Trainspotting Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Trainspotting script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Danny Boyle movie with Ewan McGregor.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Trainspotting. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Trainspotting Script





[ Boy Narrating ] Choose life. Choose

a job. Choose a career. Choose a family.



Choose a fucking big television.

Choose washing machines, cars...



compact disc players

and electrical tin openers.



- [ Brakes Screeching ]

- Gangway! Run!



- [ Laughing ]

- Choose good health...



Iow cholesterol

and dental insurance.



Choose fixed-interest

mortgage payments.



Choose a starter home.

Choose your friends.



Choose leisure wear

and matching luggage.



Choose a three-piece suite on hire

purchase in a range of fucking fabrics.



Chose D.I.Y. and wondering who the fuck

you are on a Sunday morning.



Choose sitting on that couch

watching mind-numbing,

spirit-crushing game shows...



stuffing fucking junk food

into your mouth.



[ Boys Shouting ]



- [ Shouting Continues ]

- Jammy goal!



[ Renton Narrating ] Choose rotting away

at the end of it all.



Pissing your last in a miserable home;

nothing more than an embarrassment...



to the selfish, fucked-up brats

that you've spawned to replace yourself.



Choose your future.

Choose life.



  Here comes Johnny

Yeah, yeah



-    [ Continues ]

- But why would I want

to do a thing like that?



  He's gonna do

another striptease



-    [ Continues ]

- I chose not to choose life.

I chose something else.



And the reasons?

There are no reasons.



Who needs reasons

when you've got heroin?



  Yeah, a song called love



  Well, dance like you're

hypnotized chickens



-    [ Continues ]

- [ Coos ]



"Goldfinger's" better than "Dr. No."



Both of them are a lot better than

"Diamonds Are Forever."



A judgment reflected in its relatively

poor showing at the box office.



And in which field,

of course...



"Thunderball" was a notable success.



[ Renton Narrating ] People think

it's all about misery and desperation...



and death and all that shite,

which is not to be ignored.



Fuck off!

Jealous cunt.



[ Renton Narrating ] But what they

forget is the pleasure of it.



- They're all dead, right, mate?

- [ Laughing ]



[ Laughter Continues ]

You prick!



- [ Sighs ]

- [ Renton Narrating ]

Otherwise we wouldn't do it.



- Do you want me to?

- Yeah.



Pure as the driven snow,

that shit you done. [ Laughing ]



[ Continues Laughing ]



[ Renton ]

After all, we're not fucking stupid.

At least we're not that fucking stupid.



[ Sighing ]



[ Continues Sighing ]



[ Renton Narrating ]

Take the best orgasm you've ever had...



multiply it by a thousand,

and you're still nowhere near it.



[ Sighs ]

It beats any meat injection.



That beats any fucking cock

in the world.



[ Renton Narrating ] When you're on

junk, you have only one worry: scoring.



And when you're off it,

you're suddenly obliged to worry

about all sorts of other shite.



Got no money, can't get drunk.

Got money, drinkin' too much.



Can't get a girl, no chance of a ride.

Got a girl, too much hassle.



You have to worry

about bills, about food...



about some football team

that never fucking wins.



About human relationships and all

the things that really don't matter...



when you've got a sincere

and truthful junk habit.



I'd say, in those days,

he was a muscular actor.



With all the presence of someone

like Cooper or Lancaster...



but combined

with a sly wit...



-[ Slapping Arm ]

-to make him a formidable romantic lead.



And closer, in that respect,

to Cary Grant.






  Hey, man, where'd you

get that illusion



   [ Continues ]



- [ Laughing, Growling ]

- [ Laughing ]



[ Laughter Continues ]



[ Renton Narrating ] The only drawback,

or at least the principal drawback...



is that you have to endure all manner

of cunts telling you that--



No way would I poison my body

with that shite.



All them fucking chemicals.



No fucking way.



[ Inhales ]

It's a waste of your life, man...



poisoning your body

with that shite.



Every chance you've had, son,

you've blown it.



Stuffing your veins

with that filth.



[ Renton Narrating ] From time to time,

even I have uttered the magic words.



Never again, Swanney.

I'm off the skag.



- Are you serious?

- Yeah, no more.



- I'm finished with that shite.

- Well, that's up to you, man.



Gonna do it right this time. Gonna get

it sorted out, get off it for good.



- I'm sure I've heard that one before.

- The Sick Boy method.



Oh, well, it really worked

for him, eh?



Well, he's always been

lacking in moral fiber.



- He knows a lot about Sean Connery.

- That's hardly a substitute.



- You need one more hit?

- No, I don't think so.



- For the long night that lies ahead?

- [ Baby Cooing ]



[ Renton Narrating ]

We called him Mother Superior...



on account of the length

of his habit.



Of course, I'd have another shot.

After all, I had work to do.



[ Train Passing ]



[ Door Being Unlocked ]



[ Keys Jingling ]



[ Closes Door ]



[ Renton Narrating ] Relinquishing junk.

Stage one: preparation.



[ Tosses Keys ]



For this, you will need one room

which you will not leave.



Soothing music.

Tomato soup, ten tins of.



Mushroom soup, eight tins of,

for consumption cold.



Ice cream, vanilla,

one large tub of.



Magnesia, milk of,

one bottle.



Paracetamol, mouthwash, vitamins.



Mineral water,

Lucozade, pornography.



One mattress.

One bucket for urine...



one for feces

and one for vomitus.



One television and one bottle

of Valium, which I've already

procured from my mother...



who is, in her own domestic and socially

acceptable way, also a drug addict.



Now I'm ready. All I need is

one final hit to soothe the pain...



while the Valium takes effect.



Mikey? Aye, yeah,

it's Mark Renton.



Look, I wondered,

could you help me out?



[ Renton Narrating ]

This was typical of Mikey Forrester.



What the fuck are these?



[ Continues Narrating ]

Under the normal run of things...



I would have nothing to do

with the cunt, but this was not

the normal run of things.



Opium suppositories.

Ideal for your purposes.



Slow release,

bring you down gradually.



-Custom-fucking-designed for your needs.

-I want a fucking hit.



That's all I've got, man.

Take it or leave it.



- Are you feeling better now then, eh?

- Oh, aye.



For all the good they've done, I might

as well have stuck them up my arse.



[ Renton Narrating ]

Heroin makes you constipated.



The heroin from my last hit

is fading away...



and the suppositories

have yet to melt.



[ Groans ]

I'm no longer constipated.



[ Crowd Chattering ]



[ Chattering Continues ]



[ Renton Narrating ] I fantasize

about a massive pristine convenience.



Brilliant gold taps, virginal white

marble, a seat carved from ebony...



a cistern full of Chanel No.  

and a flunky...



handing me pieces

of raw silk toilet roll.



But under the circumstances,

I'll settle for anywhere.



[ Groans ]



[ Groans, Shudders ]



[ Pulls Chain ]



Oh, fuck.

[ Groaning ]



Oh, my--

[ Farts, Sighs ]



[ Laughing, Farting, Shitting ]



[ Sighing, Farting, Shitting ]



[ Gagging ]



[ Continues Gagging ]



[ Coughs, Spits ]



Yes, a fucking dancer!



[ Gasping ]



[ Continues Gasping ]



[ Tosses Keys ]



And now, now I'm ready.



The downside of coming off junk

was I knew...



I would need to mix

with my friends again...



in a state

of full consciousness.



It was awful.



They reminded me so much of myself

I could hardly bear to look at them.



Take Sick Boy, for instance.

He came off junk at the same time as me.



Not because he wanted to,

you understand, but just to annoy me.



Just to show me how easily

he could do it.



Thereby, downgrading my own struggle.



Sneaky fucker,

don't you think?



And when all I wanted to do was

lie there and feel sorry for myself...



he insisted on telling me once again

about his unifying theory of life.



It's certainly a phenomenon

in all walks of life.



What do you mean?



Well, at one point, you've got it,

then you lose it.



And it's gone forever.

All walks of life.



Georgie Best, for example,

had it, lost it.



Or David Bowie or Lou Reed.



Lou Reed.

Some of his solo stuff's not bad.



No, it's not bad,

but it's not great either, is it?



And in your heart you kind of know

that although it sounds all right...



it's actually just shite.



So, who else?



- Charlie Nicholas, David Niven,

Malcolm McLaren, Elvis Presley--

- Okay, okay, okay.



So what is the point

you're trying to make?



[ Sighs ] All I am trying

to do, Mark...



is to help you understand that "The

Name of the Rose" is merely a blip...



on an otherwise uninterrupted

downward trajectory.



What about

"The Untouchables"?



- I don't rate that at all.

- Despite the Academy Award?



That means fuck-all.

It's a sympathy vote.



So, we all get old.

We can't hack it anymore and that's it?



- Yeah.

- That's your theory?






Beautifully fucking illustrated.



[ Renton ]

Give me the gun.



Give me the gun.



[ Sick Boy lmitating Sean Connery ]

Do you see the beast?



Have you got it in your sights?



[ Imitating Sean Connery ]

Clear enough, Miss Moneypenny.



- This should present

no significant problems.

- [ Fires Gun ]



- [ Dog Yelps, Barking ]

- [ Boy Screaming ]



[ Screaming, Barking Continue ]



- [ Screaming ] Fucking hell! Get away--

- [ Growling ]



- [ Screaming, Barking Continue ]

- For a vegetarian, Rents,

you're a fuckin' evil shot.



- [ Screaming, Barking Continue ]

No! Get off!

- [ Renton ] Without heroin...



I attempted to lead a useful

and fulfilling life as a good citizen.



[ Both Slurping, Loudly ]



- [ Belches, Sighs ] Good luck, Spud.

- Cheers, cowboy.



Now remember, if they think you're

not trying, you're in trouble, right?



First hint of that, and they'll be onto

the D.H.S.S., "This cunt is not trying."



And your giro's

fuckin' finished, right?



- Right.

- But, then again, try too hard--



- You might get the fuckin' job.

- [ Chuckles ] Exactly.



- Nightmare.

- It's a tightrope, Spud.

It's a fuckin' tightrope.



See, I just get pure shy with

the interviewer cats. I get all nervous.



I can't answer any of their questions,

like I'm a footballer...



and I get nerves

on the big occasion, man.



- Try some of this, Spud.

- Yeah, a little dab of speed

is just the ticket, mate.



No, I went to Craignewton.

I just put down Royal Edinburgh College

to help get the job.



There's too much discrimination

in this town, man.



They're both schools, right?

We're all in this together.



And I wanted to put across the

general idea, rather than the details.



Like people get all

hung up on details.



Like which school did I go to?

How many grades did I get?



Could be like six. Could be none.

It's not important.



What is important

is that I am, yes?



- Mr. Murphy, do you mean that

you lied on your application?

- No-- Well, yes.



Only to get my foot

in the door.



Showing initiative

and that like.



But you were referred here

by the Department of Employment.



There was no need for you to get your

"foot in the door," as you put it.



Yeah, cool. Whatever you say. Sorry.

You're the man, the dude in the chair.



I am merely here-- Like, well,

obviously, I'm here like, but--



Mr. Murphy, what exactly attracts you

to the leisure industry?



In a word, pleasure.



Like, my pleasure

in other people's leisure.



Do you see yourself

as having any weaknesses?



Oh, yes, 'cause, like, I'm a bit

of a perfectionist, actually!



Yes, I am. See, for me, it's got to be

the best, or it's nothing at all.



Like things get a bit dodgy,

I just cannot be bothered.



But, hey, I'm getting good vibes about

this interview thing today, though, man.



Seems to me like it's going

pretty well, eh?



Thank you, Mr. Murphy.



- We'll let you know.

- The pleasure was mine, man.



[ Renton Narrating ]

Spud had done well. I was proud of him.



- Thanks. Ooh, sorry.

- He fucked up good and proper.

You had to hand it to Spud.



[ Crowd Chattering ]



[ Begbie ] Picture the scene.

The other fuckin' week there...



doin' the fuckin' Volley

with Tommy playing pool.



I'm playin' like

Paul-fuckin'-Newman by the way...



givin' the boy here

the tannin' of a lifetime.



So it comes to the last shot, the

deciding ball of the whole tournament.



I'm in the black, and he's sittin'

in the corner looking all

fucking biscuit-arsed.



When this hard cunt comes in.



Obviously fucking fancied himself like.

Starts staring at me.



Looking at me, right fucking at me,

as if to say, "Come ahead, square go."



You know me. I'm not the type of cunt

that goes looking for fucking bother...



but at the end of the day,

I'm the cunt with the pool cue...



and he can get the fat end in his puss

any time he fucking wanted, like.



So I squares up, casual like.



What does the hard cunt do?

Or the so-called hard cunt? Shites it.



Puts down his drink,

turns and gets the fuck out of there.



And after that, well,

the game was mine.



[ Renton Narrating ] And that was it.

That was Begbie's story...



or, at least, that was

Begbie's version of the story.



But a couple of days later,

I got the truth from Tommy.



You always got the truth from Tommy.

That was one of his major weaknesses.



He never told lies, he never took drugs,

and he never cheated on anyone.



It was Wednesday morning. We were in the

Volley playing pool. That much is true.



But Begbie is playing

absolutely fucking gash.



He's got a hangover so bad,

he can hardly hold the fucking cue,

never mind pot a ball.



I'm doing my best to lose,

you know.



Trying to humor him, like,

but it's not doing any good.



Every time I touch a ball,

I seemed to pot something.



Every time Begbie goes near the table,

he fucks it up.



Oh, fuck's sake.



So, he's got the hump, right.



But, finally,

I managed to set it up...



so all he has to do

is to pot the black...



to win one game,

to salvage a little bit of pride...



and maybe not

kick my head in, right.



So, he's on the black.



- Pressure shot.

- [ Bag Crinkling ]



- [ Crinkling Continues ]

- And it all goes wrong big time.



- [ Crunches Chip ]

- [ Cloth Rips ]



- Fuck!

- [ Man Groans ]



[ Tommy Narrating ] He picks on

this specky, wee gadge at the bar...



- and accuses him of putting

him off by looking at him.

- [ Man Continues Groaning ]



Could you believe it? The poor wee cunt

hasn't even glanced in our direction.



- Fuck off!

- He was gonna chib him, I tell you.



Then I thought

he was gonna do me.



[ Sets Down Weight, Sighs ]



The beggar's fucking psycho, man.



[ Panting ]

But... he's a mate.



You know?

So what can you do?



Can I borrow this?



[ Renton Narrating ]

What, indeed, could one do?



Just stand back and watch

and try not to get involved?



[ Glass Shatters, Woman Screaming ]



[ Narrating Continues ] Begbie didn't

do drugs either. He just did people.



- [ Screaming Continues ]

- That's what he got off on.

His own sensory addiction.



- [ Continues Screaming ]

- [ Begbie ] Hey!



Nobody move!



- [ Screaming Continues ]

- [ Begbie ] That lassie got glassed...



and no cunt leaves here

'til we find out what cunt did it!



- Who the fuck are you?

- [ Begbie Shouts ]



- [ Groans ]

- [ Crowd Shouting ]



[ Crowd Clamoring,

Woman Screaming ]



[ Glass Shatters ]



[ Screaming, Clamoring,

Shattering Continue ]



[ Grunting, Moaning ]



[ Grunting, Moaning Continue ]



- Oh, Lizzy, you've been so good to me.

- Oh, Tommy, come here.



- [ Lovemaking Continues ]

- [ Renton Narrating ]

And as I sat watching...



the intimate

and highly personal video...



stolen only hours earlier

from one of my best friends...



I realized that something important

was missing from my life.



  Leave no track



  Don't look back



-   Only desire  

-   Temptation



-   We're climbing higher and higher  

-   Temptation



-   Adorable creature  

-   Temptation



-   You've got acceptable features  

-   Temptation



-   Trouble is coming  

-   Temptation



-   It's just the high cost of loving  

-   Temptation



-   You can take it or leave it  

-   Temptation



  But you'd better believe it



- I read it in Cosmopolitan.

- It's an interesting theory.



Actually, it's a nightmare.



I've been desperate for a shag,

but watching him suffer

is just too much fun.



[ Laughs ]

You should try it with Tommy.



What? And deny myself

the only pleasure I get from him?



- Did I tell you about my birthday?

- No, what happened?



He forgot.

Useless motherfucker.



   [ Blaring ]



  Leave no trace



  Find your place



-   All I desire  

-   Temptation



-   We're climbing higher and higher  

-   Temptation



-   You can take it or leave it  

-   Temptation



  But you'd better believe it



- What are you two talking about?

- Football.



- What are you talking about?

- Shopping.



[ Renton Narrating ]

The situation was becoming serious.



Young Renton noticed...



the haste with which the successful

in the sexual sphere...



as in all others,

segregated themselves from the failures.



-   I can't break away  

-   Keep us from temptation



  Keep us from temptation



[ Renton Narrating ] Heroin had robbed

Renton of his sex drive...



- but now it returned with a vengeance.

-   Lead us not into temptation



And as the impotence

of those days faded into memory...



grim desperation took ahold

in his sex-crazed mind.



His post-junk libido,

fueled by alcohol and amphetamine...



taunted him remorselessly

with his own unsatisfied desire.



Dot, dot, dot.



-   You think that you're right now  

-   Temptation



-   You've got to face up to fact now  

-   Temptation



-   Ooh, give me a breakdown  

-   Temptation



-   Because it's time for a showdown  

-   Temptation



  Temptation, Temptation




  Oh, oh-oh-oh



  Make me tonight






[ Renton Narrating ] And with that,

Mark Renton had fallen in love.



   [ Continues ]



Excuse me, excuse me. I don't mean to

harass you, but I was very impressed...



with the capable and stylish manner

in which you dealt with that situation.



I was thinking to myself,

now this girl's special.






- What's your name?

- Diane.



- Where are you going, Diane?

- I'm going home.



- Where's that?

- It's where I live.



- Great.

- What?



I'll come back with you if you like,

but I'm not promising anything.



Do you find that

this approach usually works?



Or, let me guess,

you've never tried it before.



In fact, you don't normally

approach girls. Am I right?



The truth is that you're

a quiet, sensitive type...



but, if I'm prepared

to take a chance...



I might just get to know

the inner you:



witty, adventurous,

passionate, loving, loyal--






A little bit crazy,

a little bit bad.



But, hey, don't us girls

just love that?






Well... what's wrong, boy?

Cat got your tongue?



- I left something--

- [ Driver ] You getting in or not, pal?



- [ Grunts ]

- Do you understand?



I expect you to be a considerate

and thoughtful lover.



Generous but firm.



- What?

- Failure on your part...



to live up to these

very reasonable expectations...



will result in swift resumption

of a non-sex situation.






[ Heavy Breathing ]



- [ Door Closes ]

- [ Renton ] Diane.



- Shh.

- What?



[ Whispers ] Shut up!



[ Gasping, Panting ]



[ Moaning, Grunting ]



Wake up, Spud.



- Wake up.

- [ Groans ]



- Sex.

- [ Groans ]



Casual sex.



[ Snoring ]



[ Panting ]



- Tommy, let's put the tape on.

- Now?



I want to watch ourselves

while we're screwing.



So let's see

what I'm missing.



Not much.



[ Soccer Announcer, lndistinct ]



And there's the captain,

Archie Gemmill...



picking it up

from the outside.



I think he wants to go himself.

How far is he gonna go?



He's going all the way,

and he scores!



- Oh, what a magnificent goal!

- [ Crowd Cheering ]



-[ Announcer ] Gemmill at his very best!

-[ Renton Grunting ]



What a penetrating goal that was!



[ Sighs ] I haven't felt that good...



since Archie Gemmill scored

against Holland in     .



[ Crowd Cheering ]



- [ Sighs ]

- [ Diane ] Renton...



- you can't sleep here.

- What?






- Come on.

- No argument.



You can sleep on the sofa in the hall

or go home. It's up to you.



And don't make any noise.






[ Removes Condom ]



[ Lizzy ] What do you mean, it's gone?

Where has it gone, Tommy?



It'll be here somewhere!



I might have returned it

by mistake.



"Returned it"? Where?

The video shop, Tommy?



The fucking video shop?



So every punter in Edinburgh

is jerking off to our video?



Oh, God, Tommy,

I feel sick!



[ Airplane Passing ]



[ Fly Buzzing ]



   [ Diane Singing, lndistinct ]



[ Bicycle Bell Rings ]



   [ Singing Continues ]



- [ Man ] Hi.

- Hello.



   [ Singing Continues ]



[ Groans ]



[ Whimpering ]



[ Groaning ]



[ Yells ]






   [ Radio ]



Come in and sit down.



- [ Man ] Like some coffee?

- Aye.



- You must be Mark.

- Aye, that's me.



[ Buttering Toast ]



- You're a friend of Diane's?

- More a friend of a friend, no?






   [ Continues ]



Are you her flatmates?



[ Laughs ] "Flatmates"?



- I must remember that one.

- [ Footsteps Approaching ]



[ Diane ] 'Morning.



[ Chattering Quietly ]



- Good morning, Spud.

- 'Morning, Gail. Mr. Houston.



- Mrs. Houston.

- 'Morning, Spud.



Sit down and have some breakfast.



Sorry about last night,

by the way.



That's all right.

I slept fine on the sofa.



I had a bit much to drink.

I had a bit of an accident.



Don't worry, son.

These things happen.



Does a man good

to cut loose once in awhile.



Only this one could do

with being tied up once in a while.



I'll put the sheets

in the machine.



- No, no, no. I'll-l'll wash them.

- There's no need.



- No, it's no problem.

- It's no problem for me either.



- I'd rather take care of it myself.

- Honestly, it's no problem.



- Really, no!

- Spud, they're my sheets!



- I don't see why not.

- Because it's illegal, that's why not.



- What, holding hands?

- No, not holding hands.



In that case, you can do it. You were

quite happy to do a lot more last night.



Yeah, that's what's illegal. Do you know

what they do to people like me inside?



They cut your balls off

and flush 'em down the fucking toilet.



Calm down.

You're not going to jail.



Oh, well, that's very easy

for you to say, Diane.



- Can I see you again?

- [ Scoffs ] Certainly not.



If you don't see me again,

I'll tell the police.



I'll see you around then.



[ School Bell Ringing ]



[ Horn Blares ]



- Now what?

- We go for a walk.



- What?

- A walk.



- Where?

- There.



Are you serious?



Well, what are you

waiting for?



Hey, Tommy...



this is not natural, man.



It's the great outdoors!



It's fresh air!



Look, Tommy, we know you're getting

a hard time off Lizzy...



but there's really no need

to take it out on us.



Doesn't it make you proud

to be Scottish?



It's shite being Scottish!



We're the lowest

of the low!



The scum of the fucking Earth!



The most wretched, miserable,

servile, pathetic trash...



that was ever shat

into civilization!



Some people hate English.

I don't! They're just wankers!



We, on the other hand,

are colonized by wankers!



Can't even find a decent culture

to be colonized by!



We're ruled by effete arseholes!



It's a shite state of affairs

to be in, Tommy!



And all the fresh air in the world

won't make any fucking difference!



Sorry, man. Sorry.



No, I'm sorry.

Look, I appreciate it, Tommy--



[ Renton Narrating ] At or around

this time, Spud, Sick Boy and l...



made a healthy, informed,

democratic decision...



to get back on heroin

as soon as possible.



It took about    hours.



[ Chattering, Baby Cooing ]



[ Renton Narrating ]

It looks easy this, but it's not.



It looks like a doss,

like a soft option.



But living like this

is a full-time business.



[ Alarm Blaring ]



[ Sick Boy ] Ursula Andress,

the quintessential Bond girl.



That's what everyone says.



The embodiment, right,

of his superiority to us.



Beautiful, exotic,

highly sexual.



Yet totally unavailable

to anyone apart from him.



Shite. I mean,

let's face it, mate.



She'd shag one punter from Edinburgh,

she'd shag the whole fucking lot of us.



- [ TV Announcer ] Well done.

- Yep, I knew he was gonna do that.




We're nightclubbing



-    [ Continues ]

- Lizzy's gone, Mark.

She's gone and fucking dumped me.



It was that videotape...



and that lggy Pop business

and all other sorts of shite.



She told me where to go

and no fucking mistake.



I said to her, I said, "Look, is there

any chance of getting back together?"



No way. No fucking way.



[ Sick Boy ]

Honor Blackman...



a.k.a. Pussy Galore, right?



What a total fucking misnomer.



I mean I would not touch her

with yours.



I want to try it, Mark.



You're always going on about how

it's the ultimate hit and that.



Better than sex.



Come on, man,

I'm a fucking adult.



I can find out for myself.



I've got the money.




I mean, that's what counts, right?



Personality. I mean that's what keeps

a relationship going through the years.



Like heroin.



I mean, heroin's got

great fucking personality.




We're nightclubbing



  We're walking through town




We're nightclubbing



[ Renton Narrating ]

Swanney taught us to adore and respect

the National Health Service...



for it was the source

of much of our gear.



We stole drugs.

We stole prescriptions or bought them...



sold them, swapped them,

forged them, photocopied them.



Or traded drugs

with cancer victims...



alcoholics, pensioners, AIDS patients,

epileptics and bored housewives.



We took morphine, diamorphine,

cyclozine, codeine, temazepam...



nitrazepam, phenobarbitone,

and sodium amytal...



dextropropoxyphene, methadone,

nalbuphine, pethidine, pentazocine...



buprenorphine, dextromoramide,




The streets are awash

with drugs you can have...



for unhappiness and pain,

and we took them all.



Fuck it, we would've injected vitamin C

if only they'd made it illegal.



[ Winces ]



[ Crying ]



Pardon me, may I use your bathroom?

Thank you.



[ Groaning ]



You're a psycho!



Hey, Rent boy...



no fucking smack.



[ Renton Narrating ] But the good times

couldn't last forever.



[ Woman Screaming ]



[ Screaming Continues ]

No! My God, no!



[ Renton Narrating ] I think Allison had

been screaming all day...



-but it hadn't really registered before.

-[ Screaming ]



- She might have been screaming

for a week for all I knew.

- [ Continues Screaming ]



- It had been days

since I'd heard anyone speak.

- Help me!



- Though surely someone must have

said something in all that time.

- [ Screaming Continues ]



- Surely to fuck someone must have.

- Allison. Allison!



- [ Allison Screaming ] Help me, please!

- Hey, calm down!



- [ Screaming Continues ]

- [ Spud ] Everything'll be just fine.



[ Renton Narrating ] Nothing could have

been further from the truth.



- [ Both Screaming ]

- In point of fact,

nothing was gonna be just fine.



- [ Screaming Continues ]

- On the contrary,

everything was gonna be bad.



Bad. I mean, everything was gonna be

even worse than it already was.



No! My God!

No! No!



[ Screaming Continues ]

No! My God! No! No!



[ Screaming Continues ]



[ Allison Wailing ]



- [ Wailing Continues ]

- [ Softly ] Fuck.



[ Wailing, Screaming Continue ]



[ Renton Narrating ] It wasn't my baby.

She wasn't my baby.



Baby Dawn, she wasn't mine.



- Spud's, Swanney's, Sick Boy's?

I don't know.

- [ Continues Screaming ]



Maybe Allison knew, maybe not.



I wished I could think

of something to say.



Something sympathetic,

something human.



[ Sick Boy ]

Say something, Mark.



- [ Allison Crying ]

- [ Loudly ] Fucking say something, huh?



[ Crying Continues ]



I'm cooking up.



- [ Crying Continues ]

- [ Crying ]



[ Continues Crying ]



[ Whimpering, Crying ]



Cook us up a shot, Rent.

I really need a hit.



[ Renton Narrating ]

And so she did.



I could understand that.

To take the pain away.



So I cooked up,

and she got a hit.



But only after me.

That went without saying.



Well, at least we knew

who the father was now.



- [ Crying ]

- It wasn't just the baby

that died that day.



Something inside Sick Boy

was lost and never returned.



It seemed he had no theory with which to

explain a moment like this, nor did l.



Our only response was to keep

on going and fuck everything.



Pile misery upon misery.



Heap it up on a spoon

and dissolve it with a drop of bile.



Then squirt it into a stinking,

purulent vein and do it all over again.



Keep on going, getting up, going out,

robbing, stealing, fucking people over.



Propelling ourselves with longing

towards the day it would all go wrong.



Because no matter

how much you stash...



or how much you steal,

you never have enough.



No matter how often you go out

and rob and fuck people over...



you always need to get up

and do it all over again.



- [ Brakes Screech ]

- [ Spud ] Gangway!



[ Renton Narrating ] Sooner or later,

this kind of thing was bound to happen.



[ Laughing ]



[ Man ] Because shoplifting is theft,

which is a crime...



and, despite what you may believe, there

is no such entity as victimless crime.



Heroin addiction may explain your

actions, but it does not excuse them.



Mr. Murphy, you are a habitual thief...



devoid of regret and remorse.



In sentencing you to six months

imprisonment, my only worry is...



that it will not be long

before we meet again.



Mr. Renton, I understand that

you have entered into a program...



of rehabilitation in an attempt

to wean yourself away from heroin.



The suspension

of your sentence...



is conditional on your continued

cooperation with this program.



Should you stand guilty before me again,

I shall not hesitate...



to impose a custodial sentence.



Thank you, Your Honor.



With God's help,

I'll conquer this terrible affliction.



[ Renton Narrating ]

What can you say?



Well, Begbie had a phrase for it.



It was fucking obvious that

that cunt was going to fuck some cunt.



Well, I hope you learned

your lesson, son.



Oh, my son. I thought I was

gonna lose you there.



You're nothin' but trouble to me,

but I still love you.



You'd better clean up your fucking act,

sunshine. Cut that shite out forever.



You listen to Francis, Mark.

He's talking sense, kid.



You're fucking right I am. See, inside,

you wouldn't last two fucking days.



There's better things

than the needle, Rents. Choose life.



I remember

when you were a wee baby.



  Oh, mama's little baby

loves shortening, shortening



  Mama's little baby

loves shortening bread



[ Singers Laughing,

Laughter Stops ]



I'm sorry,

Mrs. Murphy.



It wasn't fair,

Spud going down and not me.



Well, it's not our fault!



Your boy went down because

he was a fucking smack-head!



If that's not your fault,

then I don't know what is!



I was the fucking cunt

that tried to get him off it.



- I'll get the fucking drinks then, eh?

- Aye.



[ Renton Narrating ]

I wished I'd gone down instead of Spud.



Here I was surrounded

by my family and my so-called mates...



and I've never felt so alone.



Never in all my puff.



Since I was on remand,

they've had me on this program.



The state-sponsored addiction.



Three sickly sweet doses of methadone

a day instead of smack.



But it's never enough.



And, at the moment,

it's nowhere near enough.



I took all three this morning...



and now I've got    hours to go

'til my next shot...



and the sweat on my back

like a layer of frost.



I need to visit the Mother Superior,

for one hit.



One fucking hit...



to get us over

this long, hard day.



What's on the menu

this evening, sir?



- [ Swanney ] Your favorite dish.

- Excellent.



- Usual table, sir?

- Why, thank you.



- Would sir care to pay

for his bill in advance?

- No, stick it on my tab.



Ah, regret to inform, sir, credit limit

was reached and breached some time ago.



Oh, well, in that case--



Ah, hard currency. That'll do nicely.

Can't be too careful...



when we're dealing

with your type, can we, sir?



Would sir care for a starter?

Some garlic bread, perhaps?



No, thank you. I'll proceed directly

to the intravenous injection...



- of hard drugs, please.

- As you wish, sir. As you wish.



[ Sighs ]



  Just a perfect day



  Drink sangria in the park



  And then later



[ Swanney ] Perhaps sir would

like me to call for a taxi?



[ Siren Wailing ]



[ Siren Continues ]



  Just a perfect day



- [ Siren Continues ]

-   Feed animals in the zoo



  Then later, a movie too



-   And then home  

- [ Siren Continues ]



  Oh, it's such a perfect day



  I'm glad

I spent it with you



- [ Car Approaching ]

-   Oh, such a perfect day



-   You just keep me hanging on  

- [ Brakes Squeak ]



  You just keep me hanging on



[ Engine ldling ]



  Just a perfect day



  Problems are left alone



  Weekenders on our own



  It's such fun



  Just a perfect day



  You made me forget myself



  I thought I was someone else

Someone good



  Oh, it's such a perfect day



  I'm glad I spent it with you



  Oh, such a perfect day



-   You just keep me hanging on  

- [ Car Door Closes ]



-   You just keep me hanging on  

- [ Car Departs ]



[ Bell Ringing ]



[ Ringing Continues ]



- Open your eyes! Come on, wake up!

-    [ Continues ]



  You're going to reap

just what you sow



  You're going to reap

just what you sow



- [ Gasps ]

-   You're going to reap



- [ Panting ]

-   Just what you sow



[ Continues Panting ]



  You're going to reap



  Just what you sow



[ Renton Narrating ]

I don't feel the sickness yet,

but it's in the mail, that's for sure.



I'm in the junkie limbo

at the moment.



Too ill to sleep,

too tired to stay awake.



But the sickness is on its way.



Sweat, chills, nausea,

pain and craving.



Need, like nothing else I've ever known,

will soon take hold of me.



It's on its way.



[ Diane ]   You've got green eyes

Ooh, you've got blue eyes



  Ooh, you've got gray eyes



  And I've never seen anyone

quite like you






  No, I never met anyone

quite like you before



[ Door Unlocking ]



We'll help you, son.



You'll stay here with us

'til you get better.



- Gonna beat this together.

- Maybe l--



- Maybe I should go back to the clinic.

- [ Mrs. Renton ] No.



No clinics. No methadone.



That only made you worse.

You said so yourself.



You lied to us, son.

Your own mother...



- and father.

- You could bring us some jellies.



No! You're worse coming off that

than you are with the heroin.



- Nothing at all!

- It's a clean break this time.



You're staying here

where we can keep an eye on you.



I appreciate what you're trying

to do, I really do,

but I just need one more score.



Just bring me one more hit, please.



- I need one more fucking hit!

- [ Door Locking ]



- You fuck!

- [ Second Lock Being Locked ]



[ Muffled ]

Bitch! Bitch!



[ Sniffs ]



Well, this is

a good fucking laugh, isn't it?



You sweat that shite

out of your system.



'Cause if I come back

and it's still here...



I'll fucking kick it out.



- Okay?

- [ Groaning ]



[ Continues Groaning ]



[ Panting ]






[ Dawn Cooing ]



[ Continues Cooing ]



- [ Cooing ]

- [ Gasping, Groaning ]



[ TV Host ]

Question number one:



The human immunodeficiency

virus is a--



- Retrovirus.

- Retrovirus is the right answer!



[ Crowd Cheering, Applauding ]



[ Sighs, Groans ]



[ Sick Boy ]

It's a mug's game, Mrs. Renton.



I mean, I'm not saying I was

blameless myself. Far from it.



But there comes a time when you have to

turn your back on all that nonsense...



and just say no.



[ Crunches Biscuit ]



[ Screaming ]



- [ Sick Boy ] Just say no.

- [ Allison ] Oh, my God, she's dead!



- [ Dawn Crying ]

- [ Gasps ]






- [ Dawn Crying ]

- [ Gasping ]



[ Crying Continues ]



[ Banging Continues ]



[ Continues Banging ]



- [ Banging Continues ]

- [ TV Host ] Question number two:



H.I.V. binds to which receptor

on the host lymphocyte?



Which receptor is that?



- [ Mr. Renton ] CD- .

- [ TV Host ] CD-  is the right answer!



[ Crowd Cheering, Applauding ]



Better than sex, Rents.



Better than sex.



The ultimate hit.



I'm a fucking adult.

I can find out for myself.



Well, I'm finding out, all right.






- [ Dawn Crying ]

- No.



[ Muttering ]

Stop it. Dawn, stop it.



Is he guilty or not guilty?



[ Screaming ]



- [ Continues Screaming ]

- He's our son.



[ Continues Screaming ]



[ Screaming Continues ]



No! Dawn! Dawn!



Stop! No! Dawn!



Oh, no! Dawn!

No, not me!



- Stop!

- [ Banging ]



[ Screaming ]



- [ Screaming Continues ]

- Mark.



- [ Continues Screaming ]

- Mark.






There's something

you need to do.






[ Balls Rattling ]



[ Emcee Over P.A. System ]

Come alive,   .



Box of tricks,   .



[ Mrs. Renton ]

Mark. Mark, you get the house!



- House! House!

- [ Crowd Applauding ]



[ Laughing ]

For goodness sake, Mark.



[ Renton Narrating ] It seems, however,

I am the luckiest guy in the world.



Several years of addiction

right in the middle of an epidemic...



surrounded by the living dead.



But not me. I'm negative.

It's official.



And once the pain goes away,

that's when the real battle starts:



depression, boredom.



You feel so fucking low,

you want to fucking top yourself.



[ Knocking ] Tommy!




[ Continues Knocking ]



[ Knocking ]

Tommy, it's Mark, man.



[ Opens Door ]



All right, mate?



[ Closes Door ]



- Gettin' out much, Tommy?

- No.



Following the game at all?



- No.

- [ Renton Continues Kicking Ball ]



Nah, me neither, really.



You take the test?












That's nice.



I'm sorry, Tommy.



- Got any gear on you?

- No, I'm clean, man.




sub us then, mate.



I'm expecting a rent check.



- [ Laughs Quietly ]

- Thanks, Mark.



No bother.



[ Renton Narrating ] No bother.

None at all. Not for me, anyway.



-[ Knocking ]

-Still, it's easy to be philosophical...



when it's some other poor cunt

with shite for blood.



- What do you want?

- Are you clean?



- Yes.

- Is that a promise then?



Yes, it is,

as a matter of fact.



Calm down.

I'm only asking.



- Is that hash I can smell?

- No.



- I wouldn't mind a bit if it is.

- Well, it isn't.



- It smells like it.

- You're too young.



I'm too young for what?



[ Exhales ] You're not getting

any younger, Mark.



The world's changing. Music's changing.

Even drugs are changing.



You can't stay in here all day

dreaming about heroin...



- and Ziggy Pop.

- It's lggy Pop.




I mean, the guy's dead anyway.



Iggy Pop is not dead. He toured

last year. Tommy went to see him.



The point is, you've got to find

something new.



[ Renton Narrating ] She was right.

I had to find something new.



There was only

one thing for it.



  So find the feelin'



  So find the feelin'



  So find the feelin'



  Bom Digi Digi Digi

Bom Digi Bom



Lifestyle Letting Agency.



Oh, yes, it's a beautifully converted

Victorian town house.



Ideally located on a quiet road

near to the local shops and transport.



Um, this one's two bedrooms

and a kitchen/diner.



Fully fitted,

in excellent decorative order.



Lots of storage space

and all mod cons.



It's going at     a week.



[ Renton Narrating ] I settled in

not too badly and kept myself to myself.



Sometimes, of course,

I thought about the guys,

but mainly I didn't miss them at all.



After all, this was boomtown,

where any fool could make cash

from chaos, and plenty did.



[ Agent ] Tell you what I've got.



I've got a beautifully converted

Victorian town house.



[ Renton Narrating ]

I quite enjoyed the sound of it all:



profit, loss, margins...



takeovers, lending,

letting, subletting...



subdividing, cheating, scamming,

fragmenting, breaking away.



Who's got the keys

to Telegraph Road?



There was no such thing as society,

and even if there was...



I most certainly

had nothing to do with it.



For the first time in my adult life,

I was almost content.



[ Diane's Voice ] Dear Mark, I'm glad

you found a job and somewhere to live.



School is fine at the moment.



I'm not pregnant,

but thanks for asking.



Your friend, Sick Boy, asked me last

week if I would like to work for him...



but I told him where to go.



I met Spud, who sends his regards.

Or at least I think that's what he said.



[ Spud Mumbling ]



[ Diane Continues ]

No one has seen Tommy for ages.



And, finally, Francis Begbie has been

on television a lot this week...



as he is wanted

by the police in connection...



with an armed robbery

in a jeweler's in Corstorphine.



Take care.

Yours with love, Diane.



[ Doorbell Ringing ]



[ Diane's Voice ]

Francis Begbie.



[ Ringing Doorbell ]



Oh, no.



Armed robbery?

What, with a replica?



- How the fuck can it be armed

robbery with a fucking replica?

- [ Trigger Clicking ]



Fucking scandal.

The gear. Look.



Supposed to be fucking solid silver.

It's fucking garbage.



Those young couples investin' all their

fucking hopes in that stuff and all.



- It's a scandal, Franco.

- Too fucking right it is.



How about the wee pot noodles

by the way? I'm fucking Lee Marvin.



[ Sighs ]



[ Door Opens ]

Hey, Rents.



[ Renton Narrating ]

Begbie settled in in no time at all.



Fucking find cigarettes.



- [ Door Closes ]

-   We didn't have nowhere to live



- Aye.

-   We didn't have nowhere to go



  'Til someone said I know

this place I've been before



  It was on the   th floor



-   It had a bar across the door  

- [ Bottles Clatter ]



  It took an hour to cross it off

and get inside



  It smelled as if

someone had died



  The living room

was full of flies



-   The kitchen sink was--  

- Begs?



-   Ooh, it's a mess all right  

- Begs!



-   Yes, it's my house  

- [ Snoring ]



[ Renton Narrating ]

Yeah, the guy's a psycho. But it's true.



He's a mate also.

What can I do?



  I was living in the sky



  I never thought

I'd live so high



  Just like heaven

if it didn't look like hell



  The lift is always

full of piss



  The fifth floor landing

smells of fish



  Not just on Friday

Every single other day



-    [ Continues ]

- Hey, pop down to bookie's

and put a line on for us.



- Can you not go yourself?

- I'm serious here.



I'm a fugitive from the law, and I can't

even walk the fuckin' streets.



You go.










Five pound to win.

Bad Boy.



[ TV Track Announcer, lndistinct ]



[ Gathering Coins ]



[ TV Continues ]



Fucking buy

some fucking beer and all.



[ TV Continues ]



[ Begbie ] Come on, Bad Boy.



Come on, son. Come on, son.

Come on! Come on!









Bad Boy!



[ Renton Narrating ]

Came in at    to  .



And with the winnings,

we went out to celebrate.



   [ Dance ]



[ Renton Narrating ] Diane was right.

The world is changing.



Music is changing.

Drugs are changing.



Even men and women

are changing.



One thousand years from now, there'll be

no guys and no girls, just wankers.



- Sounds great to me.

- [ Man Blowing Whistle ]



[ Whistling Continues ]



[ Narrating Continues ]

It's just a pity no one told Begbie.



   [ Continues, Muffled ]



[ Kissing ]



Fuck! Fuck!



[ Renton Narrating ]

lf you ask me, we're heterosexual

by default not by decision.



It's just a question

of who you fancy.



It's all about aesthetics.

And it's fuck-all to do with morality.






[ Narrating Continues ]

But you try telling Begbie that.



Look, I'm not a fucking buftie,

and that's the end of it.



Let's face it,

it could have been wonderful.



[ Growling ]



Fucking listen to me,

you piece of junkie shit.



A joke's a fucking joke. You mention

that again, and I'll cut you up.



You understand?



[ Rings Doorbell ]



- [ Snoring ]

- [ Renton Narrating ]

Since I last saw him...



Sick Boy had reinvented himself

as a pimp and a pusher...



and was here, he said,

to mix business and pleasure...



setting up contacts,

as he constantly informed me...



for the great smack deal

that was one day going to make him rich.



[ Snoring Continues ]



Good chips.



I can't believe

you did that.



I got a good price for it.

Rents, I need the money.



It was my fucking telly!



Christ, if I'd known you were

gonna get so humpty about it...



I wouldn't have bothered.



Fucking rented anyway.



Are you gonna eat that?



Have you got a passport?






I met this bloke.



Runs a hotel, brothel.



Loads of contacts.



Does a nice sideline in punting

British passports to foreigners.



Get you a good price.



And why would I want

to sell my passport?



It was just an idea.



[ Renton Narrating ]

I had to get rid of them.



Sick Boy didn't do his drug deal,

and he didn't get rich.



Instead, he and Begbie just hung around

my bedsit looking for things to steal.



I decided to offer them one of London's

most desirable properties.



- But, of course,

they weren't paying any rent.

- [ Voices, lndistinct ]



So when my boss found

two desperate suckers who would...



Sick Boy and Begbie were bound

to feel threatened.



Yep, lots of storage.



All mod cons,     quid a week.



-[ Both Shout ]

-[ Renton Narrating ] And that was that.



But by then we had

another reason to go back:






[ Man ] Tommy knew he'd got the virus,

but he never knew he's gone full blown.



What was it, pneumonia or cancer?



No, toxoplasmosis.



It's like a stroke.



How's that?



He wanted to see Lizzy again.



She wouldn't even

let him near the house.



So he bought her a present.

He brought her this kitten.



- [ Renton ] But Lizzy told him

where to fucking stick it.

- [ Man ] Exactly.



"l'm not wantin' that cat," she says.

"Get the fuck, right."



So there's Tommy stuck

with this kitten.



- You can imagine what happened.

- To those of us gathered here today...



Thomas McKenzie filled a number

of different roles in our lives.



- Thomas was a son,

a brother and a friend.

- The thing was neglected...



pissing and shitting

all over the place.



- [ Vicar Continues ]

- Tommy's lying about fucked out

of his eyeballs...



on smack or downers.



He never knew you could get

toxoplasmosis from cat shit.



[ Vicar ] A loving man

who had a great lust for life.



- A keen musician--

- Neither did l. What is it?



- [ Vicar Continues ]

- Fucking horrible.



- It's like an abscess on your brain.

- Fucking hell.



- [ Vicar Continues ]

- Then what happened?



[ Man ] He starts getting

these headaches...



- so he just uses more smack,

you know, for the pain.

- Right.



And then he has a stroke.

A fucking stroke, just like that.



Gets home from the hospital

and dies three weeks later.



[ Man Sighs ] He'd been dead

for ages before the neighbors...



complained about the smell and

got the police to break down the door.



- [ Meows ]

- Tommy was lying facedown

in a pool of vomit.



[ Vicar ] He has gone from us, but we

have many things to remember him by.



- The kitten was fine.

- Would you all please rise now

for the committal?



[ Spud Singing ]   Do you think

I would leave you crying



  When there's room

on my horse for two



  Climb up here, Tommy

Don't be dying



  I can go just as fast

with two



  When we grow up

we'll both be soldiers



  And our horses

will not be toys



  And I wonder

if we'll remember



  When we were

two little boys



[ Cans Opening ]



- Tommy.

- Tommy.



Did you tell him yet?



- On you go.

- What?



[ Sick Boy ]

There's this mate of Swanney's.



- You know the guy. Mikey Forrester.

- [ Renton ] Aye.



Well... he's come

into some gear.



- [ Coughs ] A lot of gear.

- How much gear?



About two kilos.



So he tells me.



He got drunk in a pub

down by the docks last week...



where he met

two Russian sailors.



They're fucking carrying the stuff.

For sale there and then, like.



So he wakes up next morning...



realizes what he's done,

gets very fucking nervous.



He wants rid of this, right?



- So?

- [ Sick Boy ] So he met me.



And I offered to take it off his hands

at a very reasonable price...



with the intention of punting it

on myself to a guy I know in London.



[ Laughs ] We've just come back

from Tommy's funeral...



and you're talking

about a skag deal?






What was your price?



- [ Sick Boy ] Four grand.

- You haven't got four grand.



- We're      short.

- Well, that's tough.



Look, Mark, every cunt knows

you've been saving up in London.



- I'm sorry, boys.

I do not have two grand.

- [ Scoffs ]



[ Begbie ] Aye, you fucking do.



I've seen

your bank statement.



- For fuck's sake.

- Two thousand...



one hundred

and thirty-three pound.



Two kilos.

What is that, ten years?



Mikey Forrester. Russian sailors.

What the fuck are you boys on?



Eh? Spud, you've already

been to jail.



What's the deal?

You like it so much you want to go back?



I just want the money, Mark.



If everybody keeps their fucking mouth

shut, there'll be no cunt going to jail.



[ Renton Narrating ]

I hadn't told anyone everything

that was running through my mind...



about what might happen

in London.



There were a lot of possibilities

I didn't want to talk to anyone about.



Ideas best kept to myself.



What no one told me was that

when we bought the smack...



some lucky punter

would have to try it out.



Begbie didn't trust Spud.



Sick Boy was too careful

these days.



So I rolled up my sleeve,

I spiked my vein...



and I did what had to be done.



[ Sighs, lnhales Slowly ]



It's good.



Oh, it's really

fucking good.



[ Renton Sighing ]



[ Narrating Continues ]

Yeah, that hit was good.



I promised myself another one

before we got to London.



Just the one hit.

Just for old time's sake.



Just to piss Begbie off.



This was his nightmare.



The dodgiest scam

in a lifetime of dodgy scams.



Being perpetrated with three of the most

useless and unreliable fuckups in town.



I knew what was going on

in his mind.



Any trouble in London,

and he would dump us immediately.



One way or another,

he had to.



If he got caught

with a bag full of smack...



on top of that armed robbery shit,

he was going down for    to   .



Begbie was hard, but not so hard that he

didn't shite it off    years in prison.



This was to be my final hit.



But let's be clear about this.



There's final hits

and final hits.



What kind was this to be?



- Did you bring the cards?

- What?



The cards. The last thing I

told you was to mind the cards.



Well, I've not brought them.



- Fucking boring after

a while without the cards.

- I'm sorry.



- But fucking late, like.

- Why didn't you bring them?



'Cause I fucking told you

to bring them, you doss cunt!






[ Man ]

These are your friends, right?



- [ Sick Boy ]

These are the guys I told you about.

- Okay.



- Well, is he here?

- Yeah, he's here.



You didn't get followed

or nothing, did you?



- [ Scoffs ] Didn't get followed.

- Okay.



- All right.

- Hi.



[ Renton Narrating ] Straight away

he clocked us for what we were:



small-time wasters

with an accidental big deal.



- [ Dealer Sighs ]

- [ Scale Beeps ]



- [ Scale Beeps ]

- Excuse me, gentlemen.



[ Door Opening ]



[ Sighs ] So...



how much would you

like for this?



Twenty thousand.



[ Chuckles ]



Well, I don't think

it's worth much more than   .



[ Renton Narrating ]

This was a real drag to him.

He didn't need to negotiate.



I mean, what the fuck were we going

to do with it if he didn't buy it?



Sell it on the streets?

Fuck that.



Well,   .



Terribly sorry.

I can't go to   .



Well, fucking    then.



[ Chuckling ]




"Well, fucking   "

it is then.



[ Sighs ] These, gentlemen,

are      bundles.



That's two.



That's four.



- [ Renton Narrating ]

We settled on      .

- [ Dealer ] Now you have six.



He had a lot more in the suitcase,

like, but it was better than nothing.



[ Dealer ]

And two more make eight.



Thank you very much,




- I'd just like to say,

it's been a pleasure haggling with you.

- Fucking better be.






[ All Laughing ]




- Fucking--

- [ Continue Laughing ]



[ Renton Narrating ] And just

for a moment, it felt really great.



Like we were all in it together,

like friends. Like it meant something.



- A moment like that

can touch you deep inside.

- [ All Laughing ]



But it doesn't last long.

Not like      .



So what about you, Spud? Any major

investments on the horizon at all?



- Gonna buy yourself

a wee island in the sun?

- [ Begbie ] For four grand?



One palm tree, a couple of rocks

and a fucking sewage outflow.



[ All Laughing ]



I don't know, man. I'm gonna

get something for my ma, I think.



Get some good speed.



No bicarb.



- Then get a girl,

take her out, treat her right.

- And shag her senseless.



No, man!

True love. True love.



Eh, but I could really handle

some hot sex...



- with a Jewish princess!

- You daft cunt!



- Or a Catholic!

- If you're gonna waste it on a bird...



you might as well fucking

leave it all to me.



- Get our drinks.

- I got a round already.



- I got the last ones.

- It's your round, Franco.



Okay. Same again?



Right. I'm off for a piss.



See when I get back

the money's still here, okay?



The moment your back's turned,

we're out the door.



Yeah, I'll be right

fucking after you.



You'll never catch us,

you flabby bastard.



By the way,

see you when I get back.



Be halfway down the street

with the money.



- I'd fucking kill you.

- Aye, I thought you might, Franco.



Thought you might.



Are you game for it?









[ Laughs ]

Are you serious?



Don't know. Don't know.

What do you think?



Still here, I see.



- Aye. Well, we wouldn't

run out on a mate, eh?

- Why not? I know I would.



Where's Franco?



For fuck's sake!



Sorry, mate.

I'll buy you another one.



You've ruined my fucking suit,

you fucking idiot!



[ Man ] Look, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean it.



Sorry's not going to dry me off,

you cunt.



Cool down, Franco.

The man says he's sorry.



He's sorry enough

for being a fat cunt.



Fuck you. If you can't hold a pint, you

shouldn't be in the pub, mate. Fuck off.



[ Screaming ]



Oh, no!

[ Groaning ]



[ Man Coughing, Gasping,

Begbie Kicking ]



No, Franco, don't do it, man.

[ Groans ]



- [ Screaming ]

- For fuck's sake!



- [ Sick Boy ] Fucking nice one, Franco!

- Shut it.



- [ Spud Yelling ] You cut me, man!

- You were in my fucking way.



- [ Spud Whimpers ]

- [ Groaning ]



Anybody else want to get

in my fucking way? You?






Hey, Rent boy...



you bring me down

a fucking smoke.



- [ Sick Boy ] I think

we'd better go, Franco!

- I've got to go to the hospital!



You're not going to any fucking

hospital, and you're staying there!



You bring me down

a fucking cigarette.



And the bag.



[ Snoring ]



[ Door Closes ]



[ Renton Narrating ] Now I've justified

this to myself in all sorts of ways.



It wasn't a big deal,

just a minor betrayal.



Or we'd outgrown each other.

You know, that sort of thing.



But let's face it.

I ripped them off.



My so-called mates.



But Begbie--

I couldn't give a shit about him.



And Sick Boy. He'd have done the same

to me, if he'd only thought of it first.



And Spud-- Well, okay, I felt sorry

for Spud. He never hurt anybody.



[ Begbie Shouting ] Bastard!



[ Begbie Shouting ] Bastard!



[ Grunting ]



[ Glass Shattering,

Grunting, Shouting ]



- [ Knocking ]

- Open up. Open up now!







[ Renton Narrating ]

So why did I do it?



I could offer

a million answers, all false.



The truth is

that I'm a bad person.



But that's gonna change.

I'm going to change.



This is the last

of that sort of thing.



Now I'm cleaning up,

and I'm moving on.



Going straight

and choosing life.



I'm looking forward

to it already.



I'm gonna be just like you.



The job, the family,

the fucking big television...



the washing machine,

the car, the compact disc

and electrical tin opener...



good health, low cholesterol,

dental insurance...



mortgage, starter home,

leisure wear, luggage...



three-piece suite, D.I.Y.,

game shows, junk food, children...



walks in the park,

nine-to-five, good at golf...



washing the car, choice of sweaters,

family Christmas...



indexed pension, tax exemption,

clearing gutters...



getting by, looking ahead,

the day you die.















  La, La-la-la















  La, La-la-la



[ Sick Boy ] "Dr. No."



"From Russia With Love."



"You Only Live Twice."






"Diamonds Are Forever."






"Never Say Never Again."


Special help by SergeiK