Total Recall Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Total Recall script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Total Recall. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Total Recall Script








Honey, are you all right?



You're dreaming.



Was it about Mars?



Is that better?



My poor baby.



This is getting to be

an obsession.



Was she there?






The one you told me about.

The brunette.






I can't believe

you're jealous of a dream.



- Who is she?

- Nobody.



"Nobody"? What's her name?



I don't know.



- Tell me!

- I don't know!



You better tell me!



It's not funny, Doug.

You dream about her every night.



And I'm always back

in the morning.



Let me go!



Come on, baby.



You know you're the girl

of my dreams.



You mean it?



You know I do.



I'll give you

something to dream about.



The chairman defended the attack,

saying that space-based weapons...



The chairman defended the attack,

saying that space-based weapons...



are our only defense against the

southern block's numerical superiority.



And more violence

last night on Mars...



where terrorists

demanding independence...



once again halted the extraction

of terbinium ore.



Kuato and his so-called

freedom brigade...



claimed credit

for this latest bombing,



which attempted to reopen

the sealed-off Pyramid Mines.



Mars military restored order

with minimal use of force...



and all damage to the strategic facility

was repaired within hours.



No cameras!



With one mine already closed,

Mars administrator Vilos Cohaagen...



vowed that troops

would be used if necessary...



to keep production

at full capacity.



No wonder you're having nightmares.

You're always watching the news.



- Lori.

- Doug?



- Let's do it.

- Do what?



Move to Mars.



Why do you have to spoil

a perfectly wonderful morning?



Just think about it.



We've been through this before.

You'd hate it on Mars.



It's dry, it's ugly, it's boring.



I mean, really, a revolution

could break out there any second.



Cohaagen says

it's just a few extremists.



You believe him?



Okay. Forget about it.



Absolutely not. Mars was colonized by

the northern block at enormous expense.



Our entire war effort

depends on their terbinium.



It's absurd to think

we'd give it away...



just because some lazy mutants

think they own the planet.



- Maybe we should take a trip.

- Any comment on the rumor...



- Lori, move.

- that you've closed the Pyramid Mine...



because you found

alien artifacts inside?



There's a lot better places

than Mars.



What about Saturn?

Don't you wanna see Saturn?



I wish we could find some artifacts.

Our tourist industry could use a boost.



Everybody says that its gorgeous.



The fact is, it's Mr. Kuato and his

terrorists who spread these rumors...



to undermine trust

in the government.



We could take a long space cruise,

the kind with nothing to do.



- Have you found Kuato yet?

- We don't even know what he looks like.



- What do you say?

- That's the news.



- Stay tuned for weather.

- I'm late.



But first, this.



- Tonight, World Series Game Five...

- Sweetheart.



Iive from Tokyo.



I know it's hard being in a new town,

but let's give it a chance, okay?



Don't you understand? I feel like

I was made for something more than this.



I want to do something with my life,

to be somebody.



You are somebody.



You're the man I love.






Have a nice day.



You are now entering

a safety zone.



No unauthorized weapons allowed

beyond this point.



Would you like to ski...



but you're snowed under

with work?



Do you dream of a vacation

at the bottom of the ocean...



but you can't float the bill?



Have you always wanted

to climb the mountains of Mars...



but now you're over the hill?



Then come to Rekall lncorporated...



where you can buy the memory

of your ideal vacation...



cheaper, safer and better

than the real thing.



So don't let life pass you by.



Call Rekall

for the memory of a lifetime.



For the memory of a lifetime



Rekall, Rekall, Rekall






- You ever hear of Rekall?

- Rekall?



Where they sell

those fake memories.



Oh, Rekall.



- Thinking of going there?

- Maybe.



- Well, don't.

- Why not?



A friend of mine tried it,

nearly got himself lobotomized.



No shit?



Don't fuck with your brain.

It ain't worth it.



I guess not.



Good afternoon.

Welcome to Rekall.



Douglas Quaid.

I have an appointment.



- Bob?

- Yeah?



- Doug Quaid is here to see you.

- I'll be right out.



Just one minute, Mr. Quaid.



Thank you.



- Paul McClane. Good to see you.

- Nice to meet you.



Come on in.



- Make yourself comfortable.

- Thank you.



Help me out here, Doug.



- You were interested in a memory of--

- Mars.



Yeah. Mars.



Is there a problem?



To be perfectly honest...



if you like outer space...



you'd be happier with

one of our Saturn cruises.



I'm not interested in Saturn.

I said Mars.



Okay. You're the boss.



Mars it is.



Now, let me see.



The basic Mars package...



will run you     credits.



Now, that's for two full weeks

of memories, complete in every detail.



A longer trip is more expensive

because it's a deeper implant.



What's in the two-week package?



When you go Rekall, you get nothing

but first-class memories.



Private shuttle cabin, deluxe suite

at the Hilton, all the major sights:



Mount Pyramid,

the Grand Canals...



and, of course, Venusville.



But how real does it seem?



- As real as any memory in your head.

- Don't bullshit me.



I'm telling you, your brain

will not know the difference.



That's guaranteed

or your money back.



What about the guy you lobotomized?

Did he get a refund?



You're talking ancient history.



Nowadays traveling with Rekall

is safer than getting on a rocket.



Check out those statistics.



Besides, a real holiday

is a pain in the butt.



You got lost luggage,

lousy weather...



crooked taxi drivers.



When you travel with Rekall...



everything is perfect.



What do you say?



- All right.

- Smart move.



While you fill out

this questionnaire,



I'll familiarize you

with some of our options.



No options.



Whatever you say.

Let me ask you one question.



What is exactly the same...



about every single vacation

you have ever taken?



I give up.



You. You're the same.



No matter where you go,

it's always you.



Let me suggest

that you take a vacation...



from yourself.



I know, it sounds wild.



It is the latest thing in travel.

We call it the Ego Trip.



I'm not interested.



You're gonna love this, Doug.



We offer you a choice of

alternate identities during your trip.



Why go to Mars as a tourist

when you can go as a playboy...



or a famous jock or--



"Secret agent."



How much is that?



Let me tantalize you.



You are a top operative under deep cover

on your most important mission.



People are trying to kill you.



You meet this beautiful,

exotic woman.



Go on.



I don't wanna spoil it for you...



but by the time

the trip is over...



you get the girl, kill the bad guys

and save the entire planet.



Now, you tell me.



Isn't that worth

a measly     credits?



Your first trip?



Don't worry. Things hardly ever

fuck up around here.



Good evening... Doug.



- I'm Dr. Lull.

- Nice to meet you.



Ernie, patch in matrix   -B-  .



Would you like us to integrate

some alien stuff?



Sure. Why not?



Two-headed monsters?



Don't you watch the news?



- We're doing alien artifacts now.

- It's wild.



Yeah, they date back

a million years.



- Ernie?

- That's a new one.



- Blue sky on Mars.

- Been married long?



- Eight years.

- Oh, I see.



Slipping away for

a little hanky-panky.



- No. I'm fascinated with Mars.

- All systems go.



Number seven.



Ready for dreamland?



I'll be asking you some questions

so we can fine-tune the Ego program.



You answer honestly,

you'll enjoy yourself much more.



- Your sexual orientation.

- Hetero.



How do you like your women?



Blonde? Brunette? Redhead?






Slim. Athletic. Voluptuous.






Demure. Aggressive. Sleazy.



Be honest.









  A, Ernie.



Boy, is he gonna have

a wild time.



- He's not gonna want to come back.

- That's for sure.






what do you say?



I'm not so sure,

and I don't get a souvenir.



Not true. We supply T-shirts,

snapshots of you at the site...



and even letters from--



- What is it?

- Get down here.



I am with

a very important client.



Looks like we got

another schizoid embolism.



I'll be right back.



Mr. McClane?



Bob! What's wrong?



Don't let her leave!



Get off!



You blew my cover!



You can't do a simple

goddamn double implant?



We hit a memory cap.



They're coming!

They'll kill you all!



- What is he talking about?

- Let me go!



Mr. Quaid, try to calm down!



My name is not Quaid.



- Let me go! Untie me now!

- Ernie, grab his leg!



- Hold him down!

- Let me go!



Are you all right?



Listen to me.

He's been going on and on about Mars.



- He has really been there.

- Use your head.



He's just acting out the "secret agent"

portion of his ego trip.



- That's not possible.

- Why not?



We haven't implanted it yet.



Oh, shit.



I've been trying to tell you,

someone has erased his memory.



Excuse me.






We're talking about the Agency.



- Shut up!

- Bob, the client's gone.



Renata, cover up any memory he's got

of us or Rekall.



I'll try.

It's pretty messy in there.



Ernie, dump him in a cab.

Tiffany, you help him.



I'm gonna destroy his file

and refund his money.



And if anybody comes asking,

we never heard of Douglas Quaid.



Where am l?



You're in a Johnnycab.



What am I doing here?



I'm sorry. Would you please

rephrase the question?



How did I get in this taxi?



The door opened, you got in.



Hell of a day, isn't it?



- This okay?

- Right here.



- Thank you for taking Johnnycab.

- Thank you.



Hope you enjoyed the ride.



Hey, Quaid.



- Harry.

- How was your trip to Mars?



- What trip?

- You went to Rekall. Remember?



- I did?

- Yeah, you did.



- I told you not to, but you went.

- What are you, my father?



- Come on, I'll buy you a drink.

- Thank you. I'm already late--



Okay, bring him--

Come on, move it!



Let's go get that drink.

Move it!



What is going on?

What the fuck did I do wrong?



- Tell me!

- You blabbed about Mars!



Are you crazy? I don't even know

anything about Mars!



You should've listened to me, Quaid.

I was there to keep you out of trouble.



You're making a big mistake.

You got me mixed up with somebody else.



You got yourself mixed up with--



And pivot... and serve...



and shift... and stroke...



Very good.

Perfect form.



Hi, honey.



- What are you doing?

- Some men just tried to kill me.




Are you all right?



No, they were spies or something.



Harry, from work, he was the--

Get down!



- Harry was the boss.

- Take it easy, Doug, okay?



- Why would spies want to kill you?

- I don't know.



- It had something to do with Mars.

- You've never been to Mars.



It sounds crazy, but I went to

this Rekall place after work--



- Those brain butchers?

- Let me finish.



- What did they do to you?

- I got a trip to Mars.



Forget about Rekall.

They were going to kill me.



- Doug, nobody tried to kill you.

- They did.



But I killed them.



Listen, sweetheart. Those assholes

at Rekall have fucked up your mind.



You're having paranoid delusions.



You call this a delusion?



- Doug, I'm gonna call a doctor.

- Don't. Don't call anybody.



Lori, go! Get out!



Why are you doing this?






- I'm not your wife.

- The hell you're not.



I never saw you

before six weeks ago.



Our marriage

is just a memory implant.



You think I'm stupid?

I remember our wedding.



It was an Agency implant.



- Falling in love.

- Implanted.



Our friends, my job,   years together.

All of this was implanted?



The job's real.

The Agency set it up.






They erased your identity

and implanted a new one.



I was written in as your wife

so I could make sure the erasure took.



Sorry, Quaid.



Your whole life

is just a dream.



Okay, then if I'm not me,

who the hell am l?



Beats me.



I just work here.



There's something

I want you to know.



You were the best assignment

I ever had. Really.



I'm honored.



You sure you don't want to,

just for old times' sake?



If you don't trust me,

you can tie me up.



- I didn't know you were so kinky.

- Maybe it's time you found out.



Clever girl.



You wouldn't shoot me, Doug,

after all we've been through.



Some of it was fun.



Nice knowing you.



Don't touch her.



Nobody here.



- Are you okay?

- I guess I blew it.



- What does he remember?

- Nothing, so far.



I've got him.



He's going for the subway.

Let's go.



Let's go. Move it.



Pack your stuff

and get outta here.



What if they bring him back?



Not a chance.



Subway! Go!



Get him!

He's got a gun!



- Cut him off! That way!

- Over there!



Hold it!



The escalator.



You four go up.

You come with me.



Get out of the way!






The platform!



- Which way?

- To the right.




Tomorrow's fuels, tomorrow's prices.



Don't settle for pale memories

or fake implants.



Experience space travel

the old-fashioned way...



on a real, live holiday

you can afford.



I want that fucker dead.



I don't blame you. I wouldn't want

Quaid porking my old lady.



- You saying she likes it?

- No, I'm sure she hated every minute.



Six-beta-nine, we have a live

transmission from Mr. Cohaagen.



- Richter here.

- Patch it through.



- What is going on?

- I'm trying to neutralize a traitor.



I want him alive, you moron.



No. He knows too much.



Lori says

he can't remember anything.



In an hour

he could have total recall.



Listen to me, Richter. I want Quaid

delivered alive for reimplantation.



Have you got that?



I want him back in place

with Lori.



Did you hear me?



What was that, sir?

I couldn't hear you.



I got Quaid again.



Switching to another channel.

I've got sunspots.



- Call him back!

- I'm losing you.



- Where is he?

- Second level, galleria.



We should've killed Quaid

on Mars.



- How we doing?

- Fine.



Zooming in.



We got him!



If you want to live,

don't hang up.



- What do you want?

- You've been bugged.



They'll be there in three minutes

unless you do as I say.



Don't bother searching.

The bug's in your skull.



- Who are you?

- Never mind.



Wrap a wet towel around your head.

That'll muffle the signal.



- How'd you find me?

- I'd advise you to hurry.



This'll buy you some time.

They won't be able to pinpoint you.



- Shit!

- What?



- I lost him.

- Well, find him!



Yeah, right.



Hurry up.

You look beautiful.



Now go to the window.




Can you see me down here?



- This is the suitcase you gave me.

- I gave you?



I'm gonna set it here.

Come and get it, keep moving.



- Wait. Wait.

- What?



- Who are you?

- We were buddies in the Agency on Mars.



You asked me, if you disappeared,

to find you, so here I am.



What was I doing on Mars?



Excuse me, but this is mine.



- I don't see your name on it.

- Someone left it for me.



- Find your own bag.

- I need it!



Fuck you, you asshole!



He's gotta be around here




That guy there.



Hello, I'm Johnnycab.

Where can I take you tonight?



Drive. Drive!



- Please repeat the destination.

- Anywhere! Just go! Go!



Please state the street

and number.



Shit. Shit!



I'm not familiar with that address.

Would you please repeat--



Fasten your seat belt!



The fare is    credits, please.



Sue me, dickhead.



We hope you enjoyed the ride.



Howdy, stranger.

This is Hauser.



If things have gone wrong,

I'm talking to myself...



and you've got a wet towel

wrapped around your head.



Whatever your name is,

get ready for the big surprise.



You are not you.

You are me.



No shit.




six-beta-nine, come in.



Did you find him?



We picked up an explosion

at the old cement factory.



Send two units.

We'll meet you there.



All my life I've worked

for Mars intelligence.



I did Cohaagen's dirty work.



But recently I met somebody--

a woman--



and I learned a few things.



I've been playing

for the wrong team.



All I can do now is try

to make up for it.



There's enough shit in here

to fuck Cohaagen good.



But if you're listening to this,

that means he has got to me first.



Here comes the hard part.



Now it is all up to you.






- What have we got?

- Nothing here.



- He's gone.

- I got a weak signal over there.



Find him.



First let's get rid

of that bug in your head.



Take this thing out of the case

and stick it up your nose.



Don't worry.

It's self-guiding.



Just shove real hard.



When it crunches, you're there.



Just pull it out.



Be careful.

It's my head too.



I've got a lock.



Up. Let's go.



This is the plan.



Get your ass to Mars...



go to the Hilton and flash

the Brubaker l.D. at the desk.



That's it.



Just do what I say and we can nail

that bastard who fucked you and me.



I'm counting on you, Buddy.



Don't let me down.



Straight ahead.



In there.






Give me that.






Get your ass to Mars--

Get your ass to Mars--



Welcome to the Mars

Federal Colony.



For your safety and comfort,

domes have been installed...



to protect you

from the vacuum outside.



Please do not touch

exterior windows or air locks.



Air volume is limited. No smoking

is allowed anywhere in the colony.






Thank you,

and enjoy your stay on Mars.






- Get out of the way.

- Make way!



Stand back.



Mr. Cohaagen wants to see you

right away.



Any news of Quaid?



- Not since you lost him.

- Watch your mouth, Captain.



- How long do you plan to stay?

- Two weeks.



Look at that shit.



- What the hell's this?

- The Martians love Kuato.



They think

he's fuckin' George Washington.



Kill the bastard.



Nobody knows who he is.



Have you brought

any fruits or vegetables?



Two weeks.



Excuse me?



Two weeks.



It's not just graffiti. The rebels

took over the refinery last night.



The rebels took over

the refinery last night.



No terbinium is going out.



And it gets worse.






- That's Quaid!

- Where?



The woman!

Get him-- her!



Arrest that woman!



Grab her!






Get ready for a surprise!



- Open the goddamn door!

- I can't!



Open it!



They're all connected!



A few days ago

Cohaagen raised the price of air.



- Again?

- Nobody on Earth cares about Mars.



They just want our terbinium

so they can fight their war.



Excuse me. What's that?



You mean the Pyramid Mine?



I used to work there until

they found that alien shit inside.



Well, that's a rumor,

isn't it?



Think so?



Mr. Cohaagen.



You wanted to see me, sir?






do you know why I'm so happy?



No, sir.



Because I've got the greatest job

in the solar system.



As long as the terbinium keeps flowing,

I can do anything I want.






In fact...



my only worry

is that one day...



if the rebels win...



it all might end...



and you're making it happen!



First you try to kill Quaid,

then he escapes.



He had help from our side, sir.



I know that.



- But I thought--

- Who told you to think?



I don't give you enough information

to think.



You do what you're told.

That's what you do.



Yes, sir.



Let's get to business.



We've got

a tricky situation here.



Kuato wants

what's in Quaid's head.



He might be able to get it.

They say he's psychic.



I have a plan

to keep this from happening.



Suppose you could play along?



- Yes, sir.

- Great.



Otherwise, I'll erase your ass.



You need a taxi?

I got magazines, music, whisky.



You need a cab?

Come on!



Can I help you?



I would like a room, please.



Nice to have you back, Mr. Brubaker.

Would you like the same suite?






You've left something in our safe.



Could you get it?






- I'll encode your room key.

- Thank you.



- Suite     in the east wing.

- Thank you.



- Could I borrow your pen, please?

- Certainly.



Thank you.



Hey, man, you need a cab?



- What's wrong with this one?

- He ain't got five kids to feed.



- Where's yours?

- Right over there.



Hey, asshole!

That's my fare!



Eat this!



Damn you, Benny!



Welcome to Mars, man!



- What was that, an accident?

- That's the rebels.



Let's get outta here...



before they arrest us!



What do the rebels want?



The usual.

More money, more freedom, more air.



So, where to?



Last Resort.



You're getting off

to an early start.



- First time on Mars?

- Yes.



Well, actually, no.



Well, sort of.



The man don't even know

whether he's been to Mars or not.



Voila. Venusville.



Hey, you see anything you like?



End of the line.

We'd better walk from here.



I'll show you where.



- Do you want to know the future?

- What about the past?



It's around the corner,

right down this alley.



They got everything.



Not bad, huh?



Read your palm? Your mind? Your aura?

Probe the secrets of your heart?



I bet I can guess

your birthday.



- You're a Taurus, right?

- How did you guess?



- Tell me, are all psychics--

- Freaks?



Afraid so.

It goes with the territory.



- What happened to them?

- Cheap domes, no air to clean the rays.



This is it. The Last Resort.

You sure you want to go in here?



- Why not?

- There's a better place down there.



The girls are cleaner,

the liquor ain't watered down--



Sure, and you get kickbacks.



Hey, man,

I got five kids to feed.



Take them to the dentist.



Thanks, mister!

I'll be waiting for you.



Take your time.

Benny's the name.



- What do you want?

- Melina.



She's busy.



But Mary here, she's free.



Well, not free, honey, but...







I'll wait for Melina.



Earth slime.



Thing is, friend,

Mel's real picky.



She sticks to her regulars.



She'll like me.






Hello, Hauser.



Still bulging, I see.



- What you been feeding this thing?

- Blondes.



I think it's still hungry.



You got a lot of nerve

showing your face around here, Hauser.



Look who's talking.



Hey, Tony,

give the big guy a break.



Relax. You'll live longer.



Come on.



- Honey, take care of Tony, will you?

- No problem.



If you need any help with this one,

give me a holler.



You son of a bitch.



You're alive? I thought that

Cohaagen tortured you to death.



Well, I guess he didn't.



And you couldn't get me a message? You

never wondered what happened to me?



Hauser, thank God you're alive.



Melin-- Melina.




- I have to tell you something.

- What?



- I don't remember you.

- What are you talking about?



I don't remember you.



I don't remember us.

I don't even remember me.



Did you get amnesia?

How did you get here?



- Hauser left me a note.

- You're Hauser.



Not anymore.



Now I'm Quaid.

Douglas Quaid.



- Hauser, you've lost your mind.

- No, Cohaagen stole it.



He found out that Hauser switched sides,

so he turned him into somebody else: me.



This is too weird.



He dumped me on earth

with a wife and a lousy job--



Did you say wife?

Are you fucking married?



- She wasn't really my wife.

- Oh, she isn't?



How stupid of me.

She was Hauser's wife?



- Forget that I said wife.

- Let's just forget everything.



- I'm sick of hearing your goddamn lies.

- Why would I lie to you?



Because you're still

working for Cohaagen.



Don't be ridiculous.



You never loved me, Hauser.



You just used me to get inside.



Inside what?



I think you'd better leave.



-Melina, Hauser sent me to do something.

-I'm not falling for it.



He says there's enough in here

to nail Cohaagen for good.



- Get out!

- You've got to help me remember!



- I said, get out!

- Melina, please!



People are trying to kill me.






All right, I'm leaving.



Baby, you make me wish

I had three hands.



I think you're doing

just fine with two.



Excuse me, baby.

We'll pick this up later.



Hey, that didn't take long.



Let me ask you a question.

Did you ever fuck a mutant?



- Take me to the hotel.

- I know these Siamese twins.



Man, you won't know

if you're coming or going.



This afternoon at  :   p.m., I signed

an order declaring martial law...



This afternoon at  :   p.m., I signed

an order declaring martial law...



throughout the Mars federal colony.



I will not tolerate any further damage

to our mineral export operations.



Mr. Kuato and his terrorists

must understand...



that their self-defeating efforts

will only bring misery and suffering--



Mr. Quaid?






I need to talk to you

about Mr. Hauser.



- Who are you?

- Dr. Edgemar from Rekall.



- How did you find me?

- It's difficult to explain.



Could you open the door?

I'm unarmed.



Don't worry. I'm alone.

May I come in?



- What do you want?

- This will be hard for you to accept.



- I'm listening.

- You're not really standing here now.



- Doc, you could have fooled me.

- I'm quite serious.



You're not here

and neither am l.



That's amazing.



- Where are we?

- At Rekall.



You're strapped into

an implant chair...



and I'm monitoring you

from the psychoprobe console.



Ah, I get it.

I'm dreaming.



And all this is part of the delightful

vacation your company has sold me.



Not exactly.



What you're experiencing is a free-form

delusion based on our memory tapes...



but you're inventing it

yourself as you go along.



If it is my delusion,

who the hell invited you?



I've been artificially implanted

as an emergency measure.



I'm sorry to tell you this,

but you've suffered a schizoid embolism.



We can't snap you

out of your fantasy...



and I've been sent in

to try to talk you down.



How much is Cohaagen

paying you for this?



Think about it. Your dream started

in the middle of the implant procedure.



Everything after that--

the chases, the trip to Mars...



the suite at the Hilton-- are elements

of your Rekall Holiday and Ego Trip.



You paid to be a secret agent.



Bullshit. It's coincidence.



And what about the girl?



Brunette, athletic,

sleazy and demure?



Just as you specified.

Is that coincidence?



She's real. I dreamt about her

before I even went to Rekall.



Mr. Quaid.



Can you hear yourself?

She's real because you dreamed her?



- That's right.

- Maybe this will convince you.



Would you mind opening the door?



- You open it.

- No need to be rude.



I'll do it.






Come in, Mrs. Quaid.



- I suppose you're not here either.

- I'm here...



at Rekall.



I love you.



Right. That's why

you tried to kill me.



No. I'd never do

anything to hurt you.



I want you to come back to me.



- Bullshit.

- What's bullshit, Mr. Quaid?



That you're having a paranoid episode

triggered by acute neurochemical trauma?



Or that you're really

an invincible secret agent from Mars...



who's the victim of an interplanetary

conspiracy to make him think...



he's a lowly construction worker?



Stop punishing yourself, Doug.



You're a fine, upstanding man.

You have a beautiful wife who loves you.



Your whole life is ahead of you.



But you've got to want

to return to reality.



Let's assume I do.

Then what?



- Swallow this.

- What is it?



It's a symbol of your desire

to return to reality.



Inside your dream,

you'll fall asleep.



All right, let's say you're telling

the truth and this is all a dream.



Then I could pull this trigger

and it won't matter.



- Doug, don't.

- It won't make a difference to me.



But the consequences to you would be

devastating. In your mind I'll be dead.



With no one to guide you out,

you'll be stuck in permanent psychosis.



Doug, let Dr. Edgemar help you.



The walls of reality

will come crashing down.



One minute you'll be the savior of

the rebel cause, and right after that...



you'll be Cohaagen's bosom buddy.



You'll even have fantasies about

alien civilizations, as you requested...



but in the end,

back on earth you'll be lobotomized!



So get a grip on yourself, Doug,

and put down that gun!



Good. Now take the pill

and put it in your mouth.



Swallow it!



Go ahead, sweetheart.



Now you've done it.

Now you've done it!



That's for making me come to Mars.



You know how much I hate

this fucking planet!



Cuff him.



-I got him.

-Bring him down in the service elevator.



Let's go.



Fuck you!









you wouldn't hurt me,

would you, sweetheart?



Sweetheart, be reasonable.



After all, we're married.



Consider that a divorce.



That was your wife?



What a bitch.



Hey, get out of the way!



I thought you didn't like me.



If Cohaagen wants you dead,

you might be okay.



- Got it.

- So you've come back to apologize.



Kuato wants to see you.



Come on.



- Now what?

- Jump!



No! Don't do it!

You'll crack the fucking dome!



What are you trying to do, kill us?

The dome will crack!









Melina! Melina!



- Need a ride?

- Last Resort.



You guys are going in circles.






Come on! You drive!



You guys are in trouble?



Go! Go!



- What are you trying to do to me?

- Shut up and drive!



Hey, I got five kids to feed!






No brakes!



You idiot!



What are you doing?



Christ! Now they're after me!



Give me that!



Get out of the way!






Get out of the way!

Come on!



Come on! Come on!



Thank you, Tony.



You wanna have some fun?



Where are they?



What are you talking about?

I don't know.



Maybe you know.



Kill them all!









- A call from Cohaagen!

- Richter here.



- We've got them pinned down.

- Stop fighting and pull out.



But they've got Quaid.

They're protecting him.




Get out of Sector G now.



Don't think.



- Do it!

- Yes, sir.



Pull 'em out.



Everybody, pull out!






- Cohaagen's sealing off the area!

- Come on, Benny!



The first settlers

are buried here.



They worked themselves to death, but

Cohaagen ended up with all the money.



He built cheap domes and watched

the kids turn into freaks.



I saw them.



And if you want to breathe,

you have to buy his air.



Maybe you can change all that.



Hey, I think my grandpa

might be here.



So what can I do?



Kuato's gonna make you remember some

things you knew when you were Hauser.



- Like what?

- All sorts of things.



- Maybe you'll remember you loved me.

- I don't need Kuato for that.



Since when?






Come on, Melina.



Kuato's waiting.



I didn't find Grandpa, but--



Oh, shit.



- Who's this?

- He helped us get away.



Hey, don't worry about me, man.

I'm on your side.



You're a mutant, huh?



All right, let's go.



- Have you tried ramming down the door?

- You wait here. Follow me.



It won't do any good.



- Cohaagen depressurized the tunnels.

- Then drill through to Section M.



We can't.

We're running out of air.



We need help.



Sit tight.

Melina just got here with Quaid.



I hope he was worth it.



So do l.



- I'm glad you made it.

- You don't look glad.



Cohaagen sealed up Venusville.

He shut off the air.



You must know something

pretty important, Quaid.



He wants you.



If we don't hand you over, everybody

in this sector will be dead by morning.



Then we don't have much choice.



We can't turn him in.



That's up to Kuato.

Come with me, Quaid.



Sit down.



- Where's Kuato?

- On his way.



You heard the rumors

about the Pyramid Mine?






Cohaagen found something weird inside

and it's got him scared shitless.



What? Aliens?



- You tell me.

- I don't know.



Yes, you do.

That's why we brought you here.



Cohaagen's big secret

is buried in that black hole...



you call a brain.



And Kuato's gonna dig it out.



- You're Kuato, right?

- Wrong.



Kuato's a mutant,

so don't get upset when you see him.



What do you want, Mr. Quaid?



Same as you: to remember.



But why?



- To be myself again.

- You are what you do.



A man is defined by his actions...



not his memory.






take my hands.



Now open your mind to me.






Open your mind.



Open your mind.



Open your mind.



Open your mind.



Open your mind.



We should blow the thing up

before the rebels turn it on.



I say we throw the switch

and see what happens.



- Don't be an idiot.

- We can't risk it.



The chain reaction could spread

to all the terbinium in the planet.



That means a meltdown,

a meltdown on a planetary scale.



Don't you think whoever

built this thing thought of that?



Who knows what the hell they thought?

They weren't human.



Maybe it's a trap.

Maybe they want a meltdown.



We don't even know

if this piece of junk will work.



What is it?

A million? Half a million?



- About half a million.

- Half a million years old.



Let's make sure Kuato--



Wake up! Wake up!

Come on, wake up!



They found us! Shit!

Let's go!



Wake up! Snap out of it!

Come on!



They found us!



- Everybody out!

- Melina!



Get moving! Get out!



Get out!



Everybody out! Get out!



Get to the air lock! Follow me!



Benny, come on!



- Benny!

- I'm coming!



Put these spacesuits on!

We're going outside!



Benny, hurry.



Congratulations, Quaid.



You led us right to him.



How can you do this?

You're a mutant.



I got four kids to feed.



So what happened to number five?



Shit, man. You got me.



I ain't even married.



Now put your fucking hands

in the air!









Forget it, man.

His fortunetelling days are over.



Start the reactor.



Free Mars.



Mr. Cohaagen

would like to talk to you.



So this is the great man.



No wonder he kept out of sight.



Well, my boy...



you're a hero.



Fuck you.



Don't be modest.

Kuato is dead.



The resistance is completely wiped out,

and you were the key to the whole thing.



He's lying.



You two-faced bastard.



You can't blame him, angel.

He's innocent.



You see, Quaid, none of my people

could get close to Kuato.



Fucking mutants

could always sniff us out.



So Hauser and I sat down

and invented you, the perfect mole.



You know you're lying.

Hauser turned against you.



That's what we wanted

you to think.



The fact is, Hauser volunteered

to become Doug Quaid.



It was the only way

to fool the psychics.



Get your story straight.



This idiot has been trying to kill me

ever since I went to Rekall.



You don't kill somebody

you're trying to plant.



He wasn't in on it.

You set him off by going to Rekall.



- So why am I still alive?

- We gave you lots of help.



- Benny here.

- My pleasure, man.



The guy with the suitcase,

the mask, the money...



the message from Hauser,

all of that was set up by us.



Sorry. Too perfect.



Perfect, my ass!



You pop your memory cap

before we can activate you.



Richter goes hog-wild, screwing up

everything I spent a year planning.



Frankly, I'm amazed it worked.



Well, Cohaagen...



I have to hand it to you.

It's the best mind-fuck yet.



Well, don't take my word for it.



-Someone you trust wants to talk to you.

-Who is it this time?



My mother?



Howdy, Quaid.



If you're listening to this,

it means that Kuato is dead...



and you have led us to him.



I knew you wouldn't let me down.



Sorry for the shit

I've put you through, but hey...



what are friends for?



I would like to wish you happiness

and long life, old buddy...



but unfortunately,

this is not gonna happen.



You see, it's my body you've got there

and I want it back.



Sorry to be an lndian giver,

but I was here first.



So adios, amigo.



And thanks for not

getting yourself killed.



Hey, maybe we'll meet

in our dreams.



You never know.



You bastards!



Let go of me!



- Ready?

- Auto.



- Check.

- Ready to go, sir.



Relax, Quaid.



- You'll like being Hauser.

- The guy's a fucking asshole.



That's not true.

He's one of my best friends.



Besides, he's got

a big house and a Mercedes.



And you like Melina, right?

You'll get to fuck her every night.



That's right.

She's going to be Hauser's babe.



I'll bust his balls.



Uh-uh, princess.



We're having you fixed.



You're going to be respectful,




and appreciative,

the way a woman should be.



Mr. Cohaagen, telephone.



Yes? What is it?



The oxygen level

is bottoming out in Sector G.



What do you want me

to do about it?



- Don't do anything.

- But they won't last an hour, sir.



Fuck 'em.



It'll be a good lesson

to the others.



You got what you want.

Give these people air.



My friend, in five minutes

you won't give a shit about the people.



Fire it up, Doc.



Excuse me, Doctor.



- Is he gonna remember any of this?

- Not a thing.



Oh, really?



Quaid, I'm having a party tonight.



Why don't you and Melina drop by.

Remind him, Doc.



- Sure.

- See you at the party.



Keep still.

Fighting just makes it hurt.



If you don't keep still,

you'll end up psychotic.



Hey, don't!



Melina, hold on!



Are you all right?

Are you still you?



I'm not sure, dear.

What do you think?



Let's get the hell out of here.



You have to make a decision, sir.



Kill him.



It's about goddamn time.



- Where are you going?

- To the reactor.



- What reactor?

- The one in the mines. Come on!



People are dying, Quaid!

Stop! We've got to get air!



The reactor makes air.

That's Cohaagen's secret. Let's go.



Where's this reactor come from?



- Aliens built it.

- Aliens?



- Are you sure about this?

- It's just up ahead.



What the hell--






Hey, Quaid, you remember me?



Benny! Benny's the name!



Oh, that's good!



I'm gonna drill you, sucker!



I'm gonna grind you up!



I'm coming!



I'm coming for you, baby!



What the fuck is this?



Damn this piece of Martian junk!



Hey, Quaid,

I'm gonna squash you!



Benny, here!



Where the fuck are you?



Screw you!



Quaid, get over here!



What is it?



There's an opening.



I knew it.



This whole thing is one big reactor

made out of terbinium.



Cohaagen knows it makes air.

The bastard won't turn it on.



Of course not.



If Mars had an atmosphere,

he'd lose control.



See down there?



It's a glacier.



The whole core of Mars is ice.



The reactor melts it...



and it releases the oxygen.



Come on.



- Enough for everyone to breathe?

- Sure.



Enough for the whole planet.



If we turn it on in time.



Come on. Come on!



Hold on.






Son of a bitch.






He's got a hologram!



You think this is

the real Quaid? It is.



You're coming with me!



See you at the party, Richter.



Don't touch that!



Get away! Get back!



What are you afraid of?



- Turn it on.

- Impossible!



Once the reaction starts, it'll spread

to all the terbinium in the planet.



Mars will go into

global meltdown.



That's why the aliens

never turned it on.



And you expect me

to believe you?



Who gives a shit what you believe?

ln    seconds you'll be dead.



Then I'll blow this place up

and be home in time for corn flakes.



I didn't want it to end this way.



I wanted Hauser back.

But no.



You had to be Quaid!



- I am Quaid.

- You're nothing!



You're nobody!

You're a stupid dream.



Well, all dreams come to an end.



Melina, hold on!



Don't do it!



We'll all die!



Everybody will die!






I can't believe it.

It's like a dream.



What's wrong?



I just had a terrible thought.

What if this is a dream?



Well, then kiss me quick

before you wake up.


Special help by SergeiK