Thirteen Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Thirteen script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie directed by Catherine Hardwicke and starring Evan Rachel Wood, Nikki Reed, and Holly Hunter..  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Thirteen. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Thirteen Script



Hit me.



I'm serious.

I can't feel anything.



Hit me.




Do it harder!






I can't feel anything!



This is so awesome!



I hear this little "wah-wah-wah"

inside my head.



That's your brain cells popping.



- Do it.

- You want me to do it?



No, no, no.



Hit me!



Harder! Punch me!



- Ohh!






Hit me really hard.




- Okay. I'm gonna plunk you.

- Okay! Go!



- Aah!

- Oh, shit!



Oh! Oh, fuck!






Come on, Hampton.



Come on.



-Come on, baby.!



Mom! Come on, it's  :  .

Let's go, let's go.



I'm ready. Hey, Noel.



- Mason, come on!

- Come on, Mason!



- Where's the new backpack?

- It's already in the back seat.



Hey, wait. Let me fix this before

somebody gives you the wedgie from hell.



- Thank you.

- Mason!



What's up, guys? Hey, Noel.



- Bitch.

- What the hell?






Annette, you know

you're not allowed to wear that.



The teachers look mean here.



I promised myself I wouldn't get

anything lower than an "A." Careful.



- Puta.

- God!



How you doin', man?



Mason, guess what just happened.



- Ooh! Look at that shit! Damn!



- That shit is tight.!

- Mason.



Hey. Um, guys,

this is my little sister.






Look over there.

Man, there's Evie Zamora.



- Looks like she grew up this summer.

-No shit.



- What's up, girl?



- Let's go say hi.

-Hey, be cool, dude.



What's up, Evie?

Come over here.! We wanna talk to you.!



-What's poppin' with you, girl?









Now look up at me.



Oh, looks great.




Next time we'll do orange.

Hair gel, baby.



It's okay, Mom.



You can borrow mine... again.



Thank you.



Ooh, Rodney, I love your blue.



Hey, go like this.



-You guys hungry? I did Italian tonight.



Hey, what's happenin'?



Hey, where'd you put the cheese?



- Bye!

- Don't burn your tongue!



- Bye, Mel.

- Oh, thanks. So long.



Jesus. A two-dollar tip.



They ate half the lasagna.



Mom, you're way too generous.



- Did Dad send you the check this month?

- Lay off him, Tracy.



He just started the new job.



- We're fine. I worked all week.

- What?



Oh, you'd look great...



with some honey-blond

entertainment streaks...



right here.



It's not fair. I can't be mad at you

when you do that.



- Here, Mom, listen to this.

- Mmm.



"He was crippled,

but only his body was cracked."



- Yoo-hoo!

- Tracy!



- Hey.!

- Hey, Kayla.



Hi. The bus never came,

and then it did.



I have to pee,

and she hasn't eaten anything.



Well, that's okay.

There's some stuff on the stove.



Oh, great. Okay.

Then we'll go?



Tracy, I'm sorry. I just haven't

been to a meeting all week.



You know I need to go.



- I really want to hear your poem.

- No.



- Please start over.

- It's okay, Mom.



No, please, I really wanna hear it.



"He was crippled,

but only his body was cracked.



"It's not simple, nor is it

an easy matter to explain.



"Let's just leave it at that,"

she says...



"and closes the holy book of lies.



She covers her eyes, denying to herself

what she thought happened."









That's really heavy.



And it scares me a little bit.



It's beautiful.



We gotta talk about it

when I get back. Okay?



Hey, can we

have some of this cake?



Oh, no, no, no, no, no!




That's Mario's cake!

He's    years sober!



- Tracy, I want a piggyback ride.

- Hang on.



Uh, Mom.

Mom, Mom, Mom.



I told you I can't baby-sit.

I have an l-Search project due tomorrow.



Baby, cut me a break.

You know I need to go.



- Keep coming back.

- It works if you work it.



- Right, baby?




- Bye, Mommy!

- Be good.!



- Thanks again!



Evie Zamora. Hey, girl.!



Evie Zamora

has really pretty skin.



She's got a scar from when she tried

to save her baby brother from a fire.



You guys,

she's not Wonder Woman.



- Hey, you guys.! I'm wearing lip gloss.



I'll see you guys later.



He's so smart.



He knows German.



Nice socks.!



- It's that girl Tracy from chem class.



Who let her out

of the cabbage patch?



Thank God

you're cleaning up your room.



You hungry, baby?



Mom, I'm not your baby.






- Hey, what's wrong with those socks?

- Nothing.



Then what are they doing

in the trash?



I'm not gonna wear them anymore.

I need new clothes.



- How come?

- Because I look stupid! Hello!






Sylvia! Stop!









Mom, this one's okay.



- This is good.

- Yes. Yes.



Mother scores.






Now, I know I have another dollar

in quarters here somewhere.



Hey! Is this enough?

I could rinse these off.



Right on.



Okay, for the project

I'm doing J-Lo. What about you?



- I'm doing Usher.

- I have to go to the bathroom.



So, anyway,

I'm gonna try to, like--



Cute shirt.



Thanks. Cute belt.



Call me after school.

We can go shopping on Melrose.



Okay. Um--



Write your number on this.



Oh, my God!



- You get it?

- Oh! Yeah, wait. I have heard that one.



Yep, that one's good.



Oh, damn.

I have gymnastics today.



- Oh. Okay.

- Okay.



- All right. I'll see you.

- Give me a call, okay?



- See ya.

- Bye. Love ya.



I don't know.

I just wish she liked me.



- I've been there.

- Hey, Tracy!



- Mom wants you to clean your room.

- Okay.



The number you have

reached is not in service at this time.



The number you have

reached is not in service at this time.



What happened over here,




Nothing, lifeguard boy.



Hey, come and clean

this shit up, Trace.



Really disgusting.



No, seriously, though, the pants without

the pockets make you look better.



Hi. I tried calling you, but

I was coming here anyway, so--



- Oh--



My phone didn't ring.



Bon appétit, darling.



Shit. You guys,

I only brought    bucks.






I'm gonna go get a drink of water.







What are you talking about?



No! No, ab--

Hang on one second.



I'll get the number for you.

It's right-- Hang on one second.



I shouldn't be giving you the number.

You should have the number.



No. Name is Alberto.



I don't know.

It's some sort of, uh,     number.



Alberto. I don't know.




No, you just keep in mind

that you work for me.



I have    people coming tonight.

This is unacceptable.



I have to have

the heater working.



I have to have

everything there.



No, this is not right.

Let's see, uh-- Give me one second.



It's    --



It's not bad for,

like,    minutes.



- Sales clerks didn't see shit.

- You guys!



- You guys--

- Wait, wait, wait. Watch.



You guys,

I totally just stole this.



- No fucking way!

- From this lady over there.



- Let's see how much--

- Have you seen what's in it?



- Holy shit, you guys!

- Oh, my God.



I don't think I've ever seen

this much money in my life.



- Let's go shopping!

- Hell, yeah!



- One.



Dos, tres.



A few pairs of these.



That should cover that.

Keep the change.






- Let's go!




Hey, Mason.



Just out of curiosity...



who do you think

is the hottest girl in school?



I guess, um, Evie Zamora.



Guess who I hung out with today.






Melrose Avenue.






God, it's that hard to believe?



Mom, why are there

four places tonight?






Honey, he just got back.

He's only coming for dinner.



Yeah. Tomorrow he's just

gonna tune up your car, right?



It needs it.



Why are you doing this to yourself?



Do you mind if I put this stuff

in your garage?



So, Brady, how was

the halfway house?



The same as the last one, Trace.



Yeah. Okay.

Here, hold on.



Evie, this is my mom.



No way.

She's like the hot big sister.



What do you want me to do?



- Can you take us to Melrose?

- Let's go.



We'll find some really cute platforms...



or maybe some of

that body glitter.



Mom, you can just drop us off

and go run an errand or something.






Um... okay.



I guess that'll be all right.

Maybe for an hour.



I have to talk to

Evie's mom, though.



Brooke is just my guardian.



Great. Thank you.



Hey, wait a minute.

I haven't talked to Brooke yet.



Mom, please don't do this to me.



This is the best day of my life.



I'll kill you if you embarrass me.









Hi. This is Melanie.

I'm Tracy's mom.



It's my ass that isn't fitting.



Evie, Brooke says you're not allowed

on Melrose without adult supervision.



- Well, you're here, aren't you, Mel?

- Yep.



I am.



What do you think?



Mom, do I look okay?



You look incredible.



You love the leopard fur, Mel?






- But not for    bucks, baby.

- Why? Mom--



- Guys! This only costs $  .  !




This is it!



This is the digs, the nest!

My Mount Olympus, baby!



- Hey.



Hey, boys.



This is it. This is the dream place.



- Hey, Evie.

-Check this out.



The design is, uh, set up feng shui--



Dude, I want my $ .   back.



Only way that movie

would've been decent...



was if Britney had her big-ass booty

hangin' all over the screen.



Yeah, man, with the car

blowing up in the background.



- Shit! Watch out, man!

- Hey!



Christ, I at least

wanted to see some tits.



- Your little friend is coming over.

- What?



Oh, shit.



- I'm Evie Zamora.

- Yeah, I know.



I'm Noel.






We love Hawaiian.

Don't you, Evie?



Hey, hey, hey!



Let's go, Trace.



Uh, you can't go to the park anyway.

Right, Noel?



You can't go either after dark.



You guys wanna get high?

Four bucks a hit.



- Let's trip.

- For sure.






Pay me back

when we get home.



What's up?



- You guys wanna buy some shit?

- Yeah. What you got?



Evie, I see spiders!



I see naked people.



My God.!









Tracy.! Come on.

Mom wants you home now.



- Tracy, get over here!



- I found her, Mom.

- Oh, you got it.



Uh, yeah, Trace, I got that game

that you wanted... finally.



I'm a lion!



Tracy! Tracy, come on.



You hounded me for two weeks

for this damn game.



Oh, no, I haven't.



I really haven't.









How long is this gonna last?



# Dropped acid at the park #



Evie, I think--

I think my nose is melting off.






Mel, she's a teenager.

Come on, baby.



- You want me to ground you?

- Yeah, you're gonna ground me.



You know you're not

allowed out after dark.



Can't I have any privacy?



-What, I'm not allowed to see your body?

-No, you're not.






Well, after he leaves we'll talk.



Ifhe leaves.



Whoa. Slow down on that

apple cider, sweetheart.



Come here. Come here.



So, uh...



Mason says "good night."



What's going on?

Mom.! What's going on?



Baby, go back to bed!



Come on.



Nice ass.



Oh, uh, no.



- Mom!

- What?



I'm making your fave.



Mom, I have to go

to the bathroom now.



Can't you hold it a minute?



That's how you get a bladder infection,

you child abuser.



- That's dramatic.

- Let's just go pee outside, wussy.



French toast

is my favorite too, Mel.



Hampton is my baby!



- He's my baby.

- Hey, Mason.



Move your G-string down south.



Dude, no! That is so gross.

That's my brother.



- Oh, my God!

- Maybe I'll marry into the family.



You'll be designing a habitat...



which the four of you

will live in for two years.



Find creative ways

to recycle the elements.



Think water supply

and power supply--



And why are you late,

Ms. Freeland?



Sorry. Can't a girl

go to the bathroom?



All right, settle down, class.



Now, what I want--

Put the phone away!






Do you know the difference...



between point-slope form

and slope-intercept form?



How about ten dollars, guapo?



That's why I need to be here

at the library. They have tutors.



Hey, does her mom know?



She's    dude. Come on.

I know you're a nice guy.



Okay, cool.

Pick me up at  :  .






Get on the chair.



Um... is this gonna hurt?



Oh, you haven't had

your tongue pierced.



I only put it in when I need to.



Stick it out.



Just don't open your mouth very wide

when you talk. She won't notice.



I have to ask you something.






Okay, um...



you never did anything...



with that crusty

tattoo guy, right?



Yeah. He ate my pussy.



Oh, my God!

Are you sh--



I'm kidding, idiot.



-Hey, ladies.!



- Get a lot of studying done?

- We were researching, Mom.



I'm in charge of the gray water module

for the Biosphere II project.






What module are you

in charge of, Evie?



I'm not in that class.

I'm taking advanced physics, Mel.



Well, I'm happy for him that

he's finally paying off his debt...



but so what if he

has to work weekends?



You had to work

when you had two babies.



It's not like I need it for myself.

It's just that the kids--



- Mom. Mom!

- Can you guys say "hot"?



That was Mason's favorite shirt.



- # Ohh, ohh #

- Here we go.



You two aren't the only

J-Lo's in the house.



- Check out these sexy colors!

- That's great, Mom.



You need something to eat.

It's  :  .



Something real.



I'll make some turkey and cheese

on whole wheat.



Evil food.



If you drink    glasses of ice water

a day, you'll burn     calories.









Three strikes and you're out.



How many times you gonna

let him fuck you over?






- Where is my purse?



Cyn-- Cyn, go to the sink.



- I'll rinse your color out now.

- I-I know I left it here.



Baby, it's here.



Honey, find Cynthia's purse.



His clothes should not be here.

You promised Mason and me.



- No, I never promised--

- Yes, you did!



Baby-- Cyn, come on. You're cookin'.

You're cookin' with gas.



Let's wash off

really quick over here.



This is so fucked up.



After this,

we'll cover your face back.



- Ow! God! You're burning me!



- Shit. I'm sorry.

- Ow! Fuck!



There. How's that?



Ooh, baby, you are blond!



That's weird. I thought I had

a bunch of   s in here.



- I'm gonna have to write you a check.

- No, no, pay me next time.



Put a little gel on your hands...



and go like this

right before Larry picks you up.



Hey, if this gets you laid,

you owe me double.



Tracy Louise Freeland!

Conference time! Now!



You do not pull a scene like that

in front of a client.



Even Cynthia!



I'm on... the phone.



- Well, get off the phone.

- It's Dad.



He's with the baby.



Don't ever start smoking.



Is everything okay, Mel?









Evie, I'm sorry, but I think

it's time for you to go home.



I can't go home.



Brooke had a convention

in Bakersfield.



She said she sent you an E-mail.



I guess I didn't

check my E-mail.



I'm sorry, Mel.

I hope it's okay that I'm here.






I guess it's gonna

have to be, isn't it?



Her boyfriend hits me, Mel.



He grabbed my throat,

and he threw me against his van.



Oh, Jesus.



Where's your mother, baby?



She-- She passed away.



I didn't have a mother

when I was your age either.



I know how hard it is.



I do.



- Mom.

- What is it, baby?



Dad's on the phone.

He wants to talk to you.



They moved into the new place.



-How's the new house?

- It's an apartment, Mom.



So, are you taking them

Saturday night?



Whoa. That sounds like a big deal.






- Why can't he take us?

- Well, sure, sure.



He's our fucking father.



- Um-- Oh, baby, I--

- He's never with us.



No, not-- not you.



You're going digital on me. Yeah.



Uh, l-I'll talk to you later.



- So we're not staying with him?



Uh, he gets to go to

some black tie event.






Something for--

Something for NASA.



He's gonna try

to have brunch on Sunday.



You get out, you.

Get out, you.



Terrific. Then we might as well

be on the fucking moon.



No. No.



My mom will kill me.



- She smokes.

- No shit. The same brand.



No shit.






- You want it so bad.



Look what I got

from the tattoo shop.



Let's do it right now.



Sewing kit.



This is probably gonna hurt

worse than your tongue.



I don't give a shit.

Just do it.



- Oh, fuck!

- What the fuck did you do?



- Everything okay, Evie?

- Yeah, we just spilled a Coke, Mel.



Trace, it's cool that

you're not scared of needles.



We can go and get tattoos.



More piercings.



May I come in?



Sure, Mel.



I've got a surprise.



I sewed on the leopard fur.



The fur was thicker at Red Balls.



These are tight, Mel.




It only cost six bucks.



Tracy, tomorrow...



you gotta sit down

and do all your homework.



Maybe you could go to Noel's.

She called a couple times.



I know, Mom.

I know.






Good night,

my little beauties.



I love you, Mel.






Don't go in my room

without asking me again. Okay?



Those are my favorite jeans.



I don't just waltz into your room

and screw around with your stuff.



When have you ever seen me mess

with anything that was yours? Mom!



Fuck her.



Fuck her.



Yo, Evie.



- You ready?

- I'm going to the park with K.K.



Give me a sec. 'Kay?



- Go away!



- What, do you wanna come?

- Yeah.



It's just gonna be me and K.K.



You know?



You ready?



-Stop bitin' me.



I love you, Tracy.






- But are they real?



Opossums? Okay--



Excuse me.



Oh, hey.

Grab some oatmeal.



It's okay. I'm on a diet.



No, you should, uh, put some,

some chocolate chips in it.



It's actually very good.



Come on, Tracy. You know

you get mean when you don't eat.



Fuck you.



Come on, Evie. Let's go.



Hey, Evie, could you-- could you

just give us a little second?



- Yeah. Sure.

- Um--



Does Brooke have a boyfriend?



No. She dumped him.






Last week or something.



- Are you sure?

- Yeah.



He's in Orlando.

Now, can I go to school?






It's okay.



All of the sudden

Medina has a ghetto booty?



I think she stuffs.



That slut ain't got shit compared

to these double cheeseburgers.



Shake it, don't break it, bitch.



- Fuck her.



Javi, you look hot.



- What up?

- Hey, Marcus, Javi.



- Hey, Evie.

-Hey, what's up, Marcus?



Hey, Tracy, can I holler at you?






I was wondering if, uh, maybe

you wanna go kick it sometime.



Yeah, sure.



- Okay, well, can I have your number?

- Yeah--



Um, here's my cell.

We'll be hanging around.




See you guys later.






- Go, girl!

- That is so cool!



Okay, I don't want him to come to

my house and see Mason and the loser.



Well, let's all go to my place.



-My aunt says only one friend at a time.

-Come on, babe.



I'm sorry, Astrid.



Let me call my mom.






- Dude, they say it's two feet overhang.

-Oh, yeah?



- Good goin: Buddy.!

- Oh, my God.



- Don't tell me that they live here.

- No, they're old news.



- She's my cousin, not my mom. Got it?

- Don't tell them I like them.



Hey, boys! My friend

wants to suck your dick!



- Oh, my God.

-Come over here, honey.



That was so not cool.



- Here's my pad!

- Hey, babe.



Tracy, meet the lovely

Brooke LaLaine.



- Hello.

- Hi.



She's a cute one.



Oh, Tracy, your mom has been calling.



Honey, can you

get me another beer?






Um, Evie?



Um, it's okay.



So, you're a model?



She's a model-slash-actress.



Mmm, slash-bartender

who's about to be late for work.



- What time is it, honey?

- It's, like,  :   or  :  .



Oh, shit. Hey, no more than one.

You got homework.



They were removing asbestos...



from the locker room

today, so-- Oww--



we got the whole gym period

to do our homework.



- Yeah, baby!

- Waah!



I love you, Christina Ricci!



- Tracy?

- What-y?



You're going out with Javi!



Evie, goddamn it,

where's my other cutlet?



- Incoming cutlet!

-Nice meeting you.



Very nice meeting you too,




- Is that your phone?



Popular. Hello?



- It's Javi.

- Oh, my God!



Shh! Yeah, she's here.

You wanna talk to her?



Shh. Relax. Breathe.



Calm down. Shh.






Uh, no, no,

I don't think I'm too busy.



Can we do something tonight

if Ruben comes?






Hello? Come over right now.

Okay, bye.



You get to make out with Javi!



You don't know how to kiss,

do you?



Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

Yes, I do.



Me and Noel practiced

with Cruel Intentions, like,    times.






So, you want me

to prove it, lesbo?



Hell, no!



I barely even felt that.



Well, see if you

fucking feel this one, then!



Well... okay.!



All right, honeys,

I'm outta here.



Uh, if Benny calls,

tell him I'll be down at Rene's.



Don't do anything

I wouldn't do.!



Remember the part when Josh is

smoking a joint with a beer, and he's--



- I don't remember that!



I don't either!



You just made that up.



He jumped when that teacher

got a pencil stabbed through her hand.



- That wasn't even scary.

- Yeah, it was.



- What is this shit, man?



Check this out.



# Tr-Tr-Tr-Tr-Tracy #



It's getting kinda hot

in here, don't you think?






We are so perfect

for each other.



You know,

if everybody married someone...



from a different race...



then in one generation...



there would be no prejudice.



So, you had a good time?






But it tasted kinda nasty.




We didn't go over that one.



Want anything special

from the market?



- No, thanks, Mel.



I like everything you get.



Hey, Trace, do my back.



- Who's that?

- Luke.



Or "lifeguard boy."



His parents moved away

and left him the house.



Come on.

Hey, Luke!



Got any beer?



- Luke, you are so lucky.



I want your house.



You know, I think I'm gonna

call some of my friends.



How 'bout we make

a Luke sandwich?



Um, how about you're jailbait?



- Yeah.




You know, I--



Luke, you know I'll never tell.



- Trace, would I tell?

- No, because Ruben would kill you.



- Come on, Luke.



- No, look-- Danger.

- Come on.



Danger, Will Robinson.



Luke, it's not illegal to kiss.



Says who?



Tracy, come here. Check out

his white boy ghetto lips.



- Try it. Come on.

- No.



- Come on!

- It's Luke.



So? Come on.

You guys.



Go, girl.



Luke, where's your bong?



Right there.



Why don't you get back over here,

though, girl. Come here.



Feels good, huh, Luke?



You know you want it.



You know what?

You know what?



Th-This-- Why don't you guys

get out of my house. Okay?



- What the fuck are you--

-Just get out of my house-- Just stop.



- Now get out.

- Shit!



Get out of my house!




- Get off me, you fuckin' pervert!

- Please just get out. Go.



- Luke, chill out!

- Take your fucking weed and get out.



- Could you give me a hand?

- Mom, I'm not your fucking slave!






Shit! My breath.



- Toothpaste. Toothpaste.

- Where the hell's the--






Hey, open this door now.



What, Mother?

What do you want?



This is not how I raised you.



I want you to be civil to me.



And I want you and your stupid boyfriend

to get out of my fucking life!



- What is he doing here?

- Have you been drinking?



- No!

- She's always fucking drinking!



- Oh, like you never have!

- Hey, hey, hey. Come on.



-You guys.!




- Ohh.

- Hey, Kayla. What's going on?



- Hey.

- It's okay.



Thought we'd just crash here for a

couple days, until my check comes in.



I think I'm coming down

with diphtheria or something, so--



Yeah, sure.

Just for a couple of days.



Mason, can you find

your sleeping bag to give to--



Why not open a hotel, Mom?



You could get paid for all this.



Tracy, baby, this is just temporary.



Wow. Where'd all

this stuff come from?



Brooke bought it for me-- us.



Come on, Evie.



"Wanna bone."






What's the occasion?



She wanted to say

"thank you"for...



taking care of me.



Baby, we have to

have a real talk.



Wanna go to the park?



- I have more homework to do.

- Yeah.



You should go

to more meetings.



No, you don't understand.

It's different this time.



She's starting--

She's starting to scare me.



I know, I know, I know.



Damn it, I know.



I just--



I just wanna make it stop.

You know?



You fuckin' hard-ass.



That's why you're my sponsor.



Okay, okay, okay.

I'm gonna try.



I'm gonna try.

Okay, I'm gonna--



Okay, I'm gonna do it.



Yeah, baby.!

Close your eyes.!



Yeah, baby.!

Close your eyes.!



- Oh, my God.!

- Close 'em, close 'em. Ooh, lovin' it.



- You are a gold queen.

- Think that's enough?



Hey, guys.



What the hell?



Watch his head.



Look at that.



Oh, my God.!



See that?

It's, like, Zen chicken.



- That's weird, right?



It doesn't even move!



Chickens are cool, aren't they?






Mom, no, I can't see that movie.



- Why?

- Because it's a bloody war movie.



I'm a pacifist, like Gandhi.



Why don't we just go see

the Jack Black movie?



"The Misadventures Of Ezekial Balls."



- It looks funny. It's a giant pig.

- I won't be seeing that.



Come on.

It's supposed to be family night.



That's all right. We'll see separate

movies, we'll meet here at   :  .



Two for the pig movie,

and two for the war movie.



Yes! Brady,

you are so awesome!



Look, I got popcorn...



and butter

in a separate foil packet...



for the-- for the little ones.



Thanks, Mom.



- Okay.

- Thanks, Mel.



- See you all here. Love you.




I thought that was our popcorn.



Hi. Can I get two

for Kandahar?



Yeah! Uh-huh!



- Bye, Mom.

- Later, Jack.



Come on, my little hooch.



Oww! Mothers,

lock up your sons!



What's up, ladies?



How you guys doing tonight?

You guys having fun?



I got my ass beat

for what happened the other night.



- Oh, yeah?

- Hey, Javi, come speak that verse.



All right.



All right.




Why don't you go get us

some sodas or something.



And tell Conrad to get his ass

down here on his break.






- Hey, man, what are you doin'?



- You stupid fucker!



Oh, sweetie,

back that ass up.



I'd like to see how that thong looks

on my bedroom floor.



- Too bad you'll never know.

- Tracy?



Aw, shit. Fuck it.



Hey, Tracy, here's your Cokes.



I didn't pay for them anyway.



- Didn't have to with your fine ass.

- Fuck you!



Have you seen Evie?



Nah, she went

to the candy store.



Want some?



- Easy!



- What the fuck is that?

- Voodoo juice my friends made.



Don't be backwashing.



Wanna go find her?






You all right?



Tracy. Let's go.

Come on.












Hey. Want to suck

my cock, baby?












- Damn!

- How are you?



Javi spilled a Coke all over his pants

and he couldn't perform--



What the fuck is wrong with you?

Do you even know what time it is? Shit!






Call me, baby.



Geez, Mom, I can't help it

if the movie ran late.



Bullshit, Tracy!

We checked the theater.



We got something to drink at Starbucks.

What's wrong with that?



-Where's the backpack?

- Oh, shit.



I got you a key chain.




How was the movie?



- All right.

- Mom, I gotta talk to you.



- In private.

- Okay.



- Come in the kitchen. I'm making tea.

- I'll help you.



Should we talk about...



how you get stoned

every night with Rafa?



She knows I smoke pot, Tracy.



Look at your pupils.



You're so fuckin' busted.



- Fucking little--

- Ow!



-Jesus Christ, Tracy!

- Don't you ever touch me again!



Go ahead, hit me, Tracy.

You'll go to jail, you fucking slut!



Don't you fucking

call me a slut.



Mom, Mason just

called me a slut!



- Melanie!

- Stop! Stop it!



Wait, wait, wait!

Stop! Stop!



-Tracy, look at this shit!

-Birdie, she didn't mean it.



Mom, don't touch me!

Don't touch my hair!



- She's out of control.

- Have you had anything to eat today?



- Mom, stop with the food thing!

- Fuck it.



You don't want me to cook

for you anymore? Fine!



- Then don't eat my food.

- Fine!



- I hate your nasty store-brand food.!

- Great!



Then I can stop doing    haircuts a day

trying to pay for all this shit!



You think I want to be here?






Damn it.






 .  -a-square-foot floor!



Mel. Mel.



I told you we needed a new floor.









- You all right?

- Yeah. I'm okay.



I'm okay.



- You're okay.

- I'm okay. I need to call Sue.






Uh, don't worry

about that, all right?



I'll take care of it.



Mom.! What the--



Damn it, Tracy.

What is it?



I can't even sleep

in my own bed?



Tracy, we can all sleep in here

if we could just get this dog out.



- Wake up, girl. Come on.



It's-- Oh, Jesus.



- Something peed in your bed.

- We'll change the sheets.



- Here, Mason, take her.

- Mom, you're dealing with this!



I'll take care of it.

You know what, Tracy?



You're gonna have to

lay off of her.



Don't you tell me what to do,

you fucking cokehead.



You're such a loser.



- I'm so sorry.



I'm so sorry.



Arms up.



I can't do this with her anymore.



I can't.



I can't.



I'm horrible.



- Get in the shower, Mel.



This place is fucking with my head.



Yeah, I want--

I want to get loaded.



Go see Mario.



He'll read the big book

in that scratchy voice.



Okay. I know what to do.



- Evie, I have to ask you something.

- What?



What happened in the dressing room

with you and Javi?



Nothing, pendeja.

He's your guy.



- Uh-oh.



So what's with the spoons?



-Just go like this.

- It's really cold.



- You're gonna call Evie's mom.

- Right.



I'm just gonna talk to her

for a few minutes.



I mean, she's just a kid,

after all.



- Mason, come here a second.



Brooke does this every morning,

and she still has huge bags.



I wonder how much of this

you have to swallow for it to kill you.



This family needs some healing.



- Who bought you that wet suit?

- Fuck you.



- Your mother's phone's disconnected.

- Mel, she's not my mom.



She's my cousin.

My mom was a crack whore.



Okay. Everybody

just take a deep breath.



Evie, honey, do you have a friend

that you could stay with for a few days?



I think this family

needs some alone time.



I'm the one that's here every day

trying to make the situation better.



Ask Mel.



Look, Mom, there's a huge swell.

I-I gotta get poundin'.



- That's okay, baby. Just go.



- Phone!

-Wait, wait, wait.



- Hold on, hold on.

-Hello? Conrad.



- Hey, Spidey!



Evie, honey, let's talk about you

for just a minute, okay?



- I need to make sure--

- Are you a board-licensed therapist?



Okay, you bring the stuff,

and I'll give you a surprise.



- She's done a lot of great things.

- She's a psychic.



Cynthia, do you remember when

you tried to bring back Grandma...



and Hampton ended up

humping your leg?



- Cynthia, I can handle this.

- You know, I should, um--



I should be getting back to work.

I could be selling houses.



  :   at Nona's.



Cynthia can handle it, Mom. Ooh!



Want me to model my new thong?

It's perfect for pooping on the go.



- What's that under your shirt?

- None of your business.



- What is that?

- Don't worry about it.



- Let me see that.

- No! What is it with you and poking me?



- I just want to see what you got there.

- Mom, stop!



What the hell is that?



- I'm talking to you.

- It's a belly button ring.



Speak up.

I can't hear you.



It's a belly button ring!



How else can I say it?

I don't speak no other languages!



Oh. And do you want

to know what that is?



That is a tongue ring.



- When did you do all this, baby?

- Oh, Mom!



Two thousand years ago! I'm a mummy!

I was born      years ago! Whoo!



Tracy, Tracy, Tracy.



I'm really starting to lose it.

Stop it, please.



No bra, no panties.



No bra, no panties.



- Stop it.

- No bra, no panties.



- You have to take her for a while.

- No, I can't.



- I need you to take her for a while.

- I can't.



I've been on the phone trying

to get out of this thing. I can't.



- I need you to take her for a while.

- Are you hearing me here?



I can't. I will talk to her.

It'll be just fine.



All right?

Where is she?



Is she in the back?



Hey. How are you doin'?



Listen, we, uh--

we gotta talk about something.



Um, I gotta tell you right up front

that I can't, uh, take you this weekend.



I knew that you

wouldn't take me.



Tracy, uh...



look, baby...



you--you have got to

cut me some slack, okay?



I am trying to kick ass

at this new job.



I am trying to get you and your mom

more money. That's all I'm--



- Let me, um, just shut this thing off.






what's the problem?



What's going on?



Can I help? Tracy.



You gotta talk to me.



Dad, do you even remember

what the last thing we did together was?



- Dad, just answer the fucking thing!



Look, this could be an emergency.



Let me take this. Yeah?



No, I can't. I'm with--

I'm with a client right now.



Look, Chris, I will call you

from the airport, okay?



- Fine.



Nice talking to you, Dad.



Baby, I'm not going

anywhere, okay?



You know, fuck this work shit, okay?



I'm calling him back right now and

telling him I'm not going to Houston.



Dad, just go, okay?



Really. You need this job.



Yeah, baby, I do need this job.



Nice car.



Yeah, it's just a silly business tool.



We're going surfing

in two weeks, right? San O's? Okay.



She needs help, Dad.



Okay. Okay.



What is the problem?



Can somebody please just tell me,

what is the problem?



In a nutshell.






Mason, wait--






Nice car.



- Good morning, Mom!

-Whoa, hey.



- Hi.

- Knocking's real good.



Uh, Mom, we have something

really important...



that we need to talk

to you about, okay?









I think that I would

get along a lot better...



with everybody...



if Evie just lived with us.



Brooke will pay you to take me.



She won't be like

all the other freeloaders.



She was abused...



by her uncle when she was nine.






He put things inside me...



and he pushed me into a fire.






Mel, you could really help me

if I lived here.



You could maybe even save me.



Okay, I'll think about it.



You're so cool.



Bye, Mel.



Why did you put me on the spot

in front of that poor little girl?



I can't reject someone like that

to her face.



- I know, Mom.

-Come on, Tracy.




I love you.






Yea! I got an "A."



I got a "C-plus." Movin' up.

What'd you get?



Let's just say my mother isn't

gonna get a bumper sticker this year.



Ah, I want to bleed more!

Hit me!



Make an effort, bitch!









-Food's ready, ladies.

-Just a minute!






Get up, okay?



You can't go out like this.



Oh, shit.






- Her uncle got seven years.

-I mean, look at you.



You're stretched to the limit.



Shit, you're stretched

beyond the limit.



Kayla and I are sleeping in a tent.



She's been abused by everyone

who's supposed to take care of her.



- I have to help her.

- No, Mom, come on. You don't know that.



I mean, Jesus.



How do we look, darling?



Guys, say hello to the butt.



- I wanna play! I wanna play!

- Okay.



- What happened to your lip?

- Nothing, Mom. I just bit it.



Is that my belt, Evie?






Mason, do you have any film?



- You want to take pictures of us?

- No, Evie, I don't.



Okay, kids.



This is the day. You guys did

a great job. These all look really--






Oh, my God.




Today is the due date?



You guys could have called to

remind me that today was the due date.



- We left you messages.

- Not to mention a note on your locker.



Oh, our phone's been disconnected

just because we've been having...



family problems.



My grandmother,

she passed away.



Go to the counselor, Tracy.

She'll talk to your mom.






-Knock it off, you guys.






So, um...



you just wanna go to the boardwalk

and sell some shit?



I can't. Um, I'm late

for my biology actually...



and we're doing a play...



and... I'm a mermaid.



I can't even remember

how to spell "photographer."



- Where are we going, Mel?



Brooke. Wow.



- I've been calling for two weeks.

- All right, sweetie.



Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.



I just... didn't want you

to see me like this.



Mel, my ear--






They cut off my ears.



Okay, girls. Please go out

to the car, okay? Please.



Please, go out to the car.



I had that little kind of

turkey neck thing, you know?



I mean, all of a sudden I had

a kid to support. I mean, fuck.



- Y-You had plastic surgery?

- Mmm.



- Why? You were so pretty.

- Evie knows what I'm talking about.



You know that little kind of flap thing

that was in the pictures?



Oh, my ears hurt so bad.




- Is this, like, a standard procedure?

- Yeah, I guess.



I mean, you know, they had to

tuck the skin somewhere, I guess.



It's just...



I didn't realize they'd have to

do the whole, you know...



fuckin' crop circle.



So everything's okay, then?






Oh, sorry.



- It's okay.

- Excuse me.



Oh, God, I'm a mess.



Oh, dear.



- Can I get you a beer?

- No, that's okay. We're gonna split.



So, Evie...



we'll bring your suitcase

over later, okay?



- So you're not gonna adopt me, Mel?



Evie, I mean...



Brooke's back, so--






Hey, Trace.



Hey, girlies.

Astrid, Medina.



-Hey, baby.!






Let's go, ladies!







Evie. Evie, that was

hilarious. Now come pick me up.



It's Tracy.



Ev-- Can you hear me?



Mason, would you hurry it up?



-Just a minute.!

- God, are you jacking off in there?



- Fuck off.

- Tracy, I'm with a client. Work mode.



Mom, I told you

that I was having a bad day.



I can't fucking wait

till you move to Dad's.



What the hell did you say?



Nothing. It's just something I heard

Mom and Dad talking about, okay?



Forget it.



Hang on a minute!



-Hey, Tracy.

- Okay. Hang on!



- You's nasty.

- Yvette.



- I heard that you got used.

- What? By who?



By Conrad, on the stairs

at Nona's party.



Shit never happened,

but believe whatever the fuck you want.



That's not what Evie said.

You fucking lying?



- You better not ever touch me again.





- This shit ain't over.



Stop it!

Hey, come back here!



You've made "F's"

on your last three tests...



and you haven't turned in

any homework.



On that basis alone,

you're gonna fail.



You'll be held back

in seventh grade.






- They can hold me back?

- Yes, they can hold you back.



Tracy, your name was brought up

in impact group today.



- Evie Zamora turned in your fake I. D...



and then there's the matter

of cheating in your math class.



You were one

of my best students.



Your poem at the beginning of the year

was incredible.



I'm sorry.



Hey, Tracy.

Your mom sent me to pick you up.



What's going on? I'm supposed

to be studying at Yumi's house.



I don't think so.



Come on. Hop in.



You'll be okay.



Hey, Evie.






You healed up great.



Sit down.



- I have to go to the bathroom.

- Leave your purse.






- Tracy.

- What the hell?



They found my stash,

and I had to tell them.



I love you, okay?



You're my girl.

Remember that.



I love you.



Come on. Let's go.



- Tracy.

- What?



None of that shit's mine.



We found it.



What? Speak up, Mama,

'cause I can't hear you!



Do not talk to your mother

like that.



She said, we found it

stashed around your bedroom...



all your little hiding spots.



Jesus, Evie.



- I had to. You don't get it.

- Oh, no, I get it.



Who the fuck do you think you are,

going in my room?



You're lucky I got there

before the cops did, honey.



Hey, I'm just trying

to help you, sweetie.



How do you explain

$    in your purse?



What do you expect me

to say, Mom?



We jacked it, okay?



It's not like your broke ass

ever has any money to give me.



Mom, when Brady went

to the halfway house...



what happened to

our phone, our cable?



You didn't even know how

to pay the bills.



It's no wonder Dad

didn't want to be with you!



You didn't even finish high school!



We don't have extra stuff, but we're

doing okay. You know we're doing okay.



You don't have to steal.



Mom, you knew what was going on!

You're not that dumb, are you?



I didn't know it went that far!



Oh, God!



We'll be moving up to Ojai,

so you won't be seeing Evie again.






You're really cruel, Tracy.



I mean, I'm sure you can be

a sweet kid when you want to...



but right now you're

a really bad influence.



I mean, you cheat,

you lie, you steal.



Oh, my God!

Are you kidding me?



Where do you think I learned

all this shit from?



Tracy was playing Barbies

before she met Evie.



Did she teach you how to beat

the crap out of her as well?



- I've seen the bruises.

- What the hell did you tell her, Evie?



Come here.

What about this?



- What the fuck? We were just goofing.

- Tracy didn't hit her.



- Yes, she did!

- I don't believe this! She hit me too!



- And look at this, Mel.

- Don't you dare! No! Please!



- Get your hands off her.

- See? She cuts.



It's none of your business,

you fucking Frankenstein.!



Oh, no, this child is my business,

you little cunt.



That's enough.

You need to get out.



- Honey, come on.

- Get out.!



Who would want to be

in this shit hole anyway?



It fucking stinks in here, Mel!



Oh, no, Mom!



Get off of me. I hate you!



- Stop!



I love you and your brother

more than anything in the world...



and I'll die for you, but I won't

leave you alone right now.



Mason said you wanted me

to move in with Dad!



You don't want me!

You don't want me!



I want your dad

to be in your life more.



I want you here with me.



You're my heart.



I'll make it right.



It can never be right.



Get off me. No.



Get off. Mom, please!



Don't hold me! Don't!






Mom, don't!



Don't! Please.



No. No.



No. God.


















Oh, God.

Special help by SergeiK