The Transporter Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Transporter script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie written by Luc Besson and starring Jason Statham.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Transporter. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Transporter Script



[Watch Beeping]



[Classical Music Playing]



[Engine Starts]



[Engine Stops]



Go, go, go, go!

Move it, move it!






Move it! Let's go!



Move, move! In the car!

Let's go.



Let's go!



There's   of you.



You can count.

I'm impressed. Now drive.



Rule one--

Never change the deal.



The deal was




for   men

with a combined weight...



of     kilos.



Yeah? Well,

this is a new deal.



An extra    kilos

means we'll not make...



your destination on

the gas I have allotted.



So we'll stop

and get more gas!



Every stop we make

exposes us.



Every exposure...



increases the risk

of getting caught.



An extra    kilos means

the Koni shock absorbers...



I installed for this job

will not give us...



the ability

to outmaneuver...



any police that might

be chasing us.



Which means,

if there is a chase...



we lose our advantage,

which also increases...



the possibility

of getting caught.



I don't want

to get caught.



You don't want

to get caught.



Just drive the car, man...



or you're gonna catch

a bullet through the brains!



And who's going

to drive?



Shoot this asshole!

I'll drive.



Not without the ignition

code you won't.



  men.     kilos.



That was the deal.






  men,     kilos.



Seat belts.






[Engine Starts]












See what I mean

about the shocks?



[Thugs Yelling]



Now it's time.




Move it, Marcel, move it!



Look out!

Get out of the road!



One way, one way!



We're going

the wrong way!



Stop it,

Marcel, stop!



Move away!



Look out, look out!









[Shouting In French]



[Thugs Laughing]



[Speaking French]






Go, go, go!















If you don't mind...



I just conditioned

the leather back there.



Take us to the drop point!



Not yet.









The cops, the cops!



What are you doing?

Don't stop now!



Thug  : Do something!

Come on, do something!



What are you thinking?



[Thugs Screaming]



Your gun, please.



[Horn Blows]



Police! Stop!



Stop! Police!



I'm fed up with this car chase!



[Shouting Indistinctly]



You gave me too much.



We need you to take us to Avignon.



The deal was this far

and no further.



The deal is the deal.

Rule number one.



Rules are meant to be broken.



Not mine.



Let's go. Get in the car.



Come on! Quick!



Move it!



[Voices On Television]



Man   On TV:

Really I did.



Man On TV  :

Oh, yeah, well, how come...



you don't have your

yellow card with you?



Well, I...I...



must've left it

back in Nam on the base.



Yeah, they all say that.



"Left it back in Nam

on the base." Uh-huh.



Let me show you

what we do to people...



who left it back in Nam

on the base.



Oh, no!

Please let go of me!



Where are you taking me?



You gotta be punished

for not carrying...



your shot record on you.

It's a fate far worse than death.



[Voices Become Indistinct]



Newscaster: The Argentinian

government reaffirmed...



its commitment to meeting...



the I.M.F's target

this year.



And yesterday, in Nice...



  men robbed the Alliance

Investment Corporation.



One man died

on the sidewalk.



The others were apprehended

early this morning...



when they took a wrong turn

on a one-way street...



in Avignon and ran into

a taxi cab.



The police said...



were it not for their

poor driving habits...



the    million euros

in bearer bonds...



would have been cashed

and gone by this afternoon.



And in other news--



[Chime Rings]



I always say the way

a man treats his car...



is how he treats himself.



I'd say that's probably true,




Heh heh heh!

You have a good sense of humor...



for a foreigner,

Monsieur Frank.



Like the French.

Sly wit.



Just the right amount

of flavor.



Been out driving?



Until they pass a law

that says I can't.



You want to come in

for a coffee?



Uh, thank you...



but I have a lot

of stops to make.



   to be exact.



That's a lot of stops.



A lot of     

black BMW    s...



with    in the license

plates to check out.



Oh, it's a very

popular car...



with a certain type

down here.



You've seen them.



They come over from Italy...



in those very expensive suits...



and the young pretty girls...



with the big jewelry

and too much make-up.






There was a robbery.



A getaway.



Some very fancy driving.



By someone in a     

black BMW    ?



With    on the plate.



[Both Chuckle]



You have been

in the city lately?



Not for a while.



I love Nice.

The food...



the way they grill fish.



No place else in France does it...



the way they do in Nice.



And the women...



I prefer the women there.



They are more...




than the local variety.



Don't you think?



I don't particularly

like complicated.



You like to keep it simple.



Why are you so interested?



Oh, you know, uh...



ever since

I'm a little boy...



military people

have always intrigued me.



I'm ex-military.



I'm an ex-little boy.



Sure you don't have time

for a coffee?



Everything is always...



so neat with you,

Monsieur Frank.



Nothing ever out of place.



I'll take that as a compliment...



coming from a man who pays

attention to every detail.



Maybe I'll come back

later for that coffee.



Door's always open to you.






Unh. Ahh.



[Cell Phone Rings]






Man On Phone:

Lupo gave me your number.



Be brief.



I'm looking for a transporter.



I'm listening.



Are you ready?



Are you ready...



One bag, that's it.






Be specific.



One meter fifty

by half meter.






   kilos, not more.






   Rue de Luxembourg.



You're delivering to Mister--



Rule  -- No names.



Time of pickup?



 :   in the morning

at the front door.



A package,

one meter fifty by fifty...







travelling within

the speed limit...



one stop for refreshments...






Half now, half on delivery.



Delivery will be at noon.



If no one's there,

it is not my responsibility.



I'll leave the package.

Once we make a deal...



the terms of that deal

cannot be changed...



or renegotiated.



Another rule?



It's rule number one.



Do we have a deal?



You're very precise.



Transportation is

a precise business.



[Trunk Opens]



[Package Thumps]



[Soft Music Playing On Radio]



[Tire Flapping]






[Music Stops]






[Muffled Sobs]






Now, don't move.

I'm not gonna hurt you.



I'm just gonna

make a little hole...



so you can drink.

That's all I'm gonna do.




Please, come on.






Come on, drink.






OK, OK, that's enough.



Good girl.



[Muffled Screaming]



[Woman In Trunk

Screaming And Kicking]






I'm going to take

the tape off.



If you scream,

I'll have to kill you.



- You understand?

- Mm-hmm.



Aah! I have to pee!



You want me to do it

in your car?









I'm gonna take my knife out...



so don't scream, OK?

It's to cut you free.



You don't need

your mouth to pee.



You have one minute.



  ...  ...



  ...  --



You're breaking

the rules, Frank.



Not good to break the rules.












Time's up.



Don't make me drag you out.












No, please! Nnn!



Rule  --

Never look in the package.



Hope you enjoyed your pee...



because it's your

last on this trip.






See what comes

of breaking the rules?



Yeah, yeah



My music, my life,

my heart, my soul...







My wife, my daughter,

my love, my dream



My mother, my father,

my brother, my team



My camp, my squad,

my house, my car



My boat, my shoes,

my pants, my shirt



My coke, my sugar,

my cream, my butter



My toast, my all

my queen, my folks



My baby

walk like   strings tall



Talk like she's my everything



You're late.



Ran into a little problem.



Nothing serious?



Nothing serious.



[Woman In Bag Screams]



You open the package?



Rule  --

Never open the package.



Ha! I like that.






You can't get anything done

in the world without rules.



You're a foreigner, right?



This is a nice little thing...



you've got going

for yourself here.



High class,

good reputation.



I didn't get your name.



Rule  -- No names.



Of course.



You don't count it?



Why? Should I?



No, no.



That concludes the deal.



You know,

I was wondering...



if you wouldn't mind...



transporting something for me.



That's what you do, right?



You deliver,

no questions asked.



Why not?









Oh, maybe a kilo.






Grenoble,     Rue du Lac...



a Mister--



Oh, right. I forgot.



Rule  .



Heh heh heh!



I like him.



[Doorbell Rings]







What the fuck?!



[Excited Yelling]



Come on!












Where is he?












[Engine Starting]






[Music Stops]












You're like dog shit!

You're everywhere.






I know, you wanna pee.



All you wanna do is pee.






[Muffled Screaming]






[Muffled Screaming]



[Tires Screeching]



I got love



I got love for



My homies

who be rollin' wit me



Play no game



Play no games



Frank, you stupid shit.



I got love



I got love



For my niggaz

on my family tree



I got love



Love for the ghetto,

down for whatever



If you was down before



You gon' still

gon' be down wit me



I got game 'cause

the game was given to me



[Muffled Screaming]






I ask the questions.

You answer the questions.



No long speeches.

Just keep it simple.



Got it?



Who are you?



My name is Lai.

I come from Chi--






I ask the questions.

You answer the questions.



Nothing more.

Nothing less.



You want to try again?



What kind of shit am I in?



Deep shit.

Very deep shit.



Those guys--

Sorry! Sorry!



I won't say any--




Bon appétit.



Where are you going?



To bed.



I can't think straight

when I'm tired.



After a good night's sleep...



I always see things better.



Can I leave?



Be my guest.









[Door Closes]



[Monitor Beeping]






are you comfortable?



- Boss--

- Shh.



Save your strength.



Just tell me, who did this?



The transporter.



The transporter's dead.



He's not.



Believe me.



I believe you.



And the police?

They were here?






You told them nothing, right?






Of course...



you couldn't talk.






Let's keep it that way.



[Muffled Yelling]



[Monitor Beeping Rapidly]



[Alarm Beeping]



[Monitor Beeping Slowly]






I picked them

from the garden outside.



I hope you don't mind.



I didn't know

if you like coffee...



or tea,

so I made both.



[Timer Rings]



I hope you like, uh...






Try one.






It's hot.






Let me.



I like it quiet in the morning.




Quiet in the morning.



Me, too.

Me, too.



I'm the same way.

I like very quiet.






Are you looking for milk?



There's milk at the door.



Stay, stay.

I'll go.






And you are?



The new cook.



Is Monsieur Frank in?



Ah! Monsieur Frank.



Is your invitation

for coffee still open?



Sure, come on.

Please, sit.













I'll bring some more.






My mother used to make...



fresh madeleines every morning.



I smell them

and my whole childhood...



comes back in one big flood...



like Proust.



You ever read Proust,

Monsieur Frank?






Ah. He's fantastic.



Memory like a steel trap.



He would have been a great cop.



A real detail man.



- Milk?

- Please. Mmm.



Thank you.





I used to have a memory like Proust.



Like a filing cabinet up there.



I would see something

and remember it like that.



Like, uh, license plates.



I could see a plate

and it was printed in my head.



Now I need all

the help I can get...



remembering whose plate...



goes with whose car.



Like, uh, this one.



It's mine.



Ah, memories.







Where's the rest

of the car?



I was hoping

you could tell me.



- It was stolen.

- Stolen?



Yeah, I went down to Frejus

to pick up a few things.



When I came out

of the market, it was--




Did you report it?



It's the first on my list

of things to do today.



It's a long walk

from Frejus.



How did you get home?






I brought him.



I saw him walking

along the dark road.



Mm, a risky thing.



Picking up a stranger

on a dark road.



He had a kind face.



I didn't see

a car outside.



It's in the garage.



May I see it?






[Birds Chirping]







Pretty nice car

for a cook.



Some people have a problem

with the Germans.



They're too aggressive.



They take up

the best beaches in summer.



They can't cook worth a damn.



I say anyone

who makes such great cars...



can't be all bad.



I would say your intuition

worked out very well...



for Monsieur Frank,




Worked out for both of us.






My intuition says

this is probably a good time...



for me to go

file my report.



Where's the rest

of my car?



Oh, yes.



I almost forgot.



It was blown to pieces

at a rest stop.



What's left of it

is down at the lab.



They're trying to separate

what was left...



of the   cops in the trunk...



from the rest of it.



But, uh, you wouldn't know

anything about that?






Sorry to interrupt.



Thank you for the coffee

and the memories.



Come back any time.



Would you mind walking me?



Come on.



You have always

been very quiet...



about your business,

Monsieur Frank.



I appreciate that.

Less work for Mother.



But this business

at the rest stop.



That is not very quiet.



I don't suppose you

would like to tell me...



something besides

a stolen car story?



If I had one I would.



Well, may I suggest

that when the   of you...



show up in my office

after lunch...



you do have one.



A better one

than you currently have.



You are the one

he wants to see...



not me!






Please, I have to think.



You were supposed

to think last night.



Yeah, well,

last night I had nightmares...



about a girl who came

into my nice, quiet life...



screwed it all up.



Everything she touched broke...



and every move she made

turned into a catastrophe.



OK. Sorry.



I'm still wondering

if I want to know everything...



or nothing about you.






The quiet.



I thought you liked quiet.



[Bee Buzzes]



Yeah, not this quiet.









You OK?






Good. Let's go.









Go! Go! Go!






- Aah!

- Aah!



No, don't stay there!









Aah! Aah!



[Breathing Hard]






Come on,

give me your hand!












- Aah!

- Come on!



Come on, get in!

Get in!



- No! No!

- Get in!



Lai, look!

Come on, you wanna die?!



Get in!



[Lai Screaming]






Calm down, OK?



Don't worry.

You OK?



Stay here.

I'm coming back.



No, wait! Wait!









Put it on.



- You OK?

- Mm.






OK, let's go.









Is this your house?



[Electric Crackling]







Uhh! Yeah, guess.






I should mind

my own goddamn business.



A simple rule.

A simple, little rule.



There's gotta be

some dry clothes...



in this house.



Don't open the package.



Nothing but trouble,

you open the goddamn package.







What are you doing?



Making up for the trouble.



Wait, wait.



Why are you making--



No more questions.






I don't like it

when things get complicated.



You like things simple.



Very simple.



I'm not so clear

about the house.



Could you explain...



uh, one more time.

After I left.



After you left, we went

for a walk on the beach.



- Had a swim.

- Where again?



Past the point.



Anyone else swimming

at that time?






Did you see

anybody else swimming?



No. No one.



So, you took a walk,

had a swim...



on a beach where no one

else was swimming...



past the point

where you can't see...



or be seen from the beach

on either side...



which makes witnesses

a little hard to come by.



That's the point

of a romantic swim.



Who wants witnesses?



And then?



Then we came back

to the house...



found it on fire.



Just like that?

On fire?






And the      rounds

of spent ammo...



my men found

all around the house?



Maybe they had

the wrong house.



Monsieur Frank...



people with

this kind of firepower...



do not make mistakes

about who they visit.



Who would want you this dead?



I don't know.



Any problems with a client?



I don't have clients.

I'm retired.



I live on my army pension,

you know that.



You have all the facts

of who I am...



and who I was.

You've had them for years.



Any enemies

you can think of?



People from the past?



I left the past behind

when I moved here.



Huh. A past like yours

you never leave behind.



[Knock On Door]




on vous demande en bas.



I'll just be a moment.



Don't leave.



What are you doing?



Computers know everything.



You just need a password.



What, are you nuts?

We're in a police station.



You're always complaining.



Except when we make love.

Then you say nothing.









La la la









[Printer Beeps]



So, where will you be staying?



I don't know.



Well, my cousin

has a small hotel.



Thanks, but we'll manage.



Without money,

it would be hard.




It's not much...



but at least

you won't go hungry.



Thank you.



Where are you going?



Going to see that guy.



Good luck.



One minute.



You're not coming?






But he blew up your car.



I'll buy a new one.



He burned your house.



I'll rebuild it.



He tried to kill you!



And as far as he knows,

he succeeded.



Look, I'm going

to give you some advice.



I don't know

what you were into.



I don't care

what you were into.



But whoever wanted you dead...



thinks you're dead.



You have a free pass

to start over.



Here's the advice:

Start over!



There are     people dying...



in a container on a ship.



My father.



My sisters.



The ship arrives today.



They will make

my father a slave.



The only one who knows

the container number...



is that guy.



You're very good.



What do you mean?



The moment you saw

those pictures in my house...



you were setting me up

to get involved in this.



The breakfast.



Giving the excuse

to the cop to help me.



One lie after another.



Not everything is a lie.



Name one thing

that isn't?



What happened in the house...



between us...



that was not a lie.



You were a soldier.



Your job was to save people.



Past tense.



What does that mean?



It means I got tired

of seeing my best efforts...



get turned into bullshit

by the same people...



who paid me to do the job.



No one cared.



This time... I care.






Thank you.









No phone calls

for half an hour?



Hello. Surprise!






Put your hands

where I can see 'em.



So, before we get

to the heart of the matter...



I have one question for you.



Why'd you try to kill me?



You lied to me.



You opened the package.



You broke the rules.



Your rules.



What did you

expect me to do...



recommend you for another job?



What's the ship number?



Mr. Transporter...



we can both agree...



I answered your first

question politely.



I won't answer any more...



so I suggest

you kill me right now...



and go screw yourself.



I can't find anything.



Oh, poor Frank.

What did she tell you?



We're smuggling people

in containers?



I tell you, "Lai"'s

the perfect name for her.



Secretary, On Intercom:

Mr. Kwai's on the way up.



Your father's here.



He'll really get

a kick out of this.



I thought your father

was in a container.



Yes! I--I mean, no.



There are     people

in that container.



Stay where you are!



She's a real heartbreaker,

isn't she, Frank?



   seconds,   choices.



The information on the paper

or your brains on the desk!



Now tell me I'm lying!



-  ... ...

- Frank: Lai.



Lai, give me

the gun.



I don't know

what you're talking about.



... ... ...



 ... ...

















[Speaking Chinese]



Would I kill

my own daughter?






Come on now.



Put it down.



We'll talk.



She thinks we're smuggling

people in containers.



I don't know where

you get these ideas!



Stay away!



Would you kill

your own father?






I am begging you.



Stop what you are doing.



I do what I do.



I am who I am.



I'll never change.



So if you're

going to kill me...



kill me.



But if you don't...



get this gun

out of my face!




Give me.






[Speaks Chinese]



I know he's innocent.



Oh, you have

such a good heart.



Always interested in

saving innocent people.



Well, here's

your big chance.



Drop your gun...



and you will save one.



[Chuckles Smugly]



- Kill him!

- No!



[Telephone Rings]



The police are

on their way up.



- What now?

- Take her.



Send in Leo.



I need him to wrap

something up.



Just for the record...



there aren't     people

in that container.



Only     made it here alive.







Am I glad you're here.



What is this?



What is this?



This man used

my partner's daughter here...



to try and blackmail us.



Luckily, my security

got the drop on him.



I wanna press charges--




extortion, assault.



I know this man.



Well, I suppose

in your business...



you have to know all types.



Now, should I call my lawyer?



We'll handle it.



I'll expect all of you...



down at my office

to give your statements.



As soon as I contact

my lawyer...



we'll be more

than happy to oblige.



Ohh. Mmm...



The doctor said

you will have a headache...



for a few days

and then everything...



will go back to normal.



Where are they?



Ah, I think you should

be more concerned...



with where you are.



What got into you?



You were always so careful.



I've got to get out of here.



Oh, well,

with the charges they filed...



you will not be getting out...



for a very long time.



Assaulting a distinguished member...



of the international

business community...



kidnapping his daughter...






[Cell Door Shuts]



I'm sorry, Frank.



I would like to help you...



but if you continue

with the same old story...



"I am retired,

living on a pension..."



I need fresh, Frank.



I need new.



For once,

I need the truth.






They're smuggling people.



From Asia through Marseilles...



in containers.



You know this for fact?



The girl told me.



You believe her?






In French we have a saying...



"Never believe the cook."



She's not the cook.






I suspected.



You know, Frank...



no one is perfect.



So you're saying

you're gonna do nothing?



No, I'm saying...



I'm going to start

an investigation.



And in the meantime,

the     people...



in that container

could be dead already.



But what am I

supposed to do?



There are laws.



Did it ever occur

to you that sometimes...



you have to make

your own law?



Like you do?



At least with me,

it doesn't take    months...



to get the job done.



Oh, yes, I know.



That's what I admire

about you, Frank.



All that army training...



all that sneaking around...



a man like you could

probably resolve this case...



in, how long?















You would be the perfect man

for the job.






if I were out.






if you were out.



Anybody moves

and I kill him.



Personne ne bouge.

Baissez vos armes.



Ce type est dingue

et capable de tout.



[Engine Roaring]



I met him in the Bahamas



I love

that nigga persona




that nigga marijuana



Get freaky,

call me Madonna



Lay on the bed,

he follow



Bone him until tomorrow



Make him sing

high soprano






  -  -  



Mr. Act-Super-Kinky




what you gonna get me



Is rings

for my little pinkie



Money will multiply



Before you run up inside



Make me all weak

and tired, mm-hmm



If this is

how you transport...



I'm amazed you get

any work at all.



Come on and give me a hand.



Maybe I should go with you?



Thanks, but, uh,

I'm better alone.



That is a very small boat...



to fight a very big war.






But it's a good boat.



Frank, here.



You'll need it.



Or maybe not.









The shipment's cleared.



Here's the paperwork.



Take the highway

all the way...



to the first exit--Lyon.



Go straight

to the warehouse.



We'll be right behind you

just in case.



OK, we are ready to go.



[Speaks Chinese]



Lai, dear...



[Lai Speaking Chinese]



I spent thousands of dollars...



for you to go to school

and learn English.



The least you can do

is speak it.



I hate you.



I'm still your father.



Get her out of here!






Give me a minute.





















Keep him alive.



[Engine Starts]



Let's go!



[Brakes Squeal]



No, don't!



Let's go!





















Ohh! Aah!






[Breathing Heavily]



Oh, shit!



- [Chuckles]

- Aah!









Get ready-ready-ready

to rock



Get ready-ready-ready

to rock



Get ready-ready-ready

to rock






[Airplane Engine]



[Breathing Heavily]



Good morning.




Good morning.







I'm looking to do

a little sightseeing.



This plane is not

for tourists.






I'm not a tourist.






[Engine Roaring]



Frank: Call this guy

and tell him to meet me.










Down there.









Ohh! Aah!



[Tires Screech]






Move up.



Get down.












[Horn Honks]



Get closer!



- Steady!

- No, Dad, stop!



[Speaking Chinese]



- Get away!

- Aah!
























Kwai, Cocking Gun:




Hands on your head.






Watch her.



If she moves

or I don't return...



shoot her!



To the water.



I'm really not

in the mood for a swim.






So, how did

a lowlife like you...



end up with my daughter?



Found her in a bag.

Isn't that where you left her?



You know nothing.






You got involved

with the wrong girl...



you dumb shit.



The delivery will be made.



My daughter

will get over it.



If I'm lucky,

maybe she'll see the light.



Yeah, if she's lucky

maybe you'll get hit by a truck.



What do you know?



I know she'll never stop

being who she is...



and she'll never be you

or anything like you.



She'll come around...



but you won't be here

to see it.



- [Gunshot]

- Lai: No!



I guess she won't be

coming around after all.



Turn around!



I'd rather see it coming.



Makes no difference to me.







He was a bastard...



but he was still

my father.






Pretty impressive timing, Frank.



I guess I underestimated you.



[Speaking Chinese]



You saved my heart



You don't even know me



You saved my dream



You heard me scream






My lost soul



Was saved by a stranger



Who saved my life



You saved my life




Why did you do it?



What made you stop

and turn around?



Do you even know the reason



Why you had to help me out?



Just when I knew it



Knew it, knew it



It was my time

to sink or swim



You came along

and pulled me out



Of all the trouble

I was in



Why did you do it?



Do it, do it



Why did you risk your life

for mine?



Would I have done

the same for you?



Would I have saved you

just in time?



You saved my heart



You don't even know me



You saved my dream



You heard me scream






You saved my soul



Love that you

have shown me



You saved my life



You saved my life




Where did you come from?



How did you know

I was alone?



That I never

stood a chance



To find a way out

on my own?



Who sent the message



That I was hanging

by a thread?



By this very time




They will leave me here

for dead



Why did you do it?



Why did you risk your life

for mine?



Would I have done

the same for you?



Would I have saved you

just in time?



You saved my heart



You don't even know me



You saved my dream



You heard me scream






My lost soul



Was saved by a stranger



Who saved my life



You saved my life



Saved my life



Saved my life



Saved my heart



Saved my heart



And you don't

even know me






Saved my soul



Saved my soul



Saved my dream



Saved my dream



Saved my life






You saved my heart



You don't even know me



You saved my dream



You heard me scream






My lost soul



Was saved by a stranger



Who saved my life



You saved my life



You saved my heart



You don't even know me



You saved my dream



You heard me scream






My lost soul



Was saved by a stranger



You saved my life



You saved my life


Special help by SergeiK