Uninvited Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Uninvited script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie originally titled 4 Inyong shiktak by Su-yeon Lee.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Uninvited. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Uninvited Script



Presented by CJ Entertainment



a B.O.M. Film production and

Sidus HQ co-production



executive producer Lee Kang-Bok



produced by Oh Jung-Wang & Jung Hoon-Tak



starring Park Shin-Yang



and Jun Ji-Hyun



also featuring Yu Sun



director of photography Jo Yong-Gyu



lighting director Park Gun-Woo



production designer Jeong Eun-Yeong



music by Jang Yeong-Gyu



edited by Kyung Min-Ho



co-producers Ahn Soo-Hyun & Lee Eu-Gene



written & directed by Lee Soo-Youn



Now arriving at the last station, Jang-am



Please exit the train at this station



This is the last station, Jang-am



The doors are now closing



What are you doing?



You scared me!



Why didn't you make a sound?



I thought you were a ghost



Is it raining?



Is this the only umbrella you have?



There should be another one



Oh right, I lost it



You dummy



Oh well



Any problems with Chang-Hyun lately?



You've been drinking a lot



It's nothing like that



I drank with Jung-Woo today






I told you not to hang out with him!



Who told you to laugh?






Ouch, that hurts



He always tells his friends that

marriage and kids are hell



Who is he to say that with that big gut of his



Car's out in front, right?



Yeah, I parked it in front



Oh yeah, Su-Jin's in charge of

designing our wedding invitation



The first draft will come out in a week



The table, the invitations



Your friends are doing it all



It's always like that



I'm leaving



Don't come out, you look tired



Okay, bye



Chul-Woong resisted

but I managed to take it from him



Good job, huh?



He wanted to just give me money



But I offered to do

his lights for free when he gets married



That's how I got it



He said it doesn't sell well

since it's too modern looking



There were still many in stock



This table suits someone like me



Honestly, for a family table

it's a bit too unfriendly



They won't make him rich



Anyway, why is the lighting on the people only?



That's what we call sense



These days the table isn't for eating,



it's for the family to sit and talk



As if each person is an actor on stage



Sounds great, huh?






Sounds great



the Uninvited



This is the   pm news



At  :  am today, the corpses of two girls,

aged   and  



were found in a subway on line  

by a custodian



The children were sitting on the fourth cart,

facing each other



Jung-Won, come here



Did you pull out the line?



It's not near the back?



Let's try tearing here



Try tearing to the side more






About seven stitches



Did you find the power line?



Okay, have fun



Hey, you're here early



Are you okay now? Yes



What did the doctor say?



Lt'll mend in about a week



That's a relief



Hello everyone



You're already here?



Why didn't you rest some more?



Does it hurt a lot?



You look restless



Let's have a look Don't



Come on, let's see



Looks like it's going to leave a scar



Forget it



Find the power line?



No, not yet



This building is a mess inside



We opened up the ceiling,

and a pile of trash fell down



The wires seem different from the drawings



We'll just have to look



Be careful



Something might fall out






Not there



The ventilation shaft on the right






Here it is



You found it? Yes






Now let's hurry



Please drag the line this way



Mister, please help me open the chandelier box



Hey, how'd you know?



Why aren't you picking up?



What happened? Did you fight?






Did you do this to him?



No way!



I hurt myself yesterday



You might get a scar



Are you okay?



It looks okay on the outside



But I think it's screwed up inside






Let's have dinner at your place tonight



There's something to celebrate



But I'm staying with my dad in llsan



Why? When?



Because of this?



Is it that bad?



Don't you think you're overreacting?



No, I'm just tired



So what are you celebrating?



Oh, what a disappointment



Samho Hotel!



Really? You're doing it?






That's great, congratulations



I called you all this morning to tell you first



But you made me come in person



I'm on my way there now



I'm late



Rest while reading the paper,

and don't work, okay?



Better not make him work today



Bye Okay



Call me later!



Hey, be careful!






Have a nice rest while reading the paper



Damn it



Two girls found dead in the subway



It works perfectly



Thank you






What's wrong?



Come eat dinner



Congratulations on the New llsan Church



Best wishes to Pastor Kang Jae-Sung



Let's eat



Hee-Eun must've been surprised



We were even more surprised



I thought you were a robber late in the night



You should've come straight from the hospital



It should heal before the wedding, right?



Of course



Anyway, construction was done long ago,



so you should ask them to clean up the scraps



I still owe them money for their work



I hate seeing all that mess, too



It should be okay



Have you had more followers?



Previous followers come here,

and from far away, too






Dad, we should provide a bus for them, huh?



I don't know why they follow us so much



This is the last station, Jang-am



This is the last station, Jang-am



The doors are now closing



Wake up! Wake up!



It's time to get off!



Hey, wake up!



Have some tea while you're waiting



His last patient was late for her appointment



Thank you



Then whenever's convenient for you



Make the appointment

for next Wednesday at  :  pm



I apologize Mr. Kang



Did you wait long? Not at all



Shall we talk in my office?



Please take the medicine before you go



Wait a moment please



Since it is psychology, patients want to hide



the fact that they're being treated



They don't want to run into other patients



I've put a gap



between appointments,



but if one patient is late,



they might run into each other

since there's only one door



So you want the entrance and exit

to be separate, right?



Yes, that's right






Let me show you something in my room



It also has sleeping medicine,

so take it only at home



This is the door I told you about



Can I take a look? Of course



Out that door leads to the hall

near the fire exit



This is completely dead space



If we put the pharmacy here,



patients who are done can go through here

to the exit



Mr. Kang, what do you think?



Miss, are you alright?



You said seven stitches

so I didn't think much of it,



but it's worse than I thought



It looks repulsive, huh?



I just hope that it won't leave a scar, that's all



You haven't gotten your battery yet?



No, well



How's the hotel work going?



Oh that?



I had trouble thinking up of a concept



But yesterday, something popped into my head



Wait a sec






If we install halogen lights up like this



the lights will be a spring when you turn it on



Usually halogens are hung up straight



But it came to me that

people don't hang them up curved



You see that there, the white one?



Be careful with that part of the ceiling



Temporarily closed for renovation



Now for the main news



The person who fatally poisoned two children

on the subway



was none other than their   -year old mother






Can I help you?



Excuse me, isn't this a hospital?



The clinic is closed for renovation this week



Didn't you see the notice outside?



Did it fall down?



Witnesses said that

the children followed a   -year old woman



What are you staring at?



Oh, when did you get here?



Why are you so dazed?



Here's your darn battery, finally



Did you go to my place?



What was the rush when you left home?



The kitchen lights were still on



Know how many days it's been?



All the bulbs almost burned out



So did you go turn them off?



Then what do you think I did?


















Still having nightmares?



I thought it had stopped



How long have you been standing there?



For awhile, I think



Are you nervous?



Making your own family

is certainly a nervous affair



Oh right,

are you coming to the morning prayer?






In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen



You live in Mokdong, right? Yes






Please give them a lift on your way









One more person Alright



Please get in



Thank you



Thanks for the help Sure



You live far from the church



I used to live in llsan not long ago






Sorry about the bumpy ride



I guess men like these kind of trucks



Not really, I just need it for my job



Here you go



I see



Call me if you ever need to fix up your house






Is it here?



We live in the same apartment complex






Wake up



Please wake up









Please wake up



My name is Jung Yun



When you find me faint, call    -    -    



Do you feel better?



Where am I?



You're in my home



I didn't know what to do, so I brought you here



Do you remember what happened outside?



I'm sorry



I must've frightened you



No, it's alright



Your husband said he'll be here soon






I called the number here



Oh, I see



You must be very ill



I'm sorry, but could I have a glass of water?






Oh, sure



Excuse me



I should get going now



Sorry to trouble you



I think my husband's here



Anyway, you should put your kids to bed



You don't have to see me out









What did you just say?



I said I'll go now because my husband's here



No, not that






Are you alright?



Hi, I'm Park Moon-Sub



I'm so sorry for all the trouble



No, it's fine



I'm Kang Jung-Won



Thanks again for you help






Have a good day



Seoul District Court



To: Jung Yun Hwakok district,

Hyundai Apartment #   



Where are we going?






Please stop, I want to stay here



I said stop



What are you doing?



What's wrong with you?



You know this is the second time

already this week



Sorry if I've troubled you



Whenever this happens



the only person to call



is still only you



You know that



Of course you have to call me



I'll find another way soon



Just please stop it, that's enough!






Stop what?



What did I do wrong?



How do you expect to stay there alone

in your condition?



Don't use my illness as an excuse



You know that's not the real problem



I'll see you later in court



Did you just get here?



What are you doing here?



Oh, Young-Suh



Do you by any chance know a church member

named Jung Yun?



One of our members?



The current ones aren't there



Jung Yun



Who is she?



I took her home this morning,



This morning?



Why are you looking for her?



Oh, she left something in the car






Her Bible



Give it to me



I'll give it to her



But I left it in the car



No, that'll work out



What's wrong?



Nothing, you were standing there



Are you leaving? Yes



Are you leaving now?



But I made breakfast



I guess he's got urgent business



What are you doing?



He wanted me to find someone



Hello, how may I help you?



Yes, it is



Yes, one moment



Dad, it's the head of the construction company






     Case      Moon Jung-Sook



Is the first witness, Miss Jung Yun, here?



I know this is putting you through a lot of pain



I sincerely apologize for having to call you

out here again



I know it is hard,

but please be precise in your testimony



Aren't you a friend of Moon Jung-Sook?






There's a large age gap between you two



So you're not school friends, right?



No, we aren't



In that case, how do you know her?



I married and had a baby when I was young



And her child and mine were of the same age



How long have you two been friends?



Before I moved to llsan,

I've known her for three years



We lived in the same building before



According to your neighbors,

you were practically sisters






Well I'll now ask you about that day



You received a call in your llsan home

from Moon Jung-Sook



So you visited her home

with your child that day, right?






She called that morning saying that

she was sick



My husband was coming home late that day

and left the car



So I thought I'd go nurse her,

and take care of her child



In what state was Mrs when you arrived?



Worse than I had thought



She hadn't eaten anything for four days



She had no strength, and looked out of it



So you left her with your child,



and went grocery shopping

to make some food, right?






So you witnessed what happened

after you returned, right?






Long time no see Hi



Here to visit your friend? Yes



Please, I'll take it



Oh, thank you



How've you been? Good




why didn't you lock the door?






What are you doing?






Jung-Sook, please come inside



Jung-Sook, please



The phone you have dialed

has been turned off






You still haven't given Su-Jin the photos?



Oh gosh, I'm so sorry



You'll be sorrier

if you don't give them to her by tonight



Are you working late today?



There's been a delay,

so I might be done late



Can't I give them to her tomorrow?



Fine, but I'm warning you






It looks delicious



Will the photo really do?



I guess so, since there aren't any



We'll just have to change the design



What photo?



Her friend is making the wedding invitation



so she needs a baby photo



But Jung-Won has none



Why do you need it for the card?






It's popular these days



People look at the baby photos

on the card and say



you should've met earlier!



I mean, it's a match made in heaven



So what will you do without a photo?



Well, he fortunately has a photo

from grade school



I'll just match it with my photo

from kindergarten



But how could you?



You should've taken some baby photos

of your only son



Things were too hard for us back then



Well, your marriage is perfect as it is



Please eat before your soup gets cold



I was cooling it on purpose



I can't eat hot soup, you see



Oh, you're still a child



My brother's the same



If you eat something hot,

doesn't it feel good going down?



Feel good?



Some also say it's refreshing



If I swallow something that hot

it hurts too much going down



But actually, that kind of pain



can be refreshing



Father, please go back inside



Alright then






Tell your dad that I'm very sorry



I'm very grateful for him

lending this land to me



And the guarantee for the bank loan



We're gradually getting more members



so I'll be able to repay the loan soon



The phone is currently turned off



To: Jung Yun



Court Summons:

Homicide case, Moon Jung-Sook



Excuse me



Do you remember me?



From this morning



I'm very sorry about this morning



I didn't even say good-bye properly



If it's okay with you,

I'd like to ask you something



When you left my house, what did you say?



What did I say?



The children



Oh, when I told you

to put your children to bed?



You saw the children?



Could you



Could you really see the children?



What's wrong?



I'm sorry, but who are you?



How were you able to see them?



What I saw



Wait, please!



You're insane






It's me, Chang-Hyun



Jung-Won isn't picking up



Where are you?






What? Going somewhere else?



What are you talking about?



I'm going home



You and Jung-Won already?



I just finished drinking

with the guys at work



and was hoping the three of us

could have a drink



Chang-Hyun, I'm driving right now



Oh right, sorry



Well, bye then



Okay, bye






A type of sleeping disorder



Also showing signs of severe depression



Trust in the counselor is substantially high



Seems to be having hallucinations



Sessions need to be recorded



So shall we start now?



Are you nervous?



Yes, a little



You'll get used to it



You told me about the first time you fainted



Do you remember?



Of course



You said it was a month ago?






I saw that woman once on the elevator



She used her cat as an excuse to talk to me



I don't like people who approach me like that



I know women like her

who will do anything to talk to someone



Then I have to stroke the cat a few times



But I hate cats



People shouldn't raise cats in an apartment



My mother told me that

you shouldn't keep cats as pets



Your mother? Why?



Because cats take revenge



Unlike other animals, cats have souls



But I don't believe in that



I just don't like their cries



It sounds like a baby crying



Yeah, they're so alike



My husband didn't believe me



He said the speed of the fall

makes it impossible to see



Do you also agree with him?



Well, since something like that isn't common



wouldn't it be natural for him

not to believe that?



Of course



You're right



Before, he believed many things

without experiencing them



Do you think that people believe everything

they experience?



I'm sure there are times when they don't



Right, they don't



They don't



People don't believe things

just by experiencing them



Only when they are able to accept it



can they believe it



What is your relation to the defendant?



I'm her husband



You may proceed



At first I thought she was unable

to produce milk



But that wasn't it



My wife could've produced enough milk



but she just refused to breast-feed



Did you ever ask her why?






My wife said that she was afraid



She was afraid that the baby would bite her



But the baby hasn't even grown teeth yet



Since then her headaches got seriously worse



One day she vomited,



and I was worried that something might be wrong

with her brain



So I told her to go to a hospital



It was in the MRI room



Her husband was on a business trip



so she asked me to accompany her



My wife hated going through tunnels



If we were stuck in a tunnel during traffic



she'd get very agitated



Pull yourself together!



Since you're alone all day,

you're getting stranger!



Why am I strange?



So are you saying that what you saw was real?



You still don't believe me



Then why didn't you tell them in court?



About what you saw with her at the hospital?



Jung Yun, Hyundai Apartment    -   



Oh, hello



Sorry for the trouble last time



So how's your wife feeling?



Fine, thanks to you



Good night






How did you get this number?






Yes, I'll meet you there






Could you turn the lamp to the right

by    degrees?



Just a little more



Sure thing



That's perfect



The angle has to be just right

for the lights to work properly



Yes, I understand



About that favor I asked



Miss Jung



What are you doing?



Please go away



Please listen to me!



Please help me



Let me go before I scream



I'd believe whatever you say!






It's been a long time



How long

have you two been living separately?



About three months



Yes, it must be painful for you,

after going through all that



I bet seeing him

will only remind you more of the child



I guess things can't be like before



So when will the divorce papers be ready?



What do you mean?



What do I mean?



Weren't you thinking of divorce?



I hadn't thought that far yet



How can you be this way after

what's happened?



You're shameless as always






How could you say that?



I've lost a child



I've lost both a son and a grandson!



Let my son go!



I'm not holding on to him



You bitch!



Don't look at me like that!



This is all your damn fault!



Yes, thank you



Great work



Oh, hello



How are you?



Finished early I see



Yes, we worked all night



What do you think?






Is this Kang Jung-Won?



Yes, it is



Do you know Jung Yun?






See you at the inauguration



I'll call you Okay









Yes, don't worry



It went fine, and I think they liked it



This way



Are you okay now?



Your aid is here



How did he know?



You didn't have any other numbers



So I called the card you had in your pocket



Will you take that? It's nice



Yes, I'll take it



That wrapping paper will do



Are you alright?



Excuse me



I feel very weak



Sorry but I have to lie down



This illness that I'm suffering from



Which makes me pass out all of a sudden



It's called narcolepsy



Have you ever heard of it?






Neither did I



I only recently found out at the hospital



They say it makes me faint



But I don't really go unconscious



I'm wide awake



but I can't move my body while lying down



On the street



I can hear the people talking around me



as I lie down like I am now



And as I lie there on the street

with people surrounding me,



listening to them while I lie there,



I keep thinking about my mother



How lonely she must've felt



She must've felt like this while she was alive



What did you mean about

what you said this morning?



That whatever I said you'd believe me



That's exactly what I meant



You and I saw the same thing



Yes, you and I



Just the two of us



Before it was just me and mother



Just us two in the world



My mother was a shaman



But I'm not



Come to think of it



I was never ashamed of my mother



Maybe afraid at times



But I was never ashamed



Do you feel better now?






Anyway, thank you



I don't know why I was able to see them



I just saw them



When I was young,



I always had the same nightmare



It's hard to explain






I have no memories before I was seven



When my father ran a church

in a poor neighborhood



he said I had an accident

by inhaling a lot of coal gas



That's why I lost my memories



After the accident, we moved out



So I can't remember anything



Do you really want to remember?



I knew someone like you



But after she knew the truth,

she suffered a lot



Do you really want to remember?



Whatever it may be?



Tell me about your dream



There was a neighborhood

I had never seen



All the homes were run down



I'm always standing on a steep hill






I'm positive I heard it



I'm positive I heard the kids running



Was it summer?



It's too hot



Too hot



It's too hot



No place to escape






Who is he?






My real father



What happened?



A child disappeared



It's okay, tell us



He's inside a hole in the ground



It's a sign that means I did well



My teacher marked it



Five circles are the best



Do you want to go to church?



Then what do you want to do?



What do you want to do?



I want to go to school



What? That's an amulet?



Sure he's a fortune-telling prodigy?






Please stop, it hurts!



Please stop it



I won't say I want to go to school anymore



I'll just work



Just kill me instead



What are you doing?



They said last week the neighbors died this way



They said they died and now they're in peace



And your sister?






Eun-Young's fine



I took care of her



so she's safe



Are you awake now?












Sir, it's Mr. Choi



Ah, yes



I was wondering about the favor I asked you



I thought I said I'd think it over



Come on, sir



I don't want to keep bothering you



I'm too old to work this hard



If I had my own store,

I won't be any trouble to you



I'll contact you later



Will you really?



Oh, and I received a court summon



For the third of this month



Wait, that's tomorrow



You'll be there as well?






I'll see you tomorrow then



Go to sleep, my baby



Go to sleep, go to sleep



Don't wake up and go to sleep



Don't cry, don't cry



Don't suck mom's blood and go to sleep



Now go to sleep, my baby



Go to sleep, go to sleep



Has the witness appeared?



Please swear



I swear



So you met Jung Yun

at the defendant's home on that day?






She had come from llsan



and I carried her shopping bags to the lift



Shortly after, I heard her screaming



So I ran up



Jung Yun was there



She was standing there, not knowing what to do



And Moon Jung-Sook looked totally out of her senses



Her eyes were strange as she stood there



She didn't seem normal



So you're saying she was mentally abnormal?






Thank you, that is all



Hey, what happened yesterday?



You should tell us if you're going out



What's with you?



Why do you make people worry?



I've been looking all over for you since yesterday



Yesterday, I



Can you drive me to Seoul Station?



Seoul Station?



Are you going somewhere?



I finished my hotel work



I need a rest, so I'm going on a trip



A trip?



Sorry to take him away again so soon



Oh, it's okay



Long time ago there was this village



The villagers were famous for their strong faith



There was a drought once,

and it didn't rain for months



So they all gathered at church and prayed for rain



They strongly believed that it would rain

if they prayed



It's important to believe in what you pray, right?



Like believing that God will make it rain



After a long prayer



everyone came out the church



And then



There was no rain, right?



No, it came



It rained just as they prayed



That's the end?



Yep, that's it



The story is a bit bland



That's the end



But among all the villagers at the church



there was only one child

who had brought an umbrella



Since it'll rain



Since it'll rain after we pray,

I better bring an umbrella



Only one person thought this way



People are really strange



Even if the church is near,



no one goes back inside



Even if they're soaked, they don't go back in



How many more secrets do you have

that I don't know about?






I saw you a few days ago at Samho Hotel



Hee-Eun, you see



Shut up!



I don't want to hear it now



It's the invitation



Let's talk when I get back



Hee-Eun, I can't explain it all right now, but



I'm going to be late



I'm taking the subway






But you don't have an umbrella



I prayed that it would rain today



The defendant, Moon Jung-Sook



Considering all the evidence



this court finds you guilty of murder






according to the medical evaluation



and the psychoanalysis report,



the defendant is confirmed to be mentally unstable



The ruling is as follows



The defendant is innocent



But since the defendant can repeat another offense



she is to be put in the National Psychiatric Hospital



I heard you met my mother



The papers will be ready soon



Stop this



It's all over, so come back home now



What's all over?



You're still doubting me






Where's dad?



He's at the bank



Are you okay?



The prison van has arrived



It wasn't easy for me to accept all this, too



It was difficult






As much as me?



I don't want to talk about it anymore






Change your clothes before you catch a cold



Oh yeah, did you return the Bible to that woman?



Was it Jung Yun?









I heard that something awful happened to her



I heard that her child died



The funeral was held here



Dad knew about it, too



Her child died?






I'm not sure, but I think he died in an accident






Like a fire?






I don't know that much



Get some sleep



I'll wake you up when dad comes












Yun, what's the matter? I'm scared, scared



What the hell's wrong?



Jung-Won, you trust me, right?






Yes, yes, I trust you



so please calm down



You asked me to tell you



You asked me



Both you and Jung-Sook



I only told her



because I felt sorry for her



What did I do wrong? What?



You said you wanted to know, too



You said you did



You said you did






Do you hate me, too?



For showing you your childhood



do you hate me?






I don't hate you



But it's hard to deal with



You trust me, right?



You believe me, right?



Patient: Moon Jung-Sook



Infanticide suspect attempts suicide

just outside courtroom



Infanticide suspect innocent, but attempts suicide



Currently in critical condition



Why aren't the lights on?



Don't turn on the lights



What's the matter?



Don't turn on the lights!



What is it?



Did something happen?









I'm your son, right?



I'm your real son, right?



What's wrong with you?



Did something bad happen between

you and Hee-Eun?



Please answer my question






You, you



What about me?



I'm your son, right?






Right now



I'm very happy right now



You've grown up so well



Now you're marrying a smart and pretty girl



And I finally have my own church now






I knew it



I knew it






Hello, Jung-Won?



Jung-Won, where are you?



I need your help



Strange people outside are watching over me



I feel like something bad will happen



Please hurry here






Hello, Jung-Won?



Jung-Won, are you there?



Yun, listen to me carefully



I can't go to you now






I mean, I won't go



Yes, I won't go



What's wrong with you?



What are you saying?



What are you talking about?












Why didn't you tell me about the baby?






My baby?



Why does that matter?



Where the hell did you hear about that?



Yun, listen to me carefully



This is just an illness



It's like a mere cold



You can be cured



You can be cured



Yun, please don't confuse me



I'm confusing you?



What we saw together



How do you explain that?



What you and I saw!



How would you explain your memories?






My father said it isn't true



My father said that I'm his real son



You said you wanted to know the truth



Fine, I guess if you can't accept it



it can't be the truth!






I had forgotten again



You resent me, don't you?



No, I don't You do, huh?



You're all the same



Even Jung-Sook



And you, too



The same



The same



You're all the same



The same



I feel like I'll go insane being alone all day



This child won't stay away from me



It's suffocating



Don't you feel the same?



But they look so pretty when they smile



I did?



I survived by eating my own mother?



That's not true, right?



That's what I saw



I don't know



Yun, help me



Keep the kids away from me



Tell them to go away



Stop, she's your daughter









Jung-Sook, please come back inside



Please put the baby back in, Jung-sook



Please don't









Hee-Eun, it's me



I'm at our home



Hee-Eun, I'll wait for you here



I love you



Please come quickly



The message has been sent



Hello? Hee-Eun?



You didn't believe me, did you?






When I said that I saw that woman's eyes



you didn't believe me, did you?



What are you talking about?



You didn't, right?



I'll make you believe



I just want you to believe



Are you ready?



Open your eyes wide



Don't blink even for a moment



I'll make you believe



Yun, don't



I'll make you believe



Yun, don't



Yun, please don't






Yun, don't






Does it taste good?



It's still too hot

Special help by SergeiK