Thunderbirds Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Thunderbirds script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the live action movie based on the puppet show
.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Thunderbirds. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Thunderbirds Script



'From a secret island in the South Pacific,



'the courageous Tracy family

run an organisation called International Rescue.



'When disaster strikes,

anywhere in the world,



'they are always first on the scene.



'They go by the name

they gave their incredible machines,



'the Thunderbirds.


















'Thunderbirds are go! '



'But in this family of heroes,

there is one son left behind.'



So, gentlemen, we all know

that A plus B equals...



C, that's right. But what happens when

we bring in Leonardo da vinci's E, F and...



Mr Tracy!



Alan. Alan!



How kind of you to come back

from outer space, Alan.



I trust re-entry wasn't too rough?



(Chuckles) Here on Earth we've been discussing

the Pythagorean theorem.



Did any of that happen to sink in?



- I was just...

- Apparently not.



"Thunderbirds are go."



I hope you aren't going anywhere special

over spring break, Alan.



I expect a      -word paper on my desk

the day you get back. That should keep you busy.



- (Bell ringing)

- "That should keep you busy."



- You can stick your       words right up...

- Alan!



- Headmaster.

- Mr Tracy!



Miss Garrett.



- You gotta be careful.

- Why can't I tell 'em I'm a Thunderbird?



You're not a Thunderbird yet.



If your identity was discovered,

it would be a d... di... very bad.



I know, I know.



It's the Thunderbirds.

They're gonna be on Tv. Let's go!



- Whoa! Where are they?

- In Russia, at an oil rig fire.



Great! I'm stuck at school

and my brothers are on a cool mission.



- Wanna watch?

- Yeah.



'This super-rig is now in danger of total collapse.



'There is real concern for the lives

of six men who remain trapped on board.



'An emergency call went out

to the Thunderbirds a few minutes ago.



'They should be here any moment now.



'And here they are! '






'Thunderbird   this is Thunderbird  .

I have visual.



- 'They're trapped on an inspection platform.'

- 'FAB. We'll take it from here.'



Come on!



- Scott, get out. That tower's coming down.

- 'Got it.'



- 'Thunderbird   any damage? '

- 'Negative, Dad.'



Come on, come on!



Swing around.

You can't get close enough, taking that angle.



'This angle's no good. Gonna swing around.'



'Watch the wind shear.'



'I was watching for wind shear

when you were still wearing diapers.'



Come on, Dad.



- Whoa! Hold on!

- Who needs the diapers now, Dad?



- What do they do now?

- Drop the platform from Thunderbird  .



'Here we go. Rescue platform's on its way.'



- 'Virgil, how's it going? '

- 'Looking good, Dad.'



'Come on! Jump! '



'I've got a visual. Hold it there.'



Target's locked. Firing rescue lines.



Come on, guys, hook 'em up.



- Hoist away!

- Let's haul them out.



Commencing reverse thrust.



Let's bring 'em home.



Look out!



Get 'em out fast. That rig's gonna blow.



Hang on!



'Sorry, boys. Hold on tight. Here we go.'



Come on, virgil.



- 'How you doing, son? '

- 'Never better! '



'Thunderbird   commence knockdown.'



FAB, Thunderbird  .



'Lining up target.'






Bull's-eye! Outstanding shot.



All right, let's take these babies home.



'The fire has been extinguished.



'The rocket fired from Thunderbird  

has robbed it of the oxygen it needed to burn.



'Amazing! The Thunderbirds

have done it again, Chuck! '






'That was great work, Lisa. Thanks a lot.'



Ooh, I wish I could be a Thunderbird

one day. Thunder turd!



That's another good one, diaper boy.






There's someone here for you.



Hello, boys.



Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward,

at your service.



Alan, your father's been unexpectedly detained.

He's asked me to pick you up.



- Is that all right?

- Beats the bus!



- Definitely.

- Fantastic.



Now, will any of these gorgeous

young things be joining you?



Just Fermat.



Quite right.



Lady Penelope,

are you on a mission for my father?



Alan, shh! I am an undercover agent,

so please try to be discreet.



Here we are.



- Hi, Parker.

- Good afternoon, Master Hackenbacker.



Hi, Nosy.



Less of that, or I shall be obliged

to deliver the Parker Haymaker.



OK, bring it on, big guy.



- Try not to run over any children, Parker.

- Very good, milady.



Come on, Parker, chop chop!



(Alan) All right!

(Fermat) Whoa!









Oh, look, Parker.

Pink is the new black this season.



- I'm very glad to hear it, milady.

- And hemlines are going up.



That is good news, milady.



- And England won the football last night.

- Yes! Eng-er-land!



Calm down, Parker.



Yes, milady.



Sorry, milady.



Come on, baby. Out you jump.



Wait till your father hears about this,









Even better! It's the Thunderbirds!



OK, lock it up.



Let's go. Let's move it.



We need some help over here.



Mission complete.

Thunderbird   we are good to go.






'Tracking device activated.'



Ah, the chariot of the gods!



Having dallied with the mortals,

they return to Olympus.



And so I follow.



Pardon me, milady. Approaching Tracy Island.



And radar indicates we have some company.



Now, that's showing off.



I wish that was me.



Flight checks, Mr Tracy. Anything I sh... sh...

Anything you want to tell me?



Brains, a build-up of vibration, followed by

illumination of the number   engine outlight.



OK, Mr Tracy, I'll ch... ch...

study the flight data and guidance processor.



- Dad!

- Alan!



- Dinner's ready. Come and get it.

- It smells delicious. I am starved.



I saw the mission on Tv.

It looked dangerous.



Saving lives is a dangerous business.

But it's what we do.



Was the fire causing thermal updraughts?



Enough shop talk.

I want to hear about school.



School's boring.



Maybe I could be home-educated now.

That way, I could sit in on missions.



- What do you think?

- No short cuts, Alan.



No school, no rockets.

Why aren't you wearing your retainer?



So the wind is blowing    knots,

right up my keister.



Did you readjust the flaps?



Of course! It's not my first day in a Thunderbird.



- Keep up!

- Don't you have homework?



Unless he's blown up this school,

like the last one!



- Keep Alan away from the ships.

- That's enough. Pass the salad.



- I haven't seen that much fire since Fiji.

- That was Istanbul.



- Istanbul was the earthquake.

- Nothing compares to Argentina.



Dad, I'm not really hungry.



- Come on, Fermat. Let's go.

- But...



I'm not done!



- Come on.

- OK.



Kyrano, have you seen Lady P?



- By the pool.

- Of course.



(Thunderbirds theme ringtone)






- We're not supposed to go in there.

- You worry too much.



Where'd you get the access code?



Fermat, my friend,

what you don't know can't hurt you.



I'll be right there.



- The fire at the rig was no accident.

- Any suspects?



- Not yet.

- Thanks for bringing Alan home.



My pleasure. Any excuse to visit paradise.



- Tintin!

- Hey, Mr Tracy.



- Hello, Tintin.

- Lady Penelope.



- Did you know Alan's home?

- Alan's back?



I mean, oh, Alan's back!



Hey, Dad.



When are those two going to get along?



When Tintin decides to.



Girls are always ahead of boys

at that sort of thing.



- What sort of thing?

- Romance.



- Alan and Tintin? I didn't see that one coming.

- No, you wouldn't.



- Have a safe flight home, Penny.

- Thanks, Jeff.



OK, Fermat. Run pre-flight checks.



Right. Hydraulic systems



- are green.

- Commence main engine sequence.



FAB, Alan.



Couldn't hurt to just fire up the instruments.



No way, Alan!



- Wrong switch!

- 'Warning. Engine sequence: Breach.



'Warning. Engine sequence: Breach.'






- Could this day get any worse?

- 'Alan, my office. Now.'



Ltjust did.



- I can't believe it.

- We're so busted.



- Look at this.

- What is it?



Looks like some sort of...



gallium-electrolyte compound.



Gotta get out of here.



Dad, I know I shouldn't have been in the ship, but...



- You're damn right you shouldn't!

- But I had it under control.



Under control? Do you have any idea

of the importance of secrecy in our operation?



You fired up

without the anti-detection shield.



You put everyone in danger

when you act selfishly.



You want to be part of the team,

you play by the rules. Understand?



- Do you?

- Yeah, I understand.



You don't want me to be a Thunderbird.

You don't want me to do anything.



You won't even listen to me!



I've heard enough.

You're grounded for the rest of spring break.



- But, Dad!

- Bottom line, Alan. You need to grow up.



Then let me.









Hey, John. I was just about to turn in.

What can I do for you?



'I could use a pizza.

You know a place that delivers? '



'   minutes or it's free, right?

Anything else on your mind? '



Got a forest fire in vladivostok,

a typhoon heading for Singapore.



- What's happening on Planet Tracy?

- Alan's home for spring break.



Yeah. I thought I could see a storm brewing.



- 'Teenagers! '

- We've all been there.



Dad, you've done a greatjob since Mom died.



Thanks, John.

Keep an eye on that typhoon for us.



- 'I'll call vladivostok, see if they need help.'

- FAB, Dad. Sleep tight.



- Morning, Dad.

- Hey, son.



There's something I'd like to sh... sh...

Here, take a look.



- The neural-net control system?

- It's great to have you back.



I bet you didn't think spring break was going to be

this w... w... fun.



Watch this.



And that tiny phone lifts up...









- N... n... Almost perfect.

- There's something I want to talk to you about.



Oh. Right. Oh. OK, right.



Are you having problems

with a g... g... whoo... female?



N-no! No!



Alan and I found a gallium compound

on the nose cone of Thunderbird  .



We should check that out strai...




That'd be g... g... swell!



The island is in sight.



- Transom, I need you.

- Yes, sir.



Sir, our cloaking device

has evaded their detection systems.



We have a positive visual from

the tracking solution on Thunderbird  .



- Mullion?

- Sir?



Sir, armed and ready.

Shall I target the main structure?



Why would I want to destroy

what will soon be mine?



A tenet of Eastern martial arts is to use

your opponent's strength against him.



This is ridiculous.



It will be impossible to force

the Thunderbirds to leave their island.



On the other hand,

it requires no effort at all to let them go.



The Thunderbirds' purpose is to rescue.

All we need do is give them the victim.



- Commence targeting.

- Straightaway, sir.



Target acquisition of Thunderbird   is locked.






(Alarm beeping)



- 'Red Alert.'

- What the...?



'Lmpact imminent.'



Thunderbird   to Tracy Island.

Mayday! Mayday!



'Red alert!



'Red alert!



'Red alert! '



Switching to Command and Control Centre.



How bad, Brains?



Thunderbird   major damage sustained.



Possible m... m... Possible strike by m...



- Meteor?

- Yeah.



Thunderbirds are go.



- Check retros.

- Go.



'Guidance systems: Green.'



'Go to maximum thrust.'



There goes the cavalry.



But who will rescue the rescuers?



Alan! Tintin!



Thunderbird   has been hit!



- Thunderbird   has been hit!

- OK, OK, OK, don't panic. Don't panic.






On the other hand...






- We made land.

- Cut them off.



Activating communications blackout.



'Warning. Intruder alert.

Communications failure.'



What the he... devil is going on?



'Warning. Intruder alert.'



- Mr Tracy, do you copy?

- 'Lntruder alert.'



Thunderbird   please respond.



How'd they find the island? Was it what I did

in Thunderbird  ? Did I ruin everything?



No. That compound we found

could have a transmitting capability.



- We have to do something.

- My dad's in the control room.



- How do we get there now?

- The vents.



Let's go! We have to get a message to my dad.



I'm losing all power. Repeat, I'm losing all power.



Hold on, John. We're coming in.



- 'Gordon, prepare for docking.'

- 'You got it, Dad.'



Reverse main thrusters on my mark.

Three, two, one...



- Easy. Watch the roll.

- Roll index angle minus two degrees.



'Lnitiate docking sequence.'



- We're locked on.

- 'Docking sequence complete.'



- Tunnel hatch secured.

- Let's move!



- 'Airlock pressure equalised.'

- We're in. Let's go!






Scott, tackle that fire.



- Am I glad to see you guys!

- Easy, you're hurt.



Virgil, take care of your brother.

Gordon, give me a damage assessment.



Come on, hurry!



(Electronic whining)



One-inch steel plate,

with sequential titanium locking mechanism.



- (Bones click)

- I love a challenge.



Watch out for the guards.



Get in, get in.



- (Whistles nervously)

- (Muffled banging)






- What's going on?

- So, this is Mount Olympus.



And these are the Thunderbirds.

I should have guessed.



Jeff Tracy, the billionaire ex-astronaut.

Of course.



Isn't he the one who lost his wife in an accident?

Avalanche, wasn't it? How tragic.



- Just keep going straight ahead.

- OK.



Professor Hackenbacker?



We met at last year's international conference

on nanotechnology.



I thought your thesis on neutrinos

was extremely...






Transom, concentrate!



Sorry, sir.



The command control switch is here.

Fingerprint recognition system.



Professor. Please.

Activate the control switch.






You must be kidding.



We share an interest

in the science of the mind.



The difference is, I was born with my powers.



I tell you, you've barely touched the surface.



Even the strongest minds can be broken.

We can break yours.



Fu... Fu... No way!



Activate the control switch, Prof!



Like a puppet on a string!



(The Hood laughing evilly)



'Activating Command and Control.



'Activating Command and Control.'



- We have control.

- Get up.



Sorry, Professor. Nothing personal.






- We got a warning light on our EPS system.

- Attempt manual override.



No, that's negative!



- That's it.

- OK, this one.



Back to Thunderbird   now.



- John, we gotta move.

- The locking mechanism's jammed.



'Attention, Thunderbird  .

I have taken over your facilities.



'You no longer control your operational systems.'



(Alan) They've taken over.



- Warm them up, Transom.

- Increasing temperature to maximum.



Who's the bald freak?









They've got my dad.



OK, you have our attention.

Who are you? What do you want?



How rude of me. You can call me The Hood.



Now, listen, Mr Tracy.

We won't be negotiating.



I'm going to use the Thunderbirds to rob banks,

starting with the Bank of London.



The money system will be in chaos

and the Thunderbirds held responsible.



- You'll never succeed!

- Why the Thunderbirds?



- An eye for an eye.

- 'An eye for an eye? '



Perhaps you've forgotten me, but you remember

saving my brother, Kyrano?



'I'm sorry, Mr Tracy. I thought he was dead.'



- Take them away.

- Yes, sir.



That makes The Hood my uncle?



Every family has a black sh... sh...



(Resounding sneeze)



This room's murder with my allergies.



You left me to die that day.



You may have broken my body but you've no idea

how powerful my mind has become.



Now you will suffer, as I suffered,

waiting for a rescue that will never come.



'Wait! '



- Scott, status report.

- CO  levels are rising.



Wire the oxygen scrubber to the batteries.

Clean the air.



- How long will that give us?

- About four hours.






(Muffled sneezing)



Someone's there.



- (Fermat gasping)

- Come on.









- Run, run!

- No, jump. We can get through to the silos.



Apparently, the island is not

as secure as you thought.






Did you find any children?



Here they are.

Thunderbird   silo, in the loading arm.



Seal them in.



Hold on!



The doors! You guys, let's go!



Go! Go!



This way.



- No!

- They've got us trapped. What now?



If we can get to the Thunderbird   silo,

we can escape through the service tunnel.



But we need a plan, Alan.



- I'll use the Thunderizer on the door.

- 'Elevator, active.'



- Get the goons with the Firefly!

- Alan! It's only to be used in an emergency.



- I guess this qualifies.

- Yeah.



Here they come.



- Fermat, can you drive this thing?

- Uh, no.



- Hey, watch it!

- I took microbiology, not driver's ed.



- Set the pressure to maximum.

- Got it.






Let's move it.



That's it.



Time to thunderize.






Come on, let's go!



Get 'em!



- Where's Fermat?

- Fermat!



- Coming!

- Hurry up.



- What were you doing back there, Fermat?

- I had an idea.



Try and keep up, OK? I'll open the tunnel.

We gotta keep moving.



- 'Access denied.'

- Go back. Yell when you see them coming.



'Access denied.'






You can run if you want.



Were you surprised to hear

what your father did to me?



It is frightening when we realise

our parents aren't perfect.



But perhaps you already suspected that

about your father.



Why did he build these magnificent machines?

Do you suppose it was guilt?



Because he let your mother die.



Open the door, Alan.



Open... the... door.



We can't go this way.



He's there.



No! What are we going to do, Alan?



I don't know. I'm thinking, OK?



Keep backing up. I've got an idea.



- That's your idea?

- It's not me you're angry at, Alan.



It's not you I'm aiming at.



Get them!



Transom, fire up Thunderbird  .



And set to broil!









- No sign of them.

- The little brats went up like firecrackers.



Pop, pop, pop!



Don't give him the satisfaction, Professor.



This is taking too long. Pick out the equipment

you need and load it into Thunderbird  .



- No more delays.

- Yes, sir.



(Coughing and spluttering)



- Can you warn us next time you do that?

- Relax, Fermat. It's just a little water.



I could have drowned.



- You mean you can't swim?

- I repeat, I could have drowned.



I said I was sorry, Fermat.

Just put this behind us, OK?



We gotta watch each other's backs.



- Nice drawers.

- Thank you.






No, Tintin, stay there.



You're worse than girls.

Hurry up and get dressed.



Those are nice drawers!



(Fermat) Data from Tracy Island is sent

to Thunderbird   via satellite, right?



There's a miniscule possibility that

if we reach the satellite station, we could...



- Blow it up!

- No,



hack in to it and give control back to Thunderbird  .



Good thinking, Fermat. Let's do it.



Here's the plan. We're here.



We go along the shore

to the access road, here.



Then up to the transmitter. What do you think?



Good. Except that we're here, not there,

and the transmitter is there, not here.



We have to go through the jungle.



But that's f... f... off limits.



- It's gonna be dangerous.

- I'm in.



We gotta get up there fast!



Our folks are in trouble

and if The Hood gets off the island...



He's not going anywhere.



The guidance processor for Thunderbird  .

He can't take off without it.



- How'd you get this?

- Alan, what you don't know can't hurt you.



(Car phone bleeping)



- 'Parker? '

- Milady?



'We have an emergency.'



- What a charming fellow.

- (Knocking on door)



Come in.



Have a look at this, Parker.



He, and this woman, poor girl,



both work for this man, known as The Hood.



- Sounds like an alias, milady.

- Quite right, Parker.



Real name: Trangh Belagant.



Assumed dead when

his illegal diamond mine collapsed in Malaya.



Oh, perfect, Parker.



The Thunderbirds rescued

over     mine workers,



including Mr Belagant's brother.



Milady, that's Mr Tracy's loyal manservant, Kyrano.



How's my schedule, Parker?



You have clay pigeon shooting

with Lord Marlborough,



a benefit gala for the Institute of the Blind,



and there's a typhoon

bearing down on Singapore.



- I suppose that's urgent.

- Yes, milady.



A bridge collapsed in Buenos Aires

and a volcanic eruption in Jakarta.



- The Thunderbirds haven't responded?

- No, milady.



The media is awash in speculation

vis--vis their whereabouts.



'Over to Lisa Lowe.'



Disaster after disaster around the world today

and still no sign of the Thunderbirds.



Typhoon Jago hit Singapore just one hour ago



and thousands have been left homeless

by a volcano in Jakarta.



'Only the Thunderbirds have the machines... '



- It's time to send the emergency signal.

- I fear you're not wrong, milady.



'Lisa Lowe. Back to you, Chuck.'









I'm telling you, Fermat, it was like The Hood

was inside my head back there.



What do you mean, Alan?



Maybe he can read minds

or control minds or something.



Don't be silly, Alan.

Everything can be explained by science.



I'm just figuring out his weakness.

Everybody has an Achilles heel.



My Achilles heel is actually my Achilles heel.



It's got a blister the size of a basketball.






- Can we... s... s...

- Stop? No.






No more cheeseburgers for you, Fermat.



- Any word?

- Nothing, milady.



Right. Tell Lord Marlborough

that I've broken my shooting arm.



Send the Institute for the Blind

a dozen guide dogs.



- And bring the car around.

- Yes, milady.



The Thunderbirds appear to be in a spot of trouble.



And I don't like that. Let's go, Parker.



- Ready. We'll use this to get into the vaults.

- Subtle, as usual, Mullion.



I didn't realise we'd be getting points for style.

We're robbing banks, remember.



Don't worry. You'll get your money.



Transom, initiate pre-flight diagnostics.



(Machinery whirring)



- What's going on?

- 'Guidance processor error.'



- It's the guidance processor.

- What's wrong with it?



- There isn't one.

- Aaargh!



Clever Alan.



It's the children. They have it.



No way. They're dead.

No one could live through something like that.



I did.



Get them, Mullion. Take whatever you need.



Make sure you get the guidance processor

before you lose your temper.



Alan, don't you think Tintin is blossoming?



Blossoming? What's that supposed to mean?



Come on, Alan. You've a crush on her.



You've got to be kidding. I mean, she's...



She's not that bad, I guess.



OK, guys, take five.



Five isn't going to do it!



- Guys?

- (Puffing and panting)



Don't move.



- What is it?

- Scorpion.



- Is that dangerous?

-  .    milligrams of its venom is fatal.



So, "dangerous" is an understatement.



Watch out!



- Tintin, what was that?

- Let's go.



Hey! She has the same powers

as her uncle, The Hood.



- You think?

- Must run in the family.



- Did you do that?

- Just drop it, OK?



Still think everything

can be explained by science?



Not girls!



- Scott? Gordon? You all right?

- We're OK.



- The heat exchanger has blown.

- You don't say!



Come on! Those brats are in here somewhere.



- How are you doing?

- This is very delicate equipment.



Which is now... broken.



Can you fix it?



Maybe, but I'll need something to solder with.



We're in the middle of nowhere.



Where are you going to find something like that?















- Gee, I never figured you for a crybaby.

- I'm gonna kill you.



- What did he say?

- I think it was some sort of apology.



I got it, yes! You're the man, Fermat!






First, we have to establish contact

with Thunderbird  .



- 'Dad? '

- It's Alan!



- Alan, where are you?

- 'I'm at the satellite relay station.'



Fermat's gonna hack in

to give control back to you.



- 'We're standing by.'

- We're almost there.



(Gasps) Goodness me, Professor.

You're so good-looking without your glasses on.



I think you may find

that's another thing we have in common.






- (Alarm sounding)

- 'Unauthorised transmission! '



That's not fair.

Just when things were starting to sizzle.



'Unauthorised transmission! '



A burst of transmission

from the island satellite station. Should I jam it?



And give Mullion the coordinates.



'Take the main track southeast,

then head up Satellite Hill.'



They're onto us! We're being jammed!



- Can you finish?

- I'll try.



- 'Alan, what's happening? '

- Hang in there.



It won't work.

The signal's too weak for data transmission.



'Dad, they're jamming the signal.

Don't worry, I'll take care of everything.'



That's a negative! It's too dangerous.



Follow emergency procedure. Wait for Lady

Penelope at the rendezvous point. Got that?



- Dad!

- We're losing you.



'Dad! '



- No!

- Useless!



It is now.



I'm sorry, Alan. This is hard on all of us.



No, it's OK. I'm fine.



You don't have to be such a tough guy.



I worry about my dad too.



I'd do anything

to be with my parents right now.



But The Hood knows we're alive now.



We have to go.



- Even worse, they know exactly...

- (Tyres screeching)



...where we are!



Come on!









- Great. More water.

- Tintin, can you slow 'em down?



- I'd be delighted.

- Do it. Meet us at the junk yard.



Come on, Fermat.



This'll get us out of here.



There! Come on!






Straight ahead.






- It's gonna make this thing hard to control.

- No problem.



You really must be careful

not to exceed four bars of pressure...



- I said no problem.

- Guys, we've got to get out of here.



- What is this?

- A hoversled.



Our ticket out, unless you've got a better idea.



Let's wait for Lady Penelope, like your dad said.



Great plan. Let's sit and wait to get caught.

I say we do something.



Now! Right, Fermat?



Actually, I agree with Tintin.

I don't think this is s... s... safe.



You don't think anything is s... s... safe.



Just because I s... s... stutter

doesn't mean that I'm wrong.



If we're a team,

we should make decisions as a team.



Do you want to sit here and take a vote?

Or do you want to get out of here?



Cos I'm going.



You can be a real jerk sometimes.















Oh, no!



Come on! Faster!



Alan! You're going too fast!



I need more speed to get above the trees.

Hang on!






What did I tell you guys?



Oh, no...



(Fermat) What are you doing?



Oh, no! Not the fridge!



- Tintin!

- Son...



- Are you OK?

- I'm fine, Dad.



Cool off, kid!






Tracy Island approaching, milady.

Switching to aqua mode.



- Isn't life fun, sometimes?

- Rib-tickling, milady.



What is it?



We have an unidentified craft

approaching the island at high speed.



Lady P.



Phew! Somebody roll down a window.

It's getting hot in here.



Re-entry into Earth's atmosphere

in    minutes.



- Oxygen's out in    so we won't feel it.

- Stop it!



Come on, Dad. The situation's hopeless.



No, it's not. We've got people

on the ground working for us.



Alan? He's just a kid.



He's a Tracy.



- This doesn't look good, Parker.

- No, milady.



That bougainvillea is parched, and someone

should do something about that hammock.



Whom do we have here? Mullion...



I must warn you that I know judo,

krai magna and tae kwon do.



And I know Parker.









- You've broken my nose.

- That was my intention.






One tries so hard in life to sort things out

on an intellectual-slash-conversational level.



But sometimes it's just not possible.












- Shall I bring the car round, milady?

- Parker, have a bit of a lie-down.



Excuse me, milady.



Ah, Lady Penelope!



- He has his palace. Why not his princess?

- Flattery will get you nowhere.






Have you any idea what a manicure costs?



- Boo!

- Ha!



Coming through, milady.






Duck, milady!



He's weak. Using his power makes him weak.






You're formidable.

More than a match for most men.



That's not saying much, then, is it?






- I suggest you let us pass.

- Don't try your parlour games on me.



You've committed a serious crime.

And in about...



four seconds,

I'm going to get quite cross with you.



How are you, Alan?






I hope you don't think

I'm going to chase you.






- Ow!

- You can make it stop, Alan.



- Ow!

- You have something that belongs to me.



Really, sir, don't mind me. This isn't the first time

my head's been pulverised.



And it's never done any real harm before.



- Ow!

- Stop! Stop! I'll give it to you.






You made a match of it, Alan, I'll give you that.



- Put them with the others.

- You're coming with me.



Put me down! This outfit is couture.



Don't go to sleep. John, look at me.



Keep your eyes open.



- You need to cool off, lady.

- Lady Penelope!



Big oaf!



Right, that's quite enough losing for one day.



So, how does it feel to be right all the time?



Not bad, actually.



I'm so sorry, Fermat.



We make quite a pair.

It's hard for me to talk.



It's hard for you to listen.



Parker, I have an idea.



Excellent, milady.



- Brains, how long do Jeff and the boys have?

- I can't think. I'm too cold.



'Guidance processor installed.'



The processor has been installed.

Thunderbird   is ready for takeoff.



'Begin launch sequence.'



- What is our ETA?

- Under an hour.



Bank of London, here we come!



'Thunderbird   preparing for takeoff.'



We've got to be quick. The Hood's getting away.



- In position, milady.

- Here we go.



'Launch sequence, stage two.'



Good shot, milady.



Come on, Parker.

Let's give the bad guys a thrashing!



'Hydraulic systems: Green.

Guidance systems: Green.



'Launch sequence: Stage three.'



This seems to be a six-lever mortise, milady.



- Sometimes your chequered past comes in handy.

- Thank you, milady.



I shall need a piece of wire

to access the mechanism.



(Wire twanging)



Will this suffice, Parker?



Most certainly, milady.



- I didn't actually need it, anyway.

- Of course not, milady.



- Quick!

- Everyone get to the control room.






Get in there quick, Fermat, and save my family.

Then we'll get The Hood. Good luck!



'Access to mainframe denied.'



- They slipped a key into the access codes.

- I'll follow your lead, son.



Thunderbird   come in.

Thunderbird   come in.



- 'How long have they got before re-entry? '

- '   seconds and counting.'



'Access to mainframe confirmed.'



- I'm in!

- 'Good job, Fermat.'



'I need someone on their end

to confirm the access protocol.'



Thunderbird   come in.



- 'Dad, are we coming through? '

- 'Mr Tracy, can you hear me? Come in.'



'Thunderbird   come in.'



- Dad, come on!

- Mr Tracy, can you hear me? Come in.



- Dad!

- Thunderbird   come in.



- How long have they got?

-    seconds until re-entry.



'Damn it, Jeff! Wake up! '



(Slow beeping)



'That's the first time you've called me

by my first name, Brains.'



Thanks for waking me.



- Dad!

- Alan, well done.



Mr Tracy, confirm access protocol.



Confirmed. We're back online.



Gravity is restored. Put Thunderbird...

Your craft into geostational orbit.



FAB, Brains.



- 'Geostationary orbit re-established.'

- Looks like we're good to go.



- Dad, are you all right?

- 'We're fine. We still have a job to do.'



- Where's The Hood?

- In Thunderbird   headed for L... L...



- London.

- He's got the Mole on board.



Looks like Thunderbird   lost a booster, Dad.

We'll never get there in time.



Let me go after The Hood. He'll destroy everything

the Thunderbirds stand for.



- Negative. It's too risky.

- 'I can do this. You know I can.'



What am I saying? We can do this.



OK, Alan. We'll meet you there.



- Thunderbirds are go!

- FAB.



OK, boys, we are outta here.



Are we really going?



- Yeah.

- Oh, boy!



- Are you ready, Fermat?

- N...



I guess!



'Engine sequence: Activated.'



Flight controls are green.

Hydraulic systems are good.



Right. Set primary fuel pumps. Main engine start.



Don't boys just love their toys?



'Engine sequence: Complete.



'Launch sequence: Initiated.



'Launch sequence: Complete.'



And off we go!



Get the bridge up! Get the bridge up!



(Comms bleeping)



- Thunderbird   come in.

- Roger, Brains.



- Thunderbird   is about to initiate separation.

- FAB.



Boys, Thunderbird   is in final approach to London.



I know The Hood's weakness.

I can stop him if we're in time.



Stand by. We're going to maximum thrust.



(All) Whoaaaa!



'Gordon, heat 'em up.'






We're getting reports of an incident in London

involving the Thunderbirds. Lisa, are you there?



Chuck, Thunderbird  

has made an impromptu landing,



causing total panic in Central London.



There has been no emergency call,



so it's unclear why Thunderbird  

would be active here at all.



Thunderbird   seems to be unloading

some kind of machine.



Set a course for the vault.



If we continue on our present course,

we'll sever the monorail's supports.



Shall I correct our position?



- Stay on course.

- But we'll cause a major disaster.



No, we won't. The Thunderbirds will.



- Let's get her down, boys.

- Initiate landing, Fermat.



'Three-point landing sequence: Initiated.'



Retros at    flaps to   .






'Danger. Landing sequence: Error.'



- You're going too fast.

- Thanks.



Retros to   .



Textbook, boys.



Activating electromagnetic pulse

to disable the bank's security systems.



ETA, one minute.



- Parker, meet me at the Bank of London.

- 'Yes, milady.'



Ride it out, boys!



- The Hood's getting away.

- What are we gonna do, Alan?



We're the Thunderbirds.

Our duty is to save those people.



Brains, we're going into the accident zone.



'FAB, Thunderbird   and good luck.'



Brains, the monorail is down.

Repeat, the monorail is down.



I'm going underwater in Thunderbird  .

You have the bridge.



- Me? Fly alone?

- The Thunderbirds need you right now.



I need you.



FAB, Alan.



'Manual control.'



- Brains, what's the situation?

- 'The Hood has caused a disaster.'



The mono...

one-track railway is in the Thames.



- Thunderbird  ?

- On the ground.



- Our kids are in Thunderbird  .

- FAB. We're right behind 'em.



- Look at all this gold!

- Stay focused. Nine more banks to go.



Fermat, deploying Thunderbird  

in three... two... one...



Thunderbird   is go.



I can see the monorail.






Don't panic, guys.



'Extending magnetic claw.'



Fermat, I'll hold the monorail in place.



- Can you get a line on that stanchion?

- I can't get a fix on the target.



- I might hit the passengers.

- I'll go and fix it myself.



- Swim?

- Get me as close as you can.



How are we doing on that line?



Just look out your window.



Come on, Tintin, come on!



Come on.



Come on, Tintin. You can do this.



Opening the airlock.



'Contact magnets: Activated.'



- OK, Fermat, we need a lift.

- 'FAB, Alan.'



Commencing reverse thrust.



- That was amazing, Tintin.

- Thank you.



- 'Nice job, Fermat.'

- Nothing to it, really.



Easy does it.



There they are!






- Glad you could join us.

- Don't get cocky after one mission.



We still have a dangerous situation.

Close down this accident scene.



Tintin, get Fermat. Meet us at Thunderbird  .



Alan, you come with me.

We got to get to the Bank of London fast.



- Lady Penelope went after The Hood.

- She may need help.



Ashes to ashes, diamonds to diamonds.



Lady Penelope. What an unpleasant surprise.



Don't be rude.



I can't tell you

what a pleasure it would be to pull this trigger.



- Now, don't move!

- Mullion.



- That's not cricket.

- I'm sorry.



The only part of sport I ever liked was winning.



How ghastly.



Hey, Dad. That stuff The Hood said,

about you leaving him to die.



- He was lying, right?

- No.



See, you can't save everyone, Alan.



It doesn't matter how hard you try

or how brave you are.



It doesn't matter if it's someone you love,

someone you'd give your life to save.



You just can't save everyone.



What was Mom like?



She was a lot like you.



Come on, we've got a job to do.



- Finish her off, Mullion.

- Shame on you.



I always despise a man

who delegates the importantjobs.



Oh, dream on, sad act.






- Good timing, Parker. Come with us.

- My pleasure, Mr Tracy.



The Thunderbirds.



They're here.



Kill them all.



Alan, stay with Parker.

I'm gonna find Lady Penelope.



But what about The Hood?



Look out, Parker!



Master Tracy!



- Look out, Parker!

- That's enough of that.



Don't move.



- Go on, then.

- No, sorry. I can't hit a lady.



Allow me.



I've been waiting

to get my hands on you brats.



And I've been waiting to get my hands on you.






- Now, that was a punch.

- Parker, can we wrap this up?



What did you have in mind,

Master Hackenbacker?



Strategically speaking, the best odds

of success lie with the Parker Haymaker.



I concur.



- Penny!

- Jeff, no!



Did you save them all this time, Jeff?



- Or did you leave someone behind?

- I didn't make you what you are.



It's not me you have to convince.



- Leave my son out...

- Dad!



Dad! Dad!



I'm disappointed in you, Alan.



- I thought we were kindred spirits.

- Well, we're not.



- I'm Jeff Tracy's son.

- You certainly are.






Come here, you little minx!









Alan, stay back.



You want so desperately

to walk in Daddy's footsteps.



- Let him go.

- Did you really think you could challenge me?



- Let him go, please.

- Let him go.



Please. Let him go.



Alan! Are you all right?



Alan, get out. Run!



He's getting weaker. He can't last much longer.



Neither can you!



Alan, no!



Look out!






I'm glad you could be here to see this, Jeff.






Goodbye, Alan!












Leave me, Alan.



Leave me to die.



Like your father did.



I don't want to save your life.



But it's what we do.



See you soon, Jeff.



Now, that was definitely showing off.



- Hey, Scott.

- Get him!



- What does he put in these margaritas?

- It's a Tracy secret.



That's my boy!



One more week

and you'll be swimming like a f... f... f...



D... d... d... Sha... sha... sha...

Aquatic creature.



- Good job, Fermat.

- So, what do you think?



He's getting there.



Whoa, Tintin!



You're just really, um, blossoming.



Eugh! Did you say "blossoming"?



(Triangle ringing)



Gather round. I have an announcement to make.



Tonight is a special night. We're all together

because of three very special people.



Fermat, Tintin, Alan.



The world needs Thunderbirds

and the Thunderbirds need you.



- Mr Tracy!

- Thank you, sir.



Congratulations, Alan.

No short cuts. You earned it.



You all did.



I'm not an emotional man,

but sometimes even the toughest nut must crack.



- Way to go, sprout!

- That's my boy, Alan!



(Thunderbirds ringtone)



Yes, Madam President. I see.

Of course, straightaway.






Sorry, Penny. Duty calls.



Of course it does. And quite right too.



Thunderbirds are go!



Fast as you can, Parker.



Certainly, milady.



(? Busted: Thunderbirds Are Go)



? Spring break's come around

And there's no heroes to be found



? There's something major going down



? On Tracy Island

? Island



? Weapons underground

Keeping our planet safe and sound



? If someone evil's coming round

They should be frightened



? Frightened

? Cos now the boys are back in town



? No strings to hold them down



? Down



? Don't be mad, please stop the hating



? Just be glad that they'll be waiting



? Friends we have aren't ever changing



? You know the lid's about to blow



? When the Thunderbirds are go



? Kids are learning fast

They know the team has kicked some ass



? Be sure that there's no coming last

If you're on their side



? Their side

? It always looks so cool



? When space ships come out of the pool



? You know that you'd just be a fool

To be a bad guy



? Bad guy

? Cos now the boys are back in town



? No strings to hold them down



? Down



? Don't be mad, please stop the hating



? Just be glad that they'll be waiting



? Friends we have aren't ever changing



? You know the lid's about to blow

When the Thunderbirds are go



? Thunderbirds are go, go, go, go



? Go, go, go, go...



? Don't be mad, please stop the hating



? Just be glad that they'll be waiting



? Friends we have aren't ever changing



? You know the lid's about to blow



? When the Thunderbirds are go

? Thunderbirds are go



? Thunderbirds are go



? Thunderbirds are go

? Thunderbirds are go



? Thunderbirds are go

? Thunderbirds are



? Thunderbirds are



? Thunderbirds are go?



Special help by SergeiK