Warriors Of Heaven And Earth Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Warriors Of Heaven And Earth script is here for all you fans of movie whose original title is Tian di ying xiong.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Warriors Of Heaven And Earth. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Warriors Of Heaven And Earth Script



Sir Lai Xi was my father's friend.



He was an imperial agent

on a secret mission.



Whilst studying at court,

you've won our favor.



We entrust to you...



...the mission of eliminating...



...fugitives in the western regions.



This will also be a final test

of your skill.



Fulfill this mission and we

may allow you to return home.



The emperor bestowed on him

the imperial sword...



...and with it the power

over life and death.



Sir Lai Xi has arrived!



He wasn't a man of the Tang.

He'd come here from Japan.



Whenever he appeared

at Frontier Pass...



...it was only to rush off

somewhere else.



Father said Sir Lai Xi

wished to go home.



But the emperor

never granted him permission.



Instead, he sent him here...



...to bring fugitives to justice.



He's been on this mission here

in the wilderness for    years now.



Dear Mother:

Today I reached Frontier Pass.



It's my new base

for carrying out my mission.



General Wen, who's in charge here...



...says the emperor

will send me home soon.



I've been in this country

for    years...



...but my heart is in my homeland.



And my return

is finally within reach.



Wen Zhu, the fighting here

is growing more intense.



I've asked Sir Lai Xi

to escort you to the capital.



You're finally going home.



Yes, at last.



The messenger is here!



Sir Lai Xi! Receive new orders!



When I was younger,

I had seen this fugitive.



They called him "The Butcher" Li.



He was a distinguished officer

in my father's service.



But he refused to kill some Turkish

captives and a mutiny resulted.



Lieutenant Li says to let them go.



But that's against orders!



The general wants them all dead!

What are you waiting for?



They're women and children!



We're soldiers.

We don't kill unarmed civilians.



- Free them!

- You're disobeying orders.



- Kill him!

- Spare the captives!



Let's go!



When the emperor found out,

he was furious.



He's been trying

to apprehend Li ever since.



At first Li and the other mutineers

made a living guarding camel trains.



But they haven't been seen

for years.



I'll leave you here.



Don't follow me.

Go to Western Lake.



Marry and live in peace.



The minister of justice...



...informed me of this most

wanted fugitive's reappearance.



I can't abandon my mission now.



I owe the emperor too much.



And so, as yet,

I am unable to return.



Please, dear Mother, forgive me.



When I've left...



...please give this

to my replacement.



Lieutenant Li's reappearance

changed Sir Lai Xi's plans...



...and I'd be along for the chase

on the way to the capital.



Vengeance Kui!



Well done!



The Iron-Gate Pass Army delivers this

caravan to the troops of Frontier Pass.



We've lost five camels and one horse,

but all the other cargo is intact.



The Frontier Pass troops

accept the mission.



Prepare to leave for   -Mile Fortress!



The handover is complete! Go!



Raise the camels!



The storm's coming!



Is anyone there?



Is anyone else alive?






He's still alive!



Here we go.



Baldy, it's me.



Get lost!



Stinking beggar, go the hell

back to Western Lake.



Get lost!



- Where did you come from?

- Over the ridge.



Do you know who's boss here?



Master An.



Say it for me.



- Master An is boss here.

- Get lost!



  -Mile Fortress is east of here.



So why are we heading north?



The road east is full of Turks

and bandits. There's no way through.






And all we've got is this little monk

who just prays all day long.



Pray for some better luck for me,

will you?



We'll go north first...



...where there's water and pasture.

We can rest there.



- And hire some swordsmen.

- Hire? But...



...how much will that cost?



How much is your life worth?



You want the one

they call Butcher Li.



One of his old deputies, One-Eye Cao,

lives at Western Lake.



He came to town last year

to sell an ox.



I have to go.



I leave Wen Zhu in your charge.



There are too many bandits around.



I'll look after her.



Don't go outside. It's not safe.



They'll bring in your meals.



I'll only be away a few days.



Wait here for me.



Will you be able to find him?



The court wants him dealt with.



I must do my duty by the people

and the emperor.



Hunting down and killing fugitives,

is there much money in that?



I get by.



You're an imperial agent.



Why do you say that?



He's a force to be reckoned with.



- This one!

- That one!



The white one!



Why aren't you roping in the horses?

I told you to keep an eye on them!



What are you doing?



- Is that a caravan?

- Yes.



How many people?



- Three.

- What sort of people?



A Turk, a monk...



...and a soldier.



I'll get the others.



Take a good look at the Turk.



- Yeah, so, he's a Turk.

- Take another look.



- He's still a Turk.

- Look again.



You can't even see

with two good eyes!






Still the same old One-Eye Eagle.



Something to eat?



Thank you.



Bless you.






...how much do your menfolk make

guarding caravans?



They haven't done that for years.



Sir, how is it

you've got a soldier with you?



What are you carrying?



I don't know.

And it's not for me to ask.






He saved me. I have to help him.



Sir, we're blood brothers.



If there's anything we can do,

just say.



There's nothing. I just dropped in

to say hello. I can't stay.



I'll be off at sunrise.

I'll hire more guards at the outpost.



- It's in ruins and nearly deserted.

- It's true.



It's in shambles.



If I'd known,

I'd have ditched him back there.



- Getting soft.

- Yeah.



You could still do it.



Sir, why don't...






Carrying anything of value?



No, just a heap of Buddhist texts.



Why not trade them in for a wife?

Move in here with us.



- You sure know how to pick a place.

- Good, isn't it?



- I should settle down here too.

- Great!



Not so fast.

Let me see him off safely first.



Take me with you, sir.



Wake up.



Need some work?



- Yes.

- It's dangerous work.



What else is there?



I've got by this far.



I know the rules of the road.



- Name?

- They call me Old Diehard.



- Saddle up your horse. Let's go.

- What horse?



- No horse and you expect to work?

- I sold it because I had no work.



They call me Salamander.

My real name is Di Hu.



All my life, I've known danger.



I know the rules of the road.



- And your folks?

- Don't have any.



And my teacher's dead.

My friends are all soldiers.



Go find a place to learn a trade.



Try me out first, uncle.



- Don't follow us.

- Uncle, please, try me out.



- Butcher Li.

- And you must be the imperial agent.



Do you plead guilty

to disobeying orders?



- A soldier doesn't kill without reason.

- Do you plead guilty to mutiny?



A soldier doesn't sacrifice himself




All right.



Zimo, stay out of this.






I'm also a soldier. Sir.



We're transporting precious goods

for the court.



I've asked him to help

guard the caravan.



Brother, you can't abandon us now!






You hear that?



The court's orders must be carried out

and he has to do his job.



I'll give you three chances.

If you kill me...



...you'll take the caravan

to the capital.



If you can't beat me...



...l'll take the caravan to the capital

and we'll do battle there.



Agreed. Draw your sword!



You've gone over three attacks.



It's a draw! I'll see you in the capital.



Don't sneak around behind my back.



Sir, I'd like to see...



...how you deal

with the imperial agent.



You little bastard.



You just want to see

how he deals with me.



Someone needs to collect the body.



- Don't annoy me.

- Relax, you won't even know I'm here.



This is where we say goodbye.

Go home.



- You're treating us like strangers.

- It's not like in the old days, is it?



Sir, you're giving old One-Eye

the cold shoulder?



I said, this is where we part.



Go home!



We're not giving up that easily.



Take your usual positions.

Front and rear!



I'm sorry, brother. I don't want

to turn your wives into widows.



Build me a house. I'll be back.



Mark my words.



Raise the camels!






I took the money you gave me

and bought this donkey.



Didn't have enough for a horse.



I gave you enough for five donkeys.

Dumb kid, you've been had.



- Go to the rear.

- You'll take me?



Do it!



Ma Gun!



- What's up?

- Come here.



- He's kicking again.

- I'm sure it's a boy.



Once I give Ma Gun a little boy,

let him just try and boss me around!



- Who asked you for a drink?

- Get out of here.



If I don't return...



...look after my wife...



...and daughters.



Listen to you. We're blood brothers,

right? It's one for all and all for one.



Don't leave me out of this.



- Your wife is about to have a baby.

- What business is that of yours?



Master An.



You're a lion amongst men.

You rule the desert.



What exactly does Lord Khan

want from me?



Talk straight.



There's a caravan

from India out there.



Our wise leader Lord Khan

wishes you to...



Aren't you at war with the Tang?



The whole of the West

will soon belong to you.



What's the fuss

about one little caravan?



It's carrying something

Lord Khan wants.



If that's the case,

why not capture it yourself?



Our revered Lord Khan has promised

that if you will do this one favor...



...you can name your reward.



I want his daughter for my wife.



Go tell that to your mighty leader.



Now bring out the real swords!



If you want to work for me...



...you'd better shape up.



Master An, you're every bit

as amazing as they say.



No wonder

you're the boss around here!



I'm a businessman.



There's no need for flattery.



Of course.



When the deed's done, Lord Khan will

arrange the marriage you requested.



A daughter is a small price to pay

for control of the western regions.



- Don't you think?

- True.



Do you mind? Thank you.



Don't be afraid.



The story's only just begun.



Go prepare the dowry.



Old Diehard, on your horse!



Let's visit Big Steed Outpost,

see if we can recruit a few helpers.



Good idea. Looking after the camels

is exhausting.



Sir, I'll go with you.



Stay here. If anything goes wrong,

take the caravan to Red Rock Gorge.



Don't worry. You can count on me.



Something doesn't feel right.



How long

since you've killed anyone?



Several years.



Looks like that drought's

about to break.



That's a worry.

My blade's not sharpened.



- What's eating them?

- Scared?



Bad luck. You poor old man,

getting this as your first job.



He's already under my employment.



Looking for bodyguards?



I've got about    swordsmen.



You could hire them.



It's chaos out there.

Not much work going.



We can talk prices.



- I only want some camel drivers.

- Camel drivers?



You don't need camel drivers.



You can't fool me.



- Meaning?

- Nothing.



I'm just trying to help my men

find work.



If you want to make it sweet for me,

you'll hire my men.






...name a price.

I'll take the caravan off your hands.



I won't leave you out of pocket.



Two options. You choose.



I already said it...



...I need camel drivers.

I'm not negotiating.



Follow me!






Quick, over the wall!



- Move! Unless you want to fight!

- No way!



Give me your hand.



- Come on!

- Come on!



Come with me.



Thank you, miss.



I won't make it.

Go on without me.



- Need some help, lieutenant?

- Looks like you're in the wrong place.



You should be waiting for me

in the capital.



I didn't want the bandits to kill you.



It'd save you the trouble.



- Wu reporting!

- Baldy reporting!



- Ma Gun reporting!

- Cao reporting!



Hurry, sir!






I need some guards. Coming?



The sooner we get to

the capital, the better.



Get on your horses!



This is none of your business.



I've been tracking him.



He's mine to kill, not yours.



I could care less if he lives or dies.



Sir, you really ought to be

on your way.



Let's not become enemies

over such a small matter.



This land is still under

Tang jurisdiction.



Where there are no other officials,

I'm in charge.



If you want to pass...



...you must first pass my sword.



One-Eye! Ma Gun!



- Lead the way.

- Yes, sir!



- Zimo!

- Yes, sir!



- Coordinate all movements!

- Yes, sir!



- Wu!

- Yes, sir!



- Baldy!

- Yes, sir!



- Guard the rear!

- Yes, sir!



- What about me?

- You?



Stick with me.



From now on, the mighty Lord Khan's

troops run this town.



Until further instructions, no person

may leave town without permission.



Those who disobey will be killed.






We spotted them heading

towards Red Rock Gorge.



They've got half a dozen guards.



Red Rock Gorge?



Let's go.



Sir Lai Xi returned with news.



We were going to leave

Big Steed Outpost...



...and race eastwards

to catch up with Li.



Sir Lai Xi didn't want bandits

to get the caravan.



And he wanted to keep an eye

on Butcher Li.



- We fought three battles here.

- Two.



- No, three.

- Two.



See, there's Big Wu's grave.

I dug it myself.



We'll pay our respects

on the way back.



Ma Gun. Tell the men to be careful.






Can the camels

keep up with the horses?



- Just about.

- Go as fast as you can.



- Got it?

- Yes. Let's go!



Bandits to the left! Go right!



Faster with the camels!



Di Hu, hurry!



- Get the caravan to catch up!

- Hurry!



Old Diehard!






Wait for me.



- Don't let the bandits get away!

- Don't worry, sir!



Wu! Baldy! Catch the rope.



Raise the rope!






Catch up with the caravan!



- Where should we go?

- I don't know.






Old Diehard, protect the caravan!



Go, Ma Gun, go!



- One-Eye!

- Sir!



We'll charge them first.

Lead the caravan into that gully.



As good as done, sir.






Ma Gun, raise the rope!



Leave him to me!



The caravan's cut in half!



Keep moving!



Follow me.



Go on in.



- Guard the entrance to the gully!

- Yes, sir!



Di Hu, grab the reins.






Old Diehard, you go on ahead.



Di Hu, quick, into the gully!



Baldy, you next!












Block the way in!



Once through the narrow gully...



...we slipped

into a dense poplar forest.



Lieutenant Li led us

to a secret underground cemetery.



He wasn't sure

if the bandits knew of it.



But everyone understood that for now

there was no other choice.



He pretends not to recognize me.



Maybe he just never imagined

that I'd turn up with Sir Lai Xi.



Or maybe he's just uncomfortable

with the fact that I'm a girl.



The cave is damp.

Take a skin to sit on.



Sir, who's that man?



The imperial agent.



- Wu!

- Wu, don't!



We've still a long way to go.



Sir, rest over there by the fire.



Where could they be hiding?



Wherever they are,

they'll need water soon enough.



The Gobi Desert lies east.

There's no water there.



South is the icy plateau

controlled by the Tibetans.



There are cannibals in the mountains.



And to the north,   -Mile Fortress.



- Go poison the Bitter Well.

- Yes, sir.



Tell the Turks to set up

checkpoints on every road...



...to   -Mile Fortress.

- Done!



Don't you think there's something odd

about the bandits' persistence?



It is a bit strange.



They cut off the caravan

in the middle.



If their goal was robbery, well,

they've got half the goods already.



They're surely not after

the Buddhist texts.



They cut it in half

to isolate the last four people.



Back at the outpost,

An pushed us to hire his men.



He wanted to buy out the caravan as

well. It's as if he knows what we have.



It seems that way.



There's got to be something

we don't know about.



Could it be this miniature pagoda?



I'm awake. I'm listening.



Tell us the truth.



What else is there

besides the Buddhist texts?



Nothing! I've told you everything.



If you don't tell the truth,

we'll turn around and go home.



- Brother. Brother!

- Tell us the truth!



I told you. Just a few pieces

of silver. Nothing else.



That's hardly worth all this fuss!






- Brother.

- Didn't you see?



- We've lost a man for this!

- Brother! Brother!



Tell us!



Little monk...



...I am the emperor's emissary.



You can trust me, can't you?



This is what everyone wants.



The relics of the Buddhist saint




The western regions

are steeped in Buddhism.



With this, all the Buddhist kingdoms

could be controlled.



The Turks have to be

behind Master An.



Di Hu.



You've earned this.



You'll grow up to be a great fighter.



But now, go home.



Uncles, my deepest gratitude!



- Zimo!

- Sir!



Take    camels

and hurry to Bitter Well.



Use all your guile.



Let them think

we were there looking for water...



...and are now forced to

head to   -Mile Fortress.



- Poison two camels at the well.

- Understood.



- Where is the poison?

- Master An already poisoned the well.



- We'll meet at the usual place.

- Yes, sir!



- What do we do then?

- Yeah.



We've got two roads left.



One to the north, one to the east.



At   -Mile Fortress

imperial couriers will be waiting for us.



But the Turks and the bandits

might have killed us all already.



The relics will fall into their hands.

East of the desert lies an isolated fort.



- It's    days' travel from here.

- But without water we'll never make it.



There's an underground river

in the desert.



- I stumbled on it    years ago.

- That's bullshit!



- Now isn't the time to tell stories!

- Really! I've seen it!



It saved our lives.



I don't think he's kidding.



- Did you drink from it yourself?

- I did!



And you're sure

you can find it again?



If you trust me...



...l'm willing to bet my life on it.

- You're on!



Sir Lai Xi, if we don't find the river...



...not everyone's going to make it.



I won't let you die

before we reach the capital.



In the desert,

it's beyond your control.



Not necessarily.



Little monk, if we don't make it out

of here, this Buddhist treasure...



My mind's eye has seen the capital.



I've seen the temples there.



I've seen the relics

seated on the Lotus Throne.



Please ask Buddha to protect us.



- Do you all understand?

- Yes.



Sir, they're on the way

to Bitter Well.



- How long will it take?

- About two hours.



Brothers, let's go.



- Are you really a criminal?

- What?



What do you think?



What was your crime?



Did you kill someone?



Sometimes killing isn't a crime

and not killing is.



But the court executes murderers.



Don't unload the camels.

We'll be heading south shortly.



- Ma Gun, light a fire.

- Understood.



Have you met him before?



Are you going to kill him?



It's my duty.



So not killing can be a crime too.



Rest up.

We've a long journey ahead.



Here. Have some water.






We get    mouthfuls a day.



He's already had his ration.



Let the bastard be thirsty!



We can't be far from the old river.



It's up ahead.



Go with him.



Ma Gun.



Sir, have a sip.



Save it.



Sir, look! Someone's coming.



I don't have to look.



It's Zimo.



The river bed should be here.



I remember there was

a small hill nearby...



...not this old tree.



Where did the damn river go?



They couldn't have gone far.



- Give me some water.

- I couldn't even give you piss!



But I saved two sips from yesterday!



You said I could!



- I don't remember.

- You're denying it, you bastard?



- What? You're busting my balls?

- I'll kill you!



Bastard! If you're going to start

with me, you better not chicken out!



- Brother. Brother!

- Come on!



- Relax! Let's see your sword!

- Go ahead!



- There will be blood instead of water!

- Get up!



Give me a real fight!



- Brother.

- Get up!



He'd kill a brother

for two sips of water?



- How much is left?

- We can stretch it out one more day.



If they're not back tomorrow,

we'll kill a camel.



Their blood's too thick.



We can't live on that.



If they can't find the river...



...we'll have to let the monk,

Wen Zhu and Ma Gun leave first.



Save some water for them.






Ma Gun's kid ought to be allowed

the chance to get to know his dad.



They have followed us for two days.



Well, you're clever.



I smell the scent

of their tobacco in the air.



Sir, look. There's smoke.



There's a campfire up ahead.



Eighty miles, as the wind blows.



Call up the men.



I've been trying

to place your accent.



I can't work out where you're from.



The officer killed

in your mutiny was my friend.



We drew our swords at the same

moment. He was a good swordsman.



Then how did you defeat him?



I used a short sword.



Speed and efficiency over length.



You can draw a short sword faster.






My teacher maintained...



...that it's handy for both

offense and defense.






The others are back.



Old Diehard.



- Sit down.

- Try and hold on.



- Did you find the river?

- Old Diehard.



Brothers, we've got work to do.






Sir, watch your back!



Take this!



I owe you.



- You're safe from me for now.

- You better not regret it.



- Wu, block them!

- Yes, sir!



- Everyone here?

- Yes!



- Wen Zhu?

- I'm here!



They got me.



Damn! Pull it out!



- Bite on this.

- Hold on!



It's not going to be easy.






Brothers, move the bodies away.



A few more hours in the sun...



...they won't be able

to lift their swords.



She's burning up.



We need water badly.



Ma Gun, get back here!



Get back!



Let us handle this.

It's not your turn yet.



Good man.



Don't go!






He's dead!



Old Diehard was right.



In death, he showed us the river.



The will of the gods.



It is the will of the gods.









Drive out the bandits!



In the face of this miracle...



...Master An and his men retreated.



Perhaps they thought heaven

was on our side.



They gave up their chase and

we soon reached Lonesome Fortress.



But we found little relief there.



It was a ghost town...



...just a handful of soldiers

guarding the armory.



Bandits and Turks

were still a constant threat.



Although everyone was exhausted...



...Lieutenant Li didn't allow

us a moment's rest.



- Rockets!

- Hurry! Get them out!



Get the battle-axes!



Can I help?



Little monk, ask Buddha to protect us.



Say your prayers.



Wen Zhu, the battle will be fierce.



I might not be able to look after you.

Please take care.



I'm a general's daughter.



I'm not afraid.



Her father died at the battle

of Frontier Pass.



We'll leave here alive, won't we?



Be careful.



If the Turks attack...



...put this on.






I know you're a good man.



I still don't know where you're from.



When you asked before,

I didn't want to tell you.



I'm not actually of the Tang.



I'm Japanese.






Where's Japan?



To the east.



Many days by boat

across the Eastern Sea.



It's a group of islands.



You came from there

to hunt me down?



No, I was assigned

to the Tang court.



Do you know how that works?



I was sent to the capital to study.



I was    when I arrived.



I studied sword and short blade.



Later I studied land, cavalry

and maritime warfare.






You've been studying all this time?



I miss my family.



I want to go home.



Then you must. It's about time.



I can go once I've killed you.



The Turks are coming!



- Ready to go!

- The fort's still ours! Go!



Let the oil barrels go!






Wen Zhu, the catapults!



Wen Zhu, ignite the rockets!



Secure the gate!



Get back!



Hurry! Everyone inside! Quick!



Ma Gun, you first!






You go first!









Zimo, come on!



Sir, wait for me!



Pay tribute to the men we've lost

with prayer and song.



The will of the gods.



It is the will of the gods.



You're no longer needed here,

Master An.



You may go.



No longer needed, you say?



I'm not going anywhere.



I'm going to kill him!



That's your business.



Nothing to do with us.



Raise the camels!



Raise the camels!



Raise the camels!









...l'm coming home.






Where are you going?



Back to the west.



I'm going with you.

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