Top Secret Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Top Secret script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Val Kilmer movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Top Secret. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Top Secret Script



            Security has been tightened.

            All borders have been placed on full alert.

            Exit visas have been suspended for the entire week.

            In addition, we have assurance from our undercover agents in the West

            that our actions to date have gone completely undetected.

            All military leaves have been cancelled,

            and we have doubled the guard around Dr Flammond.

            Finally, all systems are in readiness

            for deployment of the Polaris Mine.

            - As you ordered, General Streck. - Well done, von Horst.

            By Sunday, the entire NATO submarine fleet will be here

            on their manoeuvres, and completely vulnerable.

            Major Crumpler, what is the progress of our diversionary plan?

            The schedule for the cultural festival is now complete, Herr General.

            You should be pleased to note, that at your personal request,

            the Soviets have agreed to send their celebrated tenor, Vladimir Biletnikov.

            Well done, Herr Major. Then everything has gone to plan?

            Well, not exactly, mein General.

            The American, Leonard Bernstein, unfortunately has had to cancel.

            They are sending another performer in his place.

            In fact, we have just received this copy of his most recent record.

            His name is...Nick Rivers.

            I'm sure he will be quite adequate.

            As long as the world's attention is fixed on our cultural festival,

            no one will know what is about to happen.

            Once again, Germany will become united under one rule. Ours!

            After Sunday there will be no one to stop us.

            A pen.

            A table.

            A table.

            The pen is on the table.

            There is sauerkraut in my lederhosen.

            Come in.

              What did he say?

              I think we're at the East German checkpoint.

              Better have our passports ready.

              This is the first time rock music has been allowed in this country.

              You're not just a performer. You're an ambassador representing America.

              And above all, we play by their rules.

              Martin, I've been practising. How's this?

              - What does that mean? - Is your daughter    ?

              Your papers, please.

              Mr Nick Rivers.

              We have been awaiting the arrival of the famous American singer.

              - Where are they taking him? - They are not taking him anywhere.

              Do not let your American curiosity lead you into trouble.

              You are a guest here, only because it serves our purposes.

              I suggest that during your stay, it would be wise to keep to your own affairs.

              Good day.

              What the hell did you say to him?

              I just told him I'd put his name on the Montgomery Ward mailing list.

              I'm sorry. He's just a little tired from the trip.

              Normally he wouldn't say...

              Your attitude is being noted, Mr Rivers.

              If that was your idea of being an ambassador, we're headed for trouble.

              I want a schnauzer with my Wiener schnitzel.

              from all over the world as our guests,

              we wish to express our appreciation

              by offering to you these keys to our city,

              which will be presented by our East German Women's Olympic Team.

              Tonight, we begin our Festival at the Concert Hall,

              where the distinguished Madam Bergerone and her ballet company

              will perform "The Nutcracker Suite".

              Souvenirs. Novelties. Party tricks.

              Souvenirs. Novelties. Party tricks.

              Do you know any good white basketball players?

              There are no good white basketball players, my friend.

              There was trouble on the Berlin Express.

              They knew I was on that train.

              We suspect there is a traitor somewhere in the Resistance.

              We must proceed nonetheless. There is too much at stake.

              Here, kind sir, smell this flower. It never fails to amuse at parties.

              It's very good. The German's are planning something.

              Time is running out.

              Have you found out where Dr Flammond is being kept?

              Here, this is one of our most popular items.

              That's very good.

              We do not know where they are keeping Dr Flammond.

              Only that they are forcing him to build a new weapon.

              What are my instructions?

              Here, try this. This will make you very popular at social gatherings.

              Go tonight to the ballet. Use this ticket.

              You will meet the leader of the Resistance, a man known as "The Torch".

              Until then, wait at the Howard Johnson's

              on the corner of Der Fuhrer Strasse and Goebbels Platzen.

              Good luck, kind sir, and God be with you.

              Wait. You dropped your phoney dog pooh.

              What phoney dog pooh?

              Souvenirs. Novelties. Party tricks.

              And now we conclude our ceremony

              with the singing of our East German National Anthem.

              HAIL, HAIL, EAST GERMANY

              LAND OF VINE AND GRAPE,


              AND TRY TO ESCAPE





              Driver, why are we stopped here? This isn't the Howard Johnson's.

              Good evening. A table for two, please. The name is Rivers.

              Ah, yes. Mr Rivers.

              I have it right here, but we require a jacket and tie for the dining room.

              We will be very happy to provide you with one.

              That'll be fine.


              This way, sir.

              General Streck, Comrade Biletnikov.

              - I have your table ready for you. - Very good, Heinz.

              As you know, Comrade Biletnikov holds a very high rank in the party.

              We wish to afford him every courtesy.

              But of course, mein General.

              Perhaps Comrade Biletnikov could be persuaded to sing for us this evening.

              I will take care of it.

              Thank you.

              Nick, I'm sorry I won't be able to join you for dinner tonight.

              I'm coming down with a sore throat. So, I've decided to turn in early.

              Don't forget to be at the theatre at  :  .

              - This doesn't help at all. - Don't worry, Martin.

              Why don't you get some sleep? Is there anything you need?

              No. I just wanted to make sure you got those new arrangements.

              I got them right here.

              By the way, I ordered that '   Ripple Blanc for you that they recommended.

              - It's very good. - Thanks.

              Who do you favour in the Virginia Slims Tournament?

              In women's tennis, I always root against the heterosexual.

              Have you heard from Cedric?

              He was just here. Wait in your hotel room. He will meet you there.

              This letter has to be in New York by T uesday.

              Now, go! Quickly!

              I'm sorry, madam, but this evening is only for guests of the cultural festival.

              Your Ripple Blanc, sir.

              Jurgen, escort this lady out.

              Excuse me, this lady is with me.

              Mr Rivers, a thousand pardons, madam.

              After you, my dear. You're just in time.

              I don't think I've ever seen you looking so lovely.

              - That was very kind of you. - My pleasure.

              I was looking for someone to dance with.

              - You're an American. - That's right.

              - My uncle was born in America. - Really?

              But he was one of the lucky ones.

              He managed to escape in a balloon during the Jimmy Carter presidency.

              - I bet he's got a lot of great stories. - Yes!

              He would tell me about the large houses and expensive cars.

              How young people waste time watching television and listening to rock and roll.

              - What's wrong with television? - Not all television.

              "M*A*S*H" was OK and the "Mary Tyler Moore Show".

              It just seems like young people of America take freedom for granted.

              Wait. I don't think you're being fair.

              My history class once spent an entire week in Philadelphia.

              Maybe so. You can talk about freedom all you want,

              but still don't know what it's like to have to fight for it.

              Perhaps my lecture was unwarranted.

              I am grateful for what you did back there.

              You'd really like America. We've got the Liberty Bell,

              Disneyland on both coasts. It's happening.

              I'm sorry. I really don't know any German.

              That's all right. I know a little German. He's sitting over there.

              What do you recommend?

              I recommend the pork bellies

              marinated in diced pig entrails

              or the roast swine knuckles

              poached with flaming hog balls.

              Anything's fine.

              - Thank you... - Hillary.

              That's an unusual name.

              It's German. It means, she whose bosoms defy gravity.

              Pleased to meet you. My name's Nick.

              Nick, what does that mean?

              Nothing. My dad thought of it while he was shaving.

              Are you in some kind of trouble with the police?

              Some things are better left unsaid.

              Like what?

              Sometimes when you blow your nose into a tissue and put it in your purse.

              Then you reach for your lipstick, your hand gushes into it, and it goes all over...

              You're right. Some things are better left unsaid.

              Thank you very much.

              Ladies and gentlemen.

              We are fortunate to have with us tonight, a singer, whose great talent

              is exceeded only by his devotion to his country.

              He truly has the gift of song.

              A golden voice. Inspired talent and...

              Is there something wrong?

              I was afraid this might happen.

              General Streck of the High Command is a most fervent admirer,

              and owns a complete set of his works.

              He is a very shy and gentle man,

              but perhaps we could persuade him to sing for us.

              Shall we ask him?

              I better do what they want. I promised my manager.

              Thank you, sir.

              Watch the change in the second chorus.

              Oh, my God.

              Your hog balls, sir.


              - What have they done to you? - It was a trap!

              They must have known I was staying at the Howard Johnson's.

              - But who did this? - Never mind about that.

              We've got to rescue your father before it's too late.

              But what are we going to do?

              I was...

              ...supposed to go to the ballet tonight,

              to meet a man called "The Torch".

              Thank you.

              He's the leader of the Resistance. He'll help us find your father.

              - I'll go. - No, you can't go. It's too dangerous.

              I must! He'll be tortured.

              All right, but be very careful at the ballet.

              Where is the ticket?

              In the glove compartment.

              Can you reach it from the inside?

              How about the other hand?

              No, that's not it. Let me try.

              Here it is.

              Come on, we've got to get out of here.

              - Shouldn't we wait for the police? - That was the police!

              In here.

              We can get out this way.

              - Wait. First you can explain. - I'm not sure I can.

              I only know I have put you in great danger.

              Trust me. You must come with me.

              I don't know what trouble you're in, but don't worry about me.

              I'm a guest of the government. I can explain everything.

              But you're mistaken. They'll put you in...

              Go while you still can. They can't do anything to me.

              Martin, boy am I glad to see you. I've been here    minutes already.

              Nick, I've tried everything.

              The Embassy, the German Government, the consulate.

              I even talked to the UN Ambassador. It's no use.

              I just can't bring my wife to orgasm.

              That's a shame, Martin.

              Have you tried one of these?

              Thanks. I'll give it a whirl.

              I'm getting worried about this place. I don't think they've even heard of a trial.

              All I know is, after you left the cafe last night, I met a girl.

              Later at the ballet she was alone.

              Then I see this guy with a gun at her head.

              He's looking like he's gonna kill her and might have if I hadn't stepped in.

              There's got to be someone you can call, to straighten this mess out.

              I figure they've got to let you out for your concert, Friday night.

              They're beaming it live by satellite to    countries.

              Just relax and remember, there's nothing to worry about.


              We wish to impress upon you, Mr Rivers,

              that we have methods of dealing with those who will not cooperate.

              For the last time, why did you attack Sergeant Kruger?

              I didn't know who it was. I just saw him pull a gun on a girl.

              Might I remind you, Mr Rivers, the penalty for murder is death by firing squad.

              Let us hope for your sake that Sergeant Kruger survives.

              It is the hospital, mein General.

              What is the condition of Sergeant Kruger?

              I see. Let me know if there is any change in his condition.

              He is dead.

              You leave me no alternative, but to introduce two of my associates.

              Bruno is almost blind. He has to operate wholly by touch.

              Klaus is a moron, who knows only what he reads in "The New York Post".

              I believe they never let a man lose consciousness

              however long they may work on him.

              You don't scare me.

              My manager is on his way to the American Consulate.

              Do not be so sure, Mr Rivers.

              Evidently, your friend did not realise

              that here in East Germany we use     volt current.

              He was found in his hotel room impaled on a large electrical device.

              Our surgeons did what they could

              but it took them two hours just to get the smile off his face.

              Perhaps the American has chosen to reconsider.

              Make sure they leave no marks.

              Do you know which room the final chemistry exam is in?

              All the exams are over. Haven't you been to class?

              - No. - But it's the end of the semester.

              No, I haven't studied. Oh no, I'm back in school.

              I can't believe I'm back in school.

              Thank God.


              They're still working on him. He won't break.

              They've tried everything.

              Do you want me to bring out the LeRoy Neiman paintings?

              No. We cannot risk violating the Geneva Convention.

              We'll break him tomorrow.

              Who are you? What are you doing here?

              My name is Nick Rivers. Who are you?

              I am Dr Paul Flammond. I am a prisoner here, just like you.

              A year ago, I was close to perfecting

              the first magnetic desalinisation process.

              So revolutionary, it was capable of removing the salt

              from over     million gallons of sea water a day.

              Do you realise what that could mean to the starving nations of the earth?

              They'd have enough salt to last forever.

              But then one night, the Secret Police broke into my house.

              They tore me from my family, ransacked my laboratory

              and brought me to this dungeon.

              That sucks!

              For the first time in my life,

              - I am ashamed of being a scientist. - What do you mean?

              They are forcing me to create a horrible weapon.

              - Can't you refuse? - I wish I could.

              But they are holding my daughter.

              They'll kill her unless I complete the Polaris Mine by Sunday.

              Sunday? That's Simchas Torah.

              And the day the entire NATO submarine fleet

              passes through the Straits of Gibraltar.

              Is this the Polaris mine?

              Yes. By Sunday I will be able to arm it with a nuclear warhead.

              - How does it work? - It is a magnetic mine

              so powerful it will attract itself to submarines miles away.

              - How about that? - Oh, no.

              Go quickly. If they find out you've seen this, your life will be worth less

              than a truck load of dead rats in a tampon factory.

              Right away.

              - Von Horst! - Ja, mein General.

              The government wishes to avoid an international incident.

              Mr Rivers must perform his concert tonight.

              He is to be executed this very minute.

              - It'll have to wait. Call them at once. - Ja, mein General.

              Those bikes!

              That is no excuse! Search the road again!

              They're in the Eastern sector.

              I want the whole area sealed off!

              There's a used book store somewhere around here.

              The owner is a member of the Resistance.

              - If we can find him... - Resistance? Wait a minute.

              Don't you think it's about time you told what this is all about?

              I'm sorry, I guess I do owe you an explanation.

              Only a year ago I was teaching a course in black history

              at the University of Blaupunkt.

              One night, I came home to find my father had been arrested by the Secret Police.

              I've been trying to find him ever since.

              Wait a minute. That's Dr Flammond.

              I saw him yesterday in Flurgendorf Prison.

              Flurgendorf Prison? Is he all right?

              - He looks fine. - Thank God, he's safe.

              We must get this information to the Resistance.

              - Maybe they can help us. - Let's go.

              There it is. It's a Swedish book store.

              May I help you?

              My father is Dr. Paul Flammond

              I'm sorry. I don't know a Dr. Flammond.

              He told me you may have a book of Swedish poems by Von Brieson.

              So you are Hillary Flammond!

              What can I do for you?

              We must speak with "The Torch".

              That will be very difficult.

              But I will try to arrange it.

              Can we leave tonight?

              It is too dangerous to travel at night.

              You will be taken in the morning to a potato farm.

              Where can we stay tonight?

              There is a loft upstairs.

              You can use that fire pole.

              That's OK. Don't feel bad. It happens to lots of men the first time.

              Just relax. I'll pour you a drink.

              We can always try again in a couple of hours,

              she said, as she laid down beside him and caressed his chest.

              Can you believe they print this trash?

              Don't worry about it. You were going to tell me something about your childhood.

              When I was a young girl,

              my uncle took me on a tropical cruise.

              But there was a terrible storm

              and the boat sank.

              I managed to swim to a deserted island

              with a young boy, named Nigel.

              Together we had to learn to survive.

              Fortunately the ocean provided its bounty,

              which Nigel would catch every day.

              Later, I would forage inland for fruit and vegetables

              from the endless varieties of trees and bushes all over the island.

              We busied ourselves chopping palm fronds and lacing them to bamboo

              with dried seaweed and snot.

              This not only provided us with a safe haven from the rain.

              but sheltered us from the relentless Santa Ana winds

              which would periodically ravage the island.

              The years passed and as we grew up,

              we began to notice strange new feelings awakening in us.

              There was no one around to explain this.

              We had to learn by ourselves.

              Then one day he went fishing.

              That was the last I ever saw of Nigel.

              I spent months by myself on that island,

              until I was finally rescued by a passing ship.

              I'll never forget my feeling of relief.

              You can't imagine what it's like

              to be separated from your family

              at such a young age.

              I think I can.

              When I was about six years old, my momma took me to the city.

              We went to one of those big old department stores, and I got lost.

              They tried to page her,

              but the PA system was on the fritz.

              I never saw my momma again.

              Some people from the cosmetics department

              fed me a bowl of soup and some bread.

              Days stretched into weeks.

              One February they got jammed up

              during the semi-annual Lincoln's birthday sale.

              They asked me to help out in Pre-Teen Maternity.

              Then one day I overheard a conversation in personnel

              about them needing a new jingle for their radio ad.

              So I picked up my guitar and I wrote down a tune

              that had been mulling and creeping and crawling around in my head.

              It went something like this.

              Oh, Nick.

              All right, this is it.

              I must leave you here.

              Go now, quickly.

              - Is he all right? - He caught a cold the other day.

              He's just a little hoarse.

              Giddy-up, Mario.

              - Yes? - Is this the potato farm?

              Yes, I am Albert Potato. Who are you?

              We were sent by Sven Jorgensen.

              Come this way.

              - What do you want? - We wanna see "The Torch".

              No one is allowed to see "The Torch".

              But we have important information about my father, Dr Paul Flammond.

              We shall see.

              - Nigel! - Hillary!

              It is you. My darling, Hillary.

              If only you knew how I've yearned for this day to come.

              Sleepless nights, lonely hours, hoping, praying that once more

              I would gaze into your ravishing brown eyes.

              Who is this I should thank for bringing you back to me?

              This is Nick. Nick Rivers, he's a friend.

              Forgive us, Mr Rivers, if we have been less than hospitable.

              Recently we've had reason to believe there is a traitor in the Resistance.

              Du Quois, introduce the American to the men.

              Very well.

              This is Chevalier, Montage, Detente,

              Avant Garde, and Deja Vu.

              Have we not met before, Monsieur?

              I don't think so.

              Over there...

              Croissant, Souffle, Escargot,

              and Chocolate Mousse.

              Now, Mr Rivers, what is the news that you bring us?

              I've seen Dr Flammond in Flurgendorf prison.

              He told me the Polaris mine will be ready on Sunday.


              We'll have to move out tonight.

              I'll be back in a moment, my darling.

              Prepare the gear for the jump.

              Cordon bleu. Zut!

              - I want to explain. - What's to explain?

              I'm not the first guy who fell in love with a girl he met in a restaurant,

              who turned out to be the daughter of a kidnapped scientist,

              to lose her to her childhood lover she'd last seen on a deserted island

              who,     years later, is the leader of the French underground.

              It all sounds like some bad movie.

              Forget it. It'll be better for everyone if we just forget what's happened.

              We've arranged for your safe transportation across the border tonight.

              It's the least we can do to show our gratitude.

              Come, my darling, let me show you what I've done to the fallout shelter.

              Do not take it so hard, Nick.

              Life is filled with its little miseries.

              Each of us, in his own way, must learn to deal with adversity

              in a mature and adult fashion.

              - Mind if I have a swig of this? - Go right ahead.

              - What the hell is this stuff? - Gasoline.

              Don't worry, my darling. I'm sure your friend will get over it.

              He seems a good chap, really.

              How wonderful you've returned to me,

              when I desperately need you by my side, to fight for the cause...

              - Our cause. - Oh, Nigel, I am proud of you.

              But I'm so confused. All these years I thought you were dead.

              And by all rights I should be.

              I floated at sea for days, nearly unconscious.

              Then as luck would have it, I was picked up by a passing freighter.

              I tried to get them to save you too.

              It was a foreign ship and they didn't understand English.

              I yelled and screamed, but it only seemed to excite them all the more.

              They took advantage of me in ways I cannot describe.

              Oh, Nigel, it must have been awful.


              - What did you find out, Latrine? - Where are the others?

              We never had a chance.

              It was a slaughter.

              We must put a stop to these afternoon football games.

              - Which direction did they come from? - Up the road.

              - Take cover! - They're gonna kill us all.

              Take this.


              We're running out of time. The plane will not wait for us.

              We'll have to make a break for it.

              Rendezvous at the cafe near the landing field.


              Nice shooting.

              My man!

              Good. Now everybody's accounted for.

              Here's the plan. We'll be taking off at   :   am.

              What about the American?

              A truck will be here at exactly midnight.

              He'll jump on the back and be driven on to the border.

              Wait. Nick is the only one who knows the inside of that prison.

              Well, Monsieur Rivers, it seems that you have become,

              how do you say, indispensable?


              That's what I thought.

              Sorry, fellas. I've done my time in Flurgendorf prison.

              I got a truck to meet.

              Nick, ask any price you want, but you must help us.

              Seems as long as I know my way around that prison, I'll never be lonely.

              I know how you feel about me.

              But put your feelings aside for something more important.

              Like what a great cause you and Nigel are fighting for?

              - But this was your cause too. - My only cause is my music.

              That's exactly what I mean.

              Didn't you see the eyes of those kids at your concert? You must help us.

              If not for me, for the cause of freedom.


              - A traitor in our midst. - Well done, Latrine.

              I see you have dealt with him appropriately.

              Not the bird, you fool!

              This is a carrier pigeon on its way to German headquarters.

              Look, a message.

              Resistance planning to free Flammond, Sunday,  :   am.

              That means the traitor is someone at this very table.

              Excuse me, aren't you Nick Rivers, the American rock and roll star?

              No, I'm not.

              But you must be. Won't you sing us one song?

              I'm sorry. You must have me confused with somebody else.

              I'm Mel Torme.

              That was close.

              - Perhaps a bit too close. - What do you mean?

              We have no proof that this man is who he claims to be.

              Yet we're asking him to lead us into Germany's most heavily guarded prison.

              - That's absurd! - Just a moment, my darling.

              He came to us with no credentials.

              The Germans never knew the location of our headquarters, until he arrived.

              And we've been infiltrated by a traitor.

              Nigel, what are you saying?

              How do we know he's not Mel Torme?

              Look, he's at the jukebox.

              This is not Mel Torme.

              Oh, Nick.


              We don't know what's going to happen down there.

              This may be the last time I'll see you. There's something I wanted to say.

              - You don't have to say anything. - But I want to.

              You must know that when we were together last night,

              I had no idea that Nigel was still alive.

              And now that you know?

              Oh, Nick, his work is so important to him.

              I must stay with him. He pleaded with me not to leave.

              I just hope you realise that's all he means to me.

              Oh, I don't know what's right any longer.

              I only wish I didn't love you so much.

                I've spotted the herd.

                They're the key to the whole plan.

                Now, we're here.

                Every morning at  :   

                the prison guards bring the cows from here, up this road

                towards the prison for their morning milking.

                Du Quois and I will merge with the herd here.

                And sneak in through the gate in the electrified fence.

                Then we'll break away from the other cows

                and enter the generator building here.

                At exactly  :   we cut the power.

                The rest of you come through here, scale this wall,

                and Nick can lead you to Flammond's cell.

                Meanwhile, Hillary will steal this truck by the railway crossing

                and pick us up back here. Then we drive to the landing field

                where the plane will be waiting for us. Let's go.

                No, you take the head. I'm taking the back.

                - But the plan was... - Forget it.

                I give the orders. Shut up and give me the back half.

                All right, be an asshole.

                - Here they come. - OK, let's move out.

                All right, let's go. Double time.

                We only have five minutes to get to the circuit box and throw the switch.

                We've got to hurry. Can you see the gate?

                - Yes, it's just ahead. - Where are the guards?

                I can only see one.

                There girl, move along.

                Stay behind the guards.

                Once we're round the corner we'll break away from the herd.

                OK, now!

                I think we did it.

                - Can you see the generator? - It's behind the feed bin.

                All right, let's go. We've got to hurry.

                Mon Dieu!

                Nigel, you OK?

                Oh, yeah.

                Let's go.

                What's the hurry? Why are you always in such a bloody rush?

                I just wanted to take

                - The guards have passed. - How long till they cut the power?

                Three more minutes.

                Then we can cut the wire.

                There it is.


                You're all right now. I'm here.

                It's all right.


                Here, here.

                Vive la France!

                - Nigel, what are you doing? - Never you mind.

                Why do you want to go back to the meter shed?

                - We're turning the power back on. - But that will set off the alarms.

                - The others will be trapped. I refuse! - Oh?

                This gun says you won't. Now, move.

                So, it is you who is the traitor!

                Don't take it too badly. You're no more a fool than the others.

                Now, get over there and...

                - Dr Flammond. - Nick!

                - We're taking you out of here. - But my daughter.

                Don't worry. Hillary's with us.

                Thank God, but how ironic.

                Another day and I would have completed my tunnel.

                Nice work.


                Very clever, my darling.

                You've put the pieces together very nicely,

                but unfortunately it's too late for you and the others.

                - But how could you? - It wasn't difficult.

                I could have returned to rescue you from that wretched island,

                but it would have meant leaving my new found comrades.


                Yes, it was a Russian ship.

                They taught me all about you... Imperialist swine.

                I was exposed to the works of great thinkers. Karl Marx, Lenin,

                L Ron Hubbard, Freddie Laker.

                Now get in the truck. We're going for a ride.

                Something's wrong. Where's the truck?

                - Where's Hillary? - I'm hungry.

                What happened?

                Nigel made me go back to the meter shed.

                He ordered me to set off the alarm.

                And what does he want us to do now?

                Nothing, you numbskull, Nigel's the traitor.


                Nigel took Hillary in the truck. That way.

                I cannot leave the country without my daughter.

                I'm going after them. I'll meet you at the landing field.

                Nick, whether you make it back or not,

                that plane must take off with Dr Flammond at    :  .

                But we recommend you be there at least    minutes before departure,

                especially at this time of year.

                - Good luck, Nick. - Let's go.

                Good luck.

                You've go to hand it to the Germans, they make great cars.


                There's no more time. We've got to take off now.

                I will not leave without my daughter.

                Listen, old chap, in a few minutes it'll be dawn

                and we'll be sitting ducks to their anti-aircraft guns.

                There they are!

                Oh, Father. Thank God, you're safe.

                How I feared I would never see you again.

                I am so proud of you, my beloved.

                There'll be time to talk on the plane. You'd better hurry.

                - But I can't go on that plane. - But Hillary!

                I'm needed here. For as long as a single man is forced to cower

                under the iron fist of oppression,

                as long as a child cries out in the night,

                or an actor can be elected president, we must continue the struggle.

                No, Hillary.

                It is too dangerous for you in Germany, now.

                Yes, go with Nick. Don't worry about us.

                We will hear his music on the "Voice of America".

                We will hear it in the hearts of people, and in elevators everywhere.

                And as long as we do, we know we are not alone in our fight.

                They're right, Hillary. And when we get to America...

                - Who knows what will be then. - Everything will be fine.

                Things change, people change, hairstyles change...

                I want you to be with me.

                Interest rates fluctuate. Who knows?

                Don't you want to come with me? If you don't, say it now.

                Want! Want more than anything!

                Take me. Take me with you!

                Goodbye, Chocolate Mousse. I'll never forget you.

                Goodbye, Du Quois. Take care of yourself.

                Goodbye, Deja Vu. I will always remember you.

                And I'll miss you, most of all, Scarecrow.


Special help by SergeiK