Two Weeks Notice Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Two Weeks Notice script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Two Weeks Notice. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Two Weeks Notice Script





I'm an attorney and this

isn't how I argue a case.



You're getting on my nerves!



This bullding has been here for years.

It deserves to remain for the community...



...because it represents

the ideaIs of that time!



The community deserves to have

this as a Iandmark. It is something to--



And we're removing it from

our chlldren's chlldren. You go back here.



This a community theater, and everyone

shouId benefit from this bullding!



This is your Iast warning!

We got a permit to take down this bullding!



I have a permit that aLLows me

to gather for the purpose...



...of expressing my constitutionaLLy

protected right of free speech!



-You want to get kllIed, Iady?

-Sir, according to city code--



-Forget about your code!

-Section    : If a Iandmark's committee....



-Forget about the code, Iady!

-When a Iandmark's committee decision--



-Lady, you're in vioIation here!

-Have you ever read the Constitution?



Take it up, CharLle!

Watch this constitution.



-Do you read?

-Come on, cIear the area!



Yeah, you're cIear. Go ahead.



Okay, you guys,

this is just a scare tactic.



-That's aLL this is.

-WeLL, it's sort of working.



MeryI, they do productions from the Y here,

productions with LlttIe peopIe!



The Nutcracker and Hair. We have

to Lle down in protest. Take out your mats.



Here, I've got your protective eye gear,

your sun bIock and your wet naps.



-Everybody, Lle down in protest!

-You better get out of the way.



-We wllI prevall!

-You wllI go to jall!



Tom! Lock arms.



-I'm not feeLlng great about this.

-Have a LlttIe faith, pIease.



MeryI, wouId you marry me?






Oh, my God! Yes!



Shut this down, CharLle.



-I Iove you.

-Hey, you guys, they stopped.



You're good Iuck. There is justice

in the worId. We prevalled!






Crazy Iady!



-We shouId caLL our parents.

-Guys, here are your wet naps.



-Oh, thanks.

-Thanks. We had a good time.



-I'm gIad. Bye.




Bye. Thank you.



I'LL pay you back

this time, guys. I promise.



What are parents for, if not to ball

their daughter and her friends out of jall?



So did they knock it down?



I'm not getting through to peopIe.

Why don't peopIe respond to me?



Honey, Wade Corporation is not peopIe,

it's a heartIess profit machine.



And it's getting worse aLL the time.



They're bidding

on the Surf Avenue Iot.



They wanna put up condos

and tear down the center.



Wait, our community center?

My community center?



Come on, honey,

Iet's discuss it over dinner.



No, Dad, you know what? I'm just tired.

I think I'LL just go home.



Hi, honey, it's Ansel.



I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna

make it back for your birthday.



We got a lot of new trainees onboard

and they put the green in Greenpeace.



But I'm saving whales

and thinking of you. Love you.



Yeah, hi, Mr. Wong. Lucy KeIson.



Fine. I wouId Llke a number    ...



...a number fou-- Number five.



No. Number seven? Seven.



Can I get the number four

without the garLlc sauce?



Okay, and then maybe

two orders of number   .






Yes, it's for one.



And that's it.

No! Give me a number eight.



Give me two number eights.









Okay. Bye.



When they toId me I'd been chosen

the MedicaI Center's Man of the Year...



...I assumed it had

something to do with...



...the mllLlons we have contributed

to the new pediatric wing.



But as it turns out, I had my appendix

removed earLler this year...



...and under anesthesia,

I apparentIy proposed marriage...


            every nurse in the hospitaI.



IncIuding the many attractive maIe nurses.



Why are pediatrics

so important to Wade?



I think feet are very important,

aren't they?



I'm just teasing. I know there's

more to pediatrics than feet.



-Thank you very much.

-Thank you. AIways nice to see you.



-George, congratuIations.

-Hey, Terry, how are you?



-StllI sLlcing peopIe up?




Yeah, I bet you are.



Hi, there. Oh, yes, the Emlle famlly.

LoveIy. So good.




-Nice to see you. Take care.



MeIanie Corman.

HospitaI administration.



My friend EIaine Cominsky wants

to meet you, but she's shy. Is that okay?



That's fine. I've been too nervous

to meet EIaine myseIf.



-Good. Don't move. Great tie, by the way.

-Thanks. I was rather nervous about it.







-Hey, your brother wants to see you.

-What? Now? Tonight?



Yeah, that's what he said. AIthough

sometimes it's hard to teLL with the accent.



This is EIaine.



-Oh, heLLo.

-Hi. WouId you sign my GO?



Oh, GO! I see what you mean.



Sorry, I thought it was a medicaI term.

You had me aLL excited.



-''To EIaine, George Wade.''

-Thank you.



Hang on just one second.



There's no way I'm running up

to Westchester just because he caLLs.



It's absurd. He'LL just have to wait.



-Right on. Hey, man, forget him.




-ShouId I get the car?

-Yes, get the car.



-Good evening, Mr. George.

-Good evening, Rosario.



-ExceLLent new hairdo.

-Mr. George.



No, I'm serious. You Iook Llke

a young ImeIda Marcos.



-HeLLo, George.

-HeLLo, HeIen.



Don't you think Rosario

Iooks particuIarIy IoveIy tonight?



I hadn't reaLLy noticed.

Rosario, the chlldren need baths, pIease.



Yes, Miss HeIen.



-So how are the kids, apart from dirty?

-They're fine.



-Can I get you anything?

-I'd Iove some Mllk Duds.



We don't have any.

I couId send out for one.



Oh, no, don't be ridicuIous.

If you're going to send out, get a whoIe box.



-Howard is in the gym.




Forty-five minutes,  .  mlles an hour,

at an eIevation of three.



It's incredibIe how much

more reIaxed I feeI.



-HeIen does an hour a day too.

-Yes, you both seem extremeIy reIaxed.



You can cut the reIaxation with a knife.



So why am I here, Howie?



We Iost the West Side waterfront deaI

because your chief counseI...



...your Iatest modeI/attorney...



...forgot to flle

an EnvironmentaI Impact Report.



I wllI admit that the Iaw

is not Amber's strong point.



-That's why I fired her.

-No, I fired her.



Just as I fired Debbie

from St. Barts' Law SchooI...



...and Stacy from OnLlne Law SchooI.



I want someone from YaIe or CoIumbia

or from the continentaI United States.



Women of that IeveI of inteLLectuaI abllity

often find me shaLLow.



-Then hire a man.

-Don't be absurd.



Because they wouIdn't sIeep with you?



No, because it wouId make you

and Dad too happy.



Dad has been dead for     years.



WeLL, there is no reason for him

to start enjoying himseIf now.



You need someone who can write

a brief instead of removing yours.



And she can handIe your divorce

whlle she's at it.



You are stllI getting divorced?



UnIess my ex-wife decides to faLL in Iove

with me again, or for the first time, yeah.



No! Why do you aIways

find that so funny?



-It's very hard to say.

-Hire a reaI attorney by tomorrow.






-HeLLo, have a good day.

-Thank you, ma'am.



-So you're Russian, you say?

-    ºº.



Hence, bIond hair,

bIue eyes, cheekbones.



Sorry to have kept you so Iong, but at Ieast

I feeI I know everything about you.



And I you. You know, usuaLLy I'm so nervous

at interviews, but that was fun.



Yes. Isn't ''fun'' fun?

It's been a pIeasure, Tiffany.



Mr. Wade? Mr. Wade?



Hi, I'm Lucy KeIson. I'm an attorney.



Have you ever heard

of Saint-Tropez Law SchooI?







-Where did you go to Iaw schooI?








Intriguing. TeLL me more.

What's your background?



I don't see how that's reIevant.

I work for the CoaLltion for the HomeIess.



-I'm working at LegaI Aid.

-That can't pay much.



WeLL, I'm not very interested in money.

Now, Mr. Wade....



Wait a minute. You're KeIson.



You Lle in front of our wrecking baLLs.



-You attacked the Zegman brothers--

-I did not.



It's not my fauIt they waIked

under a protest sign.



-You're not here for a job?

-I'm here representing...



...the Coney IsIand Community Center.

It was bullt in      .



It's the heart of Coney IsIand.

It has aduIt education, basketbaLL...



...CPR, Lamaze, water baLLet,

senior's tae kwon do. It's great.



For chlldren, it's a home away from home.



I mean, I practicaLLy grew up there.



It's IoveIy, but Trump

has the inside track. Nice to meet you.



No, Mr. Wade, you don't understand.



I Llve there, as weLL as my parents.



They know AssembIyman Perez,

who's on the board.



If you can guarantee the preservation

of this center, I can guarantee you the bulld.



But why us? Why Wade?



WeLL, I can't get in to see Trump

and the Zegmans have a restraining order.



Mr. W?



You're supposed to be taping

The View in haIf an hour...



...and Public Policy magazine needs a quote

on the chaLLenges of urban pIanning. Hey.



Right. Yes. Quote, quote, quote, quote....



What I Iove about architecture

is its abllity to shape a community.



This center has shaped the community!

It turns strangers into neighbors--



Its abllity to change

strangers into neighbors.



How the right design for a park

makes peopIe feeI secure.



How a schooI bullding can be functionaI

and beautifuI so that kids feeI....



No, the community center makes chlldren

feeI engaged, and it aLLows them a pIace--



FunctionaI and beautifuI so that kids

feeI engaged instead of imprisoned?



-Yeah, it sounds good.

-I Llke that.



But I said a community center,

not a schooI.



I know, it's aLL very good.

Jump in. Thanks.



-Nice shirt.

-Thank you.



So do we have a deaI?



No. I want something eIse from you.



No. I am fuLLy aware of your reputation

and there's no way you're getting that. No.



-Getting what?

-You know.



The sex. That's not gonna happen.



No, that wouId be nice.



I promise to save your community center.



On top of which, you can direct

our pro bono efforts.



That's mllLlons at your charitabIe disposaI.



I've spent my entire Llfe

working against peopIe Llke you.



WeLL, maybe if you work for me,

you'LL win occasionaLLy.



I need an answer, I'm afraid, immediateIy.

Here is my direct number at the Grand HoteI.



-You Llve at a hoteI?

-WeLL, I own the hoteI and I Llve there.



My Llfe is very much Llke MonopoIy.



And I know you wouIdn't care,

but I'LL start you at $      .



There's aIso usuaLLy

a very nice Christmas bonus.



Thank you.



-I can't beLleve how much I ate.

-I'm proud of you.



The whoIe Ieft side of the menu.



You know when I get tense,

I just start to eat.



-Honey, you cannot work for that man.

-Hey, we can use the ball money.



-Remember what Sun Tzu said?




''Keep your friends cIose

and your enemies cIoser.''



Sun Tzu didn't have a daughter.



What's this? Oh, dessert. Thank you.



It's the onIy way to save

the community center.



It is. And if I work for him...



...I have huge resources

at my disposaI for charities and sheIters....



-Yes, but--

-Mom, I promise.



I wllI stllI be your daughter.

I wllI stllI be a Iawyer.



And I wllI stllI have

aLL the same ideaIs.



Let's update aLL the flles.



EspeciaLLy the muni-codes

because I'LL need those.



I'm gonna speak with Mr. Wade.



Mr. Wade, so sorry to bother.



I've been over the EnvironmentaI

Impact Reports for IsIand Towers.



-I wouId reaLLy Iove to taIk to you.

-Very good.



I reaLLy wanted to ask you:

Which one of these do you prefer?



-How do you mean?

-It's for my new personaLlzed stationery.



Is this a trick question?

They Iook exactIy the same to me.



No, not at aLL. This is a Llnen finish

and this is a watermarked veLLum finish.



Leaving aside the fact

that they've taken perfectIy good forests...



...and denuded them in order

to produce this nonrecycIabIe paper...



...I wouId say it was....



WeLL, then this one. It tastes better.



Do you know, I've asked

   peopIe that question.



You're the onIy one to come up

with that answer.



My God, you're good.

I'm getting you a bigger office.



No, it's very sweet,

but I'd rather go over the--



Very firm.



But is it too firm?



There's some debate among chiropractors

about the optimum IeveI of mattress tension.



What are your thoughts?



If you reaLLy want to know,

the more firm the mattress...



...the more pressure on the  th vertebra.



Quite bouncy, though. Have a bounce.







-Yes, I'm gIad you're up.



I didn't want to wake you.

I just feIt Llke a chat.



George, it is  :    in the morning.



Can't you taIk to whatever

Mensa candidate you're with?



I resent the impLlcation...



...that because someone

may not share your high IQ...



...they're not a person

of substance and depth.



-You aLL right?

-I swaLLowed my AItoid.



She swaLLowed her AItoid. That can happen.

A sudden hair fLlck, very dangerous.



Okay, George, I am tired.

Put her on the phone.



You mean, put her on the phone?



Put her on the phone!



ALL right. Someone for you.







The man you're dancing

with is deepIy troubIed, okay?



And even though he's rich

and attractive...


           're too young to trade

yourseIf Llke a stock on NASDAQ...



...for someone who won't

remember your name...



...or his in the morning,

is stllI married...



...and has recentIy had

a very suspicious rash.



It is  :   .



Go home, finish high schooI

and reach your potentiaI!



You aLL right?



I think I'm gonna go.



-What did you say to her? Nice chat?




That we have to taIk about.

Now, do you think I shouId cry?



I was thinking bursts of sobs.



More of a whimper.



You're pathetic. Good night.



ALL right.



I'm sure he'LL be here any minute.

Is there any more Diet Coke?



Sorry, everybody.



Did I miss the bIessed event?



Check with me before you taIk.



Now that we're aLL here, I'd Llke to discuss

the settIement terms.



The terms have been set.

It's caLLed a prenup.



We both know...



...that a prenup doesn't precIude

certain recompensatory--



In pIain EngLlsh, aIthough I can foLLow

you in German and Japanese if you prefer.



-She wants doubIe the aLlmony.

-No way.



Given the situation,

it's not an unreasonabIe request.



You're referring to the aLLeged infideLlty,

are you not?



ALLeged? He was having

sex with her in our bed.



I knew you were worried

about getting anything on that sofa.



-How dare you come in here--

-I shouIdn't have said that. Sorry.






So you are saying that infideLlty

is worth twice the aLlmony.



Using your reasoning,

any infideLlty on her part...



...wouId have to be heId against her

in a monetary accounting.



What are you suggesting?



The soon to be ex-Mrs. Wade did a LlttIe

couch time with a company accountant.



And he's wllLlng to testify.



I have IoyaI empIoyees.

I think it's the heaIth pIan.



-The heaIth pIan is exceLLent.

-Thank you.



-We wllI not agree to pay any--

-We wllI pay the aLlmony...



...pIus $         and

a generous property settIement...



...if you reIease me from further obLlgation.



-You son of a bitch!




Watch your Ianguage

or you wllI not get the estate, Mrs. Wade.



Don't caLL me that!

You're just another one of his stupid bimbos!



Now, wait! She is far from stupid--



-What do you think you're doing?

-Went up my nose.



-Water went up my nose.

-It's onIy water.



Okay, this hankie is very nearIy cIean.

I'm going to dab you.



-You may bIow.

-Thank you.






Divorce aIways gives me

an appetite. Kebab?



No, I've never warmed

to the idea of a fIesh PopsicIe.



-One, pIease. Chicken, thank you.

-Why did you give her the money?



She'd never have stopped

tllI she got what she wanted.



You aIways say I have a responsibllity

towards those Iess fortunate.



Everybody is Iess fortunate than you...


            just give the money to someone

who's not gonna spend it on coLLagen.



You onIy want me to be generous

to those you approve of.



No. I onIy want you to

finaLLy aLLow me to do my job.



You did your job. This morning I was married,

now I'm not. You did it superbIy.



Thank you very much.



Here, that's fine. You keep the change.

Thank you.






-Hey, that's my coffee, you jerk!

-Oh, sir, I'm so sorry.




-I thought you were needy.



What's wrong with you?!

Can't a guy have a cup of coffee?!



-It's aLL right. Come on, Mother Teresa.

-My onIy cup of the day! You ruined it!



Okay, now, what do you think?



Too ornate?



I don't care about the beIt.



You're upset.



Look, from now on, I'LL get someone eIse

to handIe my divorces.



It's not Llke I enjoy them.



Maybe I shouId go somewhere where

no one knows how much money I have.



Where is Staten IsIand?

Why don't we go there?



Thanks, but Harvard

doesn't give a degree in yenta.



I'm not here to find you a wife

or to pick out your cIothes.



My heroes are CIarence Darrow,

Thurgood MarshaLL....



Who's another non-scummy Iawyer?



My parents!

My father worked for Martin Luther King.



My mother is a Iaw professor.



They taught me that Iawyers

shouId be treated with respect.



I have compIete respect for you.




Luce, wait. Wait!



DearIy beIoved, we are gathered here

to join together MeryI and Tom...


            they stand before us

on this joyous day...



...procIaim their Iove and enter

into that most sacred bond of aLL...



...the bond of hoIy--



Is that yours?



I'm so sorry.



PIease continue. Everyone Iooks so beautifuI.

Just keep going.



Bye. You guys, I'LL be right back.



HoId this for me. I'LL be back.



Twenty bucks for your cab.



Keep the    and Iet's have dinner.



Keep your dinner. I'LL keep my   

and we'LL caLL it even.



-Okay, sounds good.

-Okay, bye.






George, pick up. What's wrong?



Don't teLL me that the construction permits

didn't come through...



...because I had the appLlcation

into the Zoning Committee by   a.m.



-Evening, Miss KeIson.

-WllLle, toId you the Mets wouId sweep.



-Miss KeIson.

-Ms. Hana.



-Good evening, Miss KeIson.





-HeIp! I'm in my cIoset.



-What is it?

-That is a very attractive.



Okay, I'm judging the Miss New York contest

in under an hour. It's on teIevision.



What do you think?



PIease don't teLL me you caLLed me out

of a wedding to heIp you pick out a suit.



-You ran out of a wedding? That's horribIe!

-You said it was an emergency!



Didn't I memo you as to what

constitutes an emergency?



Yes. Large meteor, severe Ioss of bIood

and what's the third one again?



-Death! And you're not dead.




You weren't dead when

you caLLed me at  :   a.m...



...because you had a nightmare about

becoming a member of KISS.



Just Llke when you barged in

on my woman's doctor appointment...


            ask me which picture

to put on the cover of People.



I don't Llke those very much. If it's any

consoIation, I wllI be dead eventuaLLy.



Tonight is important. I'm representing

the Wade organization. That incIudes you.



Not anymore, George.



-I'm sorry?

-You got IsIand Towers, I got Coney IsIand.



Why don't we just caLL it quits, okay?

I can't take it anymore.



-What, are you serious?




PIease, consider this my two weeks' notice.



-I find you ungratefuI.




-Yes, ungratefuI.




Yes. I hire you with

no corporate experience.



I give you an apartment, a great office,

the nonfat muffin basket every morning.




-Why do you keep your phone on?



You crave the excitement.



This is entireIy my thing...



...because I've managed

to turn myseIf into this....



It's not Llke I'm enjoying it either.



Now I can't. I'm addicted.

I have to know what you think.



What do you think?



I think you are the most seIfish

human being on the pIanet.



That's just sllIy. Have you met

everyone on the pIanet?



Goodbye, George.



I don't have a shirt.



AnseI, I finaLLy quit. He caLLed me

out of MeryI's wedding.



-I'LL never get that moment back.




I'LL set up interviews with Iaw firms

that do pro bono work, and--



-All right, hang on.




Look, we're shipping out.

I gotta go. You take care of yourself.



I gotta go, hon.



Okay, just don't faLL in Iove with

any cute marine bioIogists.



-Okay, I promise. Bye.




-Love you.




I am reaLLy Iooking forward

to a new chaLLenge...



...and your firm has the optimaI bIend

of pubLlc and private interest Iaw.



Lucy, your résumé is amazing.

You know that.



But we do a Iot of business with Wade.



ALL the more reason for me

to make a smooth transition.







George Wade caLLed me this morning

and informed me...



...that you are indispensabIe

to his organization.



At the moment, we're not hiring.



Then why did you agree to see me?



HonestIy, we're partners

with Zodiac Construction--



They do mllLlons of doLLars

of business with Wade ReaIty--



-And Mr. Wade--

-Doesn't want you to hire me.



The attorney who was pIanning

to quit reconsidered.



-When did Mr. Wade caLL?

-Mr. Wade never caLLed.




-Maybe an hour ago.



Make sure you massage his cIoven hoof!



I'm suddenIy feeLlng a pain in my ass.



I am unempIoyabIe! You caLLed everyone

except for SIurpee Heaven!



That is not true. I did caLL SIurpee Heaven.

They didn't want you.



Heard you had attitude.

Said you weren't SIurpee materiaI.



-You shouId reaLLy Iet us work on you.

-I don't Llke to be touched!



I'm sorry, you guys are great.

It's not you.



ALL right, Llsten.



You have a contract and it says

you wllI work untll IsIand Towers is finaLlzed.



Which is compIetion of construction,

or I can stop you working eIsewhere.



And there's no IoophoIes

because you drafted it and you're the best.



SubconsciousIy, I think you drafted it that

way because you don't reaLLy want to go.



Does it kllI you how weLL I know you?



Honey, this contract is exceLLent work.

I'm very proud of you.



Dad, I'm trying to get out of it.



I don't know why you went to work

for that phllandering robber baron.



You usually have impeccable instincts.



Look at your boyfriend, Ansel.

He's a dedicated environmental warrior.



This is ironcIad. Houdini couIdn't

get out of this contract.



You shouId've stayed

at the IegaI aid job.



If I do pro bono work with a company

with these resources...



-...I can accompLlsh so much--

-Come on over for strawberry ice cream.



Have Tofutti! You heard what the doctor

said. Your choIesteroI is over    !



You're basicaLLy a soLld.



Two of the greatest IegaI minds

in this country arguing over dessert.



Lucy, it was your choice to work

for that man.



You couId've done anything. You couId've

cIerked for the Supreme Court.



I don't know what to teLL you.



Short of going in

and deLlberateIy trying to get fired.



You stay away from that freezer!



Good morning, boys.



Sorry, I am so Iate.



That's fine. We onIy just got here.



Forty-five minutes ago.



Howie, are these your kids?



You know, I've never actuaLLy met them.



They are good-Iooking boys.



That's a girI. That's Sue and PauI.



Yes, so it is.



You know what?

She is gonna be a heartbreaker.



That's PauI.



-Yeah. Thank you.




So we've got the Coney IsIand project.



I'd Llke to stir up some pubLlcity if we couId.



Yes, very nice.






I'm working on endorsements

from IocaI merchants.



We were working

on some ideas there.



I thought that was terrific.




-What's pathetic?



-You. I know what you're doing.

-I am not doing anything.



You think if you come in Iate and spit

on the boss that wllI get you fired?



Not in this company.







George, I have an uIcer.



I don't sIeep weLL, mostIy because

you keep caLLing me at night.



If you don't caLL me,

I dream you're gonna caLL me.



I think about you in the shower,

not in a good way...



...but in an I'm-so-distracted-I-can't-

remember-if-I washed-my-hair way.



So I wash my hair twice.



So I have a hoIe in my stomach,

I am running out of shampoo...



...and today is the first time in my Llfe

I did not give a       percent on the job...



...and I hate that feeLlng!



-I won't caLL after hours.

-You wllI, George! You know you wllI.



Yeah, I wllI.



I just don't think we can see each other

professionaLLy anymore.



ALL right. Stay untll you find

a repIacement.



Train him up for a coupIe of weeks,

then you can go to SIurpee Heaven.



Thank you! I promise I wllI find

you somebody amazing.



Somebody better than me

because I'm not even any good.




-A gIorified ambuIance chaser.



Thank you.



I got it. It's just my earring.



-My hair!

-CarefuI! That's my overpriced ItaLlan beIt.



Just get it off!






Join us. We were just brainstorming.







I was thinking it might be a good idea

to do a photo op at the bulld site...



...where George wouId be in the....



George in the foreground,

pointing up to the sky...



-...Llke this.




Then I thought I couId take my beIt off,

as if to say, Iet's get to work!



Right. Right-o.



On behaIf of Wade Corporation,

I'd Llke to thank the Community Board...



...for giving us the opportunity

to work with you on this project.



And we Iook forward to seeing

aLL of you at the groundbreaking.



I did weLL with those eight peopIe.



-I thought you were fantastic.

-This way, Mr. Wade.



Just Mr. Wade.




-Great. Can we go now?



AbsoIuteIy. I just want to say heLLo

to my foIks.






Excuse me.






-Hi, honey.

-Hi, Daddy.



-Is that a new coat? I Llke it.




What a wonderfuI surprise!

We finaLLy meet after aLL this time.



George Wade.



Mrs. KeIson, I presume.



What a pIeasure.



WeLL, I can certainIy see

where Lucy gets her stare from.



I'm Larry. It's a pIeasure to meet you.



Thanks, Larry. Same here.



Thank you for Ietting Lucy quit.

It certainIy made our week.



-Great pIeasure.

-We shouId get back to the office.



-Come on! Have some cake.

-We can't.



We're two bIocks from the apartment.



-You Llve around here?




-What a charming coincidence.

-It won't be charming...



...once you bIock out the sun

with this condo-hoteI monstrosity!



We wllI have a sun deck.



That's something, isn't it?



Larry, Ruth, I can't teLL you how much

I appreciate your support on this project.



At Ieast you're keeping

the community center.



UnIess you're wllLlng to reconsider

the entire project.



I'm afraid that won't happen.

It is over    mllLlon in profits.



I think it's immoraI that any human being

shouId acquire that much weaIth.



I don't know how you sIeep at night.



A machine that pIays the ocean.



I used to come up here aLL the time

when I was a kid. My speciaI pIace.



I had a smaLL one-bedroom

on Park and    st.



That's so very Oliver Twist.



Times were hard. But you know what?

We were happy.



-Didn't have a view as good as this.

-It's great, isn't it?



I used to take up some ice cream

and my CaroIe King tape...



...and Iook at the neighborhood.



It's amazing what you couId see. At night,

the whoIe bullding went downstairs.



The fathers stood on one corner.

The mothers stood on the other.



Kids wouId just ride their bicycIes around.



As you can see, not much has changed.



Mr. and Mrs. GoIdfarb wouId be sitting

in the middIe of the street...



...saving a parking space for their chlldren

who were coming next weekend.



And you up here on your own.



It's hard to find a quiet pIace

in BrookIyn to think.



Or to repIay whatever argument

I just had with my mother.






Yeah, she's terrifying.



I thought she was gonna kllI me

and feed me to the poor.



Yeah, she's a piece of work.



But for better or worse, she's the voice

in my head pushing me to do better.



ChaLLenge the accepted wisdom. Never

settIe for a B instead of an A on a test.



You once got a B?



-HypotheticaLLy speaking.




Of course, no matter how hard I try,

I wllI never Llve up to her expectations.



WeLL, there are worse things in Llfe.

Like no one having any expectations.



There's something amuck

with this sponge cake.






You're not concentrating.

This offends me.



Yeah, I'm sorry, Ton.



I Iost Lucy.



I just think it's a shame because I've

come to reIy on her for everything.



And I trust her compIeteIy,

and she's funny.



Not deLlberateIy, of course.



Hey, you know, it's probabIy

for the best though.



Oh, yeah? Why is that?



Two things I know is chess and women.



Chess, it has ruIes, pieces,

rooks, knights, bishops.



They move in predictabIe patterns.

Somebody wins, somebody Ioses.



But women, they don't have no ruIes, man.



They move in unpredictabIe ways too.



Nobody ever wins or Ioses

when it comes to women.



You taIk about your feeLlngs

untll your breath is sucked out your body.



ALL men are pawns when it comes

to women.



EspeciaLLy a smart one Llke Lucy.

She's hard to controI.



And you know, the man has got

to be in controI.



Like with me.



I come home. When I waIk in,

I know my mama has dinner on the tabIe.



ALL right, so you're stllI Llving at home?



Yeah. Yeah.



Of course.



Here's somebody interesting,

PoLLy St. CIair.



WeLL, it's a terrific résumé, PoLLy.



CongratuIations on the baby.



What baby?



Maybe you shouId check with me

before you taIk.



What baby?



I'd Llke to taIk about

your moot-court experience.



What baby?



Yeah, what baby?



You shouId do the interviews on your own.



Harry Raskin, Richard Beck.



Interesting prospects for my repIacement.

Let's see.



No, it's gotta be a woman.



What a surprise.



I suppose a certain bust size wouId heIp.

Maybe some bathing-suit shots?



It wllI annoy Howard if it's a woman.



-Thank you.

-TeLL you what.



ALL I want is someone

as inteLLigent as you...



...but a LlttIe Iess tense

and argumentative.



A sort of Katharine Hepburn figure.



You don't deserve Katharine Hepburn.



-Audrey Hepburn.

-AIso too good.



Just stay away from the Hepburns.



You forgot a beet.






Thank you.



I've got that charity tennis thing tonight.



And I need to know, does this shirt make

me Iook a bit kind of Björn Borg?



AnseI and I got into a huge fight,

and I think we just broke up.






He wants me to go on a Greenpeace boat.



He thinks I can't embrace Llfe.



Is that the case?

Because I just don't see it.



I just don't see it.



And by the way, how can I embrace him

when he is never here?



Maybe it's me. Maybe the rose-coIored

gIasses have finaLLy come off.






We obviousIy can't Ieave you aIone

with the stapIer.



I'LL teLL you what. I'LL canceI tennis.



They aIways make me pIay with Ed Koch.

What can we do to cheer you up?



Nothing. There's no soIution.



Good. Good attitude.



I can't heIp it if I don't Llke boats.



SureIy not aLL boats.



Yes, aLL boats.



I don't understand.

What is wrong with me?



At the moment,

huge quantities of aIcohoI.



I don't know. I just seem

to drive men away.



There's AnseI.



There's BllIy from LegaI Aid who ran

off with a stripper.



Don't forget Gary from the Peace Corps

who married his trainer.



Gary, yes.



What is wrong with me? I want to know.

You're sort of a man.



-ALL right?

-I'm good.



So teLL me. What's the matter with me?



WeLL, you can be somewhat intimidating.



You couId Ioosen up a LlttIe,

get in touch with your feminine side.



-Okay, that's a good suggestion.

-Perhaps soften your appearance.



Not that I don't Iove that Iook,

but you couId get doLLed up occasionaLLy.



I'm not going to spend hours

fIuffing my hair and appIying...



...animaI-tested makeup to my face...



...just so I can turn myseIf into some

maIe fantasy, degrading Kewpie doLL.



UnIess I, you know, reaLLy Llke the guy

or something.



You see, maybe that's the probIem.



You don't Llke these guys.



You drive them away because you reaLlze,

deep down, they're wrong for you.



They're not wrong for me.



We have aLL the same poLlticaI goaIs

and ideaIs, aLL of them.



Which I guess isn't very romantic,

but what can I say?



I'm fine. What can I say?

I'm just not a romantic person.



Never feIt that way about anybody.

Nope. No.



No, in high schooI, Rick Beck took

me parking. You know, parking?



And the whoIe time I taIked

about NeIson MandeIa.



Don't know why I did that.



That is hard to say. I certainIy wouId have

found it extremeIy erotic. Come back.



I'm fine.



I don't know. Maybe I'm

just not good in bed.



Maybe you're not.



I am.




-Yeah. I am reaLLy good in bed.



-You might be Iousy.

-No, beLleve me, paI.



You shouId be so Iucky because

the IawyerIy exterior...



...don't Iet that fooI you because

inside I am, Llke, a compIete animaI.



It's, Llke, bobcat. You know, it's scary.



-I can see that it might be.

-No. No. Look, I can bend Llke a pretzeI.



I'm serious.



And I'm not taIking the straight kind.

I'm taIking, Llke, the twisty kind.



Twisty Llke the bobcat,

saIty type of pretzeI.



Because that's what men want, right?



-That is their dream.

-The twisty-bobcat kind of pretzeI...



...because that's what you want, and I bet

I couId give you a twisty-bobcat pretzeI.



Do you want it?



You're a reaLLy good Llstener.









Are you...? HeLLo?












I'LL just get her upstairs.



Think you can make it?



No. No, Iet's put her somewhere eIse.









Like a doLL.



A doLL with a sinus probIem.



We shouId put a pllIow under her head.

I think that heIps.






Much worse. Interesting.



Do you think we shouId change

her cIothes?



Right. Don't know where that came from.






Okay, not so Ioud.



We didn't....



Last-- We didn't....



It was a magicaI night.



You made sounds I've never heard

a woman make before.



We didn't....



Not physicaLLy, but spirituaLLy,

you were the best I've ever had.



Whatever I did or didn't do

or said or didn't say...


            was aLL a LlttIe mistake.



WeLL, nothing happened.



That's a reLlef.



I'm very busy. I have work to do.

You stay there and reIax.



Okay, I'LL see you Iater.






Jesus, carefuI.



There's a June Carver to see you.



-June Carver, June Carver, June Carver.

-She went to Harvard.



Yeah, weLL, so did I. Now Iook at me.



Norman. Norman. Norman.







She didn't have a strong background

in property Iaw.



She's down from Boston.

She onIy wants five minutes.









This is June Carver.



-Hi. It's a pIeasure to meet you.

-You too.



I don't have an appointment,

so feeI free to throw me out.



WeLL, I have security on standby.



-Have a seat, pIease.




Did you have CriminaI

with Professor Rappaport?



-Oh, my God. I'm stllI shaking.




But I have to teLL you, Miss KeIson,

you are a Iegend there.




-Editor of the Law Review.



The articIes you wrote on

the Richmond case. You're an inspiration.



WeLL, yeah, I--



I don't have a strong background

in property, but neither did you...



...and Iook what you've accompLlshed.



WeLL, you know, not that much, reaLLy.

I just--



And there's this.



I've never met Mr. Wade...



...but in Public Policy magazine

he was interviewed...



...about the chaLLenges

of urban deveIopment and he said that--



Is it ridicuIous that I'm quoting this?



No, not yet.



''Architecture can shape a community

and turn strangers into neighbors.



The right design for a park

makes peopIe feeI secure.



A schooI bullding can be functionaI

and beautifuI...


            kids feeI engaged instead

of imprisoned.''



When I read that, it made me feeI

I'd be working for a cause...



...not just a company.



Okay. You're hired.



You're Mr. Wade.



Someone has to be.

AIthough, I didn't write that.



-Lucy did.

-No, you did. I remember being shocked.



We've been working together so Iong

it's hard to remember who did what.



-Sounds Llke an amazing team.

-George, do you mind--?



I was saying how incredibIy presumptuous

it was of me to come waItzing in here...



...but Miss KeIson was nice enough

to see me.



They're caLLing from

the Zoning Commission, Lucy.



June, why don't we set up

a proper interview for tomorrow.



It's aLL right. It's aLL right.

I couId finish up with June.



You're not coming to the meeting?



-Have I ever come to the meeting?

-Good point.







Stupid pIant. Do something

with this, wllI you?



AbsoIuteIy. The ficus is fired.







-So teLL me...




-...first of aLL, you come from which--?




I was just wondering, are we stllI on

for the Mets game tonight?



I Iove basebaLL.



So are we stllI good?



I'm a Red Sox fan, aLL the way.



A Red Sox fan? Interesting.



You obviousIy have a rich fantasy Llfe

which is a fabuIous pIus in this company.



Okay, that means you're a Boston girI,

probabIy a LlttIe bit Irish, CathoLlc...



-...big famlly, dirty, that kind of thing.




Let's go, Mets! Let's go, Mets!

Let's go, Mets!



Strike him out!



So, what did you think of June?



Loved her. Loved her.



Great. Yeah, me too.



Yeah, she smlled obsequiousIy,

fIattered me constantIy.



She'd have no probIem picking out

an ottoman. ExactIy what I'm Iooking for.



A tad weak on the experience side, but--



We went out for a drink,

taIked for an hour.



She's a very cIever girI, you know. Sharp.



So you guys went out for a drink and....



She got nowhere to stay at the moment,

so I found her a room at the Grand.



And I invited her to the company outing.

Turns out she's a usefuI tennis pIayer.



WeLL, I can swing a racket.



Yes, I know, at my head.

I've experienced it.



But Llsten, thanks to you

for finding her. Genius.



Oh, God! It's gonna hit us!



Get out of the way. Move!



-Mike, you aLL right?




-Take it easy, the season just started.

-Thanks, George.



Next time, go to a Yankees game.



Hey, Iook, you're on TV.



I don't hear you.

I don't hear you.






-Nice one.

-Thank you.




-ALL right. CooI.









Mine, mine, mine! Okay!



Come on!



Lucy! Oh, my God, Lucy, are you okay?



Do I have a concussion?

Ask me something.



-Name aLL the Supreme Court Justices.

-Thomas, Ginsburg, ScaLla, Stevens...



...Kennedy, Rehnquist, Souter, Breyer,

O'Connor. Is that right?



How shouId I know?



Want some?



Thanks, I reaLLy shouIdn't.






You think she's a naturaI redhead?



You know, I was gonna give June a Llft,

and then Howard offered.



The fact that he Llked her is

a big strike against her.



AIthough I wllI say she's

an exceLLent tennis pIayer. Very nice form.



-FantasticaLLy nice form.

-Oh, man.



IncredibIy Llthe.



What? I thought you Llked her too.



No, I jus-- I think I just ate too much.



ReaLLy? What did you have?



Just a chlli dog and some fries

and a soda...



...and a bag of some LlttIe girI's




...and another chlli dog

stuck in there somewhere.






Let's try and take your mind off it.






Heard from AnseI IateIy?



I'm sorry.



I've been thinking about this.

You shouId move on. Forget him.



PIenty of other pebbIes on the beach.

The worId must be fuLL of men who'd die...


            be with a compuIsive

eater who can't faLL in Iove.



What? I've faLLen in Iove.







With whom, might I ask?



And no pets.



BllIy Westhouse.



BllIy who?



Westhouse. I knew him in high schooI.



Did you teLL BllIy that you Ioved him?



Did you say, ''BllIy, I Iove you''?






It's not funny.






That Iast chlli dog is reaLLy barking.



It's not perfect timing, I must say.



We'LL be in the city in    minutes.



I don't have    seconds!

I feeI Llke I swaLLowed a cruise misslle.



What--? What am I?   years oId?



-It's onIy a VoIvo.

-WeLL, peopIe just don't go in VoIvos!



-I'LL buy you another VoIvo.




That'LL be the onIy thing you'LL ever

remember about me.



I'LL be the woman who went

on the front seat!



That wouId be hard to forget.



Okay, I have an idea. See that RV?




-That is our target.



Can you make it?

Therein Lles your saIvation.




-Yes, it's an exceLLent idea.



-It's uncIean! I can hoId it!

-It's a brain wave. Out of the car!



I can hoId it! George, I can hoId it!

I'm hoIding it! I'm fine, I can hoId it!



No! No, no, George, I don't want--

I'm not going. I'm hoIding!



Hi there!



-You aLL right?





-Yeah, I'm good.



-You aLL right?

-I'm good.




-My ankIe. My ankIe.



No! No, no! Oh, God! No!



Hi, there!



Oh, God!



Excuse me. Sorry to bother you.



I'm not insane, but my friend needs to use

a bathroom. It's an emergency.



-I'LL give you $     .

-A thousand!






Thank you. Very sweet of you.



Thank you.



CIean, cIean, cIean.



Where are you guys from?



WeLL, Kentucky originaLLy,

but now this is pretty much home.



Come here, babies.






What kind of mlleage do you get

out of this thing? It's an RV, right?



A recreationaI vehicIe?



Traffic's moving.



HoId it! HoId it! HoId it! HoId it one sec!



Honey, how are you doing?

Are you nearIy ready?



KllI me!



Look at that poor jerk.



Yes, poor jerk.



Whoa, NeLLy.



George, where's the car?



I'm sure it's been safeIy towed by now.



Oh, God! George, George, George!



Don't worry, don't worry! In many ways,

it was the perfect end to the day.



Except for those poor chlldren

in the traller.



They actuaLLy Iooked quite frightened.



Don't worry, I won't teLL anyone.



Once it's pubLlshed in the company

newsIetter, there'd be absoIuteIy no point.



ALL right, I'LL caLL for a Llft.



WouId you Llke to have

your nalls done?



A HoLLywood tan, perhaps?



God, it is such a beautifuI city.



And my favorite bullding of aLL time.

Look at that.



Nirosta steeI, sunburst tower,

gIeaming gargoyIes...



...aLL designed by a man caLLed

WllLlam Van AIen...



...obsessed with beating

his former partner...



...who was bullding the

Bank of Manhattan tower at     feet.



So Van AIen announced

the ChrysIer Bullding at     feet...



...and then surreptitiousIy assembIed

the     -foot mast inside the tower...



...and onIy reveaIed it after

the bank tower had been compIeted...


            Van AIen the taLLest bullding

for three months...



-...untll of course--

-Untll the Empire State Bullding.



ALL right, pIease give me the name

of Van AIen's former partner.



Who is H. Craig Severance?



-I find you annoying.

-Yes, I'm sure you do.



But it is pretty amazing what dreams

and Iots of money can do, isn't it?



Yes, it is.



-And you know you're part of that, George.

-Yes, I am.



ALL you have to do is use your power

for good instead of evll.



If onIy I wouId.






...I'm very sorry that these Iast coupIe

of months have been unbearabIe for you.



Not at aLL.

UnbearabIe wouId have been bearabIe.



Then I suppose it's a good thing

that your two weeks are aImost up.



This is it.



I'LL do the Chlldren's League benefit.

I'LL make sure June is set up.



I'LL take a pass at your speech

for the groundbreaking...



...and I'LL be out of your Llfe forever.










-Hey, hey.



-I have tennis eIbow from the other day.

-Oh, yes?



-Lucy has tennis forehead. Much worse.

-Oh, no. I stllI feeI terribIe about that.



Thank God she Iooks okay.



EspeciaLLy with that big benefit

you're aLL going to tonight.



-What was it again?

-It's a benefit...



...for the New York Chlldren's League.

Lucy makes us give Iots of money...


            heIp society and get a tax break.




-Sounds exciting.

-It wouId be aImost impossibIe...


            teLL you how boring it is.

LargeIy because it wouId be too boring.



WeLL, boring to you might be scintllIating

for a girI from PIainview, Wisconsin.



See you Iater.



What about, if you're not busy...



...a bunch of us are going,

do you want to come and be bored?



I'd Iove to.



-ALL right. See you Iater.




Oh, good. These need to go to Accounting.



-The Ioan agreements need to be notarized.

-I got it.



-Here's the Zoning Commission reports.

-Now you can start with the appraisaIs--




I don't know how much time I have.



George sort of asked me

to go to the benefit with him tonight.






I just have to figure out what to wear.

I don't have anything.



-''I don't have anything.''

-God, she's nice.



No, they're very good muffins.

They just need more fat.



George, sign these

or we defauIt on five different Ioans.



-Take care.

-WeLL, hang on. Hang on.



-I need to go over my speech.

-Sorry. I gotta run.



We'LL pick you up at eight

and go through it in the car.



I asked June to come.

Hope that's aLL right.



Oh, that's dandy, but I don't need a ride.




-HeLLo, Howard.




...I just received new estimates

on Island Towers.



Costs are skyrocketing.



It will be cheaper to just knock down

the community center.



What are you taIking about?



We onIy got the job because we said

we'd keep it.



-We said we intended to keep the center.

-No wait. You can't--



This is nonsense.

You can't just decide unllateraLLy.



-I'm coming over.




I want to take a nap before the benefit.

It's all very simple.



Why can't we just bulld the towers

over the center?



Because it will eat away our profits.



There's to be a groundbreaking ceremony

at Coney Island...



...with our friend Assemblyman Perez.



All I need

is one of your charming speeches.



WeLL, you're not gonna get one.



I need you there.



-I have to consuIt my scheduIe.

-No, you won't, George. It's your job.



You're the pubLlc face of the company.

They don't want to see me.



I can't for the Llfe of me think why not.

You're magnificent.



Look, whatever we Iose on this deaI,

I'm in for haIf.



You'LL be in for nothing

at the rate you're going.



Expensive divorces, pooIside parties

at the hoteI for       peopIe...



...incIuding fireworks

and a performance by Sting.



That was one speciaI night.



It was Wendy the concierge's fareweLL bash

and a very good party if I say so myseIf.



Look, I know you don't have a cIue,

but the economy is not what it was.



Everything we've got, aLL of it, couId go.



Faster than you can imagine.



We need this bullt.



You're our cIoser

and you wllI heIp me cIose this deaI...



...or I wllI fire you

and take aLL your stock options.



And I can't bear to see you Llke that,




You wllI heIp me cIose this deaI, George,

won't you?



I'm surprised you have to ask.



I wasn't reaLLy asking.



-You shouId have gone with George.

-WeLL, he asked June.



-Not excIusiveIy. He asked you too.

-He asked me too?



How many women shouId a man

take to dinner? Maybe in Utah.



-So you're gonna go aIone?

-Sure, why not?



Hey, I think it's great.



I was aIways too scared

to go anywhere aIone.



Then I got married.

Now I'LL never be aIone again.



Check out this situation.

You two kids have fun.



ALL right.



Howard. HeIen, how are you?



Mr. and Mrs. Wade, good evening.



-I hate these things.




Why can't we just give the money

and be done with it?



Yes, that'd be fun.

Who wants a drink?



-I'd Iove some champagne.

-We don't want anything.



-I'LL have a Scotch.




I'LL be right back

with one of the promotionaI bottIes.







-I hear KeIson finaLLy dumped you.

-Not exactIy, no.



We came to a mutuaI understanding that

she couIdn't bear me for another second.



So who's the new chief counseI?



If she's any good,

I'm gonna steaI her away.



I doubt it. She seems quite IoyaI to me.



-Let me be the judge of that.

-ALL right.



I'm not intimidated.

I'LL even Iead you to her.



She's over there somewhere.



Good evening.



Good evening.



WeLL, you Iook-- I--



I-- You--



-I can't wait to hear your speech.




No, it's just you Iook absoIuteIy...






WeLL, you haven't seen

the whoIe outfit yet.



You see, ordinarlly that wouId suit you

extremeIy weLL, but....



WeLL, tonight you're--



I'm just....



-Lucy, hey.




-Wow. I Iove your dress.

-Thank you.



-And you Iook very beautifuI.




-I'm sorry, was I interrupting something?

-No, no. We were just...



...going over my speech.



Right. Work, work, work.



Howard wants me to revise

the IsIand Towers proposaI...


            that we're tearing down

the community center.



-I couId reaLLy use your heIp with that.

-I'm sorry. I'm sorry.



George, can I pIease taIk to you

for a second?



Hang on. They're about to shoot a man

out of a cannon into a vat of ice cream.






I don't care about Howard.



No community center. I see. Okay.



We do give mllLlons to charities.



So that justifies Iying.



Since when is heIping peopIe

and teLLing the truth mutuaLLy excIusive?



-You promised me.

-Oh, here we go.



You said you needed me to teLL you

when you were being a schmuck.



It's frankIy none of your business, is it?

You don't work here anymore!



I cannot beLleve you won't even try

to be the person you couId be.



-This is the person I couId be.




You think you're second-rate

and there's nothing you can do.



And I never beLleved it untll right now.

This minute.



This is the first time in a year

that I reaLLy don't Llke you.



I haven't Llked me for Ionger than that.

And I'm not crazy about you right now.



Why don't you go and be the person

you're supposed to be.



Oh, good. I see the mature part

of the evening has begun.



Oh, buzz off, bozo.



Ladies and gentlemen,

the ice cream is ready.



Here comes the topping.



George, thanks again.

This was a spectacuIar evening.



I can't wait to teLL my famlly who I met.



Why? Who did you meet?







-The eIevator.







-How's your room, by the way?




-But I want to pay you back with interest.

-Don't be ridicuIous. I don't need interest.



WeLL, this is me.



So good night.



Yeah, good night.



-I had a wonderfuI time.

-Good. I'm very gIad about that.



So good night.



Yes, good night.



It's aLL right. I own the hoteI.

Your breakfast is compLlmentary.






I know it's weird Llving in a hoteI

but it somehow has a very homey feeI.



WouId you Llke something

from the minibar?



Maybe a beer.






Wow, chess. I Iove chess.



You know what I Iove

even more than chess?






Strip chess.



Yes, that is a very good game.




We need to finish this conversation pIease--




-Oh, June. Hi.



-Lucy, hi.

-Wow. Wow. Great sLlp.



-That's a great dress.

-Oh, you know, same one as before.



ALL right. Break's over.

I'm gonna capture your bish--







We were just pIaying a LlttIe chess.



And doing some Iaundry.



Oh, weLL, that's okay.



'Cause I was just about to go off

and have some sex myseIf.



I mean, not by myseIf...



...but with somebody. Somebody eIse.



Oh, you don't know him.

He's in my apartment.



Yeah, in my bed.



His name is Barry. Yeah.



Barry in my bed. Okay, bye.



That was embarrassing.







-What's wrong?

-Thanks for your shoes.



HoId on, Iady. Look at me.

What happened?




-Something happened.



I've known you since Brownies,

I've never seen you cry.



Except when Bush won.



Which Bush?



-Both of them. So maybe you cried twice.

-This is a different George.



I'm sorry.



It's not supposed to be Llke this.



Maybe it is.



Maybe it's Llke the phllosopher

Sri Yogananda says:



''OnIy that which is the other,

gives us fuLLy unto ourseIves.''



Look. I had to fight for Tom.

It was the best thing I ever did.






Everything okay?



-Not now. Everything is not about you!




Quiet, everyone. Quiet down, pIease.



Thank you.



I have a LlttIe poem I wrote for you, Lucy.

If you couId just come up here.






-You ready for this?

-Rhyme away.



A rolling stone gathers no moss






You're leaving

With your antacids and floss



Our hair perhaps we will toss

But we are at a loss



Because you are the world's best boss



WeLL, that was a very nice speech

you just made...



...and I'm going to reaLLy miss everyone

here at Wade.



There are a mllLlon memories

I wouIdn't trade...



...and if you ever get accused of murder,

you can find me at LegaI Aid.



-What was that?

-WeLL, it was the same thing you just did.



Bye. Bye. Thank you.

Thank you very much. Nice--







I'LL reaLLy miss

aLL your comprehensive reports.



Me too. Me too.



Lucy. Thank you so much for everything.



No probIem.

WeLL, good Iuck with everything.



And I'm sorry about Iast night.

That was awkward.



-Oh, not at aLL. Brian was unbeLlevabIe.

-I thought it was Barry.



WeLL, Barry was first, and then

it was Brian, and it was just crowded.



-I aImost forgot my stapIer.

-Is that--? Oh, God.




-Never mind.



-No, no. What?

-WeLL, it's just that technicaLLy...



-...the stapIer beIongs to the company.

-That's right.



But-- No, you know what? Whatever.



It's-- The stapIer just goes way back

with me. And I--



WeLL, no, no. You keep it.

It'LL be our LlttIe secret.







Great, thank you. Thank you very much.



I guess I have kind of earned it...



...working here     hours a day,

seven days a week.



Wow. Guess that makes you a workahoLlc.



No, actuaLLy, those are the hours

when you work with George.



WeLL, no. I mean,

I can be a workahoLlc too.



That's why I'm vigllant about separating

my personaI and professionaI Llfe.



ReaLLy? WeLL, I guess that wouId expIain

the Iate-night meeting in your sLlp.



-I'm sorry?




That is absoIuteIy none of your business.



My God. Fine.

How much does a stapIer run?



Here, here's $    .




-It's not your stapIer.



What's the matter with you?

Give me my stapIer.



Look. You didn't pay for it.



-Give me-- You have more of these!

-It's not your-- Oh, my God.



-No. No.

-ALL we're missing is the mud.



ALL right. Enough. Enough. Leave.



-She's hurting me!

-Leave, Ieave. Off, off.



In here.



You are dead!



-What was that?

-Your girIfriend wouIdn't give me my stapIer.



-Part of a new office suppIy strip search.

-Your stapIer?



Are you stllI knocking down

the community center?






-I know you're upset about Iast night.

-StllI knocking down the community center?



-I've been trying to caLL you--

-StllI knocking down the community center?



What is wrong with you? Are you

incapabIe of taIking about your own Llfe?



StllI knocking down

the community center?



ALL right. Let me remind you.

You came to the hoteI.



I was with June.

We were unusuaLLy dressed.



You must-- You must have some feeLlngs.



I don't have to Llsten to this.



You know what, where do you come off?



Where do you come off? BeLleve it or not,

I didn't take this job to sIeep with you.



-I took this job for a cause.

-You are a cause!



You make Gandhi

Iook Llke a used-car saIesman.



My God. You know what I can't beLleve?

How easy you are being on yourseIf.



Why don't we go over this again, okay?

You promised me a community center.



Yes! I promised, I promised, I promised.

I'm sorry.



I can't controI the economy.

I can't controI my brother.



-I think you'LL find a Iot of peopIe are!

-I'm human!



None of us can keep up with you.

That's probabIy why...



...aLL those other guys boIted.



'Cause you're intoIerabIe!



No one wants to Llve with a saint.

Saints are boring.



Mr. Wade, your brother wants to see you.






Hi, Mr. Wong?



Yes, Lucy KeIson.

Yeah, it's been a Iong time, huh?



I'm back at my parents' house.



It's kind of fun being in my oId bedroom

and in the neighb--



Sorry. Can I have two number sixes...



...and a number, a number    ?



Yes, that's for one.



AIways for one.



Yes. That's it. No.

You know what...



...just throw in a coupIe egg roLLs

and that wouId be great.



For years, Coney IsIand has been

trying to attract this kind of deveIopment.



HopefuLLy, IsIand Towers

is the start of big things to come.



And now, it is my honor

to introduce to you...


            of the men who made this

aLL possibIe, George Wade.



-You Iook great.

-Go and earn your money, George.



-Thanks so much.




Thank you very much, AssembIyman Perez.



Your mom is teaching today...


            we'd better grab a bite to eat

and be on our way.



We have some protesting to do

at the community center.



I'm not going.



-What are you taIking about?

-I cannot watch...



...another bullding get knocked down.



Hey. We didn't raise you

to sit on the sideLlnes.



Ever since you were a LlttIe girI,

you fought for what you beLleved in.



You were on the White House

Enemies Llst at  .



Dad, I'm not sitting on the sideLlnes.

I'm going to work.



What's the point?

The man's not gonna Llsten to me.



Besides, you know, he said

some things to me that were just so....






Then you change your tactics,

you change your argument.



You don't give up.



We didn't give up on civll rights

or equaLlty for women or fair housing.






As Iong as peopIe can change,

the worId can change.



Yeah, but what if peopIe can't change?






...Iet me put it this way.



I'm sitting here eating a piece

of cheesecake made entireIy of soy.



And I hate it.



But I'm eating it.



I'm going to work. Bye. Good Iuck.



The Iaw is pretty cIear on this.



If the IandIord has not kept up

proper maintenance, he cannot evict you.



We wllI heIp you, Mrs. MuÑez.



Let me run and get you some forms

that you can fllI out, and we'LL get started.



WeLL, heLLo.




-You don't remember me, do you?



PoLLy St. CIair? You interviewed me?

You thought I was having a baby?



Oh, yes. Yes, PoLLy. Wow.



So you work here now.



-Terrific. How are you?




-I'm not faLLing for that one again.

-No, I'm reaLLy pregnant.



-You can congratuIate me now.

-PoLLy, I was not born yesterday.



I'm pregnant!

You want to see the damn sonogram?



Mrs. MuÑez, we have two other cases--






Hi. I'm busy.






I need your advice on one Iast thing...



...and then I promise

you wllI never hear from me again.



I just deLlvered the first speech written

entireIy by myseIf since we met...



...and I think I may have bIown it,

so I wanted to ask your thoughts.



Okay. Then I wllI read it to you.



''I'd Llke to weIcome everyone

on this speciaI day.



IsIand Towers wllI bring prestige

to the neighborhood...



...and become part

of BrookIyn's renaissance.



And we're very pIeased

and proud to be here.




there is one fIy in the ointment.



You see, I gave my word to someone...



...that we wouIdn't knock down

this bullding behind me.



NormaLLy, and those who know me

or were married to me can attest to this...


            word wouIdn't mean very much.

So why does it this time?



WeLL, partIy because this bullding

is an architecturaI gem...



...and deserves to be Iandmarked.



PartIy because peopIe do need a pIace

to do senior's water baLLet and CPR.



PreferabIy not together.



But mainIy because this person,

despite being unusuaLLy stubborn...



...and unwllLlng to compromise

and a very poor dresser, is....






...rather Llke the bullding

she Ioves so much.



A LlttIe rough around the edges,

but when you Iook cIoseIy...



...absoIuteIy beautifuI.



And the onIy one of her kind.



And even though I've said crueI things

and driven her away...



...she's become the voice in my head.



And I can't seem to drown her out.



And I don't want to drown her out.



So we are going to keep

the community center.



Because I gave my word to her...



...and because we gave our word

to the community.''



And I didn't sIeep with June.



That's not in the speech, that's just me

Ietting you know that important fact.



What do you think?



I have to get back to work.






Right, yes, yes, yes. Sorry to disturb.



CongratuIations again, PoLLy.



Aside from the spLlt infinitive

that was somewhere in the middIe...



...that speech was actuaLLy quite perfect,

wasn't it?



Yeah. I don't know what the heLL

you're stllI doing sitting here.



And I don't even Llke him.






George, I just want to say thank you.



Thank you and I know

I can be harsh and demanding...



...but I want to try and change

because I beLleve peopIe can change.



I can change and not be so demanding

and, you know, Llke, meet you haIfway.



I just-- I know-- Things just--



Once I--






...I am in Iove with you.



And I'm in Iove with you.



Oh, I shouId just mention

that I have resigned...



-...and am now poor.




When I say poor, I mean we may have to

share a heLlcopter with another famlly.



Does that work for you?



As Iong as I don't have to work for you,

we wllI be fine.






And now I wouId very much Llke

to discuss that whoIe bobcat-pretzeI thing.



Oh, I was just kidding.

I'm aLLergic to bobcats, actuaLLy.



I'm very sorry to hear that.



-But I can do the pretzeI.

-That's exceLLent news.



Hi, Mr. Wong, it's Lucy KeIson.



I need one number    

two number sevens--



I can't beLleve how smaLL this apartment is.

It's shocking.



I need three number eights, no garLlc.



It's good your parents went to the movies.

We'd never have squeezed in.



I need one number seven and--



I can waIk from one side of this apartment

to the other in six seconds.



-Watch this. One....

-And a number     , pIease.



No, actuaLLy this is for two.


Special help by SergeiK