Tokyo Godfathers Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Tokyo Godfathers script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Satoshi Kon anime movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Tokyo Godfathers. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Tokyo Godfathers Script



          We have seen a star in the east.

          It told us the Son of God is born.

            Nativity Play/Sermon/Dinner

            The Lord Jesus was laid in a manger...

   bring salvation to the souls of those...

            ...with no place of their own.

            Nothing is harder than to have no place...

            ...but many are those without one.

            Tell me about it!

            In their solitude, they long for someone who will say:

            "I want you to be here."

            Not me, thanks.

            Be quiet!

            Jesus was born to offer those alone a place in which to be alive!

            "Joy to the world, the food has come."

            Gin! It"s "the Lord has come"!

            You don"t know much, do you?

            More than some faggot.

            I am a mistake made by God.

            In my heart, I am a woman.

            Women can have children.

            What if a miracle like the Virgin Mary getting pregnant...

            ...was to happen to a homo?

            Better give me a little extra. After all, l"m eating for two.

            Serves you right!


            Time to eat!


            Close your legs! Act like you were a woman.

            I am a woman.

            And it"s a waste to spill food like that.

            Don"t just gobble your bread.

            Eat it with love for the people who made and brought it here.

            I hate that Bible-thumping. You"re just like Akiko.

            Who"s Akiko?

            My old lady.


            Don"t call your mother that.

            Eat shit, you old fart.

            "Shit" l"II take, but"fart"I won"t!

            That hurts! You old...

            ..."bag lady."

            You peep pretty loud for a chick that can"t even find its own worms.

            Should a burden on society like you be talking?

            You"re a burden on us. What does that make you?

            The kettle the pot"s calling black!

            You mouthy brat!

            Can"t you at least get along at Christmas?

            Oh, yes... Miyuki, I got you a present.

            They"re gone!

            A whole set of "World Literature for Children."

            Why would I need that?!

            Hana looked hard for those!

            Even a homeless teenage runaway needs a Christmas present!

            I choose not to go home.

            Six months on the street means you don"t have a home.

            I can go home any time I want to.

            It"s the ones who say that who never do.

            Speak for yourself, you old geezer!

            What are you doing to Dostoevsky?!

            I won"t take that, today of all days!

            Not even my father ever hit me!

            So l"II do it for him!

            Grow up, will you?!

            Don"t hurt yourselves.

            Show more respect, kid!

            L"m not a kid!

            With little tits like these?

            You filthy old pervert! That"s harassment!

            Will you two stop!


            It"s been...


            There, there, there.

            Care for this child.

            What a world!

            Oh, man!

            Oh, my! You"re a little girl. I wonder what your name is.

            "John Doe."

            She"s a girl, I said! He"s so rude!

            How old was I when I started living like this? Thirty-something?

            I still thought that I was better off...

            ...than a child with no home.

            There, there, now! We"II take you somewhere warm.

            The cop shop"s that way!

            This is a Christmas present from God!

            She"s our baby!


            A Tokyo Godfathers Committee Production

            Developed by Masao Maruyama Original Story by Satoshi Kon

              Screenplay by Keiko Nobumoto and Satoshi Kon

              Character Design Kenichi Konishi and Satoshi Kon

              Animation Director Kenichi Konishi

              Art Director Nobutaka Ike Color Design Satoshi Hashimoto

              Co-Director Shogo Furuya

              Director of Photography Katsutoshi Sugai

              Music by Keiichi Suzuki Sound Director Masafumi Mima


              What do you mean, take her with us?

              L"m just doing God"s will.

              Her parents might come back.

              What parent would leave a child out in this cold?!

              That"s a devil, not a parent!

              Kiyoko wanted us to find her.


              "Kiyoko"? Why "Kiyoko"?!

              From kiyo, "pure," on this purest of nights.

              How tacky!

              Kiyoko"s a fine name!

              Did you have a girlfriend named that?


              Look, we can"t just name her! She"s not a puppy or a kitten!

              So l"m taking her home.

              To a cardboard box?

              There"s no room!

              This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance! Let me feel like a mother!

              A haiku:

              "A /itt/e baby / powdery snow on its cheeks / on this ho/y night."

              Directed by Satoshi Kon


              Oh, dear! Tell me what"s wrong!

              Shut up!


              I know, I know, he"s not your mommy. He"s just a homeless homo.

              Don"t say that in front of her!

              A baby crying around here will sound weird!

              We"re going to take you to the police soon, okay?

              You"re not going anywhere, are you?

              Idiot! We"re taking her to the police!

              Don't shout or she"II never shut up!

              Why won"t you stop crying? Are you hungry?

              There, there!

              Maybe she"s sick.

              Tomorrow... I promise l"II take her then.

              Christmas should be the happiest day of the year.

              If we take her in now, it"II always be the worst day of her life!


              ...she needs a diaper.

              Hana, boil some water.

              L"II make some milk.

              Hey! Whose side are you on?!

              Go buy some water! My angel isn"t drinking from the tap!

              Why me?

              Where does a bum get off telling me "Them that works eats"?

              Just for tonight, remember. Tomorrow we take her to the police.

              So "no man is an island" after all, huh?

              You"re buying water?!

              A Christmas miracle.

              What a haul!

              Watch where you"re going, brat!

              You watch where you"re going!

              I was married once.

              With a child?

              No, don"t tell me! I don"t want to hear this!

              You never forget for one second.

              A child"s the only thing you hold dearer than life itself.

              A boy?



              Come on! Give it back!

              Hey, you"re the girl who hangs out with Gin.

              Get out of here, will you?

              We don"t want Gin after us.

              Why not?

              You"re the light of his life, that"s why not!

              There"s not much light in a cardboard box.

              Let me have this book.

              How old?

              Twenty-one, I think.

              Five or six years older than Miyuki, I guess.

              That old?

              If she was alive.

              When I was    I got a girl pregnant, and we got married.

              I was in heaven.

              You could have poked me in the eye and l"d have just smiled at you.

              But my daughter got sick, and the medical bills were huge.

              I was something of a bicycle racer then.

              I needed money. There was this race...

              You threw it?

              A punk I knew had this scheme.

              They found out, I got kicked out of racing, and my girl died.

              I just didn"t feel like working anymore.

              And then my wife followed my daughter.

              Oh, no!

              That"s how you get to be a man like me.

              I didn"t want to hear that! I hate sad stories!

              It"s freezing!

              You"re used to this.

              Kind of.

              L"II give her the milk.

              Dreams do come true.

              I always dreamed of being the mother of a little girl.

              A nice, warm house, a pretty daughter.

              Even if my husband was no good...

              ...I would accept dire poverty as long as I had my child.

              Feed the poor kid!

              You"re so pretty.

              The prettiest little girl in the world.

              What do you want?!

              They"re gone.

              Santa Claus, maybe?

              "Uncle Bag" and the baby are gone.

              What"s that faggot thinking about?!

              Man, he"s got big feet!

              You can"t have feet fixed.

              Are you taking her back?

              There"s probably an APB out on her.

              And for you.

              I doubt it.

              An arrest warrant, maybe.

              Her parents are probably sorry about this now.

              So let"s take her to the police.

              A baby"s always better off with its real mother.

              Not necessarily.

              Sometimes a foster mother"s better.

              - What?! - Don"t be stupid.

              I never knew my real mother.

              But l"II bet if she saw me now, she"d flip.

              How can someone homeless raise a child?

              I know, I know!

              I don"t want her shunted from one foster home to another...

              ...without even one memory...

              ...of ever having been loved.

              You don"t have to be a foundling to feel that.

              They must have had reasons.

              Nothing should make you abandon a child!

              That means you"ve taken love and tossed it away, like trash.

              Yeah, but what can we do about it?

              Find her mother.

              And ask why she abandoned her baby.

              If she can make me understand...

              ...l"II forgive her, and my mother too.

              Find her?


              We"II have to pay again.

              This is an expensive year-end!

              What if we find another baby?

              They don"t toss them out in twos.

              Another key!

              Look at these panties. You"d catch cold in them!

              Are they the ones?

              Are these your folks?

              Look, business cards.

              A hostess club won"t be open at this hour!

              We"ve got some walking to do.

              You"ve gotta be kidding!

              He was eating for two!

              But why pack like you"re off on a trip and then abandon a baby?

              Maybe it was one last trip they were taking.

              A family suicide?!

              Then what do we do?

              We can"t search the next world!


              We apo/ogize for any inconvenience.

              Trains wi// be de/ayed due to heavy snowfa//.

              It"s so hot in here!

              What a stink!

              Have you bathed lately?

              No. Or washed my clothes.

              How embarrassing!

              Oh, dear! There, there.

              Did she piss herself? That"s why it stinks!

              It"s you that stinks!


              Shut that kid up!

              Watch it!



              What"s she up to?

              We wasted our train fares!

              It was me who paid them.

              L"m sorry! There"s no more milk.

              Go ahead, blame it all on me.

              Oh, cheer up! Let"s sing a song.

              What"s that?

              The Sound of Music, of course.

              Never heard of it.

              That"s going to make you even hungrier.

              L"m starving!

              I told you!

              Look after my little angel.

              Go on without me.

              Just say you"II never forget the queer you once knew.

              Look. A cemetery.

              L"m not dead yet!

              Now I'm alive again!

              But there"s nothing for a baby in these offerings to the dead!

              We"II get by!

              Yeah, sure! "We"II get by!"

              People keep on saying that till they end up living like us!

              And while we keep on saying it, the kid"II end up under a stone here.

              "Kiyoko"! She has a name!

              Yeah, whatever. And she"s cute. She"s so pretty.

              But listen to me. L"m serious.

              You listening?

              If you really care about that kid...

    "II find her someone to take care of her.

              I speak from experience.

              That"s what her parents said, I bet.

              What do you mean? I wouldn"t abandon a kid.

              Don"t be stupid!

              No. Your family abandoned you!

              There you go again! Am I going to sit and listen...

              ...while some dumb faggot pisses on me?

              What are we doing here? Tell me.

              Wracking our brains!

              We"re scavenging offerings left in a cemetery.

              And why? Because we"re homeless.

              - Stop it! - No! I'm not going to stop.

              We are three good-for-nothing bums...

              ...who can"t even look after ourselves.

              Shut up! I'm thinking!

              I won"t shut up.

              You can"t get milk from an old queer"s tits, no matter how hard you think.

              Come on, Hana! You know we can"t do this.

              Speak for yourself!

              This way the whole family will be dead.

              Oh, my!

              You"re so lucky, Kiyoko!

              God must really love you!

              Then why was she...



              - That"s a dead end! - It"s right!

              - Tails. - Heads.

              What"s this guy doing parking like that?

              Doesn"t he know what a "public thoroughfare" is?

              How did that happen?

              Bad luck. The car got stuck, and I forgot the parking brake.

              Then someone shouted, "Dorothy, wait!"...

              ...and then I heard, "Whoops!"...

              ...and the damn car rolled on top of me.

              I don"t bring my men with me when l"m visiting the old man"s grave.

              I owe you. Call me if you"re ever in trouble.

              Oh, no, we never have any trouble.

              You"re from Kinshicho?

              We were just going there.

              I know it"s rude to ask...

              If it"s rude, then don"t ask.

              Come on.

              Would you know this establishment?

              Club Swirl: "Midori"

              Know it?

              Its owner"s marrying my daughter today.

              He"s one of my men, but he"s too cocky.

              I was against it.

              But your daughter chose him.

              The daughter I brought up, married to a man like that...

              Know what I mean?

              But if your daughter"s happy with him...

              ...isn"t that the main thing?

              You"re right!

              I went to the old man"s grave so I wouldn"t cry at the wedding.

              Watch the road!

              Good evening, sir!

              Make yourselves at home.

              Daddy, you"re late!

              Sorry, sorry. I almost got killed.

              I owe them my life.

              My daughter, Kiyoko.

              Oh. Hello.

              What have you gotten us into?!

              Just shut up and eat!

              Diaper change. Your turn, Miyuki.

              Don"t you think Kiyoko has amazing luck?


              Maybe she does.

              Oh, yeah. Her name"s Sachiko.

              Not "Midori"?

              Just at the club.

              She"s Sachiko, "happy child," though she didn"t look it.

              But some plastic surgery turned her into a good little earner.

              She quit. Said she was pregnant.

              Do you know where she is?

              I doubt you"II wring any money out of her.

              No, I have something to give her.

              L"m sorry I spilled your food.

              You remember her? Midori, the skinny broad.

              She said her husband was in debt.

              What"s wrong with you?

              That bastard.

              Do you know him?

              Then she borrowed more money from us...

              ...and ended up screwed both ways.

              You know where she is?

              If it weren"t for his damn get-rich-quick scheme...

              If it weren"t for his damn get-rich-quick scheme...

              ...l"d still be with my wife and kid!

              But aren"t they both dead?

              L"II kill the bastard!

              You"II get killed!

              Mitsuo! Mitsuo!

              It was that maid!

              Are you okay?!

              She"s got a gun!

              Hey, what?!

              Kiyoko! Miyuki!


              Thank you very much.

              She"s got a gun, you know!

              - Our lives are already wasted! - Hana!


              Yes! One of your cabs picked up a young woman with a baby.

              Number   -  . Send it to...

              ...the Tokyo Tower. My name is

              Hey! Wait a minute.

              We"re homeless bums, not action-movie heroes.

              What we need now is the police.

              If you like the police so much, get them to adopt you!

              Those children are like family!

              I thought I could depend on you!

              Don"t talk like you were my damn wife.

              L"m not going anywhere.


              We"ve done all we could.

              You"re giving up?

              There"s nothing we can do.

              You are really the lowest of the low!

              The best thing you"II ever do is die in the gutter!

              Oh, poor you! You"II be dead and no one"II care!

              All you ever do is cause people trouble!

              Dead or alive, you"re living trash!

              The king of trash!

              Okay, so I'm trash. But you"re ugly.

              - Yes? - I want to get rid of some trash.

              I don"t think l"d fit.

              Yeah, that"s what I am, living trash!

              Who cares if you die in the gutter?

              You"re dead all the same.

              You okay?

              Hang in there, Gramps.

              - May I make one last request? - What?

              Give me a drink of that.

              You"re not selling me into slavery!

              Somebody, help!

              I always wanted to die drunk, in a nice old house.

              Now l"m halfway there.

              Fate works in strange ways.

              L"ve lived a long time...

              ...but l"m just trash, as worthless dead as alive.

              Don"t talk like that!

              You remind me of myself when I was younger.

              Looking at you now...

              ...may I make a last request?

              Get rid of this for me.

              Some people will be hurt if it"s known who I am.

              Okay. I understand. No one will ever know.

              Take care of yourself, okay? May I make a last...?


              And now, goodbye.

              That"s it!

              Thanks, Gramps!

              Time for the New Year"s clean-up!

              Big breasts... Cool!




              Your dad"s a cop?!

              My father was a policeman!

              Father, policeman?

              Except l"m the one he"s going to be arresting.

              Hold it.

              Hi! How"ve you been?

              Now? Just cleaning up.

              Hey, wake up!

              Come on!

              No! Not that!

              Time to die, old man!

              Kiyo"s coming? L"m there!

              The girls are drinking near here.


              All cleaned up.

              Give it back!

              Give me that back!

              Her foreigner husband looked like he was in a real bad mood.

              Did he hit her?

              No, she was being real nice for a girl so young.

              My wife could learn something!

              His foreign assai/ant f/ed, taking a young woman and a baby hostage.

              With the groom in serious condition, po/ice specu/ate this may be a war...

              ...between crime syndicates.

              Hey, this is serious!

              L"m not kidding around, either!

              My mom"s religious.

              She chants all the time.


              Isn"t she cute?

              I found her. Those spots on her back look like wings.

              So I called her "Angel."

              But she"s gone.


              I stabbed my father.

              I can never go back.

              The baby? A gift from God.


              Give me a break!

              L"ve got a family at home!

              Those children are my family!

              They went in there.

              Hey! The fare!

              L"II be right back.

              Miyuki! Kiyoko!

              Miyuki! Kiyoko!

              Where are you?

              Kiyoko! Miyuki!

              How could you do this to me?!

              It"s your own fault!

              You never listen to anything I say!

              Use the scarf I made you...

     mop up the blood!

              What have you done with Angel?!

              Where is she? Where is my Angel?

              She"s right here.

              Our angel.

              L"m hungry.

              Make me some food.


              What are you doing in my house?

              Miyuki, take Kiyoko. L"II get dinner.

              Kiyoko! Miyuki!

              Uncle Bag?!

              Oh, l"ve missed you, my little angel!

              I wish I was her mother, but l"m just another homo.


              ...l"m so glad you"re safe.

              Where"s the geezer?

              He could be dead for all I care!

              L"m dying.

              Maybe he went home.

              Who cares?

              All he thinks about is himself.

              Yeah, Miss Hana, but you"re in love with him, aren"t you?

              Don"t be silly! I like my men to be more "manly."

              The kind of man I like is slender, middle-aged, tanned...

              ...with a divine square-back haircut and a lower-town accent...

              ...who says, "Ah, what the hell"...

              ...when I don"t quite have the cab fare.

              So, what now, Miss Hana?

              Why are you calling me that? "Uncle Bag" is fine.

              It"s hard to say.

              L"m glad.

              He just died there?

              He was homeless.

              I might be next.

              Just do your job.


              Gin! Gin!

              Take it easy.


              Calm down!

              Where is that man of mine?!


              If only tonight...

              ...I wanted to see you before I died.


              What is your desire? My magic, or an ambulance?

              - An ambulance. - Well! Aren"t you rude!

              What are we going to do? Kiyoko can"t sleep out on the street!

              The geezer"s not here, we"re freezing, sleepy, hungry.

              This sucks!

              I guess there"s no choice.

              I never thought l"d be here again.

              L"m sorry. We"re closed for a private party tonight


              I know I have no right to come strolling in now...

              ...but there"s no one else I can call on, "Mother"!





              What happened, Gin?!

              Some kids beat me up.

              I guess I'm just not an action hero.

              He said he knew you.

              But he said he was homeless, you know.

              So am I.

              What? But why?!

              Since Ken died l"m like a canary...

              ...that"s forgotten its song.

              You sing all the time!

              Isn"t she cute?!

              I wish I could have one!

              So Ken died, did he?


              He slipped on the soap.

              Well, death is always a hair"s breadth away.

              But if you were in trouble, why didn"t you come back?

              We certainly had fun here, didn"t we?

              In this o/d bar

              l"ve had so much to drink

              My o/d memories

              A// start to b/ur

              My /over

              Has /eft me

              Peop/e ca// me notorious

              Aw, you"re ugly!

              Good for nothing

              Get off!

              Good for nothing

              What a terrib/e thing to say

              Eat shit, you old fart!

              "Shit" l"II take, but"fart"I won"t!

              I couldn"t come back after l"d done that.

              A little bit of money took care of that.

              L"m just happy you"re all right.

              Stop it! You scare me when you start crying.

              What about that baby? Is the girl its mother?


              Where is your mother, anyway?


              Yes! L"ve been abandoned!

              Them"s the breaks, I guess.

              I could see me in her.

              Born on the street, and back there again.

              That"s why I want to find her a home full of love!

              All I ever wanted was love!


              What the hell?!

              The geezer"s come out.

              Where are my clothes?!

              Way to go, Gin!

              Come back any time.

              Thank you, Mother.

              My mother"s white breath / as she watches me set out / on a /ong journey.

              Oh, man!

              An empty building"s always nice, but look who got here first.

              L"d just love to fill up on some meat!

              Don"t you dare!

              Just kidding!

              The snow"s let up. Miyuki, will you go shopping?


              Get me some sake.

              Just one.

              - No! - I wish.

              "Honey, l"m home."

              You stayed in there? You"d think you were homeless!

              Actually, we"re looking for these people.

              Sachiko Nishizawa.

              Do you know her?

              She never paid me back for her Neighborhood Association dues.

              Are you a relative?

              No! We"re acquaintances of a relative.

              Her husband was no better.

              Gambling day and night, and mean when he drank.

              Living on his wife"s earnings and borrowed money.

              Where are they now?

              I wouldn"t know. Mrs. Kurumizawa might.

              They left about three months ago.

              The house was seized for debt. One night they just up and went.

              They were a nice couple at first...

              ...but it wasn"t long before they started fighting.

              That"s poverty for you.

              All that debt didn"t stop him from lording it over her.

              Even the most dedicated wife has her limits.

              You"d see bruises sometimes.

              The poor woman.

              Not on her, on him!

              Oh, dear!

              But his mother would always take his side against her.

              His parents built them this house.

              Where do they live?

              Mrs. Yamanouchi might know.

              Her mother-in-law was always complaining...

              ...that she never did any housework.

              But her son was perfect, of course.

              Of course! That"s why I told her...

              ...she"d never see a grandchild with his wife working in a club.

              But she did get pregnant.

              Well, a man and a woman...

              They can always find time...

     do what they must!

              Shinkocho  - -   Maison Happiness Apt.    

              What if they ran out from this new place too?

              What a horrible man!

              Poor Sachiko! Working to pay off her husband"s gambling debts!


              But I never thought of abandoning the kid!

              - Huh? - Nothing.

              That"s no reason to just dump the kid!

              L"ve said that all along.

              Miyuki: Angel has come home. Dad.

              Doesn"t it ever get tired of snowing?

              Thank you.

              I wonder how we look to them.

              Like a bum, a homo, a runaway and a foundling.

              Kiyoko is God"s messenger. We"re her servants.

              Unpaid servants.

              Paying for a father"s sins.

              Yeah, if her father had been any good at all...

              ...we wouldn"t be going through all this.

              Even a good-for-nothing father never forgets a child.

              L"m going out.

              What"s the matter with her?

              A child never forgets its parents.

              I never stop wanting...

     see my daughter, just once.

              So she"s alive?


              And your wife?

              L"m sure she"s remarried...

              ...and /iving happi/y.


              It"s me, Miyuki."

              Why did you split up?

              - Drinking and gambling. - What?!

              Just like...

              l"m a louse.

              But l"ve always wanted to do something for her as a father...

              ...even just a little.

              When I was gambling this would have been nothing.

              Now l"ve had to sweat blood just to save       yen.

              That"s great, Gin!

              We can stuff ourselves!

              Stuff you!

              Ishida speaking.

              Miyuki? Is that you?

              Are you a// right?

              L"m sorry!

              L"m sorry!

              L"m sorry!

              Excuse me, but if you wouldn"t mind...

              "Get out," you mean?

              Other customers might like to sit down.

              There"s hardly anyone here!

              You guys stink!

              What are you? Homeless or something?

              Does trash have kids too? Just like real people?

              Who are you looking at?

              Hold it, you!

              Sir! No!

              Hold it, I said, you low-life!

              It"s New Year"s Sa/e time at The Food Store!

              Come to The Food Store for a// your specia/ New Year"s needs!

              See in the New Year with your fami/y!

              Call an ambulance, quick.


              I knew it! Kiyoko really is the messenger of God!


              Miss Hana!



              Fo//owing a recent gang/and shooting incident...

              ...po/ice are seeking a fugitive thought to be Latin American.

              Mitsuo Hiruta, shot three times...

     protecting the /eader of his syndicate...

              ...wi// be questioned after he recovers from his wounds.

              Isn"t she cute! When was she born?

              Not long ago, I guess.

              So the mother...

              l"m not.

              What"s her name?


              That"s my name too. What a coincidence.

              Your friend is very weak.

              Make sure he gets rest and proper nutrition.


              Believe it or not, we"re homeless.

              L"m just a doctor.

              Rest and nutrition don"t fit with our lifestyle, you realize.

              I can try to cure disease. Lifestyle is something you have to fix.

              All anyone can do is their best.

              Take care.

              The bill for today is       yen.

              Bring your health-insurance card and you"II get a refund.

              L"m sorry, Gin!

              Stop crying! You"II get the bills all wet.

              That"s       yen.



              So you took up nursing.

              I see.

              L"m glad you"re well.

              Oh, yeah, l"m just great. How"s your mother?


              Yeah? That"s good.

              What are you doing now?

              L"m in recycling. I had to drop something off here.

              You must hate me.

              I was never any kind of a father to you.

              But that       yen was money l"d saved up for you.

              You may not believe it.

              I always wanted to see you.

              When I was little, Mom and I searched for you.

              We even checked unidentified corpses.

              After you disappeared, Mom ran the store herself.

              The store?

              It was hard for a woman to run a bicycle shop alone.

              That"s not quite the same as a bicycle racer.

              The man you owed money to was shot and wounded the other day, you know.

              He lived?!

              That"s a relief.

              I thought you"d say that.

              I ran up the debts, not him.

              Thank that doctor for me. He seems like a nice guy.

              L"m getting married.

              Oh? That"s good.

              To him.

              Great! But isn"t he about my age?

              He"s been married. His daughter got sick and died...

              ...and his wife followed her.

              That man makes me so mad!

              Aren"t you moved?

              Here"s the address and phone number.


              The old house is gone.

              Even if you can"t now, call me sometime.


              L"ve had about all I can stand!

              Miss Hana?

              Telling us you were a racer!

              I was always at the track.

              Yeah, betting!

              And your debts snowballed so you couldn"t face your family...

              ...and you ran and hid in a cardboard box!

              Yes, damn it!

              That"s what your father is!

              He can"t bet, he"s spineless, his feet stink and he can"t drink!

              He kills off his wife and daughter to buy sympathy!

              He said you had an incurable disease!

              With a father like that, you have my sympathy!

              Is this how you repay me?!

              Repay you?!

              Am I hearing right?

              If we"re talking about debt, l"m waiting for my change!

              Debt"s a concept you don"t even understand!

              You understand how to troll through garbage cans!

              And how to get in debt and how to make babies.

              Though you"re not too good at raising them, are you?

              And your debts you shove off on your wife.

              Always running away, never doing anything right!

              Running away"s the only racing you ever did!

              Miyuki! We"re leaving!

              Miss Hana?

              I guess he"s better.

              Should you have said that in front of her?

              If she"s his daughter, she"II forgive him.

              Being able to speak freely...

     the lifeblood of love.

              Maybe l"m na: I: Ve.

              So you"re in love with him?

              Don"t be silly. L"m the Weeping Red Devil.


              It"s a story I love.

              There was a red devil who wanted to be friends with people.

              But since he was a devi/, no one wou/d go near him.

              So his friend the b/ue devi/ made a p/an.

              He"d wreak havoc among the peop/e, and the red devi/ wou/d save them.

              When you try to achieve something, someone"s bound to get hurt.

              You always have to sacrifice something.

              The p/an worked.

              But the b/ue devi/ had to go away so they"d never know it was a trick.

              It"s a sad story.

              But that means you leave. Where will you go?

              It"s best for everyone when they"re with their family.

              Soon we"II find Kiyoko"s mother.

              And then what? You don"t have a real family!

              Rare "Line Of Ones" Wins Lottery

              Numbers have been drawn for the annua/ New Year"s Jumbo Lottery.

              Top prize in the    -mi//ion-yen /ottery is a very rare number.

              Group    number        ...

     worth    mi//ion yen.

              A different group pays        yen.

              To repeat, the winning prize number is...

              This just in.

              Po/ice have re/eased a sketch of an infant taken...

              ...from a hospita/ in Tokyo"s Shinagawa Ward.

              We"ve come all the way here, but we don"t have her address!

              The geezer"s got it! Let"s go back.

              Where are you going?

              - The police! - What? You hated that idea!

              I was just ego-tripping.

              Now I want to apologize to her parents.

              They might not be able to sleep waiting for news about her.

              That"s what we said from the very start!

              They might even be about to commit suicide!

              L"ve done something that can"t be taken back!

              L"II throw myself in this river.

              L"II step neatly out of my shoes, stand on the handrail, and be at peace.

              But then l"II see a baby"s face on the water.

              No! While I see this child"s face, I cannot die!

              Hey, you!


              You"re too young for this!

              Please! Let me die!


              Sachiko Nishizawa.

              What were you thinking of?!

              Is that an apology?

               If we hadn"t found this child, she would"ve frozen to death!

                It wasn"t me!

                My husband took her away when I wasn"t there!

                L"ve looked and looked!

                Is that true?

                All l"ve suffered on account of that man!

                "Hi, Mom!"

                God really loves this child, you know.

                I want you to give her lots of love too.

                Do right by her, or you"II pay for it.

                L"m so sorry!

                L"m sorry!

                Mrs. Nishizawa!

                What are you doing in here?!

                Get out of here! Get out!

                Wait! L"m no thief.

                You"re lying! Get out!

                Where"s the baby?!

                Did an old queer and a girl come to give it back?

                What are you talking about?!

                You abandoned a baby!

                I can prove it.

                Are you a cop?

                Huh? L"m just a bum who was passing by.

                Are you right in the head?

                L"m damn near crazy from all this!

                Why is the baby you abandoned on the news as being "taken away"?

                They"II call us kidnappers!

                It wasn"t me. That"s not my kid.


                There, there! Don"t cry!

                Take care.

                Raise her right.

                See you again someday.

                Never leave her again.

                On the year"s /ast day / when a// of a /ife"s accounts / have been sett/ed up.

                Sachiko sto/e that baby out of the hospita/.

                She stole a baby and then abandoned it?!

                That"s a person"s life!

                She lied to me about it!

                And now it"s gone way out of control.

                I don"t want anything to do with it! Take the kid to the police!


                Don"t act like you"re not part of this!

                You don"t want to get involved? You"re her husband!

                That"s all over! L"m getting my life back together.


                I won        yen in the lottery. My luck"s turned!

                I know a guy just like you. He threw away his life and his family.

                No. They threw him away.

                L"m no loser!

                These were in your wife"s bag.

                Any idea where she might have gone?

                She said she was going to be with her baby.

                She was going to kill herself!

                There"s no time to waste!

                No! She was just going to go look for the kid.

                She"s desperate. That only means one thing!

                But where do I look?!




                God must be busy at this time of year.

                Better once a year than never.


                You"re too late. You just missed a very moving finale.

                What"s the matter?




                Now that"s settled...

                ...what the hell do you mean?!

                Fake! The mother! Sachiko"s a fake!


                Why won"t you drink?

                A baby has to drink from its mother"s breast.

                We"II never be close if you don"t!

                Sorry. Wrong people.

                She can"t be far!

                But where do we look?

                We can"t just give her up now!

                That"s Kiyoko!

                Should you be running?

                If I don"t run now, when will I?

                This way!

                Returning stolen goods to a thief! How could we be so dumb?!

                Who said "family suicide"?

                You did!

                - Which way? - Left.

                - Okay, right! - Why?

                You"re a lousy gambler!

                You got that right.

                Somebody help!



                Thief! Thief!

                What"s wrong?

                A woman just stole my truck!

                Hey! Thief!

                Yes! That woman!

                She"s a baby thief!

                Be quiet, will you? Please! Be a good baby!

                Stop! Give Kiyoko back!

                Give me a break!

                L"m forever in your debt!


                That woman"s crazy!

                Get closer!

                I can"t!

                You have to, for Kiyoko!

                - Who"s Kiyoko?! - Step on it like a man!


                Please! Be quiet!

                - Gin! - Geezer?!


                Go for it, Gin! No action star can touch you!

                Pass her!

                We"II die!

                Step on it!


                Stop crying!

                Don"t be afraid. L"II never leave you again.

                You want to die?!




                - Are you okay?! - Where"s Kiyoko?

                - Faster! - Okay!

                Which way?

                We"re at the scene...

                ...where a truck has crashed into a bui/ding in Shinagawa.

                Now a woman ho/ding a baby has appeared on the roof.

                Witnesses say the woman is connected with the incident...

       she was driving the truck.

                Now there"s someone e/se on the roof!

                Stay away!


                Tell me why you took that baby.

                I didn"t!

                This baby is mine!

                You"re lying! Its real parents are worried sick about it!

                That"s not true!

                You of all people should know what it"s like to lose a child!

                She"s dead. My baby died before she was even born!

                All the other babies looked so healthy there in the ward.

                I wanted to die.

                But then this baby smiled at me.

                I decided she was mine.

                I thought as long as I had her, everything would be fine.

                My husband would mend his ways, and we"d be a real family.

                That"s bullshit!

                Build a family by ruining a baby"s life? If you"re going to die, do it alone!

                A life is a life. It"s only born once. You, me, or Kiyoko.

                Give her back, okay?

                I want to be reborn.


                Sachiko, don"t die! Come back to me!

                I was wrong! Please, don"t kill yourself!

                We"II start again! We"II be reborn!


                L"II go first and wait for you.


                Please! Let me die!

                Kiyoko wants to see her mom and dad!

                I want to go home.

                L"m sorry!

                Take her...

       her mother and father.

                Oh, no.


                L"m okay!

                L"m still alive!

                Inspector, I don"t know how to thank you.

                We"re not the ones you should thank.

                Man, that was a good sleep! Get me a cigarette, Miyuki.

                - In my jacket. - Yeah, yeah.

                That was some New Year"s!

                It"s "No Smoking" here.

                Lighten up! L"m a hero!

                You mean "we"!

                I guess we won"t have to listen to Kiyoko"s damn crying anymore.

                She"s not "Kiyoko" anymore.

                L"m not pleased.

                What can we do?

                Not that.

                This is a men"s ward!

                Perhaps we"re intruding.

                No, it"s just...

                ...l"m told they"re homeless.

                Who cares?

                We"d like them to be her godfathers.

                Come in.

                Excuse us.

                The baby"s parents would like to thank you



Special help by SergeiK