Videodrome Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Videodrome script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the David Cronenberg movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Videodrome. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Videodrome Script


 Civic TV,  the one you take to bed with you. 

 Max, it's that time again. 

 Time to slowly, painfully ease  yourself back into consciousness. 

 No, I'm not a dream, 

 although I've been told  I'm a vision of loveliness. 

 I'm your faithful girl Friday,  Bridey James, 

 here with your wake-up call  of today, Wednesday the 23rd. 

 You got that? Wednesday the 23rd. 

 And I have a message. 

 Remember your meeting  this morning at 6:30 

 with Shinji Kuraki  of Hiroshima Video. 

 This meeting is to take place  at the Classic Hotel, Suite 17. 

 And needless to say,  it's your first of the day. 

 Don't you know anyone  who works nine to five? 

 Over and out, Commander. 

 Civic TV,  the one you take to bed with you. 

 Sweetie, open the door!  Go away. 

 Come on. You know I love you.  For fuck's sake, open the door! 

 I don't wanna open the door.  I wanna get out of this place! 

 For fuck's sake, open the door! 

You know I love you, you just gotta open the fucking door! 

Well, I looked over the stills. I am interested, a little bit. 

How many shows you got? 

13, with a possibility of another six if the sales go well. 

- You got cassettes? - Of course. 

- Hold it. Show me the last one. 

Number 13. 

You won't understand. It's set up in the first two. 

My audience won't see the first two shows. Show me the last one. 

What do you think? 

Can we get away with it? Do we want to get away with it? 

Oriental sex is a natural. 

I think it will get us an audience we never had before. 

I don't like it. It's not tacky enough. 

- Tacky enough for what? - Tacky enough to turn me on. 

Too much class. Bad for sex. 


I don't know. 

It's soft. There's something too... 

soft about it. 

I'm looking for something that will break through. Something tough. 

Hey, Harlan... enough? 

Oh. OK. 

Here we go. 

It'll come through on that. 

We only got about 53 seconds so keep your eyes open. 

They've got an unscrambler scrambler, if you know what I mean. 

It sensed that we were unscrambling and automatically changed its code. 

What satellite is it coming from? 

- Snooker, I think. - Country? 

Er... Assuming 53 seconds represents the period of delay, 

I'd say somewhere... 

in Malaysia? 

- OK, here we go. This is it. 

There's a wall behind her. What is that? Clay? 

Yeah. Wet clay. I think it's electrified. 

- That's it? - That's it. 

- Grotesque, as promised. - OK... 

- Can you hang a searcher on it...? - Already working on it. 

I was insulted when it just shrugged us off in a minute. 

Well, patrón... interested? 

Yeah. Harlan, can you do something about these labels? 

This is supposed to be a clandestine operation. Know what I mean? 

Sí, patrón. 

You get a little nervous, even if you've been doing it all your life. 

Oh, for sure. That's part of the excitement. 


Do you smoke? 

No, thanks. 

Just relax. 

 And now, here it is -  The Rena King Show. 

 Guests are Max Renn, controversial  president of Channel 83, 

 radio personality Nicki Brand 

 and media prophet Professor  Brian O'Blivion. Take it away, Rena! 

Max Renn, your television station offers its viewers 

everything from soft-core pornography to hard-core violence. 


It's a matter of economics. We're, uh, small. 

We have to give people something they can't get anywhere else. 

And we do that. 

But don't you feel such shows 

contribute to a social climate of violence and sexual malaise? 

- And do you care? - Certainly I care. 

I care enough to give my viewers 

a harmless outlet for their fantasies and their frustrations. 

As far as I'm concerned, that's a socially positive act. 

What about it, Nicki? Is it socially positive? 

We live in overstimulated times. We crave stimulation. 

We gorge ourselves on it. We always want more, 

whether it's tactile, emotional or sexual. And I think that's bad. 

Then why did you wear that dress? 

- Sorry? - That dress. 

It's very stimulating. And it's red. 

You know what Freud would say about it? 

And he would have been right. I admit it. 

I live in a highly excited state of overstimulation. 

I'd like to take you out to dinner. 

Professor O'Blivion, 

do you think erotic and violent TV shows lead to desensitisation? 

To dehumanisation? 

Is the microphone on? 

 The television screen has become  the retina of the mind's eye. 

- Yes. 

 That's why I refuse  to appear on television, 

 except on television. 

 O'Blivion is not the name I was  born with. It's my television name. 

 Soon, all of us  will have special names, 

 names designed to cause  the cathode-ray tube to resonate. 

Yes. Nicki... 

- Is Max Renn a menace to society? - I'm not sure. 

He's certainly a menace to me. 

When does the plot get going? Who's this black guy? 

Is he a political prisoner? 

There's no plot. 

It just goes on like that for an hour. 

- Goes on like what? - Like that. 




- We never leave that room? - Nope. 

It's a real sicko. For perverts only. 

It's brilliant. There's almost no production costs. 

You can't take your eyes off it. It's so realistic. 

Where do they get actors who can do this? 

- Help me. I think he wants it. - It's worth checking out. 

Did you have any trouble locking on to it? 

Not after I realised the Malaysia delay was a plant. 

It's not from Malaysia? 

You cannot fool the prince of pirates for long. 

Harlan... where is it coming from? 

Pittsburgh. That's in the USA. 



 Get professional help.  It's my sister, not me. 

 It's not your sister. It's you, lover. 

 Can't you tell?  Isn't that why you called me? 

 You want help. You need help. 

You're going insane. I can hear you disintegrating. 

- I've got your number, haven't I? 

 I hate my sister. 

 I don't want to.  It's ripping me up inside. 

 But I do. I do. 

You call our Distress Center, the C-RAM Distress Center? 

They'll tell you where to get help, lover. 

And you need it. You need it now. 

 - I will. I will. Thank you, Nicki. 

 We'll return to Nicki Brand 

 and the Emotional Rescue Show  in a moment. 

 This is C-RAM in Toronto  and we've got the weather. 

- Got any porno? - You serious? 

Yeah. Gets me in the mood. 

- What's this? Videodrome? - Torture. Murder. 

- Sounds great. - It ain't exactly sex. 

Says who? 

- God, I can't believe it. - I'll turn it off. 

No, no, no. It's OK. I can take it. 

- Can you get it any clearer? - It's a pirate tape. It's scrambled. 

- I like it. - Yeah? 

Yeah, it turns me on. 

Take out your Swiss Army knife and cut me here, just a little. 

I'd say somebody's beat me to it. 

I wonder how you get to be a contestant on this show. 

I don't know. Nobody ever seems to come back next week. 

What did you say happened to your shoulder? 

A friend. I think he'd like Videodrome. 

You let somebody cut you? 


- What do you think? - I don't know. 

You wanna try a few things? 


Max, thank God. Masha Borowczyk has been in your office for an hour. 

- What were you doing last night? - I'm not ready for this. 

Coffee. Cigarette. Office. Masha. Go. 

She's hot to trot. 

I call it Apollo And Dionysus. 

- Masha, does it ever get good? - It's all good. 

Darling, I am looking for something a lot more... 


I want to show people what's really going on under the sheets. 

This stuff is too... 

It's too naive. It's too sweet. Like you, darling. 

Well, it's your market. 

Do you know a show called Videodrome? 

- Video what? - D-R-O-M-E. 

Videodrome. Like video circus, video arena. 

- You know it? - No. 

It's just torture and murder. 

No plot, no characters. Very, very realistic. 

I think it's what's next. 

- Then God help us. 

- Better on TV than on the streets. - Excuse me. 

Arnold on line three. 

You interested in tracking it down? 

- You'll get the agent's commission. - I'm interested. Let me try. 


Did you ever think of producing your own show? Right here. 

I could be your agent, worldwide. 

I could sell subterranean for you everywhere. 

- No, I don't have the temperament. - But if you did... 

What kind of show would you do? I mean, for the subterranean market. 

Would you do Videodrome? 

- Max... - Mm-hm? 

I'm going away tomorrow for two weeks, on assignment. 

- Guess where. - LA? 

- Pittsburgh. - Fabulous. 

Don't stay in the sun too long. I heard it's bad for the skin. 

Come on. Isn't that where they make Videodrome? 

Yeah. Why? 

I'm gonna audition. I was made for that show. 

Nobody on earth was made for that show. 

Hey, listen to me. 

Listen to me. I want you to stay away from it. 

Those weirdo video guys, they play rough. 

Rougher than even Nicki Brand wants to play. Do you understand? 

Sounds like a challenge. 

Got a cigarette? 

It's not a challenge. I swear. 

You know, in Brazil, Central America, 

making underground videos is considered a subversive act. 

They execute people for it. In Pittsburgh, who knows? 


Nicki, don't! 

Nicki, don't. 

- Do you have a hangover? - I stayed up late watching TV. 

You get in touch with our friend in Pittsburgh? 

In a way. At a distance. 

- The subterranean grapevine. - And? 

Max, Videodrome is something for you to leave alone. 

It is definitely not for public consumption. 

Channel 83 is a little small to be considered public. 

It is still too public. Do you understand me? 

No. What's the punch line? 

I think it's dangerous, Max, Videodrome. 

- What? It's Mafia? They do business. - No, no, no. It's more... 

How can I say? More political than that. 

- Come on, what are we talking about? - Videodrome... 

What you see on that show, it's for real. It's not acting. 

- It's snuff TV. - I don't believe it. 

So... don't believe. 

Why do it for real? It's easier and safer to fake it. 

Because it has something that you don't have, Max. 

It has a philosophy and that is what makes it dangerous. 

Whose philosophy? 

There must be a name. 

Give me a name I can talk to. Masha, Masha, you know me. 

I stay away from the scary stuff. 


You are going to have to be nice to me for this. 

We can take a shower together, any time you say. 

I'm sure you would be very beautiful 

but you're a little older than I prefer. 

Thank you... 

so much. 

Sell me a name. 

And I'll make Apollo And Dionysus part of the package. 

- That hurts me, Max. - The world's a shit-hole, ain't it? 

Yes, Max, it is. 

Brian O'Blivion. 

That is the only name I have to give. 

Professor Brian O'Blivion. 

Wait. Where are you going? Come back here. 

Can't I have a smoke and a cup of coffee? 

They don't serve coffee in there, it's piss water. 

I don't have to put up with this shit. 

Come on, step along. 

- Bianca O'Blivion? - Yes. 

I'm Max Renn. I run Civic TV. 

I did a panel show with Professor O'Blivion. The Rena King Show. 

Oh, yes. Your ideas were superficial. Violence, sex, catharsis. 

- My exact words. - What do you want? 

I wanna talk with your father about a new twist in video. 

- I love the view. - You look like them, 

like one of Father's derelicts. 

- It's a style that's coming back. - In their case, it's not a style. 

It's a disease caused by their lack of access to the cathode-ray tube. 

You think TV can help them? 

Watching TV will help patch them back into the world's mixing board. 


I guess you encourage Father's derelicts to make home movies 

for the world's mixing board. 

Professor O'Blivion sends videos all over the world. 

- Is the Professor here? - I am my father's screen. 

Once you've told me what this is about, 

he may send you a cassette. Which format would you like? 

It'll make conversation difficult. 

My father has not engaged in conversation for at least 20 years. 

The monologue is his preferred mode of discourse. 



Is that a Japanese configuration? 

- You've never heard of it? - No. 

Then there have been serious gaps in your education. 


Mention it to your father. He may want to have a conversation. 

I love the view. 

 Torture...  murder... mutilation. 

 Videodrome. What you see  on that show, it's for real. 

 I'm gonna audition.  I was made for that show. 

 It has something  that you don't have, Max. 

 It has a philosophy  and that is what makes it dangerous. 

Hi. This is your wake-up cassette 

- and this came for you by courier... - What did they say at C-RAM? 

They said that Nicki Brand is not on assignment for them. 

She decided to take a month off. 

Don't touch that! 

Jesus, Max. You scared me. 

- What the hell's wrong with you? - I don't know. 

I think I'm getting a rash or something. 


Are you all right? I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hit you. 

Hit me? 

You didn't hit me. 

No? No, I know I didn't hit you. I mean... 

- Do you want me to stay here? - Er... 

You look awful. Can I get you something? 

No. No, I'm just... 

Er... I'm... 

I'm exhausted. I was in a deep sleep and I'm not out of it. 

I'll set the timer, don't worry. 

- You're sure? - I'm sure. Thanks, Bridey. Tomorrow. 

That other cassette is from Brian O'Blivion. 

I promised I'd hand deliver it directly to you. 

Will you call me if you need me? 

 The battle for the mind  of North America 

 will be fought in the video arena,  the Videodrome. 

 The television screen  is the retina of the mind's eye. 

 Therefore the screen is part of  the physical structure of the brain. 

 Therefore, whatever appears  on the television screen 

 emerges as raw experience  for those who watch it. 

 Therefore, television is reality 

 and reality is less than television. 

 - Max... 

 I'm so glad you came to me. 

 I've been through it all myself,  you see. 

 Your reality is already  half video hallucination. 

 If you're not careful,  it will become total hallucination. 

 You'll have to learn to live  in a very strange new world. 

 I had a brain tumour.  And I had visions. 

 I believe the visions caused  the tumour, and not the reverse. 

 I could feel the visions  coalesce and become flesh, 

 uncontrollable flesh. 

 But when they removed the tumour, 

 it was called Videodrome. 

 I was the... 

 I... I... 

 was... Videodrome's... 

 first victim. 

But who's behind it? What do they want? 

 I want you, Max. 


 Come to me. 

 Come to Nicki. 

 Come on. Don't make me wait. 


 I want you, Max. 


 Come on. 

 Come on. 

 Come to me now. 

 Come to Nicki. 

 Don't keep me waiting. Please. 


 Today, Lady Luck may smile  on these four players 

 and start them on the road  to $12,000... 

A new group of people are coming in today, so tell the staff. 


Exciting. Very lively. 

Careful. It bites. 

- You watched it? - Yeah. It changed my life. 

I'm not surprised. It's dangerous. 

Because your father is involved with Videodrome? 

More than that. It bites. Isn't that what you said? 

What kind of teeth do you think it has? 

It triggered hallucinations. 

- I woke up with a headache. - First time ever? 

- I've been hallucinating since... - What? 

Since I first saw Videodrome. 

How did you come to be exposed to it? 

A pirate satellite dish. An accident. 

I made some tapes... 

- This is part of my own collection. - That tape's just your father. 

The tone of the hallucinations 

is determined by the tone of the tape's imagery. 

But the Videodrome signal, the one that does the damage, 

it can be delivered under a test pattern, anything. 

- Damage? - The signal induces a brain tumour. 

It's the tumour that creates the hallucinations. 

You let me watch it?! 

I expect them to come to me to hurt me. I thought it might be you. 

Now I realise you're just another victim, like Father was. 

Where is your father? I think I'd better talk to him. 

He's in there. 

I'm afraid he'll disappoint you. 

This is him. This is all that's left. 

What are you talking about? 

Brian O'Blivion died quietly on an operating table 11 months ago. 

- The brain problem? - The Videodrome problem. 

- You have it, too. - But he was on that panel show. 

On tape. He made thousands of them, sometimes three or four a day. 

I keep him alive as best I can. He had so much to offer. 

My father helped to create Videodrome. 

He saw it as part of the evolution of man as a technological animal. 

When he realised what his partners were going to use it for, 

he tried to take it away from them and they killed him, quietly. 

He became convinced that public life on television 

was more real than private life in the flesh. 

He wasn't afraid to let his body die. 

Tell me about my Videodrome problem. 

My father knows much more about it than I do. Listen to him. 

Where's Harlan? He's not in the lab. 

- I think he's up in VTR. Max... - Not now. 

- Harlan. - Sí, patrón? 

Have you been hallucinating lately? 


Should I be? 

Yes, you should be. 

 I believe that the growth  in my head, 

 this head, this one right here... 

 I think that it is not  really a tumour, 

 not an uncontrolled, undirected little bubbling part of flesh, 

 but that it is, in fact,  a new organ, 

 a new part of the brain. 

 I think that massive doses  of Videodrome signal 

 will ultimately create  a new outgrowth 

 of the human brain, 

 which will produce  and control hallucination 

 to the point that it will change  human reality. 

 After all, there is nothing real  outside our perception of reality, 

 is there? 

 You can see that, can't you? 

 - Max Renn? - Yes. Who is this? 

 Barry Convex would like  to talk to you about Videodrome. 

 I've got a car downstairs for you. 

Please direct your attention to the television set. 

Mr Convex has recorded an introduction for you. 

 Hi. I'm Barry Convex,  chief of special programmes. 

 I'd like to invite you into  the world of Spectacular Optical, 

 an enthusiastic corporate citizen. 

 We make inexpensive glasses  for the Third World 

 and missile guidance systems  for NATO. 

 We also make Videodrome, Max. 

 As you know, when it's ready  for the marketplace, 

 things will never be the same again. 

 It can be a giant hallucination  machine and much, much more. 

 But it's not ready.  You picked up test transmissions. 

 We thought nobody would see them. 

He's good, that Harlan. Good pirate. 

 Well, now you have, I think we ought  to have a little talk. Don't you? 

 I thought maybe... my place? 

You realise you're playing with dynamite? 

That's our spring line. Top-secret stuff. 

I brought them for a trade show later this week. 

Max Renn, I'm Barry Convex. 

I think that machinery you're wearing 

is too much for the shape of your face. 

Overwhelms you. Try something more... spidery, 

more delicate. 

Here she is. This is our prototype. 

This is the little number that started it all. 

Max, I would like you to try this on for size. 

I would like to use this machine 

to record one of your hallucinations. Now. 

Then I would like to take that tape back with me for analysis. 

Do I get the copyright? I'd hate to see it show up as the movie of week. 

- I'm trying to help you. - What makes you think I need help? 

None of our test subjects has returned to... normality. 

They all need intensive psychiatric care. 

You seem to be functioning reasonably well, so far. 

I'd like to find out why. 

And I think an analysis of one of your hallucinations 

would be the right place to start. 

- Will it hurt? - It won't hurt you. 

You might slide in and out of a hallucinatory state afterwards. 

If you do, just relax and enjoy it. It will soon go away. 

But for now, you might find a little S&M will be necessary 

to trigger a good healthy series of hallucinations. 

That's why our show is so strange. 

It's the effects of exposure to violence on the nervous system. 

It opens receptors in the brain and they allow the signal to sink in. 

- Am I going to have to hurt you? - Afraid not. 

You don't have to hurt anybody. You just have to think about it. 

- That's too bright! I can't take it! - I forgot! Sorry. How's that? 

- Yeah. That's fine. 

OK. We're rolling. 

The taping mechanism is all self-contained. 

- All you have to do is hallucinate. - Yeah, OK. 

I'll come back for you later. 

You'll forgive me if I don't stay around to watch. 

I just can't cope with the freaky stuff. 



Well, here we are at last. 

Right where we ought to be. 

On Videodrome. 

 What are you waiting for, lover?  Let's perform. 

 Let's open those neural floodgates. 

What's going on, Professor O'Blivion? I mean, really. 


Harlan. It's Max. 

Can you come over to my apartment? Right away. 

Yeah, I'm serious. 

- Come on in. - Here I am, patrón. 

Camera. Flashgun. What's up? You want to be a centrefold? 

Go into my bedroom and take a look at what's in my bed. 

Uncover it. Don't be shy. I want pictures. 

- Pictures of what's in your bed? - Yeah. Do it! 

Sure. OK. 



I don't see anything. 

You didn't want me to shoot your bed, pillows, sheets? Did you? 

Max, are you on a drug warp? I've got friends who can help. 

Bridey said she came by and you were... 

Did you tape Videodrome last night? 

Yeah, if it was transmitted. 

- Meet you in the lab in one hour. - It's not even 7 am. 

I am not fucking around! 

Fuck you. I'm not a mechanism you can switch on and off. 

If you want me to run around, tell me why. 

Otherwise, I'll see you during office hours. 

Harlan, you're right. It's momentum. 

I'm running like an express train. I don't know how to stop. 

I'll meet you in the lab in one hour, OK? 

We'll see if we pulled in Videodrome 

and I'll tell you what's going on. Everything. I promise. OK? 

Yeah. Sorry I freaked out on you. I don't work with you for the money. 

I know that. With us pirates, it's never just for money, is it? 

You want a coffee? No. I'll meet you in an hour. 

Come on in. 

Did you look at the tape? Did you see me on Videodrome? 

There was no tape. 

There was no transmission last night? 

- Not last night. - Fuck. 

Not ever. 

- What are you talking about? 

I'm out of my depths now, patrón. 

I had to bring in the reinforcements. 


An intriguing combination. Very interesting. 

- Don't let me interrupt. - I was saying something like, 

"What are you talking about?" 

I was playing you tapes, Max. Prerecorded cassettes. 

Videodrome has never been transmitted on an open broadcast circuit. Yet. 

I guess Barry sent you here, what, two years ago? 

It has been two years, hasn't it, Harlan? 

Two... two wonderful years. 


To get you involved. 

Expose you to the Videodrome signal. 

It didn't affect you because you never watched it. 

You knew what was there. You didn't have to see it. 

It really does work on just about anybody. 

Anybody who watches it, Max. 

But why would anybody watch it? 

Why would anybody watch a scum show like Videodrome? 

- Why did you watch it, Max? - Business reasons. 

Sure. Sure. 

What about the other reasons? 

Why deny you get your kicks out of watching torture and murder? 

You murdered O'Blivion, didn't you, you freak? 

Did you enjoy that? 

North America is getting soft, patrón, 

and the rest of the world is getting tough. 

Very, very tough. 

We're entering savage new times 

and we're going to have to be pure 

and direct... and strong... 

if we're going to survive them. 

Now, you and this... 

cesspool you call a television station... 

and your people who wallow around in it 

and your viewers... who watch you do it... 

you're rotting us away from the inside. 

We intend to stop that rot. 

We're going to start with Channel 83. 

We'll use it for our first transmissions of Videodrome. 

I have a hunch it's going to be very popular... for a while. 

I've got to be hallucinating now, right? I mean... 

You two can't possibly be for real. 

We recorded your hallucinations, Max, as I said we would. 

And we did analyse them. 

- You're ready for something new. - That's terrific. 

- What... What do you want from me? 

I want you to open up, Max. Open up to me. 

I've got something I wanna play for you. 

My God! 

 We want Channel 83, Max. 

 Give it to us. Give us Channel 83. 

 Kill your partners. Kill them. 

 Kill your partners  and give us Channel 83. 

 Give us Channel 83. 

 Kill your partners. Kill them. 

 Kill your partners  and give us Channel 83. 

Hello, Max. 

How you doing, Max? 

Where's Moses? 

He's in a meeting with Rafe. I'll tell him you want him. 


Dub in a funny track, gentle comedy. 

- Mm-hm. And you'd write it? - Yeah, I would. 

I used to write. I haven't lost it. 

Hi, Max. 

Just in time to throw some light on an interesting problem. 



What the fuck? 

- Max, what happened? Are you hurt? - They killed us. 

- What happened? - They killed us! 

What happened? Jesus! Look out! 

In here. In here! 

Get out! Just clear out of here! Get out! 

Let me see. 



 Kill Bianca O'Blivion.  She knows too much. 

 She can hurt us.  Don't let her hurt us, Max. 

 Kill her. Kill Bianca O'Blivion. 

Bianca O'Blivion. 

I run Civic TV. I was on a talk show with your father. 

So it was to be you after all. 

- You've come to kill me. - No. 

No. I'm Max Renn. I run Civic TV. I don't... 

- I don't kill people. - Oh, but you do. 

You're an assassin now, for Videodrome. 

They can programme you, 

play you like a videotape recorder. 

They can make you do what they want. 

They want you to destroy whatever is left of Brian O'Blivion. 

- They want you to destroy me. - Destroy you? 

They killed her, Max. They killed Nicki Brand. 

She died on Videodrome. 

They used her image to seduce you but she was already dead. 

Don't back away. I stole it from them just for you to see. 

Videodrome is death. 

That's better. 

So much better. 

It's always painful to remove the cassette... 

and change the programme. 

But now that we have... 

you'll see that you've become something quite different. 

You've become the video word made flesh. 

I am the video word made flesh. 

And now that you are the video word made flesh... 

you know what you have to do. 

You'll turn against Videodrome. 

You'll use the weapons they've given you to destroy them. 

Death to Videodrome. 

Long live the new flesh. 

Death to Videodrome. 

Long live the new flesh. 

 It was only 26 hours ago,  in the building behind me, 

 that a bizarre shooting occurred,  triggering an intensive manhunt. 

 Max Renn, president of Civic TV, 

 is being sought in connection with  the deaths of two executives... 

You want to see the monkey dance, you pay the piper. 

You know how much my monkey's batteries cost? 

The cold knocks 'em right out. I can't dance. 

I would if I could but I can't, so you got some change, Teddy? 

You got something? Half a buck? A quarter? 

You got something, Teddy. Can't you spare a little something? 

Where you going, sport? I'm Brolley. May I help you? 

- Just looking. - Cha, man. That's a good one. 

There ain't much to see but have a good look anyway. 

What is? 

This is one hell of a 'scrip you got here. 

Very tricky grind. 

Can't imagine you'd see things too clear without them. 

But don't worry at all... 

- Where's Convex? - Oh, setting up his trade show. 

- Got to introduce the spring line. - What's in the box? 

Your head. 

- I got your head in this box. 

You've been busy, Max. I've been reading about you in the papers. 

- Have you seen Bianca O'Blivion? - I saw her. 

- And she give you any trouble? - No. 

Oh. That's good. 

Maybe you'd like to visit somebody else now. 

- Is that why you're here? - Maybe. 

You've been very useful to us, Max. 

We'd like to keep using you until you're all gone. 

Open up to me. 

I got something I wanna play for you. 

See you in Pittsburgh. 

- Tracy, come back. Stay with Mommy. - I want orange juice. 

Come on, we're going home now. 

- Well, you know me. - Yeah, we know you! 

And I sure know you, every one of you! 

We're here to celebrate our spring collection - the Medici line. 

And our theme for this year is based on two quotes 

from the famous Renaissance statesman and patron of the arts 

Lorenzo de Medici. 

"Love comes in at the eye", 

and "The eye is the window of the soul". 

I think that even Pete 

ought to be able to sell the hell out of a classy campaign like that! 

Oh, God! 


Death to Videodrome! Long live the new flesh! 

I was hoping you'd be back. 

I'm here to guide you, Max. 

 I've learned a lot  since I last saw you. 

 I've learned that death  is not the end. I can help you. 

I don't know where I am now. 

I'm having trouble... finding my way around. 

 That's because you've gone as far  as you can, with the way things are. 

 Videodrome still exists.  It's very big, very complex. 

 You've hurt them  but you haven't destroyed them. 

 To do that you have to go on  to the next phase. 

What phase is that? 

 Your body has already done  a lot of changing 

 but that's only the beginning -  the beginning of the new flesh. 

 You have to go all the way now.  Total transformation. 

 Do you think you're ready? 

I guess I am. How do we do it? 

 To become the new flesh  you have to kill the old flesh. 

 Don't be afraid. 

 Don't be afraid  to let your body die. 

 Just come to me, Max. 

 Come to Nicki. 

 Watch. I'll show you how.  It's easy. 

Long live the new flesh. 

Long live the new flesh.

Special help by SergeiK