Viva Zapata Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Viva Zapata script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Marlon Brando movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Viva Zapata. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Viva Zapata Script





GUARD: When are you going to get

a real knife?



You can keep this.



ASSISTANT: Who has your papers?

MAN: Right here.




Good morning, my children.



Well, come closer. Come closer.



Here are their names, my president.



Now then, my children,

what's the problem you've brought me?



Well, someone has to tell.

You must have come for something.



Yes, my president,

we have come for something.



Well, you. You tell me.



You know that field?



That field with the big white rock

just south of Anenecuilco?



- My president, our delegation...




- They've taken our land away.

- Who took your land away?



Children, when you make accusations,

be certain you have the facts.



- Who took your land away?

- The biggest state there.



- It's bigger than a kingdom.

- They've taken our valleys.



- Left us only the rocky hillside.

YOUNG MAN: We can't grow our corn.



OLD MAN: That's right.

There's a new fence with barbed wire.



We can't feed our cows.

Those three houses by that white rock?



- They burned those!

- They're planting sugarcane in our land.



Can you prove that you own this field?



Our village has owned this land

since before history.



We have a paper from the Spanish crown

and from the Mexican Republic.



Well, if this is true, you have no

problem. The courts will settle this.



I'll send you to my personal attorney.



But before you see him, I urge you

to find your boundary stones.



Check them against

your grants and titles.



Verify your boundaries. Facts. Facts!



Now, my children, I have

many other matters to attend to.



I've been your president for    years.

It's not an easy job being president.



GROUP: Thank you, my president.



- Thank you.

- Thank you, my president.



What's next?



We can't verify the boundaries,

my president.



The land is fenced and guarded.



They're planting sugar cane

in our cornfields.



- The courts...

- With your permission...



The courts?



Do you know of any land suit

that was ever won by country people?



Has your land been taken?



My father's land was taken long ago,

my president.



My children, I'm your father,

your protector. I'm of your blood.



But believe me, these matters

take time. You must be patient.



With your permission. We make

our tortillas out of corn, not patience.



And patience will not cross

an armed and guarded fence.



To do as you suggest,

to verify those boundaries...



...we need your authority.



I cannot possibly exercise

such authority.



- But you advise it.

- I can only advise.



Then naturally, my president,

we will do as you advise.



Thank you. With your permission.









- Yes, my president?

- What is your name?



- Zapata.

- What is it?



Emiliano Zapata.







There you are.




Thank you, my son.




My pleasure, Father.



MAN  :

Come here! Come here.



MAN  :

Here! Here, here!









Go back! Go back!



MAN  : Get the one on the white horse,

the one we're supposed to bring in!



That's the one, the one on the

white horse. That's the one, come on!




Zapata! Emiliano Zapata!



Emiliano Zapata!



Zapata! Emiliano Zapata!



Zapata? Emiliano Zapata?




The stupid, he's still coming.



ZAPATA: Who do you think he is?

- A stranger.



- Shall I kill him?

- No.



- Shoot in front of him again.

PABLO: Don't hit him.



When I want to hit, I hit.

When I want to miss, I miss.



A man has been known to die

of a close miss.




Zapata! Emiliano Zapata!



He's more stupid than I thought.

He's still coming.



He's crazy. You know it's not nice

to kill crazy people.



- Should I try him again, a bit closer?

- How can you come closer?



- Maybe he has a message.

- Maybe it's a trap.



Why don't we kill him?

It's so much easier.



- What does it cost? One bullet...




- What do you want?

- I'm looking for Emiliano Zapata.




He's not here.



- His friends sent me.

EUFEMIO: Who are his friends?



- People of the village.

EUFEMIO: He's not here.






I have no weapons.



- What's this?

- Writing machine.



- Sword of the mind.

- I thought you had no weapons.



Don't you dare break that!

Put it down! Put it down!






Put it down.



You are Emiliano Zapata.



I come with news of Madero,

leader of the fight against Diaz.



Give me some water.



- Why do you come to me?

- Give me some water while I talk.



Fernando Aguirre.



Pablo Gomez.



- I want to talk to you.

- Talk.



- I want you to listen.

- Well, talk.



"The despotism of Porfirio Diaz

is unbearable.



For    years, he's ruled with

the hand of a ruthless tyrant."






- Yeah, Blanco. Pretty soon now.




"The meaning of democracy

has long been forgotten.



Elections are a farce. The people

have no voice in the government.



Control is in the hands of one man

and those he's appointed."



ZAPATA: Who wrote that?

- Francisco Madero.



"If we are to bring back to Mexico the

freedom that goes with democracy...



...we must unite to drive

this tyrant from office."



- Who's Madero?

- Leader of the fight against Diaz.



ZAPATA: Where is he?

- In a part of the United States, Texas.



- A fine place to fight against Diaz.

- He's making preparations.



Now he's ready to move.



He's sending out people to spread the

word, search out leaders in Mexico.



I was sent to the state of Morelos.






Careful. The smell of a mare came in

on the wind and he's restless.



So am I.



- The people told me...

- Don't believe what people tell you.




Hey. Hey you!



- Come on, eat.

- Go on, eat.



ZAPATA: Madero?

PABLO: Yeah, remember?



I read to you about him.



- You promised to teach me to read.

PABLO: I will. I will!









Let's talk to this man more about

Madero. Maybe he has a letter.



Anybody can write a letter, even you.

I like the look of his eyes.



- Then go and talk to him.

- I can't.



- Why not?

- Not now.



I know why.



I want you to go to Madero

and tell me what you see.



- Me? He's in Texas!

- Then go to Texas.



- How far is it?

- Who knows? Go and see.



- I've never been out of our state.

- Now you will be.



I want you to go see

if we can trust him.



I like his face.



But a picture is only a picture.



- When do you want me to go?

- Now.



- Now?

- Right now, cinch up.






If you like what you see,

tell him about our troubles here.



And tell him that we recognize him

as a leader against Diaz.



- Where is he going?

- What?



- Where is he going?

- I don't know. He didn't say.



- Now where is he going?

EUFEMIO: I don't know. He didn't say.



- What's the matter with him?

- Woman, what else?



- Where are you going?

- Where else?



- What about her?

- She can take care of herself.



This is all very disorganized.













Josefa, I must speak with you. Shh!



- The rurales are after you.

- I risked my life to come here.



- When may I speak with your father?

- What for?



- To ask permission for your hand.

- No, don't do it.



- Why not?

- Just don't do it.



- What is wrong with me?

- That's not it.



- What would be wrong with me?

- What do you mean?



I have no intention of ending up

washing clothes in a ditch...



...and patting tortillas

like an Indian.



Who says this?



- My father.

- My mother was a Salazar.



Zapatas were chieftains and

when your grandfather lived in a cave.



Always remember that.



Well, you're not chieftains now.

You have no land, no money.



- You'll be in jail by tomorrow.

- Be still!



I've been offered a position

by Don Nacio Delator.



Don Nacio Delator does not employ

fugitives from the law.



If I accept, he will have me pardoned.



Why in the world would Don Nacio

need anyone like you? Why?



Apparently, you do not know I am the

best judge of horses in the country.



You are the only one

who does not know this.



I was with him for years,

I bought every horse in his stable.



When I have not helped

Don Nacio buy his horses...


           's later discovered

that they have five legs.



Conceited monkey.



Do you know that I can take you

away with me by force, now?



By force?



I would not prevent you.



I would go with you

because I couldn't prevent you.



- But soon you will go to sleep.

- And then?



Sooner or later you will go to sleep.



You wouldn't do that.

A respectable girl like you?



Yes, I would.

Because I am a respectable girl.



A respectable girl wants to live

a safe life. Protected, uneventful.



Without surprises.

And preferably with a rich man.



You don't mean that.



I do.



Come back when you can offer me that.

He's going to let you go. Don't scream.



The police are after him.

Let her go.



- I like him.

JOSEFA: You do?



I mean, he's a terrible man.

A fugitive, a criminal.



I like him too.



Rub it in. Rub it in harder.



They're so lazy.

Luncheon is ready now.



If this is the best of the lot,

where are the others?



- Are the others here?

- They're so lazy.



If they're not stealing, they're asleep.

If they're awake, they're drunk.



- Let's look at the others.

- But luncheon is served.




Lt'll wait.




Hey, hey!



- This is what I'm talking about!

- What is it?




Stealing! Even a horse's food.



They steal everything!




Stop it, Emiliano! Stop it!



Get ahold of him!



Get him out!



Get out!




Get out!



When I had the charges dismissed,

you promised.



- I don't want to regret it.

- I know.



I've told you, violence is no good.



- Then why does he use it?

- So full of anger!



- That boy was hungry.

- Calm down, calm down.



Now, look, Emiliano.



You're clever and able,

you might even be important...



...have money and property,

be respected.



You told me that's what you wanted.

Do you want it or don't you?



- That boy was hungry!

- Are you responsible to everybody?



You can't be the conscience

of the whole world.



ZAPATA: Thank you.

WORKER: You should see them go down.



You have another cigar?



- Some of your admirers.

- Indians.



The most civilized thing about you

is your taste for good cigars.



I'm gonna prescribe for you, Emiliano.



You need that wife.



- You ever spoken to Josefa's father?

- No.



- Well, why not?

- He doesn't like me, I don't like him.



In the world of business,

few people like each other...



...but they have to get along

or there wouldn't be any business.



Now look, Emiliano.

Now you have position, clothes...



Go to Señor Espejo, tell him I'm

your patron. Make your peace with him.



And don't forget, the president

has drawn a circle around your name.



You must behave.



You better start practicing now.

Go over and apologize to him.



Well, go ahead.



- I apologize.

- Accepted. Accepted.



All right?



- You know them?

- He's a friend. He's been away.




Hey, look.



- What's that?

- Texas.






- He spoke of you.

- He wants a message.



One strong push from the North or South

and Diaz drops like an old bull.



- The time has come.

- Why don't they lock Madero up?



- They protect political refugees.

- Why?



- Up there, they're a democracy.

- We're a democracy too, and look.



- I know, but...

- I'll explain it.



Up there, the government governs,

but with consent.



- The people have a voice.

- That's right.



They have a president, but he

governs with the consent of the people.



Here we have a president, no consent.



- Who asked us if we wanted Diaz?

- Nobody ever asked me nothing.




- How are you in all this?



Madero sent him with me.



- He wants a message.

- Tell him to get another leader.



- You don't believe in him?

- Yes.



- So?

- Tell him to get another man.



- As you wish.

- I have private affairs.



I don't want to be the conscience of

the world or the conscience of anybody.



As you wish.



- Nacente, what's the matter?

- Get away from the prisoner!



Nacente, what are they

taking you in for? Hey, Nacente.



He can't talk, Emiliano.



Nacente, here.



- What did he do?

- They're the craziest people I've seen.



- Well, what did he do?

- They're always doing something.



What are you going to do with him?



I think you better let him go.



Let him go!



Should have cut the rope

without talking.



He crawled through the fence

to plant the corn.



My father does the same thing.

He still thinks it's his own field.



Stubborn. That's what you are.



No, not stubborn.

The field is like a woman.



You live with it all of your life,

it's hard to learn that she isn't yours.



He understands.



Mano, I couldn't catch them...



- I'm sorry we've caused you trouble.

MAN: Now they'll be after you.



- You can hide in my house.

- It would be an honor.



Thank you.



ESPEJO: You mentioned Don Nacio?

- Don Nacio is my patron.



He has assured me

that I will be a man of substance.



On that basis, I presume to sue

for your daughter's hand.



Do not think I'm insensible

of the honor you do me...


            offering to take my daughter

off my hands.



Why is it impossible for me

to get a glass of cold water?



- Go, go!

- Shh!




Go, go!



But I do not need to give the problem

a great deal of thought...



...before I answer with a permanent

and unchanging no.



The answer is no.



- What is wrong with me?

- We have a proverb:



Though we are all made of

the same clay, a jug is not a vase.



- What is wrong with me?

- I'd hoped you would not ask again.



But since you have,

you are a rancher without land.



A gentleman without money. A man

of substance without substance.



A fighter, a drinker, a brawler.

These things you are.



Though I have nothing

against you personally...



...and I can see wherein some quarters

you may be considered desirable.



But my daughter...



I have no intentions of finding her

squatting on the bare earth...



...patting tortillas

like a common Indian.



What are you doing?



Find her a merchant. A musty,

moth-eaten man like yourself.



Let her be queen of warehouses

and mistress of the receipt book.



MAN: All right,

bring him down here. Down here!









Clear the way.



This man is a criminal.



You are making yourselves liable

for his crime.



What are you trying to do?



We are here, my captain,

with your permission...


            see that the prisoner does not

try to escape. For if he did...


            would shoot him in the back.

Is that not so?



- You're breaking the law.

- No, helping the law...



...guarding the prisoner.



FERNANDO: Zapata. The wire.

- What do you mean?



Telegraph wire.

Cut it before he uses it.



CAPTAIN: Don't touch that!

This is rebellion.



- Emiliano?

- Cut.









MAN  : No ammunition?

MAN  : No ammunition.




MAN  : Uniforms and blankets.



ZAPATA: No ammunition?

MAN  : No ammunition.



EUFEMIO: Hermano, come here.

Look what I found.









ZAPATA: Ammunition?

MAN  : No. Dynamite.



- Boxes and boxes, all dynamite.

- Ammunition?



- Powder and dynamite.

ZAPATA: How much?



- Plenty, look.

JORGE: What do you think?



Only one way.

We use what we have.



- Anything doing?

- A few women.



- I liked it when they were shooting.

- Maybe Zapata's out of ammo.



- I wouldn't depend on it.

- They went away.



Market women.

If it's a market, they've gone.



- I don't trust the Indian women.

- No sign of Zapata.



- Send out a scout.

WOMAN: Captain! My captain.



GUARD: What are you doing?

- Like to buy eggs?



Get away!



WOMAN: Pile those baskets.

GUARD: Get away!



WOMAN: Pile. Hurry.

GUARD: Get away, or I'll fire!



Get the baskets. Quick.


















MAN: Emiliano! Remember the gun

that flanked us from the hill?




- He and his brother...



...lassoed and took the gun from

the gunner. Look at his size.



- You do that?

- Of course. Bring the gun!




Leave the gun.



Did you do that?



Where's your brother?



He was killed.



- He should have a reward.

- Hey, hey. Mano, here.






Do you want this pig?



Well, what? Anything.



Not my horse.



That's a good horse.



He says that's why he wants it.



Take him.



- What did he do?

- I'm waiting to find out.



Don Emiliano, my friend...



...I'm here to present representatives

of our great liberator...



...Francisco Madero. Gentlemen.



Gentlemen, here he is.

I found him for you.



Emiliano Zapata,

one of my oldest acquaintances.



I think we know each other.



My congratulations,

General Zapata.




Read it.



- Read it!

- "To Emiliano Zapata:



I, Madero, act on authority given me

by the forces of Liberation...



...grade you general

of the armies of the South.



- Hey, padre.

- May a day come...



...when I embrace

you in triumph. Long live Mexico."



He signed it with his own hand.



I and my family would be happy...



EUFEMIO: Now you have to wear

things a general wears.



I and my family would...



- Where did you get those?

- Well, off a general, where else?






My wife, my daughter

and myself would be honored...




A present.



Boys! General Zapata!



Boys! General Zapata!






Take this one, please. It's nicer.



What a waste of time.



- He should've stolen her.

- This way he gets her father's money.



But is it worth all this?



I have loved with all my heart    

women I never want to see again...



...and he is still after this one.

It escapes me.



Did you think of me?



It is said, a warrior's shield

is his sweetheart's heart.






We have a proverb: A man well-dressed

is a man well-thought-of.



A monkey in silk is still a monkey.



But when love and beauty

come into the house...



...then throw out the lamps.



- It's an hour and three-quarters.

- I know, makes me sick.



That's how these people

go about getting married.



Excuse me.



Do you believe the saying: An egg

unbroke, a horse unrode, a girl unwed?



I believe that a man is fire,

and a woman fuel.



And she who is born beautiful,

is born married.






Can you get away from the window?

Let some air through.



And get that horse out of here!



Go on!



Best horse I ever had.



Josefa, let's go walk,

there might be a breeze.



- A walk?

- Alone?



A whipped dog is the wiser dog.



Do you think that three women

and a goose make a market?



I believe that love cannot be bought

except with love.



And he who has a good wife

wears heaven in his hat.



After love food, a cup of chocolate?



- A starved body has a skinny soul.

PABLO: Emiliano!



- Shh!

- Emili...



The pediment of the heart

is the stomach.



Alicia, will you bring chocolate?



PABLO: Emiliano.

- What?



Diaz ran away. He left the country.




Viva Zapata! Viva Zapata!






- It's true?

PABLO: It's true.



Josefa, the fighting is over.



- Josefa! Josefa!

- Mama, be quiet.



The fighting is over.












It's almost morning.



- They never get tired.

EUFEMIO: Emiliano!



Emiliano, my little brother!



Josefa. Josefa, my sister.







Emiliano, come back to bed.



My darling friend, we are getting old.



We are getting very, very old.



I know what's the matter with you.



- What?

- You, my friend, you have heavy blood.



- You are unhappy the fighting is over.

- Half-victors.



Always celebrating,

nothing really won.



I love you, but I don't like you.

I never liked you, my darling friend.



- There will be a lot more bloodshed.

- All right!



But not tonight! Here. Enjoy yourself.

Be human!









You're restless.



Are you unhappy?



No. Go to sleep.



- Can't you sleep?

- Pretty soon now.



What are you thinking?






- You are too.

- No, no, no.



What are you worried about?



We'll find a good piece of land

someplace, and we'll settle down.



- Now go to sleep.

- I don't want to sleep.



Emiliano, the fighting is over.



Madero is in the capital,

and tomorrow I'll go see him.



- Can I go with you?

- No.



- You think we'll have children?

- Yes.



We'll name them all Francisco, after

Madero because he brought peace.



Emiliano, is it something about me?






You mustn't think that.



Then I want you to tell me.



I'll see Madero

and the men around him.



You're not telling me.



Men from schools.



- Lawyers, educated men.

- You're not telling me.



My horse and my rifle

won't help me there.



I can't read.



Teach me.



Of course.



Teach me now.



Get a book.







Hey, be quiet down there!



Can't you let a man sleep

on his wedding night?



- Shh!

- Shh!



"Mañanitas." "Mañanitas."









"In the beginning, God created

the heavens and the earth."









- The.

- "The."








Well, there he goes.



Old Diaz was rottener than we knew.



Huerta pushed from the North with

Pancho Villa, you, the South...



...why, Diaz crumbled.

- Pardon me, sir.



When will the village lands

be given back? People ask.



Don't worry.

We build slowly and carefully.



Give me this. I'll sign this now.



The country people want to know.



They will get their land, but under the

law. It's delicate. It must be studied.



What's to study?



Land must be given back under

the law so there's no injustice.



And speaking of lands...

Close the door, please.



Let me show you this.



Thank you.



You see here,

where these two streams meet?



The land is very rich here.

Rich and level and well-watered.



And I'm told it has

a good house on it.



You know what this is, general?



- No.

- This is your ranch.



My ranch?



It's an old custom

to reward victorious generals...



...and no one deserves it

more than you.






I did not fight for a ranch.



I don't think you know what I meant.



I know what you meant.






The land that I fought for

was not for myself.



- But...

- What about the land I did fight for?



General, that'll be taken care of.

Believe me. In good time.



Now is a good time.



- General, sit down.

- I am not tired.



This is a constitutional government.

There's a way to do things.



This noise, confusion, I can't think.

Get out! Out! Get out!



Give me these. I'll sign now.



MAN: They're still waiting, sir.

- Let them wait. I'll come.



I'll be back. Don't let anybody in!

Get the workmen out.



They make too much noise.



This mouse in a black suit

talks like Diaz.



No, he's right. This is peace.

It takes time. We work by law.



Laws. Laws don't govern, men do.



The same men who governed before are

here in that room. They have his ear.



- They've got to be cleaned out.

- And land given back.



- And if Madero doesn't do it...

- Yes?



Then he's an enemy too.



You're his emissary, officer, friend.



I'm a friend to no one

and to nothing except logic.



Peace is very difficult.



Mano, what do you think?



- It's a nice piece of land.

- Shh.



What's the harm?

You've never taken anything.



The result? We have nothing.






Now it's finally quiet.



General Zapata, don't you trust me?



You must trust me.



I promise,

my first preoccupation is the land...



...but in a way that's permanent.

Before you do anything by law...


            must have law. We cannot have

an armed and angry nation.



It is time to stack our arms.

That is the first step.



That is my first request.

Stack your arms and disband your army.



- And who will enforce the laws?

- The regular army, the police.



They're the ones we just fought

and beat!



Give me your watch.



- What?

- Give me your watch.



Give it to me!



It's a beautiful watch.






- Now take my rifle.

- No.



Now you can have your watch back,

but without this, never!



You draw a strong moral.



You ask us to disarm.



How can we get our land or keep it

if we disarm?



It's not that simple.

There's a matter of time...



Time is one thing to a lawmaker,

but to a farmer...



...there's a time to

plant and a time to harvest.



And you cannot plant in harvest time.



General Zapata, do you trust me?



Just the way my people trust me.



I trust you and they trust me

as long as we keep promises.



And not a moment longer.



MADERO: Where are you going?

ZAPATA: I'm going home.




What will you do there?



I will wait, but not for long.



Kill that Zapata now.

Save time, lives, perhaps your own.



- Were you listening, General...?

- I advise you to shoot Zapata now!




I do not shoot my own people.



- You'll learn.

- He is a fine man.



- What does that mean?

- He is an honest man.



What's that got to do with it?

A man can be honest and wrong.



- I trust him.

- To do what?



I think it is essential

to take my troops to Morelos...



...and help him decide to disarm.










Oh, excuse me.



MADERO: No, no. Wait, wait!

HUERTA: Come in. Come in.



- L...

- You can speak freely.



Yes. Excuse me.

Come in, come in.



I want to speak to Zapata again.

Ask him to come back.



He won't come back. He's stubborn,

but if you could come to Morelos...



...he's different there. You know,

his whole life has been fighting. He...



He can hardly read.



He needs you. He may not know it yet,

but he needs you to help him.



He can learn. He wants to.



If you'll excuse me for saying it,

you need him too.



I will come.



- Thank you.

- I will come.



With your permission.

Excuse the interruption, please.



Troops are not necessary.



I will do it without troops.

These are fine people.



You know, General Huerta, there is

such a thing as an honest man.



Oh, the odor of goodness.

Get me a drink.



We're never going to get

anywhere as long as Zapata's alive.



- He believes in what he's fighting for.

- So does Madero, sir.



I know, but he's a mouse.

He can be handled.



Zapata's a tiger.

You have to kill a tiger.






They don't mind giving up their arms,

now that I've explained it.



Explained it very well,

didn't he, Emiliano?



They have accepted it. Have you?



I've been fighting for so long,

I don't understand peace.



Peace is the hard problem.



Many men have been honest in war.

But peace...



I often wonder how a man can stay

honest under the pressure of peace.



What ever happened to that

little boy who got your horse?



He's dead. And they were

never able to find the horse.



- This woman has three rifles.

- Husband and two sons, killed.






Please. Take this.



No, it is too valuable.



As valuable as your sons?






- Emiliano! Emiliano!

- What is it?



- Ask him.

- What is it?



Huerta's forces are coming

through the pass!



- Pretend you don't know it.

- No, they're not.



No, they can't.



- How many?

- Three regiments with artillery.



- Who posted scout?

- I did.



- You?

- I don't trust him. I'm right.



Look at him!







I want to shake hands with our

liberator so I can tell my children.



Troops are coming?

Huerta has disobeyed my orders?



What did you say, sir?



Thank you very much, thank you.



I have to go and stop them.



Huerta would not dare!

Would not dare!



We must trust Madero,

only he can bring us peace.



- Emiliano, please listen to me!

- No!



Now get the snipers out

and flank the road.



Might be better to finish him off.



Emiliano, I give you my word.

I will stop the troops.



I hope so.

But if you don't, I will.



- Sorry, Mr. President.

- Huerta must have misunderstood.



He's got good qualities too.



- Pablo.

- Yes. I know, I know.



I'll talk to Emiliano.

I'll bring you two together again.



You look across the river.

I'll look upstream.



Hey, the hat.







Here! Here!









GUARD: All right.

- Did you see him?



- Did you see Huerta?

- Yes.



- Why am I a prisoner here?

- You are no longer a prisoner.



But they won't let me leave.

I have been here for days.



He's been guarding you

for your safety.



- You have enemies.

- What enemies?



- Zapata, Pancho Villa.

- I don't understand.



But don't worry, Huerta

loves you. He will protect you.



You must agree, here you've been safe.



Why doesn't he give me

safe conduct to the port?



- When is he going to let me see him?

- Tonight.



- He asked me to take you to him now.

- Good. Good, good.



I don't want to keep him waiting.

We mustn't keep him waiting.



Come on.



I'll be with you in a minute.



It's going to be all right.



It stopped.



Where are they?

What's keeping them?



- We'll be late for the reception.

SOLDIER: There they come.




Will you step out, my president?



Is Huerta here?



Where is he?



Where, where is...?

What is...?



What you do is wrong.

Wrong, I say.






No, you can't do this.

I tell you, because, because...









Come on, come on, I'm late.



You were seen talking

to an officer of Huerta's army.



We were ambushed. We know that now.

What have you got to say for yourself?



He was my brother-in-law. They

brought me a message from my wife.



- How did he know where to find you?

- I sent word...



And we were ambushed.



- Shoot him.




Look behind you.



Two hundred and forty-four

fighting men.



We planned a surprise.

Huerta was ready for us!



When they killed Madero,

we had to begin again.



We lost many men,

and there was a reason.



But this was useless.



Two hundred and forty-four

good farmers...



...your relatives, with victory

in their mouths, will never chew it.



Now you see why

we have hard discipline.



You told your wife

where we would be, and what?



Shoot him.



Thirty-two deserters.

They want to come over to us.



It's easy to come over to us

now that we're winning, isn't it?



Take care of them.



Go on.






I think I'll get some sleep.



Putting it off?







You're looking tired, Emiliano.



You met with the enemy.

I have witnesses.



You don't need witnesses, just ask me.



It's true. I met with Madero

before he was killed.



- You met him many times.

- Many times...



Even after he signed orders

to destroy us.



At the end, Madero wasn't himself.



He tried to hold Huerta in check,

and Huerta killed him!



He was a good man, Emiliano.



Wanted to build houses, plant fields.



If we could begin to build

even while we're burning...



If we could plant while we destroy...






- You deserted our cause.

- No!



Our cause was land, not a thought.



The corn-planted earth

to feed the families.



Liberty, not a word...



...but a man sitting safely

in front of his home in the evening.



Peace, not a dream!



Time for rest, kindness.



A question beats in my head:



Can a good thing come from a bad act?



Can peace come from so much killing?



Can kindness finally come

from so much violence?



Can a man whose thoughts

were born in anger and hatred...



...can such a man lead the peace?



Can he govern in peace?

I don't know.



You must have thought about it,

Emiliano. Do you know?



Do you know?



Do you know?






Two hundred and forty-four of our men

were killed this morning.



We planned to surprise the enemy.

They surprised us.







We've been friends

since we guarded the corn.



You know our rule

against consorting with the enemy.



Yes, my general.



- And you ignored it.

- Yes, my general!



- Shall I call the squad?

- Emiliano, not strangers.



Do it yourself. Do it yourself.



Message from General Villa.




General Zapata's busy.






General Zapata will see you now.



Why aren't you eating?



Tell me, why is he a general at all?

What's he got from it?






Look at you. Look at that dress.



Is this a general's house?



Pancho Villa knows what to do

with his opportunities.



Look how he dresses.

Don't argue with me.



- More meat?

- More everything.



I know what I'm talking about.



It's a business opportunity,

and he's not taking advantage of it.



He could take half the state, and

everyone would respect him for it...



...and he won't touch it.

I give up on him.



Never had any faith in him!







What's that? Do you hear horses?



JOSEFA: Are you hurt?

- No.






- How'd you get through the lines?

- There are no lines.



Huerta's defeated.



If he's in Mexico City,

I'll see him there.



Congratulations, my son.



- Are you sick?

- No.



I'm tired.



I'm tired.



Something's wrong with you.



No, nothing's wrong.



We've won. I just need sleep.



Right this way, gentlemen.









- Zapata!

- Look, look, Huerta.







Let's get this over with.

Here, sit down.




- Sit there.




- Sit down. Sit down!






I'll stand guard now.

What are they doing?



GUARD: Pancho Villa's still talking,

deciding the fate of Mexico.



Let them take their time.

It's important.



- Forgive me, but it's past  .

- You're right, we should be asleep.



- We have a great deal to discuss.




- Political matters.

- Ah...



I ate too much.



I haven't anything to discuss.

I've made up my mind.



I'm going home.



I have a nice ranch now. I'm

going to be president of that ranch.



In the morning, I'll hear roosters

instead of bugles.



You know somebody took a shot at me

this morning, someone I didn't know?



What do you propose?



I've been fighting too long,

lost my appetite for it.



FERNANDO: You're going home?

- I'm sick of it.



You beat one down

and two more jump up.



- I used to think it would work.

- What about Mexico?



I figured it out.



Only one man I can trust.



Can you read?



- Then you're the president.

- No.



- Yes.

- No.



Yes. Yes, you are.

I just appointed you.



You sleep on it. You'll see I'm right.



There isn't anyone else.



Do I look like a president?



There's no one else.



Acting on the report that there have

been gatherings of disgruntled officers...



...Chavez, on your orders, moved in

with a troop of cavalry after nightfall.



The names of the deceased officers,

my president.



- General, I am not president.

- General.



- All killed?

- All.



- Telegraph congratulations to Chavez.

- Yes, sir.







SECRETARY: A delegation from the state

of Morelos with a petition.



I know these men.



Carlito, how are you?

Pepe, you got skinny.



Well, what can I do for you?






What is it?






What's wrong?






We have a complaint

against your brother.



My brother?



Your brother moved into

the hacienda de Ayala.



- And?

PEPE: He took land you distributed.



MAN: He's living there.

PEPE: He put us out.




He killed a man who wouldn't go.



- Carlito, is this true?

MEN: It's true.






All right.



- When I get time, I'll look into it.

HERNANDEZ: These men haven't got time.







- These men haven't got time.

- Well, I just...



One minute.



They plowed the land, and got it

half-sowed, and they haven't got time.



- Your brother...

- My brother is a general!



And he became one, fighting

and killing many of your enemies.



And don't you forget it.



I'm one of you, and you can trust me.



Since you are,

you know the land can't wait.



The furrows are open, the seed's not

planted, and stomachs can't wait.



What's your name?






- What is it?

- Hernandez.



- H-E-R-N-A...

- I have it.



- Where are you going?

- I'm going home.



So you're throwing it away.



Leave tonight, your enemies will

be here tomorrow, in this room.



They'll hunt you down till

you get your rest in the sun.



- Leave now, you won't live long.

- I won't anyway.



In the name of all we fought for,

don't go!



In the name of all we fought for,

I'm going.



- I won't go with you.

- I don't expect you to.



Now I know you. No fields, no home.



No wife, no woman.

No friends, no love.



You'll only destroy,

that is your love.



And I will tell you what you will do.

You will go to Obregón or Carranza.



And you will never change.



Come on.



Brother, be careful

what you say to me.



Did you take the land away

from these people?



I took what I wanted.



- Mano...

- I took their wives too.



What kind of animal are you?



I'm a man,

not a freak like my brother!



Get out!



I fought as long and as hard as you.

Every day you fought, I fought!



I'm a general. Look. Look!

Here's my pay, a little dust.



I can't even buy a bottle of tequila.



We beat Diaz. He's living

in a palace in Paris.



We beat Huerta.

He's rich in the United States.



I have to beg pennies

from people who never fired a gun!



I'm a general! I'm gonna act like one!



And don't you

or anybody else try to stop me.









This land is yours.

But you must protect it.



It won't be yours long

if you don't protect it.



If necessary, with your lives,

and your children with their lives.



Don't discount your enemies.

They will be back.



And if your house is burned,

build it again.



If your corn is destroyed, replant.

If your children die, bear more.



If they drive you out of the valley,

live on the mountain, but live.



You always look for leaders,

strong men without faults.



There aren't any.

There are only men like yourselves.



They change. They desert. They die.



There are no leaders but yourselves.



A strong people

is the only lasting strength.













MAN: What he said was true.

He fought every day we fought.



ZAPATA: He was a general.

MAN: We will bury him as a general.






He didn't die in battle.

I'll take him home with me.



PRESIDENT: Pancho Villa's in the North.

There's no trouble with him.



But Zapata, what about Zapata?



Sir, how could you fight

an enemy you can't see?



You're looking for an army to fight.

There is no army.



Every man, woman and child

in Morelos is Zapata's army.



There's only one thing to do.

Wipe them out. All of them.



Excuse me, sir, we can't

find anybody to wipe out.



We go there, the corn is growing,

a fire in the hearth, and no one.



We burn the house,

we destroy the corn.



We go back, there are new shelter,

the corn is growing again.



They're like a different race.

They're not afraid of anything.



This is not a man we're discussing.

It's an idea, and it's spreading.




It's a man!



Cut off the head of the snake

and the body will die.



Ideas are harder to kill than snakes.

How do you kill an idea?



Kill Zapata, your problem's solved.






MAN  :

Let us through. Let us through!



MAN  : Let us through.

MAN  : Let me by!



- Well?

HERNANDEZ: We saw the supplies.



The guns are new, never fired.

Machine guns too.






- Ammunition?

- A mountain of it.



- Have you seen it?

- Yes.



That would give us a year. And in a

year, we'd be ready for anything.



- Why does he want to join us?

HERNANDEZ: Was stripped of his rank.




He wants revenge.



ZAPATA: And now he's a colonel

with a first-class regiment?




Sounds like a trap.



- But it's strange enough to be true.

- Yes.



What proof did he give you

of his good faith?



He executed Juan Calsavo,

chief of police.



Further proof he leads to you.



All right. All right.



Be here at sunset ready to ride,

and I'll think out some more proofs.



- What has happened?

ZAPATA: Nothing.



- Emiliano, I want to know.

- What?



- What is happening?

- Are the hens beginning to crow?



Every night I have the same thought.

My heart says to me:



"Now for the first time, you have

your husband alone...



...without fighting, running, hiding."



But it also says soon you will be dead,

and I have never known you in peace.



Josefa, I'm trying to make a plan.



- We're getting the ammunition we need.

JOSEFA: I don't want to hear!






Soon you will be gone, and a stranger

will come to tell me you're dead.



That is what is left for me.

That is what is left for me.



A federal colonel is giving me his

regiment and all his equipment...



- It's a trick.

- I always suspect a trick.



- They'll kill you.

- I haven't decided.



- Don't go.

- We need the ammunition!



- I have a feeling. Don't go!

- Enough! I will make up my mind.



- You want to die?

- I must do what is needed.



- Do you want to die?

- Josefa, that's enough!



I will make up my mind.



I must do what is needed.



I will be all right.



Look how the little clouds go

across the face of the moon.



The moon is racing.



Time's racing too.






It reminds me,

you've made up your mind.






I don't speak for myself now...



...but if anything happens to you,

what will become of these people?



- What will they have left?

- Themselves.



With all the fighting and the death,

what has really changed?



They've changed.



That's how things really change.

Slowly, through people.



They don't need me anymore.



- They have to be led.

- Yes, but by each other.



A strong man makes a weak people.



Strong people don't need a strong man.









MESSENGER: The town is destroyed,

its garrison dead.



ZAPATA: You saw it?

- The garrison is destroyed!



- And the supplies?

- I saw them stacked and waiting.



What do you think?



What do you think?



He's passed every test.






When will you go?







We leave tonight. It's safer by night.






Suppose something happened to me?



We'll get along.



Someday we'll go down

into the valleys again.



Until then, we know how to survive.



Don't, don't!



Emiliano, no.

Don't go, I tell you.



Emiliano, don't. Don't!






Emiliano Zapata.



Jesus Gaujardo.



- Where did you find him?

- He's yours.



- Where have you been?

- A federal officer had him.



Got old.






Get that horse!

Shoot him!



Shoot him!






- The horse got away.

- The horse?



Well, these people

are very superstitious.



They must have been very afraid

of him. They shot him to ribbons.



The tiger is dead.



- Well, that's the end of that.

- I don't know.



Sometimes a dead man

can be a terrible enemy.



Expose his body in the plaza

so they can see it.



So they can all see that he's dead.



Who are they fooling?

Shot up that way, could be anybody.



- He fooled them again.

- You sure?



I fought with him all these years.

They think they can fool me?



- They can't kill him.

- They never will.



- Can you catch a river, kill the wind?

- He's not a river, he's a man!



- And still they can't kill him.

- Then where is he?



He's in the mountains.



You couldn't find him now.



But if we ever need him again,

he'll be back.






He's in the mountains.


Special help by SergeiK