Vertical Limit Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Vertical Limit script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Chris O'Donnell and Robin Tunney movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Vertical Limit. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Vertical Limit Script



"Take It To The Limit"? 

Artist and year? 

1975. The Eagles, of course. Very funny. 

That's not a song. It's ridiculous. You made it up. 

That is definitely a song. It's a good song, and a winning song. 

You give up? 

On belay. 

"MacArthur Park." Richard Harris. 1968. 

1968? I didn't even think they had recorded music back then. 

Excuse me. I have a signed album by Mr. Harris. 

It was cutting-edge stuff back then. 

Peter, check your sister's belay. 

Want to tell him we're not 15? 

Why bother? We'll always be 15. 

Dad, she needs a second cam. 

That won't hold in a fall. 

Screw you. 

Listen, Annie. 

No matter how experienced... 

...a smart climber always wears a belt and suspenders. 

Two cams are safe, three's better. 

I'm not kidding. We're not moving until you put another cam in the wall. 

I have three cams. He's yanking your chain. 

Watch out! 

Amateurs at twelve o'clock! Check your safety! 

Too much weight! It's not gonna hold! 

Hold it together, you two! 

Now get a grip. 

We're getting out of this. 

Annie, how close to the wall are we? 

Keep still, goddamn it! Stop moving around! Stop! 


Both of you... 

...keep very still. 

Try and stay calm. 


Is the other cam moving? 


Try and reach the wall. 

See if you can anchor us back in. 

Try it. 

It's moving! 

Peter, get your knife. 


Just do as I say. 

Get it! 

You don't have much time here. 

You have to do something for me. 

Cut me loose. 

One cam can't hold us all. 

You have to cut me loose... 

...or else I'll pull everybody down. Everybody will die! 

Shut up, Annie! 

It's one dead or three, Peter. 

Don't make him do this. 

You're gonna kill your sister. 

Annie will die if you don't. 

-I won't do it! -Cut the rope! 

-I can't! -Stop it! 

That cam is gonna come out and Annie and you will die! 

-You'll kill your sister! -Stop it! 

Cut the damn rope! 

It doesn't matter about me. Cut it. 

We're out of time! 

Don't do it! 

No one will blame you for it! Just cut it! 

Annie and you are gonna die! Just cut it, Peter! 

We're cleared for the Siachen glacier. A doctor's on standby. 

I was heading there anyway. Mail and supplies. 

I can drop you on my way back to K2 base camp. 

Sounds good. 

I tried to visit you a few days ago. 

But the weather closed in. 

Annie's at base camp. Arrived last week. 

Would you like a tea? 

No, I'm fine. 

You must try the tea. It's very good. Indian, of course. 

We may be at war with them, but their tea's the best. 

-Forgive me. Mr. Garrett, isn't it? -Yes. 

National Geographic is always welcome. 

The only Westerners who come to Pakistan without conquering something. 

The colonel's angry. Only 25% of his medical supplies are onboard. 

And three days late. Look at this place. 

In six years, I've lost 800 men. Not one to the enemy. 

But the chopper was full of stuff. 

Not for my men. 

For Americans who can pay $3 million for climbing permits. 

Elliot Vaughn, the entrepreneur. 

He's got 40 people with him to try K2. I've been seconded to his team. 

Seconded or sold? 

That's a question only a general in Islamabad can answer. 

Three o'clock. Time to wake up the Indians. 

So Annie's coming in with Vaughn's team? 

She's leading a WNN documentary crew. 

They're going up the mountain with him. 

Have you seen her? 

Not yet. One of the guides told me. 

What about Vaughn? What's he all about? 

Pretty much what you'd expect. Sensitive, kind, modest. 

Your typical billionaire. 

Four years ago his team took on the south face. 

Was 800 feet from the top when weather closed in. 

Twenty-four hours in the death zone. 

Next morning, he walked down. He's a bloody good climber. 

-Got your update, Annie. -What's up? 

That cyclone's tracking fast from southeast. 

Let me know if anything changes. 

What are you--? 

I just happened to be in the area. 

I heard WNN hired you. And you're hosting it. Congrats. 

They needed someone who could climb K2 and look presentable. 

Not much of a rush. 

That's not true. They wanted the best. 

I read about you on the Eiger. Fastest female ascent. 

Dad would be proud. 

When you leaving? 

Early tomorrow morning. We want to be summiting by 2:00 Wednesday. 

What does the mountain say about that? 

I thought you laid siege to it. 

I didn't know it could be scheduled. 

It's a plan, Peter, that's all. 

Vaughn's aggressive. He knows what he wants and goes for it. 

I admire him. 

How long have you known him? 

Wherever you're going with this, you're wrong. 

Nobody ever affects my climbing. 

Was that two of them, Cyril? 

Or has this stuff just gotten better than we thought? 

-Frank. -Good to see you. 

-Tommy McLaren. Colorado Kid. -You ready to go? 

You lead, I'll follow. 

There's my leading lady. Hi, Annie. 

-How was your trip? -My stomach's still up there. 

Luckily I passed on the eggs Benedict. 

Excuse me for a minute. 

Ed Viesturs. It's an honor to meet you. 

-Elliot Vaughn. -Nice to meet you. 

This guy has been up Everest five times. 

He's climbed 12 of the world's 14 highest peaks. 

All without oxygen. 

Rock on. By comparison, all of us are merely amateurs. 

-It's a real honor, Ed. -Welcome to base camp. 

Thank you. 

Outdoors magazine wants to interview you. 

"Bankruptcy at High Altitude." 

How much can we-- 


I could go and come back, or.... 

Looking for Skip? 


Try the command tent. 



I'm Peter Garrett. 

-Good to meet you. -Good to meet you. 

I got your message. Bad luck about your porter. 

I've got four you can meet tomorrow. Supplies you need are no problem. 

The Swedish hooker's taking longer than I thought. 

There's no shortage of entertainment. You saw Mr. Vaughn fly in? 

He's hard to miss. What's this about his climbing to a deadline? 

-Friend of yours? -My sister's climbing with him. 

Annie Garrett. 

Vaughn's got this publicity stunt for his new airline, Majestic Air. 

He stands on the top of K2 waving as the inaugural flight goes overhead. 

Are you serious? 

I'm deadly serious. 

Your sister's safe. No one knows these hills better than Tommy McLaren. 

He told Vaughn they'd get up there. I know I did. 

I'd have told him anything for $1 million. 

Is that what he's spending? 

That's just for Tom. Bought his company out for the entire season. 

Not that I'm pissed off. Look what I get to drag to the top. 

56-year-old movie producer with dysfunctional bowel syndrome. 

He's got the runs, mate. Permanently. 

The Bench brothers bet he won't make it past 18,000. 

-What do you think? -What do I think? 

It depends. I'm so broke I might have to shove him in a crevasse myself. 

This is Monique, our base camp manager and medic. Monique, Peter. 

We've met. You should look at these. 

Don't mind her. She's French-Canadian. 

Some days she's Canadian and can be quite pleasant. 

Today, she's obviously French. 

How about some Spanish mackerel for the bow? 

My name's Cyril. I'm not much, but I'm all I think about. 

Watch out for him, he's like a dog. If he sees something... 

...he tries to shag it. If he can't shag it, he tries to eat it. 

If he can't eat it, he pisses on it. 

It's easy to tell us apart, because I'm the shy one. 

No, no, no, seņorita. 

Here you go. Have a drink on Mr. Vaughn. 

What time's the laser show? 

Is this thing on? 


Everyone hear me all right? 


You're the lucky ones. 

Welcome to the highest party in the world! 

Okay, maybe I did overdo it just a bit. 

Four years ago, I came here with a dream to climb K2. 

The toughest mountain in the world. 

As most of you know, that attempt ended in tragedy. 

On Wednesday, with the help of Tom McLaren... 

...I intend to fulfill that dream. 

And while I'm at it, take care of some business, Texas style. 

At 0900 hours, Greenwich Mean Time... 

...the inaugural flight of Majestic Air will fly over the summit... 

...and we'll be there to wave them on! 

To the other teams climbing, I'd like to say be safe... 

...and good luck. 

Kick up your heels and enjoy the barbecue! 

What about the weather, Mr. Vaughn? 

We hope for the best. You know something we don't? 

The weather closes in and people die up there. 

Or don't you have to worry about that? 

Anybody who doesn't worry about that is a fool. 

Brian Maki did a high-atmosphere analysis of the last 4 decades. 

Most years there's a 9-to-12-day lull before the fall storms. 

On August 2nd, we calculate an 82% chance of fine weather. 

Give me odds like that in the oil business, I'd be rich. 

Who's the leader, Mr. Vaughn? 

Who makes decisions that mean other people live or die? 

Who plays God, so to speak? 

There can be only one leader. It's always the best climber. 

I've made it clear to everyone that Tom McLaren is that man. 

Even the Pakistanis agree. They're giving you a 21-gun salute. 

Okay, let's party! 

Thanks for that, Elliot. 

You climb as good as you talk, we'll get you there. 

You know that old guy who was asking questions? 

Montgomery Wick. 

Remember Dad used to talk about him? 

They were in the service together-- 

Of course, I remember. 

I miss him, Annie. I miss him just as much as-- 

I can't talk about it. 

You never have. 

There's nothing to say. He's gone, Peter. 

Look, you can blame me all you want... 

...but that last cam would've failed. 

It held the two of us. 

You want to do this? Okay, fine, let's do it. 

You didn't give it a chance. 

-He knew it wouldn't hold either. -Of course he didn't. 

We were his life. 

He would've died rather than take a chance anything might happen to us. 

I think we owed him the same. 

But I did what I thought was right. 

If you're so right, why haven't you climbed? Or been to his grave? 

I'm not going up there for a TV show. I'm going up there for him. 

I want to be the person he always wanted me to be. 

When I'm up there, I feel close to him. 

I touch his soul. 

Take care up there. 

This is it. 

Wish you were going with me. 

Not this time. Take care up there. It'll be a great day for Texas. 

And Scotland. 

What is it? 

Spindrift coming off the top. 

That's local. If something was coming in, it'd show on the other peaks. 

Your sister's fine, man. You look after yourself. 

You too. Thanks for everything. 

Understood, Tom. You guys take good care up there. 

Thanks, base. Out. 

Well, you heard it. 

Computer model shows it's building. 

That's a concern. 

We're about an hour from the bottleneck, right? 

Let's kick it and get up there. 

Gets any worse, we'll shelter under the ice cliffs. 

If it comes in fast, we're totally exposed out here. 

It's not fast. He said it's slow-moving. 

There's a 70% chance it'll turn east and miss us. 

I'm not gonna risk a storm. Not at 26,000. 

We're not suggesting anything stupid. The weather could turn. 

The odds are with us. We're five hours from the summit. 

We turn back now, that's it. We've lost our window. 

I know. Elliot, I'm aware of that. It's my responsibility. 

I won't let a marketing campaign compromise our safety. 

You think this is about a marketing campaign? 

Come on, Tom. This is about getting to the top. 

I don't give a shit about the publicity. 

This is a life statement for me. 

We're only 500 feet from the bottleneck. Let's keep going. 



Let's go. 

980 hecto-Pascals and falling. 

Lenticular cloud to the southeast. Winds at 80 knots, rising. 

Tom says he's going on. What's base camp pressure? 

Pressure's dropped two points in four hours. 

You made your case. We listened. We decided. 

It's too high a risk. Why am I here if you don't listen to me? 

I'll assess the risk. As to why you're here, I wonder myself. 

I'm Annie's brother. McLaren's pulling them back, right? 

We're on target. They're going on. 

The wind's hit to the south. What's your satellite show? 

We've assessed the data. We're going up. 

It shows bad air coming in from India. 

What the hell are you doing? 

-How high are they? -26,000. 

-What are you doing?! -Warning my sister! 

Leave it! That's enough! 

Tom McLaren, come in. 

Tom McLaren, this is base camp. Do you copy? 

Tom McLaren, do you read? 

Come in, base. 

You've got a major storm coming in. You've gotta start down. 

Who is this? 

Peter Garrett. You copy about the storm? 

Where's Frank Williams? Put Frank Williams on. 

Skip here. We're looking at the weather screens. 

If this doesn't turn, you'll be in big trouble. Turn back immediately. 

Do you copy? 

Yeah, I copy that. Thanks, Skip. Out. 

How we doing? 

I'm pulling the plug. We're going down. 

-Just hold on. -I'm sorry, Elliot. 

You pay me to make these decisions. 

I'm paying you to get me to the top. 

Jesus! Elliot, you told me I was in charge up here. 

You are! Why are you vacillating? 

Because some second-rate guide got on the radio? 

Nobody knows this mountain better than Skip. 

Skip Taylor's a hustler. He was jockeying me to be in your boots. 

Don't crap out on me now. 

Come on, what did you think? 

She'd just lift up her skirt and pull her panties down for us? 

Is this how you got up Everest twice? 

I'm going down. 

Fine. Fine. 

Go down. Go on. Sit it out. 

The storm will turn and you'll spend the rest of your life living it down. 

That should do wonders for your business. 

I'm sorry, can I? Please. 

We're going back! 

We don't have a choice! We are dead on the ridge! Let's go! 

Fuck you! 


Annie, can you hear me? 

I'm all right! I'm safe! 


I'm fine! We're okay! 


Annie, are you there? Can you hear me? 

Come in, base, this is summit team. Do you read me? 

Anybody, do you read me? This is the Vaughn summit team. Come in. 

Summit team, this is base camp. Do you copy? 

Summit team, this is base camp. 

If you're gonna do that, do it outside. 

Base, this is summit team. Are you trying to contact us? 

Here. Let me. 

Oh, my God. That's Morse code. 

My dad taught us when we were kids. Said it could save your life. 

Smart man, your father. 

He sure was. 

There's three of them. 




I'm sorry, Kareem. 

You say there are three. 

Maybe there are others. 


Tell them we can't keep talking. We gotta save power. 

He's right. 

What's he saying, Annie? 

They're coming to get us. 

It's not just snow. It's gonna be ice and rock. 

We need special tools. I don't know how much we have here. 

Then how do you get it up there, Mr. Garrett? 

Then we dig with our bare hands if we have to. 

Whatever it takes. We have more than enough guys here to get this done. 

What the hell do you want to do? Just leave them there? 


You can't ask people to work there. 

That high, just staying alive is-- 

So we just walk away and forget about them? 

They had one fuel can each. They can melt ice and rehydrate for a day. 

At 26,000, without it, their lungs fill with fluid. 

That's pulmonary edema, they die within another 12. 

That gives us a window of 36 hours. 

Montgomery Wick. 

Wick speed-summited in 24. 

We're not Montgomery Wick. 

Even if we were, how long does that leave to get through the rock and ice? 

We don't know their exact location. How long will that take? 

I won't let Annie die. 

So what are we gonna do? 

Nitroglycerin, Mr. Garrett. 

I wouldn't touch it with an English barge pole. 

We use it to blast rock for gun emplacements. 

It's low-freezing and more powerful than symtex. 

My responsibility ends at that door. 

I want to make one thing clear. This is your decision. 

It's got nothing to do with the Pakistani army. 

Which is a legal way of saying I think it's madness. 

A magnificent madness, though. 

Good luck. 


Skip, don't move your feet. 

Everybody keep very still. 

Okay, Skip. 

Let me get this straight. You want to go up that hill... 

...with nitro on your back and hope that it doesn't jolt? 

That's right. 

A hundred thousand sperm and you were the fastest? 

Skip here's agreed to go, so I need four more. 

It'll be a speed ascent, in pairs, one canister per team. 

People have to share? Won't everyone want their own bomb? 


You're the best climber here. 

I'm not one to walk away, but I think it's suicide. 

If we just leave them, what do you call that? 

It's reality. You're willing to risk six lives to save three? 

How do you feel about that? 

The same way you do. 

Your best friend died on Everest. What if it was him up there right now? 

I will go. 

Ali is my cousin. It is my duty. 

How about it, Mal? You and Cyril have been up there before. 


Why would we want to leave this place? 

Luxurious accommodation. Fine cuisine. 

Sultry weather. Frostbite's off my dick. 

I reckon we should wait until they chuck in a ski lift. 

Good idea. lmagine coming to the Himalayas and actually climbing. 

Especially when you have to complete your autobiography. 

And rustle up those all-important endorsements. You wankers! 

What's bloody wrong with you?! 

We're in. 

Thank you. 

I need one more. 

I'll write a check now for anyone who goes. 

Whether Elliot makes it or not, I'll be waiting when you get back. 

Half a million bucks. 

Does that include the tip? 

My brother's got explosives. They're gonna blast their way down. 

Blast their way down. 

How are they gonna find us? We might as well be on Mars. 

It's not a question of how, it's how long. 

It's time that's gonna kill us. We have to lay down a schedule. 

A regimen we all adhere to. 

Edema sets in if we don't keep drinking. 

Now, I figure, three water bottles... 

...that's half a cup each, every 2 hours. 

After that, fuel cells to melt ice, and finally... 

...we use the dex syringes. 

Chances are we're all gonna get pretty sick... 

...but if we keep to the schedule, keep to it... 

...maybe we can hold out. 

Annie, we need to give them the grid reference for our last known position. 

She says they were about 300 feet above the Anvil, heading down east. 

The shoulder ice field. 

I checked their manifest. This is what they have. 

We leave at dawn. They got 22 hours if they're lucky. 

How high can we chopper in? 

Rasul says 21,000. Any higher, the air's too thin. 

He drops us. How fast can we get there? 

Negrotto Col's the only place we can land. From there, 27 hours. 

Five hours short. 

We need Montgomery Wick. He's the only man who's done it faster. 

Will he do it? 

Four years ago, a big storm blows an American team off the hill. 

There's nine up there, including his wife. She was a guide. 

He knows he can't help her, but he goes anyway. The only one who did. 

He lost all his toes to frostbite but dragged 3 guys off the mountain. 

They owe their lives to him. What do you reckon? 

Where is he? 

On the mountain. Up the shoulder, where he always goes. 

They never found his wife's body, so he keeps looking. 

The guy's a lunatic. 

That's just what we need. 

Yeah. Strap on the nitro. 

That's a great idea. Smoking next to the nitro. 

Although, bro and I always hoped that you'd blow us. 

Why are you going? 

The money, of course. 

Skip hasn't paid anyone in months. You know of a better way out? 

Can you climb? 

Peter wants to know if I can climb. 

Worst I've seen. Couldn't climb a ladder. 

You're that good, huh? 

Yeah. But it was a very tall ladder. 

What the hell are you doing? 

I'm trying to kiss my ass goodbye. 

It's dawn. 

If the weather's cleared, they'll be on their way. 

I know. 

Thank you. 

And your brother? 

Has he climbed since Utah? 


People say he lost his nerve. 

Have you heard that? 

Yeah, I've heard that. 


It's a pack! Quick! 

I'm not interested. 

You went before. Men owe you their lives. 

Four years ago. Now I just climb for myself. 

My father was a climber. Royce Garrett. He climbed Everest with you. 

I don't care. I don't live my life so you can look up to me. 

My sister's dying up there. 

Before you lecture me, get your facts straight. 

It'll be less embarrassing. 

Up there, you're not dying, Mr. Garrett. You're dead. 

What the hell happened to you? 

Vaughn's people are offering $500,000 to anyone that goes. 

Maybe that'll make a difference. 

Why would they do that? 

He's one of them. 

What's their supply situation? 

Enough for 22 hours. 


Who's coordinating at base? 

-Vaughn's people. -That's a mistake. 

I'll need someone there I can trust. Taylor, you know the mountain best. 

Skip's one of the best climbers. We'll need him. 

Let's agree on one thing: This is not a climbing democracy. 

On a rescue, we don't vote, question or argue. 

You listen and do exactly as I say. Chopper will take you back. 

Here's how we'll split it up. Malcolm, you'll climb with Kareem. 

-Cyril, you'll-- -What? No, I bloody won't. 

You've been up the mountain too long and forgotten the rules. 

Never eat at a place called "Ma's"... 

...don't play cards with a fellow named Doc... 

...and never climb with a stranger. I'm going with my brother. 

Frankly, I'd rather climb with the Sheila. 

My rules: I put a strong climber with a weaker one. 

You'll climb with Kareem. 

Mr. Garrett, you'll be climbing with me. 

Cyril. Guess what? 

Come on, darling. Give us a smile, eh! 

It's the second best thing you can do with your lips. 

We'll take the west ridge. Cyril, the Mushroom. 

Malcolm, Hockey Stick Gully. 

Speed up all of them is the same. 

We're as high as I can take you! 

Move it! I can't hold it for long! 


I'm having trouble maintaining altitude.

Get out of here! We're gonna burn! 

Go! Move it! Move it! 

Grab my hand, damn it! Grab it! 

Come on! Come on! 

He needs dex. Now. 


We stick to the schedule. 

In nine hours, the water runs out. We need it. Our lives depend on it. 

He'll die if he doesn't get it. 

He will anyway. 

Come on, Annie. 

We both know Tom isn't going anywhere. 

You've done your best. You have. 

We can't waste resources on a lost cause. 

Saving somebody's life is not a lost cause. 

It is, if you know they can't be saved. 

Why should three people die if two can live? 

Okay. If that's what you think, why don't you go tell him yourself? 

Tom, can you hear me? 

-Don't listen to-- -He has a right to know! 

You're a climber, Tom. A pro. 

You know the reality. Even if they get to us... 

...they can't carry you down. Not from this altitude. 

Now, Annie wants to give you the dex. I understand that, I do. 

But you and I know it's just delaying what's inevitable. 

Just lie here and die, Elliot? 

Is that what you're telling me? 

I'm not telling you anything. I'm asking you to respect life... 

...not to waste it. 

-If I was in your position-- -You're not in my position! 

That's right, I'm not. 

Understand something. You're not just killing me. You're killing her too. 

We're on a bit of a deadline, mate. Can we just leave this till later? 

He's all right, isn't he, this Allah bloke? 

He won't strike you dead if you miss one prayer, will he? 

All right. One prayer. 

Under the circumstances. 

What harm can it do? 

Do Muslims believe in Hell? 

Do you? 

So if that thing there blows... 

...and I don't believe in Allah, I'm going to Hell? 

Is that what you reckon? 

You're all the bloody same, aren't you? 

Born-agains say I don't believe in Jesus, so I'll go to hell. 

Jews say I do believe in Jesus, I'll go to Hell. 

Catholics say I don't believe in the pope, I'll go to Hell. 

So any way you look at it, I'm in the shit. 

Well, go on, then. What did he say? 

We gonna die up here or what? 

All men die, my friend. 

But Allah says it is what we do before we die that counts. 

Jet stream's rising. I'd say all clear for the next 48 hours. 

Wick, do you copy? 


Pressure's up. You have clear skies and light winds. Over. 

How long will it last? 

You're good for the next 48 hours. 

What is your exact position? Over. 

The rock wall, about 400 feet above Negrotto Col. 

I thought you'd be at the top by now. 

Yeah, so did I. What's the status at 26,000? How's the girl? 

As far as I can tell, okay. McLaren's serious. Internal injuries. 

And Vaughn? 

No word. 

Keep me informed. 

What is this with you and Vaughn? 

You're too slow, Mr. Garrett. You've gotta move faster. 

Take your hands off me. 

It's not your concern. 

If it involves my sister, it's my concern. 

I made it clear. No arguments, no questions. 

Look, if you've got another agenda... 

...why don't you go back? I don't need you. 

Your sister will be dead in 14 hours. 

Good luck. 

I've got you. I've got you. 

You're as crazy as your old man. 

You did the right thing to cut the rope. 

Any good climber would have. 

If Royce had had the knife, he'd have done it himself. 

I just got some spindrift in my lungs. 

Summit team, this is alpha team. Do you read? 

This is summit team. Come in, alpha. This is summit team. 

Annie Garrett, is that you? 

It's Elliot Vaughn. Who's this? 

Montgomery Wick. 

-How many are you? -Three teams, different routes. 

I'm with Peter Garrett. 

I thought you only climbed solo. 

Rescue missions are different. 

What's your location? 

West ridge, 23,000. 

You'll have to climb faster. 

Tell Garrett Annie has edema. That'll speed him up. 

Wick! Wick, this is Annie Garrett! 

Wick! Do you read, Wick? 

She needs dex. 

It's too soon. She'll have to wait. 


Get it. 

I told you. 

I told you not to let her give it to you. 

You saddled up that pony, now she can ride it. 

Vaughn, you're not sick! 

Not yet. 

We hold to the schedule. 

-It's the only way to stay alive. -For you, maybe. 

You know, Tom, intelligence doesn't threaten me. Stupidity does. 

You arrogant prick! 

We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you. 

You were the leader, Tom. 

He's right. 

None of us are gonna make it. 

You want to survive? 

Go and get it. 

That's what I thought. 

Use your ax! 


-Cyril! -I'm here! 

I'm coming! 

It's coming through! 

Hang on! It's gonna be okay! 

Just hang on. 

That's all there is. 

You see the rocks to your left? 

Yeah, I can see them! 

I'm gonna swing you. 

Look out! 

Cyril! Cyril, are you there? Peter, are you there? 

Malcolm! This is Peter! 

I repeat, this is Peter. 

-It wasn't us! -Cyril, you answer me, you bastard! 


Are you there? 


Damn it, you answer me! 

Nag, nag, nag. 

They always bloody nag. 

You're sick. 

They could still be alive. 

I'm going back. 

Mr. Garrett. 

Your sister has pulmonary edema. We don't have the time. 

Monique and Cyril are question marks. 

Your sister is not. 

Bro, I'm sorry. 

We gotta go. 

You gotta straighten it. 

Go ahead. 

It'll be fine. Just look me-- 

Don't bullshit me, Peter. I'm a nurse. 

Where were you going? 

-What are you talking about? -Where will you go with the money? 


Tell me. 


I did two years of premed. I want to finish it. 

Any career worth this? 

Two years on Everest, three at K2. I've had enough. 

Skip makes the Pakistanis look well-organized, plus he's sexist. 

-How long you been sleeping with him? -Two years, and screw-- 

My friend... 

...I think you should turn back. 

Wick, do you copy? 

Wick, this is base camp. Do you copy? 

Come in, base. 

The nitro reacts to the sun. 

Get the nitro out of the sun. 

Get that goddamn pack out of the sun! 

It's gonna blow! 

It's gonna blow! 

Get the pack in the shade! 

The nitro! It's gonna blow! Get it out of the sun! 

In the shade! There it is! 

Malcolm! Can you hear me? 

It's not their call time! 

Malcolm, do you read?! 

You take the shoulder. I'll try the ridge. 




Malcolm! Kareem! Can you hear me?! 

You guys! Your radio! 

Turn on your radio! 

Come in, Peter. 

Are you listening? 

Malcolm, get the nitro into the shade! 

Please, Peter, repeat. I don't understand. 

Get the nitro into the shade right now orit will blow! Do you understand? 

Don't touch her. 

Is this what you're looking for? 

Four years ago, an American team got blown off the mountain. 

She was the guide. 

What happened? She take shelter with Vaughn? 

Twenty-four, thirty-six hours. I figure she died of edema. 

If only she'd had dex. 

-You're wasting time. -You think he used it for himself? 

-Answer me, damn it! -Of course he did! 

How long have you known? 

At the interview, he said the dex got swept away. 

That was a lie. She always carried it on her. 

Four years, Wick? 

The mountain owns him. He had to come back. 

Now you're gonna kill him. 

My wife died of edema. 

Skin stripped from her throat, lungs filled with water. 

She drowned in her own bodily fluids. Yeah, I'm gonna kill him. 

I can't let you do it. 

Do you know where you are? 

Above 24,000, you're at the vertical limit, you're already dying. 

Look at you. You can hardly stand. 

If you think you can stop me, go ahead. 

Peter. Are you there? 


Annie. Annie, is it you? 

Annie. Annie, what is it? 

Where are you? 

Five hours away. 

I want you to go back. 

Don't risk it. There's no reason. 

I won't be here and neither will Tom. 

How long? 

An hour. Two at the most. 

Peter. Peter! 

I'm here, Annie. 

I've been thinking. 

I've been thinking a lot about Dad. 

We shouldn't have gotten him a grave. 

We should have come up here together with his ashes. 

He said this is where he was happiest. 

He was a climber. 

I think every real climber would want to stay on the mountain. 

What do you think? 

I think we'll come back some day. 

The two of us. 

For Dad. 

I would've liked that. 

-I'm coming to get you, Annie. -No, don't. 

Promise me. I don't want you to die. 

-I don't care! -Don't put me through it, understand? 



...please don't. 


Good night, Peter. 

I love you. 

Are you gonna kill me now? 



Are you ready? 

I can't get them to melt. They're frozen. 

-Boil the water! -With what? 




Okay. Keep feeding it. 

Keep it coming. 

Stop! It's leaking! 

We can try and push it through before it rips. 

On three. 

One, two, three! 



Hold it! Hold it! 

No! No! 

How is she? 


Talk about a will to live. 

-That's not a song. -That's definitely a song. 

No way that's a song. 

That's a good song. 

A winning song, by the sound of it. 

I think you're making it up. 

That was a hell of a thing you did up there. 

Anybody else would've given up. 

Not everybody. 

He'd be proud of you. 

Angry, but really proud.


Special help by SergeiK