Thief Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Thief script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Michael Mann movie with James Caan.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Thief. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Thief Script




(car radio in background)



(man) There's a hot car from Charleston.

Running a name check on him now.



It's stolen or missing.



Ford four-door. Can you

make it to Melrose and Levin?



It's the north-side zone.



See if   has got him.



(police dispatcher talking on radio)



Are you clear?



You're clear here.



Yeah. Come on.



Yo, Bruce. Wanna finish cleanin' up

that LTD? Move it up to the front line.



Get rid of this green Merc.



Hey, Bruce.

Park the Mark IV under the lights.



Hey, John! Spot this Cougar

on the corner for me, will ya?



Hey, sugar.

Those transfer titles come in?



No. Ralph got tied up on

the Chrysler with the cracked block.



Get Barry for me.



He had to drop some parts. You wanted

him to make the Laundromat collection.



- Yeah.

- Yeah. Barry? Hold on.



- You got him?

- Yeah.    .



Yay. I don't know how long

l'm gonna be with the man,



so do me a favour and

swing by the Vehicle Bureau



and pick up some transfer titles

in my name. All right? Bye.






Put your hand out.



Morning. Would you like some breakfast?



No. Just some coffee, thanks.



Thank you.



All right. What do you make it?



It's    D, flawless to VSl  .



You got one and a half

to three-carat spread.



       wholesale. I'll take       .



(calculator beeps)



- I'll take it myself.

- Fine.



Have someone swing around tomorrow

morning. These people wanna meet ya.



- What?

- They're stand-up guys.



To meet people l'll go to a country club.



OK, OK. By the way, you want me to put

some of your end out on the street?



Barry will collect it.

You down the bread to him at three.



You'll double your money in three months.



My money goes in the bank.

You put your money on the street.



- Hey, give me the check.

- Forget it.



Listen, we having dinner tonight?






- That's a new sweater. It's nice.

- Oh. Yeah, thanks.



- Then l'll pick you up at eight.

- Bye.



Tell him to see me the minute

he gets back here, and, uh....






So take a shit under a hot rock.



Hey, Frank.

Frank, what's doin', boss man?



- Give me my wrench back, you hear?

- There's your tool.



- Can't work without a tool.

- I try my best. I see you can do it.



"Nothing new ever happens around here."



"..making life happen."



"Like you said...

collecting your debt back from society."



"l gotta see ya. Your pal, Okla."



"Gotta see ya."



(radio news in background)



Gimme a tall one, will ya?



- Barry's been callin' you.

- When?



I don't know.

Couple of times the last half-hour.



- Huh?

- Three times.        .



- Gimme the phone, will ya?

- Yeah.






- Hello?

- Where are you?



- Where you been?

- You make the pick-up?



I'm in a phone booth. Trying to find one

that works. I have not made the pick-up.



We got a problem. Can you talk?



- No. Did you see our man?

- No. Cos there was no man.



Gags took a walk through

a twelfth-storey window.



He's splattered all over the sidewalk.

What do you wanna do?



Did he down our merch? Was he goin'?

Did he carry the cash on him? What?



I'm talking to somebody's somebody.

We'll know in    minutes.



You get the work car and

you meet me at Armitage and Lincoln.



Jimmy. Here, here.



(Barry) On the side Gags was laying down

juice loans on the street for this Attaglia.



He's turning in the vig money,

but he's putting in his pocket the principle.



They found out he was screwing 'em over.

They went crazy. Ba-boom.



- Gags down our merch?

- At the RD Lounge. Paulie saw it go down.



It was your money that was in Gags'

pocket when he went out the window.



You keep this runnin'.



- (woman) Can l help you?

- Yes, please. I'd like to see a Mr...



- (woman) l want a cup.

- (woman # ) Where's your cup?



Back by the machine.

What were you saying?



Mr Attaglia? l'd like to see him.



You delivered some plating

and l had problems with it.



Just a minute. Mr Attaglia, there's

someone to see you about some plating.






- Back there.

- Thank you.



I'm Mr Attaglia.



You didn't get a delivery, or somethin'?

Sit down. Zinc? What?



My name is Frank. And that was bullshit.



- What is this?

- "This" is Joe Gags.



       of my money.

We have this problem.



What problem?

What are you talking about?



He was moving my merchandise.



So the money in his pocket when

he went out the window is my money.



Why are you telling me this shit?



Shit? l want my money.



I don't know what you're talkin' about.

Mr Frank La-la... Whatever.



- Did some guy die?

- Yes.



The estate goes to probate. Take it

to probate court. Why do you bug me?



I come here to discuss a piece of business

with you. You gonna tell me fairy tales?



Who the fuck are you, slick? Somebody

knows you? Are you crazy or what?



I don't know you. I don't know

some clown named Gags. Get outta here.



Carl! Go ahead, get the fuck outta here.



- (Frank) Hold it.

- (Attaglia) All right. Jesus Christ!



All right, do what he says.



- Do what he says.

- Lay down.



- Go ahead.

- Hands on your head. Spread your legs.






Hey, you, you goof! Look at the wall.



I am the last guy in the world

that you want to fuck with.



You found my money on Gags.



Let us pretend that you

don't know whose money it is.



That's right, for Christ's sakes.

I don't know who you are.



Three hours.



I will call to set a meet.



You will pay me my money, $      .



Sit down.



- Thanks for comin' on down so soon.

- I was comin' anyway.



- How's it going?

- Me?



I am doin' terrific.



Every day is a surprise.



It is real fuckin' weird out there.

It is nothing like we figured out.



- So what's to it, my man?

- Same old shit.



Morris finally busted Red's pruno

operation. A lot of knifings going on.



- Dope?

- Yeah. That and sex.



You wouldn't believe

the quality of people in here.



Ten or     years ago they'd have

dumped 'em in a funny farm somewhere.



Rapists, child molesters. They put that

shit in with the mainstream population.



used to be, somebody like that, if they

lasted five days it'd be a record. Perverse.



- How's the wife?

- The wife?



There's nothing with the wife.



What happened?



I, uh... She doesn't know

l'm putting down scores.



And the rocket scientist that she is,



she figures out that

l am having affairs with fancy ladies.



Anyway, it gets all screwy and twisted.



- What are you gonna do?

- Well, l'm gonna put it back together.



Look, l met this new chick, this Jessie.



- You gonna marry her and have kids?

- Yes.



But she does not know what l do.



So what? Do l bullshit her along, or what?



Lie to no one. If they're somebody close

to you, you're gonna ruin it with a lie.



If they're a stranger, who the fuck

are they you gotta lie to them?



Hey, what do you need, man?



Get me outta here.



Ten months and you're on the street.



- You know Doc Shelton?

- Yeah.



That bastard's killed more guys

than the electric chair.



Well, l got angina somethin'

somethin' somethin'.



And l'm not gonna last ten months.



And l don't wanna die in here, Frank.

Not in here.






Well, you got it.



Gotta go, kid.



You got it.



He downed the merch to Gags,

is what he said.



I'm telling you, this cocksucker's trouble.

We whack him out.



Is this the prowler? The guy Gags had?



Has to be the one.



My name's Leo. How are ya?



How am l? l'm Frank.



Here's your money.



- (camera clicks)

- Jesus Christ!



There's two inches of money out there.



- (Leo) ls it all there?

- I'm sure that it is.



- Don't you say thanks or somethin'?

- Whose money is this?



It's your money. But l stopped

this guy from giving you a hard time.



(Frank) Thanks.



(Leo) You're welcome. It's no big deal.



I'll see ya.



- Where you goin'?

- Where am l going?



- I'm late.

- C'mon.



C'mon, l thought we'd talk a little

business, get to know each other.



No offence, you wanna get to meet

people, join a lonely hearts club.



I know you already.



- Yeah?

- Yeah.



- How you know me?

- That merch you put down to Gags.



Max Sherman.



Puerto Rican fence, Cotazar.

Where do you think they down it?



To me. I'm the bank.

I handle the fence for half this city.



You been puttin' down two, three scores

a month. Month in, month out.



I see your stuff. You got great taste.

Regular highline pro.



So l said to Gags "l wanna meet this guy."

He tell you that?



- Yes.

- Fine.



- Let's cut the bullshit.

- (man) Who is he?



How the hell do l know?



You wanna put down contract scores

all over the country, working for me?



I am self-employed. I am doin' fine.

I don't deal with egos.



I am the boss of my own body,

so what do l have to work for you for?



Maybe you don't.

I'll lay it out, you can be the judge.



You don't look. You don't case. You don't

do nothin'. We point you to a score.



When we say it's there, it's there.

They're all laid-out scores.



How they worked up?



Alarm system diagrams,

blueprints, front-door key.



Sometimes the scores are in on it,

ripping off the insurance company.



- Work cars? Drops? Tools?

- Whatever you need, you'd see me.



I'd be your father. Money, guns, cars -

I'd be your father from here on.



- What's my end?

- You get a price. No negotiation.



We got expenses here you don't have.

But you'll know the price upfront.



- How big?

- Boxcar.



Nothin' under six figures.

I'll make you a millionaire.



I go to work for you,

l'm pullin' a lot of exposure.



- Our protection trades that off.

- Take a bust?



There's gonna be a lawyer, a bondsman

right there. You never spend a night in jail.



I steal ice. No furs, no coin collections,



no stock certificates, no Treasury bonds.

Just diamonds or cash.






No cowboy shit, no home invasions.

I work with a partner.



We take care of you.

Your partner is your responsibility.



If he beefs on you, that's your problem.

If he beefs on us, that's your problem, too.



- Who are your inside people?

- That's my end. You don't have to know.



- So what do you say, Frank?

- I don't know.



- What do you mean, you don't know?

- I don't know!



I don't believe in lifetime subscriptions.

Maybe it don't fit in with my retirement...



- What will you do retired?

- Pick corn with the chickens.



- Watch TV. What's the difference?

- All right, all right.



Two, three moves.

You wanna keep goin', that's fine.



But if you wanna split, that's fine, too.



Everybody's businesslike.

Everybody's an adult.



So let me know. Cos we'd be terrific.



Yeah, that's fine. I'll call ya.



(# "Turning Point ln My Life"

by Mighty Joe Young)



# Sugar, sweet thing



# l've reached a turning point



# ln my life



# l've reached a turning point,

Lord, Lord, Lord



# ln my life



# l met a girl



# She's going on     



# And she don't get excited, no, no, no



# By you slick-talking men



# She cleans around the house



# Neat as a pin



# lf l've got a hole in my socks,

got a hole in my shirt



# These things she'll mend



# No more staying out late for me



# No more, now restraint



# l've reached a turning point



# ln my life



# l've reached a turning point,

Lord, Lord, Lord



# ln my life



# l've reached a turning point,

Lord, Lord, Lord



# ln my life



(# song continues)



- Hurry. I'm parked on red.

- What are you doing here?



- Finding you.

- Get away from me, OK?



You are two hours late. I do not need this.

I do not need to be humiliated.



- Wait. I wanna talk to you.

- No.



(man) Hey, you!



I will take you for coffee.

What's the big deal?



You take me anywhere?

That's a big laugh.



Maybe there is a reason.



- Hey, l'm talkin' to you.

- Take a walk, Flash. All right? Go on.



I don't know the reason. I don't wanna

hear it. There is no reason. That's all.



Look, you were lookin' forward to this.

All right? Come on.






Look, in what l do

there are sometimes pressures.



What the hell do you think that l do?



C'mon, c'mon.



C'mon! Every morning l walk in,

for five months, say hi.



What the hell do you think that l do?



You sell little fucking cars,

that's what you do.



I wear $     slacks. I wear silk shirts.



I wear $    suits. I wear a gold watch.



I wear a perfect, D,

flawless, three-carat ring.



I change cars like other guys

change their fucking shoes!



- I'm a thief. I've been in prison.

- So what? l don't care.



"So what?" l never even told my wife that.



- I don't care!

- Who is now gone.



- Did l ever come on to you?

- No.



- Well, you see?

- See? See what?



See? l am a straight arrow.

I am a true-blue kind of a guy.



I've been cool. I am now unmarried.



So let's cut the mini-moves and the

bullshit and get on with this big romance.



What? l don't believe it.



Do you think that l have been waiting

for you to come along? What is this shit?



You think l'm kidding, l can tell.

This is strictly on the up and up.



Jesus Christ!



- You are scared to death.

- You're an asshole.



That's lovely. What are you doing

in your life that is so terrific?



- My life is fine.

- Yeah, sure. Here.



- You don't know about me.

- Yeah? l know all about...



You know bullshit.



(man) Hey, hey.



Why you gotta shout?



Excuse me.

Can we have two coffees here?



- Sorry. So?

- So. So what?



- So tell me.

- Menu?



No. Thanks.



So what was it like?



You know, a lot of money. Tucson.



Mexico City. Bogotá.

Drifting. You know... OK?






It got twisted and ugly.



And it was over already,

but we kept moving through the moves.



It ended very badly.



Now, l get up in the morning.

I take a shower.



I go to work. I have a job.

I have a Social Security card.



My life is very ordinary, very boring.



Which is good, because it's solid.



Marking time is what you are.

You are backing off. You are hiding out.



You're waiting for a bus you hope never

comes cos you don't wanna go anywhere.



Do you have a licence for this?



All right, how much was he moving?



Nothing till the end.



And then kilo amounts. I don't know.



And then what?



- He's dead.

- Hm?



He is dead.



That is good, because he's an asshole.



- There was love in the beginning.

- The guy was...



- There was love in the beginning.

- Big asshole.



He put you in a box. You know the things

they do to you if you do a bit in Colombia?



- Jesus Christ!

- Don't shout in here.



I was alone. I had no money,

no clothes, no visa,



standing on the corner

in Bogotá in Colombia...



Things did happen.



Where were you in prison?

Would you pass the cream, please?






Whoa. ugh!



Hey, can we have some new cream here?



- What's wrong with it?

- What's wrong? lt's cottage cheese.



The warden there was Joe Reagan.



Meatball Joe.



If that slob was a penologist

l'm a jet airplane pilot.



I did     years.



Got out, what, four years ago.



What'd you go up for?



I stole $  .



$  ?



Yeah. It started with a two-year bit.

Parole in six months.



Right away, l got into this problem with

these two guys. They tried to turn me out.



So l picked up nine more

on a manslaughter beef.



Some other things.



I was    when l went in.

   when l come out.



You don't count months and years.

You don't do time that way.



What do you mean? Why?



Why? You gotta forget time.



You gotta not give a fuck if you live or die.



You gotta get to where

nothin' means nothin'.



I'll tell you a story all about it.



Once there was this Captain Morphis.



This    lb slob.

He couldn't write his name.



And he had this crew of

   or    guards and cons.



Prison groups, you know? Crews.



They would go into these cells

and grab these young guys



and bring 'em up to Hydrotherapy

in the mental ward.






If a guy puts up a struggle, they beat him

up. He winds up in the funny farm, and...



Anyway, the word comes down

that l am next.



And l do not know

what l am supposed to do.



I, uh... I am scared.



Eleven-thirty, twelve, the lights come on.



I got this pipe from plumbing.



And, uh, l whacked

the first guard in the shins.



I go through a convict

and another convict and...



Anyway, l get to Morphis,

and l whack him across the head twice.



Boom. And then they jump all over me,

do a bunch of things.



I spent six months in the hospital ward,

but... Morphis, he is also fucked up good.



Cerebral haematoma...



They pension him out - he can't walk

straight - and he dies two years later.



Which is a real loss to the planet Earth.



Meanwhile, l gotta go back

into the mainstream population.



And l know the minute

l hit the yard l am a dead man.



So l hit the yard.



So you know what happens?



Nothin'. I mean, nothin' happens.



Cos l don't mean nothin' to myself.

I don't care about me.



I don't care about... nothin'. You know?



Then l know from that day that l survive,



because l achieved that mental attitude.



Then, uh... see, later,



I... worked this out.



In the stone cell...



What is this?



That is my life.



And, uh... nothin', nobody

can stop me from makin' that happen.



Right there, that would be you.



Who's the old man here?



That is David Okla Bertinneau.



He's a master thief, a master,



and a great man.



He was like a father. He taught me

everything that l know about what l do.



And l told him about you.



Did you cut these out from magazines?



Yeah. Newspapers, whatever.



Why all of these dead people?



Inside, you are on ice from time.



You can't even die right, you know?

And here?



Here, people grow. They get old.

They die. Children come after.



Just a cycle, you know?



I don't know. I...



Yes, you do. You do.



You don't know from one day to the next



whether you're going to be killed,

go home, or get busted.



Look, l have run out of time.



I have lost it all.



So l can't work fast enough to catch up,

and l can't run fast enough to catch up.



And the only thing that catches me up

is doin' my magic act.



But it ends, you know? lt will end.



When l got this, right there,

it ends, it's over.



So l'm just asking you... to be with me.



I can't...



I can't, uh...



I can't have children.



I don't fit into this.



What? So we adopt.



I'm not ready. See?



And l have my life.



So l can't.



What? l mean, what is going on

in your life that is so terrific?



Mine's been a mess.



I was just thinkin', you know,

that just maybe between the two of us,



that we could make somethin' happen,

somethin' special, somethin' really nice.



You know?



So l'm just...



I'm askin' you, uh... to, uh...



Look, and l got a way now that l can make

it happen faster. I mean, much faster.



And, uh...



I'm just askin' you. You know?



You're on.



They gotta be big scores.

They gotta be fast. One, two, tops.






- (Leo) That's it.

- (Frank) Where?



Third from the top, this side.



- Alarm systems?

- Five independent systems.



Four silent ringers into an alarm company

over the phone lines. Infrared pots.



Magnetics on the front door.

Sonic alarm. Vault door's bugged.



- What's this?

- Top floor. Top of the elevator shafts.



Floors eight through   's alarm lines

conduit with the phones through the shaft.



What about taking the elevator to the top

floor, open the hatch, goin' in that way?



No. Elevators are locked and bugged

at night. I gotta take out two systems.



Chop through the roof, get the lines.

If we get the alarm, what is the box?



- Richmond Lackett.

- (Frank) Richmond Lackett?






- Terrific. It's a burn job.

- No way to drill?



- Drill?

- Yeah.



Drill what?



They're custom-made. You bang

on this box all day, nothin' happens.



And l am pulling a lot of exposure.



      hours in there.



Your end covers the risk.       . Four

million at wholesale in unmounted stones.



- What's the fifth alarm?

- We can not run it down.



- Why?

- It does not go out over the phone lines.



We swept the lines in the whole building.

But we know it is there.



- How long?

- Four, eight weeks.



Assuming we get the alarm

and what to cut the box with.



I need a couple of Cal licences,

and bring the work cars here.



OK. I'll set it up. What time's our plane?



- We're on the  .  .

- (Frank) Stay here. Make that fifth alarm.



Do you like it? l mean,

do you think it'll do? lt's OK?



Frank, l love it. I love it. I think it's terrific.



What are you looking at?



You, that's all.






- How you doin'?

- I'm golden, scoring like a champ.



I need a favour.



How's Okla?



Angina. I'm makin' some moves

to get him out of there.



I got a hearing fixed up.

Who's the yo-yo in the white coat?



Metallurgist. Son-in-law's idea.



A load of tubing comes in,

l taste it. I smell it.



I chew it. I spit on it.



Hey, scientist cocksucker!



   per cent zinc.    per cent copper.



   per cent tin.

The one per cent, l don't know.



A white coat.

Around here, he wears a white coat.



What's he gonna discover? Penicillin?



You gotta be a real putz

to wear a white coat around here.



Huey, excuse us.



- What kinda steel?

- Swedish cold-rolled,    .



Here, here, here and here -

one-inch plates.



Copper to bind drills. Titanium alloy here.



This is a well-made,

very expensive, very special vault.



English? Richmond and Lackett?



I need a very special piece of equipment.



- Drill a hole in the lock box...

- Each one is different.



There's no way of telling where the lock

box is. I wanna cut a new door, walk in.



Seven, eight thousand degrees?



Portable equipment?

There's no other way to do it?






Sonny, if l can build something,

it's gonna be a son of a bitch to use.



OK. So is it worth it?



It is worth it.



- You sweep the phone?

- Weekly. It's clean.



Hello? l'm Frank.



Yeah. Leo said to call about California

licences and registrations.






I'll be in Division      in an hour.

I'm wearing a grey leather coat.






So what's to it, Sam?



I gotta build a section of vault to tell.



I don't know if it's even possible

to build a tool that'll cut it like that.



See me in a week.



This petition is that David Okla Bertinneau



pleads for Your Honour to modify

his      conviction,



and to issue a writ of habeas corpus.



But he violated Chapter   

Section   -  , burglary.



Chapter    Section   -  , theft.



Here's two California licences

l fixed in Sacramento.



..and dignity of the state.



That distresses me. This man is

of reformed character, advanced age,



and suffers from a heart condition and

may not be able to serve out his sentence.



He's spent over    years in incarceration

and has become a different person.



I don't know.



I remain unconvinced.



- Are they pickin' their noses up there?

- Wait a minute. I wanna hear this.



However, upon consideration,

l will issue a writ of habeas corpus.



Thank you, Your Honour. I'll write up

the order. I know how busy you are.



My wife's in the market for a fur coat.



- I am a car salesman.

- Sure. Whatever you say.



That's right.



Okla will be on the street in a week.

I need      for Earl Warren.



A week, yeah? Here,      .



You're a prince. Buy yourself a new suit.



- A week?

- A week.



All right!



Who lives here? C'mon, who lives here?



- Hi.

- It's gotta be some millionaire guy, huh?



Hey, look at this. Tree. Bush.



- Pink tree.

- Hello!






- Hey. It's real nice.

- Sure. Come back.



- Hi, Frank.

- How you doin', Marie?



This is beautiful, man.



When'd you get back?



Last night, late.



You make that fifth alarm?



I made the fifth alarm.






- So what's to it?

- OK.



Alarm system number five

is a one-channel radio transmitter.



- How's it triggered?

- There's a sonic detector off the ceiling.



Now, they set off the alarm every morning

when they walk in. It's tripped.



They have ten seconds to transmit

a code word to the alarm company.



Now, the code word goes over the radio.



That's why there's no phone lines.



All right, l tell you what.



- You bug it.

- All right.



Call Joseph, have him fix you one. You go

back there and you bug 'em for the word.



C'mon. It's gettin' cold. Oh.



This LA move, you know?

lt's home free for me, after it's done.



You happy?






Hey, want something to eat?









I see on your application here...



By the way, you misspelled "male".

It's M-A-L-E.



The other is what we put in postboxes.



I see you put under "employer":

"     to      Joliet State Penitentiary".






You worked for the state, l take it?



- After a fashion.

- What did you do at the prison?



- Desks.

- (clears throat)



I spot-welded desks,

and then l got promoted to shoes.



You were in charge of the shop?



Lady, l was a convict. I was doing time.



- You were what?

- Frank, let's go.



uh, you have to understand,

we have more applicants than children.



Then why do you still have kids here?



As a kid, l would not be falling all over

myself to stay in one of these places.



We will relieve you of some of the burden.



The point is, we establish

criteria for parenting.



An ex-convict compared

to other desirables...



So we'll take a kid that's not so desirable.



You got a black kid? We'll take

a black kid. You got a Chink kid?



- You don't...

- No one likes older kids.



You got an eight-year-old black Chink kid?

We'll take him.



- Frank?

- Wait. If it's a matter of... You know? Here.



- What is that?

- What is that?



That is D, flawless,

 .  carats, emerald cut.



- This is not a marketplace.

- Right.



You're not smart enough to take this

any more than to identify good parents.



Get out of my office.



You did not ask about us

or what kind of people we are.



There is a child waiting. You are denying

us him and him us. Who the hell are you?



- Don't make a scene.

- Our criteria...



Your criteria?



Your criteria are so far up your ass

they can't see daylight. Bullshit!



It's not happening. Let's go.



I got some ABC-type

information for you, lady.



I was state raised,

and this is a dead place.



A child in eight-by-four green walls.



After a while you tell

the walls "My life is yours."



- You grow up in the suburbs?

- Yes.



Right. Right.



What are you lookin' at? Huh?



- (man # ) Jimmy's got better.

- (man # ) Yeah. Cos he charcoals 'em.



- I'm gonna pull him over here.

- Yeah.









Hey, how you doin'?



- Wonderful, thank you.

- That's good.



You know, a very important thing for

you to remember is gonna be my name.



- Sergeant urizzi.

- urizzi. Why's that?



Because l'm gonna do good things for ya.



What for? Good conduct medal?



Nah. I'm here to make life easy for you.



Yeah? Smooth out

the bumps and the humps.



You know? Your relationship with us.



I didn't know l had one.



Look, we're your new partners.

We're in for ten points.



What'd this set you back?



Ten points of what?



You know. The guy?



Leo. Your action.



I don't get this. What's with you? Listen.



Our end goes with the territory.



Don't you know you gotta come up?



I am a car salesman.



You guys want a deal

on a Buick, come on.



- Hey, motherfucker...

- Don't you come on to me. And you?



You wanna pinch me, you pinch me.

I'll be out in ten minutes.



If not, get the fuck off my car.



- You all right?

- What does this mean?



It means... heat, police.



It means it's hard for me

to make moves from now on.



Beepers on the cars, the works.



Are they in the walls? Can they hear

everything we're saying all the time?



Probably it's just the phones,

but l'll check.



You're uneasy.



- Fuck this house. We move.

- I'm OK.



I'm OK.






(march-style music onjukebox)



- (Jimmy) Hey, José Greco. Sit down.

- (music stops)



(Leo) l got this business deal.



From your end of the LA score,

want me to put some of it to work for you?



- Street juice?

- You couldn't get me out of bed for that.



I'm not cutting up nickels here.



Shopping centres. Fort Worth,

Davenport, Jacksonville. Strictly legit.



- My money goes in my pocket.

- Yours if you want in.



Gonna give you everything you need. You

don't have to tell me now. Tell me later.



I wanna know why the minute l get locked

with you everybody knows my business.



My house is bugged. My wife is upset.

The guy at the Vehicle Bureau wants a fur.



There's a cop tail right now a half a block

down the street. My car is bugged. Here.



This one behind the bumper,

l'm supposed to find.



The other one in the wheel well's

supposed to fool me. What is this?



- Leave it to me.

- Leave what to you? Do it!



I said l'll take care of it.

What about burning the vault?



- What about it?

- Can you do it?



- I don't know.

- OK.



- Fifth alarm system?

- Nothing yet.






- What else you got on your mind?

- What are you talking about?



You got family troubles?

Somethin' with the old lady?



- What is this? Dear fuckin' Abby?

- You tryin' to adopt a kid?



- How do you know that?

- Barry mentioned to Mitch, Mitch to me.



You got friends.

Lighten up, for Christ's sake.



Why don't you come to me with

your problems? What am l? A stranger?



I take care of my people.

Anything you want.



You and me, we do business.

I do not mix apples and oranges.



- Bullshit.

- Bullshit?






With my wife, with my kids,

that's my whole life.



We are very tight.

Kids are special, a miracle.



A little hoochie-coo, drop of energy -




there's something sacred there.



That's my attitude.



What happens?



You state your model.

Black, brown, yellow or white.



Boy or girl.



Where from?



Couple of ladies. They got babies - to sell.



- Their own. They sell 'em.

- Jesus!



It's not the kid's fault

that his mother's an asshole.



And you're not buying the mother.

You're not gonna get a kid on the straight.



I want a boy.



- Done.

- Hm?



Done. You got a boy.



Yeah? l got a boy?



Yeah. What else you want?






- You son of a bitch!

- Hey, Mitch, get the... Yeah!



Hey, Jess.



Hey, pal.



What are you doin'?

You playin' sick in here?



I got three chicks waiting for you on

the street. You're gonna get me in trouble.






Oh, this is my wife Jessie.









- Code blue. You'll have to leave.

- No.



- You'll have to leave.

- (Jessie) Frank, come on.



After the hearing, Judge Ramsey's court

writ mittimus papers.



The board had to release him to me.



On the stairs outside, he just dropped.



(Jessie) What did he whisper to you?



Oh, he said thanks.



You know, for getting him out.



I mean, that's the big thing, you know.

Not to die in that joint. Not to die in there.



It's a big thing.



- Who's Mr Bertineau's family?

- I am.



Look, l'm sorry, he didn't make it.



If there's anything l can do, uh...



Are you OK?



I'm sorry.



Do you wanna sit down?






That's a nice baby.

You're lucky you've got such a nice baby.



- Thank you. Can you warm this up?

- No problem.



- What his name?

- No name, not yet.



So here we are.



Are you OK?



Long, long, long, long time.



You see that?

Okla dies and our baby is born.



Do you wanna name him after Okla?



Okla's real name was David.









(Frank) David?









Our kid, his name's David.



David. David good name.



(waiter speaks Chinese)



Hey, David.



What's to it?



(Sam) Light this, then get out of the way.



Not bad.



I'll see you, kid.



Betsy thought it was serious

but l don't think so.



(indistinct conversation)






(alarm through walkie-talkie)



He gave Ruth a shot.    hours,

it was gone. Must have been a flu bug.



Mexico. We're in. Thanks.



Have Julio wax the floor, will ya?



(phone rings)



- Yeah. Green Mill.

- Is Frank there?



Wait a minute. Frank?



Oscar, get Frank.



Hey, come back.









- Is that you?

- Yeah. Hold on.



Do me a favour.



- Yeah. Go ahead.

- We are on.



You understand?



Yes. I understand.






C'mon. C'mon.



Gimme an excuse. C'mon!



Get outta that car.



- You're pinched.

- For what?



Driving without a taillight.












Pick him up, huh?



Hey, car salesman. urizzi.

You remember my name now?



How can l not?



Since the police department

does not hire too many Puerto Ricans.



Hey, asshole, l'm ltalian!



I'm pleased to meet you,

ugly wop son of a bitch.



You motherfucker!



You're a stand-up guy.

You're a real stand-up guy.



You got a mouth. You can take a trimmin'.



You could make things

easy for everybody.



But no, you gotta be a goof.

You're real good.



No violence, strictly professional.



I'd probably like you.



Like to go the track, ball games,

stuff like that. You know?



Frank, there's ways of doin' things

that round off the corners,



make life easy for everybody.



What's wrong with that?

There's plenty to go around.



We know what you take down.



We know you got somethin' major

comin' down, soon.



But no, you gotta

come on like a stiff prick.



Who the fuck do you think you are?



What's the matter with you?



You got somethin' to say?

You waitin' for me to ask you to dance?



Did it ever occur to you... to try to work

for a livin', take down your own scores?



- Fuck this guy.

- I tell you something.



I'm gonna be on your ass so much

you're gonna get careless.



And on that day

l'm gonna be in that place.



And that is the last place

that you wanna be,



cos no matter what happens,



I will never, ever take a pinch

from a greasy motherfucker like you.



Fuck you, you fucker!



- I'll kill you!

- Dancin' goes two ways, prick!



Get this asshole outta here!



Cut him loose.



- (man) John?

- Yeah?



- You got eyes? You got him?

- Yeah. He's beepin' in good.









Pull over. He'll spot us. He's stoppin'.



John, what's he doin'?



- (beeping)

- Just relax and stay put.






(beeping changes)



Hit it! Hit it! He's movin'.



Hit it.



OK. Relax and fall back. We got him.



We're right with ya.



- What's he gonna put down?

- I don't know.



But we're gonna be right on this guy's ass.

This guy's gonna be history.



Gimme some coffee.



(beeping continues)



(beeping continues)



(dispatcher on radio in background)



- OK.

- Here.



   volts. You got a phone line.






Hold it. You got one.



Hook it up.












C'mon. One more and we open her up.









(alarm stops)



All right, l'm inside.



Any surges on the line?



They held.



Come on. We own it.



- Lit?

- No.









You should come in. Water's great.



Yeah. Enjoy it now. We're goin' home.

Tomorrow we collect. Just talked to Leo.



That's great.



Hey, Marie!



Marie, come here.



I'll go get the bags.



- Come in, Frank. Sit down.

- Thank you.



How you doin'? You look great.



Couldn't be better.



I know this is what you're here for, kid.



That's it. Mitch, what's to it?



Your tan is great.

How long were you in San Diego?



- A few days.

- Mitch told me all about the score.



Said that you were Dr Wizard.



(Frank) Yeah?



Hello, Frank.



- Where's the rest?

- Don't worry about it.



- What is this?

- This is the cash part.



Well, you're light.



      's supposed be here,

and l count, what,         .



Cos l put you into the Jacksonville, Fort

Worth and Davenport shopping centres.



I take care of my people. You can ask

these guys. Papers are at your house.



It's a limited partnership

with a subchapter S corporation.



You've got equity with me in that.



- Well, count me out.

- I thought we had this good thing.



Plus we got a major score

in Palm Beach for you in six weeks.



Talkin' to me,

or somebody else walk in this room?



What's that supposed to mean?



It means you are dreaming.

This is payday. It is over.



You know, when you have

trouble with the cops,



you pay 'em off like everybody else

because that's the way things are done.



- But not you, huh?

- No.



They don't run me and you don't run me.



I give you houses.

I give you a car. You're family.



I thought you'd come around.

What the hell is this? Where is gratitude?



- Where is my end?

- You can't see day for night.



I can see my money is still in your pocket,

which is from the yield of my labour.



What gratitude?



You're making big profits

from my work, my risk, my sweat.



But that is OK, because

l elected it to make that deal.



But now the deal is over.



I want my end, and l am out.



Why don't you join a labour union?



- I am wearing it.

- Frank, don't.



Do it, slick.



My money in    hours,

or you will wear your ass for a hat.



Get the hell out.



I tell ya? What did l tell ya?






Where is he?






Talk to him.



Answer him.



Answer him. Answer him!



He's talkin' to you.

Answer him. Answer him.






(Barry) You're set up!






I said fuckin' look at him.



Look what happened to your friend cos

you go against the way things go down.



You treat what l tried

to do for you like shit.



You don't wanna work for me?

What's wrong with you?



And then you carry a piece in my house.



You one of those burned-out,

demolished wackos in the joint?



You're scary because

you don't give a fuck.



But don't come on to me now with your

jailhouse bullshit. You are not that guy.



Don't you get it, you prick?



You got a home, car, businesses, family.



And l own the paper

on your whole fuckin' life.



I'll put your cunt wife on the street to be

fucked by niggers and Puerto Ricans.



Your kid's mine because l bought it.



You got him on loan.

He is leased. You are renting him.



I'll whack out your whole family.



People'll be eating 'em for lunch tomorrow

in their hamburgers and not know it.



You get paid what l say.



You do what l say. I run you.

There is no discussion.



I want your work until you are burned out,

you are busted or you're dead.



Do you get it?



You got responsibilities.



Tighten up and do it.



Clean this mess up.



Get him outta here. Back to work, Frank.



Joseph, get over here right away.

You're goin' on a trip.









Wake up the kid.






You are going away.



It's not what was supposed to be.



It can't be this way.



Don't you understand?






Do not take anything.

Do not pack. Do it now.



- Where are we going?

- We are not going.



- You are going.

- Where? What's wrong with you?



I don't understand.

When are you gonna come?



I am not.



You will work out with Joseph where

you are going to go. Here is $      .



Wait. We just disassemble it

and put it back in a box?



Like an Erector Set that

you just send back to a store?



I love you. I'm not going anywhere.



You give Joseph      

for month number one.



What are you doing?



- You give him       for month two.

- Doesn't anything mean anything?



- I'm your woman, you're my man.

-       for the third.



Frank, Frank. I made a commitment.



To hell with me,



with you, with everything.



I'm throwing you out.



Get out.



Get out.



Get out!



(baby cries)



(rustling leaves)



You want some milk?



No. I'm OK.






Special help by SergeiK