The Untouchables Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Untouchables script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Brian De Palma, David Mamet, and Kevin Costner movie also starring Sean Connery, Andy Garcia, Patricia Clarkson, etc.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Untouchables. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Untouchables Script



An article, which l believe appeared

in a newspaper, asked why,



since it would seem that you are

in effect the Mayor of Chicago,



you're not simply being

appointed to that position.



Well, l tell ya, it's touching.

Like a lot of things in life,



we laugh because it's funny,

and we laugh because it's true.



Some people say,

reformers here say:



"Put that man in jail,

what does he think he is doing?"



What l hope l'm doing, and here's

where your paper's got a point,



is l'm responding to

the will of the people.



People are gonna drink. We all

know that. All l do is act on that.



And all this talk of bootlegging.

What is bootlegging?



On the boat it's bootlegging,

on Lake Shore Drive it's hospitality.



l'm a businessman.



Your reputation is that you control

your business through violence.



That those that don't purchase your

product are dealt with violently.



lt's all right.



l grew up in a tough neighbourhood.



We used to say, "You can get further

with a kind word and a gun"



"than you can

with just a kind word."



And in that neighbourhood

it might've been true.



And sometimes

your reputation follows you.



There is violence in Chicago,

but not by me



and not by anybody l employ.

Because it's not good business.



Leave us alone down here,

we've got everything we need.



The green beer you're peddlin'

ain't any good.



lt's not supposed to be good.

lt's supposed to be bought.



l'm not buyin' any.



Don't worry about it, Pops,

we won't come back.



- How's everyone at your house today?.

- They're fine.



- ls your Mama well?

- She has a little cold.



Oh, she does?



- l'm sorry to hear that.

- But she'll be all right.



- There you go.

- Thank you.



That's all right, sweetie.

You be careful crossin' the street.



- Mister!

- You tell your Mama that...



Hey, Mister! Wait!



Mister! Wait!

You forgot your brief...



Yes, l heard it on the radio.



l know.



Now it's time to go to work.



You'll make a good first impression.



l love you, Eliot.



Now, shoo.



Eliot Ness, Special Agent

of the Treasury Department.



- Mr Ness.

- Thank you, Chief.



At the request

of the City of Chicago,



the Department of the Treasury

has inaugurated a programme



to deal with the flow of illegal

liquor and the violence it creates.



Mr Ness!

Of what does this programme consist?



l and other agents of the Treasury

will be working



with the Chicago Police...



lsn't it just another

showpiece programme?



- What do you think of prohibition?

- Do you drink, Mr Ness?



- Come on, answer the questions.

- lt's not just a showpiece.



And l'll tell you

how l feel about prohibition.



lt is the law of the land.



Do you consider yourself

a crusader, is that it?



What qualifications

do you have for the job?



Do you have any political ambitions?



All right, boys,

l think that's enough.



What are your real plans?

What have you got coming up?



You'll have to read about it

in the paper.



- Let me ride along with you.

- No. Can't help you.



Mr Ness, Lieutenant Alderson,

the Flying Squad.



Are you ready to meet the men?



Yes, l am.



l have one more thing to say.



l know that many of you take a drink.



What you've done before today

is not my concern.



But now we must be pure,

and l want you to stop.



lt's not a question of whether it's

'a harmless drink'. lt may well be.



But it's against the law.



And as we are going to enforce

the law, we must do first by example.



Are there any questions?



Good. The Department

of the Treasury's had



a man undercover here

for some time now.



We've received word

from this informant



that a large shipment of Canadian

whiskey has arrived in Chicago.



So l hope that you have signed on

for some action.



Remember, the liquor cases

are marked with the red maple leaf.



The Treasury Agent is

in a grey suit with a white scarf.



- He is not to be arrested.

- A grey suit and a white scarf.



- That's it. Are your men ready?.

- Yes, sir. They are.



- At ease.

- Smoke 'em if you got 'em.



- How are we doin'?

- Okay.



- Want part of a sandwich?

- No, thank you, sir.



- You nervous?

- No, sir.



- Been with the unit long?

- A short while.



- l suppose we all want to do well.

- Yes, sir.



A message from my wife.



- You married?

- Yes, sir, l am.



Nice to be married, huh?



Just follow me.



- Oh, God...

- Federal officer. Hands in the air.



Get 'em up. Drop it.



Damn it, l can't, it'll break.



Mr Ness. Look, l was just...



Geez, l'm sorry.



Listen, l can do a lot for you,

what you're tryin' to do.



l get the big scoop,

you make a big splash.



Get some support. What do you say?.

Let's be real, let me help you.



Okay. Just shut up.



All right now...

Let's do some good!



Hold it right there!



Federal officer. You're under arrest

for violations of the Volstead Act.



Let's cover the doors!

Don't let anybody out!






- l'm here with permission.

- Who gave you permission?



- Mr Ness!

- Sorry, let him through here.



Let him through here.



You want to take your picture,

take it now.



- You ready?.

- Ready.



Liquor, huh?



Get him out of here.



- Tear the place apart!

- l mean now, get him out!



That means you, too.






Now, what do you think you're doing?



You want to throw garbage? Throw it

in the goddamn trash basket.



Don't you have

more important things to do?






But l'm not doing them right now.



Do we understand each other?.



Okay, pal, why the Mohaska?



- Why are you packin' the gun?

- l'm a Treasury Officer.



All right.



Just remember

what we talked about now.



Hey... Wait a minute!



What the hell kind of police

do you have in this goddamn city?.



You just turned your back

on an armed man.



- You're a Treasury officer.

- l just told you l was.



Who would claim to be that,

who was not?



What's your name and unit?



lt's right here.



You got a beef?

What is it?



How did you know l had a gun?



What do you want,

a free lesson in police work?.






Are you okay, pal?



l had a rough day on the job.



- Are you going home now?.

- l was about to.



Well, then, you just fulfilled

the first rule of law enforcement.



Make sure when your shift is over

you go home alive.



Here endeth the lesson.



$       for    barrels.

Make sure there are no empties.



l'm gonna give you the ledger,

everything is in the book.



   gallons to the barrel.



- lt's Eddie.

- Come in, Eddie.



So, he gets into the snowplough,

and he says, "Let's do some good".



And then, we bust through...



- Mr Ness?

- Yes?



l came here to thank you.



lt was...


            little girl that got killed

with that bomb.



l'm sorry. Please.



l'm...l'm so sorry.



You see, it's...because l know

that you have children, too.



And that this is real for you,

that these men cause us tragedy.



And l know that you will

put a stop to them.



And you do that, now.



- What do you want?

- l'd like to talk to you.



Come in.



l need a small group of men,

handpicked, starting with you.



Ness! l am just a poor beat cop.



- Now, how can l help you?

- Just work with me.



- But why should l, though?

- Because you're a good cop.



- How do you know that?

- You told me.



lf l'm such a good cop...



How come l'm walkin' the beat,

then, at my age?



Do you want to tell me?



Well, maybe l'm that

Whore with a Heart of Gold.



Or The One Good Cop in the Bad Town?

ls that what you want to hear?.



l didn't ask you, and l don't care!



You want to stay on the beat?

You do that.



lf you'd like to come with me,

l need your help.



l'm askin' you for help.



Well...that's the thing you fear,

isn't it?



Mr Ness, l wish l'd met you

ten years and...twenty pounds ago.



But...l just think it got...

more important to me...


            stay alive.



And that's why l'm walkin' the beat.

Thank you, no.



That's good, Andy. Let's start up

the thing and take a little ride.



l wanna hear

that Stutz Bearcat engine, boy!



- Yeah, letme open the doorhere.

- Yeah, go ahead.



Whoopsy daisy,

pick up the door there, Andy.



Throw itin the back seat.

Now, letme get the thing started.



Yeah, startit up, Andy.



Holymackerel, Andy!

Listen to thatBearcatmotor!



Yeah, itsounds like the bear

is chasin' that cat all round it!



Andy! She's boilin' over!



- Mr Ness?

- Yes.



Oscar Wallace.



l've been assigned here

by the Washington Bureau.



- Really?.

- Yes.



Well, l'm glad to have you here,

Mr Wallace. Would you excuse me?



We are a little in the dark here,

but any ideas you may have...



Well, actually, yes, sir, l do.



And the one l want to try first...

is this.



He has not filed a return since     .



- A return...?

- An income tax return.



- lncome tax.

- Yes, sir.



- What do you do at the Bureau?

- Oh, l'm an accountant.



- An accountant?

- Yes, and the Bureau sent me here...



Would you excuse me?






Okay. Let's go.



- Where are we going?

- These walls have ears.



You said you wanted to know

how to get Capone.



Do you really want to get him?

You see what l'm saying?



- What are you prepared to do?

- Everything within the law.



And then what are you

prepared to do?



lf you open the ball

on these people,



you must be prepared

to go all the way.



Because they won't give up the fight

until one of you is dead.



l want to get Capone.

l don't know how.



Here's how you get Capone:

he pulls a knife, you pull a gun.



He sends one of yours to hospital,

you send one of his to the morgue!



That's the Chicago way!

And that's how you get Capone.



Now, do you want to do that?



Are you ready to do that?



l'm making you a deal.

Do you want this deal?



l have sworn to put this man away,



with any and all legal means

at my disposal, and l will do so.



Well, the Lord hates a coward.



Do you know what a blood oath is,

Mr Ness?



- Yes.

- Good. 'Cause you just took one.



How do you think Capone knew

about your raid the other night?



- Somebody on the cops told him.

- Right. Welcome to Chicago.



This town stinks

like a whorehouse at low tide.



First, who can you trust?

Nobody. The cops, nobody.



- 'Cause nobody wants you here.

- Then why are you helping me?



Because l swore to uphold the law.



And if you believe that,

l'll tell you another.



- Now, who can you trust?

- l can trust nobody.



- That's the sorry truth.

- Then, where are we gonna get help?



lf you're afraid of getting a rotten

apple, don't go to the barrel.



Get it off the tree.



Get it off the tree...



Finger out of the trigger guard!

Eject those cartridges!



Lay the revolver on the ledge

and stand back!



About face!



Barry! l want you to meet

Mr Eliot Ness.



Treasury Department. How are you?

We need a recruit for extended duty.



He is to be seconded to the Treasury

Department. We have the full...



Barry?. Who is consistently

the best shot of this class?



- Williamson and Stone.

- Call them out, one at a time.



- Are either of the men married?

- No.



- Good.

- Williamson!



- You're married.

- l don't want any married men.



All right, stand easy, son.

l want to ask you something.



- Why do you want to join the force?

- To protect and...



To protect and serve...

To protect and...



Please don't search for the yearbook

answer. Just tell me what you think.



- What l think?. l...

- You...



...could help...the force.



- You can help...

- With the force.



Thank you.

There goes the next Chief of Police.



At ease!



Stone! Out here.



This kid's a prodigy.



- Why do you want to join the force?

- To protect the property and...



Oh, please, don't waste my time

with that bullshit.



Where are you from, Stone?



- From the Southside.

- Stone?



George Stone, that's your name?



- What's your real name?

- That is my real name.



Nah! What was it

before you changed it?



- Giuseppe Petri.

- Geez, l knew it!



That's all you need,

one thieving wop on the team!



What's that you said?



l said that you're a lyin' member

of a no-good race.



That's much better than you,

you stinkin' lrish pig.



Oh, l like him.



Yeah, l like him, too.



You just joined

the Treasury Department, son.



Yeah, okay.



Eliot Ness.



With reports from stake-outs

on the North and West side, and...



Thank you, Lieutenant. Thank you.



What do you think?.



l think there's nothing

like vaudeville.



- That's what l think.

- Now, are you ready to go to work?.



- Where are we going?

- On a liquor raid.



We need another man.



Mr Ness? This is very interesting.



l've found a financial disbursement

pattern which shows some irregu...



- You carry a badge?

- Yes.



Carry a gun.



- Jimmy...?

- What?



What the hell are you dressed for?.




Shut up. l'm working.



Where? The circus?



- Well, here we are.

- What are we doing here?



Liquor raid.






Everybody knows where the booze is.

The problem isn't finding it.



The problem is who wants

to cross Capone. Let's go.



You'd better be damn sure, Malone.



lf you walk through this door,

you're walking into a world of trouble.



There's no turning back.

Do you understand?



Yes, l do.



Good. Give me that axe.



- Federal officers!

- Get your hands in the air!



- Nobody moves!

- This is a raid!



- Everybody...

- What are you doin' here?



All this stuff is impounded!

You're all under arrest!



Hey! This isn't right!

Hey! This is no good!



- You got a warrant?

- Sure! Here's my warrant.



How do you think he feels now?.

Better...or worse?



- What is that?

- What is that?



- Yes, what is it?

- God, l'm with a heathen.



That is my callbox key.

And that is Saint Jude.



ll Santo Jude.

He's the patron saint of lost causes.



And policemen.



- Patron saint of policemen?

- Everybody needs a friend.



Lost causes, policemen...



- Which do you want to be?

- l want to be a cop.



- You do?

- Yes.






'To protect the property

and the citizenry...'



Whoa, it's all right.



- What?!

- l got to tell you, congratulations!



lt's okay if l get a picture

of you and your men?



Yeah. But not for publication.

Just for us!



Anything you say, Mr Ness.



Closer in... Oh, that's great.

Okay, ready?. Hold it.



Life goes on.



A man becomes preeminent,

he's expected to have enthusiasms.









What are mine?



What draws my admiration?

What is that which gives me joy?.



- Dames!

- Boozin'!






A man...



A man stands alone at the plate.



This is the time for what?



For individual achievement.



There he stands alone.



But in the field, what?



Part of a team.






Looks, throws, catches, hustles.

Part of one big team.



Bats himself the live-long day,

Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, and so on.



lf his team don't field...what is he?



You follow me?



No one.



Sunny day, the stands are full

of fans. What does he have to say?.



l'm goin' out there for myself.



But...l get nowhere

unless the team wins.



- Team!

- Team.



Jesus Christ!



'Now l lay me down to sleep'



'l pray the Lord my soul to keep'



'lf l should die before l wake'



'l pray the Lord my soul to take'



- Amen.

- God bless...



God bless Mommy, God bless Annie,

God bless Daddy. Amen.






Good night.



- Good night, Daddy.

- Good night, little girl.



Want to rub Eskimo?




- Where are you going?

- What?



Where are you going?



l thought l'd go downstairs,

some work to do for tomorrow.



- You had a full day today, though?

- Yes, l certainly did.



And you've still got

some energy left?



Oh, a lot of work.



Well, why don't you come up

and brush my hair?. You 'Detective'.



- How are we doin'?

- Capone's organisation is diverse.



lt owns Canadian Holding Company

Associations, which owns in turn



Green Light Laundry, Midwest Cabs,

Jolly Time Playthings...



- Jolly Time Playthings?

- Yes.



Remind me to get a present

for my daughter.



...Bahama Ship-to-Shore,

Miss Lucy Togs...the list is endless!



And all the business is legitimate,

and none is owned by Al Capone.



But we can get him on

income tax evasion if we can show



that any of the 'organisation'

business money is going to him.



- Legally, he receives no income.

- He doesn't receive anything?



- Mr Ness? You have a visitor.

- Mister Ness!



Could we talk for a minute?

l'm John O'Shea, Alderman...



Yes, l know who you are.



Would you excuse us?



We are busy with several large

operations. What can l do for you?



l came up to congratulate you

on a job well done.



Share your good fortune

on such a lovely day.



What's that?



- What is that?

- Mr Ness, you're an educated man.



Let me pay you the compliment

of being blunt.



There is a large and popular business

which you are causing dismay.



Why don't you just cross the street

and let things take their course?



Would you come in here, please?



ln Roman times, when a fellow tried

to bribe a public official,



they would cut off his nose,

sew him in a bag



with a wild animal,

and throw that bag in the river.



You tell your master

that we must agree to...disagree!



- You're making a mistake.

- l'm beginning to enjoy my mistakes.



You fellows are 'untouchable',

is that it? No one can get to you?



You tell Capone...

that l'll see him in hell.



Hey! Nice house!



l said, nice house!

Do you live there?



Little girl's havin' a birthday, huh?






Nice to have a family.



Yes, it is.



A man should take care,

see that nothin' happens to them.









- Where's the baby?.

- She's upstairs. Eliot!



- What were you doing up?

- l had to finish my ironing.



You did? You're gonna come

with Daddy now, okay?.



Eliot? Okay, it's all right!



Okay, let's go.



Stay there!

Keep your eye on the street!



- Where's Malone?

- On the stake-out. He'll be here.



- Who's this guy?.

- He's on Malone's list. He's okay.



Drive to the station. She'll let you

know where to go when you get there.



Take off your hat.



Anything happens, shoot first.

You understand me?



Yes, Mr Ness.






- Eskimo and butterfly, Dad.

- Okay.



Now, go!






- Are they okay?.

- Yeah.



- You sure the cop's okay?.

- He'd better be, he's my cousin.



l want to hurt the man, Malone!

You hear me?!



l want to take the battle to him.

l want to hurt Capone.



Well, then, a Merry Christmas,

we've got some great news.



A huge international

shipment's coming.



We've got the time, the place

and the whole shebang.



Well, what are we doin'

standin' here, then?



How do you come by this information?



That's the second rule

of police work:



if you want to keep a secret,

don't tell the boss.



You know he's making

over $  million a year?.



But he's paid no taxes,

nothing's in his name.



lf we can establish

any payments to him,



we can prosecute him

for income tax evasion.






l said, we can prosecute him

for income tax evasion!



Try a murderer

for not paying his taxes?!



Well, it's better than nothing.



All right. How do we

link him to the money?.



l don't know.



Go to sleep, Oscar.



A convoy of  -   trucks

with good Canadian whiskey



will be met by a high-level member

of the Capone organisation.



He will be bringing full payment

for the shipment in cash.



Now, the meet is to take place just

over the border on the American side.



We want to confiscate

the liquor and the cash.



- Captain?

- We will await their signal.



When they're on the road

and have given the signal,



we will engage from

the Canadian side of the bridge.



Thus taking them

by surprise from the rear.



And surprise, as you very well know,

Mr Ness, is half the battle.



Surprise is half the battle.

Many things are half the battle.



Losing is half the battle.

Let's think about what is all the battle.



Let's take the fight

to them, gentlemen!



Thank you, Captain.



All right! Move out!



Take it easy.



Take it easy!

lt'll all happen in time.



This is the job.



Don't wait for it to happen,

don't even want it to happen.



Just watch what does happen.



Are you my 'tutor'?



Yes, sir, that l am.



- Did you check it already?.

- Yes, l did.



Then leave it alone.



You're a good cop, Giuseppe.



You're doing good.

You're gonna do just fine.



- Wallace, are you cold?

- Yes, l am, a little.



Then stamp your feet.

lt'll keep you warm.



You learn something,

   years walking the beat.



Stitches and standing in the rain...



Listen, Mr Ness...



l had an idea.



You all have your spare shells?



lf you have to fire,

hold low and squeeze.



And put your man down.



Because he'll do the same to you.



Shoot to kill.



- Did you hear what l said?

- Yes, l did. Shoot to kill.



Let's go.






The Canadians will not show

until l flash the badge.



So we must cover the ground

to the bridge as quickly as possible.



George, the count's right.



l'm concerned about

the size of these barrels!



Malone, you and l will

take the men...



Move it! Move it, Georgie!



Get over here!

Leave the stuff in the cars!






What the hell!

You got to die of somethin'.



- Look! Here they come!

- Mounties! Let's get out of here!



Move, move!



Let's go!



l can't believe it!



- Here are the codes.

- Give me that.



Don't let those cars off the bridge!



Stone, take the first car!



Get this shit out of the way!



Tough guy!












l'm okay.



You thugs!



You all right?



Yeah. There he is! Go get him!



All right!

Enough of this running shit!



Well, Georgie-boy!

Well, what have we got here?






All right! Drop the gun!



Put your hands in the air,

you're under arrest.



l said, drop it!






God, didn't ya hear what l said?!



What are you, deaf?!



What is this, a game?!



Here. Sit down.



Stone's gonna be all right.



l got the fellow with the satchel.



- l had to kill him.

- Oh, yeah.



He's as dead as Julius Caesar.



- Would you rather it was you?

- No, l would not.



Well, then you've done your duty.

Go home and sleep well tonight.



The things you see

when you're out without your gun.



Now you're a long way

from the Southside, George.



l'm talkin' to you. Did you come

here to open a shooting gallery?.



l want you to write down the names

of your superiors and contacts.



Why don't you kiss my ass?



- Perhaps you didn't hear me.

- Eliot?



- You've broken the law...

- Eliot!



You can be tough in Leavenworth

for    years.



- You're going inside for all day!

- ls that what you want?



- Eliot!

- What?!



Look at this!



- Look at this!

- What is this?



What is this?



You got a lot of money changing

hands in this book.



What is this, 'war'?

And 'police precincts'?



And you got a heading here...

'Circuit Court'.



You got a heading here,

'Circuit Court'. What is this?



Nothin'. There's nothin'

you can make out of it.



lf any of these coded entries

indicate payment to Capone,



then we can put Capone away.



- Which entry is Al Capone?

- A. Costa, is that his code name?



You'll do the whole thing

in the joint unless you help us.



Translate this ledger for us!



- ln hell.

- ln hell?!



You will hang high

unless you cooperate.



This man can finger Al Capone,

put him behind bars.



Why don't you guys just fuck off?!



l'm not fuckin' with you! We'll have

that information one way or another.



- Not that way. Out.

- You're gonna talk!



You're gonna be beggin' to talk!



- You dirty son-of-a-bitch!

- Enough out of you.



Hey, come on, you, on your feet!



l need you to help me

to translate this book!



l'm not gonna ask you a second time.



l'm gonna count to three.



What's the matter?. Can't you talk

with a gun in your mouth?












l'm gonna talk!



Don't! l'm gonna tell ya whatever

ya want. What do ya want to know?.



Now, don't let him clean himself

until after he talks.



Now, ask him what you want to know.



All right... Okay, l want to know

the name of the bookkeeper.



l want a complete translation

of the code. l want a complete...



Mister Ness!



l do not approve of your methods!



Yeah? Well, you're not from Chicago.



- What?

- They got the shipment.



- What?!

- They got the whole shipment.



- l want that son-of-a-bitch dead!

- We're trying to locate...



What am l, alone in this world? Did l

ask you what you're tryin' to do?



l want you to get this fuck where he

breathes! l want Eliot Ness dead!



l want his family dead,

his house burnt to the ground!



l want to piss on his ashes!



Look at this guy, this guy,

he's so serious.



- Well, he's got a lot on his mind.

- He does?



- Yes.

- Like what?



Like what his name is.



John, l thought that was all settled.

l thought we liked John.



l suppose his middle name

will be Law.


           'll be Edgar.



- lt'll be J. Edgar...

- l don't think so.



God, you're beautiful.



You should have seen us last night.



l know. l should have been here.

l wanted to be here.



l know. l understand, l do.



Just tell me, are you being careful?



- Careful as mice.

- Are you making progress?



- Progress?

- Yes?



Mrs Ness, l think your husband

just became the man who got Al Capone.



Gentlemen! A subpoena was issued

for Alphonse Capone



by my office this morning,

for the crime of evading



and conspiring to evade

Federal lncome Tax.



- What's the maximum he could get?

- lf convicted on all counts,



Mr Capone could have

up to    years.



Excuse me, that's all. Thank you.



The car's in the yard. When ya get

him there, don't answer the phone.



- We'll call, let it ring...

- Twice.



- We'll call...

- From the corner.



- Anybody knocks on the door...

- Come out shooting. l got it.



You enjoy the tactical aspects

of law enforcement, Oscar?.



Much more diverting

than accounting.



l'm bein' good to you,

you got to be good to me.



We made a deal,

we're gonna stick to it, okay?.



Oh, yes, much more diverting

than accounting.



Okay, we see yous tonight.



All right, all the way down

and no stops.



...he's been saying,

"l will speak up."



For which l must commend

the excellent work



of Eliot Ness

and his squad of Untouchables.



- What was it, a boy or a girl?

- Boy.



- Congratulations! What's his name?

- John.



- John?

- Yeah. John James.



- So she's okay?.

- Yeah, she's okay.



ln fact, when she gets out,

she wants to repaint the house.



Then she'll find the house too small,

you'll have to move.



- Goodness, it's nice to be married.

- lf you can stand the pain.



Mr Burns, where's Mr Wallace?



Didn't you see him? He just went

down in the service elevator.



- You keep an eye out at all times...

- Take it easy, we'll be fine.



They are going to...



- Did he say the service elevator?.

- Yes.



- Wallace! Wallace!

- Here, let's take the stairs.



Oh, no.



- No, no!

- Easy... Easy!






Oh, Jesus.



You gonna be all right?



lt's always a crime when a young guy

goes down in the line, Jimmy.



l'd hate to see it happen

to someone l know.



Sometimes it's better

not to get involved.






Take a day off.

Get out of the city for a while.



You know what l mean?



- Al Capone.

- We have no Mr Capone...



- l know, get him.

- We have no Mr Capone...



l said...



- Something you want here?

- My friend was killed today.



- l don't care.

- You don't care.



Now he does.



Come on here, Capone. You want

to fight? You and me, right here?



That's it, come on!



You afraid to come out from behind

your men, to stand up for yourself?



- You want to do the mat now?.

- Yeah! Come on, you son-of-a-bitch!



- What?

- Easy.



You talk to me like that in front

of my son? Fuck you and your family!



Easy. lt's me. lt's me!



Not this way.



You fuck, you got nothin'!

You're nothin' but talk and a badge.



You're here because you got nothin'

in court, no bookkeeper, nothin'!



lf you were a man, you would've done

it now! You got nothin', you punk!



Well, no, l understand.



Believe me, l understand.



Well, what's happened?



He says he can't be unprotected.



What is it that the guy says?



He says he won't make

a fool out of himself,



and he won't go into court

without a witness.



So tomorrow morning the D.A. will

announce that he's dropping the case.



- He's gonna give up.

- He won't do it without a witness.



We have Wallace's files

and the ledgers.



There's a time when l think

you have to cut your losses.












No, he didn't have a family.



How is everything there?



No, you do it however you want.



l promise l will.



You give her my love.



l love you, too.



Mr Ness, we got a ledger here listing

payments to Chicago City officials.



- We got Al Capone, Frank Nitti...

- l think that's enough for today.



- lf we don't stay on top...

- That'll do. Thank you.



l'd like to request to stick around.



- We got to bust these guys.

- l know we got to.



ls that it?



- l'm sorry?.

- You heard me.



My question is, are we done?



Yes, l think we're done.



So we sat in at a game

that was above our head?



lt appears so.

lt appears so to Mr Wallace.



He's dead! And the D.A.

is gonna drop the case!



He will not go into court

without a witness



and without Capone's bookkeeper,

Walter Payne.



- What are you prepared to do now?.

- What would you have me do?



l have taken this

as far as it can go.



- What did your wife want?

- She wanted to know if l was...



- My wife?

- Yeah.



She wanted to know

if l was all right.



lt's nice being married, eh?






She's sitting in some room surrounded

by people she doesn't know,



going over...

kitchen colour charts or something.



Some part of the world still cares

what colour the kitchen is.



Eliot, l want you to do

one more thing for me.



Get back to the D.A. and stall him.



- Wait a minute, stall him with what?

- Just do as l say.



l think l know how to find this guy.






Al says we got to get out of town

until he can fix this subpoena thing.



We're leavin' tonight.



Two ball, down.



Mike, you got a minute?



l do now, don't l?



And what are you doin'

in a club for cops, Jimmy?.



This is a place for cops.



Can we step outside?



All right, all right,

but l got nothin' to say to ya.



Where the hell are we going, for a

swim? Get out of the rain, you fool.



What? What?!



l just need one more

piece of information.



One more? Jimmy!



- l just risked my life for ya.

- l need to find that bookkeeper.



Are you crazy?. You're crazy.

l warned you to get out of town.



- lf they knew it was me, l'm dead.

- l need to find that bookkeeper.



You're fuckin' nuts, man!

You're out of your fuckin' mind!



And l tried to save your life.



Get your hands off. You owe me,

Jimmy, l don't owe you nothin'.



- My people are being killed.

- We're your people!



You?! You fuckin' run with the dagos!

They've ruined this town.



For ten years l can't say that l'm

a cop for the shit that's goin' on!



Ah, bullshit! Fuckin' bullshit!

Look at yourself! Look at yourself!



Go on and live the charade, with your

soft clothes and federal stooges.



- What do you think he's gonna do?

- Keep your mouth off that!



l need to know where this guy is,

and l need to know now!



l'm gonna rat you out for all the shit

that l know that you've done!



l'm gonna turn you over!



- This is a dead man talkin' to me.

- ls it?



You're dead.



Who the hell do ya think ya are?



l'll have your ass hangin'

from the flagpole in the mornin'.



Let's cut the woofing, pal.

You tell me,



or you're going to hospital

or the fuckin' morgue!



You're gonna fight it out

and we'll have a case.



Yes? On what basis?

l'm not gonna make a fool...



Don't tell me about

makin' a fool out of yourself.



l have men out there

risking more than that.



We have a lead,

and we are following that lead



at risk to more than our standing.

So don't you dare stop now.



- Yeah, Stone.

- Give me Ness.



He's at the D.A. 's.



Tell him l know where Payne is

and to meet me at my place.



- Al! Al!

- Mr Capone!



- What about that court case?

- l'm gonna tell ya somethin'.



Somebody messes with me,

l'm gonna mess with him.



Somebody steals from me,

l'm gonna say 'you stole',



not talk to him

for spittin' on the sidewalk.



You understand?



Now, l have done nothing

to hurt these people.



But they're angered at me.

So what do they do?



Doctor up some income tax, for which

they got no case, to annoy me.



To speak to me like men? No.



To harass a peaceful man.



l pray to God that

if l ever have a grievance,



l would have

just a little more self respect.



l'll tell you one more thing.

ln an all-out prize fight,



when one guy's left standing,

that's how you know who won.



lsn't that just like a wop?



Brings a knife to a gun fight.



Get out of here, ya dago bastard!



Go on, get your ass out of here!



Shots! Shots! l heard shots!



Stay back, everybody stay back,

right now.



Round the back.









Goddamn! Stone!






The phone!



Oh, God. Call an ambulance!



This is Stone, Treasury Department,

     Racine, we need an ambulance.



- What?

-      Racine!



This? You want this?



You want this?






- Bookkeeper.

- What?



- Book...

- The bookkeeper?.



- Bookkeeper!

- The bookkeeper?. What?



- The bookkeeper, he's on this train?

- Yes.



He's on this train.



Now! What are you prepared to do?!



No. Malone. No.



Stay. Stay.



Stay! Malone...



No. No, no!



Not this... Not this man...



Train's leavin' for Miami

  .   Mr Ness.



We'll be there.



The bookkeeper's no good to us dead.



- Stone?

- Yes, sir.



Cover the south entrance.



We're almost home.

We're almost home.



Your attention, please. The Miami

Flier departs at   .   from   .



All aboard.



Stay right there.

Stay right there.



Stay right there.

Stay right there, honey.



Your attention, please.

The MiamiFlier, leaving at   .  



now boarding on track   .

All aboard!



Just here.

l'm just gonna leave this right here.



Your attention, please.

The MiamiFlier, leaving at   .  



is now boarding on track   .

All aboard!



One more. Here we go.



Here we go. You ready?.



l'm right here, honey. Here we go.



Your attention, please.

Mayl have your attention, please?



This is the final call

for the MiamiFlier,



leaving at   .   on track   .

All aboard!



- Here, let me. Get your bags.

- Oh, thank you so much. Thank you.



Are you all right? Thank you.



You're such a gentleman.

lt's so kind of you to help me.



l really wasn't sure

if we'd make it or not.



ls there some problem

l can help you with?



- No.

- l really can't thank you enough.



lsn't this fun? You're being

such a good boy, sweetheart.



Thank you again,

this is so wonderful.



Thank you, sir.



Please, let me take it from here.

You've been such a great help.



Thank you so much.

We're almost there.



l'll take it from here, sir.

Thank you very much for your help.



Don't cry, sweetheart.

We're almost home.



ls something wrong?






Come on!

Come on, let's get out of here.



- What are you doin'?

- Shut up!



- What are you doin'?

- Shut the fuck up!



- Hold it!

- Please...



- My baby!

- Stay there. He's all right.



l said hold it!



l'm walkin' out with the bookkeeper.



The bookkeeper and me

are drivin' away.



See? Or else he dies.



He dies, and you ain't got nothin'.



You got five seconds

to make up your mind.



- l'll tell ya what ya want to know!

- Shut up! l'm not kiddin'!



He's crazy! Don't let him do this,

l'll tell you what you want to know!



- You got him?

- Yeah, l got him.



- One!

- Will you stop it!



Take him.






The two coded entries

in this ledger



represent cash disbursement

to all levels of city officials,



members of the police

and to Alphonse Capone.



- That's correct.

- Excuse me?



l said that is correct.



And you will decipher

these coded entries for us?



l will.



Sorry, Mr Payne, l can't hear you.



l said, l will.



You were in charge

of disbursements for Mr Capone?



Yes, l was.



And you personally

distributed monies...



..vast, undeclared monies...


            Mr Capone?



Yes, l did.



Would you tell us the amounts?



ln a three-year period l personally

disbursed monies to Mr Capone



in excess of one

and a third million dollars.



Would you repeat that amount, please?



- One and a third million dollars.

- Thank you very much.



l don't understand it.

What does Capone have?



We're nailing the lid on his coffin,

and he's smiling.



The son-of-a-bitch

is wearing a gun in court.



Get me the bailiff.



lt'll be a fast trial.



The man in the front row wearing

a white suit is carrying a gun.



l don't want this to turn

into something. l'll lead you out.



Could we speak to you

a minute, please?



- Get up against it.

- You heard him. Now, up against it!



- What's this?

- Empty all your pockets, all of it.



- l've got a permit for that.

- Fine, let's see it.



- l'm not the one under indictment.

- Everything on the table.



- Let me see.

- Give him his gun back.



"To Whom lt May Concern.

Please extend to the bearer,"



"Mr Frank Nitti, all possible

courtesy and consideration."



"William Thompson,

Mayor of the City of Chicago."



l'm sorry, Mr Ness,

you'll have to give it back.



Fine. But that man does not go

back into that courtroom.



- Do you understand me?

- Yes, sir.



     Racine... You know, l used

to have a friend who lived there.



Don't. Let him go.



- No!

- Here, take it.



Here l am, Treasury Man.

Come on! Harass me!



What are you waitin' for?.



Don't just stand there!

Harass me!



Don't push me.



- They're gonna burn you, buddy.

- Yeah?



Yeah. l'm gonna come see you burn,

you son-of-a-bitch!



'Cause you killed my friend!



- He died like a pig.

- What did you say?.



l said that your friend died

screaming like a stuck lrish pig.



Now you think about that

when l beat the rap.



Did he sound anything like that?



One picture, come on, one picture.



Mr Ness, take a look at this.



Mr Ness?



Mr Ness, are you doin' okay?.

l think you'd better see this.



- What is it?

- That's the jury list, Mr Ness.



They've been bribed.



l got it out of Nitti's coat.

Where is Nitti?



He's in the car.



This constitutes no evidence.

l'm not about to allow...



Your Honour, the truth is that Capone

is a killer and he will go free.



There is only one way to deal with

such men, and that is hunt them down.



l have. l have forsworn myself.

l have broken laws l swore to defend.



l am content that l have done right.

That man must be stopped, you must...



l'll be the judge

of what l must do, Mr Ness.



Would you excuse us?



- Bailiff.

- Yes, sir.



l want you to go next door

to Judge Hoffman's Court,



where they've just begun hearing

a divorce action.



l want you to bring that jury in here

and take this jury to his court.



- Are those instructions clear?.

- Yes, sir, they're clear.



What's he talking about?



Bailiff, l want you

to switch the juries.



Your Honour, l object!






What did you tell him?



l told him his name was

in the ledger, too.



His name wasn't in the ledger!



Wait a second! ls this the law?.

What's goin' on here?



- You're out of order.

- What's goin' on?



- l think...

- Do somethin' here.



What do l look like to you?

Do somethin'!






Your Honour, we'd like to withdraw

our plea of Not Guilty,



and enter a plea of Guilty.



- Guilty?.

- Order in the court!






Bailiff! Bailiff!



Bailiff, clear the courtroom!






Your Honour!

ls that justice?



Please, why did he switch the jury?.



Are you gonna go

after the organisation?



Excuse me.



l'm askin' Your Honour,

is this justice?



ls this justice?



Never stop fighting

till the fight is done.



What did you say?.



l said, never stop fighting

till the fight is done.



- What?

- You heard me, Capone. lt's over.



You're nothin'

but a lot of talk and a badge.



Here endeth the lesson.



You're nothin'

but a lot of talk and a badge!



You're nothin'

but a lot of talk and a badge!



So much violence.



Cleaning up a little.



l guess this is goodbye.



Goodbye, George.



l want to...thank you for this.



No. Thank you.



Mr Ness... l think he would have

wanted you to have that.



He'd have wanted a cop to have it.



l'm going home.



Mr Ness!

Any comment for the record?



'The man who put

Al Capone on the spot.'



l just happened to be there

when the wheel went round.



They say they're going

to repeal prohibition.



- What will you do then?

- l think l'll have a drink.

Special help by SergeiK