could you

tell me how to get to the roof?



- How do I get to the roof?

- Turn left at the end ofthe hall.



There's got to be more than one way

to get up there.



Security    . They're on the move.



- I hear them on the   th floor.

- We're on the   st. We've got them.






Come on!



Security alert.

Intruders heading for the roof.



Frank! Are you and Holly clear?



I'm clear, are you?



Don't do it.



Don't interfere. You can't win.



Drop your weapon.



Stand away from the dish

or we'll open fire.



- Come inside with me.

- You have ten seconds. Nine ...



Eight. Seven.






The Oscar winners

give a press conference ,,,



- Gloria, you look like shit,

- Whathappened?



All the sexand violence on the

screen has gone too farforme,



I'm fed up with it, Film makers

have to showsome restraint,,,



What's wrong, baby?


Special help by SergeiK