Thirteen Ghosts Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Thirteen Ghosts script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the 13 Ghosts movie sometimes spelled Thir13en Ghostsfor the in-the-know folks.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Thirteen Ghosts. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Thirteen Ghosts Script



Is it bad tonight?


That's one way to describe it. "Insane" seems
a little more appropriate. He's breathing down my neck. It's my opinion
we should get the hell out of here. -Now!
-Noted. Clean this place up
and locate our guests. I just need to take the edge off. You know the routine.
I need you clearheaded. First things first. Now, where is he? Show me where he's hiding. You said he killed nine!
There's victims here! Nine when he was alive.
He's added a few. Now where is he, Dennis? All teams go to alpha.
Bring in the cube! Why is he named The Breaker?
Is he a truck driver? Simple folklore.
The local color exorcising its demons. Or maybe it's because
he broke his victims into pieces. I hate being rushed. This one's different. -You'll get a bonus.
-With what money? After tonight you'll be surprised.
Get to work. Careful, Dennis. Don't get too curious. No! Son of a bitch! How can you justify what you're doing?
It's slavery. You are persistent, Damon.
And you, Kalina? Still carrying around your quicksilver
flares and the little magic book? You're not capturing animals.
They're human beings! Dead human beings. You should join Greenpeace.
Throw blood on old women's furs. Who are you to play God? -Playing's for children.
-You won't succeed. Not without the right spells
and the th ghost. th ghost? Get them out of my sight!
We've wasted too much time. Why did he say th? Move the cube into position. What did he mean, ghosts? You contracted me for ghosts.
The Breaker's ! I'm done after tonight. Yes, and then one more.
I thought you were psychic. -That's not how it works.
-There's no time to argue. Release the bait. What bait?
We never needed bait before! A truck full of blood?
You've gotta be shitting me. Oh, boy. Now... ...power up the cube. Start transmitting. Come. Come. Come! Oh, God! Help me! Help me! Oh, shit! Where is it?
I can't see it! Put him down! Hey, Cyrus. I hope you're happy.
You got your . Help me! He's dying! Hang on, Damon. Somebody help!
Damn you, Cyrus! Somebody help me, please! Help me. Do something! Oh, Cyrus. Oh, God. Oh, Cyrus. -Swing me.
-Come on, Bobby. Come on, Kathy. Faster! -Let me get your arms.
-Come on. Try to drag me. You're the best little brother.
I love you. -Come on.
-I'm gonna get you! I'm gonna get you! Look at them.
She's got him on the run now... ...but soon he'll be throwing her
over his shoulder. They're perfect. No, watch. Watch them. They really love this place. I love you, you know? Surprise! My heart! My heart! -Happy birthday, Dad.
-Happy birthday! -Happy birthday, Arthur.
-Here's my present. -We love you. Make a wish.
-Blow out the candles. What'd you wish for? -I love you.
-I love you too. What's that?
The smoke alarm? It's the fire alarm.
I'll get the kids. Dad! Help, Mom! -Get the kids. Get the kids!
-Mom! Dad! -Mom! Dad! Help me!
-Dad, come on! -Where's your mom?
-I don't know! Bobby, we have to get out.
Oh, my God! Jean! Jean! Mom's still in the house.
We can't leave her here. Bobby, go outside.
Go wait outside, now. You can't go back in there, sir. I'm sorry, sir.
She didn't make it. I should have gone back in. We're here to honor the memory
and life's work of Jean Kriticos... ...a devoted mother and loving wife,
who was too quickly taken from life. Jean, you will be forever missed,
but never forgotten. -I miss you, Mom.
-I miss you, Mom. Why did you have to leave us? -I can't do this without you.
-Don't go. Mom, I love you so much. Please watch over us. I'll love you always. Dad, it's al-- It's almost : . Shake a leg
or you'll miss your first class. Today on Death in America:
Cancer rates are down... ...but suicide is sky-high. We have a treat today. A body was found, "decolopolated." Hey, hey. " Decapitated." Find a healthier hobby. Leave me alone. I'm recording! Good morning, everybody.
Something smells interesting. They found a headless guy
behind Dunkin' Donuts. I love Dunkin' Donuts. -Shit!
-Kathy. Why not let Maggie make breakfast?
That's why we hired her. Have you tasted her cooking? -Just that once.
-Hey, I heard that! -I cook better than you.
-We have to try to get along. Okay. Tell Kathy that keeping
a record of death is healthy. Keeping a record of deaths is healthy. -She's being a little slut about it.
-Don't call your sister a slut. -Thank you.
-I prefer the term " bitch." Sluts have loose sex-- Did you do your homework?
Because Mr. Peterson told me-- Damn it, Bobby! I've tripped on that three times! -Sorry.
-We need a bigger place. We don't have a big place anymore. This is the best I can do for now. So let's try and keep our shit
off the floor. Now put away the damn tape recorder
and get ready for school. I'm sorry, Dad. -Must be the lawyer. I forgot.
-What lawyer? -Isn't our credit cleaned up?
-It's not about that. They won't make us move again,
will they? It's all right. We'll deal with it. -Mr. Kriticos?
-Yes. You're...? -Ben Moss. How do you do?
-Please come in. -Is now a good time, or...?
-Good a time as any. Please, just give me one minute,
will you? Okay. Sorry. I'm ready. I represent your uncle
Cyrus Kriticos' estate. -We have an Uncle Cyrus?
-Had. I met him a couple of times as a kid.
He wasn't popular. Squandered the family fortune. -We have a family fortune?
-No. Cyrus squandered it. -Bobby, you have a late uncle.
-What is he late for? -His next birthday.
-You mean he's dead? -That got his attention.
-Pipe down. Cyrus recorded this six weeks ago... be played for you
in the event of his death. Arthur, it's good to talk to you. Sadly, if you're watching this,
it means I am dead. Happily, that makes you
and your family my sole beneficiaries. I've instructed my lawyer, Mr. Moss,
to deliver the essential elements... ... in my last will and testament.
Give it to them, Ben. -A key?
-A key to what? -A key to your new house.
-What? This house is the fruit
of my life's work. Everyone gets their own bathroom! -Is this for real?
-It is a one-of-a-kind home. It's my home, actually. My home. I have no complaints.
I've led an interesting life. I have seen some amazing things. My only regret is that I never
got to know my nephew, Arthur... ...nor appreciate the love
of a family, like you have. This house is my attempt
to make up for that. Enjoy. Perhaps we'll meet again... ... in another life. -Wow!
-When can we see it? Whenever you like.
I'm heading there today. If you want, your wife and kids-- -Time out. I am not the missus here.
-My wife.... -My wife is....
-Our mom burned to death in a fire. -Bobby!
-What? It's true. That's enough, Robert. Mr. Moss, just exactly where
is this place? Just a couple hours drive from here,
in a town called Willow Grove. It's in a gorgeous area.
Your uncle liked his privacy. There isn't a neighbor for miles. -Come on, hurry up.
-S-U-F-- -Suffocate! I got it. I win.
-So what? You think you're so slick. Come on, you guys. We're almost there. -Excited?
-Yeah. -Mom would have freaked over this.
-Yeah. Looks like things are starting
to get better, right? Yeah. That's strange. Dad, it's beautiful! My God!
I've never seen anything like it. Cool! So "futuroic." About time someone showed up.
This your place? -Who are you?
-I'm the power guy. Don't touch. Your house is knocking out the power
of the whole area. I need to check the breakers. Could you come back tomorrow? Tomorrow? Let me see. There's about houses
right now without power. -My bosses kind of frown on that.
-That's not really our problem, is it? I've been at this job for three weeks.
Can't you give me a break here? Sure. No problem. Thank you. -Mr...?
-Kriticos. Arthur Kriticos. Quite a place you've got. Yeah. We're moving in. Well, one step at a time. -That's odd.
-Dad, you broke it! Give it a rest. Hello. Wow! You can see right through it. -You guys couldn't afford walls?
-How weird. Guess Cyrus wasn't too keen
on privacy. I sure hope the bathroom's
in the basement. It's like a fun house. It's Latin. Everything's so beautiful. Just so we're all clear,
Miss Maggie does not do windows. Wow! What an incredible wealth
of knowledge! -A samurai sword!
-Bobby. In your dreams, pal. -This stuff must be worth a fortune.
-Yeah, that occurred to me too. Oh, Cyrus. You crazy son of a bitch,
what did you do? Goodness! It's like a cathedral. All right, first rule:
no throwing stones. It's marvelous, isn't it? A living work of art. As soon as you show me the basement,
I'll be out of here. I believe it's down the hall.
It's two doors on the right. Excuse me. The construction is amazing! I'm getting dizzy. Don't touch anything. Okay? At least until
we get some property insurance. Arthur, we have papers to sign.
Then I'll give you all a tour. Great. You guys don't move
from this spot. We'll be right back. Dad, you're being overprotective. Yeah, of all this stuff.
I know you guys too well. Stay right here.
I mean it. What the--? Where'd you hide your money, old man? Oh, shit. What the hell was that? Oh, no.
Oh, Cyrus. Now I know I'm dreaming. -Was Cyrus a hunter?
-You could say that. Your uncle was quite a collector
of many things. I've marked where
you're supposed to sign. Okay, look. I didn't want to bring this up
in front of the kids, but.... Well, this place is beyond amazing. I'm just a math teacher.
The taxes alone must be-- I have nothing set aside. To be honest,
a fire took away everything. Arthur, you don't need to worry. Cyrus was a genius
when it came to finances. None of you ever have
to worry about money again. You son of a bitch. Look here! Look, you all. Look, look, look, look! Sign. Arthur? Arthur? Arthur, we've gotta--
Arthur, we have to talk. -What is the deal with the breakers?
-Nothing. I'm not the power guy. -I'm Dennis Rafkin.
-You're Rafkin? -Who's that?
-My office warned me-- I know it's gonna sound whacked,
but stay with me. I hunted displaced spiritual energies
with your uncle. -I'm sorry?
-PK agents. Revenants. Wraiths. Do you have any idea
what I'm talking about? That's okay.
I'll do this the easy way: ghosts. Arthur, I used to hunt ghosts
with your Uncle Cyrus. -Goats?
-Ghosts! Ghosts, goddamn it! Listen! I'll race you. No, Bobby, this isn't the place for-- Come on, slowpoke. Is that your best?
My grandma scoots better than that. Ghosts, as in disgruntled spirits
trapped on Earth. Ghosts. As in Halloween. As in Demi Moore
and " Unchained Melody." Ghosts. Ghosts, right. Okay, I get it.
I'm scared. Don't laugh at me. Don't laugh. I'll explain everything as soon as you
get you and your children outside. -What's taking you so long?
-Out of my way. Come on, Maggie! -You cheated. I didn't say "start."
-Gotta be on your toes. This has to be my room!
There are toys everywhere. -I wonder what my room's like.
-I'm in the coolest room. I'll be in here. Wow. This place is awesome! Cyrus has containment cubes
all over the basement. I don't know why they're here
and I don't want to find out. -So if I were you--
-Well, he isn't you. This guy has been harassing my office
since your uncle died. Some rich guy passes away
and all the nuts come out! -Next he'll say Cyrus owed him money.
-He did. A shitload of money! These are some funky-looking specs. -Do I look cool, or what?
-Let me see. Wait. Cater to my ego first. -Maggie is the best babysitter--
-Come on! I'm leaving the big glass house!
Grab your children. Do the same. Are you all right? Jean! Jean! Jean! -We'll get you some help. Okay?
-Don't touch me. Oh, my God! We've struck gold. -Easy.
-Don't. How's your head? Not good. Where's the suit? " Power guy." Idiot. -Cool!
-There better be a pair in my room. Bobby, where are you going? What are you staring at? Hey, kiddo.
He thinks I'm gonna duck. Nice tits. Jeez. What's the matter, honey?
Bad representation? Not bad for an hourly wage. -It's time to leave.
-I'll take your word for it. Kathy? Come on. This way. Shit! What the hell? Kathy! Maggie! Bobby! I was just kidding before. A little lawyer humor. Kathy? Bobby! Kathy? -I don't believe it.
-Believe what? -I told them to stay here.
-They're kids. What did you expect? Thanks, Dr. Phil.
You check downstairs, I'll go up. Bobby! It's time to go! Kathy? Where are you guys? Bobby! I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. What are you doing?
I told you to wait downstairs. Yes, but come on,
this bathroom is unbelievable. Yes, beautiful bathroom.
Now where's your brother? He's with Maggie. Was with Maggie. We were racing
and we saw all the glasses-- You're supposed to watch him.
That's what I pay you for. Bobby. Down here. Maggie? -Come on down and play.
-Is that you? -Maggie! Stop playing games.
-Bobby? I have something for you. We'll have lots of fun, Bobby. Don't come down, Bobby. Stay upstairs. Don't follow her. Down here, Bobby. Bobby, don't come down. Bobby. Around the corner. -Don't come down here!
-That's it, Bobby. Guys, I'm gonna tell Dad! -Bobby!
-Bobby! I'll find Bobby. You both get out. -But, Dad--
-No buts! Wait in the car.
I'll be out once I find him. -Why are you freaking out?
-Just this once, don't argue. -What happened to the door?
-Son of a bitch! I can't believe this. I'll break it down. Step away! Quite dramatic, but you're wasting
your time. It's all sealed up. -Weren't you in an orange jumpsuit?
-Don't. Sealed up? What part of that code can't you
crack? The entire house is sealed up. -There must be a way.
-I've looked. We'll look again,
after we find my son. -That's okay. I'll wait here.
-Listen... ...I don't know what is going on here,
or who the hell you are. And my son is missing.
So until I get answers... ...Iím not letting you out
of my sight. Now get up! All right. Breathe. Did the lawyer split? Bobby. Bobby. Come on, guys! Stop hiding! Bobby! Come on out, pal! -Stop screwing around!
-You're wasting your breath. This is ectobar glass. He won't hear
you. It's shatterproof and soundproof. What are these? That's harder to explain.
They're containment spells. Ghosts can't cross those. -Ghosts?
-Yes, ghosts. The supernatural realm has its
own laws. For ghosts, it's spells. Either written or spoken,
ghosts have to obey them. -The basement is filled with ghosts.
-In this basement? Yes, this basement. If it was
next door, I wouldn't give a shit! -I'll prove it.
-I gave those to Bobby. Spectral viewers:
you can see the ghosts with these. -I don't see anything.
-They're locked downstairs. Dad! There's more of those spells
on the floor. Let me see those. Bobby! Come on out, pal! Hidden barrier spells.
Why would he need more protection? That's enough. This is not helping.
Do me a favor. Stop the haunted-house nonsense until
we find Bobby and get out of here. -Bobby, come on!
-Where could he be? Wait, no, no, no! Wait, no! What are you doing?
Did I just say... ...there was a petting zoo
downstairs? No! There are ghosts downstairs. Right. But you also said... ...that they're all locked up. Right? No! No way--! Listen... ...Iíll make a deal with you. I'll pay you whatever Cyrus owed you. If you just... me find my son. Unbelievable. Get out of my way. Bobby. Bobby... ...get out of the basement.
You need to go upstairs. You need to put on those glasses. Leave me alone! That's it. That's a good boy. Bobby. Bobby. Go upstairs and find your father. -Mom?
-Go on. Go upstairs! Go find Kathy. Watch out. Watch out! -Bobby, come on!
-Bobby! You don't have to scream, all right?
Just... ...chill. -This way.
-Hold on. Listen to me. This will take forever.
This place is just too big. Okay. Kathy and I will go this way.
You two check down there. -No, we should stay together.
-It's okay. Go straight, turn around,
we'll meet back here in five. -Five. Back here.
-Five minutes. -And don't touch anything.
-I gotta go with him? Let's go back to the ghost thingy. There are ghosts in the basement.
You can look for yourself. I can't see any ghosts. What the hell? Give me those.
Let me see. Why are these open? I was down here before.
They weren't open. -God! I hate it when they do that!
-Do what? They wait till you put your face
to the glass, then give you... ...a big, fat " boo!" Don't do that! See it? -It's, it's--
-A ghost! Just like I've been saying all night!
Finally, a believer! Ghosts are always around us.
Most can't hurt us. Most don't want to. Ghosts here,
ghosts there, no one cares. There are exceptions, like this guy. Those who die violently
remain tortured. -That's all they know.
-What's he doing? I don't know. I can't see.
I don't have the glasses. I've had it with this.
It's time to go. -Now! Please.
-Don't touch me. Will you come on?! Come on, ghost boy! Move your ass! Dad, slow down. We're gonna get lost. Dad. Listen to me. He's gonna be okay.
We're gonna find him. So ready to leave this place. -Oh, boy.
-What? -The symbol of The Jackal.
-What's that? It's the Charlie Manson of ghosts.
If he's out, screw the kid. We gotta get out of here. Maybe Rafkin was right.
Maybe there-- Kathy! Think about what you're saying. There's no such thing as ghosts. Kathy! What is it?! I can't see it!
Tell me where it is! Get off! Hold on! Stay with me! Pull! -Who are you?
-Never mind! Just pull! Shit! Don't speak. Don't move. Somehow, we got behind enemy lines. Hurry! Please hurry! Hey, little guy. How. -Don't tease ghosts.
-Shut up. You shut up.
You keep pissing them off. Go. Go, go, go. -Maggie!
-What? Where?
I can't see without the glasses! I can see.
And I think you should go this way! Go, go, go, go! It's all right. I've got you. -Look at me.
-Daddy! It's okay. Who the hell are you?
And what the hell was that?! My name is Kalina Oretzia.
I'm a spirit reclaimer. -What?
-I free trapped souls. Cyrus-- Forget Cyrus and trapped souls
for a second. What are you doing here? Looks to me like I'm saving your ass. Oh, my God! It's over there! Give him your glasses. Come on! Oh, my God. Unbelievable. Another one of Cyrus' victims. I hope to God the barrier spells hold. Victims? Cyrus liked to enslave souls. That's why I'm here.
I'm gonna free them. Listen. I need to know how you got in here. Through an opening
when the house shifted. -Opening where?
-It's closed now. It won't open again. Let me show you. This is the Arcanum. Many died looking for this book. A th-century astrologer,
Basileus, wrote it. He describes the making
of a machine... ...that can see the future. He wrote it while
possessed by a demon. I can't believe Cyrus built it. Built what?
What are you talking about? Basileus' device. We're in a machine,
designed by the devil... ...and powered by the dead. Listen to me. I don't give a shit about any machine
or devil or Basileus... ...or anything,
except getting my family out of here. I came to set the souls
in this house free. You want help,
you gotta help me first. Kathy, can you walk? This can't be happening! -We have to leave.
-Not without my kids. Try telling him that. Come on. This way. Come on, come on. Stairs. Let's go. Go, go, go. You go, go, go. Don't touch me! Wait! The glasses! You'll need these! Catch! -Good job.
-Sorry. Perfect, another dead end. We found the stairs.
How do we get there? -Get away.
-What do we do now? Get away from the glass. -Why?
-Just do it. Glasses. Duck! -What?
-Move! Go left! Do something!
We're running out of corridors! Duck! Go right! Get down! We go to the library.
It has spell protection around it. Okay. Where's that from here? Can I rely on you
not to get me killed? I guarantee nothing. See anything? -Anything?
-No. -Come on.
-Okay. You know, I think they're
just downstairs. Nothing. If we get out of this alive,
I've gotta get a raise. That's a big " if." Give me a flare. What's wrong? Don't start
freaking out now. Come on. What? -Okay. What?
-Shut up! Give me the book. Just back up. -Go slow.
-Okay. -Going slow.
-Slow. Go! Go! Go! Fast! -What?
-Who the hell? What are you doing here? Shit! Hey, remember me? -Thanks for taking your time.
-Down the hall, left, then right. -Where are we going?
-Trust me. -Arthur?
-Trust her. Okay, let's go! -Who is she?
-I'll explain later! -What happened to Kathy?
-She disappeared. How do you lose an entire family
in a glass house? Arthur! Kalina, the flare! Get him! Go, go! Arthur, get up! This is not the time to be a girl!
Run! Go! Stop dragging your ass! Go, go, go! Go! Run! Now is not the time
to sit around, Arthur! Run! Close the door! Go! Arthur, are you all right? God, what's going on here? I hate this job. They don't like you either.
I wonder why. You got something to say? Let's start with:
This is all your fault! You caught them, now we're running. His uncle built the house! You helped him. How could you
without knowing what he was doing? -I had my reasons.
-Money, you parasite. You stole people's souls for money!
That's depraved! If you haven't noticed,
I'm a bit of a freak! I go near anything dead,
I go into seizures. I touch somebody, and a whole life
flashes in front of my eyes. So, yeah, I'm depraved. And Cyrus
is my friend, and he accepted me. He did not. You're so pathetic! -He used you.
-Shut up, both of you. Cut him some slack.
What difference does it make? You didn't tell him, did you? -Tell me what? What now?
-About the fourth ghost. -No, don't do this. I didn't tell him.
-He has a right to know. What about the fourth ghost? St. Luke's Hospital. Six months ago. You're saying my wife's spirit
is trapped in this house? I didn't know you. I didn't know her.
I didn't know she had a husband. Why? In God's name, why?
Tell me, why her? Cyrus picked them all,
including your wife. I've been trying to help you. You call this help?! She's right!
This is all your fault! -Son of a bitch!
-Arthur. You can save her. And your kids too. Just listen to me, and believe me. This house is not a house. It is a machine. It's a complete re-creation
of Basileus' design. There should be spirits
trapped inside. See these?
They represent the black zodiac. They are ghosts Cyrus needed to catch.
The First Born Son. I wanna play. The Torso. The Bound Woman. The Withered Lover. Jean. Bobby, I love you. The Torn Prince. The Angry Princess. The Pilgrimess. The Great Child and Dire Mother. The Hammer. And here, the sign of hell's winter,
The Jackal. And The Juggernaut. The machine required the energy
of these spirits to bring it to life. Then the spirits are released
one by one. The house draws them to its
center. Each adds its energy... ...powering it up. -Powering it up for what?
-To open the Ocularis Infernum. -Ocularis, what's that?
-It's Latin. Ocularis.... The eye of hell? Very good. I'm stuck in a glass house
with crazy white people.... Go on. In hell, there's an eye
that sees everything... ...the blessed and the damned. If knowledge is power,
the man who controls the Ocularis... the most powerful on Earth. -Your uncle.
-Great. So how many ghosts
have been set free? Eleven, and the house needs . No, Damon said something about . -There are ghosts.
-The th ghost is a fail-safe. To stop it, the house needs
a sacrifice of life, not death. A willing human sacrifice. A sacrifice of the broken heart. The only ghost created
out of an act of love. You're the th ghost. The th spirit stands before the eye.
As it opens... ...the spirit uses
the power of life... short-circuit the system. -Uses the power of life how?
-By leaping into the eye. And Arthur's supposed to take
this leap? No way. That's suicide. I won't let you do it. Come up with something else.
That's not working. -Love is the most powerful energy.
-Meaning? To save your children
you'd have to trade your life. Let me see this.
There's gotta be a better way. I don't read Latin. Well, we can try it
the old-fashioned way. Nobody'll be here to brag about it. We need a plan soon.
Time's running out. You gonna blow the place up? The last ghost
is about to be released. I know why you feel
you have to do this. Psychics call it a linking.
We linked. I saw everything... ...about Jean, about you. Shut up. I'm not gonna listen
to this from you. -Kalina is talking about suicide.
-Anything to save my kids. It doesn't make any sense.
There must be a better way. What does add up here, Dennis?
How much of this makes any sense? Goddamn it. Goddamn it. All I can think about are my kids. I don't even know if they're alive. Let's go out there and find out. While there's still time, you and me. Kalina... matter what I do,
or what happens to us... ...can you stop that machine? I got enough explosives to blow
us back to the th century. Okay. -How many flares are left?
-One. Why? We're going out. No fucking way.
You'll get yourself killed! Not if we take that. We got minutes till
the ectoplasmic shit hits the fan. Go, go, go. -We'll go down to buy you time.
-After you, Captain America. Damn, I just got my nails done. Here, put these on. Come on, let's go! Come on! Why did you leave me? Why did you leave me? There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home. Knock it off, Dennis.
Just keep your eyes open. Sure hope I don't bleed to death. That would suck. Rotate. -Is that half the lawyer?
-Take this. Move it. Oh, my God.
He's definitely looked better. God. Shit! Girl, hurry up! -Ram him!
-He's swinging for the fences! Kalina! This flare shit ain't working! Where is it? Where is it? Where is it? Kalina? Why are you so mad at me?
I did everything you asked. I killed Damon, stole his spells. I made sure your nephew
didn't get killed! Kalina! Where are the spells? You're not mad at me, are you? Of course not. -What is it?
-Oh, shit. Dennis? -Only room for one.
-What are you doing? I've wanted a reason
to like myself for a long time. Don't do this! Hey, bro.
You ain't nothing but a bitch! Dennis, no! Oh, my God! What do we do now? Arthur thinks he needs
to sacrifice himself. He'll only do it
if they're in jeopardy. -Well, put them in jeopardy.
-What? -Why not?
-But they're kids. Greatness requires sacrifice. Now I have a job to do. And so have you. -Do it. Do it!
-Yes. And now to finish this. Oh, my God, Jean. I loved you so much. I miss you. Miss you. I'm nothing without you. No, don't. Don't go.
Don't go. Don't go. Don't go.... Fetch the book. Cyrus! Cyrus! What are you doing? You just can't teach some people. I thought I told you,
greatness requires sacrifice. -Kathy!
-Don't look. I don't wanna look. Kathy, I'm scared! Hey, Kathy! Kathy! Bobby! -Daddy!
-Bobby! Dad, help! Oh, my.... Make it stop, Dad! Make it stop! This house is not a house.
It is a machine... ... designed by the devil... ...and powered by the dead. There should be spirits
trapped inside. They represent the black zodiac. Each is a ghost
Cyrus needed to catch. -The First Born Son.
-One. -The Torso.
-Two. -The Bound Woman.
-Three. -The Withered Lover.
-Four. The Torn Prince. The Angry Princess. The Pilgrimess.
The Great Child and Dire Mother. The Hammer, The Jackal
and The Juggernaut. Twelve. You're the th ghost. If I'm the th.... You son of a bitch! Release my kids, you bastard! Damn you! You're nothing, Arthur!
You hear? You loser! I dedicated my entire life to this. Every waking moment, for years. Have you ever shown that kind
of dedication? Have you? The world has no time
for little people like you. It needs people who are
willing to do anything... ...anything for greatness. You don't have a choice
this time, Arthur. You will make that leap. The machine requires
a ghost to be created... ...out of an act of pure love. That's why I chose you,
you and your pathetic family. Congratulations, you get to become
the th ghost. Get on your feet! Come on! Trust me, Arthur. It's not over yet. You can finish this. You still have the power in you. It's just a matter of how you use it. Go to your kids. They need you. Dad! Help! Daddy, don't! Don't do it! Oh, fuck! Dad! Don't move! Keep your heads down! Hold on tight! Everybody okay? You okay? How did you know we'd be safe? I didn't. I just wasn't about
to leave you guys. I love you both so much. Mom? I love you guys. I love you. This is it for me! I am on
the first plane back to Newark. I am sorry, family, Kathy, Bobby,
ghosts. I am sick of this nanny shit. I've had it! This was not
in the job description. I quit!
Special help by SergeiK