Touch Of Evil Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Touch Of Evil script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Orson Welles movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Touch Of Evil. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Touch Of Evil Script








[Woman Laughing]



[Jazz From Car Stereo]



[Whistle Blowing]



[People Chattering,




[Whistle Blowing]






- Uh, you folks American citizens?

- I am, yes.



- Where were you born, miss?

- Missus.



- What?

- Philadelphia.



- The name is Vargas.

- Hey, Jim! See who's here?



Sure. Mr. Vargas.

Hot on the trail of another dope ring?



Hot on the trail

of a chocolate soda for my wife.



- Wife?

- Barely a bride, officer.



- [Chuckling]

- Hey, can I get through?



Lotta talk up here about

how you cracked that Grandi business.



- What?

- Yeah, we hear you caught the big boss.



Only one of'em. The Grandis

are a big family. Good night.



Good night.

No purchases, Mr. Linnekar.



- Hey. Hey, I got this...

- Are you an American citizen, miss?



- You know, I've got this ticking noise...

- Yeah, okay.



- No, really.

This ticking noise in my head...

- Good night.



Mike, do you realize,

this is the very first time

we've been together in my country?



Do you realize, I haven't

kissed you in over an hour?






[People Chattering]



- 真 Que paso? 

- No se. Un car exploto. 



- Mike, what happened?

- That car that just passed us exploded.



The car?

How could it do that?



I don't know.

I'll have to try to find out.



- You'd better not come

any closer. There's...

- Oh.



We'll have to postpone

that soda, I'm afraid.



[Sirens Wailing]



- Mike, couldn't l...

- Susie, please, be careful.



- This could be very bad for us.

- For us?



For Mexico, I mean. Anyway,

there's nothing I can do over here.



- So?

- So, I'll try not to be too long.



Go on, darling.

You wait at the hotel.



- I thought you were back in Washington.

- I leave tomorrow.



- You know Schwartz from

the local D.A. 's office?

- How do you do, sir?



- Hi.

- Can you tell me who's in charge here?



I can't even tell you

what happened.



Why aren't you back in Mexico City?

Isn't that dope trial coming up?



Grandi? Yes, Thursday. I'd hope to go

back on the morning plane, but now...



- You mean, this business?

- I'm afraid so.



That bomb came from

the Mexican side of the border.



- The car did.

- Wow.



[Car Horn Honking]



Tengo un mensaje para usted. 

No me entiende. 



Lady, he says you don't understand

what he wants.



- I understand very well what he wants.

- He saved your life, lady.



Tell him

I'm a married woman...



and that my husband is

a great big official in the government,



ready and willing to knock out

all those pretty front teeth of his.



- That chief, lady, your husband...

- That's what he wants to talk about.



La Guera no entiende

que tengo algo para su esposo. 



" Follow this boy at once.



We have something

very important for Mr. Vargas."



Well, what have I got to lose?



Don't answer that.



- Lead on, Pancho.

- Sigame una mas. 



Across the border again?






Hey, Doc!

Here comes the D.A.



- Where's Captain Quinlan?

- Got him out of bed at his ranch.

He's on his way.



Old Hank must be the only one in the

county who didn't hear the explosion.






Terrible thing, isn't it?

Has the daughter been told?



- They're bringing her over now...

to identify her father's body!

- That's right.



An hour ago Rudy Linnekar

had this town in his pocket.



Now you can strain him

through a sieve.



I guess that's my father.



Now, Miss Linnekar,

can you identify the woman?



- I'm not acquainted

with my father's girlfriends.

- Okay, Miss Linnekar.



Well, here comes Hank at last.



Vargas, you've heard of Hank Quinlan,

our local police celebrity.



- I'd like to meet him.

- That's what you think.



Did they toss it in,

or was it planted ahead of time?



- Who?

- Whoever did it, you jackass.



- [Jazz]

- [Dog Barking In Distance]



- Hey, lady. Look at the pretty baby.

- Mira el nino. 



En la calle me llamo Pancho. 



My nephew says

you call him " Pancho." Why?



- Why you call him Pancho?

- Just for laughs, I guess.



This note says

you have something for my husband.



Yeah. Senor Vargas, eh?



You know who I am?



- You want me to guess?

- My name is Grandi.






You've heard that name

before, hmm?



Aside from the case

my husband's been working on,



isn't "Grandi" what

that nightclub is called?



Yeah. Yes.



Grandi's " Rancho Grande."

My gun.



It's kind of a joke.



Get it?



I can't say it's

the funniest thing I ever heard.



The name ain't Mexican.

I got a permit for this thing.



The Grandi family is living here

in Los Robles a long time.



Some of us in Mexico,

some of us on this side.



- Must be convenient for business.

- Yeah?



- What business?

- Grandi business.



- Yeah? Yeah?

- Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah!



You know what's wrong with you,

Mr. Grandi? You've been seeing

too many gangster movies.



- Mike may be spoiling some of your fun.

- Mike?



My husband. Yeah.



And if you are trying

to scare me into calling him off,



let me tell you something,

Mr. Grandi:



I may be scared,

but he won't be.



You figured it was

a bomb then, Hank.



Well, Chief, Rudy Linnekar

could've been struck by lightning.



- Where's the daughter?

- Marcia? Got her waiting

right here for you, Hank.



Let her go.



You don't even wanna

question the daughter?



Let her go

and put a tail on her.



- Let's see if there was

someJane that Linnekar...

- Just some stripteaser.



- What do you know,

the D.A., in a monkey suit.

- [Chuckling] Well, it's...



- And you too. You got one of them suits.

- We were all at the banquet.



- A political rally.

- No, Tootsie's Steak House.



G-Men, T-Men.



Quite a little tea party

for Rudy Linnekar's bonfire.



Yeah, I hear he even invited

some kind of a Mexican...



Oh, I don't think Mr. Vargas

claims any jurisdiction. 



I should hope not. Two people...

Americans... are blown to hash...



with dynamite practically

in my own police station.



I wonder, what makes you

so very sure it was dynamite?



- My leg.

- Your what?

- [Man] His game leg. 



Sometimes he gets a kind of a twinge

like folks do for a change of weather.



"Intuition," he calls it.



Vargas has a theory that

the murder itself was committed

outside of ourjurisdiction. 



- Of course, we're...

all of us... going to cooperate.

- [Vargas] Don't worry. 



I'm merely what the United Nations

would call an observer.



You don't talk like one.

I'll say that for you.



Mexican, I mean.



Captain, you won't have

any trouble with me. 



You bet your sweet life I won't.



As a matter of fact, Mike must

be looking for me just about now,



- And that's bound to mean trouble.

- [Chuckling]



- What's so funny about that?

- Preguntale si su marido es celoso. 



Uh, he wants to know

if your husband is jealous, senora.



You silly little pig.



- Who are you talking about?

- I'm talking about you, you ridiculous,



old-fashioned, jug-eared, 

lopsided little Caesar. 



I didn't get that, senora.

You'll have to talk slow.



I'm talking slow,

but in a minute, I'll start to yell.



I wouldn't do that, senora.






Just a little while ago,

this was a quiet, peaceful town here,



- And now this Vargas comes along and...

- Mr. Grandi!



Mr. Grandi, you said you had

something for my husband. 



- Don't you think

it's time you gave it to me.

- I think it's time for him...



to lay off my brother

in Mexico City!



That's advice.



That's what I got for him.



Then the conference is over?



I'm free to leave?



Free? Nobody was holding you

or keeping you, Mrs. Vargas.



Nobody laid a hand on you.



You were just paying us

a little visit. 






good-bye, all.



Quinlan, we just can't

cross over into Mexico like this.



- Thousands do every day.

- Tourists, but...



So, we're tourists.



Captain Quinlan wants

to check on the girl...



that was with Linnekar

in the death car.



I know. She was one of the stripteasers.

I think I told you.



- Yeah, Pete told me

before I left the ranch.

- That's right.



And I told him that I wanted to see

all the stripteasers in the joint.



This is Mexican territory.

What can we do?



There's no law against visitors

asking questions, is there, Mr. Vargas?



Hey, where'd he go?



Susie, where

in the world were you?



- Oh, Mike, darling.

Just wait till I tell you.

- What happened?



The craziest thing...



- Who's theJane?

- His wife.



Well, what do you know?

She don't look Mexican either.



[Quinlan] The key

to this whole thing's the dynamite.



The killer didn't just

want Linnekar dead.



He wanted him destroyed, 




[Menzies] Over here, Vargas. 

We're going in the back way. 



Senor Vargas. Senor Vargas. 






[Glass Shattering]



Anything wrong, Vargas?




No, I just couldn't catch him.



- I hardly knew her.

- [Grunting]



- Adair, come on.

- Yes, yes, and I'm not

finished with you yet.



- The show's over. I'm going home.

- Oh. Oh, no. No, ma'am.



Mr. Adair, as far as I could

fiind out, none of these people

even knew the murdered girl. 



- Let's talk to this young lady.

- Zita? I didn't know her.



She only joined the show

a few days ago.




We're wasting our time around here.



Oh, I wouldn't say that.

Well, good night, my dear.



- [Schwartz] What happened

to Menzies and Vargas?

- I don't know.



- [Adair] I'll give you a call.

There may be more questions.

- They'll show up.



- [Pianola]

- Hmm, a pianola.



Hank, we-we go this way,

you know?



Tana still...

open for business?



I don't know what Quinlan

thinks she's got to do with it.



Tana? Oh, maybe

she'll cook chili for him...



or bring out the crystal ball.



[Pianola Continues]



We're closed.



- You been cookin' at this hour?

- Just cleanin' up.



Have you forgotten

your old friend, hmm?



- I told you we were closed.

- I'm Hank Quinlan.



I didn't recognize you.



- You should lay off those candy bars.

- [Grunting]



It's either the candy

or the hootch.



I must say, I wish it was

your chili I was getting fat on. 



Anyway, you're sure lookin' good.



- You're a mess, honey.

- Yeah. 



That pianola

sure brings back memories.



The customers go for it.



So old, it's new.



We got the television, too.



Rerun movies.

What can I offer you?



You haven't heard anything

about that bomb, have you?



That happened on your side

of the border.



In a place like this,

you hear things.



- I heard the explosion.

- Yeah. 



Well, when this case is over,



I must come around some night

and sample some of your chili.



Better be careful.

May be too hot for you.






Oh, Hank! Looks like

our friend Vargas ran into some trouble.



- Where? 

- In the alley behind the nightclub. 






- What happened to Vargas?

- What was it, Al?



- Nothing.

- Oh, no? 

- Al!



Certainly nothing to do

with this bombing up there.



- Somebody threw acid at Vargas.

- It doesn't matter. He missed me.



- Who was it, Al?

- I don't know.



- Oh.

- He got away.



Maybe it was

one of the Grandi kids.



- What makes you so sure, Captain? 

- Intuition.






Vargas and these Keystone Cops

seem to be giving the Grandi family... 



- Quite a few headaches lately.

- Captain.



- Did your intuition

also tell you about my wife?

- Wife?



She was accosted in the street

a little while ago...



and led across to some dive

on your side of the border.




The Vargas family...



seems to be getting into

quite a lot of trouble tonight.



- Can you describe this man?

- Well, the first one seems...



- Oh, the first one?

- To have been young, good-looking...



- Were there two men?

- Not exactly.



Not exactly. You're saying

she was taken to this dive by force?



Not by force. No.



- Oh.

- One of the Grandis was there waiting.



- Short, fat, with a mustache. 

- UncleJoe.



I haven't run into him.




- They call him UncleJoe.

- That's right.



- Go on.

- W... What do you mean, "go on"?



I've told you what happened.

Aren't you going to do something?



- Make it a charge.

Isn't that police procedure in Mexico?

- Procedure?



- You say your wife was attacked.

- I did not say she was attacked.



- Did she say she was molested?

- Not physically. No. 



- Was obscene language used?

- I don't think so.



Then how do you explain the fact

that your wife allowed herself

to be picked up?



- She was not picked up!

- Now, Hank, I think we're getting off

on the wrong tack here.



- Then this good-looking

young man was a friend of hers?

- Obviously not.



- You wouldn't call that gettin'

picked up on the streets?

- Now, we mustn't forget... 



- That Mr. Vargas

is not on the witness stand.

- [Grunting]




Hank's a born lawyer, you know?



Lawyer? I'm no lawyer.

All a lawyer cares about is the law.



Captain, you are

a policeman, aren't you?



Aren't you?

You don't seem very fond of the job.



There are plenty of soldiers

who don't like war. It's a dirty job.



But it's what we're supposed

to be doing, isn't it?



I don't know about you.

When a murderer's loose,

I'm supposed to catch him.



Well, Pete, let's get

back to civilization.



Let's go, Hank! It's almost dawn. 

You gotta get some rest. 



Not a chance of that, partner.



We got a big day ahead of us.



See any better this way?



You can turn it off now, buster.

You're wasting your batteries.



- [Lightbulb Shattering]

- Susie, what are you

doing here in the dark?



There isn't any shade

on the window.



Well, can we turn

the light on now?



- No, we can't. 

- Why not?



Because there isn't

any bulb anymore.






Risto! Risto!



UncleJoe is plenty mad.

He wants to talk to you.



Risto! Risto, come back here!



Sal, grab him! Stop him!



Stop him, Sal!



Who told you to throw acid at Vargas?



Stop him!



Who told you to throw acid

at Vargas, hmm?



Who is the boss

of this family, hmm?



- Who is the boss?

- My old man.



Yeah, Vic, sure.

But he's in the pen!



Until he gets out,

who's running this outfit?



- Aw, stop it, will ya?

- Who's in charge?



- All right, you.

- [Grunting]



Oh, what a setup to work with.



One brother in jail.

Two others dead.



And nobody left to carry on

the business but a bunch of nephews.



- Listen, Uncle...

- Don't do that!



- You lost your rug.

- Half of you too wet behind the ears.



This isn't the real Mexico.

You know that.



All border towns bring out

the worst in a country.



I can just imagine your mother's face

if she could see our honeymoon hotel. 



- [Man] Senor Vargas. 

- Un momento.  Does this mean

you're taking that plane back?



- Telefono. 

- Telefono. 



- Because it doesn't leave

for another two hours yet.

- [Speaking Spanish]



All I can say is, if you are taking

that plane, I'm very glad. Bueno. 



I'm very glad

you're very glad. 






Who told you to start the funny stuff

with the acid? Who told you?



I just wanted to give that wife of his

something to think about

on the honeymoon.



- She's gonna get plenty.

Don't you worry.

- Here. You lost your rug.



- What? Oh.

- You lost your rug.



My old man is in no shape for the pen.

If they give him ten, he dies.



Yeah? And if Vargas gets hurt,

what happens?



My brother Vic is just as good

as convicted. You leave Vargas to me.



- UncleJoe? UncleJoe.

- What?



Sal, take it to her.



- Esto es para usted. 

- I don't want any more postcards.



真 Que es eso?  I don't speak

any Spanish. What do you want?



I don't know.

I was told to put this in your hands.



[Bell Ringing In Distance]



- Susan, that was the police.

- Mike, look at...



Quinlan has a lead.

I'm sorry. I have to meet him.



Now you must tell me

what you want to do.



If you are going to Mexico City,

I have time to take you to the airport.



- Perhaps that would be best

just for a few days.

- I don't think so.



- But just a minute ago...

- A minute ago I said a lot of things.



But now I think the best thing is

to stick close to my husband, okay?







[Ringing Continues]



- So, Mike, I'm coming with you.

- Coming with me?



But I have to see Quinlan

at the American police station.



- I'll wait at the motel.

- What motel?



Well, there must be one somewhere

on the American side of the border.



- The American side of the border.

- Oh, I'll be safe there.



You won't have to worry about me. 



Did I say the wrong thing again?



No. I suppose it would be nice

for a man in my place...



to be able to think he could look after

his own wife in his own country.



Oh, Mike, if I go to the American motel,

it's just for comfort.



- Sure. Sure.

- Not for safety.



Whatever you say.



[Ringing Continues]



[Male Announcer]... wealthy

contractor Rudolph Linnekar...



has defiinitely been identified

with a blond nightclub dancer... 



killed in the explosion a few yards

this side of the Mexican border. 



We're gonna get you

where it really hurts...



and without laying a hand on him.



[Chuckling] He's got a reputation.

He's got a young bride.



He's gonna leave this town

wishing he and that wife of his

had never been born.



- [Radio, Lounge]

- Now don't you see, darling,



if the bomb was planted in Mexico...



and the accused is Mexican,



what a scandal this could

turn into... internationally?



Might be kind of rough

on the tourist trade.



Susie, one of the longest

borders on Earth...



is right here between

your country and mine.



Open border.

Fourteen hundred miles...



without a single machine gun in place.



I suppose that all sounds

very corny to you.



I could love being corny

if my husband would only cooperate.



Hey, Susie.






[Radio Announcer Speaking Spanish]



[Siren Wailing]



- Vargas?

- Hello there, Schwartz.



Quinlan seems to be on something new.

Coming with us?



I have first to drop

my wife at the motel.



Captain Quinlan wants you to go with

him. I'll drop your wife at the motel.



- Oh, really, l...

- No trouble at all, ma'am.



- Aren't you going to drive me?

- I'll phone you, darling.



- What's the name of that motel?

- The Mirador.



- We're in some kind of a hurry, Vargas.

- Don't bother to phone.



That Mirador is

mighty hard to find...



with the new highway

branching off the way it does. 



- Hey! 

- That's all right. I can find the way.



His cane! I forgot

to give him his cane.



He really needs it

with that game leg of his.



- Did he ever tell you

how he got it, huh?

- What, the cane?



- No, his bad leg.

- Who are you talking about?



Captain Quinlan!



He got it in a gunfight,

Mrs. Vargas. That's how.



He was wounded stopping a bullet

that was meant for me.



I reckon the bravest thing

Hank ever did was to give up drink.



He used to be a terrible lush,

you know?



Look at him now. No sleep, still at it.

He never gives up.



[Brakes Squealing]



- What's wrong?

- What are you following us for?

Get out of the car.



A man can't take a ride in his own car?

What's the big idea?



- You'll find out. Come on.

- Don't push me. Keep your hands off me.



Wake up, Mrs. Vargas.

We're here.



- This is it.

- This can't be it.



This is all the motel

we got this side of town, ma'am.



The others are all on the new highway.

Most of them are closed up.



- Oh, no.

- Oh, yeah.



Now listen, Sergeant.

How long are you gonna hold me here?



Shut up. Mrs. Vargas,

can you identify this man?



- Of course, I can. That's Grandi.

- I know.



I'm a member of the family, sure,

but nobody has laid a hand on the girl.



Shut up. Get in the car.



- What about my car?

- You can leave it here.



- Where? Here?

In the middle of nowhere?

- You're comin' with me.



- On what charge?

- I don't know yet.

That's for Captain Quinlan to decide.



- What was Grandi doing way out here?

- He was following us in his car.



- I was driving along.

- Oh, well, where are my bags?



We've already put them by your cabin.

There it is.



The last one. Number  .



If you wanna change,

just phone the man at the desk.



- Off-season like this, I reckon

you're about the only one staying here.

- [Chuckling]



[Country, Through Wall Speaker]



Uh, uh, I turned the music

on up for you at the office.



- Uh, l...

- [Sighs] Oh.



I turned the music on up for you up at...

I thought you'd like...



Not just now! It's past  :  

and I haven't been to bed yet.






You can get into it now.

I brought the sheets.



They think I'm gonna help make it,

they got another thing comin'.



I'm-I'm not gonna be

a party to... nothin'.



I'm the night... uh...



It's-It's day already. 



- I'm the night man.

- Can't the day man help me

make the bed? 



There ain't no day man.




Supposed to be here at  :  

this morning,



and now they-they phoned me,

and they tell me he ain't comin' at all.



They're-They're sendin'

a new man. New man.



If they think I'm gonna stay here and

wait for him, they got another thing...



Well, won't you help me

make the bed?






Hey, wait a minute.



That-That friend of yours...

Mr. Grandi...



he-he-he ain't gonna

leave you here for long.



He is not my friend.



He-He brought you here

in that car, didn't he?



No, he didn't.

As a matter of fact, he's under arrest.



Under arrest?

Mr. Grandi?



- [Chuckling]

- Yes, he is.



[Man] Hold that second charge! 

Stop that car! 



[Man With Flag]

Hold that car! Stop, stop! Hold it!



Hey, uh, there was a complaint

about some stolen dynamite out here.



- Fired anybody lately?

- I figured you'd be asking about that.



Yeah? A boy named Sanchez?



Sure. He's been playin' around

with the boss's daughter.



Say, Captain, I just recognized

somebody over there at the blaster. 



- Oh, with the big ears?

- Our office prosecuted that guy

for voluntary manslaughter.



Get him over here.

That's Eddie Farnum.



- You!

- Got five to ten.



- You'll have to get out of here.

We're gonna blast again.

- How long've you been out?



- Three months.

- Quick parole.

- Who got you this job?



- My lawyer, Howard Frantz.

- [Radio Dispatcher] Come in, car    .



- Grandi's lawyer.

- Come in, car    .



- Suspect now in custody

at   Innes Place. 

- Well, this is it.



Suspect? That the one you've

been talking about, this Sanchez?



As far as I can make out,

they've located him. Right, Captain?



- Yeah, in Marcia Linnekar's

apartment. Come on.

- Stand still. We're gonna blast.



What's wrong, Farnum?

You short of dynamite?



[Siren Wailing]



[Tires Screeching]



Captain, have you anything

definite on this boy Sanchez?



Not yet. I'm just goin'

on my intuition.



- Hey, I think this car

belongs to Howard Frantz.

- Yeah?



You remember him? He was that slick

lawyer that got Farnum a parole.



Yeah, he was

Rudy Linnekar's attorney too.



- Isn't that Quinlan?

- Quinlan!



Well, it figured we'd have Hank Quinlan

to deal with. You finished packing?



- I've heard about that guy.

- Say nothing, my dear.

Leave everything to me.



Let's get your bag.



- Remember: I'll do all the talking.

- How do we begin?



Do we play around first

with a few nasty questions,



or does he get out

the rubber hose right away?



- Take it easy.

- Calmese. Contesta sus preguntas. 



- [Speaking Spanish]

- [Quinlan] Vargas! 



Yes, Captain.




Got my orders, Vargas. 



I'm supposed to extend you

every courtesy.



That don't mean you-you do

the interrogatin'.



I know, Captain.

That's what I told Sanchez.



- Uh, you're Ed Hansen?

- That's right, Captain Quinlan.



Uh, run out and get me

some coffee, Ed.



How about you, Miss Linnekar?

Marcia, isn't it?



- Want some coffee?

- No, thanks.



Hmm. I really need it.

I'm an old man, Marcia.



I go a whole night

without sleep... feel it.



Of course,

it was a lot worse for you.



Terrible thing

what happened to your dad.



You been livin' here for some time,

Marcia? How long?



- Four months.

- Marcia!



You had a little quarrel

with your dad?



- And move out on your own?

- I should introduce myself.

I'm Miss Linnekar's attorney.



- I know who you are.

- I'm Howard Frantz.



I'm Manolo Sanchez,

and I haven't got any attorney.



Uh, you two been sharin'

this apartment?



I must explain. On my advice,

my client is moving elsewhere.



That means she has been

living with this man.



She will hold herself available

for your later questions.



- I will be present, of course.

- Of course.



Uh, Marcia, where was

your friend Sanchez last night?



Later, Captain. Later.

After she's rested. Come, my dear.







Casey, would you take a look

in the desk there?



Might see some letters. That is, unless

you've already looked the place over.



- We know better than that.

We were waitin' for you.

- [Grunts]



No deben hacer eso. No tienen

ningun derecho de leer mis cartas. 



- Calmese. 

- L, uh...

- [Speaking Spanish]



- [Clears Throat]

I don't speak Mexican.

- No tengo ningunos derechos aqui. 



- Eres cobarde y tienes

miedo de estos gringos. 

- Un momento, muchacho. 



Keep it in English, Vargas.



It's all right with me. I'm sure he's

just as unpleasant in any language.



Unpleasant? Strange?



I've been told I have

a very winning personality.



The very best shoe clerk

the store ever had.



You weren't workin' as a shoe clerk

out on that construction crew.



- Stick around, Vargas.

- I intend to. 真 Puedo usar el telefono? 



Uh, be in English.

I don't like to repeat myself.



- I merely asked him

if I could use his telephone.

- Asked!



El telefono esta

en la recamara. 



- English.

- Translation:



The telephone is

in the bedroom, senor.



That's all he said.



Also, he told me he thinks

he's in for some sort of third degree.



I assured him he had

nothing to worry about.



Casey, go in with Vargas. Maybe he don't

know how to use an American telephone.



I think I ran into something here,

Captain. Some love letters.



Oh, you can read them in the bedroom.

I don't wanna leave Vargas alone.



- Okay.

- Save the good stuff for me.



- Now, in English...

- What do you want to know? 



Everything, boy. 

The works. Let's start...



- Want me to call the motel, Vargas?

- Later.



- That's how you happened

to meet Linnekar's daughter. 

- Yes. Selling her shoes. 



I've been at her feet ever since. 



Then the construction job. You stayed

long enough to get some dynamite. 



What're you scared of? 

I'd only slap you again if you

got hysterical. Wouldn't be brutal. 



Even in the old days, we never hurt

people in the face. It marks 'em up. 



- We gave it to 'em like this. 

- [Blow Landing, Sanchez Grunting]



- Boy's getting a rough deal.

- He could even be innocent, you know?



- Intuition?

- Why not? Quinlan doesn't

have a monopoly on hunches.



Well, who do you like

for the killer?



Early to tell.

Uh, that ex-convict.



- You mean out on

the highway job? Farnum?

- Maybe.



- Wait a minute.

Some dynamite was stolen.

- Yes.



- That construction crew's

working for Linnekar.

- Amigo, you're on to something.



Well, it's quite an apartment...

for a shoe clerk.



- Who pays for it? Marcia?

- What if she does?



Oh, how long has this

been going on, huh?



Ever since her father had me fired

from the last job, if you want to know.



Naturally, he objected to having

a Mexican shoe clerk for a son-in-law.



- So naturally, you had

to put him out of the way.

- Naturally!



- [Speaking Spanish]

- Just because he speaks

a little guilty...



that don't make

him innocent, you know?



You can show motive, yes. But won't

you need a bit more than that?



Oh, we'll get it.

Oh, there's my coffee.



Well, didn't you bring me

any donuts or sweet rolls?



- You'll have to put him

on the scene of the crime.

- We will.



- You've got to have some evidence.

- We'll get it. Well?



[Ed] You didn't ask me

to get any donuts, Captain. 



- Where you goin'?

- This is not my case, Captain.



What finally

convinced you of that?



This is not my country, that's all.

I'm not convinced.



Well, ain't that a shame, hmm?



- Is there another phone near here?

- Right across the street.



[Baby Crying]



Excuse me. Madam,

could I use your telephone, please?



Right in front of you.



Do you have a phone book?



I'm blind, mister.

You'll have to ask for information.



Oh, I'm sorry.



Hello? I'd like the telephone number

of the Mirador Motel.



- What is this place

you're taking me to?

- Get goin'.



- Now, listen, this is ridiculous.

- Now go on.



- Who's this?

- Who are you?

- Don't push.



- Where's Captain Quinlan?

- He's in there makin' a search.



- What am I doing in here?

- Oh, Hank!



- What's the idea,

barging in on me like this?

- Sorry, Hank.



- What you got in here?

- I forgot to give you your cane.



- All right, sit down.

- Queer thing, Hank.



- I know him.

- When I was taking Mrs. Vargas,

I picked this guy on the way.



It's UncleJoe Grandi.

Why'd you bring him in here?



For some crazy reason,

he was following me in his car.



- He was tailin' you?

- Yeah.



- [Chuckles]

- [Chuckles]



Why would I be following a cop?

He's an idiot.



Maybe because you thought

he was a Mexican cop.



Because you thought he was Vargas.

He was drivin' Vargas' car.



- Oh.

- Right?



You're right. So I thought

I was following Vargas. So what?



- Sit down.

- It's a free country.



- Shut up. 

- [Door Opens, Closes]



[Pop Blues]



[Phone Ringing]






[Mike] Is this the Mirador Motel?

I'm trying to...



Yes, it's the Mirador Motel,

and it's me.



Oh, darling,

the news is bad.



Quinlan is about to arrest

that boy Sanchez and...



Mike, is that why you called?

To tell me somebody's been arrested?



No, that's not really

why I called. It...



It's to tell you

how sorry I am about all this...



and how very, very much

I love you.



- Susie?

- I'm still here, my own darling Miguel.



Oh. I thought maybe

you'd fallen asleep.




I was just listening to you breathe.



It's a lovely sound,

but I am sleepy.






Of course you are.



Well, then, I'll be calling you

back later. Good-bye for now.






- Hello?

- [Man] Yes?



Oh, I just wanted to tell you

I'm awfully tired.



[Sighs] Excuse me,

this is Mrs. Vargas talking.



- I know. It couldn't be anybody else.

- Oh?



You're the only guest we got here

just now... in the whole place.



Oh, well,

as I started to tell you,



there's no sign

to put up outside the door,



and I just wanted to make sure

I wouldn't be disturbed.



Oh, that is, if you're

the one who's in charge.



Don't you worry, Mrs. Vargas.

I am the one who's in charge.



Nobody's going to get through

to you... unless I say so.



Vargas! Sergeant Menzies wanted me

to give you this. Your car key.






- Well, I was beginning to think

we'd lost you for good, amigo.

- I had a phone call to make.



- [Speaking Spanish]

- English. English.



- They've got me measured

for the fall guy.

- Now, just a minute.



Sure, I'm the fortune hunter

who hypnotized Marcia...



who made her kill her father

for his money.



If I had that kind of power, I wouldn't

be where I am today, believe me.



- You mean you don't

care about the money?

- Why should I lie?



If it hadn't been for the money,

I wouldn't have given her a tumble.



But I told her that right

at the beginning, but still she wanted...



Why bother?

You wouldn't believe it.



Try me.

I'm a good listener.



Well, instead of the man chasing

the girl, suppose she was the one.



Suppose she asked him to marry her.

What should he do?



Draw himself up and say,

" No, my dear, you and I...



could never be happy together

because of your money."



- What would you do, Vargas?

- The question is: What did you do?



- [Door Opening]

- [Quinlan]

Yeah, what did you do, boy? 



- Well, you know what I did,

Captain Quinlan.

- I know. I was asking you. 



- Marcia and I made a bomb.

- That's right, you made a bomb. 



- And we blew up her father, of course!

- [Quinlan Laughing]



Don't you see, you don't help yourself

by treating this as a joke?



Are you finished?

Anything more you wanna say, Vargas?



- No, Captain.

- Oh, good, well, Pete,

since you're here,



- Yes, Hank. 

- I wish you'd search the place.



I'm, uh, too tired

to go on with it.



Sanchez's desk

has been looked into.



- Take the bedroom and the bathroom.

- Okay, Hank! 



- I haven't been very thorough.

- Now listen,



how long do I have to sit here?



I wasn't breaking no laws. I was just...

I don't even know these people.



- You know Vargas, don't you?

- Who's this?



- UncleJoe Grandi. Another Grandi.

- UncleJoe?



- Yeah, you nabbed his brother

on a narcotics rap.

- I don't know this Grandi.



- Yeah? I got nothing

to do with you, Vargas.

- Shut up.



I'm an American citizen.



- Listen. Vic was arrested

in Mexico City, Captain.

- Shut up.



Vargas is gonna testify

at his trial Thursday.



It's got absolutely nothing

to do with...



You just try any rough stuff,

UncleJoe, and you'll find out.



He's a big shot in

the Mexican government. Listen.



If anybody lays a hand on Mr. Vargas

between now and Thursday,



my brother Vic is

just as good as convicted.



- [Menzies] Hank! 

- Yeah? What is it, Pete?



- I found it! 

- Found what, partner?



- Come here and look! 

- I don't even know this Sanchez.




All right, boy. Boy, you come in here. 



Now, in English, just

how much dynamite was it you stole? 



[Sanchez] What good

would it be to tell you that

I've never seen any dynamite? 




Poor Rudy Linnekar. He did all he could

to keep you away from his daughter. 



But she stands to inherit

a million bucks, so naturally

you just moved in here. 



- [Sanchez]

Marcia and I were married... secretly. 

- [Menzies] Yeah? 



[Quinlan] A million bucks. 

Ain't no secret about that. 



- [Menzies]

You got scared he'd change his will. 

- [Sanchez] Let up a minute. 



- [Menzies] You broke into

the explosives bin and stole...

- [Sanchez] That's a lie! 



- [Quinlan]

You stole ten sticks of dynamite! 

- [Sanchez] No! No! 



- Well, Hank has done it again.

He's nailed his man.

- Thanks to you, partner. 



Me? Ah!




If that dynamite had been

a snake there in the bathroom,

it would have bitten me.



- Bathroom?

- I promised Chief Gould

that I'd keep you informed. 



This is it.

We've broken the case.



Rudy Linnekar was blown up

with eight sticks of dynamite,

and Sanchez stole ten.



That leaves two,

and we found 'em both.



You heard that, boy.

We found the dynamite.



- That's impossible.

- We found two sticks.



- " Black Fox," the identical brand.

- The right number.



- Where did you find this? Where?

- Right here in your love nest.



- Where you had it stashed.

- What are you trying to do?



We're trying to strap you

to the electric chair, boy.



We don't like it when innocent people

are blown to jelly in our town.



Yes, an old lady on Main Street

last night picked up a shoe.



The shoe had a foot in it.

We're gonna make you pay for that mess.



- They're trying to railroad me.

I don't know why.

- Yeah.



I never stole any dynamite.

Soy inocente. 



- Yo juro que soy inocente. 

- You'll have to stop him yourself.



- [Speaking Spanish]

- From now on, he can talk Hindu

for all the good it'll do him.



He swears on his mother's grave

that there has never been

any dynamite in this apartment.



Sure. Sure.

Take him in. Book him.



Let's go.



- You say you found

this dynamite in the bathroom?

- Yeah.



- Pete found it.

Show him the dynamite, Pete.

- It's right here.



Can't you do something

to help me?



Oh, what're you scared of,




That stuff isn't nearly as easy

to blow up as people seem to think.



- It doesn't go off that easy.

- You found the dynamite in this box?






Yeah. Pete found it.

We told you that.



- Captain.

- Yeah?



I looked in that box just now.



There wasn't anything there.



I know how you feel.



- Do you?

- Sure, I do.



- You people are touchy.

- [Siren Blaring]



It's only human you'd want to come to

the defense of your fellow countryman.



- Vargas. Vargas, don't worry.

- Why should I worry?



Go right ahead and say

anything you want to.



Folks'll bear your

natural prejudice in mind.



- I saw that shoe box

ten minutes ago, Captain.

- Yeah, maybe you didn't notice.



I knocked it over

on the bathroom floor.



I couldn't very well have failed

to notice two sticks of dynamite.



- Tell any story you want to, Vargas.

- The shoe box was empty.



Go on sayin' it was empty.

Folks'll understand.



I'm sayin' more than that, Captain.



You framed that boy.

Framed him!



What's the matter with him, Hank?

Is he crazy?



- That must be it. Crazy.

- Hank, what're we gonna do

with Grandi? Take him in?



- Grandi?

- I think you ought to realize, Quinlan,



if a man of Vargas' position

is willing to testify...



Who you workin' for?

The Mexican government?



- I'm working for the district attorney.

- [Car Engine Starting]



I've got a position in this town,

a reputation. Who's Vargas?



- Vargas is kind of important, too, Hank.

- Uh...



Somebody's gonna have

to give in on this thing.



Either that or

somebody's gonna be ruined.



- Captain Quinlan.

- What do you want?



Schwartz, you saw that shoe box

in the bathroom. You know it was empty.



Well, now, I didn't happen

to see it myself, but I believe ya.



We are both after

the same exact thing, Captain.



If Vargas goes on like this, shooting

his face off like he was just now...



- Ah, move along. Stop makin' trouble.

- Trouble?



Who's the one who is

making trouble? Vargas? Sure.



For my brother Vic in Mexico City.

For you here.



- Go peddle your papers, UncleJoe.

- You said it yourself.



- [Bell Tolling]

- Somebody's reputation

has got to be ruined.



Why shouldn't it be Vargas'?



- What are you waitin' for?

- Nothin', Hank. L...



- Well, we got work to do.

- Okay, Hank. Okay.



- Well, what do you want?

- Nothing, Captain.

Nothing that you don't want too.



Go on. Spit it out, Grandi.



Captain, we cannot stand

out here in the street.



Why don't we go somewhere

nice and private, hmm,



where we can sit down

and have a drink?



I don't drink.



[Tolling Continues]






[Car Engine Rumbling]



[People Chattering]



[Announcer, Spanish]






- Look, Schwartz. Al.

- Al.



We must show where Quinlan himself

got the dynamite.



If you're really with me on this,

we have still to get some proof.



- We've got your word.

- Let's do better than that.



In your country, also, when explosives

are purchased, some record is kept, no?



Sure, and we're going to

the right place to look it up.



- Hey, how about Quinlan's ranch?

- Where is that?



Just outside town.



While you are looking up the dynamite

records, I might go out there.



- Al, there is one thing

that worries me still.

- What's that?



I could be wrong about this,

and that would be very bad for you.



Let's see if you're wrong

first, amigo.












I wondered if you could

turn that music off.



[Shouting, Laughter]



Would it be possible to ask

those people next door to move?

Just to another cabin?



You see, I'm still trying

to get some sleep.



Where would you like me

to take you, doll?




You got the stuff?






I brought this.

Some of the other guys got more.



- And the hypo?

- Yo la tengo. 



- Hi.

- What are you doing here? Turn it down.



l-I'm the night man.



Yeah? Well, you're

a little early, ain't you?



I thought I'd better come back

to see if the new day man...






Which... one of you

is the new day man?



- Andate de aqui, loco. Anda. 

- Huh?



- Beat it.

- L...



It's a mile and a half

down to the highway.



- I think I'd better stay.

- Go in the kitchen, and

get yourself something to eat.






- I brought my lunch.

- Eat it now.



Eat it now?



Yes, l...



- I know you. You're the Grandi boys.

- [Phone Ringing]



Your UncleJoe know you're here?



Who could that be?



Take it easy, Pretty Boy.

What're you in such a sweat about?



It's a tough rap

to get caught with this stuff.



It's only that Vargas dame again.



- Yes, ma'am.

- Get me State       .



Very good, ma'am.

State       .



Hey. Hey. That's

the police department.



- Yeah?

- It's the police, all right.



- What do we do now?

- We do nothing.



We relax and

have ourselves a ball.



I'm very sorry,

Mrs. Vargas,



but the telephone is

temporarily out of service.



I'll call you just as soon

as it's repaired.



Better call UncleJoe.



So, that is our little

arrangement, see?



- A real sweet setup.

- Hmm.



- And all the help we need...

- Listen, you knock somebody off...



- [Phone Rings]

- I don't care who it is... there

won't be any little arrangement.



- [Man] Hola.  Joe, a message for you.

- Not with Hank Quinlan.



- Yeah.

- Vargas can't hurt me.



Well, maybe not.



But maybe with our little deal,

we can hurt him.



I don't make deals.



Yeah? Why, sure, I'm all right.



No, just go ahead like I said.

Don't worry. No matter what...



- Something wrong out there?

- No, nothing we can't fix.



We? Where do you get that "we" stuff?

I didn't give you any answer yet.



You keep talking as though

this were some kind of a deal...



where I ask you

to get me out of a rap.



No. That ain't it at all.



In this thing,

we're partners, see?



- Shall we drink to that?

- I don't...



Jaunito. Two more double bourbons.



Make 'em nice and big.



- [Rock, Faint]

- [Distant Chattering]



- [Volume Increases]

- [Chattering Volume Increases]



- All I can say is,

this better be important.

- It is.



- I think we're out of our minds

to be here in Mexico at all.

- Well, Vargas,



- You sent for us.

- Mr. Adair.



Gentlemen. No, it isn't really true that

I sent for you. Mr. Schwartz insisted...



- Let's get down to cases.

- You know Chief Gould.



- How do you do?

- Where's this so-called document?



- Perhaps we'd better go to my room.

- By all means.



- In here, gentlemen.

- Go ahead.



- No, I'll walk.

- Oh, okay.



The lift is rather small,

I'm afraid. Chief Gould.



Just press the button for

the second floor. I'll meet you there.



I still don't know why Vargas

couldn't come to my office.



He has practically cabinet status

with the Mexican government.



- Well, if he's so important...

- He can't make a formal call...



on either of you without

going through his consulate

and putting the whole thing...



- On an international level.

- Okay, okay!

What does it boil down to?



This Mexican is bringing charges

against one of the most respected

police officers...



in the country,

and that's what it boils down to!



Eh... Well, Vargas,

you must be pretty quick on your feet.



- It's just that the lift is slow.

This way, gentlemen.

- Thank you.



After you.



I have it right over here.






While you're looking at it,

perhaps you'll excuse me

if I finish a call I put in.



- Conectame con el Motel Mirador. 

- Where'd you get this?



- From your department of records.

- Well, it doesn't mean anything.



El Senor Vargas, si. 



- That's your wife

you're calling, isn't it?

- Yes.



- You know who owns the Mirador?

- No, l...

- "June    .



" Hill's Hardware in Los Robles.



Seventeen sticks,

Black Fox brand, to H. Quinlan."



Quinlan needed dynamite to work

on his ranch. Simple coincidence.



- [Line Ringing]

- Mr. Adair... Hello?



[Muted Ringing]






- Yes?

- Mirador?



My name is Vargas. I'd like

to speak with my wife, please.



I'm very sorry, Mr. Vargas, but

your wife left definite instructions.



- She's not to be disturbed.

- [Woman Cackling]



- [Pounding]

- [Stops]



- [Sighs]

- [Woman] Honey! 



You! In the next room. 



- What is it?

- Come to the wall so I can whisper. 






You know what the boys

are trying to do, don't you? 



They are trying

to get in there. 



They went to get

the master key. 



You know what marijuana is, 

don't you? 



Yes, l...



You know what

a MaryJane is? 



You know what

a mainliner is? 



Well, I think so.



But what's that got

to do with me?



You take it... 

in the vein. 



You're trying to tell me

these boys are drugged?



- Is that why...

- Shh. 



Hey, you think they're ready

for that stuff yet?



Not yet, kid.



The fun is only beginning.



- Hank, I've been looking for you

in every bar in town.

- Yeah, I've been in half of'em:



only here,

on the wrong side of the border.



- I never drink on my own beat.

- Bartender, give him

some black coffee, quick.



- I don't need black coffee.

- He's called a meeting.



- A meeting?

- Vargas, at his hotel.



- Motel?

- No, right here. Across the street.



- Well, I don't need any coffee. Not yet.

- Not yet? 



- This is a swell time to be

gettin' fried, I must say.

- My job's over, Pete.



- You ought to be workin' on Sanchez.

- Listen, Hank.



Vargas is telling the chief and the D.A.

that you planted that dynamite.



- He was a fool.

- They're takin' him seriously.

They came to him.



No, I mean Sanchez.

Dynamite's no way to kill.



- Did I ever tell you

the smart way to kill?

- Sure. Strangling.



- Mm. Clean. Silent.

- You told me all that.



- That's how my wife died.

- Finish that coffee.



- I don't usually talk about my wife.

- Never when you're sober.



- She was strangled, Pete.

- I know, I know.



Binding cord. She was

workin' up at the packin' plant.

The killer had it right to hand.



Smart. You don't leave fingerprints

on a piece of string.



- Bartender, what do I owe you?

- That half-breed done it.



- We all knew that, but

I was just a rookie cop.

- La cuenta. 



- [Bartender] Four seventy-five. 

- I followed after him,



eatin' my heart out

tryin' to catch him.



- But I never did.

- [Cash Register Rings]



Then in some mud hole in Belgium the

good Lord done the job for me...       .



Pete, that was the last killer

that ever got out of my hands.



- Where're you goin' now?

- To Senor Vargas' meetin'.

He wants to fight dirty, okay.



- That's the kind of fight

he's gonna get.

- [Laughing]



- Perhaps...

- Perhaps what?



- Perhaps he honestly thinks

that Sanchez is guilty.

- There's no "perhaps" about it.



- Hank Quinlan is an honest cop.

- There are all kinds of policemen.

- Oh!



I don't have to tell you that.

A few take bribes.



- Hank Quinlan never took

a dollar in his life. 

- Most are honest, yes. 



But even some of the honest men

abuse their power in other ways. 



Come in, Hank.



Well, l...



- I don't know whether

I'm welcome or not.

- I want you to hear this.



Uh... Huh!

I've heard it already.



Your friend Vargas has some very special

ideas about police procedure.



He seems to think it don't matter

whether killers hang or not,



- So long as we obey the rule books.

- I don't think a policeman...



- Should work like a dogcatcher

putting criminals behind bars.

- No?



- No. In any free country,

a policeman is to enforce the law,

- [Scoffs]



- And the law protects the guilty

as well as the innocent.

- Our job is tough enough.



It has to be tough.



A policeman's job is easy in

a police state. That's the whole point.



Who is the boss?

The cop or the law?



- Where's your wife, Vargas?

- What do you... What do you mean?



You know where she is. Sergeant Menzies

drove her. She's at the motel.



Oh? And you're still here?



Yes, I'm checking out now and joining

her. Do you have a reason for asking?



No. No special reason, no.



No, I just... wondered.



Oh, what do you know?

A mother pigeon and her nest.



- Pigeon egg. Hmm?

- Captain, you did buy

    sticks of dynamite.



You tell your story.

I don't have to answer your questions.



- A hired hand at your ranch says

he used     sticks.

- My ranch?



You been spyin'

out at my ranch?



- A foreigner! Aah!

- Without my knowledge, Hank!



At your ranch you used

    sticks of dynamite.

That leaves two sticks missing,



and two sticks were found

in that shoe box!



He's just asking, Hank. Hank!



- [Badge Slaps]

- What's that for?



- It's for... It's for letting him ask.

- Hank, wait a minute!



Thirty years. Thirty years

poundin' beats and ridin' cars.



- Thirty years of dirt and crummy pay.

- But, Hank...



- I gave my life to

this department, and you allow...

- Watch your blood pressure!



- This foreigner to accuse me!

- We were giving you a chance to answer!



Answer? Why do I have

to answer him? No, sir!



I won't take back that badge until

the people of this county vote it back!



- Oh!

- Hank, will you listen a minute?



I don't want ever to see that man

in headquarters for any reason!

You backed him up!



- Me?

- You stood by while he impugned

the integrity of Quinlan.



- I tried to stop him!

- Do you realize what Vargas has done?



- He's smearing hundreds of fine men!

- Are you satisfied?



Have you caused enough trouble? Are you

satisfied? I want you to apologize!



- To Quinlan?

- And to Chief Gould.



- Would you like me

to get down on my knees?

- If you have any decency, yes!



- You'll crawl!

- Mr. Adair, I won't

give you the chance...



to test your authority

in this matter.



Al... have I still

any credit left with you?



- Some.

- Tell me, where can

I find the records...



of Quinlan's old cases?



- I'll show you.

- I'd like to get back to my wife.

I hope this won't take too long.



- Hank.

- Hmm?



You're not going

without this.



Well... now I guess

I can talk.



- What do you mean, Hank?

- All I wanted to tell you...



- Was I couldn't really say

in my own defense.

- Go on, Hank.



What do you really know

about this Vargas?



Isn't he in charge of some kind

of cleanup on this side of the border?



- Narcotics, mainly?

- Yeah. Narcotics.



He's a drug addict. He's got

that young wife of his hooked, too...



but good.



- If I hadn't seen

that hypodermic myself...

- Hypodermic? You saw it?



I just said so, didn't I?



[Quinlan Muttering]

I saw it.



That's how come he happened to imagine

all those crazy things. It's typical.



That's what that wife of his

was doin' in that dive on skid row.



Both a couple of junkies. Course,

he's usin' the job... as a cover-up.



You don't mean he's mixed up

in this dope racket himself! 



- Mm-hmm.

- Hank, if this is just

one of your hunches...



I don't ask you to believe it.

I can prove it.

I know it isn't my department, but...



I'd like to show ya I'm not

talkin' outta the back of my neck.



- Just be careful, huh?

- Chief, I'll be very careful.



[Door Clanks, Thuds]



This takes guts, Al...

standing up to your boss this way.



After today, amigo, you can do me

a favor. Help me look for an office.



- How's that?

- Hank Quinlan's famous intuition

might still turn out...



to be better than yours.



If so, my intuition tells me

I'll be going back to private practice.



- Here are the other names you want.

- Look, Al,



- I can finish this alone.

- Yes, and maybe you can't.



Well, let me try anyway.



I have no right to drag you

further into this.



Gonna do it alone, huh?

All you gotta do is solve the murder...



and also prove that the idol of the

police force is a fraud. [Chuckles]



Amigo, you got your work

really cut out for ya.









[Phone Ringing]



Hello, Tana?

Is Captain Quinlan there?



- Now, Sergeant...

- [Man] Tana! Hey, Tana! 



I'll be right there.



Now, what would

Hank Quinlan be doing here?



Used to be, he'd hole up

at your place for two or three days

with a case of whiskey.



That was years ago.

Now he's on candy bars.



- Not tonight he isn't.

- [Receiver Clicks]



[Receiver Clicks]












- [Volume Decreases]

- [Clicks Off]



Lia. Vaya y traiga aquel. 



Lemme stay.

I wanna watch.




Hold her legs!




Oh! No, let me go!



Don't touch me! Let me go!

Don't! No, don't!



- [Pancho] Close the door!

- [Screaming]



[Door Clanks, Thuds]



So, this is where

you've been all afternoon, hmm?



How'd they let you in here,

a foreigner?



The hall of records is open

to the public, Sergeant.



- What are you doin'?

- You'll find out tomorrow morning.



I want to know now!



What's all this?



Records of every case

where you or Quinlan

uncovered the principal evidence. 



In each case,

as you'll notice,



the defense denied

the existence of that evidence.



What are you trying to do?

Wreck him?



Him? What about you?



Are you telling me you

never planted any evidence, Sergeant?



Of course not.

Neither did Hank.



- It's all there.

- Never.



The ax in the Berger slaying.

The dentures in the Ewell case.



Planting evidence:

framing suspects.



- That's a lie.

- I think I can prove it.



Sure. You can smear him.



Ruin his whole life's work.



Vargas, l...



I don't even know where he is.

That's what you've done to him.



- What I've done to him?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.



He's on an important case and...

[Panting] he's disappeared.



Good and drunk, probably.



After     years on the wagon.



That's what you've done to him.



What about Quinlan, Sergeant?

What's he done?



What about all those people

he put in the death house?



Save your tears for them.



Is called up yonder



When the moon is called up yon...



- [Vehicle Rumbling]

- When the moon



[Door Opens, Shuts]



- What seems to be the trouble?

- Trouble?



The lights. The lights seem

to be out in all the cabins.



Yeah. Yeah, isn't it...



Somebody's been monkeyin'

with them fuses.



They think I'm goin' to fix 'em,

they got another thing comin'.

It ain't my job.



- Even if I know how. I'm the night man.

- Could you show me, please,



to my wife's cabin?






There-There isn't nobody here.




You must be mistaken, sir.



My wife has been registered here

since this morning.



My name is Vargas.



- Vargas?

- Would you look, please,

in the register?









- It might be cabin  .

- Possibly.



- Maybe  .

- Yes. Here...



May I?



There's n... nobody been

registered all week.



N-No, it's-it's-it's...



off the season.



Nobody hardly ever

comes around at all.



l-l-I'm the night man.



There was that party.



Party? What party?



- It's a mess. Awful mess.

- Where?



They think I'm gonna clean it up,

they got another thing comin'.



Terrible, terrible brawl.



Cabin number  .



Right in the middle of the afternoon.

Cabin number  .



[Wind Gusting]



This, uh, brawl...



You mean there was

some sort of a fight?



- Fight?

- Yes.



No. No, it wasn't

that kind of a brawl.



It was... It wa...



One of them wild parties.

You know the kind?



This can't be

my wife's room.



This ain't her clothes, huh?

Whew! It stinks in here!



Let's get some air in here!




It's a mess! It's a stinkin' mess!

Them and their wild parties!



There's my briefcase.

I left it with Susan...



Uh, stub here...




I'm gettin' out of here!



My gun!



- You haven't been here?

- [Yelping]



- You haven't been in that room?

- L-l-I just looked in!



I had a gun in this case.

You didn't take it?



- What would I want with a gun?

- Well, somebody wanted it!



[Whimpering] If they hadn't put that

Grandi boy on the desk this morning,



- None of this would've happened.

- Grandi?



- Well, who do you think

this belongs to, anyway?

- Where are they?



- [Stammering] The kids?

- Yes.



- Please.

- [Stammers, Screams] Rancho!



- Rancho Grande!

- Yeah!



[Car Door Opens, Slams]



[Tires Screeching,

Engine Revving]






- You got her undressed?

- Yeah. We have scattered

more reefer stubs around.



You kids didn't use none

of that stuff yourself, huh?



Think we're crazy? 



Nobody in the Grandi family gets hooked,

understand? That's the rule.



We blew the smoke

in her clothes, that's all.



Like you said.

We put on a good show to scare her.



Let's hope it was good enough.



When she wakes up, she's gonna think

maybe something really did happen.



- All right, now. Hit it.

- What about our dough?



- We were not doing this

for fun, UncleJoe.

- Beat it.



- You're gonna get your dough tomorrow.

- Okay.



Beat it.



[Continues, Faint]









- Turn out the lights.

- But why?



Nobody can see you up here.



- You sure?

- Of course, I'm sure.



- Hey, what are you doing?

- I brought you up here for a reason.



I don't get it.



I don't even see why you

wanted us to bring her...



all the way into town here.



I couldn't drive out to the motel.

My car is known.



So what?

You're a cop making an arrest.



No, the vice boys'll do that.



Who's that for?



Turn around.



Get the phone. The phone.



Now dial       .



- That is the police station.

- Go on. Dial it.



- Stop, Quinlan. You're drunk.

- [Dialing]



- Hm!

- Just stop and think for a minute.



See if they answer.



- Hello?

- Ask for Sergeant Menzies.






Sergeant Menzies.



Quinlan, if you turn me in,

I'll have quite a story to tell.




Yeah, you sure will.



- Hm. See if Menzies is...

- Hello? Me-Menzies?



Got him? Hand me the phone.



Hold it so I can talk to him. Gimme

the receiver. Give me the receiver!



Hello, Pete.




Course it's me, partner. Any news yet?



Sanchez still hasn't broken.






Vargas' wife?

A narcotics rap?



Oh, one of the boys who was on

this wild party gave me the buzz, see?



Uh, just relay that

to the vice boys as "anonymous."



The Hotel Ritz, room    .



The way I hear it,

things got a little outta control.

Don't be surprised what they find.



Well, what about me, Hank?

What do I do?



Keep after him!

Break him! Brace him!



- Put up the phone.

- Put the...






Gimme the key.



Told you I brought you

up here for a reason.










Don't do anything! 



[Grunting, Speech Garbled]



- Oh! No, don't!

- [Moaning Softly]






Help! Somebody help me!



- Somebody come up here!

- [Men Shouting, Indistinct]



[Shouting, Spanish]



Help me!



[Horns Honking]



- Vamonos. 

- Mike!



- Mike! Mike!

- [Tires Screech]






真 Quien pertenece aqui

a la pandilla de Grandi? 






Pronto. Contesten. 



Pues, 真 que quieres, 

senor, eh? 



真 Donde esta mi esposa? 



- [Women Screaming]

- 真 Donde esta mi esposa? 






Habla en Spanish. 



Habla en Spanish. 

Conteste o te estrangulo. 



- Talk English, can't you?

- Listen, I'm no cop now. I'm a husband.



- What did you do with her?

Where is my wife?

- [Crashing]



My wife!



[Officer Blows Whistle]







It's your wife, Vargas.

They picked her up.



- What do you mean, "picked her up"?

- The vice squad.






You better come

outside with me, amigo.



No, no!

Tell me what happened!



They found her at the Hotel Ritz,

half naked on one of the beds, drugged.



- There were reefer stubs

and a heroin fix.

- Oh, for...



Vargas! The charge isn't

just possession of narcotics.



- What is it then?

- Murder.






[Vargas Shouts, Indistinct]



Susie. Susie, darling.



It's all right now, Susie Sue.



It's all down in the report.

They found evidence of a mixed party.



Mixed party?



Articles of clothing,

half-smoked reefers, needle marks...



Something else could produce

the same effect. Demerol, for instance,



- or sodium Pentothal. 

- You could smell the stuff on her.



This whole setup stinks!



Who the hell does Quinlan think he is,

hanging a murder rap on my wife?



[Susie Weakly]

Mike. Mike! Mike. 



- Susie, lie down.

- Mike.



- Now, now, it's all right, Susie.

- Mike.



- [Chuckles]

- Take me home.



- Yes. Susie. Susie. 

- Mike. 



Forgive me.






- Don't go. 

- I'm right here, Susie. It's all right. 



You understand, Vargas, there's

no formal charge against your wife.



- Oh?

- Even the vice boys

are not pressing anything.



Oh? The fact that Susan won't actually

serve time makes everything all right.



- Is that it?

- I got somethin' to show ya!



Her family, her good name... nothing's

been touched by all this... filth.



I found it in the hotel room.






With Grandi's body.



[Pianola, Honky-tonk Blues]






- He's still just sitting. Give me that.

- Been waiting three hours already.



- We won't get a word

out of him near that piano.

- Now, look...



If you would just go in

and shut it off...



He'll never stand for that.

I have to get him out of there.



- Give me the microphone.

- I can take care of this thing.



Not without me.



I was just checking with the department.

You know that Grandi kid we picked up?



- Stand quietly.

- [Chuckles] He started to talk.



- He says the kids were all faking.

- Here's the antenna.



They didn't give

your wife any real dope.



The doc says

it was only that truth stuff.



- Sodium Pentothal.

- Yeah, no harm in it at all.



- No harm?

- Schwartz is driving

your car across the border.



I told him we'd be

by the bridge here.



He's bringing your wife along.

She's really fine.



- The doc says she can travel.

- Sergeant...



Look, all she wants is to catch

the early plane outta here.



How can I leave here until

my wife's name is clean?



Clean! What do you think

you're carrying that microphone for?



- Don't cross your arms.

I won't be able to get a word right.

- I know, I know.



- I've gotta get the truth

from Quinlan on tape.

- Yeah.



He could stay there

the rest of the week like he used to.



Now, look, why don't you just take

your wife home and let me handle this?



- It's my job.

- [Whispering]

It's my job, too, Menzies.



[Clicks, Tape Playback]

It's my job. It's my job, too, Menzies.



You think I like it?

I hate this machine.



- Spying, creeping in back alleys...

- How do you think I feel?



Hank is the best friend

I've ever had.



That's one reason

for my staying.



Oh, you don't trust me, huh?



Don't forget, I was the one that showed

you that cane. I didn't have to do it.



Oh, yes, you did, Sergeant.



- Somebody could have planted it there...

- Menzies...



- Beside Grandi's corpse.

- You know better than that.



- You say the reefers were planted.

Why not Hank's cane?

- You know better.



- You're an honest cop.

- Sure I am.



And who made me an honest cop?

Hank Quinlan.



Come on, Menzies.



I am what I am

because of him.






What's my fortune?



You've been readin' the cards,

haven't you?



I've been doing the accounts.



Come on.

Read my future for me.



You haven't got any.



Hmm? What do you mean?



Your future's all used up.



Why don't you go home?



[Machinery Rumbling]






Vargas. Vargas.



[Over Radio] I don't know if you can

hear me over this piano music,



but I'll get him out of there

so you can hear.



I'll get him out,

away from that music.



Be sure he doesn't see you.



I must be drunk.



A minute ago...

I thought you were Vargas.



- Come on out, Hank.

- What's that?



- Come on out, Hank. I'm tired.

- Who told you to come here?



[Over Radio]

I'm tired of waiting, Hank.

There's some questions you gotta answer.









I need another drink.



You had enough.



That's what Tana keeps tellin' me.

How much is enough?



[Over Radio] Hank, I'm sick of chasing

around, trying to get at the truth. 



You could use

a drink yourself, partner. 



You got to answer, Hank...

all kinds of things.



- First, about Vargas' gun.

- How do you know about the gun?






- [Menzies] He thinks you took it.

- Vargas?



Or was it Grandi

that stole it?



- You been talkin' to Vargas, huh?

- Then you took it from Grandi?



You've been gettin' kind of chummy,

you and that Mexican.



Does that explain that thing

you're carryin' around now?



What's it called?

That thing you're wearin'?



- What I'm wearing?

- Sure.



- That halo.

- Halo?



Looks real pretty on you, Pete.



Pretty soon you'll be

flappin' your wings like an angel.




Look out.



Vargas'll turn you into one

of these here starry-eyed idealists.



They're the ones makin' all the

real trouble in the world. Be careful.



They're worse than crooks. You can

always do somethin' with a crook.



- You're the one that should be

careful, Hank, dealing with crooks.

- Huh? What?



Sometimes you can turn

into a crook yourself.

Look what happened with Grandi.



Partner, nobody ever

called me a crook.



Look. Look up there.






That oil pump?



Pumpin'up money. 



Money. Don't you think

I could've been rich? 



- A cop in my position? What do I have? 

- Tell me about Grandi, Hank.



After    years... my little turkey ranch.

That's all I got. A couple acres.




We gotta talk about Grandi.



[Quinlan] An honest cop...

then this Mexican comes along,



and look at the spot

he puts me in!



- You can't blame Vargas

for what happened to Grandi.

- [Radio Static]



- I blame Vargas for everything.

- Hank, don't be crazy.



If it wasn't for him,

do you think I'd be in a situation...



where Grandi could

blackmail me?



- Then I had to defend myself...

- Defend yourself?

Hank, you must be crazy.



- Sure, I'm crazy.

- Defend yourself? Hank!



- You murdered Grandi.

- I left my cane by his body.

That was sure crazy.



All right.

Let's start in the beginning.



- What about Vargas' gun?

- I was talking about my cane.



- The gun! The gun you

stole from his briefcase. 

- I forgot it. Gun? 



- Vargas'gun! 

- Vargas, Vargas, Vargas! 



All you want to

talk about is Vargas! 



[Static Resumes]



You took the gun from his briefcase,

but you didn't use it.



- Grandi was trying...

- Grandi was a crook.



- You're a killer, Hank.

- Partner,



- I'm a cop.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.



Drunk and crazy as you must've been

when you strangled him.



I guess you were somehow thinking of

your wife... the way she was strangled.



Oh, I'm... always

thinking of her,



drunk or sober.



What else is there to think about,

except my job:



my dirty job!



You didn't have to make it dirty.



I don't call it dirty.

Look at the record.



- Our record, partner. Huh?

- Sure, sure, sure.




Well? All those... convictions. 



Convictions, sure.

How many did you frame?



- Nobody.

- Come on, Hank. How many did you frame?



I told you. Nobody.



Nobody that wasn't guilty.









Every last one of'em.






All these years you've been

playing me for a sucker,



- Faking evidence.

- Aiding justice, partner.



- Yeah, like the ax in the Berger case.

- Right. Remember that?



I was the one that found the ax, just

where you planted it for me to find.



Just like the dynamite with Sanchez.

Just like you planted that dynamite!




Don't you think Sanchez is guilty?




He's guilty. He'll confess.



Hey! Listen to that.



[Water Sloshing]



- Hank, I got to have to tell.

- Hear that?



- Hear what?

- Like an echo.






I've got a feeling

he's someplace around here.



Close to me.



- I got a hunch.

- Why Vargas? W-W-Why should he...



You sound kind of nervous, Pete.



No, my game leg...



is startin' to talk to me.






Maybe he's tailin' me with a bug.






Hey! Are you carryin'

a bug for him? A microphone?



- Hank, l...

- Don't lie to me!



- All right, now.

You better give me that gun.

- Where is he?



- Where is he?

- How did you figure to

frame Vargas with it?



Framed? Who's been framed?



Where is he? Vargas?



- Where is he?

- Hank, look, l...



I'm talking to Vargas now.

Vargas? Can you hear me?



I'm talkin' to you through

this-this walkin' microphone

that used to work for me.



- No, I ain't workin' for Vargas.

I'm working for the department.

- Vargas! Vargas!



- Better give me Vargas' gun.

Give it to me.

- Okay, here it is.



- [Quinlan] Vargas! 

- [Gunshot]






Well, Captain, 



I'm afraid this is finally something

you can't talk your way out of.



You want to bet?



You killed him, Vargas.



Come on, now.

Give me my gun back.



You don't understand me.

You killed Pete.



The bullet is from your gun.



You think anyone

would believe that?



They always believe me.



Anyway, they'd never

believe I killed him.



- The gun.

- You're resisting arrest.



How could you arrest me here?

This is my country.



And this is where

you're gonna die.



[Tires Screeching]



That was no miss, Vargas! 

That was just to turn you around. 



I don't wanna shoot you

in the back...



unless you'd rather...

try to run for it.






[Car Horn Honking]



Schwartz! Is she there? 



- Did you bring my wife?

- She's in the car.



That's Menzies. He's dead.

Quinlan's been shot too.



He's lying by the recorder down there.

I've got it all on tape.



- You sure you got enough?

- More than enough.

Play it back. You'll see.



- Susie!

- Mike!



[Menzies] All these years

you've been playing me for a sucker,



- faking evidence. 

- [Quinlan] Aiding justice, partner. 







- Susie.

- Oh, Mike.



It's all over, Susie.

I'm taking you home.



- Home.

- [Engine Starts]



- [Tape Continues]

- How many did you frame? 



Nobody that wasn't guilty. Guilty. 



- Hank!

- No, I ain't workin'for Vargas! 



- Vargas! Vargas! 

- You better give me that gun. 



- Okay, here it is. 

- Give it to me!



- Vargas! 

- [Gunshot]






that's the second bullet l...

I stopped for you.



His famous intuition was right

after all. He framed Sanchez.



But he didn't even need to. 

The kid confessed about that bomb. 



So, it turns out

Quinlan was right after all. 



- Isn't somebody going

to come and take him away?

- Yeah, in just a few minutes.



You really liked him,

didn't you?



The cop did. The one who killed him.

He loved him.



Well, Hank was

a great detective, all right.



- And a lousy cop.

- Is that all you have to say for him?



He was some kind of a man.



What does it matter

what you say about people?



Good-bye, Tana. 





Special help by SergeiK