West Side Story Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the West Side Story script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Natalie Wood musical movie based on the Broadway play.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of West Side Story. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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West Side Story Script





Watch this shot now.

Shoot, man. Go.






Hey, chickie.

Chick, chick, chick.



Watch it, Jet boy.

Hey, Jet boy.



Beat it!



Jets, get out here.



Come on.



Beat it.



Okay, here we go.



Jets! Hey, Jets!



Hey, Jets!



Jets, come on!



Jets, come on.



Come on, boys, huh?



Hey, come on, huh?



Break it up, you punks.



Cut it out. Come on,

let's break it up, l said.



Come on. Break it up.



How many times have l told you punks

to cut this stuff out?



Why, if it ain't

Lieutenant Schrank.



- Top o' the day, Lieutenant Schrank.

- And Officer Krupke.



Top o' the day,

Officer Krupke.



- l'll give you the top o' the head.

- Hey, you, get down.



- But we're havin' such fun.

- We enjoy the playground.



See, it keeps us deprived children

off of the foul city streets.



- Shut up.

- Born like we was on the hot pavements.



- You wanna get your skull broke?

- Baby John, come here.



All right.



Now, which one of

these Puerto Ricans bloodied you?



- Well, sir--

- Which one?



Excuse me, sir.



As a matter of fact,

we suspicion...



- that the job was done by a cop.

- Two cops.



- At the very least.

- lmpossible.



ln America,

nothing is impossible.



All right, wise guys.



You listen to me...



all of ya.



You hoodlums

don't own these streets...



and l've had all the roughhouse

l'm gonna put up with around here.



You wanna kill each other?

Kill each other.



But you ain't gonna do it

on my beat.



- Are there any questions?

- Yes, sir.



Would you mind

translating that into Spanish?



Get your friends

out of here, Bernardo...



and stay out.






Okay, Sharks.



Boy, oh, boy, as if this neighborhood

wasn't crummy enough.



Now, look, fellas.




Look, let's be reasonable.



lf l don't get a little

law and order around here...



l get busted down

to a traffic corner...



and your friend

don't like traffic corners.



So that means you're gonna start

makin' nice with the P.R.s from now on.



l said nice, get it?



'Cause if you don't...



and l catch any of you doin'

any more brawlin' in my territory...



l'm gonna personally beat the living

crud out of every one of you...



and see that you go to the can

and rot there.



Say good-bye

to the nice boys, Krupke.



Good-bye, boys.



Jail? Gee.



- You hoodlums don't own the streets.

- Go play in the park.



- Keep off of the grass.

- Get out of the house.



- Keep off the block.

- Keep off the world.



A gang that don't own the street

is nothin'.



- That's it.

- We do own it!



Jets, round out.



Not you, Anybodys.

Beat it.



Riff, you gotta

let me in the gang.



Didn't you just see me?

l was smash.



l'm a killer.

l wanna fight.



How else is she gonna

get a guy to touch her?



- You dirty rat!

- The road, little girl, the road.



Beat it.



Okay, come on.



Now listen.



We fought hard for this turf,

and we ain't just gonna give it up.



The Emeralds claimed it,

and we shut 'em out.



The Hawks tried to take it away,

and we knocked 'em down the cellar.



- Yeah, but these P.R.s are different.

- They multiply.



- They keep comin'.

- Like cockroaches.



- They're eatin' all the food.

- They're breathin' all the air.



Help! l'm drowning in tamale.



You heard what

Lieutenant Schrank said.



We gotta make nice

with them Puerto Ricans, or else.



Are we gonna let 'em move in

and take it all away from us, or else?



You're damn right no.



What are we gonna do,

huh, buddy boys?



l'll tell you what we're gonna do.

We're gonna speed fast.



We're gonna move like lightnin'...



and we're gonna clean

them Sharks up once and for all...



so they ain't never gonna set foot

on our turf again.



And we're gonna do it

in one all-out fight.



- A rumble!

- Now, cool, Action boy.



The Sharks want a piece

of this world too.



They're real down boys.



They might ask for blades,

zip guns.



Zip guns? Well, gee.



l ain't finalizin' and sayin'

they will, Baby John.



l'm just sayin' that they might.



And we gotta be prepared.



Now, what's your mood, Jets?



l say go, go!



- l say mix.

- l say sock 'em.



- Tear 'em.

- Yeah.



- But if they say blades or guns?

- l say let's forget the whole thing.



- What?

- What do you say, Riff?



l say this turf is small...



but it's all we got, huh?



l want to hold it like

we always held it-- with skin.



But if they say blades,

l say blades.



lf they say guns,

l say guns.



l say l want the Jets

to be the number one...



to sail, to hold the sky!



Then rev us off!



Okay, cats, we rumble.



Protocality calls for a war council

between us and the Sharks...



to set the whole thing up.



l will personally give

the bad news to Bernardo.



- You gotta take a lieutenant with you.

- That's me.



- That's Tony.

- Who needs Tony?



We need Tony. He's got a rep

that's bigger than the whole west side.



- He don't belong no more.

- Now, cut it, Action.



- Me and Tony started the Jets.

- So where is he?



How come he takes

a lousy, stinkin' job?



- Youth board corrupted him.

- Yeah, temporary sickness.



-Wait and see.

-Man, the day we clobbered the Emeralds.



- He saved my ever-lovin' neck.

- Sure, he'll do it again too.



He always came through for us,

and he always will.



When you're a Jet

you're a Jet all the way



From your first cigarette

to your last dying day



When you're a Jet

let them do what they can



You've got brothers around

You're a family man



You're never alone



You're never disconnected



You're home with your own

When company's expected



You're well protected



Then you are set

with a capital "J"



Which you'll never forget

till they cart you away



When you're a Jet

you stay



A Jet



l know Tony like l know me.



- l guarantee you can count him in.

- ln, out. Let's get crackin'.



- Where you gonna find Bernardo?

- lt ain't safe to go in P.R. territory.



- He'll be at the dance at the gym.

- But the gym's neutral territory.



A-rab, l'm gonna make nice with 'em.

l'm only gonna challenge 'em.



- Great, Daddy-O.

- So listen.



Everybody dress up sweet and sharp.

Meet Tony and me at the dance at   :  .



- And walk tall.

- We always walk tall.



- We're Jets.

- The greatest.



When you're a Jet

you're the top cat in town



You're the gold-medal kid

with the heavyweight crown



When you're a Jet

you're the swingingest thing



Little boy, you're a man

Little man, you're a king



The Jets are in gear

Our cylinders are clickin'



The Sharks'll steer clear



'Cause every Puerto Rican's

a lousy chicken



Here come the Jets

like a bat out of hell



Someone gets in our way

someone don't feel so well



Here come the Jets

Little world, step aside



Better go underground

Better run, better hide



We're drawin' the line

so keep your noses hidden



We're hangin' a sign

says "Visitors Forbidden"



And we ain't kiddin'



Here come the Jets, yeah

and we're gonna beat



Every last buggin' gang

on the whole buggin' street



On the whole buggin'



Ever-lovin' street






- Tony, you're not even listenin'.

- l read you loud and clear, Riff.



Then why don't you say somethin'?



l don't want to hurt your feelings.

You're my buddy, my pal, my best friend.



Womb to tomb?



Birth to earth.



That's why you gotta come to the dance

tonight and stand up with me.



Come on, Tony, just say yes.



Did you ever stop to figure how many

bubbles there are in one bottle of soda?



Tony, this is important.



Everything's important, Riff.



You, me,

the sweet guy l work for.



The Sharks walk bad.

They bite hard.



lf we don't stop 'em now,

we're gonna never--



- Work for a living.

- How do you like that, huh?



Four-and-a-half years l live

with a buddy and his family.



l think l'm diggin'

a guy's character.



Boy, am l a victim

of disappointment in you.



End your sufferin', little man.



Why don't you just pack up your gear

and move out?



'Cause your ma's hot for me.



lt's 'cause l hate livin'

with my buggin' uncle.



- Come on!

- Uncle! Uncle!



Go play games with the Jets.



Why not?

They're the greatest.



Ain't they?






You found somethin' better?



Not yet, but--



But what?



You won't dig it, Riff.



So try me.



Come on, Tony. Try me.






Every single night

for the last month...



l wake up,

and l'm reachin' out.



Well, for what?



l don't know.



A dame?



lt's right outside the door,

just around the corner...



but it's comin'.



What is?



l don't know.



lt's like the kick l used to get

from bein' a Jet.



Well, now you're talkin'.



Man, without a gang,

you're an orphan.



With a gang, you walk

in twos, threes, fours.



When your crew is the best,

when you're a Jet...



you're out in the sun, buddy boy,

you're home, free home.



Riff, l've had it.



Tony, look at me, will ya?

Come on, look at me.



l'm lookin' at you.



l never asked the time of day

from a clock, did l?



l never asked nothin' from nobody.



But l'm askin' you,

come to the dance tonight.



l promised Doc l'd clean up

the store tonight.



Then do it after the dance.



Tony, l already told the guys

you'd be there.



lf you don't show,

l'll be marked lousy.



- What time did you tell 'em?

-   :  .



For me, Tony. For Riff.



-   :   it is.

- Womb to tomb?



Birth to earth,

and l'll live to regret this.



Who knows? Maybe what you're waitin' for

will be twitchin' at the dance tonight.



Who knows?



Could be



Who knows



There's something due any day

l will know right away



Soon as it shows



lt may come cannonballin' down

through the sky, gleam in its eye



Bright as a rose



Who knows



lt's only just out of reach

Down the block, on a beach



Under a tree



l got a feelin' there's a miracle due

gonna come true



Comin' to me



Could it be

Yes, it could



Something's comin'

something good



lf l can wait



Something's comin'

l don't know what it is



But it is gonna be great



With a click

with a shock



Phone will jingle

door will knock



Open the latch



Something's comin'

Don't know when, but it's soon



Catch the moon

One-handed catch



Around the corner



Or whistlin' down the river



Come on, deliver



To me



Will it be

Yes, it will



Maybe just by holdin' still



lt'll be there



Come on, somethin'

Come on in, don't be shy



Meet a guy

Pull up a chair



The air is hummin'



And somethin' great



ls comin'



lt's only just out of reach

Down the block, on a beach



Maybe tonight



Por favor, Anita.

You are my friend.



- Stop it, Maria.

- You must make the neck lower.



You must stop heckling me. We are

working on our time, not the old lady's.



One inch. How much

can one little inch do?



Too much.



Anita, it is now to be a dress

for dancing, no longer for praying.



Listen, with those boys, you can

start out dancing and end up praying.



One little inch.



Bernardo made me promise.



One month have l been in this country.

Do l ever even touch excitement?



l sew in this place all day.

l sit at home all night.



For what did my brother

bring me here?



To marry Chino.



When l look at Chino,

nothing happens.



What do you expect to happen?



l don't know. Something.



What happens when you

look at Bernardo?



lt's when l don't look

that it happens.



l think l will tell

Mama and Papa...



about you and Nardo

in the balcony of the movies.



- l will rip this to shreds!

- No.



But if you could perhaps manage

to lower the neck.



Next year.



- l hate that dress!

- Then don't wear it.



Don't come to the dance

with us tonight.



Don't come?



- Could we not dye it red, at least?

- No, we could not.



White is for babies.



l will be the only one there

in a white--



lt is a beautiful dress.



l love you!



- Are you ready, ladies?

- Nardo, come in.



ls it not beautiful?



Yes. Very.



l didn't quite hear.



Very beautiful.



Come in, Chino.

Do not be afraid.



But this is a shop for ladies.



We won't bite you

till we know you better.



You will keep both eyes on Maria

tonight in case l cannot.



- You too, Anita.

- My brother is a silly watchdog.



My sister is a precious jewel.



What am l, cut glass?



Nardo, it is most important that l have

a wonderful time at the dance tonight.



lt is?



Because tonight is

the real beginning of my life...



as a young lady of America.



Get out of here.



Come on, guys.



- Hey, look what l got.

- Hi, Consuelo.



Maria, these are some of my friends

you have not met.



- Hey, pick up.

- How are you?



This is Loco.






- My sister Maria.

- Good evening.



And this is Luis Arruza.



Rosalia, hi.



All right, boys and girls.



Attention, please.



- Come here.

- Okay, let's get on with it.



My, this is a fine turnout

we have here tonight.



Hey, it's all for you, Glad Hand.



l know all of you

boys and girls are here...



because you want to

make new friends...



and get closer to old ones.



So tonight...



kids, we're gonna do

something special.



We're gonna have

a get-together dance.






All right. Now, kids.



l want you to form two circles.



- How many?

- Two. Boys on the outside.



- Girls on the inside.

- Hey, where are you?



All right.



When the music stops...



each boy dances with

whichever girl is opposite.






Two circles, kids.



Well, it won't hurt you to try.



Ooh, it hurts, it hurts.






That's it, kids.

Keep the ball rolling.



Around she goes,

and where she stops...



nobody knows.



Here we go.



Boys to my right,

and girls to my left.



- Mambo!

- Mambo!






You're not thinkin'

l'm someone else?



l know you are not.



Or that we met before?



l know we have not.



l felt...



l knew something never before

was going to happen...



had to happen,

but this is so much more.



My hands are cold.



Yours too.



So warm.



So beautiful.






lt's so much to believe.



You're not makin' a joke.



l have not yet learned

how to joke that way.



l think now l never will.



Get your hands off, American!



- Stay away from my sister.

- Sister?



- Couldn't you see he's one of them?

- No, l saw only him.



There's only one thing they want

from a Puerto Rican girl.



- That's a lie.

- Later, Tony.



Don't listen to them.



She will listen to her brother

before she listens to you.



- lf you two want to settle this--

- Please, boys!



Everything was going so well.

We're all here to have a good time.



Come here a second.

l want to talk to you.



Take her out of here.

We're going home.



- lt is my first dance.

- Please, we are family. Now, go.



Come, Maria.



- l don't want you.

- l want you though.



l want you for a war council.

Jets and Sharks.



- The pleasure is mine.

- Let's go outside.



l would not leave the ladies alone

with your kind around.



We will meet you at midnight.



- Doc's candy store?

- Mm-hmm.



And no jazz before then.



l understand the rules...



native boy.






Doc's at midnight.

Spread the word.



Right, Daddy-O.



The most beautiful sound

l ever heard






All the beautiful sounds

of the world



ln a single word



l just met a girl named Maria



And suddenly that name



Will never be the same to me



l just kissed a girl

named Maria



And suddenly l found



How wonderful a sound can be



Say it loud

and there's music playing



Say it soft



And it's almost like praying



l'll never stop saying



Say it loud

and there's music playing



Say it soft



And it's almost like praying



l'll never stop saying



The most beautiful sound



l ever heard



Now, l do not say these things

to spoil your evening...



or to hear myself talk.



l am here longer than you.



Someday when you are an old

married woman with five children...



then you can tell me what to do,

but now it is the other way around.



Now go to bed.



He's the old married woman.



You know, she has a mother,

also a father.



They do not know this country

any better than she does.



You do not know it at all.



Girls here are free to have fun.

She is in America now.



Puerto Rico is in America now.



Sometimes l don't know

which is thicker--



your skull or your accent.



- Let them wait.

- ls Maria all right?



- l should be so all right.

- lt will not happen again.



Pepe, lndio.



- After tonight, things will be settled.

- First settle your stomach.



Never mind my stomach.



Well, l mind your nose

and your head broken.



- Broken?

- Sure.



They use Maria for an excuse

to start World War lll.



lt is more than that.



More than what?

She was only dancing.



With an American

who is really a Polack.



Says the spic.



You are not so cute.



- That Tony is.

- And he works.



A delivery boy.



- And what are you?

- An assistant.



And Chino makes half

of what the Polack makes.



- The Polack is an American.

- Here comes the whole commercial.



Your mother's a Pole.

Your father's a Swede.



But you were born here.

That's all that you need.



You are an American.

But us?






Lice. Cockroaches.



But it's true.



When l think about how l thought

it would be for us here.



We came like children,

believing, trusting.



With our hearts open.



With our arms open.



You came with your mouth open.



You did, spic, and you'll

go back in handcuffs.



l'm going back in a Cadillac.



- Air-conditioned.

- Built-in bar.



- Telephone.

- Television.



Compatible color.



lf you had all that here, why would you

want to go back to Puerto Rico?



Even if you didn't have all that here,

why would you want to go back?



lt's so good here?



lt's so good there?

We had nothing.



Ah, we still have nothing,

only more expensive.



Anita Josephina...



- Beatriz del Carmen Margarita.

- lt's plain Anita now.



- Et cetera.

- Leave me alone. At least l--



Once an immigrant,

always an immigrant.



Hey, look, instead of a shampoo,

she's been brainwashed.



- Stop it.

- She's given up Puerto Rico.



Now she's queer for Uncle Sam.



Oh, no. That's not true.



Puerto Rico



My heart's devotion



Let it sink back



ln the ocean



Always the hurricanes blowing



Always the population growing



And the money owing



And the sunlight streaming



And the natives steaming



l like the island Manhattan



l know you do.



Smoke on your pipe



And put that in



l like to be in America



Okay by me in America



Everything free in America



For a small fee in America



Buying on credit is so nice



One look at us

and they charge twice



l have my own washing machine



What will you have though

to keep clean



Skyscrapers bloom in America



Cadillacs zoom in America



lndustry boom in America



Twelve in a room in America



Lots of new housing

with more space



Lots of doors slamming

in our face



l'll get a terrace apartment



Better get rid of your accent



Life can be bright in America



lf you can fight in America



Life is all right in America



lf you're all white in America



La-la-la, la-la, America



Here you are free

and you have pride



Long as you stay

on your own side



Free to be anything

you choose



Free to wait tables

and shine shoes



Everywhere grime in America



Organized crime in America



Terrible time in America



You forget l'm in America



l think l go back

to San Juan



l know a boat you can get on




Everyone there

will give big cheer



Everyone there

will have moved here



Come on! Hey, Chino.



What are you doing?



- Meet me on the roof later.

- Meet me on the roof later.



- Well, will you or won't you?

- Well, will you or won't you?



Well, will you?



You have your big,

important war council.



The council or me?



First one...



and then the other.



l'm an American girl now.



l don't wait.



Back home,

women know their place.



Back home, little boys

don't have war councils.



But they do here.



You want me to be

an American, don't you?






Good night, Maria.



Good night.






Come down.



Please. My mother

and father will wake up.



Just for a minute.



A minute is not enough.



- For an hour then.

- l cannot.



Then forever!

Then l'm comin' up.



Now see what you've done.



lt is dangerous.

lf Bernardo knew--



We'll let him know.

l'm not one of 'em, Maria.



But you are not one of us,

and l am not one of you.



- To me you're all the beautiful--

- Maruca.



His pet name for me.



l like him,

and he will like me.



He is like Bernardo-- afraid.



lmagine being afraid of you.



- You see?

- l see you.



Oh, Maria, see only me.



Only you



You're the only thing

l'll see forever



ln my eyes, in my words

and in everything l do



Nothing else but you ever



And there's nothing for me but Maria



Every sight that l see is Maria



Tony, Tony



Always you

Every thought l'll ever know



Everywhere l go

you'll be



All the world

is only you and me



Tonight, tonight



lt all began tonight



l saw you

and the world went away



There's only you tonight



What you are

What you do



What you say






All day l had the feeling



A miracle would happen



l know now l was right



For here you are



And what was just a world



ls a star tonight



The world is full of light



With suns and moons

all over the place



The world is wild and bright



Going mad

Shooting sparks into space



Today the world

was just an address



A place for me to live in



No better than all right



But here you are



And what was just a world



ls a star tonight



l cannot stay.

Go quickly.



- l'm not afraid.

- Please.



Good night.



l love you.






Yes, hurry.



- When will l see you?

- Tomorrow.



l work at the bridal shop

across the street-- Madam Lucia's.



- l'll come there.

- At closing time,  :  .



When you come,

use the back door.



What does "Tony" stand for?






Good night



Sleep well

and when you dream



Dream of me






- Where the devil are them Sharks?

- Maybe they're too chicken to show.



We got time, A-rab.

Riff and lce ain't even here yet.



- Come on, come on.

- He don't use a switchblade.



- He don't even use an atomic ray gun.

- Who don't?



Captain Marvel.

Gee, l love him.



So marry him!



l ain't never gonna get married.

Too noisy.



You ain't never gonna get married.

Too ugly.



Down goes a teenage hoodlum.



Gee, could a real zip gun

make you do like that?



l know what a zip gun could make you do.

You better wear diapers.



Go walk the streets

like your sister.



Listen, jail bait. l licked you twice,

and l can do it again!



Come on, Anybodys,

knock it off.



- Riff's here.

- Jets all present and accounted for?



l'm proud of ya.

Ya done good at the dance.



- So where are they?

- Unwind, Action!



- Any sign of Tony?

- The lnvisible Man.



What do you think

the Sharks are gonna ask for?



- Mercy.

- Just rubber hoses maybe.



- Relax, little man.

- You tell him, Daddy-O.



- l'm ready.

- Easy. Cool.



Riff, in a tight spot,

you gonna need every man you can get.



An American tragedy.



Look. When the Sharks come,

you chicks cut out.



We might,

and then again, we might not.



This ain't kid stuff, Graziella.



l and Velma ain't

kid stuff, neither.



- Are we, Vel?

- No, thank you.



And you can punctuate it.



What are we poopin' around

with dumb broads?



l and Velma ain't dumb.



The bulls!



- Hey, you.

- Hey, who?



- Who? Me?

- Her?



Top o' the evening,

Officer Krupke.






- Me, sir?

- Yeah, you.



- Didn't you hear me?

- Yes, sir.



l got twenty-twenty hearin'.



-Then why didn't you answer me?

-His mother told him not to answer cops.



- Wise apple, you want me to run you in?

- lndeed not, sir.



l oughta run

all you punks in.



What are you standin'

around here for?



You see, sir,

we're afraid to go home.



Such a bad environment.



- We don't get no love there.

- Oh, it's awful.



lf you don't leave us

stay out in the streets...



we liable to turn into

a bunch of juvenile delinquents.



l know you guys was cookin' up

somethin' at the dance tonight...



so don't think you're gonna

put nothin' over on me.



Sergeant, come on.

We got a   -  .



Now go on, get a move on,

all of you.



Don't let me catch none of you

around here when l get back.



l'll see you around now.



- You forgot to say good-bye.

- Them headbusters ain't got no manners.



Don't let me catch none of you

around here when l get back.



- They treat us like we ain't human.

- He was pretty mad, huh?



So what happened?

A big fat nothin', right?



Yeah, but suppose he comes back while us

and the Sharks are havin' a war council?



We'll snow him some more.



Them cops believe everything they read

in the papers about us cruddy J.D.'s...



so we give 'em

somethin' to believe in.



Hey, you!



- Who, me, Officer Krupke?

- Yeah, you!



Give me one good reason for not draggin'

ya down to the station house, ya punk!



Dear kindly Sergeant Krupke



Ya gotta understand



lt's just our bringin' up-ke

that gets out outta hand



Our mothers all are junkies

Our fathers all are drunks



Golly Moses

Naturally we're punks



Gee, Officer Krupke

We're very upset



We never had the love

that every child oughta get



We ain't no delinquents

We're misunderstood



- Deep down inside us there is good

- There is good



There is good, there is good

There is untapped good



Like inside

the worst of us is good



- That's a touchin' good story!

- Let me tell it to the world!



Just tell it to the judge!



Dear kindly Judge

Your Honor



My parents treat me rough



With all their marijuana

they won't give me a puff



They didn't wanna have me

But somehow l was had



Leapin' lizards

That's why l'm so bad



Right! Officer Krupke

you're really a square



This boy don't need a judge

He needs an analyst's care



lt's just his neurosis

that oughta be curbed



- He's psychologically disturbed

- l'm disturbed



We're disturbed, we're disturbed

We're the most disturbed



Like we're psychologically disturbed



Hear ye! Hear ye!



ln the opinion of this court,

this child is depraved...



on account he ain't had

a normal home.



Hey, l'm depraved

on account l'm deprived!



So take him to a headshrinker.




Who, me?



My daddy beats my mommy

My mommy clobbers me



My grandpa is a commie

My grandma pushes tea



My sister wears a mustache

My brother wears a dress



Goodness gracious

That's why l'm a mess



Yes! Officer Krupke

he shouldn't be here



This boy don't need a couch

He needs a useful career



Society's played him

a terrible trick



- And sociologically he's sick

- l am sick



We are sick, we are sick

We are sick, sick, sick



Like we're sociologically sick



ln my opinion, this child does not need

to have his head shrunk at all.



Juvenile delinquency

is purely a social disease.



Hey, l got a social disease!



Take him to a social worker.



- Which way?

- That way.



Dear kindly social worker



They tell me

get a job



Like be a soda-jerker

Which means like be a slob



lt's not l'm antisocial

l'm only anti-work




That's why l'm a jerk



Officer Krupke

you've done it again



This boy don't need a job

He needs a year in the pen



lt ain't just a question

of misunderstood



- Deep down inside him he's no good

- l'm no good



We're no good, we're no good

We're no earthly good



Like the best of us

is no damn good



- The trouble is he's lazy

- The trouble is he drinks



- The trouble is he's crazy

- The trouble is he stinks



- The trouble is he's growing

- The trouble is he's grown



Krupke, we got troubles

of our own



Gee, Officer Krupke

we're down on our knees



'Cause no one wants a fella

with a social disease



Gee, Officer Krupke

what are we to do



Gee, Officer Krupke

Krup you



Curfew, gentlemen,

and ladies.



Aren't you up a little late,

Baby John?



l got insomnia, Doc.

Too many worries.



- Any of you seen Tony tonight?

- You bet ya we did.



He was supposed to

clean up the store.



So maybe he decided

to clean up the P.R.s instead.



- Doc, you ain't gonna close up now?

- l'm not?



- Listen, we got a war council here.

- A who?



- To determine weapons.

- We gonna set up a mix with the P.R.s.




You couldn't play basketball?



Get with it, buster.



You don't understand.

We got special business comin' here.



- Makin' trouble for the Puerto Ricans?

- They make trouble for us.



For you, trouble is a relief.



We gotta stand up to 'em.

lt's important.



Fightin' over a little piece

of street is so important?



- To us it is.

- To hoodlums it is.



- Who you callin' hoodlums?

- War councils--



- Don't start, Doc.

- When l was your age--



When you was my age?



When my old man was my age--

my brother was my age.



You was never my age,

none of ya.



And the sooner you creeps get hip

to that, the sooner you'll dig us!



l'll dig you an early grave,

that's what l'll dig.



Dig, dig, dig.



Okay, Doc, set 'em up.

Cokes all around.



Let's get down to business.



Bernardo hasn't learned

the procedures of gracious livin'.



l don't like you either,

so cut it.



- Kick it, Doc.

- Boys, couldn't you maybe talk--



Kick it!



We challenge you to a rumble.



All out, once and for all.




- On what terms?

- Whatever terms you're callin'.



You crossed the line

once too often.



- You started it.

- Who jumped Baby John this afternoon?



- Who jumped me first day l moved here?

- Who asked you to move here?



- Move where you're wanted!

- Spics!



- Mick!

- Wop!



We accept.



- Time.

- Tomorrow?



After dark.



- Place.

- The park?



The river.



Under the highway.



- Weapons.

- Hey, Doc!






- You call.

- Your challenge.



Afraid to call?






- Belts.

- Pipes.



- Cans.

- Bricks.



- Bats!

- Clubs!



- Chains!

- Bottles, knives, guns!



- What a coop full of chickens.

- Who you callin' chicken?



- Every dog knows his own.

- l'm callin' you all chicken.



Big tough buddy boys

gotta throw bricks, huh?



Afraid to get in close?

Afraid to slug it out?



- Afraid to use plain skin?

- Not even garbage?



- That ain't a rumble.

- Who says?



- You said call weapons.

- lt can be clinched by a fair fight.



lf you've got the guts to risk that.

Best man from each gang to slug it out.



l would enjoy to risk that.

Okay, fair fight.



Wait a minute.

The commanders say yes or no.



Fair fight.



When l get through with you...



you will be like a fish

after skinning.



Your best man

fights our best man...



and we pick him.



- l thought l would be fighting--

- You shook on it.



Yes, l shook on it.



lf you wanna change your mind,

we can still--



- Bernardo, would you like a cigarette?

- No, thank you. l don't smoke.



Evening, Lieutenant.



l and Tony was just closin' up.



Well, now,

this is more like it, fellas.



Warms me all over

to see you this way.



And after only a couple of words from me

at the playground this afternoon.



Oh, do you mind?



l have no mind.

l'm the village idiot.



Headquarters hears about this,

l may even get a promotion.



Good deal all around,

huh, Bernardo?



l get a promotion...



and you Puerto Ricans

get what you've been itchin' for.



Use of the playground,

use of the gym...



the streets, the candy store.



So what if they do turn this whole town

into a stinkin' pigsty?



Don't stop him.

He wants to get home...



write letters to San Juan,

tell 'em how he's got it made here.



What l mean is, clear out!

l said, clear out!



Oh, yeah, sure, l know.



lt's a free country

and l ain't got the right.



But l got a badge.



What do you got?



Things are tough all over.

Beat it!



Okay, fellas.



Where's the rumble gonna be?



Come on. l know regular Americans

don't rub with the gold-teeth unless--



- Look, Lieutenant--

- You shut your mouth!



Come on, Baby John...



before that smooth little kisser

of yours gets cut up for life.



Now, where's it gonna be?



The river?



The park?



Look, fellas, l'm for you.



l want this beat cleaned up,

and you can do it for me.



l'll even lend a hand

if things get rough.



Now, where ya gonna rumble?



The playground?



Sweeney's lot?



Why don't you get smart,

you stupid hooligans?



l oughta take you to the station

and throw you in the can right now.



You and the tinhorn

immigrant scum you come from!



How's your old man's d.t.'s, A-rab?



How's the action on your

mother's side of the street, Action?



One of these days

there won't be anybody to hold ya.



Get him outta here!

Come on!



Don't worry, l'll find out

where it's gonna be.



So be sure to finish each other off,

because if you don't, l will!



Oh, yeah, sure.



Understand 'em.



That's what they keep tellin' me

down at headquarters: understand.



Well, you try keeping hoodlums in line

and see what it does to you.



lt wouldn't give me

a mouth like his.



Come on, Doc.

Don't let it get ya.



l'm sick.



You heard.

lt's gonna be a fair fight.



And that's gonna cure somethin'?



From here on in,

everything's gonna be all right.



- l got a feelin'.

- What have you been takin' tonight?



A trip to the moon.



And l'll tell ya a secret, Doc.

lt ain't a man that's up there.



lt's a girl.



A lady.



So that's why you

made it a fair fight.



l'm gonna see her tomorrow

and l can't wait.



- Things aren't tough enough?

- Doc, l'm in love.



- And you're not frightened?

- Should l be?



No, l'm frightened enough

for the both of you.



What has Chino done to her?



Chino? Why Chino?



Maybe she's just

dolling up for us.



Rosalia, Consuelo...



my adorable friends,

can you keep a secret?



l'm hot for secrets.



No, l won't tell you.



- What?

- What?



- The poor girl is out of her mind.

- l am-- crazy.



She might be at that.

She looks somehow different.



- l do?

- And l think she is up to something.



l am?



''l do?'' ''l am?''

She talks like a parrot.



What is going on with you, Maria?



l feel pretty

Oh, so pretty



l feel pretty and witty and gay



And l pity any girl

who isn't me today



l feel charming

Oh, so charming



lt's alarming how charming l feel



And so pretty

That l hardly can believe l'm real



See the pretty girl

in that mirror there



Who can that attractive girl be



Such a pretty face

Such a pretty dress



Such a pretty smile

Such a pretty me



l feel stunning

and entrancing



Feel like running

and dancing for joy



For l'm loved

by a pretty wonderful boy



Have you met my good friend Maria



The craziest girl on the block



You'll know her

the minute you see her



She's the one who is in

an advanced state of shock



She thinks she's in love

She thinks she's in Spain



She isn't in love

She's merely insane



lt must be the heat

or some rare disease



Or too much to eat

Or maybe it's fleas



Keep away from her

Send for Chino



This is not the Maria we know



Modest and pure

polite and refined



Well-bred and mature

and out of her mind



Miss America!



Miss America!

Bravo! Speech!



l feel pretty

Oh, so pretty



That the city

should give me its key



A committee should be organized

to honor me



l feel dizzy

l feel sunny



l feel fizzy and funny and fine



And so pretty

Miss America can just resign



See the pretty girl

in that mirror there



- What mirror where

- Who can that attractive girl be



- Which, what, where, who

- Such a pretty face



Such a pretty dress, such a pretty smile

Such a pretty me



l feel stunning



And entrancing



Feel like running

and dancing for joy



For l'm loved

by a pretty wonderful boy



You want to sing, do it with needles,

or you'll be singing for your supper.



But Madam Lucia, what can you expect?

We use Singer sewing machines.



Sure. You make the bad joke home

where l can't hear it!



Well, go now.

lt's closing time. Shoo!



You pull down the shades,

pick up the pins...



turn off the lights

and lock the doors.



Oh, the jail is opened.



l thought she'd never leave.



lt's hard to believe that old bag

was once a young bag like us.



Let's go before she

changes her mind and comes back.



You go, querida.

l will lock up.



- Why?

- l have work.



- Do it tomorrow.

- l am in no hurry.



l am. l'm going home now

and take a nice long bubble bath.



Black Orchid.



All over. l got a date with Nardo

after the rumble.



What rumble?



Oh, well, Nardo's Sharks

and those boys at the dance.



They fight each other tonight?



They don't play potsy.



Why must they always fight?



Well, you saw how they dance-- like

they gotta get rid of something quick.



That's how they fight.



To get rid of what?



Too much feeling.

And they do get rid of it.



Boy, after a fight,

that brother of yours is so healthy.



Definitely: Black Orchid.



''You go, querida.

l will lock up.''



lt's too early for noches.

Buenas tardes.



He just came from the drugstore

to deliver aspirin.



- You'll need it.

- Not us.



We're fine.

We're out of the world.



You're out of your heads.



- We're    feet in the air.

- Anita can see that.



You will not tell?



Tell what? How can l know

what goes on    feet over my head?



You better be home in    minutes.



lt's all right.

She likes us.



But she is worried,

and so am l.



- That's foolish.

- Are you going to that rumble tonight?



- Why?

- You must go and stop it.



l have stopped it. lt's only gonna be

a fistfight now between two of 'em.



Any fight is no good for us.



Everything is good for us.

We got magic.



Listen, and hear me.



You must go and stop it.



lt means that much to you?



l will, then.



l believe you.

You do have magic.



Of course.



l've got you.



And tonight, after l stop the rumble

that is no rumble, l'll come by for you.



l will wait for you

on the roof.



Not the roof.

l'll come to your house.



You cannot.

My mama.



- Then l'll take you to my house.

- Your mama.



She'll come runnin' from the kitchen

to welcome ya. She lives in the kitchen.



- Dressed so elegant?

- l told her you were comin'.



She'll look at your face,

try not to smile, and say...



''Skinny, but pretty.''



She is plump, no doubt.






l take after my mama--




Not in front of Mama!



l would like to see Papa in this.



Mama will make him

ask about your prospects.






- lf you go to church.

- Oh, always.



Yes, Papa might like you.



- May l have your daughter's hand?

- He says yes.



- And your mama?

- l'm afraid to ask her.



Tell her she's not getting a daughter.

She's getting rid of a son.



- She says yes.

- She has good taste.



Here. Maid of honor.



Oh, that color is bad for Anita.



- The best man.

- That is my papa!



Sorry, Papa.



Here we go, Riff.

Womb to tomb.



Now you see, Anita?

There was nothing to worry about.



Look. Mama's cryin' already.



l, Anton, take thee, Maria...



l, Maria, take thee, Anton...



for richer, for poorer...



in sickness and in health...



to love and to honor...



to hold and to keep...



from each sun to each moon...



from tomorrow to tomorrow...



from now to forever...



till death do us part.



With this ring, l thee wed.



Make of our hands



One hand



Make of our hearts



One heart



Make of our vows



One last vow



Only death will



Part us now



Make of our lives



One life



Day after day



One life



Now it begins



Now we start



One hand



One heart



Even death



Won't part



Us now



The Jets are gonna

have their day tonight



The Jets are gonna

have their way tonight



The Puerto Ricans grumble

Fair fight



But if they start a rumble

We'll rumble 'em right



We're gonna hand 'em

a surprise tonight



We're gonna cut 'em

down to size tonight



We said, okay, no rumpus

No tricks



But just in case they jump us

We're ready to mix






We're gonna rock it tonight



We're gonna jazz it up

and have us a ball



They're gonna get it tonight



The more they turn it on

the harder they'll fall



- Well, they began it

- Well, they began it



And we're the ones to stop 'em

once and for all






Anita's gonna get

her kicks tonight



We'll have our private

little mix tonight



He'll walk in hot and tired

Poor dear



Don't matter if he's tired

as long as he's here



Tonight, tonight



Won't be just any night



Tonight there will be

no morning star



l'll see my love tonight



And for us



Stars will stop where they are



Today the minutes seem like hours



The hours go so slowly



And still the sky is light



Oh, moon

Grow bright



And make this endless day



Endless night



The Jets are comin'

out on top tonight



We're gonna watch

Bernardo drop tonight



The Puerto Rican punk'll go down



And when he's hollered uncle

We'll tear up the town



- We'll be in back of you, boy

- Right



- You're gonna flatten him good

- Right



Tonight there will be

no morning star



And then we'll

have us a ball tonight



We're gonna rock it tonight



We're gonna jazz it tonight



We're gonna mix it tonight



Today the minutes

seem like hours



The hours go so slowly



And still the sky is light



We'll stop 'em once and for all



The Sharks are gonna

have their way



The Jets are gonna

have their day



We're gonna rock it tonight









- Now move in and shake hands.

- For what?



Well, that's the way

it's done, buddy boy.



More gracious living.



Every one of you hates every one of us,

and we hate you right back.



- Let's get at it.

- Sure.



Hold it!



Get with the gang.

lt's all okay.



- No!

- What are you doin'?



Maybe he has found the guts

to fight his own battles.



lt don't take guts

if you got a battle.



We ain't got one, none of us.

Okay, Nardo?



Hold it!

Let's cool it.



The deal is a fair fight

between you and lce. Get with the gang.



Mother hen protecting the little one?

l'll give you a battle, gallito.



- You've got one!

- l'll take pretty boy on as a warm-up.



Afraid, pretty boy?

Afraid, gutless?



- Afraid, chicken?

- Cut it!



l don't want to.



- l'm sure.

- Now listen to me.



- Are you chicken?

- There's nothin' to fight about.



- The hell there ain't!

- You got it wrong!



- Why can't you understand?

- What do you say, chicken?



Kill him, Tony.



- Come on, man.

- Afraid to fight?



- Let me see you fight.

- What's the matter?



He's chicken, boy.



He is chicken!



- Hey, pretty boy.

- Bernardo, listen.



Don't! Stop it!

We got nothin' to fight about.



- You yellowbellied chicken!

- Don't push me!



Come on,

you yellowbellied Pollack!



- Riff, what are you doin'?

- Get outta here, Tony!



Riff, don't!



- Hold him!

- lce, let me go!



Riff, don't!



Keep outta this!



Somebody stop him!



Let me go!



- Come on, Nardo!

- Stop him!



Riff, don't!



Get him!



Tony, come on.

Come on, Tony.



Gotta get outta here!

Come on!



Come on, Tony.

Come on! Get outta here!



Come on!



Come on, Tony!



Wait for me, Rosa.



There was no one downstairs.



My mother and father

are at the store.



l didn't expect you to come by

or l would have waited down--



You have been fighting, Chino?



Yes. l am sorry.



That is not like you.



You must go home and wash up.



- l will see you tomorrow.

- Maria, at the rumble--



- There was no rumble.

- There was.



- You are wrong.

- Nobody meant for it to happen.



Tell me.



lt is bad.



Very bad?



You see--



lt will be easier

if you say it very fast.



There was a fight...



and Nardo--



Somehow a knife--



And Nardo and someone--



What happened to Tony?



Tell me!

ls Tony all right?



He killed your brother!



You are lying.



Chino, why do you lie to me?



Chino, you are lying! Lying!



Why do you lie?



Make it not be true.

Please make it not be true.



Madre de Dios,

l will do anything.



Make me die,

only please make it not be true.



Make it not be--



Killer! Killer! Killer!



l tried to stop it.



l did try.

l don't know what went wrong.



l didn't mean to hurt him.

l didn't wanna.



But Riff was like my brother.

When Bernardo killed him--



Bernardo didn't

mean it either, l know.



l thought you knew.



l didn't come to tell you that.



Just for you to forgive me

so l could go to the police.



- lt'll be easy now.

- l won't let you.



- l must.

- Stay with me.



- Maria, l love you so much.

- Don't leave me.



- Whatever you want, l'll do.

- Hold me.



- Oh, forever.

- Tighter.



We'll be all right,

l know it.



We're really together now.



But it's not us.



lt's everything around us.



Then l'll take you away,

where nothin' can get to us.



Not anyone or anything.



There's a place for us



Somewhere a place for us



Peace and quiet



And open air



Wait for us somewhere



There's a time for us



Someday a time for us



Time together with time to spare



Time to look



Time to care someday






We'll find a new way of living



We'll find a way of forgiving






There's a place for us



A time and place for us



Hold my hand

and we're halfway there



Hold my hand

and l'll take you there












Baby John,

what are ya doin' here?






What are ya doin' nothin'

here for? Come on.



l don't want the guys

to see me, A-rab.



Why not?



Well, l'm cryin'.



You are?



- What for?

- l don't know.



Blow your nose.



Did you get a look

at their faces?



- Which faces?

- You know.



At the rumble--

Riff and Bernardo.



l wish it was yesterday.



Me too.

l'm scared.



Cut it out!

You hear me?



What are we gonna do?



We're gonna meet the other guys

and form up, that's what.



Now come on.

Let's go.



Do you got a handkerchief first?



What's wrong with your sleeve?



- Where ya been?

- Where do ya think? The Stork Club?



- We thought they nabbed you.

- Go on.



- You didn't see Tony, huh?

- No. Nothin' but coppers.



- What's wrong with him?

- There's nothin' wrong with him.



All right, all right.



- Maybe we oughta go home.

- For what?



- Bet ya they got him.

- Not Tony.



He was great.

Huh, Baby John?



Oh, yeah. He really

come through for the Jets.



Just like Riff said he--



Said he would.



Riff! l want Riff!



Come on, Graziella.



Nobody was supposed

to get killed.



lt just--



- They're gonna pay.

- Them stinkin' Sharks.



- Dirty fighting.

- They started it.



- Why don't we finish it?

- Cool it.



We gotta show 'em who's on top.

Let's do it now!



Ain't we had enough?



What's the matter?

You scared?



- Who you callin' scared?

- Lay off of him.



- Mind your own business.

- Don't sound off or l'll hit you.



- You'll do what?

- Knock it off!



Shut up down there,

you dirty good-for-nothin's!



Go home where you belong!



Who you callin' good-for-nothin',

you loudmouthed crud-head!



-l'll put this through your stupid face!

-Get inside, all of ya!



- Shut up!

- l don't take that from nobody!



Next creep who sounds on me,

the next guy who gets in my craw--



You'll laugh!



Now you all better dig this

and dig it good.



No matter who or what

is eatin' you...



man, you show it

and you are dead!



You are cuttin' a hole in yourselves for

them to stick in a red-hot umbrella...



and open it wide.



Man, you wanna get past the cops

when they start asking about tonight?



You play it cool.



You wanna live in this lousy world?

Play it cool.



- l wanna get even!

- Get cool!



- l wanna bust!

- Bust cool!



- l wanna go!

- Go cool!



Boy, boy

Crazy boy



Get cool, boy



Got a rocket in your pocket



Keep cooly cool, boy



Don't get hot

'Cause, man, you've got



Some high times ahead



Take it slow



And Daddy-O

You can live it up and die in bed



Boy, boy

Crazy boy



Stay loose, boy



Breeze it, buzz it

Easy does it



Turn off the juice, boy



Go, man, go



But not like a yo-yo schoolboy



Just play it cool, boy



Real cool



Easy, Action.



Cool it, A-rab.

Cool it! Cool it!






- Go!

- Crazy!



Boy, boy

Crazy boy



Stay loose, boy



Breeze it, buzz it

Easy does it



Turn off the juice, boy



Just play it cool, boy



Real cool



Let's go.



Where we goin'?



lf we lay low, the coppers

are gonna smell fish, so we--



- Hey, buddy boys!

- Aw, go wear a skirt.



l got scabby knees.




- We act like we got nothin' to hide.

- Suppose they ask about the rumble?



Supposin' they ask you where's Tony

and what party's lookin' for him...



with a gun!



You know somethin'?



- l know l gotta go get a skirt.

- Come on, Anybodys.



- What's the freak know?

- Plenty.



l figured somebody oughta infiltrate

P.R. territory and spy around.



l'm very large with shadows.



l can slip in and out of 'em

like wind through a fence.



- ls she ever makin' the most of it.

- You bet your fat A, l am!



- Spill it!

- Okay!



l hear Chino tell the Sharks somethin'

about Tony and Bernardo's sister.



And then l hear Chino say...



''lf it's the last thing l do,

l'm gonna get that Polack.''



And then he pulls out

the bad news.



- Them P.R.s won't stop.

- Till we stop 'em.



Hold it!



Now listen.



Tony come through for us,

we gotta come through for Tony.



- We gotta find him before Chino does.

- And burns him.



You guys cover the river.

Snowboy, the docks.



- l'll take the back alleys.

- l and Graziella will take the streets.



- l'll cover the park.

- The schoolyard.



- Let's go.

- What about me?






ln and out of the shadows.

Maybe you'll find Tony in one of 'em.






Ya done good, buddy boy.



Thanks, Daddy-O.



Who is--



Maria, it's Anita.

Are you in there?



Open the door.

l need you.



Now you are afraid, too?



- What?

- l'll be right there.



- Together.

- But where?



The bus station. We'll go so far away

they'll never find us.



- How can we?

- Doc'll help us with money.



- You'll meet me at his store.

- At Doc's, yes.



l'll wait for you there.






Coming, Anita.



All right, now you know.



And you still don't know.

He is one of them!



A boy like that

would kill your brother



Forget that boy

and find another



One of your own kind

Stick to your own kind



A boy like that

will give you sorrow



You'll meet another boy tomorrow



One of your own kind

Stick to your own kind



A boy who kills cannot love



A boy who kills has no heart



And he's the boy

who gets your love



And gets your heart



Very smart, Maria

Very smart



A boy like that

wants one thing only



And when he's done

he'll leave you lonely



He'll murder your love

He murdered mine



Just wait and see

Just wait, Maria



Oh, no, Anita, no



lt isn't true

Not for me



lt's true for you

Not for me



l hear your words

And in my head l know they're smart



But my heart, Anita

But my heart



Knows they're wrong



You should know better



You were in love

Or so you said



You should know better



l have a love



And it's all that l have



Right or wrong



What else can l do



l love him



l'm his



And everything he is



l am too



l have a love



And it's all that l need



Right or wrong



And he needs me too



l love him



We're one



There's nothing to be done



Not a thing l can do



But hold him



Hold him forever



Be with him now






And all



Of my life



When love comes so strong



There is no right or wrong



Your love is



Your love



Chino has a gun.



l heard the boys talking.

He's hunting for Tony.



He is at Doc's store,

waiting for me.



lf Chino hurts him or touches him,

l swear to you l'll--



You'll do what Tony

did to Bernardo?



l love Tony.



l know.



l loved Bernardo.



- Anybody home?

- Yes.



- Bernardo's sister, please.

- She isn't feeling well.



Who is?



Hello, Miss.

l'm Lieutenant Schrank.



l don't like to disturb you

at a time like this--



Yes, a very bad time.



- lf you will excuse me, please.

- l have a couple of questions.



Afterwards, please.

l must go to my brother now.



- Just one minute!

- Can't you wait?



Now, you were at the dance

at the gym last night--



Will this take very long?



As long as it has to.



Excuse me.



Anita, my headache is much worse.



Will you go to

Doc's store for me?



Don't you people

keep aspirin around?



This is something special.



Will you go for me, Anita?



What shall l ask for?



Doc will know.



Tell him l have been detained...



and can't get there right away.



Or l would have

picked it up myself.



Excuse me.

You were asking?



At the gym last night...



your brother got into an argument

because you danced with the wrong boy.



Who was the boy?



Another from my country.



And his name?






- Can't find him.

- He ain't nowhere.



- He's right down in the cellar.

- Safe and sound.



- l found him.

- You warn him about Chino?



- What's he doin' in the cellar?

- Keepin' the mice company.



No sign of Chino?



- Nothin'.

- His luck.



l'll slip out the back

and check the alleys again.



- You guys hang here.

- Right.



Boy, l'm thirsty.

Where's Doc?



Upstairs raisin'

getaway money for Tony.



- Doc ain't got no money.

- His mattress has.



Cut the frabbajabba.

Grab some readin' matter. Play the juke.



Some of you get outside. lf you see

Chino or any of those stinkin' P.R.s--



- l'd like to see Doc.

- He ain't here.



Where is he?



He went to the bank.

They made a mistake in his favor.



The banks are closed at night.

Where is he?



You know how skinny Doc is. He slipped

in through the night deposit slot.



And got stuck halfway in.



Which indicates, there's

no tellin' when he'll be back.



Where ya goin'?






Didn't l tell you?

He ain't here!



l'd like to see for myself.






- Will you let me pass?

- She's too dark to pass.



- Oh, don't.

- Please don't.



- Listen, you!

- We're listenin'!



Look. l gotta give

a friend of yours a message.



- l gotta tell Tony--

- He ain't here.



- l know he is.

- Who says?



- Who's the message from?

- Never mind.



Couldn't be from Chino,

could it?



Don't you understand?

l want to help!



- Bernardo's girl wants to help?

- Even a greaseball's got feelin's.



But she wants to help get Tony.



Not much,

Bernardo's tramp.



- Bernardo's pig.

- You lyin' spic.



- Don't do that!

- Gold tooth!



- Pierced ear!

- Garlic mouth!



Stop it!



What are you doing there?



Bernardo was right.



lf one of you was

lying in the street...






l'd walk by and spit on you.



-Don't let her go!

-She'll tell Chino Tony's in the cellar!



Don't you touch me.



l got a message

for your American buddy.



You tell that murderer...



that Maria's

never going to meet him.



You tell him that Chino

found out about them...



and shot her!



She's dead.



When do you kids stop?



You make this world lousy.



We didn't make it, Doc.



Get outta here.



Doc, l thought l heard--

You got it!



Yeah, l got it.



You're a pal.

You're the best friend a guy ever had.



l'll pay you back

as soon as l can, l promise.



- Forget that.

- Never. l couldn't.



Doc, you know what we're gonna do

in the country, Maria and me?



We're gonna have lots of kids,

and we're gonna name 'em after ya.



That way,

when you come to visit us--



Wake up!



ls this the only way

to get through to you?



Do just what you all do?

Bust like a hot water pipe?



What's got into you?



Why do you kids live

like there's a war on?



Why do you kill?



l told you how it happened.



Maria understands.



l thought you did too.



Maria understands nothing...



ever again.



There is no Maria, Tony.






- l can't.

- No, Doc!



Now tell me!

What is it?



That was Anita upstairs.



Chino found out

about you and Maria...



and he killed her.



Maria died?



Come and get me too, Chino!



Come and get me too, Chino!



- Who's that?

- lt's Anybodys. Come on.



Get out of here!



- Come and get me, damn you!

- What are ya doin'?



- Get out of here!

- Why don't you come with me--



lt ain't playin' anymore!

Can't any of you get that?



- But the gang!

- You're a girl!



Be a girl and beat it!



Come on, Chino!

Get me too!



Chino! l'm callin' for ya!



There's nobody here but me.



Come on!



Please, will ya?



l'm waitin' for ya.



l want you to.



l didn't believe hard enough.



Loving is enough.



Not here.

They won't let us be.



Then we'll get away.



- Yeah, we can.

- Yes.



- We will.

- Yes.



Hold my hand

and we're halfway there



Hold my hand

and l'll take you there












Stay back!



How do you fire this gun, Chino?



Just by pulling

this little trigger?



How many bullets are left, Chino?



Enough for you?



And you?



All of you!



You all killed him.



And my brother.

And Riff.



Not with bullets and guns.



With hate!



Well, l can kill too,

because now l have hate!



How many can l kill, Chino?



How many, and still have

one bullet left for me?



Don't you touch him!


Special help by SergeiK