The Tigger Movie Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Tigger Movie script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Tigger Movie. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Tigger Movie Script



Now, this might be
the room of any small boy, but it happens to belong to
a boy named Christopher Robin. And, like most small boys, Christopher Robin had
toy animals to play with. And together they had
many remarkable adventures... in an enchanted place... called the Hundred Acre Wood. But of all
his animal friends, Christopher Robin 's
Very best friend... was a bear
called Winnie the Pooh. Winnie the Pooh?
Wait half a darn minute! It seems to me that most of these
stories are about that silly old bear. Well, then, Tigger,
who should this story be about? Well, I happen
to know someone... who's extremely fascinatin',
not to mention handsome and debonairy. But the title already says
Winnie the Pooh. Oh, that's easy to fix. There! Now, that's
a wonderful title. And speaking of wonderful things-
Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! The wonderful thing about Tiggers
is Tiggers are wonderful things Their tops are made out of rubber,
their bottoms are made out of springs They're bouncy trouncy, flouncy,
pouncy, Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun But the most wonderful thing
about Tiggers is I'm the only one Tiggers are cuddly fellas
Tiggers are awfully sweet Everyone el-es is jealous
That's why I repeat and repeat The wonderful thing about Tiggers
is Tiggers are marvelous chaps They're loaded with vim and vigor,
they love to leap in your laps They're jumpy bumpy, clumpy, pumpy
Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun But the most wonderful thing
about Tiggers is I'm the only one I'm the only-
Ohhh! Hello! I'm Tigger.
That's T-l-double-geh-er. And that's me.
Hoo, hoo, hoo! I know. You've bounced me
lots and lots of times. Yeah. Fun, ain't it?
Say, you want to go bouncin' with me, on
account of bouncin's what Tiggers do- - eh, best. - Eww.
- Well, I would go bouncing
with you, Tigger, except that I must count
all these honey pots... - to be sure I have enough for winter. - Let me get that, please. Bother. Yech! What do
these Pooh bears like... about this icky,
sticky stuff anyway? Well, no time for goofin' off.
I've got dawdlin' to do. Hoo, hoo! T. T. F. N.!
Ta-ta for now! Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! Mmm! Mmm! Ooh, ooh, ooh! Oh, oh, ohhh!
B-B-Brrrr! Ohhh! Oh, d-d-dear, dear. - Hiya, Piglet, old pal!
- Aaah! What say you and I do
a little bouncin' together? B-B-Bouncing?
Oh, my! I haven't enough firewood
to last the winter, and- Sure, you do!
Why, there's lots of firewood. - It's lyin' all over the place.
There? See?
- Ohhh! Aaah! - Now we can go bouncin'.
- B-But... I would really rather prefer
that my firewood... not have quite so much...
chair in it. Oh. Well, then,
uh, T. T. F. N.! Gotta be bouncin' along!
Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! Hello there!
And good mornin', Mrs. Kanga, ma'am! Well, good morning,
Tigger, dear. She called me "dear. " Pardon me for askin', but you wouldn't
happen to be interested... in doin 'a bit of bouncin ' with me,
would ya? Well, I'm afraid I have just too much
to do this morning, dear. Oh. Well, if you have to- See ya later. Bye. Tigger! Tigger!
Tigg... er. Oh. I wonder why nobody
wants to bounce with me. Hmph. Oh, well. Hoo, hoo!
What am I talkin' about? There's plenty of others I haven't even
asked yet. Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! And so, the others all came round... to see what they
might do to help. But the end of Eeyore's house
Was merely the beginning... of a very unfortunate day. Wow! Look at
the size of it. Your attention, uh, please. Uh, ahem.
I have officially completed... the plans. What plans? The plans...
for removing this boulder... and restoring to Eeyore,
uh, his happy home. No need to bother
on my account. All we need is a little,
uh, uh, team effort. Rabbit's Rock Remover! Now, then, Pooh bear,
release the counterweight. Kanga and Roo,
start depressurizing... the granite extractor. Piglet? Piglet, start pulling your own weight
over there. I- I don't weigh
anything. A- A little more over there. Yes. That's good.
No, no, no, no! - Over here. - This way.
- Ohh! - Oh, good. I think-
- Bother. Aaaah! - Ohh!
- Oh! Aaaah! - Oh, my.
- Oh! Well, now,
why didn't it work? Oh, let's see here now. - The counterweight-
- Perhaps we could use
another helping hand. Yes.
All we really need is- Aaaahhh! - Tigger!
- Hello, you blokes! - Anyone up for a little bouncin'?
- No! No! No bouncing!
Look! Just look at all this work
we have to do! What? Movin' that old thing? Not a problem.
All you need is a little bouncin'. How will b-bouncing
move the rock, T-Tigger? Tut, tut, tut.
Not now, Piglet. If maybe we had a little, uh-
Hm, mm, mm. Mm, mm, mm.
Mm-hmm. Right there! "Bouncing will move this boulder. "
Ha, ha! It's almost amusing. Whoo! Oh! Oh! Help! Whoa! Whoa! Oof! - Wow! - Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! - Now that that's outta the way, who's up for
a little bouncin'? Aaah! What is it with you
and bouncing? -Just look at my rock remover. Everything's ruined, and all you can think about is-
bouncing? But that's what
Tiggers do best. Exactly.
Unlike us. I'm afraid he's right, dear. Wh-What we're...
trying to say is that, uh, we really can't bounce
like Tiggers anyway, because, uh- We're not Tiggers. Hmph! Who needs them other fellas anyhow? Mostly I'm happy
and I'm bouncy Because I am
the onliest one Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm But now all at once
I feel so lonely For someone Like me Someone Like me Right now, I'm sort of
feelin' downcy - I'm just about the loneliest one
- Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm And deep in my heart
I'm sort of wishin' For someone like me Someone like me Somebody with springs
and things Who laughs and sings And jumps every day Somebody who's...
fun, fun, fun Who loves to trounce
and pounce And bounce
their gloomies away Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo,
hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo. How I dream
there is another A double
or a triple of me To keep him company But since I'm awake
I feel so lonely Because I know
it can't be It never can be Bein' that I'm
the one and onliest Someone Like... me Someone Like me Tigger? Um, T-Tigger? Don't be sad, Tigger. Wh-Why don't you
go bouncin'? That'll cheer you up. No one to bounce with, Roo boy. Oh. Well, what about
another Tigger? Another Tigger?
That- No. It's- It's impossibibble.
It's crazy. I'm the onliest one. But aren't there
other Tiggers? I've got a mama.
Don't you have a family somewhere too? Why, that's ridic- Uh-
I mean- Ooh, a family
full of Tiggers, you say. Hoo, hoo!
Can you imaginate such a thing? Why, that'd be more Tiggers
than you could stick a shake at. And we'd all be bouncin'! Bouncin' morning, noon
and nighty-night! Hoo, hoo, hoo! But I could still bounce
with ya, right, Tigger? Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo!
My very own Tigger family! Oh-ho! You wish to find your family.
Ha, ha! A most noble quest,
indeed. There we are.
Help yourself to the cream and sugar. The search for
Familius Genus Tiggeris. Ha, ha! That is Latin, I believe.
Or is it, uh, Greek? Speaking of family, why, my very own family portraits
hang right over there, a collection I've gathered
throughout the years. Notice the interesting twists and turns
Of its many branches, stretching out
across the ages. It all comes from having
strong roots, you know, and plenty of time
to grow. - In fact, I do believe that
the very seed of my family...
- Hmm! began to germinate as far back
as the th century... - when a great-great-great
grand-uncle of mine...
- Hmm. went out on a limb and proclaimed
his blossoming love... to a blooming
young maid. As their love blossomed,
they eventually... were blessed with
nine fine young saplings. Never a bough did break- Now, my dear boy, are you quite
all right? Perhaps some more tea. Anyway, if I may go out on a limb here, I would first and foremost
suggest for Tigger... that to find one's family,
one must first look up... one's family tree. Oh, it does bring to mind
a distant nephew of mine. An odd sort of fellow.
He became a sailor... - and fell in with a member
of the feline persuasion.
- My... - family... tree? My family tree! Why didn't I
think of thinkin' of that? So long, beak lips! Thanks for
the tip! Ooh, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! Hoo, hoo, hoo! I say.
Was it something I said? And so began Tigger's grand search... for his family tree. He searched high. He searched low. He searched near, and he searched far. Yoo-hoo! Family! Hello! Tigger. How are you gonna know
which tree is your family tree? Why, that's obvious,
Roo boy. My Tigger family tree
has got to be the biggest, hugest and most gigantical tree
in the entire Hundred Acre Woodses... on account of all the enormous
numerical numerous numbers of... Tigger family members
that'll be on it. And besides and furthermore, it'll be
all stripedy, just like yours truly. Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! The only question is, where could
my family tree be? There! Good as new. Or maybe even better,
if I do say so myself. Could be a bit drafty. Might leak some. Sort of lopsided. Kind a... cramped. Otherwise, a dream house. Hi ya, donkey boy! Hi ya, donkey boy! - Tigger.
- Tigger! - Tigger?
- Back to his bouncy old self. Oh, is this perhaps
a Tigger family tree up there? Were you asking us to bounce with you?
Because we would be glad to- Hallo, Tigger family! Hallo-o-o! Uh, no, not this one. - Hallo!
- Hallo! - Other Tiggers, come out,
come out, wherever you are!
- Other Tiggers! - Come out, come out, wherever you are!
- And aren't! Et cetera! Hallo-o-o! Tigger's family! - Where are you?
- Pooh bear? I didn't know
Tigger had a family. Yes. Only it appears... that he has lost them. Seemed to be lookin'
for 'em. Uh, was that something we were supposed
to be doing too? Why, I believe
it must be, Piglet. I quite often remember to forget
these sorts of things. No, no, no. Aren't you coming,
Rabbit? Huh? To look
for more Tiggers? As if one wasn't bad enough.
No, no! No! I have too many
winter preparations to make. And if you three had any sense,
you'd be doing the same. Hmph! Aah! Come on. - Hallo-o-o! Hallo-o-o!
- Hallo-o-o! - Tiggers! Come out, come out,
whereveryou aren't!
- Tiggers! - Hallo-o-o! Tiggers!
-Just where aren't
those Tiggers, anyway? We looked every
which and where, not to mention
right over there, and not a single
stripedy tree in sight. Maybe I've been going about this
all the wrong way upside down. Maybe what I need to do
is find some sort of clue... as to where are
their whereabouts. What kind of clue? Maybe in here. Some thingamabob or
an heir-i-loom or something. Oh! Maybe this
belonged to my uncle! Whatever.
And just think, if there are other Tiggers,
we could all bounce... the Whoop-de-Dooper, Loop-de-Looper,
Ali-Ooper Bounce! 'Cause it's the bounce
that Tiggers do best. The Whoop-de-w-
What kind of bounce? You know, that bounce I bounc-ed
when I bounced that big rock, the most hardest bounce of all that only
the very bestest bouncers can bounce. - You know.
- Only the very bestest bouncers... can bounce it. Oh!
Could my auntie have made this for me? - I could bounce it.
- It looks like she made a pair. Ahem! If you could teach me
the Whoopy Super-Duper Bounce, - then I could-
- Teach ya the W-D-double-L-A-O-B? What?
That's ridickerous! It- It's a- It's a very powerful bounce,
And it's only... for professional bouncers. But I'm
a real good bouncer. You-
No offense there, Roo boy, but I think you're a little
on the smallish side of tiny... and kind a lackin'
in perpendicaler. I-l could do
the Whooper Dooper, uh- The Looper Dooper, uh-
If you teach me. You can't bounce the bounce... if you can't even pronounce
the bounce. Ahem!
Repeat after Tigger. The Whoop-de-Dooper Loop-de-Looper
Ali-Ooper Bounce The Whoop-de-Dooper Loop-de-Looper
Ali-Ooper Bounce It's got the zip that makes you flip
and that's what really counts In the Whoop-de-Dooper Loop-de-Looper
Ali-Ooper Bounce Now, half this bounce
is percent mental. If you calculate
the specific Tiggerjectory... of your stripecelleration
dicipherus... by the square boot of your rebounce,
your vertical situituation indicator... and your stripersonic springnertia
should ric-a-ticochet... your hydranific
fu-silly-age... into an accelerometric
de-orbit! Any questions? When I do get to learn
the Whooping Whooper Whooper- I mean, the Looper
Dooper Whooper, uh- The Whoop-de-Dooper Loop-de-Looper
Ali-Ooper Bounce The Whoop-de-Dooper Loop-de-Looper
Ali-Ooper Bounce The more you try the more you fly
and that's what really counts ln the Whoop-de-Dooper Loop-de-Looper
Ali-Ooper Bounce Now, you swing your legs up high,
and you twist your tail in tight. Wind up
all your springs, and with your eyes
situated straight ahead, you let it all loose. Um, is this right? It's best when done by Tiggers
'cause our Tiggerific figgers Are filed with vims and vigors,
and that's the thing that triggers The Whoop-de-Dooper Loop-de-Looper
Ali-Ooper Bounce The Whoop-de-Dooper Loop-de-Looper
Ali-Ooper Bounce The more you try the more you fly
and that's what really counts Right. It activates
it elevates accelerates and more - Whee!
- You're bouncing off the ceiling - Like you never did before
The Whoop-de-Dooper
- Whoop-de-Dooper - Loop-de-Looper
- Loop-de-Looper Ali-Ooper Bounce Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! Wow! Now me!
Now me! Tut, tut, tut!
Hoo, hoo, hoo! Wait a minute. We haven't gone over all
the safety rules and regularations. - Aw!
- Rule number one: Always bounce... in a Well-lit area. Rule number the-next-one:
Never bounce near an open flame. Rule three: Never bounce right after
eatin ', or you'll get tail cramps. - First you- And then you-
- Rule number four:
Do not forget rule number- And then you let it
all loose with a- Rule number- Whoo! Whoa! Aaaah! I think you let it
a little too loose. Maybe another lesson? I could- What is this... doohickey? Why, that's no doohickey. It's a thingamabob.
Been in the family for generations. And I never even knew I had a doo-
Hoo, hoo! This... is the exact thingamabob
I was lookin' for. And it must have a picture... of my Tigger family
inside it. - Oh, boy!
- Oh! I can't wait. I'll bet I got
my mother's eyes... and my father's tail and- one of my sister's chins,
of course. My grandpappy's stripes. It's kinda, sorta- Empty.
Completely Tiggerless. How am I supposed to find
my family now? M-Maybe there's another way
to reach 'em. Another way? A letter!
Why don't you write 'em a letter? Hoo, hoo, hoo,
hoo, hoo, hoo! - Hallo!
- Hello? - Hello out there!
- Hello! Tigger's family? Tigger's family tree! Hello! Uh, how will we know
a Tigger family member... when we see one? I suspect that he,
or she, would be rather more bouncy
than usual, Piglet. I found 'em-
Tigger's family. - Really?
- Oh! Where, Eeyore? Here they are, bouncin' like anything,
stripes and all. No need to thank me. Do these
particular Tiggers seem... rather strange
to you, Piglet? Y-Y-Yes,
and rather f-fierce. Still, I suppose you never can tell
with Tiggers. Pardon me, Mr. -
or Mrs. - Tigger, but could you perhaps accompany
me back to Tigger's house? He misses you
very much, you see. And he-
Oh, bother. - Uh- Uh, Hello, Tigger family member. Uh, uh, I was wondering-
That is, if you're not too busy- Oh! Oh! D-D-Dear. Sinkin'? Figures. If I could just have...
a moment? Oh! Oh!
But please come back! - Ooh, ooh, ooh! We really need your.
It would just take a minute. Oh, bother. Nice Tigger.
Ooh, hoo! I-l don't remember Tiggers being
quite this s-slippery, do you, Pooh? - Well, now that I think of it, I don't remember a Tigger making
quite that sort of sound either. - Piglet.
- Yes, Pooh bear? I don't think these are
the right sort of Tiggers after all. - Not that anyone will miss me. Let me see now. "Dear T-l-double-geh-ers.
Tiggers. Greetin's and...
salivatin's! Please drop by
any old time... on account of my house... is your house,
and vice-y verse-y. Love, Tigger. " There! That oughta do it! Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo!
Now there's nothin' to do... but wait. - Hello, Tigger's family.
- Hello! Anybody out there? Why, if my tummy
is not mistaken, this particular
family tree... is a bee sort
of family tree. And where there are bees, there's honey. Um, I think there may be
something moving... in this tree. D-Do you think
it could be... Tigger's family up there, Pooh bear? I suppose there's only
one way to find out, Piglet. Just as my tummy
suspected. - Ow! Bother. If only these bees
were a bit less... busy. Perhaps if I hummed
a soothing sort of song, Like such: Um...
Go to sleep Shh, quiet
If you're a bee A lullaby Da, da, dum Um...
lullabee, lullabee Honey bees
in the tree Rest... your wings Till the morning light lullabee, lullabee Honey bees
in the tree Your honey is safe tonight Just dream
to the tune I am singing Time to stop All that buzzing and Stinging
Mm, ouch. lullabee, lullabee Honey bees
in the tree All I want is
a smackrel Or two Or three Don't sleep lightly Sleep very tightly Happy slumbers To you Shh! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! Yum! Pooh bear's been up in that tree an
awful long time, don't you think? Most likely he's stuck.
Been known to happen. Oh, d-dear! Then l- I'd better climb up
and see if he's all right. Mmm! - Uh, Pooh bear, uh, a-are you stuck?
- Oh! Oh, bother. - Uh, Pooh bear? Oh! Oh! - Oh! Piglet.
- Yes, Pooh? - I have come to the conclusion that- that these bees are definitely not
the right sort of Tiggers! - It doesn't look good. Oh! - Oh! Bees! Run! Oh, oh, oh! Oh, oh, oh! At last, the day had come to an end, as days often will. And what had begun
as a very exciting idea... had changed to
a rather discouraging one. Tigger? Uh,
I gotta go home now. Mama will be worried
about me. Tigger? Oh, what, am I kiddin' myself? They're not comin', 'cause I might
as well face it- there aren't
any other Tiggers. I guess that means... this silly old thing's
just gonna stay empty... for... all of... forever. But isn't that the wonderful thing
about Tiggers, being the only one? You betcha, Roo boy. Oh, the most wonderful thing
about Tiggers is I'm The very only last, lonely, single, solitary... one. First, I- And just so- And then I- like this. And then
a little twist, like such. And then I let it
all loose with a- Aaaah! Aaaah! Oof! Oh! Whatever are
you doing, Roo, dear? I'm practising
the Whoop-de-Doop-Tee Bounce. Maybe if I do it
really good for Tigger, he wouldn't miss
not having a family so much. But... I can't
bounce it yet. Well, I'm sure you'll be able
to do it in time, dear. But Tigger seems
awfully lonely, don't you think,
Mama? I suppose he might be
every now and again. - Mama?
- Yes, dear? I wish I had
a big brother like Tigger. Now, why wish that... when you have a Tigger
like Tigger? 'Cause then I'd be
his little brother, and he'd be just like
one of our family. - Wouldn't that be great?
- But, Roo, dear, Tigger is
one of our family. And as long as we care for him,
he always will be. Sweet dreams, Roo, dear. I still wish I could do something
to make him feel better. I say, young Roo,
If you suggest that a letter... would bring cheer
to our friend Tigger, then we shall,
by all means, write one! Eh- Now, uh, what sort of letter
is this to be? It's by us
from them to him. By which from what to whom? From Tigger's family to Tigger. Ah, yes! Ha, ha, ha. "Dear Tigger,
Just a note to say-" Uh, "just a note to say"?
What shall it say? Well, uh, I suppose
it might say, um, "dress warmly"? Oh, oh, I see.
Ha, ha. Excellent advice. Oh, Owl? Perhaps-
"Eat well"? Good point, Pooh bear. "Stay safe and sound"? Oh, a very good idea,
Piglet. "Keep smilin'. " "We're always there for you. " "Wishing you all the best.
Signed, Your Family. " There. Won't Tigger be pleased? - What a splendid idea.
- How wonderful for Tigger. Yes, marvelous work,
everyone. Ho, ho! And so, the next morning- Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo!
Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! Hoo, hoo!
Hello, everybody! Pooh boy!
Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! Pig-i-let! Kanga! Kanga!
Roo! Roo! Roo! Hoo, hoo, hoo!
Eeyore! Eeyore, old buddy! Look at what I got.
A letter, a letter for me! - That's who! T-l-double-geh-er
spells Tigger! I, uh, wonder
who it might be from. From my very own family!
I knew I had one. A great big family!
Full of uncles and aunties... and grand-Tiggers
and second-cousin Tiggers! And they're all just like me.
Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! Just imaginate it.
Hundreds of thousands of Tiggers! All bouncin' around up there
in our huge gigantical family tree! There's momsey Tiggers
and popsey Tiggers And Tiggers I never knew Like sister Tiggers
and brother Tiggers And cousin Tiggers too There's grandma Tiggers and grandpa
Tiggers as you can plainly see When we're all together
it's a jumpin 'jamboree Round, round the family tree I look
like them and they look like me Round, round my family tree
We're a happy family There's huge slews of nephew Tiggers
uncle Tiggers by the ton Whipper snappin' grandpappy Tiggers
and grandma Tiggers are fun There's skinny, little
tiny, little thin, little Tiggers Roly-poly Tiggers too But we're all relations and
we're quite a mighty crew Round, round my family tree I look
like them and they look like me - Round, round my family tree
We're a happy family
- The Amazing Flying Tiggers! Round my family tree
We're a happy family The firstest-most roots
of my family tree Reach way backin history To the braverest, fiercerest
noblerest Tiggers You'd ever care to see The heroicest figgers
of my ancestor Tiggers Has always been
hailed and cheered And the sculpturous grace
of our Tiggerous faces Is why we're
all revered There were warrior Tiggers
Explorier Tiggers And Tiggers
of worldly acclaim There were glorious
fantazmagorious Tiggers With
prizes and fortunes and fame There's the glamorous branch
and the amorous branch Of our fabulous family tree And when we sing together We're in perfect harmony Round and round
my family tree I look like them
and they look like me Round and round
my family tree We're a happy family
Hee, hee, hee, hee! There's momsey Tiggers
and popsey Tiggers And Tiggers I never knew
Hoo, hoo! Like uncle Tiggers
and nephew Tiggers And grandma Tiggers too And when we Tiggers
all get together We really have a ball The bounciest, trounciest
flounciest, pounciest Most Tiggerifigest Family reunion of all Everybody bounce!
You know how to do it! Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! And- I'm especially
excited about this part- they miss me somethin' awful! And they're comin'
to see me... tomorrow! Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! T-T-Tomorrow? - Uh-oh.
- Oh, Tigger, I can't wait to meet them. Now, w-w-w-where did it
say that... exactly? Exackatackly nowhere, per se, 'cause with us Tiggers,
you got to read betwixt the lines. Grrr! I'm gonna see my whole family! 'Cause
my whole family is all comin' to see... Iittle old
you-know-hoo-hoo-hoo! The most wonderful thing
about Tiggers is I'm not the only one
I'm not the only one Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! Now, Tigger was so enormously excited... that his friends couldn't help
but feel, well, a bit concerned. Tigger? Tigger? Tigger? Oh, hi ya, Roo! What are ya doin', Tigger? Why, I'm buildin'
a family room on to my house! So my family will
have plenty of room! Hoo, hoo, hoo! They got to live somewheres
after the big family reunitin'
party. Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! - Party?
- Why, sure! Boy, it's gonna be great.
Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! It's all right in my letter. Speakin' of which, you wanna
hear me read it once or thrice again? Uh, Tigger- "Dear-"
They call me "dear. " It's embarrassin', ain't it, the way us Tiggers go oozin'
oodles and doodles of affection? - Yeah, but-
- "Dear Tigger-" Ya see that? Us Tiggers always call us
Tiggers by their firstest names. "Dress warmly. "
They're worried sick about me. "Eat Well. Keep smilin'. Stay safe and sound. " And here is
the best part of all. "We're always there for ya. " Isn't this
the all-time greatest? Yeah, the greatest. I was gonna tell him,
but I couldn't. Pooh, do you think you could? Why, certainly, Roo. Could what? Tell him, uh,
about the letter? Why, certainly. - Could that be them already? Tiggers are usually
fashionabubbly late. Welcome, dear brothers,
to the house of Tigger! Oh, hoo, hoo!
Hi ya, buddy bear. You're just in time to help me
finish up with the finishin' up. - Hold these here
while I put those there.
- Uh, Tigger, there is a very important matter
which I must discuss. You're right, Pooh boy! I could use
another balloon or two dozen. Um, Tigger? Hmm? Something
isn't right here. Much better. Now, what'd you want to talk about,
Pooh boy? Pooh? Perhaps I'll need
a bit of help. Tigger was so very excited... and had so
very many things to do. He heard very little
Of what anyone else was saying. But as it so happened, none of his
friends had the heart to tell Tigger... very much of
anything anyway. Not like he won't
find out for himself... - sooner or later. Oh, poor dear.
He'll be so disappointed. - Oh, d-d-dear.
- Indeed. Oh, what have we done? Oh, perhaps his family will come
and everything will be fine. That's it! There! Ha, ha!
A veritable work of art. Ah. And just how will this
cheer up Tigger? Uh, Well, uh,
the stripes look okay. But what we have to do
is act real Tiggery. We gotta do a lot of bouncing... and say a lot of Tigger stuff. Yes, such as,
"Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo!" "Absoposilutely. " That's kinda sorta like, like Tigger, but, um- How to be a Tigger
How to be a Tigger How to be a Tigger
is up to you Ah!
You've got to look like a Tigger - And sound like a Tigger
- And act like a Tigger too If we paint black stripes
on our underwear And glue on
whiskers too We're bound to appear
far more as Tiggers do Ha, ha. Unquestionably. Maybe we could all say T. T. F. N.,
and shout, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo We all might sound
a lot more Tiggerish too Ha, ha, ha. You think? And that is how to be a Tigger
How to be a Tigger How to be a Tigger
is up to you You've got to look like a Tigger
and sound like a Tigger And act like a Tigger too If we break things up
and knock things down And leave the place a mess That's the thing that Tigger
does the best loughta know. And if I don't eat honey
from the honey pot Ol' Tigger will plainly see I must be another Tigger because I
couldn't possibly be me And that is how to be a Tigger
How to be a Tigger, how to be
a Tiggeris up to you You've got to look like a Tigger
and sound like a Tigger And act like a Tigger- Um, also. Oh, thank goodness I found you all here.
There's a terrible storm headed for- What on earth are you doing?
Stripes? Springs? Have you lost your minds?
You should be covering the windows! Counting your supplies!
Gathering firewood! Winter is here,
and you aren't even ready. What are you doing
Wasting your time with- What am I doing
wasting my time? I've got serious work to do! At least I haven't lost sight
Of what's really important. Ha, ha. Well, I- I-l really didn't have enough
time to gather any firewood. I am down to this... Iast lonely honey pot. Well, come to think of it, uh, we don't really look or act
very much like Tiggers. Thought I was pretty convincing. Wait! Wait! We gotta do it!
We have to do it! Think how sad
Tigger's gonna feel. Oh, but we don't really
know how to be a Tigger. Yeah, we do. Um- If we could all be happy Full of friendliness
and cheer He'll surely see
we are his family Ah!
We're filled with joy and laughter And the happiness he starts And feel it from the bottom Of our hearts And that is how to be a Tigger
How to be a Tigger How to be a Tiggeris up to you,
you've got to be like a Tigger - Full of glee like a Tigger
with a happy
- Ho, ho, ho - How to be a Tigger
- How to be a Tigger How to be a Tigger
is up to you You've got to be like a Tigger,
full of glee like a Tigger With a happy Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo Oh! I wonder where they could be. What if they got
the wrong directions? What if they strayed
off the beaten path? What if they're out there
hopelessly lost? Clutched in the cruel grasp
Of winter? Hold on, Tiggers!
I'm comin' to get ya! Surprise! Is it- Is it- Is it really you, my very own
one and only family? - Yep, yep!
- Come in! There's a lot of
catchin' uppin' we gotta do. We haven't seen each other in- We haven't seen each other! - Ooh! Ooh. Um, gee, it's, um, nice... to have all us Tiggers
gettin' together like this. - Huh?
- Oh, yes. - Sure.
- Certainly is. What am I-
Where the heck are my mannerisms? Uh, uh, refreshin'
refreshyments for all. Hoo, hoo.
Comin' right up. Help yourself.
Don't be shy. There you go. Take two, you're small.
I mean, they're small. - I mean, oh, here, have another.
- Bother. Oh, um, my, what-
what a nice home you have. Yes, and what
lovely decorations. So bouncety
and, uh, stripedy. Nice... weather. - Party flavor? Now this party's really startin'
to pick up. Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! So, what you
been up to, cousin? Well, I-l-l've been, uh-
Oop. Oh! Bouncin'! Bouncin', bouncin'. Mornin' and noon,
and noon to night. Why, that's what
I've been doin' too! It must run in the family. Hey, who's up for some
family-type fun and games? You look like
a fun-lovin' type of fella. - Hoo, hoo, hoo! I got a great party-type,
family-type game we can play. How about
pin the tail on the don- - Hoo, hoo, hoo. It looks like ya
already been playin' it. I know. Let's all do
what Tiggers do best! That would be bouncin',
of course. - Yes, what a lovely idea.
- Yeah! Let the bouncin' begin! - Yeah!
- Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! Bounce. Bounce. - Bounce! Oh, boy! Ha, ha, ha!
I do enjoy bouncing. Don't bounce too high now, Roo-
Tigger! Tigger, dear. You certainly have
a wonderful family, Tigger. Wait a second!
We gotta bounce the Whoop-de-Dooper, Loop-de-Looper,
Ali-Ooper Bounce! What a Tiggerific idea!
Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! Guests first. You gotta swing
your legs up high. And you twist
your tail in tight. You wind up all your springs, and with your eyes
fixed straight ahead, ya let it all loose and go, "Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo!" Roo? What are you doin'
impersonizin' a Tigger? Piglet? Kanga? Owl? - Eeyore?
- Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo. We only wanted
to help, Tigger. Oh. Oh. Now I understand.
It was all a big joke. Well, that's all right, 'cause somewhere out there, there's a Tigger family tree
full of my real Tigger family! I got a letter to prove it! And I'm gonna
find 'em, so... T. T. F. E.! Ta-ta for ever! Poor Tigger, all alone in the cold. He must be very sad... and perhaps lost. - And maybe even a bit... hungry. Bother. Pooh, you gotta
help me find Tigger! It's all my fault! He never would have left
if it wasn't 'cause of me. I didn't mean
to make him feel bad. I just- I just wanted him
to be my big brother. - Oh, oh. We gotta go find him!
We just gotta! And so we will. What we need is- Think, think, think. An expotition. An expotition? Yes! To the place
where Tigger is... or was... or will be? I believe Rabbit
should lead us. Rabbit? Oh, yes. He's the only one who ever says
he knows what he's doing. Absolutely not. I mean, uh,
well, after all, he, uh- It was not my-
He, uh- He wanted to leave,
uh, didn't he? - But, Rabbit- He could always give
that extra little push... when you needed it. Oh, thank you, Roo. I-lt was nice to have him here
when things were f-frightful. Sort of lit up the room
when he came in. Uh, Well, uh, ahem,
w-what do you need me for? Why don't you
go find him yourselves? But we're just not
clever enough, Rabbit. Rabbit-
I miss him. Well, I, uh, well- Oh, very well. Tigger! Tigger! - Tigger!
- Tigger! Now, now, careful, everyone. It's a bit windy! Are you all right, Eeyore? Eeyore?
Oh, d-d-dear! Oh, uh, help. Ooh! We must take care
to stick together. Perhaps not
this stuck, Piglet. P-Pardon me, P-Pooh. - Tigger!
- Tigger! - Tigger!
- Tigger! - Tigger!
- Tigger! Tigger! Tiggers! Tiggers! Where are ya, Tiggerseses? I hope they're all okay.
Ooh. Ooh. Hmm. Ooh. Tiggers! Tiggers-
Whoa! Whoa! Ah- Aaaah! Ooh! The biggest, hugest... and most gigantical,
stripedy tree... in all the entire
Hundred Acre Woodses. Is it- Is it- My family tree! Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! Hoo, hoo, hoo! Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! My family tree!
Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! I found it! I found it! I can't believe it!
Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! Hello! Hello up there! Where are ya, Tiggers?
It's me, Tigger! Hello! Hello, family! I got your letter,
and I came to see ya! Hello! Uh, hee. Hello? Hello? Maybe they forgot
I was comin'. But... I thought- I thought you were
always there for me. - Tigger!
- Tigger! Tig-g-g-ger! - Oh, t-t- th-thank- th-
- Oh, you're welcome. Tigger! "Dear Tigger-" Tigger! Is that you? Tigger! Tigger!
It's me! Roo! - Down here!
- Oh, Tigger! Thank goodness. - Tigger!- Tigger! - Tigger! Tigger!
- What? Hello? Did- Could it be? Tigger, look!
We're down here! It looks like the whole family
is finally here! Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! I'm comin', Tiggers! - Tiggers! Tiggers! Hey, you're not Tiggers. What is you guyses
doin' here? "Doing"? What are we doing here? We came all this way
to look for you! Now- Now, forget about all this other
Tiggers nonsense and come home! "Nonsense"? No! No! No! No! Are you crazy?
It's not safe out here. Exactakly! That's why
you should all go home... where it is safe. But I've got to wait here... in my family tree
for my real family! - Family! Family! Family! Is that a rumbly
in your tumbly, Pooh? I don't think so, Piglet. Come on! Hurry up! No time for dawdling.
Not a second to waste. Watch yourself there, boy.
Take care, Pooh bear. Don't be scared, Piglet. Up ya go, donkey boy! Oh, no, no, no! Tigger! Oh, no! The Whoop-de-Dooper, Loop-de-Looper,
Ali-Ooper Bounce! The more you try,
the more you fly. And that's what
really counts! Tigger! Tigger! Wake up, Tigger! Wake up! Aaaah! - Tigger?
- Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! - All right!
- Yes! - Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo!
- You saved him, Roo. Oh, Roo,
that was very brave! What a Whoop-de-Doopin',
Ali-Oopin' Bounce that was! It was, wasn't it? I mean, I really did it,
didn't I? Did ya?
Hoo, hoo, hoo! Come here, you! Why, that bounce was just as
good as any old Tigger fa- Tigger... family member. Tigger? Please don't go. There they are! Ha, ha! We found them! We found them! - There's Tigger!
- Roo! Oh, Roo! - Mama, Mama!
- We've been searching all over for you. Oh, Roo, dear,
I was so worried. I'm sorry, Mama.
I'm all right. - Oh, my little Roo!
- Pooh bear! - Pooh bear!
- Christopher Robin! Pooh bear! Pooh! There you are! - Silly old bear. My! - Nice to see ya.
- Where have you all been? We were looking for Tigger
looking for Tigger's family. Tigger's... family? You didn't have
to go looking for them. But- But I got a letter,
and- and it said that- that- It was right- Oh. I must have ost it
in the avalanchee. I can't even remember the words. "Dear Tigger, Just a note to say-" "Dress warmly. " "Eat Well. " "Stay safe and sound. " "Keep smilin'. " "We're always there for you. " - "Signed-"
- "Your Family. " You mean you fellas
are my family? I'm afraid we have
nothing better to offer. Well, of course not,
Pooh boy! Hoo, hoo! 'Cause there's nothin'
better than the best! I should have seen it
all along. Spotted you a mile away. - Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! Then the whole mountain
came down on top of us. - But Tigger saved us!
- I wasn't worried at all, except for the part
where I was worried, of course. Ahem! Ahoom and et cetera! In honor of this most
occasional occasion, my firstest ever
family reunitin ', I'd like to present
each of ya with a present. Firstest, for Eeyore! A new family room
For your lovely home. Seems kind of big. Bit on the comfy side.
Not very drafty. But I suppose
I'll get used to it. - Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo!
- I love parties. And for Pooh boy, enough honey
to last all winter! Or till next Thursday
anyways. Hoo, hoo, hoo. Why, thank you, Tigger.
It looks good enough to eat. Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! And for Piglet,
Old pal, a winter's worth of firewood. Hoo, hoo.
Keep warm. - Oh, thank you, Tigger!
- You're very welcome. I think I'll
eat a piece myself. And for you, long ears,
I promise from now on... I'll always watch
where I'm bouncin'. Oh, Well, thank you,
uh, Tigger. Bravo, Tigger!
Bravo, I say. Very well done indeed. - I'm very impressed.
- Thank you so much! - Thank you, Tigger.
- Thank you so much, Tigger. Oh, look at this. Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! You didn't think I was gonna
Disremember you, did ya? Ha, ha, ha! Go on. Go on. Open 'er up.
It's all yours. Is it really for me, Tigger? Only the best for
my bestest little brother. Wait half a minute. We still need a family
portrait to put in it! Look this way, everybody.
Closer. Smile! Sunny days and starry nights And lazy afternoons You're countin'
castles in the clouds And hummin' little tunes But somehow
right before your eyes The summer fades away Everything is different And everything has changed lf you feel lost And on your own And far from home You're never alone, you know Just think of your friends The ones who care They all will be
waitin' there With love to share And your heart will lead you Home Funny how a photograph Can take you back in time To places and embraces That you thought
you'd left behind But tryin' to remind you That you're not the only one That no one is an island When all is said and done lf you feel lost And on your own And far from home You're never alone, you know Just think of your friends The ones who care They all will be
waitin' there With love to share And your heart will lead you Home There'll come a day
when you're losin' your way And you won't know where You belong They say that home
is where the heart is So follow your heart And know that
you can't go wrong lf you feel lost
and on your own And far from home You're never alone, you know Just think of your friends The ones who care They all will be
waitin' there With love to share And your heart will lead you Lost and on your own And far from home You're never alone, you know Just think of your friends The ones who care They all will be
waitin' there With love to share And your heart will lead you Where you belong l know your heart Will lead you Home
Special help by SergeiK