The Vanishing Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Vanishing script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the George Sluizer movie (Spoorloos).  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Vanishing. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Vanishing Script



- Rocklobster! - Reindeer!

Animals with a "C".






- Two "C"s. I'll start. - I'll start!

Let's get off the highway...

see some local color.

Only if you drive.

What is it?

I'm just looking at the gas meter.

Just look in your mirror.

If you sat behind the wheel, you'd see the meter better.


There's one tree.

A tree.

Unbelievable! Another one tree.

Peel an orange for me.

Well, so much for your "local color."

My nightmare. I had it again last night.

That you're inside a golden egg and you can't get out,

and you float all alone through space forever.

Yes, the loneliness is unbearable.

No. This time there was another golden egg flying through space.

And if we were to collide, it'd all be over.

Rex, what's that?

- Gasoline. - No, no, no!

Take it easy. I know it's my fault.

This is really dangerous.

- Calm down. - Is the warning light on?

There's no warning light in this car.

See what happens when you don't listen to me?

Don't panic, dammit!

What got us here doesn't matter. We just have to get out.

- And if you get hysterical... - I'm not hysterical!

I'm scared.

The golden egg...

This is no time to talk about dreams.

We have to get out of here. C'mon!

Nobody can see us. We're gonna be run over.

The flashlight! I brought one.

- What flashlight? - I packed one.

Christ! A car's gonna plow over us any minute!

I have to find the flashlight.

C'mon, godammit!

Don't touch me! You go.

Saskia, you won't find the flashlight in this mess.

I'm going.

Rex wait! I'll find it!

Rex, don't leave me here alone!

You can't leave me here alone!

Rex, wait!

That way. has only to be better than his opponent...

- Good day, sir. What'll it be? - Fill it up, please. And this too.

If you want, we can go back to Amsterdam.

I'm sorry about earlier.

I didn't know what to do.

Still, I shouldn't have left you alone.

- I also have gas in the bidon. - What?

The jerry can.

I love you.

In the tunnel,

when you called for me, I felt I loved you more than ever.

I hated you.

We're going to have a wonderful holiday,

together in my little house.

Well, what are we waiting for?

I have to go to the ladies' room first.

Okay, I'll wait for you over there.

...and here comes the bunch with Delgado, Bernaudeau...

...and Hinault in front...

Here you go. 300 francs, please.

- Here. - Thanks.

Move on, please.

Rex, catch!

A frisbee for 13.50 francs? What on earth for?

You've been driving all this time. It's good for stiffness.

From the girl who loves roses. Especially when they come in 8!

- But I don't smoke. - You can give me a light!

What did I do?

May I still go on vacation?

Two conditions.

And they are...?

That I drive to Bois Vieux.

You'd give a key ring this ugly to a lovely lady like me?

Yes, yes, yes. And the second condition?

Counting trees.

5... 6... 7... 8...

Fignon is climbing in a very fluid style...

Fignon, yes, Fignon is engaging Herrera and Dietzen.

He's flanking Hinault. Fignon's climbing very smoothly...

...and we're right there with him.

Hinault's been left behind...

Now he's paying for his repeated attacks all the way up.

Fignon... uh, Fignon... pardon...

masters the situation with supreme confidence...

Hinault's gained distance... I'm tripping over my words...

he's leading... Fantastic!

Hinault, Fignon, Herrera, Dietzen... in the rear Millar.

Hinault's suffering, but his champion of Brittany

has life in him yet.

It's anybody's game.

An important chapter in the history of the Tour...

is unfolding before our eyes.

I, me, Rex Hofman

I, Rex Hofman...

swear that the wonderful...

swear the wonderful...

exquisite and sweet...

exquisite and...

almost always sweet...

the always sweet Saskia Wagter...

the always sweet Saskia Wagter...

will never be abandoned by me.

will never be abandoned by me.

I'll keep them. So I can get used to them.

Stop exaggerating.

Let's grab something to drink, then I'll drive to Bois Vieux.

Want me to go and buy something?

No, it's on me.

- Want a beer? - Sounds good. Got any money?

I'm exaggerating again. Who on earth has to get used to car keys?

- Have a good trip, you guys. - Thanks. Same to you.




...Hinault's really suffering. He's been passed by Herrera,

who's finished this last ascent in the lead,

and by Fignon who's on his way to winning

the yellow jersey of the Tour, 1984...

Fignon, who's just caught up with Hinault...

has now overtaken him in the final stretch!


- Saskia! - Get out of the way!

- I'm looking for my wife. - You can't stand here.

Sir, that's not the men's room.


- I can't find my wife. - This isn't the ladies' room.

Sir, customers aren't allowed here.

Miss. Excuse me. Miss?

I'm looking for my wife.

She came to buy a beer and a Coke.

She's got reddish hair with little...

She's wearing white jeans and a yellow jersey.

Fignon has the yellow jersey.

You mean a yellow top.

Yeah, with gold thread.

Wait, I've got a photo.

Here you go.

- Yeah, I've seen her. - When?

About... half an hour ago.

She was by the coffee machine.

The coffee machine? But...

she wanted something cold.

She was by the coffee machine and came over to get change.

But was she alone or talking to somebody?

You know how many folks come through here everyday? 10,000.

And they're all strangers.

Excuse me, have you seen this woman?

Yes, I saw her leaving with a man a few minutes ago.

- Minutes? - About 15 minutes ago.

Your girl was leaving the shop with a drink in each hand.

A Coke and a beer.

Was she alone or with someone?

All alone... I think... I dunno.

- And then? - Then I did an oil change...

But where'd you see her last?

At that door, over there.

If she was here with the cans, then she was on her way back.

So, she must have seen me.

Which means I could also see her.

The Polaroid!

Look! Here she is.

Here, the little red dot.

See? It's her. It can't be anyone else.

And there's somebody here, beside her.

We've got to find him.

A cyclist isn't just a pair of legs...

He's got a head... You've gotta be able to think...

The bikes!

Yes, this Jean-Paul Brouchon says: It's a duel between 2 men...


We're tempted to say, at the end of this 17th day of the Tour...

Mr.Hofman, believe me, I'm taking you seriously.

You know very well that you didn't fight with your wife,

but how do you expect the police to know that?

She's disappeared, right?

Your wife's only been gone a few hours.

To them, it's just a domestic quarrel.

Imagine if they had to investigate every time...

If she's not back by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow,

you can get them to open a case.

Tomorrow morning's too late.

We have to do something now!

She might have been kidnapped.

He must've left a clue somewhere.

Listen, in the morning I'll...

You listen! We don't have to wait for the police.

She was by the coffee machine, she was talking to someone.

If he got coffee,

he must have left his prints on a coin.

We have to keep an eye on all that change 'til the police get here.

You can't be serious!

That's absurd.

- Tomorrow morning... - Sir...


Careful! That doesn't look very steady.

I'm not surprised, this is an old dump.

Denise, you're unbelievable! If your grandma heard you...

As a reward for your patience with me, look what I've brought.

Ah... Gaby, get the corkscrew from the drawer, please.


Such adorable, lovable animals. And so useful too.

That was a really beautiful scream! Let's hear it again.

I can do it louder.

And mommy?

How's the house coming along?

We're doing our best.

Why don't you cut more trees down? You'll get more sunlight.

And thieves too.

When one has a beautiful house, it's never for oneself alone.

Tell me, Mr.Laurent, I was here yesterday with my wife and kids...

- I'm not sure if you noticed...? - No.

Because as we drove up, we thought we heard screams

coming from my place.

- Did you hear anything? - No, not a thing.

- You going to Nimes? - Yes.


I'm with a friend.

Yes, I see.

Listen, you're scam artists. I'm not.

There's space for two, but I stopped for her and her alone.

So, see ya!

I'll do it in the blink of an eye.

Let's see...

12cc is equal to...

How much do I have...?

Yes, 18 minutes, 54 seconds.

18 minutes, 54 seconds is equal to...

17 miles, more or less.

That leaves me a margin of 3 or 4 minutes.

That's not bad.

Not bad.

Good day, madam.

What a coincidence!

You may as well get in my car.


It's a little small...

Madam. Yes, like this.

Well. I'll start over.

What a coincidence!

You may as well get in my car.



And here!

Excuse me.

Why'd you do that?

Because I love you. See?

No, I mean the lock.

Didn't you read about that girl in the paper?

She fell out of a car on the highway recently.

That's terrible! Is she dead?

Come now, think about it.

The tar, cars traveling at high speeds...

Of course she's dead.

Daddy, do you have a mistress?

Don't be so shocked.

At your age you're allowed to, right?

At the house at St. Come. I'm not dumb.

Excuse me. The Prisunic drug store...?

The Prisunic? What a coincidence, I'm heading there myself.

I can take you;

make the best of your luck!

Yes, but... I think I'd rather walk.

You're right. It's a beautiful day.

So... the Prisunic... go down the avenue,

and to your right. It's in front of the square.

3:42 p.m.

Pulse rate: 90.

The euphoria of victory in this royal display...

Zoetemelk at 76 and 79, Kuilper at 77 and 78,

Winnen at 81 and 83 to carry on the Dutch tradition.

- Is there someone else? - No.


Don't you want to know why I asked?

If it wasn't me who was going there, I'd see it the same way.

All the time I seem to spend at St. Come, all the mileage I do...

But Simone, I love you.

And I love our two daughters.

And without a doubt, I'm the last Frenchman who can be proud

of having known only one woman in his life.

It's the mileage.

It's 8 miles from here to the house. 16 roundtrip.

Lately, you've been averaging 31 miles a day.

I used to dream of having a wife who loved numbers.

Well, here she is.


Denise. Go to your room.

The house at St. Come is like a passion.

Because it's perfect, it has become a passion.

You start with an idea in your head.

And you take a step... then a second...

Soon, you realize you're up to your neck in something intense,

but that doesn't matter.

You keep at it for the sheer pleasure of it.

For the pure satisfaction it might bring you.

And that, my dear... that can't be measured in miles.

Today, the 140 survivors of the Tour enter their final week...

Excuse me, madam, I'm looking for the Prisunic...?

You going by car?

Aren't you Mr.Lemorne from Nimes?

Don't you recognize me?

Gisele Marzin.

I know your daughter Gabrielle very well. I was her volleyball coach.

Oh, yes... of course.

We often met at the games.

Do you come to Remoulins a lot?

I'm sorry, I'm in a hurry.

I'm sorry, I'm in a hurry.

We could have a quick coffee. Just for 5 minutes.

No, I really am in a rush.


the Prisunic...

Take the highway in any direction. I was just there. It's full of foreigners.

Stop at any gas station, you'll find hundreds of women,

and there's no danger of being recognized.

It's Laurent Fignon in the lead.

He's become the favorite...

very demanding... the best, surely.

The Fignon/Hinault duel is getting more intense... fact, on this day, it's not a question of finesse...

She's never there.

I'll see her mother next week.


That guy and his posters again.

What guy?

Try to remember. We've already argued about this.

We argue about everything...

At Martinez's, you wanted to crucify anyone who kidnapped young girls.

I even asked, "What if I'd done it?" You laughed in my face!

Ah yes, the Dutch girl. And so?

Nothing. I admire his perseverance.

You mean his obsession. 3 years...

Exactly. I don't get it. He's some guy.

Good glue, isn't it?

Yeah, it's a good glue.

Sometimes I imagine she's alive.

Somewhere far away. She's very happy.

And then, I have to make a choice.

Either I let her go on living and never know,

or I let her die and find out what happened.

So... I let her die.

I don't feel like being part of a menage a trois.


Good morning, sir. A Perrier, please.

A Perrier, sure.

Excuse me, sir.

- You know a Montmejean? - Yeah, me.

- What? - I'm Mr.Montmejean.

- Ah, all right... Thank you. - A Perrier.

I want to see you. September 13th. 3:00 p.m.

Cafe Des Beaux Arts, Nimes.


He's watching me. I can feel it.

I think he's a lunatic.

If he's really involved, he wouldn't put himself in such danger.

This is the fifth time he's made me run after him,

and it's always within 62 miles of that gas station.

He's building up courage.

He knows I could've seen him then, and that I might recognize him now.

And then?

No idea.

Know what I'm afraid of?

That he'll stop sending postcards.

What if he's dead?

Then I'll never know.

You won't ever know.

He's playing with you. He's followed the story through the papers,

and wants to see how far you'll go.

He just needs to send a postcard and you obey him.

He's having a blast.

We'll see.

Quarter to four.

Shall we go?

Let him go to hell.

- He's here. Saskia was... - Saskia's gone, Rex. She's gone.

Show this nutcase, or whatever he is, that you're not interested anymore.

And if you want to do something meaningful in your life,

come lie with me in the sun. And do nothing.

If Saskia were here now, I'd still go with you.

But if it were possible to really choose,

I'd rather be at that gas station... 3 years ago.


Where do you want to go?

To Anduze, Bois Vieux.

I've never been there.

Then it's time you went.

I've had enough of your "sacred places."

There might be people up there.

Crocodile... chameleon... caterpillar...

Here we are.

Golden egg... golden egg...

What egg?

Saskia! Saskia!

Come on! Come on!

Here I am!

Rex Hofman!

Come on!

Come and show yourself.

Hey, piss off, man!

Come and show yourself!

What's all this crap about?

You finished, you prick?

Yes! I'm here, Rex Hofman!

Don't you get it? Do I have to come down there?

Come and show yourself!

Last equation: benzoic acid...

plus NH2...


30 seconds.






- Where are you standing? - Next to the fountain.

In this crowded square in Arles, there might be a murderer.

You might see him, but you won't realize it.

He's just another face in the crowd.

A gripping situation which Mr.Hofman

has experienced 5 times.

Daddy, look! There we are!

- How many times did the police videotape it? - Didn't you see?

Only the first 2 times.

Now they're convinced it's just a bad joke.

And you don't agree, right?

No. And I hope this gentleman is listening.

There's something I want to tell him.

I want to meet you.

I want to know what happened to my friend.

To know that, I'm prepared to do anything.

I don't hate you.

I don't hate anything. But I need to know.

I need to know.

I'm sorry.

I hope you'll eventually learn something.

She's working in a brothel in Marseilles.

I'll see her in 3 days. Mrs.Phoenix, Montelimar.

- Take a look? - Okay.

In this crowded square in Arles, there might be a murderer.

You might see him, but you won't realize it.

He's just another face in the crowd.

A gripping situation which Mr.Hofman

has experienced 5 times.

I need to know.

Do you have any idea what kind of person he could be?

I think...

no, I'm sure... he's...

he's very intelligent,

can go unnoticed,

and is a total perfectionist.

Mr.Hofman, an important question:

this new campaign must cost at least 100,000 guilders.

That means you've had to borrow about 300,000 francs.

Why now? After 3 years?

Not long ago, I had a dream.

The exact same dream my friend had the night before she disappeared.

She dreamed

that we'd meet somewhere in space,

each of us

imprisoned inside a golden egg.

In my dream we also found each other, out there in space.

And I've interpreted this dream as a sign.

Do you have any hope...

Of finding her? No!

Then, Mr.Hofman, why don't you give up?

It's an homage, sir.


An homage to the vanished loved one.

If you have any information about this young woman,

please contact us.

Thank you, Mr.Hofman.

You're quite photogenic.

I'm sorry.

How are you?



Don't you know "Lieneke's Law"?

Relationship Law #1:

"Getting over the separation lasts half the time the relationship did."

So I'll be over it in about 4 months.

It's a pity.

If there'd been no Saskia...

True, if there'd been no Saskia. But there was and is a Saskia.

Understand that.

I'll call you.


I'm the man you're looking for.

Cafe des Beaux Arts, in Nimes.

I saw you, but you weren't alone, so I didn't dare bother you.

Is she de... dead?

Come with me to France and you'll know everything.

- Even how she died? - I offer you this unique chance.


I'm warning you, I've taken precautions.

If anything happens to me, if you speak to anyone,

my offer's no longer valid. And you won't know a thing!

I'm going back to France with or without you.

I'm off in 5 minutes.

All this time, I was afraid you might be dead.

If you're hungry, I've prepared everything.

Passport. Passport.

If they don't stop us, I promise I'll tell you everything.

Go on.

Lemorne, Raymond.

6 Place aux Herbes, Nimes.

Last time you made me go to your place.

True, I don't like the idea that you know my name.

I have to limit my risks.

But you could have traced it from my license plate.

You won't gain anything by opening an investigation.

You have nothing on me.

The coins in the coffee machine. Your prints are on them.

If I'd been thirsty, and if I had coffee,

I'd have held the coins by the edge.

You're on a Polaroid I took at the gas station!

That's a lie.

You would have recognized me at the cafe in Nimes. I was there.

Second table on the right.


I've thought a lot about our meeting, Mr.Hofman.

Since the beginning, I felt the need to see you.

When you left the cafe,

I realized I couldn't wait any longer.

What you said on television persuaded me.

I gathered the courage you spoke of.

You can kill me.

I acknowledge your right to do so.

I'll take the risk.

But I'm banking on your curiosity.

You want to know what happened to Miss Saskia.

When I was 16, I discovered something.

Everyone has those thoughts, but no one ever jumps.

I told myself: "Imagine you're jumping."

Is it predestined that I won't jump?

How can it be predestined that I won't?

So, to go against what is predestined, one must jump.

I jumped.

The fall was a holy event.

I broke my left arm and lost 2 fingers. Why did I jump?

A slight abnormality in my personality,

imperceptible to those around me.

You can find me listed in the medical encyclopedias

under "Sociopath" in the new editions.

Did you rape Saskia?

Come now, Mr.Hofman!

It was 26 years before a new experience came to mind.

First place!

Denise! I thought so.

A bit to the left. There.

To the left.

Leave a space between you and mom...

Good. Keep still.

Smile! Or no pocket money.

Stay there.

Dad, there's a little girl in the water!

Bidule drowned!

Who's Bidule?

My dolly.

The man won't save her.

- Goodbye. - Thank you very much.

Dad, you're a hero! Jumping in without a second thought!

Of course! I'm a hero.

But never trust a hero.

A hero is capable of rash gestures.

My daughter was bursting with pride.

But I thought that her admiration wasn't worth anything...

unless I could prove myself absolutely incapable

of doing anything evil.

And as black cannot exist without white,

I logically conceived the most horrible deed

that I could envision right at that moment.

But I want you to know, for me killing is not the worst thing.

Could we stretch our legs?

Do you always come to France to cycle?

You were amateur, weren't you?

In cycling, "amateur" is a category.

I cycled for pleasure.

That's what I said: you're an amateur.

The way up to Ventoux is the best place to watch the Tour de France go by.

About a mile before the top

you can see who'll give way and who'll try for a breakaway.

That's where I saw Zoltemeque.

One of your compatriots, Zoltemeque.

Know him?

Doesn't sound Dutch. Sounds more like a Mexican god.

It's Zoetemelk.


Couldn't be more Dutch.

It means "sweet milk."


Some weird names you've got there.

Naaktgeboren, "born naked."

My neighbor has a dog called Rex.



Marriage produces some strange combinations.

I know a woman called Friar-Towes.


In the Nimes phone book, there's a guy called Poof!

Ah, yes, we're not big on languages in France. It's difficult.

Oh, it's impossible...

I'm wasting time...

That's better.

My car!

I'll wait for you there.




I see you speak very good French.

It certainly makes things easier.

My method wasn't very successful.

I couldn't get the women I wanted into my car.

Prostitutes, yes. But they don't interest me.

They're more obvious victims.

And nobody cares.

So I was getting high blood pressure.


And now, the presents!

Here's mine.

Tiles, for the house at St. Come.

For your car keys. And all the miles you have to drive...

Thanks, darling.



My glasses.

- Look at his ears. - Oh, he's so cute.

A bit pudgy, huh?

That's when you fell from the balcony.

It wasn't the trailer that should be heavier...

It was me who should be weaker!

Here's the course of the Tour. We're at the uphill climb

of Col du Coq, the most important stretch

in this section of mountain passes.

The game gets serious now, on this 17th day.

The Colombian Herrera, who'd left the group behind has been overtaken...

The close fight between Fignon and Hinault is starting again.

Hinault's pushing down hard...

It's the third time he's tried to break away from Fignon.

But Fignon's not giving in.

He's sure he'll be wearing the yellow jersey tonight at l'Alpe d'Huez.

The 2 men have now openly drawn their swords...

but they're stabbing each other with "banderillas".

But Fignon's not weakening...

and now, going by the summit...

Arroyo in front of Delgado, Millar, Fignon and Hinault...

The fight begins...

One only has to top his adversary!

It's a battle of the giants...

And then you arrived.

Your friend even kissed you before she got out.

Yes, we're 12 miles from the finish line at the summit of l'Alpe d'Huez.

We're part of an extraordinary event!

I was right... Herrera wasn't to be dismissed... I told you so.

Hinault's putting on a brave face, fighting with exceptional courage.

He's giving Fignon an open challenge.

In a few words, this is the situation...

Herrera and Fignon will certainly wear the yellow jersey tonight...

barring catastrophe.

Easy there!


In Germany it's forbidden to drive like that.

Even as a passenger?

I broke my arm when I was 11 years old. That was in 1940.

59. You're 59.

I will be in November. Right now, I'm still 58.

Yes, but most of the year has passed,

so there's more chance that you'd be 59.

Therefore, my assumption was correct.


Excuse me, miss.

- Do you speak French? - Of course.

Could you help me?

I have a trailer. I need to hitch it onto my car, but I can't do it alone.

My car!

Where's the trailer?

Over there. I'll bring the car.

I can come with you, if you don't mind.


But how can you drive?

You'll see, no problem.

Excuse me!

Destiny, Mr.Hofman.

If I hadn't sneezed...

Excuse me, sir.

Do you speak French?

I am French.

I don't have enough francs for the vending machine.

Do you have any change?

Yes, so... I have 1 coin for 1 franc...

and 2 coins for 2 francs...

Do you have 5 francs?

No, I don't have 5...

But I do have 10, and if you have 5...

I don't have 5, but... 6... 7...

Good, good. Sorry, sorry... it's very kind but...

I'd get change... I'd rather... Bye!

I'm going to drive on the highway for the first time.

It's very good to speak French.

My friend always says I must trying.


Your French is very good.

No, you are...

...a liar. Liar?


Yes, look at me.

In your hand, very pretty!

Because my amigo, my amigo...

I love him very much,

and also has a name with...

Rex, Roel, Roger...

- Raymond. - Raymond? Good.

Is it possible...

...for me buying a... a thing?

I'm a salesman for these.

I sell them. I've got plenty in my car.


No, I don't...


I... want... can...


Want can to buy this thing?

Why not?

An "R"? Roel, Rex, Ray... Yes?

- Why not? - But... a lot?

13.50 francs.

Like the frisbee?

I want very much!


- Oh, is called tiles? - Yes.

I want a tile with an "R".

- Get in! - Excuse me?

Get in!

Even the best laid plans can be...

What's happening...?

Just a bad connection.

You weren't wearing your seat belt, sir.

I have a permit,

a medical certificate.

I'm claustrophobic.


See what I was saying?

The best plans can be wiped out at any moment by what we call fate.

I confess, that saddens me.


What did you do to her?

I'll tell you. I promised you that.

But the only way to tell you, is to make you share the exact same experience

You're completely insane.

It doesn't matter, really.

So she isn't dead?


What's in it?

A sleeping pill.

I drugged her and now I'm going to drug you.

And after?

After, you'll experience exactly what she did.

If she's dead, I'm also going to die.

You're crazy.

It's the only way.

You can't be serious!

I don't want to punish you.

I'm not saying another word.

I don't care about you.

All I want to know is what happened to her.

I understand, Mr.Hofman.

I've put myself in your shoes.

In fact, I believe that you don't want to punish me.

But I'm not so certain I should. Understand?

I believe you, but I must pretend that I don't.

So, drink.

It's truly the only way.

What's in it?

I've already told you: a sleeping pill dissolved in coffee.

The car keys. I'd love to look at them one more time.

Mr.Hofman, understand once and for all:

what use are these keys to you?

You're powerless.

You're bluffing!

Assume you're right. Can you be absolutely sure?

That's where your problem lies.

You must keep in mind the possibility that there's no proof against me.

That could spoil all your chances.

Mr.Hofman, I've been analyzing what goes in your head for the last 3 years.

You can leave. Even go to the police with the keys.

But then, you'll never know what happened to Miss Saskia.

On the other hand, drink... and you'll know.

In less than 1 hour, I guarantee you.

I know all I need to know.

I don't care about the rest. I'm leaving.

And the uncertainty?

The eternal uncertainty, Mr.Hofman?

That's the worst.

I wanted to help you out!


I told myself: "Imagine you're drinking."

Where is it predestined I won't drink?

So, to go against what is predestined, I must drink.

It takes 10 minutes to work.

I drank it for her!

Sure! She never left you the time to fall out of love!

Help! Help!


Oh no, it can't be!

My name is Rex Hofman and that's a bit weird...

Rex Hofman... Rex Hof...






Special help by SergeiK