Urban Legends: Blood Mary Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Urban Legends: Blood Mary script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the straight to DVD movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Urban Legends: Blood Mary. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Urban Legends: Blood Mary Script





- I don't know.

- Seriously, I don't think...



This is stupid.



God, Grace.



Thank you, it's beautiful.






You look great.



How did Dawn take the news?

The break-up and all.



She'll get over it.



Don't you move. Be right back.



Time for the girls

to get a little shut-eye.



This one's for the hippie chick.

Oh, yeah.



Thank you.



Here you go.



Sorry. I was so thirsty.



Everyone is staring at us.



You are so much more beautiful

than you think you are.



You want to go someplace

more comfortable?



You want to go someplace?



I didn't even know the door

was there.



- All right, here we go.

- I don't feel well.



Let me go. Stop.



Mary, help.



What's going on?



Do you think he would

ever touch you?









- Get her! She's sober. She'll squeal.

- Willy, get up, man.



Come on, Mary!









Mary! Mary!






Come on, Mary.



We're just having some fun.



- Let's just talk.

- Get away from me.






Come on.



It's gonna be all right. Your friends

are okay. It's all right, it's okay.



It's just a little prank.



Come on.



Let's go check on your friends.



You stupid bitch!









Oh, shit.



Oh, shit.



I'm sorry.



Oh, shit.



Oh, shit.



There you are.



Where's the girl?



I don't know. I thought she

was in here, but she's not.



- Shit.

- She probably passed out somewhere.



Come on, we gotta find her.



That was over    years ago,

but her rotting body is still there...



...waiting to be discovered.









No, it's true. I swear to God. My mom

told me in complete confidence.



Well, complete confidence...



...doesn't mean much when

you drink vodka like it's water.



Shut up.



- Stop it!

- So you don't think it's unhealthy...



...for them to stay home

on their own homecoming?



Not everybody wants to

be homecoming queen.



It didn't hurt me.



You're right.



- And I only wish I could've been there.

- No, you were too old and serious.



Thanks a lot.



That story doesn't make any sense.



I mean, why don't the girls stick

up for themselves? I don't get it.



Maybe if you weren't always speaking

out, like in the school newspaper...



...maybe we'd have dates

to the homecoming dance.



Okay, so you changed your mind.



You think it's fair football players

get academic credit...



...for going to practice?



You shouldn't have published

the picture with the article.



They took the picture as a joke. You

published it out of context, without...



Guys. I've got another ghost story.



That wasn't a ghost story, Mindy.

It's an urban legend.



An urban legend is a made-up story

people keep telling as if it was true.



Like the guy who eats Pop Rocks...



...drinks soda

and his stomach explodes.



Like that bullshit about Mindy's

brother's camp counselor...



...getting his arm stuck in a soda

machine, and it falls on top of him.



That wasn't bullshit.



And it was a candy machine.



- Oh, and like Bloody Mary.

- Who's that?



Supposedly, if you go into

the bathroom and turn off the lights...



...and chant "Bloody Mary" three times

into the mirror, she appears.



Her face is like a corpse.

And if you look at her, well...



...then you have to turn the lights

back on before she drags you in.



In where?



I don't know. In the mirror?



I heard she'll haunt you forever.



That's not even a real urban legend.

That's just like that movie Candyman.



- Well, my story was real.

- As real as your mother's new tits.



What's the first thing you'll do

when you're mayor?



- I haven't won yet.

- But you will.



A lot can happen, so...



But so far...



- What's going on in there?

- I don't know.



Well, the first thing I'm gonna do

is propose a   p.m. Curfew...



...on all teenage girls.



I'll keep them off the streets,

keep them safe.



Keep them virgins.



I'm afraid that might be too late.



Bloody Mary.



Bloody Mary.



Bloody Mary.



Who is it?









So, David, you're back early.

Shouldn't you be at the dance?



- I'm sure it's still going on.

- Oh, yeah. Well...



I was there long enough

not to see any of you.



We didn't want to go that

stupid popularity contest.



And why is that?

Oh, because you couldn't get dates?



Yep, that's exactly what happened.

Football team put us on the blacklist.



We could've gone.



We just preferred to stay here

and have some female bonding.



Hey, Mindy. Nice.



- Shut up.

- David!



Oh, and just so you guys

get it right...



... Candyman ripped off Bloody Mary

in the first place.



Not the other way around.



How long was your brother

outside listening to us?



- Long enough to masturbate.

- Not long at all, then.






So how was it?



Just like yours, I'm sure.



You didn't wake up naked in Tijuana.



Just because there's a dead

Mexican hooker in my room...



...doesn't mean I went to Mexico.



Oh, Bill drank all my lemonade.



David, be nice. You know, and you

could call him "Dad" once in a while.



Never happen.



But I still call you "Mom."



Mom, I need     bucks.



Do me a favor.

Go wake up the girls.



All right. Just because you own me,

it doesn't mean I'm your slave.



- Go.

- Yeah.



They're already gone.



She's never done this before.

I mean, this is so unusual for her.



- I have to call Sheriff McKenna.

- Okay.



Yeah, Sheriff McKenna.



It's Bill Owens.



Any word, anything?



We're doing all we can.

You have to understand...



... they're not officially

missing for    hours.



- Yeah, but they are missing.

- Hello.



That's it, nothing? All right, well,

you just stay on top of this.



All right, look, when

do we call in the FBI?



Our hands are tied.

We'll do all we can locally.



Officially missing for    hours.



But they are missing.



Right this way, sheriff.



- Sheriff. Thanks for coming.

- Hi, Bill.



- I appreciate it.

- No problem.



The mountain gorilla.



An endangered species native

to Central Africa. Mountain gorillas...



...live in groups...



...ruled by a dominant male...



...which determines

the group's daily activities...



...and enforces

a very strict social order.



The silverback.



Do you think Samantha

and her friends are okay?






- And consume    times

their weight in food annually.



I just spoke to Sheriff McKenna,

and he's got all his men out searching.



- They're gonna find her.

- Sure, that's easy for you to say.



She's just your stepdaughter.









Oh, my God!



Oh, my God.



They all say the same thing.

They woke up in the basement...



...of the abandoned old mill

on the other side of the state park.



The door was locked.

Well, that's what they said.



What do you mean?



Well, we're gonna check it out.

They don't remember anything.



Other than that, they're fine. Weren't

harmed or mistreated, nothing.



We ran blood tests and found

traces of Rohypnol in their system.



It's a date-rape drug.



You don't have to worry about that.

We ran medical tests.



They were not abused in that way.



So, what do you think?



Well, it could be the girls' idea

of a practical joke.



You know, for attention.



What happened?



What happened? What's wrong?



What's wrong?

What happened to you?



My mom says that it's all a stunt.

That they did it to themselves.



Samantha will write a story

about it for the paper.



Some people have no boundaries.



Some people need to mind

their own fucking business.



The girls are back.



They were in science class.



Took them long enough.



You'd think twins would have

some kind of sixth sense...



...like I'd know what happened to you.



We're fraternal, not identical.



How you holding up?



It was Buck and his friends,

wasn't it?



He told us they just wanted to talk.



You are butt-white.



- Hey, Roger.

- What?



You need to spend some more time

at that tanning salon.



Hey, girls dig it, man.



He doesn't go to that salon

to go tanning.



He goes to hook up with that chick.



- The one with the big tits.

- Oh, yeah.






- What's up?

- Come here. Come here, check it out.



What? Oh, yeah.



I know it was you. All of you.

I know it was all of you.



What did your sister...?



We don't know what

you're talking about.



We were at the dance all night.

Ask our dates.



- Get out of here, loser.

- You little punk.



- Yeah. Get out of here.

- Get out of here, man.



- Get lost.

- You're not gonna get away with this.



- Whatever.

- Oh, I'm scared.



- Come on, get out of here.

- That's what I thought.



- Bye-bye.

- See you.



- We got a problem.

- This is not a problem at all.



Those bitches,

they won't say anything.



Yeah. Take Buck's advice.



What did you get

on your SATs, Buck? Seven hundred?






What's that supposed to mean?



You're such an asshole.



She needs to relax.



See you later, mama's boy.



Shut up. Shut up.



No way. Shut up.



Yeah. Totally. Shut up.



She did not. No way.



Oh, my God. He's here.

I gotta let you go.



Hi, Roger.



Hi, Betsy. I hope it's okay

I just showed up.



Don't worry about it.

I'm, like, the only one here.



I just wanna catch some sun.



Lay on the bed a little bit,

get my groove on.



Then maybe I could get

some of your sunshine.






How long do you want it?



Just leave it on low.

I'm gonna relax for a bit.



I'll get out when I'm done.



I'll be ready.



Totally. Like, yeah, I saw it.



He is so hot.



Yeah, totally. Most people go nude.






Yeah. Totally.



No. Totally.









Shut up.



Help! Betsy!



Yes way. My past.

I could be president.



What time is it?



Oh, shit. Roger!



Oh, shit.



Roger! Roger! Roger!



- Amen.

- Amen.



Peace be with you.



Thank you, Father.









- Hey.

- Hey.



I brought you homework you might

have missed when you were gone.



I saw how Buck was looking

at David at the funeral.



Heather, you know that David had

nothing to do with Roger's accident.









...I know that things have

been difficult for us.



It was so much easier

when we were kids.



God, Sam, we were so close.

What happened to us?



It's funny you should say that.






Because it sounds like it came

from a TV movie, that's why.



Look, what happened to you was

just a little payback prank...



...and I had nothing to do with it.



The guys didn't mean

to go so far...



...but they were pissed off

you published that photo.



Just a prank?



They drugged us,

and who knows what they did to us...



...after they locked us up.

I sure as hell don't.



How hard was it

to crawl out the window?



That's not the point, Heather.



Look, Sam, there's more.






- This has all happened before.

- What do you mean?



We'll talk about it tomorrow.



Make sure and do

your history homework.



I'm sorry.



She brought me my homework.



She felt bad. She was cool about it.



Damn it.



- You sure you don't want a ride?

- No, I'm good. Thanks.



























Oh, my God!



Unit    we have a    ...



What's going on?



What happened?



Sam, what...? Sam, talk to me.

What's going on?



Ashes to ashes...



...and dust to dust.



She was in bed. How could they

be crawling out of her face?



I think it's really sick, though.



They were coming out of her face.



Now, I'm sure you've all noticed the

new security precautions on campus.



Every effort is being made

to keep our students safe.



Now, Principal Rosetti

has asked me to remind everyone...



Samantha, dear.



Is something the matter?






Well, as I was saying...



...students who need to speak to

a counselor should tell their advisor.



So how was school today, honey?



I saw a ghost in science class.



Do you really think

that he did it to himself?



Roger Dalton was dumb...



...but don't you think that he would

wake up before he cooked his ass?



What are you saying?



I'm asking if you really think there's

nothing more to our friends dying.



Heather dropped some acid and

just ripped her face off like a mask?



Of course not.



She didn't even drink,

let alone do drugs.



There's something wrong

in our little town, and it has a name.



- Owens.

- David?



Both of them.

They were there both times.



Jesus, Buck.






So, what are we gonna do?



Your dad still have

those emergency gas cans?



Get them.



And meet me behind the park

at midnight.



I don't know about this, Buck.



Come on. Scaring the girls

is one thing, but...









I'll be there in   .



Holy shit, this guy's dick

is smoking. Hey, McKenna...



...better check your beer bottle tonight.



Did you ever hear the story about

a guy who was drinking a beer...



...and found a finger in the bottle?

Look at this.



Someone cut his ring finger off.



- Wild.

- Will you stop with that crap?



That finger is probably

some coyote's lunch.



Yeah, we got EMTs on the scene.



Worthington High School classes

have been cancelled today.



Another student from that school

was found dead.



Although drunk and driving...



... early reports suggest electrocution

as the cause of death.



Tom Higgins,

a varsity football player...



There's something else

going on here.



Heather left this in my

American history book the other night.



I think someone sent this

to Heather as a warning.



This is the same thing

that happened to you.



Only I'm still alive.






Read the other one.



"Professor at Alpine University kills

students using urban legends as m.o."



Wait, you think there's

a copycat killer...



...that's killing our friends.



No, I just think that Heather

was trying to tell me something.



I need your help to figure it out.



Well, it's about time you asked.



Mary Banner lived here in Utah.

She went to Worthington High.



It says the other two girls

returned home unharmed.



They should still be alive.

See if you can find it online.



Are you smoking crack? This is

dial-up. Let's use the school database.



- School's closed today.

- I have keys to the newspaper office.






Let's just get down there

and finish this.



Wait, wait, go back.



- There.

- Wow, déjà vu.



"The two girls,

seniors at Worthington High...



...refused to press charges

against unknown assailants."



Why no names?



Got them. Gina Lotnick,    Mary

Banner,    and Grace Taylor,   .



Where are they now?



Oh, that's from '  .



"Local resident Gina Lotnick

died this morning...



...of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.



Miss Lotnick was one of the victims in

the homecoming kidnapping in     ...



...of which there are no suspects.



Mary Banner, another victim, was

never found and presumed dead."



- Who was the other girl?

- Grace Taylor.



"The only remaining survivor

of that fateful night is Grace Taylor."



Hey, got it. It's not that far

from our house.






Hey, Coach Jacoby.



What are you kids up to?



Oh, nothing.

Just some extra credit, you know.



The school's closed.



And that goes for your newspaper.



You're gonna have to leave.



- Now.

- All right, cool. Thanks, coach.



- Hey.

- I just feel like I'm cracking up.



I know it's tough, but we shouldn't

blame this on a bunch of ghost stories.



I don't know what to believe.



These just seem

like awfully big coincidences.



They're odd, I'll give you that.



They're either accidents,

or there's a killer out there.



There's no ghost.



But there is something.



I mean, there's something connecting

this to what happened to me...



...to those girls in '  .



We're gonna find out what it is.



Grace Taylor is gonna tell us.



- This is it?

- Yeah, it's groovy.



Come on.



Power to the people.

Free Angela Davis. What's up?



Hi, I'm Sam,

and this is my brother, David.



- So?

- So we wanted to talk to you.



Miss Taylor,

we wanted to talk to you...



...about what happened

at homecoming    years ago.



Power to the people.



Right on.



You take your shoes off.



Have a seat, kiddies.

You want some tea?



- No, thank you.

- Penicillin?



Oh, yeah, we would love some...






So, what do you kiddies

want to know about that night?



Well, we were hoping

you could tell us everything.



"Professor at Alpine University

kills his own students...



...using urban legends as his m.o."



There were five of them,

including that devil bitch, Dawn.



Gina and I were tricked, drugged and

left    miles from home in the woods...



...all because we didn't

worship them like the rest.



Everyone said that we

just got wasted and passed out.



No one wanted to cop to the truth.



That happened to me too.



I know. I read it in the papers.



But you all came back in one piece.

My best friend...



...never came home.



Get that.



- It's Mary.

- What is?



The murders.



It's Mary Banner.

Looks like urban legend, but it's Mary.



- But she's dead, isn't she?

- Oh, she's dead, all right.



But her energy, her life force,

is very strong.



Always was.



You kids know that nothing ever dies,

don't you?



It just changes form, you know, like

water into ice into water into steam...



...into water into ice, you dig?



Wait, so you're saying...



...a ghost is killing these kids.



But that doesn't make any sense.

Why would she be killing us?



Why not just go after the people

who actually did this to her?



The children will always suffer

the sins of their fathers.



Your friend Heather had a devil-bitch

mother by the name of Dawn.



Well, Mary wants revenge on

the five people who took her youth...



...so she's taking their children.



That's where she's starting.

Who knows where she'll stop.



She has always had to have her way.



Come on, you're not buying this,

are you?



Miss Taylor...



...we need to know the names

of the boys who did this to you...



...and to Mary.



Oh, baby.



I can barely remember

how to tie my shoes...



...let alone the names of our dates.



But they were all

on the football team.



This is ridiculous.



- I cannot believe you believe her.

- I can't believe you don't.



This is as bad as when

you thought there was a vampire...



...living under the porch.

- I'm starting to wonder if I was right.






Heather's mom went to Worthington,

so we can assume she was involved...



...along with Roger's

and Tom's dads.



So we have to figure out

who's next, probably Buck.



Sam, Mary Banner

isn't killing people. She's dead.



It's more likely that Grace Taylor

is doing this.



Look at these.



- Did you steal these?

- Yeah, just look at them.



The handwriting is just like on

the envelope that was sent to Heather.



Grace sent the clippings to Heather.



This is how Heather died.



I saw the spiders,

but no one believed me.



This one's a girl, but the

same thing happened to Roger.



Oh, God.



They're all coming true.



Oh, God. We have to find Buck.



He won't be hard to find.

Let's get out of here.



- Buck, we need to talk to you.

- What?



You gonna write about me

in the newspaper?



- No, I just think that...

- Come on.



I'm sorry that we played

a stupid fucking joke...



...on you and your friends.



But did Roger and Tom

and Heather deserve to die for it?



Do you honestly think

I could kill someone...



...over a stupid, asshole jock prank?



Look, Buck...



...do you know about the kidnappings

at Worthington High in     ?



That was something that he did

when he was young.



It's like a rite of passage.



- Wait, you're talking about your dad?

- Yeah.



My dad was pissed about the picture

you put in the paper. And the article.



He told me about how he

and his friends would have handled it.



So Coach Jacoby was one

of the boys...



...involved in the kidnappings?

The Mary Banner case?



Yeah, but he didn't hurt her.



He didn't even know

what happened to her.



She just disappeared.



She didn't die like Heather did.



Buck, I'm sorry.



All right, come on,

we gotta get out of here.



Let's go. We gotta get

the heck out of Dodge.



I'm worried about Buck.



Well, he's a source of worry,

I agree.



I think that Buck's dad killed Mary

Banner. I think he's lying to Buck.



Oh, and I'm sure you got this info

directly from Mary Banner.



Well, I saw Coach Jacoby

at her grave after Roger's funeral.



Wait a minute.



You think Coach Jacoby had

something to do with these murders?



No, I mean, not directly.

I just think that...



What? You were gonna

say something.



This might sound strange,

but I think...



She thinks that the ghost

of Mary Banner is killing people.



Guys, if either of you have information,

real information...



...you better stop fooling around

and tell me.



- Just like that.

- Oh, baby.



You're so nasty.



- Yeah, that's it.

- Spank me.



That's it. Oh, yeah.



- So good.

- You love it.



Oh, yeah.



- So big.

- Come on.



- Right there. Right there.

- Yeah.






Damn it.









What the hell?



Holy shit.



Oh, Jesus, Chewy,

did you eat another skunk?



- That's right.

- Oh, God.



Don't stop. Don't stop.



Come on. Right there.



You like it, huh?



Hey, don't look now,

but Coach Jacoby's crying.



- Maybe something happened to Buck.

- Maybe someone cut his kidneys out.



- Hey.

- Long time no see, Sam.



Have you guys seen Buck?



- Have we seen Buck?

- Yeah, his dad looks really upset.



Yeah, well, Buck got himself

good and killed last night.



Yeah, I heard he got crushed

under a vending machine.



He tried to snag some free chips,

and then smash.



Did your mother drink

while she was pregnant?



In the news,

they said he got his throat cut...



...by a prostitute

in some sleazy motel.



Wait. Buck's dead?



Maybe you shouldn't be

so concerned with his well-being.



He certainly wasn't concerned

with ours.



Four down. One to go.



Are you still looking for clues?



God, you were fat.



Did you know that Grandpa was bald?



Guess you can kiss

your hairline goodbye.



Yeah, and Grandma has a moustache.



I think Heather was trying

to tell me something.



We know that her mom

was one of the people involved...



...in Mary Banner's disappearance.



Why don't we ask Heather's mom

who the other boys were.



Yeah, and then what?



And then we'll know who's left

on Mary Banner's hit list.



Sam, I appreciate

your community spirit...



...but most people

in this town don't.



- Most people think...

- I'm one bolt short of a nutcase.



That I should have been

drowned at birth.



Yeah, in that general direction.



Where are you going?



We need to talk to the police,

but we need evidence.



I'm going back to see Grace.



Oh, that's smart,

walk straight into the jaws of death.



I don't think she's the killer anymore.

She's afraid to leave her house.



But I think she knows

who the killer is.



- Okay, call me.

- Yeah.









...are you here?



Shit! You scared me to death.



What are you doing in my house,

X-Man? How did you get in?



- The door was open.

- Oh, yeah.



For the cats.



You're lucky.



You almost got sprayed

with bug spray. Hit.



What do you want? Spit it out.



I really need you to tell me

the name of the football players...



...who abducted you

all those years ago.



Please, Grace.



I wouldn't tell then, I won't tell now.



Did anyone ever tell you

that you look exactly like Foxy Brown?



That's smooth, brother.



Very smooth.



You know...



...anyone who wanted to could have

found out who those boys were...



...just by looking at the pictures

in the school archive.



In the archives?



Right on, Gracie. Thank you.



Damn it.



Oh, my God!



Willy. Willy!






Don't leave me in here, Willy.









There's Grace.



Where's Mary?



Hello, Mary.



Who's your date?



There he is.



Holy shit.



No. No, stop.



Leave me alone. No.



Leave me alone!






Grace, you need to get a phone

that works.



Grace, please.






What does Mary want with me?



Mary's visited you too, huh?



Find her.



Find her and bury her.



But I saw her grave.



You saw a tombstone, baby girl.

She's not buried there.



Gina and I looked for her

for years.



Nobody ever found her body.



She could be anywhere.



I think I know where she is.



I hope this is what you want.









Hey, it's the Owens.

Leave a message.



David, are you there?



David, if you're there,

pick up the phone.






I think I know where the body is.



I know... I know you think

I'm crazy, but...



This is the one piece of evidence

that we need to bring it to the cops.



When you get this message,

meet me at the school, okay?



You have my keys.



Meet me at the side door.



I forgot to tell you.



Your brother went over

to the school.



Great. He has my keys.



You're just gonna have

to take me in your car.



No way.



I have not been back there

since homecoming,     .



Please. I would take my bike,

but it'll take me too long.



No, I can't!



Look at me.









You have to promise me that you

will bury her when you find her.






David, open the door!



- David!

- Shit.



David, open the door!






I saw someone in there.



- Was it Mary?

- I don't know.






I'm gonna climb through the window.



I'll go around and open

the door for you.



No, hey, I'm cool.

I'll wait in the van.



Oh, damn.






Grace, I got her.



Grace, wake up.



Shit. I found her, Grace.



Grace, I really need your help.



Grace. Shit.



Damn, that's some chronic. Shit.






Oh, no.



Oh, Grace.



Are you okay?



Oh, shit.






Oh, no.



Oh, my God.



Oh, fuck.



- Hello?

- Bill.



- Bill, thank God.

- Sam, where are you?



- I'm at the cemetery.

- Calm down... Sweetie.



- Your mother... Sam, what's going on?

- What?



I can't hear you. You're in a what?



- I can't hear you.

- Where are you?



I'm at the cemetery.



Fuck. Fucking cell phones.






Thank God you're here.

I really need your help.



All right, just calm down

and tell me what's going on.



I found the body.

Now I have to bury it.



Mary Banner's body.



I finally found it, and now

she wants me to bury the corpse.



Here, sweetheart, I got it.



This ground's frozen.



Okay, I just don't want you

to worry about this.



I'll take care of it.



Everything will be fine.



Did you hear that?



That might be Coach Jacoby.



Don't worry about him.

I can take care of him.



Does anybody else

know about this body?



No, just me and David.



Did you say anything

to your mom?






Someone, help!



Someone, help me!



- Did you tell your mom?

- No.



- Help!

- You leave her alone!



Get out of here, baby! Go on!



Willy Owens.



You're gonna go down.



You wait until the city council

hears about this.






Come on, sweetheart, I don't want

to hurt you. I just wanna talk.






I'm sorry I hit you.



L... I have a problem with anger

management, but I'm okay now.



What's gonna happen

to your mother if I go to jail?



Because she won't have

David anymore...



...because David is dead.



You're crazy!



What the...?









Far out.



No one is ever gonna believe us.






Follow the tracks down the hill.



Hey, now.



- I fall asleep again?

- Yep.






You mean "punk."



They're saying he died

of a heart attack.



I guess something must have

scared his butt real bad.



You gonna be okay?



I guess this will just be

another ghost story.



Something to talk about around

campfires and slumber parties.



Baby girl,

you're the urban legend now.



A decades-old mystery

was finally solved last night...



...when police discovered the body

of mayoral candidate Bill Owens...



...dead of a heart attack

while apparently attempting...



...to dispose of the remains

of Mary Banner...



...a local girl who disappeared

over 30 years ago.



While police refuse to confirm it,

a source tells us...



...that it was Owens

who was actually responsible...



...for Banner's death on that

fateful homecoming night in  1969.


Special help by SergeiK