Washington Heights Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Washington Heights script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Washington Heights. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Washington Heights Script



Is it popping yet?




- All right.



By the way, I got a line on that

apartment I told you about.



It's beautiful, man. You

should check it out.



Where is it at?

- On Ninth Street, between B and C.



Carlos, can I see you a minute?



I've been going

over your drawings.



What do you think?

- Good.



They remind me a little

of Tommy Cashman.



Tommy Cashman? Holy fuck. That

dude draws some slick shit.



How long have you been

working on these?



About a year. Can you show these

to your friend at Gotham Comics?



I can... but I'm not going to.



But you just said they were good.



So is 'The Hulk,' but I

don't have to like it.



Your drawings are

technically fine,



but it just shows that you can copy

well, and they've got no soul.



I've known you for two years,



we've had a hundred

conversations... about comics.



You are a passionate

dude with deep ideas,



so I'm looking at this and thinking,

'Is this all you've got to say?'



Aliens from Jupiter want to

enslave the women of the Earth?






You dumb motherfucker.



Cans go in the blue,

green is for paper.



What's going on?

- I ain't touching those hands.



How did it go this morning?



David totally dug my shit, man.



He might send something

over to Gotham Comics.



That's excellent.



Check it out. It's the

Brunswick Monster.



How much did you pay for that?

- What does it matter?



I predict this ball is gonna

add    points to my game.



Now all I got to do

is get to Vegas.






The Amateur World Classic is next

month, it costs      to enter,



but get this... the purse

is a hundred grand.



I don't know,

Mick... three grand?



Gracias, mi amor.



Hey, mi amor!



When you're finished playing with

the kids, come play with me.



Where is the car?



I got a guy tuning

her up in Yonkers.



Going out to the

track next weekend.



I'm ready for Le Mans.



You ready to come with

me? Take a chance?



I can't leave the kid by himself.

- Excuses, excuses.



You're just fooling around

with that register.



I have to pay you back, right?

- That's right.



Good morning!



The light, Mag. I'm

trying to finish this.



Good morning to you, too.

- Hey, hey, muñeca.



Buen día.



What is it with

these space chicks



and the hugest tetas I've

ever seen in my life?



What happened to the eggs?



The eggs I asked you to bring

home last night? Those eggs?



I guess they're at the bodega.

- I guess so.



Why don't we go out for breakfast?

We haven't done that in a month.



I've got to work.

- I thought you were hungry.



I am, but-- hey, why

don't you get the eggs?



I've got to pick up

beads for the dress.



You can't do me a favor?



I got that part for

your sewing machine.



So? You said you were

gonna do that for a month.



And then, you finally did

it. Ha ha. Big favor.



See you later.

- Hey, Mag, wait.



Maggie, wait. I don't want you

to leave like this, all angry.



I'm not angry, I just want

to know what's up with you.



It's just that I...



I don't know what I'm

doing with my drawings.



David said some shit,

yesterday... you know what, babe?



You know what? I'll

get the eggs, okay?




- Really?






I'll scramble them real

nice, like you like them...



with spinach in

them... mm-mmm.




- Okay.



I'll even get the beads.



Benny Moré?






No hay problema.



Viejo, you know she ain't

gonna pay you, right?



What do you care? I mean

she's been coming in here



for    years.



If you divide    by   



it makes $  a year

for her loyalty.



Then throw in Señora Rodríguez,

Señora Salcedo, Señora García...



Son, we have to have the

sense of the community.



That's very important.



Tito understands that, right?

- Claro.



Tito understands everything.



You're a day late!



Hey, Miss Mercedes.

Miss Mercedes!



I need you at the other building.



Can I clean up first?

- Later.



What's the fucking rush?



I told you we have to get these

windows in by the end of the month.



Why are these cans in

with the newspapers?



Didn't we have this

conversation before?



I posted notices on every floor.

- That's not enough.



At the end of the day, you're

responsible, not the tenant.



My man! What's




Maggie, my buddy Mickey.

- What's up?



Mickey... and Daisy.

- Fuck you...!



Daisy, what's happening?



This is Berna. She

draws comics, too.



Hi, it's called

'Little Coffin Annie.'



It's Victorian

necrophilia pornography.



I've got to go to the girls' room.

- I'll come with you.



Where do we go?

- Negotiating hostages in there?



Fuck it. I ain't waiting

in this line, come on.



We have to wait.

- I ain't waiting. I've got to pee.



You're not gonna pee in the sink?

- No?



Oh, God. You're so crazy.

- I've got to pee.



That's what Mickey says.



You know, people are

fucking weird here, okay?



Did I tell you I got

a callback at Gotham?



That's great!

- They're interested in my strip.



That's good for you, man.



He's got this comic where this guy

gets shrunk to the size of an atom.



It's a quark, man.



It's a quark. A

subatomic particle.



How's your thing going? You

were gonna show it to David.



Oh... he likes it a lot.




- What's it about?



I'm kind of reworking it.

- It's fucking awesome.



Mickey! You haven't

seen it yet, dude.



You told me about it.



Did you check out that

apartment I told you about?



Yeah man, it's the shit. Maggie,

you got to see this place,



it's a railroad flat on

Ninth Street and Avenue C.



Ninth Street?

- Yeah, baby, it's great.



I'm not moving down there.



It's already rented out.

- I don't care if it's rented out.



I felt like a little

pendejita sitting there.



I asked Danny 'cause it was an

idea, and he looked into it.



You even went to go see it.



It was beautiful, a gorgeous

place with a lot of sunlight.



I felt like I could breathe

for once in my life.



Really? Well, maybe you should

go breathe by yourself.



I can't be without

you. Don't you get it?



No, I don't, because you

don't talk to me anymore.



I don't know what you're doing.

- I was thinking about both of us.



You sewing in the back and

me drawing in the front,



like we dreamed. Like

we talked about.



We've been here

our whole lives.



Our whole fucking lives.



Okay, good night.

- Good night.



Show me the safe.



I take the money every afternoon...

- Show me the safe or I'll shoot.



I don't have a safe.

- Show me the safe!



Don't shoot me, because it's

gonna be worse for you.



Show me the fucking safe!

- The rest of your fucking life...



See here?



The bullet shattered your

father's vertebrae right there.



It severed the spinal

cord. And my guess...



is that the gun was

fired at close range.



He's lucky to be alive.

- So...?



He'll never walk again. He's

paralyzed from the waist down.









Soy yo. Soy

yo, Carlos.



When you're working

in a bodega,



there's this unwritten rule that

when some crazy motherfucker



walks into the store to rob you,

you treat him like he's king,



like he has God-given permission

to own that fucking bodega.



You chill and you smile and

you hand him the money,



then you throw in a pack of Camels,

for the road, on the house.



What are you saying?

- I'll bet you that the old man...



talked trash with the

asshole who shot him.



Baby, that guy was a nutcase!

- He never saw the safe, babe.






The police said the

safe was locked.



The old man held out

on the fucking guy.



As plain as day.



Carlos, you want

another helping?









You want more ham?

- Oh no, I'm fine. Thank you.



See you in a couple of days.



Mickey, wait.



Carlos, there's someone I

want you to see. Let's go.



Come on, help

me clean up.



Six months ago he came to

me and asked for a loan,



to stay afloat.



He shouldn't have been

in that position.



I shouldn't have

given it to him.



The thing is, this

is not a small loan,









Come on.



There's a bodega on every

corner of the Heights, Carlos.



What makes Eddie's profitable?






Why is Eddie in

debt? Eddie.



If he sells the place,

I get my money back,



and I'm not forced to

have this conversation.



We both know he

ain't gonna sell it.



We both know he ain't gonna be able

to work it for quite some time...



if ever!



The way I see out of

this, for all of us...



is you take over.



The bodega, it's

a cash cow.



You're his kin.



People would keep coming in,



'cause they associate

you with your old man.



Maybe you should hang

with las viejas on    th.



Why are you looking

at me like that?



Doctor says you're

getting out of here soon.



They set you up with a daytime

nurse for a couple of months.



I spoke to the insurance lady.



I put a little extra in to get

you through the next few weeks.




- You've got a real gift, Carlos.



Don't let go of that.



Put me down, carajo!

- I got you.



Put me down, coño!

- I got you.



Nice! Let's get

some light in here.



Better, right?



You have some nice plants here,

Mr. Eddie. Let me knot it for you.



They could use some water.



Let's take this jug.



Turn it, dude. You're

gonna break the window.



Stop fucking bitching.

- What did I tell you?



You'll hit the walls.

- Shit. It's fucking heavy.



Why don't you leave it here?

You'll be back in two weeks.



Don't you dare, I'll

beat your ass up.



All right, Mr. Eddie...

I will see you mañana.



Yes? Around  :  ?



You forgot the Yankees

cup at the hospital,



so bring it back, tomorrow.



I forgot your Yankees cup?

- Yes, you did. Bring it tomorrow.



All right, you two have

a good night. Take care.



See you later.

- I like her.









What's up?



I shit myself.

- What?



I said, I shit myself.



Throw that shit

away. He ain't dead.



Hey, hey, hey!

Hey kids, kids!



Kids, take it outside

with the water.



Take it outside with

the water! Hello?



Go. Hey, take it

outside with the water.




- Okay, 'Regular.'



Ay, no. Dame







You still need   ¢.



I'll pay you back.

- Ah, señora, sorry.



No more loans.

- But Eddie said...



Forget Eddie, doña. No

money. No loans. Entiende?



Have a good day!



Why don't you clean up

the back or something?



Okay, 'Boss'!



Ay, coño!



She's crazy!

- Let's take him back up, guys.



You see, she's

speaking in tongues!



Cuidado, coño! Cuidado,

carajo! Let's go!



Anybody listening to me?

- Let's go. To the left.



That's it. Yeah!



You did a good job on

the building, son.



You know the tournament?



You know the bowling

tournament in Vegas?



Not that again.



It's an investment.



No. It's not an investment,

it's a $     vacation.



It's for the tournament.

It costs      to enter,



I've got to have some

money to fly out there...



for food and a hotel.



It's not like on five Gs I'm

gonna be able to get fancy.



You know, this bowling

thing of yours...



it's making you

look like a sucker.



What kills me is... there's no one

even trying to talk you into it.



It's just you.



Excuse me, excuse me.



Look, here. Somebody take your

boy... take your son and gone.



Take your father and him gone.

- What?!



What happened?

- Some boys took your father...



and I don't know

where he went.



Coño! Tito, take care of the

register, I'll be right back.



It's not my fault. I

don't know where he is.



'Santa María, Madre de Dios...



ruega por nosotros,




You're funny.



I swear you think about Mom more

now than when she was alive.



She understands.



That's what you're looking

for? Understanding?



Tell it to someone else,

'cause she ain't listening.



She is listening,

believe me.



She's listening.






Eddie is still fucking every

woman he can get his hands on,



except now, he has given

them all his money too.



You used to sing

that song to Mamá.



Carlos, put me to bed.



I think it looks cute.

- Red...



red, red...

- Looks kind of cute, right?



I think so.

- Oh my God!




- You look like an angel.



That looks pretty good, right?

- Yeah.



As long as I don't eat a piece of

food for a month, I'll be fine.



Yeah, I thought you said

you wore a size six.



She was a size six. Like

   years ago, right?



Hey... yo, that ain't funny. Shit.

- I'm sorry.



Don't be like that. You

know you look gorgeous.



You do, you're beautiful.



Hey, Carlos.

- Hi, baby!



I said, uh!



The bitch is four feet tall. And

her man is supposed to have...



Here you go.

- ...a   -inch dick!






You're sure?

- No.



Do you want some

of this, Carlos?



No. I'm not into that shit.



What are you into?



Are you sure?



I'm out of here.

- Carlos? Where are you going?




- But...



Carlos, wait!

What's up with you?



I'll catch you

tomorrow, all right?



If you told me a month ago



I'd be running my pop's bodega,

I'd say you were smoking crack.



If you had told me when

we were in high school



that I'd be the super

of our building...



I'd told you that you were having

some kind of psychotic episode.



That shit is not even funny, man.



And you know what

the thing of it is?




- I'm a pretty good super.



Don't take this the wrong way,

but it ain't that hard, man.



It can be hard,

you dumb fuck!



You've got to have all sorts of

different management skills,



you've got to know how to deal with

all sorts of different people,



you got to know your

accounting, and I recycle.



Don't forget:

'Always recycle.'



'Blue goes with cans.

Green goes with paper.'



Don't mix it with the fucking

plastic. Don't forget.



Oh, shit!

- My ball!



Come here.

- Oh, thank you.



Oh, you stupid fucker!



On weekends,



me and Daisy got this thing,

where she calls me...



to fix stuff in her apartment,



and I go up, and

we have sex.



I mean, if her mother's

not home, you know?



But, who else gets paid to fuck?

- Ho's.



People, watch my shit.



Everybody on the floor!



Hey, bruja!



You better not be drinking

out of the bottle,



you know how

Carlos hates that.



Carlos? That

nigga ain't here.



Which one of your hooker

friends is this one for?



You should let me know, so I

could roll up and fuck her.



Sometimes I wonder how we come

from the same two people.



Get the fuck outta here. We both

got a talent for merchandising.



Merchandising? Is that what

you're calling it? Merchandising?



Why don't you let a

nigga set you up?



Set you up with a little shop.

We can keep all your shit there.



Because I can take care of all

my shit right here in my house.



It's all right, hermanita.



One day, I'm gonna

open you up a store,



when you come back

with me to the D.R.,



en la Calle del Sol,



we could call it 'Maggie's.'



Yeah? Give it to Darlene.



Are you trippin'?



You know Carlos ain't gonna

take care of your ass.



Like everybody else in

this motherfucker...



out for himself.



You know what, hermanito?



Why don't you support your

kids... y déjame de joder?



I was looking out for

my little sister.



This place is starting

to look like a dump.



Why don't you take some boxes away?

- Okay, boss.



Don't call me that.



Where do you guys

get this from?



It's beautiful.



You know that can of paint

up front, the white one?






Why don't you go get it

and paint over that shit?



Everybody gonna like this.



It gives some cultural

stuff to the store



and the kids love that.



I drew that.

Eight years ago.



My mom used to watch

me every afternoon.



Altogether, it took

about... a month.



Why you want to

take it down?



'Cause it's bullshit.

- It's beautiful.



You said your mom liked

it, I'm sure your dad...



Why don't you cover that shit?



You put a part of yourself

into the store...



What are you...?



I did that shit for my father,



he covered that shit and

now you want to uncover it?



When I come back, this

shit better be gone.






Yo! Ten cuidado, coño.

- Watch where you're going.



Right, right. Okay.



Yeah. Yeah.

Okay, chau.




- Hey.



What's up, Carlos?



He's coming along.

- Yeah?






Oye, those are selling fantastic, bro'!




- You want it?



I'll take those.

- Okay.



Carlos, are you still here?



I got to be downtown.



No, you've got to be at Hunt's Point

at  :   in the morning, Carlos.



I can't go, viejo.

- You have to go.



Take! We're still sharing the

truck with Pancho en la    .



Viejo, I can't go.

- You have to go, Carlos.



You can ruin your life

with your muñequita,



but you're not gonna

ruin my bodega!



You have to go, take the keys.



So I worked on a new

color for this guy.



That's a great color.



I've got to show you something.



I just finished these panels,



I wanted to know

what you thought.



Jenny, go work on this.

We'll talk about this, okay?



You all right?

How you've been?



Hey, Carlos? How

have you been?



You all right?

- I'm fine. Fine.



All right, what

do you got here?



So, what do you think?



It's good!



Good. Good.



I based that one on the old man.

- How is he?



He's fine.




can you show these to your

friend at Gotham Comics?



Who, Raquel?




- Are you sure you're ready?



'Cause you only get one chance

with her, you know that.



These are good.



...which I assume is how

you got the idea for this.



They're based on the Dominicans

who fought for La Independencia.



Los Gavilleros?

- Yeah.



They fought the US with a

guerilla waftare for four years.



For me, it's just another

way of talking about sugar.



That's what the Gavilleros

were fighting over...



foreign companies buying property

from people who don't even own it,



then kicking the

campesinos off their land.



Anyway, that's how I got

the concept for 'Europa.'






I've got to be honest with you.



I really like what you did.




- I love it!



And it couldn't come in

a more peftect time,



because I just lost a series.

The artist was brilliant,



but he was terribly depressed

and he could never work.



And I had to find something to

fill the book in our slate.




- Great! How soon can you finish?



You never gonna believe it.

- What?



You've got to guess.

- I don't know. You won the lotto?



I asked Daisy to marry me.

- Get the fuck outta here!



I asked her to marry

me and she said yes.



I am high as a

motheftucker right now.



Dude, do you know

what you're doing?



Of course I know. I know

I say shit sometimes,



but that's just me being stupid.

I'm getting fucking married, bro'.



All right then, well,

shit! We should celebrate.



I have no champagne, so here...



this will have to do.



Here you go.

Drink away, man!



When is the big day?



All right. You know

that I like...



there's this bowling tournament

in Las Vegas, I wanted to go to,



so I figure...



I'll just take care of

everything at once.



Like, I got a thousand

dollars saved up already,



all I need is like...



     more dollars.



Please, don't ask

me for money, bro'.



Not from you, from the store.

- I can't do it, man.



You told me the other day how

much you're taking in a week.



You don't understand.

- I'll pay you back.



It's not that.

- Then, what?



There's some shit you don't know.

- What? What I don't know?



Right now, for all

intents and purposes,



your father owns la bodega.



Get the fuck out of here!

- Mickey, I ain't fucking around.



Why do you think I

took over the store?



You think I want to run this?

- No, but your papá...



Yo, listen man. Your father

told me I had no choice,



Eddie's into him for

   fucking grand.



How is he gonna give

your father    grand,



and he's not gonna give me

nothing? What the fuck!



Look, chill, man.



Here... it's not much... a couple

of hundred. Why don't you take?



Take it.

- It's okay.



It's okay, man.

I'll figure it out.






Remember when you were talking

about moving downtown?




- Maybe we should do that.



Say what?

- I mean, after Eddie gets better...



and things straighten out with Sean.

- That could take some time.



We're like a team, right?

- Yeah.



Like Paul and Belkis.






Yeah. About me?



What, Darlene? You learned

that word yesterday?



Fuck you, Darlene,

all right?



What's up, Angel?

- Pon la luz aquí también.



Deja la luz.

- This bitch, bro'.



Trying to convince me she

wasn't with some other nigga...



Can't this wait until later?

- No, it can't wait!



That bitch is trying to

take money out of my fist.



That's it!

Out. Get out!



Wait. Darlene's busting

you for child's support?



She's trying to tell me this

Chinese-eyed motherfucker is my kid.



That's bullshit!

- Un plato, and that's it.



Shitty day, man.



How is your kid in

Santo Domingo doing?



What, Junior?

My real kid?



Good, man. I can't

wait. Save my money,



soon as I get my    Gs,

getting the fuck outta here.



Go back to the D.R., live

with him and Carmen.



I'm gonna open

me a bike shop.



Stay with my tío in Baitoa,



just till I get hooked up.



He got a farm, and when

you're done working all day,



you go lay on this

hammock, next to the pond.



You just lay there, bro'. You

let the breeze hit your face.



You're chillin' with

your boxers off,



and the wind kissing

your balls...



Darlene is only asking

for     a month.



Guess how much she's

getting? Zero dollars.



The thing of it is,

that bitch rats me out,



I'm as good as

back in lockup.



That's why I don't

trust nobody.



That's why I don't get

no mail at my house,



I ain't got money in no bank.

- He's got over    grand hidden.



Maggie, what the fuck?!

- Why don't you give Carlos money?



¿Tú estás loca?

- As a loan to get back the bodega.




- This could be a way out of here.



You heard what he said,

he needs that money.



You were gonna give me that

money to open my own space.



Shut the fuck up,

you're family.



Carlos isn't family?

He'll pay you back.



It's my business, I can

take care of it, okay?



People buggin' out around

me today. Later, bro'.



You got a big fucking mouth,

and I ain't got no money.



Where did you put them?

Where'd you put them?



I'm tired of your fucking

bullshit game, viejo.



Where are my fucking drawings?






I should be the one



that would be making

the questions here.



How many gallons of milk

did you deliver today?



How many cases of

aguacate? Yuca?



Plátanos? Café?

- I don't fucking know.



That's what you should

be worrying about.



Where are my drawings, man?



Maybe I burned them.



Maybe I threw them

in the Hudson.



Maybe I broke them

in pieces like this.



What are you gonna

do about it, huh?



What are you going

to do about it?



You're wasting your time, Carlos.



The gringos are not going to

print your fucking drawings!



I want you to tell

me what you see.



I can't see, Carlos. I

don't have my glasses.



You can see. You don't want

to see. Tell me what you see!



What else?



He has a kind of a uniform on.



What else can you tell

me about this drawing?



Look at the details.

Look, look!



What can you tell me

about this drawing?



The details, what can you tell me?



That's it?

- Yeah. What else... ?



You have nothing else to say?

- What else do you want me to say?



I want you to look at this drawing

and tell me that you like it.



Tell me that you like it, Pa.



Your mother liked them.

Isn't that enough for you?



Where the fuck do you get

off bringing up Mamá?



Your name and hers don't belong

in the fucking same sentence.



Fuck you! She

was my wife.



She was your mother, okay?



Then why the fuck did you

fuck everybody on the corner?



And when we own a fucking

bodega, doing the fucking girls!



She forgave me.

- You fucking animal!



You fucking cocksucker!

- She knew me.



For me, your mother was

everything, you motherfucker!



For me, your mother was God.

She was everything for me.



I loved her, and

I still love her.



And she forgave

me, all the time.



She forgave me all the time.



Your drawings are...



inside the closet.



Very nice.



This is gorgeous! It's

gorgeous. Listen...



my boss gave me the authority...



to cut a check if this

met with my approval.



Holy... Raq, yeah!



It's gonna be a few weeks

before you get it, so...



A toast to Carlito!



It's all thanks to this man.



You did the work.

- You inspired me.



Well, it's not much,

but it's home.



It's nice.



We broke up a month ago.



That's cool.












when did Mamá first know

you were cheating on her?



Since the beginning.



I tried to play

the wise guy,



and say that I had

to go to the bodega,



or go downtown...



but she always knew.



From the peftume. And

you know what I did?



I bought a bottle of 'Colonia     '...



de Crusellas, la colonia cubana

to cover this... the peftume...



and she knew.



She always knew.



Are you cheating on Maggie?

- No.



Is she beautiful?

- Yeah.






Hey, what would you do?



What would I do?



You know what I'd do.



But it doesn't mean that

that's what you have to do,



but that's what I'd do.









What the...?



Oh, shit...



You look beautiful!



Check the ring!



Your creation!

- Thank you!



Do you think they got

merengue bands in Vegas?



Are you going?



Good luck, mamá.

- Stay warm.




- See you later.



So, what did you think

of Belkis' dress?



It was nice.

Real nice.



How come you didn't

dance with me?



I don't know. I

wasn't in the mood.



I don't know.



Look, Maggie, maybe

this whole thing...



something is off.



I feel like I'm not

connecting with you lately.



Well, finally I get an

honest statement from you.



Ever since I was eight years old,

all I wanted to do was draw comics.



That's it! If you understand

that, you would support me, babe.



Support you? What are you

talking about, 'support' you?



What about supporting me, huh?



You think just because

you're some kind of artist,



you're better than everybody else?

Well, you're not an artist, okay?



You're just somebody whose

father owns a bodega.






Señora Rodríguez?

Hello, Doña Marquez?



Martín? Hi, it's

Carlos. Hello?



I'm having a get-together

for my father tonight.



Can you bring some sopita

that you made last time?



He really likes that.









Hey, Mickey.

What's up, man?






Sure. I'll

be there.



What's up? What's

the hurry?



Open it!



Where did you get this?



It doesn't matter. Now you

can pay back my father.



Please, tell me you didn't

take this from Angel.



I know you've been

working over there.



Please tell me you didn't

take this from Angel.



He had it hidden in some

records. I only took    Gs.



There was more. You

wouldn't believe it.



Stupid fuck, man!



Me and Daisy, we're moving to

Vegas. She's meeting me in an hour.



You're not using your brain.

Angel needs that money.



He finds out you took

it, he's gonna kill you.



He ain't gonna do

shit, all right?



Mickey, there's niggas in Baitoa

who'll kill you for a bean pie, man.



This ain't the island, man. He's

practically a brother-in-law.



He'd probably give it to you himself.



Actually, he wouldn't.



Just take it, all right?



I'm getting paid, man.

For 'Europa,' my comic.



I'll have the money, and

I'll pay back your father.



You couldn't use another

$   Gs? Come on, man.



After you pay back my dad,

what are you gonna live on?



How are you gonna find

time to draw another one?



I'll go back to

Azteca, okay?






Don't tell me I did

this for nothing.



I did this for you, man. I

can't take this back now.



You don't realize, this is the best

thing that could happen to us.



My father, he thinks we're all about

the Heights, but he's fucked up.



He don't realize we're

better than this.



You don't think he'd rather

be at the track all day,



than busting his ass up

here in some building?



This is our chance, man.



Mickey? Open the door!

- Oh, fuck!



The bag, the

bag. All right!




- All right. One sec!



What's going on in here?




- Why aren't you at the store?



I asked him to help me bring

down the oven from  C.



Am I supposed to put every

single window in myself?



You should get back to

the store. Come on.



I've got to use the can.



Jesus H. Christ! You're

slower than your mother.



We'll see you later.

- Okay.



Lock up after me.



Tell Daisy I'll meet her

at the store in an hour.






What are you doing here?



I used to live here.

What are you doing here?



I had to return

something I borrowed.



I've got to go.



'And Mickey Kilpatrick...



throws a final strike

for a peftect game,



and the tournament!'



I'm just being stupid.



Did you ever really bowl one?



What? A perfect game?

- Yeah.



Three times.






Oh, Juanito!



I wanna see my kingdom here.



Good work, son.



What the fuck?



What the fuck!



Where is the other five?

- What?



Don't fuck around with

me. Where's my five Gs?



I don't know.

- Oyeme!



Where the fuck is my money?

- I don't know Angel, stop it.



You gave it to him?

- No!



I fucking trusted you, you fucker!



Hey... hello, hello! Can I

get your attention, please?




- I wanna make a quick toast.



Where's Mickey?

- He's coming, relax.



I took care of everything.

I wanna make a quick toast.



Today... today's a happy day.

My pop is getting better.



Doctor says if he

keeps making progress,



he'll be back to work

in a few months.



You know, it

hasn't been easy,



but we nearly killed each

other a couple of times.



But, we're here.

We're here!



It's his day. So,

un toast to Eddie.



Hi, how are

you? Surprised?



I wanna thank everybody for

staying loyal to la bodega.



Come on, you make it sound

like you're leaving.



Sí, me voy.



As a matter of fact, it

is my last week here.



I sold some of my drawings.



I got this company

publishing my comics, man.



Can you believe that?

- Oh, Carlos!



Yeah, yeah. I want to ask

Tito to take over the bodega



until the old man can

come back full time.



Está bien.

- Yeah.



I took the money back. You

have nothing to worry about.



Did Angel see you?

- No, it's all good, man.



No, it ain't all good. I

kept five grand for myself.



Aw, fuck! Fuck!



How do you think I got plane tickets

and the fee for the tournament?



I had to wire that this morning.

- We've got to get you outta here.



We gotta go.

We gotta go.



Give me my fucking money!



Chill, chill!

- Do you think I'm stupid?



I took it!



Stop it!



You stupid! Where the fuck is

my money? Stupid motherfucker!



Where's my money? You already

spent my fucking money!



I don't want to see

you again here.



Get the fuck out of here!



This ain't over

between you and me.



No! Mickey!



You saw him rush me.



He rushed me. What

was I gonna do?



Maggie, llama a una ambulancia, ve

a buscar una ambulancia, por favor.






Mickey, don't go.

¿ Tú me oyes papi?



Mickey? Mickey,

stay with me.



You know, when I

first came here,



I thought that was America?



Then I found out it

was only New Jersey.



Immigrants are some

ignorant motherfuckers, eh?




- Sí?



I'm closing shop.



What are you drawing?

- It's a new strip.



More Azucareros?

- Nah.



This shit's for real.

Special help by SergeiK