Torque Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Torque script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Ice Cube and Martin Henderson..  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Torque. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Torque Script



Fast bike, huh?



Yeah, sometimes.



Want me to fill it up?



I'm not here for the gas.



You can keep an eye on it for me.



Leave it on the road, guys.



That stunt almost cost me my ride, boy.



- You were in my way. I was in a hurry.

- Well, now you'll be late.



Hey! Get your dirty little punk ass

off my car.



What is it about driving cars

that makes you all such assholes?



Can you do something

about these dirty windows?



Five bucks.



Make it   .






Buckle up.



Well. It didn't take long

for you to find trouble.



Step up. I'm running

a two-for-one special today.



Special, huh?



Can I get fries with that?

Because I'm hungry as hell.



- What's up, Ford? How you doing, boy?

- Good to see you, man.



- Wish I could say the same for you.

- Welcome home.



Thanks, man.

Val, Dalton. Late as usual.



Dude's gone six months in Thailand without

a word and now he's busting our chops.



Since when did you get so sensitive?



I got a rally to get to.



You must be in a hurry to die.



Henry James and his boys aren't gonna be

as happy to see you as we are.



- You were on the run. Why you back now?

- I gotta make things right.



I couldn't stop thinking about her.



- And here I thought it was all about us.

- Look...



...this is my mess, not yours.

You don't have to make this run.



- We can't let you have all the fun.

- You're gonna need us.



Yes, I am.



Still know how to ride that thing?



We'll have to race

the twisties to find out.



Ford, what the hell are you doing?



I don't want to miss that look

on your face when I blow past you.



What the...?



- We got company.

- Out of my way, punk!



What's his problem?



I got him!



- Your ass is mine.

- Let's go, punk.



Come on, what you got?



- You like that?

- Bring that piece of shit on.



I'm burning, I'm burning.



- Relax!

- You should've let him burn!



He could've killed us!



Hey, punk, we ain't done yet.

Move out of the way.



Let's see if this guy fights

as bad as he rides.



- Walk away.

- You got loud pipes...



...but you ain't saying nothing!



You ain't gonna like how this ends.



It's your turn to burn, white boy.



What's up, J? Drop something?



Just taking care of some business, T.



Ford. I heard you was up in Indochina

eating sushi and shit.



- I thought sushi came from Japan.

- I know where sushi come from, nigga.



I ain't even talking to you.



You know I could smash you right now.



You and your little tricycle friends.



But I'm gonna give you a pass.



Consider it a welcome-home present.



Under one condition. Somebody gonna

give my brother a new bike.



- I want his bike.

- I ain't giving you shit.



There's only one way

you're getting one of these bikes.



I know you been gone a long time, Ford.



But not long enough to forget

who run things around here.



I hate to see you end up as Dojo's dinner.



Trey. One-time.



Probably not a good time

to be feeding Dojo anything, huh?



Get that bike from you later.



Hey, officer, how's it going?



Beautiful day today.



- What are you waiting for?

- What you think?



Go show these boys how to ride.



- How about a ride?

- This thing might be too much for you.



- We'll never know till I'm on it.

- All right, you too.



It's not that I don't enjoy your company.



Just be gentle with him.



- Nice bike.

- Nice ass.



Got a name?






Ford. What's he doing here?



Forecast for today:

sun, sun and more sun.



Highs    to    .

Don't forget your sunscreen, folks.



Southwest winds    to    miles per hour,

with locally higher gusts.



Be with you in a second.



Looking for something in particular?



Yeah, you got one of them seats in a pink

Naugahyde? Maybe with a little gold fringe?



You never were funny, Ford.



Oh, come on, you used to think

I was funny.



Maybe you lost your sense of humor.



I think I have a pretty good sense of humor.



Like the morning you skipped town

before agents raided my shop...



...waving warrants, telling me

my boyfriend's a drug dealer?



That was funny.

I laughed my ass off for weeks.



I wrote you letters.



- I made fires.

- I tried to call.



Yeah, but my phone was tapped

for six months. That was fun too.



- Can I explain?

- Let me guess.



You're sorry, you didn't mean to hurt me,

you were trying to protect me...



...and it wasn't your fault.

- It was my fault.



- We're closed.

- The sign said...



Well, the sign lied. Thanks.



You too, Ford.



You don't know how many times I've played

this out in my head in the last six months.



Must be frustrating.



You got balls even coming here.



The feds and the Hellions are after you

and Henry James thinks you stole his bikes.






Well, that's because I did.



- Ford?

- Yeah?



- Go now, please, before l...

- Before what?



And to think we almost decided

to go to the beach this weekend.



Lucky for me, Luther hates to swim.






I don't know why

you're buying a new seat, Ford.



Looks like you haven't

broken in your old one yet.



Looks like Ford prefers to ride bitch to me.



It looks to me like you ought

to buy a new seat yourself, Henry.



Share one with your friends long enough

and you're liable to catch something.



Heard you were in Indochina.



Some shit like that.



- Good food there?

- Thailand, actually...



...but the food was great.

Thanks for asking.



You're a pretty funny guy, Ford.



Tell me...


            got a punch line for this:



Where are my goddamn bikes?



You really want them...



...or what's inside them?



Where are they?



- Why don't you just cut it out of him.

- No, he won't.



He's too smart for that.



Because he knows if he touches me

he'll never get his shit back.



Then again...



...l'm not that smart.






You've got till sundown

to hand over my bikes.



- Your brother said we had a deal.

- Junior don't do the deals around here, I do.



Well, if Junior ain't allowed to make deals,

he shouldn't be allowed to speak.



That's funny, because I was

thinking the same thing.



I didn't come here to watch you

pet your dog, primate.



I didn't invite your Dukes of Hazzard ass.



So you can raise up whenever you feel it.

The answer is no.



You're not slinging your dope on my streets.



Hand me that bottle.






...l'm not some dimebag street punk.



I'm a businessman.



And I'm telling you to make this right.



I wouldn't give a shit

if you was Don Corleone himself.



The answer is still no.



So get out of my face.



What the hell was you looking at?



I love you.



Trey, what's wrong? I thought you

would've been down with that shit.



You could've made a killing.



First you gonna act a fool

up there on the road, now this?



What's wrong with you?



You messing with

my goddamn good nature, boy.



Go get me a beer, man.

You messing up my buzz.



Get me a Diet Pepsi. Don't slam my door.



You better count to   !



- I'm gonna whup his ass.

- Shut up. Put Rasan and Nomo on him.



Dojo got more sense than that boy.



Henry, looks like

you're the one riding bitch.



Looks like your engine

could use a little work.



What part of "I don't love you

anymore, you're a bastard...



...and I never wanna see you again"

didn't you understand?



How about the part that stops you

from driving off right now?






All right, one beer. But you're buying.



- What up, Junior? You all right?

- No, I'm definitely not all right, man. Move!



Watch out, white boy.



- Call it an accident?

- How about I kick your ass?



No, I prefer we still call it an accident.



- How about now?

- Now it looks like you owe me a beer.



- Junior! Junior!

- I'm gonna kill you!



Come on, chill!



I'm gonna talk to you. Why you always

got to show your ass, man, huh?



Why you can't come here

and play your position?



Look at me, boy.



I love you. You're my brother,

but you better stop embarrassing me.



Stop acting so damn crazy.



And I got your back for life.



Well, if you got my back, then show me,

blood, on everything!



You ain't got my back, man. You ain't

got my back, Trey. Forget you, man.



Watch out. Get out of my way, man.



Dawson's Creek almost beat

your brother's ass, blood.



Shut up, man. Go get my dog.



- What're we gonna do about Ford?

- Junior just solved our problem.



- Why don't we just grab him right now?

- No, not now.



I got a better idea. Get the boys.



What is it with you, Ford?

Everywhere you go, everything turns to hell.



Yeah, it's a talent I have.



Go powder your nose, China.



Let's have some fun.



- That's him. Get him.

- There he is.



We'd like to thank the Hellions for

messing up another gig. I'm out of here.



He ain't going anywhere.



- Here he comes.

- There he goes. Get him!



See you, Junior.



Hey, what's up, man?



Hey. What's up?



Hey, dude.






You screwed me, Junior.



I assume you're apologizing

for setting up a deal you couldn't do.



I made promises based on your black ass.



And now I've got a problem.



- But you're gonna help me out of it.

- Yo, dog.



Just give me time. I'm gonna talk to Trey.

We could work this out, man.



I could make this happen, all right?



Time's up.



You know what to do, baby?



There's this one road that winds up

the coast from Bangkok to Pattani.



It's got mountains on one side,

ocean on the other...


            close sometimes it feels like

you can just drag your foot in it.



I tell you, the last six months, every time

I took that drive I thought about you.



Did you come all this way

to sell me a trip to Thailand?



You got to the bottom of this beer.

Explain away.



All right.



First met Henry about a year ago. I didn't

like him, but he was a paying customer.



I fixed his chopper a couple times.



Six months ago, he turns up at your shop...



...with these two bikes.

He asked me if I'd mind looking after them.



I figure,

what the hell, right?



So I do.



Then I go to move them, they don't start.

So I check the tanks.



They're filled with kilos of crystal meth.



So first thing, I get them out of there.



So that's why that fed McPherson

raided my shop after you split.



And you dropped off

the face of the Earth.



I took off...


            that you wouldn't get dragged into it.



I split.



Now I'm the only one involved with Henry.



So you left to protect me?



What'd you think, you were gonna just

come back and explain everything...



...and then we'd just ride off

into the sunset together?



More or less.



Well, which is it? More or less?



Well, I was actually thinking Mexico.



- You're killing me.

- Get your gear on.



- Not a good time.

- Heading to Cabo. Shane's coming.



- Damn, really?

- Yeah.



- Give me    minutes, all right?

- Come on.






Move, man! Move!






Wait. That's my brother, man.



It's all right.



Oh, no. No, man.

I'm taking him with me.



You can't do that, son.



Now, we're gonna find out who done this.



If you have any ideas who would

want to kill your brother...



If I knew who did this,

you'd have two dead bodies right now.



We got a witness.

Says she saw the whole thing.



A white male, mid-  s,

rode a custom motorcycle.



- Wore black and orange leathers.

- Black and orange leathers?



Hey, you know somebody

who fits that description?



Not anymore.



Let's go!



FBI. Agent McPherson,

federal gang task force.



Sheriff Barnes.

You don't look like your typical fed.



What'd you expect? A cheap suit,

late-model Taurus, a $    haircut?



How'd y'all get here so fast?



Get this many motorheads

in one place, all wearing colors...



...something's bound to happen.

Pays to be close.



Oh, this is Agent Henderson.



Don't let her good looks fool you.

She's one of the best field operatives.



Excuse me, I have to take this.



Yeah. Hi, baby.

I'm at a crime scene right now.



- It's a typical homicide.

- Typical homicide?



Maybe you can explain to me

what a typical homicide is.



All right, I'll take care of it.

Yeah, I promise.



- I've got an eyewitness.

- You do?



- Yeah.

- You've practically got this solved.



I love you too. Jesus Christ.



We've got the murder weapon

and she saw the whole thing.






I don't care if we have to comb

every inch of California.



I want that boy Ford, and I want

his head in Dojo's bowl by midnight.



- Amen?

- Amen.



Come on, boy.



Motel policy for cash customers.






- Got him.

- Son of a bitch.



- I tried to pop Ford six months ago.

- He's cute.



You can visit him in prison. Map.



That's why you broke, you eat too much.



- I got it.

- That's okay.



What were you planning on paying with,

your good looks or your smile?



I love a girl who can

take care of herself, man.



I would've come back too.



If you boys will excuse me.



It seems like I'm overdue

for some paint and bodywork myself.



So, what are you gonna do about Henry?

We got a plan, right?



Yeah, once we're in the clear, I'm gonna tell

Henry where he can pick up his shit.



Of course...



...l'm also gonna call that punk

McPherson and tell him.



Arrange a get-together with the evidence.



That way everybody gets

what they deserve, right?



Henry gets his shit,

McPherson gets Henry...



...and we all go to Mexico and get drunk.



As I reported earlier, Wallace, a member

of an Inglewood motorcycle gang...



...the Reapers, was brutally murdered

last night with a motorcycle chain.



With the help of an eyewitness,

the FBI has come up with a suspect:



Cary Ford, a white male

in his late   s.



Ford was last seen riding

a black custom motorcycle...



...wearing orange and black

racing leathers.



If you have any idea

as to his whereabouts...



...please contact the local authorities.



Cary Ford is now the prime suspect

in the murder of Junior Wallace.



Call the sheriff, Hal.



Ford was just spotted at Lone Pine.



Let's drive a little.






Heard on the scanner

they spotted the white boy.



- Dawson's Creek, the white boy.

- All right, get me a map.



We gotta make up some time.



- Yeah?

- Give me Ford.



Ford. It's for you.



- Ford.

- Change in plans.



Seems your buddy Junior's dead.



Feds think you did it.



Reapers think you did it.

Hell, everybody thinks you did it.



You tell me where my stuff is

and it all goes away.



I don't take orders, Henry.



- Never have, never will.

- What's that?



Ever heard that what you put out

comes back tenfold?



You spent too much time in Chink Land,

Ford. What does that mean?



It means I don't wanna be next to you

when the shit hits the fan.



And by the way, Henry...



..."Chink Land" implies China.

I was in Thailand, it's a different country.



Hey, my phone!



Hold it right there.



Everybody down on the ground!



Quit shooting!



You got the wrong guy.



We'll let the sheriff sort it out

when they get here.



- Are you okay?

- I got it under control!



I didn't kill anybody.






You Earl?



Loved your French toast.



- Down.

- Like I said...



...I love a girl who can take care of herself.

- Thanks.



You're on the news.

That guy you got in a fight with is dead.



- Henry set me up. He wants his drugs back.

- Why don't you give them back.



- It's the only insurance I got.

- You were with me last night.



I'm your alibi. Down, Earl!



Tell the cops.



Right now it ain't the cops

that I'm worried about.



Not good.



- Reapers!

- He's right, Shane.



You think we could finish

this conversation later?



All right. Once we're in the clear,

you call the cops. Agreed?



What should I do with this?



Forget what I said about liking women

who can take care of themselves.



Sorry, it's gonna get crazy.

You'll be safer here than running with us.



- See you back in L.A.

- What am I supposed to do?



Hang out with Earl?



Which way?



Which way did you say, old man?



- Which way?

- Shortcut!



Let's catch them,

kill them and bury them!



They're still on us!

Shit! There's more of them!



- What are we gonna do, Ford?

- Where we going?



I'm working on it!



Which way did they go?



Damn! Come on!



Now can we call the cops?



- No.

- Why not?



Because it's not just the cops,

it's McPherson.






The guy that tore up your shop.



He already thinks I'm a drug dealer.



Now he thinks I shot Junior.

And he has no reason to think otherwise...



...unless I can prove it.

- Bad just turned to worse. Bent link.



This just keeps getting

better and better.



I got a spare in my toolkit.



He was strangled, by the way.



- Who?

- Junior. He was strangled with a bike chain.






Henry used the chain off his own bike.



- How do you know that?

- How do you know?



Yeah, how did you know that?



Well, it's...



It's complicated.



- You turning left, or we going to Oregon?

- It's right.



It's right? What...?



Get the finger out of my face.

I know where I'm going.



Henry just screwed himself.



- See those scratches and nicks?

- Yeah.



Well, it picks them up

from the sprocket.



Now, no two bikes

got the same chain-wear pattern...



...because no two sprockets

are the same.



So we match the chain

used to kill Junior with Henry's bike...



...and we got him.



Like a fingerprint.



Try not to move your lips

so much when you think.



Now we call the cops, right?



Now we call the cops.



- Real cute, guys.

- Get a room.



- McPherson, it's F...

- Ford. Looks like you're trading up.



Going from drug trafficking

to first-degree murder.



- I was set up.

- In my business I hear that a lot.



- Loud. Recorder's on.

- Who wants to set you up?



Henry James.



Leader of the Hellions.

Now, why would he wanna do that?



Those drugs you were looking for

belong to Henry.



I stashed them the night before you

raided the shop. He wants them back.



Tell me where the drugs are,

I might buy that'd give Henry motive.



- Maybe we can work something out.

- "Maybe" don't cut it. Arrest Henry...



...then I'll take you to the drugs.

- Arrest him? On what grounds?



First-degree murder.



- What if I tie the murder weapon to Henry?

- Big "if."



Arrest him.



- Get his bike, I'll show you.

- Get his bike. Okay.



Anyone else you'd like me to arrest?

Ex-girlfriend, second-grade teacher...?



- Hold on, I'm making a list.

- You're not listening to me.



- Henry killed Junior.

- I don't know that.



Then you can't help me!



Well, that didn't fly.



Screw it. Let's haul ass down

to Mexico and don't look back.



As much as I hate to say it,

I agree with him.



- We're going to L.A.

- Oh, yeah. That makes sense.



I have to get Henry's bike.

That will clear me.



They'll have checkpoints on every

dirt road between here and the coast.



We're not exactly hard

to spot driving these.



- You wanna ditch the bikes?

- No, I'd rather be fast than invisible.



Come on. Wouldn't be any fun

if it was easy, right?



I live my life a quarter mile at a time.



That is the dumbest thing

I've ever heard.



Po-po got the highways

blocked from here to L.A.






Why would he go to the one place

he know I got on lockdown?



- Let's catch him on the interstate.

- No, he's smarter than that.



He trying to backdoor us.



He going through the Palms.



That's the way I'd go.

And that's the way we going.



You know, Henry James did pull six months

in L.A. County last year for possession.



Maybe Ford is onto something.



Then you can't help me!



Call in. Check everything

from Lone Pine and L.A.



- You think Ford's going back to L.A.?

- He's going after Henry James.



If he's right and Henry did set him up,

that's what I'd do. Let's go!



- You have to pay for the gas.

- Oh, right.






- We'll lose them in the Palms!

- Are you crazy?



I hate it when he does this!



- They going into the trees!

- I could see that, fool! Stay on Ford.



- I got his ass!

- They're shooting at us, Ford!



- I know!

- What do we do?



Go right! They'll follow me!



Meet the twins!



All right, Ford!



Just you and me, baby!



Shouldn't pick on girls.



You all right?



I just jumped my bike

onto the roof of a moving train.



It's amazing what you can do

when you have no choice.



Where are Val and Dalton?



He had me, dog. He had me.

I was gone!



He's the one snatched me up out of there!



I'm trying to figure out why.

He ain't acting like no killer!



Your brother's dead

and cracker's on the run.



Shit don't feel right.

Don't sound right, don't look right.



Only way we can find out

is to get our hands on him.



- I'm with that.

- Then get your black ass up and let's go!



Everybody, let's go!



First time Val's beat you anywhere!



Must be the chick.



Yeah, I stopped for a manicure.



Want this hour's bad news?

Every major road in L.A. is blocked.



I know you said it wouldn't be any fun

if it was easy...



...but does it have to be this much fun?



You said you could make this

go away. How?



Sometimes witnesses

forget what they saw.



Refuse to testify.



You still want your shit back...



...l'll call you when I get to L.A.

 :   tomorrow afternoon.






Jay, something doesn't sit with me.

Ford doesn't profile up as a killer.



Yeah? Good instincts, Henderson.



Listen, I gave Ford a chance

to tell the truth six months ago. He ran.



I gave him another chance last night.

He ran again.



Innocent men, Henderson, don't run.



He went for it!



Now we just gotta get past the several

hundred cops between us and L.A.



God, I hope you have a plan this time.



Yeah, I got a plan.



You gonna leave without me?



Oh, my God.



Check it out, man.



Holy shit.



Seen three bikers and a chick on a couple

of crotch rockets in the last hour?



Must be something in the water up here.



Okay. Words strung together

into sentences obviously bewilder you.



Let me try again.



Three dudes...



...a girl...



...and a couple of bikes.



- Don't know. Seen a lot of truckers.

- Really?



One girl.



- Man, you should've seen the pair...

- Shut up.



Does this thing work?



Ford. What is wrong with you?






- Is it fried?

- Yeah.



So you never actually told me

why you chose Thailand.



Well, I just wanted to go someplace

that wouldn't remind me of you.



Oh, yeah?



How did that work out for you?



- Not real well.

- No?



Oh, come on, admit it.



You're so glad I came back.



I just had nothing better to do

this weekend.



Why we stopping

in the middle of the interstate?






Sir! You're clear. Go ahead.

Move it out.



Go ahead and send the next one!



Check the second one back!



- Good evening, officer.

- Could you step out of the vehicle, please.



- There a problem?

- No, sir. Just a routine check.



- You mind opening her up?

- No, not at all.



- Where you coming from?

- Barstow.



- Much drier in Barstow.

- Yeah, just a little.



Hey, Ed!

What are you doing back so soon?



I got a race in L.A. tomorrow night.



He's all right.

Regular hero here on the local circuit.



- Let him through.

- Yes, sir.



Hey, Ed, good luck tomorrow night.



- Beat it.

- Thanks, Frank.



Ford should've called us by now.



He's just having a good run.

Don't sweat it, man.



We got over a mil riding on this!



We're looking at life in prison if Ford

doesn't go down as planned.



Don't tell me not to sweat it.



So grab yourself a candy bar

and shut your mouth.



That's a sweet hog, man.

Look at that beast!



Live to ride. Or that. Yeah.



Could we get a picture of you guys?



We're on a road trip, we e-mail people

on our buddy list where we're at.



Could we do that?

Who's in love?



- They are.

- Right there.



Give me a big smile,

like you guys are human.



He blinked and she blinked.

Look at this. Let's do it again.



This time, no blinking.






Now what?



It's also about financial freedom.



- What can I do for you?

- Why don't you open up the back for me.



That's a long truck.



Don't touch me.



- That's weird.

- What?



My lock's gone.



You waiting for a green light?



- Let's go, make a hole!

- Truck's broke. Call a tow truck.



- Are you done?

- Get in. I'm driving.



Fuck the police!



- Was that a threat?

- I think it was.



Ford, traffic!



This is why I hate four wheels.



Hey, you're gonna have to

make a break!



- We go together!

- No, you and Val can get Shane out of this!



No way, I'm going with you!



- No, you're not.

- Goddamn it, Ford!



I always knew you had a thing for me.



Get her out of here!






Watch out.



And I'm not gonna stand for it. I wanna

return the bike. You can take it back.



What do you mean I can't bring it back?

Okay, there's only     miles on the bike.



If you say one more word...






Hello? Hung up again!



- Bikers.

- This is crazy! We can call backup.



If you don't like my driving, Henderson,

you can get out and hitch.



No way!



Thank God for airbags. Shut up.



- Come on, Ford.

- You got this wrong!






Damn! Crazy white boy!



Look, man, I don't wanna...



You think you man enough

to drop that hammer?



Don't want to.

I didn't kill Junior either.



If I did, I would've

let you die at the tracks.



- Why didn't you stick around and talk?

- I didn't think this would go all that well.



All right.

You didn't kill him, who did?



Henry James. He set me up.



So I'm supposed to just believe

what you say now?



Well, see for yourself.

I'm taking him down.



You don't believe me,

you can always shoot me then.



You dropped this.



This better be someone

with good news or money.



What would you say if I gave you Junior's

killer and Henry's drugs at the same time?






You know the address. You busted its doors

down about six months ago.



Meet me there in two hours.



Crystal meth.



I don't suppose we got

a spare set of hands?



- Yeah?

- Don't "yeah" me.



How we doing over there?



It's just me and the fishes, man.



If a mermaid pops up, I'll call you.



- Just stay there at Dalton's.

- Yeah.



It's lovely here.



I'll see you in a little while.



Just be careful, all right?



- Well, you know me.

- Yeah, that's why I'm worried.



I'll call you when it's over.



- Who the hell is that?

- I ordered pizza.



- You're kidding me, right?

- No.



- You're not kidding?

- I eat when I'm nervous.



He eats when he's horny.

He just likes to eat.



How you doing?



Seems like your boy ain't coming.



Now what?



He'll be here. Trust me.



Tell me you got a million dollars'

worth of my ice?



I'd try to be punctual.



You ain't Henry.



He'll be here.



You know, I ain't exactly

known for my patience.



- What's this?

- Y K.



Fastest bike in the world.



Carbon-fiber chassis built around

a Rolls-Royce jet helicopter engine.



Zero to     in less than    seconds, huh?



I heard of these.



- What's wrong with this one?

- I don't own it.



- FBI! Hands where I can see them!

- Drop it. Hands behind your head.



- You tried to set me up.

- They're here for Henry.



Put the gun on the ground

and slide it to me, now.



You're supposed to wait for Henry.

Didn't you learn anything in FBI school?



Ford, shut up.



Those Henry's bikes?



- Yeah.

- And the meth's inside them?



- Yeah.

- Then...



...nice work.



Hey. Nancy Drew.



"No. Don't shoot. Stop."



What a sad and sudden tragedy.



Nice shot, by the way.

Seriously. So now...



...I get to pin this murder on you...



...and, well, everyone knows

you killed Junior...



I can shoot you both.



- Shit.

- Yeah.



- Which one of you guys wants to go first?

- Him. Shoot him first.



You sure the drugs are in there?



- Hey.

- They're wired.



You put the gun on the ground

or we all go up.



It's my girlfriend. Excuse me. Sorry.



Hey, baby. I'm fine.



Why don't you come in? All right.



You're gonna love her.



Meet my partner.



Did you really think I was stupid enough

to walk into a trap?






Say hello, bitch.






Look who it is.



Guess the lunch line's gonna be

a little shorter at family reunions.



Huh, dog?



I should have done your ass

when I did your bitch brother.



Yeah, you should have.






All right. It seems we

have ourselves a little dilemma.



Give me my meth or your little girlfriend

is gonna redefine the term "airhead."



Now, drop that switch.



Who knows, baby?



After a little time with us,

she might not wanna go back to Ford.



Go ahead, take a moment.

We have plenty of time.



Requesting backup

at       North Alameda Street.






No, no, no!



Hey, wait!



Now, ain't that ironic?



- You okay?

- Yeah. Where's Henry?



- I gotta get that bike.

- I gotta get that bitch.



Damn right.



- You Power Rangers all right?

- That hurt.



- Hey.

- Jay!



Bulletproof vest, asshole.



Shit! Let's go!



You were always a punk.



- Going somewhere?

- You want some of this, bitch?



Oh, I thought you'd never ask.



You messed with the wrong chick!



Looks like you did, bitch.



Need a ride?



- You all right?

- I'll live.



This is Henry's sprocket.

It should match the chain...



Your friends just told me.

Could we maybe do this later?



All these dead white folks around here.



So it look like we done, huh?



- I'm sorry about your brother.

- Yeah.



I gotta get out of here. Me and Johnny Law

ain't on a first-name basis.






- What?

- Thanks.



Don't sweat it, man.

Just do me one favor.



- What's that?

- Keep your ass out of Inglewood.



This shop was the only thing

in the world that was really mine.



Do you have any idea how long

it took me to save up for it?



I'm sorry, Shane.



You're in the clear,

so I guess you got what you wanted.



You're looking at the only reason

that I came back.



I'm betting on more days like that.



You know what you could do for me, Ford?



Take me to Mexico.



- Where we heading?

- South.



I got someone to pick up.



Let's ride.

Special help by SergeiK