Unbearable Lightness Of Being Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Unbearable Lightness Of Being script is here for all you fans of the Philip Kaufman movie starring Daniel Day-Lewis, Juliette Binoche, and Lena Olin..  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Unbearable Lightness Of Being. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Unbearable Lightness Of Being Script

Take off your clothes.


I said, take off

your clothes.

But you saw everything

last night.

Mm, but I need

to check something.


Only for three seconds.

The bastard.

How does he

do it?

I've got to go.

Don't you ever spend the night

at the woman's place?


What about when a woman's

at your place?

I tell her

I get insomnia...


Besides, I have

a very narrow bed.

Are you afraid

of women, Doctor?

Of course.

I really like you,


You are the complete

opposite of kitsch.

In the kingdom

of kitsch,

you would be...

a monster.

No, wait.

Sabina, I've got to go.


Ha ha ha!


Oh... oh...

No, wait. Wait.

Ha ha!

Now. What am I?

Ha ha ha ha!

Grrr... a monster.

Ha ha ha!

Room .

Here we go.

Oh! Oh...




Oh, cognac.

Can you charge it

to my room?

Yes, of course.

Oh, that's funny.

You're in Room .


And my shift

finishes at :.

And at :

I have to be

back in Prague.


around :.

Oh, I'll be back.


Lo lo lo

Lo lo lo lo lo...

You know,

this is my bench.

Your bench?

Yes, I come here

every day to read,

to this same bench.

Isn't that funny?


What are you


Anna Karenina,

by Tolstoy.

Oh, yes,

that Anna Karenina.


I would have come


but... my mother...

You live

with your mother?

Well, I've checked out

of my room.

Are you leaving?

Yes, it's getting late.

I just came

for an operation.

A colleague of mine

was supposed to come,

but he injured

himself, so...


maybe I'll

come back sometime.

Why would you

come back here?

It's so boring.

Nobody here reads.

Nobody here

discusses anything.

You know what I mean?


Yes, I do.


Nice to meet you.




Are you only

searching for pleasure?

Or is every woman

a new land

whose secrets

you want to discover?

You want to know what

she's going to say

when she makes love?

Or how she will smile?

How she will whisper?

Groan... scream?

Maybe the very smallest...

unimaginable details...

Tiny things

that make one woman

totally unlike

any other.

What's my detail,


Your hat, Sabina.

The hat...

comes from

my grandfather's...


He lived

a long, long time ago.

A long time ago.


What are you

looking at?

Your eyes.



you are in Prague.

I just arrived.

I have friends to see.

I'm here

on some business.


I'm looking

for another job.


Why don't you come in?

Are you alone?


Take off your clothes.



Excuse me.

I must have caught a cold

on the train.

Perhaps I better

take a look at you.

Come here.

My hands cold?

I'm very ticklish.

Does it hurt there?

Look up.




Ha ha...

Don't worry.

I'm a doctor.

A bit higher.

That's it.




That's fine.

Up we go.

Everything looks fine.


Open your mouth.


Ah! Mmm...


Mmm! Mm!








They called

from Geneva.

They are still

offering you that job.

Why should I go

to Geneva?


fine here.

Well... I hope so.

You think the Russians

won't interfere?

Think about what

happened in Hungary.

They couldn't.

The world wouldn't allow it.

Besides, we have socialism

with a human face.

Who could be

against it?

Ah, my patient is here.

Which one?

Pigs are not allowed.

I told him to wait

in the truck.

But we will make

an exception.

Hello, Doctor.

You are not angry with me

because I brought


Look, Doctor,

a gift for you.


Oh, thank you!


So... Pavel.

Ha ha!

We operated

a month ago.


Any pains?


Dizziness? Headaches?


Good. You can get

back to your farm.

We just need

a small procedure

to replace

the bone flap.

What time shall I expect

your visit tonight?


I'm sorry,

I can't make it tonight.

Too bad.

Um... how about

tomorrow afternoon?

Tomorrow night.

So what I heard

was right.

Somebody has moved

into your place.


I have my spies.

Good-bye, Doctor.





It's not here.

You must have come

without your sock.

How could I have

come without it?

I wouldn't wear

only one sock.

You've been absent-minded lately,

always in a hurry.

Always looking

at your watch.

I'll lend you one

of my stockings.

You want me

to put this on?

It's cold out,



You think I'm doing

something silly.


How can I know?

What are we

talking about?


If I had two lives...

with one, I'd have her

stay at my place.

With the other,

I'd kick her out.

Then I'd compare

and see which was best.

But we only live once.

Life's so light...

like an outline

we can't ever...

fill in...

or correct...

make any better.

It's frightening.

She's looking for something

to do here in Prague, and I...


you want me

to help her?

She is not

qualified for anything,

but she takes

beautiful pictures.

I was wondering

if you might...

You mean...

you want me

to help you.

Come on in, Tereza.

Let's have some tea.

Yes. Why don't

you fix it?

Yeah, sure.

Hee hee!

It's very messy

around here.

I always try not to get

too attached to a place,

to objects.

Or to people.


Tereza, come over here.

I want to show you

some pictures.

You know Man Ray?


I like...

I like this one very much.


This is Lee Miller.

She's so...

She's so beautiful.

Tomas says

you're a photographer.

Well, I like to

take pictures, but...

Take pictures of what's

going on in the streets.

I'll help get

them published.

Thanks, Sabina.

I love

those pictures.

They were trying

something different.

Searching for

a new beauty.


Something higher.

Here's the tea I made.

Aaah. Aaah.

What is it?


Oh, I had a dream.

I was at her place.


In her studio...

and you were

making love to her.

In that

big bed of hers.

You made me

stand by a wall

and not move at all.

You made me watch.

And I had such pain

from seeing you

that I started to pierce needles

under my fingernails

to stop the pain

in my heart.

It hurt so much.

Why did you

do it to me?

It was just a dream.

Try to sleep.

Try to sleep.

I can't sleep.

Yes, you can. Come here.

I can't fall asleep.

You can sleep.

Sleep in my arms.

Like a baby bird.

Like a broom...

among brooms...

in a broom closet.

Like a tiny parrot.

Like a whistle.

Like a little song.

A song sung by a forest...

within a forest...

a thousand years ago.


Look! They are here!

Tereza's pictures!

Two full pages!

Thanks, Sabina!


They're really great!

Tereza, this is

my colleague Jiri,

and this is the chief.

- I'm pleased.

- Hello.

Wonderful! You've really

captured a new spirit here.

You can see how

everything is changing.

Not everything.

Look over there.

Our comrades

with the Russians.

Some people

never change.

Some people are

always scoundrels.

How can you tell?

Does it show

in a man's face?

Can we judge

by a man's face

if he is

a scoundrel or not?

Let's look

at them and see.



- Scoundrel.

- Scoundrel.

- Definitely.

- No doubt.

We know you.


What would you say

about Tomas?


He's definitely




Is it the mouth?

The sly eyes?

No, it's carefully hidden...

in the brain.

Such things are hidden

in all of our brains.

So what makes

the difference?

Maybe only

one millionth part.

Maybe there is

no difference.

These men don't even know

if they're scoundrels or not.

Are you serious?

More than  people

were imprisoned, tortured,

executed in their regime.

And now,

these men cry out

that they didn't

know anything...

that they were

misled or manipulated.

That they were... innocent.

Not innocent,

but, um...

unaware, perhaps.

They had to know

what they were doing.


it's unthinkable.

It doesn't matter

whether they knew or not.

- Boo! -

Boo! - Boo!

I've been thinking

about Oedipus.

Good King Oedipus.

Is sleeping with your mother

the same sort of crime?

When Oedipus realized that

he had killed his father-


unknowingly killed his father...

and was sleeping

with his mother...

and that because of his crimes

plagues were

ravaging his city,

he couldn't bear

the sight of what he'd done.

He plucked out

his own eyes and left.

He did not feel innocent.

He felt he had to

punish himself.


our leaders, unlike Oedipus,

they felt

they were innocent.

And when the atrocities

of the Stalinist period became known,

they cried,

"We didn't know!

We weren't aware

of what was going on.

Our conscience is clear. "

But the important

difference is...

they stayed in power.

And they should have

plucked their eyes out.

All I'm saying is that

morality has changed

since Oedipus.

Come on.


Why don't you

write it down?

I'm not a writer.

It will be published.

Our politics are in it.

I don't really care

about politics.

What do you

care about?

Is something

bothering you?

No, why?

What's wrong?



When I watched you

dancing with another man...

I thought to myself,

"He could be her lover. "

You are jealous.

No, I'm not jealous.

You are.

I'm not.

I'm not jealous, Tereza.

He's jealous.

No, he isn't.

Who's he?

He's jealous

I'm not jealous.

He's jealous,

he's jealous

Whatever you say, Tereza.

You're jealous.

I'm not.

Yes, you are.

You're jealous.

I'm not jealous.

You're jealous.

Doo be doo

be doo be doo


You are!

I'm not.

You are!

Let go!

I won't let go!

You're jealous!

You are!

I'm not!

No! No! No!

No! No! No!

Ha ha ha ha!

Will you marry me?

What? No!




- Yes.

- No.

- No.

- Yes.

Yes? Ha!

Be my witness?

Of course!

I'll have to buy

Mephisto a black tie.

Did you hear, Mephisto?

A black tie.

My dear fiances,

I am welcoming you

from the deep bottom

of my heart

on this very special day

when you freely decided

to be legally man and wife.

I suppose that

both of you know your duties

in supporting each other,

and I am sure

both of you know

your own medical records?

I have to

tell you this.

Don't think a life is

a walk on a sunny meadow.

Life isn't a walk

on a sunny meadow,

and life isn't a walk

on a rose garden.

Our socialist country

has done much for you.

Now it's up to you.



I make you laugh?

No... no.


You are laughing at me?

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I refuse to go on.

In this country,

is nothing sacred anymore?

If you can't be serious,

you don't deserve

to be married!


Let's take one, Tomas.

It will make us happy.

Choose one.

This one.


My nephew from

the country's here!



Let's call him Tolstoy.

When I first met you,

you were

reading Tolstoy.

It can't be Tolstoy.

It's a girl.

It's a girl!

How about Anna Karenina?

It doesn't look at all

like Anna Karenina.


It's a man's face.

It looks more

like Anna's husband.

Let's call her Karenin.


Come on, Karenin.

Let's go home.

Heh heh heh...

I like it very much.

King Oedipus.

It's a very good idea.

And with those changes,

we can publish next week.

Eva, will you

type this, please?

Now we can publish

a piece like this.

It's fantastic.

Think about it.

Complete rehabilitation of

the people who were prosecuted.

Complete freedom of speech,

of the press,


from the Russians.

That's all we wanted.

And you think the Russians

will let us emancipate?

What can they do?

Nothing, Doctor.

Nothing, nothing, nothing!

Keep on writing.

Thanks, but surgery's easier.

Take me to them.

Oh, you're awake.

Take me to them.

To whom?

To the other women.

Take me to them

when you make love to them.

I'll undress them for you.

I'd like to.


I'll give them a bath

and bring them to you.

I'll do anything you like.

Other women's bodies

will be our playthings.

Tereza, what are

you talking about?

I know you see

other women.

I know it!

You can't hide it from me.

Every day,

I try to tell myself,

"Well, it's nothing.

It's not important.

He's just playing around.

He can't resist it.

But he loves me.

I'm sure about that.

He loves me. "

"He loves me!"

But I can't stand it.

I tried hard.

I just can't.

Take me to them.

Don't leave me alone!

Tereza, calm down.

Stop talking.

Try to sleep.

You need

some sleep now.

I don't

want to sleep.

You're tired of me.

I know that.

I can see it

in your eyes.

Arf! Arf! Arf!

Arf! Arf! Arf!





Here they come!

Arf arf!

Tereza, stay there.




I'm going to Switzerland.


To Geneva.

Good luck.

Good luck.

Be careful.

- Aah!

- Aah!

- Aah!

- Aah!

What country

are you from?

The Netherlands.

Good. Take these.

Have them

published, please.








Have you gone mad?

Don't you realize

that we love you?

That we always

loved you?

That we came

to protect you?

To protect?

To protect us

from what?

Did you give your pictures

to foreigners?

Yes, I did.

You could be shot

for that!

They are identifying people

from our photographs.

Is it your camera?


I'm sure it's yours.

Who is this man?

Who is this man?

Never seen him before.

It's you!


It's you!


It's you.






No! No!



Good luck.

You, too.

The invasion

of our country

constitutes a clear act

of aggression


an independent country.

Our Czech people

had the right and the duty

to fight against

the aggressor.

People who don't have

the courage to fight

with arms

in their hands

do not deserve freedom.

So why did you


Go back and fight.

It's easy to tell

other people to fight.

One day, everybody

will be asked,

"What did you do against

the communist regime?"

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

I wanted to ask

you something.

Well, what do you

want to ask?

Why did you do

that back there?

Why do you want to know?

Who are you?

My name is Franz.

I came to that meeting

to listen.

No, no, I'm not

from the police.

I'm a professor

at the university.

I have nothing in common

with these people.

The only things holding

them together are defeats

and the reproaches

they address to one another.

It's hard to be

in exile.

People feel


They feel a lack

of understanding.

They feel

at a loss, lonely.

Your country's occupied.

Are you indifferent to that?

I can't stand pointing fingers

and raised fists.

So what do you

want to do?

I want to go to lunch.

I'm hungry.

Ha ha ha!

When I was

a student in Paris,

I liked

the demonstrations,

the marches,

the crowds, the shouting.

I liked to be

part of it.

The whole world looked

like a grand march-

ever onward

to a better world.

Me, too. I marched

every year.


Yes, but I was

forced to march.

Everybody was.

The May Day parade-

the girls dressed the same.

Everybody smiling,

everybody throwing flowers.


I could never keep

in step.

The girls behind me

would step on my heels.

Ha ha ha!

What happened to your country

is a tragedy.

You think so?

Of course.

There was hope.

They killed it.

You're not going to

become boring, are you?


Can you stop

that noise?



you call music.

I'll have to ask

the manager.

Everywhere music's

turning into noise.


These plastic flowers...

they even put them

in water.

Ha ha ha!

And look out there.

Those buildings-

the uglification

of the world.

The only place

we can find beauty

is if its persecutors

have overlooked it.

It's a planetary process...

and I can't stand it.

Is anything wrong?

Wrong? No.

Everything is fine.

Well, it's

just that noise.

Could you stop it?

It sounds like

dirty water.

I'm sorry, sir.

The other customers

do like this noise.

How can they eat food

and listen to shit?

Well, in that case,

we'll look for a place

with better taste.

Thank you.


I hope you didn't

mind leaving that place.

Just the opposite.

I like to

leave places.

I like to leave.

Ha ha ha!


I hope you're

not having a bad time.

Oh, not at all, no.

I have a train

to catch in an hour.

You travel by train?


I love trains.

They are so erotic.

By the way, my wife

owns an art gallery.

Maybe she could

help you.

Oh, you are married?


Watch out!

Be careful.


Ha ha ha!


Oh. Oh.


Well, welcome to Geneva.

Well, that's good work,

but it's too late.

Russians in Prague-

We've seen these


The events are

too remote now.

It's over.

But there,

nothing is over.

Everybody-Everybody still demands

that the Russians leave.

There are strikes all over

the country, and protests,

but here, nobody

seems to care anymore.

Here's the story

about the nudists

in France.

Oh, thank you.

Wait. Just have

a look-

superb photographs

of Prague.

It's a pity

we're just getting them now.

Have a look

at mine.

They have nothing

to do with yours.

Not at all.

They are the same.

Nothing's wrong

with the body.

It's normal...

and everything normal

is beautiful.

You have a terrific sense

of the female body.

These provocative poses.

You'd be a topnotch

fashion photographer.

You ought to

get a model,

make a portfolio

for agencies.

I'll introduce you to the editor

of our garden section.

Yeah, sure.

They always need shots

of cactuses and roses.



You're too kind,


but I'd rather be

a waitress or stay home.

But will you be fulfilled

sitting at home?

Arf arf!

What am I

going to do,

take pictures

of naked women?

Why does everybody want

to see pictures of naked women?

Are they

that interesting?



See you later.

Are you working

this afternoon?

Yes, I'll be back late.

Will you be all right?

Yes, I suppose so.


Come with me

to Amsterdam in two days.

I've seen


You have?

A friend of mine

sent me

a post card

from there.

It's taped up

over my toilet.

Haven't you noticed?

Tell me, Franz...

why do you always

take me to another city?

Why won't you make love

to me in Geneva?

I told you.

Tell me again.

Because I couldn't go to bed

with my wife.

You couldn't go

from one bed to another?

That's right.


I feel it would be

humiliating to my wife,

to me,

and to you.

It might seem


but that's

the way it is.

I have to go.


Say you'll

come with me.

I'll come with you.

It's good to see you.

How are you?


I'm fine.

Did Tereza come

with you?

Of course.

Good. How is she?

She's... so-so.

She's ok.

She's looking

for a job.

Good. I'd like to

see her sometime.

Of course.

What about you?


I'm fine.


I met another man.


He's the best man

I've ever met.

Ha ha ha!


He's bright,

handsome, good...

And he's crazy about me.


And he's married.


There's only one thing.

He doesn't like

my hat.

Your hat.

Your hat makes me

want to cry, Sabina.


I'll call you.

I'll see you soon.

Naked women.


Oh, it's you!



Some woman said

that I should do some...

some nude shots.

Nude shots?

Yeah, nude shots.

For that,

we'd better have

a drink first.

Take a glass.

How is Tomas?


Haven't you

seen him?


Look at me.

Look up.

Look up.

Take off your clothes.


Now it's my turn.

I don't like

to be naked.


Take off your clothes.


No! No!

Look at me, Tereza.

Tereza, meet Franz.

She's a friend

from Prague,

another crazy chick.

She's modeling for me.

Or I am for her,

or something.

I've left her.


I've left my wife.

I've left my wife.

What did she say?

"Don't forget your tuxedo. "

She even helped me pack.

We're still friends,

I think.

I have to go home

to get some more things-

my books, my tuxedo...

and I want to make sure

she's all right.

We didn't argue.

I know you agree.

We have to live

in a glass house with no secrets.

We couldn't live

in lies anymore.

We have to live in truth.

Sabina, would you mind

if I stayed here

for a while?

If it's no imposition.

Until I get my bearings.

If it's all right, I'll...

I'll come back tomorrow...

and, uh...


Oh, God.

Ha ha...

Good-bye, Tereza.

See you again,

I'm sure.

Listen, Tereza...

I want you

to leave now.

I have things

I must do.


Maybe I should have stayed.

Stop running.

Stop leaving.

Franz was such a good man.


what are you

going to do now?


Haha ha...

Ah, Sabina.

I don't know.

I'll go to...

Paris, maybe.

Or to America.

Come to me.

You want to see




Maybe I'm seeing you

for the last time.



"Tomas, I know

I'm supposed to help you,

but I can't.

Instead of being

your support,

I'm your weight.

Life is very heavy to me,

and it is so light

to you. "

"I can't bear

this lightness, this freedom.

I'm not strong enough.

In Prague,

I only needed you

for love.

In Switzerland,

I was dependent on you

for everything.

What would happen

if you abandoned me?

I'm weak.

I'm going back

to the country of the weak.

Good-bye. "

"I'm sorry,

but I've taken Karenin. "

And your camera.


Ah, cognac?


Are you all right?

Yes, fine.

And Karenin?

Fine, too.

What are you

going to do here?

I'll find something.

Oh, Tomas.








I really

don't like to do this.

I shouldn't

have to do this.

You remember the article you wrote

about King Oedipus?

How communist leaders

should have put out their eyes?

Yes, I'd almost forgotten.

Well, they haven't.

They've prepared

this little letter...

sort of retraction.

Say you got it wrong,

you really

didn't understand...

You sign. That's all.

Don't misunderstand.

They're not asking for

a public declaration.

They're just

prudent bureaucrats.

They've given me

their word.

They won't

publish anything.

I need you, Tomas.

I hope I can keep you.

You're not a writer,

savior of the country.

You're a doctor.

A scientist.

This article's so terribly

important to you?

It couldn't be

less important.

Hi, Tomas.



Hello, Jiri!

It's nice to

see you back.

How are you?

Thanks, fine.

So... are you going to sign

the... thing?

What thing?

Mmm... your, um...


What do you know

about my retraction?

Have you read it?


But you know

how things work.

Who told you I had agreed

to go along with it?

See you.

Haha ha...

I suppose

a lot of them

have signed

these letters.

They're kept

on file.

They know they can be published

at any moment,

so they

keep quiet, see?

They can't say

anything anymore.

They accept


Cowardice slowly becomes

a rule of life.

Yes, I have

the feeling

that everyone would be

very happy to see me sign.


everyone but me.

So... what can

I do for you?

There is nothing you can do

for me, Doctor.

I represent

the Ministry of the Interior.

Everybody at the Ministry

regrets seeing you here.

You are one of our best

brain specialists.

Just between us-

maybe I shouldn't

say it-

we don't all agree

with the drastic tactics

that are removing our top specialists

from their posts.

One can only be sorry

about all this.

May I?


You had a very good

position in Geneva,

and you came back

to our country.

We very much appreciate

your having returned,

but your place is at

the operating table.

I couldn't agree more.

Everybody agrees.


tell me, Doctor...

do you really think

that communists should pluck out

their own eyes?

You, who have healed

so many people?

That wasn't what I meant.

But that's how everyone

understood it.

And we can

only regret it.

How can you

let people think

that you,

a doctor,

want to deprive human beings

of their right to see?

Maybe someone

inspired this article?

No, no one.

Did you know

the publishers?


You never spoke?

Once, they asked me over

to discuss the article.

Who was it

you talked to?

One of the editors.

What was his name?

I don't remember.

I've no idea.

What did he look like?

I can't remember.

Tell me

the truth, Doctor.

He was tall...

with... short, blond hair.

A little stooped, hmm?


And how did he react?

What did

he say exactly?

He asked me

to make some changes.


you might have been

manipulated, Doctor.


Whether you

meant to or not,

your article

contributed to

the anti-communist


Nobody requires a doctor

to understand politics.

Of course, we can't allow

a politically suspicious man

to operate on brains.

We have here

another declaration.

I would

advise you to sign.

"This temporary error...

due to bad influences from

so-called intellectuals...

doesn't in any way

put in doubt

my faithfulness to

the Communist party

or my admiration

for the Soviet Union. "

Of course, Doctor,

it's only a proposition,

a first draft.

If there is something

you want to change...

after all,

it's your statement.

Just a paper

to keep in their files.

It's nothing.

Just in case

someone reproaches them

for letting you

work here.

Good evening,


Why do they call him


He was an ambassador

in Vienna... before.

Give me a cognac.

Are you ?


May I see

your identification card?

Give me a drink.

Give me a drink.

All right.

You have

beautiful legs!

I watched you

in the street.

Stay here.

I want to look at you.

I love you!

Tsk, tsk, tsk.


You have no right

to serve alcohol to minors.

That was lemonade.

Do you think

I did not see

what else you put

into his lemonade?

What are you

talking about?

I've been watching you

for some time now.

Then be grateful

you're watching a beauty,

and keep your mouth shut.

You stay

out of this.

What business

is it of yours?

And what business

is it of yours, my friend?



Don't mention it.

That man comes here

all the time.


He's terribly unpleasant.

Promise me you won't

think about him anymore.

I promise.

I like hearing you

make me promises.

What is a beautiful

girl like you

doing in this

terrible part of Prague?

What are you doing here?

I'm living here.

I'm an engineer.

I just stopped here

by chance.

I live very near here.

You're a doctor,

aren't you?


May I see you

for a moment?

I have

windows to do.

Oh, don't worry about it.


Come in.

Don't worry

about the window.

I'll tell them

all the work has been done.

A glass of wine?

Thank you.

That would be very nice.

Sit down.

I've heard

so much about you.

When I saw you,

I said to myself,

"What a coincidence.

He's the one

who can help me. "

Of course, I'll pay

for the consultation.

I've had a pain

in my back

for a few months,

and I would

like to get

your opinion

about it.

Take off your clothes.



It's, uh...


What's the matter?

Tell me what's wrong.

What's wrong?

You forgot

to wash your hair.

What are you

talking about, Tereza?

Your hair

smells of a-


Of another

woman's sex!

I thought you had

come back here for me.

I did come back here

for you, Tereza.

Then why do you keep

seeing other women?

I don't know

what to say to you.

I know, I know.

You've explained it

a thousand times.

A thousand times.

There is love

and there is sex,

and sex is entertainment,

like football.

I know it's light.

I wish I could

believe you, but...

How can someone make love

without being in love?

I just don't know.

Let me try.

Oh, no.

You'd reject me

if I tried.

I wish I could

be like you...




Oh, hello.

I just tried-

Come in.

It's a very

simple place.

I hope you

don't mind.

No, not at all.

All these books

are yours?


What do you

want to drink?



No. Coffee?


I'll go fix some.

Shall I take your coat?


Sit down.

Thank you.

I'm very glad

you came here.

I didn't want

to come here.

Of course not.

There is somebody here,

behind that curtain.

You're being silly.

Draw aside

the curtain.

I told you-

you're being silly.

So why don't you draw aside

the curtain, please?

Look. Nothing.

And over here.

I can feel

that you want it.

What are you

looking at?

But be careful.

It was very well

set up-

a young,

provocative drunkard,

then the other one,

the one who

attacked you.

Then the third one,

who gained your confidence

just because

he took your side.

The engineer?

The so-called engineer.

Why do you look afraid?

You have nothing

to be afraid of.

But I went

to see him,

at his place,

with my dog

and a friend.

He offered us

some... some coffee.

How do you know

it was his place?

They have a lot

of places they can use.

Pretty cheap place

for an engineer.

You know what they do

with foreign diplomats?

A beautiful girl,

an apartment,

a hidden camera.

Then they blackmail

the poor man.

And he does what

he is told to do.

That's Vienna in '.

That's me there,

just behind Kennedy

and Khruschev.

I'm in the back.

You can hardly see me.

Are you sure

he was from the police?

I'm not sure of anything.

Anybody can be

from the police.

Maybe your engineer

is a real engineer.

Who knows?

They know.

And now they have

what they wanted.

Now you are afraid.


I don't want

to stay here.

I want to go away,

to leave.

To leave?


We left here once.

We were in Switzerland.

Then we left Switzerland.

Now you want

to leave again. Why?

I don't understand.

Prague has grown

so ugly.


I know there's

another reason.

Please tell me.

I want to leave.

I want to leave.

They've taken our passports.

There's nowhere

we can go.

We can't go anywhere.

Maybe we can.

Mephisto is big now.

Look, look.

Look, Karenin.

Mephisto's here.


Karenin prefers

Mephisto to dogs.

She thinks other dogs

are silly.

Do you know why

I love Mephisto?

Because he's

very bright,

but at the same time,

he doesn't know anything.

After all,

he doesn't know

that life is

impossible here now.

Nothing left here.

The church is gone.

No place to drink

beer now.

It's good...

very good.

If you two

ever change your mind...

it won't be easy to leave.

We'll never leave.

Can I help you?

Look at Karenin.

I don't like

the way she's running.

Yes, you're right.

Karenin, come on.

Come on.

Come on, girl.

Come on.

Come on.

Let's have

a look at her.

What is that?

It's from the vet.

It's the result

of the tests.

What did they say?


Oh, look at that.

Look at it.

Oh, it smells

so good. Look.

Come on, Karenin.

Look, Tereza

loves it, too.

Oh, look at that.

Oh, she's smiling.

Oh, Karenin,

it's so good

to see you eat again.

I was forced

to love my mother.

But not to love

this dog.

You know, Tomas...

maybe... maybe I

love her more

than I love you.

Not more.

I mean

in a better way.

I'm not jealous

of her.

I don't want her

to be different.

I don't ask her

for anything back.

I don't think

we should wait.

If we do, she'll have to

go through terrible pain.


You should do it




She's smiling.

Just hold her

and talk to her.

Don't be scared.

Don't be scared,


You won't feel

any pain there.

It'll be

beautiful there.

You'll have

cows to chase.

And Mephisto

will be there.

Mephisto will

be there.


What happened?


Now, lie down.

Lie down.

Not this way. Come on!

Turn around.

All right, let go.

Let go!

Hold that arm.

You've dislocated

your shoulder,

and I'm going to

put it back for you.

It's going to hurt.

You ready?

And again.

One more time.

Come on.


Do you feel better?

Your wife is

damn beautiful today.

You dumb idiot.

Tereza is always pretty.

Yes, I know,

but especially today.

Seeing you

in this dress

makes me want

to dance with you.

Yes! Let's all

go and dance!

Sure, but where?

I know where.

We can go

to Milos' Tavern.

It's  kilometers


I'll drive.

I'll drink.

And we'll take you

and Mephisto,

the dancing pig.

And all the women

will faint

when they get an eyeful

of those two pigs

walking in together.


Let's go!

No pigs allowed.

Ah, come on!

He's wearing a tie!

No. Everyone who comes here

must order a drink.

Only one?

Did you hear that,


Wine for everybody

and beer for him...

A large one.

Make it a pilsner.

When Mephisto

drink wine,

he goes crazy.

There's no girls

for me...

except you,



No, no,

I can't drink.

I must not.

I'm driving.

Ho ho ho! Driving.


Why not spend the night here,

you and Tereza.

You take the truck tomorrow.


Excuse me.

Hey, Sam.

I got a special delivery

here for you,

from Europe.

I'll see you, Sabina.

See you.

What is it?

Bad news?

Some friends died.

They were coming back

from spending the night

in some small hotel


gone there to dance,

and they...

It was raining, and...

the brakes on their truck

didn't work.

They were killed instantly.

I was...

I was their closest friend.

Sorry. Damn shame.

Come to our place

for dinner tonight,

if you feel

up to it.


what are you thinking?

I'm thinking

how happy I am.

Special help by SergeiK