A Walk In The Clouds Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the A Walk In The Clouds script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Keanu Reeves movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of A Walk In The Clouds. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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A Walk In The Clouds Script





[Ship's Horn Blows]






We did it!



Good luck, soldier.



When's the last time

you saw her?



Our wedding day.

Four years ago.



Let me guess.



Met her on Friday,

married her on Sunday,



shipped out on Monday.



Pretty much.



Me, too. I'll bet we don't

even recognize them.



I'd recognize her







[Man] I find the pheasant

to be quite pleasant.



[Woman] I find the pheasant

to be quite pleasant.



How do you find

the wine?



I find the wine







I prefer to dine

at home alone.









When I didn't see you

on the dock--



I didn't know you were

coming today.



Didn't you get

my letters?



I started

to read them, I did,



but after the first few,



I couldn't bear to hear

about all that fighting



and the killing.



I wrote you almost

every day.



I know.

And I kept them. Look.






Oh, Paul, even the thought of you

in all that danger,



it was just too much.



I knew if I got them,

you were still alive.



That's all

I cared about--



that you were alive...






That's all that was

important to me.



Can you forgive me?



Yeah, sure.



I wrote to you.

You got those, right?



Got a few.



I told you

I wasn't a big writer.



I quite agree

the distinction is dubious.



It's a course I'm taking.






His name's Armistead.

He makes tons of money.



The whole country's

making money



hand over fist.



You've been away,

out of touch.



You don't know,

but you will.



I went to make sure Mr. Sweeney

held your job, like he promised.



He said you could start

the day you got back.



Just make sure

you wear your uniform.



Who could resist

a war hero?



Of course

I negotiated a raise.



Betty, I don't want

to go back to selling chocolate.



You've got

something better.






I don't.



But, you know...

in the war,



I had time to think about

what's important,



about what I want

out of life



for me, for us.



I wrote you all this

in the letters.



Are we back to those

old letters again?



You want me to read

the letters?



No. It's just you'd understand

what I'm feeling,



what I want.






Tell me what you want.



I thought...



some time.



Time's money.



I want things, Paulie.



My whole life

I've been without.



I want things.



Don't you want...






[Romantic Music Plays]



And you'll wear your uniform,

won't you?



My uniform?



To sell chocolates...



millions and millions

of them.



Won't you?






[Train Whistle Blows]



Here, let me help.



I'm sorry.



He's going to kill me.



It's just glass.

You can replace it easy.






No, no, it's my fault.



Look at this mess.



Here you go.



Are you all right?






Ticket, please.



Had an accident.









[Baby Crying]












Speed you were going,



you could have made

Sacramento before me.



You smell anything?












Oh, my God.



I'm so embarrassed.



I wanted to apologize,



but you looked

so peaceful.



Apology accepted.



Good book?



Quite a mouthful.



It's required reading.






My master's degree.



Playing hooky?



No. I'm going home.



My family

has a vineyard in Napa.



And you?



Uh, business

in Sacramento.



The train goes

to Sacramento.



My ticket didn't.



I mean, it did

when I got on,






Oh, no.



I think this is yours.






I thought it was a mistake.

I'm so sorry.






Is this seat taken?



How are you?



Look, uh, I'm Bill.



This is my buddy




And you're, uh...



Not interested.






I had

a girlfriend once



that always

used to say



she was

not interested.



It was never what she meant,

was it, Herman?



Most definitely not.



Not after she

got to know me.



Stop it.









Lady doesn't want

to be bothered.



Just let her be.



Oh, now what are we

going to do?



Shut up, Herman.



I think

he broke my nose.



I got to get

to Sacramento.



Not on this bus,

you don't.






I don't think

we've been properly introduced.



I'm Paul Sutton.



Victoria Aragon.



I'm sorry

about the bus.






I feel terrible.



All the problems

I've caused you.



You should just

keep going.



Who knows what

will happen next?



There's always

the possibility



of a forest fire,

I suppose.



Why aren't you

on the bus?



My stop.



You're waiting

for a ride.



No. No.



A miracle.



He's going to kill me.






My father.



If you're still worried

about that picture--



It's not about

the picture.



Oh, God.



Look, it's none

of my business,



but if you'd like

to talk about it...



''I was not meant

for the conventions of this world,



''not meant to be

tied down.



I'm a...

free spirit.''



Who's a free spirit?



My professor.



He and I were...



We--We were...



I don't think just because

some free spirit



broke up with you--



I'm pregnant.






You're very upset.



I can understand that.



Definitely understand that.



But, Victoria,

look at the positive side.



It's a new life

coming into the world.



That's a miracle

in itself, right?



''I will kill anyone

who dishonors my family.''



How many times

has he said that?



A hundred times,

a million times?



I'm sure it's just

a figure of speech.



My father means

what he says.






He's--He's very




If I come home this way

without a husband,



he'll kill me.



I know he will.



How about if you do show up

with a husband?



Who does what,



comes for the day

and then just leaves?



Sure. Comes to meet the family,

stays one night,



leaves in the morning,



writes a letter

saying he's...



Abandoned me.



It happens.



You're very kind

for trying to help me.



Maybe it might work...






there's nobody.



Miss Aragon.






There's me.



Was it horrible,

the fighting?



Once the shooting starts,

you just go blank.



The trick was to get your mind

on something else.



What did you do?



Write letters

to my wife.



In my head.



Then later, I would

write them down.



About the war.



About what I'd like

our life to be like when I got home--



The perfect little house,



kids running around

in the yard with the dog,



great job.



She must have cherished

every word.



Yeah, every word.



You're very kind

to do this for me.



And the baby.



I'm doing it

for the both of you.



Then we both thank you.



You're both welcome.



We call it Las Nubes.



It means the clouds.



It's beautiful.






Well, if we're going

to do this right...



The wedding bonbon




Big seller

around June.






We're unarmed.



Don't shoot.



Hello, Papa.






Who's this?



Paul Sutton...



my husband.









It'll be O.K.



Like hell

it'll be O.K.!



I will not

allow this.



I'll go to the pope




to get this undone.



We weren't married

in a church.






¿Qué pasa, Alberto?









¿Cuál es

el problema?



Here is the problem.



Is this how

you were brought up?



To betray

your mother?



Betray your father?



I did not betray




What are you

talking about?



What do you think

I'm talking about?



The gringo.



His name is Paul.



Mi hijita linda.






I told you.

I told you!



A girl's place

is here, at home!






Not alone in some city



doing God knows what.



I'm going to school there.

That's what I'm doing.



What is going on?



Your daughter,

she is married!











make him stop.






Ha! That's right.

That's right.



Coddle her.



The whole bunch of you.



But I tell you right now,



this will not stand

so long as I draw breath.



I swear before God.






You are so unfair.



Me? Ha ha!

I'm unfair?



I came home

to tell my family



that I spit

on their trust?



I'm the one

who came home



to rub in their face

that I married this--






What do you do?






I sell chocolate.









You are the head

of the family.



Say something.



I am Pedro Aragon.




to our happy family.



Thank you.



May I?






Of course.



Help yourself.









¡Cierra la puerta!



It's wonderful!



It's wonderful!



Why can he never just say,



''I'm happy for you.

Congratulations, Victoria''?



Why must everything

be a drama?



It's a bit

of a shock.



Not for Grandma

or Grandpa.



Not for you.



Why is he

always this way?



I hate him!






He is your father.



He has never

taken change well.



Even as a child,

he was this way.



Only with the vines

he has patience.



Maybe he should have

some for us, too.



That would be nice

for a change.



You could have

at least prepared us.



A call, a letter

would have been wiser.



I wanted to surprise you.



Well, you certainly




He wants me to marry

some man in Mexico



I have never even met



just because he has

the right bloodlines.



I'm not a horse, Mama.



It's my choice

who I marry, not his.




la comida.



How many times

have you told me,



''The heart wants

what the heart wants''?



And is this what

your heart wants?






Really and truly?



Really and truly.




will be fine. You'll see.




will be perfect.






What a delicate ring.



You are beautiful




Marriage becomes her,







Dear God, bless this food

we are about to eat,



and bless the harvest

of the grapes you have given us



in your wisdom

and grace, amen.



- Amen.

- Amen, amen.



Bon appetit.



This is pumpkin

flower soup.



It's a specialty

of my grandmother's.



It's delicious.



It's been in the family




before your Declaration

of Independence was signed.



So, with all the commotion,



we never heard the whole story

of how you two met.



I was on leave in June.






Just after I moved

to the city.



That's right.July.



At the USO.



I didn't know

you worked at the USO.






I wasn't actually

working there.



Then what were you doing



in a hall filled

with strange men?






Mi abuelo vivió a--



Excuse me.



My grandfather lived




and he used salt

like a fish in the sea.



My great-grandfather

was     !



So, tell us, Mr. Sutton,



since we now have such a clear picture

of how you two met...



where are you from?



Moline. Moline, Illinois.






Wherever that is.



It's in the middle

of the country.



Exactly in the middle,







And your parents,



they are

still in Moline?



I never knew my parents.



Oh. Who brought you up,



the fairies?



I grew up in a home.



Whose home?



I meant an orphanage.






This is just wonderful.



My daughter

can trace her ancestors



back     years



to some of the finest families

in Mexico,



and you are telling me



she has married a man

with no past?



Or worse...



a man with no past



and no future!






You don't know

that he has no future.



You don't know

anything about him.



Do you?



Yes. I know he knows

how to love somebody.



I know he wants a house

with kids and a dog.



A great job.



You mean,

like the one he has?



Excuse me.



It was very good.



Thank you.



He doesn't pull

any punches, does he?



I'm sorry.



You must think

they're horrible.



When I was a kid...



every night I'd climb

up to the roof of the orphanage,



and I'd make a wish

on every star I could see.



That's a lot of wishing.



It usually boiled down

to one wish, really.



What was that?



What you have in there.



Everyone always

telling you



how you should

live your life?



Better than having

no one telling you.



I don't know

about that.



I do.



That's no reason

for him to treat you that way.






And I was going

to say something, but...



I thought,

''What if it were me?



''A strange man

comes into my house,



''tells me he's married

my only daughter,



and I'm the last to know?''



Probably act the same way.



No, you wouldn't.



I don't know

about that.



I do.



It's only another

eight hours,



I'll be back

on the road.



Anyway, I think

the worst part's over, don't you?



This bed

was part of my dowry



when I married

Mr. Aragon.



It was my grandmother's

before that.



Her dowry.



She had it brought

all the way from Paris.



He was a diplomat,

my grandfather.



And this is

where we've spent



our first

wedding nights,



my mother...



my grandmother...



and me.



We can sleep

in Pedro's room.



In that teeny-tiny

little bed



on your

wedding night?



Ay, hija, no.



You need room...



to maneuver.






I know this is not

your first night together,



but I would like

to think it is.



It's just that

from the beginning,



all our marriages

have been so blessed.



You know,

it is out of love



that my husband roars so.



We are very traditional

people, Paul,



and this modern world

takes a little getting used to.



He'll come around.



Love each other...












First he comes into my house,

steals my daughter.



And now...

Now he takes my bed?









You don't want to see it,



but your daughter

is a woman.



And she was not stolen



any more

than you stole me.



Or have you forgotten

that little room under the stairs



in my father's house, hmm?



I asked for

your hand properly,



with respect.



Who is he?



He is nobody.



He is her choice,

and she is our daughter.



Alberto, it is from us

that she has learned to be who she is.



If we don't have

confidence in her,



how can we have confidence

in ourselves?



First you go

and wish them good night



so they won't go to bed



thinking that you're

furious with them.



But I am!






I am furious

with them.






You should smile more.



You are so handsome

when you smile.



First go

and wish them good night.






Do you like

selling chocolate?



No, not really.



Why are you

doing it?



It's part of

what I thought



I'd use

this trip for,



try and figure

things out for myself.



But you have things

figured out.



It's not that easy.



It's complicated.



It doesn't sound

that complicated to me.



You're not married.



I'm sorry.



It's just not a good time

for me now.



You've been wonderful...



more than wonderful.



Would you

turn around, please?



There'll be someone

for you, Victoria.



You don't have to

make me feel better.



No, I believe that.



I believe that there's

a perfect someone for everyone,



someone who'll love you

no matter what.



Would you marry




if it wasn't your baby

they were carrying?



If I loved her.



Good night.



Good night.



[Knock On Door]



May I?



One moment, Papa.



Your mother

sent me to wish you



good night.



Good night, Papa.



Good night,

Mr. Aragon.



Good night.



[Door Closes]



Does the door

have a lock?






Do you think

he suspects?



I don't know.



Better not take

the chance.



In case he comes back,

I should stay.






Good night.















It's all right.



It's all right.



Just a dream.



It's nothing.



Must be the change...



coming home,

everything so fast.



[Ding Ding Ding]



What's the matter?






[Ding Ding Ding Ding]






what you think?



It doesn't reach

the inside.



We can still

save them.



We have a chance.




Sí, Don Alberto.



How can I help?



Do you know

how to fly?



If you'll show me.



We are going to

lose everything,



and you want me

to take time to show you?






Spread out.

Spread out!






Like a butterfly.



If you're going

to help,









Get the heat down

on the grapes.



Follow me.















That's it.



Come on. With me.



The bus doesn't leave

until     A.M.



Then it's daylight.

Everyone will be up.



It's better this way.



Less questions.






I wish you

the best of luck.



You, too.



[Rooster Crows]



Buenos días, señor Paul.



It's the call of the grape that

robs our sleep.



When she's ripe,

she calls to a man.



Give me that.






Walk with me.



Bring the chocolates.












Buenos días,

don Pedro.



Buenos días.



Ha ha ha.



You know, everybody

gives you advice



how to grow old.



And the doctors,

they say,



don Pedro,

no chocolates.



Don Pedro, no salt



and no cigars



and little brandy

as possible.



What the hell

do the doctors know



about the needs...



of a man's soul?












May I?



Oh, this one.



This looks like

my granddaughter's...






I never

noticed that.









Oh ho ho ho ho!






You know, in      

the first Aragon, also a Pedro,



came from Spain

to Mexico



with a dream

in his head,



the clothes

on his back,



and the root

from the family's vineyard



inside his pocket.



Excuse me.



May I...see one more?



Which one?



Ah, that's no good.



Try one more.






That's wonderful.



Ha ha ha ha.






I will show you




This is the root

I brought with me,



a descendant

from the root



the first Pedro

brought with him.



All our vines



come from this one.



It's not just

the root of Las Nubes.



It's the root...



of our lives,



of Victoria's life.



Now that you're

a part of all this,



a part of us,



it is the root

of your life.



You are an orphan



no longer.






you will stay

with your family



while we harvest

the fruit?






It's a special time.



It's a time of...magic.



I really can't.



I have commitments.



What about the commitments

to your family?



W-What can be

more important than that?



I would like to,




But I can't.



He said you...



would not stay.



Who did?






He said, ''The first chance

the gringo gets,



he will leave her.''



His exact words.



I'm not leaving her.




No, no, no, no.

I understand.



Just my...



poor granddaughter.



He will whip her

with it.



She'll be the one

to pay for your commitments.



Such a pity.



Such a sweet girl.



But it would

just be the difference of a day.



The most important day

of our year,



the day that makes

or breaks our fortunes--



that's what he will

throw up to her...



for the rest

of her life.



I know...



my son.



Don Pedro.






You're right.



It's only one day.



I'll stay.






May I?



It's a good thing.



You have no more

chocolates to sell, anyway.



Come on.



I thought you were




I thought it would be better for you

if I stuck around...



at least until

the harvest.



Don't you have

chocolates to sell?



Family comes first.



[La Cucaracha

On Car Horn]



[La Cucaracha

On Car Horn]



Hey, everybody,

I'm home!



Ha ha ha ha!



Hey, there.






¡Pedro! ¡Sí!



Ah! Ha ha ha!



Hiya, sis.









Hi, Grandpa!



Ha ha ha!



Hi, Grandma.



Oh! Ha ha ha!



My favorite

chili's ready?



¡Claro que sí,




Saluda a su madre.



Hi, Mom.



Oh, at last!



Hi, Pop.



Sorry I'm late.






This is my husband

Paul Sutton.



Paul, my brother.



You got hitched?



Hey, that's swell!






Victoria Sutton.



I like that.



Welcome to

the family.



I'm Pete.









Who is Pete?






Pa, come on.



I don't know any Pete.



I know I pay

a fortune in tuition



to Stanford University

for a Pedro Alberto Aragon Limantour.



Maybe I am paying

for the wrong person



and I should

stop the check!



Glad to meet you,




Can we begin now?






Make sure he knows

what he's doing.



We don't want him

cutting off his fingers



and getting blood

on the grapes.



It would ruin

the taste of the wine.



¡Que empiece la vendimia!



¡Sí, señor!



Aren't you happy

you stayed?



[Speaking Spanish]



No, gracias.












¿Listos todos?



Come on.



¡ Tiren las uvas!






How do they feel?




a little big.



Clothes are

like family.



You have to

live in them a while



before you get

the perfect fit.



But you are doing great.



I don't know if everyone would

share your opinion.



It's not easy

being in charge.



It was not easy for me.

It's not easy for him.



Every man has to

find his own way.



But I have faith

in my son,



and I have faith in you.



But your fly

is open.



My wife's family,

the Aztecs,



have a belief



that you have to

have the permission



of the four winds



to harvest

what the earth gives.



Isn't she beautiful?



[Clap Clap Clap]



[Clap Clap Clap]



[Clap Clap Clap]



¡Las mujeres!






Come on! You're a married

woman now.



What about Pedro?



He's not married.



Neither are we.



La la la la la la



Crush the grapes



La la la la la



Crush the grapes



La la la la la la la



Crush the grapes



La la la la



Crush the grapes



La la la la la la



Crush the grapes



La la la la



Crush the grapes



Crush the grapes



Crush the grapes



Crush the grapes



Crush the grapes



Crush the grapes



Crush the grapes



Crush the grapes



Crush the grapes



Crush the grapes



[Faster Tempo]

Crush the grapes



Crush the grapes



Crush the grapes



Crush the grapes



Crush the grapes



Crush the grapes



Crush the grapes



Crush the grapes



I want you more than anything,




You can't imagine

how I want you.



But I'm not free.



And I won't

hurt you that way.



I won't.



I'm sorry.



I'm sorry.



[Door Closes]



Pop, we can lead the market instead

of chase after it.



Where the hell

is my hat?



We can raise money

through limited partnerships.



Hi, Paul.



Hi, Pedro.

Morning, Mr. Aragon.



So what do you

think, Pop?



About what?




the operation.



The limited




You take in a partner,

you take on trouble.



You can always borrow

from the bank.



Listen,just because

you harvested a few grapes



doesn't give you

a say.



Stick to your candy,



and keep your nose

out of our business.



Now... tell me what's

going on here...



that you sleep

one night on the floor,



the next

on the couch.



You'll use any excuse

to make him feel unwelcome,



won't you?



There is something

wrong here.



This whole thing

smells wrong.



A girl comes home



with a husband

nobody ever heard of...



with her suitcases

full as when she went away...



like she has

no place else to go.



Where's my hat?



You don't want me




I'll leave.



Is that

what you want?



I want the truth.



That's what I want.



No, you don't.



The only truth you want is the truth

according to you.



That's the only truth

you can accept.



Try me.



The truth is,

she came home



because she loves

her family.



I told you...



stay out of

our business.



She is my business.



You were looking

for this?






[Chickens Clucking]









I appreciate it

very much,



but I don't

have time.



It smells.



I know,



but I have to leave.



I have business.



Don Pedro has

finished your business, I think, no?



And besides, you

must see it through.



See what through?



Your fate...



what brought

you here.




brought me here.



I brought me here.






- [Baa]

- [Baa]









What's wrong?






Here, let me

help you inside.



No. We had a plan.



You were going to

stay for one night



and go back

to your wife.



We should stick

to the plan.



I can't leave you

like this.



And tomorrow? Will you stay

tomorrow, too?



And the day

after that?



Go home, Paul.



You still

have a wife.



Leave it

at the station.



Victoria, please--



You can't help me

anymore, Paul!



No one can help me.



It's not

your problem.



It's not my problem.



I can't leave.



[Tosses Down Keys]












Don't think that just because

you married her



any of this

is yours...



if you married her

at all.



What's that

supposed to mean?



I wasn't there.



I didn't see a wedding.



I didn't even see

a wedding certificate.



And don't think



that just because

I speak with an accent



I think

with an accent.



For four years

that I've been at war,



to do what I had to do,



I had to keep myself

closed off.



What's your reason?



What the hell

are you talking about?



Reason for what?



For shutting your daughter

out of your heart.



Can't you see

how amazing she is?



How alive?



My whole life, I've dreamed of getting

the kind of love



your daughter

tries to give you.



I would die

for what you have.



Why can't you

just love her?



She's so easy to love.



You know nothing

about my daughter!



You hear me?






I know that she is

good...and strong...



and deserves all the love

this world has to give.



Can't you see that?



How wonderful...



how special she is?



You see this?



This land...



this vineyard!



This is     days

a year.



Who do you think

I do this for?



For them!



All of them!

I love my family!



You should let them

know it.



Paul. Hey, Paul.












The finest.



I made it







   years ago.



The secret

about brandy...



is age.



The secret



of everything...



Ha ha ha ha!



is age.






Are you all right?



He only

went to work.



He will come back.






What the hell

is that?



My uniform.






Of course.



Ha ha ha ha.






What else

do they do



but make love

and war?



Did you talk to her?



I tried.



Wouldn't make

a difference.



Talking between

men and women



never solves




Where we think...



they feel.



They are creatures...



of the heart.






Sit down.



Don Pedro--



No, no, no.

Please. Come on.



- Come on. Give me that.

- Don Pedro--



No, no.



I'll miss my bus




You make yourself




Please. Tomorrow we will

go to the festival



for the wine blessing.

The bus will be there.



I have



the perfect solution

for you.



Ha ha ha!















[Don pedro]

My love



[Singing In Spanish]



If you call me,

my love



[Singing In Spanish]



[Drunkenly Off-Key]

Allow me

to call you






- [Singing In Spanish]

-  My love



I will cherish you









Thank you.



Isn't that the most

romantic thing you ever heard?



Maybe it loses

a little bit on translation.



No, no,

no, no, no.



All right, now.




Otra vez.



Esta vez el va

cantar. Vamos.



[Guitar Plays]



Now you sing.







Mi se llamas




That's all right,

that's all right, that's all right.



It's all right.

You did wonderful.



Let's let the experts

do it themselves.






Si me llamas amor...



[Singing In Spanish]



[Don Pedro]

You're a gringo.



Nice, but still

a gringo.



The heart you

are talking to is Mexican.



You speak to it in the language

it understands.










[Music Stops]






be strong.



Ah. Stand

right here.



Right here.







All right.









No, no, no.

You've had enough.



All right.



You boys...



wait for my signal.



[Musicians Play]



¿A usted quién

ha invito?



Ay, señor.



¡Sáquese de aquí!






Si me llamas amor



Si me dejas amarte



Mi bien












La la la

la la la









Si me llamas






Si me dejas amarte



Mi bien



Yo te voy a adorar






Si me llamas amor



You keep watching

the window.



When the light

comes on,



you are saved.



Yo te voy...



Just watch

the window.



Las estrellas

nos verán






He seems to love her.









Maybe I...



I've been too tough

on him.



Si me das

tu valor



Si me atrevo



A quererte



Mi sol



Te voy a idolatrar



¡Ay! Ha ha ha ha!



Los ángeles

nos traerán



La ternura



What's the matter?



Las flores

nos vestirán



De dulzura



Contigo voy a sonar



Con querubes



Contigo voy a pasear



En las nubes



Contigo voy

a pasera






En las nubes



Contigo voy a pasear



En las nubes



[Singing Continues

In The Distance]






[Festive Music Plays]



Now that you're

single, Paul,



don't start having

too much fun at the festival.



Our bus leaves

in     minutes.






[Singing Eh, Compare

In Italian]




Beer Barrel Polka]



The Aragons!







The Aragons are coming!




















How are you?






I will now recite

the blessing of the harvest.



We thank you,

Lord in heaven,



for bestowing on us

the bounty of thy harvest.



We ask only

that each life here



be blessed with the full

measure of love,



health, and happiness



that those who

acknowledge God in heaven



justly deserve.






- Amen.

- Amen.

- Amen.









- Hooray!

- Hooray!

- Ha ha ha!



[Mexican Hat Dance Plays]






[Bell Tolls]



Your serenade

was very beautiful.



Will you toast

with me?



What do we toast to?



To...what if.



To what if.



Father Phillipo...



may I introduce

Paul Sutton...



my new son-in-law?



As you can see,

a bona fide war hero.



He helped bring in

the harvest.






What? I can't be proud?



This is a blessed surprise.

Congratulations, Victoria!



Thank you.



I gave her

first communion.



Always thought I'd

give her in marriage.



And you shall.



City Hall is not

a proper place



to take your

wedding vows.



Not for my own







Listen to me!






I give my daughter's

hand in marriage



before the eyes

of God.



And I will take it

as a personal insult



if you all

do not show up.






You are

all invited!



Why are you

doing this?



A man can change

his mind, can't he?



We have to tell them.



No. I have

to tell them.



I'm not scared now.






For the baby.



A little present.



What did you

get it for?



Courage under fire.



Paul Sutton...



you're the most honorable man

I have ever known.



[Singing Cielito Lindo

In Spanish]



Where you headed,




San Francisco.



I can get you as far as

San Rafael. Climb in.






What you doing

around these parts?









In the clouds.



Ha ha ha ha.



Well, welcome

back to Earth.



Ha ha ha ha.



[Accordion Plays]



[Crow Caws]






[Child Crying]















[Machine Gun Fires]






[Trolley Bell Rings]




Who's there?



It's me.



You read them.



Yes, Paul, I--



[Man's Voice]




Paul. Paul,

listen to me.



It wasn't going to work...

for either of us.



If I'd only read

those letters sooner.



We hardly even

knew each other.



We want different things,

different lives.



[Man's Voice]

Who is it, Betty?



I don't even

like dogs!



It's not what

it appears to be.







listen to me.



What we want

is so opposite.



It would've

never worked.



I would've

been miserable.



I came all the way back.

I was ready to try.



Paul, don't do

anything crazy.



I'll just get my things and--

Don't hit me.



I'm not going

to hit you.






We could still

be friends.






I thought an annulment

would be the easiest.



You just have to...

sign it.



I'm sorry, Paul.






Are you all right?






[Horn Honks]



I'm fine!






Ha ha ha ha!






Mr. Aragon?



Mr. Aragon.



I owe you

an apology, sir.



What I did was wrong.



Get off my land.



My intentions were good.

I wanted to protect her.



Stay away from her.



I can't.



She's like the air to me.



I've come to ask you

for her hand in marriage.



You are already married,



you son of a bitch!






My gun!



But, Alberto--



My gun! Now!



My marriage was

never meant to be.



It was the war.

It was a mistake.



But it's over...

annulled. Look.



You deceived me...



in my own house...



in my own bed!



Stay away from her!



I love her.



I want to be with her

for the rest of my life,



to take care of her!



Jose! My gun!






My gun!









You made me the fool

in front of the world!



It's not even your child

she carries!



It will be

if she'll have me.



I--I'll see you

dead first!
















[Speaking Spanish]












I love him!



I love him!






Oh, my God.







have I done?















[Speaking Spanish]



Don Pedro!



Let me go!



Get away!



I want to stay!



Get--Get away!



Pop! Pop!






Lie down, Pedro!

Don't run!



Lie down!









I'm all right!



[Woman Sobbing]









I was afraid.



I was afraid

of losing you.



All of you.



I didn't know

any other way to love.



Can you teach me?






can you teach me?






The fire burned through...






There's no root stock

left to...to replant.



Las Nubes...



is finished.






Has it reached

the inside?



It's alive.



It's alive!



Las Nubes lives!



We can plant!






is the root...



of your life...



the root...



of your family.



You are bound

to this land...



and to this family...



by commitment...



by honor...



and by love.



Plant it.



It will grow.



I don't know how.






Help your husband.





Special help by SergeiK