Twisted Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Twisted script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Ashley Judd and Samuel L. Jackson.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Twisted. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Twisted Script


            I can hear your heart beating.

            Sounds like a little animal in your chest trying to get out.

            Sounds like blood.

            Sounds like flesh.


            Most of all, it sounds like love.

            - What's this? - Well...

            What is this?

            - It's my gun. - Your gun?

            Don't hurt me.

            Give me your hand, Culter.

            - Get on your knees. Get up, Culter. - I'm trying to.

            - "Jess, I'm here." - I've got Culter.

            Wilson, I need backup.    Ralston, the old Battery.

                 - . Backup units rolling.    I got your back, Jess.

            - Get on your knees. - I'm on my fucking knees.

            - Get up. - I'm up. I'm up.

            - "Hold him there, Jessica." - Come on.

            Come on.

            Oh, yeah. One more thing.

            - Hey, Shepard. - What?

            Do that thing again.

               Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!

               Do it! Do it! Do it...

            Inspector Shepard, Homicide.


            Who wants a beer?

            - I do. - I second that.

            - Another round, Peter. - You got it.

            - All right, big guys. - Pass them down, boys.

            Thanks for being on the phone, Wilson.

            You and me? You and me are like this.

            You're drunk.

            No, seriously, serious, serious, serious.

            Look, just because you're moving up to Homicide,

            don't take me off your speed dial, OK?

            No, no, no. I mean, any time you press that button,

            any time you push that button, I'll be there to pick up.


            - I'm gonna miss you. - Here's to you.

            OK. Don't forget about me.

            Give me some.

            I'll miss you too, Wilson.

            Look, I'm telling you, these Homicide guys, they're mental.

            And they get turned on by fucking corpses, remember that.

            Now, that's interesting.

            What the fuck is this, the peanut gallery?

            Shot of rye, please.

            I was just wondering, do you mean they're turned on by fucking corpses,

            - or by fucking corpses? - God.

            - Mind your business. - A lot of beers here.

            Let's spread them around.

            Another shot of Jack, please, Pete.


             Oh, nothing.

              Oh, I was just thinking how awkward you look...

              ...even though you are a cop.

              What precinct?

              Have it your way, stranger.

              - Congratulations, inspector. - Hey.

              Hey, sexy. Come on, let's dance.

              - You wanna dance? - You gonna be cool, Jimmy?

              What do you mean, am I gonna be cool?

              Like I'm here to fight with you or something?

              Hey, he made it!

              - Hello, commissioner. - Hi.

              - How you doing? - Hey, how you doing?

              Back up, boys, you're breathing my air.

              - Hey, look who showed up. - Good to see you.

              - What's up, commissioner? - Hey.

              Leo, how you doing?

              If my mentor were police commissioner,

              I think I'd be getting a promotion too. You know what I mean?

              - Yeah, is that right? - Yeah.

              I got ears like a cat, son.

              So let's see what we can do about getting you that promotion.

              Test. There's a man sitting at the end of the bar,

              looks like he's been sitting there for a while.

              I want you to describe him. And I want details.

              Well, you know what? I'm just here to have a good time, man. That's it.

              Oh, so talking to me is not your idea of a good time?

              Or is it that you just can't do it?

              - I could do it. - OK, so go ahead,

              get yourself a promotion.

              Look at me.

              He's a white guy.


              He's got, I don't know, a dark sports jacket. I don't know.

              - You know what? I'm off duty, man. - Yeah, I know.



              White male, late   s,   foot,     pounds, thinning gray hair, glasses.

              He's wearing two gold chains with some sort of medallion.

              He's drinking shots and paying cash.

              And that's why she's an inspector, and you're not.

              The good inspector's never off duty.

              My office.

              Inspector Shepard.

              Making an old man proud.


              - You pass the written? - Yeah, of course. How could I not?

              - Trained by the master. - Really, Grasshopper?

              Well, the master is amazed at how badly you almost fucked it up.

              - What? - Well, a moment ago,

              you demonstrated you still know how to process a room.

              So tell me this,

              how did that psycho get a knife to your throat?

              No. Let me tell you.

              You went there alone without backup. And you didn't tell anybody.

              You didn't follow procedure and you almost got yourself killed.

              You know, you're lucky you're not being brought up in front of

              a disciplinary committee instead of being promoted.

              You're right. I fucked up.

              Listen, it was an honor for me to raise you,

              to raise my partner's child.

              I'm just glad you made it through.

              But you're Homicide now.

              There's no more room for mistakes.

              Copy that?


              Nice kick.

              I mean, what kind of moron tries to flush body parts down a toilet,

              especially when he's got a perfectly good furnace out back?

              - I'm gonna head out. - Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

              Where you been hiding? This is your night.

              Hey, the first female chief of police of San Francisco right here.

              - Mark my words. - Oh, yeah.

              - To the chief. - To the chief.

              You remind me so much of your father.

              God, he would've been proud of you.

              All right. I want you to go straight home

              - and get some rest. - I will.

              - Everything all right? - Yeah. Everything's all right.

              Knob Creek, neat.

              Do you live around here?


                 Any nightmares?


              Anxiety? Panic attacks?


              OK, here's the deal. This session is mandated.

              It's standard procedure for any cop

              who's been through a traumatic experience.

              Plus, in this instance, the suspect got a little roughed up.


              Let's get something straight. I do not have a dog in this fight.

              I am not the enemy. Anything you tell me goes right into the vault.


              Unless I'm convinced a crime is about to be committed

              or you are a danger to yourself.

              Also, you being here does not jeopardize your promotion.

              Good to know.

              Anything else?

              You're hoping I have some big problems.

              Frankly, I prefer to find people in perfect mental health.

              Well, then say hello to perfect mental health, doc.

              OK, then. Hello, perfect mental health.

              So you did kick Culter?

              Hands break, feet don't.

              You gotta get physical every once in a while.

              What's once in a while?

              Yawara to the rib break. Yawara to the groin.

              Remember your distracters.

              Yawara to the sternum. Yawara to the clavicle.

              Yawara to the rib break. Yawara to the groin.

              Good. Let me see how you're holding your Yawara stick.

              OK, put your thumb over here a little bit.

              OK, perfect. Let's do it again.

              Yawara to the sternum. Distracter.

              Yawara to the clavicle. Yawara to the rib break.

              Yawara to the groin.

              Hi. I'm looking for Inspector Delmarco.


              Where the hell is Delmarco?

              - Oh, you've got to be kidding me. - Do I look like the kidding type?

              - Delmarco. - Shepard.

              Follow me. Boys, meet Inspector...

              - Shepard. - Shepard.

              - Flanagan. Dale Becker. - Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you.

              Shepard, here's a tip for you.

              Stumbling on a suspect does not an inspector make. Good luck, honey.

              Thanks so much.

              Dale was primary on the Culter thing.

              Then you waltzed in with the suspect. Congratulations.

              You've made enemies already.

              This job is about the fucking work.

              So how come you didn't say anything in the bar last night?

              I couldn't. I was following someone.

              - Oh, yeah? Who? - You.

              Ask her. She knows what she did.

              She picked me up and she lured me to that place, sir.

              And then she got rough.

              That's it. That's the simple truth of it, Mr. Porter.

              I had no idea she was a police officer.

              I mean, isn't that some form of entrapment?

              Then she handcuffs me, I'm down on my knees.

              She kicks me in the face, knocks me out cold.

              Come on, isn't there some law against police brutality, sir?

              I'm going through a lot of pain and suffering, Mr. Porter.

              Yeah. Well, I'm very sorry about that, Edmund.

              But now that I'm on the case, we will be petitioning

              the judge to reconsider your bail.

              We will be pursuing many, many other options. OK?

              I know your little dirty side. I know you.

              You're me.

              Come on.

              Ray, please tell me you are not gonna represent that loser.

              That loser's daddy is Culter Pharmaceuticals.

              I golf with him Tuesdays at the Olympic Club.

              He's asked me, as a favor, to defend his boy.

              I'm gonna do that. Is that a problem?

              When you were assistant DA, you used to love

              to nail bad guys' asses to the wall like trophies.

              Raymond Porter. I wonder whatever happened to "crime doesn't pay"?

              Gee, Delmarco, I don't know.

              Whatever happened to "innocent until proven guilty"?

              I mean, do cops ever make mistakes?

              How about you, Mike? Ever make a mistake?

              Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.

              Would you excuse us?

              I need to speak with Jessica for a minute. In private.

              OK, that guy, Delmarco,

              tends to go off the deep end. You be careful.

              Ray, you got a client with a string of murders in his past.

              Wait a second, every defendant has the right to his day in court.

              That young man has no prior convictions...


              He's the guy. I nabbed him in the act.

              Well, sometimes nabbing the bad guy is the easy part.

              The hard part is learning how to relax.

              Yeah. Maybe you know someone who could help you with that?

              I think about that night.

              I think about it all the time.

              Always thought you'd come back...

              ...but you never did.

              This fucking skell runs around grabbing up girls,

              sticking a knife into them, murdering them.

              Hell, he deserved a piece of your mind.

              Yeah, Ray will say he was cuffed,

              and that you violated his civil rights and all that bullshit, blah-blah-blah.

              But the bottom line is, it's your word against his.

              He was resisting. Remember that.

              And that's your story and you stick to it.

              Don't get fancy, don't get creative.

              Just stick to your story, you'll be fine.

              Hell, everything's fine.

              And what's not fine can be fixed.


              I guess Culter did impact my life. He got me promoted.


              Do I pass?

              Well, almost.

              There's just one more thing I'd like to talk about today.

              Shoot. I'm an open book.

              I'd like to talk about your parents.

              My parents are dead. They were killed in a car crash.

              OK. So...

     that's what you tell people.

              Thought this was supposed to be related to my job.

              I don't see what my parents have to do with my job.


              ...   years ago, your father went on a killing spree

              which ended with your mother

              and his own suicide.

              And you've devoted your life to tracking killers

              and you don't see how it relates?

              You sure?

              I barely remember my parents.

              I was raised by John Mills, my father's old partner.

              OK, but it...

              - It could be your anger problems... - I don't have anger problems.

              I don't have any problems. I feel fantastic.


              Aren't you lucky. What's your secret?

                 Jessica, listen to me.

                 My job is to help you    deal with your feelings.

                 I deal with my feelings plenty.


              I miss you, Mom.

              - Shepard. - "Shepard,"

              - "where've you been all day?" - Mike?

                 Be outside. I'll pick you up    in    minutes.

              - "We got a    ." - OK.

              - Jess. - Hey.

              - How are you, Wilson? - All right.

              Wilson, Delmarco. You remember Wilson, my old patrol partner?

              - Hi. - Hey.

              OK, here we go.

              Any signs of cause of death?

              I don't know, man. But at first glance, I'd say he was beaten to death.

              What's the score?

              We're up three, top of the fifth.

              Jesus Christ.

              Who'd you piss off?

              OK, what have we got here? Let's take a look.


              OK, inspector, let's see what you got.

              - I don't think it was done here. - Right. Good.

              - So? - We should check the tide charts.

              What's that?

              Hey, Lopez, my key still good?

              - Yeah, Mike. Anytime. - Tomorrow.

              She'll be waiting.

              Marine unit, my old unit.

              Tomorrow, me and you, we gonna go for a little boat ride.

              Hey. Check it out.

              - Cigarette burn. - Nice.

              - Perfectly centered. Looks fresh. - Yeah, let's get a photo.

              Get me a photo here. Close-up of the cigarette burn.

              - Nice and tight. - OK.

              One more. Good.

              Thank you.

              Looks like he's been hit with a blunt instrument.

              Precise. Very professional. Something like this.

                 Now batting, first baseman,    J. T. Snow.

              - OK, see you later. - You all right?

              Don't sweat it, you'll get used to it.

              It's not that. I think I know him.

              His name's Bob, he drinks gin. Nothing more you can tell us?

              I told you, I don't really know the guy. I met him once, about a month ago.

              But you said you were intimate?

              I picked up a stranger in a bar and had sex with him.

              You ever picked up a woman in a bar, lieutenant?

              Yeah, in my fantasy life.

              All right, I'll give it to Parker and Lewis then...

              - Hey. - Wait a second. Hey.

              - What is she, a suspect? - Come on, we got the call.

              All right, it's yours.


              We have got Bob Sherman.

              Confirmed death, eight, nine hours prior to discovery.

              The weapon is a small blunt object,

              and the kill shot is a blow to the right temple.

              Although this guy was definitely beaten postmortem as well.

              And trace evidence...

              "... nada". Look, there are no fibers, no hairs.

              I tented this guy. I even super-glued him up.

              I could not raise a single latent.



              We'll talk later.

              - Hey, Mike. - We'll find the current that carried

              this guy here. Last night was windy. Flood tide was about five knots.

              The body could've drifted a long way.

              I bet they could tell us what happened.

              They've seen all the bodies floating on the tides.

              They've seen all the smugglers.

              There's hundreds of different dumpsites, hiding places.

              Heroin, cocaine, illegal pharmaceuticals, party drugs.

              You name it. I've chased a lot of guys right down in there.

              I know every nook and cranny, every secret spot.

              I'm like the sea lions. They're my neighbors.

              - See that place in there? - You live there?

              You're one big surprise after another, stranger.

              - You up for a cappuccino? - You up for finding out who done it?

              OK, inspector, back to work.

              So, what exactly are we looking for?

              Well, I assume you checked the victim's cuffs last night, right?

              I also assume that you would've seen there was sand inside those cuffs,

              which tells us...

              Maybe he was dragged along the beach.


              Let's go check out the beach at Crissy Field.

              I don't think anything would've happened here. Too risky.

              Not if it were late at night.

              So anyway, the ex confessed after we shook him a little.

              Great. Delmarco, Shepard, where are you guys on yours?

              Crime scene is clean. No weapons, no prints, no witnesses.

              We're going out to known associates and neighbors.

              All right. Anything else?

              All right, let's break it up.

              Yeah, actually,

              I'd like to put word out to be on the lookout for similar victims coming in.

              Males,    to    severely beaten.

              Wait a second.

              You got only one body and already you're thinking serial?

              I mean, what is this? Spotlight withdrawal?

              Here's some advice I like to share with new inspectors.

              It's sort of like Homicide AA.

              One body at a time. OK?

              Your boyfriend.

              He's not my boyfriend.

              He's an ex and he's the reason I don't get friendly

              with my co-workers anymore.

              Well, that's good to know.

              - Let me talk to him. - Thank you.


              - "Jessica." - Yeah?

                 Bridge Patrol found another floater.    Someone pounded the shit out of him.


              How much did we drink last night?

              Well, maybe next time you should go easy on the sangria.

              I must have gotten wasted.

              I kind of blacked out.

              Too bad I wasn't there.

              Big inspector now, so you don't call me back ever, right?

              I guess that's the reason.

              You patrol guys wanna rustle me up some breakfast?

              A little bacon, eggs, toast, black coffee.

              Seeing as how you're not busy.

              Fuck you, Delmarco.

              Make that bacon crisp.

              Check it out.

              Yeah. There's the cigarette burn.

              - It's our guy. - OK. Let's get him out.

              - Keep it level! - OK.

              Good, a little more.

              - How's that? - Right there.

              All right.

              We got him. The guy was in the system. Lawrence Geber.

              DOB   -  -  . Had a DUI a while back.

              - See you later, man. - OK, bye.

              Tell me about it.

              How did you know there'd be another body?

              There was that cigarette burn on the back of the hand.

              It's not a simple homicide. Cigarette burn's intentional.

              A signature.

              What's up?

              I can't say I'm happy you were right about this,

              but it was a good call, Shepard. Nice going.

              All right, let's get on this fast.

              I want this guy stopped before the bodies pile up.

              This guy thinks he's a pro.

              This guy thinks he's being careful by covering his tracks.

              Not with me, baby.

              Everybody leaves something behind.

              All I need is one little speck of blood.

              Just one little...


              Oh, yeah. Oh...

              Like this little drop, for example.

              You see the blood spatter on the front of his body.

              That matches the angle of the blows.

              So, what's this little drop of blood doing all the way back here

              - behind his ear? - Could be the killer's.

              How soon will you know?

              Well, I've got to extract it for DNA, I've gotta amp it,

              I gotta type it.

              That'll tell us with absolute certainty whether or not that drop

              matches the victim's blood.

              And, if I may say it, you are looking a little rough around the edges.

              I've been a little stressed.

              You have been.

              At one point, you did suffer from some stress-related symptoms.

              From when I was  ? Is that what you've got there?

              My parents had died and I was sad. I didn't know how to handle it.

              And what we have been discussing,

              your parents, your childhood, that all could be stirring up a lot.

              Dr. Frank.

              I am working on my first case. Looks like it could be a big one.

              Turns out I've slept with both the victims.

              That's why I brought it up. You know, for someone who's supposed to

              understand people, you're a little slow on the uptake.

              Jessica, listen to me. You have to tell your partner about this

              or your lieutenant, or someone in the department.

              And what if it isn't a coincidence?

                 What if you're in danger?

              Fucking phone.

              Shoo! Go away! Go away!

              Goddamn it.

              Easy does it, Jessica.

              - You all right? - Yeah...

              ...just a few rats under the car.

              Rats. Yes, well, we live near water.

              - See you next session. - Yeah, we'll see you.

              I just can't believe...

              ...that there was no warning.

              That he just went...

     like that.

              Your father loved your mother very much.

              So much, in fact, that it twisted him.

              You know what I mean?

              You know, sometimes I wonder if maybe I hadn't told him about her.

              About her affairs. Look,

              you need to focus on your case. Do your job.

              That's the most important thing right now.


                 OK, here's the deal.

              You all know about serial killers taking trophies,

              a behavior which often gets them caught.

              Well, in the past, there have been killers

              who tried to smarten up,

              didn't take trophies. Instead...

              ...they "signed" the bodies.

              It's been done in different ways: Cuts...


              ...burns. But signing the bodies

              might not be that smart after all.

              Because the signature itself...

              ...can be your best clue.

              So cigarette burns.

              We gotta think we're looking at a smoker and the overkill...

              The overkill suggests some rage. Any questions?

              Oh, me! Me!


              I was wondering, have we eliminated

              Inspector Shepard as a suspect?

              - That's very funny, Dale. - No, Mike, I'm serious.

              I mean, we know she slept with victim number one, right?

              - Sure. - Yeah.

              So do we know if she slept with victim number two?

              I mean, shit, Shepard, he is kind of cute.

              - Motherfucker! - Get off me! Come on!

              - Cunt! - Take her outside, Mike.

              - I'm cool. I'm cool. - Dale! In my office!

              Back off.

              Bad joke. You made your point. Now let it go.

              Yeah, it is a bad joke. You wanna know the punch line?

              I did sleep with victim number two.

              Why the hell did you do something like that?

              Listen, brother, it is none of your business who I sleep with.

              Hey! Who the fuck cares who you sleep with?

              I'm talking about you lying to me!

              OK? Because partners tell each other the truth!

              Well, I'm telling you now!

              She says she met these guys in a bar.

              Our killer's probably trolling the same places,

              and he was probably stalking her.

              Just to consider all options, any enemies?

              Anyone got, like, a sick fixation on you, might be stalking you?

              Lately, I've...

              ...sort of felt like I'm being watched. - So how do we handle it?

              - Do we pull her off the case? - No.

              You need to operate as though this is not a coincidence.

              That's the smart thing to do.

              From that angle, we pull her,

              it might tip the killer and we blow a good lead.

              And if she is connected,

              we're gonna need her help to find out how.

              - That's gonna put her at risk. - She's a cop.

              - She knows the risks. - OK.


              Thanks a lot for backing me up in there.

              Backing you up?

              I was just giving my professional opinion.

              You want my personal opinion?

              Just what the hell do you think you're doing?

              - I'm not doing anything. - Yeah?

              Well, that's not what I hear.

              These men you've been seeing.

              And today, you attacked a fellow inspector.

              Oh, it was a...

              ...a disagreement.

              And what's going on with you and this Delmarco genius?

              For God's sake, John. He's my partner!

              OK. Look, I know it's a new century

              and people think it's OK to just have sex with whoever.

              But let me give you some advice. Don't shit where you eat.

              Keep your social life separate from the job.

              I do. John, I know you worry about me

              and I love you for it, but I can take care of myself.

              Really? Is that why people keep dying around you?

              Nice. Nice.

              May I have your attention, please.


              Did I say that out loud?

              Hey, I know you. You come in here all the time.

              You're a cop? I don't believe it.

              - Believe it. - I did think you were kind of hot

              for a working girl, but I couldn't figure out

              why else you'd keep taking off with those guys.

              Get it straight. We are not here to discuss your opinion of me.

              We are here to discuss a guy who used to look like this,

              and now looks like this.

              So I know for a fact he spent time in here.

              Who'd you see him with?

              Look, the only person I've ever seen that guy leave the bar with,

              aside from his girlfriend, was you.

              The bastard was always late with the rent.

              Played drums at night.

              Serves him right. Know what I mean?

              Did Mr. Geber have many regular visitors?

              The last person I saw him with looked a lot like you.

              Seemed like he'd fuck any skank that came on to him.

              You find out anything up there?

              We just wasted the entire day tracking down me.

              Good. At least we have a suspect.

              - It's a joke. - Fuck you, Mike.

              How did you get in my place?

              Now, is that any kind of welcome for a man who's seen you naked?

              - What do you want? - I'm kidding. I'm kidding.

              I mean, I just... I just wanna... I wanna see you.

              - Come on, Jimmy, it's over. - I... I do.

              Don't you miss me just a little? I miss you.

              What do you want?

              How many times do we have to go over it? You know, it just...

              God, Jimmy! Come on, knock it off!

              - No, no, no. Let me touch you. - Jimmy!

              - Just let me touch you. - Jimmy, knock it off!

              Just, please... Fuck.

              - Jimmy! - I need you...

              Holy fuck. Oh, my God!

              - Jimmy, man, I'm sorry. - Get off of me!

              - Get off! Holy shit! - Hey.

              - Hey, here. - Get away from me!

              Goddamn it! Get away from me!

              Oh, my God. You know what?

              You're a goddamn psychopath! You know that?

              You've got a screw loose, man! Wacko!

              Bitch! Holy shit!

              - I'll be seeing you! - Jim...

              When did you first find out?

              When did you realize...

              When did you realize that you had the capacity to kill?

              To take a human life?

              You know, we all have it in us.

              You. Me.

              It's a matter of who can control it.

              Can you?

              Jessica? What the hell are you doing here with my client?

              A little police work. Following through on some hunches.

              Oh, some hunches? I wanna be here when you talk with him, OK?

              Every fucking time! You got that?

              You don't have to have a hissy fit, Ray. I'm cool with that.

              Edmund, do you remember what I told you?

              OK? Only in my presence.

              Jesus fucking...

              I am not having a hissy fit, OK?

              I am protecting my client's interests here.

              And you, you have got a real battle on your hands here.

              - Oh, yeah? - Yeah. I'm coming at you

              - with both guns blazing. - At me? What did I do?

              Oh, yeah. Let's just say the law works in mysterious ways, OK?

              What the hell is that supposed to mean?

              Well, I will explain it to you in detail.

              But this is not the time nor the place.

              Let's say you come over to my house Sunday morning

              and we will talk about it.

              You know.

              Like old times.

              God, I love that perfume.

              See you.

              Thank you.

              - Sometimes I could kill that guy. ...the arresting fucking officer...

              ...without me present! You got that? Never!

              OK, OK. Don't have a hissy fit, Mr. Porter.

              The good news is, I was right, as usual.

              That tiny little drop of blood, no way did it match the victim.

              So we have our killer's blood?

              Well, the bad news is, he wasn't in the system.

              CODIS, the convicted felon database, it gave me zip.

              So all you gotta do is bring me the guy's blood that matches my sample.

              That's all, huh?

              Hey, that's why they pay you Homicide guys the big bucks.

              Surely, you have some leads.

              Bring your good pal Lisa a little blood sample, will you?

              And I, one of law and order's little people,

              will burn the midnight oil, doing the task,

              making the match that will lock that fucker up.

              And you get all the glory, and what, do you ask, do I get?

              Hey, perhaps a dinner at Chez Panisse.

              Downstairs, I would hope.

              Working late?

              Still going over all those unanswered questions?

              The biggest question of all still being,

              why is someone who would normally be considered a prime suspect

              being allowed to participate in this investigation?

              You got something to say to me, Becker, quit being such a pussy

              and come out and say it.

              I'll say it, all right. And I'm not gonna hold back

              because you're well-connected to someone protecting you.

              I'm not gonna let you drag this department through the mud.

              Are you listening to me? I know about you.

              I know about you and Bob,

              and I also know about you and Larry.

              Let me ask you...

              ...while you were sleeping with them, were you thinking about hitting them?

              Are you thinking about hitting me right now?

              Go ahead. You know you want to.

              You know, I don't know about this case,

              but I do know one thing for sure.

              Every bone in your body wants to hit me right now.

              Am I right?

              - Yeah, who is it? - It's Jess.

              Hey, come in. It's open.

              How could you?

              - How could you do that to me? - What's the matter with you?

              How could you tell Dale about the victims and me?

              - What? - I was just starting to trust you.

              Hey, listen to me! You think I'd betray our loyalty?

              I would never do something like that!

              What's the matter with you?

              What do I have to do...

     show you that you're my partner?

              I'm sorry.

              Where the hell do you think you're going, partner?

              We got work to do.

              Are you gonna let me in on this thing or what?

              I'm starting to realize I have more enemies than I thought.

              Everybody has more enemies than they think.

              But the only reason why Dale and the other guys give you a lot of shit

              is because they're afraid that you might be better than them.

              I love the way you eat.

              You know, John would never tell me anything about my mother.

              It didn't matter what I asked, just a complete no-fly zone.

              Except at dinner.

              He tells me I eat just like her.



              What can I say? I get hungry.

              Me too.


                 Sounds like a little animal    in your chest trying to get out.

                 Sounds like flesh.

                 You are in for a battle    on this one, Jess!

                 I'm coming at you    with both guns blazing.



              Anybody home?

              Ray, I am not jumping in there with you.

              What is it?

              Looks like he was beaten, thrown in the hot tub,

              and he's got the burn on the hand.

              Let's just get this over with.

              It'll take about five minutes. It'll be standard form questions.

                 Let's go.

              I still think it might be best if we just pulled her off the case.

              Do you have any physical evidence on her?

              Anything to indicate that she might have killed these men?

              - No, of course not. - Didn't think so.

              Just knowing them is not proof of a crime.

              Proof of bad judgment, yes.

              But I'm not pulling her from her first homicide case.

              It would kill her career. She'll come through this. Just watch.

                 And your involvement    with all these victims was...



              Do you think it's possible to do things behind your own back?

              Maybe I drink too much. I don't know. I...

              I pass out, and when I wake up I think I've done terrible things.

              - What is it you think you've done? - There's been another murder.

              And I'm my best suspect.

              This third victim...

              ...I slept with him too.

              Jessica, listen to me.

              You grew up your whole life

              knowing that your father has done these horrible things.

              So now you may be thinking, "I have that in me too."

              I don't think I have it in me.

              I know.

              Am I losing my mind?

                 I have violent dreams. Flashes.

              - "I'm hearing voices." - "When did you first find out?"

                 When did you realize that    you had the capacity to kill?

                 To take a human life?

              Get away from me. Go!



              ...need this right away.

              Right away takes    hours.

              Lisa, please. I need it.


              I'll skip a couple of steps,

              and I'll run it straight through the amplification process.

              You know, I always say, you can tell a lot about a person

              from a drop of their blood.

              Can you tell if they're a good person?

              Give me a little time.

              - Angela. - Yes?

              I need you to run this up to the lab.

              Get a toxicology screening, and I'm still gonna need to type it.

              - OK. - Thank you.

              Hi, it's Lisa from the lab.

              I need to see you right away.

                 You're a goddamn psychopath!    You know that?

              - "Bring me a drop of the killer's..." - "I know about you."

                 Let's say you come over    to my house Sunday morning.

                 Are you thinking    about hitting me right now?

                 Killing spree. Killing spree.

                 Tell me something.

                 ... saw him with looked a lot like you.

                 ... I've ever seen that guy    leave the bar with was you.

                 Have we eliminated    Inspector Shepard as a suspect?

                 ... keep dying around you?

                 What is it you think you've done?

                 I can hear your heart beating.

                 One body at a time.

                 Sounds like blood.

                 I know you. You're me.

                 At least we have a suspect.

                 So now you may be thinking,    "I have that in me."

                 We all have it in us.

                 The capacity to kill.    Capacity to kill.

              You OK?

              Why wouldn't I be OK?

              I tried calling you.

              Something's wrong. You know that feeling you've been having

              that somebody's been following you? I'm getting that same feeling tonight.

              Something's gonna happen tonight.

              Get away from me.

              - Put the gun down. - Go away.

              - What are you doing, Jess? - Mike...


              You've been drinking. You gotta stop.

              - You've gotta be strong. - Mike...


              Give me the gun. Give me the gun.

              Everyone who kisses me...

              ...turns up dead.

              No, they don't.

              Mike, don't go.

              I ain't going anywhere, stranger.



                You asked to see me?

                Turn and face that wall.

                Test. The bulletin board behind you.


                Crime scene photos. Three black and white. Two color.

                Two black and white. Three color.

                What is going on with you?

                You know a couple of victims, so you just let yourself fall to pieces, is that it?

                - I think I'm losing it, John. - Hey, you have a job to do.

                - Hi, Jess. - What the fuck, Jimmy?

                Jimmy, just go home.

                Oh, go home.

                Like I'm some kind of dog.

                Like I'm supposed to obey you now?

                Is that it?

                We're gonna rumble?

                Open the fucking door, Jessica.

                Open the door.

                I'm coming to get you.

                I'm coming.

                Jessica Shepard?

                Chip Marshall, SID.

                Where were you the night of September   th,

                the night Bob Sherman was killed?

                I don't know.

                The night of October   st,

                the night Lawrence Geber was murdered?

                - I don't know. - The night of October  th,

                the night Ray Porter was killed?

                I don't...


                Jessica, did you kill these men?

                I don't...

                I don't know.

                I don't know.

                I'm sorry.

                I'm so sorry.

                I don't know what else there is to say.

                I was raised to be a good girl, but I was born to bad people.

                It's kind of comforting, in a way.

                I've been running from it all my life...

                ...the fear of being the bad seed.

                But most of all, I feel bad for John.

                It's OK, though.

                It's good.

                It's good that I'm in here.

                It keeps other people safe.

                Have you given her any medication?

                - No, I've given her nothing. - I didn't think so.

                The problem's not in her head, it's in her bloodstream.

                - What's in her bloodstream? - Report from forensics.

                I had them run her blood through a drug screen.

                Rohypnol. Ever heard of it?

                Yeah, of course. Roofies. It's a date rape drug.

                Completely incapacitating.

                Get dressed. You're out on bail.

                Thanks for all your help, doc.

                We won't be needing your services anymore.

                All right, give me the headline. And don't tell me you're not up for a test.

                This is the biggest test of your life, inspector.

                Four men murdered. Suspect slept with all of them.

                Incriminating evidence found on her person the morning after the crimes.

                When she awakened from a drug-induced blackout,

                which makes it physically impossible for her to have committed the crime.

                - I didn't do it. - Stick to business.

                The crime remains the same, only the suspects change.

                - Who? - What do they have in common?

                - Just me. - Who knows your habits?

                Whose job is it to know where you are at all times

                in case he might have to call you at any hour of the day or night?

                No, you're off on that. Mike never knew where I went at night.

                Didn't this start when you got the new job, when you met him?

                It's not Mike.

                All right, I need you to tell me where to go.

                Straight down Market to the Embarcadero.

                - But why would Mike drug me? - How better to incapacitate you

                while he went about the business of doing what he had to do?

                Do you think he'd let you prowl without following you?

                There were times when I felt like I was being followed.

                Suspect follows the accused. When? Where?

                The night she picked up a man in a bar.

                Followed the victim back to his place where he watched you

                do what you do through a window or maybe a crack under the door.

                Just enough to make him crazy.

                Come on, inspector, I'm waiting for you to tell me something.

                Suspect had...

                ...intimate knowledge of the habits of the accused.

                Access not only to her place, but to her deepest fears.

                Plus, familiarity with the drug that ultimately incapacitated her.

                Remember, he's a cop. We give him the benefit of the doubt.

                No doubt. He'll get all the benefits he deserves.

                You got out.

                Why didn't you come see me, Mike?

                Yeah, why didn't you come see her, Mike?

                What do you mean?

                I was there. They brought me in. They questioned the hell out of me.

                - I told them you were innocent. - How could you be so sure?

                Hey, Jess.

                You're my partner.

                - We're partners. - Partners lie for each other?

                - What are you talking about? - Partners tell each other the truth.

                - Partners tell each other everything. - Hey.

                Partners come see you when you're in jail.

                - You didn't get my message? - Oh, God. There was no message.

                - You're so fucking full of shit. - I was there.

                Somebody put me on the "no access" list.

                Excuse me, can I help you with something over there?

                Looks like you were having some wine before we got here, Mike.

                You celebrating something?

                No, I'm not celebrating anything. What the fuck is going on here?

                - I'd like to propose a toast. - What?

                To Jessica. You got a problem with that, Mike?

                No. Why would I have a problem with that?

                What's going on here? Is this some kind of joke?

                You gonna toast or what?

                Here's to my partner.


                ...somebody better say something.


                Rohypnol? Yeah, Rohypnol.

                - And? What? - Date rape drug.

                - You ever heard of it? - Of course I've heard of it. Roofies.

                Roofies. That's what you hip guys call it, right?

                I seem to remember you had a little girlfriend who OD'd and died

                from this stuff. So you know what Roofies do, don't you?

                What the fuck is going on here?

                Somebody has been following me since these murders began.

                Someone has been drugging me.

                - How? - Somebody who was lurking around.

                - You know, who was in my place. - Incapacitate you, don't they?

                They make you feel confused and anxious?


                ...feeling confused, Mike?

                - Any anxiety? - You put something in my wine.

                Whoa, this is quite a stash you got here, Mike.

                - Stash? - A little of this stuff

                must go a long way. You plan on date raping a whole sorority house here?

                You planting evidence?

                Shit! This is not my stuff.

                Listen to me, this is not my stuff.

                - Party drugs. - Whoa, lookie here what I found.

                This is one of those... What do you call it?

                A Yawara.

                Those little Japanese sticks that pound your features to a pulp.

                It's not mine.

                They didn't have these in my day,

                but I heard you're an expert with one of these.

                - That's not mine. - This one's got some blood on it.

                I wonder if that's Jimmy's blood.

                You think that could be poor Jimmy's?

                You didn't care too much for him, did you?

                I seem to remember you threatened to kill the poor bastard.

                You're not going for your gun, are you, Mike?

                - Mike! - No, no, no, no!

                No bruises. Just take it easy.

                Take it easy.

                We're in this together now. Partners.

                And now you understand.

                So we got a cop killer here.

                A man who's committed a very special crime

                that requires a very special form of justice.

                Step one, make sure the crime scene is clean.

                Don't you touch anything, darling.

                Step two, no sign of physical restraints or struggle.

                Step three...


                In this case, I'd say, oh, remorse for what he's done.

                Unlucky in love. That always works too.

                What are you doing?


                ...when those crime scene boys show up...

                Photos never lie.

                They also save on those messy courtroom appearances

                and some asshole judge letting him out on bail.

                   And now you understand.

                We're in this together. Give me the weapon.

                - Step away from Mike. - What?

                Put your hands behind your head, and get on your knees.

                - Don't you understand? - Understand what?

                - I'm doing this for you! - Get on your knees!

                Put your hands behind your head!

                Rule number one, you gotta be crazy to be a cop.

                You ever heard that old saying,

                "Everybody runs away from a man with a gun, but a cop runs toward him"?

                Give me the gun, Jess. You're not gonna use it.

                Do it! Do it! Do it!

                Your father had that same rage.

                I told him about her. I had to! He was my partner!

                You tell your partner everything! You always tell your partner the truth!

                I told him she was fucking that hippie scum!

                He lost his mind, ran in the house, I heard arguing.

                Look, all my life, I wished that...


                You killed them all.

                They were scum.

                Don't you understand, darling?

                They weren't good enough for you and her.

                You have the same emotional problem.

                You have her disease. I've tried to cure you.

                - You cured my mother by killing her? - She was ruining my life.

                She was ruining her life and your father's life.

                I loved her.

                I couldn't let her keep doing those things. There was no other way.

                You killed my father. You couldn't stop killing.


                I stopped for all those years, and I can stop again.

                Control, Jess.

                It's all about control.

                Give me the gun.

                I kill you, I kill a fleeing felon.

                You kill me, you commit murder.

                   We've heard everything you said,    commissioner.

                   You don't need the gun,    commissioner.

                Test. Identify the voice you are listening to.

                   I'm here, Jess. I got you.

                Recognize the voice of Officer Wilson, my old patrol partner?

                   Go along with the program, sir.    You don't want to destroy her.

                Move. Come on, come on.

                   Let her get the capture,    commissioner.

                   Hold him there, Jess. I'm coming.

                Maybe some asshole judge will cut you some slack.

                     - . Backup units rolling.    Code three. We're on our way, Jess.

                Well done, inspector. Well done.

                You outsmarted the master.

                That means I did my job well.

                There's just one more test you have to pass.


                No room for mistakes.

                - Test. - No!

                - Mike. - There she is. Let's go. Move it!

                - Come on, we got one in the water. - Officer down. Call it in.

                There's no uniforms down here. Get the paramedics.

                Always got your back, Jess. You OK?

                - It's cold out here, kids. - "This is Marine One. On our way."

                Copy that.

                Marine One, get someone in the water right away to retrieve the body.

                Follow my light.

                - See us? Right here in front of the dock. - Mike?



                I'm so sorry.

                I'm sorry I thought you were the guy.

                I am the guy.

                I'll see you later, stranger.

Special help by SergeiK