Treasure Planet Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Treasure Planet script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Disney movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Treasure Planet. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Treasure Planet Script





[Music playing]




On the clearest of nights



when the winds of the Etherium

were calm and peaceful






the great merchant ships



with their cargoes

of Arcturian sura crystals



felt safe and secure



Little did they suspect

that they were pursued by






And the most feared

of all these pirates



was the notorious

Captain Nathaniel Flint






[All gasping]






Like a Candarian zap-wing

ovetaking its prey--



[Door creaks]




James Pleiades Hawkins



l thought you were asleep

an hour ago.



l thought you were asleep

an hour ago.



Mom, l was just getting

to the best part.






Oh, can those eyes

get any bigger?



Scootch over.




a Candarian zap-wing



ovetaking its prey




and his band of renegades



swooped in out of nowhere






Ha ha ha ha!



And then. gathering up

their spoils



vanished without a trace







NARRATOR: Flint's secret trove

was never found



but stories have persisted

that it remains hidden



somewhere at the fathest

reaches of the galaxy



stowed with riches

beyond imagination--



the loot

of a thousand worlds




Treasure Planet



OK. Blow your nose.



How do you think

Captain Flint did it, Mom?



How'd he swoop in out of nowhere

and vanished without a trace?



l have no idea.



Come here, you, you li--



l'm gonna get--oh!







OK, now it's time for this

little spacer to go to sleep.



You think somebody'll

ever find Treasure Planet?




l think it's more...



like a legend.



l know it's real.



You win. lt's real.



-Nighty-night, Mom.

-Nighty-night, sweetheart.



l love you.



Love you, too.









NARRATOR: There are nights when

the winds of the Etherium



so inviting in their promise

of flight and freedom



made one's spirit soar!









[Alarm rings]






Come on!



Whoo! Ha ha ha!






[Sirens blaring]



Oh, great.






Mrs Hawkins!



l know--

refill on the purp juice.



Coming right up,

Mrs. Dunwiddie.



There we go. That's four

powdered spheroids...



two lunar eclipses,

and it's a big bowl...



of Zorellian jelly worms

for the big boy!







Sorry, Delbert. lt's been

a madhouse here all morning.



No problem, Sarah.



Ah! My Alponian chowder

with the extra solara seed.



Mmm! Yum!










What brings you here



curious littleone?



Go away.



Are your parents around?



What's the matter?

Cat got your--yaah!






Oh, they're so adorable

at that age.



Oh, yes...deplorable.



Uh...adorable! Hmm.



Speaking of which,

how's Jim doing?



Much better. l know

he had some rough spots...



earlier this year,

but l really think...



that he's starting

to turn a corner.



Mrs. Hawkins?



Jim! [Drops dishes]



Ooh...wrong turn.



OK. Thanks for the lift, guys.



Not so fast.



We apprehended

your son operating...



a solar vehicle

in a restricted area.



Moving violation  - - ...



section fifteen,

paragraph, um...






-Thank you.

-Don't mention it.




-As you are aware, ma'am...



this constitutes a violation

of his probation.



Yes, yes. No, l understand.

Um, but could we just--




Um. ahem. pardon me



Officers, if l might,

uh, interject here.



l am the noted astrophysicist

Dr. Delbert Doppler.



Perhaps you've heard of me.



No? Uh, l have a clipping.



-Are you the boy's father?

-Oh! Good heavens, no!



Eww! He's just an old friend

of the family.



Back off, sir!



Thank you, Delbert.

l will take it from here.



Well, Sarah, if you insist.



Ahem. Don't ever let me

do that again.



Due to repeated violations

of statute    -C...



we have impounded his vehicle.

Any more slip-ups will result...



in a one-way ticket

to Juvenile Hall.



-Kiddie hoosegow.

-The slammo.



Thank you, officers.

lt won't happen again.



We see his type

all the time, ma'am.



-Wrong choices.







-You take care now.

-Let's motor.



[Conversations resume]



Jim, l have had it.



Do you want to go

to Juvenile Hall? ls that it?






Jim, look at me.



lt's been hard enough

keeping this place...



afloat by myself

without you going--



Mom, it's no big deal.

There was nobody around.



Those cops just

won't get off my--



Forget it.




Mrs Hawkins! My juice!



Yes, l'll be right there,

Mrs. Dunwiddie.



Jim, l just don't want

to see you...



throw away your entire future.



Yeah, what future?









DR DOPPLER:  really don't

know how you manage it. Sarah



Trying to run a business

while raising a felon like--




fellow like Jim.



Managing it?

l'm at the end of my rope.



Ever since his father left



well. Jim's just

never recovered



And you know how smat he is



He built his first solar sufer

when he was eight!



And yet.

he's failing at school



he is constantly in trouble



and when  talk to him.

he's like a stranger to me



don't know. Delbet

've tried everything--



[Engines sputtering]



Hey, Mister?




you're OK in there, right?










He's a-comin'.



Can you hear him?



Those gears and gyros

clickin' and whirrin'...



like the devil himself!



Uh, hit your head there

pretty hard, didn't ya?



He's after me chest...



that fiendish cyborg

and his band of cutthroats.






But they'll have to pry it...



from old Billy Bones' cold,

dead fingers afore l--argh!






Oh, my--



Uh, come on, give me your arm.



That's it.



-Good lad.

-Mom's gonna love this.






Thanks for listening, Delbert.



[Sighs] lt helps.



lt's going to be OK.



You'll see.



l keep dreaming one day

l'll open that door...



and there he'll be

just the way he was.



A smiling, happy little boy,

holding a new pet...



and begging me

to let him keep it.






[Gasps] James Pleiades Hawkins!



Mom, he's hurt...bad!



Me chest, lad.










He'll be comin' soon



Can't let them find this.



Who's coming?



[Whispering] The cyborg!



Beware the cyborg! [Gasps]









[Sarah gasps]



Quick! We gotta go!







l believe l'm with Jim

on this one!



[Pirates shouting]



Delilah! Hallelujah!



[Yelping excitedly]



Stay! Don't move!



PRATE: Where is it?!



Find it!




Don't worry. Sarah



l'm an expert in the laws

of physical science.



-On the count of three--one...








Go, Delilah! Go!



Go! That's it! That's it! Go!



Hyah! Hyah!



[Crickets chirping]



[Crickets chirping]



DOPPLER:  just spoke

with the constabulary



Those blaggard pirates

have fled without a trace



[Clock chimes]



l'm sorry, Sarah.



l'm afraid the old Benbow lnn

has burned to the ground.



Ahem. Well, certainly

a lot of trouble...



over that odd little sphere.



Those markings baffle me



Unlike anything

've ever encountered



[Beeps, whirring]



DOPPLER: Even with

my vast experience



and superior intellect



it would take me years

to unlock its--hey!






DOPPLER: Why, it's a map!



Wait. Wait, wait, wait!



This is us,

the planet Montressor.






That's the Magellanic Cloud!



Whoo! The Coral Galaxy!







That's the Cygnus Cross



and that's the Kerian Abyss.



Wait. What's this? What's this?

Why, it--it's...



Treasure Planet.






That's Treasure Planet!



DOPPLER: Flint's trove?



The loot of a thousand worlds?



You know what this means?



lt means that all that treasure

is only a boat ride away.



Whoever brings it back

would hold an eternal place...



atop the pantheon of explorers!

He'd be able to experience--




Whoo! What just happened?



Mom, this is it. This is

the answer to all our problems.



Jim, there is

absolutely no way--



Don't you remember,

all those stories?



That's all they were--stories!



With that treasure...



we could rebuild the Benbow

a hundred times over!



Well, this is--

it's just--oh, my.



Delbert, would you please

explain how ridiculous this is?



lt's totally preposterous...




the entire galaxy alone.



SARAH: Now at last,

we hear some sense!



-That's why l'm going with you.




l'll use my savings

to finance the expedition.



l'll commission a ship,

hire a captain and a crew.



You're not serious.



All my life l've been waiting

for an opportunity like this...



and here it is screaming,

''Go, Delbert! Go, Delbert!''



OK. OK! You're both grounded!






JM: Mom. look



l know that l keep

messing everything up...



and l know...



that l let you down.



But this is my chance

to make it up to you.



l'm gonna set things right.






lf l may?



You said yourself,

you've tried everything.



There are much worse




than a few character-building

months in space.



Are you saying this

because it's the right thing...



or because

you really want to go?



l really, really, really,

really want to go...



and it's the right thing.









l don't want to lose you.





l'll make you proud.



DOPPLER: Well. uh. ahem



There we are then.



We'll begin preparations

at once.



We'll begin preparations

at once.



Jim, my boy, soon we'll be

off to the spaceport.












[Creatures speaking

alien languages]




Jim! Oh. Jim! Wait for me!






[Breathing deeply]



Well, Jim, this should be

a wonderful opportunity...



for the two of us

to get to know one another.



You know what they say,

familiarity breeds, um...



well, contempt,

but, in our case--



Look, let's just

find the ship. OK?






-Second berth on your right!

-You can't miss it.



Hey, thanks.



lt's the suit, isn't it?

l should never have listened...



to that pushy

two-headed saleswoman.



This one said it fit,

that one said it was my color.



l didn't know what to do.

l get so flustered. Ooh!



Oh, Jim! This is our ship!

The R.L.S. Legacy!







Stow those casks foward!



Heave together now!



How cool is this?



[Squishing noise]



Sorry about that.

l didn't mean--



[Angry farting noises]



Allow me to handle this.



[Pfft pffft pffft]



[Eek eek eek eek]









[Eek pfft]



l'm fluent in Flatula, Jim.



Took two years of it

in high school.






Flatula? Cool.



Good morning, Captain.

Everything shipshape?



Shipshape it is, sir,

but l'm not the captain.



The captain's aloft.






Mr. Arrow, l've checked

this miserable ship...



from stem to stern,

and, as usual, it' on.



Can you get nothing wrong?



You flatter me, Captain.



Ah, Dr. Doppler, l presume?



Uh, um, yes. l--



-Hello! Can you hear me?

-Yes, l can! Stop that banging!



lf l may, Doctor,

this works so much better...



when it's right-way up

and plugged in.




-Lovely. There you go.



lf you don't mind,

l can manage my own plugging!



l'm Captain Amelia...



late of a few run-ins

with the Protean armada.



Nasty business, but l won't

bore you with my scars.



You've met

my first officer, Mr. Arrow.



Sterling, tough, dependable,

honest, brave, and true.



Please, Captain.



Oh, shut up, Arrow. You know

l don't mean a word of it.



Ahem, excuse me. l hate to

interrupt this lovely banter...



but may l introduce to you,

Jim Hawkins?



Jim, you see, is the boy

who found the treasure--



Doctor, please!






l'd like a word with you

in my stateroom.



Doctor, to muse and blabber

about a treasure map...



in front of

this particular crew...




a level of ineptitude...



that borders

on the imbecilic...



and l mean that

in a very caring way.



lmbecilic, did you say?

Foolishness, l've--



May l see the map, please?






Hmm. Fascinating.



Mr. Hawkins, in the future...



you will address me

as ''Captain'' or ''Ma'am.''



ls that clear?






Mr. Hawkins?



-Yes, ma'am.

-That'll do.



Gentlemen, this must be kept

under lock and key...



when not in use.

And, Doctor, again...



with the greatest

possible respect...



zip your howling screamer.



Captain, l assure you l--



Let me make this

as monosyllabic as possible.



l don't much care

for this crew you hired.



They' did l

describe them, Arrow?



l said something rather good

this morning before coffee.



''A ludicrous parcel

of driveling galoots,'' ma'am.



-There you go--poetry.

-Now, see here--



Doctor, l'd love to chat--

tea, cake, the whole shebang--



but l have a ship to launch...



and you've got your outfit

to buff up.



Mr. Arrow, please escort

these two neophytes...



down to the galley




Young Hawkins will be working

for our cook, Mr. Silver.



What? The cook?



That woman! That...feline!



Who does she think

is working for whom?



lt's my map, and

she's got me bussin' tables?



l'll not tolerate a cross word

about our captain!



There's no finer officer

in this or any galaxy.






ARROW: Mr Silver?



Why, Mr. Arrow, sir.



Bringin' in such fine

and distinguished gents



to grace my humble galley.



Had l known,

l'd have tucked in me shirt.



Heh heh heh heh!



A cyborg!



May l introduce Dr. Doppler?



The financier of our voyage.



Love the outfit, Doc.



Well, thank you.

Um, love the eye.



Uh, this young lad

is Jim Hawkins.



Jimbo! Uh...



Aw, now, don't be too put off

by this hunk of hardware.









These gears have been

tough getting used to...



but they do come in

mighty handy from time to time.









Here, now, have a taste

of me famous bonzabeast stew.






Mmm! Delightfully tangy,

yet robust.



Mmm! Delightfully tangy,

yet robust.



SLVER: Old family recipe






ln fact, that was part

of the old family!



Ha ha ha!



Oh, ho! l'm just kiddin', Doc!



Uh, yeah, well...



l'm nothin'

if l ain't a kidder.



Go on, Jimbo. Have a swig.






SLVER: Morph!



You jiggle-headed

blob of mischief!



So that's

where you was hiding!









Wha--? Ha!

What is that thing?



''What is that thing?''



SLVER: He's a morph



rescued the little

shape-shifter on Proteus  






Aw, he took a shine to me.



We been together ever since.



Right? Yeah. Nice boy.



We're about to get underway.



Would you like to observe

the launch, doctor?



Would l?



Does an active galactic nucleus

have superluminal jets?



l'll follow you.



Mr. Hawkins will stay here

in your charge, Mr. Silver.






Beggin' your pardon, sir, but--



Captain's orders! See to it

the new cabin boy's kept busy.



-Aw, but, no, but--

-No, you can't--



[Both sigh]



So, Captain's

put you with me, eh?






Well, who be a humble cyborg

to argue with a captain?






You know...these purps...



they're kind of like the ones

back home on Montressor.



You ever been there?



l can't say as l have, Jimbo.



Come to think of it,

just before l left...



l met this old guy,

who was, um...



he was kind of looking

for a cyborg buddy of his.



ls that so?






What was that

old salamander's name?



Oh, yeah. Bones.



Billy Bones?



Bones? Bones?!




T'ain't ringin' any bells.



Must have been

a different cyborg.



There's a slew of cyborgs

roamin' this port.



[Whistle on-deck]



ARROW: Prepare to cast off!



Eh, off with you, lad,

and watch the launch.



There'll be plenty work

a-waitin' for you afterwards.









We best be keepin' a sharp eye

on this one, eh, Morph?



We wouldn't want him strayin'

into things he shouldn't.



We're all clear, Captain!



Well, my friend. Are we ready

to raise this creaking tub?



My pleasure, Captain.



All hands to stations!



ARROW: Smatly now!



Come on, you scurvy scum!

l'll race you!



Loose all solar sails!






Come on!



ARROW: Heave up the braces



Brace up






Ooh. Oh.



Mr. Zoff,

engage artificial gravity.



[Poomp poomp poomp pooomp]









South by southwest,

Mr. Turnbuckle, heading  - - - .



Aye, Captain.  - - - .



Full speed, Mr. Arrow,

if you please.



Take her away!






Brace yourself, Doctor.



[Snidely] ''Brace yourself.''



Aah! Oof!












Upon my word,

an Orcus Galacticus.






Uh, Doctor, l'd stand clear--






SLVER: Ah. 'tis a grand day

for sailing. Captain



and look at you



You're as trim and as bonny

as a sloop



with new sails

and a fresh coat of paint



You can keep that kind

of flim-flammery...



for your spaceport floozies,




Spaceport floozy,

spaceport floozy--



You cut me to the quick,




l speaks nothing

but me heart at all times.



MORPH: Nothing but me heat



And, by the way,

isn't that your cabin boy...



aimlessly footling about

in those shrouds?



Yep, it--oh...



A momentary aberration, Cap'n,

soon to be addressed. Jimbo!



l got two new friends

l'd like you to meet.



Say hello to Mr. Mop

and Mrs. Bucket.



Heh heh heh heh!






Yeah, l got your Mr. Mop.



Watch it, twerp.






What are you looking at,




Yeah, weirdo.






Cabin boys should learn

to mind their own business.



Why? You got something to hide,

bright eyes?



Maybe your ears

don't work so well.



[Grunts] Yeah. Ahem.



Too bad my nose works just fine.



Why, you impudent little--



[Crew shouting]



Go ahead! Slice him! Dice him!



[Poot poot phoot]



Any last words, cabin boy?



Mr. Scroop...



you ever see what happens

to a fresh purp...



when you squeeze real hard?



ARROW: What's all this. then?



You know the rules.



There'll be no brawling

on this ship.



Aye, aye, sir.



Any further offenders

will be confined to the brig...



for the remainder

of the voyage.



Am l clear, Mr. Scroop?







Well done, Mr. Arrow, sir!



A tight ship's

a happy ship, sir.



Jimbo, l gave you a job.



Hey, l was doing it

until that bug thing--



Belay that! Now, l want

this deck swabbed spotless...



and heaven help you if

l come back and it's not done.




Keep an eye on this pup...



and let me know if there be

any more distractions.



OK Aye-aye









[Crew grumbling]



[Crew grumbling]



So, we're all here, then.



-Excuse me.




Now, if you pardon

my plain speaking, gentlemen...



are you all...




totally blinking daft?!






After all me finagling

getting us hired...



as an upstanding crew...



you want to blow the whole

mutiny before it's time?



The boy was sniffing about.



You just stick to the plan,

you bug-brained twit.



As for the boy,

l'll run him so ragged...



he won't have time to think.



[Morph laughs]









Well, this has been

a fun day, huh?



Making new friends

like that spider psycho.



Spider psycho, spider psycho.



Heh. A little uglier.






Pretty close.






thank heavens

for little miracles.



Up here for an hour...



and the deck's

still in one piece.



Um, look, l, uh...



What you did...






Didn't your pap

ever teach you...



to pick your fights

a bit more carefully?



Your father's

not the teachin' sort.






He was more the taking off

and never coming back sort.






Sorry, lad.



Hey, no big deal.

l'm doing just fine.



ls that so?



Well, since the captain

has put you in my charge...



like it or not,

l'll be pounding a few skills...



into that thick head of yours

to keep you out of trouble.




-From now on...



l'm not letting you

out of me sight.



You can't do--



You won't so much

as eat, sleep...



or scratch your bum

without my say-so.



Don't do me any favors!



Oh, you can be sure of that,

my lad.



You can be sure of that.



You can be sure of that.



Heh heh heh heh!



Put some elbow into it.



  am a question

to the world 



 Not an answer

to be heard 



 Or a moment

that's held in your arms 



 And what do you think

you'd ever say 



  won't listen anyway 



 You don't know me 



 And 'll never be

what you want 



 Made of pain 



 And what do you think

you'd understand? 



 'm a boy. no. 'm a man 



 You can take me

and throw me away 



 And how can you learn

what's never shown 



 Yeah. you stand here

on your own 



 They don't know me 



 'Cause 'm not here 



 And  want a moment

to be real 



 Want to touch things

don't feel 



 Want to hold on

and feel  belong 



 And how can the world

want me to change 



 They're the ones

that stay the same 



 They don't know me 



 But 'm still here 



 And you see the things

they never see 



 All you wanted.

could be 



 Now you know me 



 And 'm not afraid 



 And  want to tell you

who  am 



 Can you help me be a man? 



 They can't break me 



 As long as  know

who  am 



 They can't tell me

who to be 



 'Cause 'm not

what they see 



 Yeah. the world

is still sleeping 



 While  keep on

dreaming for me 



 While  keep on

dreaming for me 



 And the words

are just whispers and lies 



 That 'll never believe 



 And  want a moment

to be real 



 Want to touch things

don't feel 



 Want to hold on

and feel  belong 






 How can you say

never change? 



 They're the ones

that stay the same 



 'm the one now 



 'Cause 'm still here 



 'm the one son still here 



 'm still here 



 'm still here 



[Song fades]



[Pulley squeaking]






Oh, ho ho!



You having

a little trouble there?



Oh, get away from me.






Oh, Jimbo.



lf l could maneuver a skiff

like that when l was your age...



they'd be bowing in the streets

when l walked by today.



Bowing in the streets.







l don't know.



They weren't exactly singing

my praises when l left home.



-Heh. Whew.




But l'm gonna change all that.



Are you now? How so?



Uh, l got some plans.



Gonna make people see me

a little different.






Sometimes, plans go astray.



Not this time.












Oh, thank you, Morphy.



So, uh,

how'd that happen anyway?



You give up a few things

chasing a dream.



Was it worth it?









l'm hoping it is, Jimbo.



l most surely am.






[Ship groans]



What the devil?



Good heavens.



The star Pelusa...



it's gone supernova!



Evasive action, Mr. Turnbuckle!



Aye-aye, Captain.



All hands,

fasten your lifelines!






Mr. Arrow, secure those sails!



Secure all sails!



Reef them down. men!



Yeah, baby! Ba-boom!

Ha ha ha ha!







Whoa. Thanks, lad.






Captain, the star!



lt's devolving into a...



[Gasps] a black hole!



We're being pulled in!




No, you don't, you--



Blast these waves!

They're so deucedly erratic!



No, Captain.

They're not erratic at all.



There'll be one more

in precisely   .  seconds.



Followed by the biggest

magilla of them all!



Of course! Brilliant, Doctor!



We'll ride that last magilla

out of here.



All sails secured, Captain!



Good man!

Now release them immediately!



Aye, Captain.

You heard her, men.



Unfurl those sails




-But we just finished...



-Tying them down!

-Make up your blooming minds!



Mr. Hawkins...



make sure all lifelines

are secured good and tight!



Aye-aye, Captain.



Lifelines secured, Captain!



Very good!



Gaah! Whoa!













Captain. the last wave!



Here it comes!



Hold on to your lifelines,




lt's gonna be a bumpy ride!












[Crew cheering]






Captain! That--oh, my goodness.

That was--



that was absolutely--

that was the most--



Oh, tish-tosh.

Actually, Doctor...



your astronomical advice

was most helpful.



Well, uh, uh--thank you.

Thank you very much.



Well, l have a lot of help

to offer anatomically--




as-astronomically. [Slap]



Well, l must congratulate you,

Mr. Silver.



lt seems your cabin boy...



did a bang-up job

with those lifelines.



[Both chuckle]



All hands accounted for,

Mr. Arrow?



Mr. Arrow?



l'm afraid Mr. Arrow

has been lost.



His lifeline was not secured.



No, l checked them all.



l--l did. l checked them all.

They were secure.



l swear.



Mr. Arrow was a...



Ahem. Fine spacer...



finer than most of us

could ever hope to be...



but he knew the risks,

as do we all.



Resume your posts.

We carry on.






[Ship creaking]



lt weren't your fault,

you know?






Why, half the crew would be

spinning in that black abyss--



Look, don't you get it?!

l screwed up!



For two seconds,

l thought that maybe...



l could do

something right, but--



Aagh! l just--






Just forget it. Forget it.



Now, you listen to me,

James Hawkins.



You got the makings

of greatness in ya...



but you gotta take the helm

and chart your own course.



Stick to it,

no matter the squalls...



and when the time comes

you get the chance...



to really test

the cut of your sails...



and show what you're made of,

well, l hope l'm there...



catching some of the light

coming off ya that day.






[Sobs softly]



There, there.



Lad, it's all right, Jimbo.



lt's all right.



Now, Jim, l, um...



l best be getting

about my watch...



and you best be getting

some shut-eye.






Getting in too deep here,




Next thing ya know, they'll be

saying l've gone soft.



[Crew snoring]



[Crew snoring]






[Poomp phem poom-poomp]












Uh--oh! Oh! Ugh!









Morph, knock it off.

lt's too early for this.



Ow! Hey, Morph!









-Hey, come back here!

-Come back here!



Gotcha, Morph!






That's it, you little squid.



You little squid.

You little squid.



Squid. Squid. Squid. Squid.



Ungh! Unh!



Ha! Busted!



Look. what we're saying is

we're sick of all this waiting



There's only

three of them left



We are wanting to move.



We don't move till

we got the treasure in hand.




say we kill 'em all now



l say what's to say!



Disobey my orders again...



like that stunt you pulled

with Mr. Arrow...



and so help me,

you'll be joining him!



and so help me,

you'll be joining him!



Strong talk,

but l know otherwise.



SLVER: You got

something to say. Scroop?



lt's that boy.



Methinks you have

a soft spot for him.






Now, mark me, the lot of ya.



l care about one thing,

and one thing only!



Flint's trove.



You think l'd risk it all

for the sake...



of some nose-wiping

little whelp?



SCROOP: What was it now?



''Oh. you got the makings

of greatness in ya ''



Shut your yap!



l cozied up to that kid

to keep him off our scent.



But l ain't gone soft.



ONUS: Land ho!



Ha ha ha! There it is!



Feast eyes and click heels

if you got 'em.



Where the devil's me glass?






Playing games, are we?






Yeah, we're playing games.



Oh, l see. Well, l was never

much good at games.



Always hated to lose. [Click]






Me, too!









SLVER: Ohhblast it all



[Blows whistle]



Change in plan, lads!



We move now!






Strike our colors, Mr. Onus.



With pleasure, Captain.






Pirates on my ship?

l'll see they all hang.



Pirates on my ship?

l'll see they all hang.



Doctor, familiar with these?



[Gun powers up]



Oh, l've seen--

well, l've read--



Uh, no. No. No, l'm not.









Mr. Hawkins!

Defend this with your life.



Morph! Give me that!



Oh, you're taking

all day about it.



Oh! Stop them!



DOPPLER: Aah, aah, aah. Oof!



Ooh hoo hoo!



Hey, you!



To the longboats, quickly!









[Cocks gun]



Morph! No!



AMELlA: Chew on this,

you pus-filled boils!






Did you actually aim for that?



You know, actually, l did.



[Gears turning]



Oh, blast it.



Doctor, when l say ''now'',

shoot out the forward cable.



l'll take this one.



JM: Morph. here! Morph!






Morphy, come here. [Whistles]



Morph. Morph. Bring it here.

Morph, come here.



Come here. Come here, boy.

Come to your dad.



Come here, boy. Morph!



-Come on!

-Morph! Morph, here!







[Groans] Ohh.



[Powers up]





















Parameters met.

Hydraulics engaged.



That's it! Come to papa!



Hold your fire!

We'll lose the map!




Laser ball at     o'clock!













Oh, my goodness.



That was more fun than

l ever want to have again.




That's not one of my...



gossamer landings. Unh!






Oh. Ooh.



Oh, don't fuss.






Slight bruising. That's all.



Cup of tea,

and l'll be right as rain.



Mr. Hawkins.



The map if you please.














Morph, where's the map?!



Are you serious?!

lt's back on the ship?



Stifle that blob and get low.



[Engine whining]




We've got company



We need

a more defensible position.



Mr. Hawkins, scout ahead.



Aye, Captain.




-Steady, steady.



Now, let's have a look at that.



[Wind whistling]



[Morph chattering]









Shh. shh.



[Powers up]







Oh, this is fantastic!



A carbon-based life form

come to rescue me at last!



l just want to hug you

and squeeze you...



and hold you close to me.



All right. OK.

Would you just let go of me?



Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry.



lt's just l've been marooned

for so long.



l mean, solitude's fine.

Don't get me wrong.



For heaven's sakes,

after a hundred years...



you go a little nuts!

Ha ha ha!



l'm sorry. Am l...



l am, um...



My name is, uh...



[Cuckoo cuckoo]



B.E.N.! Of course, l'm B.E.N.



Bioelectronic Navigator. Oops.



-And you are?




Oh, what a pleasure

to meet you, Jimmy.



-lt's Jim.




Look, l'm kind of

in a hurry, OK?



l got to find a place to hide,

and there's pirates chasing me.



Oh, pirates!

Don't get me started on pirates!



l don't like them.

l remember Captain Flint.



This guy had such a temper.



Wait, wait, wait.

You knew Captain Flint?



l think he suffered

from mood swings, personally.



l'm not a therapist,

and anyway...



but l--you let me know

when l'm rambling.



But that means--but wait.



But then you gotta know

about the treasure?




-Yeah, Flint's trove?



You know,

loot of a thousand worlds.



lt's--well, it's...



it's all a little--

little--little fuzzy.



Wait. l--l r-r-remember.



l do. l--treasure!



Lots of treasure

buried in the centroid--




of the mechanism.



And there was this big door

opening and closing...



and opening and closing...



and Captain Flint

wanted to make sure...



nobody could ever

get to his treasure...



so l helped him...




Aah! Data inaccessible! Reboot!






Reboot! Aah! And you are?



Wait, wait, wait!

What about the treasure?



l want to say Larry.



The--the centroid

of the mechanism, or--



l'm sorry. My memory

isn't what it used to be.



l've lost my mind. Ha ha!

l've lost my mind.



l've lost my mind. Ha ha!

l've lost my mind.



You haven't found it, have you?



Uh, my missing piece?

My primary memory circuit?



Look, B.E.N., l really need

to find a place to hide, OK?



So l'm just gonna be,

you know, moving on.



Oh, uh, so, well, then...



l guess, uh...

this is good-bye, huh?



l'm sorry that

l'm so dysfunctional.



So, uh, go ahead and...

l do understand.



l do. Bye-bye.






[Sighs] Look,

if you're gonna come along...



you're gonna have

to stop talking.



Huzzah! Ha ha ha!

Oh, this is fantastic!



Me and my best buddy

are lookin' for a...



[Clears throat]



[Whispering] Being quiet.



And you have to stop

touching me.



Touching and talking.

That's my two big no-nos.



OK. Now, l think

that we should--



Say, listen, before we go out

on our big search...



um, would you mind if we made

a quick pit stop at my place?



[Chuckles] Kind of urgent.



JM: BEN.  think

you just solved my problem




Uh. pardon the mess. people



You'd think

in a hundred years...



l would've dusted

a little more often...



but, you know,

when you're batchin' it...



you tend to, uh, let things go.



Aw, isn't that sweet?



l find old-fashioned romance

so touching, don't you?



How about drinks

for the happy couple?



Oh, uh, ooh. Uh, no.



Thank you, we don't drink...



and, uh, we're not a couple.




Look at these markings.



They're identical

to the ones on the map.



l suspect these are

the hieroglyphic remnants...



of an ancient culture.






stop anyone

who tries to approach. Ohh!



Yes, yes. Now listen to me...



stop giving orders for a few

milliseconds and lie still.



Very forceful, Doctor.



Go on. Say something else.



BEN: Hey. look! There's

some more of your buddies!



BEN: Hey. look! There's

some more of your buddies!



Hey, fellas!

We're over here, fellas!



Oh! Uhh! Ooh! Ohh!



Stop wastin' your fire!



SLVER: Hello. up there!






lf it's all right

with the captain...



l'd like a short word with ya.



No tricks,

just a little palaver.



Come to bargain for the map,











That means...that he thinks

we still have it.



Ah, Morphy! l wondered

where you was off to.









Oh, this poor old leg's

downright snarky...



since that game attack

we had in the galley.









Whatever you heard

back there...



at least the part

concerning you...



l didn't mean a word of it.



Had that bloodthirsty lot

thought l'd gone soft...



they'd have gutted us both.



Listen to me.

lf we play our cards right...



we can both walk away

from this rich as kings.




-Ha ha ha.



You get me that map...



and, uh...



an even portion

of the treasure is yours.









You are really something.



All that talk of greatness...



light coming off my sails...

what a joke.



Now, just see here, Jimbo--



l mean, at least

you taught me one thing.



Stick to it, right?



Well, that's just

what l'm gonna do.



l'm gonna make sure

that you never see...



one drabloon of my treasure!



That treasure is owed me,

by thunder!



Well, try to find it

without my map, by thunder!



Oh, you still don't know how to

pick your fights, do you, boy?



Now, mark me.



Either l get that map

by dawn tomorrow...



or so help me,

l'll use the ship's cannons...



to blast ya all

to kingdom come!



Morph, hop to it.






Oh, blast it!






we must stay together and...






And what? What?!



We must stay together

and what?!




you have wonderful eyes.



She's lost her mind!



Well, you gotta help her.



Dang it, Jim. l'm an astronomer,

not a doctor.



l mean, l am a doctor,

but l'm not that kind of doctor.



l have a doctorate.

lt's not the same thing.



You can't help people

with a doctorate.



You just sit there,

and you're useless.



lt's OK, Doc.



lt's all right.



Yeah, Doc! Jimmy knows exactly

how to get out of this.



lt's just Jimmy

has this knowledge of things.



Jim, any thoughts at all?



Without the map, we're dead.



lf we try to leave, we're dead.



-lf we stay here--

-We're dead!



We're dead! We're dead!



Well, l think that Jimmy could

use a little quiet time. Heh.



So l'll just slip out

the back door.



-Back door?

-Oh, yeah.



l get this delightful breeze

through here...



which l think is important...



because ventilation

among friends--



Whoa What is all this stuff?



You mean the miles and miles

of machinery that run



through the entire course

of the inside of this planet?



Not a clue.



Hey, Doc! Doc! l think

l found a way out of here!



No, no. Jim, wait.

The captain ordered us to stay--



-l'll be back.










-So, what's the plan?

-Shh. B.E.N., quiet.



[Whispering] OK, here it is.



We sneak back to the Legacy,

disable the laser cannons...



and bring back the map.



[Muffled] That's a good plan.



l like that plan.

The only thing is...



l'm wondering,

how do we get there?



On that.






Oop? [Poink]




-BEN. shh!



Sorry. sorry Sorry



OK, l'll get the map.

You wait here.



Roger, Jimmy. l'll neutralize

laser cannons, sir!



B.E.N.! B.E.N.!



 Yo-ho. yo-ho.

a pirate's life for me 







Disable a few laser cannons.

What is the big deal?



All we gotta do is find

that one little wire.



[Gasps] Oh, mama.



[Sighs] Yes.



[Alarm blaring]



Bad, B.E.N. Bad.



OK, fixing.



That stupid robot's

gonna get us all...killed.



Cabin boy.












[Powers up]




Whoops OK. don't panic



Breathing in

breathing out



[Ship creaking]







[Poink] Raah!



This has gotta be cannons.






Maybe not.












Heh heh.



Come on, come on, come on.






[Snickers] Oh, yes.



Do say hello to Mr. Arrow.



[Gasps] Rraar!



Tell him yourself!






Back you go, you naughty plug!




Unh! [Gasping]














Laser cannons disconnected



Captain Jimmy, sir!



Gee, that wasn't so tough.



Doc! Doc, wake up!



l got the map.



Fine work, Jimbo.

Fine work indeed.



[Muffled yelling]



Thanks for showing us

the way, boy.






[Morph yelping]



What's this sorry stack

of metal?!



Not the face!



You're just like me, Jimbo.



Ya hates to lose.






What the devil's the...



Open it.



l'd get busy.



[Crew murmuring]



Oh, the powers that be.

Would you look?



Ha ha ha ha!



Tie him up and leave him

with the others till we--what?



You want the map...



you're taking me, too.












We'll take 'em all.









lt's OK, Morph. lt's OK.




l--l don't know about you...



but l'm starting to see my life

pass in front of my eyes.



At least, l think it's my life.



Was l ever dancing

with an android named Lupe?!



B.E.N., shh.



This isn't over yet.




We're gettin' close. lads



l smell treasure a-waitin'.









SLVER: Where is it?



l see nothing! One great, big

stinking hunk of nothing!



What's going on, Jimbo?



l don't know.

l can't get it open.



We should've never

followed this boy!






SLVER: 'd suggest you get



that gizmo going again.

and fast!



Let's rip his gizzard

right out right now!



Throw him off the cliff!






Oh, have mercy.



JM: The Lagoon Nebula?



But that's halfway

across the galaxy.



JM: A big door



opening and closing



Let's see.






Montressor spaceport.



So that's how Flint did it.



He used this portal to roam

the universe stealing treasure.



But where'd he stash it all?



SLVER: Where's

that blasted treasure?!



Treasure! Treasure!



lt's buried in the--



Buried in the centroid

of the mechanism.



What if the whole planet

is the mechanism...



and the treasure is buried

in the center of this planet?









And how in blue blazes

are we supposed to get there?



Just open the right door.



[Alarm beeping]



Wait for me! Wait for me!









The loot of a thousand worlds.



CREATURE: We are going

to need a bigger boat!






This is all seeming

very familiar.



can't remember why



B.E.N., come on.



We're getting out of here, and

we're not leaving empty-handed.



But--but, Jimmy! Jimmy!



A lifetime of searching.



And at long last...



l can touch it.



Do you know what's strange?



l can't tell you how

frustrating this is, Jimmy...



'cause there's something just--



it's nagging

at the back of my mind.






-Captain Flint?

-ln the flesh!



Well, s-sort of,

except for skin, organs...



or anything that--that--that

resembles flesh...



that's not there.



And yet it's so odd. you know?



remember there was

something horrible



Flint didn't want

anyone else to know



but -- just can't

remember what it was



Oh, a mind

is a terrible thing to lose!







l think l just found your mind.



Hold still.



Aah! Jimmy, your hands

are very, very cold.









You know, uh, Jimmy,

l was just thinking...



l was just think--



lt's all flooding back!

All my memories!



Right up until Flint

pulled my memory circuits...



so l could never tell anybody

about his booby trap!






-Speaking of which...




Flint wanted to make sure...



that nobody could ever

steal his treasure...



so he rigged

this whole planet...



to blow higher than

a Kalepsian kite!









Run, Jimmy! Run for your life!



You go back and help

the captain and Doc!



lf l'm not there in   minutes,

leave without me.



l am not leaving my buddy Jimmy.



Unless he looks at me

like that.



Bye, Jim!



No! No! Oh, no! Oh, no!



No! Aah!







[Crew yelling]



Come back here, ya blighters!






All my life, l dreamed

of an adventure like this.



[Sighs] l'm just sorry...



l couldn't have been

more helpful to you.



Oh, don't be daft.



You've been very helpful.




l feel like such

a useless weakling...



with abnormally thin wrists.



Excuse me, brutish pirate.






Yes, you. l have a question.



ls it that your body

is too massive...



for your teeny-tiny head...



or is it that your head

is too teeny-tiny...



for your big, fat body?



l pummel you good!



Yes, l'm sure you will,

but before you do...



l have one more question.

ls this yours?







Morph, we are so out of here!






SLVER: Ah. Jimbo!



Aren't you the seventh wonder

of the universe?



Get back!



l like you, lad,

but l've come too far...



to let you stand

between me and me treasure.






Oh, no, you don't!












Reach for me now!






l--l can't!









Oh, blast me for a fool!









Silver, you gave up?



Just a lifelong obsession, Jim.

l'll get over it.



BEN: Aloha. Jimmy!



Hurry, people!

We got exactly two minutes...



and thirty-four seconds

till planet's destruction!



You're doing fine, Doctor.



Now ease her over




Aah! We were better off

on exploding planet!



Take us out of here, metal man!



Aye, Captain!



Captain, you dropped from

the heavens in the nick of--



Save your claptrap

for the judge, Silver!






Missile tail demobilized,




Thrusters at only   %

of capacity.



  % ? That means we're--



We'll never clear

the planet's explosion in time.



-We gotta turn around.




There's a portal back there.

lt can get us out of here!



DOPPLER: Pardon me. Jim.

but didn't that potal open



onto a raging inferno?!



Yes, but l'm gonna change that.



'm gonna open

a different door



Captain, really, l don't see

how this is possible--



Listen to the boy!



One minute, twenty-nine seconds

till planet's destruction!



-What do you need, Jim?

-Just some way to attach this.



All right. Stand back.

Stand back, now.



There you go.



There you go.



OK. Now,

no matter what happens...



keep the ship heading

straight for that portal.



BEN: Fifty-eight seconds!



Well, you heard him!



Get this blasted heap

turned 'round!




head us back to the portal.



Aye, Captain.



Go to the right! The right!



l know, l know!

Will you just let me drive?!



Twenty-five seconds!



No! No!



Come on, lad.



Seventeen seconds!



BEN: Seven









Wow! Yeah!



SLVER: You done it. Jimmy!



You done it, boy! Ha ha ha!



Didn't l say the lad

had greatness in him?







but ludicrously effective.



CAPTAN AMELA: 'd be proud

to recommend you



to the interstellar academy

They could use a man like you



Just wait until your mother

hears about this!



Of course, we may downplay

the life-threatening parts.



Jimmy, that was unforgettable!



l know you don't like




but get ready for a hug,

big guy, 'cause l gotta hug ya!



Ha ha ha ha!



Hey, you hugged me back.



Oh, l promised myself

l wouldn't cry.







Does anyone have a tissue?



[Morph squeaking]



-Morphy, we gotta make tracks.

-l know.



JM: You never quit. do you ?



Ah, Jimbo! Ha ha!



l was merely

checking to make sure...



our last longboat

was safe and secure.









that should hold it.



Heh heh heh.

l taught you too well.



lf you don't mind,

we'd just as soon avoid prison.



Little morphy here,

he's a free spirit.



Being in a cage,

it'd break his heart.









What say you ship out

with us, lad?



You and me,

Hawkins and Silver...



full of ourselves

and no ties to anyone!



You know,

when l got on this boat...



l would've taken you up

on that offer in a second...



but, uh,

l met this old cyborg...



and he taught me that

l could chart my own course.



That's what l'm gonna do.



And what do you see

of that pal of yours?



A future.



[Chuckles] Why...



look at ya,

glowing like a solar fire.



You're something special, Jim.



You're gonna rattle the stars,

you are.



[Clears throat]



Got a bit of grease

in this cyborg eye of mine.









Oh, hey, Morph.

l'll see ya around, OK?



See ya around.






Morphy, l got a job for ya.



l need you to keep an eye

on this here pup.



Will ya do me

that little favor?



Aye-aye, Captain.



Oh, and one more thing.






This is for your dear mother...



to rebuild that inn of hers.



Stay out of trouble,

ya old scalawag.



Stay out of trouble,

ya old scalawag.



[Laughs] Why, Jimbo, lad...



when have l ever done otherwise?






Oh! [Giggling]









[All gasp]



[All cheer]



[Playing music]









[Song starts]



 t's good to see the sun

and feel this place 



 This place  never thought

would feel like home 



 And  ran forever 



 Far away 



 And  always thought

'd end up here alone 




the world has changed 



 And 've come home 



 To give you back the things

they took from you 



 And  feel you now 



 'm not alone 



  always know

where you are 



 When  see myself 



  always know

where you are 



 Where you are 



 And  found something

that was always there 



 Sometimes it's got to hut

before you feel 



 But now 'm strong.

and  won't kneel 



 Except to thank

who's watching over me 



 And somehow

feel so strong 



 And 've begun

to be the one 



  never thought 'd be 



 And  feel you now 



 'm not alone 



  always know

where you are 



 And when  see myself 



  always know

where you are 



 Where you are 



 Now it's all so clear 



 And  believe 



 That everything's been

opened up to me 



 And  feel you now 



 'm not alone 



  always know 



  always know

where you are 



 And when  see myself 



  always know

where you are 



 And when  feel the sun 



  always know

where you are 



 And when  see myself 



  always know

where you are 



 Where you are 



[Music playing]



[ Skipped item nr.      ]


Special help by SergeiK