Three...Extremes Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Three...Extremes script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Fruit Chan, Chan wook-Park, and Takashi Miike anthology movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Three...Extremes. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Three...Extremes Script





The dream...



...always ends there






You still don't trust me, do you?



The box is too small... I can't breathe



I finished it



Thank you very much



I'll go to the office and read it over



Your handwriting is almost

as neat as typing



I don't mean it should be typed, either



I have to write by hand



I can't type...



You're left-handed, aren't you?



I've read so many manuscripts



I can tell



I'll be in touch then...



One thing...



I mean...



Your novels are doing very well



Here, a small token






Sister, dear?



It's you, isn't it?



It's me






Say something






It's hot... I'm burning...



It wasn't what you think!



It really wasn't!



It wasn't!





            did well today



A little reward



Keep up the good work



Kyoko, keep trying!



You'll be rewarded too






I was looking...



...looking for someone






Who is it?



Can't I be him?



At least...



...I'm here for you



You do look like him



Bear it for one night



I want to be you...


            sleep like you


            have nice dreams



What's going on?



Shoko, don't worry









I'm sorry



I didn't do it out of hatred



It wasn't the necklace, either



I loved you so much, sis'



I looked for you everywhere



It's true



I loved you more than anyone in the world



More than anyone



Help me...



So beautiful



I can't decide...



which one of you is more beautiful...



...Shoko back then or you right now?



Oh, Kyoko...



Why did you do it?






You thought I only loved your sister?



Poor thing...



The heat was unbearable...






She couldn't get out...



- She's trapped... - Don't!



In that tiny box!









If you hadn't done it, she'd be here now!



I'm sorry... I'm sorry



I'm so sorry...



I saved one for you too



Can't have one without the other



Shoko and Kyoko...



Together, a perfect pair



You're one and the same to me



The dream...



...always ends just there



Good morning



Good morning



In reality...



...we've been together since birth



I had a weird dream



Me too



But then...



our dreams...



...differ slightly



Mrs. Li? You're so beautiful



They say your dumplings

are the most expensive



Of course! Please come in



You've come in the right time!



The water is just boiling, waiting for you



Actually, I know who you are



I watched you on TV very often

when I first came to Hong Kong



You were the best!



I quit acting a long time ago



Please, have a seat



Mrs. Li, guess how old I am



I suppose...


           're in your thirties at most



I'm much older than that;

everyone calls me Aunt Mei



But you don't have any wrinkles



And I have fair skin, too



I'm my own best advertisement



Your skin is great; I'm impressed



My dumplings are worth it



You get what you pay for



Mrs. Li...



Want me to put in more cabbage?



It's up to you



The Northerners always say...



"Good feeling comes from a nap,

good taste comes from a dumpling"



Dumplings have existed in China

for more than      years



But the Southerners still say...



...they're just dough stuffed

with meat, nothing special!



I use high-gluten flour...



...for texture and chewiness



I knead it fine...



...until it is like a peeled egg



Smooth, translucent, and soft



There's a secret to keep the

filling from leaking out



So that the juicy flavor explodes in the mouth



Eat while it's warm



I eat these often



Sometimes in soup...



...sometimes minced and steamed

with citrus peel



Just think of the results, not what it was



For women to rejuvenate...


            must start from the inside

for the best result



Only my secret formula can do this



Let me sing for you



Well, it's kind of a custom of mine



I often sing songs from my youth

after my customers eat



Take it as an entertainment; listen:



"The water of Hung Lake is rough"



"My home is on the shore"



"At dawn, boats go out with nets"



"At dusk, they return loaded with fish"



"Wild ducks and lotus roots are here"



"Autumns are bountiful with rice"



"They say heaven is beautiful"



"How can it compare with Hung Lake"



You were already on a trip last week



You promised to stay for our   th anniversary



I'm just going for a few days



I'll try to come back early



It's boring here in the hotel



We'll move into our new home as

soon as the renovation is over



See if there's anything else

we need in the new house



So many "zeroes"?



You used to laugh a lot



Now even a big fat check

can't make you happy



You're not taking me along



Why should I be happy?



I'll be gone for only     days



And if more?



I'll write you another check as a fine



Fines are for mistakes






About that contract,

if you don't send over soon...



...I'm going to change my mind



Shenzhen, China



I went through so much to get these



- They're stepping up the surveillance

- Because some paparazzi have come



Hong Kong media is so nosy



Just don't show up in the next two weeks



Even the locals can't get

a hold of the stock now



We'll see



- Thanks -This is for you



China-Hong Kong Border



This way, miss



This way, miss



- Put it through - Over there?



- The lunchbox - Okay



Mrs. Li



Ever consider having children?



We just can't; don't know if

it's his problem or mine...



Don't worry, you'll soon regain your youth...


            as the heart of your man



Do you have more potent stuff

for faster results?



The best are those in the  th or  th month



Have to remove it only by breaking

the water sac, then sliding it out



It's covered by a layer of creamy fat



The colors are defined;

you can even see the cranium



Its tiny limbs would still be moving around



It's only this small in the  st trimester



But the meat would be too tough

by the third trimester



The  th month ones are perfect, kitten-like



So cute and so nutritious



Let me show you



I'm serving it pan-fried this time



We can always try some other styles next time



What's this crunchiness about?



It's okay, they have hands

and feet already, you know



And ears, too!



Those were bones?



Nah... their bones are hardly hard



I'll just chop finer next time



Simmer in broth next time; taste less greasy



Broth is good; it keeps all the juices



Are you done?



This can't go on






My skin is still flabby



No! It's much better!



I need your most potent stuff



Trust me, I'll find it



It's time for me to sing



Suit yourself, but I must go



Bye, Mrs. Li



This way!



Don't worry, I'll find it for you



Call me when you do



Trust me



Aunt Mei?



You are...



I'm a friend of Mrs. Kam



Oh, hello dear, c'mon in!



From now on, you don't have to work anymore



And live off you?



I can afford that, given you're

so slim and eat so little



- Not true; I love to eat

- And you love to laugh, too






You're almost there; it's been    hours already






You must try to relax, dear



Will she be all right?



Of course



Try to relax



Your cervix has not fully dilated yet



Poor girl, you're not even fully grown



We women must protect ourselves



Don't let others bully you again



The water broke!



It's okay



Don't be nervous



I swear it will be over in    seconds



Breathe deeply!



Work with me, okay? Relax



Hold on...






Cry if you want to



It's fully dilated!



Stay calm! And on my count...



One, two, three!



Where are my tongs?






Try to relax






Don't be sad, my dear



There's no more life in this baby



Want some snacks?



I'll do steamed dumplings this time



Need some wine, too



It was a boy



A boy?



See that little thing?



So beautiful and rare



Boys don't get aborted in China



I didn't use any oxytocin, just a catheter



Drugs make it inedible



It will damage your nervous system



It's a first-born, the most nutritious



Nothing in this world can beat this nutrition



The mother's a schoolgirl



Young and healthy



Then get working!



What's the style today?



This will make you feel like new






My husband broke his leg



Now you need me



Normally you wouldn't care where I go



You smell nice...



...look nice



You haven't touched me in ages



Thirsty? I'll get water



It's so hot in the street



And we must go to Mongkok next



Darn! I forgot about that



Two more trunks to move



- Woe is me -Big trunks, too



What's wrong?



- What is this? - What is it?



- It's blood -My goodness!



Here's a tissue



Whose blood is this?!



Kate? Are you all right?



Kate... What's going on?!



Answer me, Kate! Answer me!



Kate? Are you all right? What's going on?!



Something is going on here



- She must have taken something

- Definitely



Mrs. Li



You look fabulous! Absolutely radiant!



- Talking behind my back? -No!



Just praising your look



I'll catch up later



You're so late...



Perhaps she finds herself a guru



Or better, "voodoo"



That's scary!



Mrs. Li, stop busying yourself, join us



- Bon appetite -Thanks



The food smells kind of fishy






Is it the beef?



The beef?



It's the fish, I think






I don't think so



There is a strange smell here



Something wrong with the food?



God, the smell is horrible



I've forgot to check something! Excuse me



Why is she so tense?



Aunt Mei?



What was this "best stuff"?



What did you feed me?



The fetus was sick, wasn't it? Or, poisonous?



This baby was hard to find



Available only because his father

is also his grandfather



One in a million, you know



A child of an incest?



A cursed child turns me to this?!



A cursed child has extra potency, I tell you



Hey! Mrs. Li, Hurry!



Turn on the TV! Channel  

is rerunning your series!



"Heard you have a crush on

the baby face next door"



"No... "



- "You sure?" - "No... "



"The one you said looks like Alan Tam"



"I never said so!"



Mrs. Li, you crying?



Don't be sad; be strong



Good night, Mrs. Li



Headaches? And rashes?



It's just nerves! You should be happy instead!



You're   months pregnant! We've confirmed it



- You sure? -Absolutely



Peter, you told me I couldn't conceive!



Not anymore! Now you can!



- You sure there's no mistake

- Not a chance



This is the best news for both Mr Li and you!



I'll prescribe something to ease your tension



You'll be fine in a couple of days



- Nurse - Yes, Dr. Wong



Mrs. Li's chauffeur will come

pick up her medication



How many days' prescription?



- Give her a week's worth - Okay



Don't move!



Dispatch, we've arrived at     



Victim is male, badly cut;

we need an ambulance



We have his wife under control



Tell them to hurry



The victim is alive, please hurry!



So much stuff left



What are these... so well-hidden?



Shenzhen, China









Just a minute



There, alright



No, I'm not busy... I was just having dinner



Have you eaten?



I can't finish it



Yeah, I've left it frozen



My stomach doesn't feel so good






It's been   months since I moved here,

aren't you going to come over?



How about tomorrow?



We can have breakfast together...



...if you don't mind cold leftovers



You really want to hear me play?



My stomach is really bothering me!



I feel nauseous!



Perhaps the food is past its expiration date



Darling, it's killing me!






What's scene    again?



- Good-bye, sir -Good-bye!



Scene    is where Young-Chae

draws blood with a water pump






- Good-bye, sir! -Good-bye!



If we push it back to the   th...



Shoot the remaining inserts

during the morning of the  th...



...and I'll finish editing before the night shoot



Then the crew can catch

some sleep in between



But you won't get any sleep at all!



Better just one, than all sixty

of the crew losing sleep



Quite true



- Take care, sir! -Yeah, you too!



Kyung-ah, get the guys to do the heavy work!



I heard you're going to Seoul



- Could you drop me off at Hanam City?



- Good-bye, sir!



- Good-bye!



- Good-bye, sir!



- Good-bye!



Sir... the daggers we talked about



Good work!



Good work everyone!



I ran over from Studio   as

soon as I heard you're here



Did you read the scripts I sent you?



What do you think? Which one should I do?



"Pink Panty", go for "Pink Panty"



They say director Jang is

the John Waters of Korea



Still... don't you think his film is a little sinister?



- Kim Chang's film seems better

- Director Kim Chang...



His film only makes the director look good



The actors don't get noticed at all



Just don't waste your time on him



What about this...



Trying something other than Mr. Nice Guy?



Like a psycho-rapist-killer thing... huh?!






Don't worry, I ate already...

Just go back to your work



We can have breakfast together tomorrow



I'll take care of it if you

don't mind cold leftovers



You should have come to see the set!



It looks just like our house...



Hey, I got the music for the film! Listen to this...



The rehearsal will end late!

Don't forget your veggie diet!



You've got...



...such pretty hands, ma'am



There's jewelry in the bedroom!



Take it all! Just don't hurt anyone!



Please, let us go!






You're not supposed to start

off with this kind of talk!



You shouldn't have started begging

until... like    minutes later



"Wait"... till things fall apart first!



You are, after all, the head of the house



If you're only capable of "begging"

from the onset...



...who else could your wife count on?



Remember what happened when you

shot "Uninvited Guest" in     ?



When those gangsters

busted in on the shoot...



"Stop it!"



You shouted at them boldly!



What happened to your guts now?



Who are you?



Who, me?



Maybe you'll recognize me like this...






Red Hunt! Huh?












What the hell!



Ready, huh?!



Action, huh?



And... CUT!



She's a pianist...



I know that of course! I've done my research



Got to be the pianist's fingers

for the "cut" to mean something



Only an idiot would want her toes instead!






Honey, I'll... take care of this somehow



Honey, are you alright? It hurts a lot, doesn't it?



I still don't know what's going on...



But I'm sure... we can get out of this somehow



Just trust me, okay?



Does it hurt a lot, honey?



Try and bear it a little longer!

Do that for me, okay?



It will be all over soon



I'll... I'll make sure you can play again



I love you, honey



Let's be strong



One way or another, I'll...



I remember you now!






An Extra



I was in all five of your films, sir!



You were such a kind man...



...unlike any other directors

I've ever worked with



So kind, no matter what mistakes I made



Remember the mob scene in "The Desert"?



You were shooting the crowd

running in the distance



Some moron knocked over

a hornet's nest as we ran



I got stung, I freaked out and I ruined the take






The damn assistant director gave me hell



But then you said...



How about using the time to set up

another take instead of yelling?



It's not like he wanted to get stung



Is your neck okay?



You were so sweet



But what's the use of all that?



You don't even recognize me!



Why are you doing this to me?



What do you mean "Why"?



"Because" this world is so fucked up!

That's why!



Look at this, look!



I didn't even know there are

houses like this in Korea!



Lots of people are better off

than us! This house is merely...



The rich people I've ever met...



They're all scumbags, no respect for people



I don't even consider them as human beings



But you, you are a good man!



That's so fucking unfair!



You're rich, handsome, educated in America...



...a genius director, and

you have a pretty wife!



If you're also a "good" man on top of that...



...what are guys like me supposed to get?!



You know on TV shows...



Only the poor folks are good people!

Never the rich!



You've already got everything!



Why do you have to corner us too?!



Why are you a good man, too?



You live well in this world and

you'll live well in heaven



Our lives suck and we're going to hell!



This is totally outrageous!



That's not true



"It's harder for a rich man to get into heaven... "



"... than a camel to go through

the eye of a needle"



It's in the Bible!



Bull shit



It's easier for a rich man to get into heaven...



...than putting a needle into a camel's nostril!



Face it, you've got no cause to sin



Of course I have



Then, prove it!



What persistence



I'm sorry...



- ... for being a good person -Look at that!






What a good man?!



I can let your wife go



On one condition...



You have to kill someone right here!

Can you do that?



I'll do as you wish



Let her go and I'll die in her place



You don't need to die



You just need to strangle

the little kid over there



If you don't, in every five minutes...



...I'll cut off another one of your wife's fingers



Let's see how good you can stay!









Who is this kid?



I don't know her either!



Met her on my way here!

She looked bored so I brought her along



Guess what



I've been dirt poor ever since I was a kid



My bastard father was always dead drunk



He beat the hell out of us day in and day out



Needless to say my grades were bad



And this ugly face of mine could

get me nowhere near stardom



So you see, now I'm the one

who always gets drunk



I go home and I kick my boy's ass



And, I beat my wife, too!



When I sober up in the morning...



...and see that beat-up face of hers



Guess what I think of?



Your face!



Your nice handsome face overlapping hers...



It makes perfect sense for a poor

kid to grow up to be a bastard...



...and a rich kid to grow up to be a good man!

That's fate!



Damn it!



Hell, no!






Time flies



What should I do, honey? Whatever you say



Should I kill her?



Don't kill her?



What a decisive man, my goodness!

What a decisive man!



Listen to me, life has many stages



I went through many difficulties

before getting this far



It wasn't as easy as you think!

I didn't get it for free



Someone once said...



"No time to blink, keep striving for... "



Fuck that! I ain't stupid!



It's a line from your own film!



Jin says that to Rose in "Last Wish"



Want me to follow suit?



Remember the cabaret scene

in "Dancing Factory"?



You wrote the song lyrics as well



I did some dancing there, too



"I'm not going to listen to your words anymore"



"All are a pack of lies! All out of hypocrisy!"



"We'll make our own words"



"We'll make our own truth"



"I'm not going to listen to your words anymore"



I'm sorry little one



I really can't hold out



I'm sorry!



I ain't a good man... You don't even know me!



How can you prove that I'm a good man!



The truth is...



Whenever an actor ask for my advice



I always persuade them not to

work with Director Kim Chang






He's my sole rival



I can't stand that jerk having

any good actors in his films



You call this shit a confession?



Do I look like an idiot to you?



I've never said that you were a saint!



Who the hell hasn't done a thing

as tedious as that?



Give me a break



Let me show you what a confession really is



For example



Before I left home this morning, I killed my wife



I must have strangled her

for over    minutes



Her tongue hung out all the way

and she shitted everywhere



I was going to finish my son too,

but it was not that easy...



I just couldn't do that...



Now, that's what I call a confession!



Your turn! Give me something nice and juicy



Wait! I'll talk! I'll talk!



There's a wardrobe called Kyung-Ah



I offered to give her a ride home one day



I lied that her home was on my way



And then I drove her to a motel...



We've been doing this for   years

already since "Bluebird"



Love isn't a sin



We dropped by a motel tonight, too



Lakeside Motel, room    



We did it twice in three hours... No



...three times in two hours



I'm really sorry, honey



Shouldn't have told you this when

you're already suffering so much



It hurts a lot, doesn't it?



But then...



You shouldn't mind this



You've never had any real pains in

your life, and no worries either



Know why I like Kyung-Ah?



Unlike you, she's smart and

we can talk about many things



As for you, I'd rather you

not to talk to me at all



All you care to talk about are

clothes and plastic surgery!



When I make love to you...



I'm not sure whether I'm holding

a woman or a bag of silicon



Guess how old my wife is



Just one year younger than me...



...but already a Botox junkie



Now her expression doesn't

change even if she smiles



What she has is not a face but a mask



And that mask yelps at me everyday



"I love you, honey!"



Mi-ran, be honest for just this once in your life



Do you know what love is?



Don't pity yourself for losing your fingers



They don't deserve any tears



Because you can play shit



Plus, you don't cook and you never clean...



You hands have no use anyway

other than wearing jewelry






What is an artist without talent?






Not existing! A "nothing"



Like a ring without a hole or a square ball!

Get it?



If you can't play, it'll be nice and quiet here






It's so much lighter for you to wave "Bye-bye"!



No, no, no, not yet



There's something else I've been trying to say...



I've been holding it back

for a whole    years now






Screw you, bitch!



Truth is, she has an affair too



Know the tenor she plays accompaniment for?



He's her lover! Do you know?



I saw it all when I was following her around



Am I wrong? Speak up for yourself



Oh, I forgot you're gagged



But you can nod, can't you?



Do what you should do!



Ah... You already knew!



Didn't you? Didn't you?



How about this



I'm kind of depressed



So if you really want to buy some time...


            can try to make me laugh



Every time you succeed, I'll extend

the deadline for another   minutes



You've made good comedies



Now, you can try your hand on acting in one






Ready and...



You son of a bitch!



You... you've never seen me

losing my temper, right?



I'm going to show it to you now



You son of a bitch



Your dad was a moron and

he made you a loser



Is that my fault?



Did I rob your blank?!



Did I steal your wife?



What do I have to do with

your unhappy existence?



Shame on you, moron



Why don't you just kill yourself?

Your life is a waste of time anyway



Want me to make you laugh?



Do you know who you're talking to?



I'm Ryu Ji-ho, "the" Ryu Ji-ho!



You're merely a lowlife extra!

Want me to make you... what?



Get the hell out of here



Just untie me and go home!



Go fix your son some instant noodles, okay?!



You've freaked me out and corrupted me!



Your mission has been completed!



I'll never mention what happened today



If you want her fingers this much...



...cut them all off!



Or better, just cut off her hands!



Why bother cutting off her fingers one by one?



Just finish it quickly and get the hell out of here



I want nothing more



No, wait!



My closing statement



You've never gone for cheap laugh

like this in your comedies



You're so disappointing!



Wait, wait!



I was too wound up and... I made mistakes



I swear I didn't mean to do so... Wait! Wait!



What are you doing now?



What are you doing?



Wait, wait, wait



Give me one more chance



Just give me one more try! Please! I beg you!



My pose was bad, and I couldn't

help making that kind of mistakes



Don't be so inflexible!

Just once more chance...



Damn it



I shouldn't have given you any false hope...



Nowadays, if you get to

the hospital within    hours...



...they can reattach the fingers neatly



No! Wait! I'll do it! I'll kill her!

Look, I'm doing it now!



You bastard!



I said I was going to do it!



Why didn't you wait?!



You saw it too! You know I have no choice



Honey, I'm going to do it, okay?



That was three... Three, so, seven...



You'll keep your seven, honey!



I'm not doing this because I hate you, okay?



You think I'm doing this

because I hate your wife?



"Hate" is nobody's fault



For example, who do you think

she hates more right now?



Me or you?



Let's hear it!



Kill her!



Kill her! What are you waiting for, idiot?



Kill her! Kill her!



You see?



Easy, ma'am



You probably will get one

finger left on each hand



He's got to give in by that time



You can still become a percussionist



No law against playing drums

with "Chopsticks"



Common folks like me prefer

drum beats to music



No! No!



You're right, better to just cut off her whole hand



Damn time flies...









- No! -    seconds...



   seconds,    seconds



   seconds,    seconds



   seconds,    seconds



   seconds,    seconds



   seconds,    seconds...



   seconds,    seconds



   seconds,    seconds



   seconds,    seconds









   seconds,    seconds



   seconds,    seconds



   seconds,    seconds...



   seconds,    seconds



   seconds,    seconds












- No! -   seconds!















Mr. Director...



How about this?



For example...



You scumbags...



I'll take revenge!



I'm sorry



I'm sorry; it can't be helped



I tried my best! You saw it all!



Yes, you did!



I have to do this for my wife, you know



I really love her



It's hard for a kid like you to understand



The world is filled with things

you can't get away from



No matter how hard you struggle...



...there are things you're being forced to do






Alright, honey! Just wait a bit!

I'll take care of it!



I'm sorry... really sorry...



- I'm sorry... -Ple... please!



Don't rush me! I'm trying! It'll be over soon!



I'm sorry I shouted, honey;

you know I love you!



I don't believe you have another man!

I don't care even if it's true!



I'm going to forget it all



After all, I'm the head of the house



I must forget everything happened today



I'll just think of it as a dream



I love you, honey!



I'm so sorry, kid! I'm truly sorry



Please forgive me



I love you, Mi-ran!



Please forgive me, this grown-up...

this old man...



Forgive me, you have to forgive me!



Honey, I love you!



Forgive me... I'm sorry, sorry!



Forgive me...


Special help by SergeiK